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    Recommendations for Fish & Wildlife Attorney/Commercial

    Looking for referrals for attorneys specializing in Fish & Game / Commercial. Thanks
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    WTB United Composites Viper 7’6”

    AllenL submitted a new listing: WTB United Composites Viper 7’6” - WTB United Composites Viper 7’6” Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB UC Viper 7’6 & makaira 20

    AllenL submitted a new listing: WTB UC Viper 7’6 & makaira 20 - WTB UC Viper 7’6 & makaira 20 Learn more about this listing...
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    Daiwa Tanacom 750

    AllenL submitted a new listing: Daiwa Tanacom 750 - Daiwa Tanacom 750 Learn more about this listing...
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    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport Harbor for 1 day

    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport harbor for 1 day this Saturday, 12/12. Just need a place to safely tie the boat up in the morning/afternoon. Boat will be out of there by 11pm that same day. No fishing, cleaning, maintenance will be done, just a simple cruise through the harbor. 17’...
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    Reliable kill bag 30 x 72

    Looking for a reliable kill bag 30 x 72. Can pick up within 24 hours with cash, thanks!
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    Reliable kill bag 30x60 or 30x72

    Looking for a reliable kill bag 30x60 or 30x72. Thanks!
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    Offshore The little whaler that could

    7/25 report Launched solo from Dana Point and made the trek to the grounds. Beautiful weather all day, even got difficult to fly the kite w/o commerical-grade helium. Like the most of us, I got skunk'd plenty of times, but keep coming back to make it happen one day. It was finally that day...
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    Rail Rod / UC Invictus

    Looking for a UC Invictus rail rod. Also open to other rail rods in similar line class. Thanks!
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    No longer needed

    No longer needed
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    Simrad Go7 w/ transducer

    Looking for a new/used Simrad GO7 XSE or XSR w/ the total scan transducer. Will be installing on the transom of a 17" Whaler Montauk. Open to any other suggestions if there's a better set up. Thanks!
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    Seeker S229 Live Bait Rod Blank

    Does anybody have specs on this blank? I bought a Seeker S229 & S196-8 blank years ago but can't find any info regarding the 229 online. Thanks!
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    G Loomis Pelagic rods & Saltiga 20/35HA

    Looking for G Loomis pelagic rods 8'-9' & Daiwa saltiga 20 & 35ha Thanks
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    WTB: G Loomis 8'-9' Pelagic series rod

    Looking to purchase any general 8'-9' G Loomis pelagic series rod. Thanks!
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    what kind of weaving is this?

    the black and white part next to the white text, what type of weaving is this called? thanks
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    what do i need?

    im going fishing at some lake next to lake tahoe, no idea what the lakes called but my friend asked me to come along since hes having a picnic with his family and thought fishing would be a good idea. anyone have an idea of what lake it might be or what fish there will be. i have only saltwater...
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    whats the difference?

    whats the difference between the jx, lx, mx, and sx? i've been trying to research these reels but no luck. im in the neighborhood for buying an avet reel. probably using it for yellows, sea bass, etc. (catalina)
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    guide spacing

    i bought a seeker 229 blank. i tried to find the correct length between each guide but struggled to find the correct measurements. can someone PLEASE find the correct measurements. thank you in advance
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    thread & epoxy

    i just finished wrapping a size c thread onto my guides. when i apply epoxy, will it show every single thread or will it look like a straight color? i used a size c purple thread. i didn't carefully wrap it so every thread it perfectly aligned. im worried that once the epoxy dries, my mistakes...
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    atc 909h?

    have you ever used an atc 909h? i found one at a local tackle shop for about $169.00 are there any other places that sell these blanks? im using this blank to generally fish at catalina for yellows and sea bass. thanks
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    tag wrap

    i noticed that most rods have a tag wrap on the very end of the thread of each guide. how do i tie this tag wrap? do i use the same wrapping method when wrapping a guide?
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    newell 332-5 blueprint

    i noticed my newell 332-5 seemed to be stiff. i took it apart and lubed the gears but when i put it back together, the drag seemed to not work. does anyone know how to properly put it back together or have a blueprint to this reel model? im trying to avoid to go to a tackle shop to have them fix...