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  1. Flatinfifth

    Davies Ramp closure 05-24 to 05-28 for mainten

    They neglected to state the year the maintenance will be finished. They conveniently didn’t put that in. “Friday, May 28, 2022....”. That’s more likely the real date.
  2. Flatinfifth

    Davies launch trailer stolen

    WTH has happened to our society?? We are living in a cesspool and the politicians encourage us to keep swimming.....we’ll get used to the smell....”it’s how roses smell nowadays”. And we, the law-abiding citizens pay the harsh price every day. Hope they catch the flies that stole your rig. Hope...
  3. Flatinfifth

    Goodbye & Thank You

    John. Competed against you for a couple of short years and always wondered where the fish catching talent came from and it’s no surprise; time on the water, focus and a complete dedication to the sport and art form. Regarding Kalifornia......I run out of words in describing the corrupt...
  4. Flatinfifth

    What is this? (Sonar pic)

    Third-spawn calico. If they stick around and there is no bait in the vicinity, spawn. Yes, I know....spawn this late??? They don't have a calendar. Do any of us have a calendar as to when we go to spawn?? LOL. My $$ on column suspended checkerboards
  5. Flatinfifth

    Catalina 10/8 Fog Delay and a PB Toad

    Excellent. I remember my brother and I taking our father fishing on his last trip at the age of 89.9999. The memories are golden. Stick with it. It is a privilege of the highest order to be able to take care of and to share these wonderful moments with your father (or mom!!). God Bless...
  6. Flatinfifth

    10-6 Long Beach Bigish Calico Slugfest.

    Excellent Kurt. Wish I could go and slay the tuna with you bud, but I still work :deadhorse. Tight lines, Angel
  7. Flatinfifth

    Island Tak 9/22

    Superb fishing. Feel bad for all of the fine calico sacrificed, but what the heck. Which side of Santa Cruz did you guys fish and what depth? I need to hit that island up next. Thanks.
  8. Flatinfifth

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    The NRA??? Holy smokes!!!! This community is grieving..... but never pass up a tragedy that can be manipulate and utilized towards a political end. Good Lord have Mercy.
  9. Flatinfifth

    HELP!!! Shelter Island Port Master Plan REMOVES PARKING LOT

    This is an example of only one of the underlying reasons the founding fathers and the colonies declared their independence from the Crown. They said, "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!". The California leftist agenda has gained more momentum in the past few years than ever before, but now it is even more...
  10. Flatinfifth

    Cat 7/21

    Ditto on the weather. We were so focused on the bite we didn't leave the island till 4 and we paid for it with a really rough ride back and water off the port side like a fire hose. PFD's, kill switch and handheld's a must!! Wait a bit and this wind will be history and conditions will be...
  11. Flatinfifth

    1999 center console Bay Champion 200hp mercury

    Bump for another super Champion 21!! My brother and I have the same model and it is a very seaworthy boat, dry and solid. This is a very good deal.
  12. Flatinfifth

    98 21 Bay Champ W/06 225 Merc optimax

    Bump for a great boat. My brother and I have a slightly later version but the hull and layout is the same. This is one of the finest riding boats of its size out there. We have been in some nasty, snotty stuff and we have come back safe and dry. Good luck on the sale. Great deal.
  13. Flatinfifth

    98 21 Bay Champ W/06 225 Merc optimax

    Curiosity: Who's bait tank? What manufacturer? We have the same boat (2004) and it is an awesome and dry ride, but we need a bait tank/leaning post as the OEM SUCKS. Thanks. A. Figueras Los Angeles, CA
  14. Flatinfifth

    Offshore Remember Why you are Free (video)

    God Bless this nation and the men and women who have sacrificed their lives in its defense. Without their efforts and hardships, we would be something else.......... but not the United States of America. Long live the Republic, under God and indivisible.
  15. Flatinfifth

    Cory update Thursday

    Excellent News Cory!!! I had a sand bass hand me a note on Saturday night at the SBS tournament............."For God's sake, don't tell Cory the bite is wide open.....thanks" Mr. SB
  16. Flatinfifth

    Good Day out of South Florida

    That's a great report and a great example of using your head. Any of us who have spent any time on the water know that mother nature forgives no one for their stupidity. Good move and excellent fishing. I will be moving to Florida in the next couple of years, God willing. California has...
  17. Flatinfifth

    An Epic Day of Fishing for European Sea Bass

    Bom de mais. Curti muito do seu video e por favor Nuno, me manda uma cartinha a o meu email: [email protected] Gostaria de manter contato ja que estamos planejando viagem a Portugal se Deus quise, este ano. Minha prima acaba de voltar do seu primer viagem a Portugal e ella mora em...
  18. Flatinfifth

    Cory update Thursday

    Indeed Cory. Prayers are constant and in healthy supply. Tight lines!!!! Angel Figueras
  19. Flatinfifth

    Cory update Thursday

    Cory. Prayers and good thoughts on the way. Tight lines to you sir. Warmest regards, Angel
  20. Flatinfifth

    Custom 16’ CC

    Yes. Very nice build. Congrats. If I had the funds, it would be history.
  21. Flatinfifth

    Offshore Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Cory, you are living life LARGE. Keep it up sir. You are an inspiration to those that are hovering near your youthful age beacon!!!!! Tight lines, Flat
  22. Flatinfifth

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Cory, Once you are over 30, it takes longer to heal........LOL!! Get well sir. Never thought one would have to wear a parachute before going on board a boat!!! I've had my share of falls while getting on the boat. They have all happened at home. I live on a steep hill and getting on the...
  23. Flatinfifth

    Stolen toy hauler

    .....I was just thinking.....for the amount of rent you pay for a spot there.....there is no 24-hr security system of any type? I've got 24-hour cameras with triggered recordings and spotlights on my humble house....why can't they institute something like that at Sunset? Wow.
  24. Flatinfifth

    Stolen toy hauler

    I've got it: Use the "Brown Express" to move the inmates from one SH town to another SH town. They can be used to maintain the train lines and infrastructure. But wait.........that would make the criminals productive and pay for their incarceration. Nahhh............let the taxpayer pay for...
  25. Flatinfifth

    Stolen toy hauler

    We have reached relative anarchy; the long-term goal of the Alinsky-worshiping elite. My fellow Americans, it's time for curbside justice. Our own law enforcement infrastructure is failing us and it is now up to the individual citizen to protect his or her loved ones and possessions. A sad...
  26. Flatinfifth

    Shelter Island Ramp Status

    Doesn't look like the ramp increased in width any....Am I off here? They obviously didn't increase the parking area to accommodate what will be an increase in the number of people using the "new" ramp........government at its finest......
  27. Flatinfifth

    Hooping LB (10/28) - thiefing

    Sounds like some curbside justice is in this guy's future.....................
  28. Flatinfifth

    Sea Bass and Henslow’s Swimming Crab - Trolling for Sea Bass

    Nuno, Obrigado pela historia do seu viagem. Em espera de muitos mais. Angel Figueras
  29. Flatinfifth

    Lincod in the dana point area?

    I've caught them there. End of the pipe in 100 plus feet of water. No size nor numbers for me. Occasional find, but boy they taste GOOD!!!
  30. Flatinfifth

    Rpt.-10-07-18 Bass Heaven!

    Your story highlights something most of us HATE to do: Keep movin till you find em!!!!! Why is it so tough to move???!!!!!! I guess it's a lot more fun to cast and retrieve with the hope of getting bit, than to start that motor up and keep lookin..... I guess all fishermen suffer from this...
  31. Flatinfifth

    Good Calico Fishing at Palos Verdes / Monday 6/11

    Erik, at least you weren't in an airplane............... Nice thing about boats, very few things are terminal.....unlike aircraft.
  32. Flatinfifth


    If we didn't already own a boat with which we avidly fish tournaments, I would be all over this in a flash. Excellent. Good luck. Flat.
  33. Flatinfifth

    Rpt.-Wed.-02-21-18 Deep Freeze Local Bass fishing.

    Cory........nice report. Days like this make the other days stand out!! Flat
  34. Flatinfifth

    2-11 green sticks

    Great report. One of these days, we are going to buddy boat out there. Should be fun. Angel
  35. Flatinfifth

    San Clemente Island Report Sunday 2/4/18

    Excellent. I remember in the late 80’s my brother and I saw something similar but much smaller over the Star of Scotland wreck, in SM Bay. It is impressive. Looks like Castaic out there!!!!!
  36. Flatinfifth

    T top/lean post STEAL

    Hang on Holidays here. As soon as this is over I will text you. Interested in leaning post. Thanks. Flat
  37. Flatinfifth

    T top/lean post STEAL

    How much for the lean post by itself? Have no use for T-top. Thanks, Flat
  38. Flatinfifth

    Maiden at PV, Shoe 12-12

    Very nicely done. The Robalo is an excellent hull and the Yamaha is a workhorse. Won't be long before you're fishing SCI. Enjoy! Flat
  39. Flatinfifth

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    You won't find this type of behavior in most states. California is falling apart socially. Not ethics, no civic values and no morals taught in schools or in the home: what do you get? You get this commode of a society. I have so many friends that have left because the grief isn't worth it...
  40. Flatinfifth

    No yellowtail 105 / 150 Tuesday

    Never had it happen to me in over 40 years of towing stuff. However..........present state of roads in SoCal is third world. Let's face it, our roads are crap and we the taxpayers continue to tolerate the ever-worsening collapse of our infrastructure. The shaking and bouncing and sharp jolts...
  41. Flatinfifth

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    I was re-reading the thread and I started to remember the countless scenarios I have witnessed and been a part of on the water since 1987. Crazy what people do. Just this Sunday on our way in we saw a river jet boat with about 15 people on board. How they even fit in the thing, I have no...
  42. Flatinfifth

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    People don't understand that being on the water is a lot like flying. When shit happens it typically happens FAST. Glad to hear they were saved and in good overall shape. Good job and God Bless you Monster1....these guys were definitely in a pickle. Probably confused as heck: "WTF...
  43. Flatinfifth

    San Clemente Island US Navy notice to fisherman..

    Have any of you taken some time, let's say 30 minutes, to watch what goes on at a launch ramp during hot bite season? The majority of the people fishing during hot bites are NOT knowledgeable about any of the stuff mentioned here. They are "recreational" fishermen (boat hasn't been out since...
  44. Flatinfifth

    Long Beach bassin. 8/16

    ....ARE WORKING. Always have one and a backup ready to take over if the first one goes south. Seal all possible points of water entry into the bilge and lastly, choose your days. There are some days in which the forecast wind in the afternoon can be real snotty. We use the App - Windy...
  45. Flatinfifth

    Long Beach bassin. 8/16

    Make sure your TWO BILGE PUMPS
  46. Flatinfifth

    3/4 Day Family Trip

    That report warmed my heart. Good job dad. A good father is selfless; a great example for all.....keep on going!!!
  47. Flatinfifth

    CIH is a ghost town:

    ...............and we keep voting the same low-life scum into office. Freedom is only one generation away from tyranny.
  48. Flatinfifth

    7/15 Izors, pipe, 150

    I agree with "get some". Fishing brutal on Saturday down south. A week ago, a five fish weighing 25-30 lbs was not unusual. Saturday, only managed 14 pounds and change. Fish were not at all aggressive. You could meter them but they were mostly tight to the bottom and nibbling; did not EAT...
  49. Flatinfifth

    7/6 Afternoon Trip and Wide Open Toads at Izor's

    Gosh. That brought back wonderful memories of my brother and I taking our fantastic dad out fishing. Congratulations. Well done. May you have many such days ahead.
  50. Flatinfifth

    Saturday's Forecast (would you go out)

    Anyone out there use the app. "Windy". Has everything on it. Pretty useful.
  51. Flatinfifth

    Good Local Sand Bass Fishing Monday 7/3

    What an UGLY boat................................ LOL!! Nice report!! Dumb fishing is finally here!!!!
  52. Flatinfifth

    Friday and Sunday at Palos Verdes Report

    I understand your point of view perfectly. However the underlying issue is a state that is being governed by leftist elitist who know what is better for you than you do. I have run into this Sacramento idiocy for the past three years in business. Nothing worse than a monstrous buerocratic...
  53. Flatinfifth

    Friday and Sunday at Palos Verdes Report

    Poaching these areas is a high-risk, low-reward activity. I cannot believe these idiots think they are pulling a fast one. Proximity to coast is the number one reason it is just so stupid to poach the MLPA's; I'll tell you a little secret..........LEO'S CAN SEE YOU FROM SHORE. HELLO...
  54. Flatinfifth

    FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    Kurt, I'm kind of new to this site but I am I retested in ordering some baits and lead heads from you. I am local in the SF valley but I might be able to meet you at the ramp if you hit it on a weekend. If not you can ship to my work. I'm ready. Awaiting your reply, Thank you sir, Flat
  55. Flatinfifth

    Super Abrasion-Resistant Fluoro

    You will not find a finer and more abrasion resistant mono/hybrid than P-Line CXX. Buy a spool and then give it a shot. Amazing stuff. Tight lines. Flat
  56. Flatinfifth

    Finally Did It!!!!

    Just stumbled unto the thread. Congrats Matt. Job well done buddy. That's a mule. Fantastic Job. We know how much time and effort it takes for all of the planets to line up. Angel and Al Figueras
  57. Flatinfifth

    Skeeter 200 DX are up.
  58. Flatinfifth

    Skeeter 200 DX

    Very good condition 1993 Skeeter bass rocket. Just professionally redone carpet. New Humminbird sonar/GPS units front and rear. 998 DI SI in console. 595 DI up front. Motor Guide 24 volt trolling motor. Almost new batteries. Motor regularly serviced by Rick at Proboats in San Dimas. Call him...
  59. Flatinfifth

    CALICO Catch & Release Tourney.

    Matt..................what's this about???? Catch and a largemouth tournament or what? Flat
  60. Flatinfifth

    LB Harbor

    Very nice. Inside or outside the jetty??? Those look like outside fish but you never know........... Nice work. Flat
  61. Flatinfifth

    Saltwater Bass Series Mission Bay Calico's

    I said this in another post but once again......................... CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Superbly done. Could not be happier for the two of you. Nice work. Angel Figueras
  62. Flatinfifth

    Saltwater Bass Reels...Care and maintenance issues

    Dang!!! You guys should have asked Al and me. We use Quatum equipment strictly. Our post fishing routine is; 1. Prop up next to garage and rinse all sides of reels for about one minute each under shower-like spray 2. Tap/blot dry with towel. 3. Spray the poop out of them with WD40 and let...
  63. Flatinfifth

    Sewer slugs

    NICE!!!!!! Why at night Lord..... Why only at night?!??!?!! HB, Los Al or Pooport??
  64. Flatinfifth

    Saltwater Bass Boats

    Just saw this post. My brother and I have been looking at boats for about a year now and were partial to Pathfinders and Key West but after more research the Outrage is beginning to look very good. Probably drier ride than the previous two mentioned but not as fast. I raced cars and...
  65. Flatinfifth

    23 foot seacraft, center console

    My brother and I are searching for a vintage Seacraft. Please let me know of a time and place where we could go see it. We are in Los Angeles have been fishing in the San Diego area recently so we go by your location on the way back from one of our trips. Thanks, Angel Figueras
  66. Flatinfifth

    Fun After Work SD Bay fishing

    Man...great day!! Looks like you guys were out quite a ways....were you past ballast point?? I don't see any bouys!!!! Good job, Flat
  67. Flatinfifth

    SMB Bassin..

    Thanks for the report. I am relatively new to kayak fishing but not to fishing in general. However, the santa monica bay was where I grew up (south bay) and I am interested in fishing the kelp for calicos in your general area. Best kelp is where then?? (LOADED QUESTION....). Thanks, Flat
  68. Flatinfifth

    SMB Bassin..

    I'm interested in fishing your area as it is closer to my house (SF Valley) than Dana-Newport area. Could you tell me what general beach you folks launch from that gets you close to the fish grounds?? Thanks, Flat
  69. Flatinfifth

    Late Report Redondo 6/13 kayak sportcoats

    Haven't been there. Where is the Beach Club?? Is it in PV proper or in RB.???? thanks Flat
  70. Flatinfifth

    San Diego Bay help

    Man..........what a response. Will give an update on how it went. Looks like work might call this weekend so I might be SOLuck. There is always next weekend. Thanks a million guys. Flat
  71. Flatinfifth

    San Diego Bay help

    Will be fishing SD Bay this weekend from CC boat and it is our first time there. Could some of you knowledgable types give us a list of areas to try out? I'm not asking for coordinates, just a general guideline as to what areas are typically productive. Probably will launch from Shelter...