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  1. Wiseguy

    1991 Calibogie 15' Fishing Skiff/Boat

    Wiseguy submitted a new listing: 1991 Calibogie 15' Fishing Skiff/Boat - 1991 Calibogie 15' Fishing Skiff/Boat Learn more about this listing...
  2. 1991 Calibogie 15' Fishing Skiff/Boat

    Southern California 1991 Calibogie 15' Fishing Skiff/Boat

    Selling a hard to find 1991 Calibogie 15' Skiff powered by a Tohatsu 50hp 2 stroke. Have been using it almost every weekend since January 2021 without issues. Have ran this little boat all over the place! Kelps, oil rigs and even Catalina once. Very sea worthy little skiff. Tons of fun. Have...
  3. Wiseguy

    musky rod spiral/ acid wrapped, long transition or short transition guides ??

    Static test is your best option. Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  4. Wiseguy

    Custom Phenix Axis Deckhand Jig Rod

    Sorry, I dont. Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  5. Wiseguy

    Custom Phenix Axis Deckhand Jig Rod

    Sold. Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  6. Wiseguy

    Custom Phenix Axis Deckhand Jig Rod

    Yeah I can ship, on your dime. Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  7. Wiseguy

    Custom Phenix Axis Deckhand Jig Rod

    I have a custom HAX82H, rated 25-60lb rod, composite blank, Fuji MNSG SIC guides, custom paracord handle with Turks head knot, Acid wrapped, has a nice tiger wrap in it. Used a couple of times and in excellent shape. Price is $240 Firm, No trades, PM if you want it. [/URL]
  8. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    Just sold to Robert, thanks for the interest. Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  9. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    TTT Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  10. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    $200 takes it.
  11. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    Still have it.
  12. Wiseguy

    Custom Inshore 8' Rod

    Freshly wrapped custom Inshore rod, 8', 15-30lb pearl white composite blank, lowrider SIC guides, Phenix split reel seat, custom red camo grips. Ready to kill calicos or LMB. $220, PM if you want it. No trades.
  13. Wiseguy

    UC 76 Viper for Pete

    Nice work!
  14. Wiseguy

    Phenix BD Hybrid 660xh

    Slick and clean, nice work Steve!
  15. Wiseguy

    In Remembrance

    Awesome work Casey!
  16. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick
  17. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    Possible trade for Fathom 25NLD2 or similar.
  18. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick

    Freshly wrapped Sabre 540, full length, 20-50 rated, acid wrapped SS guides. PM if you want it. $240
  19. Wiseguy

    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Holy cow! Matt that is an amazing fish of a lifetime bro! I'm beyond stoked that you caught it on a rod I personally built for a great cause! Epic is an understatement!
  20. Wiseguy

    Tuna Rod for Brent Ikari

    This rod just caught a 662lb. Blue Marlin today!
  21. Wiseguy

    LB Tuesday

    Nice! Thanks for the report bro!
  22. Wiseguy

    More Bounce to The Ounce

    Bottom all size A, black, metallic purple and neon green, Black on top size C, one sacrificial.
  23. Wiseguy

    A pair of Black Holes

    Thanks guys!
  24. Wiseguy

    More Bounce to The Ounce

    Thanks guys!
  25. Wiseguy

    More Bounce to The Ounce

    Built this Calstar 100J for a buddy of mine, he recently had a mishap with the previous one he owned...surprised him with this replacement.
  26. Wiseguy

    A pair of Black Holes

    New recent customer, these blanks are super impressive, that 250G cape code is a little beast of a blank! Couple of matching tigers, the customer went home a happy camper.
  27. Wiseguy

    Shikari IMB703

    Built my last shikari blank from my stash just recently...tried the holographic open tiger...interesting technique, I like it!
  28. Wiseguy

    Recent Build - - - UC 702

    Beautiful Holographic tiger! Your the man Doc!
  29. Wiseguy

    silver marble,camo gripped beast!

    Absolutely beautiful clean work Peter! Sweet!
  30. Wiseguy

    Calstar GF700H

    Inca Gold, Tim from VooDoo...
  31. Wiseguy

    Seeker Hercules GTS70XH

    Thanks for the comments guys. The dude that got this rod done was very happy and was going to use it on an upcoming trip.
  32. Wiseguy

    Seeker CJBF80H Jigstick

    Thanks for the compliments guys, very much appreciated.
  33. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick Rebuild

    Thanks for the compliments guys. As for the turks heads knotts, i use a home made jig like the one Jon on here suggested we do with a wooden dowl. Check under the "how to's" section, it's in there.
  34. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD838MH Swimbait Rod

    Thanks Guys.
  35. Wiseguy

    Seeker Hercules GTS70XH

    Bill, Yes, customer loved it, smiling from ear to ear, that's a good thing. @ Jim isbell, not for sale, was a custom requested rod, I don't have others for sale. Send me a PM to discuss if building one for you is what you want. Thanks for the compliments.
  36. Wiseguy

    SD 70 XXH

    Sweet work Bill!
  37. Wiseguy

    2 colour dragonscale

    Looks perfect to me! Nice job.
  38. Wiseguy

    Brent /Sato Custom Rods

    He's fighting hard and looking good! Yes, he's active on FB.
  39. Wiseguy


    Congratz! And sweet work Casey!
  40. Wiseguy

    Gaff G008

    Sweet! Awesome work John!
  41. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-700XH

    Absolutely bad ass Jim!
  42. Wiseguy

    Phenix PSW869H Custom Spinning Rod

    Built this one for a repeat customer to match up a black hole rod I recently wrapped for him. I'm really lining this Inca gold thread from Voodoo, it pops!
  43. Wiseguy

    Seeker Hercules GTS70XH

    Built this rail rod for a new customer, he brought me all the components and left it up to me to choose colors and design. I love using purple, so that was an easy task for me.[emoji16]
  44. Wiseguy

    Seeker CJBF80H Jigstick

    Recently finished this one for a customer, he brought me all the components and said I just want a Dodgers themed rod...he liked it.
  45. Wiseguy

    Calstar GF700H

    One for my arsenal...
  46. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD838MH Swimbait Rod

    Here is a recent swimbait rod I built.
  47. Wiseguy

    Sabre 540 Jigstick Rebuild

    Just finished rebuilding this old sabre 540, was originally wrapped over 30yrs ago...kept it old school looking but gayed it up a bit with the acid wrapped guides.[emoji16]
  48. Wiseguy

    Bait Sticks for Bill

    Very nice Casey!
  49. Wiseguy

    13' Fishing Skiff / Lake Boat

    Cool little Bay Skiff/Lake boat for sale. 13' with a '86 Mercury Classic Fifty that has just been serviced. New water pump kit, new carb kits, new water jacket gasket, new lower unit oil and just tunned. Ready to go fish now. Selling for a friend that does not have the time to deal with selling...
  50. Wiseguy


    My brother from another mother! Getting shit done! Amazing fisherman for sure.
  51. Wiseguy


    Looks awesome! Great finish work bro.
  52. Wiseguy

    3 New Jig Sticks for Tommy.....

    Awesome work!
  53. Wiseguy


    Dam Jim, beautiful work, you make it look too easy.
  54. Wiseguy

    Hologram Tiger 700H

    Beautiful results!
  55. Wiseguy

    A Few Random Things

    Sweet Rainshadow! :-D
  56. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD838MH & Avet Raptor SXJ

    I wrapped it. Rod is SOLD guys. Only have the raptor left.
  57. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD838MH & Avet Raptor SXJ

    8'-3", 15-40, Fast Action.
  58. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD838MH & Avet Raptor SXJ

    Flawless condition, been on two boat rides, reel loaded with 50lb suffix braid, rod is acid wrapped with Fuji MNSG guides and is a deckhand cord grip handle with custom basket weave. Both could pass for new. Have box and clamp for reel. No trades, firm. PM if interested. Thanks for looking...
  59. Wiseguy

    I'm still Alive!

    Dam Casey! Speechless bro!
  60. Wiseguy

    United Composites Viper 76

    Dam Jim, you make it look easy! Lots of work going on there! Fantastic build bro!
  61. Wiseguy

    Batson Eternity Rod - Fourth of July Special

    Sweet! Beautiful work Doc.
  62. Wiseguy

    Black Hole Cape Cod 80G

    Glad u liked it Dan.
  63. Wiseguy

    LEXA 300HS

    Comes with box and loaded with 65lb PP braid, recently serviced and ready to fish. PM if interested. $130 firm, no trades.
  64. Wiseguy

    6-18 PV and the Shoe-- Brought a Knife to a Gunfight

    Great read, awesome YT! Thanks for sharing the stoke!
  65. Wiseguy

    Yellowtail Shootout Raffle Rod #2

    Super nice work Bill, someone will be very happy to win that!
  66. Wiseguy

    Charlie Horse

    Some of the best marbling JT! Very nice!
  67. Wiseguy

    Fathers Day Rods

    Nice work!
  68. Wiseguy

    Pair of Calstars GF800M & 800ML

    Thanks guys!
  69. Wiseguy

    Sylvester Weave Completed

    I'm always blown away with your work Steve! Amazing!
  70. Wiseguy

    beautiful set of 4 offshore phenix spinners

    As clean as it gets! Very nice Peter!
  71. Wiseguy

    Black Hole Cape Cod 80G

    Thanks guys, wrapped three of these so far, awesome little blanks!
  72. Wiseguy

    Tuna Rod for Brent Ikari

    Thanks guys.
  73. Wiseguy

    My New Rat Rod

    looks sweet! sorta does look like a barbed wire
  74. Wiseguy

    Tuna Rod for Brent Ikari

    Thanks JT, yours did very well too!
  75. Wiseguy

    Pair of Calstars GF800M & 800ML

    Absolutely, metallic red, metallic blue and white all size A for the bottom, Black size C on top with one sacrificial.
  76. Wiseguy

    Tuna Rod for Brent Ikari

    Sorry, dont know why the pics doubled up. Thanks guys.
  77. Wiseguy

    Pair of Calstars GF800M & 800ML

    Built these for a first time customer...he brought me the blanks and all components.
  78. Wiseguy

    Tuna Rod for Brent Ikari

    Built this rod a couple weeks ago to benefit my buddy Brent Ikari's fundraising event that happened on June 13, it auctioned off for $725! That's so cool, and I was happy to be a part of it all. All components and blank were graciously donated by our great manufactures.
  79. Wiseguy

    Black Hole Cape Cod 80G

    Just finished this jigging rod for a great customer that knows what he wants. It's cool to build without a budget. Dan your a special dude [emoji16]...anyways top quality everything, some sweet grips from Winn Grips, ALPS split aluminium seat, Fuji TKWTG K-Series Torzite guides, titanium frames...
  80. Wiseguy

    1991 17' Key West

    Any soft spots on deck? Motor up to date on maintenance? How's the condition of the trailer? Thanks.
  81. Wiseguy

    1998 Klamath aluminum CC

    Is this a welded boat?
  82. Wiseguy

    WTB - Calstar 90J

    Looking for the blank or factory rod, let me know if you got one to sell.
  83. Wiseguy

    FS: Calstar 90J

    Dope! Nevermind...just saw it's sold.
  84. Wiseguy

    FS: Calstar 90J

    Where are u located?
  85. Wiseguy

    First tiger attempt

    Looking good!
  86. Wiseguy

    Mr. Bean Weave

    Wow Steve!...Seriously!
  87. Wiseguy

    smith popping rod rebuild

    Super nice work Richie!
  88. Wiseguy

    Calstar 875 bling

    Shit that is bad ass Bill!
  89. Wiseguy

    Blackhole Challenger 731M

    Beautiful work Ralph!
  90. Wiseguy

    Something different (Prism tiger)

    Way bad ass results!!! I'm trying this for sure!
  91. Wiseguy

    Upgraded Pac Bay Chuck...Anyone else...

    Get an ALPS CHUCK! Problems solved.
  92. Wiseguy

    Phenix PSX 808 rod from hell

    If you would'nt have mentioned all the problems Bill we would have never noticed cause it came out bitchen! Love'n everything about it! Sweet work!
  93. Wiseguy

    CX70 Viper

    Nice work!
  94. Wiseguy

    Enter the Dragon

    Holy moly Bill! that's awesome!
  95. Wiseguy

    Something cool at Voodoo

    Man that stuff looks great! Gotta order up! Thanks for the heads up.
  96. Wiseguy

    UC Monster

    Nicely done Jon! Top notch bro!
  97. Wiseguy

    50 lb YFT caught in LA Harbor ?

    I call BS.
  98. Wiseguy

    One of ours need some support

    I'll be there on the 13th with my family showing support!
  99. Wiseguy

    PENN 525 MAG

    I believe it's a 6:1 ratio. Should make a sweet set-up for 20lb. I actually just put a 20lb topshot about 50yds.
  100. Wiseguy

    PENN 525 MAG

    Bump, thanks bro.
  101. Wiseguy

    PENN 525 MAG

    Great condition Penn 525 Mag, comes loaded with 50 braid, has clamp. $100 PM if interested.
  102. Wiseguy

    A classic colored set (with a surprise ending)

    Incredible work Bill, nicely done!
  103. Wiseguy

    Incredible Hulk 770H

    Wow, speechless JT!
  104. Wiseguy

    WTB Calstar 100J blank

    Thanks for the deal!
  105. Wiseguy

    Thinning the herd Penn 50S REDUCED

    Dam, just picked up a 100J instead, thanks. Sweet rod!
  106. Wiseguy

    WTB Calstar 100J blank

    I'll take it! That was fast!
  107. Wiseguy

    Thinning the herd Penn 50S REDUCED

    Is the 540 full length?
  108. Wiseguy

    WTB Calstar 100J blank

    Let me know if you have one for sale. Looking for blank only. Thanks.
  109. Wiseguy

    Rianshadow ISWB945

    Glad it inspired and gave you ideas Eric.
  110. Wiseguy

    SuperSeeker PEI stand up rod

    E'fin sweet work Jon, gotta love DC for decals! Great work bro!
  111. Wiseguy

    my latest phenix k2 build

    Chris saw this on your FB page, super clean work brother!
  112. Wiseguy

    Rianshadow ISWB945

    The urushi is a combination of five bullard pigments: green pealr, green lava, forest green, weathered bronze, and Inca gold.
  113. Wiseguy

    Jonothon I have your blanks

    Bill, i'll PM you with the details of how I want them built.:-) Jonothon.
  114. Wiseguy


    Jon, you nailed it man! Well done and flawless finish like always.
  115. Wiseguy

    Rianshadow ISWB945

    Thanks for the comments guys.
  116. Wiseguy

    Rianshadow ISWB945

    Thanks guys!
  117. Wiseguy

    Doc Ski Tribute weave

    Wow Steve, amazing bro!
  118. Wiseguy

    fresh daytime swordfish rod

    CLEAN work like always Peter! Bitchen rod!
  119. Wiseguy

    Custom G Loomis

    Very nice work Mark.
  120. Wiseguy

    This = This

    Nice work Steve! Give that burnishing technique a try, you'd be surprise with what you come up with.
  121. Wiseguy

    Black Hole Cape Cod special

    Very nice work! Heard good things about these blanks.
  122. Wiseguy

    Rianshadow ISWB945

    Have'nt posted in a while, but here is one I recently finished up. Picked up a Rainshadow black at the FHS in LB and spun it up. Gave it a genuine G-Urushi in the split grip for some flare. Wrapped it up as a swimbait rod for calicos, on acid of course. Alps guides, Forcast seat, custom spun...
  123. Wiseguy

    1St marbling Job

    Looking good!
  124. Wiseguy


    Wow Jim, everytime you post something its truely mazing! Rod building at it's finest for sure!
  125. Wiseguy

    1st Halibut of the season

    Nice hali! Score!
  126. Wiseguy

    2 United Composite Bass Rods

    Super clean Jim!
  127. Wiseguy

    RodGeeks MU8'6"HF

    Nice work!
  128. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHDX4H with training wheels (acid wrapped)

    Nice work Lupe! Great tiger too!
  129. Wiseguy

    El Regalo

    Awesome work Bill! Hope you get a regalo for that too!
  130. Wiseguy

    My Little Helper Tool Tray

    Nice job on the tray! I like it. you can also get the yellow orings from Al Engling on Facebook.
  131. Wiseguy

    Super Seeker 6470

    Outstanding work Jim as always! Beautiful.
  132. Wiseguy

    14 western with 15hp 4 stroke mercury

    Sweet little skiff and super fishy, I've fished with Mark on this boat many times! Someone will be very happy with this new ride.
  133. Wiseguy

    Yellow on the Iron, and a Whale on the Sonar

    Awesome video! Nice yellow!
  134. Wiseguy

    Another pile of Rainshadows headed to Charkbait

    Straight from the factory...the one man human factory that is! Wow!
  135. Wiseguy

    RW3-XL PAC bay power wrapper lots of extra

    You might have better luck posting it in the classifieds section. Sounds like a great deal, GLWS.
  136. Wiseguy

    Rclb70l for the show

    Nicely done! One lucky winner will be very happy!
  137. Wiseguy

    Fuji thread

    I picked up a couple spools at Phenix Rods, looks pretty neat. Colors are limited.
  138. Wiseguy

    Calstar 700h

    Nicely done! Good work.
  139. Wiseguy

    Surf Rod Build

    super clean build, love it!
  140. Wiseguy

    Epoxy Application Hints

    same here, no mixer for me, light coats and an alcohol torch does the trick for me to get the bubbles out
  141. Wiseguy

    1st shot at this marbling stuff

    Very nice! keep at it, it only get better and better.
  142. Wiseguy

    Tony Montana (Scarface) weave completed

    Wow Steve! I'm speechless! Like i said I will try my best to make the rod worthy of sporting this will be a wall hanger for sure to pass on to my little son. Thanks again Steve for your time on this.
  143. Wiseguy

    2/14 Local lb yt

    Nice going Mark! Good report and sweet yellow bro!
  144. Wiseguy

    Surf Sniper

    I've always like the drop shot hook keeper, but I also wanted to be able to hang small jigs and leadheads off of it too, so I added the guide, looks trippy, but it's functional. Yes, those seats are hard to get. I think they are not available as of yet.
  145. Wiseguy

    Surf Sniper

    Thanks guys.
  146. Wiseguy

    My second build

    yeah mon, looking good mon...nice job on the second build, way better than my first 5!
  147. Wiseguy

    Surf Sniper

    Hot off the dryer, one for my personal arsenal. Built on a Phenix Trifecta 9' two piece blank, Fuji K's, cork tape under the xflock grip, tiger wrap and the best part of all is the Fuji reel seat straight from Capt. G from Japan! Thanks G if you ever read this. Looks mighty stealthy with the...
  148. Wiseguy

    Phenix 929X2H 40/100

    Well done Lupe! Nice catches and nice rod bro!
  149. Wiseguy

    One for the Batson Both at FHS

    Thanks guys!
  150. Wiseguy

    One for the Batson Both at FHS

    Bill sent over an RCLB70L blank and all the components, glad I was able to spin it up in time. Hope it makes some lucky winner happy.
  151. Wiseguy

    I posted them on FB.

    I posted them on FB.
  152. Wiseguy

    2 nice yellowtail by the rigs

    Thanks for the report and info! Kudos to you! nice yellows!
  153. Wiseguy

    34 Pound Yellowtail from Kayak!!! Photo and Video

    way to go on that slug! Nice video!
  154. Wiseguy

    Chasing Tails 3 Day Report 2/16-2/18

    Hell yeah! Great report and pictures!
  155. Wiseguy

    2/16/2015 Malihini 3/4 day island

    Thanks for the report! Nice yellows!
  156. Wiseguy

    Another Cowboys Fan

    Paracord 550
  157. Wiseguy

    The Wall 2-10-15

    Nice report, thanks for sharing.
  158. Wiseguy

    .....I AM IRON MAN

    SICK SICK WORK JIM! You amaze me every time brotha! Someone will be super happy winning this bad boy at the FHS.
  159. Wiseguy

    2x4 with bling

    Very nice work Larry!
  160. Wiseguy

    270 for her Dad

    Nice work Larry! Awesome job.
  161. Wiseguy

    Help applying decals

    If you are applying decals from decal connections "peel and stick", nothing to worry about. The decals come sandwiched between to films, remove bottom film and apply the decal making sure to firmly press all the edges down, then remove the top layer, done, not a single fingerprint. You actually...
  162. Wiseguy

    A pair for the rack

    Sweet work Bill! Those should disappear off the rack quickly!
  163. Wiseguy

    two raffle rods for the LB Fred Hall show

    Beautiful work on both Brent! Hope mines comes out half as good! Great work bro.
  164. Wiseguy

    Thead Carriage Mod - PacBay/Forecast/ALPS

    Glad my post has inspired to modify the standard thread carriage that that come with these wrappers. Liking the magnet idea!
  165. Wiseguy

    One for Tony

    Daym Gina! nice!
  166. Wiseguy

    Killshot Baitcaster

    Nice work Jim! Some lucky winner will score big time!
  167. Wiseguy

    Fred Hall Raffle Rod - VooDoo Style!

    Bitchen work Casey! Liking the guide treatments!
  168. Wiseguy

    Another Cowboys Fan

    Just finished this one up for another Cowboys fan. It's a Phenix PHD869XH, ALPS seat, Fuji guides, cord handle and a small photo wrap of the team logo.
  169. Wiseguy

    Thead Carriage Mod - PacBay/Forecast/ALPS

    I got my springs at Home Depot in the hardware department.
  170. Wiseguy

    First of my 2 for the Batson booth at Fred Hall

    Amazing work JT! I think you got this rod building thing down.:D
  171. Wiseguy

    Rod Wrapping Machine??

    Look at the ALPS power wrapper, seriously one of the best at an affordable price. Make sure you get the one with the upgraded chuck. If I had the extra cash, I'd get the renzetti (ferrari of power wrappers).
  172. Wiseguy

    Late Report 2-4-15 They bit!

    Oh man! done by noon, amazing! Thanks for the info and for sharing the report!
  173. Wiseguy

    horseshoe kelp yellows

    Great job guys! Thanks for the report!
  174. Wiseguy

    Cowboys PSW809HXJ

    Thanks guys!
  175. Wiseguy

    Cowboys PSW809HXJ

    Bill, I buy them directly from Phenix, it's their own brand. Very nice quality guides.
  176. Wiseguy

    Cowboys PSW809HXJ

    Just finished this one up for a new customer. Built on a Phenix Black Diamond 809XHJ, para cord rear grip, shaped hypalon up front, ALPS seat, Essex SIC guides in a cowboys theme. First time doing the photo wrap technique using Bill's writeup (Thanks Bill). Customer picked it up yesterday and...
  177. Wiseguy

    First Build RCLB70M

    Looks like you are hooked! Nice work bro!
  178. Wiseguy

    Finally some work to post

    Beautiful work Doc! I saw this on your FB. Top notch all the way.
  179. Wiseguy


    great work Bill, liking the color combo too!
  180. Wiseguy

    Just off the loom

    Nice work on the weave Larry.
  181. Wiseguy

    Couple more for the Fred Hall show

    Beautiful Bill!
  182. Wiseguy

    wishing to change all roller guides for normal boat guides, worth it?

    Alex, rod looks great as it is, fish it! And what Bill said, should not be a problem running braid through those guides.
  183. Wiseguy

    Raffle rods for Fred Hall

    You set the bar high Bill! I need to get to mine quick! Time is running out! Question for Bill Batson: I got the blank and componets, thanks for that, how do we know which rod we are building (civilian, armed forces, youth)?
  184. Wiseguy


    That's a lot of fade wraps! Wow! Nice work Bill!
  185. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD836L

    sick work Jon!
  186. Wiseguy

    ? Phenix PHD-838MH ? here you go, excellent blank by the way!
  187. Wiseguy

    2/1 Got two! Barely...

    Awesome bro! Way to stick to it and get your fish back!
  188. Wiseguy

    One for the "Wise Guy"

    Can't wait for this Steve!
  189. Wiseguy


    Super clean JT!
  190. Wiseguy

    Acid Test

    Hey Bill, I don't care what they say about you bro, that rod is grrrrrrrreat! Nice color combo (ghey)! I'd fish it!
  191. Wiseguy

    Hercules Red Dragon

    Nice work Larry!
  192. Wiseguy

    El Burro

    Beautiful Bill!
  193. Wiseguy

    Making Eva Split Grip

    I chuck it up in the wrapper on an old blank and cut it with a razor at high speed, super clean cuts every time.
  194. Wiseguy

    130lb shark rod fully marbled with winthrops

    Your marbling, your finish work, your pictures are all top notch! Awesome man!
  195. Wiseguy

    Rod Dryers, Wrap Machine, Cork Lathe...etc

    Found this dude selling some good items, just thought I post the find here...
  196. Wiseguy

    is this to much to ask but can someone

    I always use the spacing calculator, then tweak as needed under load.
  197. Wiseguy is Live!!!

    Great looking site Casey! Good luck bro! I know where to continue to get D2 now!
  198. Wiseguy

    GF875H Got Da Blues.....

    Very nice work like always JT! Beautiful!
  199. Wiseguy

    Calstar for my KC Royals

    Interesting concept, nice job on the build!
  200. Wiseguy

    Rainshadow for sale

    2+2=? :D
  201. Wiseguy

    Using D2

    If the room is cold (i build in my garage) like in the 60's, it will still be tacky even after 6-8 hrs. I bring the rod in to a warmer room in the house after about 5-6 hours and let it finish setting up in a warmer temperature room. I typically wait until the next day for a second coat. On...
  202. Wiseguy

    tuna cord handle

    Here is one I tried with 550 paracord.. .
  203. Wiseguy

    Nice and simple cousins 909t

    Looks good...your drinking the right beer too!
  204. Wiseguy

    Daiwa T3MX JDM Reel

    Got a Daiwa T3MX with box and paperwork. Just serviced at Daiwa about 2 weeks ago and will provide receipts. Great condition. New bearings and clean and lube. Loaded with 12lb Izor XXX. $200 firm. Reel Only. PM if interested with phone number and I'll text you right away.
  205. Wiseguy

    Rainshadow RCLB70M

    Love all the red in that one Bill, sweet work!
  206. Wiseguy

    One for Diddley

    BEAUTIFUL work Jon! Seriously! Top Notch! Love your super clear photos too. Way cool man.
  207. Wiseguy

    Metallic purple and black tiger wrap?

    here's one I've done too.
  208. Wiseguy

    Mad monster Marble for Kencor

    Sweet marble job Larry! I like it!
  209. Wiseguy

    Recent wraps I have done

    Nice work!
  210. Wiseguy

    Batson at FRED HALL L.B.

    Sent you an email Bill.
  211. Wiseguy

    Help finding Pigments for Marbling

    Casey will have his new site up and running and should have the pigments you want, Bullards!
  212. Wiseguy

    Rainshadow RCLB70L

    Dam JT...seriously, that's bitchen work bro! I need to try one of these photo wraps soon.
  213. Wiseguy

    set of awesome marbled 8ft shark rods!

    Loving the pics! Flawless work Peter!
  214. Wiseguy

    12' 2 pc marble 4-10oz shark surf rod

    Super clean work!
  215. Wiseguy

    Izors Reef Sand Bass 5 JAN

    Nice report dude!
  216. Wiseguy

    1/3/15 moonlight halibut, San Diego

    Wow! Impressive! 19! Dam.
  217. Wiseguy

    soft steel+hard steel =dead fish

    Thanks for the invite brotha from anotha motha! I'm sad now.
  218. Wiseguy

    First Attempt: Re-building Seeker Inshore 858

    Wet sand with 400 grit down enough to remove all the original coating on the complete blank, then use denatured alcohol to clean up and recoat it with 2 light coats of CPXtra and your done! Time to wrap!
  219. Wiseguy

    Rainshadows, inshore, spinning and bass rods headed to CharkBait

    Nice work on all of them Bill, your a freaking machine!
  220. Wiseguy

    A little Help Please....with my thread carrier on Alps wrapper

    Here is what I did to mine...MUCH better now after a trip to Home Depot for some hardware.
  221. Wiseguy

    Ivory Super Seeker

    Those colors are great together! nicely done JT!
  222. Wiseguy

    Question on drying speeds for flexcoat finish..?

    X2, exactly what Jon said. I level my finish on the lathe before transferring the rod over to the dryer, I apply my finish at a high speed, finish is almost flying off when I apply it! Then I do a little trick I learned from the old pros on here, manually turn it while on the lathe at the 0 and...
  223. Wiseguy

    Cousins Isw 859xf America theme

    very nicely done!
  224. Wiseguy

    Lami Black Salt blank, black and neon green

    Nice work Jay, sweet grips!
  225. Wiseguy

    Ivory and cocobolo burnisher

    Wow Jay, just amazing work my friend, seriously.
  226. Wiseguy

    Stealth Rod CC039

    Very nice John!
  227. Wiseguy

    i got my tailgate repainted

    No need for drama in this forum, you just got here Bennie. Good work, keep it up and in no time your work will get better and better. Practice makes perfect. Welcome.
  228. Wiseguy

    Another Phenix K2 completed

    Great work Chris! Looks sweet!
  229. Wiseguy

    Kidney cancer donation rod to raise money

    Super nice build Brent! Your a great guy brotha!
  230. Wiseguy

    Purple and neon green. Fancy build.

    I'm out of words...insane!
  231. Wiseguy

    Phenix redeye travel spinner. Elliptical grip inlays.

    I love the grips and guide wraps Jay, sooo clean bro! Chad, you lucky mofo you!
  232. Wiseguy

    I tried to make this one ugly.

    ...yeah that thing is ugly! send it my way Jay! I'll properly dispose of it for ya!
  233. Wiseguy

    Purple and neon green goodness

    Sweet work Jay! Yeah, your right though FB is just a "finger" away.
  234. Wiseguy

    Red, black and gold killer. More stingray skin.

    Good shit Jay! Glad to see you around here again! Top notch everything!
  235. Wiseguy

    The Joker!

    Dam Jim, speechless! Very nice! Definitely one of my favorites!
  236. Wiseguy

    Calstar 800ML for Bill

    Amazing work JT!
  237. Wiseguy

    GF700XH CC038

    Those photos don't lie! BEAUTIFUL work!
  238. Wiseguy

    Phenix Ultra MBX-S 706M

    Shipped this one out yesterday to WI to a new customer that wanted a Phenix Spinning rod as a gift to his father-in-law for Christmas. Wife put him up to the task to get him a custom spinning bass rod for drop shot rigs. Hope he likes it. The tiger wrap had really nice effect and movement.
  239. Wiseguy

    SABRE Classic 870

    Capt. I used some Gudebrod A size from a wooden spool (dont know the number), but the trick was that I painted the blank white with Testors enamel first...this thing is bright white! I love the outcome.
  240. Wiseguy

    SABRE Classic 870

    Thanks guys.
  241. Wiseguy

    Been a long time,

    Great job on both rods!...and thank you for your service.
  242. Wiseguy

    Gloomy Day 12/1

    Hell yes! Nice session bro!
  243. Wiseguy

    50% off Shimano Terez rods

    I've ordered reels from them before, great CS and ship fast.
  244. Wiseguy

    real fish scales & a American flag wrap

    Nice work Capt! What kind of fish scales?
  245. Wiseguy

    Surf Buddies #2

    Very nice! I bet your buddies will be thrilled to fish these bad boys!
  246. Wiseguy

    Surf Buddies #1

    Really nice work Bill! love everything about it!
  247. Wiseguy

    Bass rod on an unknown blank

    Nicely done Bill!
  248. Wiseguy

    Phenix PSW 809H for BONDRVR

    Mike should be a happy camper! Absolutely beautiful JT! Sooooo clean!
  249. Wiseguy

    Santa Claus Weave

    Steve, seriously, amazing stuff brother! You got some crazy talent! The pictures speak a thousand words! Great job.
  250. Wiseguy

    United Composites Vipers and Raptors

    You are a machine Bill! Wow!
  251. Wiseguy

    Calstar GF765L for Fishinchic

    Outstanding work JT!
  252. Wiseguy

    brush preference

    yellow and purple throw away brushes for me too...makes clean up a breeze.
  253. Wiseguy

    SABRE Classic 870

    Here is one I just finished up for a long time customer. He brought me the blank and I did the rest. Kept it all in original colors from the factory. He wanted to see if I could salvage the old decal that was on there but no luck on my end. Gave it a new decal from decal connection, they rock...
  254. Wiseguy

    Blackhole Challenger 731H

    Beautiful! Flawless work bro! Very nice!
  255. Wiseguy

    Need a little help with Sabre

    Does anyone know if the Sabre E870 blank (honey colored blank) was part of the Classic series or a different series? Thanks for your help in advance.
  256. Wiseguy

    Another PHD838

    Thanks guys.
  257. Wiseguy

    Another PHD838

    EVA under X-wrap gips, ALPS Triangle seat, a couple of bling pieces for trims, SIC guides and a JTDS wrap. From the butt end to the back of reel seat it's 17"
  258. Wiseguy

    Another PHD838

    Recently finished this up for a customer that plans to give this to someone as a Christmas gift.
  259. Wiseguy

    Thread tensioner dies

    For the basket weave handle, put the belt on both drying and wrapping motor for good tension.
  260. Wiseguy


    Nice work Richie!
  261. Wiseguy

    Thread tensioner dies

    for cord, just use a glove and toss the cord in a box, you put the tension with your hand while the rod turns under power. Nice thread carrige.
  262. Wiseguy

    Calstar triplets

  263. Wiseguy

    G Urushi

    Nice work JT! That came out sweet!...although Capt. G does not frequent much...he's active on FB, he's been up to some neat work.
  264. Wiseguy

    shaded dragon

    That must have been fun! Nice one!
  265. Wiseguy


    Awesome thanks guys!
  266. Wiseguy


    anyone know where I can get some blue colored hypalon? I'm building a Saber 870 for someone and customer wants the blue original colored hypalon grips. Besides Mudhole. Thanks for any leads in advance.
  267. Wiseguy

    UC & Phenix

    Dam! Nice pair Capt!
  268. Wiseguy

    Irish Pride Rainshadow RCLB70M

    Very nicely done Bill.
  269. Wiseguy

    Abraham Lincoln Weave.

    Amazing work Steve!
  270. Wiseguy

    Alps upgrade chuck problem

    Jonny, yes the black ALPS chuck is the one I have. I also upgraded from the aluminum Pac Bay chuck. Here is what I have now.
  271. Wiseguy

    Alps upgrade chuck problem

    the ALPS comes with a set screw and allen wrench. I've never had one single problem drying a rod.
  272. Wiseguy

    TEREZ Customs (or how a rod builder can fish factory rods)

    Wow Bill! Great job! Making me proud!
  273. Wiseguy

    UC AR700XL & Mega Mag

    Beautiful work like always Capt. Richie.
  274. Wiseguy

    Shelf life of Bullard D2

    Sad to hear also...just ordered some D2 from you Bill.
  275. Wiseguy

    camo stand up and camo phenix spinner match set

    Like always, very nice work Peter.
  276. Wiseguy

    My Blue Arsenal

    Nice work Casey! They all look great!
  277. Wiseguy

    Marbling Contest

    I'm in!
  278. Wiseguy

    Monty Python 'Gumby' weave completed.

    Simply amazing like always Steve! Dan is a lucky mofo!
  279. Wiseguy

    Looking for Custom Powerwrap Chuck Upgrade

    Get the ALPS chuck, much better.
  280. Wiseguy

    Clemens Fishing Rod Lathe

    Just ran across this for someone that might be looking... ...for some reason BD wont let me paste the link from ebay here. Just do a search for Clemens Lathe, it will pop up. Guy is asking $515.
  281. Wiseguy

    Latest Phenix M1 6-12

    Nice work, especially the g-urushi, nice combination of colors! Great job man!
  282. Wiseguy

    Discolorerd Threads

    I usually do two coats of CP if I'm working with nylon or silk thread, It's happened to me before, live and learn. Do one coat, wait an hour or two then do the second coat, then I let that cure for 24 hours before applying finish, it's worked for me since then. It's definitely wet CP under the...
  283. Wiseguy

    First time wrapping tuna cord.....:)

    coat it with a satin finish urathane, it seals it, protects it and locks it.
  284. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-838MH Winn Grips

    The inner core is EVA, so you need to ream to fit, not much stretch IMO. Yes it is the saltwater grip, not really a set since they only come as one 12" piece. I ordered two and cut and made the matching foregrip. Apparently, according to someone from Winn, they will be adding additional...
  285. Wiseguy

    Phenix SMX711ML - "The Joker"

    Doc, I used metallic purple, black and neon green for the base layer, all size A. Size C black on top with one sacrificial size C. Burnished on the lathe under power, per the video I posted some time ago. Thanks for the comments guys. Here it is in the making...
  286. Wiseguy

    Thread Carriage

    Here is a link a posted not long ago on the modification I did to my thread carrige. It works wonders for even 4 thread tigers.
  287. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-838MH Winn Grips

    Thanks guys for the comments.
  288. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-838MH Winn Grips

    Here you go! I ordered two of the same grip and cut it to make the foregrip. They dont have much for saltwater, but lots of choices for bass rods. They are new in the grip business but have been around for a long time in the golf grip business...
  289. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-838MH Winn Grips

    No plastic over the grip, that's how they are. They are tacky feeling too, pretty neat.
  290. Wiseguy

    Phenix SMX711ML - "The Joker"

    Thanks for the compliments guys. I wish I was getting extra...usually I put the decal up front...this time I put it over the tiger..:o
  291. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-838MH Winn Grips

    Perfectly Bill! Love the ALPS seats, nothing but the best IMO.
  292. Wiseguy

    Jigging blanks for rod building newbie

    Rebuild your trevalas!
  293. Wiseguy

    UC Zeus 1 at 7' custom blank

    Super clean job as always Richie! Love your work bro!
  294. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-838MH Winn Grips

    First time using these Winn Grips, let me tell you they are very nice. My customer waited over 6 weeks for them to be available, he insisted I put these on his next build. Added some SIC guides, an urushi wrap with all Bullard's pigments and wrapped with some red/black Gudebrod varigated thread...
  295. Wiseguy

    Phenix SMX711ML - "The Joker"

    Here is a raffle rod I just finished up for a float tubing tournament. Paracord grip, soft touch Essex seat, Fuji SIC's, and a matching tiger wrap that moves! Was temped to keep for myself and wrap another!
  296. Wiseguy

    B&W Tiger

    Amazing work Peter!
  297. Wiseguy

    Anyone got an extra alcohol lamp cap?

    Jon...don't you sell these? lol
  298. Wiseguy

    Calstar 700H

    Dam Jon, that's killer work bro.
  299. Wiseguy

    Sticky flex coat

    Exactly what Bill said, happened to me also. Mix a new batch and apply over the tackly finish. I recommend D2.
  300. Wiseguy

    Eyelet repair

    Nicely done.
  301. Wiseguy


    Good work Kenny!
  302. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-837ML

    Thanks for the props guys.
  303. Wiseguy

    Late Wall Report

    Nice work bro!
  304. Wiseguy

    Spring/Summer 2014 Recap

    Awesome pics dude! Nice baits too.
  305. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-837ML

    Absolutely. Has very nice backbone and would not hesitate to fish for that range of YFT with it. I'm currently building a WSB rod for a customer with a PHD838, which is the 15-40lb model. These blanks can handle some serious pulling. But just like any other blank, it will snap if high sticked.
  306. Wiseguy

    New PAC bay power wrapper 4' Aluminum base

    I believe he's selling the 4' base only.
  307. Wiseguy

    Thead Carriage Mod - PacBay/Forecast/ALPS

    Thought I'd share this simple modification I did yesterday to my forecast wrapper. Quite some time ago I upgraded the chuck to the ALPS chuck, and thought that that was the best mod yet...well it sure was but I still needed to upgrade my carriage to a horizontal like style and able to do 4...
  308. Wiseguy

    barrett rods daytime swordfish rod

    Amazing work Peter! LOVE your pics!
  309. Wiseguy

    Purple Nerple Rail Rods

    Super clean work Bill! Loving the purple marble job.
  310. Wiseguy

    Bart Simpson/Skateboard # 2 Weave

    Awesome Steve!
  311. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD838MH

    Very nice Jon!
  312. Wiseguy

    Penn fathom 15

    Got a picture?
  313. Wiseguy

    United Composites CP 70HPs

    Nice clean work Bill, like always.
  314. Wiseguy

    Deckhand Grip Cord

    Atwood Rope...tons of colors!
  315. Wiseguy

    Offshore Dana Point OPAH!!!

    Awesome! on the bass setup too!
  316. Wiseguy

    Phenix TJX602LB

    so clean!
  317. Wiseguy

    FS-Avet SXJ

    Super nice condition Paul, wish it was black or silver. Free bump!
  318. Wiseguy

    WTB - AVET SXJ or SX

    still looking for a good deal on a black one...
  319. Wiseguy

    Another Variation on the JTOB

    Really like this stuff Doc, thanks for sharing, gets my brain spinning with new ideas, thanks again for sharing!
  320. Wiseguy

    More Rainshadows out the door

    Nicely done Bill. I'm sure your customers will be very happy.
  321. Wiseguy

    Batson Knife Jigging Build

    Nice build! Like the long handle. I just built myself a swimbait rod and also used 17" from butt end to back of seat as the magic number!
  322. Wiseguy

    Another RainShadow;

    Very nice! Cool grips Kenny!
  323. Wiseguy

    Calstar 700H

    Very nice work!
  324. Wiseguy

    Spooling spectra

    Dam Lupe, they got to make this right for you, I would have been flaming!
  325. Wiseguy

    Custom Phenix UMBX-700MH

    pending to wayne...
  326. Wiseguy

    Custom Phenix UMBX-700MH

    Custom wrapped UMBX700MH, Green ALPS seat, X-wrap full grip, AmTak guides. Rod Only. Sweet spottie rod. $170 or trade for Avet SXJ in Black or Silver color. PM if your interested. Thanks for looking.
  327. Wiseguy

    Looking for new reel seat and foam put on my custom rod

    Contact Brent at Sato Custom Rods, he's in Yorba Linda also.
  328. Wiseguy

    Maybe take a minute to send good thoughts and prayers south

    Hope everyone is safe, prayers.
  329. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-837ML

    Just finished this one up for my personal use. Made me a swimbait rod for those pesky calicos. Big thanks to Capt. G (does not frequent much here but he does on FB) for the New FUJI Reelseat and FUJI Guides, he also sent me that African black wood butt cap. Did a tiger wrap in the split that has...
  330. Wiseguy

    CC037 DODO giveaway #2

    Beautiful pictures! Might have to steal that idea for the background, color are super vibrant and pop! Very nicely done!
  331. Wiseguy

    Well...wish me luck guys :)

    Good luck with the new business Jon! That's awesome.
  332. Wiseguy

    FS: Avet SXJ Raptor - Saltiga 30T - Saltist Rod & Silver Saltist 20H & 30T - OC rod Kaiuli 8MF

    Michael, you tackle whore! Seriously, this guys has very nice stuff New in box or in New condition. Free bump!
  333. Wiseguy

    A 700ML for me (yaaaaay)

    Super nice Jon!
  334. Wiseguy

    Spinning Purple

    Very nicely done Kenny!
  335. Wiseguy

    WTB - AVET SXJ or SX

    ok, I don't think i'm going to get lucky with the matte color one, what about the regular black? Anyone have a good deal on one? Thanks. thanks for the offer on the silver one, prefer black.
  336. Wiseguy

    PEI stand-up tuna rod

    Very nice as usual.
  337. Wiseguy

    WTB - AVET SXJ or SX

    TTT...still looking.
  338. Wiseguy

    Wtb phenix

    Never heard of those model numbers either, and I mostly build on Phenix blanks myself.
  339. Wiseguy

    Phenix K2

    Thanks guys, much appreciated.
  340. Wiseguy

    Rainshadow Knife Jig

  341. Wiseguy

    Rod abuse

    WoW! hope this is a joke, if not, get your money back!
  342. Wiseguy

    Bait pouring stuff dirt cheap.

    Trade for a Phenix blank that someone never picked up?:D
  343. Wiseguy

    Phenix K2

    Thanks guys! Batson, yes, forgot to mention, a little bit of bling with the ALPS butt cap, and check up front.
  344. Wiseguy

    Rainshadow Knife Jig

    Great work Jon! Lovin that compressed version of the JTDS!
  345. Wiseguy

    Installing reel seat question

    I do it just like Bill does it, and I mostly build bass rods, so the masking tape arbors works well for me. I make sure I completely cover the tape on all sides before sliding the seat on. Never had a problem yet.
  346. Wiseguy

    Batson Dream Reamer

    I've replaced mine several times, I used U40 rod bond, has worked great. Wear some type of disposable gloves while installing the new grit. I've also made several of my own reamers (larger ones from what the kit comes with) using old pieces of blanks using rod bond as well.
  347. Wiseguy

    what did I do wrong here?

    Same thing happened to me but on guide wraps, had to cut those off and start over. But like Doc said, i'd leave them on the tiger wrap since it's a base layer anyways. But yes, the info from the guys above is correct, I do three coats minimum when using CP, then let the last coat dry over night.
  348. Wiseguy

    Phenix K2

    Have not posted in a while, but here is one I recently finished up for a new customer. Phenix K2 blank, Fuji SIC guides, Phenix split seat, custom spun grips and a simple tiger wrap in black and silver.
  349. Wiseguy

    Two Phenix just off the dryer

    Awesome Richie! Flawless like always.
  350. Wiseguy

    WTB - AVET SXJ or SX

    Michael, check this out. I've also seen an SXJ in person in matte/flat black.
  351. Wiseguy

    Two rods of four honoring a fallen fisherman

    WAY cool builds Jon. Awesome read, great tribute to a cool fishing dude.
  352. Wiseguy

    WTB - AVET SXJ or SX

    Looking for another SXJ or SX in black color, preferably the matte color one. I've seen them around, but not alot. Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks.
  353. Wiseguy

    WTB Smoker - Search is over!

    I have an old vertical Brinkman, used once for a birthday party, charcoal included, $30. Can text pics later if your interested. Send me a PM.
  354. Wiseguy

    2 batson rod kits ready to wrap

    Wow, someone scored big time, I just saw this or I would have bought both kits from ya! Sweet deal!
  355. Wiseguy

    WTB Travel baitcast rod

    Phenix RedEye travel rods.
  356. Wiseguy

    camo dipped spiral wraped shark rod

    Very nice work!
  357. Wiseguy

    The Wiggly One

    Killer work on that tiger wrap Kenny! Insane movement and swirls! Great job.
  358. Wiseguy

    Calstar GFX700L

    Top drawer work Jon!
  359. Wiseguy

    2 newly completed urushis

    Those look super cool! Very nice work!
  360. Wiseguy

    Greyscale Mack

    Nice work Pedro!
  361. Wiseguy

    Pac Bay Rod Wrapper 3xl with extras $350 firm

    bolodawg, you scored big time! Lots of extras!
  362. Wiseguy

    13 Gallon bait tank only a month old

    might be interested, what are the dimensions?
  363. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    Just needed to come back here to report on the successful water pump kit install. I was able to successfully install a new water pump and get the tell tale flowing normal now. What a big difference after the new pump went in. The old impeller was worn and the housing was in bad shape inside...
  364. Wiseguy

    Bay setup

    I have two LEWS TP, have never seen the fresh water in 3+ yrs, rinse after every use and they are some serious little work horses.
  365. Wiseguy

    Need Prowrap 428 - Summer Sky

    Thank, but the one I found matches perfectly.
  366. Wiseguy

    Trolling Motor and other items

    Yes, length, thanks.
  367. Wiseguy

    Need Prowrap 428 - Summer Sky

    Found something that matched up nicely in my thread box. Didn't even know I had it.
  368. Wiseguy

    Help Needed: Factory wrap Rod Top guide removal

    Whatever you do, don't twist off the tip, you will damage the blank (ask me how I know). Apply some heat with a lighter and "pull" it off straight.
  369. Wiseguy

    Bay setup

    Can't go wrong with that LEWS TP! Awesome reels!
  370. Wiseguy

    Trolling Motor and other items

    Is the transom saver adjustable?
  371. Wiseguy

    Need Prowrap 428 - Summer Sky

    Anyone with one of these spools laying around they don't need? I'm trying to match this blue as best as possible. Let me know if you have one you don't use. I just need to wrap a bass rod with it. Thanks.
  372. Wiseguy

    building a 900M how long of tuna cord

    I've done a couple, right at 30".
  373. Wiseguy

    Abalone, swirls, marble slices and boobies

    Absolutely sweet work Bill! I really like that first one with white/purple/teal grips! Outstanding!
  374. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    Mark! you got the job! Any one know of a good place I can get the parts fairly cheap, online or somewhere near LB? I dont mind buying online and waiting either.
  375. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    I will check the tell tale aka "pee hole" Thanks for that info. I think I will definitely be servicing the water pump and pulling the plugs to check their condition. Will report back when I do. I won't run it anymore until the pee hole has a constant stream of water flowing out of it.
  376. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    Ok, I just took her out for a real test run. Ran her for about two hours running around the harbor, man this engine scoots! I see significant less amount of fluid coming out now after the good run. I did notice that the pee hole is not ejecting a contineous stream of water as it should...
  377. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    Ok, I checked the condition of the lower unit oil. I'm happy to report that the oil is fairly clean (to me at least) and NOT milky! I followed the instructions in the manual on how to check the oil for water intrusion and to check the condition of the oil (no tiny bits of metal shavings in it...
  378. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    Kerry, I really appreciate your advice. I will try this and report back. I am handy with tools, and lucky for me the previous owner supplied me with the manual. I will definately give this a try. It does run strong, hopefully its just a cleaning and new lube in the lower unit. Then one thing...
  379. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    It smokes, but I've heard its normal for these 2-strokes to do so., I dont know if it's excessively though. The gas tank was 3/4 full from the previous owner, I suppose the correct mix ratio was in the tank. He owned if for 5 years and used it last about 3 months ago in freshwater. Never been...
  380. Wiseguy

    Need Help 25HP Johnson, 1989, some kind of leak

    I just purchased this little skiff with a 25HP Johnson outboard, have not taken it on for it's maiden voyage and was planning too tomorrow, until I started up the engine this afternoon and noticed this oil leak of some sort. It's milky and smells like fuel and its relatively thin viscosity. I...
  381. Wiseguy

    Pedro's How to Leather grips and ramps

    Nice work Peter! Jon, sticky in the how-to's?
  382. Wiseguy

    American Eagles completed.

    Beautiful work Mark, my hats off to you! Very nice!
  383. Wiseguy

    some new work

    Wow! Awesome work Richie!
  384. Wiseguy

    ALPS has introduced new components for 2014!

    thanks Bill for the reply!
  385. Wiseguy

    My first Marble rod UC Raptor

    Looks great to me, different is always great! I like it!
  386. Wiseguy

    Calstar Tuna jigger & UC inshore rod

    Sweet work Richie!
  387. Wiseguy

    A couple Rainshadows out the door

    Super clean work Bill! Very nice and clean.
  388. Wiseguy

    ALPS has introduced new components for 2014!

    Oh man, that MVT and those split seats are looking sweet! Are these available to order now?
  389. Wiseguy

    Coating Cured Epoxy

    No need to scuff it, wipe it down with DNA and apply new coat.
  390. Wiseguy

    SD 70XXXH

    Awesome work Bill! Someone is gonna be happy.
  391. Wiseguy

    St Croix Rod

    Outstanding work Mark! Simply outstanding!
  392. Wiseguy

    checkin' in..dinner, smokin' etc. almost... nrb (non-rod building)...

    Very nice work...and dinner looks killer! Great job.
  393. Wiseguy


    Nice work! Interesting foregrip.
  394. Wiseguy

    Countdown to Aug 30th

    Super clean work Casey! Love your work brotha!
  395. Wiseguy

    Phenix UMBX 606H inshore spinner

    Hot Diggity Dam! That came out nice Doug!
  396. Wiseguy

    Patriot Rods (take 3)

    Awesome work Mark!
  397. Wiseguy

    My paisa rod

    Nice work compa Lupe! Es todo! Very nice!
  398. Wiseguy

    Free Stingray Planing Fin

    ...Let me know, yes I can pick it up.
  399. Wiseguy

    Free Stingray Planing Fin

    ...second in line.
  400. Wiseguy

    1989 Johnson 25hp electric start SOLD

    I have a question for the OG poster, do you know the fuel/oil mix ratio on this engine? I just got this exact model engine. Thanks for your time.
  401. Wiseguy


  402. Wiseguy

    Putting an empty 4 ounce thread spool to good use

    That is soooo cool Steve!
  403. Wiseguy

    Shimano Chronarch CI4+

    price drop $180
  404. Wiseguy

    Did you know......

    Thanks for the tip Jon! Hated to spool up the smaller ones cause I always use black Coal!
  405. Wiseguy

    Swimbait Combo DAIWA Z200 & Custom Phenix Rod

    sorry, forgot these pics. Rod is 7'10" long, was extended 10" from the rear.
  406. Wiseguy

    Shimano Chronarch CI4+

    Mint condition CI4+, loaded with 10lb izor, could pass for new. $190, No Trades, PM if interested.
  407. Wiseguy

    Phenix M172H Custom

    Selling this custom M172H that I built a while ago, broke about 5" off the tip and repaired and fishes great still. That is the reason for the cheap price. Action changed a bit but still a very sweet rod. Top notch components include: Fuji K guides, acid wrapped, Fuji split seat, custom butt...
  408. Wiseguy

    Swimbait Combo DAIWA Z200 & Custom Phenix Rod

    Prefer to sell as combo, but can separate if needed. Mint condition Daiwa Z200 loaded with 50lb braid, fished only about 5-7 times and rinsed with fresh water after every use. Paired with a custom built Phenix Hybrid rod that I built, rod is 7'10" and can toss big baits no problem, custom EVA...
  409. Wiseguy

    14ft Aluminum

    Is the boat welded construction? Sent you a text.
  410. Wiseguy

    Passing the torch to Bill Havens

    Congratz Bill and thank you Silvia for providing the craft with nothing but the best of products!
  411. Wiseguy

    Who dere, who dat?

    Super clean finish! Great work!
  412. Wiseguy

    SD 70XXXXH for Soda Pop

    That's sweet Bill!
  413. Wiseguy

    Patriot Rods

    Bad ass work Mark! Cant wait to see the Urushis!
  414. Wiseguy

    Rod reel combo penn pro

    PM sent on the 525mag.
  415. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD809XH

    Beautiful work Jon. I particularly love your finish work, it's what makes it or breaks it for me! Picture perfect transition from EVA to finish on the epoxy ramp. Great work.
  416. Wiseguy

    Bar Cod rod complete

    ...just beautiful work Peter!
  417. Wiseguy


    Awesome work Kenny! Tiger is sweet!
  418. Wiseguy

    Some more Rainshadows

    Sweet Bill!
  419. Wiseguy

    Another Bar Cod rod

    Awesome work Peter!
  420. Wiseguy

    The GutStix Hats

    Dam those are sweet!
  421. Wiseguy

    Bushido SWB710/12-25

    Beautiful build bro! I like it!
  422. Wiseguy

    awesome st.croix inshores with accurate twin spin's

    Incredible work Peter! So dam clean! Loving the pics!
  423. Wiseguy

    New Project

    That came out spacey looking, great job Mark!
  424. Wiseguy

    Daddy day Loking,..

    Noice! Chunkers for sure! Way to go Lok!
  425. Wiseguy

    Calstar 875H

    Badass Jon!
  426. Wiseguy

    hydro dipped camo shark rod

    First class work right there!
  427. Wiseguy

    GutStix RailRod Prototype #2

  428. Wiseguy

    First Tiger and it was my Grandaughters PJ's that inspired the colors.

    Very nice! Looks like you got it down pretty good.
  429. Wiseguy

    GutStix RailRod Prototype

    Very nice work John! Killer thinking.
  430. Wiseguy

    Dale Clemens passed away

    Sucks to hear about Dale, I also have a book from him. May he R.I.P.
  431. Wiseguy

    Half a day in Huntington

    Hell yeah Josh! You found them! Looks like a great 5 hour session bro. Hit me up next time, I got some gas cash!
  432. Wiseguy

    Queensland Beer logo weave

    Excellent job Peter!
  433. Wiseguy

    Green(ish) Tiger

    Badass work Casey!
  434. Wiseguy

    Other recent builds

    Awesome work Casey! They all look great!
  435. Wiseguy

    Enter the Dragon

    awesome effect you got Bill! I like it!
  436. Wiseguy

    Inlays with a power rodwrapper

    All inlays are done by hand, a power wrapper is only used for long underwraps/overwraps, tigers, etc. Keep doing your inlays just as you have all the time, just in the power wrapper, just turn it by hand.
  437. Wiseguy

    Two twisted sisters for the CCA

    Very nice work!
  438. Wiseguy

    Been a while...........

    Very nice work!
  439. Wiseguy

    Newport Harbor 5-28-14

    Good report Sam!
  440. Wiseguy

    Two Trips One Week

  441. Wiseguy

    looking for guidance on a tiger wrap

    Hell yes! There you go! Suggestion, mix up a lot more finish than you think you'll need, spread it out liberally over the tiger wrap, put some paper towels to catch the excess or catch some with your cup. I let it spin about 15 minutes before I even hit it with my alcohol torch. Here is a little...
  442. Wiseguy

    A pile of RCLB 80Ls

    X2^^^^^Nicely done Bill.
  443. Wiseguy

    A rod for the reel master

    Wow Jon! That is seriously clean work! Flawless finish and bitchen marbling work! What camera are you using for your photos, they're awesome.
  444. Wiseguy

    looking for guidance on a tiger wrap

    I agree with what everyone has suggested, but the best thing for you is to use just 2 threads, make sure they are contrasting colors, then the your choice of color for the top layer. Burnishing is key on the bottom layer as this is where the effect comes from. I only do one coat of finish on the...
  445. Wiseguy

    M1 - MX75XH

    Thanks for the kind words my friends...Bill, yes, you are correct, it was close (by one vote!) I actually submitted two and ended up kicking me in the butt as the second one also got a few votes. Glad I won something though and they are still going to use the logo I designed for other stuff...
  446. Wiseguy

    Phenix 760H

    bad ass JT!
  447. Wiseguy

    A friend in need. . . Gudebrod 50, Cobalt Blue, NCP

    This is so dam awesome! When I'm in need, I know where to come for help!
  448. Wiseguy

    M1 - MX75XH

    Thanks Guys!
  449. Wiseguy

    Busy week ahead

    Peter, you are a machine my friend. Can't wait to see those!
  450. Wiseguy

    Matched pair going to PEI

    Very nice pair Jon! Decal Connection is the best! I recently had them do this decal for me. The customer just wanted to add this decal on a factory rod to give as a present to someone. They did a fantastic job on the decal.
  451. Wiseguy

    Shimano Calais 100A

    Next in line.
  452. Wiseguy

    Pink Lightning

    That's awesome! Great pictures. Nice work.
  453. Wiseguy

    Foghorn Leghorn Weave

    Incredible work Steve! The pictures speak for themselves!
  454. Wiseguy

    M1 - MX75XH

    Finished this one up a couple days ago. Stepped out of my comfort zone just a tad in the split grip, simple enough for me to give it a try, looks decent. Custom spun grips, Phenix split seat, Fuji Alconite guides and a pretty decent tiger wrap with tons of movement.
  455. Wiseguy

    Flaming Eagle

    Sweet work Peter!
  456. Wiseguy

    A few recent

    Awesome work Bill as usual! Sweet looking tiger wrap! That red and white one is killer too!
  457. Wiseguy

    Hot Lava.....

    Hot Dam Jim! You are a machine brotha! Very nice!
  458. Wiseguy

    WTB Avet SX or SXJ

    Found one, Thanks Bill!
  459. Wiseguy

    WTB Avet SX or SXJ

    Text sent on SXJ Bill. Thanks for the PM.
  460. Wiseguy

    Avet combos

    how much for the sxj alone?
  461. Wiseguy

    WTB Avet SX or SXJ

    Still looking...
  462. Wiseguy

    M1 Lime Green

    Sorry Doc, I shipped the rod already.
  463. Wiseguy

    M1 Lime Green

    Jon, rod shipped yesterday to the customer, but I did upload these pics yesterday using Tapatalk from my mobile phone, if you click the picture it opens up in full size, sorry, that's the best I could do. But the tiger did have a nice stripery pattern to it this time. In case your wondering, I...
  464. Wiseguy

    Purple with Passion

    Beauty Jim! makes me want to try a cross wrap...NOT! I'll leave that up to the pros, like yourself. Very nicely done like always.
  465. Wiseguy

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    Why not offer to see if anyone on here knows who it might belong too, that's what' I'd do first. I'm sure the owner will turn up.
  466. Wiseguy

    WTB Avet SX or SXJ

    Thanks Jason, will keep it in mind. Still looking.
  467. Wiseguy

    M1 Lime Green

    Just finished this one up. Phenix M1 blank, custom grips, Fuji SIC guides, Phenix split seat, tiger in the split, acid wrapped.
  468. Wiseguy

    WTB Avet SX or SXJ

    Sorry, looking to spend around 100 or 120 max.
  469. Wiseguy

    Selling a Custom Power Wrapper Model 189 SOLD

    Larry, I replied to your other thread on the classifieds, I'll take the dryer if you ship. Let me know.
  470. Wiseguy

    WTB Avet SX or SXJ

    Looking for a used SX or SXJ in good condition. Preferably in black, gun metal or silver, in that order. Let me know what you have. Thanks for your time.
  471. Wiseguy

    Tigery Tiger

    Sweet tiger Chad!
  472. Wiseguy

    Totally off Subject but Important at least to me.

    Thanks for your service Doc and others. Awesome post.
  473. Wiseguy

    Custom Powerwrap Rod Wrapping Lathe

    Hey Larry, will you ship the dryer? PM me bro.
  474. Wiseguy

    Seeker BC 706S for mini east coast buts

    Awesome work Mike!
  475. Wiseguy

    The Flamekeeper Project - Take 3

    Dam, Bill those are sweet! Great job on both! Love the background in your pics, must be tough living there!:D
  476. Wiseguy

    Quit wishin' n go fishin'

    Cool chit!
  477. Wiseguy

    Jungle Fishing "Banging The Wall" LBC

    Nice work guys!
  478. Wiseguy

    Dynamic Duos!!

    Nice report Mark!
  479. Wiseguy

    Rainshadow Knife Jig Rod

    Stoopid Nice Jon! That came out incredible!
  480. Wiseguy

    WTB:shimano tranx

    wont hurt to ask if he's willing to sell...
  481. Wiseguy

    RCJB 84XHs pimped out in Stars and Stripes

    Wow Bill....incredible work! Kenny will be a happy camper when he lays his hands on this bad boy!
  482. Wiseguy

    2 for Kenny "Flamekeeper" Price

    Saw these on your FB page Jim, awesome pair to say the least. Outstanding work Jim!
  483. Wiseguy

    Big Cat rod finished

    Very nice work Peter! Loving the grips!
  484. Wiseguy

    RCLB 80 Jig Stick

    Beautiful work Bill! Everything ties nicely together.
  485. Wiseguy

    Shimano Tyrnos 8, Two Speed

    Used but in great condition Tyrnos 8 2speed reel. Just serviced by Shimano, have box and clamp also. Minor boat rash, but nothing major. Will post pics tonight. Price: $130 or Trade for an Avet SX or SXJ in great condition also, preferably black or silver. Best way to contact me is text...
  486. Wiseguy

    Guide spacing 7 foot inshore calstar spinning

    This is how I do it, then static test and adjust as necessary. The only thing you need to determine beforehand, is the position of the stripper guide and first guide from tip.
  487. Wiseguy

    Starting new weave on new setup

    Outstanding work Steve! Seriously talented my friend.
  488. Wiseguy

    Another Hercules, 80H this time

    Awesome work Jon! You got that marbling technique down bro!
  489. Wiseguy

    Classic Chocolate Sabre Restored

    Very nice work Larry! Love the guide wraps.
  490. Wiseguy

    Abalone and Dragon

    Steve and Kenneth, I got these grips from Phenix not mudhole. Thanks for the comments guys.
  491. Wiseguy

    Recent Work

    Amazing work Doc!
  492. Wiseguy

    Take 2.....

    Outstanding work bro!
  493. Wiseguy

    Second G-Urushi

    Outstanding work! That one came out super sonic!
  494. Wiseguy

    Calstar 800M

    I totally know what you mean! There's nothing like appreciating it in person. I bet it moves!
  495. Wiseguy

    Calstar 800M

    Glad you gave it a try! Seriously, that came out fucken bitchen!
  496. Wiseguy

    Abalone and Dragon

    Thanks guys and sorry about the double pictures, don't know what happened.
  497. Wiseguy

    Calstar 800M

    Awesome work Jon! That tiger rocks!
  498. Wiseguy

    Abalone and Dragon

    Here is one I just finished up for my personal use. Custom spun grips, sic low rider guides, ALPS seat and checks, abalone wrap in the split and a JTDragon Scale up front. Black and GM grey with a hint of purple.
  499. Wiseguy

    Big Cat Weave

    Peter, amazing work brotha!
  500. Wiseguy

    St Criox SC II freshwater rod

    Super clean work man. Great job.
  501. Wiseguy

    New Weaving Station

    Nice setup Steve! You have a cool brother!
  502. Wiseguy

    Double duty double Dawg set

    Very nice job Bill.
  503. Wiseguy

    Need advice on surf blank selection
  504. Wiseguy

    GUSA UR704 HOW benefit rod

    Great work!
  505. Wiseguy

    Still needs tweaking and packing!

    Dam that is sweet work John!
  506. Wiseguy

    The Tempest

    Thanks for the comments guys.
  507. Wiseguy

    Pair of Batson flys

    Very nicely done Casey!
  508. Wiseguy

    Warriors For Warriors shark tournament rod

    Awesome work Brent!
  509. Wiseguy

    Phenix swimbait PSW808MH w/Davey Jones photowrap and Throop tiger

    Dope ass tiger! Clean finish work Brent!
  510. Wiseguy

    Seeker Hercules set for Wicked Tuna's F/V Hard Merchandise

    I watch the show and love it! Yeah there is a ton of role playing, but who cares! Shit, I'd be super stoked if my rods were on national TV! Way to go Brent! Awesome job on the charter set!
  511. Wiseguy

    Phenix PHD-887ML

    Super clean work Steve. Yup, decal connection is the way to go!
  512. Wiseguy

    RCKJB410 "J.F.F"

    Killer little stick!
  513. Wiseguy

    Seeker 809 Rewrap

    Awesome work Steve!
  514. Wiseguy

    The Tempest

    Doc, I sure did. Used Kevin's stuff and worked great, just got to boil it for easy application. 15-20 mins did the trick.
  515. Wiseguy

    Bullards Diamond II Rod Epoxy

    I have tried several and DII is the only one I use on everything I build these days!
  516. Wiseguy

    Alps heavies are here

    Nice looking guides. Will keep those in mind for future requests.
  517. Wiseguy

    The Tempest

    Built for a retired co-worker, that will be putting this to use within a month from now. Phenix PHD760H.
  518. Wiseguy

    I dun gaffed

    Nice work on the gaff Jon!
  519. Wiseguy

    The Duck Bite

    That is freaking awesome! Nice work man!
  520. Wiseguy

    Sewer slugs

    Nice! Quality for dam sure!
  521. Wiseguy

    187 Fish assassination!!!

    Nice work guys! Looks like you slayed them good!
  522. Wiseguy

    Kudos to Doc Ski

    That is awesome Doc...your such a great inspiration to this craft/addiction. A living legend.
  523. Wiseguy

    Seeker Hercules 80XH

    I'm with Capt. Richie on this one, that deserves cake :D! Super nice job Jon!
  524. Wiseguy

    CalStar 875H...Urushi

    Very nicely done! Everything goes very well together.
  525. Wiseguy

    Alright Boys, Its Amateur Hour

    Nothing amatuer about that! Great job.
  526. Wiseguy

    Making headway on my rod wrapping room!

    Wow, that is nice man.
  527. Wiseguy

    Help on guide sizing

    Richie, The guides I used are SIC guides from phenix in their medium heavy ss frames, they work great for swimbait rods and can hold up to the test of time. Going down to a size 6 is just personal preference. Size 8 would work also.
  528. Wiseguy

    Help on guide sizing

    Recommended number of guides generally is length of rod plus one plus the tip. But best way is to static test and add guides as needed for a smooth line path.
  529. Wiseguy

    Help on guide sizing

    First of all you need at least nine guides on an 8' rod. I just recently built an 800H and I went all double footed guides with this guide train: 16, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6 + Tip. Also, the double footed alconites dont go down to a size 5, it would have to be a single footed guide, but on...
  530. Wiseguy

    How Much Pigment per cc

    just like Bill said, one of those plastic little scoops that come with the Bullard pigments and your good to go.
  531. Wiseguy

    Phenix Ultra Swimbait 711ML

    haha...thanks guys, but this is an old post.
  532. Wiseguy

    Ultra Swimbait 800H

    Haha, thanks Jon, it's funny you mention that. When the customer approached me about the build he said he wanted it just like that other one I did a while ago. I didn't know what he was talking about so he sent me a picture I had posted of a rod my brother designed and I built for him. Guess...
  533. Wiseguy

    Double footed guides for swimbait/rockfish blank...???

    I just finished building and 800H swimbait rod, I went 16, 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6 + Tip, all double footed guides.
  534. Wiseguy

    Down/spiral wrap direction...???

    When a customer asks me to do a spiral/acid wrap on there custom rod I generally ask them from over which shoulder do they cast from? If they say from over their right shoulder I wrap the transition guides to the left, if they say from their left shoulder, I wrap to the right. This is the way I...
  535. Wiseguy

    newly completed build

    Excellent work Chris! Super clean.
  536. Wiseguy

    Calstar Revived pink tiger

    Very nice build Larry!
  537. Wiseguy

    Calico Rod for KelpClothing!

    Outstanding work John! Everything ties perfectly together! You nailed it!
  538. Wiseguy

    Phenix M172H

    Dan, I believe they were Alps, if I'm not mistaken. Thanks for the good vibe guys.
  539. Wiseguy

    Phenix Abyss 807 spinner

    Heather is going to love that bad girl!
  540. Wiseguy

    Stuart Builds

    Very nice work Bill on both.
  541. Wiseguy

    Dallas / Fort Worth.....

    Awesome stuff Jim, shows what type of person you really are, spreading the knowledge, kudos to you JT! I've personally have learned so much from your posts and techniques shared in the journal. Thanks again.
  542. Wiseguy

    Bullard's blue UC AR701T

    Fantastic JOB like always!
  543. Wiseguy

    Help requested before I start building

    You can always turn down your grips to whatever OD you want.
  544. Wiseguy

    Blue Lava

    Absolutely awesome Mark!
  545. Wiseguy

    Help requested before I start building

    Here is how I do my xwrap over EVA or Hypalon, minus the adhesive. This is how you "tuck" the ends nicely.
  546. Wiseguy

    14' Carolina skiff

    Is the trailer worthy of a 2-3 hour trip on the freeway?
  547. Wiseguy

    New Build

    Great work.
  548. Wiseguy

    SNCS031 4oz DropShot rod

    Awesome work! Kudos for the mag spot!
  549. Wiseguy

    Basketweave handle

    Dam Chad, you got down brotha! nice work! Doug, you love the west coast stuff huh? :gay:
  550. Wiseguy

    Mini Trollers

    Nice bunch Bill!
  551. Wiseguy

    Sneak Peek at my next Gaff

    Awesome work!
  552. Wiseguy

    Phenix 809XHJ

    Wow, very nice work on everything about that rod!
  553. Wiseguy

    Ultra Swimbait 800H

    Thanks for the kudos Jim. I'm glad that the video has inspired some to try it. The spatula isn't that bad! I also use the plastic burnishing tool once in a while, same great results. Thanks for the kind words.
  554. Wiseguy

    Ultra Swimbait 800H

    Here is a swimbait rod I just finished up. ALPS seat, hypalon grip with x-wrap over it for a softer feel, some cork and some cord, put the hook keeper on the cord grip, a tiger wrap in the split, SIC guides. Should be a good rod to throw them big baits at those green bass or calicos.
  555. Wiseguy

    The Terminator Weave

  556. Wiseguy

    Pink Dragon always!
  557. Wiseguy

    LB Harbor PB

    Nice quality fish! Way to get em guys!
  558. Wiseguy

    Sand Bass

    Nice fish!
  559. Wiseguy

    Bass all weekend

    Sweet report! Good to see young people loving the sport! Great pictures too.
  560. Wiseguy

    "Hail to the Chief"

    Hot Dam! Nice work Jim.
  561. Wiseguy

    First of 3 Harnells

    Amazing work Bill, so clean!
  562. Wiseguy

    gold rush

    Nice work!
  563. Wiseguy

    CC032 GF875H

    Nice work bro! Love the pics too!
  564. Wiseguy

    Tiger wrap color combo

    Here is a gun metal tiger wrap...white and black on the bottom with size A and gunmetal on top size C with one sac.
  565. Wiseguy

    Gene, Gene......the Fishin' Machine!

    Saw this on your FB page yesterday, awesome work Jim!
  566. Wiseguy

    Light spinner

    Amazing work! Very nicely done!
  567. Wiseguy

    Alps Wrapping Machine

    Yes, it's standard if you buy an ALPS wrapper. They also sell the ALPS chuck alone as an upgrade to pacbay, forcast and similar wrap machines. Best investment on my machine I've done.
  568. Wiseguy

    Phenix M172H

    Hey Bill, that is exactly what I used. I sprayed it with 3M, waited about 20-45 secs for it to get tacky to the touch and laid it down. Very simple.
  569. Wiseguy

    Need expert help 1 more time!!!:)

    are you sure it's not cork tape? That's what it looks like to me.
  570. Wiseguy

    Phenix M172H

    Thanks guys for the positive comments. Bill, here you go brother, spun some EVA grips, used some ALPS windings, the very talented and good friend of mine Jay Cook painted reel seat with flip flop cameleon paint job on the Fuji ACS seat, first time using acidrods abalone veneer, it's thin and...
  571. Wiseguy

    M1 SMX73MH

    Thanks guys. Jim, it's Gudebrod, I forget what number.
  572. Wiseguy

    Phenix M172H

    Custom painted Fuji ACS reel seat.
  573. Wiseguy

    More thinning the herd, Madera thread set For Sale SOLD

    Didnt want to step on Richie's toes, good score Capt!
  574. Wiseguy

    M1 SMX73MH

    Here is another one I just finished up. Should be a nice inshore rod.
  575. Wiseguy

    Phenix M172H

    Here is one I finished up for a good friend. Being a rod builder himself, he supplied everything.
  576. Wiseguy

    Poor Boy CP?

    ...I interpret it, as a ton of shit. That's a lot!
  577. Wiseguy

    More thinning the herd, Madera thread set For Sale SOLD

    I need to start waking up at 4:59am! Dammit!
  578. Wiseguy

    A weave sample put to good use.

    Steve that is so freaking cool!
  579. Wiseguy

    UC AR752 deep bottom & jigging rod

    Beautiful work Richie!
  580. Wiseguy

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    ok, this is what I use, I made this video yesterday because I remembered about this thread! It is very easy and takes down they hypalon quick. Hope this helps someone out.
  581. Wiseguy

    Game rod Urushi's

    Beautiful work on both Mark! I like your Urushi style!
  582. Wiseguy

    Decal Help

    decal connection! Like Jon said, they ship fast! Contact Debbie Brown. The quality of their "peel n stick" decals are the best I've seen! Try them, you will come back time and time again.
  583. Wiseguy

    Batson>> Rainshadow/ALPS at Fred Hall >>

    What a great booth the Batson team had! Definitely one of the best at the show this year!
  584. Wiseguy

    Synit Banshee M

    Nick, I have a small box full of winding checks and never know what I'm going to use, I had some purple ones that were small and planned it ahead of time to put a tiger in there.
  585. Wiseguy

    Mango Urushi

    Beautiful results Mark! That is how I do my abalone shell also, shiny side down, glued on with crazy glue (gel type).
  586. Wiseguy

    Wall Session 3/15

    Hell yeah Cesar, awesome!
  587. Wiseguy

    Donation Rod

    Very nice work Bill! Someone lucky winner will be VERY happy!
  588. Wiseguy

    Cobra Snake Weave (Completed)

    One of the best at what you do Steve, Excellent work my friend! I really like this one!
  589. Wiseguy

    Seeker P580

    That's awesome! You went out of your way to please! Sweet work!
  590. Wiseguy

    Synit Banshee M

    Bill, it's a bass rod for myself. My good friend Jay Cook supplied the blank, I just tried to do it some justice, since it's a rare blank in my neck of the woods. Thanks everyone else for the good vibes.
  591. Wiseguy

    G-Urushi Baby Boomer

    Awesome work Mark! Love that Urushi! I like your style.
  592. Wiseguy

    Synit Banshee M

    Got this blank from a good friend and decided to spin it but took my sweet time with it. Been working on it in between build for other people. Finally finished it. ALPS purple seat, Fuji K's, a G-Urushi and a 2" tiger wrap as a foregrip.
  593. Wiseguy

    Phenix M1

    Clean as a whistle Richie!
  594. Wiseguy

    700H Facelift

    Sweet work!
  595. Wiseguy

    Twisted G-Urushi

    That is a lot of work and you did an excellent job Jim! Flawless work like always!
  596. Wiseguy

    Thanks Doc, Bill, Bill B, Silvia and Grady

    It was good to see you again this year Peter. Glad your home safe, see you next year buddy!
  597. Wiseguy

    HUGE Thank you to Doc!

    Amazing work by Doc for an amazing fellow rod builder like JT! Well deserved for someone that has given so much to the craft! Awesome!
  598. Wiseguy

    FS:Shimano Chronarch 50mg with Phenix MBX 700ml Casting

    The rod alone is worth your asking price, Moon does some excellent work. Free Bump!
  599. Wiseguy

    Batson's RCJB84H

    Looking good bro!
  600. Wiseguy

    Cobra Snake Weave

  601. Wiseguy

    Giant Tuna rods & gaff..

    Nice clean work like always Richie.
  602. Wiseguy

    Super Seeker 6470H

    Saw it yesterday on FB, Dam that is super nice work Jim! Great color combo.
  603. Wiseguy

    Newby Question on exposed blank reel seats

    completely normal, they gave it to you so that you can ream it to fit in the area you wish to mount it on. Exactly what mcs fishing rod above said.
  604. Wiseguy

    Penn Reels-GS 535s,GS545s,Penn Rods too

    Where are the 525 mags? and how much
  605. Wiseguy

    Pimped out Calstar 700XL spinner

    Very nice, I like that color combo.
  606. Wiseguy

    Fred Hall Show

    Awesome pictures Silvia, I'll swing by Saturday with the family this time.
  607. Wiseguy

    Tigerwrap Variation - Presented by WiseGuy

    Jon, I just do one coat of finish between the layers. Two coats on top.
  608. Wiseguy

    Rollo rod 2014

    Beautiful work Larry! Lots of cool techniques on this one bro! Nice job.
  609. Wiseguy

    Batson's CCA Rod is done

    Beautiful Doc! That is just stunning work!
  610. Wiseguy

    7' 3 piece Travel rod

    Here you go.
  611. Wiseguy

    Tigerwrap Variation - Presented by WiseGuy

    Thanks for posting Jon. Here are a couple more...
  612. Wiseguy

    Buying Thread Question

    ...yeah, get the Bullards size the way it is the blackest black on the market! It looks painted once finish is over it.
  613. Wiseguy

    Fred Hall Show

    I'll see you guys at the show! Will be nice to meet you Silvia.
  614. Wiseguy

    Black Panther Rod

    Amazing work Peter! Love that tiger combo.
  615. Wiseguy

    Fire Breathing Dragon

    Awesome build Bill! That ramp is killer sweet! Really liking the elongated JTDS wrap.
  616. Wiseguy

    Super size jigs for a super size weave sample.

    Wow Steve, can't wait to see the end result!
  617. Wiseguy

    M1 Spinner

    Thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated. Doug, you hit the nail on the head with the colors! haha! The purple is the Fish Hawk 468.
  618. Wiseguy

    Batson Collection

    Amazing collection! Hope to see them at the FHS next week!
  619. Wiseguy

    M1 Spinner

    Here is one I built for a fellow rod builder in NY. M1 Inshore blank, cork/eva grips, Essex Soft Touch seat, and Fuji K's. Green & Purple combo. Looks neat in person, the sun was a no show yesterday for the pics. Hope you like it bud
  620. Wiseguy

    2 Tigers complete

    That's awesome work Peter!
  621. Wiseguy

    Shimano Citica 200G6

    Selling a new Shimano Citica 200G6, no box, reel only. Price: $80 Text 562-277-fifty-fifty if interested.
  622. Wiseguy

    Float tubes?!?

    Get a Cumberland, you wont regret it! The storage pockets are huge! and rated up to 350lbs!
  623. Wiseguy

    9lb calico from the shore, new pb

    Congratz on the hog and PB!
  624. Wiseguy


    Awesome work!
  625. Wiseguy

    Score on old school Gudebrod and Holland varigated.

    Larry, I'll take a spool of each if you still have some. Will pay for shipping. PM me. Thanks brotha!
  626. Wiseguy

    Simple Jigger

    Nice work Ron! Been a while, welcome back bro!
  627. Wiseguy

    Free poker table

    Where you located? Any chance your in OC?
  628. Wiseguy

    Power Wrapper with ALPS Chuck

    if anyone is looking...lots of extras
  629. Wiseguy

    Twin Batson RX-7s

    Awesome work man!
  630. Wiseguy

    Minnesota themed Seeker Inshore Lite

    Beautiful work, everything about it!
  631. Wiseguy

    Check out the GutStix shirts

    Very nice!
  632. Wiseguy

    Fade to Black (or blue)

    Nice work Casey! I hate counting threads! Very nicely done brother!
  633. Wiseguy

    Batson Giveaway Rod RCLB 70M

    Nice work! Someone will be very happy!
  634. Wiseguy

    WTB PHD-700X4H

    PM me new with tags.
  635. Wiseguy

    Eagle weave for Silvia

    Awesome work Pedro! Your one of the best at what you do!
  636. Wiseguy

    My 2nd for the Batson LB Raffle

    Dude, just jaw dropping artwork. Beautifully done Jim! I'm buying raffle tickets!
  637. Wiseguy

    Blue Marbled GF800L

    Flawless work Jim, like always.
  638. Wiseguy

    Pics of the Vet who won Voodoos Custom Rod

    That's so cool Doc, happy winner right there!
  639. Wiseguy

    A few out the door

    Nice work Larry!
  640. Wiseguy

    Custom Swimbait Rod

    Here is a freshly wrapped swimbait rod. Has SIC guides, custom woodgrain EVA grips, Essex Soft Touch reel seat, a sweet looking 14" tiger wrap in Gun Metal metallic thread, black and gun metal guide wraps. The rod is 7'6", rated 15-30lb, 2-6oz batis and fast action. Has a great backbone and can...
  641. Wiseguy

    1X3 SF 49'rs rod

    Clean work bro, and that tiger looks like it's popping!
  642. Wiseguy

    trio of Rainshadows for the Fred Hall show

    Those should sell the first day on display! Nicely built Brent.
  643. Wiseguy

    second rod for Batson's raffle at the FH show RCLB810M

    Very nicely done, again, Brent, nice work bro.
  644. Wiseguy

    raffle rod for Batson at the FH Show RCLB810ML

    Very nice work like always Brent.
  645. Wiseguy

    Stole this from the Batson's

    That is just meant to hang on the wall! Beautiful work Mark.
  646. Wiseguy

    Flames Part Deux

    Thats awesome! Nice work Casey.
  647. Wiseguy

    White Nightmare

    Wow Casey! Amazing! Your brave working with white.
  648. Wiseguy

    7'-6" Swimbait Rod

    Thanks guys for the compliments.
  649. Wiseguy

    Deep Drop Swordfish rod

    Spectacular work Richie! Flawless like always.
  650. Wiseguy

    7'-6" Swimbait Rod

    Just finished this one up, built on a Allstar blank, extended it 6", EVA woodgrain grips, soft touch Essex seat, SIC guides, and a 14" tiger wrap in black/white/gun metal.
  651. Wiseguy

    G Ushuri

    He is very active on FB.
  652. Wiseguy

    Hey thread junkies

    Great! I'm due for some new thread! Any idea on pricing and spool sizes Bill? Metalics?
  653. Wiseguy

    Abstract Swirl

    Awesome work Bill!
  654. Wiseguy

    First tiger, first JTOB, and first underwraps on a RDR86MH

    Nice selection of parts on the handle...and that tiger wrap...HOT DAM!...that came out bitchen!
  655. Wiseguy

    Rainshadow RCLB 80M

    Dam nice work there Bill! Sweet ass ramp too! Lucky winner!