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  1. reelchrome

    Hi Greg, I am heading out thursday also, have you heard any intel on how far out to start? Denis

    Hi Greg, I am heading out thursday also, have you heard any intel on how far out to start? Denis
  2. reelchrome

    Also will be getting Ice and launching around 530-6 and heading sw with the rest!

    Also will be getting Ice and launching around 530-6 and heading sw with the rest!
  3. reelchrome

    Tuna thursday 8/27

    I'll be there!
  4. reelchrome

    OP Derby

    Weather definitely looking better at midchannel rather than in the straits. Getting a lot of Pms on the side bet, Need to be signed up by 630am friday.
  5. reelchrome

    OP Derby

    I heard it will be 70+ and sunny :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  6. reelchrome

    OP Derby

    Pm sent!
  7. reelchrome

    OP Derby

    Two different side pots are set up, Pm me for details (unless the mods say its ok to say the name of the app)
  8. reelchrome

    OP Derby

    Who's In? The Ruby Coho will be heading for Port Townsend Thursday morning, Hopefully in time to get moorage.
  9. reelchrome

    Saltwater Big San Juan Blackmouth

    Springers maybe? were they on the bottom?
  10. reelchrome

    Saltwater Feb 22 am

    Nice, sometimes you have to stop and take pictures!
  11. reelchrome

    Saltwater Blk Mouth 1st trip this yr.

    Good to see a Hood Canal Report, thanks!
  12. reelchrome

    We will be out Saturday, if you share intel, we are not fishing in the tournament. Denis

    We will be out Saturday, if you share intel, we are not fishing in the tournament. Denis
  13. reelchrome

    Still looking to see where everyone else is heading

    Still looking to see where everyone else is heading
  14. reelchrome

    that Sounds Good, The only intel I got was 240 heading, so that's probably what we will do

    that Sounds Good, The only intel I got was 240 heading, so that's probably what we will do
  15. reelchrome

    Westport Wednesday Tuna run

    I am going and would be happy to share info on the water
  16. reelchrome

    Business opportunity

    Allot of the work is done, i could be wrong but shouldn't be a ton of work, maybe some tweeks and fun things to do, it will make more sense to see what I have in person, Pm me and the beer will be on me
  17. reelchrome

    Business opportunity

    haha, that is some funny shit, just fishing trips then, I can do beer and bull shitting
  18. reelchrome

    Business opportunity

    I am looking for a Fishermen Tech guy! Must be a fishermen on any level, developer, engineer, ui/ux designer, professional or hobie level ok, I am Looking for someone in the seattle area to meet with, bounce ideas, get opinions, for an up and coming fishing related technology company...
  19. reelchrome

    Anyone rolling 9-7 for tuna?

    We are heading out tomorrow
  20. reelchrome

    Saltwater Epic Neah Bay/Port Renfew Report! Pic Heavy

    Great pictures, was the fishing better on the Port Renfew side vrs Neah?
  21. reelchrome

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    We are in. See ya at the Elks, good luck.
  22. reelchrome

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Big Shrimpin
  23. reelchrome

    Split a Cabo charter boat ?

    I am looking to fish in Cabo wednesday or thursday (10/19 or 10/20) need 2 to 5 more people to fill a charter boat and split the cost. Pm me if your interested
  24. reelchrome

    I am in cabo next week looking to fish wednesday or thursday, do you have 2 open seats and how much?

    I am in cabo next week looking to fish wednesday or thursday, do you have 2 open seats and how much?
  25. reelchrome

    Great Time with Renagade Mike Sportfishing Cabo

    I may just do that next week, what is his rate? does he give a solid deal for NW Bloodydeckers ?
  26. reelchrome

    Saltwater 8-19-16 Tuna Report

    way to go, you really earned em! Thanks for the report, What time did you get back to the dock? sounds like a long day.
  27. reelchrome

    Saltwater Willapa 8/12 & 13

    Thanks for the report, the slow fishing reports are just as helpful as the wfo reports.
  28. reelchrome

    Saltwater Westport Salmon

    Did anyone keep/eat the mackerel? how were they? I actually caught one in the Puget sound once.
  29. reelchrome

    Tuna reports

    the struggle is real!
  30. reelchrome

    Saltwater Day 2 Westport 9 to 5

    Thanks for the report, I just bought the same boat, should be down there shortly!
  31. reelchrome

    "News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon" Locked ?

    What does it mean when a thread is locked? I wanted to through in my 2 cents on the "News Release from WDFW on Puget Sound Salmon" Shouldn't they have made that announcement before 4/1 when everyone bought licences ? how bout those folks that only fish...
  32. reelchrome

    Seaswirl Striper WA 2100 (1998)

    1998 Seaswirl Striper 21' walk around cuddy, powered by a 98 200 hp Johnson *tower with 4 rocket launchers, *(new) full enclosed canvas with clear side curtains *2 scotty downriggers *lowrance HDS 7 * Lowrance vhf * Led Deck lights *shorelander trailer Title in Hand ASKING 17,500 will...
  33. reelchrome

    2015 muzzle loader bull.

    thats a nice bull, you going to do a mount?
  34. reelchrome

    Saltwater All South Sound action. MA 11,12,13

    Nice to see a south sound report. nice work!
  35. reelchrome

    2006 250 E-TEC, SOLD

    interested, how much to ship to seattle?
  36. reelchrome

    Saltwater PA butts

    Way to go! We found one on Friday seams like not as many on the dock as prior openers, had a guy anchor 50' off or Port side, do we need to start a thread about anchoring respect?
  37. reelchrome

    Saltwater Westport opener.

    the Long arm makes them look bigger! Great picture, I do that with all of mine, if I can lift em
  38. reelchrome

    Saltwater Great shrimping in area 12

    We got 4 easy. Limits and then had to work for the 5 th seams like when the tide slowed down the less we got, out in area 10
  39. reelchrome

    Saltwater Wp hali

    That's a beauty, can't wait to peel one of those of the bottom next weekend!
  40. reelchrome

    hali time

    Try the Fish-n-map co. charts of san juan / straits
  41. reelchrome

    A Word to the Wise

    Good post, I'm on board with this, today just turned into a boat maintenance day.
  42. reelchrome

    Saltwater South Sound to San Juan Islands

    Good looking Fish! Thanks for the report!
  43. reelchrome

    Saltwater Port Angeles Report 7/1

    We found a couple in PA but it took a lot of effort and two days of really slow fishing to find them.
  44. reelchrome

    Saltwater Targeting Sockeye at Sekui

    Pretty sure the sockeye com through. There before it opens for salmon.
  45. reelchrome

    Saltwater Area 6 Halibut

    Got out there at daylight both Friday and Saturday, fished till about three on Friday and ended up with 2 small ones, (low 20's probably) Saturday went out and got sick of the heavy chop around 10;30 and headed in with 0....both days a little rough, hopefully better at La Push this weekend .
  46. reelchrome

    Port Angeles 5/9-10 Hali

    I will Be there, Never miss A PA opener!
  47. reelchrome

    Saltwater Shrimping

    Launched at Alki, fished with the rest of the crowed, got a little sloppy first thing but then calmed down, we managed to get our five limits also with a small crew, and headed in. mmmmm shrimp!
  48. reelchrome

    Saltwater Clams!

    thank you, needed a laugh !
  49. reelchrome

    Saltwater The boat is ready! It is time to go!

    Great Pictures, Thanks for the report. is the La push ramp going to be fixed by the halibut opener?
  50. reelchrome

    Halibut 2014 is OPEN in Canada !!

    I am in, may is just too far away!
  51. reelchrome

    2 Elk down

    Way to go! both nice bulls, what unit?
  52. reelchrome

    Saltwater First bait stop

    we spoke on the ramp at the end of the day, Great Job, it was a good day, lots of good size!
  53. reelchrome

    Saltwater Oh ya, Sekiu

    Drove By there, looked a little foggy!
  54. reelchrome

    Saltwater Gig Harbor Kings

    well Done!, I love to hear about south sound fish!
  55. reelchrome

    Saltwater Area 11

    Nice to See there are some fish around down south.
  56. reelchrome

    Saltwater Sequim Butts

    It's a shame we cant fish longer, it went by so fast.
  57. reelchrome

    Saltwater should have entered the PA Hali derby!

    Were You in PA? Did you pull it out on the derby derby dock and get everybody excited?
  58. reelchrome

    Saltwater Buts and Bugs

    Decided to not do the Derby so we launched out of Sequim on Saturday to avoid the crowds, Had a Good friend from San Diego, up to Visit, his Girlfriend and my Wife and had to show them what we're all about up here, dropped some pots first thing and after fighting some current for a couple hours...
  59. reelchrome

    Saltwater Did anyone else get skunked at PA?

    well, to get back on point, I did get skunked in PA..... on Saturday, thursday and Friday however we did find a few. Keep trying, they are plenty of fish in the straits, oh and the fish checker gave me different numbers, she said about a fish per boat thursday and friday.
  60. reelchrome

    Saltwater Neah Bay Ling

    Nice work, did ya make it out to the deep water or did you stay inside?
  61. reelchrome

    Saltwater Ding, Ding Ding, more Lings

    Nice work, I will be out there in a few weeks, and it can't come soon enough!
  62. reelchrome

    Saltwater BC Halibut 3/23

    yup, the old standby, herring&hoochie
  63. reelchrome

    Saltwater BC Halibut 3/23

    Finally made it across the border for halibut for the first time, weather was awesome left Port Angels around 6:45 am on Saturday Fished Constance bank and picked up one on the drift after anchoring in the morning with no success, it was my buddy's first halibut, so congrats Lon!
  64. reelchrome

    BC Halibut, Who's goin?

    Yeah, I just wanted to see who's going this weekend so I can give a shout or keep an eye out for fellow Bd's
  65. reelchrome

    Saltwater Derby Scouting

    Water sure looks nice! too, good work!
  66. reelchrome

    BC Halibut, Who's goin?

    blah blah blah, its a pre report, ill have one on monday the 25th, thanks for the insight Titan, thats what I have read as well, call in, no guns and have a chart, I would also be interested to know if anyone went to the Victoria area for the opener!
  67. reelchrome

    BC Halibut, Who's goin?

    I am heading out For the BC opener, for the first time, (22-23rd) any Tips will be appreciated, Has anybody herd about long liners in the eastern straits?
  68. reelchrome

    New to Seattle, have some fishing questions.

    There is jetties at most of the beach towns, you can find rockfish/sea bass, perch and small ling cod, plenty of piers in the Puget sound, you can get lucky and get salmon in the summer and fall, this is a pink year so the piers will be crowded but you will get into them, your best bet is to...
  69. reelchrome

    Saltwater Area 9 still producing

    Nice work, how was the water, herd it was suppose to be windy.
  70. reelchrome

    Saltwater MA-6 Sat-Sun

    They were hitting just about everything out there, I think people kept with the spoons & hoochies just to stay away form the dog fish
  71. reelchrome

    Saltwater MA-6 Sat-Sun

    Fished out of P/A on Saturday and Sunday, left the dock on Saturday at 4:25 had gear in the water at 4:45 and had the first on on before 5, it was a wild so it went back, 10 minutes later rod goes off again, it was a hatchery so it got whacked, The Bite continued for a good 3-4 hours by 9 we...
  72. reelchrome

    Crab in MA11

    I get em every time I use salmon Carcs
  73. reelchrome

    Saltwater La Push 5/19 (first post)

    Ya Ill be there again if they open it....and weather provides, I have a handle on the range now, I can do 30 out and drift most of the day and back but not much more, and not in bad weather. (55 gal tank)
  74. reelchrome

    Saltwater La Push 5/19 (first post)

    Went out to La push Saturday with what seemed like every other boat in the state for the lake like conditions. started at the rock pile since the boat has never been to the sw corner and didn't know if we had the range, banged out 6 mice lings by 10 and still registered a full tank we decide to...
  75. reelchrome

    Puget Sound fishing

    Not to forget Herring....cut plug or with a helmet!
  76. reelchrome

    North MA11 Crabbing?

    look for other pots, then go deeper (start at 150) use salmon carks for bait if you got em
  77. reelchrome

    Looking for a local Tower fabricator?

    can anyone recommend a good hardtop/tower/arch fabricator in the Puget sound area? Thanks
  78. reelchrome

    Freshwater Duwamish / Grenn river advice please

    nothing is hot there, I'd find a skinny spot in the river and thro spinners or eggs under a float (at low tide)
  79. reelchrome

    Open seat?

    I am coming down from Seattle to visit some family next door to the Oxnard Marina If any one has an open seat or possibly 2 I'd be happy to buy Gas, Looking to fish Tuesday 6-7 Thanks!
  80. reelchrome

    Lowrance read before you buy

    I herd a few review about the Lowrance, but the HDS had every thing I wanted for the right price so I bought it anyway (HDS 7) I just made sure to buy it some where that would take it back no questions ask the only pace after looking at 20 stores was West Marine with a 2 year plan and an...