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    Bakersfield Anglers Roll Call

    I'm in, my wife doesn't speak fishing
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    Throttle controls problem

    Thank you I will try that
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    Throttle controls problem

    I have a 2008 Honda 150 outboard , when I first push throttle forward I have to tap till I get to Sweet spot or else idle down almost to idle speed can never get over 3500 rpms boat is a 22' Bertram wondering if anyone has had this happen or can help me trouble shoot
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    O side bait prices??

    Anyone know how much a scoop is at ocean side? Last year they got me for 80 a scoop.
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    Free Trailer Dual Axle

    Who ever got that trailer ill buy it
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    Free Trailer Dual Axle

    Well me that trailer
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    Wanted boat trailer

    Need boat trailer for 22' deep v dual axle and need a steel of a deal
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    black pearl out of LB??

    Takeing this boat out Friday anyone know where they have been going?
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    wanted boat trailer

    Looking for 21' to 25' two axle trailer
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    yt anacapa?

    Size hooks 1/0 or# 1
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    yt anacapa?

    So you fly line those
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    yt anacapa?

    Live squid work, never used anchovies just dean's down south.
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    yt anacapa?

    Wondering if anyone Is catching yt? At anacapa. Going to head over tonight.
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    Yeah!!! good stuff can't wait to get some thanks for the report.
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    Offshore 2.5 Ocean Odyssey

    I was next to you on the top gun 80 that day and night I'm not to thrilled about our out come either. I hooked up on big yellows 3 times in a row and each time a seal took it out 200 yards and toyed with me for 15 to 20 min. I now have a life time vendetta against all seals.
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    6/12 cattle boat style @ t/150

    Nicely done. I was out there and it was not your average parking lot this was Disney land parking lot so crazy
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    Offshore Beware Oceanside City and Harbor POS

    How much was the bait at oc. Last season 80 a scoop
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    Offshore Top gun 80: Opah

    Thank you for report and congrats on opah
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    Offshore Top gun 80: Opah

    How did the rest of the anglers do?? What was total fish count?
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    okuma cedros rod

    I broke my cedros rod and tried to contact okuma for a week now and was wondering if any of you guys can help. It's a okuma cedros cc-c 801H love the rod i was casting a 4 oz jig. And about a foot long piece broke off
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    Offshore 279 - 4/11

    Thanks for the report
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    searching for yt spot

    Heading down to Oceanside and wondering if anyone has had any luck with yt at the domes or anywhere
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    Yeah i think thats exactly what it is thank you im new to the boat world i just was worried...

    Yeah i think thats exactly what it is thank you im new to the boat world i just was worried thank you much jdog
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    lower unit

    So i was wondering if anyone has experienced lower unit sensor cut and plugged off. Is this normal. Just bought 2008 honda 150 used and went to change impeller and noticed black hose not hooked up so i thought. So i dropped lower unit and the hose had stainless screw in it with zip ties. Please...
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    Yeah patty killers!!
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    Read this out loud to my wife and word for word she was asking me if i wrote it.!!
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    Andros A 12 sizes coming soon.........

    I have a cedros that 1 ft broke off it when casting 4 oz jig, love the rod but need to know how to get it replaced i heard it is tough to get it replaced. If anyone can help please let me know
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    Exotics made it to Ventura County

    Now get back out there and do it again! !
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    Did great at181

    Did great at181
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    Offshore 8/20 302 Short Version

    4130 you ride or build bmx
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    Offshore Fishing the Pens

    And I thought nobody gave back the Jack pot any more that's the way I was taught and I thought I was the only one still teaching this nice job dad
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    Offshore Your Turn. Bring Your Kids 7/25

    I was out there too but did not catch anything can you give me some tips?? I'm going out to try again tomorrow
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    Offshore Your Turn. Bring Your Kids 7/25

    15 miles out of Oceanside 3 of us went out and my body caught 1 yet
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    Paddy issues solved

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    Offshore Went fishing and

    What was your water temp??
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    Offshore "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    Nice fish and heart warming story, but are you going eat all that I'll take a slab of that. Good shit man.
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    Offshore San Diego July 18th

    Right on! !!!!!!
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    Offshore yellows near the 181

    Hope they will be around next friday
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    Offshore Limits yellowtail and pick dorado 5 miles out of Oceanside

    What heading, I was going to go out of San Diego next weekend but thinking it's going to be a parking lot out t there