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  1. catchabigone

    Giant rainbows.......

    Lake Pend Orielle is kicking out the giants per usual this time of year. The hot time of year is 10/5 to 12/5 with two big money derbies in those dates. I don't like fishing in the derbies. That pic is me with my 1st over twenty rainbow. ruined me for life. Heard from one of my charter friends...
  2. catchabigone

    Bananas on long range boats>

    As a Charter captain on a large lake in North Idaho I don't allow bananas on my (I know I know, I am an idiot) boat I have had too many fishless days only to find a banana on board in someones lunch. I am a believer in that myth. Many times soon after asking politely of the offender to get those...
  3. catchabigone

    ethanol question, Problems , Problems

    Ok this is an ongoing problem that has now come down to the Mobile marine mechanic wanting to cut the floor out and replacing the tank. Trophy 2152 2008, diagnosed as ethanol degrading the inside of my tank thus plastic in my carb. I know there are many trophy owners/plastic gas tank users out...
  4. catchabigone

    2008 Trophy Pro 2152 w/ alaska package

    I have a piece of S**t Trophy 2152 that everything works on. I know they suck but this one has been 70 miles out of Shelter Cove and brought me home safe every time. Every pump,switch,light,works on this crappy trophy. It has all the standard equipment I added raymarine auto pilot and two garmin...
  5. catchabigone

    Bilge Pump help please.

    Hi guys I am sure someone here can help. I have a Trophy 2152, with a malfunctioning bilge pump. The problem is the pump was installed before the engine! Trophy Right??. So now I can't access it without pulling the engine. Has any one here had to deal with the same problem. How did you solve it...
  6. catchabigone

    cow from shore and on a coffee grinder

    Looks like fun, according to the description they drove to this spot. Check it out Hope this is not a repeat.
  7. catchabigone

    Bait wells?

    So I have a dreaded trophy pro with a bait well behind the starboard seat. I know that they are not as good as a oval bait tank but there is no live bait where I live really, at least no one selling any. So I don't want to buy a live well for just a few trips down south. Can I get away with a...
  8. catchabigone

    Shelter Cove 6/18 Salmon/rockfish

    Left the ramp at ten o'clock, dead low tide. I always like to fish the incoming if I can time it that way. Dana and I headed right for the chin of the old man. The salmon fishing here as of late has been dismal at best when we could get out. But it is time for fish to be in that area, they are...
  9. catchabigone

    shelter cove on the 13th

    Launched at nine tried the whistle for a while then trolled to the old man. That is where we found them and we got them good. All 4 were over 23 lbs with the biggest at 28, my best limit of salmon in a long time. They all had what looked like 10 inch sardines in them I would have thought they...
  10. catchabigone

    f/s two 4 wt. fly rods

    these were state of the art in the 80's 1. Gloomis IMX 8'6" 4 wt. in 9/10 condition Graphite reel seat, with hard case. This rod is perfect for the West Slope of the Sierras..$175 2. Sage graphite 9' 4 wt. also 9/10 with a hard aluminum case. $150 I have no idea what they are worth now make a...
  11. catchabigone

    Idaho's Lake Pend Orielle on FIRE!

    For any of you that have wanted to catch a TROPHY rainbow trout. The lake at Sandpoint Id. is putting out MONSTER Kamloops Rainbow trout at a consistent level for the first time in ten years. There have been many 20lb plus bows in the last few weeks and one that topped the scales over...
  12. catchabigone

    Bill fishing off of Eureka

    It wasn't me but other club members from the HTC pinned a tiny albie on and threw out some Marlin lures on some big tackle today. More than one boat saw jumping billfish today offshore. The attempt was made but the results were nil. They saw it too but I am not sure whether or not they got a...
  13. catchabigone

    Big fish questions

    Ok this is a remarkable time on the north coast. Bluefin,dorado,swordfish,and mako reports in the last week with in 15 miles. A friend was on a triple and had to leave two hanging when all of a sudden one of the hangers took off like a frieght train and spooled him. what ever it was it was big...
  14. catchabigone

    this report is to make you guys down south Jelous/ Albacore

    I am doing my honey dooooos today and at 10:30 I decided to turn on the radio to see if anyone went for tuna today. I hear a boat that is always tuna fishing if he can, clear as day taking about a triple. I called the Tuna Runner and asked how far since I could hear him like he was in my...
  15. catchabigone

    cold water Dorado question

    Last week we were laying some wood to the albies of the vizcaino Knoll off of Ft Bragg Ca. I spotted a very large patty and and did tightening circles around it try to get my troll lures to get close without the boat getting to close. I one point I saw four large green fish with the tell tale...
  16. catchabigone

    WFO Shelter Cove Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

    slept late, got a 9:30 launch ran a 240 from the whistle got to 59.5 degree water and put them in at 33 miles and hooked up in five minutes. Continued west until the fish stopped biting we had 7 in the first 1/2 hour. 47/42 area 62 degree most of the day, diving rapala and mexican flags in...
  17. catchabigone

    shelter cove tuna

    Pics of some of my bloody decks from Fridays run. Enjoy the pics. The spread A triple!!! Catchabigone gaffing like a pro Catchabigone administering the wood shampoo A bloody deck Catchabigone clapping the fish to bite Matanaska gaffing albacore Dave landing...
  18. catchabigone

    Wild Hair long range newbe

    Hi guys! Alright i just can't take it anymore. I need to catch a bluefin. I have decided on a last minute trip hopefully 1.5 days not more than 3 days and if I could have my druthers limited load of under 20 fishers. Does anybody know of such an trip that is not sold out on a good boat for a...
  19. catchabigone

    Shelter Cove Ca. 5/2/13

    We had a pretty good day at the cove today. Started near the Tolo bank and hit four lings and a black before I got the first salmon on a black and silver apex at 87 otw. Our next hit was a bruiser on the deep six and a spoon but my poor eyesight last night and my inexperience at tying top...
  20. catchabigone

    Thresher Help and ????

    So I live up here on the Lost coast. We have a 5000 ft deep canyon that comes right up to shore a mile or two north of where we launch. This time of year we get a pretty good population of threshers. Today a commercial guy that was fishing for salmon with rods and had a big stick with rollers...
  21. catchabigone

    Shelter Cove Blood Bath

    It's a blood bath I tells ya. Dipped the Ripple today at 9:30 Dead low, so we can still get out on the low tide. Motored over to near the whistle set gear and had a 15lb king within twenty minutes. Next up was a 16lbs hatchery fish, then the grade got a little smaller so we released three...
  22. catchabigone

    Info and opinions on the 1.7 merc/cummins diesel

    Found a 2005 trophy diesel I want to purchase. Started looking around on the net and am finding some not so stellar reports, I believe the least satisfied are the most vocal, so in hopes of some real info I am asking here. Are there any owners of the 2052 model with the 1.7 in it here and have...
  23. catchabigone

    Shelter Cove salmon and a big suprise

    Was gonna run for tuna but after the low numbers yesterday we decided to give the salmon a last shot. We left the Cove on the Riptide at about 9:00, we were boat #12. The ocean was flat and we headed right to the 40.05 line in the middle of the canyon. We spotted bait there yesterday on a 1 hour...
  24. catchabigone

    blue fin tuna in nor cal

    I am supprised this has not been posted yet but there were three bluefin tuna caught this weekend in nor cal, 1 out of Eureka, and two from fort bragg. They were mixed in with the albacore. Bothe were abot thirty pounds. Check out humboldttuna .com for reports
  25. catchabigone

    opinions on steiger craft boats

    Lookin at a beautiful stieger craft leftover for a good price any Steiger owners here and how are they treating you? Any opinions from the other members that have been out on one. What do I need to know, good and bad.;
  26. catchabigone

    boat storage questions

    Hi guys, been reading the reports from down here and it's driving me crazy. The nor cal tuna season has been dismal at best. So rather than towing up and back(Would need to buy a truck) and because of the buyers market I am looking for a boat down here. I have family here but no room for a boat...
  27. catchabigone

    Repower info needed/sea ray laguna 21

    Well it seems my old 2 stroke merc 150 black max is about to leave me stranded somewhere offshore/lost confidence. I have found a good deal on a new 150 Honda, but it weighs about 100 lbs more than the Merc. My concern is that it will be to much weight on the transom thus raising the bow to...
  28. catchabigone

    blow yamaha 9.9

    I have been having trouble with this motor since day after sitting for a couple of months the engine is seized up. They told me there was a salt water leak into my head and thus rusted the engine. The motor has been back to the dealers quite a few time and now they want to replace the...
  29. catchabigone

    what's the deal

    So are we now a free advertising site or what. Granted the Acher chronicles are entertaining but can we all now just start our own forum to advertise our personal businesses??? If so then where will we put the fishing info other than ads. We are treading on a slope that opens some doors that...
  30. catchabigone

    goin to kona and want to fish

    So what do you think? I have a six pac, thousands of hrs at the helm. caught everything from 24# rainbow trout to 250# makos and alot of stuff in between. I am thinking of renting a boat in kona and trying it myself, I like being my own captain. Do you guys think I am waisting my time or do...
  31. catchabigone

    Need a nice place to have a wedding dinner

    I am getting married on Feb 23 in San diego, Hillcrest section to be exact. The party will be small about twenty people. I am looking for a nice place to have dinner. a small banquet room would be nice. Seafood and steaks or maybe asian cuisine would be ok. Any help would be great. I used to be...
  32. catchabigone

    favorite albacore trolling rig

    Whats yours......? Mine is a shimano trevalia TVC 66 mh with a avet MXJ with 50lb spectra and a 50yd topshot of 30lb mono......... thats my inside rods, my outside are the same reels but a lighter rod that is TVC 70 L also with avet MXJ...... These lightweight rods and...
  33. catchabigone

    SHELTER COVE WFO.. You wont believe this

    Thats right wfo and I could see my house!!! ( now how many of you can say that )Thats right I was fighting albacore eight miles from the beach. We had doubles and triples ane even had 5 on at once, only got three that time the ones we left hangin both got off. I t was crazy out there it...
  34. catchabigone

    shelter cove tuna

    went out solo today ( only boat not alone) on a tuna mission. When I got the new sst last night I found my spot and went. long story short 22 miles on a 197 from the whistle found us in jumpers and birds and QUADS and DOUBLES and WE ended the day w/ ten between 20 and thirty all within a...
  35. catchabigone

    first long range trip.. 5 days on the intrepid

    Well I stopped being so cheap and decided to stick my big toe into this long range thing.....first trip ever will be oct 26 to the 31 0n the NEW GUY on the block.....INTREPID..... sponsered by avet and seeker...... anyone else going on this one, am goin solo and would like a friendly...
  36. catchabigone

    what to do now???

    Quick note: one of my avet mxl's was completely submerged yesterday, only for abot 30 seconds. So whats my next step? Do I need to dissassemble to clean or just soak in fresh and drain a couple of times? What would you do???
  37. catchabigone

    news on the Intrepid?????? fish counts????

    So how has that vessel been doing anyone know? She sure is pretty and I think I would like to book a 3 day trip but she's new and I need to know how she fishes. Any fish counts?
  38. catchabigone

    Dodo's out of Eureka!!!!!!!!!

    Last count there have been five Dorado landed in the last two days in Eureka! Pretty far north, what do you guys think, yft??? bft?? Marlina????? Mako??? When the wind machine turns off I'm goin Mako huntin'
  39. catchabigone

    I guess It's just gonna be our year ALBACORE

    Great albie bite out of Shelter Cove yesterday.... Four boats ran on a flat ass calm ocean to a spot near Gorda Valley about fourty miles due west. Terrafin said this was the spot.. We averaged around 25knts on the way out.The fish were right where they were supposed to be. We started to see...
  40. catchabigone

    Wide Open Salmon Bite in Shelter Cove

    The salmon have arrived in force........ Limits for four on the Riptide today with four over thirty pounds... I took a friend his wife and son out of the Cove this morning to try for some salmon. I think we were the last boat out this morning, as were motoring out past the whistle we see a big...
  41. catchabigone

    5 days at holloween

    Bad Idea Good idea????? It seems that most of the trips this time of year are 7 days or more. Will the water be too cold or a better question is are the fish long gone by then and do I need to go on a ten day trip that time of year. I also will be trying the Intrepid for my first long range...
  42. catchabigone

    sx wont fit on lamaglass reel seat

    The seat also doesen't allow for the clamp to work. This is a 8.6 mooching rod that I love to catch salmon on. Any suggestions an how toget the reel to fit..........:confused:
  43. catchabigone

    Noah's Tackle ???

    Tried to call Kevin at the store today to order some avet sx's but phone was turned off. Out of business?? I liked the shop and it seemed like all here did to.
  44. catchabigone

    Salmon limits, gray whales,1st fish on new avet

    Ok lets put this in perspective TODAY WAS UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shelter Cove can be like heaven. We got launched at 10 and had limits in 1 1/2 hrs. The fishing was great! We stopped at six, two released boatside and four nice salmon for this time of year. All between 12 and 14...
  45. catchabigone

    stupid question abou magging a avet

    Magnets and aluminum?? does that sound right? what effect does it have on an alum. spool and is it just friction? Aren't the spools aluminum also? FLAME AWAY and sorry if this is a stupid question, I just bought my first 2 mxj's in gold.LOL
  46. catchabigone

    best tackle shops in San Diego????

    Well I am down here from shelter cove visiting family and am looking for your guys favorite tackle shop. Looking to by some rods and reels so if any of you guys know where the best deals are please let me know. Am staying in hillcrest so I am able to get just about anywhere. THANKS