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    Rod Holder - Fishing Rod Holder

    SOLDAsking $45 for this standup fishing rod holder will hold up to 22 fishing rods. Dimensions 35" x 36" x 18.5" PHONE CALLS ONLY - Store does not have voicemail. Monday thru Friday 10-7 or Saturday 10-6 Closed Sunday No text, email, or voicemail 714-957-1408
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    Berkley Line Winder - Fishing Line Winder

    Berkley Line Winder, this line winder has been used in a retail environment at Glenn's Rod N Gun (Glenn's Tackle) in Costa Mesa. Only being sold because the store is closing its doors. Price dropped to $300 obo PHONE CALLS ONLY - Store does not have voicemail. Monday thru Friday 10-7 or Saturday...
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    Fish Mounts - Yellowtail, Dorado, Blue Marlin, Albacore, Roster Fish and AmberJack

    We're Shutting Down and Need to Move These Out These fish mounts are perfect for your man cave, restaurant, bar art or as they've been used as wall art for our tackle store. If you have fishing themed man cave just imagine the looks on your friends faces when the walk it and see a 450LB Blue...
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    We've decided to hook up with a company to build us some F.A.L.s. These rifles will be California and Federally compliant (in case anyone is wondering). I.E. no more than 10 foreign components and at least 7 American made parts. The receivers will be from Israel and in metric configuration...
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    OC Rod Building Class Has Ended...

    Just wanted to let everyone know I've decided to stop holding these 'classes' at my shop. It's been an awesome time getting to know all that attended and helping newbies to learn the art of rod building! To all those who sacrificed their time doing seminars and helping with the classes I want to...
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    A Job At a Rod&Gun Store

    Glenn's Tackle/Rod 'N' Gun in Costa Mesa is now hiring! Call or come by... Ask for [email protected] Glenn's Tackle 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626 714-957-1408 10am-7pm (m-f) EDIT!!! Gun store experience no longer a requirement for applicants
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    Now hiring!!!

    Glenn's Tackle Shop---soon to be Glenn's Rod 'n Gun--- Is now hiring experienced personnel in the shooting sports section of our store. Give us a call if you're motivated and have excellent people skills. Ask for Bobby! Bobby~ Glenn's Tackle Shop 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa, CA 92626...
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    30mm or 1 inch tube...

    Looking to replace the cheap scope on my SPS700. Probably gonna spend about $700-$900 retail on new glass. Nikon Monarch 6.5-20X-50 is in my price range, but what is my real disadvantage(if any) of a 1 inch tube scope for out to 800yds? I'm just target shooting from static positions with this...
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    Old Truline 36 vs....

    ...mid-80's GGII B36? What's the difference in these blanks? Got a few guys wrapping for me, and I've run out of things to do today...So I'm rewrapping an old Truline for myself. Built a lot of these old sticks for people over the years, but don't quite remember what the 'GGII' designates... Bobby~
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    Sabre Rods/California Tackle's old Coke Machine

    We bought California Tackle's old Coke machine just before they went out of business back in the 80's. It was the machine either in their lobby or break room. It's been here at our shop ever since, and we are now rearranging the shop so there is no more room left for this here. It's a model from...
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    Penn Squall Reel

    Anyone know where these new Penn reels are produced? I checked Penn's website, but could not find info this.... Bobby~
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    Penn Squall Reel

  13. BakerStBobby2

    A few color combo ideas from recent builds...

    Here are a few pics of guide wraps from recently completed rods. Just thought I'd share a little bit... Bobby~
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    4 Wooden Rod Racks

    We decided to buy some new rod racks for the shop, so the old ones need a new home. They're 48.5"wide, 48"tall and 12" deep. Each hold 23 rods per side(46 total). We're letting them go for $50 each or $175 for all four. Pick up only, please... Bobby Glenn's Tackle Shop 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa...
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    Basket Weaving night in the OC

    Here are some pics from this weeks 'class'. Tim was starting his second basket weave and Chad had one done that he decided to split and wrap the cord on 'straight' where the reel will sit. These butt cord weaves are time intensive, but very rewarding once done! Enjoy the pics... Bobby~
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    Retro Calstar 530

    Brad from HT Lures ordered a Calstar 530 done in super retro 70's colors with a little sparkle metallic thread to make it pop. Used Fuji Alconite guides and multi-colored brown butt cord with a turks (thanks Chad!). Base wrap is tan (290 C-ncp), middle wrap of met. bronze (9541-D) and a top wrap...
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    Just wanted to let everyone know there will be no 'class' this Wednesday, Nov. 24th... See ya'all next week. Have a great turkey day!!!! Bobby~
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    Spiral wrapped Black Hole rods

    I got a chance to wrap up a couple acid rods for Divegod1 that he wanted use for cows on a recent 10 day. One is a Black Hole 70 that will be a rail rod, the other is a B.H. Cape Cod 450gram jigger. Never built any acid rods, so this was a treat! I kinda like them... Anyways, here are some pics...
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    D-8 tiger wrap

    I haven't posted in a while. Been busy with nothing really killer looking to put up here. But here is an old D-8 that I wrapped for Jose L. with a pretty nice looking tiger. This one REALLY moves a lot with the 5 coats of flex coat I used over the base wrap. You can't see that, but it's one that...
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    Rods for Soldiers, Seeker BS 706-S

    I heard about the Rods for Soldiers program a few months ago and decided to help out by making this spinning rod for the cause. Did it in red, pearl and blue just to be a little different. Hope the guy or gal that gets it loves it and fishes the hell out of it! This is the last of three rods I...
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    Fishing for the "Q"ure, A rod in pink!

    Here's a Calstar BT870 that will be on the October Q-105 2-day women's fishing trip to raise money for breast cancer research.Some lucky lady will win it that trip!(or bid for it, not sure really). It will be on display this weekend at the WCCR&T Show in Pasadena! Didn't think pink could look...
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    Door Prize at the WCCRS...

    Here is a rod I just finished that someone will win at the West Coast Custom Rod Show on Oct.2nd & 3rd. It's an American Tackle Viper AVGC 70MH rated 25-40# 7' bait stick. I went with a split gripped corktape/x-tube rear and CT/x-tube fore, Fuji seat and American Tackle NBRLVL stainless steel...
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    M.A.W. Rods by O.C. Rod Builders....

    Thanks to all the guys and gals that helped out building these sticks! John Mahan spent more time than anyone doing the weaves, great job John! Chad tied up the cord for the chain wrapped butt sections on the trollers and at least 20 others helped out wrapping the guides. Some of you came from...
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    Candy Corn BTG 670

    Here are a few shots of a rod I just completed for a customer. It's his son's 1st custom rod and he did an awesome job picking out components and thread colors, IMO. It's a Calstar BTG670 with candycorn butt cord handle and Fuji alconite guides. He picked out orange(221-c), yellow(6778-c) and...
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    SS 2X4 & BTG690-J

    Just completed these 2 sticks for customer named Jeff. We used hypolon and a Forecast Easy-Tight seat on the 2x4. The jig stick got corktape w/x-tube over. Thanks go out to Chad for the turkshead! Both rods got NITR Titan Turbo guides. Thought you guys might like the tigers. I think they came...
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    Make A Wish Tuna Challenge Rods

    Over here at the O.C. Custom Rod Builders Class we have been wrapping up 5 rods for the MAW Tuna Challenge. However, since we meet only on Wednesdays, these suckers aren't getting done fast enough for the deadline of the end of August. I have decided to set up in my shop a table behind the...
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    *N.I.B.* Trindad Gold Reels...

    ...Going cheap! TN12-$266 SOLD TN16-$304 TN20-$315 SOLD TN30-$335 One each of these for sale-1st come, 1st served! Local pick up only, please. Cash or debit will only be accepted at this low price. Remember, these are BRAND NEW IN THE BOX!!! No need to PM, just call....714-957-1408 Bobby~...
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    Used Toriums

    2 used Toriums for sale, both have been serviced and cast way better than out of the box new! Torium 30....outside 9/10 mechanically 10/10---$120 SOLD Torium 20(used once) outside 10/10 mechanically 10/10---$140 SOLD Local pick up only, please. Bobby~ Glenn's Tackle 1145 Baker St. Costa Mesa...
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    OC Rod Building Class, Continued Thread...

    We've been building with the Make A Wish Tuna Challenge rods lately, but there is still a bunch of other stuff going on to keep everyone busy. Steve from Rooster Rods came by and gave us some cross wrap tips and helped with some inlay tips, as well. Thanks Steve! I'll be on a 7-day trip next...
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    Here's a rod i built for myself. Haven't had time to do much stuff for myself lately, so this is a treat! I was inspired by Bill's JC weave, since I don't wrap weaves tho, I just wrote one it a passage from the Book of James that I read. NIRLVH guides with multi-colored butt cord and a deep...
  31. BakerStBobby2

    Trinidad 40N $325 Used Once

    Only used once and had a free spool upgrade done before its only use last summer. Reel has been serviced and is ready to fish. 9.9 outside, 10 mechanically! No pics (we all know what they look like) Has 50# spectra backing. Comes with factory clamp. Local pick up only, please. Bobby~ Glenn's...
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    FYI about OC Rod Building Class

    Just want to let everyone know that the 'class' is still going on while some of the patrons are wrapping the Make A Wish Tuna Challenge rods. So, anyone and everyone that wants to learn how to build a custom stick is welcome to come by on any(except 6-23-10, I'm on a 7-day!) Wednesday night to...
  33. BakerStBobby2

    OC's Make A Wish Rods Vol. III

    A bunch of us got together this past Wednesday to actually start wrapping the M.A.W. Tuna Challenge rods. We had Dave, Whitney and Tyler doing all the grunt work and they really kicked butt! Thanks for your help guys and gals!!! Last pic is of what the finished guides will look like. Here are...
  34. BakerStBobby2

    Still wrapping tigers...

    Seems like all I've been posting are pics from rod building class lately. Well, here is a 2 color tiger that is just amazing IMO. Black & Silver met base and black on top. This thing has lots of tigerish movement and I thought ya guys might wanna check it out... Bobby~
  35. BakerStBobby2

    OC's Make A Wish Rods Vol. II

    Last night a bunch of us got together to decide what colors we should use on these 5 rods and how the wraps should look. We spent a good 2 hours and we were still stuck on what to do. I think I got the base wraps figured out today(last pic). Here are some pics... Bobby~
  36. BakerStBobby2

    Look what I can do...

    A little fun with removing gimbals with and old epoxy and my even older fillet knife...Oh hell, the pictures are more funny than the explanation... Bobby~
  37. BakerStBobby2

    OC's Make A Wish Rods Vol. I

    We started the 5 rods for the Make a Wish Tuna Challenge auction last night at the OC Rod Builders Class! There were plenty of people here to lend a hand and it was awesome seeing so many guys and gals show up! The Rainshadow blanks, Alps guides, seats, and gimbals were all donated by Bill...
  38. BakerStBobby2

    Calling ALL past & present OC Rod Building Class participants

    We've been asked to build a set of 5 sticks that will be auctioned off to help out the Make A Wish Foundation. The blanks are at the shop already, 90% of the other parts will be donated and I'll be supplying the remainder of components needed to complete them. I'm asking for you guys and gals...
  39. BakerStBobby2

    Busy Wrapping Custom Sticks-- OC Style

    We had 3 machines going during our last OC Rod Builders 'Class' this past Wednesday. Lots of everything going on during these 'classes' lately. This week Jesse ground down the feet of his guides and started wrapping them on his ss-cjb90-f, Mike(I called him Jim all night---sorry dude) wrapped...
  40. BakerStBobby2

    Truline BOR D-8

    Here's a few pics of the latest Truline rebuild. The blank was in great shape, already stripped and the customer had installed his own vintage label and a butt section of cord over corktape. We went with AmTac NIRLVH Virtus Ringlock guides. Colors are 326-c, 9326-d met and 206-d on the guide...
  41. BakerStBobby2

    More fun at OC Rod Builders Class

    Had another fun filled night doing all things custom rod building with a bunch of new wrappers at our little rod building class. Scott set up his BTG270, Dave started his over wraps on his dad's old surf rod, Jesse spaced out his guides and started his base wraps on an SS-CJB90F, and Ben spaced...
  42. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod building Class 4-7-10

    Here are some pics of Jesse wrapping his very 1st tiger(1st wrap ever, actually) on his SS-CJB90-F... He put a few sizes of mono over the completed base wrap to see what the tiger will kinda look like when done. See ya all next week!!! Bobby~
  43. BakerStBobby2

    Full House at OC Rod Builders 3-31-10

    Felt like the old days last night! Something like 10 people here picking up some new skills and others just checking out what its all about. Dave wrapped up an old rod his dad gave him (white rod w/ green base wraps). Ben sanding down an old G.Loomis to re-wrap and Jesse re-finishing a Seeker...
  44. BakerStBobby2

    Don't see these everyday....

    Customer brought me in a rod with a butt section that had a Penn Int'l 20 built into the handle. I can't remember what they were called.I've seen dozens of these come through the shop over the years for reel repair, but never was given the chance to re-build the rod section. He decided to go...
  45. BakerStBobby2

    Penn 50SWs (2 sold seperately)

    I've got my Penn 50SW 2 speed reels for sale. Both have T-bar Tiburon handles and 130# Izorline spectra. Both have been serviced and are ready to kill (or catch & release)!! Selling them for $350 each. Local pick up prefferred, but I will ship at buyers expense. 1st pic is of both reels. pic...
  46. BakerStBobby2


    Have 2 brand new Avets for sale! Pm if interested. Local pick up preferred, but I will ship. 1. 50w Gold Pro EX $460 SOLD 2. HXJ Silver $350 3. JX6/3 Gold $290 Just added 3-16-10 Bobby~ 714-726-1697 cell (8am-10pm) 714-957-1408 shop(10am-7pm)
  47. BakerStBobby2

    Super Seeker w/CKW

    This is an SS-CJBF65XH that will be given away as a door prize on my 7-day charter on the Q-105 this June. Here are the specs: Cord butt wrap over single layer corktape. American Tackle NIRLVH guides. Dark green turks head and my 1st CKW (shown up close in another thread). Guide wraps are with...
  48. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Building Class 2-24-10

    Well, were still having classes every Wednesdays. Tonight Kara was trying her hand marbeling. She's a talented artist and this should be a great way for her to start out at rod building. She did wrapped a few rods back in the day and now at it again! Donnie came by earlier today and asked me to...
  49. BakerStBobby2

    Tiagra 50W-LRSA, 50W-LRS and TLD50 II

    More used stuff 4 sale! Tiagras have a few boat rash scratches, the 'A' series 50w has far fewer scuffs, however. Only flaw on the TLD is the handle is missing one of the inserts (seen in pic). All have been serviced and work great. Local pick up is preferred, but will ship to anywhere in the US...
  50. BakerStBobby2

    Custom rods displayed at the LA boat show

    If anyone wants to check out some of our custom rods, a couple of them will be on display at the Los Angeles Boat Show going on this weekend. Check out the personal watercraft at the Huntington Beach Honda booth... "jet ski style" fishing! LOS ANGELES BOAT SHOW Bobby~
  51. BakerStBobby2

    1st CKW

    Just laid down the mono on my very 1st CKW. I used 5896-D, 6779-C and 9358-D met. on the base with 60# mono on top. Used a thin coat of flexcoat for adhesion of the mono. I get dizzy looking at these...more to come for sure! Bobby~
  52. BakerStBobby2

    Inky Decks

    Here's a pic from 2/4/2010 on the Patriot out of Newport Beach. Kinda sick, but beautiful at the same time.... Bobby~
  53. BakerStBobby2

    Penn, Shimano & Accurate Upgraded Reels

    Got 8 more used reels for sale. All have been serviced and ready to fish! All prices are firm. No C/C's, cash or money orders (pay pal add 3%). Local pick up is prefered. PM me for close up pics of any of these reels... Bobby~ Penn 30TW : $150 SOLD Penn 30SW : $250 SOLD Shimano Tiagra 50W LRS...
  54. BakerStBobby2

    TLD 10

    Here is a TLD 10 that has been serviced and ready for its new home. Most markings have worn off, but it is in very good working order. Asking $125... If interested, please PM or call 714-726-1697. Bobby~
  55. BakerStBobby2

    Used TLD reels

    Here are several used reels I just picked. They are all Shimano TLD series. Local pick-up prefered. PM if interested... TLD 50 II 2-speed- Very good condition, 9-10 outside :$275 TLD 20 II 2-speed- Serviced, free spool is outstanding! Outside 7-10 :$150 SOLD TLD 20 single speed-Serviced...
  56. BakerStBobby2

    PG Wahoo Special

    Anyone know if there is a number designation to one of these reels? Or the value of one in mint condition? Bobby~
  57. BakerStBobby2

    Truline 5T 71 Decontruction & Rebuild

    Roy brought me 5 rods which needed a few guides replaced on each one. However, in the bundle of old sticks to repair was this dark green Truline 5T 71, which I absolutely had to strip down from it's former self and rebuild for him. Here are the pics from start to finish (all 15 of them)...ending...
  58. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Building Class 12/30/09

    Thought I'd share a few pics from the last 'class' of the year. Mark Kanow (former employee-pictured with the red, white and black rod) stopped by show us his latest work and helped Tyler learn how to spline a bait stick. Tim brought in a rod to show off something I've never seen before- a...
  59. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Building Class -- Bonus 'Class'

    There will be an extra evening of rod building class this Wednesday, December 30th (the 5th Wed. of the month). We start at 7pm and go till it ends... Bobby~
  60. BakerStBobby2

    New in box Penn Int'l 2 speeds

    Thought I'd give the BD family first shot at these brand new reels. Will only accept cash, or money orders and ship at buyers expense(no handling charges will be added). PM if interested.... Bobby~ 1. 50VSW....$430 SOLD 2. 30VSW....$390 SOLD 3. 30VSX....$390 SOLD 4. 16VSX...$360 SOLD 5. 30S...
  61. BakerStBobby2

    Great year to learn how to wrap a rod

    I just wanted to thank everyone who helped make 2009 such a great year at the OC Rod Building Class. Mark Griffen, Jim Upton, Ken Bushman, Steve T.(aka 8 week wonder), Steve & Lori Gustin, Neptune, Bowhunter, Mike from Nimrods, and Bill Batson(not pictured)..all of these guys and gals either...
  62. BakerStBobby2

    Never get discouraged...

    I recently took in and old Truline to rewrap for a customer and I thought it would be a good time to rewrap my old Truline 36. It was one of my 1st custom rods I built way back in the day. I was looking at the writting I did on this relic from 1983, and it really made me think how horrible my...
  63. BakerStBobby2

    Wrapping things up for Christmas

    Here are a couple pics of some recent rod builds. All have American Tackle Titanium guides. There are 2 Super Seeker 2x4's, an SS-CTSF63XXH, 2 SS-CJB80F's, an SS-CJBF70 and a re-wrapped GF-700L. The one's I like the best are with those yellow 200-C base wraps and green met inlays, black...
  64. BakerStBobby2

    Truline rod ID

    I took in this old factory Truline to re-build for a customer. We're gonna install a new Dynamo 3" cap, new hyp grips, Alps centra-lock seat and Alps 316SS tico guides. Will also sand & refinish the blank. Since the blank is a super dark green, we're gonna use olive gudebrod (1820-D, i think...
  65. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod Biulding Class Nov. 4th Will be Awesome!

    We will have a special guest at next weeks class on November 4th. Jim Upton of Seeker Fishing Rods will be giving a weaving seminar for our little band of rod builders! Everyone is invited to watch and learn!!! Bobby~ __________________ GET BIT...
  66. BakerStBobby2

    Q-105 Dec.10-20th 2009

    Hey guys! We have a ton of openings on our 10 day in December. As usual, I will be giving lots of swag away along with all the stuff Matt from Berkley Line has to give away. I also will be donating a custom Super Seeker SS-CJBF65-H that I built. Cost is very low @ $2465 (possible discount on...
  67. BakerStBobby2

    OC Rod building class dates changed...

    I am changing the dates of the classes for this month due to the MLPA meeting on the 21st. The class on the 21st is being moved to the 14th. Class on the 7th will stay the same. Don't forget, All American Roller Guide founder, Steve Gustlin will be showing up that night!!! See you all there...
  68. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Building Class October 21st...

    The class will be canceled that night. We will be up in the LBC at the MLPA meeting. You should be there, too! Class will resume its normal schedule after that night: 1st, 3rd and 5th Wednesday nights at 7pm. Bobby~
  69. BakerStBobby2

    Pavel's Tiger

    Made this rod for Pavel. It's a gift to him from my good friend, Doc Pittillo (The Guitar Doctor). It's a Calstar GF750XLH (800XLH w/6" off the butt). Used 3 layers of corktape w/gaps on the top layer and X-tube covering it. American Tackle BTRLC Nanolite guides with a double wrap of black for...
  70. BakerStBobby2

    Orange County MLPA "Awareness Event" Sept. 5TH

    Ok everyone! Here's the game plan for the OC area. Let's say we all meet up in the parking lot adjacent to my tackle shop by 9am. The address is 1145 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626. There is ample parking for trucks/suvs with boats on Saturdays. Bring your banners/boats on trailers/bumper...
  71. BakerStBobby2

    Son started working at the Tackle Shop

    He never wanted to work with me at the shop before. Well, he's moved out and on his own (with a few roommates) and needs a little spending cash. He's been a huge help! Here are a couple pics of him happily at 'work'. Bobby~ Nice mug, Mitch!!!
  72. BakerStBobby2

    It's been a busy summer, so far

    Here are some of my latest creations. Thanks to all the BD'ers that have made my shop so successful this year!!! Bobby~
  73. BakerStBobby2

    Giant Squid are back.....

    Just got a report that the twilight boat out of Newport Landing got Humbolts to 30#'s last night. There goes the neighborhood.... Bobby~
  74. BakerStBobby2

    Q-105 7day trip (6-20 to 6-27)

    We showed up around 7am on the 20th of June to watch the previous trip off-load their catch. All those fish had us very excited about our trip that would leave the dock in mere hours. After all the passengers were on board, it was a short trip to the bait recivers. We loaded up with about 500...
  75. BakerStBobby2

    Nuclear Worms

    We just got our 1st summer order of nuclear worms on Wednesday. These things are deadly for perch and croaker! Bobby Gowin Glenn's Tackle Costa Mesa, CA 714-957-1408
  76. BakerStBobby2

    WSB wide open at Newport

    The morning half day found WSB under 'cudas and limited out on Sunday. I was sent an email from Newport Landing about this. I got unconfirmed reports that they did well today, but no numbers. It's starting!!!.... Bobby~
  77. BakerStBobby2

    My Tiger Wrap Tutorial

    This is copied from another Rod Building thread that I started. Size of thread is a determining factor. Also, when using more threads on the base, you will get more colors showing up after the top wrap is complete. The thing I'm learning now is that using larger sacrificial threads are making...
  78. BakerStBobby2

    My favorite tiger part II

    Here is that tiger I posted a few days ago with the finish on it. Enjoy.... Bobby~
  79. BakerStBobby2

    Penn 50W goes swimmin'

    This is what a reel can look like from the inside after your zodiac flips over in a surf break. It got tossed around in the white wash surf down in Baja for a little while before it was retrieved. Here's a couple pics of the sand in the reel. Bobby~
  80. BakerStBobby2

    My Favorite far

    This one I did something a little different. I used 2 colors on base wrap: 6778-C (lite yellow) and 9468-D met. (purple)... I used 326-D on top wrap..... But I used an old and very thick National Tackle size D thread as the sacrificial. Also, I used Doc Ski's advise and moved the top wrap around...
  81. BakerStBobby2

    Bengal Tiger Wrap

    I finally got around to making a tiger wrap with what I was hoping to be bengal tiger colors. Black, white, and orange base w/257-D(rust color) top wrap. Here it is...
  82. BakerStBobby2

    How to give your mom a heart attack

    A mother passing by her son's bedroom was astonished to see the bed was nicely made, and everything was picked up. Then, she saw an envelope, propped up prominently on the pillow. It was addressed, 'Mum' With the worst premonition, she opened the envelope and read the letter, with...
  83. BakerStBobby2

    Metallic Gold & Purple Tiger

    Here is my latest tiger wrap. It's a combo I've done quite a few times...met. purple 9468-D and met gold 9000-D with 50-D top wrap. I put it on a BTG 690-J for a customer's son's 1st custom rod. Hope Chase likes it! Bobby~
  84. BakerStBobby2

    Door prize for the WCCRS

    Here is a sneak peak of the rod we'll be giving away at the West Coast Custom Rod Show on May 2nd. It's a Calstar BT6465 with Fuji turbos and an Aftco reel seat. It'll make a great yo-yo and dropper-loop stick for some lucky angler. See you all there!!! Bobby Gowin Glenn's Tackle Costa Mesa, CA
  85. BakerStBobby2

    Orange County Rod Building Class is in Full Swing

    We held our 3rd rod building class last night at my shop. It was a good time with everyone asking questions and seeing how others have done wrapping rods. We helped Wayne set up his 1st rod, a BTG 90-J. Newbie to the 'class' was Scott with his 7.5' Jaws 30-60#--a monster of a blank. Gave him...
  86. BakerStBobby2

    Stoddard Valley 3-14/15-09

    Here's a few pics of our last ride. We set up camp off Outlet Cntr. Dr. near Barstow. Most of you know I'm big into fishing, but here's what I like the most...The desert. My son and I try to make out there about every 3 weeks in the winter. No riding pics as we are usually hauling ass and just...
  87. BakerStBobby2

    UCLA Bruins Tiger Wrap

    This is an old school meets new school Calstar. It's a T870 with old style ss guides and very old school colors. I did use an Alps Triangle seat. Tiger is wrapped with black and 200-D (sunburst) w/245 blue on top. Hope the customer likes it....(yellow on top was as ooooold skewl as we could...
  88. BakerStBobby2

    Calico Tiger for Mitch

    Got it done Tuesday, enjoy....
  89. BakerStBobby2

    Rod Building Classes In OC Have Started

    We had our 1st class last night at Glenn's Tackle in Costa Mesa. People have been asking me to do this for years...I finally caved, and glad I did! We had a range from '1st timers' to seasoned 'garage wrappers' show up. We simply asked who needs to learn how to do what. A couple guys wanted to...
  90. BakerStBobby2

    Three Tigers going to FHS

    These are the 3 rods I'll be giving away as the grand door prizes on our 5-day open charter on the Q-105 in June. The purple one is a Calstar GG870, the blue one is a GG670 and the red(not pink) is a Super Seeker SS-CJBF-65H. I'll be helping out in the Qualifier 105 booth on Sunday from 10am-2pm...
  91. BakerStBobby2

    More of the calico Tiger

    Here are a couple more of the forever to be known as the Calico Tiger. It's an old Sabre 670-L that I found in the back room of the shop. It's gonna get NIRLVL American Tackle titanum prototype guides(lighter than NITT's. Will post pics of completed rod within the week. My son is gonna be stoked...
  92. BakerStBobby2

    Busy w/tigers II

    Here is a 3-color tiger---702c, 9050d, and 246d base with 246d on top. Four thick coats of epoxy between wraps. It looks like water out in the sun. BTW fellow wrappers, get in touch with Doc Ski. He's looking to fill a booth with awesome rods by awesome wrappers for the West Coast Custom...
  93. BakerStBobby2

    Busy with tiger wraps

    Ok, here is my 1st post with pics of my work. Let me know what you think of my photography. Comments on thread work would be appreciated, as well.
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  95. BakerStBobby2

    Q-105 5 DAY CHARTER 8/16-8/21