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  1. scott v

    This fish is straight rainbow trout markings. Google search doesn’t show any white bass with...

    This fish is straight rainbow trout markings. Google search doesn’t show any white bass with rainbow trout markings. Could be wrong.
  2. scott v

    Before everyone gets upset, the dumb kids part is a joke. Mike is old, I guess he hasn’t...

    Before everyone gets upset, the dumb kids part is a joke. Mike is old, I guess he hasn’t learned it’s physically challenged yet.
  3. scott v

    Funny looking little trout

    My kids were cracking up when they pulled this thing out of the water. Looked like a cross between a rainbow trout and a bluegill. Caught in Utah.
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    Penn Torque 40 LD

    Look under sponsors specials.
  5. scott v

    CA knows what's good for you. The forest is closed.

    So just for arguments sake. I looked at caltrans this morning before I left for work. There was a full closure on the opposite side of the freeway well away from where I was exiting the freeway. Big rig rolled and was trapped, listed as a fatality. Resources limited due to the investigation...
  6. scott v

    Penn Torque 40 LD

    As of closing time tonight, Ammo Bros in Santa Ana had one silver and and a few golds in stock.
  7. scott v

    CA knows what's good for you. The forest is closed.

    Is that what you take from the quote below: We do not take this decision lightly but this is the best choice for public safety," said Regional Forester Jennifer Eberlien. "It is especially hard with the approaching Labor Day weekend, when so many people enjoy our national forests." The...
  8. scott v

    Red Rooster III 5-day August 26th-31st **NO GUADALUPE BECAUSE 2 PASSENGERS DON’T HAVE PASSPORT**

    Is it on the Rooster or Mark from Charkbait to kick the passengers off the trip? I would think being that’s it’s a charter it would be up to the charter master to decide what to do.
  9. scott v

    Need help with new budget YT setup

    The Daiwa you mentioned would be a decent choice. I would look at the 30 or 40 though. A budget reel I also like is the okuma Cortez. They are good reels and are about 160 I think. Graftech rods are nice for the price point at around $170. Other option for rod would be to wait for the...
  10. scott v

    Advice & Recommendations on my new SPJ rig

    The rod did not work great for overhand casting as the line would get wrapped on the tiny spiral wrapped guides. It was fine when I could under hand lob it off the corner. Not too familiar with slow pitch jigging but would figure the goofish rod would have the same issues when trying to fly...
  11. scott v

    Advice & Recommendations on my new SPJ rig

    I just picked up a Penn Battalion 30lb spj rod and a fathom 8 spooled with 30 because it was fun to pull on in the shop. Primary use would be for rockfish. I was leaving on a 1.5 day the following evening so the rod was coming with me. We were fishing 8-10 pound dorado with a few yellowtail...
  12. scott v

    Tonight’s trip was canceled due to lack of interest. I was told by the landing your trip came...

    Tonight’s trip was canceled due to lack of interest. I was told by the landing your trip came in early because the bait rolled. Any truth to that one. Great trip either way.
  13. scott v

    Penn Fathom

    If you are looking for new, Ammo Bros in Santa Ana has every Fathom in stock.
  14. scott v

    BFT line suggestion

    It’s a double edged sword. I left Wednesday ona 1.5 day with my 11 year old. My goal was for him to hook a fish. He did and luckily it bit 50 on a torque 40n. He killed that fish in 10-15 minutes with minimal help. Fish were definitely line shy and bit 25 and a few times 30 after my son...
  15. scott v

    fav poke recipe pop up

    Looking for a post and that damn thing keeps popping up. found the post. Stupid add popped up 4 times in the time it took to send a short pm.
  16. scott v

    We're gearing up for an epic season! So can you!

    I picked these up from the shop for my upcoming two day trip. They look good, hopefully the fish agree. The store is well stocked and Matt is a wealth of knowledge.
  17. scott v


    I’ll reply back next week. Plan on dropping that and the JRI 8 as I have done well with both when it’s been a night time bite.
  18. scott v

    Okuma alijos where is it?

    I think Ammo Bros in Santa Ana may have a few.
  19. scott v

    Have the tides turned on coffee grinders?

    I’m sure you already know this but if you are taking the kids fishing it’s all about keeping them happy. Do not expect to do much solo fishing yourself. The joy is seeing them smile. I have 7 and 11 year old boys and they have both been on the water since the age of 5. I have switched...
  20. scott v

    When did you decide to go custom?

    I sent Jake (cowman) a pm many many years ago asking about custom rods. I quickly learned the cost was not much more than factory rods. The attention to detail is so much greater when you have a quality rod builder create what you want. I see no downside and will not go back to factory rods...
  21. scott v

    Offshore 4/14 Shogun 1.5 Report

    I was logged in booking the last spot Tuesday morning and after having to update my credit card went to check out. Hit pay and was given the message someone just booked the last spot. Guess I lucked out on this one.
  22. scott v

    Bloodydecks has a beer- Yellowtail tuna

    Saw this on BNS brewings Facebook page and thought it was pretty funny.
  23. scott v


    I’m in KC 27 TB 20 Thanks, Scott
  24. scott v

    long walk on a short pier

    Spent many days when I was little fishing the city of seal beach. I remember having to jump from the ramp to the boat when there was a bit of swell. Happened more at HB though when they ran boats from the pier. Also loved the tram ride from the lot to the end (or was this Belmont, I was...
  25. scott v

    Billfish for Sale

    My window art courtesy of Mike.
  26. scott v

    Indy 11 day fishing report

    I saw the post from the Indy showing your jackpot 50 lb yellowfin. Initial thought was that was a brutal trip. Then I read you hooked and handed a cow. So awesome of you. I hope to fish long when my kids get a little older. Hopefully you are still fishing then so I can join a trip and...
  27. scott v

    Penn International 12visx for sell!

    Curious what the, “Scammers sending private messages” is when I click on your profile.
  28. scott v

    Bought mak 20 from charkbait , need a rod

    Not sure if the problem has been fixed but someone brought a graftech to Puerto Vallarta on my trip in February. After one fish in the 150 ish pound range the rail grip was worn through to the blank rendering the rod useless.
  29. scott v

    Identify a shitbird

    Unfortunately it’s only going to get worse. California will not allow Oregon to have a softer stance on illicit drugs. We will find away to one up them and protect our tweekers too.
  30. scott v

    Okay,,,Post if You voted.....

    Not that it will make a difference here, but red all the way.
  31. scott v

    Okuma Mak 16 SEa

    I bought this reel from a member last year. The reel has 100lb hollow which I was told was JB but not sure they make it in green. I had the reel serviced last year and have not caught a fish on it since. I would say 9/10 cosmetically, couple small scratches. Reel and clamp only. Asking...
  32. scott v

    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    Hey Robert take me next time and I will dive and guard your hoops after I get my bugs of course. I’ll shank anyone that comes bar then.
  33. scott v

    Not Political - Your Access Just Got F'd. AB2030 Passes by Executive Order

    So everything we did to fight AB 3030 can be wiped out with a pen stroke from our dictator. What a bunch of bs.
  34. scott v

    Ebay Ringed Circle Hooks?

    I have never had any issues with the larger rings. I am typically one of the higher sticks on the boat wasn’t the case last trip though. Quality of the hooks is great. I did a two day last month and the boat ended up with I believe 30 bluefin for 18 passengers. I got two fairly early the...
  35. scott v

    Offshore Cat, Clemente, Snail, Osborn 2nd 3rd 4th

    Nice work. Looks like you have a new art piece.
  36. scott v

    Shogun back on the water?

    From their Facebook Good morning guys!! Shogun returned this morning from a 1.5 day with near limits of BFT. They head back out today on a 3 day trip. . . . I know you all are wondering about the recent incident on the Shogun and we can’t say much at this time since it’s an ongoing...
  37. scott v

    Help with catfish swallowing hooks

    I have been hitting up a local lake with the kids and we’ve been having fun with catfish. Problem is half seem to be swallowing the hook. I’ve been fishing a 2/0 light circle hook and crimping the barb but they still get gut hooked. If we keep the line right, they drop the bait. If it’s...
  38. scott v

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    That definitely looks like the same blank. Only marking on the rod is DJ’s custom rods. Pulled on 15 pounds of weight so it is definitely heavier than I originally thought. Is your blank/rod slightly longer than 7ft? Thanks for the replies.
  39. scott v

    Old yellow glass blank ?

    This was in my uncles collection and was given to me years back after he passed. It’s been sitting in my garage for 10+ years. Custom rod, Tip to butt is 7’2. Probably a 30-40 pound rod. Picked up a 10lb dumbbell without much of a problem. Butt looks pretty wide. Don’t want to remove the...
  40. scott v

    San Diego Fish Processing vs Boat Filets

    I have always used the processor with the larger fish. A few months back, we plugged the hold of a smaller boat in the fleet on the first day. Good problem to have. Second day, no room so they said a fish or two from the prior day had to be cut. I told them I preferred the processor but one...
  41. scott v

    Camp Chef two burner stove $20

    Yes, I still have it.
  42. scott v

    Camp Chef two burner stove $20

    I have an older camp chef two burner stove that has seen little use. The cooking dimensions are different than the newer two burner stove so the two burner griddle does not fit correctly. It will fit a single griddle, pans and what ever else fine. This is a great option for canning tuna...
  43. scott v

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Hey Robert, I’ve got 4 this year and am done for now unless you want to take me out. Waiting for the smaller grade stuff so I can get the kids to pull on something they can handle.
  44. scott v

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    My understanding is the lakes were not receiving much if any fish due to the problems with disease at the hatcheries. I spoke to a guide on the June loop who told me the fishing was slow due to lack of plants but the fish that are being caught are good grade. Neighbor was up last week and...
  45. scott v

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    I like yellowklr’s suggestion. Only concern is fishing is off in the Sierra’s due to disease at the hatcheries. Boys would like to be able to catch fish. Still contemplating the Sierras, possibly duck creek area in Utah. Anyone have other suggestions?
  46. scott v

    Goodbye & Thank You

    42 years is a looong career in Law Enforcement. I hope retirement continues to treat you well. I medically retired last year and am having serious thoughts of doing the same as you.
  47. scott v

    TORQUE 402SPD/ Advise

    I have both rod and reels you are talking about. The 16 is the perfect size reel for the centaur. Fishing the torque at 80 or 100 is not ideal in my opinion. If you are looking for a lighter combo, I would look at a true 60lb rod for the torque.
  48. scott v

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Yet your avatar pic is the fish you caught on the boat.
  49. scott v

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    Thanks, sounds like an interesting place. Camping is first come, have you ever had a problem getting a site there.
  50. scott v

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    Any specific areas I should look at. I’ve never been to Tahoe but know it’s huge. Thanks.
  51. scott v

    Camping Recommendations within 12ish hours of SoCal

    We have time off first week in August and we were supposed to be on a family dive trip out of the country. We were holding out hope but it’s not happening. I would like to venture somewhere different with the family (wife 7&10 year old boys). Tent camping along a stream or river would be...
  52. scott v

    Offshore 1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    I’ve seen it happen in PV and had it affect me both ways. I never had a problem with it and actually agree with the system. However, I Always fished a charter and knew what was to expected. Here’s a different one but not from this boat. Got two good bluefin on a trip a little while back...
  53. scott v

    Did the Gov. just shut down LR/Overnight fishing??

    Fisherman’s Landing updated their site a few minutes ago saying they are open and running trips. I guess the only good news is San Diego isn’t on the “watch list”. Hopefully that will keep boats running. Bunch of shit just got shut down in the counties that are on the watch list.
  54. scott v

    Afternoon 1/2 day Reel Fun, Dana Point

    Took my boys on the 1/2 day trip out of Dana Point today. We fished the Reel Fun with a load of 20 which is the max due to the current nonsense. It was a comfortable load for the boat. Headed south and anchored up south of San Clemente pier. I threw a plastic as the boat was coming to...
  55. scott v

    Offshore Outrider puts the hurt on the bluefin 6-23

    The bunk room is sufficient. The boat is 50 ft and the bunk room is in the bow. Bunks are decent sized, just not a ton of room to move around downstairs. Most boats with out staterooms are usually tight.
  56. scott v

    Offshore Outrider puts the hurt on the bluefin 6-23

    We left the dock at 1100 AM with 5 anglers on board for a 1 3/4 day trip. Captain Jeff had found a biting school the previous night and said we would be in the zone late afternoon. The bot was flying a yummie flyer on the way out and picked up two decent yellowfin on the way to the grounds...
  57. scott v

    Mission Belle full day 6-09

    Show me where I admitted to keeping six fish. Post says Got three on bait and three on yo-yo. I had given one away when I had four fish. If you really want to know, hooked and handed two more after my limit. Guess DFG is really going to get me now. I’m number 16, pretty clear there are 5...
  58. scott v

    Mission Belle full day 6-09

    I never took it as such, I should of explained myself better originally. I received some education on j hooks for yellows so it was beneficial for me.
  59. scott v

    Mission Belle full day 6-09

    I never said I kept six fish. The guy who had one fish for the trip was stoked to have another fish. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it wide open. Captain worked hard all day to put us on fish. Many people had 1 and 2 fish at the end of the day. There were some big schools but they went...
  60. scott v

    Mission Belle full day 6-09

    When the captain was asked about hooks he had me laughing. He said the best hook for yellowtail is the gold hook you find laying on the deck. Put away all your fancy Owner, Gamakatsu whatever hooks and use the Mustad j hook. I used a circle hook because I don’t think I have any j hooks. I...
  61. scott v

    1 1/2 vs. 2 day trips

    Longer is usually better. However, I would choose the trip ending with a 1/2, either 1 1/2 or 2 1/2 day if available simply because I prefer to return in the morning. I do not like getting home at 10PM and having gear and fish to clean after a long day. With a morning return, processors will...
  62. scott v

    Mission Belle full day 6-09

    Just a quick report for anyone heading out, have fish to process. Mask are definitely required on the boat and the landing. The galley is open for food purchases and eating only. You are not allowed to sit in the galley unless eating. Seating is extremely limited so maybe bring a small chair...
  63. scott v

    One open spot on Thunderbird 2 Day Big Bluefin trip Sunday pm 6-7-20 (ONLY 16 ANGLERS)

    Wanted to jump on but that wind looks brutal. Stay safe if you get off the dock.
  64. scott v

    Ebay Ringed Circle Hooks?

    Those hooks are perfectly fine. People commenting have never likely seen them. I have fished those for years and never had one break. The 4x is heavy duty, I usually fish the 2x size 1 is my favorite. I have numerous fish in the 60-90 lb range with them. This fish went 132 on a size 1...
  65. scott v

    Offshore Pacific Queen 5/29

    Pretty sure all the SD landings are shutdown for the weekend or at least Fridays trips. Notified earlier the Constitution trip was cancelled. Looks like it was the same for Seaforth.
  66. scott v

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    This knucklehead did nothing to help our cause with this stupid statement. As stated earlier the average street cop writes very few tickets. Traffic stops are made, if we do not find what we are looking for you are sent on you way. Exception is if you are an a-hole. Now traffic cops are a...
  67. scott v

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Timing is everything.
  68. scott v

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    You are either a motor or you got picked on growing up. Which one is it.
  69. scott v

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    I have one too, so what’s your point. Pretty much everyone in the department agrees this is bullshit and not enforcing it.
  70. scott v

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Define essential worker.
  71. scott v

    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    Here’s the beach today. If your scared and believe the media hype stay in your basement. Numbers tell a complete different story than the media. Oh yeah, this is Huntington.
  72. scott v

    Bait-O-Matic Lure

    I have this one sitting around that I do not plan to use anytime soon. I am in Rancho Santa Margarita if you are ever down this way and want it. $15?
  73. scott v

    Red Tide in So Cal?

    Kids were playing in the water at HB today. Time will tell if they get sick from red tide. Highly doubt but it though, Surfed in that shit a number of years and never had any issues. Covid 19 not worried about. For all you media believers, there is plenty of open areas of beach if you...
  74. scott v

    1994 Cabo 216 CuddyCon

    Wtf did I just read
  75. scott v

    The day is fast approaching...

    Directly from the CDC website for the swine flu. We didn’t have mass hysteria then and no reason for it now. I was still working custody during the H1N1 and dealt with a number of inmates who had it. Wore PPE around them and we were fine. It was a little stronger than the regular flu but...
  76. scott v

    Fishing with the Grandkids

    I Hope your daughter is able to beat her cancer. I can tell from your post that love for the family is strong. Looks like everyone has definitely enjoyed there time fishing together. Stay strong.
  77. scott v

    SUP fisherman arrested

    Curious where she gets this information: Kim Prather, who works at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, told the Los Angeles Times that the beach could be one of the most dangerous places in California amid the outbreak. She said she fears the virus is being washed into the ocean and...
  78. scott v

    Ford F-150 or GMC 1500?

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I was glad to get some useful information without the straight bashing of vehicle companies I was expecting. I was looking used but found a new GMC SLT with the 5.3 for 14k off the sticker price. I’m sure they inflate the sticker price just so they can...
  79. scott v

    Ford F-150 or GMC 1500?

    I am not towing yet but will probably have a boat in the next year or two. The 3.5 ecoboost has more hp and torque than the V8 and gets nearly identical MPG to the V8's from what I have read. My only concern is the twin turbos making the engine more expensive to repair should they go out...
  80. scott v

    Ford F-150 or GMC 1500?

    My suv is about done. Right now I am looking at the f-150 with 3.5 liter twin turbo or the GMC with 5.3. I know many members on here have trucks so curious which one you feel is more reliable. I was leaning toward the ford v8 but read the 2019 had a ton of problems with the engines burning...
  81. scott v

    Is this a good time to get into rod wrapping

    If the OP doesn’t want it, I will take it depending on where you are at. I need something to keep me from killing the kids for the next few weeks.
  82. scott v

    PV February 1-5

    Quick Report: We were on the No Tuna No Chinga Feb 1-5. Weather was up which made the fishing difficult at times. Fish didn’t really want to bite though. Day One: We had three on the kite and one on a fly line cabbie. Fish on the kite were all under 100, fly lined fish was in the 140...
  83. scott v

    Marla's new vessel "NO TUNA- NO CHINGA"

    We came in on the 5th from a 3.5 day. The sleeping quarters are nice. There are Two very large bunks that Three people could actually use and for regular sized bunks set up bunk bed style. Bed sheets, nice pillows and blankets. The bunks are forward and we had flat out nasty weather so we...
  84. scott v

    Silver Mak 20

    Handle side. Not interested in trades at this time.
  85. scott v

    Silver Mak 20

    It’s been a while and I don’t remember exactly. I know it was at least 500 maybe a little more. I don’t want to just make up a number.
  86. scott v

    Silver Mak 20

    I have a silver Mak 20 SEa that isn’t getting much use. It was serviced in April and fished once since service. The reel is loaded with 130lb JB hollow. I used a sharpie last year to mark 100ft increments which bled a little so some line is pinkish. It does have some rash most notably on the...
  87. scott v

    Offshore New Lo An fishes Thursday December 5, 2019

    Where was a false report posted? Maybe find out yourself before you post something so stupid. Their reports were accurate. If you do not have the common sense to look at the date of the report you are not very bright.
  88. scott v

    Any advice for choosing a Long Range boat?

    Have you looked at a Cedros island trip. Not on a long range boat but sounds like what you are after.
  89. scott v

    Marla's 11/1/19

    Curious if you feel the Osuna’s run a better operation than the SD boats. Fishing hopefully the no tuna no Chinga in Feb. which I think you might be on. Chivo doesn’t invite me on his trips anymore so thought I might try something different.
  90. scott v

    Oct 12-19 Searcher trip report

    Great job on the catching. You can’t get bit if you aren’t putting in the rail time. Nice to read a report with a positive attitude.
  91. scott v

    Very Sad. Becarfule out there.

    At least that article is more complete than the media was initially putting out. If you can not click on the article above, this was posted on another board shortly after the accident. Just an FYI it happened in Laguna but is not in the MLPA. RIP I am Ryan Huff’s sister and there have been a...
  92. scott v

    Lobster Diving Ho

    Hey Chris, I also have my advanced and all my gear. I would like to jump on board if you ever have any open spots. I have no problem helping out with cleaning/gas.
  93. scott v

    What happened to the Chief

    Chief voucher in the classifieds. Miscellaneous section. Fifth post or so.
  94. scott v

    What happened to the Chief

    Just saw the video of the Chief on another post. It’s in the yard and the deck looks like it is destroyed. Anybody care to elaborate on what happened.
  95. scott v

    What? Boat stuck in a cave at Sunset Ciffs

    During the safety speech, said deckhand was introduced as caveman. Captain called him that the entire trip. He seemed like a good dude and was great on deck. New a big mistake was made and that they got extremely lucky.
  96. scott v

    Offshore Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

    He is 9 right now. He went on his first overnight trip last summer. If your daughter can handle the smaller boats, she would be fine on the bigger ones.
  97. scott v

    Offshore Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

    Thanks for the responses. Honestly, I think it's something almost anyone of us would do for our kids. It was a combination of both. I would not have gone on this trip if it were not for the boy asking. Even though my doc said I can get back to everyday activities I still am cautious...
  98. scott v

    Offshore Oceandide 95 1.5 day 9-7

    I haven't been on the water since June and had pretty much wrote the rest of this year off for fishing due to recent back surgery. Earlier last week my kid tells me, I can't wait for next summer. I said you have only been in school for a week you can't hate it that much already. No, you told...
  99. scott v

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    You are an ambulance chaser and nothing more. Shut the f up already.
  100. scott v

    9/14/19-9/16/19 APOLLO 2 DAY CHARTER

    Makes a little more sense now that you edited the first post. Before meals and permits were extra which would of put the trip at 800+. If I am capable of fishing in September I will jump on.
  101. scott v

    Hook and Hand

    What’s the problem with it? If I am at my limit and someone is struggling I will hand my rod off be it a kid or an adult. Handed off a good bluefin to an elderly gentlemen this year and it saved his trip. I had a couple people tell me it’s not smart to hand off the setup I was using due to...
  102. scott v

    9/14/19-9/16/19 APOLLO 2 DAY CHARTER

    Who would I be paying for? Apollo site shows 11,500 for 24 anglers for a weekend 2 day which breaks down to 460?
  103. scott v

    Thank You BD- titan05

    I don’t personally know you, but respect you from your posts. I have bought a few reels from sellers on here because you had posted they were legit on their for sale threads. Glad to hear you are healing. Tight lines.
  104. scott v

    Super Seeker 2x4 medical emergency forces me to sell asap

    Sorry to here this Tim. Hopefully everything works out for both of you.
  105. scott v

    2 1/2 Day Fishing Trip Pass $500 OBO

    Curious what not valid for Saturday means. Trips leaving or fishing. Edit: Looked at the schedule and doesn’t matter much as most 2.5 weekend trips are booked. Can’t do a mid week trip, bummer as it a great price. Thanks for supporting law enforcement.
  106. scott v

    Super Seeker 196-8 and Trinidad 10a

    When’s the last time you actually went fishing?
  107. scott v

    Trinidad Dc20

    Killed some quality bluefin this last week with the torque 40 you sold me. Hopefully you find what you are looking for.
  108. scott v

    Mike Long big bass fisherman a fraud

    I was never big into freshwater but knew the name well and even talked to him a few times. Held the lake record at a local lake and thought he was the shit. Turns out not so much.
  109. scott v

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    5 star has the same charge. I guess the landings and associated businesses have us by the balls and know they can get away with it. I seriously doubt credit card companies charge them 3.5%. I know small businesses are not charged that rate.
  110. scott v

    H and M landing - Processing fee

    Point Loma is not charging 3.5% at this time. When I fished earlier this week they said hopefully they never will.
  111. scott v

    Too many rods?

    I was on the New Lo Anne.
  112. scott v

    Andros 12s II

    Okuma Andros 12s 2 speed. The reel is in good condition with a couple tiny knicks and a few small scratches. Loaded with 80lb JB solid. Serviced by Okuma two months ago and has not been fished since. Asking $240 picked up in Rancho Santa Margarita.
  113. scott v

    Too many rods?

    I did well. My rod went 4 for 6 handing off 2 of the 4. Had my two fish limit by 8:30 with fish going 75 and 128. All fish hooked on UC challenger platinum HP and a torque 40 with 80lb Spectra to about 20ft of 50lb Floro and 1/0 circle. I brought 6 rods and touched 3. Guys got bit on 30...
  114. scott v

    Too many rods?

    Came in this morning from a 1.5 day. Bring the gear but fish the right gear. Unless you know you are fishing yellowtail I wouldn’t go in the water with anything less than 40. The guys that knew what they were doing fished 50 and put a majority of the fish on the boat. Most fish were on the...
  115. scott v

    What to expect on an overnite trip?

    Are you talking islands or San Diego? On an overnight trip from San Diego you will not really fish until gray light in the morning. If the bluefin are around, possibility of fishing in the dark assuming you arrive to the fishing grounds before sun up. Fishing is fishing and it can...
  116. scott v

    Kerm river

    My wife just came home from visiting her mom who lives in Isabella. She said the Kern was flowing so fast nobody was allowed to swim in the river. One picture she sent the water was real discolored. Picture is from the park, where the kids are standing is usually dry.
  117. scott v

    Makaira 50 SEA Wide

    Take a look at the Constitution Facebook page. May have what you want, but do it fast.
  118. scott v

    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Add in the $7-8 a fish for fish cleaning+15% tip and a meal or two and you are well over $500 just on the boat. My 9 year old will be pissed he’s not doing as many trips with me this summer. Fish cleaning is getting ridiculous. Colonet trip they were charging $5 a rockfish. Still have to go...
  119. scott v

    Chevrolet Blazer 4.3 v6 Runs strong! $1,900 obo

    Chill. Seems to me he has a little knowledge and was potentially answering a question asked in a prior post. I didn’t read it as bashing your thread. A small drip isn’t going to affect the price. Good luck with sale.
  120. scott v


    Nice meeting you Mike, hopefully the reel will see good use this summer.
  121. scott v

    Membership is free

    Yes, I was able to get in. Thank you.
  122. scott v

    Membership is free

    I sent a PM on the 12th but maybe you had handed out all the free subscriptions by then. Email is [email protected] If you handed all the freebies out no bid deal, I will take a look later in the season.
  123. scott v

    Membership is free

    I received the email last Sunday saying I was given access. Website says I am signed in but everything is locked.
  124. scott v

    Who makes JR 14 iron jig?

    The post above yours is by the maker of the JRI jigs.
  125. scott v

    Reel For UC CP 70HF

    I have a makaira 10 on mine and really like the combo for 40-50. Might be able to find the reel under 400 if you look around. That rod will fish 50 without a problem.
  126. scott v

    Black Hole CB 801MH or 801H?

    I have the cb 761mh. I know you are asking about the 8 foot and maybe that has more back bone. I made the mistake of fishing 30lb and hooking an 80lb class bluefin. Fish came to the boat but I got my butt handed to me. Obviously 30lb was the wrong choice, regardless I would of loved to of...
  127. scott v

    Makaira 8

    I am hoping to find something used as my kid will be using and likely abusing it. If you get rid of it, what are you thinking price wise?
  128. scott v

    Makaira 8

    Still looking.
  129. scott v

    Makaira 8

  130. scott v

    Makaira 8

    Looking to pick up a mak 8 for my kid. If you have one you are looking to sell at a reasonable price let me know. Thanks Scott
  131. scott v

    Okuma Makaira SEA 10ii on Amazon for less than $350.

    Back on there now at 344. $371 after tax. I want an 8 for the kid. Tempted to buy the 10 to use as trade bait.
  132. scott v

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    I guess I need to look at the bigger picture as stated. California is only going to get worse and we likely do need representation. I will rejoin for the sole purpose of keeping fishing accessible for my kids in the years to come. What exactly do the local chapters do?
  133. scott v

    I'm looking for parent/kid to go fishing!

    I would be in. I have a 5 and 9 year old that like to fish. Was planning to get them out of Dana wharf during their break. It if works out, I have gas and bait money.
  134. scott v

    OC fishing clubs

    Under California fish reports there is a forum for private boater trip planning. Post there. Non boat owner here so always looking to jump on board when schedules work out.
  135. scott v

    Are you a member of CCA-Cal?

    I was a member the last two years. I did not sign up at Fred Hall this year because they had and were promoting hook up baits. Seems ironic for them to be supporting/taking money from a convicted poacher.
  136. scott v

    Fish Restriction at PVR Airport

    I have brought back fish in check in bags twice. One time they opened up my AO cooler and poked around and sent me through. Other time they took out every fillet and called a supervisor. Allowed to go through. Fish are semi frozen when we leave so no need for any cooling items on flight back...
  137. scott v

    Green Avet Sx Raptor $260

    I have a green SX raptor for sale. It is spooled with 1/2 to 3/4 of red 50lb braid. Believe it’s supposed to be JB solid but could be wrong. Reel has a couple small nicks but no scratches. Reel and clamp only. Asking 260 picked up or 270 shipped friends and family or pay fee. Located in...
  138. scott v

    Penn, Okuma, and Seigler Reels, UC RCE Rods

    I’ll take the 40n and pay shipping. PM sent.
  139. scott v

    Offshore Old Glory Does It Again Big Grade YFT

    Bad ass. For whom the bells tolls with the greatest flag waving is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  140. scott v

    Who's going out this weekend (after thx giving)?

    Outside of the night bight I was thinking you could keep 2 day limits on the 1.75. Would love to get out with you guys, but am scheduled for shoulder surgery Wednesday so need a trip Sunday. Looks like Tribute or Pescador.
  141. scott v

    Who's going out this weekend (after thx giving)?

    Does anyone see a reason to jump on a 1.75 day v 1.5 leaving Sunday? Point Loma and 22nd steeet are the same distance for me. Both have the same trips leaving. I have Always fished the SD landings but thinking 22nd.
  142. scott v

    Dana point Clemente 1/2 day 10/29

    The boys did not have school today so made a last minute decision to jump on the local 1/2 day. When we got to the landing the boat was already loading. Walking down the ramp, I spotted a familiar face who has kids the same age as mine. Immediate stoke as I knew my boys would have fun...
  143. scott v

    PL 68 for bluefin?

    I was scolded by a crew last year for rigging a pl 68 up instead of a flat fall while fishing at SCI. I said it kills yellowfin in Puerto Vallarata while will it not work here. They are hitting the flat falls I was told. I put the only two jig fish on the boat that trip. We were fishing...
  144. scott v

    Offshore Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    I wonder what boat/owner holds the record for most closed threads in a season. This one has got to be getting close.
  145. scott v

    Offshore Football season has begun... on the Malihini 8/17

    If you were actually trying to bring those fish on board in a timely fashion may want to check your drag settings. That would not go over so well on a half full boat. Nice job on landing some meat though.
  146. scott v

    Offshore 1.5 day Pacific Dawn 8-14. Bluefin, Bluefin

    It was an awesome trip with a great group of people. The people make the trip as much as the fishing. Everyone was mellow and worked together. You could skip next year so I might get an invite back :). I have been fishing the HiSeas quattro flourocarbon in mulit color sold by charkbait. I...
  147. scott v

    Offshore 1.5 day Pacific Dawn 8-14. Bluefin, Bluefin

    I was able to jump on a charter trip at the last minute to fill a spot that opened up. Wow, did I ever get lucky. Only 13 fishing and everyone was super mellow. Plan was to fish the Cortez bank for school sized bluefin and hopefully better grade yellowtail. Ride out was a little bumpy but...
  148. scott v

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    As much as I would love to help the guy out, I decided a while ago that I was done with the Taft operations. Thanks for the heads up though.
  149. scott v

    August 25-27 2018 – 2.5 day trip on the Poseidon

    I don’t know. Just read they cancelled tonight’s 2.5 day due to mechanical issues. Wanted to fish Monday and that was the only boat with availability. That trip is off the books now at least on Seaforth’s site.
  150. scott v

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Looks like the Rooster ran into some problems with over limits last year. Anyone here on that trip.
  151. scott v

    Lost MX fishing license help

    I purchased my license before my PV trip and I guess I was in a hurry because I did not save the PDF. Some how it seems to have disappeared while in Puerto Vallarta. I have the emails with the license and transaction numbers but the PDF link is no longer valid. I purchased it through...
  152. scott v

    WFO Tackle Bag Large

    If for some reason it falls through, hit me up I will take it.
  153. scott v

    Sub $100 surf rod suggestions?

    I have been using a Daiwa 8’6 acculite 862mfs rated 8-17 and have been happy with it. It’s paired up with an Okuma Alaris 30 which is pretty cheap on amazon but performs great in the surf.
  154. scott v

    American Airlines Puerto Vallarta

    Ouch, sorry Noli. Nic showed me pics of the tube when we landed yesterday and knew it was not going to be good. The bazuka was mangled. Hopefully they make it right.
  155. scott v

    Shipping rods from CA to PV

    What airline are you flying? Alaska lets you take a full size rod plus a tackle bag for the price of 1 checked bag. Many people used to pack there clothes into a small suitcase along with their tackle and pay for one bag. Just came back and Alaska is starting to question and check now to...
  156. scott v

    Sheephead like Laguna

    I saw very few calicos on this dive. I dove this site in December and Calico's were everywhere. Water was 57-58 and a weed like kelp is growing so not sure if that had anything to do with the calicos moving on
  157. scott v

    Sheephead like Laguna

    Here are a few pictures from the dive of a couple different nudibranchs.
  158. scott v

    Sheephead like Laguna

    Jumped in the water for a quick dive off of Shaw’s cove this morning. The sheephead seem to be thriving in the area. I had different schools following me around most of the dive. Video isn’t the best as my light crapped out.
  159. scott v


    National felons league who gives a shit.
  160. scott v


    I’m in. Eagles 27 Pats 24
  161. scott v

    Needs folks for the Aztec on Thursday Night 1.5

    Thinking about it. Stupid question, but is the 60 mile bank far enough outside the flight restrictions for SCI. Pretty sure it is as I never saw the island on my last trip just want to make sure as USMC is having major war games training right now. SCI is a key part of the training...
  162. scott v

    SOLD Hookup Baits Lot!!!!!!!

    What I don't understand is why the CCA would have him on as a sponsor and in doing so promote the product. I understand he did his time but does not seem right to be right to be promoting him being a conservationist organization
  163. scott v

    Anyone fish San Nich lately?

    John, Robert exactly what I was looking for, thanks. I know I could call the landing and get the typical response but I was looking for 1st hand advice since the kid will be coming. I will probably set him up with a Mak 10 and Andros 12ii just so he has a little more cranking power along...
  164. scott v

    Anyone fish San Nich lately?

    Thanks. I have never been there, did not know it was that shallow. Sounds like it should be a viable option to get him on some fish.
  165. scott v

    Anyone fish San Nich lately?

    My 8 year old is begging to go back out on an overnight trip. I was contemplating a 1 1/2 day to fish bluefin but it's a long ride and not a lot of fish for him. El dorado has a trip tomorrow night fishing San Nicholas island, my only concern is depth. Can anyone report on depth and how the...
  166. scott v

    100# setup that wont break the bank?

    I have a silver mak 20 SEa that I am contemplating selling. 9.5 condition loaded with 130 lb hollow. I could let it go for $450 but that wouldn't leave you too much room for the rod.
  167. scott v

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 day

    We were well outside of the island. We fished the zone where the O95 picked them up the day prior. Toronado from LB was out there and they did manage a few fish. If you want to chase the bluefin, make sure that is what the Tribute is going to do. Most of us were geared for the bluefin but...
  168. scott v

    Offshore Tribute 1.5 day

    Hopefully you can make it out. If so, hopefully they bite for you. Got off the Tribute this morning from a 1 1/2 day and the boat got skunked. We saw one spot of fish and they did not want to play.
  169. scott v

    7mm wetsuits

    Pinnacle is gone
  170. scott v

    Offshore 10/6-10/8 weekend offshore trip and fallen angler

    If you haven't already take a look at fishing chit chat. Sounds like his buddy got a phone call but no specifics. He was looking for info from someone on the trip.
  171. scott v

    7mm wetsuits

    I have two older wetsuits both sized ML. One is an Akona that would best fit someone under 5'10 and 180lbs. Has a tear on the seam at calf level that can easily be repaired. Good condition other that that. 2nd suit is a pinnacle good condition other than the inner material is getting a...
  172. scott v

    Offshore Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. Although I personally landed 1 fish, this is a trip I will never forget. He was bummed we didn't get a Dorado but is already asking to go longer so we have a better shot. It was not only the fish, but the group of people on the boat that made this trip...
  173. scott v

    Offshore Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    First off, I want to thank the Captain for helping me to get my 7 year old on the boat. I called the landing and asked if they would give me a little break on the price for my son's ticket since this was going to be his first overnight trip and I would be helping him most of the time. I...
  174. scott v

    Toddler boat bed

    We are having our house fumigated on Friday. Free to anyone who can pick it up before then. Also have a solid wood book case that is in good condition also free
  175. scott v

    Toddler boat bed

    Home made toddler bed. I bought this a few years ago on CL and both my boys have used it. It could also be used for an outdoor sand box. It's measures 87 inches long by 33 inches wide. Asking $30 picked up in Rancho Santa Margarita.
  176. scott v

    Cow fishing this Saturday on our 52' Hatteras, few spots available

    I was on the boat on Sunday. Fishing was dead but that was not for a lack of trying. We stopped on breaking fish, numerous kelps and flew the kite with no success. Mike looked hard and it was obvious he wanted to put us on fish. I knew going in they were looking for the bigger models so I...
  177. scott v

    2004 Triumph 170cc

    You were asking 10k and now it's 11k, not sure that's a price drop.
  178. scott v


    A small bit of info from wahoodad in the long range forum.
  179. scott v

    Two UC's for Scott

    They look great. Can't wait to put a bend in them.
  180. scott v

    reels to replace Okuma Andros 5aii any suggestions?

    Curious what went wrong with your Andros'. I had an mxj raptor which is similar in size but I preferred the Andros and sold it to buy a second one.
  181. scott v

    AVET LX G2 or Andros 12 SII

    Are you sure on the capacity of the 12s? I am almost positive mine is spooled with about 500 yards of 80jb solid.
  182. scott v

    Seaguar on sale with Amazon prime

    I looked at the 80lb and that's what it says for shipping. Didn't bother to look at anything else after I saw that so I screwed up.
  183. scott v

    Forum not working properly with I Phone 6

    Every couple of minutes I get a notice saying, a problem with this webpage so it was reloaded. It then reboots to the beginning of the thread. This is happening on an I phone 6. Any suggestions.
  184. scott v

    Any window guys South OC

    I have the original single pane windows and am looking to replace them. Thought I would check here first and see if there is anyone here doing replacement windows. If not, anyone have any good reccomendations.
  185. scott v

    Looking for Alaska air companion fare

    taken care of.
  186. scott v

    HELP! Tatuava or WSB?

    Is it really that easy? These two were caught with local fisherman and there was a lot of discussion on what they were. They ultimately decided on WSB.
  187. scott v

    All American pressure cooker on Amazon $119

    Canning/jarring fish, veggies, fruit etc. I have had tuna from others that has been canned and it turns out really good. Still a little skeptical on the price, but hopefully it ships.
  188. scott v

    All American pressure cooker on Amazon $119

    Looks like it was a scam. Sorry to anyone who ordered. Contact Amazon to be refunded.
  189. scott v

    PV cow trip gear?

    Hopefully the fishing changes for you. Earlier this month the fish would not eat anything but the balloon. Pl 68's/ Jri 8's, plastics, plunker rigs and fly lined baits did not land a single fish. There were 9 good fish landed on the balloon. We did not fish inshore at all as we were on the...
  190. scott v

    4.5 day in February Open Spots (COWS)

    Constitution is the reported boat with the 413. Not official but coming from a source close to the captain. Seems like I'm always one trip too early.
  191. scott v

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Do share if it's not top secret.
  192. scott v

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    get some good glow butterfly jigs 200-300 and a small uv flashlight and you will out catch the pl 68 From reading your past trip reports, I know you like to spend time with the jig. Are there certain jigs you would recommend to fish along side the PL68/JRI 8.
  193. scott v

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    The gear is free to use. They do ask if you are using their gear that you buy the leaders from them on the boat. I don't think I have spent over $ 100 on terminal tackle on any trip with them and that included buying a jig or two. I have fished charters so my experience can be a little...
  194. scott v

    Fortune Monday 12-5 any advise ?

    I got two on the PL68 about a month back. People were looking at me funny until I hooked up. Only jig fish for the trip both before sun rise. Good luck, wind looks to be ugly.
  195. scott v

    Black Friday reel choice

    I have two 5's and a 5n. The 5's are both filled with 50lb JB solid to short (3-5ft) flouro of either 30 or 40. I believe the reel holds close to 400 yards of the 50lb spectr. The 5n is filled with 40lb spectra and fished the same way with 25 lb flouro.
  196. scott v

    Black Friday reel choice

    You can not go wrong with the andros line. I have all except the 16. I fish 30 light 40 on the 5's, 50-60 on the 12 and 12s. 12S has been great for jigging with these bigger bluefin. I have caught bluefin to 80 lbs on the 5 and a little bigger with the 12's with zero issues. Customer...
  197. scott v

    WTB Avet 2 speed MC Sx, Mx or JX

    Green SX raptor clamp but no box. $280
  198. scott v

    Recipes for long range Species

    I have it in pdf format. If I can figure out how to send it, I can get it to you.
  199. scott v

    Andros 12s not just for hoo

    I believe it was close to 400 yards of JB solid. This left me room for about a 50 yd top shot. Pelagic outfitters could answer for sure. UC rods are awesome. I have this reel paired with the cp 70hp and it kicks butt as a 50-60 pound rod.
  200. scott v

    Andros 12s not just for hoo

    I have been lucky enough to fish the off shore grounds numerous times over the last month. I have hung numerous yellowtail and decent yellowfin on jigs with it during this time. The reel really shined this week when I was able to land 3 bluefin in the 80 to 100+ pound range while grinding PL...
  201. scott v

    Offshore Bluefin!

    I was out at the parking lot yesterday on the El Capitan so need to start a new thread as this pretty thread much covers what is going on. Seems different things are working for different boats. I hung the only jig fish of the day on a JRI 8 glow in the morning dark. Our fish were all pretty...
  202. scott v

    Trindad 14A VS Curado 300ej (light line setup)

    The curado is a blast to fish for small tuna but it does not have the capacity for larger fish. I was loaded up on fish at the end of a 5 day trip so I was hell bent on puting one on with the curado. Fish were in the 30-40 lb range and if I remember correctly 3ft of 25lb flouro to 50lb...
  203. scott v

    Wtb Metaloid two speed 5 or 12

    I know you said metaloid, but there is a andros A 5II on the next page with braid for 250. Would be my choice over the metaloid if money permits. You could probably resell it later and get almost all your money back.
  204. scott v

    9 days on the Shogun sponsored by Bob Sands

    Hope you kill it. I really like the product you guys are puting out. My go to rods for local fishing are now the cb 731m and 761mh.
  205. scott v

    OC RODS **9 foot jigstick** virgin TRADES WELCOME

    I Used to fish those rods so know what they cost. Sold my 8ft rainshadow I considered my "jig stick" so looking for something different. I was going to go custom to match my other rods but I do not throw jigs that often so not necessary, PM me a price if considering selling.
  206. scott v


    why are you comparing pricing on two different reels. The Andros retails at 319 and is a good deal at 250.
  207. scott v

    Offshore Condor 1.5 day returning 8/10

    Thanks for the report. I was debating on fishing tonight and will give it a go now knowing you guys were at least seeing some yft.
  208. scott v

    San Q locals not happy with Long Range Fleet

    But...but the sport boat captains are just trying to make a living. At least that's the story we here when it come to the other side.
  209. scott v

    Offshore 5 Days Aboard The Mighty Shogun

    If it's a shimano video, why are they filming a guy fishing what appears to be a Fathom?
  210. scott v

    Turners Lake Forest opens tomorrow 7-29

    Saw the add and looks like they will have some decent deals although in limited quantities. I think I am going to try and pick up the nomad tackle bag.
  211. scott v

    Makaira vs Talica vs HX5/2 Raptor

    I personally think your choice of heavy reels is way overkill. The metaloid 12 should fish 50 no problem. I would personally be looking for a 40lb set up assuming the mxj is non raptor. If you use the metaloid for 40 then pick up a 50-60. Fathom/torque 40n, JX raptor, mak 15 or Mak16 if you...
  212. scott v

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    Curious to why you feel the HP is a 40-50 blank when that is the line of the hf. I fish these rods and think they have plenty of back bone for their ratings.
  213. scott v

    Red Rooster going to PV.

    Looks like Captain Keith is now running/owner of the Constitution(h&m landing) per the Maximus Facebook page. He will be back up and running in PV this winter better than ever. Can't wait for the winter trips. Captain Keith will also be running the trips out of San Diego this summer.
  214. scott v


    I will be heading down with beer goggles for my first trip to Bola. Looking forward to fish and beers.
  215. scott v

    F/S Rainshadow Rclb 80m, OC Kaiuli 7mhf

    Rainshadow is 8ft rated 20 to 50. Awesome 30-40 rod. I bought it off this site and used it a few times. Has a couple nicks but nothing major. Alps guides and Fuji feel seat. Asking $100 Orange County rods Kaiuli 7 ft 20-40. Rod is carbon/glass and is an awesome 30lb rod. Has a few nicks...
  216. scott v

    Glad I Bought Okuma Fishing Reels

    l recently sent in five reels to be serviced. I was a little concerned as I had a trip coming up in a couple of weeks. I was told not to worry I would have them back in time. From the time I sent them in to back on my door step was a total of 8 days. Unbelievable. I was not charged...
  217. scott v

    Offshore Shogun 1/12 day returning 4/14

    Well this kinda went ugly fast. Just to clarify a few things. Everyone on the boat had a shot at fish. Either fish they hooked or fish the crew hooked. There were a few people relatively new to the salt scene that got pretty sick and did not spend much if any time at the rail. I did put 4...
  218. scott v

    End of Sports Chalet

    Sucks as this was a place I could go to get my dive tanks filled or pick up the gear I needed at the last minute. True, they might not have been the cheapest, but they had decent stock of quality gear and were open til a decent time. Most on line shoppers still want to play with the gear...
  219. scott v

    Offshore Shogun 1/12 day returning 4/14

    A couple fish came over on the flat fall. I like a few others, spent a little time jigging and throwing irons. I don't think anyone was really dedicated to it though. Bait was on the smaller side, about 4 inch sardines. We had two tanks of cured bait so it was a matter of finding the right...
  220. scott v

    Offshore Shogun 1/12 day returning 4/14

    The Pacific Queen and the Oceanside 95 were out of the banks with us. PQ had near boat limits do not think the O95 faired as well . I believe the Outer Banks and 2 of the 3/4 day boats (pretty sure the San Diego and Malihini) stayed inside looking for the bigger models. It was bumpy on our way...
  221. scott v

    Offshore Shogun 1/12 day returning 4/14

    Just came in from a 1 1/2 on the Shogun. We fished the 60 mile bank and over all did well on the Bluefin. Boat limits for 25 people. It seemed 20 lb floro and a size 1 hook was the go to for most of the people putting the majority of the fish on deck. I personally went 4 for 7 on 20 to 25lb...
  222. scott v


    Posts are considered awesome because dumford is lonely and has nothing better to do than monitor the classifieds. He needs to make himself feel important by pointing out someone is "new" and posting to the classifieds.
  223. scott v

    WTB Penn Torque 40n 2 spd

    Checking to see if anyone has one that they would be willing to part with. Ideally would be looking for one spooled with 80 lb spectra.
  224. scott v

    Sea World and Knott's free admission for Active Duty/Vets.

    Thank you Veterans for your service. In case you were not aware Sea World is offering admission and three guest tickets thru the end of December. Knott's is offering free admission for you and a guest thru December 20th. Look at the parks websites for further details.
  225. scott v

    Okuma Andros 5nIIa. ***Sold****

    Only reason I am selling is because it is a little too narrow for my liking. Fish the regular andros and really like them. ***Sale pending on Wednesday****
  226. scott v

    Okuma Andros 5nIIa. ***Sold****

    Selling a slightly used narrow 2 speed andros (silver). Purchased the reel end of June and the reel has been on some trips but seen little use. Excellent condition with a hairline scratch or two if you look close. Loaded to the max with 40lb JB solid spectra. Comes with everything a new...
  227. scott v

    MAK 15 SEA

    Does it have spectra on it? If so what pound and how many yards?
  228. scott v

    Offshore 2.5 day 9-7/10

    Yes the paddies were dry and it made for rough fishing but sometimes that is just the way it is. Captain did meter fish on a few but they wanted to live to see another day. I was trying to give a heads up to people who are looking at the monster counts being posted by some of the landings...
  229. scott v

    Offshore 2.5 day 9-7/10

    We left Monday night for a 2.5 day trip on the Islander (returned this morning). Plan was to head to the back side of Clemente as they have had decent bluefin and yellowtail fishing in the past couple of weeks. Captain said the numbers from the landings look good for the yellowfin but they are...
  230. scott v


    Will let it go for $100 today. I will be at the landing around 6 tonight leaving at 8.
  231. scott v


    I will be at H&M landing tomorrow night if anyone is interested.
  232. scott v


    Arrrgh. If I could only get my deposit back from the andros 12iis preorder. Might have to jump ship from Okuma if this is still here in the morning.
  233. scott v


  234. scott v

    October 5 day

    Something tells me Ricky has never fished a 5 day trip.
  235. scott v


  236. scott v


    Unfortunately I do not think I will be in San Diego until the holiday weekend.
  237. scott v


    I have for sale an Orange County Rods Kaiuli 7hf for sale. Rod is 7 ft and rated 20-50. The rod is carbon/glass is a solid 40 lb rod. Probably one of the nicest rods you will find at this price. Two scratches on the reel seat otherwise in great condition. Asking 140 picked up in Rancho...
  238. scott v

    Ever try these hooks?

    This guy didn't seem to care where the hooks were made. Just like all other hooks these are made over seas. Listing says China. Bunch of hooks on his ebay page which I have been very happy with.
  239. scott v

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    On a boat out of o-side last week they charged $9.00 a fish to fillet. Tuna were in the mid thirty pound range. Maybe size and the new regs had something to do with it but I was kinda surprised at the price.
  240. scott v

    Ever try these hooks?

    I ran low so just ordered some more of these hooks in the 1 and 1/0 size. I'm stocked with larger hooks but The size 1 has been my go to hook for the tuna. I have been fishing these hooks for 3 years now and have fish to 80lb without any issues. I do prefer the 2x in both the circle and j...
  241. scott v


    You will not be disappointed if you go this route. Talked to Jake earlier this summer and told him what I was looking for and left it up to him. Jake wrapped three matching rods for me and they are absolutely awesome. My wife even told me my other rods were ugly after I got these ones.
  242. scott v

    2004 Johnson 175 21' cc SOLD SOLD

    Might be blind and just missing it, but how much are you asking?
  243. scott v

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Ranger 85

    I dropped flat falls and the Charkbait slashes for a little while with no love. Dustin (captain) got two on the flat fall 160g in what looked like a copper or gold color. I think he also got one on a skip jig. A Couple other people also fished flat falls with a few licks but nothing that stuck...
  244. scott v

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Ranger 85

    Thanks guys. Those two fish went 57 and 52 according to 5 star. Fish are a good grade with 20lb the average. We had quite a few in the 30's maybe a little bigger. 25 lb test was the crews suggestion and would not have been my first choice but it worked although a little painful. Not my...
  245. scott v

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Ranger 85

    Just came back from a 1 1/2 (fished 7/6) day on the Ranger 85. We ran 50 something miles to where the boat had been picking up fish earlier in the week. We fished the area for a while picking up two yellow tail. Captain had reports the tuna were in close to the beach. Made the run back...
  246. scott v


    I have a calstar 7470h for sale. It is a stock rod that has tuna cord wrapped to the first eye to protect the rod in case of rail use. Has some light scratches but nothing major. Live in Rancho santa Margarita work in Santa Ana at night. Specs are 30-80 rated extra fast. Asking $160 firm
  247. scott v

    Rod suggestion

    I just had three rods wrapped in the CP series including the HP. My rods were not built with the lightest components but the CP series seem to be pretty heavy. HP is in a whole different line class than the 6470 h. Just pulling on yellows, I think the 70 h/f would handle 50 lb with ease...
  248. scott v

    News on the Andros 12s

    Hpefully it is not all hype. I was at Okuma last month and I was told they would be out by the end of the month as they were already enroute to the states. Obviously never happened. Talked to a shop that sells a lot of Okuma products and they did not think the reels would be out before Icast...
  249. scott v

    Offshore Big Bluefin and a little yellow bird

    I will be hosed this year if 60lb is under gunned. Nice job pulling on some big guys.
  250. scott v

    PCS show anyone go?

    Curious if they had and deals on gear. Specifically interested in any deals on Penn reels. I'm looking for a fathom 40n and was wondering if they were selling any. Thanks.
  251. scott v

    Found what I needed. Thanks BD

    I picked up a nice rod and reel from yodoc that should work out perfect for my boy. Thanks Doc and all on BD that sent PM's and replied.
  252. scott v

    Found what I needed. Thanks BD

    Checking to see if anyone has anything suitable for a 5 year old. Currently fishing 1/2 and 3/4 day trips with him so I'm basically looking for something that will handle calicos/rockfish. Currently he is using my 7'6 bass rod with curado 300 but it is a little big for him. Looking for a...
  253. scott v

    Was going to get another andros 5n...

    Why not a regular Andros 5 II. Might be over kill for 25 lb but definitely doable. Great 30 lb reel and also fishes 40 without problems. Seems like good middle ground between the narrow and mak 10. I have landed fish to 70 lbs on mine. I have seen 100 lb class fish landed with it. Would...
  254. scott v

    F/S Okuma Andros 5 II

  255. scott v

    Andros 5II new vs old

    Thanks for the replies looks like I will keep the old ones. Really like them but I'm having new rods built so was thinking of getting the new reels mainly because they would match. Total chick move on my part.
  256. scott v

    Andros 5II new vs old

    Has anyone that has the old Andros 5II switched over to the 5A? If so, is there any noticeable differences between the way they fish. Contemplating selling the old for new even though it's probably a waste of money.
  257. scott v

    fs accurate, shimano.

    i've been waiting for the Andro's 12 s like many others. Do I want to switch up and switch to Accurate? Probably will be sold before I make up my mind. Glws nice price
  258. scott v

    News on the Andros 12s

    I took my reels into Okuma yesterday for service and was well taken care of. Thank you Okuma. I asked about the 12s as I am patiently waiting for it's release. I Was told Okuma wasn't telling employees much but they were hoping for the end of the month. Not sure if they are at liberty to...
  259. scott v

    WTB - 30 lb. Live bait Rod - p/u in O.C.

    Sent you a pm regarding a rainshadow rclb 80m. Similar to the Calstar and well within your price range.
  260. scott v

    Shimano Tallica 12II or 16II

    Hey guys, I know it's probably been discussed at length but here goes. For the last couple of years I have fished predominantly Okuma reels. I currently have a Mak 10 and two of the older Andros 5's for my 30/40lb rigs. I sold my Mak 15 and was planning on picking up the Andros 12IIs for...
  261. scott v


    You bust peoples balls all the time for posting in the classifieds and yet you post something you are not selling.
  262. scott v

    Christmas came early!!!!

    If you do not mind me asking who has a preorder sale going on? I am looking at ordering a couple reels soon. Thanks
  263. scott v

    Tuna stick suggestion

    Fishing 3-5 day trips you generally do not need gear much different than 1-1/2 day trips. You will find a 30 to 40 lb outfit in your hands 90% of the time. Definitely exceptions to this, and you should have a 50lb outfit. A mxl 2 speed just isn't it.
  264. scott v

    Counterfeit reels?

    Sometimes Amazon does some weird shit. Last year they had shimano curado 300ej's for $79. I thought it was a scam so I only ordered one. After I received it, I took it to shimano and they confirmed it was a legit reel. Shimano couldn't tell me why it was priced as it was but I did not care...
  265. scott v

    Why aren'tm more 1-1.5day boats going out?

    Help prove Get Some wrong by getting a second trip off the docks. H&M just added a 1 1/2 day on the Invicta leaving Friday night. Don't know anything about the boat, and do not really care at this point. I'm fed up with work and need some salt air plus looks like the fish still want to play.
  266. scott v

    Why aren'tm more 1-1.5day boats going out?

    Then why did the Tribute roll last night (Monday) with 20 something anglers and already sold out for Friday night?
  267. scott v

    Wtb: penn fathom 12 and 25n

    Not what you are looking for, but I have a fathom 15 I'm sure we could make a deal on if you wanted to go that route. Bought in August and lightly used.
  268. scott v

    RIP Jeff Logandro

    This one is really haunting me. Although I do not know Jeff I am the same age, two kids about same age and share his same love for the water (dive,surf,fish). I dove three nights this past week from the beach, all solo. I did well but after reading this story I am second guessing everything...
  269. scott v

    Dive light for bugs

    I disagree with the brighter is better when it come to diving for bugs. I used to dive with the UK light cannon and it was bright. That light would often send lobster scurrying back to their holes. I had to put a colored lens cover on it because it was such a high intensity white. I think the...
  270. scott v

    WTB Okuma Andros 5ii

    You know turners is blowing them out for $249. Doubt you will be able to find them too much cheaper used.
  271. scott v

    headed out on the rr3 Sept 4 charkbait trip! who's with me?

    I'm in. Fished it two years ago but sold out rather quick last year. Hopefully we find the quality fish you had last year.
  272. scott v

    fishing poppers on conventional reels?

    Hey guys thanks for a all the responses. The Andros is a a 2 speed with a high of 6.4/1. Other reels I could use for this purpsose are: Release sg or Curado 300ej. I throw iron enough and am fairly confident in my casting abilities so I'm not too worried about backlashes. However comments...
  273. scott v

    Bright Yellow Fishing Line

    I have Cheeto orange on one of my reels and fish a 4ft top shot and have never had a problem getting bit with that reel. I do not think it matters.
  274. scott v

    fishing poppers on conventional reels?

    I was on a two day charter a couple weeks back that was wide open on the tuna. 2nd captain was throwing a popper and it was awesome to see the tuna blowing up on it. I asked the crew if you can throw a popper with a conventional reel and I was told it won't work. I was picking up some gear...
  275. scott v

    Reel bags???

    Having rods rigged might not necessarily be a bad thing depending on what you are doing when you get to the docks. My last 2 day buddy wanted to get there way too early. Ate at Point Loma seafood and had a couple beers before boarding. Rigged up once on board and shot the shit before heading...
  276. scott v

    Shark, the new bait?

  277. scott v

    DFG at Mission Bay Checking Sportsboats

    Rumors until someone that was on the boat in question confirms. I was on a 2 day that left on Wednesday. Thursday the skipper mentioned that a sport boat out of Seaforth was stopped returning from the fishing grounds. From what our skipper said,all fish were quartered without any skin...
  278. scott v

    Halco 130's.............

    Has been the hot jig on my last three trips. My pink chrome has little color left, but continues to get bit. $12 was well worth it.
  279. scott v

    Offshore Apollo Overnight, 7/9... lots of PICS

    Awesome report. If you charter the boat next year and for some reason have vacancies keep me in mind. I will have a 5 1/2 year old next year who will be ready for his first extended offshore trip and would love to get him out with others kids.
  280. scott v

    Offshore El Capitan boat ride 6/12

    Yes, that is the one that got bit. Tuna caught were in the 30-40 lb range.
  281. scott v

    Offshore El Capitan boat ride 6/12

    I have no problem with the decision the captain made. Reports were showing big bluefin in the 100 mile range but they were lock jaw. Jumped on this trip knowing it was a possibility that we could get blanked. I would of been pissed at the captain for turning a 1 1/2 day offshore trip into an...
  282. scott v

    Offshore El Capitan boat ride 6/12

    I honestly have no idea. Captain said we were heading down the beach to make squid. I went below til the engines shut off and never bothered to ask where we were when I came up. Had about 5 or 6 other boats in the same area.
  283. scott v

    Offshore El Capitan boat ride 6/12

    Boarded the El Capitan Thursday night with 13 others for 1.5 day trip with Alan Fay at the helm. Talking to Alan on the deck before we left, you could sense we were in for a rough trip on the fishing front. We left the docks about 9:45 (little late due to waiting for two last minute...
  284. scott v

    Bait o magic

    I have a bait o matic that was trolled a few times but never hooked up. Buddy sold his boat so will not use it again. Asking $15 picked up in Rancho Santa margarita.
  285. scott v

    New rod purchase.. Phenix or?

    Take a look at Orange County rods. ( Right price range and awesome rods. Give him a call with what you are looking for and I'm sure Tony will give you an ideal of what he has. Has more rods than listed on his site. I also fish Phenix black diamond rods but think the Kaiuli series...
  286. scott v

    Bluegill hybrid? What is it.

    I always thought bluegill and sunfish were the same. I was wrong. Thanks for the links Slater definitely looks like a red ear. Didn't know our little lake had different species of sunfish along with bluegill. I need to stick to the salt where I know my fish.
  287. scott v

    Bluegill hybrid? What is it.

    Good call on the green sunfish. I've never heard of them, but after looking at the pics we have definitely caught a few of those. Likely a cross between the two.
  288. scott v

    Bluegill hybrid? What is it.

    I have been taking my 4 year old to our city lake and we've been catching hybrid bluegill fairly regularly. Lake has bluegill, bass, cats, carp and what ever else people might release. So any thoughts on what this is. Mouth is double the size of a normal bluegill, fins are different and so is...
  289. scott v


    Sucks if this truly happened as you claim. I highly doubt a report was taken as this is a civil matter hence the reason for small claims court.
  290. scott v

    avet sx raptor

    Says the guy posting stuff all over the Okuma page.
  291. scott v

    wtb avets reels

    I have a blue mxj bought last summer fished twice. Has a couple of small nicks on top of frame. 250 yards of white Izor spectra about 100 yards 25 lb izorline. $160 pick up in Santa Ana at night or RSM during day.
  292. scott v

    Hollow spectra for 40lb top shot?

    I picked up 60lb seaguar threadlock at the FH hall show for a decent price. My plan was to spool it onto a makaira 10. Doing a little reading afterwards, seems most people do like hollow for under 60lb mono/topshots. Is this because it's too hard to make connections with the small...
  293. scott v

    Lobster Whisperer and Tony Destroy in O side

    You know what's funny, the guys in Oceanside are closer to "your" play ground in OC than you are.
  294. scott v

    VIDEO!!!! long range trip on the intrepid

    Awesome. My wife and I have been on numerous dive trips in the South Pacific and Caribbean hoping to dive with whale sharks. You find them on a fishing trip. What an awesome bonus to what looked like a good trip. Thanks for sharing.
  295. scott v

    Bug Report Card Online

    Depends on when you bought it. If you bought if after August it is good for the season. If it was purchased in Jan-Mar for the beginning of the 2013 season then it is still year to year. At least that is what the notice I received from Dfw said. I would of thought they would extend all of...
  296. scott v

    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    Just saw this and was wondering if anyone here was on the trip or has any more info on what happened. Hopefully no serious injuries. OXNARD, Calif. (KABC) -- Three people were injured when a fishing boat ran...
  297. scott v

    $10 fillet knife at Big 5

    I just picked up a kershaw 8" fillet knife from Big 5. They have the knife on sale at $10 from $30. I know there are way better knives out their (I have one) but at 10 bucks this was hard to pass up. Cheap enough that if I loose it/falls over board I will not care much but is still a decent...
  298. scott v

    powered hoop pullers no more?

    Quit being a little girl then and go get certified. Oh your probably scared of little fish that swim around at night aren't you. Always trying to stir shit up, this thread had nothing to do with divers. I bet overall hoppers have greater success rate than divers do over all due to the...
  299. scott v

    Dana Point Report 11-2

    Thanks Mike for taking me out. Could not of asked for a nicer day on the water. Rockfish bit pretty ousgood when we were over hard bottom/structure. Pretty obvious when we drifted off as it was sand dab city. I was surprised too see too little things inhaling the 6" gulp. I caught two...
  300. scott v

    Update on the Andros 12 and 16 test models

    X2 on when they might be available. Figured some people would be dumping used (new) gear in the off season after the blue fin bite this year and was looking at picking up a 50-60 reel. I have 2 5II's and would love a larger size andros. I would hold off on buying gear in the off season if I...
  301. scott v

    Santa Monica Pier - Lobster TRAPS

    I don't hoop and never will, but curious why it's illegal to hoop from a pier if you can fish from it. Sorry if it is common knowledge just seems a bit odd.
  302. scott v

    WTB- Avet HX 2 speed

    Any one have a blue one they want to sell. $ is in hand, would prefer Orange County area unless you are willing to ship.
  303. scott v

    Lobster fishing Fine $20.00 for not submitting your card

    What is says is if you do not turn in your card and want to take bugs you have to pay a $20 to get your report card for the season. If you skip that season the fine goes away the following year. Still a bunch of BS.
  304. scott v

    WTB- Avet HX 2 speed

    Hey bloody decks, checking to see if anyone is done with their offshore trips for the year and looking to sell an Avet HX. I am looking for a blue or silver one in good condition at a reasonable price. If you have one let me know.
  305. scott v

    Offshore CONDOR Labor Day 3 day Yellowfin, Bluefin TUNA TRAINWRECK

    Not too sure on the red tide being the issue with the bait. 3 day on the islander and we rolled a few minutes before your trip. Traveled through the same slop and didn't have issues with bait rolling. Who knows maybe we got lucky. Fishing was pretty much the same, limits of bluefin, near...
  306. scott v

    X-Wrap too slick , Any suggestions

    I have two Phenix 809's that have the x-wrap instead of hypalon grips. Using these for the tuna scene, for me they become very slick when wet/bloody. I know the answer is don't get them wet/bloody but that can be hard to do in a wide open bite. I almost tossed one overboard on my last trip...
  307. scott v

    F/S. torium 16, daiwa 50x HV

    $45 for the Daiwa. Would make a good primary/back up for reel for people looking for an inexpensive reel for these bluefin.
  308. scott v

    BNIB Okuma Andros A5ii 2-speed Reel

    Maybe you should check your prices again. I can pick it up for 350 with Spectra in the store
  309. scott v

    BNIB Okuma Andros A5ii 2-speed Reel

    My offer still stands at 300
  310. scott v

    Offshore Bloofin Limits 8-6

    Great report and props for the hand off. As per the mystery fish, likely a monster bluefin. Reports are up from the Excel finishing their trip in the 60 mile range. An angler on that trip landed a 184 lb bluefin on 40 pound test. Report said it took him over two hours to land but he put it...
  311. scott v

    Mid Level Rods for sale

    Price drop. All rods $20 per rod.
  312. scott v

    Looking for a 2.5-3.5 day trip Labor Day weekend.

    I am on a 3 day on the Islander that weekend leaves Friday the 30th at noon. Made reservations this week and still spots left. Booking is directly through islander sportfishing
  313. scott v

    Mid Level Rods for sale

    SOLD, SOLD I have a few rods that do not get used any more. All rods are used and have some scuff marks but still have plenty of life left in them. Figure these would be great if you have kids that are starting out, as loaner rods or you are looking for decent cheap rods. I am located in...
  314. scott v

    F/S. torium 16, daiwa 50x HV

    Torium is sold. Any interest in the Daiwa. $50? Reel is in decent condition just do not think I will ever use it again.
  315. scott v

    F/S. torium 16, daiwa 50x HV

    Torium is sold. Daiwa sealine 50x Hv used with boat rash. Have taken on many trips but used only a few time. Reel does have a little corrosion around the screw. Has 4.9 ratio. Asking $60 no line Obo. pick up in Rancho Santa Margarita or Santa Ana days during week. Would also be willing to...
  316. scott v

    Offshore Limits of Rockies on a 1 1/2 day trip on the "Old Glory" 2.16.13

    It was a great trip. Crew and captain were very helpful on deck and the weather was perfect. Crew just needs to pick the worms out of my fillets next time. What the heck do they think I am paying them for when they "clean" my fish. Guess I will have to talk to the captain next time I am on...
  317. scott v

    Any last minute openings leaving tonight

    Went on a 5 day couple weeks back and did not get a shot at the bigger blue fin. Just came back from a week of camping and it looks like the bigger grade fish are biting. Does anyone have any last minute openings on a charter trip leaving tonight (8-30) fishing day or 1 1/2 day trips. If so...
  318. scott v

    Vagabond 5 day with Phenix rods & Blackwater

    Had a good time fishing with everyone. Hopefully we can do it again sometime soon. I was the one of the lucky winners of a phenix rod. I was able to fish this rod most of the trip and had a hard time putting it down. Thanks again to the sponsors (Phenix, Blackwater) for donating the raffle...
  319. scott v

    30lb seeker, calstar live bait stick

    I am looking for a live bait stick to fish 30-40 lb. mainly looking for Seeker Black Steel g670, g6470, or Calstar grafighter 700m, 700ml. I am looking to stay in the $150 range and in the Orange County area. Must be in good condition. Thanks EDIT: Thanks for the PM's guys. I found what I...
  320. scott v

    Vagabond 5 day- Tiny Charter (PennReels)

    Thanks for the report. Did you guys fish Cedros or was it all offshore.
  321. scott v

    Share your POKE recipes

    This one is really good. Have received no complaints yet. Ingredients 3/4 pound sashimi grade tuna steak, diced 1/2 cup diced cucumber 1 avocados - peeled, pitted and diced...
  322. scott v

    Phenix Rod/Blackwater- Vagabond 5 day trip

    Just signed up, looks like I got the last spot. Never fished this boat but I'm looking forward to it. Looking forward to Cedros yellows and hopefully some tuna.
  323. scott v

    Phenix Rod/Blackwater- Vagabond 5 day trip

    Do you know if this trip will hit Guadalupe or is that out of the question for a 5 day now. I am trying to decide on this trip or waiting a few weeks to fish first or second week in September. I know its fishing so hard to answer, but is the fishing typically the same in August and September...
  324. scott v

    12-31-2011 Report

    Thanks for taking me out Mike, it was the perfect way to end the year. I have never really targeted sheep head before but it was fun. We had probably a 45 minute period where we had a fish going every couple of minutes. Then just like the bite started it was done. Thanks again Mike.
  325. scott v

    Fishing Saturday 12-31

    I would like to go if you still have room.
  326. scott v

    West End Lobsters

    Then why all the hatred for people that have the balls to get in the water at night. I've been told numerous times by hoopers its because we can go in there and just grab all the bugs we want. Sure sounds like they think it's easy to me. You never answered the other question either. Probably...
  327. scott v

    West End Lobsters

    So what happens when your are hooping and you pull your limit and your buddy has 2 or 3 bugs. I'm sure you continue hooping and try to help him fill his limit right? seriously doubt you sit there and say, Cant help you and you can't use my hoops. For everyone that thinks diving for bugs is...
  328. scott v

    Looking for a diver

    I'm always up to go for a dive. I think this weekend will be trouble though. We are supposed to have a major swell coming through with possible 20 knot winds. Take a look at Any other weekend I would love to go. Keep me in mind if you want to take a diver over any other...
  329. scott v


    So we are going to talk about ethics. Since when did it become ethical to drop hoops 10 yards from someone who already has hoops in the water. I see it done all the time around Dana Point. I See hoopers yelling at each other all the time for this. Just because you can drop hoops in a mile...
  330. scott v

    Looking to dive opening weekend for bugs

    Like the title says I'm hoping to dive opening weekend for bugs. The swell is supposed to be kicking so shore diving will probably out. If anyone is boat diving and has room for one more I would love to go. Rescue certified with 250+ dives so you wouldn't have to worry about me in the water...
  331. scott v

    2 1/2 or 4 day trip

    Hey all new to this forum and looking for a little knowledgeable advice. I am looking at going on a 2 1/2 day trip on the searcher or a 4 day on the red rooster this coming weekend. With the way the fish are biting off shore which trip would you opt for? Anyone with experience know if a 4...