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  1. thedonnguyen

    Phenix Axis HAX-720XH, Okuma PCH-C-761H - Price drop

    All in great shape, only taken on a couple of boat rides, just duplicates of existing set ups. Penn Fathom 25NLD2 2-spd has about 300 yards of Daiwa J-Braid 50# - $old Phenix Axis HAX-720XH - $200 Okuma PCH-C-761H - $old Located in Escondido, North County Inland San Diego
  2. thedonnguyen

    found it RUS 76 predator

    looking for a United Composites RUS 76 Predator...looking to pick up within the next couple of days. Thanks
  3. thedonnguyen

    reel for Okuma PCH-P 761H?

    just looking to add some fun to the arsenal and looking to throw 1-2oz poppers on a full day boat. looking for some input on what reel to pair with a Okuma PCH-P 761H. I am currently looking at the Penn Spinfisher VI 6500, but am looking for suggestions or feedback regarding this combo. This...
  4. thedonnguyen

    Sold it all

  5. thedonnguyen

    Gonna just keep it

    Keeping it
  6. thedonnguyen

    Shimano TranX 500HG handle bearing size

    bought a tranx 500hg used, everything works well except i've got crunchy handle bearings...looking to upgrade them but could not find what size they are. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. thedonnguyen

    Reels that fit ulua 93h?

    looking at the trq 25, fathom 25n and trinidad 20a. Can anyone tell me if any of these will fit without the need for an additional reel clamp or other modification?
  8. thedonnguyen

    Which 93h is this?

    can anyone tell me which ulua blank this is based on the picture? thinner lighter? thicker fat but?
  9. thedonnguyen

    plano weekend 3700?

    anyone have experience with this bag? looking for a new bag for full day boats and was wondering how they are.
  10. thedonnguyen

    eBay 15% off everything

    having another 15% off everything sale with code "PREGAME15"
  11. thedonnguyen

    Coltsniper single hooks replacement

    Just wondering what size split rings and inline hooks you are using for the 60, 80 and 100 gram coltsnipers. Thanks
  12. thedonnguyen

    Fishing with a pregnant wife...

    how long did you guys fish while your wives were pregnant? More specifically, how late into the pregnancy were you guys going into mexican waters or offshore where you didn't have cell service?
  13. thedonnguyen

    Avet MXJ Raptor Power Knob?

    anyone have a lead on an eva foam power knob for an MXJ raptor? I've seen a few on ebay and stuff but figured i'd check here to see if anyone knew of a direct replacement. Thanks fellas
  14. thedonnguyen

    Daiwa Lexa 400 HD 7.1

    Have a like new Lexa 400HD in 7.1 gear ratio. Used it twice, 1 fish. Decided it was too small for my set up and am getting a different reel. Looking for $200 shipped or $190 local pick up
  15. thedonnguyen

    Owner Mutu Circle vs Mustad Offest Demon Circle Hooks

    over heard someone working at a tackle shop say that the owner circles are bigger than the mustad circles...any truth to this? didn't have a chance to compare for myself because they had all the hooks behind the counter. Any preference for local full day?
  16. thedonnguyen

    Avet raptor MXJ or MXL wanted

    looking for an mxj raptor. Lemme know what you have. Thanks
  17. thedonnguyen

    Power pro braid - Sold

    ive got a brand new spool of power pro moss green braided line I’ve got no use for. It’s 300 yards of 80#. Asking $27
  18. thedonnguyen

    limits of the black diamond 909h

    hey all, pretty new to throwing irons and saltwater fishing in general. Grabbed a 909h from a friend for a real good price and have been doing decent with it throwing tady 45s. My question is, what's the limit of this rod as far as lure weight? I come from throwing big swimbaits for bass, where...
  19. thedonnguyen

    Gray Lexa 400 parts compatibility?

    anyone know if i could throw a drive gear and a pinion gear from a lexa 400 HD into the older gray lexa 400? knowing the brass gears will wear out eventually, i'd prefer to do it before any fish are lost
  20. thedonnguyen

    bait rod help

    looking for a versatile live bait rod that i can fish up to 40#...would like to stay on a reasonable budget as my season is almost over due to a kid coming mid august. thanks in advance
  21. thedonnguyen

    Seeker G6480H-8’ CT or similar

    Like title says, looking for a Seeker G6480H-8’ CT. Lemme know what you’ve got
  22. thedonnguyen

    Swimbaits for sale

    10" hudd ROF 5 Gilbert Rigged - $65 10" hudd ROF 12 Gilbert Rigged - $65 Rago 7" weedless in white rigged with owner beast hooks - $30 Mattlures Meathead in Bass shallow diving - $85 DRT Joker with Rattles - $75
  23. thedonnguyen

    Penn Fathom 25 or 30?

    just picked up a Phenix axis 720xh, would you pair it with a Penn Fathom 25NLD2 or 30NLD2?
  24. thedonnguyen

    Found what I was looking for

    like title says, i'm looking for either a Phenix PSW-700XH or PSW-760XH. Thanks guys
  25. thedonnguyen

    Avet SX blue SOLD

    going through some old stuff and found this at the bottom of a box. So I obviously don’t use it. I remember using it on 2-3 trips and then was probably too broke from school. Includes everything it originally came with, even the little CD and lube. Asking $150 shipped or $140 local pick up OBO
  26. thedonnguyen

    where to get Daiwa parts?

    need to order a part for my lexa but daiwa doesn't have the part in stock...won't have it in until december. They recommended trying a parts distributor but I can't seem to find any that have the part listed. Specifically looking for a gear shaft collar, part number 150-2180 Thanks in advance
  27. thedonnguyen

    Rod action...reaction?

    What does it mean when a rods action is reaction? Can't find anything online...thanks guys
  28. thedonnguyen

    Lake Hodges 8/7/13

    Hit up lake hodges today and went in kinda blind, as in, I didn't even know where to park my car. After walking the shore for a few minutes, I picked a spot and started throwing senkos. After about 30 minutes, hit my first largemouth bass of the morning and then an hour later picked up my...
  29. thedonnguyen

    Spots in LA and OC for bass?

    Anyone know of some good spots for largemouth bass in LA and OC? I'll be up there for a couple days next week while the lady is doing some training for work. All the info I can find are for lakes stocked with catfish. Thanks in advance
  30. thedonnguyen

    What to look for in a rod to throw irons?

    Looking at getting a rod to use for throwing irons...anyone have suggestions as to what I should look for?
  31. thedonnguyen

    Where has the etiquette gone?

    Over the past week, I've been intruded on by others fishing and it always shocks me. Is it just plain newbiness or is it just flat out rudeness? Fishing tamarack lagoon last week, I was working a spot and not once, but twice people just came up and fished within feet of me. There are hundreds...
  32. thedonnguyen

    Avet MXJ and Okuma Cedros Inshore?

    has anyone used this combo? what did you think about it and which would you suggest? 7'0" MH or 7'6" M? Gonna be fishing 1/2 and 3/4 day charters out of Point Loma mostly Thanks in advice
  33. thedonnguyen

    Penn Squidder 146

    looking for a Penn Squidder 146 in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. let me know if you have one you're looking to sell
  34. thedonnguyen

    Tamarack lagoon advice

    Been a few times now, and haven't caught a damn thing, except bait. I've tried gulp shrimp, big hammer swim baits, smelt, smothering plastics with uni-butter and nothing has worked. Anybody care to share some advice or go out with me and show me what the hell I'm doing wrong?
  35. thedonnguyen

    is it worth it?

    to upgrade a Penn Surfmaster frame with a Tiburon topless frame? thoughts?
  36. thedonnguyen

    iPhone fish identification app

    Anyone know of any good ones for CA? I'm new to fishing and it'd help me a lot
  37. thedonnguyen

    need more people to fish with

    not many of my friends fish and those that do have crazy schedule, so i'm looking for more people to fish with i dont have a boat, but i'm willing to go on your boat with you :p located in north county san diego PS - i know this sounds like a craigslist ad...
  38. thedonnguyen

    RIP Eddie Solomon

    my buddy passed away on Friday September 16, 2011 of cancer. last Saturday, the 24th, we had a paddle out memorial for him at Salt Creek in Dana Point and I grabbed some pics...
  39. thedonnguyen

    rod suggestions

    looking to get a new rod, mostly bottom fishing for bass, maybe lookin to hook up some sheep's head or butt...also looking to spend under 150 and was looking for suggestions...thanks guys
  40. thedonnguyen

    Bodyboarders vs Surfers

    interested to see how this turns out and who exactly will be competing...
  41. thedonnguyen

    bodyboarding action in La Jolla

    the fog made shooting rough, but i got some decent shots...thanks for looking more shots here
  42. thedonnguyen

    Kencor 820

    anyone happen to have a schematic or pictures of this reel taken apart? Had to take mine apart because the gear sleeve froze and I'm not sure how the dog spring is supposed to be installed on this particular reel Cheers
  43. thedonnguyen

    Penn 168-60 Wrench

    just seeing if anyone has a spare one they wanna get rid of since the used reel i picked up didn't come with one. Cheers
  44. thedonnguyen

    Corrosion X vs. Penn synthetic reel oil

    which do you guys prefer? I've read a ton about Corrosion X on here but haven't found much about the Penn oil.... thanks guys
  45. thedonnguyen

    side plates for Penn 500

    anyone know where i can get some new side plates for a Penn jigmaster 500? the used one i picked up has pretty beat up side plates and I'd like to replace em if possible
  46. thedonnguyen

    side plates for Penn 500

  47. thedonnguyen

    new to fishing and need reel suggestions

    Hey guys, I'm new to the board and pretty new to fishing...just recently got into it and am having tons of fun with the gear i have now. Went on a 3/4 day yesterday and used my first conventional reel and I dig em. The rig i have right now is old and pretty worn out, as I inherited them from my...