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    Right now the fishing is wide open and the boats are booked solid. Simple supply and demand. Factor in higher gas prices since Pemex went private and only getting worse. Farther runs for quality fish….. What’s the going rate for a four pack out of SD to San Clemente? $450 is still a good deal IMO.
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    BOLA is on fire!!

  3. BadDonkey

    BOLA is on fire!!

    Use the 5” and reel them fast so the Cochitos don’t get them. Sara’s Shad and Deep Purple were working great. 3 and 4 ounce heads to keep them down on the fast retrieve. For the deeper water we were using 7 and 9 ounce flutter jigs in market squid and green Mack color. Again, they were...
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    BOLA is on fire!!

    Just got back from a PHENOMENAL week of fishing in BOLA with Capitan Jaime from Jaime’s Pangas. Jaime is based inSan Quintin but he definitely knows where to find the fish in BOLA. The fleet is hammering Red Snapper to the north and there are some 10#+ sawtail grouper mixed in hanging on the...
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    Yellows are on the chew in San Quintin!

    There’s been a steady bite on the yellows in San Quintin for the past couple of weeks and all the capitans have been posting pics of some great days on the water. Temps are Still in the mid 60’s which is fueling the fall bite. December through February are usually very good fishing for Yellows...
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    San Quintin still HOT

    Can we get 1000 views for the Sexy ShrimpY??
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    San Quintin still HOT

    Quick update: Capitan Jaime found the Seabass again this week and has been killing it! GREAT weather this weekend (of course ). Excellent opportunity to get some this weekend!
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    San Quintin still HOT

    MightY Shrimp, aka Monica, and I drove down to San Quintin on October 16 to bring some supplies to Capitan Hilo and spend a couple of days on the Donkey chasing seabass and tunas. We stayed in the new Holiday Inn in Ensenada using my IHG points on Wednesday and got up early Thursday morning to...
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    San Quitin report

    He may not but Oscar and Bird are world class. Nothing but respect and admiration for those boys. You WON’T be disappointed.
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    San Quintin - Pedro's Pangas fishing report July 5 - 7

    Side note: Monica’s phone is DOA until Friday. If you want to set something up with Pedro’s please PM me or you can text me at: (909) 802-3196
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    San Quintin - Pedro's Pangas fishing report July 5 - 7

    Just got back from an exploratory trip to San Quintin for White Seabass and Blue Tuna but the weather was not in our favor this weekend. Last week there were Blue Tuna offshore, White Seabass down south, and carp on the high spots but we arrived on July 4th after 3 days of cold winds that...
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    Nice Flatties Ensenada

    Much appreciated! Heading down to SQ next weekend to look around for some.
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    Nice Flatties Ensenada

    What depth were they in?
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    San Quintin Father's Day Slam and Pedro's Panga's update

    Drove down to San Quintin on Friday, June 14 with my good friends Pete Heringer, aka Admiral Sabiki, Ed Spenrath and his brother Chris. Excellent mixed bag fishing with a little bit of everything except the Blue Tunas but we really didn’t try too hard for those. Saturday morning started out...
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    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    We fished it hard a couple of weeks ago with no luck but a couple of weeks is a long time. The baby sand bass had thinned out considerably so at least there is a chance of catching a butt if they have moved in. I have not gotten word of anyone catching one in the bay yet this year.
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    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Much appreciated! Also, if you had not seen the posts lately on FB, they go into some tuna last weekend pretty close in and there are some good tuna being caught out of Ensenada. Water temps are 64 - 65 just off the 240! Wind has been blowing all week so no news since then but looks like it is...
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    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Checked in with Capitan Lilo this weekend. Bait is readily available at the mouth of the bay. Water temps are 60 - 62 at the 240 and Ben's Rock: Yellowtail prime! Take some X-Rap 30's or 40's in chartreus or yellow mack and you won't be disappointed. Nice butts at the island steady. They...
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    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Thanks, Patty and sorry for the error; I obviously have no concept of time! We have known Lilo for 15 years (I do actually remember that day like it was yesterday) and he has always looked out for us and helped us out whenever we needed it as did Pete. It's great to be able to do something for...
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    I love BIG butts!

    I love BIG butts!
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    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Thanks, Scott!
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    Pedro's Pangas in San Quintin

    Hi, all Not sure why there hasn't been more information on San Quintin on BD lately; the fishing is great! After the past couple of years of unusually warm water the inshore waters have cooled a bit and all the usual suspects are returning to their usual haunts. There are a lot of yellowtail...
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    Online Mexican Fishing Licenses 2017

    I tried the 2nd link first to get a year licences but it did not allow me to pay; possibly because I'm using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. I tried the first link and it does allow you to buy a 1 year license and the it was very easy. Had my license printed in less than 5 minutes of...
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    Rapala CD 26

    I’ll buy them. Where are you located?
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    Would love to go down there with my Donkey at Thanksgiving this year. Is the fishing worth the drive in November? Guides available to take me out the first couple of days? Launch facilities?
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    San Quintin 8/8 - 8/11: Just like the good old days!

    They are knocking the crap out of the carp this week. The bigger models are moving in; you’ll have some great fishing!
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    San Quintin 8/8 - 8/11: Just like the good old days!

    Made a trip to San Quintin this week with my friends Pete Heringer, aka Admiral Sabiki, and Jason Sobolewski who previously worked with us for the same company. The logical nickname for Jason would be SOB of course but that is certain not an accurate descriptor so it will just be Sobo unless...
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    San Quintin is about to bust WFO!

    When do you get back to SQ, El Juan?
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    San Quintin is about to bust WFO!

    I see what you mean! Didn't look that way when I wrote it up in Word and I thought it condensed in preview mode. Next time.... I do appreciate the feedback!
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    San Quintin is about to bust WFO!

    Made my yearly 4th of July trip to San Quintin this year with the Anchovy and my good friends Peter Agostino, aka Big Whitey, and Brian Belcher from our plant up in Pulaski, Virginia. The trip south was fraught with traffic and delays, but we made it to San Quintin by 8:30 pm. One issue we...
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    We’ll be back down June 2nd, Alex. Let me know what you need and I’ll put a package together for you.
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    Thanks for the encouragement Eric. We’ll be hitting SQ hard this summer hopefully.
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    Headed back down June 2nd Alex. Let me know what you need and I’ll put a package together for you.
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    Excellent! I’m planning on going back the first week in June. Just me and the Anchovy this time I believe. Hope to see you there. PS - they definitely like the green Mack flutter jigs!
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    Hi, Dr. Weir! I was just telling Anchovy the other day that we hadn’t gotten an order from you this year. Good to hear from you and good luck on your trip. If you’re going to use the swimbaits fish them fast!
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    Swimbaits for Lingcods and Rockfish

    I like Big Hammers in the 5.5” length; favorite colors are Deep Purple and Mackerel. I have a write up on my site if you’re interested in technique.
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    Good to have met you, Steve. We’ll be back down the second weekend in June. I hope...
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    The Donkey resides in Campo Lorenzo in San Quintin; we did not haul her home. You are correct that boats and trailers are not allowed through the Sentri lane.
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    It has been a long time since I posted one of my fishing reports but this year at Fred Hall show I actually had several people stop by and tell me that they would like me to start writing again. Well…. here you go. I have been listening to tales of the great grouper fishing in Bahia De Los...
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    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    WTF? Is that actually English?
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    Ascuncion, Abrejos, or Mag Bay in November?

    We're coming down this weekend but I have a crew full of newbies. Hopefully we get some calm seas. Any particular lures I should bring down for the tuna? Sounds like they are eating anything! Would love to tag team to La Bocana with you; is Jimmy going?
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    Coming down next Fri Capitan. Keep em pinned down! Bringing 2 anchovies and a rookie so I'll need plenty of luck.
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    Ascuncion, Abrejos, or Mag Bay in November?

    I'm looking ahead to Thanksgiving time to take the Big BadDonkey south of San Quintin in search of big tuna and wahoo. Mag Bay seems like the best bet but I've only fished the area once on a long range boat a few years ago in December. Other than that, I have zero experience fishing anywhere...
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    San Quintin.

    I went outside a couple weeks ago. Tons of porpoise and birds but we couldn't raise a tuna. We fished the 304 and 179 banks but didn't go as far as the Hoven ridge. We saw tuna feeding inside the 304 but no biters. Small yellows all over the kelps. Water looked great; just a right time right...
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    Oldman fun on the bass

    I'll trade you some Mulitas for intel on the butts Alex!
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    Yellowtail Acuncion and SQ

    Nice ocean carp!
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    Oldman gets white sea bass

    This weekend was windy and muy feo outside. We ran up to San Ramon to get out of the wind but to no avail. Found the sandies to be willing and able down around Pabellon and picked up some smaller butts in the bay. Couple more weeks and it will be going off. Wish I could spend a couple of...
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    Oldman gets white sea bass

    I have just the thing for that!
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    Oldman gets white sea bass

    Hi, Alex Thanks for the report! We are headed down this weekend though it looks like it will be blowing hard the whole time. I got a place up in Campo De Lorenzo so we're bringing some stuff down to get established. Any butts yet? Water temps are looking good for it. Good to see you are...
  49. BadDonkey

    Oldman haven fun

    Hey Alex! Let Hilo know we're coming down next weekend. Will be there Fri afternoon.
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    Sue & Carl's Surf Perch Derby in San Quintin!!

    When are you going fishing with ME, Marita??
  51. BadDonkey

    Does anyone have an address for Capitan Hilo at Pedo's?

    Going to be a couple o months before I get back down that way and I would like to try to send down a few things to see if it's a plausible option; especially since Hilo isn't a computer dweller. Would appreciate it if someone can let m know if he has an actual address that we can send mail and...
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    Baboom on the 15 in san quintin

    Do you have an address for Hilo?
  53. BadDonkey

    Oldman and dan on the calicos

    You're not helping me much there Alex....
  54. BadDonkey

    Oldman and dan on the calicos

    No bait?? I wonder what you used???
  55. BadDonkey

    Oldman kicks but .....not

    Looks frikn cold to me! Some serious swell coming down from the north this weekend; you boys stay safe.
  56. BadDonkey

    Oldman and Dan. At the 15 in the monarch

    HEY! Whats that thing hanging out of that butt's mouth??
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    You'll have to teach me how to catch those goats while we are down there, Juan. Happy to pull on some of them ocean carp to make Sabiki happy, but I want to bring home some butts or goats.
  58. BadDonkey


    I'll sign up for that trip, El Juan. Is it possible to tow the BBD down there and launch her?
  59. BadDonkey


    Your tag line reads "FISHINGGOODINSANQUINTIN" but all I see are those dam yellowtail ocean carp..... Where are the real fish Capitan?
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    wahoo tri-fecta 9/26

    Nice job Mikey. I'm going to see if I can find some off SQ next week. Suggestions??
  61. BadDonkey

    HOWE HIGH IS THE WATER JIMMy,its 5 foot high and rising,SQ.

    Hola, El Juan I have a spare anchor that would probably be perfect for Jimmy's boat. If he still needs one let me know and I'll bring it down with me in a couple of weeks
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    San Quintin: Excellent as always!

    Mulitas are 3 ounce Swimbait heads I make to use with the 5" Big Hammer swimbaits. Mulas are 5.5 ounce and Tridents are 9 ounce
  63. BadDonkey

    San Quintin: Excellent as always!

    How was the Bluefin fishing?
  64. BadDonkey

    San Quintin: Excellent as always!

    Been awhile since I put in a report; partially because there is just a lot going on and partially because the story in San Quintin is getting to be a bit like a broken record… Yellowtail, Yellowtail, YELLOWTAIL. Want to catch some ling cod? How about a yellowtail! White Seabass? How about…...
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    Hola Capitan! Thanks for the tips on the butts last weekend. I caught 8 by noon on Monday; several shorts but we boated a couple of 10 pounders. I caught my biggest right under the boat in water so shallow I was able to see him come up out of the sand and eat my BIG HAMMER! Definitely...
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    Pedro's Panga

    Looks like you have what you need but PM me if you can't reach Hilo and I can get you in contact with him. Rich
  67. BadDonkey

    1st Tuna of the season....K&M SportfishingSportfishing

    Nice job, Kelly Is that San Martin in the background? Would you mind telling where the tuna was at? Sure looked good last weekend but we rolled snake eyes on the tunas. I'm about ready to give up chasing them.
  68. BadDonkey

    Border crossing San Ysidro or Otay Mesa?

    With the revisions at SY, this crossing has become much better than it used to be. The last several trips we have made, the wait has been about 90 min on average compared to the 2 - 2 1/2 hours we used to encounter. We usually hit the border @ 1:00 - 2:00 in the afternoon We checked out Otay...
  69. BadDonkey

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit "The length of stay will cover the amount of time asked for min the application, yet such shall not exceed 180 days nor may it be used for multiple entries and departures. A copy will be sent to the Secretary of the...
  70. BadDonkey

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    The MMF is a multiple migration visa that allows you to enter and exit the country multiple times over a 6 month period. All you have to do is read the visa; if you cant read Spanish, have someone interpret it for you. Mexico eliminated the yearly boat registration and their yearly fishing...
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    Just got back from a week in San Quintin

    You know where to find me!
  72. BadDonkey

    Just got back from a week in San Quintin

    Yeah, we went this route and it definitely increases your hook-up ratio. But the swimbaits and butterfly jigs get down a lot quicker and you don't have to screw around trying to get the trap hook stuck into the bait. Trust me; you won't be sorry. The lings like them ripped up off the bottom...
  73. BadDonkey

    Just got back from a week in San Quintin

    The lings go nuts for heavy swimbaits and butterfly jigs. I've found these to produce better than bait actually. You get plenty of hits on live macks, but getting the hook in them is a 50/50 proposition. The heavy swimbaits produce consistently but they also like 7 - 9 ounce butterfly jigs in...
  74. BadDonkey

    Mexican Navy and your Visa Permit

    [ yeah, if they circle you, you can bet that they are recording the CF#. just because you can APPLY for the FMM for 180 days does NOT change the terms of what is clearly, a once in, once out visa. I'm just giving you my conservative opinion, but if you want to risk your boat, and you and...
  75. BadDonkey


    Don't think I would be considering pulling a live 9 foot Mako into the boat anytime soon, Juan! Got some great underwater footage from our last trip; trying to figure out how to post it to my site so I can link it. As usual, great photos Capitan!
  76. BadDonkey


    Hola, El Juan Headed down this Friday with Ed and his boys. Good thing you like the 3 ounce Mulitas because I sold out of the 6 ounce heads and there aren't too many of the 9 ounce Tridents left in the box either. Let me know how many you want and what colors. See you Fri Rich
  77. BadDonkey

    old man baboom in the bay

    Great work! Hope you got a free tow!
  78. BadDonkey

    Team BadDonkey at Fred Hall in Long Beach

    Hi, Dan I will actually be heading down to SQ the weekend after the Fred Hall show and if I will drag down whatever I have left over. I can leave a bunch with Capitan Juan and I might see if the little store next to Pedro's will sell them for me. As for the rubber, check out the Big Hammer...
  79. BadDonkey

    Team BadDonkey at Fred Hall in Long Beach

    If you enjoy reading the adventurs of Team BadDonkey in San Quintin and are in Southern Cal next week, stop by the Fred Hall show and check out the Mulitas, Mulas, and the massive Tridents. We have school of 400 hanging
  80. BadDonkey


    Nice job on the carp, El Juan. Glad to see you are giving the butts a rest. See you in March
  81. BadDonkey


    ButtZilla is a crafty bastard!
  82. BadDonkey


    That is an AWESOME piece of work! Love the underwater footage and the reaction of the guy when his rod suddenly pops up and he realizes the fish is lost.
  83. BadDonkey

    BABOOM day 3 in old San Quintine

    Nice ocean carp, oldman! Hope to meet you down there one day. Rich
  84. BadDonkey


    Thanks for the kudos, El Juan! I didn't think you were a fan of the 9 ounce heads so I didn't put any in your christmas basket. If you want a few, let me know and I will bring down some of the new style Trident's They are every bit of 9 ounces and we were slaughtering the lings with them in...
  85. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 2014 year end trip summary

    That it does. We were testing out a new 9 ounce swimbait head on this trip and they work GREAT! We had no problem at all fishing down to 300 feet and they don't seem to hang up on the bottom too often. Possibly because it is easy to tell when they hit bottom but I think also the shape helps.
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    San Quintin 2014 year end trip summary

    Headed down to San Quintin for Christmas/New Year break with my new first mate, Maud Blue; a.k.a., the Seal Whisperer. We drove to San Quintin on December 22nd and fished the 23rd, 24th, and 26th. Chuck Young joined us on the 26th and ChuckY and I fished the 27th and 28th with special guest...
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    Nice job, Capitan! See you on Monday and hopefully you save a few fish for us. Weather is looking great for next week and I have a full arsenal of Mulas and Big Hammers ready to go. I'll see if I can figure out how to get them to eat the rubber. Plenty of iron in reserve just in case...
  88. BadDonkey

    Thankful for Baja

    Good to hear some news on San Quintin; been awfully quiet for the past couple of months. Heading down to try to catch a tuna on Christmas day...
  89. BadDonkey

    Santa Rosalia

    Thanks for the post! Hand lining fish like that has to be a real assbuster!
  90. BadDonkey

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    They also seem to take liberty with the exchange rate. Too bad; I don't recall it being like that in the past. Or maybe I just had no cause to pay attention. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  91. BadDonkey

    Any reports from San Quintin?

    Indeed you did! Capitan Hilo keeps an eye on her for me so I don't have to tow back and forth every trip. Interesting to hear you had a similar experience with the gas; I paid $4.16/gallon at the PemeX near the turnoff; WTF! Someone was telling me it is worth driving down to Los Pinos to fill...
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    Any reports from San Quintin?

    Just got back. Water is REALLY warm... 68 inshore and 72 at the 240. Saturday was sloppy and a bit of wind but we hit the 240 early and found a lot of birds working what turned out to be a bloom of red crab. We dropped Big Hammers and butterfly jigs for no love and then moved offshore to see...
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    SQ 10/11 and 10/12 Sunday Dorado ?

    NICE BUTT! Was that in the bay or south?
  94. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 9-27, 9-28. Roughass weather but still GREAT fishing

    Thanks! That is about the best compliment I could get! Much appreciated! Rich
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    San Quintin 9-27, 9-28. Roughass weather but still GREAT fishing

    Ed “Hulk Hogan” Spenrath asked me awhile back if we could take his sons Mike The Stud and Shane “Nino Loco” to San Quintin fishing for Mikey’s birthday. Of course I said yes, and so we left Corona around 5:00am on Friday the 26th with the BIG BadDonkey in tow. Traffic was surprising light and...
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    Wifey's first Sailfish

    Beautiful fish. Nice job on the low gear shift Mikey!
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    ONLINE Mexican Fishing Licenses 2014

    Collateral damage from Odile..... From: FONMAR DEPORTIVA [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Tuesday, September 23, 2014 7:15 AM To: Richard Hollo Subject: Re: Unable to open online site for fishing licenses Hi Richard good Morning, yeah our site is down becuase of the hurricane, sorry...
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    San Quintin Labor Day Trip Summary

    Lots of cuda and Bonita roving around. I would go minimum 30. We fish 40 as a standard and 50 for high speed trolling Rapalas. Bring some krocodile spoons for the white Seabass; plain silver or blue Mack pattern in the larger sizes. The local captains really like the Rapala X Rap 30's for...
  99. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Labor Day Trip Summary

    Heading back down Sept 27 with Ed Spenrath and his boys for a B-Day trip for Mikey. Larry: Remember if you fish the Big Hammers and the Mulas, use a slow, steady retrieve and set the hook the instant you feel any hesitation. If your fishing with El Juan, he'll probably have you pitching...
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    Visit my website and let me know what you think!

    Visit my website and let me know what you think!
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    San Quintin Labor Day Trip Summary

    Made a trip with a full crew of Team BadDonkey originals for the Labor Day weekend and had a pretty good trip. Weather was awesome and the fishing was good, though not quite the weekend I was expecting. The crew on this trip were my good friends Chuck Young, aka Hillbilly; Pete Heringer, aka...
  102. BadDonkey

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    Certainly does not bother me to be boarded by the mexican navy to make sure I have my permits and documents in order. A bit intimidating at first, but they are welcome on my boat.
  103. BadDonkey

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    BTW, throw all the weights you want, Juan. I'm happy to make all you need.
  104. BadDonkey

    Royal Polaris San Quintin

    The big long range boats have full charter schedules booked a year in advance and the boats are capable of making it all the way to Cabo. The local pangueros have a limited range and 20 miles is about as far as they will go or need to go to put their customers on fish and the pangueros make the...
  105. BadDonkey


    We're a man down for Saturday...
  106. BadDonkey


    Yes, we'll be there tomorrow. You can't miss the boat; it is the one with the BadDonkey on the side of the cabin. :-)
  107. BadDonkey


    Nice action shots at the gaff, Juan! I could use that guy on my boat! The shot of the WSB making a hard right is awesome!
  108. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Friday 8/1 and Saturday 8/2

    For those of you that know him this is old news but I have never met a kinder man than Captain Juan. Aside from a great fishery with lots of variety and beauty, Captain Juan made the trip. If I didn't catch a single fish Juans company, knowledge of Baja and fishing skills was worth every cent...
  109. BadDonkey


    Got a full crew for this weekend and labor day weekend. If you are genuinely interested, I will plan a trip for October. ;)
  110. BadDonkey


    Marita never wants to go with me :-(
  111. BadDonkey


    Nice Job, El Juan How are you doing on Mulas? Any need for the big 9 ouncers? Made up a bunch of 3 ouncers for Jaime to try; he seems to like the smaller heads... I have a new 9 ounce design that I will be field testing for the tourney. Looks like its me n ChuckY and his neighbor on this...
  112. BadDonkey

    Julio Mesa's 39' See Vee Spanish Fly totaled by fire

    WTF! Sorry to hear the news. I can't imagine losing the BIG BadDonkey; I would be devastated. You and your family are welcome on my boat anytime, Julio.
  113. BadDonkey

    San Quintin is Happening!

    Nice to hear Lorenzo. Hope to see you in a couple weeks at the tourney. Think we might actually have a shot this year. :-D
  114. BadDonkey


    Good to see you back online El Juan. Hope to see you in August
  115. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Tiburon Pedros review and Report 6/30-31

    Sorry to hear about your experience but glad you took the time to detail your trip and circumstances. Everyone on BD knows how highly I regard Hilo and my loyalty to Pedro's but that won't change your experience. Glad to see Patty stepping up and if you guys do get a chance to get back to San...
  116. BadDonkey

    Bluefin & Yellowfin Tuna ....K&M

    Always good to see your posts, Kelly. Wish I could get back down there sooner.
  117. BadDonkey

    mexican goverment taking private boats

    Pretty straight forward. Make sure you have your boat registration, fishing license, and passport on you. If they board you they will want to see your papers and have proof of ownership to verify that the boat is not stolen. I also carry copies of my trailer and truck registration so that...
  118. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    To answer your last question, the last day Jaime and I were neck and neck. I was pretty dam happy about it considering who I was up against!
  119. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    I believe Jaime was using the 2 ounce krocs in silver and silver prism. Hilo was pitching a big 3 or 4 ounce knock off and only got a couple hits. If you want to get some big ones, buy the blue Mack pattern. I have to admit, Jaime was making it look easy with the krocs and that is what I would...
  120. BadDonkey

    Bleeding tuna

    We are still talking about tuna FISH... ??
  121. BadDonkey

    Bleeding tuna

    Captain Myron on the Mustang used to have us grab the tuna by the tails and lift them quickly which separates the spine and stops them from flopping around IMMEDIATELY.
  122. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    I was using 5 1/2" Hammers. For the tuna in the morning or overcast I like the Deep Purple color. When the sun comes out, I switched over to the bleeding trout color. For the white seabass, I was using bleeding trout and got fish both days. I make my own 6 ounce heads because the ones you...
  123. BadDonkey

    SQ GPS Numbers?

    Bass Ho actually has laminated charts of SQ for about $15 that are very detailed and show all the high spots and offshore banks.
  124. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    FYI - Pedro's Pangas, Capitan Hilo (Eeloh) 011 52 1616 101 9925 Jaime's Pangas, Capitan Jaime (Hi me) 011 52 1616 101 9056 If you want to check out what Big Hammer has to offer: I am not affiliated with Big Hammer, I happened to meet Pete Wolf of Big Hammer...
  125. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    Hi, Rick I'm probably not going to make it back down till the tourney in August now; going to see the parents in July. My boat has a similar range; where are you thinking you want to go? Geronimo and sac reef are really not too bad of a run and there is plenty of shelter and there are locals...
  126. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    Thanks for all the great compliments, guys. Really makes me happy to know that people enjoy reading my reports and encourages me to continue to do so. Rich
  127. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    The smaller Krocodiles seemed to be working better than the big ones; probably because of the abundance of anchovies. We did get into some schools of macks as well though. On the other hand, I was using a 5.5" Big Hammer on a 6 ounce Mula head and did just fine once I figured out how to hook...
  128. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    I was getting the boat cleaned and organized while the fish cleaning was in progress so I didn't see if they had eggs. . There was no milt or eggs coming out of the fish as we pulled them on board, but can't say if they were carrying. It is DEFINITELY going to be a good year. We saw a lot of...
  129. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    Thanks for the great compliment, BoB! I was actually writing for WON for a short while, but they wanted exclusives and then only printed a fraction of what I sent them which really sucks. It's all from memory; that hasn't started failing yet... I have all my reports saved and will compile them...
  130. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasboard.... i.e., WE'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOX!

    Long story short: Yellowfin, Bluefin, Yellowtail, Halibut, WSB, BSB, Mako Shark, Sand Bass, Calico Bass; not much we did NOT catch! And now, for the rest of the story: Chuck Young (Hillbilly) and I took a full week off to spend plenty of time exploring and prospecting new places to fish...
  131. BadDonkey

    Has anyone fished with pedros pangas in San Quintin

    Capitan Hilo taught me just about everything I know about SQ and Miguel is also a great capitan. Hilo prefers to run his boat, the Romy, and you might get a different captain if you want to take out a smaller boat like the Coyote or the Calamar, but the captains are all competent and the whole...
  132. BadDonkey


    SOME OF US apparently aren't as savy as El Juan! We ran offshore Sat to the Baja Bank looking for tunas for Nada. Water is a beautiful, clear blue and 66F - 67F but there were no significant temperature breaks and we couldn't find any kelps or porpoise. No doubt the tuna are out there, just...
  133. BadDonkey

    the only way to cap youre limmits,sq.

    THAT'S what I'm after!! Nice butts Juan; right on time! See you on the 17th!
  134. BadDonkey

    Great Weather Lots of yellowtail and the Bait is Back!!!

    Looks great, Kelly! We're heading down to fish the 17th, 18th. Thinking about heading outside to look for some BFT. Have you been seeing any schools of porpoise off the 240?
  135. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    July should be kick-ass this year. Hope to see you there!
  136. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    Glad you Glad they worked out for you, Larry and congrats on an excellent catch! I haven't quite figured out how to get the WSB to hit the hammers consistently, but they do hit them; I got a 53 pounder on one last year at the 15 of all places... They seem to like them free falling or just...
  137. BadDonkey


    HeY Juan... Let me see if I got this right: The WSB was caught on a Big Hammer swimbait with a BadDonkey Mula head??? :chestram2
  138. BadDonkey


    :eek: Pretty sure I hooked that seabass in the bay on Saturday and he wrapped me around a bat ray.
  139. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Report for 4-12-14

    Some new pics by Capitan Juan as well. Thanks Capitan
  140. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    Thanks for taking the great pics Capitan and I am always happy to lend a hand when I can. You have given me a lot of good info on how to fish for butts and I REALLY appreciate it! Looking forward to fishing with you in BOLA!
  141. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    Hola amigo! The boat is only 8'6" wide and not that I have towed it a few times I hardly know it is back there except accelerating from a stop or pulling a hill. Pretty good guess on the 5 tons; probabaly about 9500lbs with the gear and fuel we had in her. Fully loaded with gear,crew, gas...
  142. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Report for 4-12-14

    I somehow posted in the wrong spot...
  143. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    No issues with Secondary. All they checked was the coolers; they didn't even climb up into the boat...wth? Waited 45 min for an agent and the inspection only took 5 min. Then another 10 min to get our documents back. But it is always like a kick in the balls after you have already waited 2...
  144. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 4-12-14: Tough fishing but plenty of fish

    Towed the BIG BadDonkey down to San Quintin this weekend with some new friends I met through work; Ed Spenrath and his boy Mike and best friend TIMMY! Weather made things a bit sketchy but the ling fishing is still phenomenal and we were able to find some sandies and all the chocolates you could...
  145. BadDonkey

    San Quintin bound 4/11 - 4/14

    Towing the BIG BadDonkey down to SQ with a crew of newbies from work and a small band of followers from Lake Elsinore Marine. The guys treated me really well on my 20 hour service and I am happy to introduce them to the capitans and phenomenal fishing adventure in SQ. All stocked up on Big...
  146. BadDonkey


    Nice to see a Hammer hangin, Capitan; looks like a 6.5" Green Sardine if I'm not mistaken. Painting up a couple dozen Mulas tomorrow for the trip: deep purple. Any special requests?
  147. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Jan 18,19,20 2014

    Hey Mikey! Didn't realize that was you in that fine looking Wellcraft. We got that weekend totally sideways, but I got a couple of newbies going with me March 7 and going to stick to what I know this time. Current plan is to leave Ontario around 8:00am on the 7th and come back early on the...
  148. BadDonkey


    Hola Juan When are you going to quit chasing those yellow tailed sea carp and concentrate on more worthy fish. You know what I'm talking about.... WTH are the butts??
  149. BadDonkey


    Hola Capitan Hope you don't mind me cutting in, but you might want to mention to the regulars that the really big, fat lings are ripe with eggs and if you have don't absolutely have to keep them all, you might want to plan your trip around releasing most of the big sows and topping off your...
  150. BadDonkey


    Just in time for the BIG BadDonkey. Its an omen....
  151. BadDonkey


    Very sorry to hear the news. Please let Hilo know that we are happy to help him out if he needs anything.
  152. BadDonkey


    In the process of planning another trip for the Sept 27th - October 1. Trying to rally the crew... Glad to see you have come to the BadDonkey side...
  153. BadDonkey


    Quit complaining about the sardine boats, Juan. Looks like there are plenty of fish and we have a good substitute. Quit holding out.
  154. BadDonkey


    Nice job, Kelly; as usual. That yellow is a TOAD!
  155. BadDonkey

    San Quintin - Yellowfin Tuna

    Hi, Lorenzo I screwed up and forgot to track you down at the sign-ups for the tourney. I'll let you know next time we are coming down and give you a few of the Deep Purple Big Hammers; the Bluefin seemed to like them. We were also trolling a little faster than we normally do. I usually run...
  156. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Summary

    It was great to meet you, Jeremy and pretty cool to find some people from BloodyDecks that know of me. I also met Robert Baker and Rosarito Jimmy on this trip. I think the warm water is only part of the issue; there was so much bait stacked up on the high spots I suspect that the fish...
  157. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Summary

    Made a run for the border on Friday, August 30 with Chuck Young (Hillbilly) and Dave Harp (to be revealed later) to fish the Governor’s Cup and to introduce Dave to the awesome fishery of San Quintin. We somehow managed to make it to Pedro’s Pangas to pick up the BadDonkey and got to the Old...
  158. BadDonkey

    San Quintin - KING LING city, a few yellows for color, and a BIG butt to ice the cake

    We probably will fish the tourney this year. I've been working on a strategy and we'll have a newbie in the boat which tends to bring me good luck for whatever reason. Hopefully I can find that family of raccoons again too...
  159. BadDonkey

    San Quintin - KING LING city, a few yellows for color, and a BIG butt to ice the cake

    Hi, Julio No issues. The deep purple has a black back, metallic purple stripe, and a charcoal transparent body. Taking a page from my old days of bass fishing; dark skies / dark water = dark bait. Seems to actually work! I have included a pic of my three favorite colors as well. On top...
  160. BadDonkey

    San Quintin - KING LING city, a few yellows for color, and a BIG butt to ice the cake

    Not sure why San Quintin is not getting more good press lately… Guess everybody has bluefin fever? Made the trip to San Quintin last weekend with Admiral Sabiki (Pete Heringer) with high hopes of finding some tuna or white seabass but instead we encountered the most insane BIG ling cod bite we...
  161. BadDonkey

    Credit Card for Pemex?

    I have used both credit card and Debit at the Pemex's in Ensenada, Tecate, and San Quintin for the past 5 years. Only issue I have run into is that I have to call my bank and CC company at least 48 hours before I go so that they can approve activity outside of the US which is simply a...
  162. BadDonkey


    I don't see any Mulitas or Hammers in those photos amigo... don't tell me you are out already...
  163. BadDonkey


    Any word on what they are using for the Atun amigo? Feathers, bait, cedars??
  164. BadDonkey

    San Quintin August 2n - 4th

    Excellent report Gabriel! The bay just hasn't produced a good bait bite for some time now; if you are heading offshore and want bait for the kelps, not a bad idea to hit the island early and fish just north of the lighthouse and a little inside. Easy to fill the tank in less than 30 min and...
  165. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Offshore and Butt Scouting Trip

    I'm only familiar with the guys out of Ensenada; Vonny and Its For Reels. They post pretty frequently and seem to do pretty well on the yellows and rockfish, but I haven't seen them post anything on WSB to my recollection. There also used to be an outfit out of Erendira, but I have not heard...
  166. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Offshore and Butt Scouting Trip

    Made a trip down to San Quintin this weekend solo so decided to do some scouting offshore and maybe try some new tactics for the White Seabass if there were any signs of them. Arrived late morning on Saturday and checked out the bilge pumps and electronics on the boat and got everything rigged...
  167. BadDonkey

    san quintin

    Hi, Denis I was down this weekend and did some scouting offshore. Ran 18 miles west of the island to the 179 bank. Water at the island was 58.5 and it slowly came up to 59.9 over 10 miles. Hard temperature break started at 12 miles and the water went from 59.5 to 64.9 over the last 6 miles...
  168. BadDonkey


    Hola Capitan Juan! Glad to see you back in SQ. I was planning to come down this weekend to take the girls from Jardines out fishing, but they bailed on me; seems to be my luck with the chicas. In any case, I'm looking at the weekend of the 26th but not sure if I can line up a partner to go...
  169. BadDonkey


    HeY! That's a GREAT looking shirt you got on there El Juan! I'm getting ready to put in my summer order; I have plenty of 6.5" Big Hammers, but I am running low on 5.5" baits which are my favorite for butts and bass. Que color queres?
  170. BadDonkey

    Overnight Calico Mission Isla San Martin K&M Sportfishing

    HeY KellY! Missed you on my last trip down; how are you doing on jigs??
  171. BadDonkey


    Hola Capitan Juan! Have you tried any of the Hammers in BOLA? I'm sure the yellows will eat them; not sure about the WSB... Maybe on the pearl and white head??
  172. BadDonkey

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin.....highlights of 2012 part 1

    Hi, Kelly Great pics and a great year. Hopefully, history will hold up and we will have another great El Nino year this year as well. How is your BadDonkey supply holding up? Headed that way in February; let me know if you need some more. Rich
  173. BadDonkey

    san quintin

    What he said.
  174. BadDonkey

    san quintin

    Hi, Denis I think I might be down there with the crew that weekend bouncing for butts. One of the best times of the year for BIG butts and lings on the Big Hammers.
  175. BadDonkey


    If you have ever gone out on one of the head boats out of San Diego, you know about the 80/20 rule and that you can expect to have a couple of jerks on the boat that take things way too seriously and expect everybody to revolve around them. If they lose a fish for any reason, it is like a major...
  176. BadDonkey

    Learning to fish the WARM waters in San Quintin

    Just realized that the last couple of my sentences got chopped off. And what's with all those ""/> and jibberish at the end of the lines?? guess I better start previewing my posts... We had a little bit of "trouble" coming back through the border. For those who might not know, you are only...
  177. BadDonkey

    Learning to fish the WARM waters in San Quintin

    Peter Agostino (heretofore known as “BIG Whitey”) and Dave Verona came out from Peru to fish San Quintin with myself and Sabiki. Our first day we headed offshore for tuna into a very lumpy sea and Verona was belly up by the time we got to the grounds. He did quite a bit of chumming for us for...
  178. BadDonkey


    Jaime would probably get a lot more business if Esmeralda was his deckhand...
  179. BadDonkey

    San Quintin September 17

    Troll fish or bait, Diane?
  180. BadDonkey

    San Quintin this weekend SLOWED DOWN

    I'm pretty sure the fish have the cycle figured out.... Labor day weekend wasn't too lively either but the weeks before and after were fantastic. But persistence does pay off. Great job!
  181. BadDonkey

    SLOBZILLA !!!! 68lbs White Seabass K&M

    X2!! Great to see you guys get to enjoy time on the water for yourselves, Kelly.
  182. BadDonkey

    MR RICH ROSE,KRYS&GEORGE,AUG 30,31&sept1st

    That doesn't look like a Big Hammer swimbait, El Juan! But the head looks strikingly familiar!! :-)
  183. BadDonkey

    Slam Quintin - Its ON!!!

    Yeah.... rub it in Roy.... USUK!! See you at the end of Sept.
  184. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 9-1 to 9-3: Time to pay the Piper....

    Not even a GO HOME BADDONKEY???
  185. BadDonkey


    It's in the bay in the butt hole. I posted the other day, but I got exiled to oblivion by a 122 pound Opah.... DOH!! :eek2:
  186. BadDonkey


    Awesome job, Juan. Did you find ShrimpY's rod yet??
  187. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 9-1 to 9-3: Time to pay the Piper....

    Took ShrimpY and the kiddies down to SQ for Labor Day weekend to fish the Governors Cup tourney and hopefully put some ahi in the cooler. Our trip started going sideways from the beginning as we were hoping to make an early start but had circle back to the house to retrieve some forgotten...
  188. BadDonkey

    SQ 9/1-9/5

    Sorry we didn't come over and spend some time with you guys, Gary. Saturday was a little on the rough side for us and Monica and the kiddies were pretty much done by the time we got back into the dock. On Sunday, Monica lost her brand new rod and reel over the side so that pretty much put a...
  189. BadDonkey

    What is happening in SQ

    Conditions changed significantly this weekend with a lot of swell coming up from the south and a southerly wind, which always seems to shut the fishing down from my limited experience. Wind was not too bad, but the swell made offshore fishing CHUNKY and unpleasant. Everyone on my boat was...
  190. BadDonkey

    Big 240 Yellowtail K&Ms Capt Oscar

    Holy CRAP Oscar! Glad to see you haven't lost your touch!
  191. BadDonkey

    K&M Tagging WSB with PIER

    Very kool, Kelly! Great work; I envy you.
  192. BadDonkey

    Whats the scoop on the Governor's Cup Tourney in San Quintin this weekend?

    Since we are bringing the kiddies this weekend, we are staying at the Mision Santa Maria a little furhter south so we can spend some time on the beach in the evenings. Takes a little longer to get to the ramp in the morning, but the hotel and beach are AWESOME and the pricing is comparable to...
  193. BadDonkey

    Whats the scoop on the Governor's Cup Tourney in San Quintin this weekend?

    Cool, thanks Gary! You have a boat or are you fishing with one of the Capitans?
  194. BadDonkey

    Whats the scoop on the Governor's Cup Tourney in San Quintin this weekend?

    Found it: $500 pesos per adult and $300 pesos per child. We can handle that! Says the inauguration time is 7:00pm and we should be there before 4:00, so that will work. ShrimpY says she's gonna WIN!!
  195. BadDonkey

    Whats the scoop on the Governor's Cup Tourney in San Quintin this weekend?

    Hi, guys Monica and I are coming down with the kiddies this weekend and are interested in signing up for the tourney, but I don't see anything on BD about entry fees for SQ. The only link I found does not show San Quintin as one of the tourney locations, but we saw the posters plastered all...
  196. BadDonkey

    Awesome San Quintin Fishing with Captain Jaime Garcia

    When I grow up I want to be Capitan Jaime!!
  197. BadDonkey

    Visa and Boarder experience on recent trip to SQ

    I had to renew my visa in July and the woman working in the office at the time was the first one who seemed to know the new rules and was able to answer our questions without hesitation or confusion. Monica and her kiddies don't need a visa because she still has her Mexican citizenship, but us...
  198. BadDonkey


    Hola, Gordo! Is that Capitan Pancho in the red ball cap??
  199. BadDonkey


    Did you guys fish with Capitan Roman both days? Looks like he's getting the offshore dialed in! Great job!
  200. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasbord - WFO

    Thanks for all the positive feedback, guys. I was starting to wonder if anyone actually reads my ramblings. The seabass aren't going to be this stupid for long, so try to get down there ASAP if you can. If a novice like me can find and catch them, someone who actually knows how to catch them...
  201. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Smorgasbord - WFO

    Got a chance to sneak away with ShrimpY for some quality time together in San Quintin over the weekend and try some new “strategies”. I had been drooling like one of Pavlov’s dogs :drool: over the reports on BD from Kelly and El Juan and the SST’s have looked unbelievable, but I assure you they...
  202. BadDonkey

    San Quintin yellows

    Way to go, Roy. As usual, I was a week early and another week before I can go again.... Good to hear about the tuna and do do's offshore; would love to come down next weekend and give that a try! When you get a chance, could you email me the pics you took of us on our last trip...
  203. BadDonkey

    Lend me your ear.... a San Quintin Tale with a WSB twist

    The yellows are definitely there and the WSB have been popping up here and there. If the inshore water is cold, look for the bait balls over the humps and try to get your bait just below them. The bait rarely holds tight to the bottom and the WSB will be just under the bait looking UP so if...
  204. BadDonkey

    Lend me your ear.... a San Quintin Tale with a WSB twist

    Made a trip to San Quintin with the boy (Brent) and Admiral Sabiki (Pete Heringer) last weekend to do some offshore scouting and island prospecting. When we had pulled into Pedro’s on Friday afternoon, Hilo and Chango were unloading a batch of the biggest reds we had ever seen so we put that on...
  205. BadDonkey

    Halibut-Yellowtail-Lings San Martin

    We were down this weekend and ran 12 miles out from the 6 to the west side of the 304 bank. Water was only 61 and was green. We trolled due south for about 5 miles and got into some 62.2 water that was clear and blue. We did see a swordfish on top, but not until we just about ran over the top...
  206. BadDonkey


    I'm headed down this weekend, Juan and I just happen to have a bag ready to go. If there is a particular color, let me know and I will see what I have stashed away. I'm running a low on heads because we just moved and I don't think ShrimpY would appreciate me working on lures with all the...
  207. BadDonkey


    Hola Capitan! Any luck with the Hammers?
  208. BadDonkey

    Seasons & K&M Sporfishing...yellows,wsb!

    Hopefully, the wind cooperates. Water looks really good to the south. Have you every fished the inshore kelps by Arroyo Hondo for WSB Kelly? Area looks superb.
  209. BadDonkey

    Wanna run offshore for tuna? San Quintin

    Good luck, Kelly! Looks like another push from the south for this weekend so the water should be in great shape. Hoping to get down there on the 27th.
  210. BadDonkey


    Nice story and pics, as usual Juan Hilo caught one of those big mackerals the other weekend too. I didn't know they got THAT big! Damn colorblind yellows..... Did you try the Big Hammers?? Wish we could make it back down there next weekend, but looks like it will be August. I'll send...
  211. BadDonkey

    Fishing Report San Quintin

    Dam dude.... I'm hatin'! Great job and pics!!
  212. BadDonkey

    San Quintin fishing conditions

    The lizards stack up off the southeast point where the light is. Drift within 10 feet of the kelps and you can fill a bait tank in a 15 - 20 minutes. They're THICK.
  213. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Tuna and WSB Scouting Trip

    Let me know how you do with them, Capitan. And there are more where those came from.... ;) We were planning on heading to BOLA on July 6, but we have to move that weekend. ShrimpY's daughter will be having her baby the second or third week in July, so it will probably be August before I get...
  214. BadDonkey

    WARNING:San Quintin's El Jardin

    Mision Santa Maria to be exact. Prices and the restaurant are comparable to Jardines and the beach is only a couple hundred yards from the hotel. A bit of a further drive to and from the boat ramp if you are fishing SQ, but hardly an inconvenience. I have also had an incident in the past...
  215. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Tuna and WSB Scouting Trip

    We made a Father’s Day trip down to San Quintin this weekend with Chuck Young, Sam Soto, and the boy with the intent to do some prospecting for Tuna and WSB and to bring home some more butts for the freezer. We left Cali on Friday around noon and got into SQ around 8:00 with stops for dinner...
  216. BadDonkey

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    DAMMIT MAN!!!! I'll see you Saturday!!!
  217. BadDonkey

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    DAMMIT MAN!!!! I'll see you Saturday!!!
  218. BadDonkey

    K&M Yellowtail/Blackseabass/Calicos/mas..

    DAMMIT MAN!!!! I'll see you Saturday!!!
  219. BadDonkey

    Opah caught in San Quintin

    HOLY CRAP!!! That is COOL! I didn't know they came in that close. The only ones I have ever read about are always caught by guys deep jigging on the tuna boats. NICE JOB ERNESTO!!!
  220. BadDonkey

    WSB Trips San Quintin,Geronimo,Sacramento Reef

    Any report for this past weekend, Kelly? Looked like the warm water was right in on the beach over the weekend: I was expecting to see some pics of YT and maybe even a WSB??
  221. BadDonkey

    Yellows Boiling in Ensenada 6/1

    I think you have SLIGHTLY overestimated your..... rugged good looks.:shithappens:
  222. BadDonkey

    Hello from San Quintin

    The phenomenon is called "La Nina" which is the cold water sister of the warm El Nino currents. You are correct that we have had cold water for a couple of years, but it is not some new issue or a new condition that is going to continue. Water in the bay last weekend was already 60 - 61...
  223. BadDonkey

    Hello from San Quintin

    Good to see you on BD, Gordo! Hope to see you in a couple of weeks; I haven't forgotten how you guys helped me out the time I ran out of gas in the bay. I'll be happy to return the favor anytime! ShrimpY says HI!
  224. BadDonkey

    Looking for help/Panga rental San Quintin

    Hi, Jessica $300 is not a bad price for that time of the year; it depends on what you have in mind for a day on a panga and what you want to go after. . I am partial to Pedro's Pangas, but as the other guys have pointed out, there are lots of great captains in SQ. Capitans Hilo, Miguel, and...
  225. BadDonkey

    Hammered the butts in San Quintin!

    Hi, Art Thanks for the heads-up; I usually leave my boat at Pedro's and only pull it home for the 200 hour service intervals. What's the difference between the ready lanes and the standard lanes? Didn't look like they were moving any faster the other night....
  226. BadDonkey

    Hammered the butts in San Quintin!

    Memorial Day is our “season opener” for San Quintin and this year Monica’s brother and his family joined us for a possibility of starting up a new “family tradition”. We stayed at the Mision Santa Maria hotel which is 15 minutes further south of the turn off to the Old Mill by the Los Pinos...
  227. BadDonkey

    Cool clip on Baja and San quintin

    Was listening to NPR radio the other day and heard a piece on the development bust on the Baja Coast and some encouraging news about the plans to keep San Quintin pristine. Check it out.
  228. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Jan 29 2012

    Thanks for the report, Roy. I was starting to think the lings had eaten all the reds!
  229. BadDonkey


    I have sent 3 emails off to different Mexican government organizations for clarification on this issue, but so far have drawn a blank. The only semi-formal info I have found so far that seems to shed some light... "If you do not arrive in Mexico by airplane, then you will need to pay Mexico's...
  230. BadDonkey


    When we went down a couple of weeks ago, we told them we were going to San Quintin for 4 days. I got the impression that they weren't too sure about whether we needed the visa or not, but they issued us the 6 month visa and charged us $21 each. Wasn't a big deal and it only took about 15...
  231. BadDonkey

    Gracias Bad Donkey....Killer jigs!

    De nada, Kelly! Hope they work as well for you as they have for us this past year. Been a great year for us despite the cold water and lack of bait; nice to be able to share one of our tricks. I have more friends in San Quintin than I do in the states and we really appreciate everything the...
  232. BadDonkey

    More San Quintin Lings and our visa experience

    Everything on the table is ling cod. The discoloration comes from contact with the bleeder basket or other fish in the basket.
  233. BadDonkey

    More San Quintin Lings and our visa experience

    We'll definitely have to reschedule that match for this summer, Mikey!
  234. BadDonkey

    More San Quintin Lings and our visa experience

    Thanks, Willie. I have heard about them but this is the first one I have ever seen... Are they pretty rare? Would have liked to have let it go, but I thought it was a ling when we got it to the boat and we stuck it with the hay hook. :-( Didn't realize it was something other than a ling...
  235. BadDonkey

    More San Quintin Lings and our visa experience

    Headed down on Friday the 13th with Hillbilly, Admiral Sabiki, and the boy to make a last ditch effort for some yellows before the season goes sour and to stock up on some lings. We crossed at San Ysidro around 3:00pm and pulled into the inspection area to inquire about the visitor visas. The...
  236. BadDonkey

    San Quintin 2012

    We'll be down the 14th through the 16th, Kelly. Hope to see you at the ramp.
  237. BadDonkey


    Wow! Looks like Colorado, not Baja!
  238. BadDonkey

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    Fortunately, she got her looks from her mother!:rofl:
  239. BadDonkey

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    Muy bien Capitan! Wow, we just saw her the other day and she was getting around great. We will definitelly try to get down there for Christmas time to see you guys. Hope the crib comes in handy for you; I think it will fit into a panga LOL
  240. BadDonkey

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    No problemo, El Juan. We stopped in a couple of times; Marisella probably thought we were casing your hidout! Hey, those CD 26's WORKED!! And we were only trolling them around 3 - 5 mph. Of course, the Big Hammers worked better.... but it makes a great spread with a couple of the big...
  241. BadDonkey

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    Glad to see you signed up Admiral!
  242. BadDonkey

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    Apparently you don't take care of your boat and motor with the same level of care. There is NO fuel or oil in my transom. And the fish stay cool, clean and fresh, thanks.
  243. BadDonkey

    3 days of STELLAR fishing in San Quintin

    Rained a lot Sunday night and we were expecting cold, cloudy skies on Monday but we were surprised by bright stars and relatively warm air temperatures. We got onto the water at 5:45 and headed down the bay all by ourselves. We made it to the mouth of the bay just before high tide and decided to...
  244. BadDonkey

    WFO yellows at the 240!!

    Came down to San Quintin with my son, Chuck Young (Hillbilly) and Thinh Pham (@#$%&!! Rookie!) for 3 days to try for some yellows and fill a cooler with Ling fillets. SST’s have been showing 60 – 61 degree water at the 240 so we decided to concentrate on yellows the first day and we were NOT...
  245. BadDonkey

    Stellar fishing in San Quintin

    My friend Peter Agostino and his daughter Laura flew in last Thursday for their yearly father/daughter fishing trip to San Quintin with me. Picked them up at the SD airport Thursday night at 11:00pm and we drove straight down to San Quintin. I was a bit concerned driving late night and have not...
  246. BadDonkey

    K&M San Quintin 240 yellowtail

    Yellows were there Fri, Sat, and Sunday. We farmed 3 on Friday on BadDonkey Jigs and I caught a HORSE on Saturday and farmed another. They were definitely liking the live bait, but they can be had on Jigs if you work it. I usually retrieve as fast as I can when yo-yoing for yellows, but we found...
  247. BadDonkey

    life changes

    Hola, Oscar You didn't say where you are headed too... If it is north of the border we'd love to have you over for dinner or come to see you. If it's somewhere north of SQ along Mex 1, we'd be happy to drop off some fish for you on our way north :food-smil Good luck and let us know how you are...
  248. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Guides

    I have to recomend Capitan Hilo at Pedro's Pangas, of course. Hilo has been taking good care of us for the past 7 years and always does us right. Not saying anything bad against any of the other guys; we know everybody mentioned in this post and they all can put you on fish and will take good...
  249. BadDonkey

    Make a lure delivery for me to San Quintin?

    Hi, Andy I'll be driving down there next Thursday from Fontana to fish the weekend of the 29th. If you have not found anybody to take them sooner and it is convenient to meet up this weekend, I would be happy to carry your stuff down to El Juan. I usually stop in to see how he is doing and...
  250. BadDonkey

    Villa Bahia Hotel vs Los Vientos- BOLA

    Thanks for the honest feedback. Do you have contact info or a link for Los Vientos?
  251. BadDonkey

    BOLA Oct 2-5

    What's the fishing like around thanksgiving? Do the dodos stick around that long? Would definitely want to spend several days down there if we are going to drive that far. Thanks for the advice on the hotels. The forums can get a bit hostile when you offer up negative feedback, but it's a...
  252. BadDonkey

    HX 5/2 rough under pressure

    I think I am just going to send the reel into Avet this go around. With 5 years if service, I'm guessing an overhaul is a good idea. Not looking like next weekend is going to be too hot for tuna and WSB in any case.... crappy weather coming down the pass from the north. Looking like another...
  253. BadDonkey

    K&M San Quintin "the skinny"

    Looks like a nice rotation pulling the warm water in to the south, Kelly. Hopefully, the WSB will go off sometime this week. Looks like Tues, Wed next week should be about perfect then the crap moves down from the north and things are going to get sporty. Of course, we are driving down next...
  254. BadDonkey

    HX 5/2 rough under pressure

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated. Guess I can't complain about sending it in after 5 years to have it rebuilt.... Never has been a "smooth" reel though. May have to look into an MX Raptor the next time I get the urge to spend a bunch of money I don't have!
  255. BadDonkey

    HX 5/2 rough under pressure

    I have an HX 5/2 that I bought about 6 years ago. I use it primarily as my tuna trolling rig as I have learned that it is just a lot more reel than I generally need and I have since stepped down to using an MXL 6/4. The reel has always been a bit rough when reeling, but the shop I got it from...
  256. BadDonkey

    San Quintin always a great trip

    Can't blame the guys for wanting to take advantage of calm seas and warm water. We were down for the weekend as well and spent all day Saturday pulling jigs around from the Baja Bank all the way up to the 240. Water started at 65.5 in the morning and was pushing 70 degrees by 2:00 in the...
  257. BadDonkey

    Mexican Navy Boarding

    We got boarded earlier this year at San Martin island and had no issues at all. I was really surprised to read about the guy getting his Skagit banged up because the guys that borded us were very careful and very professional. 2 guys boarded with their FN's and then, what I presume to be the...
  258. BadDonkey

    Updates on San Quintin????

    You sound like a person I would love to spend some time talking to TunaLu! Would have loved to have gone to school to be a fisheries biologist; just didn't seem like much opportunity for gainful employment 25 years ago... Hope we see you down there this weekend. By the way, we have been...
  259. BadDonkey


    We are headed down this weekend as well. I've been keeping a close eye on the SST's, wave predictions, weather and wind. Offshore temps are looking phenomenal, but it's looking like the wind is not going to cooperate on Saturday. We are planning on tucking into the island tight and early on...
  260. BadDonkey

    K& is what it is!

    Looks like a strong warming trend starting next wed with calming seas. Who knows about the wind, but I'm guessing things should be pretty good for Memorial day weekend if the predictions hold. Worse case scenario, tides are perfect for fishing close in. Good, bad, or indifferent; we are coming!
  261. BadDonkey

    Where to for White Seabass this season????

    Let him take you sea bass fishing and tell him to leave those crappy halibut on the bottom where they belong!
  262. BadDonkey

    Where to for White Seabass this season????

    San Quintin, hands down. When the fish are "on" Kelly, Juan, Hilo, Jaime.... any of the captains down there can put you on them. If you want to go for WSB or broke, I would go July/August and see if Kelly would let Goerge take you out. That boy can really put some WSB on the deck... I know...
  263. BadDonkey

    San Quintin

    That's good, Kelly. Keep them boys working on those yellow tailed sea carp. No halibut here, folks... move along... move along....
  264. BadDonkey

    ???prediction/opinion for SQ 2011

    Hey, Tony Just in case, here are a couple of links I like for the wind and weather and some other goodies. The wind forecast has been pretty dam good, but the Accuweather isn't so accu! Wind
  265. BadDonkey

    ???prediction/opinion for SQ 2011

    Water temp in the bay a few weeks ago was 54 on the incoming tide but up to 58 on the outgoing. This is consistent with what I observed pretty much all of last year from June on. If you look back at the nino conditions last June, the water temps swung from 2C above normal to 2C below normal...
  266. BadDonkey

    What happened to Pedros Pangas

    Old Pedro isn't so quick on the computer. He is still in business and he still has Hilo and Miguel working for him as well as Capitan Chongo (Capitan Blanco) Phone nubmers: 888-568-2252 or 562-986-6182
  267. BadDonkey

    san quintin

    How about the Camalu area, Kelley? Been wanting to go up there to explore....
  268. BadDonkey

    san quintin

    June is a great butt month. Can also be phenomenal for yellows at the island; Calicos start stacking up down by Arroyo Hondo and still some good shallow water rockfish as a last resort. From June to September, it just keeps getting better down there.
  269. BadDonkey

    ....james,JAPPRUETT,in SQ.

    Hey, El Juan New regulations for Halibut this year in Mexico. They are strictly a catch-and-release species. Maybe you should find something else to fish for!
  270. BadDonkey

    San Quintin cold front fishing

    Headed down to San Quintin with Sam Soto (SnowMan) and Chuck Young (Hillbilly) for the weekend. Accuweather said we should expect rain on Saturday morning with clearing conditions through Sunday and the winds kicking up Sunday afternoon. For once, the forecast was incredibly accurate. We knew...
  271. BadDonkey

    K&M short report

    Gracias, Kelly. Headed down March 21st with the boy and Hillbilly. Sounds like we're stocking up on rockfish again this trip... Maybe we can get lucky on a butt in the bay?? Stocked up on Big Hammers; they are cheap(er) if you order them in bulk through the website.
  272. BadDonkey

    SQ in June or July?

    Just an FYI, we're still in strong La Nina conditions and expected to be till mid summer. You might want to look more towards August if you are flexible. Best bet is to just keep tabs on El Juanito and the boys down there and be ready to haul @$$ when they tell you to JUMP. I would definitely...
  273. BadDonkey

    SQ Bottom Fish Report

    That is an UGLY jig, Daddy Roy!
  274. BadDonkey

    ..........MEN AT WORK...........

    Hola, Capitan Tell those guys if they are going to take the sardines, they have to take the lobos TOO!!
  275. BadDonkey

    K&M YELLOWTAIL!!! Sac Reef Trip

    Hey, Kelly Did you happen to catch any of the yellows on a BadDonkey jig??
  276. BadDonkey

    Kamikaze Sandbass!

    Here's a few more. Not many pics of the sand bass, oddly enough. Hard to put down the rod and pick up the camera when you're under kamikaze attack! Last pic is Hillbilly with a big plate of jaiva de paprika from Jardines. We convinced him this would be a great way to celebrate after...
  277. BadDonkey

    Kamikaze Sandbass!

    Obviously a man of impecable taste! Mucho gusto!
  278. BadDonkey

    Kamikaze Sandbass!

    Took a trip to San Quintin this weekend with a couple of friends from work: Pete Heringer (Captain Sabiki) and Chuck Young (Hillbilly). We managed to pull out of Fontucky at 9:30 on Friday morning and made it to San Quintin at 3:30; RECORD TIME! Roads are in great shape and there were no...
  279. BadDonkey


    I've got some home made jigs for you, Kelly. We'll be down this weekend; hopefully see you at the ramp. How are you doing on cannonballs and teardrops?
  280. BadDonkey


    Tell her to invite them over next weekend, Juan! Estoy solo, desde Noviembre. No mas Shrimpy. :-(
  281. BadDonkey


    Twins that like to fish and a cooler of ice cold DosXX!!
  282. San Quintin 2010

    San Quintin 2010

  283. BadDonkey


    Hey Juan! Does Maricela have a sister?
  284. BadDonkey


    450 feet, Juan?? Estas loco! I'll bring you some Wheaties and Geritol when we come down in Feb. How's the price of gas in SQ right now?
  285. BadDonkey

    GPS Died

    If you are primarily trolling for pelagics, I personally would opt to stay with the Furuno and upgrade to a new GPS. If you were working for grouper or rockfish or halibut, it might be a different story. Furuno makes a hell of a good product, so I wouldn't be in a big hurry to trade it in...
  286. BadDonkey


    Hola, El Juan Last fall we found a killer method for getting most of our lings into the boat. We started dropping 5 1/2" Big Hammer swimbaits down with 6 ounce bullet heads on them. They are a bit hard to find, but the guys up north can pick them up in Turners and some of the specialty shops...
  287. BadDonkey

    Annual SQ off-road "Poker Run"

    Hola, Kelly Looks like the fishin business has been good to you this year, but the boys are looking a little skinny. What's up with that?? How are you setting for cannon balls? We'll be heading down first weekend of Feb; if you are running low, let me know. Rich
  288. BadDonkey


    Hey, el Juan! Leave some of them blancos in the ocean... Them's BAIT and I will need some this summer. Ask Hilo if he needs some more jigs; I've been melting and casting and painting since christmas and I will have a good supply on hand next trip. Looking at coming down with Captain Sabiki...
  289. BadDonkey

    San Quintin has kicked our a$$e$ for the last time this year...

    Some very good pics of Hilo in a good mood...
  290. BadDonkey

    San Quintin has kicked our a$$e$ for the last time this year...

    Bite the bullet and head to Mag Bay, Mike. I have been wanting to go there ever since I started reading about it 5 years ago. Sounds like a different world....
  291. BadDonkey

    San Quintin has kicked our a$$e$ for the last time this year...

    Hate to say it, but we are throwing in the towel for 2010. We were down a few weeks ago fishing, but I just haven't had the ambition or energy to post a report. Basically, we burned over 80 gallons of fuel for a major a$$ kicking and a cooler full of rockfish and a few butts. Tranny on our...
  292. BadDonkey

    K&M TUNA TRIPS avail for this weekend !!!

    Good time to go, guys. Warm water band is only 12 miles offshore with a well defined edge and a relatively narrow band to funnel the fish. Sport boats out of San Diego have had a good week on yellowfin and bluefin fishing just 30 miles north of San Quintin. Captains in SQ have been picking up...
  293. BadDonkey


    Nice job, Capitan I seem to be able to predict the fish better from up here at my desk versus on the water in SQ, no?? Glad to see you are "scouting" out the WSB for us! Got a couple of boys coming a long way next month to see what all the fuss is about and I would hate to disappoint them...
  294. BadDonkey

    K&M geronimo/san martin part2

    THANKS, KELLY! If you are having to work that hard to catch the fish, I don't feel so bad about my paultry attempts this year! I think we're just going to concentrate on learning about the butts this year; that seems to be the only thing we've done with any consistency. As for the...
  295. BadDonkey

    Planning trip to SQ. last week of August. Help Please

    Hi, Noe I have been hauling a 22' back and forth for the past 6 years and it really looks more intimidating than it is. To give you an idea of the road, we see 18 wheelers and buses on it all the time and occaisionally even a double (though I would definitely not want to be THAT guy...) The...
  296. BadDonkey

    Welcome to December in San Quintin

    Some of the fish I catch when Shrimpy is NOT with me.... and our haul on the last day.
  297. BadDonkey

    Welcome to December in San Quintin

    Hi, Rich That was probably the weekend we went out with Hilo and farmed 7 out of 11 yellows.... the beginning of a string of unusual events for us this year.... Make sure you send us an update; we're heading back down for Labor Day with some friends from OZ. I sure hope we have some WSB or...
  298. BadDonkey

    Welcome to December in San Quintin

    Hi, Frank We have actually met before. We were on the back side of San Martin and gave you some mackerals and some information on bluefin tuna points out on the 304 bank. Shrimpy had just caught her first halibut and he was still flopping on the deck. Maybe 2 years ago?? In any case, the...
  299. BadDonkey

    Welcome to December in San Quintin

    I took my son down to SQ over the weekend for his summer break. We left Saturday and fished Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and got home last night. We had decided that we would be doing some scouting and trying some new things so we were not expecting to be up to our knees in fish, but what we...
  300. BadDonkey

    this is the worst that can happen to you in san quintin.

    Muchas gracias, Capitan. Hablamos a los cinco de manana de Domingo.
  301. BadDonkey

    this is the worst that can happen to you in san quintin.

    Scared the crap out of me, Juan. Thought something bad had actually happened. Heading down tomorrow with the boy; Shrimpy is in Florida till next Thursday. We're fishing 2 1/2 days. Plan on doing some prospecting up towards Camalu and maybe some offshore...maybe. I also want to do some...
  302. BadDonkey

    K&M San Quintin

    Yeah, that one might be pushing the boundaries for posting. I'm not sure that posting pictures of codsuckers is allowed on this sight.
  303. BadDonkey

    Any WSB/YT in SQ today?

    Gracias, guys Glad to know my reports are appreciated.
  304. BadDonkey

    Any WSB/YT in SQ today?

    I'm still learning how to fish SQ, nevermind going somewhere new. I have actually learned a lot more this year than in the past several years. Also had more fishless days than I have since we started going down... Would like to try BOLA, but just not in the cards or the budget this year...
  305. BadDonkey

    K&M San Quintin

    Not much of an SST today, Kelly, but looks like the warm water might be pushing up to the north. I think you're right on the money with the 304. Has anyone run up towards Camalu? Warm water has extended up from the island for a fair bit of time..
  306. BadDonkey

    The Old Mill in SQ

    Still open and plenty of vacancies. I'm not much of a fan of the Old Mill, but lots of other people will defend them... Don Eddies also has rooms; we stayed there last weekend. Not the ritz, but close to the water and if you have a boat, it's really nice to be able to wash it up and flush the...
  307. BadDonkey

    Any WSB/YT in SQ today?

    I thought you were going to BOLA in any case?? How quickly things change...
  308. BadDonkey


    THIS weekend is IT guys. Water temps are up to 66 degrees 12 miles off the point straight on past the 240. North of the point and up to San Ramon, the inshore temps are pushing 62 degrees RIGHT UP TO THE BEACH. And if you've been watching the weather reports, you'll note that it is going to...
  309. BadDonkey

    Plan your trip to San Quintin carefully

    The fish are there but the stars have just not lined up yet. The size of the anchovie schools offshore are incredible. Recall a few weeks back when the inshore temps jumped up over 60 and the bait formed up at the mouth of the bay? Kelley and his boys were in the right spot at the right time...
  310. BadDonkey

    Plan your trip to San Quintin carefully

    Conditions are changing almost daily in San Quintin and you need to keep a close eye on the SST patterns and weather if you have the luxury of being able to travel on short notice. Shrimpy and I and two friends from work drove down on Friday to fish the weekend and, once again, observed water...
  311. BadDonkey

    Strange year in San Quintin

    Shrimpy and I were down in San Q this past weekend on a last minute get away. We were not part of the tournament, and probably a good thing. Had gotten all excited by the SST on the 22nd showing 65 degree water at 10 miles. We left late Friday and launched at 5:30 on the 24th and left the bay on...
  312. BadDonkey

    Bring Back Abalone to San Quintin with Your Vote...

    Something needs to be done about the Pirates before you can get anything going out at San Martin. There were 16 boats out there on Sunday working over the flats on the east side. They are harvesting some type of large snail?? Mexican Navy has been harassing them, but apparently the reward is...
  313. BadDonkey

    K&M San Quintin July Albacore

    That wasn't a tow, Juan. You've been trolled.
  314. BadDonkey

    Tough fishing in San Quintin

    Any of the guys down there are good. I have used Captians Hilo and Miguel from Pedros almost exclusively, but simply because I started with Pedros and have always been treated very well. Captain Juan is awesome as well as Kelly Cation and his boys. Pedro, Juan, and Kelly are all on BD and can...
  315. BadDonkey

    Tough fishing in San Quintin

    My boat is a 22' aluminum bayrunner. I tow it up and down to SQ frequently and there are absolutely no issues. Just watch out for the speed bumps, a couple of them catch you by surprise; particularly the double in Santo Thomas.
  316. BadDonkey

    Tough fishing in San Quintin

    Unfortunately, we have to plan our vacations a couple of weeks in advance. When we planned the trip, the WSB were going off and the water offshore was in the 62 range.... Oh well.... Regardless, every time we go down we learn something new. I'm getting to where I prefer using swimbaits over live...
  317. BadDonkey

    Tough fishing in San Quintin

    Shrimpy and I took an extended vacation to San Quintin last weekend with thoughts of albacore and big butts ROUGH trip for us... We fished 2 days for zip. Ran 26 miles out on Thursday and never found water over 59.7 degrees. Went to the island on Friday and got boarded by the Mexican navy; a bit...
  318. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Tourney

    We were down last weekend and, yes, the fishing was TOUGH, but there is always something to catch in San Quintin if you are flexible and dedicated. A bad day in SQ beats the hell out of a good day in Cali. We ran offshore last Thursday and the warm water bubble had burst so we fished the day...
  319. BadDonkey

    The ramp at SanQ

    $5 and a pastry??? I guess I need to re-evaluate my tip strategy.... Thanks, El Juan
  320. BadDonkey

    The ramp at SanQ

    Going out poses more of an issue than getting back in. Either way, you can avoid issues by launching early and then coming back in a little later than the fleet. Usually, the fleet starts launching around 6:00 - 6:30. When I'm by myself, I'll launch about 5:30 and then I just pull the bow up...
  321. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Memorial Day trip

    We have just had a couple of bad experiences with Nancy. For the most part, we have enjoyed our stays at the Old Mill and Jim has always treated us very well. As you have pointed out, they will also leave a key pinned to the office door if you come in late.... most of the time. We wound up...
  322. BadDonkey

    San Quintin Memorial Day trip

    Took a trip to San Quintin over the Memorial Day weekend with Shrimpy, Pete the Unstable, and first-time-to-San Quintin-Sam. We left a bit on the late side on Friday, but traffic going through the border was moving pretty well and we had no issues at all. We got into Jardines around 10:30p.m...
  323. BadDonkey

    Old Mill Restaurant/Launch ramp improvement

    Heading down this weekend. We'll post a summary next week.
  324. BadDonkey

    Puento Penasco Mex Rocky Point

    Nice job, David. I think I have a new short term goal! Headed down the SQ end of this month to work the yellows and butts. El Juan has been tearing them up. Hope to meet you down there some day. El Donkey
  325. BadDonkey


    I've only been to a few places in Baja, Jim, but I would say that San Quintin is going to be hard to beat. You can catch rockfish year round and in the summer, the tuna can be less than 10 miles from shore. Take a look at the sea floor contour and you will see that the continental shelf comes...
  326. BadDonkey

    There and Back........... A Isla San Marcos Tale

    Not just a "charter gone wrong" and no exaggeration. Not like it's a short drive to San Diego to find out the twilight trip got cancelled. It's not about smearing his name; the details are accurate. The point is that guys like Kanzler or any other charter operator should honor their word or...
  327. BadDonkey

    There and Back........... A Isla San Marcos Tale

    I guess what goes around, comes around. I doubt you remember me, but I will NEVER forget you. My wife and I came down to fish with you about 5 years ago. My wife had been diagnosed with spinal cancer and we did not know what the outcome would be, so I decided to take her to Mulege to look for a...
  328. BadDonkey

    Punta Baja launch ramp

    I had not seen the second ramp, when I was out there. We went out to the point and there were 3 or 4 shacks, but no signs of life. We caught several surf perch from the beach and it looked like a hell of a spot for Halibut. We would like to run down from San Quintin in the boat this summer...
  329. BadDonkey

    Punta Baja launch ramp

    I've been out there scouting and the ramp is damn steep. The point shelters the ramp pretty well, but the swell rolls around the point and you have a pretty healthy cross current through the point. The "ramp" is a good 50 - 60 feet long and about a 25 - 30 degree angle. Yeah, its sTEEP. I...
  330. BadDonkey

    Is it safe in mexico?

    Consider the source.....:shakin:
  331. BadDonkey

    San Martin Island

    You may want to check out the wave prediction for this weekend before you hop on a head boat for a LONG ride south. It's lookin' butt UGLY. Wave Model - Central Baja Mexico Surf Height (STORMSURF)
  332. BadDonkey


    Rapalas are the easy way, Capitan. Make those boys work for it! Get them to try some surface plugs like big pencil poppers or chuck some iron. Did you get a chance to try out your jigs? Great pics as usual.
  333. BadDonkey

    Yellows gave us the slip, but GREAT trip

    The pleasure was ours, Capitan! We learned a great deal in a short time and Shrimpy is all excited about tracking down some halibuts. We are very excited about the coming summer. See you soon, we hope!
  334. BadDonkey

    Yellows gave us the slip, but GREAT trip

    Shrimpy and I and the kiddies headed down to SQ this weekend to try to even up the score with the Yellowtail I had made up a new set of flutter jigs for yo-yoing and spent a week cleaning reels and changing line having learned our lessons from the last trip, but the yellows must have a spy in...
  335. BadDonkey

    Mexico Fishing License

    They are usually very quick as well. The past couple of years, I have gotten my licenses back within 10 days of mailing them the application and check. I had a friend come out last summer and I overnighted his application to them on a Monday and got the licenses back in the mail on Thursday...
  336. BadDonkey

    Inshore fishing in PV?

    Hi, all A friend from work is headed to PV next week for a wedding and I was telling him about the awesome fishing happening lately. He's interested in going out for a half or 3/4 day inshore excursion with his kids. Anyone have info on operations that cater to this type of request and cost?
  337. BadDonkey


    Hell, I wish I would have dropped out of 6th grade and gone fishing! You do a fine job, Juan; better than a lot of the educated idiots I have worked with up north! And your skills with a camera are excellent.
  338. BadDonkey


    Wow! Fantastic job with the camera Captain Juan. The head-on of the Bonito really makes it look beautiful and vicious. I wish you guys would quit feeding the seals so that they will go away! Shrimpy and I will be headed down on the 19th with the kiddies. Hope the yellows stick around a...
  339. BadDonkey

    Where to stay in San Quintin

    If your primary motives are comfort, conveniences, and close proximity to food, Jardines is THE place. Hotel is brand new, beds are very comfortable, they have small heaters in the room and the water in the showers is not salty. Baja Jardines restaurant is right next door and they have a nice...
  340. BadDonkey

    PEDROS PANGAS 2/17/10

    I'll look around, Pedro; I think I can scrounge up a digital for you. We'll be back down to see you in March.
  341. BadDonkey

    Dam Yellows! San Quintin is HOT

    Actually didn't get any good pics of the fish. The yellows got buried under a pile of whitefish and rockfish and weren't very photogenic when we got back to the bay. We stayed at Jardines. Price for a single is 380 pesos which is only $30 at the current exchange rate of 12.7. They also have...
  342. BadDonkey

    Dam Yellows! San Quintin is HOT

    Went down to San Quintin with the Little Woman this weekend to pick up our boat for "Taxtime Repairs". Originally, we weren’t sure we were going to go fishing but when we got up Saturday morning the weather looked great and Pedro made us an offer we couldn't refuse (I think it was something...