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  1. matt grant

    Wellcraft center console

    matt grant submitted a new listing: Wellcraft center console - Wellcraft center console Learn more about this listing...
  2. Wellcraft center console

    Southern California Wellcraft center console

    Testing the waters here to see if anyone is interested in a center console off of a Wellcraft v20 fisherman. Measures 42” at widest point, 44” at longest point and 37” at tallest point. Stainless hand rail comes with it if wanted. Looking to get $100 as is for someone that wants to restore it or...
  3. matt grant

    Shark art

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  4. Shark art

    Southern California Shark art

    For sale metal hammerhead shark sculpture. Measures about 24” long x 12” tall. $200
  5. matt grant

    Yeti duffel bag

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  6. Yeti duffel bag

    Southern California Yeti duffel bag

    Yeti Panga 100 duffel bag. Brand new never used. Pulled it from the box for pictures. Great dry bag(totally waterproof) for the boat and even traveling. $350
  7. matt grant

    Reels for sale

  8. matt grant

    Reels for sale

    Avet LX 6/3 sold Torium 16 sold
  9. matt grant

    Reels for sale

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  10. Reels for sale

    Southern California Reels for sale

    Avet MXJ 5.8:1(Filled with 50lb seaguar hollow)- $150 Avet MXL6 -$80 The usual boat rash, still work perfectly fine mechanically.
  11. matt grant

    2 stroke outboards $300

    Tohatsu 15hp and 30hp 2 stroke tiller steer. Both were running when taken off of the boats they were on, but have been sitting for a couple years now. With some effort they will probably run again but otherwise good for parts. Lower units are in good shape. $300 takes them both. $150 each...
  12. matt grant

    2005 Mercury 4hp

    2005 4 stroke Mercury outboard 25” shaft. Runs great has very low hours. Has built in fuel tank and optional external tank hookup. Asking $600
  13. matt grant

    Minn Kota remote

    I’m looking for anyone that has a spare minn Kota remote or foot pedal for a 2017 Bluetooth Ulterra that they would be willing to part with. Thanks.
  14. matt grant

    8ft Olympian skiff and motor

    8ft Olympian fiberglass skiff for sale with motor. Hull is very solid and stable in the water. Light enough for one to move around but a lot easier with 2. Comes with a 2006 4hp 4 stroke mercury with very low hours. Starts up and runs on the first couple pulls. Has built in fuel tank or optional...
  15. matt grant

    Bass tracker for sale

    I’m selling my 1989 Bass Tracker. 18’ in length. It has a new Minkota edge 65lb pound thrust trolling motor on the bow. The engine is a 1979 Johnson 150hp 2 stroke. It runs strong, can be a little hard to start when cold but fires right up once it has warmed up. Boat tops out at about 40mph...
  16. matt grant

    This is SOLD

    Still for sale?
  17. matt grant

    95' Ocean Runner 200

    Still for sale?
  18. matt grant

    Looking for some deckhands

    Catalina Sea Ranch, based out of San Pedro. Looking for part time deckhands to work Mondays and Wednesday’s. Pay is decent and you get to work on the water. If anyone is interested shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can set up an interview. Thanks
  19. matt grant

    Who's looking for a deckhand job?

    Hey everyone, the company I work for is looking for a few part time deckhands, 2 or 3 days a week currently and potentially full time in the future. The company is called Catalina Sea Ranch, located in San Pedro, we farm mussels. You can look us up online at The job is dirty...
  20. matt grant

    Random floats off of Long Beach

    We are still doing some trial and error as far as the ideal depth for growth that is why some are up shallow at 6ft, we have others out there at 15 and 20 ft. It is however looking like 15ft will be the target depth for all of our future crops. Also currently the ranch is 100 acres and there is...
  21. matt grant

    Random floats off of Long Beach

    Hey everyone. I hope all of you had a good Christmas and had good times with the family. I am the Ranch Manager at a company called Catalina Sea Ranch. We are an aquaculture company located in San Pedro aimed at growing mussels and rock scallops in the federal waters just 6 miles off of...
  22. matt grant

    Hardbait / ripbait stick??

    For the smaller baits I would recommend a Cousins RMB 734FPT. Thats a 7'3" rod with a split grip. Really good rod and it can handle the bigger fish really well. If you like a more traditional look you could go with the GMB 704T, full cork grip and 7'0 like you requested. My all time favorite...
  23. matt grant

    Corvina or White Sea Bass

    Its 100% a juvenile wsb. I had the pleasure raising a few in an aquarium earlier in the year. They have chromatophores, which allow them to change their skin tone to have really dark stripes and sometimes none at all. It also has the tell tell purple shadowing above its eyes.
  24. matt grant

    If you care about White Seabass...

    Well Im glad I could start a blog for people to talk shit on... I was merely trying to get the word out because as far as i'm concerned its not that hard to send in the head of a white seabass. Hubbs has received an extremely small number of heads back compared to the many THOUSANDS of fish that...
  25. matt grant

    If you care about White Seabass...

    I have started to take notice to the increasing number of white seabass being caught as our waters warm up. These fish are a blast to catch and a delicacy at the dinner table, but not that long ago they were almost non-existent. Thanks to Hubbs Seaworld and there captive breeding program, the...
  26. matt grant

    Amazing/Crazy Santa Monica Bay trip 3/9 w-pics

    Not to be that guy or anything, but I see 7 bass laying on the deck and the new limits 5... Your lucky fish and game never stopped you.
  27. matt grant

    Los Alamitos Bay

    If your looking for some sandy an spottie action your best bet is in the marina by joes crab shack and such and make some flips under the docks during high tide for the walkway. You have to be careful though because habor police driving around will kick you out. Otherwise try marine stadium at...
  28. matt grant

    Crucial MH or H

    It all depends on where ur going to be fishing more, the mh would be a more all around rod with a 200e7, and 7'11 might not be the best for harbors. To seperate set ups witha 200 and 300 would be the best choice if u don mind spending the money.
  29. matt grant

    Tubing the Concrete Jungle

    Maybe not the best idea keeping bass from the harbor but it look as though it was a nice day of catching....
  30. matt grant

    best spottie colors?

    Nope workin on getting a tube though
  31. matt grant

    best spottie colors?

    Unfortunatley no, having some engie problems so.....
  32. matt grant

    best spottie colors?

    Big hammers: blue Shad, christmas tree, bleeding olive herring, bleeding mackeral, and sometimes sexy smelt.(just from my experiences)
  33. matt grant

    Poll: Slots or no slots for SW Bass

    Ok, although i may not have as much fishing experience as some its quite obvious that bass populations are decreasing along with size. The past few years fishing the wall, pv and catalina, there is a reason the fishing is better on the outside of the wall and the back side of catalina, they get...
  34. matt grant

    Poll: Slots or no slots for SW Bass

    A slot limit of 14-18 with a 5 fish bag limit would be great, but people are a lot less likely to follow a slot limit. So start a 3 fish bag limit with no slot and a no take on spotties. Also make it legal kill the dam seals that would help all the fish populations a lot.
  35. matt grant

    Harbors/Spots/Setups/Baits for Spotties??? Please help

    The clarus and black max will work, just fish like a 12 pound flourocarbon or mono as a top shot if u want and bait choice the city shrimp looks like it would work but i havent had any luck with it. Other good colors are christmas tree and bleeding olive herring. Besides newport there arent many...
  36. matt grant

    crucial dropshot rod

    The last rod i had my curado on was broken while traveling and now im wondering if a crucial dropshot M or MH would be a good rod for nph and other bays but also work for fishing the wall with bigger baits for a few months until i have enough to buy a second outfit???????
  37. matt grant

    22Lbs sheepshead

    that things so big its going to taste like crap should have let it go so it could breed and u could catch some smaller fish that will taste better. its called conservation. give it some thought next time...
  38. matt grant

    line size for spotties

    curado 200 or citica 8-10 pound green pline works good for me
  39. matt grant

    Workin the Wall

    We threw blue shad, hot karl and chrismastree, which got most of the bass!!!
  40. matt grant

    Workin the Wall

    Started the day out with some engine troubles, the tilt trim on the engine went out, but since we were already up and ready to go we manually lifted the motor and got down to lauch the boat. We proceeded to make the long run out of alamitos and ran straight to the wall. It was a pretty slow pick...
  41. matt grant

    LBH Fishing - Team Bad Bass

    Hey man thats my bay.. But it sure does produce
  42. matt grant

    11 Pound Calico

    That is a really nice calico, cant wait to catch one that size, but unless she was just floating around on the surface, she would have eventually swam away if you would have left her.
  43. matt grant

    Bait tank for sale

    Hey man still learnen, try and deal with it...
  44. matt grant

    Bait tank for sale

    I had some energy, so I decided to make a custom tank and took the old one out and I got nothing to do with it. Its in pretty good condition the light on the bottom doesnt work, but it has a custom cutting board on top with a fancy little latch. Its a 20 gallon tank and circulates water pretty...
  45. matt grant

    GIANT Newport Spottie

    nice spottie, caught one around the same size just the other day in alamitos bay. looks like you guys made out pretty well
  46. matt grant

    beach and bay bonanza and a new PB

    Friday night had nothing better to do, so me and a friend ran down to seal beach is search of some fishies around 8 and ended at 930. Started off with a small bat ray(winghooked). then a surprisingly large corbina, which i havent caught and now my friend has:2gunsfiring_v1: :rofl: it was...
  47. matt grant

    @the LBC WALL 4-26-11

    If you need food that bad go catch some rockfish let the bass go...
  48. matt grant


    Did you keep it?? Cause if so they are good eating but its better to let the bigger ones go....
  49. matt grant

    Catalina bassin

    Well thanks for pointing out obvious, but i was hopeing for something a little more of a journey down the island past casino point or the other way like some of the beaches where people camp or something. And you can fish on the boarding dock for the flyer aand i have seen lot of people that...
  50. matt grant

    Alamitos Bay quicke

    Went down to Alamitso bay to do a bit a spotty fishing off of the docks. Only had about an hour and a half to kill but I tried my best. Ended with 6 short bites, a lizard fish and a large mystery fish that quickly broke me off. Water was cold and fairly murky. All misses were on 3 inch bleeding...
  51. matt grant

    Catalina bassin

    This upcoming weekend Im going to be at Catalina and I wont be taking my boat and wont be able to rent a boat, so I was wondering if anyone knew of any spots to fish from shore near avalon that can produce some possible bass fishing. It would be appreciated if anyone could help me out.
  52. matt grant

    Picture Problems

    Thanks for the help. I will try it out and hopefully it works.
  53. matt grant

    Picture Problems

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to downsize pictures when posting, I can download the pictures, but they are HUGE!!! So if anyone could help me out it would be much appreciated.