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  1. barracuda Killer

    Freshwater Where can I get my fish on in Vancouver

    I will be there the middle of April and desperately want to get a Salmon. where is the best shot on a 1 day?:2gunsfiring_v1:the reason its a 1 day is That is as long as wifezilla allows me to be happy.
  2. barracuda Killer

    Get it Jaydog :rofl:
  3. barracuda Killer

    I said BITCH!!!
  4. barracuda Killer

    Saluki, nice how to video!
  5. barracuda Killer

    who does good outboard work

    I got a small OB motor that has sat for about five years, never hit salt water and I would like someone to go thru it and check it out before i hit the lake with it. any suggestions in San Diego?
  6. barracuda Killer

    Official Mc Fadden runs over AFC west thread

    OK, who on for the annual STFU bet? calling out the usual suspects: Stan Mike Bill Cory sorry only real football fans may participate. Yes i have missed you idiots.
  7. barracuda Killer

    Hey Brandon, its whats for dinner

    A whole pallot of it
  8. barracuda Killer

    I ran Aloha taylor out of town, heres her replacement
  9. barracuda Killer

    whos gonna win the AFC west?

    Aw hell, I dont even want to look
  10. barracuda Killer

    Arvin, I got the pic you sent me bro, thanks

    you look like you lost weight
  11. barracuda Killer

    Any fish want to make a POC bet on the game?

    hurry the game starts soon Raiders 27 fish 17
  12. barracuda Killer

    Hey Stan, No Im not dead...close tho

    I dont have to talk trash, my team does all my talking for me. :rofl: I was at the Denver Game saw that 63 yard kick, it was worth the price of admission. I was at the Jets Game, it was worth the price of admission. cant make it to the Pats Game. Im feeling good about our chance to get a...
  13. barracuda Killer

    Damn NECK, you and the kids ok?

    LAKESIDEEEEEEEEEEE Cement Truck Crashes Into House In Lakeside - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego
  14. barracuda Killer


    Man Fishing Under Coronado Bridge Rescued - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego it was either him or Spyder :waglleybooty:
  15. barracuda Killer

    ey Ali, please translate this for me
  16. barracuda Killer

    morning work out, Im tired already
  17. barracuda Killer

    after much hunting, I found long lost JIGGZ

    he is still out of his weight class
  18. barracuda Killer

    OFFICIAL Raiders sweep the AFC west Thread

    and just like the Chargers winning the west the past several years, it dont mean shit :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Will the Chefs sit thier starters or will they try to split with Oakland? KC Kevin :finger:
  19. barracuda Killer

    F**K Tim T-Bone and those bitch ass Broncos

    That felt so good, for so many seasons the broncos whooped our ass so bad, I had to call a friend in Denver to get permission to buy a burrito. Tebow cant last a season playing like that, but I will say that Mofo is as tough as a dollar steak.
  20. barracuda Killer

    Boom Boom Shake Shake
  21. barracuda Killer

    Gil = Bitch move

    Pulling down a thread after you opened your Pie Hole, any respect I had for you I just wiped my ass with it. WTG = EPIC FAIL!!!! :finger:
  22. barracuda Killer

    I got this Pallet of C**K over here

    I need an address, because this shit wont keep over night. Fuck the haters. lets talk about the Chargers 22 yards rushing :rofl:
  23. barracuda Killer


    Now the Boards, thanks Crystal and to the haters, I especially want to thank you :finger:
  24. barracuda Killer

    Gil, you are invited

    Please join me to watch the game, I will have the BBQ going, all you can eat and drink. I promise I wont go Seymour on ya :hali_olutta:
  25. barracuda Killer


    34-17 Raiders :hali_olutta:
  26. barracuda Killer

    Lord I miss Louisiana
  27. barracuda Killer

    blew beer out my nose :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  28. barracuda Killer

    Come on Broncos

    Lets get that chief ass
  29. barracuda Killer

    Jamarcus Russell = redskins?

    that sorry ass would play for bitches and purple drank. any Skin fans ready for this shit?
  30. barracuda Killer

    Did Lil Ceez vote yes on prop 19

    Just a public service announcement :rofl:
  31. barracuda Killer

    Im getting my swagger back

    Any Seahawk fans out there want to try to SMTFU = shut me the ***k up? Im taking all seahawk bets from freindly gentlemen
  32. barracuda Killer

    Raiders vs Broncos

    Any bronco fan wanna put a little STFU on the line?
  33. barracuda Killer

    Congrats KC Kevin

    Nice win.
  34. barracuda Killer

    Happy birthday Crash

    I hope your old ass gets some tonight.....:finger:
  35. barracuda Killer

    what kind of car was this?

    Woman Suspected Of DUI Rolls SUV, Drives 3 More Miles - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego
  36. barracuda Killer

    OK surfdoc, satlydawg, same bet as last 4 years?

    loser STFU, for the season?
  37. barracuda Killer

    How damn big do these get?

    Posting this report for my friend, he and another Jerk did the ninja thing and got this 50+ at 1:30 am. What happens on a night trip stays on the boat.:finger:
  38. barracuda Killer

    Hey Gil, you can kiss my custom fitted Arse

    Once and for all, which is the greatest franchise? The Charger (LA,San Diego) or The Raider (Oakland,LA,Oakland). I first thought of how I should compare the two so that the facts could not be disputed and fairness would be beyond reproach. So I sought every bit of information I could find on...
  39. barracuda Killer

    week 5 bitches

    that is all, I just wanted to say that, . Cory you down to go this year? Gil, please do not comment.
  40. barracuda Killer

    I'm Pissed again

    Ja marcus didnt make the top 10. but Damn #1, lol NFL Videos: Top 10 draft busts
  41. barracuda Killer

    Nice Tuna George

    dude you rock
  42. barracuda Killer

    Please name this Infamous BDer

  43. barracuda Killer

    Saluki = Welcher. plenty of time to pay up fuck Brandon
  44. barracuda Killer

    Mr. smack a bitch gets away

    NFL declines to punish Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable - ESPN Lame, we need a class act like Dungy
  45. barracuda Killer

    Eat a beaver?

    actually my Father wants to know. they have about 30 beaver on the property and they are tearing shit up. he only gets 4 bucks a pelt nowadays. He didnt want to just waste an animal. BTW, that dog weights 25 lbs.
  46. barracuda Killer

    It rained so hard..........

    I put out a boat line on my truck and got 2 fish and a short bite on the way home. I made 7 pieces of bait in the front yard and fished the patty in the back yard. I saw Kurt yo-yoing at a burger king drive thru:smoking33:
  47. barracuda Killer

    here you go stan

    YouTube - LT Dance
  48. barracuda Killer

    Oakland vs Dallas

    who cares? I do like the fact that Dallas has Hoochies up on the walls dancing and shit during the game. how cool is that? football and titty bar rolled up into one.
  49. barracuda Killer

    Saluki and Jaydog got moves

    YouTube - Fork In The Garbage Disposal
  50. barracuda Killer

    Dont send a BDer to medical school

  51. barracuda Killer

    what the hell are you drinking this weekend

    school is kicking my ass(third grade is a bitch), and my team sucks balls, I'm getting drunk. the weapon of choice will be Crown Royal Cast #16, who wants to join me?
  52. barracuda Killer

    Congrats Crystal and Zach

    I wish you both all the happiness in the world. :finger:
  53. barracuda Killer

    Screw Bill Havens

    yall seen that damn Dropper loop rod he made me right. Well damnit, it's a much better stand up rod. Bill you dont know shit from Shinola. so now will you make me a damn matching dropper loop rod?:Kick_emoticon: BTW, good fishing on the Vag. report later
  54. barracuda Killer

    Game made me soooooooo mad

    I'm going on a 4 day. c-ya:finger:
  55. barracuda Killer

    OK, same bet as last two years?

    loser has to STFU for the rest of the season: Saltydawg Jaydog Drsieler warpdrive anyone else...........
  56. barracuda Killer

    Refrig fixer? small units

    I have two fridges on the brink, one not getting cold at all. one making a horrible noise and not getting cold. down to one that gets cold. anyone got a number and a name?:loverz:
  57. barracuda Killer

    next time in San Martin, take one of these

    YouTube - Shark vs. Octopus (Amazing clip)
  58. barracuda Killer

    Those kids from Chula Vista Kicked ass

    damn those kids are hard to beat. 15-0 against some team from Mass. I guess carne asada burritos beat clam chowder every time. I hate baseball, but it was fun watching these kids . WTG :appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl:
  59. barracuda Killer

    Please welcome my friend Capt Calico

    he taught me 1/2 of what I know about fishing. So blame him. Welcome to BD Ron, its about time you got a computer Old Man. :rofl:
  60. barracuda Killer

    lets see your Fantasy line up

    my first game is against Marcus (chaum) hes gonna give it up like a school girl on prom night> <TABLE class=simpletable cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR class=odd><TD class=first>1.</TD><TD class=pick>(7)</TD><TD class=player noWrap>Tom Brady</TD><TD class="position last"...
  61. barracuda Killer

    someone used thier nuts to kill a fish

    Mystery Death of England's Giant Carp, Benson -
  62. barracuda Killer

    "Bloodyboot" water heater works awesome

    my damn water heater is the same cheap shit that came with the house 13 years ago. Gus hooked me the fuck up. quick, clean, professional work, hauled the old one away, and the price was right. Thanks man for a great job. if you need plumbing shit done, give this SOB a call.
  63. barracuda Killer

    Damn fishing, lets get paid

    some of these salaries are just unreal. we pay a football player more than the president, WTF!!! Signing status of 2009 NFL Draft first-round picks
  64. barracuda Killer

    Offshore Damn it got good long range

    anyone planning a trip south soon? American Angler Fishing Reports
  65. barracuda Killer

    Good news for those that drink and drive.

    you can get wrecked up, smash up two cars, have narcotics in your posession, and you may only get 5 years probation and 180 days in city jail. not bad huh? Fucker that damn near made my wife a widow, gets slap on wrist today in court. WTF!!! :slap:
  66. barracuda Killer

    Oh snap, getting ugly son

    we just might hit 8-8 this season? Raiders add fullback Neal, running back Russell to crowded backfield
  67. barracuda Killer

    For the guys that ride

    why? YouTube - Suzuki Hayabusa - 240 MPH /390KPH
  68. barracuda Killer

    the most interesting man in the world

    When he wakes up, the roses smell him. He has been pronounced dead 7 times…make that 8. His organ donation card, also lists his beard. He is left-handed. And right-handed. On every continent in the world, there is a sandwich named after him. He is... the most interesting man in the world. And...
  69. barracuda Killer

    somebody shoot me please

    Garcia? what a waste of payroll QB Garcia signs one-year deal with Raiders to back up Russell
  70. barracuda Killer

    Hey Brandon........

    what team has the most law breaking thugs on the roster the past 5 years in the AFC West? just asking......
  71. barracuda Killer

    where are my Scotch drinkers?

    Mrs Cuda kicked down a bottle of JW Blue King George edition. while on the cruise. whos down for a sip? BTW, Big girl has two bottles of JW green. just saying
  72. barracuda Killer

    I'm out this bitch.

    Jamaica, West Cayman, Cozumel.:urno1: Dont H8
  73. barracuda Killer

    who has a template for a turks head jig?

    I need something to do for 10 days
  74. barracuda Killer

    Hey Tress............what are the odds this person is asian?

    Vehicle Crashes Into Carl's Jr. Restaurant - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego:nutkick:
  75. barracuda Killer

    Drunk Driver update...WTF!!!!

    Last week, dude that damn near killed me in DECEMBER!!!, walks into the court room. judge ask how do you pled? dude says not guilty. Gace him a court date in june. Next case. *back ground info* dude hit me going 60+ on broadway in chula vista dude had THC, and Morphine in his system dude...
  76. barracuda Killer

    Dear Harnell,

    Please make a new rod that is an honest 10 foot,thin walled, rated 30-50LB. I want to be able to swing it all day. Thank you for your time. -Cuda Out
  77. barracuda Killer

    Restaurant Review Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken

    Restaurant Review Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken 8300 Paradise Valley Road Suite 102 Spring Valley, CA 91977 Heard about a new spot today from a co-worker, her cousin opened a fried chicken joint a few months back. He had the nerve to call it Louisiana Famous...
  78. barracuda Killer

    who was fishing the rock pile yesterday?

    600+ Pounds of Marijuana Found On Boat - San Diego News Story - KGTV San Diego
  79. barracuda Killer

    make you say wow every time

    what an asshole ShamWow Guy arrested after hotel fight with woman: Smoking Gun
  80. barracuda Killer

    Hey Bill

    Its been a damn week, where the hell are my sticks. this is the kind of shit I'm talking about, you prob doing something I didnt ask you to do? tiger wrap, diamond wrap or a damn custom weave or some shit. get your act together dude, you are pissing me off again.
  81. barracuda Killer

    Dragon kills fisherman

    Komodo dragons kill Indonesian fisherman -
  82. barracuda Killer

    I'm out this bitch, somebody take care of Corb for me.

    CONGRATULATIONS! YOU JUST WON A SWEEPSTAKE&#8207; <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0><COLGROUP><COLGROUP class=ReadMsgHeaderCol2><TBODY><TR><TD class=ReadMsgHeaderCol1>From:</TD><TD><S email="[email protected]" for="P___882897810" app="WEBIM"></S><IMG id=P___882897810 style="DISPLAY: none"...
  83. barracuda Killer

    Derelicts Buying a boat, who has a ticket?

    60' 1984 Scotton Sportboat
  84. barracuda Killer

    who has info on Sila-Flex blanks?

    I have a 10 ft and a 6 1/2 foot blank. what are they? and the first AH that says jig stick and bait stick is on time out. Thanks
  85. barracuda Killer

    Stay away from Saltydawg, he sucks

    first of all it took a whole fucking week for him to Deliver my sticks back to me. and he didnt do anything I asked him to to. One broken stick I asked him to strip off the guides and he fucking fixes the stick to the point you cant tell it was ever broken. Second stick, I asked him to wrap one...
  86. barracuda Killer

    Dont buy a mattress from Theo (knotmyfish)

    Unless you want a bad ass bed at a great frigging price. I got the Cal King, and guess what, if I lay corner to corner, I fit on it with room for Mrs Cuda. Theo you the man.
  87. barracuda Killer

    I have a problem with Phenix Rods

    Me and my shadow was walking around the long beach show, and hit up the Phenix Rods booth. I picked up a jig stick and it felt awesome. the gentleman working the booth said it wont break. I said MFer Paleez. he them, picked up a bass stick and handed it to me. told me to try to break it. I was...
  88. barracuda Killer

    Oh Hell to the No

    My boy just called me from the Ritz Carlton. Dinner for him and his date $470.00 without drinks. that kinda money and dinner better come with a happy ending handjob. they both had steak and dessert. WTF!! Best thing is his date peek over at the bill as he was signing it, she said damn, then...
  89. barracuda Killer


    dude fixed the leak in my garage and the price was right. If you ever need any plumbing work, go with the homie. Only problem I had with him was I didnt feel comfortable leaving him alone in the garage with the 10 footers.:idiot: Thanks Gus.:finger:
  90. barracuda Killer

    Blackberry Storm

    came with 8gb memory. damn thing has more storage than my first home comp. still cant figure out how to use all the apps? Storm vs Iphone? what do you think?
  91. barracuda Killer

    Body found in burned Boat?

    Body found after fire destroys boat in San Diego Bay By Debbi Baker Union-Tribune Staff Writer Originally published 6:57 a.m. February 16, 2009, updated 8:39 a.m., February 16, 2009 SAN DIEGO — A man's body was discovered in the wreckage of a boat destroyed by fire in San Diego Bay early...
  92. barracuda Killer

    Mo Betta is soooooo old.........

    that hes a new grand father. Congrats to you and Rose Bro.:hali_olutta:
  93. barracuda Killer

    Hey Tommy, I got you dawg!!

    about time I found something to use on scallopsLOL
  94. barracuda Killer

    Damn Ali, I like the new website

    This is why you're fat.
  95. barracuda Killer

    How much you spend on flowers today?

    or did you fuck up and forget?LOL
  96. barracuda Killer

    Top Cat / catfish joint (restaurant review)

    TOP CAT So I'm taking back the damn rental car on Tuesday in ffice<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<st1:City w:st="on">Dallas</st1:City></st1:place>. I got about 4 hours before my plane takes off. I start looking for "the place". you know, the one that has all the...
  97. barracuda Killer

    Thanks Ceez for the Valentines day gift Idea

    But I will go the old route of flowers and shit. Used w/o permission from Jerry
  98. barracuda Killer

    Mo Betta can kiss my ass

    I'm leaving in the morning Frank, put in your order before I leave. I'm bringing back 10 slabs of ribs :waglleybooty:
  99. barracuda Killer

    Free at last Free at last!!!!

    It is official, this morning at 0523 the very last kid left the house for good and is on his way to Chicago to become the next great USN Salior to serve our country. I am in disbelief that me and the wifey are finally alone after all these years. I think I will crack open the "GOOD" bottle of...
  100. barracuda Killer

    White dude with soul

    YouTube - get the funk out ma face - Brothers johnson - bass playalong
  101. barracuda Killer

    SALUKI stop sending me links to your website

    massage therapy, massage,sensual massage, tantra, full body I dont appreciated it :1041677399:
  102. barracuda Killer

    Best style of BBQ

    everyone has a Favorite, vote for one and move on.
  103. barracuda Killer

    Any BDers in Julian? I need a favor

    please PM me. i appreciate your help
  104. barracuda Killer

    My favorite Porn site, enjoy

    Go to grub, and click on meats Hard Eight BBQ
  105. barracuda Killer

    Fuck all drunk drivers that dont have insurance

    damnit, if you gonna drive fucked up, and total two cars and put two people in the hospital, at least have the courtesy to have fucking insurance. Fuck all drunk drivers :1041677399:
  106. barracuda Killer

    $100,000.00 Tuna

    Shit, I got 2 rat yellows and a skip jack they can have for 10 grand. Premium tuna fetches $100,000 at auction - Weird news-
  107. barracuda Killer

    Prayers for Garden Martha

    Hang in there girl
  108. barracuda Killer

    Dont drink and drive

    and dont let anyone else do it either. FUCK ALL DRUNK DRIVERS!!!!! They kill your friends :1041677399:
  109. barracuda Killer

    I quit drinking Crown Royal

    I'm a Chivas Regal man now. Royal Salute 50 Y/O........ <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=400 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=left width=200></TD><TD vAlign=top align=left width=5></TD><TD style="BORDER-RIGHT: rgb(0,0,0) 1px solid; PADDING-RIGHT: 3px; BORDER-TOP...
  110. barracuda Killer

    Jaydog got moves

    YouTube - Cubby dances to Beyonce's Single Ladies Video
  111. barracuda Killer

    Orca is sooooooooo old!!!!!

    I got video of him farting YouTube - powda fart 2-the shat strikes back
  112. barracuda Killer

    Dayle caught on Camera again

    YouTube - Cop gets a Hand full LOL
  113. barracuda Killer

    I was waiting for this one.....

    my high score was 8 Sock and Awe!
  114. barracuda Killer

    hey Saluki, look what I got Corb 4 Xmas

    Shock Absorber :boobies: I feel a banning coming on
  115. barracuda Killer

    only GI joe is GI Joe

    hands in the air, who had one YouTube - G.I. Joe commercial 1960's ( Hasbro )
  116. barracuda Killer

    Aw shit, my Garage door is F#@ked up

    I think its the "carriage" on a screw drive Genie. I dont have a clue as how to fix the damn thing. any suggestions besides call a door guy?
  117. barracuda Killer

    get your day started right.

    turn off the volume, all that screeching drives me crazy Watch the latest Music Video by Beyonc | See Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) Online |
  118. barracuda Killer

    Chargers vs Raiders tix (need 2)

    I dont care where the seats are. I have family coming in from out of town.
  119. barracuda Killer

    Charger fans

    Dont blame me, I did my part. BTW, Bronco Fans are bitches. The staduim was so quiet, you could have held church in there. I walked all the way around Investco field and not one person talked trash. I mean not one person yelled out anything rude. they should take a lesson from Charger fan...
  120. barracuda Killer

    Hey Tommy, I told you about bacon

    Makes everything better
  121. barracuda Killer

    Dayle caught on tape

    damn dude Video - Breaking News Videos from
  122. barracuda Killer

    Trekkies and Geeks only please

    I watched an episode of Voyager today and they landed the ship on a planet? I didnt know you could land a Galaxy class starship in the dirt? Has this happened before?
  123. barracuda Killer

    Dont beat up women

    Motive unknown in anchorwoman attack - TODAY: People - No real man would ever do this
  124. barracuda Killer

    Hey Saluki, you best unfuck yourself

    YouTube - Motivational Speech - Full Metal Jacket</EMBED>
  125. barracuda Killer

    Happy Berdai Big Gurl

    Too bad I sold your ass. Have a great day Derelict
  126. barracuda Killer

    Battle of the Bitches

    Who would you rather Knock the Dirty Off of? Gabriel or Vivica
  127. barracuda Killer

    Ike Pics

    My friend in Houston Texas, asked me how I can live in California with all those earth quakes we have. I said please yall have hurricane season
  128. barracuda Killer

    Getting rid of some stuff help me out
  129. barracuda Killer

    F#@K Tommy, he sucks ass

    Just came from Cat. off shore. dude fucked me over again. there was shit in my box, I didnt even order, and dude must be missing a finger or toe, because he cant count worth shit. thanks butt nugget, now my cholesterol is gonna be sky friggin high with me eating all that shrimp and scallops...
  130. barracuda Killer

    I'm in trouble, please help me

    they took my cell phone and I really need anyones help right now.Please get ahold of Saluki and have him to please call me. 603.413.4133
  131. barracuda Killer

    Usain "lighting" Bolt Fastest man on earth

    how cool is that? I wonder if I can get some pads on him and have him streak down the field - Lightning-fast Bolt wins Olympic 100m
  132. barracuda Killer

    DD 8/13/08 a.m.

    Light load 32 or so. nice weather. Decent bait for a change, good size choves with a few dines. mostly rent rodders and folks from out of town. so it was up and downers day. 3-4 oz weight with a 2/0 hook dropper loop. I mostly tossed the 8" hammer tail with 1.5 oz head. set up on the first...
  133. barracuda Killer

    DD 8/7/08 a.m.

    light load, perfect weather not greasy, but you wont spill your coffee either. fish wanted to play, full speed on the pearl onions didnt want the mushroom too much. lots of birdlife, snow , mud, and the dirty ones all present and accounted for. we got run off one spot by the couch with feet, he...
  134. barracuda Killer

    WTH is this?

    can anyone from the midwest explain this ?
  135. barracuda Killer

    Hillshire Farms

    Love the commercial with the brother behind the weber," I said a beef hotlink" before I go out and buy a pack, anyone ever try the product?
  136. barracuda Killer

    Bitch get off the damn phone

    Riding the bike today down Otay lakes Road. Bitch rolls up next to me yammering away on the phone, and eating frys. I say whatever. we get up to eastlake pkwy, I'm turning left. bitch comes right over on top of me, no turn signal or anything, when I say on top of me, my front tire was even with...
  137. barracuda Killer

    Monday slow, lots of blow

    hit the launch @ 6 with my bro, he left the radio on, batt dead. put the jumper cables on them, 1/2 hour hot a ready to go, well at least hot enough to turn the motor over. bought bait, just past the sub base, BAMM!!!, WTF was that, 10 foot long 6x6. check the prop, all is good. scared the shit...
  138. barracuda Killer

    I just filled up for the next 30 days

    DONT HATE !!!! :shakin:
  139. barracuda Killer

    how many strokes....

    is tiger going to win by?:finger:
  140. barracuda Killer

    screw gas prices

    Cuda Scooter.
  141. barracuda Killer

    Bitch got talent

  142. barracuda Killer

    644 K behind in house payment

    Damn dude McMahon talks to Larry King about home foreclosure - MSN TV News
  143. barracuda Killer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer – NO BANANAS! A day of fishing with Ali and Jason on Their New Boat! One of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going...
  144. barracuda Killer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer – Family portrait session at the beach One of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise funds to help this...
  145. barracuda Killer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer – 1 Hoodie and 1 T-shirt One of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise funds to help this family. Pay...
  146. barracuda Killer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer

    Fundraiser Auction for BDer – $100 Gift Card for Seafood at Catalina Offshore Products (Tommy) One of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going...
  147. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Custom wrap Rod)

    Description: Custom Wrapped GUSA 85 Monster Mag Jig StickOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise funds to help this family. Pay...
  148. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Anglers Arsenal gift card)

    Angler’s Arsenal Gift Card <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise...
  149. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Lobster trip)

    Got the Bug to go Buggin? <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise...
  150. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (6 lb. bucket of Uni-Butter)

    6 Pound Bucket of Uni butter <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise...
  151. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (new Office Chair)

    One brand new Herman Miller Office Chair <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying...
  152. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Rod rack)

    Rod Rack <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise funds to help this...
  153. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Yakin, Bassin, Cigars)

    Kayaking, Cigars and Bass Fishing with the Boys <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are...
  154. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (3/4 day trip on the San Diego)

    3/4 day fishing trip on The San Diego<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to...
  155. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Business Card Printing)

    Business Card Printing <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise funds...
  156. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (Dinner, Dessert, and Driver)

    Dinner, Dessert and a Driver <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise...
  157. barracuda Killer

    fund raiser auction for Bder (1/2 day on the DD)

    DAILY DOUBLE! <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comOne of our fellow BD members is in need of a little help to get through some recent tough economic times. Thanks to the donations of some members, sponsors and supporters of BD, we are going trying to raise funds to help...
  158. barracuda Killer

    ready Jaydog?

    YouTube - Charger fans back down to the NATION!!!
  159. barracuda Killer

    Kurt you buying a boat

  160. barracuda Killer

    5/21 am 1/2 day Premier

    Met Bottom Line and hit the morning 1/2 day. nice size choves for bait, few dines, and a light load at 22 peeps. Tim drove us out to the D.O. and it was damn near one stop shopping, well over a buck on the coats. prob just as many thrown back as was kept. in fact, all the big bellys were tossed...
  161. barracuda Killer

    how far up the rod will I find the numbers?

    found this hanging out of a unicorn's mouth today 7' med action fast taper? wth is this
  162. barracuda Killer

    100 bucks says .........

    Raiders dont lose week 5. any takers?
  163. barracuda Killer

    Best BBQ on earth hands down (Restaurant review)

    I left Bass pro shops in dallas and headed right down the street to Hard Eight Pit BBQ. I though to myself, what the hell do they know about BBQ? the smoke hit me and the car swerved into the lot. I was greeted by 50 cords of hickory. inside the covered patio i saw 10 plus deep pits smoking. you...
  164. barracuda Killer

    Derelicts in the country

    #3 and #4 tore it up Louisiana style Damn, I miss home. Went to visit the folks in Mansfield LA. We have a private lake and pond on the property. The pond never gets fished, and the lake is barely touched. The pond is about a mile all the way around it and approx 15 ft deep near the dam. The...
  165. barracuda Killer

    Going waaaayyyy inshore 5/6/08

    Headed to Mansfield, LA in the morning to introduce my best girl to the family. While we are there, Corb and I expect to make a dent in the bream and crappie population on the 2 private lakes on the family property (can you say down home fish fry) pics and bail money to follow. :shakin: PS...
  166. barracuda Killer

    Corky and Jaydog

    you are invited to go with me. that way you will be safe. <TABLE class=schedCurrent cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=1 width=445 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=col1>Sunday, September 28 </TD><TD class=col2>1:05 p.m. </TD><TD class=col3> </TD><TD class=col3>San Diego Chargers vs Oakland Raiders...
  167. barracuda Killer

    Ceez washes up on shore, loses rig

  168. barracuda Killer

    plumber needed in san diego

    need to replace water heater at a place of business.
  169. barracuda Killer

    N Toledo bend Guides / Landings

    anyone know of a decent guide for North toledo bend/ sabine river? headed that way in a month
  170. barracuda Killer

    Raiders had it bad, but the Chefs "Tanked" it

    <TABLE class=cnnContent cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR class="cnnSmall cnnNoBold cnnHeader"><TD class=cnnLeft>AFC West</TD><TD>W</TD><TD>L</TD><TD>T</TD><TD>Pct</TD><TD>PF</TD><TD>PA</TD><TD>Home</TD><TD>Road</TD><TD>AFC</TD><TD>NFC</TD><TD>Div</TD><TD>Streak</TD></TR><TR...
  171. barracuda Killer

    Trevor Immelman is a Demon

    how the Hell do you shoot two 68s and a 69?:ashamed: I think he field will catch him today.
  172. barracuda Killer

    and this is why I have a gun in my car Crack, it aint what it use to be :Death_To_Above:
  173. barracuda Killer

    Tres (happy sushi) got skills
  174. barracuda Killer

    This place is Mo Betta (Chinese buffett)

    Yesterday I had lunch with the wife. Today I had lunch with my Bitch. Corb and I found the best kept secret in town. **** Restaurant Review**** Tasty Garden Buffet 7984 La Mesa Blvd Hit the door to the place right at 1145. Parked right out front. Big gurl drug her ass up there about 5 mins...
  175. barracuda Killer

    Who the F*@K said "Fix me a Plate"?

    Me and wifezilla headed out for sunday lunch. ****Restarant Review**** Fix me a plate Cafe 9168 Fletcher Pkwy, La Mesa, CA We got there right at noon. Place would have been empty cept for one couple huddled in a booth. watress sat us in a booth as we looked around the place. Very nice...
  176. barracuda Killer

    Corb @ Catalina Island 47.5 lbs WTG

    using 47.5 lbs of squid and not catching shit is hard to do. great job homie:Kick_emoticon: got pics?
  177. barracuda Killer

    Project Whaler

    sorry about the shitty pics. took them with my PDA, go figure. Found this sitting in the yard where I work, and decided to clean her up. bitch was looking dirty and unloved. being the pimp I am. I decided to give the old girl a face lift and and some Derelict love. the hull is very sound, no...
  178. barracuda Killer

    Show some BD Love for my classmate

    take a second, vote for her, and I may be able to get her to the BD booth at Fred Hall?
  179. barracuda Killer

    Easter Peep Show(easily offened dont open)

    Happy Easter! what did you think I was gonna say? Hey, I'm not Catholic, but I like Ham
  180. barracuda Killer

    anyone loose a rubber boat?

    I found it just inside of point kelp fishing was slow, 57.4-59.0 water 4 sand bass very little bird life. alot of bait outside the bay. water was clean green and smooth.
  181. barracuda Killer

    Corb answer your phone

    even your bitch ass would want some of this
  182. barracuda Killer

    Ok shes cute, but $4300.00 a throw is a bit much

    Spitzer call girl reportedly identified - Yahoo! News I'm saving my money now, I got to find out what $4300 worth of pussy is like :slap:
  183. barracuda Killer

    F#@K me running (cost of Gas)

    I just paid 75 bucks for gas, and didnt fill up my car.:Exploding_Smiley: 3.90 a gal. pretty soon tweekers are going to be stealing gas and leave the rims and stereo alone. this is bullshit. how much is gas in TJ? almost worth it now.:finger: Question: if we invaded a country full of...
  184. barracuda Killer

    Real men only (size 15 shoe and up)

    I found the best resource for shoes in "Real man" sizes they had over 50 pair of size 18 shoes in stock :Exploding_Smiley: Large Size Shoes and Big Shoes for Men - 2 Big Feet .com
  185. barracuda Killer

    How to tell a friend

    a friend will lend you a pole to fish with a good friend will give you his good shit to fish with your best friend will lend you any pole you want and you will have it so long, you forget that its not yours. with that said, the following people should give me back my sticks; Corb George Eli...
  186. barracuda Killer

    Scribby, Jesse, & Ceez making money @ FHS

    YouTube - Tru Masters - Street Dance:idiot:
  187. barracuda Killer

    Your attention please

    BSB taste REALLY good. that is all
  188. barracuda Killer

    Hey Fishnfool or any other shop owner

    Do you know where I can find custom wrap 10 footers? I need to get a gift for someone. Thanks
  189. barracuda Killer

    Vagabond 2/15/08 (bye yall)

    Clothes Check Ipod Check sticks Check Crown Check Pastrami Unchecked WTF!!!!!!! out the door see yall monday.please take care of Corb while I'm gone:food-smiley-014:
  190. barracuda Killer

    who works on suzuki's?

    GSXR 1100 need a tune up
  191. barracuda Killer

    How the hell do you know when you caught one?

    Scientists Create See-Through Fish, Watch Cancer Grow - Yahoo! News
  192. barracuda Killer

    I Voted yesterday

  193. barracuda Killer

    Sandigofisherman (Tony) has got moves

    Nice commercial Brother YouTube - AMPEnergy1's Channel
  194. barracuda Killer

    Spyder (Jim arrested)

    seems Jim was running down the middle of Rosecrans naked with a big letter G painted on his chest last night. King Stallman confirms he made it home this morning safely.
  195. barracuda Killer

    It's raining so hard...........

    that I saw Aquaman with an umbrella Beat that:waglleybooty:
  196. barracuda Killer

    Happy Birthday Tracey (royal star)

    Representing the Royal Star. Happy 25th birthday. may you get all you desire :food-smiley-014: Tell Randy to take you to dinner someplace nice
  197. barracuda Killer

    Saluki place a Craiglist aid

    Ad stated: Wanted, two women to jump my bones. YouTube - Martial Arts demo: Unhurtable Stomach
  198. barracuda Killer

    Tommy you suck!!!

    after getting the biggest shrimp at the best price I EVER seen. I came home broke out the secret recipe and ate like a mad man. now I am checking the cushins for change, robbing the babys piggy bank and trying to get down there before you close so I can get some more. I hate you for what you...
  199. barracuda Killer


    cant swing a dead fish without hitting someone in a brand new charger jersey today? where were these folks week 4 when thier record was 1-3? congrats to the diehards and the non-posers.
  200. barracuda Killer

    Marina on fire?

    anyone have news? anyone need help?
  201. barracuda Killer

    Dear Uncle Byeye (happy new year)

    Dear Uncle Byeye, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-comThis is Nation again sending you a quick note. I believe I tried starting 2008 off in the right direction. I have not chewed up anything that wasn&#8217;t meant to be. And I have not had an accident (why does Dad call it...
  202. barracuda Killer

    most dangerous jobs?

    Most perilous jobs According to the BLS, the following jobs had the highest fatality rates for 2006: Fishers and related fishing workers Fatality rate (per 100,000 workers): 141.7 Number of fatalities in 2006: 51 Average salary: $19,104 Aircraft pilots and flight engineers Fatality rate...
  203. barracuda Killer

    I got what I wanted for X Mas

    Hell yeah I-10 to Central head north 1.5 miles
  204. barracuda Killer

    Dear Uncle Byeye (merry x mas)

    Hi Uncle Byeye, this is Nation writing to you today. Raider is just too dumb to even be bothered with, so I will speak for us both. First of all it's been a pretty good year. Dad has given us pleanty of rib bones, in fact we are so greatfull that we leave a few of the old ones right where he...
  205. barracuda Killer

    I got hard enough times with 8-12 ft seas

    <TABLE class=EC_MsoNormalTable style="WIDTH: 100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0mm; PADDING-LEFT: 0mm; PADDING-BOTTOM: 0mm; WIDTH: 100%; PADDING-TOP: 0mm" vAlign=top width="100%"> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  206. barracuda Killer

    Happy Chanuka, Haanaka, I cant spell it...

    me and the wife are lighting candles tonight I'm all excited
  207. barracuda Killer

    Xmas wish.....

    Pole in living room YouTube - Fawnia Mondey II
  208. barracuda Killer

    Putting rock salt on walkway

    since winning two games in a row, against AFC rivals, I'm taking tomorrow off from work. what do you think of Russell? Peterson is for real:hali_blablalba: BTW , good win on the road for the bolts, you are welcome (Denver defeat)
  209. barracuda Killer

    who Had Lasik ?

    I'm tired of being Mr. 4 eyes anyone got an experience they want to share?
  210. barracuda Killer

    Damn !!!! why cant they hunt sealions

    Japanese fleet to hunt humpback whales - Yahoo! News
  211. barracuda Killer

    La Salina 11/9-11/11/07

    Punta Salina - 20 bucks to launch and retrieve your boat. slip was 11 bucks a day. nice marina, getting nicer all the time. just out of the mouth, Bamm 130 ft of water, gotta love that drop off. we fished from La Fonda to just this side of salsapudies <SP>. no surface action, we never made bait...
  212. barracuda Killer

    where in Ensenada?

    should I take a 60 y/o dude and he have a good time. this saturday night? Please dont say papas and beer
  213. barracuda Killer

    Nice costume Jaydog

    You go web slinger
  214. barracuda Killer

    Goverment Assistance

    FEMA | Federal Emergency Management Agency I hope no one needs this link. Bless all my BD bros
  215. barracuda Killer

    where to stay in ensenada?

    Nov 10th -11th need a hotel and a panga
  216. barracuda Killer

    Send good thoughts please for DJ

    "Jim has had his surgery of 5 -6 hours and they put in a rod and screws on his 3-4-5 vertabrea to space them not to pinch his nerves, It went real well and he seems a lot better. But he is in a lot of pain from all of the work they had to do. He is looking to come home Friday. I sure hope so ...
  217. barracuda Killer

    AFC West, who is going to finish in last place?

    All BS aside. who is the worst team in the AFC west this year?
  218. barracuda Killer

    Calling out Saltydawg

    is the bet on for next week? Avatar and STFU? :Smoke_Emoticon:
  219. barracuda Killer

    Chiefs? WOW!!!!

    :fighting0061: KC Kevin and Cooter need to hand over thier shoe laces and belts please
  220. barracuda Killer

    Chargers vs Broncos

    anyone besides Kurt wanna talk about it?
  221. barracuda Killer

    Nice Win KC Kevin

    have a seat up here in first place in the AFC west :urno1:
  222. barracuda Killer

    Raiders vs Dolphins what cha think?

    field goal with 1:30 seconds left to play.
  223. barracuda Killer

    What the hell is up with all these damn Spiders?

    I have 1500 friggin spiders all over the damn house. whats up with these dudes? what makes it worst, is that I am a good foot taller than most people so I hit every damn web between home and work. anyone know when this will end? BTW, if I get woken up once more at 3am by the wife screaming her...
  224. barracuda Killer

    I dont wanna look.

    are we winning? it would be our first win in like 9-10 games. I cant stand too much more of this :hali_blablalba:
  225. barracuda Killer

    thats about some BS

    calling a timeout as the ball is snapped:finger:
  226. barracuda Killer

    Catalina, damn

    spent the past four days in Avalon, wind was up, water got cold 69.5, and fishing was not all that. hide like thieves from the wind up past frog rock. I got the Catalina triple B's ( Buffalo, Bald Eagle, and Blue perch). usual mix of small stuff, ie; rockfish,calicos,etc...... noone really...
  227. barracuda Killer

    Patriots get caught cheating!!!

    what should be there punishment?
  228. barracuda Killer

    Headed to Catalina this weekend

    we wanna fish the weeds and maybe outside any suggestions? and does anyone know where the sportsbar is to watch the games on sunday. also may have room for a ho or two. (George, please do not respond to this thread, TY):finger:
  229. barracuda Killer

    No Mike (sealskinner) the power is not off over here

    Your trailer stays cool when you pay the bill bro. who else loss power? **** NOTE = this is a rhetorical question, if your power is off, you cant get on the internet ****
  230. barracuda Killer

    Please welcome my homie "one scoop"

    Dude cant fish worth a shit, but he has a nice sled, and his wife is sexy.:boobies:
  231. barracuda Killer

    Saw Stevie Wonder last night

    He didnt see me. Dude still got it going on. Wow he is awesome. he had a backup singer that looked alot like the next Mrs. Cuda. every kayak in san diego was tied up there as well. AFRY!!!!:urno1:
  232. barracuda Killer

    BD sighting 5 no return salute

    I-5 south near downtown, Black caddy SUV, red dodo sticker. get off the friggin phone and drive dude:finger:
  233. barracuda Killer

    I dont think so

    This is a job for sneekee
  234. barracuda Killer

    D-Crew #3 and #4 report 1/2 day DD Sunday Morning.

    Me and Big girl jumped and the Dub this a.m. very light load for a weekend (26). awesome weather. med to large dines. fished greentank for decent bass, nice size bones, and the occasional barely cuda. Crowd was awesome. no asshats getting drunk and being stupid. little eye candy (wink)...
  235. barracuda Killer

    rdrrm8e you are the man.

    with all this crap going on in the world. people still go out thier way to help total strangers. thank you very much.:urno1: :worship:
  236. barracuda Killer

    Derelicts just got thier tickets

    Playboy Mansion Black & White party End of Summer Labor Day Bash, Los Angeles, Saturday, September 01, 2007, Playboy Mansion
  237. barracuda Killer

    How many Charger Fans remember.....

    this gentleman? John Mackey signed Chargers 8x10 Photo w/Hologram & Coa - (item 8799274988 end time Sep-12-07 04:31:06 PDT)
  238. barracuda Killer

    ok football fans

    time to prop your team. let me see your team spirit.
  239. barracuda Killer

    what the hell is this?

    or where would I look to find out what this is?
  240. barracuda Killer

    Hey dude, stay home = lose money

    I cant imagine asking for 60+ million to play football? and be an unproven in the leauge? - NFL News
  241. barracuda Killer

    Single Mother w/3 children need apt or house

    I have a dear friend that has fallen upon hard times and needs a place to live near the downtown or la mesa area. anyone knowing of a place available in those area please let me know. thanks.
  242. barracuda Killer


    will he play again?
  243. barracuda Killer

    Culpepper? shoot me now

    whats wrong? McMann not wanting to come back? Flutie still has an arm? didnt we sign Jeff George? damn I hate this time of year Hell I saw Plunkett on TV a few weeks back, have him take a few snaps:finger:
  244. barracuda Killer

    Habbe Berf Dai Jorge

    Dont drive tore up, call me and I will come get ya.
  245. barracuda Killer

    Fundraiser to set out brother free

    I got $5.00 on his bail. Fisherman arrested in stabbing of bait-stealing sea lion -
  246. barracuda Killer

    free protection for all you fellas out there - TENA Serenity - New Look dont laugh your day is coming - Understanding the Male Urinary System and Bladder Leakage
  247. barracuda Killer

    My Latest Poll.........

    here we go: you are in New Orleans during Mardi Gras with your wife and or "Commited Girlfriend", while partying your ass off, you somehow become separated. A few hours later you both meet up. she is completely trashed (drunk) and has what looks like 200lbs of beads on her, I mean both arms...
  248. barracuda Killer

    Derelict down

    #3 in the hospital ER, on my way there. send prayers anyone with my cell# can call me Cuda out
  249. barracuda Killer

    WTH is that?

    some old school bamboo rods have double eyes (one on each side of the pole / top and bottom) why is that? does anyone know? please settle this bet prior to me killing my friend.
  250. barracuda Killer

    Hey Rox, whats for dinner?

    <CENTER>Chitterlings (pork intestine) </CENTER><!-- <center>This recipe and more are in the cookbook and on the CD. </center> --> Ingredients: 20 pounds of chitterlings 4 large onions (chopped, one large onion for every 5 pounds) 1 large stalk celery (diced) 1 large pod of fresh garlic...
  251. barracuda Killer

    where can I fly from to get to Guerrero Negro?

    TJ airport does not have flights I can find.
  252. barracuda Killer

    who wants to go Dec 30th? McAfee Stadium

    I will be there. who wants to go with me? Jay, KC Kevin, Jtap, Corky, I'm sending special invites to you gents
  253. barracuda Killer

    Sealskinner in bad shape

    not feeling well at all. I will prob go see his sorry ass today. get better Mike:evilimu:
  254. barracuda Killer

    Wuddup Shrek?

  255. barracuda Killer

    OK, this is what I know

    Alot of fellas have been PMing me and calling me asking about dropper looping and catching big yellows. ***** Disclaimer***** I am not an expert nor do I claim to be a know it all But I will share what I know/heard from those that have caught large yellows. The Gear: Trolling rod aka...
  256. barracuda Killer

    Just got home from work.......

    at the landing this morning. Awesome to see that much fish come up the dock today. Vagabond killed the albies and the 105 did awesome as well with a mix bag of long range goodness. the fishing appears to be ready to bust wide open. It is my experience that you need to get while the getting is...
  257. barracuda Killer

    report by Bill

    Current Conditions
  258. barracuda Killer

    Congrats Mikey on the Pig WSB

    WTG Bro, I had a ball fishing with ya.:fighting0061:
  259. barracuda Killer

    fuggin moochers

    these idiots showed up at my door looking hungry, so I fed and watered them. Damn losers.:food-smiley-014:
  260. barracuda Killer

    dont lie to your kids

    when I was around 7-8 years old, my dad returned from a west-Pac tour. he brought home a new Nagahide couch? I loved this new couch, but I had no idea what a Naga was? so I went to school looked in the Library and searched for damn near a week. I finally asked my teacher what a Naga was? she...
  261. barracuda Killer


    please stop hanging out with Jaydog, yall are starting to look like twins. that is all:idiot:
  262. barracuda Killer

    who is on the "2007 Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 day, Royal Star, June 22-30"?

    I have important info for you, pre-trip BBQ w/ a surprize :hali_blablalba:
  263. barracuda Killer

    who in san diego....

    can lend me a sabiki stick I am a cheap ass and dont wanna drop the 40 bucks for one?
  264. barracuda Killer

    8 day AA june 7-15

    Nothing epic, just a great time fishing on an awesome boat. Sam and the crew hands down the best Operation in the fleet IMO. Bombed down to the rocks, two days of running downhill is no joke. weather was up but not awfull. Drew from Catchy Tackle did a great raffle and everyone scored nice...
  265. barracuda Killer

    Just got home from an 8 day

    and found my fathers day present hanging on the wall. Mrs. Cuda is the Bomb:urno1:
  266. barracuda Killer

    coolest lunchbox on the playground

    nuff said:urno1: Thanks Mike.
  267. barracuda Killer

    (I'm cheating) Alba or Hayek

    almost not even fair:boobies:
  268. barracuda Killer

    Hey Corb

    the boat left without you. take a plane to Cabo, we will pick you up. holla at your boys :finger:
  269. barracuda Killer

    Friggin yellowtail are up to no good

    Getting ready for an upcoming 8 day trip, leaves on the 22nd aboard the Royal Star (yall might have heard about it:food-smiley-014:) so today in the mail I get this:eek: I am sure the yellows at Cedros are behind this......... those fucking fish are sneaky:finger:
  270. barracuda Killer

    Which Jessica?

    If you only had to pick one
  271. barracuda Killer

    I had a hard day

    good night:food-smiley-014:
  272. barracuda Killer

    Brandon you didnt tell me..........

    we have our own diet coke now :gayfight: :imgay: :gay:
  273. barracuda Killer

    Does anyone know if Catalina has a Jail?

    just wondering what they do with hell raisers out there? :fighting0061:
  274. barracuda Killer

    I Crowned myself........

    Sir Cuda Killer :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang: :beerbang:
  275. barracuda Killer

    Team " Wreck a ho" does it again.

    Knocking bitches off barstools @ El Toritos:boobies: Good Job: Corb Nick George, did you close the deal?
  276. barracuda Killer

    Thanks Jim and Kristie

    Yall Rock!!!!
  277. barracuda Killer

    Any BDers sell tires?

  278. barracuda Killer

    Three Cs 3/4 day 5/6/07 Yellows!!!!

    the three Cs (Corb, Chance, Cuda)made an appearance on the San Diego out of Seaforth. A little bump on the way to the islands, red tide until we past the whistler bouy. 60 degrees, tons of bird life. first stop at the ribbon. 10 mins there it's game on. one of the C s snag one on th...
  279. barracuda Killer

    SCI 4/28/07 (blasting Wildcat)

    Myself, Wreckingball, Artifishal, Eli, Etc. Jumped on the Holiday 1.5 day. decided to run to SCI and go after the YT. Nice mix of guys on the boat, no knuckleheads getting drunk and being total asses. No one had squid, water was 59.8 - 60.5 the entire time and clean. hardly any swell...
  280. barracuda Killer

    What will Gaut get?

    I had to sorry Jurors Reach Verdict In Gaut Trial - News Story - KGTV San Diego
  281. barracuda Killer

    More fishermen drowned, WTF

    OLD dudes, PFD get one and wear it please Boat Capsizes, Killing 3 Local Men - News Story - KGTV San Diego
  282. barracuda Killer

    Why is Crown Royal the best?

    because it comes with a free Reel Bag :beerbang:
  283. barracuda Killer

    strange fact

    A strange fact......... At three minutes and four seconds after 2 AM on the 6th of May this year, the time and date will be 02:03:04 05/06/07. This will never happen again.while you are alive
  284. barracuda Killer


    you the man :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy and...
  285. barracuda Killer

    what, you not fishing today?

    what is your excuse? I just drove past Otay lake (2 miles from the house) the lake had white caps :eek:
  286. barracuda Killer

    That aint nothing Curtis, check out Scribby and Jesse

    YouTube - bt nerd dance
  287. barracuda Killer

    We are spoiled rotten

    Us San Diego Fisherman are spoiled beyond belief. In our city, we have the worlds largest most modern sport fishing fleet, and aruably some of the most productive fishing grounds in the world. No where is there the Boats, bait, equiptment, and fishing like here. although we mostly fish in...
  288. barracuda Killer

    KC Kevin

    I love you man
  289. barracuda Killer

    happy "Good Friday"

    to all my people. have a safe and happy day. :)
  290. barracuda Killer

    Is Mad Sci. in jail?

    it has been a week and I have not had to look at his ass holding up a 500lb butt, or 200lb WSB. whats up Brad? you slipping? or just keeping shit on the DL? :cool:
  291. barracuda Killer

    4/1 on the DD Blah Blah report

    Me and dude and dude went out and jumped on the DD, we caught Blah blah Blah, and blah blah blah blah the bait were large Choves and blah blah blah then we swithed to plastics and blah blah blah 100 ft of blah blah ripping ass current blah blah blah blah Dude tried to get smooth...
  292. barracuda Killer

    Bye Johnny

    Have fun in PV, I hate you:finger:
  293. barracuda Killer

    Free 8 day

    I cant go and I am already paid in full and i cannot get a refund. anyone want my spot for free is welcome. just post here, I'm bumming:(
  294. barracuda Killer

    Team Applicator Ninja Bassin Charter

    June 18-26 2007 aboard the Night Stalker out of Monterey, Capt Cloak and crew 5 nights of float tube fishing the Lee side of Cedros Island. world class Calico and Spottie fishing. anyone interested please post your name here $1750.00 incl. permits and fuel surcharge
  295. barracuda Killer

    Hot Damn it's on now

    I found a place that has all the old vintage tracy lords video. free for download. Am I going to jail?:eek:
  296. barracuda Killer


    Red or White? and whats the stuff called with the goat hoof in it?
  297. barracuda Killer

    Hey Tony, race you around the block

    Get healed up so we can go skateboarding:eek: Let me know if you need anything get well soon Tony (sandiegofisherman)
  298. barracuda Killer

    Alan Tani *SPAM ALERT*

    You Da Man :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy took my old tore up ass squidder and got it back into working shape. thanks my friend
  299. barracuda Killer

    Who else likes to wear thier Crown?

    This might get me thru next football season.:drunk
  300. barracuda Killer

    Hey Ceez II

    Got yo ass this time. 3L bottle of Crown. now I bet we dont run out this time Bitch. :finger: BTW 59.00 on the ship :eek:
  301. barracuda Killer

    Name the City, Win a Jig

    The nice people there began to erect my name to welcome me, unfortunately, they only got as far as the "C" and didnt have time to put the "UDA" up yet.:D First person to tell me the correct name of this beautiful city wins a new Salas 7X:finger:
  302. barracuda Killer

    who is gonna be in PV this week?

    First beer is on me.
  303. barracuda Killer

    anyone seen Corb?

    Not trying to put his business in the streets, but................................ son of a bitch was suppose to be here at 1pm to pick up me and the wifey. no call no show at 1:20 pm:eek: boat boards at 2pm? WTF? how does a friend do a frined like that? Stay away from Corb. dont trust...
  304. barracuda Killer

    Hey Ceez, Like my avatar?

    f**king asshole :drunk :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  305. barracuda Killer

    What is your Fav all around knot?

    I use the Dub San Diego for almost everything, it has never failed me. not once.
  306. barracuda Killer

    Hey JiGGz

    those long dusty things w/spider webs in your garage are fishing poles, the other shorter dusty things in the bag, are your golf clubs that is all.:finger:
  307. barracuda Killer

    Best thing about the LB FHS

    what was your favorite?
  308. barracuda Killer

    So the wife was being funny

    and said something smart ass. I asked her what was the diffrence between me and Scott Peterson? she snapped back and said "what" I said I knew how to read a tide chart :eek: she got quiet;)
  309. barracuda Killer

    All BS aside, dont ever party with Lil Ceez

    this Fool had me so drunk, that I was drinking Odouls the next day:zelfmoord . Ceez is a beast Favorite qoute of the night: " hello ladies, oops sorry dude, from over here, you looked like a bitch":rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Thanks for a great...
  310. barracuda Killer

    Hey Karl

    lets bury the hatchet man. I would like to buy you a beer in Long Beach. why dont you meet me at the American Legion hall on Crenshaw friday night around 1am. just walk in and tell them your looking for Cuda.:D
  311. barracuda Killer

    who knows how?

    to sneak liquor onto a cruise ship? at 60.00 bucks a bottle:eek: I was thinking a camel pack? any suggestions?
  312. barracuda Killer

    300 the movie (oh its like that)

    I was lucky enough to see it twice already.:finger: Gladiator meets Brave heart, comic book style if that is your thing, you will enjoy this movie
  313. barracuda Killer

    PhotoG asked me to hook him up with my sister

    arent they cute
  314. barracuda Killer

    Gonna go Samual Jackson on ya

    I wanted to chain Christina Ricci to the hot water heater, but the wife wont let me.:( Apple - Trailers - Black Snake Moan
  315. barracuda Killer

    Habbe Berf Dai Hook

    why dont you blow me a lil sumptin?:finger:
  316. barracuda Killer

    pop goes the weasel

    Dad Finally got a few of those weasels, nobody wanted to go shoot up shit, so I bought him these traps. How much for a weasel (otter) hide?
  317. barracuda Killer

    Yeah, but can he catch a YT on the long rod?

    B-Boy Junior Breakdancing - Google Video :eek:
  318. barracuda Killer

    Its winter time so................

    Time to break out the gay-o-meter again. 23% when the damn thing calculated and hit 100, I almost called Corb in the middle of the night.
  319. barracuda Killer

    I found Stan's MySpace page WTG Mod of the year :drunk
  320. barracuda Killer

    Send good thoughts please

    To GoneBendo thanks
  321. barracuda Killer

    Hey Groms

    Wanna Tweek?:shake: Faces of Meth | Meth Photos | Effects of Meth
  322. barracuda Killer

    Valentines Day (the truth)

    Today is not Valentines Day. that is just a code word. the real name and meaning is, "whoes husband is a heel day" everyone who did not bring flowers to her workplace, or come home with them, is pretty much a heel. Oh justify it anyway you want fellas. if your silly ass didnt kick down mama...
  323. barracuda Killer

    congrats Jim and Kristie

    welcome to being grand parents
  324. barracuda Killer

    OK, who messed up and didnt even get her a card?

    Valentines day = more fishing time;)
  325. barracuda Killer

    46 out of 48 no cheating
  326. barracuda Killer

    Tonight 2/13/07 Dateline NBC

    Keep your children safe. I have worked in prisons full of these roaches. they are not human. DAMN THEM ALL!!!:smash:
  327. barracuda Killer

    Is it just me?

    when calling for tech support or assistance with just about anything these days, I get a call center someplace in India. Is this the cheapest place on earth to find people that kinda speak english? I was on the phone for 30 minutes before I understood that I needed to call another number and...
  328. barracuda Killer


    a well knowm BDer over the age of 21, lied about thier age on thier Myspace page. :rofl: Had sad is this world? I'm proud of my 32 years of age;)
  329. barracuda Killer

    Help, friggin post office

    I need to ship a shotgun to my father in Louisiana. when I walked into the post office today to do it, everyone got excited, I prob should have had it in a case or something?;) and for the record, those tasers that the Chula Vista Police carry do hurt and are very effective.:eek: so Does...
  330. barracuda Killer

    Cleaning out an old junk box

    and I come across pics of an old 1995 GF. she was known to get her drink on pretty good :drunk , and about every third time she would, we would have a knock down drag out fight:104167739 . this one time I got so pissed off, that I did a Karl, I wrote all over her ass, and on her left boob, I...
  331. barracuda Killer

    how you gonna make a living Stan?

    SAN DIEGO &#8211; The owners of a bathhouse in North Park that caters to the gay community have agreed to shut down by April 30 under a settlement agreement announced Wednesday by the City Attorney's Office. According to Deputy City Attorney Bryan Ziegler, a civil complaint was filed against...
  332. barracuda Killer

    Good thoughts to Diamond Jim

    I just called Jim and told him I was on my way to pick him up and take him squid fishing;) . Dude sounds like he is in a great bit of discomfort. please send good thoughts his way. Jim is one of the good guys. he asked me to tell everyone hello and he is hoping to get better by the FHS. :Burp...
  333. barracuda Killer

    Dateline NBC

    Sexual predators getting caught on the internet attempting to have sex with children:zelfmoord Please keep your kids safe, get in thier business, check their computers, check thier cell phones, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep them safe.
  334. barracuda Killer

    Caveman commercials crack you up?

  335. barracuda Killer

    Scribby in a can?

  336. barracuda Killer

    east coast

    Washington D.C. its friggin Cold!!!!!!!:eek: that is all
  337. barracuda Killer

    who the heck is this dude?

    Oakland Raiders :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding :Exploding
  338. barracuda Killer

    Capt Fred (DD) laid up

    The Capt is not well and if yall could send some good thoughts his way. I'm sure he would appreciate it. In the mean time his sexy wife is all alone:) Get better Fred:finger:
  339. barracuda Killer

    shit just got real up in this bitch

    Me and Saluki has a 10 pc. bucket of original bet on the bears /Saints game. anyone else wanna get a piece of Brandon while he is ripe for the picking?:cheers:
  340. barracuda Killer

    Habbe Berf Dai Lil Ceez

    call me if you need bail :finger: :cheers:
  341. barracuda Killer

    Cudas BOTD, Gotta love those thongs

    Here we go. damn those thongs are sexy
  342. barracuda Killer

    Hey Brandon

    It's so cold here, I saw a snowman with jacket and a cup of coffee
  343. barracuda Killer

    Cuda in La Jolla

    Sunday Morning I will be on ch 72 Got ya:rofl: hitting the water around 6am from Dana
  344. barracuda Killer

    For now on

    If I dont have anything nice to say, I will send it to the person in a PM sealskinner mo betta KC Kevin Saluki PM sent :)
  345. barracuda Killer

    Stan Going Nite Nite

    Sorry about the no Nips thing
  346. barracuda Killer

    BD dance team

    If you teach them, they can learn
  347. barracuda Killer

    winner of the dumb blond contest

  348. barracuda Killer

    Corb like old sticks, see what I got him

    eBay: GREAT POPEIL POCKET FISHERMAN RONCO A MUST SEE (item 140071167426 end time Jan-11-07 19:00:00 PST)
  349. barracuda Killer

    Anyone live near Washington DC?.........

    and want to learn how to catch Cuda on the long rod? The wife is going to be in DC for Biz for a week in Feb. which means i will be in DC for a week in Feb. who has the 411 on that area and where can I catch a fish?
  350. barracuda Killer

    If you can spare some help.....

    one of my employees home burned down last night. his family made it out safe, but they lost thier pet and all thier belongings. I am asking on his families behalf, for any donations of house hold items, clothing, etc. He is a really great guy and I hate to see them going thru this. Please PM me...
  351. barracuda Killer

    Dear Uncle Byeye

    Dear Uncle Byeye I hope this message finds you in good spirit and in good health. I want to wish you a happy New Year, and thank you for all your help this past year. I guess Dad got sick of my shit, for I am basically confined to the kitchen and outside. I completely fucked up my in-house...
  352. barracuda Killer

    We got the #1 spot, Yeah!!!

    hopefully with that pick we can get a few decent O-linemen. and at least be respectable next year. again congrats to all the Charger fans that have suffered thru all the rotten years. Good luck to yall in the post season. PS: although we ended up in last place, I still wear my gear
  353. barracuda Killer

    Stan, the day after the X Mas Party

    Very Funny Ads - Polisan: Polisan Bedroom individual page
  354. barracuda Killer

    Any help here?

    How the hell am I suppose to get any fishing in with this sched? Any BD love in PV for this day, during this time? Help a brother out Please!!! BTW, this is Mrs. Cudas idea on an 8 Day, Yuck <TABLE align=center border=1><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD bgColor=#d0dde9> Date <TD...
  355. barracuda Killer

    I know where Stan went

    MidWest Girth & Mirth - Fort Wayne, a social club for Gay Chubs, Chubby Chasers, Bears & Cubs in Indiana and surrounding Midwest area (Ohio, Michigan, Illinois)
  356. barracuda Killer

    What did your fishing buddy give you?

    I win I must have been good this year Thanks bro
  357. barracuda Killer

    sunday fishing with the fellas

    Corb is giving a seminar on how to pick out a spectra backlash. See ya in the morning.
  358. barracuda Killer

    Send good thoughts please

    Sealskinners Mom is ill and I am sure she could use some good thoughts her way. call if ya need anything Bro. Give Mom a hug for me.
  359. barracuda Killer

    Chanel 7 three secs of fame

    Raiders baby, lmao:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: WTG fellas
  360. barracuda Killer

    Lemme see your Home "fishing" rod storage system

    This is a good way to see who is holding out on trulines
  361. barracuda Killer

    Further proof of GOD (wreckingball)

    any questions
  362. barracuda Killer

    Happy Holidays Chance
  363. barracuda Killer

    Shoot everything you can free incl Bed/Brkfast

    My folks live about 45 mins south of Shreveport Louisiana in a hick town called Mansfield. they have a a pond and a lake on thier property. They also have beaver, weasel, and every other damn thing you can think of. My folks said they would allow anyone to shoot anything that moves and mom would...
  364. barracuda Killer

    Hey Kurt

    Have I beat down JTAP bad enough?
  365. barracuda Killer

    Hey Brandon

    I wanna wish you and that sexy Mrs. Saluki a wonderful Holiday That is all
  366. barracuda Killer

    Plasma vs LCD?

    Is plasma still the shit? Discovery HD Theater :: Buyers Guide who has done thier homework on this? hmmmmm smells like a poll to me?:eek:
  367. barracuda Killer

    I have proof there is a GOD!!! :High_Five :eek:
  368. barracuda Killer

    Bye Jtap

    <TABLE class=gametable id=standingstable cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR class=selected><TD class="first rank">1.</TD><TD class=im></TD><TD class=team>Cuda Killers</TD><TD>12-3-0</TD><TD>.800</TD><TD>1577.00</TD><TD>W-6</TD><TD>8</TD><TD class=last>24</TD></TR><TR><TD...
  369. barracuda Killer

    Good thing they dont Check BDrs?

    Runner fails gender test, loses medal - Yahoo! News OOPS!!:eek: In fact, Kurt, I'm gonna need a DNA sample, you are too pretty to be a man
  370. barracuda Killer

    Hey Juan you dropped the ball baby.

    you tied with Marcus, OoHH SNAP!!!! :rofl: <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=first>Chummers </TD><TD class=pts>80</TD><TD class=last rowSpan=2>Match Up</TD></TR><TR><TD class=first>Tappers </TD><TD class=pts>80</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
  371. barracuda Killer

    BlackJack is an ass****

    I sold a reel to the dude and he owed me money. son of Biznatch came up short on what he owed and instead of giving me my cheese, he sent a fucking letter. DONT DO BIZ WITH THIS ASSHAT!!!!!!:finger...
  372. barracuda Killer

    Man Law Meeting 12 noon @ Noahs 12/15/06

    Todays Topic: Does a real man take a picture with fish he didnt Catch or Gaff? I'm bringing Chicken see ya at noon:finger:
  373. barracuda Killer

    Cheap Lobster

    8.99 lb at the corner of 52nd and El Cajon (maine) 9.99 lb Local guess what I had for dinner:gry_md_wh
  374. barracuda Killer

    JTAP is

    eaten up with the dumbass behind FF. I am putting Juan on suicide watch after the season is over. Marcus, what happen bro? you were making it a game for awhile NOT :rofl:
  375. barracuda Killer

    Congrats Charger fans

    Not you bandwagoners, but the reaL HARDCORE FANS THAT HAS SUFFERED YEARS OF LET DOWNS AND LOSING SEASONS.:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy It must be great for you and I salute you. I am most impressed with LT and him being so humble. what a class act. again congrats :appl:
  376. barracuda Killer


    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=first>AGGRO </TD><TD class=pts>95</TD><TD class=last rowSpan=2></TD></TR><TR><TD class=first>Cuda Killers </TD><TD class=pts>117</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE> :eek:
  377. barracuda Killer

    Damn Crystal

    Look behind you before you :eek: cast
  378. barracuda Killer

    BDers that suck at FF

    <TABLE class=gametable id=standingstable cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR class=selected><TD class="first rank blast">1.</TD><TD class=im></TD><TD class=team>Cuda Killers</TD><TD>9-3-0</TD><TD>.750</TD><TD> 1245.00</TD><TD>W-3 </TD><TD>8</TD><TD class=last>23</TD></TR><TR><TD...
  379. barracuda Killer

    Shark recipe

    uh ..........................ok
  380. barracuda Killer

    I ate.........

    a 5 lb rib roast and a bag of tater tots, washed it down with some crown and diet coke. thats how Cuda Rolls:Exploding
  381. barracuda Killer

    Discounted Security Services

    any BDer in San Diego that may need professional security services will recieve discounted rates. Citywide Total Security Services inc. San Diego, Ca. contact me directly for a quote. ****spam off****
  382. barracuda Killer

    Yall are awesome, thanks

    I will never forget how you all got my back this weekend, thanks. Sealskinner Taz Smudge Corb :notworthy
  383. barracuda Killer

    Best for casting surface (light)iron

    which out of these 3 would you feel cast the best?
  384. barracuda Killer

    Hey JTAP, coming to get ya baby

    <TABLE class=gametable id=scheduletable cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 border=0><TBODY><TR vAlign=top><TD>1</TD><TD class=team>Phillys Finest</TD><TD class=result>Loss</TD><TD class=last>97.00 - 141.00</TD></TR><TR vAlign=top><TD>2</TD><TD class=team>Rural Hall Jackasses</TD><TD...
  385. barracuda Killer

    Can you keep Garibaldi<sp> in mexico?

    I'm trying to settle an argument.
  386. barracuda Killer

    Need a lil help this Morn

    Yes I had too much to drink last night. Best part of my night was watching Kristie walk into the room looking like a free 10 day trip:eyepoppin . Awesome:appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: I LOVE YOU enough of that, down to business, either I was too tore up or I dont know how to use this...
  387. barracuda Killer

    Who has a RAZR V3? Besides JIGGZ

    and do you like it?
  388. barracuda Killer

    who should I start?

    Eli Manning vs Chicago D or Tom Brady vs NYJ ?
  389. barracuda Killer

    Goddamn people, Pay attention, Fuck!! - News - CHP: Woman Changes Radio Station In SUV, Kills Motorist slap:
  390. barracuda Killer

    Chinese sick day

    Chinese Sick Day Hung Chow calls into work and says, "Hey, I no come work today, I sick, headache, stomach ache, legs hurt, I no come work." The boss says, "You know something, Hung Chow, I really need you today. When I feel like this, I go to my wife and tell her to give me sex. That makes...
  391. barracuda Killer

    Hey Cory

    Put up a V Bookie for who is going to win the Hali tour? I think things are gonna get ugly soon. :Rambo_Thr
  392. barracuda Killer

    DD 1/2 day with the Son and GM

    Well those that know me remember that my son and I have had some rough times the past year. We have been working on our relationship and things have improved. Today I had a treat (if you want to call it that), my son and I jumped on the half day boat Daily Double. THEY ARE CURRENTLY RUNNING A...
  393. barracuda Killer

    Happy Birthday Neck (Dos Locos)

    Hey Roomie, Hope you are having a good one. take it easy today: 1. let someone else feed the chickens 2. whittle with your favorite knife 3. have the wife make you a BIG pan of cornbread 4. and for god sakes put some shoes on the baby ****back by popular demand**** ODE TO NECK Oh dear...
  394. barracuda Killer

    Corb WTF did you do?

    Police Seek Man In Tierrasanta Indecent Exposure Case <TABLE class=storyToolsTable><TBODY><TR><TD class=storyToolsTableTD id=storyToolsTableTD1><FORM name=signUpEmailForm onsubmit="return emailCheck()" action=
  395. barracuda Killer

    New Sing along

    I know you want to leave me But I refuse to let you go........
  396. barracuda Killer

    Corb, sing with me

  397. barracuda Killer

    Bye Chance

    going fishing w/ Chance 1/2 day in the a.m. (NSF) he's leaving soon and he paid me alot of money to give him a personal lesson. Lord help me please.:nopity:
  398. barracuda Killer

    a.m. 1/2 day DD 10.15.06

    Last minute trip. BDers present: GardenMartha, Gonebendo,Sealskinner,Gaffyagood,Guero67, Me. 57 passengers:eek: mostly Marines (they all knew Crystal?) tiny choves, few big dines, mostly small bait. out toward the bouy line. perfect weather. no swell nor chop, little current. over cast, no...
  399. barracuda Killer

    Shes going home, guess whos back!!!

    Thanks to everyone's well wishes and prayers, our girl is going home Saturday. She was so over being there. three weeks in the hospital is no joke. Now!!! Thanks to everyone who PM'd me and called checking on me and mine. Been a rough few weeks with people near and dear to me being sick...
  400. barracuda Killer


    Le Tigre aka Kristie is in the hospital and is doing poorly. She is so Beautiful and Important to me, I would like to ask everyone who opens and reads this thread to please send your biggest prayer to Jim and Kristie. On behalf of Jim and Kristie, thank you very much. P.S. This is my...
  401. barracuda Killer

    damn women

    cup of love slap:
  402. barracuda Killer

    eat tuna bellies, avoid cancer
  403. barracuda Killer

    kinda day I'm having

    driving home from class, corner of telegraph canyon and otay rd. dude drives thru a light, takes out a woman in a motorized wheelchair crossing the street. I'm like WTF!!!! she was on the ground, and moving, tons of people there to help. Damn, Slow down and LOOK AT THE ROAD!!!:104167739
  404. barracuda Killer

    This ever happen to you?

    Friend or co-worker - Wow you got alot of fish You - yes woud you like some? F/cw - what kind is it? You - yellowtail F/cw - whats that? You - it's just like swordfish F/cw- oh yum ok I'll take some. How do I cook it? You - BBQ, dont fry it F/cw- is it like Salmon? You - uh...
  405. barracuda Killer

    If your bros ol lady threw it at you.........

    would you hit it? I would go along with the shit, then set up a meet at a hotel room, and have the homie waiting in the closet. Fuck that shit, bros before ho's anyday. I would'nt fuck over the homie thats rule #1 in the bro handbook. I would not give a shit how fine she was...
  406. barracuda Killer

    did I miss this?
  407. barracuda Killer

    Under no circumstances

    should you get half in the bag and tell your wife she looks like a skinny, young, Joan Cusack. it just dont work fellas, trust me. :drunk :drunk :drunk
  408. barracuda Killer

    Damn , need more prayers yall

    One of our own(Kat) is in the hospital, she was at home under full bed rest, but now they have her admitted. may be in awhile. lets send her good thoughts and special prayers. Hey Kat, when you read this, know that I love you and I'm pulling for you sweetheart. if you or the family need...
  409. barracuda Killer

    For sdangler and Calico

    enjoy fellas
  410. barracuda Killer

    Like whoa (RS 8 Day video)

    dont hate
  411. barracuda Killer

    Steve Irwin Video clip DAMN!!!!!!

    I cant believe they let this get out. very upsetting
  412. barracuda Killer

    Chance and Special Ed visit

    Chance and Special Ed show Jim (captamb1) around Camp Pendelton. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  413. barracuda Killer

    READY for some football?

    Fish and the steelers? No contest I know who is going to win
  414. barracuda Killer

    I'm confused and Happy

    I looked up the 53 man roster for the Raiders, and I see no Jeff Goerge. why do you sign someone, and not put them even on the practice squad? It's gonna be a long season.
  415. barracuda Killer

    SUA and his date

    George just sent me a pic via his camera phone. He is at the river and says the women are all that and easy to pick up even for him.
  416. barracuda Killer

    Software for Kiwigal

  417. barracuda Killer

    Hey Ed, call Ricky Babu

  418. barracuda Killer

    What team looks good so far?

    9er fans need not respond:rofl:
  419. barracuda Killer

    Putting the bad mouth on Someone?

    We all have experienced poor service or been the victim of un-met expectations. I have seen guys straight bash people without giving the person / business an opportunity to: 1. explain thier side of the story 2. make ammends it is no secret that there are 3 sides to a story: yours mine and...
  420. barracuda Killer

    Fishing Buddies

    If you could fish with one BDer on an overnight trip, which BDer would it be? For the Record, I would fish with Le Tigre (Kristie). we would both be too drunk to fish, have the time of our lives.:_shopping
  421. barracuda Killer

    Aw shit, Guess What? Uncle Byeye

    Dear uncle Byeye, My english is not very good, so I was hoping you could help me. What does, " No the fuck your little ass did not" mean? I'm not sure, but it has something to do with me getting put outside I am sure. Today I was taking out the mean ol stuffing from the couch cushion again. I...
  422. barracuda Killer

    8/3/06 DD morning trip

    Camera phone pics suck, deal with it. met up with Sealskinner, his Nephew, and another BDer as we shared the morning half day trip with 50 rent rods and spinning gear. Capt Fred drove out to his secret spot at the point loma kelp bed area. and began to brail bait like it was free. the fish...
  423. barracuda Killer

    Offshore NLA july 28,06

    Had the Pleasure of fishing with Wrecking ball. We hit up the New Lo-An fish overnight. several nice patties, good grade of yellow and decent grade of Dodos. Many novice fishermen and first timers. Stern = Combat zone. Flat calm, nice overcast sky. perfect weather, could not have been better...
  424. barracuda Killer

    Derelicts vs Groms

    All I can say is Epic!!! Thank you Fred for donating the boat, we had a great time. :_shopping thanks to everyone that came.
  425. barracuda Killer

    Sorry Charter cancelled, boat broken

    :finger:Got ya!!!! get off line and get on the boat bitches
  426. barracuda Killer

    OK Derelicts and Groms, whos down for sure?

    I need a head count
  427. barracuda Killer

    Ok dads lets talk (dads only please)

    We talked in the past and shared our comman problems, I think it's time we refreshed the old topic of: WTF is wrong with these kids?:104167739 19 y/o boy. laziest Mfer on earth. wants everything but wont get off his ass to do shit. finally put his ass out the house, now he spends the better...
  428. barracuda Killer

    How come

    Hers looks alot bigger?
  429. barracuda Killer

    Hey Corb, When you playing in town?
  430. barracuda Killer

    Dear Uncle Byeye, From Raider (the pug)

    It's been awhile since I wrote you last. I been so busy doing stuff I have not had the chance to write you. Lets see, I been shitting in the yard quite a bit, and not just in one place either, no sir, I have a pattern that allows me to cover damn near the whole yard in a weeks time, not bad huh...
  431. barracuda Killer

    Stan got Picked up for DUI

    Being that I have contact with the local PD, I was able to get a copy of the print room video of Stan. I dont normally put folks "Biz" in the street, but I hope some of you will learn from his mistake.
  432. barracuda Killer

    Name this BDer?

    My guess is Stillinscrubs?
  433. barracuda Killer

    Thanks bro

    I just wanted to say thank you to a Bro in NorCal who just hooked me up proper. I was not even looking for anything, and a bro totally hooked me up and made my day. Thanks Bro, you are the man.:appl: :appl: Now about the Gold tady 45...
  434. barracuda Killer


    is Juice?:_shopping
  435. barracuda Killer

    who wants to Bleed for BD?

    Taking a poll for the next Blood drive. Please only respond if you live in San Diego County
  436. barracuda Killer

    Sorry Cory and Daron, maybe next time

    <TABLE height="100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=middle background=><CENTER><TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=700 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top align=left rowSpan=2></TD><TD...
  437. barracuda Killer

    BD blood drive

    It just keeps going.:_shopping I got the quarterly report yesterday from the San Diego Blood Bank. last quarter (april,may, june) six(6) people donated in the name of Bloodydecks. that is awesome. We are over 60 pints for the year so far. Most organizations/Clubs dont do 1/2 that in a full...
  438. barracuda Killer

    So Marcus, how was the party?

    who hit on your wife first? who got drunk and fell in the punch bowl? how much of your fishing shit got stolen? lets see the pics man? I would have been there bro, but I got this morgage thing that requires me to work from time to time. :104167739
  439. barracuda Killer

    represent your team

    which division are they in?
  440. barracuda Killer

    This ever happen to yall?

    right down the color seam and aint worth shit after one fish? :104167739 this one didnt even get in the water.I wrote the company an email, so I dont want to bad mouth them in public:banned: , I was just wondering if anyone else had the same prob?:finger:
  441. barracuda Killer

    Is this worth the money? Maybe you tackle hoes can give me the 411 on this reel.:notworthy
  442. barracuda Killer

    What do I bring a redneck for an 8 day trip?

    Please give me some insight into the redneck world. so far I have the latest edition of look at my naked sister Mag. I ordered a bail / bale of hay I DL every conway twitty, and hank williams jr song onto my ipod and I have several cans of bisquits. what else should I bring?
  443. barracuda Killer


    Today is the big day for Aaron and Barb. I need someone to kidnap Aaron so I can have one last try at Barb :nutkick: (I dont hit married women...........ok not too often, just my wife). So is there a bro out there that can help me out here? if not, at least send well wishes to the happy...
  444. barracuda Killer

    where the hell is........

    1. JiGGz 2.Nameless 3.fishingsolo 4.Saltydog 5.Orca
  445. barracuda Killer

    Hot off the crystal ball

    CRISSY PASCUAL / Union-Tribune Drizzled on and deflated, Cory aka Dr. Evil and Jay "just sucked a dick" Gaydog sat back at Qualcomm Stadium and let yesterday's loss sink in. The Chargers missed a field goal attempt in overtime and the Raiders went on to win minutes later.
  446. barracuda Killer


    A girl from Lakeside and a girl from the east coast were seated side by side on an airplane. The girl from Lakeside, being friendly and a tweeker , said, "So, where y'all from?" The east coast girl said, "From a place where they know better than to use a preposition at the end of a sentence."...
  447. barracuda Killer

    1/2 day Mon PM 6/19/06

    whos down? DD lets roll.
  448. barracuda Killer

    Habby daddy day to the real dads

    any fool can be the father of a baby, dads are getting rare. heres one for you Dad:720icon:
  449. barracuda Killer

    Help tonight twilight charter

    The DD needs a couple of guys to volunteer tonight for a twilight charter for little kids. anyone want to help out, it would be appreciated. please gimme a call 760-532-1296. thanks
  450. barracuda Killer

    Standing around BSing today

    While bringing in the Q105 today, I was checking out the yellows the boats were bringing in. Toad 50 + lb stuff. tuna to 60lbs. great quality fish. I saw too many BDers out there acting all cool and shit. Shelly was spotted along with Tommie Miles, Lenny jumped on the Gun and saluted as he rode...
  451. barracuda Killer

    Any word on our two knuckleheads (Alaska)?

    they catching or dead? I need details
  452. barracuda Killer

    Thought we had rules (BD sighting)

    I thought we agreed we wouldnt put a BD sticker on such automobiles?
  453. barracuda Killer

    Final Mazatlan Report 5/27/06

    on 5/25/06 I climbed my ass aboard a 32 ft Bertram and set out to see if I could catch a marlin. I wanted to catch a Blue since I never caught one. ran out the harbor and noticed that alot of hotels and boats are getting better looking than Cabo. I was really impressed on how they dredged out...
  454. barracuda Killer

    Cuda Mazatlan Update

    First of all I am never coming home. This place is off the chain. the ratio to women to men are 7-1:eyepoppin . nuff said Our room is exactly 16 steps from the beach. there is a double sand bar that I cannot cast over to reach breaking Jack Creval right in front of my room. I actually lay in...
  455. barracuda Killer

    That JiGGz can dance

    Go Nick, Go Nick
  456. barracuda Killer

    Just called Noahs

    and got the answering machine? everyone ok? anyone got info?
  457. barracuda Killer

    F/S Asfriedman's GPS $200.00

    I still have Aaron's boat and GPS.:nutkick: I will give you the boat free if you buy his GPS. Any Takers?
  458. barracuda Killer

    Mazatlan 5/20-5/27

    anyone going to be down there and wanting to share a boat with me (free) is welcome No Hatin:finger:
  459. barracuda Killer

    Happy Birthday GardenMartha

    Here is to the coolest and sexiest Graphic Artist I know, (and fellas, she is single) Habbe berf dai
  460. barracuda Killer

    How Sealskinner gets his limits

    Damn Mike:finger:
  461. barracuda Killer

    I'm playing the race card

    I thought it was just me that could do this
  462. barracuda Killer

    I'm tired of this shit

    I'm getting too many phone calls and PMs about dudes getting sick and shit. I get really stressed up when one of my fucking friends end up on thier ass in the hospital. It's everything I can do to keep myself and my wife out the fucking ER. If no one else will say it, damnit I will. If your ass...
  463. barracuda Killer

    RAIDER FOUND and now home.

    Neighbor down the street kids brought him home last night. they found flyers that had been put up by the wife. we broke them off the reward money and the lil SOB is back home. thanks for all the well wishes from everyone. the wife has calmed way down. and things are back as should be. master...
  464. barracuda Killer

    NLA 5/5/06

    Guero67, Gaydog, drseiler, Cuda_killer :_shopping on the NLA leaving at 9 tonight on a 1.5 day. standby for some serious shit talking and maybe a YT or two. they will prob split us up so that the boat wont ride too hard on one side. report to follow.:finger:
  465. barracuda Killer

    Happy Cinco De Mayo , dont D&D please

    Although the world would be a better place without most of us in it, (myself included) Please dont get trashed and get behind the wheel if you decide to get trashed tonight call a cab? also be politically correct this year, alot of folks are hypersensitive to cultural issues. here is some...
  466. barracuda Killer

    Looking for a new Bitch

    Since Jiggz got a fucking job, and George went sober, I am just about bitchless. Jaydog aka Gaydog stepped up but he aint half the bitch Jiggz use to be. If you know of a no count drag ass that might make a good bitch for me, please let me know. Qualifications: 1. no job having MFer 2. Must...
  467. barracuda Killer

    Dear Uncle Byeye, From Raider (the pug)

    Dear Uncle Mike, just wanted to let you know you missed a wild party. Dad put in a door for me so I can go outside and poop, But I was having no part of that and I laid a class three bomb right in front of the fire place for him to clean up ( I even stepped in it and tracked it across the room)...
  468. barracuda Killer

    Tu habla espanol?

    si? no?
  469. barracuda Killer

    Name the BDer from his baby picture

    CORB (Guero67)
  470. barracuda Killer

    Stan was so cute as a kid

  471. barracuda Killer

    Orca is soooooooooooo old...............

    He use to be the second ticket on the ARk :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  472. barracuda Killer

    Help!! I dont wanna be like George

    Me and the wifey are flying out of LAX on May 20th. we will return on May 27th. where is a safe place to leave the car? any BDers live near LAX? I'm not sure what long term paring is up there, but I bet it's a grip.
  473. barracuda Killer

    Nado yellow

    They are here. I'm on the Board:High_Five Jaydog will post the report
  474. barracuda Killer

    BDers and thier ol ladies

    So I leave the wife to go take a piss. on the way back I start flirting with one of my bros ol ladies.:Romantic_ I get back to where I left the wife, Fucking Stan is rubbing her on the knee telling her she needs to dump my ass and hook up with him? WTF? I guess that what I get for saying the...
  475. barracuda Killer

    Jumping on the NLA tonight, whos going with me?

    Gonna try my luck at the yellows / WSB. boat leaves at 8pm. call the landing and get your ass on the boat. 110.00 per person. 619-223-1627
  476. barracuda Killer

    Whos going to church with me

    the only church thats BYOB.
  477. barracuda Killer

    Must be a BDer needing gas money

    this is so fucked up
  478. barracuda Killer

    Please dont eat Chicken

    A little boy and a little girl attended the same school and became friends. Every day they would sit together to eat their lunch. They discovered that they both brought chicken sandwiches every day! This went on all through the fourth and fifth grades, until one day he noticed that her sandwich...
  479. barracuda Killer

    I got the keys to Chris's Boat and truck

    Who wants to go to Mulege this weekend? I need two good hoes? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  480. barracuda Killer

    SMB 4/11 first light

    Planning on hitting the surf in the morning with the girls, JiGGz, George, etc. bring your A game baby:_shopping
  481. barracuda Killer

    WFO Salmon Grouper aboard the Ambusher 4/9/

    Got the call to meet Jim at the landing dark thirty. First time I ever saw the Ambusher (sweet ass boat, I wanted to have sex with it). 1/2 scoop of quailty mix bait, we head out of San Diego Bay just as the sun came up. it was indeed a brokeback moment. Jim heads out to the new secret spot (9...
  482. barracuda Killer

    I just gotta say this

    Thanks to the BD Wives/Girlfriends for showing up in force and making it happen. with that said...................... What is it with you assholes? everylast one of you has good looking ol Ladies. I mean damn, across the board, you fuckers got hot women waiting for you at home. The thing...
  483. barracuda Killer

    CK a new Dad

    yesterday was wifey's B-Day. I got her a new baby. first thing homeboy does is sleep on my side of the bed. 2 lb 3 oz 10" everyone please welcome Raider to the family
  484. barracuda Killer

    What ever happen to.........

    John Popper and Carlton Banks?
  485. barracuda Killer

    Whoop a bitches ass

    I had the girls (Jiggz , SUA) over to the house last week. somehow the topic turned to golf. Naturally we had to take it to the PS2. :_shopping Scoreboard bitches :finger: I am publically calling out both them hos to a rematch. I feel the need to (as Kurt would say) Keep my pimp hand...
  486. barracuda Killer

    How to Post a fish report By CK

    Welcome to how to post a fish report. March 30, 2006 9am - 3pm equiptment needed: Digital Camera A place to catch fish (boat on water works best) Dead or near dead freshly caught fish Super hot Chick (optional) USB cable Computer (the thing with the keyboard attached to it) Now narrate your...
  487. barracuda Killer

    anyone know of a pest control hookup?

    I got ants in the yard, , prob got termites as well Surprize!!! anyone know of a service that has done them right? I'm in Eastlake area. :(
  488. barracuda Killer

    Calling Out All of BD *must read*

    as of 3:45 today I have 7 people confirmed for the Blood drive next week. That is sad. 11,000 members 7 blood donors? wow, I am blown away at this board. I understand that not everyone can donate, or that not everyone feels compelled to become part of something wonderful. But I am surprised at...
  489. barracuda Killer

    History to repeat it self? This is our year, AFC west is ours. everyone just deal with it. :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger: :finger:
  490. barracuda Killer

    Habbe Berf Dai Sealskinner

    Fuck Mike you have got to be like 75 or some shit :finger: sorry you dont feel good today bro. let me know when we can drink up these beers over here? :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  491. barracuda Killer

    21 thousand, You cant see me Corb

    I'm calling out Corb in open public forum. 3 card poker baby, come get some
  492. barracuda Killer

    All BS aside (serious stuff)

    We have a member of our BD Family that is going to need blood (surgery). Her Blood type is O- . Please, if you or a member of your family would like to donate in her name. please email me your info and I will get a list together. Once we have a surgery date, then we can sched a window where...
  493. barracuda Killer

  494. barracuda Killer

    Big Props to Doughnut

    Dude and his crew totally took care of me when my stepson totaled his car last month. Could not have ask to work with nicer more professional people. if your car gets jacked up, I highly recommend the homie. Thanks bro.:appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  495. barracuda Killer

    FHS Thursday BD Booth Report By CK

    Met alot of you sons of bitches face to face finally, damn yall are ugly,:finger: no wonder we fish, too ugly to get a woman.:_shopping Very nice putting a face to a screen name. Why is it that everyone knows who I am before I introduce myself?:rofl: anyway it was a fun chilled time. I'm...
  496. barracuda Killer

    Good to you Kristie

    Damn, Jim and Kristie showed up at the FHS today. it was so good seeing them both. Kristie is without a doubt the sweetest fish killin woman anyone could ever meet. (what she doing with Jim I will never know). we had to swag out her chair with a BD sticker. Totally made my day. Much love to both...
  497. barracuda Killer


    It is actually sleeting outside here in the Hood of Eastlake. aint that a bitch. wind is like 15-20, kinda nasty
  498. barracuda Killer

    Messican Style pleez

    A Mexican from Friona found himself in Houston and decided to approach a prostitute down on lower Oppenheimer. He asked her, "How much do you charge for the hour? "$100," she replied. "Do you do Messican-style?" he asked. Not knowing exactly what this was, she refused. He tried to sweeten...
  499. barracuda Killer

    BD sighting MFer almost got shot

    some geeky asshole rolled up on me this morning during the 805 hustle. Green lifted truck, short lil dink MFer driving it? salute was in rare form complete with total window rolled down, full left arm extension and a proper horizontal :finger: . I was stressing because I had to take my state...
  500. barracuda Killer

    Got my skirt on and looking pretty

    Today is graduation and I would like to thank all you mother FKers who have made it so difficult to complete this phase of my career. Fishing solo - for always bugging me to go surf fishing, even though I told you I was studying:finger: JiGGz - for being such a whiny bitch about...
  501. barracuda Killer

    Bloody Deckers coming out

    Seems alot of folks are having a hard time, So I will lead the way with who wants to come out. So Here goes: Hello BloodyDecks, My name is Ron, and I want to tell you that I AM AVery Very Gay Black Man!!!. :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl...
  502. barracuda Killer

    Little girl

    This will probably cause a tear.... A heart warming story about the bond formed between a little girl and some construction workers. This will make you believe that we CAN make a difference when we give a child the gift of our time. A young family moved into a house next door to a...
  503. barracuda Killer

    WTF????? BD sighting I'm sure of

    saw a ford hauling down the freeway with a BD sticker on it and another sticker that read " Blow Dick"? Not sure who it was but........where has this board gone to?:nutkick:
  504. barracuda Killer

    Olympic Ballroom Iceskating

    so me and the wifey are lying in bed and watching the olympics. only thing on was Ballroom iceskating? I'm like? thats a sport? anyway, the woman that was doing the commentating was running her mouth and I'm not really paying attention, then she says,"Now we are coming up on the womans Twizzle...
  505. barracuda Killer

    Fat boy fishing clothes

    Not sure if this is the right forum but who cares?? It's no secret that my country ass is huge. I cannot find clthes that fit due to my extreme manhood. I wrote letters to several companies that specialize in fishing clothing. I wont mention names due to some may be sponsers. So I went to a...
  506. barracuda Killer

    where a kid can be a kid

    Is it just me, or does the lil mermaid got it going on? Bad Ronslap:
  507. barracuda Killer

    BD sighting? I hope not

    OK come forward and claim your truck, come on, dont be scared? come on........
  508. barracuda Killer

    How 2 B a professional Seagull

    First find out when one of your Bros are coming back from a long range trip, the longer the better. means more fish for you to beg for. Next, get yourself the gayest fking truck you can and park it right in front where everyone can see. Next, grab your homies fish and leave his ass at the...
  509. barracuda Killer

    Damn Kids

    So I'm at Noahs talking shit with Kevan and Orca, watching fucking Ali on his knees with a throw rug praying to Mecca. and the phone rings, it's the wife, the stepson has been in a auto accident and she's freaking out. so I run to the other end of the county. get back to the house. dude has run...
  510. barracuda Killer

    Ideas for V-tine day

    I didnt want to fk up and piss off Mrs. Cuda_Killer so I am planning on going to her job and filling her car up with red baloons and writing something sweet on the window, like, hey honey nice tits or something (jk), and then putting hearts and candy stuff all over our bed, of course with a red...
  511. barracuda Killer

    Fat Polock and a Fat Brother

    launch from Jst landing.
  512. barracuda Killer

    Fking Jigz........

    Hit up IB south of the pier. conditions suck, rippin ass currents sets all on top of each other. just ugly. best thing about that was that Stan got fuggin soaked by a rogue wave. took his ass straight out (how you doing Mr. Soggy Nuts?):nutkick: . decided to hit the other end of IB. skunk was...
  513. barracuda Killer

    Surf Perch, did my home work, Kinda

    Surf Perch The most prolific fish found in the turbulent surf is one of Southern Cals most common fish, the surfperch. Surf fishermen catch more of these fish than any other fish that live in the surf. There are ten different species of surfperch: calico, kelp, pile, shiner, spotfin, silver...
  514. barracuda Killer

    I fish too Damn much !!!!

    fell my ass out of bed at 5:30 and met a bro at MB. first light was a good pick. caught a few nice slabs. and a few moms. bite shut off around 7:30. it was getting crowded down at south MB. so all you wanna be, lurkin, non-posting, fake ass posers take your poaching assess some friggin place...
  515. barracuda Killer

    Please welcome my Father in law redfish1

    I finally got the old man to log on and sign up. He fishes more than me, but I catch way more than him on any of my one trips than he cathecs on five of his. He is a super guy and I love him to death. BTW, he can tell the best lies Welcome Dad.:finger: Notice the large fonts for the...
  516. barracuda Killer

    Pimp'n aint easy

    so Me,Jigz, and Kurt went clubbin last night. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  517. barracuda Killer

    Mission bay 2/7

    Met Jigz (aka my bitch) and Sealskinner, and my father-n-law at first light. before we got in the water, T. Miles showed up and blessed us with a cameo appearance (BTW, Tommie looked so sexy in his waders, kinda reminded me of the gimp in pulp fiction). slow, cold ass day. started off nice with...
  518. barracuda Killer

    This is how we do it fellas

    Met Jigz at south Mission beach around 0630 hrs. took the six lb rigs fishing the Glup on the egg sinker. nuff said. final count Jigz 8 BSP, CK 11 BSP. we were done at 0750 hrs. had breakfast and then this: most about this size, preggos so we let them all go. on the filet board, ut oh...
  519. barracuda Killer

    Any advice would help!!

    I have six palm trees in my back yard, two of which is about to grow under the foundation of the house. They need to be dug up I guess. cutting them down is another option, but then you got this stump sticking out the side of the house. I called out a land scaper and he gave me a bid of 1400.00...
  520. barracuda Killer

    BD Bro in Hospital

    Got a call from one of our own bros in the hospital. I am planning on going by Monday to see him. I dont want to say who he is due to Keeping his privacy (but his avatar has a polor bear on it) =Wink= any well wishes I am sure would be appreciated. he is a cool bro and I know he would...
  521. barracuda Killer

    I know this is one os Saluki's friends got to be a BDer:hump:
  522. barracuda Killer

    So I am in class today

    and the chick that sits in front of me is this 19 y/o girl who always wears shit two sizes too small, and today this. just wanted to share with my BD brothers how HARD it is to get thru school these days.
  523. barracuda Killer

    WTB graphite 9ft Jig stick Blank and D8

    suggestions on who would have a 9Ft jigstick and anyone with a D8 that is in poor health and would like to see his pole go to a good cause, please keep me in thier will :)
  524. barracuda Killer

    Jigz Going to LJ over the weekend

  525. barracuda Killer

    BDer sighting

    around 9:00 am on the corner of eastlake parkway and otay lakes road. running your mouth on the phone and looked right at me as I gave you the proper greeting.:finger: I was in a black Dodge Dakota
  526. barracuda Killer

    BD sighting

    who got caught fishing in the fog this morn?
  527. barracuda Killer


    Prob. a common issue with us. I have way more poles than one person could ever need in a lifetime. I have been shopping for rod holders (no jokes here) and have not found anything reasonable. I need something horizontile for my jig sticks (around 15 or so) and could prob get away with something...
  528. barracuda Killer

    Offshore 5 Day Shogun Report 12/31/05

    Day 1 San Martin, a lil bump on the pond but fishable. we set the pick and it was wide open lingcod, all you want. we didnt keepvery many, quite a few dinks. I think we might have pulled 3-5 rat YTs not much going on. Later that night, I get an emergency phone call from one of my bros on land...
  529. barracuda Killer

    RP leaving today 5 day

    I am jumping on the Royal this AM for a five day, very last minute. Saw SUA off on his trip. Will post a report when I get back. Much love to all my BD bros.
  530. barracuda Killer

    Roll Call: Merry Christmas Yall

    From Big Ron aka Cuda_Killer and his family to each of you. god bless and be safe.
  531. barracuda Killer

    Best Line from Tombstone.....

    Wyatt - What happen to him? Doc - Oh Johnny? I guess the strain was more than he could bear.
  532. barracuda Killer

    Nice meeting you A.H.s

    Had lunch today with a couple of BD Bros (SUA, JIGZ) . Let me ask you something, is there any time we get together and someone is not called a fag? anyway, I had a blast:_shopping , we kicked around the idea of a BBQ or fish fry? who would be down for that. only stipulation is that we would have...
  533. barracuda Killer

    Anyone salute a blk dodge durango

    the wife took my ride to big five sporting goods, looking at getting a new heavy bag for me since Stan is out of town for awhile, and I need something to hit. she parked the ride and some guy in a white p/u filpped her off:finger: . she was really upset and could not wait to tell me all about...
  534. barracuda Killer

    Checking out a boat in Clairemont

    anybody down to go check out a boat with me in the morning?
  535. barracuda Killer

    SUA and Bloodyboot dispute Just someone please help them out
  536. barracuda Killer

    BDer sighting

    who was at fishermans landing this A.M. black toyota P/U customized front end, with a Yak in the bed, dragging a trailor? Oh I saw Chris's (Dos Locos) ass yelling at me, Sup Bro :finger: , gimme a fish count, I bet I did way worst than you lol. who was your homeboy again?
  537. barracuda Killer

    12/17 DD am

    Well yall missed it. those of you who didnt show up for whatever reason, it was awesome. 23 WSB to 70 lbs Limits on 3-5 lb sand bass 2 BSB that went almost 80lb each.................oh, wait a minute, my bad that was a dream I had,:nutkick: Real Report: We really froze our ass off this...
  538. barracuda Killer

    Need prayers Bro.

    We have a friend whose wife is not doing too hot and need our prayers, I want to respect his privacy and not mention his name, but he is a BDer, just send good thoughts and feelings out for your bros. Thanks:)
  539. barracuda Killer

    AA 12/16 6 am

    boat comes in around 6, whos coming down to meet it?
  540. barracuda Killer

    Name the fisherman and the location

    Kurt / upper otay
  541. barracuda Killer

    Saluki's new car

  542. barracuda Killer

    Hottest Cartoon Chick ever

    I'm trying to end an argument: Cheetara from the Thunder Cats, or Jessica Rabbit
  543. barracuda Killer

    BD'ers this Sun AM 1/2 day

    Whos down with going half day? we can get the boat and act like we dont have mamas. How many seriously interested before I bust out the Visa? line your ass up over here. :_shopping
  544. barracuda Killer

    12/11 Point Kelp

    Woke up dark thirty, met my homie at shelter. we went to the lil bait barge that could and got half scoop of 3-4 inch dines. ran around the jetty 15 feet of water hard bottom, no current, no wind, no fish. ran out to the whistler, picked a few turd rollers and 3 calicos on the slide egg weight...
  545. barracuda Killer

    Raiders vs Chargers

    Well, I sharpened up my knife, bought a new mouth piece :Pillow_Fi and just prepaid down at King Stallman. Any of you going to the Game? I have got to represent. win, lose ,draw Raider Nation Forever. Now I dont want to hear any shit from anyone who is Not going to the game. Spend your...
  546. barracuda Killer

    Damn Christmas lights

    I gotta put the damn lights up this weekend:Bawling_e . anyone got a 20 ft ladder I can borrow. I am planning on winning the BD Clark Griswald award this year (non-sanction event) for the most friggin lights on one friggin house. My motto this year........Just Say Ho!!. I'm planning on conning...
  547. barracuda Killer

    Report from Maui

    OK, I didnt want to believe it, but fishing kinda NOT ALL THAT here. I got some squid and shrinp and hit a rocky point, stuck my pole in the rocks and opened a silver bullet for SUA. after two beers, I checked my bait. it was still there and looked better than when I put it in. so I opened...
  548. barracuda Killer

    Half Day report

    just to give you an Idea on how wide open the fishing is.
  549. barracuda Killer

    ALERT< ALERT<<<<<<

    at least 4 BDers are doing the half day thing on the DD this afternoon, sandbass blow out. quick tell the boss the kids are sick and jump on the afternoon boat.
  550. barracuda Killer

    Friends of Rollo on DD 7/13

    2 BDers helped out the crew on the DD with 50 underpriviledged kids on a half day trip to the mud-marlin death fest 3-4 miles south of the point. before we drop the pick on the 1st stop 15 were lying all over the upper deck and the smell of fresh Barff spewed from the trash cans and 5 gal...
  551. barracuda Killer

    OK, what boat do I get on tonight!!!

    I got my buck fifty in hand and I am jumping on someones boat tonight (tue) and killing every albie I can get my hands on. any suggestions? anyone going out and need a worldclass Ho? I was thinking the NLA or the H?
  552. barracuda Killer

    just wrong

    we all like fat women right?
  553. barracuda Killer

    F*** me !!!!

    I just got back from the eye doctors office. I'm sitting in the chair doing the "what looks better, 1 or 2" thing right? so after we finish the bitch tells me,"sir you might want to consider wearing BI-FOCALS". I damn near fell out the chair. Now I am officially and old dude. I will have to...
  554. barracuda Killer

    Salma or Roslyn?

    Salma Roselyn
  555. barracuda Killer

    I had to do it

    I just got back from Big 5 sporting goods. I was walking past the reel counter and I overheard a dude say," Honey, can I buy a fishing pole please?" I was like hell no he didnt. I walked over to the dude and said, " I'm bringing you up on charges for that last statement, hand over your man card"...
  556. barracuda Killer

    what would you do first?

    with two days left to live what would be the priority?
  557. barracuda Killer

    London bombings

    Fucking bullshit coward bastards... what kind of world we live in where a MFer cant take thier ass to and from without worrying about some asshole blowing them up. I can understand a military target or political target.I understand war. but innocent civilians being purposely targeted is...
  558. barracuda Killer

    If you had two days left to live............

    what would you do or where would you fish?
  559. barracuda Killer


    Now before the season kicks off and the ignorant shit starts with the name calling and whos team sucks what. I would like to wish all teams the best of luck (cept the Chargers) the upcoming season. By no means is this thread an attempt to provoke harsh ,nasty feelings or comments toward any team...
  560. barracuda Killer


    Okay, today I became another victim of this little blond headed kid kicking my ass on a half day boat. I mean I was getting my share of the quality reds to be had. but damn, this DEMON CHILD slaps on board a 6 lb toad RED. the friggin thing was so big I put on a life jacket in case it wanted to...
  561. barracuda Killer


    Ok who wants to meet me in the morning. I need to fill up my freezer with some Calico. Bring your camera and lets kill fish an d talk shit.:beerbang: