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  1. Pangamaster

    Homemade Wahoo Bombs

    Hello, I make my own bombs. I’ve found that 5.5 ounce heads work the best. I’m having a hard time sourcing them. Anyone have any contacts? This is an example of the best head I’ve ever found.
  2. Pangamaster

    Indy 8 day Leaving Friday. Who's going?

    Hey folks. Excited to be leaving on the first 8 day trip of the year on the Indy. Anyone else going? I have fished the first trip on the American Angler 4 or 5 times.....which normally leaves when this trip is returning. They always seemed to have some nice catches.....even though the...
  3. Pangamaster

    What are these two pieces of white tape for?

    Hey folks just bought a new Trinidad 30a and upgraded the handle. It the tackle pack with the reel seat were these two pieces of tape? Any idea what they are for? also is the reel seat studs supposed to be loose? The nuts don’t tighten all the way down. Is that by design?
  4. Pangamaster

    Custom Long Range Style Rods

    Hey Guys, I posted this before in the Rod Building forum. Any rod builders within striking distance of the East Bay? I live in San Ramon and I am looking to have a new Jig stick built for this year. Any local recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I also need to get a guide fixed on...
  5. Pangamaster

    Aftermarket Reel Handle for Trinidad 30A

    Hey Everyone, Any options available out there for more T shaped handles for the Trinidad 30A reels?
  6. Pangamaster

    Rod Builders / Repair in East Bay Cali

    Hey Everyone, Any rod builders or rod repair guys in the East Bay Frisco area. I live in San Ramon for reference. I have some guides that I need fixed. I mostly have long range Salt gear. Thanks! Dave
  7. Pangamaster

    Indy Rusty Hook 7 day 8/3 - 8/10

    Hey Guys, Just got back from a fabulous trip on the Indy. Here is the trip in a nutshell. Left Saturday am with no issues....everyone got loaded up and took their assigned tackle box spot and found the extra spots for their rods. Starting meeting new people from literally all over the US...
  8. Pangamaster

    Paul Carramao

    Tim just posted that this is Paul’s last trip on the Royal Star as he is off to be a captain and owner of another Long Range Rig. Anyone know what rig Paul is going to? Great guy and happy for him.
  9. Pangamaster

    What was your first SD long range trip? Over 5 days to qualify!

    Hey Guys, I know there are a lot of really “Old Time” Long Rangers out there. We have all seen many references to the “Old Days.” What was your first trip? What boat? Charter? Memorable moments? My first trip was on the Spirit of Adventure in 1993. The charter was the Tim Green...
  10. Pangamaster

    Homemade Poppers

    Hey guys, With the large Bluefin being on the chew and large poppers being one of the weapons of choice....any pointers on making your own? The cost of the current big game ones is going around $50. I guess this falls in the stick bait category? How do you connect all the hooks and the front...
  11. Pangamaster

    20# Class Reel

    Hey Guys, Lots of post about heavy gear. What reel are you using for your 20# rig? Lots of reports the last few years on the bluefin only biting 20#. I’m thinking great free spool. Probably a star drag....single speed.....gasp! My 25 year old Newel 220 I don’t think is up to finessing in a...
  12. Pangamaster

    What trips are you on this year?

    Hey Guys, The last of the ultra long trips are coming up real quick. Then in May the regular season starts to ramp up. The local boats are already posting some interesting yellowtail and bluefin results. I myself get to go on 2 trips this year! First time for that in a while. 8 day on the...
  13. Pangamaster

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th

    Excel 16 day November 24th – December 10th Hey Guys, Here is my trip report for the Pelagic 16 day that just returned on the Excel. Unfortunately, the trip was extremely slow. When Soda Pop says it’s the slowest he has ever seen it you…you just scratch your head….and say why now????? We...
  14. Pangamaster

    16 day Excel trip leaving the day after Thanksgiving!

    I guess not many BDers on this trip? This is the trip of a lifetime for me. I've been dreaming of a trip like this for most of my is flying by and suddenly its only a few days until reality meets my dreams! Holy Crap! I've been prepping for a while now....I'm prepared with 2...
  15. Pangamaster

    Fishing Report New Salmon Queen Saturday 10/28

    Went fishing on the New Salmon Queen this weekend. I normally go rockfishing a few times a year to hold me over for my San Diego Long Range trips. My favorite boats are the New Huck Finn and California Dawn. They both were not available this weekend. Boat was fine. Typical NCAL boat. They...
  16. Pangamaster

    What Web Site for Weather reports Fishing out of the Golden Gate

    Hey Guys, Any suggestions on any Weather websites for fishing outside of the Golden Gate? Appreciate your suggestions. Dave
  17. Pangamaster

    What's your idea of a successful Long Range Trip.

    You're excited! You may or may not fish a lot of days out of San Diego....but your about to board your chosen long range boat for your upcoming trip! What makes a good trip for you? Anything can happen on any trip but most charters leave with a bias towards one way or the other. What's your...
  18. Pangamaster

    Which Reel would you get for a Cow Trip.

    Hey Guys, I am getting one more outfit for my 16 day trip on the Excel in November. I'm getting a 7'6" UC Invictus wrapped right now I need to get another reel. I have an Okuma MK-20IISEa, Okuma MK-30IISEa and a Cal'd Penn 50 TW. From my experience this about covers all the scenarios. I can...
  19. Pangamaster

    Indy 10 day Trip Report 12/10 - 12/20

    Well let me just start with.....I got my first freaking cow!! Ok onto the details. This would be first time fishing on the Indy. I have fished all of then now except the Searcher. I am boat flip flopper... There are things I like and don't like about every boat. I think over the years one...
  20. Pangamaster

    Up Coming 10 day Trips - Last of the year, Who's going?

    Hey Guys, The last of the 2017 trips are rapidly approaching. There are three 10 day trips left. The Indy, Excel and the Rooster. Who is going? What's your plan of attack? I'm on the Indy with a few buddies. I have created a bunch of new Wahoo bombs and I am chomping at the bit to try...
  21. Pangamaster

    Day after Thanksgiving Trips?

    Hey Friends, Next year I turn 50.... Holy sheet! So I already have the hall pass for my next Ultra Long Range Trip. Couple questions for the experts out there. How is the fishing on these earlier LR trips? How are they different from the standard Jan - April trips? Weather? Bait? Temps...
  22. Pangamaster

    Outstanding Customer Service from the companies that support our passion.

    Hey Gang, I just had an extremely rewarding experience and wanted to share my experience with my fellow long Rangers. I bought one of those new Progear Reels at the Fred Hall show this year. It comes with those little Avet like knobs that I don't like. Especially on larger fish as your hand...
  23. Pangamaster

    What trips are you taking in 2016?

    With the recent news that a short range boat has already had a trip that limited out on Bluefin....the frenzy of the season is upon us! Fred Hall has past least the big show.....most people have plotted and planned by now and have a good plan in place with the family general to allow...
  24. Pangamaster

    My First Ultra Long Range Trip

    As many of you know I got to finally go on my long awaited bucket list trip. After much research and personal experience, time of year, cost, passenger load etc. I decided to go on a 14 day trip aboard the Royal Star. To tell you the truth the 6 months leading up to the trip were almost just...
  25. Pangamaster

    Spectra to swivel knot or connection

    Hey guys, Another question I haven't been able to find. What knot or connection do you use to tie spectra directly to a swivel. I'm thinking specifically I have created my kite rigs with a swivel on the end. I want to connect the spectra to the swivel.....i guess I can make a loop in the...
  26. Pangamaster

    What knot do you use for 100# - 150#

    Hey Guys, I know this topic has been brought up before but I would like some fresh input. I'm interested in what knots you guys use for 100 -150# fluro/mono to the hook. I know some of you crimp...but those that tie what's your preferred knot. I'm leaning towards a 3 turn Uni because it's...
  27. Pangamaster

    Blue Fin Tuna Update!

    Great news from the Excel FB Page. UPDATE - We just got word from Conapesca in Mexico, effective immediately, all US vessels are allowed to catch and keep Bluefin tuna in Mexican Waters. The regulations are the same as they are for California, 2 per day, per angler, max of 6 per trip. Great...
  28. Pangamaster

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    As many of you know I am preparing for my first Cow trip coming up in December...I have been asking questions and researching and buying...and asking...and's been a great ride. I took my first long range trip back in 1994….but I have never made it out longer than a 10 day….. In...
  29. Pangamaster

    Top Shot Lengths for fishing Cows on 14 plus day trips.

    Hey Guys, I have just finished buying my materials and am about to start creating tops shots. I know how to create them I am just curious what configurations I should prepare ahead of time. How many is enough? What sizes do you use. I will have the following rigs for my 14 day trip. Mak 20...
  30. Pangamaster

    Fuel prices at all time low!

    With such low fuel prices I am sure we are all stoked that all legimate operations have now done away with fuel surcharges. One of the benefits of fishing in this awesome El Niño year. Help our fellow fishermen out if you hear of any operations still charging this bogus fee! Fish on!
  31. Pangamaster

    Wahoo getting closer!!!

    The Top Gun 80 reported a Wahoo today. Not sure on length of trip but I'll bet it was less than a 3 day! This year is going down in the history books!
  32. Pangamaster

    Creating your own Wahoo Jigs

    Hey Everyone, I like to create my own wahoo jigs but I am having a hard time finding the heads I normally use. As I have no tackle stores around me...anyone know where I can get heads like this? Yeah, I know you can use torpedo sinkers but I like the heads the line slides through. Any help...
  33. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster III 8 day - Mahoney/McVey - Awesome !!

    Hey Guys, Just a quick post as I am paying the piper for taking the last 10 days off. 8 Day trip on the Rooster - June 26th - July 4th Day -1: 1/4 of the group arrived 1 to 2 days early for the trip. Which allowed us to hook up with Mike and Alec and go out for Pizza and drinks the night...
  34. Pangamaster

    Time to check in! Who's doing Long Range the Week that leads up to the Forth of July????

    Hey Guys, It's almost prime time....which is coming a little bit early this year thanks to all that warm water! Who is going fishing on the week that leads up to the Fourth of July? I'm on the Red Rooster on the McVey/Mahoney trip with Sunny Jones for the third year in a row....gotta love...
  35. Pangamaster

    Making your own Top Shots

    Hey Folks, I am practicing make top shots. I can make 100# ones easy. However I had some 150# Jinkai that I am practicing with. 1.17 mm diameter. The only Daho needle I can get the line in....I cannot for the life of me get into the 130# JB spectra. I tried splicing a short piece of 200# JB...
  36. Pangamaster

    Making top shots for Giant Tuna ahead of time

    Hey Guys, For 100# + top shots..... So when you guys are motoring down and everyone is working on top shots is there any tricks of the trade I need to be aware of? And I am not talking about the connections I have plenty of info on connecting the Spectra to the Mono/Fluoro. How long are you...
  37. Pangamaster

    I did it! Signed up for my first ultra long trip!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for all of the information the users on this board have shared with me. The most important was that there really was no wrong answer...all of the LR options were solid. I used my past experiences, input from fellow Bloody Deckers....and flipped a coin....well just kidding on...
  38. Pangamaster

    I finally got approval for a long trip!!!!!!

    Hey guys, These are my options.....dates ... Trips that leave 12/26..... 14 day plus Options and my thoughts Excel.... Schedules not out but trip is sold out and I'm on waiting list. AA ....lots of history and respect for this operation... Small boat but only 18 anglers Star .....always liked...
  39. Pangamaster

    Suggestions for rigging on a 14 Day plus trip

    Hey guys, I'm in the process of gearing up for a 14 plus day and after reading Jeffs list... Which I can't afford....I'm wondering what is the best way to rig what I have. Avet Pro Ex 4/0 - 80# spectra / 80# top shot Makaira 20II SEA - 100# spectra / 100# top shot Makaira 30II SEA - 130#...
  40. Pangamaster

    Rod builder / rod repair near Castro Valley, CA

    Hey Guys, Looking to find a new rod builder as mine is about to retire. I'm in The Bay Area and have an immediate need to have a couple guides fixed on existing rods. This requires the person lives some where near me... Castro Valley, CA. I also tend to have about 1 rod built a year. Mid to...
  41. Pangamaster

    Tribute 3.5 over Halloween Weekend

    So who is going on this trip? I know a bunch of guys from the LR forum went on this same trip last year. It's sponsored by Okuma and Soft Steel. I'm fishing it with a couple of buddies and can't wait! I haven't fished a non - Long Range boat in quite a while. Is it still the same way on...
  42. Pangamaster

    Tackle shop in the Bay Area

    Can someone help me out. Where are the good tackle shops for Saltwater Gear in the Bay Area? I need a good local shop. Anyone have a favorite. I'm located in Castro Valley. Thanks!
  43. Pangamaster

    Up coming long range trips!

    So this is my favorite time of year for long range fishing..... I've hit some kind of 7+ day early summer trip for the last 15 + years. Including when I was a deckhand and saved my money to go LR on my days off. I'm on the Rooster again leaving next Friday on the Mahoney/McVey charter. Who's...
  44. Pangamaster

    Larger Reel Bolts for SX

    Hey guys where can I find some larger bolts for my SX? The ones it came with are tiny and won't fit on most of my deckhand style rods. Has anyone found any particular success with after market reel clamps for this application? Appreciate the input!
  45. Pangamaster

    Which boat out of Avila and why?

    Hey guys I will be in the area and plan on fishing either the Black Pearl or Patriot... The patriot is also offering Crab. Any thoughts on those that have fished these operations? I fish boats regularly from SF to SD but haven't tried this landing yet. Any advice is appreciated. My main...
  46. Pangamaster

    Which trip would you choose of these for your very first long long range trip?

    Hey guys, I have narrowed my list down according to my budget, schedule and taste. I know everyone has their favorite rigs but of this list which do you think would be my best option for my first 14+ day trip? I have fished all of these boats on 8 - 10 day trips fairly recently so I'm really...
  47. Pangamaster

    Morning Star - San Pablo Bay Sturgeon Fishing

    Not much to report.... Extremely slow fishing. Anchored up in San Pablo Bay. Fished grass shrimp. 10 passengers ended with about 4 keeper stripers, couple short bass & one short sturgeon. I personally never even got a bite.... Which is a first ......ever! I'd wait for something to change...
  48. Pangamaster

    What connection do you use on heavy lines? For the line to the hook connection

    Thanks for all those that replied to my other thread on when's the best time to LR. I think I will go when I can :) Now my next question. What is your every day, every top shot....go to connection for 100#, 130# or 200#. Is there a basic knot that you prefer? Do people crimp the hook on...
  49. Pangamaster

    Question on the Long Trips and Time of year

    Hey Guys I am planning my first Long Long Range trip. 14 plus days. I see from reading there are three distinct times that these trips run. First in November and into December. Then in the winter time Jan - March and then the late Heat trips. From the guys that have been there and done...
  50. Pangamaster

    FG Knot

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if anyone has tried this knot for Long Range Applications? I am always looking for new connections that don't require any special tools or equipment. I heard from a buddy that this knot has been used locally. Anyone have any experience with it? Looks good on the...
  51. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster Mahoney & Mcvey: 8 Day Fishing adventure June 28th

    Another great long range adventure! Day 1 – Paid our balances and watched a decent load of fish unloaded from the prior Salty Dog 8 day trip. A sign was placed on the dock with the number we were assigned for the trip. We placed our gear by the sign and the crew loaded us in order. I was...
  52. Pangamaster

    Changing Salas 6X trebles or making it a Single hook

    How are you guys that are switching out your treble hooks to single hooks going about this process? Are you welding the new ring around the single hook? Or using one of those hooks that comes with an open eye that you squeeze shut when in place? Do those hooks hold up to a big fish and a...
  53. Pangamaster

    Avet Reel Rod Clamp after market products

    Hello, Does anyone know of any after market or alternatives to the standard Avet reel clamp set up? I am not crazy about the bolts and that cheap little tool that comes with the reels for tightening the bolts down. There must be some better options out there. I have a JX 6/3, LX 6/3 and an...
  54. Pangamaster

    Who is on Rooster for the Mahoney/McVey Trip 6/28 - 7/6

    I cannot wait! T Minus 1 month! Who is onboard for this trip? Any other BDer's? I just received my brand new JX 6/3 in the mail today.....and all the other shit I probably didn't need to buy. I think the month prior to the trip is almost better than the trip itself. Come on...
  55. Pangamaster

    What would you do?

    August 26th I kind of screwed up.....rolled a Rhino and Crushed my left are a few pictures a month later after the operations. I have since had the pins removed..had one bone in the middle of the hand broke and plated back together...the bones in the base of my hand were kind of...
  56. Pangamaster

    Red Rooster 10 day in December

    Me and my Buddy just signed up for the only 10 day on the Roosters schedule....Dec 8th - 18th! Looks like they had a decent trip last year with a shot at the cows. I can't believe I have to wait 9 months for this to become reality. The last time I fished the Rooster I think Andy was running...
  57. Pangamaster

    MK 20II SE or the MK 30II SE??

    Question guys. I am about to jump on the Roosters 10 day in December. I have more gear than I know what do with for 60# and lower. With all the discussion on these new Makaira’s I am looking at making the purchase. I have a Pen 50T that has been two speeded and blueprinted by Cal and will...
  58. Pangamaster


    Does anyone have any recent Dope on Newel? Are they officially done? Did they have any booth at the Sacramento Show. I can't believe my go to reels for the last 20 years are not available anymore..... I am in denial...someone please provide some good news here.:hali_olutta:
  59. Pangamaster

    Polaris Supreme 8 day 9/17 - 9/25

    Hey Guys sorry for the late report but work is crazy right now. This was my first time to fish the Polaris Supreme and I loved it. I stillhave not found a long range operation that I do not love! As with any tripsthere were some things I liked better on this boat and something’s I...
  60. Pangamaster

    It's almost time!

    So I see that almost all of the Long Range Boats are leaving for 7 day or longer trips starting next week. Who is going and on what boat? I am on the Polaris Supreme leaving 9/17/11 for 8 days with a couple of buddies. It will be my first time to fish the boat. I can't wait! :git:
  61. Pangamaster

    Putting Hooks on a Maurader

    Hey guys, A while ago I bought an imitation marurader that had the cheap double hooks on each end. I have bought the expensive hooks and the 300# bearing swivels to enhance the lure. My question is how do you connect the swivel and hooks? Do you cut the rings on the swivel and then connect...
  62. Pangamaster


    I just saw this Tid bit from the Polaris Supreme website. 'Good morning friends. We docked this morning at 0630 and unloaded from our three day adventure and our beautiful load of fish rode up to the dock in style with Fisherman's Landing brand new motorized cart pusher. FINALLY, no more...
  63. Pangamaster

    Sports Chalet 8 Day Trip on the American Angler May 28th

    Sports Chalet 8 Day Trip on the American Angler May 28<sup>th</sup> – June 5<sup>th</sup>. Hey everyone. Here is my report from our American Angler 8 day. I started off the trip with a long …long day. I worked all day Friday and then drove all night Friday night to arrive at the Landing at...
  64. Pangamaster

    40# Bait Rig for fishing Alijos/Guadalupe etc.

    Question. I am considering purchasing an Accurate BX2 400 for fishing bait at places like Alijos and Guadalupe. The long soak type places. I will be fishing a 4' section of 40# Fluoro directly tied to the spectra with a Bob Sands Knot. Yes...there are many types of connections but this is what I...
  65. Pangamaster

    Polaris Supreme

    Well I just booked my second long range trip for 2011. (First trip of the year is on the Angler for the 8 day Sports Chalet trip again ) I am going out on an 8 day on the Polaris Supreme that leaves on Sept. 17. I am really hoping for a shot at some Wahoo. I have fished on many of the LR boats...
  66. Pangamaster

    Fishing on the Morning Star

    Hey Guys went out for the first time on the Morning Star attempting to get my first Sturgeon. The trip started off as a no rain for the last two weeks....none forecasted for the next 2 weeks..... Well that changed...rain forecasted for Sunday....damn....and not for another 2...
  67. Pangamaster

    Potluck Trip on the New Huck Finn 9/1/10

    Just some info for those interested in how the offshore rockfishing is going. Boat left at 6am sharp. Thier custom receiver at Treasure Island had no bait left so we had to go over to Berkley Marina for 10 scoops of Pinner Anchovies. Put us about an hour behind and then we were off. Headed...
  68. Pangamaster

    Newel 440

    Hey Guys, I just got a brand new Newel 440 from Charkbait. Only thing I did was add a tiburon handle and add 40# line to it. It is sucking....every other cast the line gets stuck between the spool and the frame. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyway to fix it? Does anyone have the...
  69. Pangamaster

    Offshore Outer Limits 2 Day Report 8/6 - 8/8

    Fishing was great but the catching was not so good. This was my first time to fish this boat so I thought I would share with you what I felt was a positive experience. Arrived to Seaforth early to meet a long lost buddy from Missourri. We had a few beers and some sandwiches from the restraunt...
  70. Pangamaster

    California Dawn Pot Luck Trip Thursday 7/29

    Another good trip on the Cal Dawn. Capt. James is one of the best in Northern California...and it is sooooooo nice to finally have a hot galley on a boat up here. Game plan was potluck....meaning fish off the coast for rockfish and then come back into the bay for Strippers and Halibut. Left...
  71. Pangamaster

    Royal Polaris Trip Report 7/3

    Hey everyone. Sorry for the late report but I was having trouble getting motivated this time. The trip was overall pretty slow but Frank Lopreste and crew kept the trip interesting. Day 1 - Having drove down from the Bay Area to Tustin the day before I got up at 5am and headed down to...
  72. Pangamaster

    Newel 522

    Hey guys, I was reading the Shogun report and saw this. 'I would like to mention, thanks to Kevin Cooney for the use of his Newell 533 that was converted to a 522. Kevin it works great, got a 30 pounder with it today!' What is a Newel 522? Is that some custom garage adaptation of a 533 that...
  73. Pangamaster

    Putting Line on your Reels.

    Question. I have an 8 day coming up. How long in advance do you guys load up your reels with line? If you do it too soon in advance the line gets those memory curves in it. Is two weeks in advance too early? Same question for Top shots.
  74. Pangamaster

    Who's going Long Ranging starting on Fourth of July Weekend?

    I can't wait! 8 day on the Royal Polaris coming up on the Charter. I see there are 5 boats leaving around that time. Which one are you on? 2 weeks left! :drool: Royal Polaris - 8 Day 7/3 - 7/11 - 10am Departure :urno1: Q105 - 7 Day - 7/3 - 7/10 - Noon Departure Rooster - 8 Day -...
  75. Pangamaster

    Newell S series vs. F

    Question for other Newell lovers. My favorite Reels for fishing the jigs are the Newell S series 448, 338 and 332. I really appreciate the light spools which allow for long casts...with both jigs and bait. I see they don't make the Newell 448 S series anymore....I am about to cry....Lucky for...
  76. Pangamaster

    Trip Report. American Angler 5/30 - 6/7

    Oh what a trip this was! In fact catching wise it was the best Long Range trip I have ever been on. We plugged the boat with 2 full days left. 1) Day 1 – Arrived down at Point Loma about 6am. The American Angler loads first come first serve…so I was fearful I would be last in line again...
  77. Pangamaster

    Ande Clear Line

    Has anyone heard anything about Ande fishing line. I tried to order some 1# and 2# spools and the shop said there was none available from Ande? I have used Clear Ande my whole life......I will freak out if I can't get it anymore. Anyone heard anything?
  78. Pangamaster

    American Angler Sport Chalet 8 Day trip!

    Ok I have got my quiver finalized. 1) Newel 220 - Calstar 850 ML - 20# straight clear Andy 2) Newel 338 - Calster 6480 - 30# straight clear Andy 3) Avet 2 Speed LX - Calstar 700H - JB Hollow 60# with short 40# Floro Top shot 4) Penn 4/0 (Baja Special with Tiburon Frame) - Calstar 6480 -...
  79. Pangamaster

    Anyone going on the Star?

    Anyone going on any of the newly added 2 day trips on the Royal Star? Were thinking about going on the middle one that leaves May 14th. Brian said it would mainly be offshore paddy hopping or Coastal Yellowtail fishing. Only $400 for a two day trip. I have never fished on this boat ....seems...
  80. Pangamaster


    So I have some decisions to make. I lose my job on 7/1 and I want to celebrate by going on a 7 or 8 day trip. I have every single trip of this nature recorded on a spreadsheet with dates and costs etc. A few have already been crossed off the list because they are full....many in fact. (Wish I...
  81. Pangamaster

    Halibut Fishing in the bay on the California Dawn

    Hey guys, Spent a very beautiful day out fishing on the California Dawn with Capt. James and Deckhand Darren. No wind and decent currents. Capt even went out of his way to buy live shiners and Smelt for us to fish with....paid some kid $20/12 and we had well over a 100+ Had live bait for the...
  82. Pangamaster

    Hollow to Main line

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anyone knows the limit for how many sizes down in line class you can go and not worry about the line slipping out of the Hollow. Mainly I am wondering is fishing 80# line out of 135 JB Hollow workable? 80# and 100# spectra is way more expensive....If I can get away with...
  83. Pangamaster

    Newell 332 / 338 reel seats

    Hey guys, I am having problems getting my Newell's on my Ulua. The base is a lot thicker than on Calstars. I can get them on but it feels like there is barely a couple of turns into the seat. Any upgrades for this or other ideas?
  84. Pangamaster

    After Market Reel Handle for LX 2 speed

    Does anyone know if there is a larger aftermarket handle available that fits the LX two speed. Fished a buddies all last weekend and my hands were cramping up on the tiny handle. Love the reel except for that one coming in the mail as I write this.:hali_ruahahaha: Any info would...
  85. Pangamaster

    Pacific Star Two!

    Howdie....I am fired up to go fishing with buddies this evening on the Pacific Star. I have never been on the boat....never even been to Pier Point Landing..... Any last min advice before I jump on the plane and head on down? Were gonna kill something! Hopefully not just our brain...
  86. Pangamaster

    American Angler 8 Day May 30- June 5th.

    Yipeeeee! I just signed up for the first 8 day trip on the American Angler. I got the last spot. They said I would have to bunk up with 2 other guys in a 3 bedroom. How is that going to be? Not that I really care too much....causing I am going FISHING!:hali_ruahahaha: Who else is on this...
  87. Pangamaster

    Mirage Rockfishing Report. 3/6

    Decided to try out some fishing why I was down in Southern Cal for the Fred Hall show last weekend. Me and my buddy Pete got the last 2 spots on Mirage. I didn't know it at the time but this would be the first weekend of the 2010 Rockfishing season. The weather reports were for doom and gloom...
  88. Pangamaster

    Long Range Rod that will not break the bank.

    Hey Guys, I am looking for a long range rod that will not break the bank. I know a bunch of you are using the new 2x4 seeker but at close to $500 bucks I cannot justify the cost. Any suggestions? Calstar rods that don't cost as much? Other brands. What if I bought the parts and wrapped it...
  89. Pangamaster

    Big Lingcod Grubs

    Does anyone know where to get those big scampi tails? The big white ones that are 8-10" long? I cannot find them anywhere. Mogambo doesn't make them that big that I can see and Scampi isn't around anymore. Whenever I fish rockfish I see the locals always have them. Everywhere seems to have...
  90. Pangamaster

    Another Good One Bites the Dust.

    I was just in the Rod Rack on Saturday to ask if they could build me a new Rail Rod. The answer was ....they would be Retiriing and closing the doors in March. They would be gone unless someone steps up and buys the place. For those of you who don't know the Rod Rack is an awesome Tackle...
  91. Pangamaster

    Shogun 1 1/2 Day Question

    Hey Guys, Question for ya. I am going on the Shogun over Halloween for a 1 1/2 day trip. On short trips like this do they fillet? Or is it the same thing as the longer trips? 5 Star Fish Processing will come out? I am flying in so cleaning my own fish is not possible.
  92. Pangamaster

    Question on getting Fish on the plane.

    Hey Guys, I am going on a two day trip on the Ranger 85 this weekend. My flight leaves back to the Bay Area Sunday evening. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get your fish on the plane. Can you carry on an Ice Chest? Check an Ice Chest? Do you just double zip lock bag the fish...
  93. Pangamaster

    Diawa 50H Saltist

    Hey Guys, I personally didn't like this reel. I am sure many others love the great free spool and high speed action of this reel. Check it out and contact me if you have any questions. Almost brand new. Diawa Saltist 50H Fishing Reel - 40# class reel.
  94. Pangamaster

    Fish Cleaning Question

    Hey Guys, I have a question on getting my fish cleaned. I am fishing an 8 day on the Intrepid from 6/27 - 7/5. It looks like 4 or 5 long range boats get back on that day. How long does it take these guys to process fish? I need to get back to the bay area....and coming back anytime soon to...
  95. Pangamaster

    Solid Spectra to Hollow Spectra Connection

    Hey Guys, I know this can be done but I cannot find any reference material on it. I have solid spectra on my reels but want to do a knotless connection. How do you get solid spectra up inside hollow spectra? Do you use a latch needle and then pull it back through? Goals is to have Hollow...
  96. Pangamaster

    Which knot do you use for Heavy Dropper Loops

    I was wondering what you long rangers use for your dropper loops when fishing big yellows and or groupers? Surgeon Loop? Knots - How to tie the Surgeon's loop knot Spider Hitch? Knots - How to tie the Spider Hitch Regular Dropper loop? Seems like a weak knot for heavy lines. The Dropper...
  97. Pangamaster

    How to Serve a connection

    Ok I am looking through the different websites. Especially the Blackwater website. So is this the gist of how a serve works? 1) Shoove Mono up into hollow at least 5 feet 2) 2 1/2 inches from where the two meet start winding towards the meeting point. 3) First 8 wraps go over the starter...
  98. Pangamaster

    50 - 60# Rig for Long Range fishing.

    Hey Guys, Looking for some opinions here. I am looking to get one more rig for my up coming fishing trip. I am covered 40# and below and 80# and above. I currently have a Newell 533 that I fish 50# straight mono on. I am looking for something that is a little beefier....for fishing the same...
  99. Pangamaster

    Where is a good online place to buy Salas Jigs

    Hey guys, Anyone know any good places to buy Salas Jigs....6x Jr's, 6X's etc? Good as in cheap. Appreciate it.
  100. Pangamaster

    What would you do.

  101. Pangamaster

    What would you do.

    I am in a quandary. I have dialed in when I can go fishing and now I have to decide. Here are my options for 8 day spring trips. June 27 - July 5th. 1) Intrepid - Advantages - Doesn't take a lot of passengers, Sweet Ride, 10% discount from FH show if I reserve this week. Disadvantage - Not a...
  102. Pangamaster

    Where can i get cheap Rockfish Jigs?

    When I lived in southern california I used to buy these really good rockfish jigs. They had a farely cheap paint job and I think they were made of lead. They only came in a couple of colors like scrambled egg. Orange, Brown and yellow...and some other mixtures with more white on them and I...
  103. Pangamaster

    Is fishing allowed at Clarion now?

    I was just reading the Roosters fish report and it mentions they are fishing at clarion and had to check in? Is this just to fish the are outside the restricted zone or can they fish the whole island again?:hali_olutta:
  104. Pangamaster

    Were going to the Farralone tommorow

    Anyone been out recently? Hows the weather? Any suggestions? I normally fish bars with a shrimp fly tied 2' for lings and any other bottom grabers that are interested.
  105. Pangamaster

    5 day Trips in the fall...but not on one of the big boats?

    Hey All, I was wondering if anyone has any information or recommendations about the quality of the 5 day trips that fish in the October time period. I am talking about boats that normally do not fish 5 day trips but in the last 5-6 years have been making this trip. I am talking about the...
  106. Pangamaster

    Spectra Connection with Worm Knot?

    Hey there, Does anyone have a diagram of how to make a Spectra to Mono connection using a Bimini & Worm knot. Last year the AA crew tied all my topshots with this when we didn't have time to serve a knot.:profile:
  107. Pangamaster

    Wahoo Fishing

    Ok so I have heard lots of different Techniques for catching Wahoo. So when you are trolling around the Rock's or in other Wahoo type places....and the trolling guys start yelling....The Iron Guys start throwing...What is the best jig to toss and do you wire it or go straight mono? What colors...
  108. Pangamaster

    Northern California Alby's

    Hello, So when is the normal N. Cal albacore season? Can anyone recommend any open party boats for this type of fishing. Do they carry live bait? When was the last good N. Cal season? Seems like I never hear anything except one or two days a year there is a report how a boat had a nice...