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    Charleston Salmon 2021

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    Casting rod

    Looking for a Shimano Teramar 8' heavy casting rod or equivalent of another quality brand for 20-40 or 30-60 lb line. Text Kevin at 949-533-5360 Thanks
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    Yellow fin at the beach?

    It was probably looking for the Doheny Blues Festival. Tuna are known to be fond of slide guitar and songs about drinking.
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    Caught this in the SD Bay yesterday...

    I caught a 50 pounder hooping in LA. It was eating the lobster in my net.
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    Feel good post of the year. After reading about you and your pops, patriotism, family get together, I just feel Good. Thanks and congrats!
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    LB; Ester Rig and Izors

    Always bring some frozen squid. Works better for bass and bottom grabbers this time of year anyway. Good luck!
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    Offshore 20 Miles SW Out of Oceanside 8/20/17

    20 miles and 20 lbs. Should've gone 50 in that Whaler!
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    Offshore 20 Miles SW Out of Oceanside 8/20/17

    Nice effort. The difference between one nice fish and zero is huge. Post a picture!!!
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    PCP airgun pump

    Bought this Benjamin pump with my airgun a few years ago. At some point it needed a new O ring or something and I tried to repair it but couldn't get it back together correctly. Now I use bottled air and will give the pump to anyone who wants to fix it or use it for parts. Text me at 949 533...
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    LA Harbor - 7/29/17

    Nothing ugly about that - nice job dad!
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    Skipped the Banks and Stayed Inshore (LB Rocks and Reefs)

    Nice catch! But you know what they say, without pics..... Good job making macs, especially with lame bait. What is it with Nachos sardines this summer, they've been pretty bad.
  12. WaterDawg

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    Now there's a useful report. 99 Ranch is a good place to buy bait. Fisherman helping fisherman. Don't be so cynical OP. And cool to see that when the tuna won't bite a lot of undiscovered comedic talent has time to blossom.
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    LB Wrecks and Rock Piles 7/1/2017

    Nice bass Jared. Very dark colors, kind of interesting. Very nice to take the kid fishing too!
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    Check out this Bass

    It has a built in beer bottle opener. Nice!
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    SHIMANO Freshwater RODS FOR SALE ***USED***

    Is this one still available?: Crucial: CRCX76MH $90.00
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    SD bay bug report 3-3-17

    Great trip. Congrats!
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    1,000 ft of rope

    New 3/8" polypropylene rope. 1000 foot bulk spool. Perfect for hoop nets and other stuff. $50. Call or text me 949 533 5360 Kevin South OC
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    Long Beach Harbor Lobster

    The mammal definitely scared off the crustaceans. Cool videos. Where's the one where the GW comes through and bites the seal in half?
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    Long Beach Harbor Lobster

    Made bait tubes last year and no more seal problems. Hate those fur bags. Nice catch!
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    Seal deterrent - paint ball

    WGP Paintball marker/gun and two 12 oz tanks (one tank is full, one empty). Several years old but hardly used and works fine. Non-lethal way to deter marauding sea lions. $110 for all three components. That's less than half price new. Location is south OC. Text or call me at 949 533 5360 Kevin
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    Trailer hitch & extension mirrors

    1 1/4" hitch with 1 7/8" ball. Two suction cup mirror extensions. FREE. Location is south OC. Text me at 949 533 5360 Kevin Kevin
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    Stolen Decoys at Henshaw

    Unbelievable. I wonder if it was a hunter pissed that "his" spot was taken, or a low life who will try to sell them for cash, or maybe an anti? Hope the bum is caught!!
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    Black Friday - it was a great deal. Local LB report.

    Thanks SaltH20, those macs were each big enough to fill an entire bait tube. I tried to get my Dad and bro' to go lobstering that night, but after fishing all day they were too spent. I didn't give them any grief about getting old and feeble.....not!
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    Black Friday - it was a great deal. Local LB report.

    Yeah the variety was wide. Added to the fun.
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    6 hoop nets lost at Catalina

    Experienced it before at the island. Like everyone said they will pop back up when the current slackens. Grappling hook if you want em back sooner. Go back and get them. Don't give the antis any more reasons to shut it down.
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    Black Friday - it was a great deal. Local LB report.

    Took out the Whaler Allison Christine with my brother and dad on Black Friday. Weather and seas were amazing, couldn't ask for better. Fished local LB/LA area wrecks and reefs with live squid and artificials, finding steady action pretty much all day, with one wide open flurry of 3-5 lb...
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    Breaking the new boat in....

    Can tell you're excited congrats!!
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    Kaibab Youth Hunt

    Can't beat that! Way to go dad!!
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    Offshore November tuna 209

    Nice fish. Great catch!
  30. WaterDawg

    SD lobster report decent crawl 6 November 2016

    Good catch. Seems SD bay has some strong current based on the number of nets guys report losing. Please send some of that current to the motionless water in LB, we could use it. Seriously the bottom of SD bay must look like a Promar graveyard.
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    Hoop netting Long Beach harbor 11-4-16

    Fog sucks and Sunset Aquatic is particularly bad because it seems like the big wetland there attracts or grows it's own fog. Glad you made it safely.
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    Offshore Skeletons for Halloween

    If the treat is fresh sashimi I'll be right over.
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    LA harbor lobster report

    The wall is a 7-mile long multi-story lobster condo complex. I've been there with divers and hoopnetters on the same boat. Hoopers dropped right next to the wall and caught jack. Divers had easy limits quickly. The bugs are there. Getting them to come out of their bedrooms and into a hoop net...
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    Lobster Report 10/28 SD Bay

    Never stop exploring. 4 legals - I've done better, I've done worse. We always fish during soaks so even if they won't crawl we have a great time. Found a new bass hot spot last week while hooping. Made the whole trip very worthwhile even though bugging was slow. Good luck!!
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    Offshore Friday 10/28 solo trip

    So wierd something ate the face off that fur bag and left the rest. Something fishy going on there. Sorry about the skunk. I know the feeling.
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    LA harbor lobster report

    On the final night of last season we had 13 for two guys in LB Harbor. I doubt that between April and October the entire population of the harbor got poached. But in one attempt this season at the same spots it was almost lifeless. My guess is it's just like other fishing. Some years we get...
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    Offshore Out of oceanside

    Congrats. Tuna do bite after all!! Nice job!
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    Quail report 10/15

    No, flavor was great, just tough. Michelob Ultra tastes great, otherwise they couldn't haven named it "Ultra"
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    My Daughter is at it again.

    My daughters are grown up and they are NOT like yours. But, I have a granddaughter that might be slinging a buck over her shoulders in about 20 years. She's a tiger. Congrats dad!
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    Quail report 10/15

    Big and fat. We expected to find a rabbit being digested inside this python but it's stomach was empty. Just a big fat boy. Lots of meat. John tenderized and deep fried some. Came out better than my pan fry method. Reptile, it's what's for dinner.
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    Quail report 10/15

    Me and my buddy John went to the IV for the quail opener. Hopes weren't too high with the continued drought but we went and hit several spots which have held some birds in the past. First spot no signs of bird life. Second spot we could hear birds calling from an extremely dense patch of...
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    Offshore 267/279 and north YellowFootballs a plenty plus a stinky skunk

    How small do Crocodiles come? Silver Daredevil or Thomas Bouyant?
  43. WaterDawg

    Offshore 267/279 and north YellowFootballs a plenty plus a stinky skunk

    If I get another shot I'm bringing my freshwater bass box. Small crank baits, jerk baits, 4" swim baits.
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    Friday night bugging - Quality over Quantity

    That's wide open compared to my last few tuna trips. Good effort!!
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    Offshore 10/8 tuna no biters

    Sounds like my last two trips. You are not alone. On my way home from the last one this guy was on the road. Fitting.
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    Offshore 10/7 Bongo's - They're Still Here!

    Best part of this thread is the gratitude of your son. Nice to see!!
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    Hooped San Diego Bay last night.

    Nice! Bringing a rod to the net fight pays off!
  48. WaterDawg

    Lack of lobster reports

    Great catch!! Haven't gone yet. Tides suck this weekend so probably will wait. Last year was better later where we go so in no hurry. Still trying to catch tuna.
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    Offshore 'End Game' 10-01-2016 Bugged Out

    Beautiful rig! That's a bug exterminator for sure.
  50. WaterDawg

    Lobster and lost gear

    Strange. With sinking line he would have to drive right over your float to snag your gear and it wasn't in his prop? No way he didn't see your rig the way you have it set up. Bummer losing nice equipment. Nice bugs!
  51. WaterDawg


    You're right it's completely rediculous. Didn't their mommas teach them to pick up after themselves? I'm sure the percentage of slobs is the same in other hobbies, but a golfer can only leave behind 18 broken tees and a surfer might leave a beer can in the parking lot. A slob shooter leaves...
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    Antelope in Wyoming

    Sounds like a super trip. Congrats!
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    Offshore 181-289-312-209 Sunday 9/25

    Great photos of the mako! Thanks for sharing. Had similar lack of success on Saturday a little closer in from your area.
  54. WaterDawg

    Mountain Goat, part two

    Amazing adventure. Great report. Congrats!! Funny I'm reading this from a restaurant on El Toro Road.
  55. WaterDawg

    Sunday Doveday

    Sounds like a fun little trip. And you didn't get stuck walking through trinket shops with the little lady like I do on weekend getaways
  56. WaterDawg

    Offshore 9/14 liberty heading out at....

    I will be sitting down at my desk to work about the time you hit the grounds. You suck Good luck I will fish vicariously through you today.
  57. WaterDawg

    Hard Work Pays Off-D16

    All I can say is I'm glad I'm not a deer in your tag zone! You're rad man. Dug the video.
  58. WaterDawg

    Doves 9-3 and 9-4

    Wearing the camo, shooting the gun, being away from the crowds and with friends or family. Good times. Numbers don't matter. Great report!
  59. WaterDawg

    If it hops, it drops 9/2

    Wow did I butcher it. No farmer here and definitely never won a spelling bee. Alfalfa
  60. WaterDawg

    If it hops, it drops 9/2

    Did I spell it wrong?
  61. WaterDawg

    If it hops, it drops 9/2

    In California rabbit season opens in the heat of summer on July 1. Not sure but I think the disease issue is more of a problem in other areas and most states open later in the fall in cooler temps for the reason you noted. I always wear latex gloves when butchering them and watch for botfly...
  62. WaterDawg

    Bakerfield - Awesome opener

    Sweet! I bet he owes you a guided fishing session too!! Sounds like a great hunt.
  63. WaterDawg

    If it hops, it drops 9/2

    It's what I had with me and I'm not very good at throwing rocks.
  64. WaterDawg

    If it hops, it drops 9/2

    After shooting doves in the IV on opening day, my buddies slept in at the motel on Friday morning and didn't want to go out again early, so I decided to mix it up a little. Headed out alone, found a good brush line next to an alphalpha field and it was fur ball city. Pretty fun and my crock pot...
  65. WaterDawg

    for everybody goin dove huntin opening day/week !

    We went to the DWU fields north of Niland. Beautiful opening morning with a little cloud cover and nice breeze! What a pleasant surprise. Birds flew well at the opening bell. Some in our group had 15 bird limits by 8.30 AM. Others didn't shoot so well. Late afternoon we went to a spot south...
  66. WaterDawg

    Never giving up paid off - 8/25 Catalina and Dana

    It's happened to us several times this season. The difference in having one big fish in the cooler vs a dead rotting skunk is huge. Great catch!!!!
  67. WaterDawg

    Offshore Did have a Yellowfin - Tuna Saved

    Same thing happened to me only it was a hammerhead bit the tuna in half. I pulled in the head. No Go Pros back then 20 yeas ago. Nice video!!!
  68. WaterDawg

    WON bird blast

    Thanks 'goose, what you said makes more sense than anything else I've heard, including in conversations with field wardens. I've been shooting them and they taste just like the other doves. But I would be more comfortable if the Regs made it clearer by simply listing rock dove along with the...
  69. WaterDawg

    WON bird blast

    Did anyone else read Western Outdoor News last week? Page 1 story the writer sitting next to a pile of "feral pigeons" in El Centro. His guide was the guy running the largest hunt club down there. WON has a DFW rep on their editorial staff so I'm assuming we can legally shoot pigeons "aka...
  70. WaterDawg

    Cleveland National Forest (Ortega Highway) Dove Hunting

    If you drive Ortega from OC you'll see all kinds of nice looking huntable area and birds flying over. The problem is all of that good looking area is Rancho Mission Viejo property. As soon as you reach the national forest boundary where it's legal to hunt the terrain becomes too steep to deal...
  71. WaterDawg

    Offshore Offshore 8/20 - slow!

    Bet you could bag a few boiling tuna with that bow aim of yours. Wouldn't that be a rush! If you can spear them why not shoot me with a bow?
  72. WaterDawg

    Yellowfin in Newport harbor

    I really hate it when I'm fishing for bass and catch a tuna instead. JK that's unreal man awesome catch!
  73. WaterDawg

    Offshore 8-14-16 209 Report

    Had the same problem in the same area on Saturday. Tried 15 lb fluoro chunks macks dines jigs the dodos refused to eat. Seen it before. You are not alone.
  74. WaterDawg

    Offshore Popper in the Pooper

    Makes me want to rig a jig and fish for a pig! Maybe he was trying to mate with your bait, thought he was on a date.... Fun report thanks!!!
  75. WaterDawg

    Offshore Late video report from the ridge 8/10

    Quality video dude. Pretty good fishermen too!!
  76. WaterDawg

    Offshore Big eye tuna?

    Big Ass tuna for sure.
  77. WaterDawg

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Just read the regs and it looks like lead .22 ammo is ok until 2019 unless on CDFW land. But lead shotgun ammo is a no go on small game animals anywhere.
  78. WaterDawg

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Has anyone tried the new CCI copper .22LR rounds? 1850 FPS muzzle velocity legal substitute for lead. One problem I see is they are hollow point only and I prefer solids for rabbit blasting to reduce tissue damage if it's a body shot.
  79. WaterDawg

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    I heard they were illegal then a warden in the field told me shoot as many as I want. Another season of uncertainty from warden to warden.
  80. WaterDawg

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Lead 71/2s. Still ok to use lead on dove, right?
  81. WaterDawg

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    It was getting dark fast and I needed to gut the little fur balls and hit the road so I didn't slow down to film them. Shot two and missed about five with my little red dot sight and not-so-steady free hand aim.
  82. WaterDawg

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Had a job in Palm Springs so I brought my guns with me thinking I might have time to run down to the IV and shoot at something. Driving down Hwy 111 I looked at my temp guage and it was 111 degrees outside, so I figured that's too much of a coincidence and must be some sort of sign that I...
  83. WaterDawg

    Offshore OSide 7/24 Hot as fck, a couple of Seiners, and no bites

    Thanks for the report. We were in the same area today. Radio crapped out so we stayed within ten miles. Only saw one legit tuna school all day. Managed a 30 lb bluefin trolling a cedar plug. Fish and Wildlife guy at the ramp said he checked 45 boats coming in today and only four tuna...
  84. WaterDawg

    24-1/2 Skipjack Diesel Flybridge/Priced to Sell Quickly

    I enjoyed many a great trip on Boomer with Morris and Craig, from lobstering at Catalina to tuna and yellowtail fishing. Unlike any other private boat I've been associated with, I don't recall ever being towed in on Boomer - super reliable fish catching machine. Here are some pics from my own...
  85. WaterDawg

    All of Us Hooked Up on Yellows...

    A report about local fishing and cooking the fish, on a fishing website of all places. Well done, thanks.
  86. WaterDawg

    otter off La Jolla

    "Used to see one off Blacks Beach on the little kelp spot." All I ever saw at Black's were beavers, no otters?
  87. WaterDawg

    Dana Point sheephead 3/20

    Not Baaaah'd! Great catch, congrats.
  88. WaterDawg

    Island Chaffee Hoop netting 2-27-16

    Congrats! You didn't mention your son's age, but taking young kids hooping is a blast because of the variety of sea life that comes up in the nets and fascinates them. Lobster, various crabs, starfish, octopus, sharks, eels, misc fish, snails.
  89. WaterDawg

    Awesome Lobster Trip To Catalina

    Am I understanding this - the passengers pulled up hoops with ten pounds of weight from 300+ feet, by hand? If so, they certainly earned the lobsters. Congrats!
  90. WaterDawg

    Killed the BUGS

    So many vague rules and regulations, like when is a short bug in your "possession", as in did you have the audacity to bring it onto your boat to measure? But this one you're talking about has been my favorite for a while. In plain English "you can have up to 3 limits in your possession with a...
  91. WaterDawg

    What happened to LB lobster? 2-19-16 report

    Well nice effort anyway. Its been up and down for me in the harbor this season, mostly mediocre, not as good as last year. Don't know if its pressure or just cycles. About five years ago we had a really slow season and were ready to give up, sell the hoops. Agreed to make one last try in the...
  92. WaterDawg

    Izor's / Breakwall

    Looks like glass out there. Nice catch!
  93. WaterDawg

    LJ-2-14-16 report

    Nice Fish, would like to know what it weighed? The kid is stoked - he can decide if he wants to C & R later when he's no longer an excitable KID! You seem like a very conscientious guy. Don't listen to anyone offering their unsolicited opinions and judgment on eating the fish. Some of those...
  94. WaterDawg

    Braved the cold, treacherous winter seas for its bounty 2/10

    Thanks. Hoping to get out a few more times before it's over.
  95. WaterDawg

    LB Bugs 2/11

    Big. Nice!!!
  96. WaterDawg

    Braved the cold, treacherous winter seas for its bounty 2/10

    The title is referring to the guys on last night's Deadliest Catch re-run. But last night I took my Pop out for lobstering in the LB/LA Harbor area. It was 80 degrees when we launched and I was in shorts all night. Complete glass conditions, although a 5-knot breeze later on did force me to...
  97. WaterDawg

    hooping the oil islands.

    Getting up at 3 am instead of getting home at 3 am. Why didn't I think of that? Nice catch!
  98. WaterDawg

    Hooping Long Beach harbor Lobster 1-16-16

    That's a huge bug! What a thrill for your boy, congrats!!
  99. WaterDawg


    Crap I just read DFW is proposing to ban electric pullers for recreational hooping.
  100. WaterDawg


    OMG I've never seen that many in so few nets, even at the Island, which can produce huge numbers. Nice!!
  101. WaterDawg


    Is the end of the beginning. More El Nino' to come!
  102. WaterDawg

    Slow for me in LBC

    Thanks for the report. Good effort! I wasn't sure if lobster reports were still allowed since there have been hardly any. I've only made it out three times so far this season and it was up and down for us in the harbor. Total legal scores were 6, 16, and 5 for two of us. Noticed most kelp...
  103. WaterDawg

    Wild Life..... Part 2

    kill it and grill it
  104. WaterDawg

    1-6 wister area Bloodyducks Club

    Desert Spiny. They're larger and spinier than the blue bellies. That second critter is a disoriented beaver morphing into a sasquatch.
  105. WaterDawg

    YT 150 area 1-2-16

    Nice! We stopped short and marked fish around the green buoy at the Shoe but they would not go for us on sardines.
  106. WaterDawg

    Really Close Call

    Wow, critter tried to take you out as his parting gesture.
  107. WaterDawg

    Roosters holding tight in the IV

    I always liked the "Find the Pope in the Pizza contest". I think I see mourning dove, Eurasian collared dove, pheasant, cottontail rabbit, dogs, beer and some other less important stuff. Nice hunt!!
  108. WaterDawg

    2nd hunt for mearns

    Nice score! Were you hunting somewhere local?
  109. WaterDawg

    More IV Dove but choked on the chicken 12.19

    Quite a few mourning dove still in the IV. Had a good shoot today and also got a bunch of ECDS. Perfect hunting weather about 40 first thing then 65 in the afternoon. Saw a pheasant cross the road and go in a ditch. I put on a stalk and he came up the other side of the ditch. I was just...
  110. WaterDawg

    Brawley Dmv hunting trip

    Great score! Trifecta.
  111. WaterDawg

    some good hoopn in pv

    Nice! Divers and seals - neither will be a factor in deep water.
  112. WaterDawg

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    You're probably just fishing in areas with no lobster. Study maps, spend time metering around the harbor, there are many good spots not hammered by everyone else.
  113. WaterDawg

    LA foggy oil islands hooping 10DEC15

    Hate fog, period. Especially around the oil islands because those big shore boats come blazing back and forth all night to each island. Good effort, glad you didn't get smacked.
  114. WaterDawg

    12-6-15 Big But

    i just flashed back to Rosana Rosana-Dana from 1980s SNL. Awesome fish!!
  115. WaterDawg

    Offshore GROW little yellowtail GROW!! video

    So that's what it looked like down there when they were attacking my bait all summer. Cool!
  116. WaterDawg

    Bait tube stock

    Made some lobster bait tubes recently from a 10' piece of PVC and have eight 6" pieces left over if anyone wants them. Already cut to size. Kevin 949-533-5360 South OC
  117. WaterDawg

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    I would hope the billion $ shipping and oil industries protected by the wall would not let it happen, but then again surfers helped stop the 241 Toll Road extension to I-5. Nothing against surfers, just want everyone to have good places to do what they enjoy.
  118. WaterDawg

    11/25 2nd season dove IV report

    Your dog is awesome.
  119. WaterDawg

    Offshore 12-2 WFO YFT on 312

    Way to find them. Cool to C & R tuna!
  120. WaterDawg

    Salmon heads???

    Plus you can always buy a scoop of sardines from Nacho, they work great.
  121. WaterDawg

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    Agreed. The few I've caught at the wall have been LARGE. By not coming out in numbers, perhaps the wall remains the safe breeding location that supplies the whole harbor with bugs?
  122. WaterDawg

    Salmon heads???

    Big Asian market at northeast corner of Beach Boulevard and McFadden Avenue usually has them.
  123. WaterDawg

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    I've never done well at the wall inside or out. I've hooped the wall while divers on our boat caught limits and said it is full of bugs but they don't seem to crawl out into hoops. Just my experience.
  124. WaterDawg

    Offshore Yellowfin 11/29

    I want to be young again!! Takes me a day to recover from jet lag and a day to recover from each fishing trip. Way to go Stud!
  125. WaterDawg

    What a nice surprise long beach 11/29/15

    Its so disrespectful when your guest outfishes you!! Nice fishes!!!
  126. WaterDawg

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    Launched at Queen Mary and fished the LA side. Never had any issues in the area we fished.
  127. WaterDawg

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    Went hooping locally last night in the Whaler with bro' Dennis. Conditions were great, little wind, strong incoming tide, and surprisingly no sea lions in the spot we fished. Had the hoops in the water right at dark. Bait was frozen sardines and macks kept from fishing trips. First set...
  128. WaterDawg

    Offshore Thanksgiving YFT

    Way to tough it out!
  129. WaterDawg

    Before the Freeze

    Wow nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
  130. WaterDawg

    11/25 2nd season dove IV report

    It was starting to get bad about the time I left. The spot I found had some protection with a slope and some thick, tall bushes so I was able to deal with the wind early on.
  131. WaterDawg

    11/25 2nd season dove IV report

    I don't usually travel so far from the OC for work, but I intentionally took a job in the low desert so I would have an excuse to run down to the IV. I didn't hunt at all during the first season and didn't know what to expect. Checked out a new area (new to me) in the north end of the Valley...
  132. WaterDawg


    Cool tradition, I hope you can do it for many more years to come!
  133. WaterDawg

    Finally got out for some Chickens

    Congrats on the great birds and great family time!
  134. WaterDawg

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    Nice catch! Yellowtail Turkey Fin Tuna it is!! Is that a Harbor Seal Lion in the background, or a buoy of some kind? Kevin
  135. WaterDawg


    Cool. For me, seeing that adds to the mystery of never knowing exactly what's down there, and the anticipation of what might show up on your line on any given day.
  136. WaterDawg

    Lings and Lobster 11-14-15

    Great report on a great trip!
  137. WaterDawg

    Saluting the warship and catchin on Vetrans Day:

    Teaching them respect and how to catch fish. Good job Dad!
  138. WaterDawg

    11/8 local got away

    That'll keep you coming back!!!
  139. WaterDawg

    Fished and Hooped 11/7 Mediocre results

    Ah Spicoli. Flashing me back to high school days. I wonder what would happen if while hooping I order a pizza for delivery and give GPS coordinates instead of an address?
  140. WaterDawg

    Aggressive cattle boat capts.

    Karma Electra was there? BS without photos:p:
  141. WaterDawg

    Fished and Hooped 11/7 Mediocre results

    Barely, haha, maybe this new drivers license law will help?
  142. WaterDawg

    Fished and Hooped 11/7 Mediocre results

    Launched at the QM on Saturday around 1.30 PM. Bought some macks from San Pedro bait co then headed to the north Shoe area. Wanted to look for yellowtail but it was windy and snotty, uncomfortable in the 17' Allison Christine (Whaler Montauk) so chose not to drive and search. Instead, we...
  143. WaterDawg

    Note to self: Don't hoop during a thunder storm

    That's eerie with calm water and all hell breaking loose in the sky.
  144. WaterDawg

    Offshore Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut or a Wahoo

    That's just wrong...I sold a reel like that for $10 at the last neighborhood garage sale. Must've been loud when the little bell on the end of the trolling rod started ringing. Congrats on a great catch and for sticking it to the (over-priced tackle) man!!!
  145. WaterDawg

    Sunday Night Hooping LA

    Nice effort. Glad your motor wasn't damaged by the floating rope. I bet you'll catch more after this storm. Kevin
  146. WaterDawg

    Workin' on the Future...

    Brings back memories of when bonies were the exotic out of Art's Landing in NB when I was a kid. Way to pass along the heritage! Kevin
  147. WaterDawg

    Hey Stupid! aka Hooping mishaps and a LA report

    Last season at the wash down after hooping I attempted to get out of the boat with a 5-gallon bucket full of lobsters in one hand, some trash in the other hand, while wearing deck boots, slickers, and a heavy jacket. Got out of balance, slipped on the trailer fender and went summersaulting into...
  148. WaterDawg

    Offshore 10/24 DP Informational report only. No entertainment value

    A friend of a friend got a 61 lb hoo at the 150 yesterday and heard of a Marlin hookup there too.
  149. WaterDawg

    Offshore 10/24 DP Informational report only. No entertainment value

    Fished out of DP yesterday. Live bait choice was straight sardines or chovies and sardines mixed. Caught some macks by the red buoy. Trolled for hoo toward the 267 with a purple and black marauder a Dorado Zuker and a mackerel X-Rap. From the 267 we trolled to the Domes. Then back and forth...
  150. WaterDawg


    Nice fish, congrats!!!
  151. WaterDawg

    Reels: Daiwa & Shimano ONLY ONE LEFT

    Used and in good condition. All need new line. Calcutta 250 - $60 SOLD Calcutta 400 - $85 SOLD SL 30SH - $85 Kevin [email protected] 949-533-5360 South Orange County
  152. WaterDawg

    Reels: Cacutta 250 & 400, Daiwa 30 SLH

    Used and in good condition. All need new line. Calcutta 250 - $60 Calcutta 400 - $85 SL 30SH - $85 Kevin [email protected] 949-533-5360 South Orange County
  153. WaterDawg

    Offshore OC Wahoo on a bass setup!

    Mad skills landing that fish on 15. Congrats! I fish the 300 a lot also and can't wait to hook something like that and really put it to the test.
  154. WaterDawg

    Epic Day - Bull Dorado and Wahoo off the Rigs! 10/17/15

    Awesome!! You earned it with all that driving. After trips like that I always wonder "what would've happened if we had stayed in this spot all day?" Congrats on two great catches!!
  155. WaterDawg

    Today sucked

    Was supposed to be in the desert for opening day of quail season - buddies backed out due to thunderstorms and flash flood warnings - suck #1. Would've gone fishing with my 'bro but my tendinitis was bad so no way I could pull up a decent sized fish - suck #2. No decent MMA fights on - suck...
  156. WaterDawg

    Defeated by marlin and wahoo off the domes

    Same thing happened to my buddy yesterday. 5 hookups trolling marauders and every one of them came unbuttoned after screaming runs and then, slack..... Sharpen those hooks to needle-point, keep boat in gear, double-check the drag settings, etc.. You found the fish for sure and that's usually...
  157. WaterDawg

    What a day 10/15

    Hope your bud is OK. Sounds like an allergic reaction and not just the normal hellish pain from a sculpin, not cool at all.. You're due for a really good trip now.
  158. WaterDawg

    Long Beach HOOOOOOO!!!!

    Hey wait, I thought the worst day fishing is always better than the best day working? Kinda messes up that axiom...
  159. WaterDawg

    Offshore Hoo dat hoo dat

    Simply awesome, variety, size, what a day!!
  160. WaterDawg

    Sunday 10/11/15 Long beach area....

    Excellent family adventure. Congrats!!
  161. WaterDawg

    Reels: Calcutta 250 & 400, and Diawa SL 30SH

    Used and in good condition. All need new line. Calcutta 250 - $60 Calcutta 400 - $850 SL 30SH - $85 Kevin [email protected] 949-533-5360 South Orange County
  162. WaterDawg

    Offshore Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    Sometimes the only reports you need are the ones from the guys at the bait barge, up to the minute and on-the-water. Of course they could be full of BS without pics hahaha. Congrats on the load of tuna!!!
  163. WaterDawg

    Offshore Small Dorado 10-7 afternoon outside the 14

    I used to feel the same about frozen dorado. Now I leave the skim on, cut filets into 6" pieces and put two pieces together with skin side out. Put in food saver bag and vacuum seal. Tastes much better now. Almost no meat exposed to freezer burn.
  164. WaterDawg

    Got Shorty and his whole family!

    It is fun and addicting, especially when kids get to see all the interesting things that come up in the nets. Sounds like you were hooping the lobster nursery for all of So Cal!
  165. WaterDawg

    Offshore 14 mile bank killer kelp 10/6

    Someone told them to fish the patties, so they found one, cast on it, hooked it and reeled it in. Successful trip, didn't even need live bait....
  166. WaterDawg

    Ono.....who knew?.......Uh Ohhhhh...!

    Some days are made for fishing, others are made for fiddle fart'n around in the garage organizing gear and getting things ready for those days.
  167. WaterDawg

    Offshore 10/3 tuna hunt 277 area

    You might be right. No more shorts, flip flops and AFTCO tee shirts for me Dress like a kelp paddy!
  168. WaterDawg

    Lobster 10/3

    Did your boy star in Home Alone? Great job, pics, beer!!
  169. WaterDawg

    10/3 Lobster Report

    Legal per DfW regs yes. But ever since 911 the harbor police have been very tough in the shipping and channel areas where we hoop. I don't want to be holding anything that looks like a weapon, in the dark, when they roll up on me next time. I do miss shooting at them though.
  170. WaterDawg

    10/3 Lobster Report

    I used to shoot them with paint balls, but too worried about getting in trouble these days. Last season we took some 6" pieces of heavy wire and twisted them into little 2-3" pokers all around the bait cages. the idea was even devious critters like seals won't like getting poked in the face...
  171. WaterDawg

    Offshore 10/3 tuna hunt 277 area

    BTW we discovered in some, but certainly not all cases those swarms of baby yellers have tuna below them, even though we weren't marking anything. Several times the aquarium YT were eating the chum and the footballs came out of nowhere to get the bait, game on.
  172. WaterDawg

    10/3- dodo, yft and wahoo outside 209

    Like they say, you can Tuna Dorado but you can't Piano a Wahoo....or something like that. Nice so cal pelagic trifecta!!!!
  173. WaterDawg

    Big bug and some

    Great job!!
  174. WaterDawg

    Offshore Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    Pretty sure the "sponsorship" angle was just OP's way of saying that to him and his buddy, this was THE fish of a lifetime and perhaps caught on a reel not normally expected to handle a 500 lb fish(?). Maybe its a regular type catch for some of you. Maybe I'm feeling mellow because my Ambien...
  175. WaterDawg

    Offshore 10/3 tuna hunt 277 area

    Fished with my bro' Dennis and nephew Jared today on the 17' Whaler Allison Christine. Launched out of DP, bought scoop of 4-5" chovies. Caught some macks on the way out and headed to the 14 mile bank in sloppy but not insurmountable conditions. Found paddies and micro yellowtail on the 14...
  176. WaterDawg

    Offshore Full moon.

    That's how I feel around the office building rest room sometimes, certainly diminishes my appetite. Makes sense fish feel the same way....awesome theory.
  177. WaterDawg

    9' Cal Star Jig Stick w/Newell S332-5

    I honestly had forgotten what I paid for this rig and just figured most had moved on to the new smaller reels and lighter composite rods. I appraise commercial real estate for a living but have no idea about the market value of used fishing gear. A really nice guy named Jim drove all the way...
  178. WaterDawg

    9' Cal Star Jig Stick w/Newell S332-5

    I guess I under-priced it. Dude called and bought it within seconds of me pressing "post ad". If he flakes tonight I'll get back to everyone in the order of your replies and phone calls.
  179. WaterDawg

    9' Cal Star Jig Stick w/Newell S332-5

    Want to sell this set-up, 9' Cal Star glass Jig Stick (20-40 lb) w/Newell S332-5. Great condition, less than 10 years old, not very many miles on the reel. Rod butt cap is missing (still stuck in the rod holder of a boat somewhere haha) should be easily replaceable. $110 Kevin 949-533-5360...
  180. WaterDawg

    WANTED medium sized lever drag

    Need medium sized lever drag reel for light trolling - say 30 to 40 lb mono or 65 lb braid. It will be a back-up rig so looking for something used and inexpensive. Send details and price info to [email protected] Or call me at 949-533-5360 Orange County
  181. WaterDawg

    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    ******NEW FORUM COMING SOON********* For those who don't want to acknowledge that their food bled and died before they ate it. Until the site is ready, go to:
  182. WaterDawg

    9/28 2nd hand 150 Marlin report no broken gates

    Don't know Craig. They're not regular marlin fisherman and they couldn't tell for sure.
  183. WaterDawg

    9/28 2nd hand 150 Marlin report no broken gates
  184. WaterDawg

    Offshore My Son's First Tuna - Dana Point 9/27

    I think we all love that kid!! The excitement on his face, priceless!
  185. WaterDawg

    Offshore 500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    Great catch. But what I really want to say is you're an ingenious poster. Slow-playing it with photos, releasing one every few replies, and feeding us the story a bit at a time. I'll be checking later to see what else you've shared. Its like when my kids were little and we made them play...
  186. WaterDawg

    Offshore Epic Season

    I hate ocean pollution. Thanks for doing the right thing and cleaning up some of it. Epic catch!!
  187. WaterDawg

    Catalina Island Report 9/27

    Landing a 150-200 lb fish with 30 lb buttoned all the way down took some skill. Nice!
  188. WaterDawg

    Spearfish on the Osborne Bank

    Great catch. Contrats!
  189. WaterDawg

    9/28 2nd hand 150 Marlin report no broken gates

    My Pop fished today with a friend on his 23' CC. While fishing for yellows at the 150 they hooked a marlin on a sardine. Fought for 25 minutes on straight 30 lb mono. It broke off 10 yards from the boat. They were so stoked, estimated it to be 100 to 120 lbs. No other fish caught, they said...
  190. WaterDawg

    Offshore DP Wahoo

    Totally awesome!!
  191. WaterDawg

    Offshore A skinny that wasn't so...

    Nice!!! Purple and black has got to be the single best Marauder color for whoo.
  192. WaterDawg


    I don't know if a second boat in the area "shuts down the bite", if so, why didn't the first boat "shut down the bite"?. I often hear "the fish aren't right under the paddy, they're circling around as much as 100 yards away", then in the same post I hear "the guy parked on top of the paddy and...
  193. WaterDawg

    Q: What's Big, Silver and Likes 75.9F Water Temps?

    I'm re-thinking sandwiches. Good Lord that looks yummy.
  194. WaterDawg

    Offshore thursday dodos 9/24

    Nice Fish! Thanks for the report.
  195. WaterDawg

    LB Tuesday

    Way to start a fad instead of just following one! Nice!
  196. WaterDawg

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    I hear ya Jeff, Sunday for me was up at 2:30 AM to be in HH at 3:30 AM. Fished all day and finished cleaning the boat at 8 PM, home at 9 PM. Seemed easy when I was 20 instead of 50. Take a break, jump on a sport boat now that the crowds are thinner, sleep in, recharge. Then fish like hell!!
  197. WaterDawg

    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    I tried using them once before but the Jalapenos kept falling out....Note to self: go buy some of THOSE poppers!!! Very cool report. Thanks!
  198. WaterDawg

    Offshore Paddy diving in semi-tropical conditions

    That must've been fun! Nice fish!
  199. WaterDawg

    Big YT out of SMB

    Nice fish!
  200. WaterDawg

    Just Another Sunday in Paradise

    So much sea life right now, some you catch and some you just watch. Awesome day for you guys.
  201. WaterDawg

    Orange County Wahoo

    So cool! My favorite fish to eat, enjoy!
  202. WaterDawg

    Offshore 9/20 14 mi, 267, 277 trek

    Went tuna hunting yesterday on Jugular, Morris's 26' Skipjack docked in Huntington Harbor. Had good sardines from Nacho's with a mixture of small, medium and large models, and plenty of small/medium macks mixed-in. Went to the 14 mile bank and found some great paddies loaded with 2-5 lb...
  203. WaterDawg

    Offshore Oceanside Paddie Crusher...Sunday 9-13

    Did that whale ask if it was OK to move in on your paddie? Those Megaptera Novaeangliae are rude sometimes, like some of the boaters out there. That had to be a cool sight! Glad it didn't bump your boat.
  204. WaterDawg

    Saturday, Labor Day Weekend

    Can tell you had a great time with family. Congrats!!
  205. WaterDawg

    It was a good open

    Sweeeet! It's great when they come in like that.
  206. WaterDawg

    Offshore Almost wide open onside 9/3

    It's not even a paddy thing as much as an overall bull-in-a-China shop thing. Paddy or no when someone is stopped and fishing slow down and keep some distance. Approach fishing like you're hunting. If you barge through the woods crunching twigs and banging into trees you'll swear that forest...
  207. WaterDawg

    Offshore Cut Thumb, 2 knifes overboard, broken bait tank, 3 TUNA :)

    I'll cut my finger and throw two knives over and break the bait tank any day for three nice fish like that. Nice!
  208. WaterDawg

    9/2 on the 150 Spot

    Great report on a great day. Congrats!
  209. WaterDawg

    More doves

    Outstanding! Fun times for sure.
  210. WaterDawg

    9/1 Quick San Jac Afternoon fizzle Report

    I did go on a rant, didn't I? Then the El Nino brought tuna and dorado to my doorstep, so I think I'll stay for the time being:) The grass is always greener syndrome, guilty as charged. Kevin
  211. WaterDawg

    Must See!!!

    Hope that lure attracts a fish. A very big, toothy fish.
  212. WaterDawg

    9/1 Quick San Jac Afternoon fizzle Report

    Couldn't get to the IV this year for the opener, bummed. Was working in Riverside today so I ran over the hill to San Jacinto for the last couple hours of daylight. Talked to a guy at the permit hut who said it was good in the morning, and he was back for the afternoon hunt. Went to the...
  213. WaterDawg

    Asshat - Douchenozzle Award - Green Bouy 8/28/2015..

    Buy bait from a guy named Nacho, expect something cheesy. I wonder if they make Isinglass for easy-ups. Regarding the speed boat: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. I think the fleet was in his line.
  214. WaterDawg

    SHOE SLUG 8-26

    Looks pretty solid to me! Congrats
  215. WaterDawg

    8/26 teaser

    Are you sure it wasn't Real Idiot? I just don't get people driving close to other boats who obviously have lines out. It happened to us several times last weekend. So ridiculous and inconsiderate. Sorry they wouldn't bite for you, had that happen recently also.
  216. WaterDawg

    Huge YFT way way inshore!

    That tuna is definitely a wall hanger.......
  217. WaterDawg

    Dana Point Friday Washing Machine

    Fair weather fishermen unite! I'm in for sure. Went out of Oceanside same day and it was snotty early but got better and better as the day wore on. sounds like Dana was worse.
  218. WaterDawg

    Wednesday lazy report

    I could hardly read that with no paragraph breaks...geez... Thanks for the intel, creating optimism is as important as anything else!
  219. WaterDawg

    Offshore O'side sunday. "that guy"

    If he landed on his ass with force it might have been the salt water enema that caused the spontaneous colon cleansing. People pay good money for that treatment! Super funny. The look on his face is hilarious. I really want to believe it but when I zoomed in noticed that guy's face, beard...
  220. WaterDawg

    The 150 was fun today

    So many reports like this I always wonder "what's the other side of the story?" But if you're on anchor and dude runs over and trashes your lines it is really hard to imagine how it wasn't a jackass move. Braid cost is no joke. Really sorry man.
  221. WaterDawg

    Offshore 8/14 Oceanside report

    Nice catch! Great pics too.
  222. WaterDawg

    Offshore Fishing the Slide

    Thanks for the intel, nice fish! At first glance your leg looks like a bloody stump from that angle, had to do a double take hahaha.
  223. WaterDawg

    Catalina channel dodos

    Thanks for the report. Great picture of happy fishers!
  224. WaterDawg

    Weighing your fish...

    Because we see what we want to see?
  225. WaterDawg

    Simplest fishing EVER!

    Awesome and rediculous! No driving in the dark, long bait line, no sleep deprivation. That's some civilized fishing.
  226. WaterDawg

    Offshore 8/10 YFT Simple Picture Report

    As my wife would say "did you use up all of your words at work today"? Great report and congrats on a great trip!
  227. WaterDawg

    Youngster with the big boys

    What a toad! What a day for him and all of you!
  228. WaterDawg

    8/8/15 with 2 yellowfin& 1 dorado

    Great solo catch! If they're bluefin I guess you were limited out. If yellowfin you could've caught more. not always easy to tell
  229. WaterDawg

    Pesky bluefin shut down my sand dab bite

    Very nice Tuna Fish. Great story. Congrats.
  230. WaterDawg

    Offshore Big Yellowfin Tuna - 8/8

    Great pics! Absolutely beautiful fish. Congrats.
  231. WaterDawg

    Offshore 8/7/15 Smorgasbord

    Great pics. Sweet success!
  232. WaterDawg

    Offshore Newport 7Aug yellowfin and dorado

    Cranking with it in the rod holder just like Wicked Tuna! Awesome! Great report and great trip.
  233. WaterDawg

    Offshore trip of a lifetime on the Pacific Quest

    The only things I dislike more than 8 mile long posts without paragraph breaks are unsolicited advice and opinions that have nothing to do with the posters point and reason for posting. -----paragraph break------ Many would've called it a night and gone home after half the group got sick and...
  234. WaterDawg

    Offshore 8/7 Dana....3rd Times a Charrm

    You earned it driving through the west side of LA to get down here. Congrats!!
  235. WaterDawg

    Offshore Quick 8/7 Friday report.......yft's

    Hey you're not allowed to post fish pics on BD unless you hold it out and make it look twice its real size. Who wants to see it in true scale? JK congrats and thanks for the info.
  236. WaterDawg

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    I've had good and bad days this season in terms of catching. Like many I tend to fish on Saturday or Sunday, and had one string of 3 in a row where reports were really good M-F, then the bite shut down when I got out there on the weekend. It happens. Weather, tides, current, moon, pressure...
  237. WaterDawg

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    Launched at Oceanside on Saturday. All the mini macks you wanted right in front of the Pier. Free. Filled the tank in 15 minutes and only saw one other boat making bait while we were there. Don't like the full scoop BS but also don't understand why most guys wait in line, pay high prices...
  238. WaterDawg

    Well it's about time :)

    Sweet! Nice catch.
  239. WaterDawg

    Full Scoop ONLY...

    Good job putting the boy on some fun cudas. I've been putting extra bait in zip locks and on ice for chunking and also for lobster season.
  240. WaterDawg

    Dodo off HB pier

    Saw one in Irvine lake the other day. I love El Niño.
  241. WaterDawg

    N/W 209--08-01-2015

    Great effort. Long tow and long boat ride but got it done! Nice telephoto of the googans. At a paddy it's easy to end up in the wrong position because boats can drift differently. It's the attitude I fault them for. Just give a wave and move over some. No big deal. Common courtesy we all...
  242. WaterDawg

    Offshore never made it to 181

    Great catch! We were on the same heading but radio quit working and were out of cell coverage so went back inshore for safety. Thanks for salting my wounds.
  243. WaterDawg

    One Bait, One Tail- Dana 8/1/15

    Nice! Spent all day with a tank full of bait yesterday and only got one fish. You - Excel, Me - pencil & paper spreadsheet
  244. WaterDawg

    7/28/15 Great Day on Huge! Yellows But we killed a Marlin Not cool :(

    Post a pic of a perfectly legal yellowtail on the small side and get flamed with 50 responses about being a baby killer. Or post any dead calico and you're scum. Then a guy has a problem with killing a small marlin and everyone is on him for being so judgmental. This forum is truly bipolar. I...
  245. WaterDawg

    Tails are back near the 150

    And the smell around the ramps coming from fish and lobster carcasses in the trash cans. No wonder many pleasure boaters and city council types would like us to just go away. Clean up your mess people!
  246. WaterDawg

    Tails are back near the 150

    When did ISIS start fishing?
  247. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    #1 - Having yet to catch fish, leaving an area with fish present in order to find a better area with even more fish present. (a) Having caught some fish, becoming greedy and leaving the area with fish to find bigger or better fish. Source: Fishing Rules, unpublished and not enforced but...
  248. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    Ha ha Touche' Craig
  249. WaterDawg

    Bf Yf and yt 7-26-15 DP

    Nice! Sounds like you did better than most yesterday
  250. WaterDawg

    Offshore 150+ Lb tuna 7/25

    I'm sure Cheyenne will remember her first offshore trip even though you didn't catch. Good job grandpa!
  251. WaterDawg

    What a Day 7-24-15 !!

    Yeah most of us would have been too frustrated and too busy feeling sorry for ourselves to get back on the horse. Kudos!
  252. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    The boat belongs to my brother. He replaced an old Mercury 90 with evinrude last year. I don't beilieve he has clocked it wide open. Never had a need or desire to go full throttle and I guess not that curious. He did a lot of research before buying it and concluded the Evinrude 90 was the best...
  253. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    I'm no expert seaman or angler but just seems logical to veer off the direct line to the numbers everyone is heading toward so you find paddys that haven't been hit yet. After a few miles then head toward the known numbers. We had no other boats within a half mile the whole time we were...
  254. WaterDawg

    Another great trip with my girls

    My two daughters are similar age to yours. They will do some freshwater with me but too much blood for them offshore. Congrats on your brood first and fish second!
  255. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    We left our baits soaking while bilging out the blood and a few minutes later one rod went OFF. Big fish but bit clean through the leader. Assumed it was a mako in the blood slick
  256. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    Thanks! Just ate some ahi Poke on crunchy fried rice. Bomb-diggity!
  257. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    Took the 17' Whaler out of Dana Point yesterday Thursday 7/23 with my nephew Jared. Most boats headed straight south so we decided to go west a little and avoid the crowd. Found jumping tuna about 4 miles out, so stopped on them but they sunk out so we moved on. Found a small kelp about 100...
  258. WaterDawg

    7-15 out of Point Loma -long winded version

    The generational thing rocks. Love going out with my pop. Congrats on keeping your family together. Oh and nice fish
  259. WaterDawg

    Caught Best Yellowtail...Twice!

    Awesome. Very quick thinking and reaction!
  260. WaterDawg

    Offshore Epic Day off Dana Point 7-14

    What a great day, congrats!
  261. WaterDawg

    7/11 9 mile bank, PL kelp, whilster buoy all bust

    Hey most of us only report when we have a good day. Good effort and thanks for the info.
  262. WaterDawg

    I sucked last week please help!!

    I'm sure others have the opposite advice based on their experience, but when fishing for yellows, I always grab the biggest Mackerel in the tank. Works for me. Usually that means leaving real early to catch some macks for bait. Good luck.
  263. WaterDawg

    Oceanside 7/3

    Took the 17' Whaler, launched Oceanside Harbor this morning 7/3. Headed toward the 209 and stopped on a paddy about 5 miles out. No one home so we were about to bail but then saw terns working and coming in our direction so we sat tight. They stopped at the paddy and fish began crashing, so...
  264. WaterDawg

    Offshore DP 6/30- Little Man, Big Fish!

    Geez he could've been home playing video games, what's wrong with you Dad? Seriously I'm trying to think of what could make a better day for father and son than that....nothing comes to mind.. Congrats!
  265. WaterDawg

    Dolphin Jumps In Boat - Breaks Woman's Legs!

    Scary stuff right there. We've all seen and heard of similar stuff with wahoo, marlin, even than whale that breached on the guys boat and killed him a few years ago. Now dolphins too. Feel really bad for that woman, and her kids having to witness the whole ordeal. Glad no one was hurt even...
  266. WaterDawg

    Wide open tangle

    At this point much of LA is a third world country. But "Victory" at the cash register for that landing.
  267. WaterDawg

    Catalina Wed/Thurs/Fri report

    Great informative post. Sounds like a fun trip. Enjoy the perfectly legal yellowtail.
  268. WaterDawg

    Fathers Day Report!!!

    Very cool. I love how guys were always gentlemen 50 years ago, wearing nice clothing even when out on the lake fishing. Classy and priceless for you. Kevin
  269. WaterDawg

    Offshore Don't Forget the Balloons

    caught dorado under a single styrofoam coffee cup one year in Cabo...
  270. WaterDawg

    Offshore Epic day on the 9!! And something odd!

    All I caught was a lizard fish with 666 on its forehead WTH? Great report, congrats!
  271. WaterDawg

    Offshore 6/12 BFT on 9 Mile Bank

    No license plates or old boat bumpers?
  272. WaterDawg

    Good sized Yellows at the 150 and a couple funny stories

    Wow can't believe you landed those fish by hand - great job! Wow can't believe you landed those fish by hand - GREAT job.
  273. WaterDawg

    Finally pulled the trigger and left California

    Live in OC all my life - 50 freaking years. Starting to feel done. Done with high taxes, fees for everything, personal liberty being taken away constantly by liberals (ironic?), money wasted on trains to no where and lavish pensions for state cubicle workers. Not to mention watching good...
  274. WaterDawg

    Last chance lobster and a diver in the harbor

    I was with some guys who were diving inside the Cabrillo wall a few years ago and harbor police told us to leave, no diving inside of the breakwater. Maybe its different in the LA side of the harbor vs. LB side?
  275. WaterDawg

    Last chance lobster and a diver in the harbor

    Decided to hoop LB on closing night. Current was bass ackwards from normal and that seemed to shut them down. Ended up with only 3, although one was a six pounder. Did have some wide-open calico fishing between pulls, caught lots of fish to two pounds and got freight trained and broken off...
  276. WaterDawg

    Hooping the LB break wall 6MAR15

    We were out there too, only had four legals. After a couple of limit trips we were surprised it was so slow, but there was no current at our spot, which is usually the death of the crawl. Kevin
  277. WaterDawg

    Any one ever fished the lake off goldenwest in huntington

    I caught my personal best largemouth there (7 lbs) about 30 years ago when I lived in Fountain Valley. That lake used to be great for bass. No idea what its like now but its free so give it a try!.
  278. WaterDawg

    1/30 LB hooping FTL

    Hooping LB can be brutal. We have been hooping a spot for years we found on our own and been lucky no one has crowded us all times we've fished it. Then the other night a sport boat comes in and drops on the spot. Sucks for us if it becomes one of their regular spots and they wipe it out...
  279. WaterDawg

    Fri 1/23 quick buggies

    It's a big harbor with so many potential spots. I've tried and struck out many times and found a few go to spots. Scoped another promising looking area on the way in last night
  280. WaterDawg

    Todays B-canyon report

    Bummer man. There are good spots for bass and halibut between Dana Point and San O you could have hit in the calm water but I know how it is when you're seein yellow.
  281. WaterDawg

    Fri 1/23 quick buggies

    Somewhere between Huntington harbor and Cabrillo Beach. There I gave up my hot spot.
  282. WaterDawg

    Fri 1/23 quick buggies

    Tide looked perfect so we hooped the Long Beach area last night. Perfect conditions, glassy at first then a little wind later, pretty warm and pleasant. Got 5 keepers in the first set of ten nets, and nine more in the second set and we were done - limits for two. Kicker was a 5 pounder. I...
  283. WaterDawg

    1-19-15 big yt at the box

    Deep water spot-and-stalk nice job! Nice fish.
  284. WaterDawg

    Don't be stupid

    Scary story dude, glad you're ok.
  285. WaterDawg

    hooping lb

    I've heard lobsters like to hide in crevices.
  286. WaterDawg

    Nets for Sale Cheap

    Since those nets have lost their mojo I'll tAke them off your hands cheap hahaha. Nice catch!
  287. WaterDawg

    Quail and new friends

    Ah the brotherhood of hunters and fishermen. Meet a complete stranger on a boat and next thing you know you're driving a thousand miles to hunt with a quality human being. Who says people suck?
  288. WaterDawg

    Local Long Beach area report 12JAN15

    The commercial lobster guys probably get tired of picking lead heads and hooks from their ropes. I've contributed a few. They really cover the reefs making it hard to not snag their gear.
  289. WaterDawg

    limits @ catalina

    35 bugs is a great catch. Congrats!
  290. WaterDawg

    1-10-2015 rain hoopin Long Beach

    Sometimes skill is simply where opportunity and "dumb luck" come together. Here's to garlic and butter
  291. WaterDawg

    1-10-2015 rain hoopin Long Beach

    Those are imputed totals for the night not the actual score on my card. Sometimes we had two fisherman and sometimes 3.
  292. WaterDawg

    1-10-2015 rain hoopin Long Beach

    No offense but I'd rather have Tea Bag's secrets haha. A glance at my report card for this year shows scores of 16, 12, 4, 5, 4, 4, and 4. Last year was limits almost every trip but the previous year kinda sucked so congrats to those of you with more consistency.
  293. WaterDawg

    1-10-2015 rain hoopin Long Beach

    Good effort. We were out there last night too, figured we could deal with the rain since there was no wind forecast. Stayed dry in our rain gear. Slow for us, only got four legals, but at least one was big (6+ lbs). We stayed in the same area all night hoping they would eventually crawl...
  294. WaterDawg

    Bottom Critters

    Nice haul!
  295. WaterDawg

    Boxers Day Buggin'

    Wow you made that one set count. Way to locate your nets!
  296. WaterDawg

    12/21 Sunday nite buggin

    Looks like your Dad got a big one too. Nice!
  297. WaterDawg

    12/21 Sunday nite buggin

    Took my pop lobster fishing last night, only his second time pulling hoops. Hooped the Long Beach area from 5 pm until about 10:30. The crawl started out kinda slow, but we were getting lots of shorts and a few keepers. It started to pick up around 9 pm, and we finished with double limits and...
  298. WaterDawg

    Santa Came Early with great YTs at Coronados

    Wow what a great trip, contrats. Great report too! Kevin
  299. WaterDawg

    When the Waves are Tall...the Bugs will crawl...

    Makes sense, no commercial traps in SMB = good hooping. I wish the Horseshoe area was closed to commercials. There are so many commercial traps there you can hardly fish the reefs without snagging the ropes, and hooping is pointless. Kevin
  300. WaterDawg

    When the Waves are Tall...the Bugs will crawl...

    Great job! Are there commercial lobster guys in SMB? Kevin
  301. WaterDawg


    Very considerate. What else could anyone ask for?
  302. WaterDawg

    T'giving Day YT

    Are you a surgeon? Mine always ends up looking like a pile of pastrami. Great work
  303. WaterDawg

    2nd Dove season and a few bonuses

    This happened last time I was in Oklahoma. Rental car too. Finally dug ourselves out. Kevin
  304. WaterDawg

    2nd Dove season and a few bonuses

    You certainly put in the mileage. For some reason I'm hungry now. Kevin
  305. WaterDawg

    Yellowtail at the shoe 11-8

    Great job and great pics Kevin
  306. WaterDawg

    Friday chew on the shoe

    We got most of them near Nachos and by the wall. But there were acres of them on the southwest corner of the shoe. We caught more there. Look for big areas of tiny boils on the surface
  307. WaterDawg

    Friday chew on the shoe

    Fished the Horseshoe on Friday 11/7. Hot weather and lake conditions for most of the day. Caught macks before heading out, and all fish were caught on same. Ended up with 10 yellows for the three of us. Cheap scale said the largest was 25 lbs. They looked and felt larger. Lots of boats out...
  308. WaterDawg

    If it flys it dies weekend......who's going?

    My weekend was today. I was in Brawley and it got up to about 90 at peak, but was nice most of the day. Saw one covey of quail cross the road and go right into a posted drainage area - go figure. Stopped and shot 35 euros. Kevin
  309. WaterDawg

    Lobstering on the slow

    It did rain the night before, and i had a theory that maybe the rains washed out a lot of food and the buggs were all stuffed with food? No, they weren't hungry the night before either. We went out Halloween (Friday nite) figuring to outsmart the crowds and we ended up with only three legals...
  310. WaterDawg

    Sj sweatline

    sent you a pm
  311. WaterDawg

    brawley doves 9/13 with our boys

    Nice! Way to go Dad. Good job finding the birds too
  312. WaterDawg

    What's the deal with Pigeons?

    Well that is clear as mud. We have gone from wardens in the field confirming you can't shoot them to Carrie Wilson saying blast away. DFW is so inept sometimes.
  313. WaterDawg

    What's the deal with Pigeons?

    Which section contains the new reference to rock doves? I want it in my pocket when I get checked.
  314. WaterDawg

    What's the deal with Pigeons?

    Thanks Tim. How did you learn about the change? I don't believe it was listed in the "Summary Of Changes" for dove season. DFW could've written a lot of tickets in the area I was hunting, but I wonder if they're enforcing the new rule. Kevin
  315. WaterDawg

    150 Yard Rule

    Don't know yet. Just a court date so far. Kevin
  316. WaterDawg

    What's the deal with Pigeons?

    I was in the IV for the dove opener, and there was a handout in the hotel lobby with a map of the DFW fields and a summary of regulations. It said it is illegal to shoot rock doves (pigeons), ground doves, and Inca doves. I can't find anything in the regulations about shooting pigeons/rock...
  317. WaterDawg

    150 Yard Rule

    A buddy of mine was cited by a DFW warden in the IV on the dove opener for shooting in a field within 150 yards of a metal warehouse building that is part of a grain/seed plant. He told me the ticket cites section 3004 which says: 3004. (a) It is unlawful for any person, other than the owner...
  318. WaterDawg

    dove recipes ? (besides bacon wrap)

    I pulled some out of the freezer and tried the Bad Ass Rub featured in this month's Field & Stream. It was specifically recommended for dove, but it was way too salty and not good at all. Maybe I did something wrong but I don't recommend Bad Ass. Sticking with bacon going forward. Kevin
  319. WaterDawg

    Adventure Pass-4 days til DONE

    I often felt "Adventure Pass" was a fraudulent title since many times in the CNF I shot no game and had very little actual Adventure. It will be nice not keeping that damn pass in my glove box and checking which month it needs to be renewed. Kevin
  320. WaterDawg

    Limits in US waters

    Great shooting. Went about a month ago and also found they flew best in the afternoon. Kevin
  321. WaterDawg

    Mid-June Dove Report

    Lots of water, use the car AC for a break, stood in the shade of a large bush most of the afternoon...made it bearable. Kevin
  322. WaterDawg

    Mid-June Dove Report

    They are marinating right now. Soak em in marinade wrap em in bacon and grill. Love em. A little darker than mourning doves but very tasty
  323. WaterDawg

    Mid-June Dove Report

    Wanted to use our shotguns so my nephew and I went down to the IV to see if we could find some ECDs to shoot at. Checked some of our usual September spots in the morning and they were pretty dry so we spent the first half of the day looking at feed lots and trying to find birds. Several lots...
  324. WaterDawg

    Wet birding

    very nice, like fall hunting with the cold and rain... Kevin
  325. WaterDawg

    Sounds like you're dialed into some good feed lots. The one's in Brawley we hunted in September...

    Sounds like you're dialed into some good feed lots. The one's in Brawley we hunted in September were mostly empty of birds when I checked in January. Any suggestion on which area/lots to target. Thanks. Kevin
  326. WaterDawg

    Any spring ECD concentration in the IV?

    Wow that's some good action. Sounds like September shooting. Must've been a great location. Kevin
  327. WaterDawg

    Any spring ECD concentration in the IV?

    Sounds like it might be worthwhile. Thanks for the feedback guys. If I go I'll post a report. Kevin
  328. WaterDawg

    Any spring ECD concentration in the IV?

    Now that we can hunt ECDs year-round, does anyone know if there is a huntable concentration of the birds in the IV during the spring? I would make the 3 hour drive for some fun May shooting if I thought I would find enough birds to make it worthwhile. Anyone hunt there lately, or have any...
  329. WaterDawg

    Video from this past season….

    Cool vid! Dug it. Kevin
  330. WaterDawg

    ONE LAST BANG 3-18-14

    Wow what a monster. Lost my Catalina connection so hooped only local this year, and it was my best local season in 10 years of hooping. Local trips the last two years mostly sucked, but this year they crawled for us. No figuring those critters. Kevin
  331. WaterDawg


    The article says that 418-foot ship can do over 50 MPH. Holy smokes! Kevin
  332. WaterDawg

    BLACKJACK (3-7-14)

    Nice! Kevin
  333. WaterDawg


    We've done limits for 3 in two sets at Catalina, but doing it in one is ridiculous. Congrats! Kevin
  334. WaterDawg


    You're right on. I have bought seafood at the Asian market in that shopping center. Those are some good numbers for fish..... Kevin
  335. WaterDawg

    Need help from you predator killers

    I do love the challenge, and if/when I take an animal here it will be very fulfilling. I also like to learn and listen to advice on how to become a better hunter. Kevin
  336. WaterDawg

    Santa Monica Bay fishing adventures Jan./Feb. 2014 w-pics

    Slowing down to take pictures is always a pain while the bite is on. Thanks for the pics and sharing! Kevin
  337. WaterDawg

    LB Hoopin 2-20-2014 & 2-21-2014

    Hate fog. Last time out I almost turned around and came in before getting started but fortunately it moved south quickly. Nice effort on the bugs! Kevin
  338. WaterDawg

    Dead Predator Picture Thread!!!

    Do these count? Both shot with my Browning, lever-action .22. The Snapper was eating goslings out of my aunts pond, and the carp, well it was swimming in the creek...
  339. WaterDawg

    Need help from you predator killers

    A few more skunky trips and I might break down, buy a rifle, and head to the desert where I can see them coming from 300 yards and bamm.. Then I can join the Dead Predator Thread..
  340. WaterDawg

    Need help from you predator killers

    same reason you step on a cockroach
  341. WaterDawg

    The Six States of California

    I'll sign the measure, tired of my vote being immediately nullified by some crackhead in Compton who was promised a new Obamaphone. If I can't be dictator than the next best thing is to split the state. Kevin
  342. WaterDawg

    Need help from you predator killers

    I hunt a small area in the CNF where I see tons of yotes and bobcats, mostly while I'm driving into the area, but I can't get them to come to my calls after I walk into the area and get set up. The hunting area is small, with dense brush, the animal has to brought into about 50 yards in order...
  343. WaterDawg

    Shooting areas?

    Its called Steele Peak. Quite a ways from San Diego but a good place where you can do your own thing. Kevin
  344. WaterDawg

    need help before season ends!

    Don't put your nets in the Queen's Gate or Angeles Gate gaps or the middle of the shipping lanes. If you go way into the inner harbor don't hoop where the ships dock to load/unload. Otherwise its pretty much open to hooping as far as I know. Spend time cruising around watching your sonar and...
  345. WaterDawg


    Thanks for the info. Those are nice bugs you got. I'll have to give it a try. Kevin
  346. WaterDawg


    What's it like hooping the 'shoe at night? I've always hesitated because its right in the middle of the main cargo shipping lane and seemed dangerous. Was there much ship traffic? Kevin
  347. WaterDawg

    2-15-14 & 2-16-14 Lobsters

    Sometimes it pays to move around, even though it is a pain redeploying the nets. Good job. Kevin
  348. WaterDawg

    Long Beach PB Halibut

    Fantastic catch. Congrats! Kevin
  349. WaterDawg

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    Crap I'm out. Non-hunting friends from out of town coming in the for the weekend. Kevin
  350. WaterDawg

    Halibut on float tube 2/15/14

    That must have been a thrill. Congrats! Kevin
  351. WaterDawg

    MORE LB BUGGIN 2-13-14

    Nice. That big one on the left looks pissed. Kevin
  352. WaterDawg

    Looking for Robert

    Thanks for the tips MJB. I believe my caller has a woodpecker distress setting. I'll give it a try. Kevin
  353. WaterDawg

    Looking for Robert

    Bobcat season is almost over and my tag is still in my wallet. I am new to this. Do you predator hunters do anything differently to lure in Bobcats vs. Coyotes? Is the technique any different? Do you go to different areas with different habitat? Any help would be mucho appreciated. I hunt...
  354. WaterDawg

    Almost Gave Up

    Bring a rod and catch bait fish while soaking the nets, use bait tubes instead of cages, use salmon heads that don't turn to mush and float out of the cages...all good suggestions. When I was younger and not so lazy I would bring a paint ball gun to deter the seals, and I have also inserted...
  355. WaterDawg

    Monster Bug

    OMG that is massive. Surprised it fit into a hoop net. Kevin
  356. WaterDawg

    Almost Gave Up

    Tides looked good so my bro' and I did some local lobstering last Saturday night. Started stuffing bait cages on the way out of the harbor and realized the macks I bought from John's in Dana Point were much smaller than usual. Tails were sticking through the bait cages - not good. Went to...
  357. WaterDawg

    If you killed it let's grill it party!

    Count me in. I've got some dove, trout, rabbit, quail, lobster and yellowtail in the freezer. Kevin
  358. WaterDawg

    More crabbin'

    Great video, thanks for sharing. Got any footage of lobsters? Kevin
  359. WaterDawg

    No quail or chuckar in the desert

    Haven't seen any birds this season in the spots I normally get a few. I think the drought must be taking a serious toll. Kevin
  360. WaterDawg

    Live Bait in the OC?

    Anyone know where I can get some live minnows or shiners in the OC? Next closest would be north San Diego County. Thanks! Kevin
  361. WaterDawg

    Nassau recommendation

    Me and the fam will be at the Atlantis in June, and I would like to go fishing. Need a recommendation for a trip. I want to avoid a tourist trap and instead am looking for more of a real fishing experience. Species targeted is not as important as the quality of the trip. I will be the only...
  362. WaterDawg

    Come on lurkers!!!

    Well I don't post much because I tend to suck at hunting. At least local hunting for upland species this season. Haven't had the opportunity to try duck or big game. As far as porn, here is one of the few successful trips I made locally. Its only rabbit but it tasted pretty good and at least...
  363. WaterDawg

    Rabbit/Quail hunting Fort Mohave Arizona 1/6/13

    Very cool report. Thanks. Kevin
  364. WaterDawg

    The hunt begins

    Mike I am also in the OC and recently got into shooting and hunting. For shooting targets outdoors as long as you want for free with no one telling you what to do :2gunsfiring_v1:the closest place I know of is Steele Peak in Riverside. About a one-hour drive. BLM property. Kevin
  365. WaterDawg

    The Big buck Controversy

    Is it really illegal to shoot a bow and arrow within 150 yard of a barn full of hay? I can understand a high powered rifle. I watched North American Hunter on cable the other night and Mellissa Bachman shot a buck while it was walking out of an old barn in Montana. Why do other states have...
  366. WaterDawg

    Aporkalypse Now

    Saw him at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano a few months ago. Excellent show. My ears rang for two days. Dude can talk up a storm for sure. A little over the top but I agree with his statements most of the time. Its all about liberty. Kevin
  367. WaterDawg

    WTB - Pellet Rifle

    I have a one-year old Discovery with Benjamin air tank, adapter, and the pump. Interested in selling if the price is right. Kevin
  368. WaterDawg

    Oregon Mentored Youth Buck (little bearkiller)

    awesome, give us the full report so we can live vicariously through the kid! Kevin
  369. WaterDawg

    Wyoming wilderness hunt

    Grizzlies brushing up against your tent? I'll stick to hunting small animals in the desert and avoid camping in the Wyoming outback. Seriously, great report and great elk! Kevin
  370. WaterDawg

    Kansas muzzle loader hunt....D'oh

    Great report, thanks, and enjoy the venison. Kevin
  371. WaterDawg

    XXX snake show

    I did a little research because snakes fascinate me. What you saw was ritualistic combat between two males seeking dominance, not mating. Great photos! Kevin
  372. WaterDawg

    XXX snake show

    Those are great pics. I am surprised they were mating, since that generally takes place only during the spring with rattlers. This is the time of year when the babies are born. Kevin
  373. WaterDawg

    First cat encounter...

    Adults have been killed and partially eaten, one a few miles from my house here in the OC during 2004. The Orange County Register A mountain lion killed one bicyclist and injured a second this afternoon in separate attacks in Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, authorities said. According to...
  374. WaterDawg

    Weekday(s) report

    Had me going all the way up to the photo - awesome. Kevin
  375. WaterDawg

    little bearkillers 2nd mentored youth bear (oregon)

    Impressive shot! Nice going. Kevin
  376. WaterDawg

    Old Dog learns New Trick

    Hey thanks for the tips..will definitely take them to heart. Kevin
  377. WaterDawg

    Old Dog learns New Trick

    Well maybe we weren't that bad..sure felt incompetent at times. Is it true that you're only allowed to have 25 shells on you at a time? We were a half mile from the car, so not easy to get more shots in. Kevin
  378. WaterDawg

    Old Dog learns New Trick

    Aeon, we did see quail, in fact one covey was absolutely huge, we guessed 200+ birds. Kevin
  379. WaterDawg

    Old Dog learns New Trick

    Thanks for the info... the last couple we shot were definitely Euros, they were much bigger than the others and had the ring on their neck. Kevin
  380. WaterDawg

    Old Dog learns New Trick

    Just getting into hunting and shot my first dove at age 47. Well better late than never. Nephew and I didn't want to shoot anyone or committ any other party fouls so we avoided the Imperial Valley crowds and went to the Barstow area where he have seen some doves while rabbit hunting. We didn't...
  381. WaterDawg

    Shot Thumper

    ProYote - that would be awesome. Will keep it in mind because we have been talking about attempting coyotes. Watched my cousin call in a Bobcat using a wounded rabbit call - very cool. Is there a 'yote shot that is adequate in .20 Guage? Kevin
  382. WaterDawg

    Shot Thumper

    Gilz- Still experimenting with cooking them. Used some meat tenderizer on them and grilled with BBQ sauce and they came out OK. Fried like chicken was a little better. I haven't taken the time to google some other ways to cook wild rabbit. Kevin
  383. WaterDawg

    Need Maui Recommendation

    In Maui for a few days and need a recommendation for a half-day trip. I have all of the brochures from the hotel, but who would the locals use if they really wanted to catch fish instead of be sold mai tais and touristy crap for 4 hours?Wasn't impressed with Stat me Up last time I came. Bottom...
  384. WaterDawg

    Shot Thumper

    It was a dry heat.....
  385. WaterDawg

    New Trailcam pics

    the trail cam in my backyard only caught some grass, a block wall, and my dog taking a crap...not fair
  386. WaterDawg

    Shot Thumper

    Went rabbit hunting in the desert despite 104 degree temperature. Insane you say? I've been called worse. Anyway, my nephew Jared and I went out to an area near Barstow with .22s and shotguns. Started hunting at about 5 PM, still 100 degrees. But, within 20 minutes or so, Jared has three...
  387. WaterDawg

    Rabbit hunting

    Thanks Mark. Ground squirrells would be fun for target practice. Any suggestion on where to go for them? I see them on private property but not sure where to find huntable land with volume of the critters. Thanks, kevin
  388. WaterDawg

    Rabbit hunting

    Thanks for the reply. I haven't been to Daggett. Are there crops there or something else holding cottontails? From the aerial it looks like just desert? Thanks Kevin
  389. WaterDawg

    Rabbit hunting

    Took my nephew to the Imperial valley where I was told there is good rabbit hunting. We had our .22s with us and got there just after sun-up. Hunted along the East Highline canal and only saw a couple of rabbits, couldn't get a shot off. As it became dark in the afternoon we saw a few more...