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  1. Albrektsen

    Shimano TN30A and Calstar GF100J custom

    Albrektsen submitted a new listing: Shimano TN30A and Calstar GF100J custom - Shimano TN30A and Calstar GF100J custom Learn more about this listing...
  2. Albrektsen

    calstar grafighter 100J custom wrap, calstar cod rod

    Albrektsen submitted a new listing: calstar grafighter 100J custom wrap, calstar cod rod - calstar grafighter 100J custom wrap, calstar cod rod Learn more about this listing...
  3. Albrektsen

    Fulton 2500lb. drop leg trailer jack

    bought new at west marine 11/23, like new, paid $130 OTD. Model HD25000101!Va5em6WJtKYKoH%7Ct6v9!C%7CoaSHN70js7TuA= $90 with box and all hardware
  4. Albrektsen

    Diesel Mechanic in San Diego - Volvo authorized

    I am sharing my experiences about and with the mechanic whom I have used off and on (boat dependent) since 2004. The name of the company is Cogswell Marine and Motorsports. I am not affiliated with nor have I received preferential treatment from this company. My experiences are for three boats...
  5. Albrektsen

    2017 Ranger Bay

    2017 Bay Ranger 2350 FROM THE RANGER WEBSITE In the Ranger® 2350, where there’s not plush, hand-built marine-grade seating, there’s wide-open deck space and storage that’s made with hardcore anglers in mind. If you’re planning a day of relaxing, removable bow cushions add seating options or you...
  6. Albrektsen

    Farallon 2600 Walk Around Pilot House 26' Diesel D4-260 Volvo

    2005 Farallon 2600 Walk Around Pilot House - Turn key tuna ready Furuno Navnet 48 mile color radar/MAP, FCV587 1Kw sounder, Simrad AP, Lewmar Windlass,50 Gal Offshore bait tank, VHF, giant fish hold, 16 overhead rod holders, 4 bait tank holders, 4 on the rails. etc Volvo Penta D4 260 Diesel...
  7. Albrektsen

    Seeking cool fisherman for San Diego offshore and inshore islands when appropriate

    Hey Fellas, Kirk here, almost a SD Native, 48 years old (and a dad), non smoker and prefer non smoking, easy going types on the boat. No offense, but not interested to invite the guy who gets on the radio and spouts off about how everyone else sucks and a fights a brewin cause you got too close...
  8. Albrektsen

    SOLD Mercury Enertia propeller 15P 48-898990

    Used propeller with less than 50 hours, swapped to a smaller pitch and have no need for an extra prop. No dings or dents. Very excellent condition. Includes Mercury Flo-Torq II, 835257K 1 Hub Assembly Kit, of which, the thrust washer, nut and clip are new (used the one on my boat). The Hub...
  9. Albrektsen

    Xantrex XM1000 Pro Series Inverter brand new $200

    Brand new inverter, as described below. I bought it in November for my new boat, but it turns out a generator is a better option for me as I have an already installed shore power inlet and AC wiring in place. This unit is $289 at West marine. Brand new, in box, perfect condition and unused...
  10. Albrektsen

    FCC Ship Station Lic and Radio Op Permit internation

    Perhaps this thread should be moved or copied, wasnt sure of best forum. FYI, for those of us that fish in international waters (Mex) and use a VHF Radio with MMSI/DSC, technically speaking, we are required by the FCC to have Ship Station License and Radio Op Permit, which also includes a...
  11. Albrektsen

    Best in class Parker 2110

    Things come up, in this case, major family health issues. I need to sell the boat I just put together and I am sure there isn't a better equipped Parker 21 in the area. 2001 Parker 2110 with 7' V-Berth, that's whats cool about the walk around. And same exact hull as the 2120. 2012 Mercury...
  12. Albrektsen

    SD local, yep. Catalina newbie, yep! Cat Suggestions

    Taking my boys to catalina this weekend to help a biologist with some bass studies. Leaving dana point friday early, fish across and back on Monday (fish home too). In between, my kids get college volunteer hours and father's day weekend on Catalina. I have never fished cat...generally...
  13. Albrektsen

    To la jolla and back (a Halibut Hobbit story, part 2, redemption)

    Quick report Took both boys for a Memorial Day Halibut seeking mission (Thanks to all those who made it possible, great country and happy memorial day). We took only three rods, one for each, rigged for Hali and nothing else. We werent gonna deviate. Left MB at 8AM, arrived in LJ after...
  14. Albrektsen

    LJ to the north nine and back (a Hobbit Story)

    Quick report took my 15 year old son and Left the ramp in MB at 630, not 10 minutes after the wind started blowing. Our destination was originally the 182 and south, aborted, and made for LJ. Looked for YT, found one spot early outside NW on a mter mark, no biters. Worked the slow troll and...
  15. Albrektsen

    Nados Sunday, smaller yellas. wind and mex navy

    Quick report, islands windy yesterday, tough conditions for small yellows and bonita. Sardines at pukey 64deg water. Lots of people on the radio, esp when the Mex Navy rolled up from the south...watched them check a skiff at the light house at South Island. That boater dearted the area after...
  16. Albrektsen

    Parker info wanted: 2100, 2120, 2110, 2310, 2320 prop/motor = WOT RPM

    Hi Guys! I have a 2110 which has been updated with my existing (new in2012, now 275 hrs) Merc OptiMax 175 Pro XS (per merc, this is a 190HP motor). My RPM at WOT with a 15 x 15P Enertia SS prop is 5425-5460 with speed of 38.1. Just hung the motor on the boat (on the 2nd hole from the top)...
  17. Albrektsen

    Yamaha Outboard Motor 200HP HPDI Z200 Oil injected 2-Stroke

    Yamaha Outboard Motor 200HP HPDI Z200 Oil injected 2-Stroke, year 2000(04/2000). Sold new on my 2001 Parker 2110. Low documented hours (Mechaninc plugged in computer and boat hour meter were only 20 hours apart) motor reads 864 hours. NADA GUIDE value $3850-4350. The motor is presently on my...
  18. Albrektsen

    How big is this Sea Bass?

    Ok, question...caught this a couple years ago, night bite, 12' leaky alum skiff off LJ, squid and a gatorade bottle float (ran outta other floats). My spring scale bottomed at 50, but when I weighed myself on the bath scale holding the fish, then subtracted, came to around 48-51 depending on...
  19. Albrektsen

    Mobile mechaninc, SD/Mission Bay?Compression Check on Yam 200 HPDI 2 stroke

    Hi Folks! Just pulled the trigger on the 2110 Parker listed on this site...would like to have the compression checked and a mobile guy would be great, any suggestions? Or non-mobile Yamaha guy in the SD Bay/Mission Bay area? Kirk 858-775-2510
  20. Albrektsen

    Shooting a shotgun offshore?

    Anyone know the rule about shooting offshore? Specifically a shotgun with clays?
  21. Albrektsen

    Coronados Yellows

    Short story, long day... Left shelter island at 600A, worked from north Island to South Kelp Ridge. Saw some yellows blow up at SKR, many bonita. Late in the day 3:00, headed to the weather side of North Island for two YT, weighed at 19 and 22lbs. Both the Mission Belle and San Diego were...
  22. Albrektsen

    10/17 Friday afternoon yellows at La Jolla

    Buddy Jason and I went out this afternoon, from 2-6PM, went 5 for 6 on YT in LJ. Missed a few others, one on flylined sardine, one surface iron and the rest Yo-Yo. 120' of water, sonar marks between the Half and RoadHole (ENE of Northwest). As you come into 85' of water, kelp starts. Fished...
  23. Albrektsen

    Offshore 302 Tuna 32.24.445 117.34.417

    Short up still... Took my 12 and 15 year old boys to the 302 area, exactly as noted above. 7 YFT and a YT, but left them biting cuz we intended to only keep two each...or so :-). Thanks to C-Note for waving us close to his stern. Just a couple miles NE of the area above...
  24. Albrektsen

    Greg Trompas helps recover my stolen boat

    May 24, 2013 Kirk Albrektsen 1:30PM, I arrived at Scripps Mesa Storage in San Diego, a security gate controlled storage lot. Upon arrival to my designated storage space I found my Sea Pro SV2100CC fishing boat and trailer missing, all that remained were the yellow wheel chocks. Immediately...
  25. Albrektsen

    2004 Johnson 175HP 2 stroke

    2004 Johnson 175HP, 25" shaft in excellent condition. Complete service last June with receipts from Certified Johnson/Evinrude mechanic - nothing needs to be done. Runs, starts, performs flawless. Motor hood has Evinrude labeling, is only strike. Motor presently on boat, can run/test in and out...
  26. Albrektsen

    115P Outboard Motor, Johnson year 2005 Ocean Pro

    2005 Johnson Ocean Pro 115HP, 2 Stoke :2gunsfiring_v1: , 25" shaft. I just purchased a boat which is currently powered by this motor. I am selling as I have a larger motor I am going to install on my boat. This motor was just evaluated (last week at time I purchased the boat) by Johnson...
  27. Albrektsen

    Fish Processing: Side by Side results WFSM vs. 5 Star

    Ok, here is the deal. I returned from a 10 day on Oct 4th. I had Mike process 220lbs of RSW Yellowtail, 4 FROZEN Bigger YFTs, 2 RSW Dorado. The yellowtail was done the SAME DAY, double bagged and quartered. This means no blood line. The quality was PERFECT. The Tuna was defrosted after a day and...
  28. Albrektsen

    Suggestions on Clothing and the little things for a 10 Day

    Hey! Alrighty, without bringing too much crap, I was thinkin a good thread would be the things people have found useful on 10 day trips....the little things that make it more comfortable. For some of you...a favorite blankie, for others a bottle of Tequila...whatever works. My main question is...
  29. Albrektsen

    Cowboy smarts

    A West Texas cowboy was herding his cows in a remote pasture when suddenly a brand-new BMW advanced out of a dust cloud towards him. The driver, a young man in a Brioni suit, Gucci shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses and YSL tie, leans out the window and asks the cowboy, "If I tell you exactly how many...
  30. Albrektsen

    Borrow a 50s or 50 SW, exchange for my gear

    Hey fellas! Going on a 10 day trip on the RRIII, late september. You would think an ex tackle store manager would still have a 50 two speed...not. I have a 30S (OR other stuff) that I would be willing to let you borrow in exchange for the use of your 50S or SW. My trip is Sep 24-Oct4...
  31. Albrektsen

    Fri 8/5 Island Yellows

    Started at Pukey, 6:30...lots of bait, current and conditions looked perfect. I had it to myself. While soaking a bait, turn around and see a huge spot of foaming yellows coming my way...Catch a 15lber on a Mint Tady C. While fighting the fish, a boat of free divers drive right over the fish...
  32. Albrektsen

    Offshore 8/4 First Hand dock report, 6pak x 2 limits. One Stop

    Fueled the boat this afternoon at Dana, spoke to two different 6 pack charters who were fueling and off loading right next to me. Both had limits of albacore, some YFT, BFT and a couple dorado on one stop. They werent at the 390, wouldnt say exactly where they were, but they did say it is where...
  33. Albrektsen

    Friday 6/10 La Jolla

    Left MB at 12:30, big close swell leaving the jetty. Got to LaJolla with a tank of sardine and mack, water was 68 deg., clean green but the current was going the wrong way. Goal today was slow troll macks and dines while looking for working birds. Damn, I fished hard for no yellow love. Did not...
  34. Albrektsen

    Offshore Sunday 1010 trip Aborted; Nasty Weather as of 8:55AM. Small Craft Advisory

    With visions of Big Eye Tuna dancing in our heads: 4 of us launched from Shelter Island near 3:00AM, and on the way to get bait, spoke to 4 boats about the weather. These 4 boats in the 30-40' class were 10 miles SW of the islands and were turning back!! Some said it was the first time in...
  35. Albrektsen

    Offshore Sat 9/4 Dorado at 371

    Short Story, two Dorado in the box, dumped 4 due to jumps, sharp teeth and kelp, but that's the way it goes. We left SI at 6:30PM Friday night, anchored at South Island with plans to get up and catch yellows till our arms fell off. However, with the South wind the previous day, the...
  36. Albrektsen

    Offshore Thur 7/1, Limits all bait, 32.00 117.34

    Found a spot of albies coming out of the water...foaming! Limits for 3 and then Catch and Release, 14-27lbs 32.00 117.34 tp 117.38. Called in Bent Rod, I think they limied as well. 10 miles due easgt of 390. Kirj
  37. Albrektsen

    Hyraulic Steering Noise, 5.7Gi w DP

    Hydraulic Steering Noise, Volvo Penta 5.7Gi w DP Hey... Out of curiosity, has anyone ever hear a loud squeel/chatter coming from what appears the belt driven pump for Hyd Steering fluid... Condition exists only at moderate to high RPM ( 2000-3600 ). Not the outdrive joints/bearings, they...
  38. Albrektsen

    Hydraulic Steering Noise, Volvo Penta 5.7Gi w DP

    Hydraulic Steering Noise, Volvo Penta 5.7Gi w DP Hey... Out of curiosity, has anyone ever hear a loud squeel/chatter coming from what appears the belt driven pump for Hyd Steering fluid... Condition exists only at moderate to high RPM ( 2000-3600 ). Not the outdrive joints/bearings, they...
  39. Albrektsen

    Near Limits YT, 5/28 Friday 371 area

    Started off at N. Island for nothing, worked south to the Rpile, for nothing. Stayed in touch with “Damen” who was working near the 371. At 9:30 got called to a bite halfway between the Isalnds and the 371. 40 fish for the other boat, no name, 3 people released many and the school went down...
  40. Albrektsen

    Friday 5/28 to RP, 425 Islands if needed

    Leaving 4:30 from SI, on 72. Kirk
  41. Albrektsen

    Offshore Sat 5/15 182 and 181, Radio Fish @43 etc

    Short Version...I am falling asleep. No yellows, but lots of radio fish.. Left MB at 4:30, Temp 5miles E of the 182 was 66.5. As we crossed the spot temp dropped to 65. Worked several paddies for zip, continued up the bank to the 181, spent 6 hours over both areas for nothing. Found 7...
  42. Albrektsen

    Friday 5/14 Local Banks 302, 371, 425 etc

    Well...I am on vacation next week ( Cabo ) and trying to massage my boss into letting me take Friday (may 14) off. If yes, then I could have 2 spots open. Potential departure SI, 4:00AM. Have the usual: Mex Lic, Gas Money, Bait Money, Future Repair Money, Past Repair Money....just kidding...
  43. Albrektsen

    LaJolla 4/30, Nice conditions, signs look good

    I decided for a solo trip this morning, so headed out of MB at 5:30, grabbed bait and made a dozen greenbacks at the jetty. No wind, almost no swell, nice conditions. Arrived at SW near 6:30 and went on to slow troll Mac’s for near 90 minutes. I Counted 20 yaks and half a dozen PB’s. Current...