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  1. bigdrunk92037

    what type of alcohol additive for 2 stroke

    I don't think you should be drinking alcohol if you have had two strokes...
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    20lb getting bit or roll the dice.

    Bring a 20lb setup. I was fishing #4 hooks on a 2.5 day trip over the weekend and did not lose a fish. The YF were 15-25lb and were not real interested in 30lb. Just make sure you have something that can cast a dean away from the boat.
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    Anybody know how much of a discount Avet typically sells its blems for?
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    5.56 ammo question

    A better trigger will also tighten the groups. Get to reloading though. 55g Hornady FMJ's shoot great out of all my AR's.
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    next in line for the SS
  6. bigdrunk92037

    Offshore Big Bird scores limits on YFT

    Footballs just in time for football season. Loading up the smoker with YTD and DoDo in two hours.
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    Saltiga 40 and Calstar 870c

    Now with pics of the Calstar
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    Saltiga 40 and Calstar 870c

    For sale is a Diawa Saltiga 40 and Calstar 870C. Saltiga has now sat unused for 3 years collecting dust. Reel comes with original box, reel bag, papers and wrench. It is spooled with 65lb Spectra. I forgot what topshot is on the reel, but you will probably want to replace it anyway. Little...
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    Saltiga 40 and Super Seeker 670

    I have a Diawa Saltiga 40 and a Super Seeker 670 for sale. Rod and reel were used as a set and have been sitting for over 2 years now. I don't use them so I don't deserve to keep them. The set was fished 4 times and has sat ever since. Saltiga 40 - Comes with box, clamp, reel bag and all...
  10. bigdrunk92037

    Super Seeker 6480 8' 20-40lb

    Barely used Super Seeker 6480. Been on only a couple boat rides and has been sitting in my garage for close to 2 years. Turks wrap, titanium guides. Excellent shape. $200 Located in La Jolla
  11. bigdrunk92037

    Let's see your AR's!!!!!!

    And I know my Aimpoint is backwards. -Mega Billet Upper and Lower, Centurion LW, Giselle SSE, Aimpoint Pro -K.I.S.S. w/Sabre barrel assembly.
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    Saltiga 30t , Super Seeker 6480

    Last price drop. If it doesn't go may have to put it back into service.
  13. bigdrunk92037

    Saltiga 30t , Super Seeker 6480

    Holiday bump. Rod is still available.
  14. bigdrunk92037

    Saltiga 30t , Super Seeker 6480

    Saltiga is sold. Super Seeker still available!!
  15. bigdrunk92037

    Saltiga 30t , Super Seeker 6480

    gear ration is 4.9:1. I am located in San Diego. Prefer Paypal.
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    Saltiga 30t , Super Seeker 6480

    Have the following items for sale: Located in La Jolla. Super Seeker 6480 - 8' Turks wrap, titanium guides. Pole is in excellent shape and has seen 4 boat rides. Been sitting for two seasons. Asking $200
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    Super Seeker 6480 & Saltist 30t

    Super Seeker 6480 - $215. Like New - Factory wrap. Fished only 3 times and collecting dust since. Diamond Wrap, Turks head. Titanium guides. Link Daiwa Saltist 30t. $110 Has some boat rash as seen in the pictures. Reel...
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    Offshore Orcas on the NINE w/pics

    Saw an Orca in about the same spot on Saturday. Lots of boiling YFT that we couldn't get to bite around the Orca too. The tuna were probably running for their lives.
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    Offshore Here are the "Radio fish" south of the 425

    mm, mm. Radio fish does taste good! We threw out our spot but the "experts" said "radio fish". Oh well. People talk about WFO here all the time, but this truely was. Throw a sardine, lure, mikes but plug, a donut, a prestel, beef jerkey, or thanks to our captain, a bloody tampon and it...
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    Penn 113HN Baja Special - Opinions?

    Charkbait also has the MXJ on special for a pretty good deal. For the $$, pick up a Saltist. Make it even better by installing greased carbontex drag kit. Takes about 20 minutes.
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    Where to get a rocket launcher in SD?

    thanks for the input. Ramon referred me to Bill York @ Mariner. Not as expensive as I thought.
  22. bigdrunk92037

    Where to get a rocket launcher in SD?

    Preferably looking for a bar on with 10 or so on top.
  23. bigdrunk92037

    Where to get a rocket launcher in SD?

    Need to pick up a rocket launcher in SD. Can anybody recommend a good place to buy or have on built? Roughly how much $$ am I looking at? It would be for a parker 2310.
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    What to put on a Calstar 870-7'

    I have an 870 with a Saltist 30. No regrets. Its my Swiss Army knife.
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    New Trinidad DC...

    Holy shit, its digital. Do you call Geek Squad when the circuit board poops the sheets? DC Technology
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    New Trinidad DC...

    $750, what a bargain.
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    PLIER Update w/ Pics and 371 Fishing

    That Crisco really gussies up that stainless. Hey Bill, if your wondering were your Crisco dissappeared to, ask mjehlers. He needed it to grease up the doorjams on his Parker so his lady friends can slide into the stab'n cabin a little easier. :boobies: Yup, pretty sad that $50 can't buy a...
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    fish prep before sashimi/sushi

    Thanks much everyone. I hopefully get to put your advice to work on Saturday.
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    fish prep before sashimi/sushi

    NoOb here. Getting back into fishing and enjoy to eat my fish raw just as much as cooked. Usually I go to El Pescador and buy sashimi grade whatever for $20+lb. Knowing jackshit about this, is there anything special that needs to be done from the time the yellowtail/albacore/bluefin is...
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    saltist vs saltiga

    Have a Saltist 30 and would like to pick up a 40. Other than a little extra bling, what are the tangible benefits I would gain going with a Saltiga 40 over a Saltist for over double the price? Also, would doing Alan's drag upgrade level the playing field?
  31. bigdrunk92037

    Who's You Daddy

    +1 - You beat me to it.