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  1. SD_fishin33

    1/2 Day Boat Bluefin Tuna 4/11

    The New Seaforth out of seaforth landing had 6 Bluefin on the PM 1/2 day today, the biggest coming in at 67 pounds! Does anybody have any first hand information of where this was located? It had to be US waters and couldn't be any further offshore than the Upper 9 since it was a half day, my...
  2. SD_fishin33

    Offshore 60 mile bank monday 4/5

    Went on the Outer Limits out of Seaforth landing on an overnight that left on 3/4 and fished the 60 mile bank 4/5. Bluefin were everywhere, all of our stops were on visuals, either birds or boils. The key was 25# flouro and bait selection. Boat had 26 Bluefin for 24 anglers, every single fish...
  3. SD_fishin33

    Large aluminum winding checks?

    Does anyone know where I can find any 20mm or above? You would think they would be easy to find. I got a gold one from somewhere last year and cant remember where for the life of me! thanks for everyones help as always
  4. SD_fishin33

    Marbling help

    Ive been experimenting with marbling and have figured out how to make some pretty cool designs that look rlly great, but after drying for a few hours it kinda blurs together and doesn't even resemble what I had originally done. Does anyone have any solutions for this problem? Maybe some faster...
  5. SD_fishin33

    Offshore 9/18 Wide open 302

    Left Shelter Island at 5 am and had no wait in line at EB for a scoop of perfect 4-5 firecracker dines. Headed straight out to the 302. Water was 74.5 to 75.2 Not a ton of paddys, but every paddy we found was holding. First paddy had a nice dorado and then all you want rats (2-4#) Second paddy...
  6. SD_fishin33

    Nice la jolla calico fishin 7/17

    Took a break from the tuna to throw some swimbaits at the checkered ones in my favorite hole a few hours before sunset. They wanted the 7" viejos like they were going out of style! Caught 8 calicos, 6 of them were legal. The biggest was this 23" pig. Thick too! Wish I had a scale! It was much...
  7. SD_fishin33

    Offshore 7/14 Wide open in La Jolla! Tuna and dorado

    We left Shelter island at 5 am with a scoop and a half of perfect and healthy dines from EB. Morning was pretty bumpy with a pretty good swell. Decided to stay close and head towards the la jolla weather buoy, but didn't even make it that far. Found a nice paddy about 5 miles offshore from la...
  8. SD_fishin33

    Offshore Nice Dorado at upper 9 - 7/11

    Left Mission bay at 5 am with a scoop of not so healthy large sardines (6-8"). Only about 25% were good swimmers and almost half died throughout the morning. Headed straight to the 270 at first light and trolled through endless porpoise for nothing, then decided to work the upper 9. Water was...
  9. SD_fishin33

    Mexican visa rumors vs fact

    I've fish the Coronado islands regularly on my boat, and have been out there well over 30 times since the required visa came into play a year or two ago. Every single time I have gotten the $25 day visa for myself and every passenger on my boat. I have recently heard from more than one person...
  10. SD_fishin33

    Large Gimbals?

    Im trying to find a gimbal to fit my current build (calstar bt6465xxh) but I cant find anything large enough. I need a 30mm inside diameter and the largest I can find is 27. Im trying to avoid sanding down the end of the rod or cut it down. Anybody know where I can find these larger gimbals?
  11. SD_fishin33

    Weaving jigs for patterns of 100+ threads?

    Ive come up with some patterns for weaves that I'd like to do, but some of the thread counts are over 100 and the highest capacity jigs I have are 100 threads. Do you have to make your own in these cases? Im also trying to avoid using the renzetti because I am so used to the doc ski style jigs...
  12. SD_fishin33

    Offshore Sat 6/6 upper 9 to 182- offshore report

    Left shelter island at 530 am, got a scoop of great 4-6" lively sardines from EB. Cruised around the west end of the upper 9 from 7 am to about 9 am. Lots of dolphins feeding with terns working on them, but no takers on the troll or live bait in em. Headed towards the 182, and temp went from 62...
  13. SD_fishin33

    Odd sized EVA?

    I've had a quite a few blanks lately that I wanted to put EVA grips on but seemed to be strange sizes, does anybody know where I can get a wider variety of sizes besides 1/2, 3/4, and 1". For example a blank with a butt of .90", its pretty rough getting a 3/4 to go, and I just don't trust...
  14. SD_fishin33

    Offshore yellowfin Tuna! on the San Diego 3/4

    Left mission bay at 545ish AM. Water stayed calm and perfect all day, almost no wind. Bait was mix of micro chovies, perfect sized sardines, and 14" greenbacks. Headed straight west staying in US waters about 30 miles looking for tuna. Got in an insanely fishy spot for a few hours! Life...
  15. SD_fishin33

    Fish ID help on a fish that never got caught

    On our way in from the Coronado Islands yesterday we stopped on a favorite rock pile of ours that is in about 90 feet of water just offshore from TJ. While fishing a dropper loop sardine, I left an Iron hanging a few feet off the bottom in the rod holder. It was only there about 5 minutes when...
  16. SD_fishin33

    fade wrap help?

    Does anybody know of a good tutorial or have any tips for doing a fade wrap? Any help is much appreciated.
  17. SD_fishin33

    cork tape with reel seat? help?

    Has anybody done any builds with cork tape for your grip but a reel seat in the middle? or seen any? Im trying to figure out how I could make it a smooth transition from the cork to the seat and then back to cork. Any ideas or guidance? thanks.
  18. SD_fishin33

    Weave help

    I would like to make my first weave on a rod I'm building, but im gonna practice on a dowel first. I have the jigs and I even have some left lists, but I have no idea how to actually do it or even get started? Does anybody know of a video or instructions that could help me figure it out? thanks
  19. SD_fishin33

    Offshore 8/23 Wide open yft at the 302 and marlin on a paddy?

    Left shelter island at 3 am with my dad and his twin brother for their birthday. All EB had were weak and small anchovies. A depressing way to start the morning, but we figured we would try and make the best of it. Headed out straight to the 302 slowly and as soon as the sun came up saw a nice...
  20. SD_fishin33

    Help with Turkshead???

    I'd really like to use a turks head to finish off the grip on a surf rod im building, so I bought a turks heads jig and even a dvd that was supposed to help, but the jig came with absolutely no instructions and the dvd was useless. Any body have any links or advice for how to do this thing...
  21. SD_fishin33

    Offshore Lower 9 yft/yt quick report 8-1

    Left shelter island at 4 am friday morning. Got some dines, found first paddy around 6 am. All you want YT. most 7 to 10#, a couple nicer 14-15#. One of the yellowtail was tagged, never seen that before. Realized that we had only 2 live sardines left so decided to try our luck for tuna...
  22. SD_fishin33

    Offshore 302 Tuners and Yellers

    Calm, flat, beautiful seas today. Water 69 to 71.5. SD Bay bait barge out of sardines, only holding micro chovy. Yellows took them though (6-12#). Lots of paddys, tons of boats. YFT (12-20#)all on cedar plugs and black/purple zukers. Fun day on the water. Anyone get any real clarity on the...
  23. SD_fishin33

    YFT near coronado islands

    Short Report: 3 yellowfin on 4 hookups within 5-8 miles of the Coronado Islands. All on the troll in dolphins. 15 - 20 pounds. Water 69.5 to 71.5 Left shelter island at 530am on sunday morning with the plan to fish yellowtail at the islands. Went straight to the barge hoping to get lucky and...
  24. SD_fishin33

    Small tuna tower for a Trophy 2150?

    I would really like to find something that I can add on to my Trophy 2150 to help spot paddies and fish in general. Not exactly a full on tuna tower, just like a small ladder leading up to a small bench. It is already an enclosed cockpit hard top so even a bolt on would maybe work if such a...
  25. SD_fishin33

    Nice yellows at the nados

    Left shelter island this morning at about 7 am. I pulled up 20 mackerel or so near the bait barge in about 30 minutes and then headed to the south island. Weather was perfect and water was 68 to almost 71. Started slow trolling a mack at about 845, and had my first yellow on the boat by 9...
  26. SD_fishin33

    Dana Point 6/5 to 6/6 tryin for biscuits

    2 buddies and I left Dana Point at about 6 pm Friday evening and headed south. We saw tons of bird action on the edge of the kelp at san mateo and decided to check it out. Creeped up on it and threw the plastics for wide open calico and short cuda bite for over an hour. We had to have caught at...
  27. SD_fishin33

    installing new fishfinder/ transom mount transducer

    I just got the lowrance HDS-5 for my 21' trophy. I'm a little bit nervous about putting the necessary holes in the transom to mount the transducer, any advice on water sealing after I put it on? and any advice at all is appreciated? thanks guys.