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  1. T2shortB

    Fat Ass Girl gets a new shiny Bed

    Good job ya ol fucker.... not my cup of tea, but to each thier own. Looks like is going to be functional as hell. I wouldn't be able to get up into the thing! Looks to me like Tin Lizzy and some random ford bumped uglies and made a love child!
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    Short Fckr Checking in

    Nothing to see here, Just some short fucker checking in from the east coast! Those who know, know.... those who don't Are considered NFB's!!!!
  3. T2shortB

    On a side note....

    Got it covered.... on another side note, I now own two canopies and have a red one in great shape and for sale (cheap) for a 2nd gen dodge shortbed. As @Marlin Mike would say, " if you're an asshole and let your friend drive a dodge" Thanks to @dragonballs Vance, I have it properly...
  4. T2shortB

    Whose the Expert in Ice Slurries?

    Regarding the kill bag, 5200 the seams 3/4 of the way up on the inside. Otherwise you will loose most of the water you add!
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    Scotty 1106(s) and an Ace line hauler, pot puller.

    Yeah, the switch can be replaced. I have done one before. There are 4 bolts that hold the motor casing together, separate those and slide the houseing off, replace switch, guber it up with secret sticky sealy stuff and good to go. I took a video yesterday of it working if needed to see.
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    WTB: Phone books.

    This mutha fucker right here... I love this guy!
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    Scotty 1106(s) and an Ace line hauler, pot puller.

    I should have edited this.... I will not entertain unreasonable offers! I don't NEED the money and will not give them away!
  8. T2shortB

    Scotty 1106(s) and an Ace line hauler, pot puller.

    I am not going to need these on the east coast. Scotty 1106 with ~ 550 feet of 200lb braid, a tuna cord dropper with a swivel tied in for the auto stop. Works awesome in place of those damn beads! I am selling one, although I have two if someone makes me a sweet deal. No swivel bases included...
  9. T2shortB

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Not getting off that easy cupcake.... I'm physically leaving, but I will most definitively still be around here on the forums.... I am going to try to get some life for blody decks down that way too..... I guess I should go check to see if there is a SE page!
  10. T2shortB

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Yup! I'm from about 3 hours south in Florida, so I can confirm the good fishing! Radar is your friend in the southern atlantic.... you can see the squalls and track them. Many a times I have had to run out and around cells instead of having them catch me or cut me off before I could get back in!
  11. T2shortB

    On a side note....

    Yeah, I found one down in Chehalis for a decent price... talked to the dude already and my go down monday when he gets back in town if I haven't found anything by then. It's a black lear that is pretty decent shape.
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    Need a hand in WP tonight

    The brotherhood is awesomeness!
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    On a side note....

    I know this isn't the classified section, but Jason and the admin can suck it, I am under a time crunch! Anyone have, or know of a canopy that is available for a 3rd gen 6.5' bed ram? I am in need of one for my trip east. My truck is white, but at this time I wouldn't care if someone has a hot...
  14. T2shortB

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Hommies, pimps, assholes and the rest of you fags... it saddens me to say that I am officially headed to Kingsbay Georgia... and very quickly at that. I will be leaving Washington around the 18th or 19th to start my drive and I have to report on the 30th of this month. Due to the time restraints...
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    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    And, this post needed some T&A
  16. T2shortB

    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Hey now, no need to bring my boat into this conversation! :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
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    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sat 8/24

    Damn, maybe I could have learned me sumten bout demm avets.... oh yeah, nevermind!
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    Bait Stop Etiquette

    Yes, it is too close. The tuna will sound and move on. I have had a good bait stop going and some asshat troll by me about 100yds and guess what, no more playie play... I don't go any closer than 1/4 to a 1/2 mile of someone on a stop. It is a huge ocean and tons of tuna out there. If you are...
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    Leftover MS Elk tag

    I know of one who got lucky! And no, it wasn't me.
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    Westport fuel dock etiquette

    Tex, don't you have a loud hailer on your boat? Don't be afraid to share your feels Larry, it's acceptable these days!!!!!!!!!!
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    WTC results 2019

    Well, this is a shit show... at least one thing still stands... tits-n-ass...
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    Ice management on Tuna trips

    @Grady 265 Do this, but I use regular 10 gallon trash bags from a roll. I carry two 3.5 gallons buckets which are the same diameter of 5 gl ones, but (wait for it) shorter. those bags fit in them perfectly and filled it leaves enough room to tie the top of the bag. I load those bags into my...
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    All these people trying to steer you wrong... saying 25 miles out... don't listen to them, you'll be running right over the fish, drop an 8 rod spread just south of the submerged jetty. recommend a super long set back ( about 120-170 yards ) with surface clones. troll back and forth between...
  24. T2shortB


    LarrySquared, I'm not going to be down this weekend. I was already supposed to be in Georgia originally, so no plans were made and I didn't want to commit to fishing my boat or with another crew if I wasn't 100% sure I was going to be here. Nope, just your imagination! Stop eating soo many of...
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    Well played you little fucker you! As usual, I love your style broski!
  26. T2shortB

    Weight Distribution?

    Running in, Ilike to be heavy aft around the 3/4 point to the entire last third centerline unless I am taking seas on one side. Then I shift the bias to that side. On the way out, I now bag all my ice in small trash bags and load up my under deck holds down the center line (~200-250#) and I only...
  27. T2shortB

    Weight Distribution?

    Totally depends on the seas and how your boat is handling. If my boat isn't doing exactly what I want I will now stop and shift things around. It's much easier than most think, they just over look it. You have a lot of weight when loaded with fish, ice, bait, and crew. It is not difficult to...
  28. T2shortB

    Weight Distribution?

    I'm amazed it's been four years already... man oh man I learned a lot that day and over the past years!
  29. T2shortB

    Look who we saw at tuna town

    Shit, someone even got a picture of me at the Whale.... Don't you judge me on the things I do during the weekends!!!!
  30. T2shortB

    Look who we saw at tuna town

    I didn't even notice until today that you fuckers tagged my bumper too..... Vance, there is a reason old dudes with hot wives have lots of friends... thank god for Kelly of else you'd be useless!!!! :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  31. T2shortB

    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    As stated by most, FG is the hands down winner for strength and cleanliness through the guides. Practice it and you can tie it in well under a minute. In a pinch I will still tie a uni to uni. I've had tangles and had to cut lines... holding onto a tuna and have tied uni to uni to get it...
  32. T2shortB

    From under the rock......

    It's nice to know that you fuckers care!!! Those FNG's who thought that the responses may have turned me away clearly do not know me! I spent time this last weekend with people shorter than me.... my kids, maybe for a year or two more I will be able to enjoy that!
  33. T2shortB

    From under the rock......

    [ Hey, That's my side bitch.... I am taller by 2 inches, but her cock is 2 inches bigger than mine, so it's a wash!
  34. T2shortB

    Re-build of 1991 - 19ft Alumaweld

    If you know me, then you know I love me some boat projects! Nice work, you'll love knowing every single inch of her once you are complete... Don't skimp on the electrical or I might have to midget slap the shit out of you!
  35. T2shortB

    Guess the weight

    You really kept all of those "breeders"? Top shelf douchery right there. In 7 years Alaska won't have a Mahi Mahi season thanks to this kind of shit!
  36. T2shortB

    From under the rock......

    And a special fuck you for Mr. Dragginhisballs
  37. T2shortB

    From under the rock......

    Well played, but I expected more from you bunch of fucks....
  38. T2shortB

    Saltwater Proper report

    Well shit, with that motley crew, I'm surprised everyone made it back with both legs........... @badlaz69 Love ya buddy
  39. T2shortB

    Saltwater MA7 Happy 4th oh July !!!!

    Nice job and a decent grade of fish!
  40. T2shortB

    Saltwater Neah Anhile....

    Way to go fellas!
  41. T2shortB

    From under the rock......

    What up Bitches? I figured that I would crawl out from beneath the rock I have been hiding under for the last year and say hi. I have quite a bit of catching up to do on some of these posts. Looks like there are quite a few FNG's around here.... @goatram how many of these Nancy's am I going...
  42. T2shortB

    Assorted Live Bait

    I'd check your tank setup Ryan. We had a mixed bag as well, but hardly had any dead loss.. maybe a dozen and a half chovies all day out of 30 lbs. And we carried those fuckers around all day!
  43. T2shortB

    Finally finished my RDR96MH Downrigger rod

    It should work great for plunking 3-4oz. I paased this rod off to a buddy @Duramax2500 I have been fishing the rdr86m and the mh for my downrigger applications the past couple of years and liking them. I think I am going to put together a few more of the 9'6" and give them a go.... probably...
  44. T2shortB

    Pipe jig hook location

    I use the size 11 hyper wire split rings from owner for 14/0 treble's and 9's like Steve said for the 12/0 One other note... @Roll the Bones can testify to this one that I haven't been able to live down yet in 6 years.... make sure your cotter pin is seated well against the pipe jig. If you...
  45. T2shortB

    Pipe jig hook location

    Add 4' of tuna cord with a dropper loop midway, put a 200lb swivel on the dropper loop. Snell up some long shank 12/0 J hooks with 12" of 150-200 lb mono with a perfection loop on the end. You now have a loop connection at the swivel to change out bait leaders that you can thread a big curly...
  46. T2shortB

    Fuel tank tits up

    Shit, you could even go ghetto and make a 4 inch overlap, gubber the patch up with some aviation sealant and rivet it into place.....
  47. T2shortB

    Fuel tank tits up

    @Mpizzle Matt Dog, have you looked into cutting out that section, cleaning the tank and then having a new sending unit base plastic welded into place? Could be significantly cheaper than replacement and you don't have to search for something that will fit... That is, as long as the rest of the...
  48. T2shortB

    1 seat. LaPush. Saturday the 16th

    let'r rip, tater chip! Good luck tomorrow broham, Hope you get them quick!
  49. T2shortB

    A little morning wood for you guys.

    Ken, we caught one yesterday
  50. T2shortB

    Tuff Trailers/Vault Bearing System

    I am running vault hubs on my trailer... 2009ish or 2010ish era and going strong... fuck, where is some wood to knock on!
  51. T2shortB

    Catastrophic Coctails

    You don't like it because you are making it wrong broham! Equal parts of 151, Rumple Minze, Jägermeister, and Goldschlager! Shake over ice and strain into shot glasses.... get it very cold! One of my favorite shots! A death drink my buddy and I came up with at the club I backed for him at...
  52. T2shortB

    Bait tank photos

    Exactly what Pat said. Also because nylon..... I don't even like the fact that the pump is supported only off the nylon stem. I have since added a support to the underside of the pump.
  53. T2shortB

    Tree evaluation

    We don't talk to outta-staters around here...... Hurry up and get back this way with that Bounty Hooser!
  54. T2shortB

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    On the beach! I have duty Friday-Saturday, someone has to make sure you fucktards can play free...... If the tides end up looking really nice, I might make a turn and burn trip Sunday, if not, I hope (selfishly) you clowns get blown off the water Friday so we can get another day!
  55. T2shortB

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    I might think that it could be done for much much less if one were handy and have the skills to do the work....just sayin, I may know a thing or two about it!
  56. T2shortB

    Couple more firepits done !

    Badass man! I want a combination of them... without all the Marine, Army, air force or Coasties stuff... just Navy, and bitchin submarine, tuna, and elk..... thanks, Ill pick it up tomorrow, and have my money for me would ya!
  57. T2shortB

    NFC Canadian King Moocher

    Man that looks good on that matt finish blank!
  58. T2shortB

    Vintage Tru-Line TNT

    Cool ass build Jim!
  59. T2shortB


    Nicely done!
  60. T2shortB

    Crosby Derby Raffle RDR96MH.... Dusted off the wrapper after two years!

    Thanks fellas! It's been a while Grant. I'll get up that way soon, I need to grab 2 RCLB80XL's Our buddy Josh Luzik has a few that he took 6" off the butt end and are the absolute best feeling live bait sticks that I have ever pulled on for Albies!
  61. T2shortB

    Varmac GC3 marbled

    Looks good!
  62. T2shortB

    Crosby Derby Raffle RDR96MH.... Dusted off the wrapper after two years!

    Well, I finally got around to getting a build done... It seems like it has been forever since I wrapped a rod up, actually It has been two years being as the last build I did was for this event in 2016! @silver slayer asked if I would like to put together a build for a local salmon derby raffle...
  63. T2shortB

    Saltwater New Guy post BEWARE

    Da Fuck you say? Wife or GF pics required... Proper introductions.... Way to long arm that herring! I have a midget complex thanks to the clowns on this site and I'm not even really that short...with that has come an overwhelming need to be a badass behind the keyboard and your best friend in...
  64. T2shortB

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    This makes my brain hurt... in an awesome way!!! Well done JT!
  65. T2shortB

    Crosby durby 4-28-18

    I hear there will be a sweet ass downrigger rod for raffle too....
  66. T2shortB

    More Batteries??????

    @Ragin Cajun Talk to Paul @Genie Aye or Patrick @Tailwalker I have two on my boat but will be switching to a setup like Laurence mentioned, 2 cranking batteries and 2x 6 volt house battery bank.
  67. T2shortB

    After a couple of years away...

    And welcome back!
  68. T2shortB

    After a couple of years away...

    Does anyone even give half a fuck about this post?
  69. T2shortB


    I have one on my boat Ben... I replaced it when i was having issues with my ducer... it's pretty slick little box. My ducer was originally for raymarine and i spliced in a lowrance pigtail using the gemeco/airmar junction box.. the airmar support was great in getting me up and going!
  70. T2shortB

    Shed Hunting Wetside

    Any intrests or advice for a nub? I just wanna get out in the woods and do some hiking.
  71. T2shortB

    Gardiner / Oly Pen durby

    da fuc?..... anyone know of anybody with a derby ticket that needs a ride?
  72. T2shortB

    Here's a little gem from a few years ago.....

    You didn't tell her that it is actually my wife's account, and that she allows me to post under it?
  73. T2shortB

    2018 Starts with a bang

    This should cover that! And those damn rectifiers/regulators....funny how once you let that magic smoke out they never seem to work right afterwards!!! what sucks is that $1200 ECU.... ouch. I rebuilt 2 F115's electrical systems a few years ago... not cheap!
  74. T2shortB

    Raymarine System for Sale

    I'm still good for that SS270W to replace mine if the deal we talked about still stands Pat.
  75. T2shortB

    A walk around with just the creature comforts

    Andy, You mean "hold my tide pods and watch this!!" get with the times man.....hahaha
  76. T2shortB

    Couple little projects

    #1 Fuck the lights, If you can't do it blind folded then I don't want you on my crew.... Which brings me to #2 Fuck the crew, they don't need seats (unless said crew is in fact of the female type which allows you to play in here never-land regions) #3 That's what 5 gal buckets are for, shut...
  77. T2shortB

    Seastar Kicker Tiebar

    @KimH had one is his old Arima and might be able to shed some light on this, but from what I remember of the few I have seen in person I thought the was some adjustment on the drag link that comes off the cable end at the main motor. Where the ball joint threads onto the cable end.
  78. T2shortB

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Yeah, you can never go wrong with a name like "Short-Round's Freak Show" but for some reason all the parents seem to keep their kids away from us! Must be Mike's @Duramax2500 funny smell!!!!
  79. T2shortB


    Just because I may need a bar stool to accomplish said nut punch does not make it any less effective.... you are on the list too buddy!
  80. T2shortB

    2 meter antenna

    Da FUQ? Never mind...... What I meant to say was that you titled your post incorrectly, It should read "AM quad channel 7x repeater antenna... Can't wait to be able to talk to everyone 70+miles away!
  81. T2shortB

    Go no Go

    I happen to know a thing or two about this part of the conversation! When I had the Yami 115's on my 25 defiance I never had an issue getting on step with a full load on board... that was because I was propped WAY down, we are talking 13 pitch 4 blades. I could get on step, but had nothing left...
  82. T2shortB

    Bait tank photos

    Center of the cock pit for me as well. I installed mine thinking that I would want to remove it from time to time, but that has never been the case. My supply and drain are routed through a screw out deck hatch. Bait sentry 1100 of a high speed pickup with a seacock that also supplies my...
  83. T2shortB

    Bait tank photos

    No matter what else you read on this post, take this shit from Goat as the bible!
  84. T2shortB

    WTC Starting Lineup

    Just becasue #2 spot and this post needs some tits and ass!
  85. T2shortB

    WTC registration opened today

    But there are no tuna in Washington.... or are there? Either way, thanks to the retired old fart @Duramax2500 , Got fish is in at the #2 spot! You know me, I'll have my own game plan away from all you ass clowns, I spend all night drinking and being the blunt of short jokes..... I go fish...
  86. T2shortB

    Moving metal carport

    Let us know when Pete @Ragin Cajun I'm sure we can get enough bodies to help out.... worst case outcome = one hell of a story and some great laughs over several thousand $'s of bent and piled up metal in your front yard! All jokes aside, some cross bracing and either a dozen guys or a few guys...
  87. T2shortB

    That'll buff right out!!

    I know for a fact that this one buffed out!
  88. T2shortB

    Moving metal carport

    just hook a chain to that fuckr' and give it hell!
  89. T2shortB

    Saltwater Squid jizz

    With a title like this thread, I figured that I needed to post in order to add some scenery. @Cornfed , time for an anchor trip?
  90. T2shortB

    Salmon charter for Puget Sound?

    Bill Bob from the top rope! OUCH!
  91. T2shortB

    Paulsbo Marina is a Joke

    You're guilty by..... well, your just guilty! Somehow it's your fault, just accept it.
  92. T2shortB

    Paulsbo Marina is a Joke

    You fuckers may have just drove by this one, but I'll come out of the wood works to ask the questions.... How's the albacore fishing been down there in the last 10 years.... kali fag... go pick me some avocados beotch!
  93. T2shortB

    115 4 Stroke Repower

    Thats it.... I would buy that boat back in a heartbeat if I could!
  94. T2shortB

    115 4 Stroke Repower

    Perfect boat for what you want to do! not a season goes by that I didn't wish I still had mine! Does the one you are looking at have a brownish/tan canvas? I relocated the batteries to the cabin in mine. curious if it's the old Krippled Mullet!
  95. T2shortB

    Wanted Defiance Admiral 250EX

    @bopalmer30 might chime in on this one, and may be able to help you find your boat. There was a point that defiance changed the stringer layout and the earlier models did not have the space to allow holds under the deck.. Trust me, I know! my 09 250ex does not have holds in the deck and you...
  96. T2shortB

    Suzuki 300...first service

    The HD corrosion X has worked well for me, and I have basically used it because of availability. I spray it on liberally and then wipe it all down. One good coating last 2 - 3 years for me, but as mentioned it is sticky if you don't do the wipe down! That said, Vance has you set in the right...
  97. T2shortB

    Anyone wanna fart around in the sound tomorrow morning?

    I am going to head out of Port Orchard in the morning for a few hours of crab pot soaking and trolling. If anyone wants to go let me know, I can take one or two. I am not spending the whole day on the water... plan on being back on the trailer at noon or 1.
  98. T2shortB

    "Fully Loaded" Rebuild and Upgrade!

    Wait... WHAT?
  99. T2shortB

    250 yamaha or 300 suzuki???

    If price is decent I would go with the zuk and never look back have a chance to run it...? Are they still rigged? Can you get someone to give them a once over?
  100. T2shortB

    Propeller nut torque?!

    just a thought, but have you run the nut all the way down the shaft without the prop on to ensure you are not getting a hangup on the threads = not actually getting the nut torqued to the prop? I go strait up ol' school on mine... spin it on until pretty tight with the wrench and then crank it...
  101. T2shortB

    Quality rods and reels for sale

    Good gear, Timing sucks for me or I'd be all over two of those 8000's and blue water spinning rods! Anyone wanna buy a kid?
  102. T2shortB

    What happened to Tailwalker Charters

    Holly fuck, you sally's got Mo to show up!
  103. T2shortB

    What happened to Tailwalker Charters

    Yes? I just thought this shit show could use some T&A!
  104. T2shortB

    New Reliable Kill Bag-30"x72"

    $50 and I'll detail your front bumper........... bbaaaazzzziiiinnnnngggggaaaa! (that was a burn right there....) too soon?
  105. T2shortB

    Saltwater Something bigger than the "Smallest"!

    Well done on all fronts... many boats didn't have 5 fish to weigh in, so congrats! You beat our peewee by 1.5 oz's ! Looks like one hell of a week to me!
  106. T2shortB

    Saltwater First WTC Experience

    You forgot to add: Last, have the most bitchin boat in the fleet! Did you even have a chance to get anything done between all the people coming up and asking questions? Brother Dave told me about the idea of hanging flyers in the windows to answer most of the questions..... lol I got my rocks...
  107. T2shortB

    Saltwater WTC Weekend 2017

    :cheers: And that is how it's done! Well done!
  108. T2shortB

    Saltwater WTC 2017 .... GOT FISH, got fish!

    What a weekend! My crew of @Duramax2500 , @Ragin Cajun , @silver slayer & @Unit873 arrived in westport Wednesday evening and got settled in. We launched the boat Thursday morning and meet up with our wounded Warrior Rick. We rolled out of port expecting to slam some salmon, but after a long...
  109. T2shortB

    Weather looks great for the WTC!

    See you fuckers tomorrow afternoon!
  110. T2shortB

    Wtc seat

    1st, Jeff~~~~~~~~~> Da fuk outta here with that shit....dick, but funny! 2nd, If said two girls were on the boat, I sure as hell wouldn't be Taking on more crew!
  111. T2shortB

    Wtc seat

    Stay off my ringer DAMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!
  112. T2shortB

    Wtc seat

    You are in with Shortround's Freak Show if you still need a seat dude!
  113. T2shortB

    Wtc seat

    PM'd you fuckr'
  114. T2shortB

    Reels, Rods, Kill bag, Prop, Camp Stove, Flashers... A brutha needs dome help!

    I won't go into details, but I need to sell a few things to get me passed this coming week! I'll be in westport Saturday and possible sunday morning and then headed back towards kitsap area. Then I'll be back in Westport Wednesday afternoon. Here is the list: 1) Penn fathom master 620 manual...
  115. T2shortB

    Suzuki Lower Unit?

    I would drop them and go get them pressure tested Ryan. It could be as easy as a fill or drain plug gasket or prop shaft seals... have you caught any line in your props?
  116. T2shortB

    Almost sank me boat

    This and check and clean all of your power connections. It only takes seconds for a hot lead to arc all the way through a connector. CorrosionX HD every plug, bullet connector, blah blah blah. Buy 2 cans of fogging oil spray... get her running and stall it out by spraying that shit into the air...
  117. T2shortB

    SST and Chloro Charts for 7-31-17

    Don't get hung up on the chloro charts, and charlie does not need 61+ degree of temp!
  118. T2shortB

    SST and Chloro Charts for 7-31-17

    If it was me, I would be looking first thing in the morning at the nasty green water with the sharp temp break...around the 124.7ish ....just sayin There may or may not have been good grey light bites around there
  119. T2shortB

    Keep a look out...

    Hey fuckers, leave my kin folk outta this!
  120. T2shortB

    Open seat for Salmon tomorrow @ westport

    Got a seat that opened up for tomorrow fishing salmon. I have all the gear, just seeing if there is anyone who wants to get out. Let me know!
  121. T2shortB

    Portable air conditioner

    Damn... i just spent $650 on one of those.... GLWS someone will snatch that up!
  122. T2shortB

    Anyone else eyeballing a Saturday tuna run?

    I'll be killing tuna sunday... going to chase some salmon friday and saturday! See you fuckers in Da Port!
  123. T2shortB


    Well shit, I guess the tuna gear will be going on the boat before I roll out tomorrow! Thanks @MarkColeman for screwing up my plans of fishing salmon Friday & Saturday.... Sunday was going to be my only tuna day this weekend, but now I might be switching my game plan up!
  124. T2shortB

    Saltwater Westport 7/7 and 7/8

    Outstanding! Thanks for the report and info! Well done.
  125. T2shortB

    Looking for Easy steer brackets

    Ron, I might have the one that mount to the main ... I'll look around my what used to be a workbench! If I have it then it's yours.
  126. T2shortB

    Saltwater Tuna, tuna, tuna

    All joking aside, these are very true words! But stay clear of that guy named Idaho Ralph... or Dakota Jim... or Montana something.... I'm not too sure what he goes by, but if you like your booty-hole the way it is now, just leave him alone and for the love of god do not make eye contact!
  127. T2shortB

    Saving the Clockwork VI

    Looks good broham! Lots of work, but it'll be worth it in the end! So is this the last Clockwork?
  128. T2shortB

    Saltwater Tuna, tuna, tuna

    OH snap... I guess these two can't handle a little heat.... Jesus, don't tell me BD is getting all touchy feely now too! Standard operating procedures around here: First, Introduction - say hello, tell us a little about yourself Second, Contribute to the community. There is a wealth of...
  129. T2shortB

    Saltwater Tuna, tuna, tuna

    46°47'10.6"N 94°00'20.3"W Rig up some ball park franks kinda like a cedar plug and shove them up your ass for some cushioning from the door hitting you on the way outta here................. Da fuck outta here with that first post bullshit!
  130. T2shortB

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    oh yeah, fuck photobucket.... they made my titties and ass disappear, but I got them back, you are all welcome!
  131. T2shortB

    Defiance Admiral 220ex fuel access

    Been there, done that! Jon, You will need to remove the stbd cooler. Under that is a screw out deck hatch which will give you access to the fill and vent lines. I replaced both because I was in there already and figured why not, but the fill hose really did not need it. I did take about 2" off...
  132. T2shortB

    Patrick Walker - Speaks on Tuna

    I am just curious if @Walker Inc. spoke on his tuna jigging technique where he throws a thrasher/avet combo over the gunwale when a 168g jig rips it out of his hands?
  133. T2shortB

    So it dawned on me......

    That I have been a ghost from here for a while, so to you all I say fuck off! That is all carry on. OH, there are no tuna in Washington...... Oh, and titties-N-ass Bitches! :finger:
  134. T2shortB

    La Push: Graveyard of the Pacific?

    Ran from Neah and it felt like we had the ocean to ourselves... a few boats, I mean I think we saw 5 all day!
  135. T2shortB

    Fuckers Almost Got The Kicker, But....

    .45 for those fuckers.... Sorry to hear this man.
  136. T2shortB

    What's in you're offshore 1st aid kit?

    haha... you posted as I was writing a reply... nice to know that I am not the only one with occlusive dressings and quick clot!
  137. T2shortB

    What's in you're offshore 1st aid kit?

    All of the above (minus the oxy) plus nasal airway tubes, turniquets, several SAM splits, ACE wrap, med tape, burn bandages, finger splits, foil blakets, IV site kits and a few bags of saline, a couple of occlusive dressings, quick clot, and a few yards of surgical tubing. I have stuff in two...
  138. T2shortB

    Saltwater Brothers in Arms

    Wasn't me! But kuddos to whoever it was. Agree.
  139. T2shortB

    Open seat @ Neah for the 6th (7th maybe)

    I mentioned it on face book that I have a spot for Ken thursday, friday, saturday and sunday if he wants... I can only fit randy for the 6th and 7th (if we do fish the 7th) How bout it big guy @WaterOps FACT... thanks for the backup hommie!
  140. T2shortB

    Open seat @ Neah for the 6th (7th maybe)

    Had a guy back out. I only have 3 total for the 6th and morning of the 7th. Apply here and have your fuckin knee pads ready!
  141. T2shortB


    See you fuckers in Neah tomorrow afternoon.... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  142. T2shortB

    La push bar

    So were you guys able to make it out? Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  143. T2shortB

    Ocean Season

    Thanks Dave for working for all us rec guys! Brian, Nobody is "needing you", you are just a good cheap bitch!
  144. T2shortB

    Another techy ?

    jesus fuck Vance.... that avatar is even worse than all the gay shit... common Jason and Ali Josh, I wish I had a better answer than these smart asses, but I was going to say something along the same lines... I can't figure it out either. I think it comes down to how you take them, whether or...
  145. T2shortB

    Crosby derby 2017

    No shit you say? I thought about putting my Arima in there a few times, but not my defiance... you are nuts!
  146. T2shortB

    I'm dying inside!

    I can't wait for this summer baby! I FG knotted new top shots on all the live bait reels this past week. Broke down the swim bait reels for service, hell, as much as i don't want to use them I even serviced all my troll reels and gear. New pump setup for the bait tank.... yep ready to go! Now...
  147. T2shortB

    I'm dying inside!

    That was a hell of a day! Keep there heads ringgin'
  148. T2shortB

    Ocean Salmon

    As long as I don't get stuck at work, bet your ass or hers' (see below) I'll be there! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  149. T2shortB

    WTB 16oz jig mold (or 16-20-24oz)

    I have 16 and 20oz spire point jighead molds... definitely not for sale! But could possibly loan them. This is a picture of one of the smaller 3/4 oz molds so you can see the head shape. The big ones are single molds. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  150. T2shortB

    Cat splash

    Don't you threaten me with a good time!
  151. T2shortB

    Cat splash

    Sweet mother of god... Is this the point where you do not even worry about having a big enough bait tank built and just use a commercially produced hot tub as a bait tank? Think about what you could do with 50 scoops! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  152. T2shortB

    Rocket Launcher Spacing?

    Fuck-A-You! :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger:
  153. T2shortB

    (2) 3 gallon gas tanks

    I am sure Bill is good for them, give him a minute to reply. He might be on call this week and be busy!
  154. T2shortB

    Help me scratch an itch

    Humptulips? Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  155. T2shortB

    Honda 130 hp internal anodes and Yamha 9.9 anode questions

    #1 yes #2 why not just buy the OEM screw, it's like 99 cents from all kinds of places. My question is : Is it a stainless screw? Can you get the same alloy that was used from the factory? Not all "stainless" is created equal! Do you have a T9.9 or a F9.9? anode on the side of the block or the...
  156. T2shortB

    Who is off tomorrow and wants to fish?

    You all assked for it..... Fishing was not great, some action but nothing for the box. Got to run the boat out for 60ish Miles from Port Orchard to Skunk Bay and back pretty much pinned the whole way. New bait tank plumbing worked out well and the bait sentry puts out a good flow of water, I...
  157. T2shortB

    Who is off tomorrow and wants to fish?

    FNG's .................... that is all, carry on! and-----------------------tits
  158. T2shortB

    Who is off tomorrow and wants to fish?

    Keep telling yourself that if it lets you sleep at night! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  159. T2shortB

    Who is off tomorrow and wants to fish?

    I need a good reason to drag the boat out tomorrow. If anyone wants to go drag some gear in MA9 from kingston tomorrow let me know. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  160. T2shortB

    Un-fucking the bilge

    Finally got around to getting my bilge sorted out. I re-plumbed the wash down/bait tank pickup and now I have the sea-cock and a shut off valve for each pump, which now allows me to secure either one and keep the other running. I also removed about 3' of hose from the bilge pump that was just...
  161. T2shortB

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    I have actually become a fan of having those rods at eye level! And I just drive the boat and pretend to know what I am doing. The guys on deck have to deal with that shit. #notmyproblem Hasn't slowed me down yet and they really do not get in the way. With the rods up a little higher, they are...
  162. T2shortB

    Lets see your Bait Tank

    @DaKanati Josh, I have the same tank and made my top. Come check out what I did and I can show you how I mounted it. You could adapt from there or if you want to we can pop mine off and you can use it as a template.
  163. T2shortB

    Lead Pour/Fundraiser in south end

    Man, wish I could have made it. Had the kiddos in the morning and then made a speed run out for Razor clams. @veteransfishing , Danny in the future I would add a split ring from the pipe jig to the barrel swivel. I made a few several years ago where I slipped the swivel onto my cotter pins...
  164. T2shortB

    Razor clams

    Good chance I will be heading down tomorrow afternoon as well.
  165. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    No, should they? How else am I supposed to know if they have juice or not?
  166. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    I am fucking with you jackwagon..... But also, I have run with them down there and they don't move. Even if they did, my bait pump was on the top of the tee until the last few runs of last year and they could never have hit the pump even if they did move. I have a pretty bad ass starboard...
  167. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    If i were not to step on anything down there, how the hell would I be able to get out of the bilge when I have to secure a valve or change a pump?
  168. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    Yes, those are three 15# downrigger balls laying there.... this isn't a post about my fucking downrigger ball storage for fucks sake.... They also live in a bed I made for them which is on my workbench right now and I didn't feel like carring the balls from the boat to my garage just to carry...
  169. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    I was going to go with that pump, but I would have to throttle down for my 50 gal Jackass... That sticker comes on the pump
  170. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    Here is what I have going on right now. I am going to change a few things (and maybe clean a little :shake:) I am leaning towards teeing off where the pump is, installing a second pump with a valve before each, then tying the discharges back into the tank supply line with a Y valve or selector...
  171. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    Same here Quan. I run mine anytime I am on the boat. I know Tommy ran the same cartridge on his 250 for years as well. I think he said he changed it just because he was selling it and wanted to put a new one in. Seems there are two types of encounters with these. Either they last forever or you...
  172. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    Normal high speed scoop I'll snap a pic when I get home today Thanks for the pro tip! That was my first thought when i started going through them, i have 10ga run to the pump , I though about runing 8ga back there, but for the length of run and power needed , 12ga is what I came up with using...
  173. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    jiggly titties....... {MIC DROP}
  174. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    fuck you....!!! :finger: 50 Willis, what you talkin' bout? That is what I put in..... finally! :D
  175. T2shortB

    I've got 99 problems.....

    but dead ass POS rule cartridges will not be one of them! :finger: Shut the fuck outta here with that shit... if anyone wants it, they can have it. I have two cartridges (both have been used but work surprisingly ) I also have a new through transom housing for them. Went to a bait sentry...
  176. T2shortB

    New guy

    If your pansy ass doesn't stop censoring words nobody is going to take your ass out.... Thick skin is required here and I'll be the first to tell you that if your snowflake candy ass can't handle the heat then don't let the door hit you on the way out! If that doesn't bother you, then welcome...
  177. T2shortB

    Power Tech Shout out

    Thanks Charlie @Roll the Bones for giving me a thread to hyjack! Sorry buddy, but not really because lots of swinging boobs!
  178. T2shortB

    Power Tech Shout out

    Tom, these are for a 4.25" gearcase, so the f115's down to the f70 and a big range of the 2 strokes.
  179. T2shortB

    Power Tech Shout out

    No, they were on the twins Suzuki's when I bought them, the two sets of RBX4's that I had went with the yamaha's when I sold them. They are in the classifieds now
  180. T2shortB

    PowerTech 4 blade props 13.25"x16" (pair right and left) suzuki/yamaha/?

    SOLD Up for grabs is a set of PowerTech NRS4 stainless steel 4 blade props 13.25" dia 16" pitch(one standard rotation and one counter rotation). They are in great shape, no scuffs or dings and just collecting dust in my garage. They have 15 spline hubs. They fit the suzukis listed below and I...
  181. T2shortB

    Power Tech Shout out

    I also stand behind powertech props.... Great post charlie, and a sweet sales pitch for me. I'll be throwing up a set of 16p 4 blades in the next day or so.... for cheapsies. Not doing me any good sitting in my garage!
  182. T2shortB

    WTC registration

    Thanks to good ol' @Duramax2500 , we are in in the #1 spot..... at least we can say we started #1!!!
  183. T2shortB

    Trade "Favors" for Moorage

    Agree. Kellen and I need to post right after each other on every thread.... titties and ass!
  184. T2shortB

    Grady White 255 Sailfish repowered with Yamaha 4 Strokes <1000 hours

    Well god damn, So I could run 117.6 hours say at an average of 18 knts, thats like a 2116 nautical mile range... fuck me running! Just giving you shit man, I assume you mean 1.7 to 2 MPG not GPH
  185. T2shortB

    NMEA 2000 Network HELP!

    I am running ver. 2.9 on both of my interface cables to my 2005 DF140's and not having any issues. My network consists of 3 LMF-400 gauges, a HDS10 gen2, a HDS9 touch gen3 and two LVR-880 radios. The fuel burn is dead on without any calibration. After several tuna trips this past year, burning...
  186. T2shortB

    Tech thread.... Transducer issue and fix.

    Yeah, I was waiting for that one..... too bad The lowrance side of the house wasn't the culprit, nice try though! :finger: I like what I have and know how to use it effectively, that is what matters!
  187. T2shortB

    Tech thread.... Transducer issue and fix.

    Last winter I developed issues with interference or noise on my sonar. Started out when I would run the bait tank. Then it progressed to 45 deg diagonal lines across the screen when the engines were running. I run lowrance products and have an Arimar SS270W ducer sliced into a lowrance pigtail...
  188. T2shortB

    Genesis Mini Bow

    maybe this would have the correct draw length for me!
  189. T2shortB

    Thinking of moving the boat to the salt

    Howard, I didn't know Westport could be spelled that many different ways!
  190. T2shortB

    Black(mouth) Friday/Saturday/Sunday

    See you ass clowns on the water.... I think me and Happydaze will be out there tomorrow
  191. T2shortB

    Turducken day

    Thanks! And back at you! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  192. T2shortB

    Happy bird day bitches!

    Happy thanksgiving to you clowns. When you are tired of listening to your inlaws bitch about stupid shit just come back to this post because boobies! Here's to hoping the wife unit dosen't fuck up my bird while im stuck on base serving a freedom turkey dinner to our sailors and marines who do...
  193. T2shortB

    New Name- South Sounder

    That name is about as cool as a bag of dicks at a lesbian festival! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  194. T2shortB

    Winter boat projects.

    The only thing proprietary is yamahas cables and connections. Well that is for.the command link... not sure about command link plus. Data from the engines is the same nmea2k language. Two comm wires one possitive and one negative power wires. My setup had both motors going to a multiport hub at...
  195. T2shortB

    Saltwater shelfishing repirt first time razor claming

    Good job Marcus.... told you that you'd enjoy it!
  196. T2shortB

    Winter boat projects.

    which part of this includes bringing her back out here for next summers' tuna slaying?
  197. T2shortB

    Winter boat projects.

    Which "gateway" are you speaking of? If by chance it is a yamaha command link to a micro c nmea2000 network (lowrance/garmin) I might could save you the expense of buying that $300 cable.... I have one I made when I had the yamahas on my boat....
  198. T2shortB

    Knife sheath

    Duct tape and cardboard... get your arts and crafts time on! I used the plastic sheath that came on the blade as a liner for mine. Works pretty good and it's cheap!
  199. T2shortB

    Transducer Junction Box

    sold..... I'll pm you.
  200. T2shortB

    going to pull crab pots.... anyone want to go for a quick boat ride?

    I need to go pull my pots, boat is on the water and the wind has laid down. Just throwing it out there as I should have more than a couple of limits in the pots and my other dude cancelled let me know soon. Going to leave the house with in the hour!
  201. T2shortB

    When you ask someone how the water is and they reply "It's glass"

    dICK.... It was smooth..... kinda like your cat with 6' @ 4 seconds and 3-4' wind chop.... buttery smooth
  202. T2shortB

    When you ask someone how the water is and they reply "It's glass"

    That's @Happy Daze 's 24 offshore. The pilothouse is an aftermarket thing and it makes for one badass ride!
  203. T2shortB

    Been out of action

    I hope you get it all sorted out and are not on the sideline too long brother! If you need a hand getting any vets out fishing this winter let me know. I'll be trying to plug away at blackmouth any chance I get and would like to help out if I can!
  204. T2shortB

    When you ask someone how the water is and they reply "It's glass"

    It had better look like this! Port Orchard this afternoon after dropping some crab pots for an overnight soak.... The dynamic duo, Happy Daze and Got fish ready for some crab and blackmouth slaying.
  205. T2shortB

    Acid wrap or not?

    Do it Pat! Benjamin, I would guess you spiral wrapped rod may not have been set up perfectly, or it was, but for heavy loading. Static loading to determine guide placment is critical when doing an acid wrap. A simple spiral sets up with guides in the (-) 5 - 15 degree, then 90 degree, then 180...
  206. T2shortB

    Help Wanted

    .... yeah, I know that! And Like I said, sorry! haha @Jeffsk7 @Joelsk15
  207. T2shortB

    Help Wanted

    Looks like a douche to me.....Is that the quality of help you have to work with? If so I feel for you brother!
  208. T2shortB

    Bought This

    Hurry up! Halibut will be here before you know it damn it....well, maybe
  209. T2shortB

    Questions on bilge and bait tank pumps?

    @wdlfbio : Larry2, I have a small flowjet 1.35gpm 60 psi switch pump sitting here that has been waiting for a small freshwater gear washdown system I have been planing on for years.... that project is moving along at a blistering pace.... that said, if you want it, you own it. It will keep it in...
  210. T2shortB

    Show Us Your Boat and WIN

    Before and After! I would imagine few people have pictures of their boat in this stance!
  211. T2shortB

    Pintle hitch

    OH shit.... does not fall into the "too soon" catagory, but damn Steve, thats just mean!
  212. T2shortB

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Now that this shit is over, here are some jiggly tits...... And can we get back to tuna fishing now? It's not over yet!
  213. T2shortB

    RainShadow RD96MH -$120

    What are the guide models? And seat size? Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  214. T2shortB

    Saltwater What do you do when your livewell breaks down?

    I will be adding a ball valve in line on the fill hose going to the bait tank as well as adding the quick connect for power and will have a backup on board. This will allow me to shut the seacock, shut the fill valve, disconnect power, remove fill line from the pump and replace if needed at sea...
  215. T2shortB

    Saltwater What do you do when your livewell breaks down?

    Good to meet you sunday afternoon and good on you for making something out of a bad situation. That mako looked great and like I said, if i had my boat there i would of had a cartridge for you. As others have said, bait sentry 1100 magnetic drive. That is what i am switching over to. I have...
  216. T2shortB

    Saltwater kelli ann tuna report

    Hells yes! Way to go homes.... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  217. T2shortB

    Taller portable cleaning table

    How did I know that my name would come up in this thread after just reading the title? Sucks to be normal heigth or taller I guess, I clean fish on a milk crate!
  218. T2shortB

    Sunday tuna?

    You should also bring a tank full of anchovies. Word on the street is they will attract some fish called an ablocorey or something like that... the deal is that once those useless fish show up, the sunfish will show up sometimes in big numbers. It might just increase your chance of a sighting...
  219. T2shortB

    Hewescraft goes down at La Push

    My deepest thoughts go out to the family involved here... as for this... I tend to wear my auto inflate on the water most of the times... recently I started wearing a manual inflatable, but still wear one of my autos every now and then. When it's shitty out or crossing the bar the forward...
  220. T2shortB

    I guess Grady P's are smart than us..

    I love the Grady prick running after it! "Oh shit, I better run after it and........ do nothing" Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  221. T2shortB

    Yamaha t9.9 won't start

    The starters on these beotches are quite resiliant but commonly get rusted stuck.... I had one do the same and was told to grab a hold of the bendix or armature shaft or pinion or whatever the hell you want to call it with a pair of vise grips break it free, and get it spinning. still works...
  222. T2shortB

    Coho fuckery

    My exact words... well, not really! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  223. T2shortB

    Coho fuckery

  224. T2shortB

    Coho fuckery
  225. T2shortB

    Lowrance MFD Updates Beware.

    Steve, see my post above... after talking to a few people sometimes the soft reset seems to be a good option to try. It can't hurt!
  226. T2shortB

    Saltwater Tuna with two

    way to make it happen! I mean if you had pics 8-)
  227. T2shortB

    Lowrance MFD Updates Beware.

    Goat, I was having issues with my stuff for a while too. HDS10 gen2, hds9touch gen2, 2x LVR-880 radios, engines interfaced to nmea2000, and now 3 LMF-400 gauges. My issue was every trip/ or every time I powered up all of my data overlays would reset to the trim % value of the STBD motor.. fuel...
  228. T2shortB

    Ocean Sport Roamer Not big enough? Check this out!

    My vagina just got moist Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  229. T2shortB

    30 x 90 Reliable Kill Bag

    I have all three sizes and the big fucker is big! I'd keep it mike. I have taken mine on a few trips and leave it empty in the cabin.... when you start to pack fish pull it out and load it against the transom and you are good to go. That or did you already ask Shane if he wants to buy it? He was...
  230. T2shortB

    Traveling to Washi ?'s

    Don't fuck with me, im trying to drive to WP! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  231. T2shortB

    2006 thunder jet luxor

    Oh shit, another belfair-tucky guy... we are growing in masses bitches Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  232. T2shortB

    2006 thunder jet luxor

    Oh snap... this guy is a keeper! I'll feed some of kool-aid 's popcorn addiction. .. First off, this forum is badass and it is only badass because people contribute. Making a first post that is trying to sell stuff or ask for advice or insite without even an introduction or providing...
  233. T2shortB


    For now..... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  234. T2shortB

    Flat-side or Flat-fall?

    LOL... Each jig has it's own action. I keep an aray of both styles, probably not nearly as many as others do though. Black and purple, blue pink, mackeral in green and blue. I stick mostly to 140g and 168g but that is because those weights match my jig rods I built. the next stick I build will...
  235. T2shortB

    Flat-side or Flat-fall?

    easy answer.... YES
  236. T2shortB

    Spinning reel line WP Alby's

    This!!! You can pull the be-jesus otta those longfin fuckers like this! Keep the top shot short... like Lawrence said... 6 to 10 ft max... you want to feel the jigs and not have much strech....I run the same 50# powerpro on a live bait spinner with a 15' flouro topshot of 40# or 30#
  237. T2shortB

    Saltwater Pesky fuckers

    Beat our number. We pulled 6 pots three times! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  238. T2shortB


    My liver isn't ready for this week to show up yet.... im still recovering from last year Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  239. T2shortB


    He won't be in town till thursday, but you can join me for cocktails on his boat tuesday and Wednesday evenings. .... hope he brings more clown oil to restock... im gonna drink the fucker dry before he even get to town.... just don't tell Vance, it's better that way, trust me! @dragonballs Sent...
  240. T2shortB

    WTC Smack talking thread

    My balls in your face hole matter! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  241. T2shortB

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Bringing a 55 gal drum of pig blood with me too... just gonna run a circle around everyone on a bait stop and let them get sharked out.... joke em if they can't take a fuck! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  242. T2shortB

    WTC Smack talking thread

    I don't need shit talking.. ive got other tactics in the works..... All of Benjamin 's and cockwalkers avets i rebuilt may or may not explode the morning of the wtc... fuckers thought I was helping them out... bahahah...... And Fuck you....... bitches! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  243. T2shortB

    Let's fish tomorrow... open seat ma9

    when one of your supervisors give you the go ahead to take the day off if you take him fishing.... hands kinda tied.....SOB.... I actualy forgot the protest was tomorrow becuase it was a work day for me.
  244. T2shortB

    Let's fish tomorrow... open seat ma9

    If any of you hoes wanna tag along, ive got an open seat for crab and salmon. No gear needed, got two good live bait tuna rods that i use on my downriggers ... well at least according to @Cornfed lol. Seriously though, no gear needed, im a tackle whore! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  245. T2shortB

    Need a boat your name/info here.

    Open seat tomorrow for epic slaying of kings and crab in MA9. Let me know you prick slurpers. Launching at brownsville in bremerton. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  246. T2shortB

    Complaint About Raymarine - Raynet(ng)

    All kinds of crazy shit going on here... So you just need your raymarine autopilot controller to talk with your already existing nmea2000 network right? This should be very easy... i know from recent projects that there are 4 wires in a nmea2k network... for loweance/navico/simrad/garmin there...
  247. T2shortB

    Tuna trolling rod recommendations

    Get some of the heavier ugly stick blue water or big water (cant remember) rods, or okuma sst. Unfer $100 bucks and will double as hali rods when you bring guys fishing who don't own their own gear. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  248. T2shortB

    Open Tuna seats next weekend?

    Oh christ.... i guess your good to go... cookie here... i was going to say god help you if you were a Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  249. T2shortB

    They tried...

    Pussy! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  250. T2shortB

    Open Tuna seats next weekend?

    Just checked out this thread... Hey fucker or chris or whatever, we will hook up and ill get you out even if you get a chance to go with patrick. As a fellow bubblehead, you'd better have tour shit together or better have payed attention in boot camp because it'll be a long ass swim back to...
  251. T2shortB

    Who wants to fish Tuesday?

    @Deviant So far south where? Still have one seat, and Im heading out of westport, not neah! I can niether confirm or deny that there are troll and jig rods on the boat! After kings i might be inclinded to point her ssw and go for a few of those long fin salmons I hear about!
  252. T2shortB

    Who wants to fish Tuesday?

    neither of these posts made any sense to me while I was reading them on my phone.... Once i got to my desktop and could see my signature on my posts it all becomes clear what you fucks are talking about!
  253. T2shortB

    Who wants to fish Tuesday?

    No, i didnt say tuna larry2 Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  254. T2shortB

    Who wants to fish Tuesday?

    Got one, maybe two open seats tuesday, for salmon. Neah for kings and rocks... with a backup plan of possesion/PNP for salmon and crab. Let me know bitches. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  255. T2shortB

    ebay bait tanks...?

    Do you brew your beer in your mothers basement as well Eli? Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  256. T2shortB

    ebay bait tanks...?

    This Dennis guy is awesome... but he may want to be careful if he ever wants to try some really good brew... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  257. T2shortB

    Anyone know what this part is?

    Yeah, that! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  258. T2shortB

    Anyone know what this part is?

    Flux capacitor bypass glowplug coil. Should be pluged in pneumatically to the exhaust bearing counter balance down on the lower end of the block near the oil atomizing blow-off blinker fluid expansion chamber! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  259. T2shortB

    Good Thing I Have A Spare....

    Shit balls.... got anyone helping you out brother? Im at work, but could possibly make a call or two if needed. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  260. T2shortB

    Area 9/10 opener

    Its only noon... where is the effort? Wipe your vag, drain your drool bucket, put on your safety helmet and get your ass back in the game!!! On a serious note, there have been a few guys who did well right at dawn... wish i had some intel for you my friend, but im working all weekend. Sent...
  261. T2shortB

    Rule Tournament series bait tank pumps

    Three might last me a whole trip! I have two back ups on the boat and I swore that as soon as I burn up the one installed and one more I was ordering a different pump setup, but damn it, If you can hang on to them till next weekend I'll take them! Just the cartridges
  262. T2shortB

    Misc. boating items for sale

    I have been needing to get an anchor in case of oh shit moments near rocks/jetties .... $150? just because it's the size bigger than I was going to buy and I can paypal you now! And I have tities in my signature for you to look at!!!
  263. T2shortB

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    So if I make 8 posts in a thread, you'll be looking at my shit for 4 hours.. cause it's on everyone now as part of my signature..... It's just a reminder that tuna is what you need to focus on! Be strong my friends, be strong
  264. T2shortB

    Saltwater Day 2 Westport 9 to 5

    Getting it done baby!
  265. T2shortB

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 23rd....Tuna!!!

    must be for the oregon fishery, evryone knows there are no tuna in washington!
  266. T2shortB

    Honda Outboards Fix

    permatex 80017 You should know some people that use this stuff.... i use it on all my fuel and oil conections
  267. T2shortB

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    YES! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  268. T2shortB

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    Not sure if that is a compliment or a curse! Either way fuck you and thanks! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  269. T2shortB

    The build: 28' 1980 Slickcraft Tiara

    Thats gotta feel good! Congrats
  270. T2shortB

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    Keep me in mind when you are ready to off load them! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  271. T2shortB

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    Both sets sucked ass! You and Kerry need to invest in a spray bottle and salt away! Yours were worse on the exterior, but then again, i didn't have to break out the dremal tool on any of yours like i did on a few of these! Oh yeah, you ever gonna get those damn tekotas from me? Sent from my...
  272. T2shortB

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    @Clockwork Submarine warfare device... We call these our "dolphins" Those who know get it, other will ask!
  273. T2shortB

    Graphics printed... Good ol' barter work!

    @Benjamin N. @Swede Finnaly got around to getting my badass graphics printed and installed that Swede designed for me last year. Dude did an amazing job. Revieved 13 of Benjamin's avets... some of these bitches were F'd up pretty badly... ( He who Sold them to benjamin knows who they are!)...
  274. T2shortB

    Follow me.

    Yeah Vance.... for fucks sake!
  275. T2shortB

    Upgraded rod holders

    Vance, she looks great brotha. This will be your year my friend! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  276. T2shortB

    Upgraded rod holders

    Ohh snap! Thats low, even for you Larry2 Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  277. T2shortB

    Ran into these two fags "rigging" as the called it!

    Yeah, but you'll have plenty of room to ran away on that platform! Jealous that ill be working. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  278. T2shortB

    Back in the game fuckers.............

    Let me get propped right and its on! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  279. T2shortB

    Ran into these two fags "rigging" as the called it!

    Hey bitches, I was out busy doing the real work... fishing and running my boat... the way I see it is I saved there lives. The miniscule fuckers had been in that boat all day on a blacktop parking lot, probaly 100 degrees inside there, did they have water? nope... dehydration had set in and I...
  280. T2shortB

    Ran into these two fags "rigging" as the called it!

    It kinda saddens me to think about the amount of fish that will die on this boat.... nope, it really dosen't. She is a bad bitch and Tommy has her dressed up real nice, just can't wait to see what type of whore she turns into once he gets her all wet...
  281. T2shortB

    Back in the game fuckers.............

    How many people do you think hold a camera right next to their face dickhead? I was holding it at about chest level .... or at least thats what im telling you... you don't need to know that it was mounted on top of my safety helmet! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  282. T2shortB

    A11 Saturday June 25

    I'll be at the northern end of 11 in a few hours getting some testing on the motors and making sure my spoons and downriggers are in proper working condition for the ocean!
  283. T2shortB

    Back in the game fuckers.............

    I think you may be too big in diameter to fit my lower unit.............props.... i mean props... you dirty fuckers. I can only turn a 14" prop on these motors.
  284. T2shortB

    Back in the game fuckers.............

    Got to water test the motors this evening.... Need to get it proped out right. The 16p 4 blade powertechs shot up to 6200 at 3/4 throttle, my 19p yamaha 3 blades got there a little farther in the throw but would still easily over rev. Just me and 40 gallons of fuel and the bait tank full so...
  285. T2shortB

    Adding a tilt sensor to a Yamaha 25 HT kicker?

    Swivel neck sensor? Seems an easy fix to me after you already did it once and it bit you in the ass. I'll bet that even if you add a sensor you will never run again without looking back there to make sure it's up! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  286. T2shortB


    You've got a bunch of shit to do! Fuck, I'll take a few pictures of my boat when i get off work this evening and then we will see who is shitting more bricks broski... LOL My boat looks like a few of the pictures from early on in the rebuild thread two years ago! Get that shit buttoned up and...
  287. T2shortB


    Sucks that the water looks soo shitty.... gotta finish rigging the new motors on the boat now, like i said in the text i sent you, thanks for moving my timeline up three weeks fucker! Way to go fellas! And thanks for the report! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  288. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Thats why the streams are possitioned strait up, i thought it was because they are so quiet you need a visual to know they are still running! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  289. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Soon grasshopper, soon! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  290. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Thats why they tasted soo good last night when i was licking them.... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  291. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Don't fuck with my happy mojo i have going on right now damn it Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  292. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Fucker.... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  293. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Haha... we will start slow, hit some crab and shit in the sound.... i promiss its already 180 out from that day, otherwise i would have sold it by now! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  294. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    That wouldn't be a short joke would it? Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  295. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Negative, they will be heading down to California Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  296. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    Nope, 140's becuase of the great deal i got on them Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  297. T2shortB

    So this happened yesterday

    New shoes on the whip! Thanks to happydaze we got the motors hung yesterday afternoon. I have to run all the rigging still, but of course i had to fill them with oil, temporarily run the harnesses, and fire them off. Purr like kittens these fuckers do! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  298. T2shortB

    Really West Marine??? PFD sale fail

    Don't try to derail your own dumbassanisims by bringing up old shit! This was a good laugh. the first thought in my head was, "I had to arm everyone I have bought... hahaha" Did you congratulate @silver slayer on his new ride too? Bro, you are a special kinda cock craddle today!
  299. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Already picked up motors, but either way i am only tated at 320hp on my boat. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  300. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Lol... was waiting to see how long that one took to get posted... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  301. T2shortB

    Am I a grady prick now

    Holly fuck... we need to start a new forum with an iq test to be granted access..... these douche canoe mutha fuck breaths really missed this one! This is outstanding..... Let me try..... Congratulations josh on a sweet new ride! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  302. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Thanks Vance, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Every person i have and/or will talk to about my motors WILL get a full run down on the history of the motors, period. I would rather just talk via phone than keep trying to type this shit out on my phone ! If you think im going to...
  303. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115TXR & LF115TXR

    LOL... @Stripedfisher77 @Bottom Line ... Now that I read Kory's post again, I see he was talking to you....carry on, my bad
  304. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115TXR & LF115TXR

    2k w/out controls, or gauges... could have both standard props and possibly a third 15p 4 blade powertech RBX4 (if they don't work out on the suzuki's im getting) 2500 with controls (dual binnical )wiring harness for one motor,command link tack and speed/fuel gauges, bus cables, hub, and drop...
  305. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    yeah the two years and 150 hours of running them proved that, not the damp winter we had where I deployed from october to the end of feb and not having a chance to get them winterized before I left.... I would still run these motors.. but to each his own.
  306. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    @ShadBurke here you go.... And I don't know where you read the I have already put new heads on these motors, but you may need to re-read it. I have not replaced the head. the standard rotating motor is in an as is condition. Included is the origonal head and all the origonal parts for the motor...
  307. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115TXR & LF115TXR

    Well, if you can figure it out, i am already planning to drain fluids and strap them on pallets at a local marine shop. I could probably work out dropping them off to a shipping depo if it's not to far from me and if they could fork them off a trailer. I am pretty sure fedex has a freight...
  308. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115TXR & LF115TXR Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  309. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    That was back in august of 2014 Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  310. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Yep... these were the ones on the boat when it capsized. They had 323 hrs on them when i bought the boat. You guys know the story of all the work i did to them... if not look back at my build thread for the boat... Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  311. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Yeah i hear you, but I'll pass on the deal to someone else who may need it. I get myself wrapped up in too many projects and then don't get any fishing done! Besides, the price I have them at covers the remaining money I need and the quicker I get them sold the quicker I am back on the water!
  312. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    Shawn, if they were 150's they'd be going nowhere! That's the whole reason behind me deciding to sell them....more power baby!
  313. T2shortB

    Outcome of my motor failure!

    So I have been down a motor since I got back from my last Patrol under the sea. Pulled the boat out at the beginning of march and had a bad miss on the STBD motor. The shop got it torn down and found it was a stuck exhaust valve. slight piston contact. No valve breakage or piston damage other...
  314. T2shortB

    2008 & 2009 yamaha F115s

    SOLD F115TXR & LF115TXR Bought new and put into service 4-10-2010. 480 hrs on each motor. Selling as a pair for $6500 (bluebook value of PORT motor with an extra parts motor for free or fix it and all the extras for free!) with all controls, rigging, command link gauges, associated wiring...
  315. T2shortB

    Am I a grady prick now

    or maybe some grady prick's truck broke.......... again! @Elkfins ...too soon?
  316. T2shortB

    Saltwater Halibut Areas 5 and 4

    Great pics and write up Greg! I would say you guys did well given the water we had this weekend. Well done
  317. T2shortB

    Reminder: What's really important

    :D I'll be ready to go!
  318. T2shortB

    Reminder: What's really important

    Have boat.... need motors.... Soon grasshopper, soon! I must be patient!
  319. T2shortB

    Calstar GF800M OB Fade

    DAMN! That thing is hot.... well done sir! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  320. T2shortB

    Reminder: What's really important

    Again, fuck right the fuck off! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  321. T2shortB

    I got rammed in the ass....

    Just a stuck exhaust valve... Very light contact with the piston, basically just knocked off the carbon where it hit... the metal pieces in the valve cover were the lifter shim from the stuck open valve. nothing got into the engine itself. Outcome was an entire new powerhead plus associated...
  322. T2shortB

    I got rammed in the ass....

    Video/ pics? you know the drill bitch!
  323. T2shortB

    What a shitty way to spend a birthday.

    Thoughts are with you and your family Pat... Go celebrate his life brother. we are all here if you need anything.
  324. T2shortB

    13 new holes in my boat

    half of them are at the wrong angle.... or is it the other half at the right angle... nevermind. Take it back! lol
  325. T2shortB

    I got rammed in the ass....

    First @Rpcole got rear-ended last week and then today I was on the way home from work, got a call from the insurance agent that my claim for my motor was done and the check was in the mail... I thought "great!", i'll swing by kitsap marine and talk with brother Dave about the brand change and...
  326. T2shortB

    knife sharpener

    From a professional cook buy and learn to use a tri-stone and a steel. If anyone would like a shaving demonstration, I can provide you with that. On my fillet knives i shot for a 17 degree cut... on my heavier boning knives i go for 20-22 degree. Less angle gets you a much sharper cutting blade...
  327. T2shortB

    United Composites US 76 Predator

    Killer build Jim.... I really dig the colors on this one, and love the fact that you still keep bringing new ideas to the table... bad ass brother! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  328. T2shortB

    I became a statistic, and big thanks to Sportco. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  329. T2shortB

    I became a statistic, and big thanks to Sportco. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  330. T2shortB

    Reminder: What's really important

    Fuck off! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  331. T2shortB

    VHF Question

    I have two 880-lvr which is the predictor to the link 8 one with a 5225-xt and the other with a mariner 8900. Both have great transmission and reception. I solider on my connections, but some have had good luck with the gold PL crimp on connections... but i don't want to take that chance when...
  332. T2shortB

    WHAT NEXT! Anyone got an open seat for Neah/La Push?

    Some of us pee-ons have to work!
  333. T2shortB

    WHAT NEXT! Anyone got an open seat for Neah/La Push?

    If I wasn't down a motor, i'd let you take my boat brother... sorry !
  334. T2shortB

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Hey fucker, I see what you did there! :_smack_:
  335. T2shortB

    What do you do when fishing is closed for the season?

    Yeah, I could be fishing point no point and look down towards jeff's head and say to my crew, " lets run down and say hi to matt, I see his blue trophy from here"
  336. T2shortB

    What do you do when fishing is closed for the season?

    I already like it better than your Trophy broham! It's going to be an epic year of fishing sand-dabs and dog fish in the sound.... Congrats!
  337. T2shortB

    Halibut area for little kids

    nom nom nom popcorn! I loves these on the line thingys
  338. T2shortB

    Love being a salty boat owner...

    Shit, should be good to go now! Sounds like she's a bad ass mother fucker now!.... Sorry, I had to....
  339. T2shortB

    Halibut area for little kids

    Great first post! Asking for hidden honey holes. Good luck and thanks for all the useful and informative information you have shared with this community. I especially liked your introduction post and pictures of wife/girlfriend! The door, watch out..... If you are genuine make an introduction...
  340. T2shortB

    Anyone have a game plan for after the PSA meeting Saturday?

    Fuck you Matt! Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
  341. T2shortB

    Anyone have a game plan for after the PSA meeting Saturday?

    I say we crash Vances' boat and I pray that you fuckers have conditioned your livers as this is the start of a long summer of bull shit fishing stories, large quantities of barley pop, clownoil a plenty, $5 westport whores, and yes Tues is still an asshole! See you fuckers Saturday..... On a...
  342. T2shortB

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Your mamma is so fat, she jumped in the air and got stuck...
  343. T2shortB

    Offshore World Classic

    yeah, I noticed that as well... either way, still a great showing!
  344. T2shortB

    Offshore World Classic

    top team for the day! helluva finish , you all hung in there and kicked ass!
  345. T2shortB

    Front panel replacement

  346. T2shortB

    Arima 19' Sea Ranger Hard Top

    congrats Jason! Although, I hated watching my Arima go down the road behiind some other guys' rig! Miss that boat, but like the big boat better!
  347. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    I see what you did there....
  348. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    got a big enough table for a pair of 115's?
  349. T2shortB

    New Boat Graphics

    Looks good brother!
  350. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Got it, checked my policy, made the phone call. We will see what happens Checked it 5 times...
  351. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    got it
  352. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    I am so confused right now...... Yeah, I know Mike is ninja... if it needs it, and there is no other way for me to go forward, I will and can handle the rebuild, minus and machine work! But I might see if he wanted to come hang for a day of beer and pizza and stuper-vision!
  353. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Thought already crossed my mind!
  354. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Don't sweat it Stehpen, It sucks, but it's just a damn boat!
  355. T2shortB

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Thanks howard, I may not be able to go anywhere in my boat anytime soon, but at least I'll have some clean, shiny new 8" balls!
  356. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    I do. I do have a yacht policy... are you saying I should contact insurance on this? Took a look in the valve cover yesterday and was not very happy to see two chunks of metal that look like either part of a valve or piston, which means probably both. Catastrophic failure fo sho..... I need a...
  357. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Thats the direction I am leaning towards too. Like bullshooter said, i would probably see something if it was rings or a seal...
  358. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Hey on a positive note the re-plumbed bait tank pump and new washdown worked great on saturday!
  359. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    I'll have them all done tomorrow, I might be tempted to drive out to lapush if I had a reason to.....just saying
  360. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    Same one Chris. Never got around to doing any real trouble shooting, but yes this was the one that pucked oil from the dipstick last winter. Now I know where the blow by came from and popped the dipstick out. I was underway this winter so didn't get around to checking it out. Stuck rings? Head...
  361. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    STBD F115 yamaha on my boat.... gonna tear it down and see whats wrong and fix it. Sucks, but i'll be back in the game pretty quickly i think!
  362. T2shortB

    Shit fuck damn it........

    When your compression across 4 cylinders reads 153, 152, 152, 0 these words tend to come out of your mouth.... That is all, carry on!
  363. T2shortB

    kelli ann should be GTG

    Good job fellas..... I'll make sure i get a few pictures this year when I see you on the water brotha!
  364. T2shortB

    "Big Tuna Brown" 800H

    Killer job Jim... You know, you two should get together and make a DVD or something.....
  365. T2shortB

    Another Rainshadow 84H

    Nice looking build
  366. T2shortB

    Seeker Ulua ssr

  367. T2shortB

    Black Hole Cape Cod Special

    Clean and mean.. Very Nice!
  368. T2shortB

    Rainshadow RDR96MH Local derby rod

    Got asked if I would wrap up a rod for a local salmon derby... Yep, I needed to knock the dust of all my shit anyway. I has been a while since I have built anything. Of course when it came down to it I only left myself a few days to get it done and didn't get any good pictures ( only a few of...
  369. T2shortB

    Headache rack Rocket Launcher - 15 holders

    Fuck... I want it, but don't need it.... SWMBO would not allow me to spend money on such aswesome fuckery! If you can think of something we can barter with let me know!
  370. T2shortB

    Shimano 20A 2 speed

    NebraskaRalph, is my $100 2 speed pink avet still there? Let Kerry know I stopped by and picked it up...
  371. T2shortB

    Saltwater Get em while you can

    Nice fish Greg
  372. T2shortB

    United Composites CE 700's

    Killer brother... never surprising but always satisfying to see your impeccable thread-work!
  373. T2shortB

    Blue/green holo shimmer tiger wrap

    Looks good, your buddy should like it.
  374. T2shortB

    Split grip Jigstick

    well done, now go get it bent!
  375. T2shortB


    Stellar! Very classy wrap... I like it.
  376. T2shortB

    Need a gutter guy...

    just bring enough duct tape and four 5gl buckets.... BOOM extendo reach ladder for short guys
  377. T2shortB

    Need a gutter guy...

    oh yeah... not saying I would volunteer, They don't make tall enough ladders for me..... FML
  378. T2shortB

    Need a gutter guy...

    brother, this should be a beer drinking BBQ party one day. Most of us, well a few of us on here are DIY type guys... I don't do gutters, but I sure as shit have fixed mine a few times (4200 works great on seams and screws!) I would think a few guys could get together and give you a hand and bang...
  379. T2shortB

    Saltwater La Push Lings

    Nice grade of fish! Sorry you had to deal with those shitty conditions... Well done fellas
  380. T2shortB

    Saltwater Trolling in the hood

    Good job brother.... it's on Saturday bitch! (you are fishing right?)
  381. T2shortB

    Flasher?? Blown transmission? ?

    Maybe he is not hiding but busy making ham sandwiches for those times when one may be needed... PUBLIC NOTICE: do NOT accept ham sandwiches from the Ken!
  382. T2shortB

    Test hit complete

    I put mine in with the tube aft so all the water would drain, you may lose a small amount of water on plane running up swells and such, but i dont think its enough to hurt the bait. Drain tube can also be modified to help also, i would tell you for sure if i could ever get a pump to run an...
  383. T2shortB

    North Fork Composites salmon rod

    Shit hot!! Love the reds on a flat graphite blank... always one of my favorite combos
  384. T2shortB

    Test hit complete

    Glad I could help brother.... you should have called me up, I would of tagged along for the test run!
  385. T2shortB

    Beast Mode

    That deck thou...... sweet brother!
  386. T2shortB

    Railing height?

    nahh, wouldn't work for me.... i would end up with negative freeboard! (firgured I would jump on this one myself before one of you fucks did)
  387. T2shortB


    wait, hold on a second, you fuckers mean to tell me there are tuna in Washington? You all are soo full of shit!
  388. T2shortB

    Okuma Cedros spinning reel

    Pete, I have a cj55 and a cj55s I used this past season. My take away... anti reverse/reverse switch failed on both reels ( i have rigged them so they can not go into reverse mode), one is very tight on the crank. The other one is buttery smooth. That being said these were not bought brand new...
  389. T2shortB

    Front panel replacement

    I'd second the use of starboard.... Use some 1/4" if you want a decent surface that will hold stickers or labels just polish it out like you would aluminum.... 440, 600, 800, 1000. Did this on my bilge pump panel I made for my boat.
  390. T2shortB

    Rod repair

    At least spell short right you former grady prick.. And thanks ...... Im just up the road in belfair, let me know
  391. T2shortB

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, March 12

    Back just in time... i'll be there!
  392. T2shortB


    A little over 3 years ... shore duty bitch!
  393. T2shortB


    Back on terra firma..... That is all carry on!
  394. T2shortB

    Tin to Glass!!

    She looks sexy all black in the back and shit! That is a clean looking 220ex. I looked it over at the store not too long ago. Congrats!
  395. T2shortB

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    HMC, These are pics from the build on my boat... dome lights are white/red and all the blue LED lights are from LED light strips. I think they came in 24" strips. There are markings on them where you can cut them at every 3rd light if I remember right, then I just peeled back the rubber...
  396. T2shortB


    @Titan We were trying to figure out who was oddball..... We were the guys on the stripper yelling like we were on a bait stop.... great action and fast limits of big squid tonight. Thanks to Cornfed for the invite! How did you guys end up doing?
  397. T2shortB

    22' Osprey Northwind

    nope, not blown... just a seal....
  398. T2shortB

    22' Osprey Northwind

    You should do it Chris, I'll make you a hell of a deal on twin F115's with all controls, gauges, command link shit included! I'm going for more power on my boat and probably going back to my white motors!
  399. T2shortB

    Tommy's Article on Dead Bait

    I still think it's strange that you wanted all those guides I replaced on your rods 180 degrees out from the others... looks pretty funky!
  400. T2shortB

    WTF is up with everyone having motor issues this year?

    Thanks goat, I don't think, well I know that I am not in as bad of a place as others this year. Should be a pretty easy fix once I find it. I feel more for the guys with the big bills this year! And then there was Kevin's boat... Weird year is all. At least I was in the sound with a light load...
  401. T2shortB

    Tommy's Article on Dead Bait

    first pump failed and we noticed the tank was only about 3/4 full on a piss stop. Change cartridge and fuse at panel and we are back on the roll. Get to the grounds no water, bait is dead. I get home and i was out washing the boat the next day and pulled the cartridge out to check wiring and all...
  402. T2shortB

    Tommy's Article on Dead Bait

    So here is the calling myself a douche-bag post.... I am a douche-bag.
  403. T2shortB

    WTF is up with everyone having motor issues this year?

    Some kinda motor gremlin must be going around fucking people up this year... i'm now down my stbd motor as of sunday. Was trolling on it all day and noticed a shine behind the motor at the end of the day. Shut down the stbd and fired back up the port motor, pulled the cowl and looked like an oil...
  404. T2shortB

    Saltwater Area 9 coho 10/11

    Well done, I was out on the west bar and worked all day for limits for three. One decent fish to 8lbs, two dinks and the other 4 were in the middle.
  405. T2shortB

    Open seat sunday 10/11/15..... Super massive size silvers, state record type shit!

    Chasing some of those monster 30lb + silver in the sound tomorrow. Can fit 1 or 2 more. launching from kingston @ 0630. PM me or call. Nothing need except your own food and beverage. Probably will not catch anything, and if you believe that there are 30lb + silvers in the sound you should go run...
  406. T2shortB

    Crummy Start to my day!!! my 1997 Luhrs Sank at the dock

    Damn it Kevin! Sorry to hear about this brother. Hope it all works out for the best, and no, I am not ready for another project!
  407. T2shortB

    Kodak Monday Tuna run

    Ah, ram raper... you get facts confused. It was the chovies that choked, we did well, and had a blast with what we had. :finger::finger::finger:
  408. T2shortB

    Kodak Monday Tuna run

    Told you ROB!
  409. T2shortB

    Saltwater Sun 10/4 Tuna

    I got a kill bag that will fit a few of those....8-)
  410. T2shortB

    Saltwater Got Fish working hard for some meat.... a few vids as well 9-26-15

    The plan was pieced together. The crew was to be Myself, Tommy, Mark, Mike, and Dave. The departure was going to be early as we wanted to beat the afternoon ebb at the bar. Well at least the crew stayed true to plan. Roll into westport @ 0415... get some shit on the boat, splash it and me and...
  411. T2shortB


    OUT Standing! All I have to say is Tick Tock, tick Tock...... Standby
  412. T2shortB

    BD secret rules

    my reply when I piss someone off.... starting to get old, I have to use it like 50 times a day....
  413. T2shortB

    Open seat tuna saturday

    I hear that, I just found out a few hours ago that the reason I pulled my trip ( having to go in on saturday for some bullshit 45 mins) got cancelled... Kinda pissed I had to cancel the trip, but Might be sound bound if anyone wanted to roll out there and help me catch all the derby winning fish...
  414. T2shortB

    2009 defiance Admiral 250 EX

    Bump from a current owner of the same boat... this is a great package! BTW, check your pm's...
  415. T2shortB

    Edmonds Coho Derby Saturday, September 12 win $5000!

    Got Fish is in w/special guest Cornfed.... see you bitches saturday!
  416. T2shortB

    Temp Deckhand needed

    He's got it filled... i was going to fill in tomorrow, but Kerry found someone, Shit... guess I have to do my chores instead of fishing
  417. T2shortB

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Ah, you missed the joke in that reply!
  418. T2shortB

    Boat name painting/sticker

    Him or swede.... this is what he did for me.
  419. T2shortB

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    Dick! .......... At least I could get a different perspective then!
  420. T2shortB

    Never Crash a Bait stop when a photographers onboard

    So you're saying I can get some good footage of my boat running on step?!
  421. T2shortB

    Life is short...make it count

    oh snap..... you had to go there didn't you Brian..
  422. T2shortB

    Anyone have a line on a busted ass 2006 or later 9.9 yamaha they need to get rid of?

    mine is a 08.... needs to be 06 or newer for it to be the same part #
  423. T2shortB

    Life is short...make it count

    True words Mark, I am sorry for the loss of your friend. Never easy to hear that kinda stuff even about people I don't know. Once again, sorry to hear this.
  424. T2shortB

    Bait tank

    There is a 50gl and two 65 gl tanks sitting on the showroom floor at defiance. Just saw them a few hours ago....
  425. T2shortB


    Now I have to bring the GotFish down..... You just sealed the deal! Eric and Dave, give me until tomorrow evening to figure out if I can make a run sunday. If so the two of you have an invite to fish with me.
  426. T2shortB

    Rod sleeves and reel covers for sale...

    Nice, I prefer the rclb70L , but that may be because I haven't wrapped up a 70M yet............yet!
  427. T2shortB

    Boat on Westport south jetty

    I have personally seen a jetty destroyed by big surf... fort pierce Fl south jetty. rocks the size of dump trucks picked up and moved..... just sayin'
  428. T2shortB

    Boat on Westport south jetty

    Fuck the gap........... go around. Too often I hear about guys who take out their lowers and/or props that "have been doing it for 20 years". I never have, and never will go for the gap. Take this past weekend for example, who knows what may have shifted/moved with the surf we had on...
  429. T2shortB

    Rod sleeves and reel covers for sale...

    uber badass bro... yes, I said uber...
  430. T2shortB

    Anyone have a line on a busted ass 2006 or later 9.9 yamaha they need to get rid of?

    I have a t9.9 that I snapped one of the arm on the swivel bracket and wondering if anyone may have a mid section or a blown up one laying around. I know it's a long shot but figured I'd try. Part is only $350 ish, so I'll just order one if I can't find a used one. As a friendly reminder, if you...
  431. T2shortB


    True, TLD30's and penn senators were the way we rolled on Team LBF's (low budget fishing) days of old..... and the reels were garage sale specials at that.... Sounds like a normal day of billfishing to me!
  432. T2shortB


    break out the 50w and full roller set ups....... I can still chin weight a ballyhoo I think!
  433. T2shortB

    Well fuck...... Updated

    Shit, I might head down patrick, I could still be home in time to the family stuff anyway.. I'll call you
  434. T2shortB

    Well fuck...... Updated

    At least you have a spare laying around.... your foresight will leave you with almost no down time! If i didn't have plans with mamma and the little ones I'd follow you down and help out broham
  435. T2shortB

    When Tuna get finicky??

    And I appreciate that! Now shut your cock holster.....:finger::finger::finger::finger:
  436. T2shortB

    When Tuna get finicky??

    or would it be a Montana Larry?
  437. T2shortB

    Duck boat help/advice needed

    Shit Josh @silver slayer , don't you have just what he needs sitting on your property just waiting for a repower?
  438. T2shortB

    Corrosion problem on new boat

    well, That was eventful..........Anything ever heard from the OP?
  439. T2shortB

    Big ass kill bag

    Shit,they are all big to me, 30" tall, I could stand up inside one and be hard pressed to see over the zipper............ and fuck you all ahead of time!
  440. T2shortB

    Big ass kill bag

    There is a 30x72 and a 30x90. I have one of the 30x72's and that fing thing is huge! Can't even fathom how big the 30x90 is...
  441. T2shortB

    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    Greg, I can help you with this.... it's about a 2 1/2 min job....
  442. T2shortB

    Real deal Vacuum seal

    Fucking outstanding fishing report!
  443. T2shortB

    Something Sexy and very Blue showed up in the mail today!

    I personally think they look more at home here than anywhere else.....
  444. T2shortB

    Saltwater Silvers

    good job George
  445. T2shortB

    Saltwater A few late pre-fish pics from 8-6-2015

    1911 went off in his holster, said the sear pin failed...
  446. T2shortB

    Saltwater A few late pre-fish pics from 8-6-2015

    Settled down now and forgot to post a report... prefished the WTC on thursday with a great crew and our WW Taylor. Mike (@Duramax2500) Shayne (@Unit873), Jason. Ran out to 40/50 and did pretty well as most other had done during the week. We had great water and good fishinig on thursday. First...
  447. T2shortB

    Another BITCH about the state stealing money

    Oh shit...!!!! That hurts.....:nutkick:
  448. T2shortB


    That is the one I carry, PLB-375 resQlink+ I fish many different boats, hike, camping... I think for many of us, 24-36 hours of broadcast time is plenty being as we do not go more than 50-60 miles offshore. Now on the other side of the argument, if I only fished on my boat and didn't want to be...
  449. T2shortB

    Dad update - bad

    So sorry to hear this brother. thoughts and prayers to you and your family Laurence.
  450. T2shortB

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    I did change the catch which allows it to open a slight bit more than 90, but with the bait tank it does make for a small passway on the port side
  451. T2shortB

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    my cabin door is on slip hinges and comes off prior to running
  452. T2shortB

    06 Yamaha F115 Trim/Tilt issue

    Allen, two things to check, Ground wire going to front of block, kinda tucked behind the ecu and the voltage regulator. Next check the p+ wire coming from the post on the starter. As stated above, your relay is clicking so more than likely the mechanism is working, you are just not getting 12v...
  453. T2shortB

    Happy f'n bday

    You are right down the road from me, I have a compression test gauge you can use.
  454. T2shortB

    Happy f'n bday

    The oil Light on the front lower cowling? That should not be lit up unless there is a loss of oil pressure. It is a warning light, not a "it goes out if there is a problem light" Do a compression check to see if there was ring damage. I would bet that you are fine other than toasting your...
  455. T2shortB

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    I got confirmation from two other captains that had oh shit moments as well
  456. T2shortB

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Yeah, this has been beaten to death and NOT WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT! I think the boat did what it should do and righted itself after I loaded it incorrectly and caused it to roll 45*... if there was a roll problem with a boat, my boat, it would have been over right then and there..... and yes...
  457. T2shortB

    WTC Hitchhiker

    ahh, I see what you did there! That was a short post, but the long and short of it was this little fucker short stroked the first trap and got away, thats why I set 4 traps. #2 was his shortfall. Fucking mouse on a mutha fuckin boat!
  458. T2shortB

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    I still got love Bitches!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong Goat fucker... my vagina still hurts, but I'm still gonna be out fishing....
  459. T2shortB

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Yeah, rgr that on straping shit down. I keep my big bag strapped in the same place you did. The bag on the bow had come slightly loose, and I made the call to not have one of the guys go up there in that shit.
  460. T2shortB

    WTC small craft advisory? how did it actually shape up in real time?

    Just put up a video.... not happy with myself, but hopefully I can help educate somebody else.....
  461. T2shortB

    WTC weather, my oh shit moment, and what I learned.... read and watch.

    Short and sweet, I put my crew and myself in danger on saturday. I improperly loaded my boat bow heavy and it almost ended in a disaster! Situation was this: kill bag packed with ice on bow pulpit (never again), 150qt stuffed with ice in the forward end of cabin, 4 of 5 crew in pilot house, all...
  462. T2shortB

    Saltwater 5 Aug tuna report

    Thats where the big fish are? So generous of you Laurence, I'll see you out there on saturday.... you will beat me out there, but just hang out and wait for me, I'll be there, I promiss!!!
  463. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    Listen, things are either MM gay, or role the bones gay.... the new grading scale has been set.
  464. T2shortB

    Some of us dont want to sell our boat!

    You're drunk Larry, go to bed.
  465. T2shortB

    Facebooking and Fishing don't mix!

    Hey look, at least there is water in the proximity of the boat..... Charles, where you at buddy? Too soon?
  466. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    Damn, I must have seen the wrong boat a few hours ago when I was there... port motor had no powerhead or lower unit on it.... good luck
  467. T2shortB

    Livewell /Baitwell

    Thats grounds for a nut kick.............
  468. T2shortB

    Yamaha Cowl found

  469. T2shortB

    KODAKs Chasin Tuna Thurs

    Got fish and ShortRound's freak show will be on the grounds thursday....
  470. T2shortB

    I won

    but I already have a 4'r too.... so :finger::finger:
  471. T2shortB

    I won

    I only have one six' gaff .... just saying :D
  472. T2shortB

    I won

    Yeah, buy the big beautiful boat... makes us jealous. Win the free chit..... fuck you!!!!!!!! and congrats!
  473. T2shortB

    New Bait tank by Wednesday

    they have a couple of 65gal ovals on the floor..... there is your upgrade!
  474. T2shortB

    Great story

    Thats cool as shit. This makes all the hard work and time put into the Kelli Ann worth it.... well done vance and crew
  475. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    is it possible to have a negative weight?
  476. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    25th spot, damn, that's better than half way up the line up. Aww, you really do care! I wouldn't give me that much credit.... im shooting for 65th of 62 teams!
  477. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    well fuck................
  478. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    Listen up air force, from a wheelchair you no longer have a height advantage! :finger::finger::finger:
  479. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    Anyone who challenges me just remember,
  480. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.....That is about as far as I got into reading that post................ Are you bitches done yet? We need to talk a bout my celebration party for winning this years WTC.... And by the way, booster seat, phone books to sit on...yeah yeah yeah, shit I think If I put a...
  481. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    You fucks smell like rented sex from a $3 hooker behind the pigly wiggly with all this wedding and net bull shit.... Josh, you couldn't swim 35 feet let alone 35 miles you fat fuck. My wrath shall be felt, they are going to need a step stool on the top of the podium this year! Worst luck to all...
  482. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    You were the one talking about shoving fish in all your orfices on saturday. ... whats up with that gay shit...
  483. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    You douche canoe muther fuckers wouldn't know a tuna if it bitch slapped you in your faggot faces. Good luck sucking ball sacks this year while my crew is out loading up on alberts. Just as a friendly gesture, ill throw back my 5 biggest fish and still wipe the floor with you banana hammock...
  484. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    HAHA, you short fuck...... Once again, the point is tat I am sitting at my helm......................... fucks given = zero
  485. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    Yeah, but i can walk to my helm....... too soon?
  486. T2shortB

    WTC smack talking thread

    Ah, but Pat is getting picked up by some short fucker!.... got me a ringer... maybe....
  487. T2shortB

    Mustad 94140BLN Has Changed

    not everyone uses ringed... just sayin...
  488. T2shortB


    Well done Vance and crew.... would love to fish with that line up sometime... well maybe not... you guys were blasting me at the fuel dock with short jokes, not sure i could take a whole day of that abuse... wait, wait, wait.... yeah, i could. Good job broseph hard work and lots of time paid off...
  489. T2shortB

    WP Tuna 7/31-8/2

    Once again, just wait on the beach by the computer checking for forecast updates, ill let you know how shitty it is out there.......
  490. T2shortB

    Jogging stroller

    Shit... wife unit has wanted one of these.... Josh, whats up with the help? Let me know what and when you need me.
  491. T2shortB

    Too short. Where is the report

    Greg beat me to the punch... here is his report
  492. T2shortB

    Saltwater Got Fish? first TUNA Trip

    Thanks for the post greg! Pat, my boat sits with a very flat deck at rest, so the water on deck was from washdown hose and just had not drained because we hadn't moved.
  493. T2shortB

    Question regarding gimbal mount INSERT-HELP PLEASE!

    PM wdlfbio... they are called outrodders. he has a pair of them That I was going to buy, and then I forgot about them after my last patrol, and I told him to go ahead and sell them if he can. Good price too.
  494. T2shortB

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    Outstanding, Thanks for the update!
  495. T2shortB

    Open seat for tomorrow...

    Filled.... see you fellas on the water...............Chris, had a text right after I posted this, and yeah already had three, so 7 would be pushing it!
  496. T2shortB

    Open seat for tomorrow...

    Got an opening for tuna tomorrow. Would like someone with experience, but won't turn anyone. It may be nice but will probably be sloppy. Let me know if you are in... normal split of bait ice and gas. Shortround out bitches......
  497. T2shortB

    Saturday Tuna Takers post up

    will check it out tomorrow let you guys know how it looks just stand around and wait for my phone call
  498. T2shortB


    Must have a kicker on the other side that I didn't see. I am curious how she preforms with those on her back...I bet she is a beast.
  499. T2shortB

    cloudy gas

    Where the fuck was this when I was doing the defiance.... shit, what a great Ideal. this would have saved me a lot of time. Nice thinking Goat!
  500. T2shortB

    New sport in Westport?

    Didn't get to this one fast enough, I was going to say that Tommy wins.... every time!
  501. T2shortB

    This should buff out

  502. T2shortB

    WP: Tuna run Friday 7/24/15

    Got Fish will make her first tuna run saturday... See you on the water Laurence.
  503. T2shortB

    Kelli Ann gets some bling

    Vance, She is looking bad ass. Can't wait to check her out next weekend....(SWMBO would not remove the leash this weekend.... gotta get some honey do's done!) promise not to drool on her too much.
  504. T2shortB

    Warm Water

    I'll be making my fist tuna run with Got Fish? next weekend! #gameonbitches ShortRound out..............
  505. T2shortB

    Then & Now

    Finished product looks great Terry. It was fun watching this come together on the Arima owners site!
  506. T2shortB

    Saltwater Neah Bay 7/12-7/15

    Not these long armed pictures again Chris.... :finger:
  507. T2shortB

    Saltwater Neah Bay 7/12-7/15

    I like this cam guy, he's a dickface don't give a fuck dude..... Vance, i found your doppelganger Fucking Belfair-Tuckians.... (belfair=kentucky.... get it...haha... shut the fuck up , I can say it because I live here)
  508. T2shortB

    It's Official, De-named and expunged from all records!

    Let me first off thank HappyDaze, JD, SilverSlayer, and My lovely bride and kiddos for jioning me for the ceremonies this afternoon, you guys are outstanding in my book. The former name has been expunged from all records and the "GOT FISH?" has been properly named in the face of the gods of...
  509. T2shortB

    Westport slip

    Not too sure if that was a short joke or not!
  510. T2shortB

    Westport slip

    This should be taken care of this afternoon.... ceremony will be held, words spoken, and libations offered to the gods!
  511. T2shortB

    Westport slip

    Ill call you later....
  512. T2shortB

    Westport slip

    Dave and Pat.... well done. Goat, if you need anything from the boat, or need me to check anything out, i live right down the road and would be glad to help out !
  513. T2shortB

    Westport slip

    PM sent goat.....
  514. T2shortB

    Shimano reel repair in Westport

    No problem fellas... ill let you know when im heading down.
  515. T2shortB

    Anyone running a powertech red3 17p on a yamaha?

    I got gifted a left hand wheel and im trying to find out if anyone is running a right hand (standard) ym90red317p prop on there boat that would be willing to let me try it before i buy a new one to complete the pair. It might could be worth a fishing trip.....
  516. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony This is the ceremony i will be conducting...
  517. T2shortB

    Shimano reel repair in Westport

    I can do calcutta 400's in my sleep, I only have 10 of them.... sounds like the one way bearing.. Might have a few laying around the man cave, I'll grab one up and next chance we get to meet up i can have you smoothed out in a few minutes. Should be easy stuff if you don't need any parts...
  518. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    Your on... let me figure out when I can and we will make it happen.
  519. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    I have my sources!
  520. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    Peter, I might already have the Virgin lined up!.... i am aware of the ceremonies, and it will be done right!
  521. T2shortB

    Saltwater Good karma and nice kings at Westport. Thanks mucho to John on the Striper!

    Cool story Dave. Sounds like a great outcome. I always fear that one of my scotty holders will snap. I tension down very hard on my rigger rods and am always aware of the flex
  522. T2shortB

    Saltwater WP LINGS N KINGS

    Well done... was sloppy for sure
  523. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    Im leaning towrads "Got Fish? " this ties into the submarine thing. Every submariner has to qualify "fish" which is our warfare designation known as getting your dolphins. It signifies that each person wearing there "fish" can be trusted to save your life if shit goes bad. So i though of Got...
  524. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    Yeah, ive seen that one, but trying not to relate the name to what had happened...
  525. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    Not the damn hobbit thing again....fuck! PM inbound hommie....
  526. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    This guy will not be naked! And fuck you im not that short....
  527. T2shortB

    Boat re-naming ceremony

    It has come to my attention that the gods are pissed at me. Each time I have had the boat on the water the wind and weather has come up and gotten shitty and the fishing has sucked. Sorry for the bringing the bad juju! To appease the gods I will conduct a proper de-naming and re-naming of the...
  528. T2shortB

    Last minute open seat Westport Saturday 7-11

    Had Two who couldn't make it due to work! Getting a late start tomorrow @0945. Plan is to wack some sammies and if said wacking takes place in a short amount of time and the weather looks good then troll gear is on board for tuna. PM me anytime tonight or in the a.m. ShortRound OUT...
  529. T2shortB

    Who is running for tuna Sunday (12 July)

    Am I the only one running Saturday prior to the meeting (although fishing salmon, but troll gear may very well be on board just in-case) so I can show up all stinky and shit?
  530. T2shortB

    Prescription sunglasses

    Pete, you really should have looked at oakleys. As stated above they have a great military program, just google oakley standard issue. You will have to register an account by sending a photo copy of your military ID and you get GREAT discounts. Last time I ordered from there I got a set of...
  531. T2shortB

    PSA Ocean Anglers Meeting, July 11

    Josh and Pete, I might be running that morning for salmon... not solid yet, but only have two crew as of now they are two fuckers named Josh and Pete! Kevin, I'd like to volunteer to help out with the BBQ... kinda my line of work! Let me know if I can help. We will talk Saturday.
  532. T2shortB

    EZ Loader Bunk Slicks

    Matt, I could use these for the Defiance.... $60 paypal right now and I'll get them from you in westport sometime?
  533. T2shortB

    Saltwater Westport everything report...

    love summer time! Thanks for the report broham, well done as always!
  534. T2shortB

    To good not to share

    only 7 words for this... fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK!!!!!
  535. T2shortB

    Pray for Goatram

    Rub some spit on that shit and lets go! I hope this shit heals up correctly and quickly brother.... I was looking forward to flippin' you shit on the grounds this summer! I guess now I'll just flip you some loins since you'll be all couch potato and shit! :finger:
  536. T2shortB

    115 4 Stroke Repower

    I must offer a counter argument to your post! Not trying to be an ass, just another point of view. I put a 115 E-tec on my 87 17' seachaser and absolutely loved it. I also had a F8 yamaha hanging off the back as well. The weight was not an issue. Sat the same as it did with the old 86 VRO 90hp...
  537. T2shortB

    05 yamaha 225 help

    that filter is no Buenos.... you should see a big difference in WOT performance now that your motor can get some fuel! If you still end up with any intermittent misses or surging i would take a look at your injectors to make sure none of that gunk got into them as well
  538. T2shortB

    Port motor troubles on The Juice(2007 Yamaha 150's)

    I'd lay my money on this as well. funny you mention this, I had my STBD motor doing this this weekend at Neah... first words out of my mouth "fucking injector"....
  539. T2shortB

    Who's fishing Monday? Who wants to fish? I have seats.....just sayin'

    Had to pull the plug... no crew...fuck!!!
  540. T2shortB

    Who's fishing Monday? Who wants to fish? I have seats.....just sayin'

    Well, Got back from sea and finally got the boat all cleaned up and ready to roll. Gear on board and now I need to fish. Who wants to roll on Monday? I'm down for Westport or Neah... just want to get the boat out. Don't have any crew as of right now as this is a last minute deal. Let me know bruthas
  541. T2shortB

    05 yamaha 225 help

    This is where I would look... Of course the better way to check would be to hook up a pressure gauge to your fuel rail to see if fuel pressure is indeed the issue, but if yo have never had the high pressure fuel pump filter( which is inside the vst housing) changed, and it is an 05, then my...
  542. T2shortB

    Just for DR FONG

    Vance, Congrats on the boat, f'ng badass brother! And a sincere thank you for installing a special door on the transom that is just my height, I can leave the bolster down and walk right under it....
  543. T2shortB


    lol, nope, back on terra firma! Looks Like i get three weeks of leave starting the last week of July, whatever will I do with my time?
  544. T2shortB

    Let's all help Kevin get elected!

    whatever, I'm still voting for you.
  545. T2shortB

    Pray for Goatram

    Goat, Sorry to hear this brother. Wishing for a speedy recovery for you. I'm gonna get across the water and come see you. Let me know if I can help out with anything while you're laid up.
  546. T2shortB


    Patrick = dick I was about to flip my shit, and stow all my salmon gear!!
  547. T2shortB

    I'm back bitches.....

    So from what I see, the following is the latest patterns: #1 Patrick is a dickhead (no surprise here) I almost got excited about alberts #2 Goat doesn't bounce like he used to...(Too soon?) In all seriousness I hope for a speedy recovery buddy! #3 Tues is still an asshole #4 A maple tree ate...
  548. T2shortB


    Holly shit batman! Nice move brother. Wanna use my defiance as a tender? OH yeah, second in line behind Tommy.
  549. T2shortB

    WTB: 3/4 or 1 ton truck

    Eric, This is what i ended up with. I got an 08 2500HD ram w/5.7 hemi. I had a similar budget as you and was alittle upside down in my old truck, so I took it a little on this one. As far as towing power is concerned I am happy. As far as MPG's go, well it's a gasser, towing the defiance I see...
  550. T2shortB

    Pipe jigs

    These are how I rig mine for the most part. One exception is that I now add a split ring between the cotter pin and the swivel. With the right twist, your swivels will bind on the cotter pin and the leverage will brake/separate your swivel. This happened to me once (was more than likely a one in...
  551. T2shortB

    The build: 28' 1980 Slickcraft Tiara

    Some kickass stuff going on over there. Makes the shit I do look like child's play.
  552. T2shortB

    New Lance Camper

    nice setup!
  553. T2shortB

    albacore sign

    $32 bones, and you can come up here and I'll show you what an albacore looks like!
  554. T2shortB

    Colored Balls

    And captivating! you're welcome, I think......
  555. T2shortB

    Important info, read this....

    Just had a hell of a scare from a close friend of mine. I served with this brother of mine for 5 years on board my first boat. He has just gone through some really tough shit and put up a facebook post that scared the shit out of many people. I am shook up pretty bad over this. He is safe now...
  556. T2shortB

    Colored Balls

    This looks like some shit Garret could make.....
  557. T2shortB

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Said the guy building a shop bigger than my house! The truth of it is that credit cards were maxed out, loans were used up, and my fat return this year didn't go to paying shit off..... I set my economic goals back 5~10 years with this boat! But it's worth it! Finding the fish, well we will see...
  558. T2shortB

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Outriggers already to go, and I have live bait setups already as well. I have been a good hoe for a few years, now I am outfitting the whole boat
  559. T2shortB

    Buy the boat they said, Getting gear'd up bitches!

    Time for an update i guess. I have been way busy with work, but have a few things finished up and getting my gear ready for the summer.... Got my 15 rod launcher in and mounted... was hoping for an exact fit to the previous holes already drilled, but even with the same manufacturer and...
  560. T2shortB

    Lets see your boat storage place!

    You MFr's need to see this shit, Balling with the best of them and keeping it real.... LBF (low budget fishing) all the way baby! It worked great for my arima, but time to figure out something new. Looking at it now, and thinking about the arima fitting completely under it makes me realize how...
  561. T2shortB

    Braid and Release Clips??

    I run braid on my salmon rods... In order to get a good tension on a release clip ( i use the scotty's as well) I pull ~15' of braid out of the rod then cut it and splice in a 3 foot section of 25# mono. When I set my gear, I bury one of the two uni to uni knots in the release. I get zero false...
  562. T2shortB

    La Push Forecast - Would you go? Let's learn something today.

    Yeah, That was the Kool-aid and goatram day.... we were all worried that day for those two as nobody could raise them on the radio. It was bad that day. I did learn that the bow area of Dragonballs's weldcraft can drain about 300lbs of oh shit in seconds! Jason's face said it all as he pulled...
  563. T2shortB

    Ok this is so nasty I just had to share

    sell that shit on CL and then go buy some clown oil.... i see no problem!
  564. T2shortB

    FS: Dual Outrodders $50

    PM'ing you... I'll take them
  565. T2shortB

    Salmon for Soldiers - Seeking Volunteer Captains!

    No way am I missing this event this year... i'll get registered!
  566. T2shortB

    Saltwater Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    There was bait galore saturday as well all over from pilot point to skunk bay. I got to get Deviant, his wife, and his brother out for one last trip on the sound before he moves east and we didn't even see a shaker or any dabs. But holy s man, the bait was there! Full moon also this weekend.
  567. T2shortB

    Reduced Price - Boat Electrical Components: Fuses, Assorted Connecters, Lugs, Circuit Breakers Etc.

    where the shit was this when I was rebuilding my defiance...... huh? :finger: lol, Good price, someone should jump on these!
  568. T2shortB

    Saltwater Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    oh yeah, and MA10 (jeffs' head) is closed.
  569. T2shortB

    Saltwater Anyone caught any blackmouth area 9/10 lately?

    I'll let you know tomorrow! I'll be out and around PNP/pilot point in the am.
  570. T2shortB

    2015 WTC Registration

    That's what I'm saying, I guess I should have bought a capsized Grady instead!!..... Double BOOM bitches!
  571. T2shortB

    NOF today... Looks like the Ocean will be the place to be this Summer!!!!!

    This was from 2011 as well... what a great year for big fish!
  572. T2shortB

    Load guides installed...Power load or float-on with bottom paint?

    Josh, 2x4 bolted through the pvc? I like the idea, might just have to get another set of uprights and try that out. I do like the deflection the pvc gives. I have had no problems loading my boat solo with them, but the set up you described sounds like it would be even better.... and the fender...
  573. T2shortB

    Load guides installed...Power load or float-on with bottom paint?

    something like this! They work pretty good, the only thing i have to say negative about them is that I must watch my middle fender to make sure it doesn't hang on the PVC when launching and retrieving.
  574. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    Will do. Thanks
  575. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    Mark, Sounds Good to me. Im in the process of trying to get a near brand new 28x48 for you right at that price so we can trade!
  576. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    My goal is well taken care of fish, iced down properly, so if that means 30 fish due to space, then 30 fish it will be! but with the above set-up, I should be fine.
  577. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    Thanks for the offer John. Are you talking about a coupon for reliable or the koldzone? I have a good hook set on a 30x72 reliable that I'll be picking up. And I will probably pick up Mark R's 30x60 ... Which is a reliable also (he didn't mention it in the post). Should set me up well for the...
  578. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    Thanks John and Chris, But I am going to stick with reliable bags mostly for the reason of the pleated bottom. Although it would be a cheap alternative to get me in the game for this summer.... I think I would just end up buying bags again and would rather just buy the right bags once....
  579. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    @Mark R , PM'd you!
  580. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    Chris, I have heard some mixed things about the Koldzones.... some say they can leak inbetween the layers and leave you with stinky/un-cleanable bags? Ever use them?
  581. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    Do you really think my short ass would be looking for a 72" long bag If it was going to be for me? I could get away with much smaller and save myself some coin..... BITCH PLEASE....
  582. T2shortB

    WTB... Kill bags

    Anyone needing to get rid of a kill bag or two? Looking for 30x60 or 30x72. Thanks, ShortRound
  583. T2shortB

    Lets see your boat storage place!

    That's legit! Make sure your slab is rated for the weight of that beast! (say's that guy who knows this high laker caught more fish than I did this year)
  584. T2shortB

    Lets see your boat storage place!

    What in the bjesus broham..... seal up the bulkheads, then you could flood it up 10' and do performance and prop testing on location!
  585. T2shortB

    Moving sale, Lots of Stuff

    Ken, If you are selling some gear, then I know a guy who is going to be running his own boat for tuna this summer! He said he needs a few things still. I'll pm you.
  586. T2shortB

    Looking for defiance 250 ex with twins

    Mine is not going anywhere!!! But if/when Tommy sells his, you should get in line as his boat is rigged right and a well proven fish killer. Good luck with your hunt :2gunsfiring_v1: It is always good to have the money ready if and when you find the right boat.
  587. T2shortB

    braid slipping on avets

    All of you guys using tape (which works great and is fine to do) make sure you check the spool for corrosion from time to time. When you re-spool is a good time, but I would do so more often. I have 2 spools from 1500yd spools of PP that I put onto a piece of 1/4 all-thread with a nylock and...
  588. T2shortB

    Wild Fish Conservancy Wants to Survey My Property...

    So, tell us how you really feel! That's some good shit brother.... :cheers:
  589. T2shortB

    braid slipping on avets

    All this.... I always put about 10-20 yds of mono on my spool first, then a uni to uni and fill with spectra. I like 25# mono for the job as it doesn't take too much spool capacity away and lays on the spool better than heavier line.
  590. T2shortB

    Long day on the water, racked up the engine hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah, but I bet a print out from YDS software would show dates. I am sure some douche-baggery sales have been made like that.
  591. T2shortB

    2005 Weldcraft 220DV Maverick w/ Suzuki, Fully Loaded ###SOLD###

    proven fish killing machine this boat is and well cared for. This is a go anywhere do anything boat for up here in the PNW! Some of my most memorable fishing days have been on this boat. Someone will be happy to own her.
  592. T2shortB

    South End lead melting party

    just checked, I have 3, 4, 5, 6, 16, and 20 oz spire head molds. I have hooks and stainless eyes for the two larger molds.
  593. T2shortB

    South End lead melting party

    I might be able to make it down for this... if so I have a few of the large bullet head molds and hooks/eyes to go with. 16 and 20oz if i remember right. I'll dig them out later to check.
  594. T2shortB

    Long day on the water, racked up the engine hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    damn..... i guess i have to make it more clear. I was joking about raking up hours on the motor. I bought a used ECU as a spare and wanted to test it out. My motors have 373, and 379 hrs on them. The spare ecu came from a motor that had 3929 hours on it. I swapped in the spare to make sure it...
  595. T2shortB

    2015 WTC Registration

    I guess that's true, fuck Charlie even catches tuna!
  596. T2shortB

    2015 WTC Registration

    That should tell you something about his personality and skill sets!!! BOOM... sorry ryan, that was left wide open.
  597. T2shortB

    Long day on the water, racked up the engine hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol ... Nope, 375 and 379. I put the original ecu back on after yesterday's derby. I had to repair a pin on it. but it gave me a chance to test the back up/oh shit ecu. I have at least one spare on-board for everything that can bolt on or plug in just in case.
  598. T2shortB

    Long day on the water, racked up the engine hours!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here are the before and after shots of engine hours tring to find blackmouth in the hood canal Saturday! 3556.3 hours, but only on the port motor. The good news is that the back up ECU i bought works fine and the guy I bought it from got some good hours out of his motor!
  599. T2shortB

    Hey T2short where's

    ahh... suck it bitches... Josh refers to the place where my keys have been twice in the last week.... which would be locked in the truck! New truck does not have a keypad like old truck. Two keys made today. Saturday was the latest episode of "Todd, where's your keys" which took place at...
  600. T2shortB

    Wise Ladder Back Helm Chair

    Gary, Try PM'ing Clockwork Ryan.... I think he is looking for seats for his grady!
  601. T2shortB

    Looking for open seat for Hali season.

    Fuck, this sounds just like the year i need for me to put a crew together..... too bad I'm going to miss the bottom fishing this year. I will be out there, but in the big black boat that we will intentionally sink!
  602. T2shortB

    105ft aluminum w/ twin 3400hp cats $180k obo

    over-nighter, F that, over-weeker!!!
  603. T2shortB

    GO HAWKS!!!!

    So first off, I am not really a big Seattle fan, but are in their corner for this one since my Dolphins can't figure out how to get it done since who the fuck knows when...... But we have these I heard Brady was bitching about something at practice.... Found out they had balls ready for...
  604. T2shortB

    Will anyone be at the boat show tonight who we see T2shortB soon?

    Thanks Howard. Would have been nice to make it to the show again instead of having about 45 mins to run around on tues evening. No hurry needed unless you just want to get them out of the car! Kiddos won't be getting on the water till this summer anyway. Thanks again brother.
  605. T2shortB

    Prop testing, new tow rig, and container ships....

    sent you a PM back. The rails were built and installed by the previous owner, G-Spot. He did a great job on them and they are stout as hell. I might make one small mod to them and that would be shortening how far forward they go by about 8~10 inches to allow easier loading of ice and...
  606. T2shortB

    Prop testing, new tow rig, and container ships....

    i got the truck for 21k about 4k below blue book.
  607. T2shortB

    Prop testing, new tow rig, and container ships....

    Miles is now on the list!
  608. T2shortB

    Prop testing, new tow rig, and container ships....

    Tommy, I already had the LH prop... I had the RH wheel also, but it was purchased used by the PO of my boat ad he never got to run them..... never even opened it up. When I pulled it out of the box it turned out to be a different style blade even thou it had th eright part number stamped on...
  609. T2shortB

    Prop testing, new tow rig, and container ships....

    Got a new tow rig to pull the boat around. Yes, I went with a gasser, but it fit the budget(now I am broke), and really pulls the boat very well. It's an 08 2500HD dodge with the 5.7 hemi. I am very pleased with how well it pulls. I gave up a lot of features that I had in my F-150. I was upside...
  610. T2shortB

    Who uses siriusXM weather offshore?

    I have a buddy who runs sirius weather on his boat.... I can say that it is nice to have SST's on the chartplotter. He is able to overlay it right on his charts. Of course, not worth a shit if it is cloudy. I will have to ask him if he can load data from the last good pictures... He uses...
  611. T2shortB

    2015 Seattle Boat Show - TUNA SEMINARS!

    I will Howard, Thanks!
  612. T2shortB

    2015 Seattle Boat Show - TUNA SEMINARS!

    hope I ccan make it for one. Might see you on tuesday....
  613. T2shortB

    Alps Power Rod Wrapper

    SOB.... I don't need another one, but it would look pimp as hell to have two set up in my rod room.... too bad I blew my funds thursday on a new tow rig...SOB!!!! I could build you a bad ass downrigger rod! Are you going to be trolling the lakes out there? LOL... good luck with the sale...
  614. T2shortB

    GF700H for Buso

    ditto what others have said! Great looking stick, and I really kinda like the open wrap over the marble.
  615. T2shortB

    GF875H Got Da Blues.....

    Looks great Jim, always inspired by your thread work brother....
  616. T2shortB

    Al Swearengen - 'Deadwood' Weave

    you'r an animal... Outstanding as always.
  617. T2shortB

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    And thank you Ron for coming out and speaking. For many years I have been very thankful for the work you and Kevin do for our fisheries! The sportsman's world as we might call it owe you a huge thanks.
  618. T2shortB

    Welcome to baby boy Tucker Allen Brown!

    I do have an infant life vest that we bought for our daughter 1 year and a half ago... so got the little guy covered, but have to buy a new one for Violet since she is now over two and outgrown that one. Between you and rick I gotta say a big thanks man... This place still surprises me with the...
  619. T2shortB

    Welcome to baby boy Tucker Allen Brown!

    oh, wait, the boat show, or sportsmans show? I'll be at the sportsmans show this wed, and not sure when I'll be at the boat show.
  620. T2shortB

    Welcome to baby boy Tucker Allen Brown!

    Yeah, Im going to go Wednesday.
  621. T2shortB

    Welcome to baby boy Tucker Allen Brown!

    Hell yes I'll take it, That's awesome Howard! Thanks
  622. T2shortB

    Just in case you bitches forgot how I do it on the weekends.....

    Fuck that, That is a really good single malt... Balvenie Double wood 17yr.... good shit!
  623. T2shortB

    Just in case you bitches forgot how I do it on the weekends.....

    Yeah but paying off bills frees up more monthly income which is a good thing I'm actually in a better place now with the defiance
  624. T2shortB

    Just in case you bitches forgot how I do it on the weekends.....

    Fuck, got all that shit covered from the first one... it felt good to hold all that cash.. felt like shit depositing it and paying a bunch of bills off... well, i guess that feels pretty damn good also.
  625. T2shortB

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    Of course I got photocopied cash
  626. T2shortB

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    if anyone has any tuna shit they need to offload then bring it with you... Don't want your rusty old shit, but if you have extras that are in good condition, I am looking for clones, a few jet heads, and a few cedar plugs and of course x-raps. But also in the market for two kill bags... 30x72 or...
  627. T2shortB

    WTB - Bait tank

    You can fish with me, No need to haul that badass beast back and forth!
  628. T2shortB

    WTB - Bait tank

    Tim, Check your phone brotha!
  629. T2shortB

    Welcome to baby boy Tucker Allen Brown!

    Little Tuck showed up at 2:07am this morning. Momma and baby are doing great. Another magical moment in life. Feeling blessed!
  630. T2shortB

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    We will see about riding down, might be taking or riding with happydaze... but ciunt me in for clam!
  631. T2shortB

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    Im still in. I am interested in digging clams... never done it yet, but want to. What's the skinny?
  632. T2shortB

    17' Arima Sea Chaser w/115 E-Tec Dialed In and ready to fish NOW!!!
  633. T2shortB

    "SOLD" 17' Arima Sea Chaser, The Krippled Mullet is up for grabs Bitches! "SOLD"

    I hate to do it, but the time has come to part ways. Anyone who has been on my Arima will tell you this boat is very well thought out. 100% dialed in and ready to go. The only reason I am even listing it is because 25 feet of Defiance in the driveway is telling my bank account I need to sell one...
  634. T2shortB

    Boat Build, 31' x 10' Full Walkaround,Pic's added 2-5-15

    Not much can be said other than BADASS!
  635. T2shortB

    "Bamf"izing the osprey

    Looking Good Brian. You are doing some serious work here. Make the cleaning and re-wiring shit I do look simple. Keep it up!
  636. T2shortB

    The Journey

    Nice work John... It's great to be able to make the changes, and to adapt the boat to meet YOUR needs and the way You fish! Can't buy that shit off the shelf. We have some skilled MoFos on this board thats for sure.
  637. T2shortB

    I am proposing a new ocean/water condition scale/meter

    I like it, shit I already have my instrumentation installed....
  638. T2shortB

    Happy Birthday TBShort

    First off, thank you and fuck off to all you bitches..... I am 34 this day, and it is blatantly obvious that Dave has crossed the 50 mark as noted by the way he spelled my name on this thread... Dude, you are fucking old and starting to forget shit! Im down for a stoogie and drink this weekend...
  639. T2shortB

    Just moved up to Washington from SoCal

    Yeah Fong!
  640. T2shortB

    2015 Annual Tahuya quad party date

    Fuck, another year that I'll be at sea for this... thats been the case all three years now.... and the bitch of it is that This is almost literally my back yard! My neighbor and I go riding right from the house...
  641. T2shortB

    "Bamf"izing the osprey

    Nice work man! Good Idea to take a break like that whenever the opportunity presents itself...
  642. T2shortB

    Pleasant Harbor?

    Nice little place, I've put my arima in there a few times, but never during a busy shrimp day so I am of no help!
  643. T2shortB

    Short video from today.... (that is not a short joke)

    Yeah, freaks me out too... IF I were to ever use them a tether would be on anything put into them! But, I will not be using them, a re-design is in the works and there will be no rod holders mounted to the tilting top.
  644. T2shortB

    PSA OCEAN ANGLERS next meeting

    Kevin, I am in. Let me know if I can help with anything.
  645. T2shortB

    What are your 2015 plans/intentions, let us know?????

    I'll play... Go out to sea in a a steel tube with a pre-planned goal of purposely sinking the fucker... Get back home after hali and bottom fishing wraps up...(SOB)... Get my Arima sold to fund what will follow: Then fish the shit out of my Defiance for salmon in preparation for the tuna carnage...
  646. T2shortB

    Transom Mount Transducer Mounting Options

    One other thing I forgot to add: when you place the transducer, set the trailing end in the epoxy first then roll/rock the front down into the epoxy. Common theme during this install is no air pockets! If you were to just place the transducer straight down into the epoxy you could trap a big air...
  647. T2shortB

    Transom Mount Transducer Mounting Options

    Terry It will work well. I had one in my little old boat that I used to beach all the time. Your temp will not work correctly, but a stand alone temp sensor Via nmea2000 can solve this. Things to looks at/ ensure of during the install: #1 make sure there are no air pockets of voids in the glass...
  648. T2shortB

    Short video from today.... (that is not a short joke)

    Already written hali off... im gonna be out to sea untill sometime around june ish. Kings and tuna are what i wait for!!!
  649. T2shortB

    Short video from today.... (that is not a short joke)

    Yeah, she's running great, and the water was very nice today. Had some wind kick up for about an hour, but then died off again. Gotta kill a fish soon. Thats two trips and no blood on the deck, the last few years I have done very well on blackmouth in the sound and it's not like me to go two...
  650. T2shortB

    Saltwater Jeff's Head MA10 Blackmouth.... slow day....

    Not much action today. Got a late lazy start that I blamed on the fog! One good thing that came of the late start is that greg was able to jump onboard for a run. A few shakers and a tangle was all the excitement for the day. Beautiful conditions out there today, and the boat ran great! Got a...