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    Recommendations for Fish & Wildlife Attorney/Commercial

    not related to our fishery, sending a referral to commercial buyer
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    Recommendations for Fish & Wildlife Attorney/Commercial

    Looking for referrals for attorneys specializing in Fish & Game / Commercial. Thanks
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    Southern California WTB United Composites Viper 7’6”

    Looking for an UC Viper in 7’6”. Can pick up anywhere in SoCal. Cash/PayPal/Venmo ready
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    WTB United Composites Viper 7’6”

    AllenL submitted a new listing: WTB United Composites Viper 7’6” - WTB United Composites Viper 7’6” Learn more about this listing...
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    WTB UC Viper 7’6 & makaira 20

    AllenL submitted a new listing: WTB UC Viper 7’6 & makaira 20 - WTB UC Viper 7’6 & makaira 20 Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB UC Viper 7’6 & makaira 20

    Looking for an UC viper in 7’6 and makaira 20
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    Southern California Daiwa Tanacom 750

    Looking for a Daiwa Tanacom 750. Can pick up locally in SoCal
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    Daiwa Tanacom 750

    AllenL submitted a new listing: Daiwa Tanacom 750 - Daiwa Tanacom 750 Learn more about this listing...
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    Offshore Great weather and fun fishing

    Do you ever get skunked 😂 Solid day!
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    Daiwa Saltiga or saltist

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    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport Harbor for 1 day

    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport harbor for 1 day this Saturday, 12/12. Just need a place to safely tie the boat up in the morning/afternoon. Boat will be out of there by 11pm that same day. No fishing, cleaning, maintenance will be done, just a simple cruise through the harbor. 17’...
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    Helium in Orange county

    West air in anaheim
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    Reliable kill bag 30 x 72

    Looking for a reliable kill bag 30 x 72. Can pick up within 24 hours with cash, thanks!
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    Offshore The little whaler that could

    HAHA oh man, I hope someone was able to at least come up on it. It got tangled with my main line and out of panic I cut it without thinking and instantly regretted it.
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    Reliable kill bag 30x60 or 30x72

    Looking for a reliable kill bag 30x60 or 30x72. Thanks!
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    Offshore The little whaler that could

    shoutout to billy k! I got lucky landing the fish, but he got me to the zone
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    Offshore The little whaler that could

    17' montauk, but im looking to upgrade to a bigger boat ol reliable - keep up with routine maintenance and feed it quality fuel/oil
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    Offshore The little whaler that could

    7/25 report Launched solo from Dana Point and made the trek to the grounds. Beautiful weather all day, even got difficult to fly the kite w/o commerical-grade helium. Like the most of us, I got skunk'd plenty of times, but keep coming back to make it happen one day. It was finally that day...
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    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    What size DTX minnow do you troll? Thank you!
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    Rail Rod / UC Invictus

    Looking for a UC Invictus rail rod. Also open to other rail rods in similar line class. Thanks!
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    No longer needed

    No longer needed
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    Is the South Shores (Long Beach) boat ramp open?

    Yes it’s open, just launched there myself yesterday without any issues
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    Simrad Go7 w/ transducer

    Looking for a new/used Simrad GO7 XSE or XSR w/ the total scan transducer. Will be installing on the transom of a 17" Whaler Montauk. Open to any other suggestions if there's a better set up. Thanks!
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    Offshore 302 Almost limits.

    Nice! Did they start biting in the afternoon for you? I metered some this morning but couldn’t get them to come up
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    How many miles is the 230 from Mission landing (SD)

    I just went out there today on my 17 ft montauk. I have a 22 gallon Moeller gas tank + up to (4) 5 gallon gas cans if I know I’m going far. I covered about 90 miles today and used roughly 30 gallons. Don’t forget to bring extra oil too!
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    Seeker S229 Live Bait Rod Blank

    Does anybody have specs on this blank? I bought a Seeker S229 & S196-8 blank years ago but can't find any info regarding the 229 online. Thanks!
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    Parker 1801 or Scout 195

    Boston Whaler outrage? Not my listing, but love my whaler
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    Saltiga 20, or 35ha

    Heads up for a saltiga20
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    Mexican Navy Coronado Island Reports - Actually Got Checked

    I’ve never received a reply when I emailed over my passenger list and receipt
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    7/25 Coronados Reports?

    Went out yesterday and stayed around the middle grounds. Water temp was around 68 with some spots of red crab floating underneath. I got there early and slow trolled to locate a school. Afterwards it was easier to drift with the crowd that started building. Some guys were slow trolling through...
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    Prayers needed - Been very ill the last 17 mos

    I recently heard of the carnivore diet on the joe rogan podcast w/ Jordan Peterson. I’m not sure which exact symptoms are similar to yours, but doesn’t hurt to look into it.
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    United Composites RUS Tilefish 8'

    Love the tilefish! My go to rod for yo-yo’s
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    Always carry an extra battery pack or battery!!!

    I carry this battery pack with me. Extremely compact and doubles up as another external battery and jumper (cables included). Had to use it once when my batteries died out while fishing. Used on a 17’ Boston whaler center console
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    LB bait May 29

    Was out 5/25, bait was about 5-7”
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    2 UC's for Jason....

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    G Loomis Pelagic rods & Saltiga 20/35HA

    Looking for G Loomis pelagic rods 8'-9' & Daiwa saltiga 20 & 35ha Thanks
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    Sculpin off MDR

    x2 on Fishdope. I check FD daily in case it's worth leaving the office midweek to go fishing.
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    WTB: G Loomis 8'-9' Pelagic series rod

    Looking to purchase any general 8'-9' G Loomis pelagic series rod. Thanks!
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    Blackberry Storm

    iphone, i heard clicking the touch screen on the black berry is a bitch.
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    Please say a prayer for my mom

    prayers sent, hope all goes good for you soon
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    what kind of weaving is this?

    the black and white part next to the white text, what type of weaving is this called? thanks
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    sand dabs

    try deep waters
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    Would You Eat This???

    maybe it was feeding on a glowstick?
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    Making Macs

    asian markets usually have salmon heads for a cheap price. this one korean market on beach blvd next to super autobacs called freshia sells salmon heads for about 50 cents a pound
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    I/O or Outboard

    outboards, seems to be much more reliable than inboards, faster than most of them too
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    Code Groups Cause Owners To Lose Boats!

    so is it like a club for fishing? if so, whats so bad about it?
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    Code Groups Cause Owners To Lose Boats!

    what are codegroups?
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    Ok Halloween is comming up how old is too to trck or treat

    honestly, i just go to the store and buy candy for the kids around the neighborhood, eat some candy in the bowl and occasionally scare them.
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    what do i need?

    i have a few small plastics the size of a penny. i found some old rapalas about the size of an index finger. i bought 8 lb test line, and will probably tie that to my 15lb test rather than wasting my entire spool full of line.
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    allison marine might take it in to sell it but not sure. in case you do, ask for Bob Allison - 949 933 0041. if you dont have the time, theirs a camp on catalina ran by a guy named Eugene. his brother deals with donations so you can donate your boat and get a tax cut from what the estimate of...
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    what do i need?

    im going fishing at some lake next to lake tahoe, no idea what the lakes called but my friend asked me to come along since hes having a picnic with his family and thought fishing would be a good idea. anyone have an idea of what lake it might be or what fish there will be. i have only saltwater...
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    Asian Bait Release Ritual ??

    haha! im asian, but i've never heard of that. i read that some people release fish if their relative gets better from a sickness or something.
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    Sand bass?? or what then??

    black sea bass, good thing you released it
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    Keeper butt

    nice catch, ive always caught halibut with live bait. did you catch the halibut on only the plastic or did you attach bait onto it?
  55. A seals/sea lions

    bad experience with the shotgun shells. someone almost shot my boat a few years back in while fishing for halibut.
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    2 more rods I just finished

    what did you use to write "zach wilox"?
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    Does anyone eat SD Bay fish?

    im always curious about this topic, why are people afraid to eat the halibut caught in the bay?
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    Makin' bait (macs)

    i just get a loaf of bread and throw small pieces of it. small squid strips work too to attract them. best bet to finding mackeral is probably nearby a bait barge
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    What`s your favourite all time reel?

    shimano trinidad 16, saltiga 30.
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    yaking the bait out for beach shark fishing...

    i wouldnt want to yak while shark fishing. i would at least go on a buddy's boat just for safety. if you really want to go yak while shark fishing. remember to bring a life jacket, flare, radio
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    Red Alert Red Alert !!!! Catalina Slimballs

    pictures would help. i had my rod and reels stolen right out of my boat before. lost my saltiga reel, 3 newell reels, and priceless rods built
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    LB Harbor Fishing Question

    i love the lb harbor! always plentiful fish. if you want halibut, go anywhere around chaffee island and drop a dropper loop. preferably live bait. the small gap where the big boat parks on that island usually has a lot of halibut. theres a jetty next to that white lighthouse. go to the end, and...
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    Float tubeing bays/harbors?

    i tried that tube once. freaky at first, but you get used to it after. i felt pretty safe since i was in the bay.
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    whats the difference?

    i hear theres a magic cast. what exactly is that? does that mean i have to adjust the magnets?
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    whats the difference?

    is mono topshot a type of fishing line? and im down to either mx or jx. their descriptions sound the same. anyone have experience with any of these reels?
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    whats the difference?

    whats the difference between the jx, lx, mx, and sx? i've been trying to research these reels but no luck. im in the neighborhood for buying an avet reel. probably using it for yellows, sea bass, etc. (catalina)
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    guide spacing

    thanks, im using cork tape so i guess i cant really put the reel in it last position every time. what method do most people use to find the correct measurements for each guide?
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    guide spacing

    i bought a seeker 229 blank. i tried to find the correct length between each guide but struggled to find the correct measurements. can someone PLEASE find the correct measurements. thank you in advance
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    Humboldt squid in Humboldt

    why does every angler hate the Humboldt squid?
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    Troubles hooping Mission Bay, slow night also.

    that sucks. i usually just drop off my nets next to the break wall and try to fish for whatevers out there while watching the nets. (usually empty since its right outside the harbor, but still catch decent sized lobsters)
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    At what age would you guys take a kid on a long rang trip?

    as long as your kid enjoys fishing, age isnt much a worry. if its long range, be sure to have him go to bed when you do if early to assure that he won't be messing around outside with any supervision. a gameboy or ipod is great to play with while getting to the grounds.
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    thread & epoxy

    i just finished wrapping a size c thread onto my guides. when i apply epoxy, will it show every single thread or will it look like a straight color? i used a size c purple thread. i didn't carefully wrap it so every thread it perfectly aligned. im worried that once the epoxy dries, my mistakes...
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    O'side Harbor Halibut

    theres a breakwall next to long beach that usually has small white sea bass, halibut, and bass. i caught a 34 inch calico a few years ago. let it go peacefully. too bad i didnt take a pic of it...
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    atc 909h?

    have you ever used an atc 909h? i found one at a local tackle shop for about $169.00 are there any other places that sell these blanks? im using this blank to generally fish at catalina for yellows and sea bass. thanks
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    tag wrap

    i noticed that most rods have a tag wrap on the very end of the thread of each guide. how do i tie this tag wrap? do i use the same wrapping method when wrapping a guide?
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    newell 332-5 blueprint

    i noticed my newell 332-5 seemed to be stiff. i took it apart and lubed the gears but when i put it back together, the drag seemed to not work. does anyone know how to properly put it back together or have a blueprint to this reel model? im trying to avoid to go to a tackle shop to have them fix...