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  1. NickyBaby

    For Sale: Phenix psw-809H 20-50

    Used twice in like new condition, won't find a cleaner one. 220.00 picked up in lake elsinore, or can meet in riverside, temecula, murrieta areas Text is the best way to reach me 951 588 4 4 8 8
  2. NickyBaby

    FOR SALE: Trinidad 20A, Talica 8ii, Calcutta 400D

    All reels are in mint condition inside and out. All have boxes etc. Original owner purchased new. 1. Trinidad 20A 200yds 65lb braid and long topper of fresh 40 Izor (iron reel) 400.00 (used on 3 trips has 2 yellows on it) 2. Talica 8ii almost full 50lb solid braid 400.00 (used on 5 trips...
  3. NickyBaby


    Bought from chark. Original owner box paperwork etc. Used on 2 trips, has 3 yellows on it. Loaded with 50lb hollow white braid. In like new condition, small scratch on reel foot only 415.00 shipped conus or 400.00 picked up Thanks.
  4. NickyBaby

    WTB: GFGR 700H and PHD 700XH

    Need a graphiter 700H factory wrapped and a phenix black diamond hybrid 700XH. (Factory only) In like new condition, no corrosion/repaired bs and ill pay top dollar. Located in Lake Elsinore, can meet there or Temecula or Riverside area. Thanks
  5. NickyBaby

    WTB: Calstar GFGR700MH

    In like new cond. GFGR 700MH Factory only
  6. NickyBaby

    WTB: Phenix black diamond 760H

    Or a 760H hybrid in like new condition only. Let me know, pick up only. Riverside, lake elsinore, Marietta, temecula area ok
  7. NickyBaby

    FS: Tioga Fly Reel NIB, small waders

    Pick up only, located in lake Elsinore 951 588 44 88-Nick 75.00 takes it all (240.00 value) i'll be home sunday 10/12 come get it or make offer
  8. NickyBaby

    FS: Trout fly reel and waders

    New in box Tioga fly reel, small waders. Perfect for youngster learning to fly fish. Waders (small) used twice in a tube, been collecting dust for years (in original box) Let me know I'm home 10/5 all day 80.00 picked up only 9 51 58 8 44 88
  9. NickyBaby

    2 batteries for sale 120.00

    Pick up only in lake elsinore. About a year old used 3 times. Always removed and charged used on a freshwater bass boat, no more use for em. Text me at 9 5 1 588 44 88 -Nick ill be home Sunday 10/5 let me know and ill recharge em for u and find my original recepits
  10. NickyBaby

    FS: Curado EJ power handle and lamiglas big bait special

    Reel in like new condition with box and rod 220.00 picked up comes with extra spool of red label flouro new.
  11. NickyBaby

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    Jumped on the 3/4. Googans don't listen, crew did great even with people puking in the head, and all the chaos, epic fishing, came home early. 200+ fish
  12. NickyBaby

    For Sale: New Never Used Calstar Graphither 760L 30-80 lb rating

    190.00 picked up only Located in Lake Elsinore, work in Riverside. Rod has plastic gimble and gimble cover. All conventional graphiter guides. This is a factory model not custom. Text me @ 951 588 4488 if you would like pics Thank you -Nick
  13. NickyBaby

    Mak 8ii sea, need a rod for it

    This will be my 40lb setup, here's my problem. I like deckhand style rods, partial to graphiters. Would this setup be a problem Mak 8ii sea w/ gfdh 800H? wouldn't mind getting my ass kicked a little by these bft Or am I just barking up the wrong freaking tree? Second choice is phenix 7-8footer...
  14. NickyBaby

    2008 Nissan Titan SE KC

    79k 90% freeway miles. Original owner, clean title, all maintenance done @ dealer cause I work there. NISMO cold air intake, still have factory intake and filter, 3 piece billet grille, running boards, OEM tow package (not an add on). 2" leveling spacers (stillen brand) that is the only...
  15. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300D

  16. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300TE

    My friend is looking for this reel. please contact him @ 310 800 8596 text only. do not send me pm's please!!!
  17. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300D

    Loaded with 65lb braid, used a couple times in freshwater only. 310.00 shipped OBO 295.00 picked up (located in Lake Elsinore) Text me @ 951 588 4488
  18. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 16A

    condition 9.0+/ 10 cosmetically 10/10 mechanically 395.00 shipped or 385.00 picked up. located in lake elsinore. box and papers included Text me only please 951 588 4488
  19. NickyBaby

    16GB Ipod Nano (NEW unopened)

    retails for 150.00 asking 106.00 shipped paypal as gift. Or pick up for 100.00 In Lake Elsinore. Text me ONLY @ 951 588 4488 Ipod is brand new never opened. -Nick
  20. NickyBaby

    Talica 12 2 speed and graphiter 760L

    Reel is new in Box paid 425.00 looking to get close to that picked up or shipped. Rod has never seen salt gfgr 760L 30-80 factory wrapped. pics to come 250.00 pick up only Text only 951 588 4488 Nick Located in Lake Elsinore
  21. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 300D or trade for 400D

    Used in Freshwater only. No box in like new condition. Reel is a little to thin for me (spool width). Will trade for 400D in like condition or will take 310.00 shipped 300.00 picked up. Text me only @ 951 588 4488
  22. NickyBaby

    Shimano Calcutta 400TE

    Reel has been used in freshwater only throwin swimbaits. Clean cosmetically and mech. Text me @ 951 588 4488 for pics. Might still have box, i'll look. 240.00 firm (shipped or picked up, tracking, ins. etc) -Nick
  23. NickyBaby

    Daiwa Pluton 200H

    Original owner w/ box used in freshwater only a few times. mechanical 10/cosmetically 9.9 260.00 shipped Text me @ 951 588 4488 Located in Lake Elsinore
  24. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 12A

    With box, excellent condition, braid to the top. 340.00 shipped obo 951 588 4488 Located in Lake Elsinore. Trade is not going good, so its up for sale. Mod can delete other thread
  25. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 12A for your TN 14A

    Wanted to trade For an excellent condition 14A OR SELL. I have box, just purchased from another BD member, to small for me. I will add cash if needed. cosmetically 9.6 mechanically 10.0 text me 951 588 4488 located in Lake Elsinore. -Nick Or will sell for 345.00 shipped and insured Added...
  26. NickyBaby

    Rod for Trinidad 12A

    Must have reel seat Live bait stick only 15-25lb line Lookin for 8 footer. Phenix or graphiter??? need some opinions
  27. NickyBaby

    Trinidad 14A

    found a 12 :Kick_emoticon:
  28. NickyBaby

    Curado 300, shimano crucial xh, 400TE

    Calcutta 400TE 250.00 (righty) *reduced* Located in Lake Elsinore, CA Reel has never seen saltwater Text me @ 951 588 4488 -Nick will ship at your cost, paypal +4% or pickup
  29. NickyBaby

    Talica 12 2speed

    Looking to spend 380.00-400.00 depending on condition
  30. NickyBaby

    Avet SX blue

    Will post pictures when I get home. Mechanically 10/10 Cosmetically 9.999/10 This is the model that clicks, no cast control, single speed w/ clamp I might have the box still gonna look for it, filled with 50lb. white power pro solid. Has a NON glued in drag washer that has been greased with...
  31. NickyBaby


    Lookin for a 16A in mint condition let me know
  32. NickyBaby

    Calcutta 401TE, Trinidad 20, Graphiter 700L

    New Calcutta 401TE (LEFTY) has one scratch on right side frame 265.00 shipped firm Still for Sale: Trinidad 20 w/ carbontex and DC pawl and spring upgrade 235.00 shipped no rash has one small mark, comes with box etc. Calstar Graphiter 700l Mint used on one trip 125.00 shipped This is a...
  33. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 & Graphiter

    Reel has been on 2 boat rides, only has one yellow on it. Has Carbontex drag washers and dc pawl and spring upgrade, One small scratch. Baby on the way and need to sell some chit 290.00 shipped or 275.00 picked up. will be insured and tracked. Also have a Calstar Graphiter 760L rated...
  34. NickyBaby

    For Sale or Trade: Saltiga 30T

    Been on one boat ride, cosmetically and mechanically 10/10 I have installed carbon drags. Looking to to Trade for: 1. Talica 12 2 speed +cash on my part 2. Saltiga 40 in same condition (doesn't have to have carbon washers i can do that) 3. Accurate Xtreme BX 500 + cash on my part...
  35. NickyBaby

    1.5 Day tackle recs?

    Alright I'm bringin Talica 8ii w/ 25lb avet sx w/ 20lb. Trinidad 20 w/ 30lb. flouro no. 1 and 1/0 owners what else do i need....
  36. NickyBaby

    Need a 40lb. bait rod

    Need input for a rod. 40-50lb will be with a Talica 12ii I was lookin at the Seeker black steel with the silver guides (gold ones are ugly as fuck) would like one with an aluminum reel seat. 7 footer would be ok as well
  37. NickyBaby

    Makaira 10 ii or Talica 12 ii

    So what do you guys think, for 40-50 lb? I have a Talica 8 ii. dont have a Makaira yet. On paper the Okuma is lookin pretty good and has a lower ratio......So many choices
  38. NickyBaby

    Out with the old, In with the new

    well, not really i'm still keepin the older TN20, but this way you guys can see the size difference of the new Trinidads. They are much smaller than their brothers. Bought it with Jason at Melton, he also has the 16's and 16n's.
  39. NickyBaby

    Another Anti reverse thread. saltiga

    Anyone have any issues with the saltigas? I installed my carbon fiber drags a long time ago and never really looked at the A/R pawl. I figure they're the same as the saltist which do have the issue at high drag settings. And when the fuck are the new trinis comin out
  40. NickyBaby

    Shimano Chronarch

  41. NickyBaby

    new Trinidad for Surface iron

    So now that the new trinidads are coming out soon, Whatcha think, the 16 or 20 for iron. Right now i have the TN20 (no problems) but i might want a narrower spool. Edit I only fish 40lb. on the plugs, will also be using spectra to fill the spool a bit for quick respooling. should i go with...
  42. NickyBaby

    Shimano customer service

    Wow just called Shimano to order my dc pawl and spring for the Trinidad and the guy tells me it will be to your door tomorrow, i asked how much, and he says 89.00 damn i was like what the hell. Then he says just kidding i'll send it right out :idiot:. asked again how much, he says he'll "take...
  43. NickyBaby

    Shimano Trinidad 20 to dc pawl and spring

    quick question, do i have to get a washer over the spring or is it drop in and go?
  44. NickyBaby

    Shimano Need Teardown for Talica 2speed 8

    Lookin to open this baby up, in need of a tutorial w/Pics. Anyone?
  45. NickyBaby

    Shimano Talica 2

    Lookin for the 8 in excellent condition. let me know what you got
  46. NickyBaby

    Avet and Accurate

    Accurate B270-c went on one trip, Mint condition. best offer takes it (with box) Avet JX 6/3 in blue (one buyer interested will keep everyone posted) used once excellent cond. 290.00 shipped (with box) Shimano Calcutta 151 left 75.00 shipped (with box) Shimano Calcutta 200 TE 250.00 shipped...
  47. NickyBaby

    Avet JX 6/3 Blue

    Used on one trip, Excellent condition mechanically and cosmetically. 10/10 290.00 shipped obo
  48. NickyBaby

    Saltiga carbontex upgrade

    Is there any particular order the drag washers need to be in. I know the one under the gear and the first one in the gear are special...
  49. NickyBaby

    Carbonfiber washers for TN 20

    I plan on installing these washer, read all of Alantani's posts, but cant find the washers on lil help por favor And in his pics it shows the carbonfiger washer with grease all over it, should you wipe it off after coating it like on avets or leave it on all greasy lol...
  50. NickyBaby

    cork puppy

    which size for 900m and trinidad 20
  51. NickyBaby

    saltist lever drags

    Anyone played with this reel. I was foolin with one recently and they feel Very Rough and scratchy. feels very geary and almost crunchy. I've owned saltists, saltigas, sealines. This reel just feels a piece of shit. Anyone else think differently. and its not like comparing...
  52. NickyBaby

    FS: Accurate 270-c and GFGR 700L (non deckhand)

    Accurate is 10/10, GRAPHITER is 10/10 340.00 + 10.00 shipping for accurate 165.00 for graphiter pics coming on sunday. Located in Temecula, will ship the reel, not the rod. comes with box and manuals/tools Single speed reel. used one time as well as the rod.
  53. NickyBaby

    J hook or Circle for yellowtail?

    whats your preference and why. personally i've always used J hooks, tried circles last year and did ok but they wanted to wiggle out. Hook to land ratio, whats got your goat?
  54. NickyBaby

    Need advice on rod for yoyo 40l.b and reel for iron

    Already have a JX 2speed. looking for a shorter rod for yoyo. Have a 100J and i'm stuck between the Saltiga 30T and the SA 40. I do want 65lb spectra....lookin for about 250-275yds of it for the long rod. A lot of people are saying they're getting 300yds of 65lb and 100yd topshot of 40 for...
  55. NickyBaby

    Ceez in the UFC?

    what a monster
  56. NickyBaby

    Can i get a O'side swell report

    Preferebly first hand from today. thanks
  57. NickyBaby

    how wide is the AVET LX

    can anyone give me the width of the spool in inches. be highly appreciated
  58. NickyBaby

    funny fishing clips

    got this from another site courtesy of Red Dragon
  59. NickyBaby


    Some of these websites which we post all the funny crap contains viruses. I Recently got the Trojan.Vundo from one of them; this is an old virus, however they have modified it, making it EXTREMELY hard to delete and remove from your comp. I spent 4 days trying to find something that would...
  60. NickyBaby

    Dirty preacher

    pretty damn funny, probably posted before.