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  1. ldizzle910

    Shimano tranx 500HG with extras

    ldizzle910 submitted a new listing: Shimano tranx 500HG with extras - Shimano tranx 500HG with extras Learn more about this listing...
  2. ldizzle910

    Shimano Trinidad 12 and 30 GOLD

    ldizzle910 submitted a new listing: Shimano Trinidad 12 and 30 GOLD - Shimano Trinidad 12 and 30 GOLD Learn more about this listing...
  3. ldizzle910

    Okuma metaloid 5ii 65lb braid

    Selling and Okuma metaloid 5ii. Excellent condition about 90% of spool filled with 65lb braid. Mech 10/10 cos 9.5/10. $SOLD
  4. ldizzle910

    Shimano Ocea jigger 3000p Gold

    Selling my shimano Ocea jigger 3000p gold. It’s the JDM version of the shimano Trinidad 20. This reel also has a spool lock. Has box but no papers. Has a full spool of 65lb braid. Works excellent service it every year. Looking to get SOLD for it. Willing to ship
  5. ldizzle910

    Okuma Makaira 30ii SEa

    Selling a makaira 30ii SEa only used on 1 trip. Filled with 130 izo and 50ft or so on top. 10/10 cos 10/10 mech. $$$$ SOLD $$$$$
  6. ldizzle910

    WTB shimano talica 12II

    Looking for a talica 12II in the Ventura county area so let me know what you guys have. PM please
  7. ldizzle910

    Need some help

    What's up guys I'll be in Salem June 17,18,19 planning on fishing the 17th or 18th. What do you guys think of setups to bring? Places to fish? Any local knowledge would help very much since I'm from SoCal. Thanks guys!!!
  8. ldizzle910

    First Time in Oahu =)

    Whats up everyone!?! i will Be out in OAHU in october for a cousins wedding. Might be doing some island hopping as well so im just doing some research now on fishing trips out there. looking for a full day, to bring or not to bring my own reels and/or rods. what do you guys suggest? thanks for...
  9. ldizzle910

    FS Shimano ocea jigger 4000 Seeker OSP 1x3

    Selling a Shimano ocea jigger 4000 gold. Comes with box, 3 handles, and tiburon clamp. Prestine condition...$500 Also selling a seeker osp 1x3 brought on boat yet never used...$450 Lemme know if you guys have any question
  10. ldizzle910

    FS: TFO Lefty Kreh pro series II fly rod

    For sale is a TFO Lefty Kreh pro series II 9' 8wt 4 piece fly rod. Barely Used in near perfect condition. $130 lemme know if you have any questions
  11. ldizzle910

    FS Shimano Talica 8II and Penn 4/0 special w/ Narrow tiburon frame

    FS: Shimano talica 8ii, minimal boat rash. internals are perfect. Has more than half a spool of 65b. braid.comes with box and manual.....$350...SOLD FS: Penn senator 4/0 special with narrow tiburon frame, newell spool and gears....$100...SOLD Prefer local pickup around...
  12. ldizzle910

    FS Avet reel case

    Selling my practically new avet reel case size small. Holds 6 reels. Only had it about 2 months just sat in the garage never been on a boat. $40. Local pickup from Ventura to Thousand Oaks
  13. ldizzle910

    WTB Seeker 1x3 for my tiagra 16

    what up guys looking for a seeker 1x3 factory wrapped or blank in good condition. let me know what you guys have not looking to drive to far....ventura all the way to the valley somewhere off the 101. GO GET EM!!!
  14. ldizzle910

    FS Phenix black diamond psw 809h, saltist BG 40H

    Up for grabs is a Phenix black diamond psw 809h rated 20-50 deckhand grip used a few times but mainly sat in the rack $180 Next is a saltist bg 40h. Rash on left side plate but other than that internals are perfect. 65# braid and clamp included $115 If your looking for a trade...
  15. ldizzle910

    WTB Shimano reels in San diego

    whats up everybody I'll be in San Diego this weekend for a 6 pack trip and I'll be looking for some reels to add to the arsenal. I'm looking for 1. Shimano Trinidad 40n 2. Shimano Trinidad 16n (gold) 3. Shimano Ocea jigger 4000 (gold) I know some are in high demand but if you are willing to...
  16. ldizzle910

    Six pack out of San Diego

    what's up everyone!!! I'm heading out on a six pack this weekend on a day trip and was wondering what the fish are biting on down there. Bait? Iron size/color? Setups? Don't wanna go overboard and bring too much gear so I wanna consolidate and bring the main setups. Let me know how you guys are...
  17. ldizzle910

    Trini 20 and 16n

    looking to pick one of these up guys. if you wanna part with one them let me know.
  18. ldizzle910

    Shimano parts needed please

    What's up guys! I'm looking for some parts fir my Trinidad 16 gold 1. Clutch lever...I currently have a torium 16 lever on it but would like a gold one 2. Shimano rod clamp like this. It's a full Shimano clamp If anybody has these parts and are willing to part with three me know. Or any...
  19. ldizzle910

    SoCal heading to Salem/Portland/Coast

    what up guys!!! So i am geting married up in portland this september and every trip that ive gone on in oregon has been nothing but wedding business!!! so i finally have time during the end of june/begining july to finally have some time to head up there for some fishing/camping ventures. I...
  20. ldizzle910

    FS DEPS Slide Swimmer 250 type SS and Slide Swimmer 175

    I have 1 DEPS Slide Swimmer 250 type SS in Natural Saiko Trout for sale $200 OBO. SOLD I also have 1 DEPS Slide Swimmer 175 in Butch Brown Trout for sale. $160 OBO Both have never been used and are brand new in the box!!! Want them both?!? Make an offer. Let me know if you have any questions
  21. ldizzle910

    WTT Shimano Talica 10 II for Talica 8 II

    whats up guys lookin to trade my talica 10 II for a talica 8 II. let me know what you guys have or if you want to see some pics.
  22. ldizzle910

    WTS Newell Reels

    Newell 300____$200 SOLD Newell G332-F____$100 SOLD Newell 338-F______$100 Newell G338-F_____$100 SOLD All new bearings, some rash, mechanically works perfect. Firm prices
  23. ldizzle910

    Power wrapper

    What's up guys. I've been wrapping a lot of rods lately for myself and buddies all by hand and man does it get tiring. So just seeing if anyone had an old power wrapper or an extra one that they don't use up for sale or trade, or even had good plans on building a decent one. Let me know what you...
  24. ldizzle910

    Shimano Chronarch MG, Penn 501 Tiburon Accurate, Penn 500 Baja pacific, GoPro

    Selling some reels that aren't used anymore for a buddy, great reels handled by a great fisherman. Penn 501 with Tiburon frame and Accurate handle - $85 $70 Penn 501 blk -$55 SOLD Shimano Chronarch MG - $135 $120 Penn 500 with Baja Pacific plates (loose spool) - $120 $80 Ocean Master - $50 $35...
  25. ldizzle910

    Reel for seeker 10' ulua

    What's up guys! I'm currently building a seeker 10' ulua and was wondering what all the bloody deckers opinions are for reels. What are your thoughts? If you're selling something good let me know.
  26. ldizzle910

    Avet MXJ 5.8 Magic cast and HX 4.2 black NIB

    What's up guys just selling my avet reels for some extra cash for the holidays. Never been used before and I bought em brand new. They both have the avet reel covers as well. Shoot me a pm if you're interested.