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    They cheated! Recall newsom!

    Big win? Only for aholes like newsom. This is a major loss to Californians.
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    Live Report Albacore Hot Bite!

    Congrats! I hate you and I'm happy for you at the same time! Tell those fish to come down to the central coast! LOL
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    A second party boat? Or a private boat?
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    Inshore Salmon caught

    Nice salmon. But as a fishing report, it's pretty lacking in details. :)
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    King's Depth

    Cool. Always good to have a plan. We tend to take note of what we're seeing on the finder on our way out and when we get to the area. Plus whatever information we may have received from either someone already out there or from the day before. Sometimes we start shallow, other times we start...
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    King's Depth

    Here is some underwater salmon footage I've gotten in years past. The second link was off of Cannery Row in Monterey. You can see the salmon just cruising with spacing between each other.
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    King's Depth

    Interesting question that has no right answer. The salmon will be where they want to be based on conditions and bait. We've caught them from the surface all the way down to 300+ feet. From water only 40 feet to can't read the bottom. Find the zone they're in and work it.
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    Inshore Salmon 2021

    Awesome fish! How much did that slug weigh?
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    Help identify this fish?

    That's a brown rockfish, aka bolinas. We catch them from time to time out of Avila. They're good eating. Best eating is the gophers, if they're big enough and they don't drag your lure into the rocks. Blues are just pests really, meat is mushier. Bigger ones are ok though. We always throw the...
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    They're baacckkk.

    We used to take our golden retriever fishing with us all the time on our boat at Lake Mead back in the 90's. He loved being out there with us and he was a swimming machine. He even learned how to get back onto the boat via the swim step without any help from us. And he would even snag a live...
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    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    The 100 fathom max limit is only for the SoCal management area. Other areas to the north have much shallower max depth restrictions: - Mendocino Management Area is 30 fathoms - San Francisco Management Area is 50 fathoms
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    Who else is looking forward to new rockfish spots?

    I don't miss fishing that deep for rockfish at all. But, I'm not in socal either. Fishing out of PSL catch all the rockfish we want at 150 feet or less.
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    Wire Line Halibut

    Barkoff, We use 90 lb wire on a fully roller guided rod to fish for salmon. It's called the Monterey meatline method. We drag a 4 lb ball (max weight when it's attached to the line) and every 18 feet up the wire we have a crimp stop that we can attach a leader to. For salmon we can run two...
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    Best 23-25 ft boat for Northen CA offshore fishing Parker/Farallon/North River

    As has already happened, there are going to be lots of opinions and different boats to look at. My dad upgraded from a Striper 2150 to a Parker 2320 about 5 years ago and we've been nothing but happy with it. Lots of people say that Parkers slam, but... if you trim it right and set your speed...
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    BFT return to Monterrey

    Why are there no pictures on their instagram or website? Why is there nothing in their fish counts about it? I see in their link here that they were working to add a third boat to the fleet... being the Pacifica. I want to believe this, but seems like they...
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    BFT return to Monterrey

    I looked at their instagram and I don't see anything there...? I looked at their website and there was nothing on their fish counts. I don't even know of a boat in the Monterey area by the name of Pacifica. I thought that was a San Diego boat... This whole thing sounds fishy.
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    Offshore The sword teased us then finally committed

    Hell yeah!!!! Congrats on the fish of a lifetime!
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    Local pride

    Nice salmon! When did you catch those?
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    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    My opinion is.... if the captain told me I had to give up my spot in the rotation I'd be effing pissed. For me to make a trip down there it's a 6-8 hour drive depending on traffic, it's a minimum 1 day off of work. I'm looking at getting on a boat down there soon, but I don't get many chances go...
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    S5100 or west coast rail

    Having the high rail on our Parker is sooo dang nice! I don't feel any fear when going up to the bow for any reason. Easy to grab onto, and lean on if needed to regain balance. To me it's worth every penny, regardless of what you're fishing for.
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    Local King Salmon?

    I believe it was 2002 or 2003 that was an epic year for them out of Santa Barbara. We were driving south to launch out of SB instead of fishing for them out of Port San Luis for like a month straight. We limited 6-8 fish many times. One of the days we caught 6 fish with 4 being over 20 lbs...
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    Offshore Albacore please show up

    This was posted on WFOA tuna. May 21, 2020: While the North Pacific albacore fishery is still maybe a month away some albacore have been caught in other gear types offshore of S. California. Also, some albacore have been reported caught off N. Baja for the first time in many years by local...
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    Offshore Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    I want more albacore talk and less surfing talk. :D
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    Offshore Sportboat Grande confirms albacore rumors

    My "fascination" is that if they're showing down by you guys then the chances of them being off our coast (central coast) later this season is much greater. We have some bluefin that pop up here and there, but it's not like San Diego where they're all over the place it seems. I for one am...
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    Those pictures make me cringe! I had a similar experience back in 2007 while out fishing.... was not a fun time. Emergency room... long ass needle to numb the finger/hand... Always be mindful and aware of what's happening. Shit can happen when you least expect it.
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    Morro Bay Halibut info

    I think I lost brain cells reading this thread.
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    What's the Story on the Commission Meeting??

    This was posted earlier...
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    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    Seems like there is more to that story. Where I was at there were state park rangers out and about. I even waved at one. They weren't stopping ANYONE from going down to the water to surf or kayak fish or surf fish. Or to stop people biking on the road. Or people hiking up the trail heads. So...
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    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    No they haven't. I was at the beach up in my area on Saturday doing some perch fishing and there were a number of surfers out there enjoying the waves. I'm sure other areas are the same. And I see bikers on the road every day when I go into work. And people are hiking. Etc etc.
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    CDFW wants to CLOSE fishing- Make your voice HEARD

    If they close fishing, are they going to say surfers can't surf? Or bikers can't bike? Or you can't go hiking?
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    7ft 6 inch rod

    If the 8' rod is the one you want then wait for it. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with 7'6 rod. I Tranx 400 paired with a 7'6 Proteus that is awesome.
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    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    I saw someone mention turning of Javascript for the site and that seems to have resolved the issue for me. I don't even see the ads anymore, which is most likely the culprit.
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    BD Freezes

    Locked up on me this morning also after about 2 mins. I've disabled Java now so have to see how it goes.
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    Honey Hole for reds! Near MLPA and Dana Point

    Water clarity definitely affects the waterwolf. When the water is dirty color you'll also be affected by how much light there is in the sky. Overcast days, or if it's early morning still, it's hard to get footage down deep. I've run the waterwolf for a number of years now when trolling for...
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    Deep Drop Swordfish in NorCal

    I took it to mean looking for sunning or surface swimming swords so that people had an idea on what area they want to deep drop in.
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    Ling cod set ups.

    Back in 2016 I dropped a live squid down on a dropper loop with an underwater camera attached above it. Had a really cool encounter with a lingcod the moment it hit bottom. Here is the video (starting at about 12:32) of the lingcod hitting the squid, and then the camera.
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    Ling cod set ups.

    Crazy to think that 16 inch bait is not too big. I think it was last year, we caught a 27-28" ling that looked like it's belly was going to pop. When we filleted it out there was about a 15 inch lingcod that was making it's belly into a bowling ball.
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    Morro Bay Yakin this 9/28 9/29

    Rockfish and Lings mainly. Maybe a halibut if you go across some sand. Been a pretty decent year for halibut. WSB haven't made much of a showing, but anything's possible. YT... he'd be lost, but would always welcome him into the cooler!
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    Half Moon Bay Salmon Destruction

    Where's the pictures? I want to see pictures!
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    Underwater video - Cuda strike and WSB good looks

    Brandon said they are looking into it. I emailed him that exact video for comparison, so hopefully they can get an idea on what's going on. And sorry about hijacking your thread. It's really cool you got video of a WSB. I'll be fishing this weekend and next weekend for halibut/wsb, and I plan...
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    Underwater video - Cuda strike and WSB good looks

    I'm more and more of the opinion it is the camera itself. Everytime i've run the gofish cam the footage looks washed out, regardless of water conditions and without editing any of the footage. I also have an underwater wolf camera and it has a much clearer/sharper image, despite only recording...
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    Underwater video - Cuda strike and WSB good looks

    Nice videos. Looks like your goFish cam footage has that washed out look as well.
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    WFO Seabass 4th of July on the Pacific Dawn, Ventura.

    Congrats on your wsb and rockfish. I'd rather keep fishing the wsb all day than go get rockfish. But that's just me.
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    Boat rage

    Sure, alcohol definitely doesn't lead to good decision making. But just because he was drinking doesn't mean he was going to just start harassing the bigger boat. I'm wondering what the bigger boat did that made the smaller boat rage like that. That part of the story is left out. Did the bigger...
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    Boat rage

    Wonder what triggered the little boat? Big boat cut too close to him while he was fishing? Seems odd to just ram another boat for no reason... but there are some crazy people in the world.
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    Albacore season

    Unfortunately I don't. I've only run the underwater cameras one time so far this season since the fish have been so deep. The day I ran it the water was clearish and the sun was out... I want to run them more, but conditions need to be right. I hate seeing nothing but black on the screen from...
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    Albacore season

    Alright Skip. I'm going to hold you to it! Course I have to get salmon off my dad's brain to try for anything else. lol
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    NorCal white seabass head turn in program

    A bunch of fishermen that regularly fish out of PSL and Morro went up to one of the salmon meetings last year that was held in Salinas. They seemed surprised that with the amount of interest and fish we caught down here. We were fighting to have the sport season in our area not be shut down at...
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    It this legal?

    Why not just start recording the illegal actions? Everyone's cell phones these days can record video and audio. Instant proof that can be used. Then you could take it to the first warden you see.
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    San Miguel Report

    I'll take gophers all day long! To me they're the best eating rockfish. Just wish they were bigger! lol
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    Ling cod set ups. In this article it states that: Seems like it is 2 fish for all areas south of that line.
  52. CaliJeepHuntr

    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    Maybe it would have... but then again maybe it wouldn't have. Why did the salmon in this video at 1:08 hit this bait that was doing nothing? The bait wasn't doing anything to suggest it should draw a salmon in. Everyone has their methods, styles and preferences. We run mainly the small...
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    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    The bait is just a straight bait rigged with a cable baiter. One of our top salmon catchers. No crippled anything needed. :) I'm still undecided if the camera helps draw the salmon in. But we've seen salmon come up and hit the bait that has zero action, or was literally bit in half and doing...
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    What exactly was it you were fixing yesterday?

    Man, I wish those Albie reports were happening right now! It'd be Albies in the morning and salmon in the afternoon. Sounds like a good day to me!
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    Proteus vs pch

    Check to see what Turners has. I got a Proteus 76 MFB rated 30-60 braid at the Turners in Salinas in early April. It was marked clearance and I got it for $109. My dad also got a heavy duty Proteus spinning rod (can't remember exact model) for popping for tuna for $99. We couldn't pass them up...
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    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    That fish was hooked on our bottom leader. Shows how good he was hooked. Dragging him up from 250 feet down takes a while. After the initial hookup on that fish the second fish came in and checked out the spoon. I want to catch a halibut and seabass on the camera. Hopefully this year. BFT I'd...
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    Port San Luis Salmon 5/4 & 5/5

    Fished PSL on Saturday and Sunday for limits both days. All fish were 10-15 lbs. On Saturday we started trolling in 250 feet of water south of the lighthouse. Bait was all over the place from big balls to hugging the bottom. Water was really clear though, which is probably why the fish were...
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    Go Pro Hero 4 Battery Life

    The Hero 3 black I have lasted roughly 2 hours a battery when recording in 1080 @ 60fps. I had 4 batteries I would rotate through...but it's a pain to constantly have to change it while on the water. What I did is buy a 20,000 mAh battery on Amazon for like 25-30 bucks. I ran the power cord to...
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    2019 Salmon

    Fishing was spotty. Some got them, some didn't. We did ok and got some. But the combat trolling on Saturday off Moss made catching extremely difficult. Plus there were a lot of small fish there.
  60. CaliJeepHuntr

    One salmon fishing lure...

    If you had to choose one? Flasher hoochie setup... you can choose the color combos. But.... straight cable baiter works just fine to. Though it may work because they're run above the flasher hoochies.
  61. CaliJeepHuntr

    What are the best methods for catching rockfish,sculpin,lingcod, and other bottom fish?

    Where would you be fishing for rockfish? So Cal? Cen Cal Coast? Nor Cal? Shrimp flies tipped with squid will catch fish, but you also get lots of small rockfish. This is probably the easiest entry to get into it as it requires less technique. When we go rockfishing out of PSL we use 2-4 oz...
  62. CaliJeepHuntr

    Line Weight to Fish Weight?

    Interesting thread reading all the posts. Some good info here. Another thing to consider is the type of fish you are fighting. Salmon have soft mouths, so it's harder to just button the drag on them and horse them in. We fish them with 50 lb leaders on 90 lb wire and we have to play the drags...
  63. CaliJeepHuntr

    Music for fishing video

    I'm working on an end of year video project with all the fishing videos I got throughout the year am kind of stuck trying to decide what music I want to put with it. If you guys have any suggestions for what you might think would work I'd be interested in seeing if it would work with the video...
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    Rockfish Regs

    Not sure I understand the need to reduce Lings to 1. There doesn't seem to be any down cycle to them off the central coast. Lots of lings to be had.
  65. CaliJeepHuntr

    Setting up Lexa 300 hd 7:1

    My dad has has that same reel loaded with 30# spectra with I think 20# top shot. It's on a Mojo inshore casting rod and is a great setup for rockfishing in our area using 2-3 oz swimbaits or leadheads with sluggo plastics. We don't fish heavy structure for rockfish and mainly target the reds...
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    California Delta Video

    Great video!
  67. CaliJeepHuntr

    Morro bay bonita??

    This thread is hilarious. No one has found any albacore, and certainly not at 35 miles. There were lots of bonito about 8 miles out of PSL on Saturday. We got 10 with lots around 10 lbs. They were a blast catching them on irons throwing into the jumpers. But on Sunday the fish moved and didn't...
  68. CaliJeepHuntr

    Bluefin off of Santa Cruz

    It could happen. It was last year, or year before, just before salmon season at PSL that a big bluefin swam through the hoist area. That water was probably 55 degrees.
  69. CaliJeepHuntr

    Albacore scouting??

    Weather sure hasn't been great this year for looking offshore.
  70. CaliJeepHuntr

    Albacore scouting??

    You may want to double check the weather. It's not looking good for the weekend. This is the outer waters forecast from 10-60 miles out, from Piedras to Sal. Today NW winds 5 to 10 kt, becoming 10 to 15 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 2 ft or less. NW swell 3 to 4 ft at 10 seconds. Patchy fog...
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    HMB tuna run

    Thanks for taking a look! I think the main water that would hold is still out 60-70 miles SW of Monterey from the last good chloro shots.
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    Need some help with video editing please. Anyone in San Diego?

    I'm using Powerdirector 16 and it works pretty good. But making nice video's is really time consuming, especially if you're trying to keep the actual timeframe of the video down. I've gotten much better over the years, but no way am I a pro at it. It's more of a hobby to the hobby of fishing...
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    Late Report Cruz Friday 5/25

    Glad they went easy on you guys. But they were correct, even though you weren't actively targeting rockfish you had them in possession which then dictates how many lines and hooks you can use. It's the same deal when fishing for salmon and/or rockfish. If we go catch rockfish first then go...
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    Trolling speeds for salmon

    It really depends. We generally like to troll around 2.2 to 2.4. But if you're having to fish really deep like you do in Monterey sometimes then you have to drop your speed some. But everyone has their own preferences and styles they tweak their method to. We've hooked up while going over 3...
  75. CaliJeepHuntr

    Swimbaits for Lingcods and Rockfish

    2-3 oz bullet point lead head and 6 inch sluggo in whatever color you like. Things are killer plastics and can be worked on the bottom much more effectively than fish trap type plastics. This is pretty much our go to fishing lure now for rockfish for us. Big lings, big reds, yellows, blues...
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    PSL Salmon May 2nd

    Launched at the hoist and motored our way out past the red light to about 200 ft. Water was pretty clear and cold at 48-49 degrees with lots of kelp debris that we had to dodge. We were seeing some scattered bait marks so we put the lines in and began the troll. About 30 minutes into the troll...
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    Central CA Halibut tips

    Where are you going to be fishing out of? From a boat? Kayak? Can bounce ball for them or drift with live bait. Just depends on your style and location.
  78. CaliJeepHuntr

    Follow up on my first splash of the year starting in Morro Bay..

    Nice catch! Looks like a very comfortable boat!
  79. CaliJeepHuntr

    Saturday April 21 First Launch of the Year..

    I'd double check the forecast before you go. NOAA is saying it'll be NW 10-20 knots in the afternoon. Sailflow quicklook shows it being decent till around 1-2 then getting 10-15 knots. For some reason the NaM 3Km forecast isn't working though. Sorry, didn't mean to come across that way...
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    Saturday April 21 First Launch of the Year..

    Have fun! It's hard to think about rockfish when they're salmon around for me though.
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    Monterey Salmon - April 14th

    Late report from Saturday. Left Monterey harbor a little after 6am and started making our way towards Mulligans. Stopped short off Marina beach on some bait and started trolling North. Both rods were rods were set about a stop off the bottom in 170 feet, but we were getting some interesting...
  82. CaliJeepHuntr

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    Depending on how deep you're fishing, I'd just get some bullet point type lead heads in 2-4 oz and 6 inch sluggo type plastics and fish those. Can't go wrong. Lings and reds love em.
  83. CaliJeepHuntr

    Any salmon reports from port conception to ventura?

    I think it was 2002, or somewhere around there, that we were fishing out of Santa Barbara for salmon instead of PSL/Morro or Monterey. Was like 3-4 weeks straight catching limits down there. One of the days we caught 6 fish with 4 of them over 20 lbs. They were deep around the 200 ft mark, and...
  84. CaliJeepHuntr

    Who's fishing opening day out of Morro Bay?

    Rockfish doesn't open up till April 1st up Sunday.
  85. CaliJeepHuntr

    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California?

    Superior huh? I think you're blinded to the fact that there are many different ways to catch fish successfully. Wow! Braid is so awesome! How did we ever fish without it? Fishing shallow you don't have to use braid. You can, but it's not necessary. I retrieve plenty of lures that get snagged...
  86. CaliJeepHuntr

    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California?

    One of my favorite setups is currently using 15 lb test line on a lighter rod. I've caught tons of big rockfish and lingcod on that setup for 20 years now. We fish along a kelp ledge all the time and use 15-20 lb test mono with no issues at all. We've caught big lings, giant reds, gophers, etc...
  87. CaliJeepHuntr

    You probably knew this

    Or the ones that want to blast their music over the VFH as if everyone wants to hear it.
  88. CaliJeepHuntr


    I'm in.. Patriots: 21 Eagles: 24
  89. CaliJeepHuntr

    Boat crash. Yikes! Jump!!

    Oh I know they were using GoPro's. I was just asking the guy above who said one guy had to grab his phone before jumping. I didn't see in the video where he did that so was wondering if I had missed that part. I thought the guy closer to the camera's had grabbed some part of the boat for balance...
  90. CaliJeepHuntr

    Boat crash. Yikes! Jump!!

    Where do you see him grab his phone? Looks like they all just jump out as quick as they could.
  91. CaliJeepHuntr

    Help with Halibut area

    Are you drifting or trolling? The flasher setup is for trolling while bouncing weights from 1-4 lbs.
  92. CaliJeepHuntr

    Help with Halibut area

    I don't know the area, but... are you only planning on bouncing sardines? Do you have flashy dodgers and some hoochies you could rig? Or squid looking bodies that can be put behind the dodger? We use those up our way off the central coast and channel islands with good luck. We've caught...
  93. CaliJeepHuntr

    To Kill A Ling...

    Depends on how deep of water you're fishing, but up out of Port San Luis my favorite is a 2 oz leadhead with a 6" sluggo in white, green, or brown color. We do well with those. Plus the reds love em to.
  94. CaliJeepHuntr

    Jackpot etiquette

    What ever you want to do. It's your money that you won.
  95. CaliJeepHuntr

    Any word of albi''s yet?

    They were 50+ out going towards the Davidson from Monterey at that time.
  96. CaliJeepHuntr

    Any word of albi''s yet?

    Those fish were caught to the SW of Monterey at the beginning of July. But all this relentless wind pushed the water back out. Some boats have tried in the small weather windows and not found any since. Hopefully now that the winds seem to finally be backing off that water will push back in.
  97. CaliJeepHuntr

    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    When your traditional tuna is an albacore in your local waters, you hope they show up every year. We get some bluefin in our waters, but it's hard to count on them being up here. I got lucky and got a 36 lber years ago fishing albies, but it wasn't our targeted species. Besides, towing 200...
  98. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore What a day.... 7/20

    Awesome trip! Did Ty catch any fish? Or did he just drive the boat for you guys? :D
  99. CaliJeepHuntr

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Those are pacific halibut they're catching up there. Not california halibut that are caught in central to southern california.
  100. CaliJeepHuntr

    Water break

    Additionally with WSB, people generally don't post the location because the fish are so spooky and boat traffic can affect the bite. So you have to piece a puzzle together to get an idea on where you want to start looking.
  101. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Marlin

    Haha that video was awesome!
  102. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Marlin

    So he's not a "real" fisherman because he kept a marlin? Brilliant logic (not). It's not illegal to keep a marlin. To the OP, great catch! Don't let any of these people saying you should have released it get you down.
  103. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey Salmon 7/2 & 7/3

    The rumors are true. We didn't hear any of the boats on the radio, but they were 35-50+ miles out and down I believe.
  104. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey Salmon 7/2 & 7/3

    It's called in underwater wolf camera. Little torpedo shaped thing. These were actually the first fish we landed on the camera, from bite to net. Had lots of hits and some hook ups, but they always popped off. I went to a longer leader this time, about 24-25" instead of the 15" inch one. I think...
  105. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey Salmon 7/2 & 7/3

    We decided to give it one more shot at salmon before the season closes on the 15th. Towed the boat up to Monterey on Saturday evening and got it berthed around 1130pm. Woke up at 5 to a nice misty foggy morning. Started motoring out around 530 and found bumpy seas. We had heard the fish were...
  106. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore 6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    Great report! Congrats on two awesome fish!
  107. CaliJeepHuntr

    What fish is it?

    Very interesting information! Thanks! I guess I forgot to add the size of this larvae. It was roughly 2-2.5 inches long. The green color at the top of the photo is to an 8 inch hotspot flasher, that I thought I had gotten in the picture when I took it. Should have double checked, but well... we...
  108. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey salmon try 6-8

    We fish the Monterey meatline method instead of using downriggers. Have to grab the clip leader and handline them close to be able to net them.
  109. CaliJeepHuntr

    Monterey salmon try 6-8

    Took Thursday off to go try salmon out of Monterey. We got the boat in the water around 1am, grabbed a few hours sleep and headed out about 545. Ran towards the point and put the lines in. Water was good color but there wasn't much bait. Commercial boats were scattered around the area, but it...
  110. CaliJeepHuntr

    What fish is it?

    My first thought was oarfish as well. Just has that look. But i'm not an expert so it's just my best guess. He was stuck to the line at a clip when I checked our gear fishing for salmon out of Monterey off point Pinos.
  111. CaliJeepHuntr

    What fish is it?

    I have my idea on what it is, but thought i'd put it out to the masses here and let you decide and discuss. Never know what you'll see/catch in the ocean!
  112. CaliJeepHuntr

    BFT/albacore out of SLO and/or nearby

    Mainly now it's all private boaters that go out and look. Years ago the landings used to run exploratory trips out to try and find the fish. But that's not happening anymore for whatever reasons. Lack of interest, lack of bait to buy, lack of fish to chase(?)... The past couple of years there...
  113. CaliJeepHuntr

    Port San Luis Salmon 4-30

    There is another camera coming out this year that I just recently heard about. Called the GoFishCam. Same idea, but it's a little shorter it looks like. But gives you 1080 footage and supposed to do better with lower light conditions. We'll see. With the WW there have been many times where it...
  114. CaliJeepHuntr

    Port San Luis Salmon 4-30

    Yeah, that salmon is lucky! Only thing we could think of is the hook could of been a little sharper, a little more offset, and maybe we could have been trolling a tad faster. But sometimes the fisherman's lucky and sometimes the fish is lucky. The camera is called an Underwater Wolf. It's...
  115. CaliJeepHuntr

    Port San Luis Salmon 4-30

    Launched around 630 and headed out south of the red light to about 130 feet. Started trolling flasher hoochies and bait on the bottom. In the first 30 minutes we had 6 hook ups and landed only one fish. AARGGG! Fished till about 1015 for one more fish and a few more hits before we decided to...
  116. CaliJeepHuntr

    Fishing spots from Port San Luis.

    Hi Robert. Depending on how far you want to go there are lots of good options. There are lots of little scattered rocks/reefs off of Shell that hold lings and bolina's. You'll get the reds in there at times also if they chase the bait there. For rockfish we usually go around the corner and fish...
  117. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Giant BF and YF, Dorado too.

    Let me know when you find a way to catch a bluefin from the couch at home. I'm towing down to try our luck because last I heard is you can't catch tuna from home. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  118. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Giant Bluefin Video..

    Awesome video! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  119. CaliJeepHuntr

    Santa Rosa Island 7/2 - 7/3

    We didn't, though in hindsight maybe we should have.
  120. CaliJeepHuntr

    4th weekend

    Nice try out there Matt! We chatted on Sat morning at the harbor. Thanks again for the info! Good luck on your 7-day!
  121. CaliJeepHuntr

    Santa Rosa Island 7/2 - 7/3

    Thanks for the thoughts! I wasn't quite sure on the first one, but the second I thought WSB, though not too positive. Definitely interesting for sure and I wish I would have dropped the camera down more than I had.
  122. CaliJeepHuntr

    Santa Rosa Island 7/2 - 7/3

    I realized I forgot to add it to the message. I just edited the main post and inserted the video clip. And yeah.. kept hearing about all these big fish being caught there and this little guy shows up. haha. Hopefully that just means the big one will hop on the line for the PSL tourney.
  123. CaliJeepHuntr

    Santa Rosa Island 7/2 - 7/3

    Left SB harbor a little before 6am with a course to Santa Rosa island to target seabass and halibut. Made it across in good time and as we passed Fraser point on Cruz we saw a squid boat in towards Christies(?). Made the decision to go get squid there before going across the gap to Rosa. Turned...
  124. Hot Wired fishing photo's

    Hot Wired fishing photo's

  125. CaliJeepHuntr

    Yellowtail - Islands - Report

    Nice Ryan! Congrats on the Yellow. We're thinking about doing a trip out to the islands or up the coast next week. Hopefully the winds back off a little more.
  126. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    So what's the weight? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  127. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore BFT Taped out at 270lbs.

    Stop teasing! Give it up already! Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  128. CaliJeepHuntr

    Fishing Mexican waters from private boat

    Last year we fished on an overnight boat and we went south and they said we didn't need a passport. I just want to make sure that it's the same deal on a private boat. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  129. CaliJeepHuntr

    Fishing Mexican waters from private boat

    My dad and I are thinking of towing down to San Diego to give the bluefin fishing a shot. We've both fished on party boats out SD a few times, but that's been the extent of our fishing down there. If we're going to do it on our boat and we venture into Mexican waters we want to make sure we have...
  130. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL 5/28-5/29 Salmon report

    Here's the video of the salmon we caught on Saturday. Wasn't my greatest job at netting, but we got him.
  131. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL 5/28-5/29 Salmon report

    Fished Port San Luis both Saturday and Sunday for salmon for 1 fish. Saturday we started trolling around 615 by the red light in 130 feet. We weren't marking much bait so we started working in. At 715 just up from the red light in 120 feet both rods took off. Double! Unfortunately, our luck...
  132. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL May 21 & 22 weekend report

    Here's the video, including underwater salmon!
  133. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL May 21 & 22 weekend report

    Fished out of PSL both Saturday and Sunday for Salmon. On Saturday we started trolling around 615am, just SE of the red light in about 120 feet. About 20 minutes into the troll we decked our first fish at about 10 lbs. Caught on a flasher and silver croc combo just off the bottom. We lost two...
  134. CaliJeepHuntr

    Tried all day for salmon

    I think it was 2002 or 2003, we were catching salmon out of SB down deep off of Henry's(?)... Between SB and Goleta basically. We had to get our gear past all the barracuda in the upper half of the water column. But we had quite a few weeks where we limited while most people were fishing the...
  135. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL Salmon May 1st

    Straight bait, flasher hoochies and watermelon croc.
  136. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Manic BFT Monday

    Wow! Great BFT! But holy smokes those Bonito are big!
  137. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL Salmon May 1st

    Here's our video from Sunday's catch. Didn't see any salmon on the underwater camera, but you see what the water looked like that deep, also the red crabs and even a sea lion.
  138. CaliJeepHuntr

    Drone fishing for Blue fin

    Great video! Thinking outside the box to catch those fish. Though i'd be scared the drone would fall in the water and then all that money is down the drain.
  139. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL Salmon May 1st

    Finally was able to get out yesterday after all the heavy winds we've had. Launched just before 6 and headed out to the red light and started trolling with about 8 other boats and a few commercials. The radio was talking and a some salmon were beibg caught already, but for the most part it was a...
  140. CaliJeepHuntr

    Fishing around Sacramento?

    Thanks for the information Doubletroublell! The Sacramento Marina has a spit on the other side along the main river that you can park on. There's no fishing there on the main river side? I wouldn't try to fish in the slip area's as I know how that can be to the owners and the boaters.
  141. CaliJeepHuntr

    Fishing around Sacramento?

    I'm heading up to Sacramento this Friday and will be there until Sunday evening. I've been wondering if there are any area's for fishing that might make it worth while to take a fishing pole with me. I've seen some parks along the river that you could drive and walk along the banks. One place...
  142. CaliJeepHuntr

    1998 2150 Striper - $10,000

    To the top. :) Great boat still for sale!
  143. CaliJeepHuntr

    1998 2150 Striper - $10,000

    My dad recently upgraded to a 23' Parker from a fellow Bloodydecker and now needs to sell his previous boat. It's been a great boat over the years and has been a great salmon catching machine for us. Perfect for inshore fishing. Boat includes: - 305 V8 200 HP Volvo Penta with less than 200...
  144. CaliJeepHuntr

    port san luis bones

    We picked up an even dozen on Monday from 7-10am off the lighthouse in 180-200' up to 12 lbs. Trolling CD-14 rapala's at 6 mph was the ticket. We even had some boiling behind the boat later in the morning on dead bait, though we didn't catch any off the boils.
  145. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Tribute overnight 8/20

    Yeah.. Got my fingers crossed for bigger fish when I go. Glad you got fish and those are nice Dorado.
  146. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Tribute overnight 8/20

    Oh man.. I'm on that boat next week. I hope we don't go fishing for trout tuna as I'm coming from the Central Coast and driving 6 hours just to get on the boat. Going for micro tuna would not be what I want.
  147. CaliJeepHuntr

    Underwater salmon video

    We don't use downriggers so there was no release clip. Leader was attached to 90 pound downrigger wire mainline trolling a 4 pound ball. We fight the fish on rod/reel from that setup. Not sure how'd I would run the camera on a downrigger setup as there is more line in play and more things that...
  148. CaliJeepHuntr

    Underwater salmon video

    It was the Waterwolf Camera. Little torpedo looking camera that can go straight onto the line.
  149. CaliJeepHuntr

    Underwater salmon video

    Here's some salmon I caught on video back on June 6th out of Avila. We caught limits of salmon that day off of Pismo in 90 feet of water. Thought people might enjoy!
  150. CaliJeepHuntr

    PSL Salmon

    Nice fish! Some of those fish may be moving up the line. We fished yesterday out of PSL for limits of 4 fish from 12-21 lbs. A buddy caught 5 fish and other boats had 1-2 fish. Could be a good June!
  151. CaliJeepHuntr

    Salmon Care 101

    Everyone has their own way to do things, but we've always used the stopper on the fish, then throw them in the cooler on top of or under the ice. We then get back to fishing and working lines. Most of the time we'll clean our fish just outside the harbor after fishing and we've never had any...
  152. CaliJeepHuntr

    basking shark sightings???

    There were reports of few basking sharks out of Port San Luis off the lighthouse in the 150-200' area. I was out there Sunday and saw a large dorsal fin for a moment before it sunk out. I couldn't be positive if it was a basking shark or not though.
  153. CaliJeepHuntr

    Morro bay rock cod and salmon

    No need to get all hissy pissy over a subject people get confused with. My low amount of posts is irrelevant to the subject at hand. Re-reading your post I can see why I may have mis-read it. I took your last statement as it reads that you cannot fish rockfish after fishing salmon. Hence my post.
  154. CaliJeepHuntr

    Morro bay rock cod and salmon

    Who says you can't fish for rockfish after catching salmon? If you have salmon on board your vessel then you must be fishing with single barbless hooks (or circle hooks if you use bait and are not trolling) if you decide to go for rockfish.
  155. CaliJeepHuntr

    Any Salmon in Morro Bay

    Haven't heard of any fish out of Morro. There's been a slow pick out of PSL... 1 here, 1 there. But lots of time spent to get pick them up. With all the winds we've been having it could change for the better fast. Just have to put the time in if you want one.
  156. CaliJeepHuntr

    Overnight party boat tuna trip planning

    Thanks for all the information everyone! It's much appreciated! We've never used fluro for anything so we'll have to think about that. I do plan on taking the goPro camera so hopefully i'll have some good video footage.
  157. CaliJeepHuntr

    Overnight party boat tuna trip planning

    My dad and I are going on an overnight trip on the Outer Limits next week and had some questions to help prepare for the trip. We have a 5-6 hour drive just to get to San Diego so want to make sure we're as prepared as possible. My dad and I have never been on a party boat out of San Diego, so...
  158. CaliJeepHuntr

    morro bay fishing

    Anywhere right out in front of the rock, down to the shell mounds, hazards, or up towards Cayucos, point Estero, or further North. Most people just fish off the rock from 100' to 200' down to the shell mounds. My dad picked up a fish on Tuesday in 250' of water straight out.
  159. CaliJeepHuntr

    Copper bullet failure.

    I haven't had any bad experiences with barnes copper bullets. I shoot the muzzleloader Barnes TEZ 250 gr and the .270 TSX and MRX bullets and they have all expanded and performed exactly how they should have. Everyone we've recovered has had the clover leaf expansion.
  160. CaliJeepHuntr

    Offshore Se

    Best fishing report ever! Glad everything turned out alright.
  161. CaliJeepHuntr

    Rosa weekend

    Yup... that's the one thing I hate about this site. A lot of people look into more then what is really there. You'd think I great report like this could jsut be taken as a great report. But people have to dig for crap to make themselves feel better I guess. These guys are good fishermen and...
  162. CaliJeepHuntr

    Rosa weekend

    Those are Pacific Halibut you're catching up there, not California Halibut. Though i'd rather have Pacific Halibut on the end of my line down here. lol