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  1. verminater

    Kids camo

    Hey everyone I've got a kid water fowl jacket my son is grown out of, some long sleeve shirts, couple pairs of pants, real tree I believe, willing to trade for bigger or give to a kid in need! Pm for details.thank you
  2. verminater

    for sale or trade

    three boxes of fusion 300 win mag 180 grain,20$per one box swift scirocco bonded 300 win mag 180 grain 30$ four boxes of 300 win spent brass for reloading 20 for the lot. two boxes of 40 cal hallow point lawman brand 10$ a box two boxes of 357mag cci 15$ a box,will trade for 223,22-250 or shot...
  3. verminater

    Urban coyote

    Is there anyone here that knows how to set a wire traps Or know where I can get traping equiment? I have a coyote in my neiborhood raising hell,got one of my chickens, And I need to return the favor, other than sitting on my roof with the bow all night long, any help would be great
  4. verminater

    gun dog

    I'm looking for people to get together for training,tips on training,and maybe just willing to help one another with dog training and the alike? If anyone has intrest? fire away ...I would like to get together and see if we can help one another????? Thank you all......Cant pay for the rainey...
  5. verminater

    Things for sale

    I have some hunting items I would like to sell I have turkey decoys,1 primos Bmobile,1 jake breeding hen both with Motion heads,1 Foxpro jacknthebox preditor decoy with Raccoon decoy,also have a bounch of dove decs, will post pics If anyone has any interest, Thank you.......verminater
  6. verminater

    my waterdog

    went to the valley this weekend,There is a good number of ducks I saw,Took my pup out with me, been training with the help of the 10 min retriever book and very happy with the progress of my dog.I dont remember which one of you guys turned me on to the book, but thank you The book has alot of...
  7. verminater

    duck butt

    Is there anyone out there that has or has access to the duck butt info/ material list that was posted this last year I would be very greatful if you could help a brother out......thank you Verminater:_diarrhea_:
  8. verminater

    WSB 1st worth killin

  9. verminater

    WSB 1st worth killin

    got my 1st legal wsb in the backyard on thursday of last week, the after work trips are start ing to pay off
  10. verminater

    say your prayers varmint

    looking for some new people to hunt coyotes with in the san diego area and the valley aswell have a few good spots with dogs that are not to savy on the distress calls and want to keep it that way if theres anyone intrested :2gunsfiring_v1:me a line.....thanks