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    Older torium 30

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    Shimano fenwick rods $50

    Fenwick hotstick Shimano beastmaster don’t know the value of tbut we can say $50 for all Pick up Kearny Mesa
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    Accurate Valiant 2-speed

    Valiant Bv400 2-speed or Bv500 narrow 2-speed Here in San Diego
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    Trinidad gold

    Looking for a 40 narrow gold.
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    Shimano tld sold

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    Deleted post

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    Sold lot

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    Shimano 16hg $99

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    10 ft ulua

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    Work bench build?

    Anybody know anybody trustworthy in the Escondido area who can help build a bench in my garage? Limited on time, skill and tools and usually can find somebody reasonable on here. Message for details
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    Bluefin question?

    Saw a Bluefin sell at the Fish market for 3 million! The question is what differs from the big ones caught locally here (SCI) the past few years and the fish selling there? What would some of you guys with big bft caught locally sell for there? Just curious. :hali_olutta:
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    Seen it or not?

    Any ideas? Values? Just wondering..
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    Most desired irons and yo-yo?

    Old surface irons and yo-yo or just lures/jigs, what are the ones you want to keep your eyes out for? Rare? Expensive?
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    Any suggestions for iPhone app?

    Looking for app for iPhone for charts Heard boating USA Fish spots Something that works local and offshore Airplane mode or without WiFi etc. Suggestions? Thanks
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    Swapped rods on the dolphin 9/22

    Fished the dolphin on the extended half day think it was the 22nd a Thursday Anyway, grabbed the wrong rod when I left We have the same reels but different rods (looks the same also) You prob got the better end of it with my teramar but if your rod has any personal value or just want it back...
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    Royal Polaris- 6/15-1/17

    Anybody else going on this trip?
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    White Seabass at the Islands!

    Went to the islands for yellows and found WSB stuffed with red crab! Free swimmers with every hooked fish.. Wide open for a good 25 mins for limits! Coronado is crazy! Oh, and a yellowtail! Oh, and a few small cudas...
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    Tribute 11/6/14 almost over..

    Come jump on the Tribute for one of the last trips of the season. Should be a super light load leaving Wednesday night 11/5. Will be a great time on a great boat..hurry up and book!
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    Book this trip!

    Spread the word about this trip on the 11th! Let's make this trip a go! Tribute out of Seaforth landing Tuesday, Feb 11th Great fishing with a great Capt. and crew..
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    Tribute Feb. 11th! Book now

    Spread the word about this trip on the 11th! Let's make this trip a go! Tribute out of Seaforth landing Tuesday, Feb 11th Great fishing with a great Capt. and crew..
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    Lake Poway stock 2/15 Wed

    Anybody know if they stocked lake Poway today 2/15? they had one scheduled but due to weather was wondering if the truck made it Thanks
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    The Post-It Truck

    Saw this down at the landing .. Think they got the message?
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    Questons on gun registration, need help.

    I recently received a 30/30 from the wife of my good friend that passed away. I was wondering if anybody knows the form you need or have a link to the pdf of the form I can print so I can register in my name I heard there is a form so I wouldn't have to let the gun out of my possession for 10...
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    Question on rockfish regs?

    Was wondering whats the rockfish regulations? Been hearing different things Any help?
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    What kind of fish is this?

    Caught the other day in the bay,,, Anybody know? Kind of a shovel looking head and sharp teeth..
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    Wild pigs in SD (article) and meeting!

    Dr. Reginald “Reg” Barrett, professor of Wild Life Management at University of California Berkeley, will present a talk on wild pigs and their management in California on Sunday, Aug. 1, at 5 p.m. Sponsored by the Iron Mountain Conservancy—Ramona, the free presentation will be in the...
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    Prowler only $125 leaves Wed. June 2nd!!

    Prowler only $125 leaves Wed. June 2nd!! The Prowler was designed with two things in mind... Fishing and Comfort. -only need 9 to roll!! -Fisherman's Landing (619) 221-8500
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    Fresh one! This thing pretty big right??

    A big one caught running across the top of the fence !:smash:
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    Another squirrel down!!

    Got this one with the Gamo, about 20 yds dropped and rolled over..
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    Lets see the turkey kills!!

    Still some time left for the bow, but lets get a follow up on this seasons birds. Local or anywhere lets check em..
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    Rainy day gobbler!!!!!

    Cold and wet out but worth it....
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    What about mega baits for yo-yo yellows?

    What about mega baits for yo-yo yellows? Will these work 7x or tady c maybe to light or will work? Thanks
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    Gotta Read! Hilarious post on Craigslist!!

    Posted to Craig's List Personals: To the Guy Who Tried to Mug Me in Downtown Savannah night before last. Date: 2009-03-23, 3:43AM EST I was the guy with the black Burberry jacket that you demanded I hand over, shortly after you pulled the knife on me and my girlfriend. You...
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    Turkey Hunt 4/23/09

    Went out 4/23 and got this guy! Nice looking fella with a fairly nice beard. Kinda wondering about his Fan though. Kinda tore up...
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    Blue Slate turkey??

    Out scouting and saw some wierd looking birds, turned out to be some blue slate turkey out there. Whats the deal with them? Legal to hunt ? Good eating ? Buddy that I was with said they were endangered or something..
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    4 hunters 1 turkey !!

    Left with the guys around 4 to try out a new spot out. Turned out to be worth getting up and hiking for. One of my friends ended up with the bird, it was his first and he was very stoked. We got it coming out from getting a drink in the creek. Alot of birds out there. I scored a nice one last...
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    Willing to pay to hunt property!!!

    I am looking to get myself a turkey this year.. I know this might be kinda wierd but I really want to get one and dont have the time or the vehicle to get me there. Anyways if someone has some property that has turkey I would be willing to pay to hunt the property. Any help would be great and...
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    Anyone ever been to the Flying D Ranch ??

    Never heard of it and was wondering if anyone has been. Also heard they have guided Turkey hunts. Any help would be cool
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    A quick stop in Acapulco...

    Just got back from an eight day cruise that left out of San Diego. First stop was Acapulco and thought that I would try my luck on a little five hour boat ride. We booked the excursion through the cruise line, and they told us that we would be leaving at 12 pm. This vacation I had invited my...
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    Offshore Need some help?

    Going fishing in Ixtapa and Acapulco in 2 months. Anybody have any tips suggestions for the area? Anybody know any charters worth checking out. Any help is welcome. Thanks alot
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    LJ ON 8/14/08 Sorry so late guys!!!

    Went out on a half day boat to try and stick one of these local yellows. Mission a success, landed this guy. What do you think???
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    Looking for a good filet knife!

    Looking for a good filet knife! Any thoughts looking for a really good one everyone is saying forschners
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    My biggest yellow yet !!

    My buddy Bobby and I went out Wed night on the same boat that I was on 2 weeks ago for the albacore trip.We caught the back end of that albacore craze that was going off and got skunked. Early to rise and I was up top and one of the first on the troll in the morning. Troll for 20 Min's to first...
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    Mako bit my finger off!! PICS

    Im going out on my buddys boat tommorrw with some guys from work, I have been wanting to try and catch a mako. Any advice to line, hook, chum, drift??? Be really cool to pull one up with these guys that are pretty new to the sport!
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    Fish in Panama

    This post is for my buddy in Panama, to show what he's doing down there! Catchin amberjack on 15 and 20lb is fun! and caught this catfish on cedar plug 20 mile offshore just catchin fish He's stoked, Dont you think??