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  1. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Fresh Report 8/31

    What is a DownVote? Honestly all this social Media stuff is lame. I don’t care what anyone votes for my report. Love it, Hate it, Use it, Jerk off to the pics. I only posted it cause I’ve been frothing to go, finally got out, couldn’t catch shit, and wanted to pass on the info to the next...
  2. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Fresh Report 8/31

    I must be clueless...WTF are you guys talking about? It’s like I’m back in Spanish class. Is this some millennial meme chat shit??🤷‍♂️
  3. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Fresh Report 8/31

    Ran some miles Caught Zilch O-Side to 209, out to the chloro break 5 miles West. Tons of beautiful paddies...all empty. Bent South to 181...more of the same. Straight inside 181 about 4 miles found football sized PUDDLING YELLOWFIN! Still No Takers Water 68 inside, 72 mid channel, 71 everywhere...
  4. Caseydmaze

    Yep. Its the way of the future generation unfortunately. Personally, if the guy wants to give...

    Yep. Its the way of the future generation unfortunately. Personally, if the guy wants to give to charity...good in him. But removing him from the opportunity because of his previous success??? Sounds a bit like socialism to me.
  5. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Kite fish question

    Liberals...”Everyone DESERVES a fish, regardless of skill level or if they were in the rack while others were at the rail in the weee early hours.” Conservatives....”You caught 4, you weren't given 4 and now your number was legitimately pulled out of a drawing with equal opportunity for...
  6. Caseydmaze

    1980 John Wood Dory - 18/21ft - $11,700

    😉Thanks Ryan. You’re a class act!
  7. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Bluefin close by

    Same exact thing happened to me at Prom night back in High School. Everyone was on the dance floor, following the herd, but I went my own way, more West as well...I found her in the hallway, away from the fleet. Chased her all over the school. Nearly had her half dozen times. She broke my...
  8. Caseydmaze

    Islands Catalina 6/5/21 LATE REPORT

    Strong Mako bite off the slide there a couple miles off shore.
  9. Caseydmaze

    1993 Skipjack 26 Flybridge

  10. Caseydmaze

    TLD 30 2 Speed and Saber Stroker

    Yer rod says 5’6” but ad says 6’5”. Just fyi.🤷‍♂️
  11. Caseydmaze

    Looks like that cutting board would work better turned around sonit drains off the side instead...

    Looks like that cutting board would work better turned around sonit drains off the side instead of into the bait tank. Those are cool setups!!
  12. Caseydmaze

    Sabiki rod????

    Ya I hear ya. I guess for me the trade off of simplicity and dependability makes that small annoyance worthwhile. I can hand it to a 5 year old and they can jig macs!👍🏼 its be fun to try making one w a conventional or a baitcaster.
  13. Caseydmaze

    Had the same set up for five years and havent broke one line. Run 10 pound test mono to your...

    Had the same set up for five years and havent broke one line. Run 10 pound test mono to your sabiki connection also be sure and file down that angled hole so it’s nice and smooth for the line going into it😉
  14. Caseydmaze

    Sabiki rod????

    5’ pvc pipe Lightweight trout Spinning reel connected w hose clamps. Drill an angled hole for the line to enter the pipe Just in front of the reel. Only use 3-4 sabiki hooks w a sinker on the end, you don't need 8 hooks. All the hooks reel inside the pipe when your done. The sinker sits flush...
  15. Caseydmaze

    Anybody know the name of the vessel?

    Yup. There it is word for word.
  16. Caseydmaze

    Anybody know the name of the vessel?

    Pretty sweet how the writer tried to make a political statement by saying “Trumps Border Policy has created an increase in oceanic illegal crossings.” That stuffs been going in for years. Blame the scumbags for breaking the law, littering all the coves and beaches with trash, debris and...
  17. Caseydmaze

    Replys On Boats For Sale

    I love changes!!
  18. Caseydmaze

    Look for new post

    I stringari just “puffed up.”🤣
  19. Caseydmaze

    105 YT are here

    Were u at the 150? Where’s the 105???
  20. Caseydmaze

    23' to 25' parker

    Sounds like a helluva “project” 🤣
  21. Caseydmaze

    Looking for 19' Arima Sea Chaser

    There’s one right below your ad....two lines down.
  22. Caseydmaze

    Fishing around Newport

    Take your phone and on the homescreen create a folder for “Fishing Info”. Put a few good links for weather on there like “SailFlow”, “NOAA” “TempBreak” etc. Get used to checking daily and looking forward into the week prior to going. The normal wind/swell pattern tends to come from the west...
  23. Caseydmaze

    24’ Shamrock WA Hardtop sold

    An inboard will need a different trailer...different in that the bunks will sit higher as will the boat to accomodate the prop underneath and the rudder (nothing tilts up outta the way.) Also most trailers have a Metal guard that hangs below to protect the prop from anything in the roadway.
  24. Caseydmaze

    ISO, Cabo Cuddycon 216

    Try scrolling down about 9 boats...theres one literally on this page.
  25. Caseydmaze

    Livingston 19ft alert

    Way too much transom weight. Hawaiians would run a pair of 40’s or 50’s on there all day.
  26. Caseydmaze

    Hobie Kayak.

    Try craigs and BWE (Big Waters Edge) Classified. 👍🏼
  27. Caseydmaze

    Looking for 19' Arima Sea Chaser

    Dont know if youve seen these...🤷‍♂️Could be cool.
  28. Caseydmaze

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Take any profession with a short operating season, low pay and back to back to back to back runs or trips to make ends meet...and I will show you drug culture. These jobs are for the young, adventurous souls. The problem is you cant run from human nature. Being sleep deprived, overworked and...
  29. Caseydmaze

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Different grades of fentenyl. Its a synthetic opiode created in a lab for medicinal (hospital) use to mimic the effect of a narcotic similar to heroine. Its the number 1 street drug and has been rapidly growing in popularity for the last number of years. It can be found in the smallest form...
  30. Caseydmaze

    Offshore This is a Bloody Deck and a Super.

    Little video from a few years ago, his boat, his work. Might answer some intelligent and some “hater” questions. Nice sustainable haul Sir.
  31. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Who does this ???

    I thought it was a cool story. And I appreciated that Mike took the time to tell you what had inspired him to do it. And I understand that you were literally “retelling” that fact as part of the story. Seems like someone is a little sensitive on here. I noticed you never said that either one...
  32. Caseydmaze

    9/19 LJ

    You make it look so chill and relaxing...Well done.
  33. Caseydmaze

    It's official... La Nina is here

    Seriously!! A little rumbler months ago out in Ridgecrest doesn’t exactly tick the “BIG ONE” box. On Thursdays We’ve been practicing “duck and cover” drills w the family. And we also don 1960’s gas masks and hide behind blast shields every Tuesday. The front door has a drop bar. We adopted 2...
  34. Caseydmaze

    Another Good Day 09/12/2020

    Hilarious. More of this. -Dept. Fish & Wildlife
  35. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 09-13-20 surprise

    We got some real sharp hunter’s on this ol site.
  36. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 09-13-20 surprise

    Gawd she looks thicker than 83!!! Awesome job!!
  37. Caseydmaze

    2005 Parker 2120 for Sale

    Nice ride! Is the Yamaha an ‘05 as well?
  38. Caseydmaze

    2310 Parker 1999/2016

    So just confirming...thats a 2014 Yamaha, not an ‘07??
  39. Caseydmaze

    2015 Hobie PA 14 Package listed under boats for sale

    Any more info on the pa14?
  40. Caseydmaze

    2014 Hobie Pro Angler 12 for sale

    Yer not interested in a 2019 I-11s inflatable Hobie Fishing yak are you?
  41. Caseydmaze

    2020 hobie outback with 180 drive

    Orange County Craigslist....guybjas one rt now for sale for 3500
  42. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    I think my dad was operating the Harbor Patrol boat that picked em up.
  43. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/1 kelps

    Those mahi will be huge soon!!
  44. Caseydmaze

    08/29/20 – 9 Mile Bank and the Nados

    Helluva job color coordinating with your hat, shirt and fish....dam even the bag is black with turquoise straps. How in the hell did you plan that?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  45. Caseydmaze

    Parker 2520 w a 300 Yammy

    Woops. Moderator can u move this to the Classified.
  46. Caseydmaze

    Parker 2520 w a 300 Yammy

    Mehhhh 250 not 300.
  47. Caseydmaze

    Parker 2520 w a 300 Yammy

    Posting for y’all. I have no affiliation. Looks Bitchen. Happy Hunting!
  48. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Sailfish/Marlin behind Channel Islands

    The Isnt that Surge, the marine electrical guy?
  49. Caseydmaze

    Kencraft 220, 215, Hydrasport Vector 23-24’

    Guy w a Kencraft 220 and Suzuki 4 banger on OferUp rt now in HB.
  50. Caseydmaze

    Need Fiberglass guy.

    100% what this guy said. Wider is better, spread the load. Always go bigger. Watching your transom flex w every chop on the way in from the 209 will haunt you for years.🤣
  51. Caseydmaze

    Offshore tons of bluefin but only yellowtails

    You bought a brand new matching outfit to go slay bloody fish???? 🤣🤣🤣
  52. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 267-277 and gasoline

    So u have a 1/2 filled barrel of ethanol free gasolina??? LUHHHHKEEEE!
  53. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Orange County BFT Foamers 8/3

    Look, its fishing. Its a hobby, a game or possibly even a “sport” if you’re fat, smoke cigarettes and still wanna claim some semblance of your former AYSO athletic prowess. Regardless, If its only fish you are after, go to Vons, or Ralph’s or Staters if yer cheap. The rest of is like to get...
  54. Caseydmaze

    Surf fishing San Onofre

    Lots of grass and floating kelp down there. Pick yer spots.
  55. Caseydmaze

    What’s my boat worth?

    There’s a boat??
  56. Caseydmaze

    Offshore No fish but some intel out of Dana pt 7-2-20

    Trailer tires only last 5-7 years...tread never wears out before the sidewall blows or they delaminate. Ditto on the rinse after launch and retrieval. Helluvan effort!!
  57. Caseydmaze

    6/30 Mussel Farm

    When will we stop holding fish straight out for the camera?? Are we all that friggin’ insecure. 🙄.
  58. Caseydmaze

    Which EPIRB to buy?!

    Same. Renewed info 2-3 times and its still ticking...5 years old. Stays on the deck in a dry bag with signaling mirror, flare gun and bottled water. The “ditch bag” is then clipped to a floating seat cushion. I didn't do the mounting bracket cause id rather have it with me.....not the sinking...
  59. Caseydmaze

    Cat 6/24 YT

    Ya coulda been. Def older hull, Glass over wood. Bare hull. Hole/crack in the bottom.
  60. Caseydmaze

    Cat 6/24 YT

    Ya did you get any to stick? They did like that mint for is too....just wouldnt commit.
  61. Caseydmaze

    Cat 6/24 YT

    Heyyyyyy somebody got it!!!! “That was no boating accident!!”
  62. Caseydmaze

    Cat 6/24 YT

    Late start, left Newport at 1100. Hit Long Point to Whites. About 2 pm yt’s started puddlin’. Nearly every other boat had left. They chased the surface iron (bird shit and mint tady). 2 bites nothing stuck. Followed multiple times rt to boat. 2-3 at a time. Meter was going ballistic, took...
  63. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    I had the same idea. Hows your progress??
  64. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Megamouth video plus another report

    Thats not a Mola “Thats a baby whale Jay!”
  65. Caseydmaze

    Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    .....and hope to high heaven that one of the two lien holders isnt now deceased! Impossible ordeal that took almost a year to get finished w DMV, even using a registration service company. What a headache!
  66. Caseydmaze

    Help Reading FishFinder

  67. Caseydmaze

    $18,900 Blackman Center Console- must go!

    What does “motivated seller” mean anyway??? I always see that in real estate ads. Doesn't simply lowering the price motivate the buyer and solve the problem. Its like listing my home for 1 million dollars and adding “Motivated Seller!!!” Just lower the price. Probably sound like a D,,,just...
  68. Caseydmaze

    1991 Wellcraft 18 Sport CC $5,500 Rancho Cucamonga

    Put your money into your motor...hulls are a dime a dozen.
  69. Caseydmaze

    Ethanol free fuel in San Diego or El cajon?

    My carb loves a little Marvel Mystery Oil.
  70. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Condor 9/9 emergency

    Make sure you check vitals before just panicking and doing chest compressions. People can pass out or have a ‘syncopal episode’ for a number of reasons, some having nothing to do with the capability of the heart itself. An aortic aneurism is a tear of the Inner wall of the Aorta, not a heart...
  71. Caseydmaze

    18 FT Stringari...Center Console

    Have u ever weighed your boat on or off the trailer w or without fuel. I always wanted to know what I am towing.
  72. Caseydmaze

    What would you change about fishing charters?

    GoPro some vids during the day! Invest in some simple dvd makers. Give em something to remember the trip by a week or so after their trip. People love to show their “good time” to friends back on land. Not a bad way to advertise to other future clients as well.
  73. Caseydmaze

    Offshore San Clemente

    Awesome! Hey for reals thanks for the reply and detailed explanation!! 60 bag fulls is gnarly!!! Ive been doing Poke and Seared Ahi for the last week. I wonder what the big blue would’ve gone for in one of those crazy Japanese markets where everybody is screaming and yelling!
  74. Caseydmaze

    Offshore San Clemente

    Serious question here: What in the hell is the process once you get to the dock with one of these??? Im doubting that gets thrown in a pickup truck and driven home for cleaning right? What does a 300 lb fish produce in the way of meat like 200lbs?? Where does 200lbs of meat get stored?. I...
  75. Caseydmaze

    Box Canyon 9-2

    Ive used it inshore at La Jolla, Barn Kelp, Carlsbad Canyon, Bucc pipe Carlsbad Canyon, All the HB Rocks, Catalina, and yes BOX CANYON!! Ive metered to 300’ but it will do deeper...theres jist no point. When offshore i usually have it set down to 200-250’ searching for tuna. The total scan...
  76. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Mustang boat trip

    The skipper is very fishy works his ass off to get you on fish. Went last year and we already had some great stops, but even late in the day he was searching hard and found us a golden untouched paddy loaded with huge hungry dorado. All because hes a grinder!!!
  77. Caseydmaze

    Box Canyon 9-2

    Simrad Go7 w total scan transducer. You’ll never be happier.
  78. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Really. Have you read ALL of his posts for the past 17 pages??? Dis you read his DELETED posts as well. Guys were “encouraging” this thread to stay positive and not turn a joke. This guy has twisted some logically good questions into obvious accusations, “pump-cocked” himself into a position...
  79. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Exactly. Total puss. Guy makes statements like “if id been the captain i like to think id have stayed and died in the fire trying to rescue those passengers.” Waaaaay too many movies. YOU definitely wouldnt have done that and are assuming so many things with that statement it is clearly...
  80. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Well either way he seems like a complete jackass. The assumptions and accusations he’s nodded towards would normally be tolerated although annoying. But in the face and in the immediate aftermath if the largest maritime disaster of the 21st century, where families are grieving, crew-members...
  81. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    OK Ive had enough, wonder if Im alone. Quick vote. Who has had enough and wants LARMO to Stop replying and typing altogether? Hit “Like.”
  82. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    100% agree. Say a prayer and wait for the investigation.
  83. Caseydmaze

    Pilot house console

    1/2” ply, stainless brad nailer, glue. Then glass it in w resin. Paint to your desired color. Exaclty to your spec!
  84. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Oceanside to 278- 181- N 9

    Bucket and a firm deck brush on a short handled pole. Dip it scrub, dip scrub. When its all broken free fill the bucket and flood the deck. Makes the job at home simple as rinsing the salt off.
  85. Caseydmaze

    You can only eat so much Poke and Seared Ahi...any other suggestions?

    Smoke it. Then make tuna fish sandwiches w the smoked tuna. You'll never eat a canned tuna sammy again.
  86. Caseydmaze

    $120 OBO

    I thought a couple years ago his title read from Redondo Beach or something....
  87. Caseydmaze

    18 FT Stringari...Center Console

    Stringari 18 has an 8 degree deadrise. Big wide heavy badass boat that gets wet in the chop. Boats vary in deaign from cc ro forward pilot house. Originally came w 4 bangers, late 80’s started offering factory Volvo Penta v6 as well. Some of the late models had outboards (notched). Dont know if...
  88. Caseydmaze

    Hooked up my homie on his birthday

    Truth be told.....i kind of agree.
  89. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Beer Battered Tacos

    Thanks!! Ya little windy. I wouldn't stress, I have a feeling they might be around...although there were 2 Seiners chugging our way late in the day. You should go this Labor Day Weekend, shouldn't be crowded....
  90. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    So in the morning (when every fisherman is heading out) a turtled hull thats been sitting in the water all cold night shouldn't show up on a FLIR since it hasn't seen sun for 10 hours and there is nothing generating heat on board.....technically speaking.
  91. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Beer Battered Tacos

    Recipe: Pan, Oil, heat bla bla bla....+ these two main ingredients!
  92. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Beer Battered Tacos

    I would say it was 50/50. You’d see marks at 40’, chunk heavy, and slide one back with a hook well hidden in it surrounded by more chunk and ziinnng there it’d go!!! Ass hooked a firecracker mini-mac on a school that was around 60’ deep, he dove torpeo style straight into the herd. All fish...
  93. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Beer Battered Tacos

    Short version only: This guy ate the chunk! As did 3 of his yellowfin buddies!! Between the 182 and 9. Finally! Get this stink off the boat! Oh and he tasted great!!
  94. Caseydmaze

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    Say “night” one more time....
  95. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 8/25/19 Liberty Full Day

    What did your buddy shoot on the front 9? Classic.
  96. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Pride incident

    All this for some stupid fish.
  97. Caseydmaze

    Capsized Parker

    And the use of plastic valves. All good past the seacock but installing a plastic thruhull or a plastic ball valve at the seacock is a recipe for sinking.
  98. Caseydmaze

    Capsized Parker

    True to a point. Unless the foam is old and waterlogged, or the boat now has a 1,000 lb. tuna tower added or some other bizarre modification from the original design. But technically you are right with regard to original design and meeting coast guard specs.
  99. Caseydmaze

    Capsized Parker

  100. Caseydmaze

    Capsized Parker

    As far as flipping Someone on BD said the Coast Guard hauled ass up on ‘em and they were keeping her afloat w the buckets going until the CG’s wake hit em and thats when it flipped.
  101. Caseydmaze

    Capsized Parker

    I’ll give u a few : -Hitting anything solid at speed: Half sunken telephone pole, tree trunk, whale, 55 gal. drum etc. = crack in the hull too big for any bilge pump to keep up. -Factory failure where the hull separates. -Badly cracked transom with all that weight from dual outboards and all...
  102. Caseydmaze

    Fish finder

    Simrad Go7 w total scan transducer is awesome. Im sure 9 is even better!
  103. Caseydmaze

    What jigs are hot?

    909 is on the board and making good humor!!
  104. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    How would FLIR help you see a cold boat??? Forward Looking Infra Red works off of Thermal heat differences. Same as a Thermal Imaging Camera.... Maybe I’m wrong ???
  105. Caseydmaze

    Mission Beach Yellows

    Ya we were out at La Jolla and right off Pt Loma targeting Bluefin, Yellowfin and swordfish the other day. Tough conditions, couldn't gettum to bight. Yellowfin or Yellowtail??? Come on!!
  106. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Catamaran turtle on the 9 mile bank

    Man stick a flag or something obvious on that thing. Thatd be hell to hit.
  107. Caseydmaze

    Would have been changing my shorts...8-24

    Bang pots and pans they run like scared sheep. They just want food. But if cornered or w cubs.... Hey heres a good one... “How do tell the difference between a black bear and a grizzly bear?” “If it chases you climb a tree. If it climbs the tree and eats you its a black bear, if it knocks the...
  108. Caseydmaze

    Capsized Parker

    Any updates????
  109. Caseydmaze

    Capsized Parker

    Wow it looked rough...
  110. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    Lets do this!!
  111. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    Killer skiff!!!
  112. Caseydmaze

    1989 invader C.C 17’

    Deal of the week rt there boy!!
  113. Caseydmaze

    53.46 Lb. Yellowtail off Crystal Pier

    Rope, large hook or gaff hook tied on. Same way the Hawaiians pull Big Uluas up the rocks on gnarly coastline bluffs. Or drop a crab net and guide him in.
  114. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    Well I’ll be damned...just saw some pics of a mola breaching.
  115. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    I almost think spearos put these stories out to keep paddys clear for themselves. Did you say Molas Breach?? I didn't know they ever moved more than .25 kph. Like a sea sloth.
  116. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Beginners guide to a perfect gaffing

    Need more Stringari in this video!
  117. Caseydmaze

    8-14 rookie report. Fishing solo.

    Nice job haulin ass down from the cold water state, to go nail the island jewel on day 1!!!
  118. Caseydmaze

    Hobie Outback - how much should I pay???

    Try using as a kayak specific resource. Decks is great for all things fishing...but ‘edge is strictly kayak guys and lots and lots of la jolla knowledge rolling around that site!
  119. Caseydmaze

    Hobie Outback - how much should I pay???

    Also: Definitely ocean worthy. Outbacks are a little wider and probably one of the most stable kayaks. They are a tad slow because of the hull design but plenty of guys use them to great success. I felt faster in a pro angler even though it was heavier and wider simply because of the...
  120. Caseydmaze

    Hobie Outback - how much should I pay???

    i paid 1200 for a used ‘13 Outback w upgraded turbo fins, carbon fiber paddle, and a hummingbird 4” fishfinder. For reference that was a great deal 3 years ago. Hope it helps with your bargaining power.
  121. Caseydmaze

    Question about finding Tuna

    Yoo spelt stoopid rong!! Dumas!!!
  122. Caseydmaze

    Question about finding Tuna

    Classic! Well timed.
  123. Caseydmaze

    Question about finding Tuna

    Let’s try “Humor” for 500 Alex.
  124. Caseydmaze

    Question about finding Tuna

    ”Where will they be tomorrow, around 7am?” Thanks.
  125. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna. 230

    Hahahahahaaaaasa classic!!!!
  126. Caseydmaze

    Couple on the troll

    This is badass!!! Good find!! -Mackerel Marauder...OUT!
  127. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    Bitchen! You got the house model!!
  128. Caseydmaze

    Couple on the troll

    And just like that everyone is reaching back into their stash for the trolling gear....
  129. Caseydmaze

    Couple on the troll

    Same question......along w/ 5,000 other pb’ers.
  130. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Bleak paddy trip 90 mile boat ride

    Thanks for the intel, saving fuel.
  131. Caseydmaze

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    Remove the carbs, clean everything CA fuel related, re-install, go fishing. Run ‘em A LOT!!!
  132. Caseydmaze

    1/2 day success with kids

    Thats great. A lesson for all of us....keep it short, simple and fun and they'll wanna go again. Sculpin are gnar...threw some on ice in a cooler. Trailered all the way home, washed and stored boat, went to clean em and theyre still alive!!!! Zombie Fish!!
  133. Caseydmaze

    Barn Kelp area score

    San O’...juvenile White Shark.
  134. Caseydmaze

    Blue Marlin on the Ranger 85

    I think he’s referring to it being caught on a sport boat.
  135. Caseydmaze

    Offshore A bunch of 300+ pound Bluefin landed.

    Anybody try flying a mackerel?? Seems like it'd work just the same.
  136. Caseydmaze

    JBL vertigo wetsuit

    What size range does a Large cover??
  137. Caseydmaze

    Dana Point 8-4 Report

    Any idea where someone could go to learn how?
  138. Caseydmaze

    Kayak folks - whats it worth?

    $5-600. Check BWE for all things kayak fishing...and classified. Hopefully this doesn't violate some bdoutdoors rule thing.
  139. Caseydmaze

    7/27 Mission Belle Fail

    Capt sits on anchor, everybody bitches that he didnt try. Guy drives around and its wasting time. I hear ya, but man that would suck to sit in the wheelhouse trying to make everyone happy every day.
  140. Caseydmaze


    I think most rec fisherman look at the commercial catch permboat and compare that to how many days, boats and fisherman it would take to equal that on the rec side. When comparisoms are made the rec fisherman spends an imctedible amount of money that goes back into the economy by purchasing a...
  141. Caseydmaze

    BSB Video - SO 07.26.19

    Bitchen Camaro!!
  142. Caseydmaze

    Cows mixed with smaller fish?

    Stand up already.
  143. Caseydmaze

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    YES!!!! You beat me to it!!
  144. Caseydmaze

    Best price for Seaguar Floro Premier?

    Great report. Very helpful. It’s all about YOU!!
  145. Caseydmaze

    Fishing Mission Bay 7-20-19

    Cool little whaler! You got some nice setups in those rod holders. Never even thought of it till earlier in the week report here on bd about guy who lost an avet....maybe clip em in. If those holders come loose and twist your $ will be sinking away fast. Im in the process myself.
  146. Caseydmaze

    Good for sportfishing?

    Yellowfin was 1.50 at the dock in Hawaii last summer
  147. Caseydmaze

    Even if you hate Just watch

    Ohhhh yeaahhh maybe your right. Didnt think of that. Good call.
  148. Caseydmaze

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    Respectfully disagree sir. Congrats on coming here legally and making it successfully!! You are an inspiration to others. When certain politicians believe EVERYONE should get to go to college for free, get free healthcare....and then go so far as to try and get bills passed to pay for free...
  149. Caseydmaze

    skipjack 20 open

    Wow! Very clean original skippy! Looks like its been well cared for. Any pics or details on the condition/hours on the motor and outdrive. People are gonna ask. GLWS!!
  150. Caseydmaze

    1989 17ft invader CC

    Surprised this hasnt sold. Theae are killer little skiffs!! Hoop netting, bassin’, beachin it, paddy hoppin, towin buddies on tubes!!! Somebody should scoop this up! Free plug.
  151. Caseydmaze

    7-16-19 A.M. half day

    Genius idea!!!!
  152. Caseydmaze

    Even if you hate Just watch

    Dave the Symbol at the end reads “2018.”
  153. Caseydmaze

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    It takes rules, order, sacrifice, and teamwork to make a business thrive.....same as a country. Freedom isn't free. You’re clueless and ignorant if you think you just wake up everyday in a world of freedom just because of luck. I tell you what, go open a liquor store, but dont install any...
  154. Caseydmaze

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    I like that name Im keeping it! For the record 28 other NIMRODS seem to agree with me..
  155. Caseydmaze

    Yellowtail migration north from Mexico

    They migrate North for food and a better lifestyle. They often don't really contribute to the Northern economy, but take all the food, shelter and amenities built on years and years of hard work that others have contributed. Often the Taxman (grey suit) will come along and tax the registered...
  156. Caseydmaze

    Flesh eating bacteria on the rise

    This is really good stuff and informative...thanks for sharing!!! Gnarly.
  157. Caseydmaze

    7-16-19 A.M. half day

    Nice Ling and Hali. Whats with raping the rocks of every living tiny thing? Those rockfish are smaller than the trout I throw back. Feel free to bash me, thats just not helping our future fishery one bit.
  158. Caseydmaze

    Plk 7-16

    Theyre waaay up North by Pendleton. Theres green tanks, brown tanks, humvees, helicopters. I wouldnt go to Pt Loma.
  159. Caseydmaze

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    If it was on at night we could start a really good drinking game...”everytime they say Shimano take a sip...if Pete says “Indeed” take two.. and so on
  160. Caseydmaze

    Wed Weather...

    Dana Pt. Thanks for reply.
  161. Caseydmaze

    Let's Talk Hook Up/Sat-Sun Fish Reports?

    LTH has become nothing but hype, ads and paid plugs. I know they gotta sell advertising to keep the lights on but jeeez Louise I cant even stand it anymore its so repetitive. Plus its the same people calling in every week with lame questions just so they can hear themselves on the air and get...
  162. Caseydmaze

    Wed Weather...

    Mixed 3-5’ at 8 seconds and 2-3 at 17 seconds w/ wind gusts to 15 in afternoon....gonna be a bit too lumpy...might have to wait to make the run to Catalina. Anybody seeing anything different on their apps??
  163. Caseydmaze

    Weekend Warrior Flotilla-Nados 7/14

    2 weekends in a row!!???? Well timed!!
  164. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 10 off Oside is Green and Empty

    Thanks Rob. We’ll jist keep connecting the dots till we collectively find these suckers!!
  165. Caseydmaze

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Classic. Deep Newport roots here. Before my grampa passed he gave me a black n white photo of clydsedales on the beach. They were used to pull the nets in full of fish. You’re right the Dory fleet aint what it once was...but nothing is. Stoked we can reflect and still enjoy what we have!
  166. Caseydmaze

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Yup. Id be surfing on the N side of Pier as a kid and theyd come in blowing their air horns and wed watch em zoom past flat bottom slapping as they air dropped off the front side of the waves and slide on up the beach. Good one YakmanDan!!
  167. Caseydmaze

    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    Fishing out near the 14 mile bank as a kid w my dad in his 14’ Valco during ‘82 El Nino. Dad spots a “crash” (everyone calls ‘em Foamers now) of tuna in the distance and guns it! Forgot we had trolling gear out. We got to the crash and tuna were annihilating a bait ball on the surface. Dads...
  168. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 6/28 Tuna Report and Analysis of Pelagic Catches vs. Moon Phase

    Clearly you didn't put a 20 dollar bill on the counter like the OP
  169. Caseydmaze

    Barn Kelp??

    Hows the Barn Kelp doing after this winter?? Thinking about taking some jr.’s up there outta O-Side next week for some chum and bass fishing. Any intel will help!! Thanks!
  170. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 182, 43

    Yup. Kinda was a test run on the boat after all the recent work. Thing ran killer so better half of the summer is gonna be bomb!!
  171. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 182, 43

    Weird...Lumpy outta the barn, then short interval SW swell 2-3’ going out...kinda made for a slow ride outward...not too much wind. Got to the 182 and everything laid down beautifully. Saw some Reeces dolphins, wales, paddys....everything looked good! Water was bitchen blue. Then continued...
  172. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 182, 43

    Ran outta Mission Bay to 182 and 43. 68 degrees outside. Handful of dry paddies Metered nothing. Good color. Maybe another week or two. Cheers!
  173. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Epic solo half day 7/8

    Congrats Man Well Done!!!!
  174. Caseydmaze

    Just noticed - Full day prices up ???

    ....this week’s fuel price in an inland state, high up in the woods with less people, less consumers and a thousand miles from any and demand does not exist in the gas industry. Thanks CA.
  175. Caseydmaze

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Crew rotations and mando down time = less cash/employee = rate increase to offset the costs. It’ll be like the trucking industry on the water.
  176. Caseydmaze

    What snack foods do you take on offshore trips?

    I hear the Pacifica will bring you ashore daily for meals if need be.
  177. Caseydmaze

    20ft skipjack $850.00 not mine

    Im looking for a turtle shell hubcap off a 1978 Datsun B210 hatchback. Can u check the pile? I can wire transfer you the money...i jist need your bank account number or we can trade for welding or paint work or maybe a dunebuggy.
  178. Caseydmaze

    26 2014 Radon Twin 200 etecs

    145 g for a 26’ boat that gets 1.4 miles to the gallon? Different kinda wallet for this smooth ride.
  179. Caseydmaze

    20ft skipjack $850.00 not mine

    Just do it!!! Rip that outdrive off, plug the hole, notch it for an outboard. Plenty of 2 stroke yamaha saltwater series for sale. Off to fish!!!
  180. Caseydmaze

    1991 Stringari 18 ft Cuddy repower

    Lookin great!!! Who do you recommend for canvas work?
  181. Caseydmaze

    Bow rail stainless steel

    Still want to see that boat in person. You e done so much to that thing. Just noticed we have virtually the same Aros trailer too!!
  182. Caseydmaze

    16' Delta Aluminum Skiff

    Probably favorite BD videos. Keep it core whatever you buy next!
  183. Caseydmaze

    Hawaii Fishing Tips?

    Ya exactly. You're there for a week and have 30lbs of ahi. Thats alot of poke.
  184. Caseydmaze

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    Was the tackle store called Hadley’s??
  185. Caseydmaze

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    Thats how the Hawaiians fish for Ulua (Giant Trevally or “GT’s”) off the rocks. Nighttime, 12’ rod, long cast a sinker then slide fish using octopus tentacles. I wonder if you pier guys started the technique??
  186. Caseydmaze

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    I have a box of those old bonito feathers. Grandmother gave them to me. Did you guys ever troll those or those more for jig fishing?
  187. Caseydmaze

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    How far behind the bubble do you tie your feather? We caught a ton just outside the kelp beds trolling little rapalas.
  188. Caseydmaze

    Juvenile Great White

    They look a WHOLE helluva lot bigger on a kayak
  189. Caseydmaze

    Tip for the month of June

    It would be sweet if you could somehow insult guys more, instead of just always being so down to earth and cool
  190. Caseydmaze

    Custom 16’ CC

    Justin that thing is awesome!! Great job on that build! Reminds me so much of my dory. Good Luck!
  191. Caseydmaze

    Hobie Pro Angler PA14

    Helluva deal right there!
  192. Caseydmaze

    El Niño officially announced

    Nailed It!
  193. Caseydmaze

    Quick 1..2..3...Halibut Bounce Ball refresher...Thx

    Im dumb, but heres what ive read... Bounce balling should be more vertical so the rod tip loads, then lifts the weight off the bottom, then drops it again more under the boat (bounce with a thud), unloads....then repeats. Where as dragging a lighter pyramid or torpedo sinker should be far behind...
  194. Caseydmaze

    75% Chance of El Nino This Winter

    We had warm water and tuna in 2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018....why does the name matter anymore?
  195. Caseydmaze

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Picking out outfits for fishing is BEYOND ghey..
  196. Caseydmaze

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    I think worrying about wearing whats trendy when your going out to go fishing is a west hollywood type of problem.
  197. Caseydmaze

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Exactly. Somebody gets it.
  198. Caseydmaze

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Thank You.
  199. Caseydmaze

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    Im pretty sure thats the day exact pt im trying to make. Almost seems like guys are wearing trendy outfits to go fishing in these videos. But if that makes me the teenager???....odd view point.
  200. Caseydmaze

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    1. Was just curious if I could post a video or catch photo on reports without a Salty Crew T shirt or hat? I’m aftaid I will not be trendy enough if Im not wearing exactly the same shit as everyone else. 2. Can we maybe create a new section called “look at me” that’s seperate from “catch...
  201. Caseydmaze


    Hilarious!! Well done.
  202. Caseydmaze

    Paying dues, full moon blues...

    So it was a sea lion....
  203. Caseydmaze

    Swimming jig does not swim well

    This guy breaks jig selection down and covers a little bit of modifying.
  204. Caseydmaze

    Offshore BEWARE Launch Ramp Closed 9/16 Oceanside Harbor BEWARE

    Ya we were down there today....ramps were open, p-lot wasnt. Long walk pre and post trip. That harbor entrance is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Big sets were rolling in on the S/E side breaking way outside. Even saw a guy tow-in surfing off the other jetty. Threaded the needle getting out...
  205. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

  206. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    This is correct. The guy in the 14’ boat always has the right to it because you: 1. Have balls 2. Have to head for the harbor before the noon winds 3. Have a smaller bait tank with 1/2 dead scoop already 4.Are so low to the water should never have spotted it before the 40’er. 5. Probably have a...
  207. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    Forget fish, Im going fishing for boats. Gonna get two other buddy boats together and the three of us are gonna drift out in the middle of nowhere this weekend w GoPros ready. Might even have some full Bendo rods to bring you in even closer. Every boat that approaches thinking were on a paddy...
  208. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    This is all just a byproduct of overcrowding. This shit would never happen if there were WAAAAY less people here. Its on the roads, in the grovery store, the parking lot, the ramp, the bait receiver and even off shore where we are all ultimately going to “get away” from it all. No wonder...
  209. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/9 I like fog.....

    Straight outta Benny Hill!!
  210. Caseydmaze

    Chloro/SST/Temp question

    Thanks Bud!!
  211. Caseydmaze

    Chloro/SST/Temp question

    Got a question. Reading current SST/Chloro and temp charts. I understand the idea of fishing the temp breaks because of nutrient rich cool water meeting warm etc....but is it the same for SST and Chloro?? Looking at the charts below these are not in the same areas so Im confused where to...
  212. Caseydmaze

    Hotel near sea world?

    Dunno if this is for a fishing trip??? Hyatt Regency Mission Bay. It sits rt on the point in Quivera Basin. Whats cool if you have kids (or not), theres a water taxi (boat) that arrives every half hour and takes you to the backside entry for Sea World. No lines, no parking, to and from your...
  213. Caseydmaze

    Brownfin Tuna off a paddy.

    Next up...bounce balling for ahi.
  214. Caseydmaze

    Now that you landed that big Bluefin, what to do?

    Just put a 1/2 teaspoon of Liquid Smoke in the brine....Voila! Smoked fish in the door cracked open oven at 170. Boom!
  215. Caseydmaze

    No electronics....

    I laminated (cheap store bought sheets for like $4) a crib sheet for heading off shore. It has all the spots i usially head and a few more with compass headings to and from. If the fog rolls in and the electronics go to shit, i can still find my way to the three main harbors i use from most...
  216. Caseydmaze

    No electronics....

    Agreed. Its horrible.
  217. Caseydmaze

    TLD 15 Rod clamp

    Just call Shimano in Irvine and theyll send u one for a few bucks.
  218. Caseydmaze

    O'side paddy hoppin

    6 lb test, trout rods, chum up the mackerel and then start laughing!!!!
  219. Caseydmaze

    Coronado Islands 8/28

    Wow!!! Luckiest man on the water! Go buy a lottery ticket. Helluvan outing!!
  220. Caseydmaze

    Which boats bleed and gut your tuna

    Put a knife on your hip, when the fish hits the deck... BLEED IT OUT. Then put it in your #’d bag. Right back to fishing.
  221. Caseydmaze

    Running on Empty

    Lets do it!
  222. Caseydmaze

    Running on Empty

    Picked her up on the Big Island this spring....or you could say I rescued her from the volcano....although she was in an ABC store.
  223. Caseydmaze

    Running on Empty

    Draggin’ seems appripriate. I love this thing! Big ol’ beast!
  224. Caseydmaze

    Running on Empty

    Started Was considering going out today....saw the almost full moon coming up....went back inside and called it off. Give it a week. Nice effort! Hows that Imvader holding up? Cheers.
  225. Caseydmaze

    Rant for the day...

    I ask to see pics. Then i look. If it looks like shit i dont follow up. Why?..... Because I used to follow up, but the SELLER always gets butt hurt and wants to defend how “bitchen” their product is. Why do you think “The Recycler” newspapers were such a big hit in the 90’s??? Cause there...
  226. Caseydmaze

    Offshore August Kelp Fishing

    Bread balls, cat food, canned tuna. We were netting the macs off the surface!!! Kinda fun actually.
  227. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Monday 8 20. Twenty miles west of MB

    Mark that was you on Sunday out near the 181. We were on the blue Stringari CC w/ “The Juniors”. Youre Whaler w the dodger is legit. Nice job on the Dorados!!
  228. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9-Mile Bank

    Theres paddies and Dorado but Sunday they were being little bitches and wouldnt chew. If u have a speargun id bring it along. As soon as you pull up near the paddy they cruise ober like interested dogs to see what you have. Feed ‘em some lead!
  229. Caseydmaze

    Offshore The Corner

    Gotcha. Ya he was there, same spot as us.
  230. Caseydmaze

    Offshore The Corner

    Does your buddy have a whaler w a blue wave dodger up front?
  231. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 267/279 to the 181 and inb between 8/19

    O-side to East of 181, paddy inside of 181 about 4 miles, big dorado circling, 1 boat beat us there and got all of 1. They swam right under the boat when we pulled up like interested dogs. Spearo’s did well today...hook n liners were scratching. One more paddy down between the 9 and 43....same...
  232. Caseydmaze

    Callen Camper Shell

    i have a 2006 (04-06) Tundra w/ 6’2” bed. Searching for a Callen Camper. If u or anyone you know wants to sell one drop me a PM. Cheers, Casey
  233. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Mahi Mania on the "A-Salt Weapon" - Highlight Video!

    Of course EVERYBODY will ask so I’ll get it outta the way....US/9,43....or MEX 302 area ????
  234. Caseydmaze

    Kids stuff

    You can get way more for that bob stroller on craigslist or just look up a local “stroller strides” geoup of moms in your area.
  235. Caseydmaze

    SCI from Oside or SD?

    Good luck either way you decide! Im i terested to hear the reaponses and wonder if the dying hurricane swells will affect the recommended direction.
  236. Caseydmaze

    North La Jolla 8/13

    Thats awesome you put your kid on fish. Nice job!!
  237. Caseydmaze

    Baja advice

    They made us show our contents at the airport. Do your heavy taping after inspection. RL gave us all the ice we needed although our cooler sucked so we had some fish that was borderline frozen.
  238. Caseydmaze

    What bird is this

    Just soent 20 minutes googling seabirds of the pacific and i can guarantee you without a doubt after looking at 100’s of bird pics that I still dont have a clue what the F&[email protected] that is.
  239. Caseydmaze

    $5k for 1st timers set up in San Diego mid August

    Or hit up “The Slider” who runs a tin valco out of Dana Point too. Plenty of skiff guys on here. I ran an 18’ flat bottom dory to the 43 last year with a buddy. Dory’s and Pangas are very budget friendly and economocal to run. As everyone says “pick your days.”
  240. Caseydmaze

    $5k for 1st timers set up in San Diego mid August

    Russel’s the KISS Panga guy on here. Plenty of fish hauled over the rail last two years on his skiff. He runs a yamaha 2 stroke chainsaw from mex....maybe he’ll bro u dowm all the info.
  241. Caseydmaze

    Offshore SC Anglers-Hot Water Article

    Yup, good read.
  242. Caseydmaze

    $5k for 1st timers set up in San Diego mid August

    Exactly what he said. Panga, Tillered Outboard. Go kill fish.
  243. Caseydmaze

    Coronados on the Sea Watch 8/6/18

    Man u guys arent that bright afterall. Come on Krabs, did u teally think I was serious??? Reptiles Orcas Walruses (now thats funny right there) Jeez guys laugh a little. All that itnorance in my post, followed by calling you a dumbass. Dont you guys even get a joke??? Cheers guys, stay...
  244. Caseydmaze

    Coronados on the Sea Watch 8/6/18

    Wow, I’ll avoid using obvious humor in the future. A little sensitive bud, maybe read a little into it before responding hastily. There are at least 5 subtle jokes in there. Im glad u grabbed one, decided I was serious, and fired back! Unbelievable.
  245. Caseydmaze

    Coronados on the Sea Watch 8/6/18

    Ya I thought this crowd might be bright enough to get my humor but i’ll dial it back to fart jokes and other low hanging fruit. For those that were “On The Level”, sorry, we’re going back to dum level. Yes I spelled dumb wrong intentionally for you “geniouses”
  246. Caseydmaze

    Coronados on the Sea Watch 8/6/18

    Thats a seal, not a sea lion. Seals eat penguins, walrus and Orcas, not yellowtail dumbass! Learn your reptiles better before coming on here and popping off! Jeeeez!
  247. Caseydmaze

    Aug. 4th La Jolla

    Just got back from Eastern Sierras. Entire Valley and much of Sierras all the way North waaaay past Bridgeport are socked in with smoke. Horrible breathing, Mammoth is a joke. Went up to Little Lakes Valley along Rock Creek above Toms Place for last three days to find some clean air above...
  248. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Understanding commercial fisherman

    Guy hears a knock at the front door opens it to find no one, just as hes closing the door he looks down and sees a snail. Picks it up and throws it across the street. 2 years later theres a knock at the door, he opens it, looks down and the snail goes “What the fuck was that for?”
  249. Caseydmaze

    Restore My Faith In Humanity? Helping the Carly Rose 7-28-18

    Nice job Will! I only have one question: Was that a Mocha Frap?
  250. Caseydmaze

    Secret spot for yt

    You made perfect the 60’s.
  251. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Flatfalls

    What jiggermeister said.
  252. Caseydmaze

    For Sale Skipjack 20 Open

    Looks like it was in a time capsule. Clean!
  253. Caseydmaze

    Legitimate Attempt - DP 08.29.18

    Honestly, at first i was a little bummed there wasnt your normal off-the-radar 70’s punk playing in the background, but once i settled into the sound of the (is that a 3 stroke?) motor, all seemed right! Great vid.
  254. Caseydmaze

    Baja advice

    Just pack a backpack with 3 t shirts, a pair of boardshorts, two tubes of sunscreen, a backup pair of shades and bring a chill attitude. Leave all that fancy gear at home and reduce your stress level. The natives will put you on the fish and you’ll have a great time! Enjoy the fresh guacamole...
  255. Caseydmaze

    14 to 277 back to HH 7/29

    Last summer, due west of dp harbor, 5 mi. out, big triangle grey fin just lurking. Flipped a u-turn to check it out, sunk out. Immediately felt like part of the food chain. Eeeeby Jeeebies!!
  256. Caseydmaze

    7-28-18 Cat Channel

    Looks windy.
  257. Caseydmaze

    302 on Thunderbird

    Thunderbird outta Newport got one at 302!!!!
  258. Caseydmaze

    Sonar Question - is TotalScan enough?

    Have a Simrad Go7 w Total scan. Ansolutey hands down amazing! Easiest ive ever used. If u can operate an ipad youre ready! Touch screen, super fast and tons of easy to set options. Loading waypts and numbers is quick too which i really appreciate. On the water it works great! Biggest...
  259. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Bluefin san clemente !

    Temecula blows too! Purely for fun. I’m the guy that cant catch a summer bluegill with a bag of hotdog bits! No salt here! Wait till I bag on myself!
  260. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Bluefin san clemente !

    I’m not Curt but I’ll save him the keyboard time...i’ll bet it went something like this: Left beautiful Bakersfield to meet my buddy (insert name here) for our annual off shore trip. Finished building the kitchen so the wife gave me a hall pass YIPPEEE! Drive down sucked, left at 1 am, blew a...
  261. Caseydmaze

    Brought our A game to Coronados

    Never read it, too many words, no pics. Jist being honest
  262. Caseydmaze

    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    A day ago ....
  263. Caseydmaze

    Best Trolling Lures YFT

    I can already tell you youre gonna get alot of Halco they come.....
  264. Caseydmaze

    How much have you spent ?

    I learn more every year. Thank u for this! I used to be able to tow my old dory through the that would have been stylin’ the man, pull up 15’ and have him throw it in the hull!!
  265. Caseydmaze

    How much have you spent ?

    You should go buy a can of tuna and stay home. Its not a business venture, its a break from work! Nobody bitches about playing golf and not coming home with a new green lawn! The fish are just the icing on the cake!!
  266. Caseydmaze

    Trolling at Catalina

    ....and always have a surface iron ready to throw if u see them come up. XRaps have plastic bill, no tuning....which also means they dont get de-tuned (plus side).
  267. Caseydmaze

    Offshore JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    Small boat = Cork Its the gunnels and transom that mean the most.
  268. Caseydmaze

    Fish dope map and MPA in La Jolla

    Get the coordinates, sit for a bit w your ff, entire a series of waypts on the chart that create a straight line so u KNOW where it is for sure. I did this for all mlpa’s, pipes, etc. Makes the day less stressful.
  269. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    Sorry if I offended the Canadian Mitary or Special Forces community. My comment was meant as a tongue in cheek kinda of joke, but clearly I crossed a line. Thank you for your service.
  270. Caseydmaze

    Reading Fishfinder

    If you adjist your “gain” you can reduce the ‘dots’. Im guessing you are seeing red crabs on the viewfinder. The only part i dont get is the whole “only deeper than 150” thing??? If i turn up my gain on my go7 it basically makes the sensitivity stringer and shows more crap in the water column...
  271. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 2 islands 1 weekend tradegy

    Thats a really great story.
  272. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Catching bluefin under fire from Canadian warship

    You have to give the Canadians a break...they arent very experienced in military ops or fighting in wars that benefit them. ‘MERICA !!
  273. Caseydmaze

    Glass pros refit

    This is a total hawaii ahi setup. They run duals cause of the insane wind and swell conditions you never want to wait for vessel assist. Forward shaded open cabs cause its mostly a trolling fishery. Huge midhull fishboxes glassed in for the 100+ lb tunas. Yup this is an island boat through and...
  274. Caseydmaze

    Still Frothing For A 16 Bayrunner, Someone Kick Me A Deal So I'll Stop Pestering!

    That 18’ Glaspar a few lines down would be sick! Way better ride than a tooth rattling bayrunner. Old school style for days and a modern etec!
  275. Caseydmaze

    7-14 Horseshoe with interesting twist

    Carbs might need cleaning. CA adds ethanol to gas. Ethanol evaporates in the carb and fuel lines leaving dry white residue. Old Fuel also turns to varnish in the float bowl. Not a big deal in a car, but the jets (needle and main) in the carb of an outboard (or lawnmower, dirtbike...
  276. Caseydmaze

    1985 18' Stringari SOLD

    Got an 88 and i love it. I dig your “poacher gray” theme. Looks fishy!!
  277. Caseydmaze

    Offshore The Mustang out of H&M

    Fished Mustang last year. Capt and crew were wired on getting us fish! We left the barn w a loaded paddy already in the plans. Capt foumd tuna and another paddy w big hungry dorado. Looked at the counts the next day and nobody else caught squat.
  278. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Good job, great report, hands clapping, etc..... Now What everyone wants to know..... General location and bait/kite/jig. Thanks -jealous
  279. Caseydmaze

    El Nino is back?

    2013, 14, 15, 16 and 17 was the el nino year, this year is not. Water will only be above 72 for 4 months this year.‍♂️
  280. Caseydmaze

    SoCal Barracudas!!

    Smoked cuda is taste! Oily, bloody fish, bleed em quick, ice, filet, salt brine, pat dry, smoke, lay back n eat!
  281. Caseydmaze

    Same day report 6-15 Catalina

    Cheers....from Hawaii!! Yellowfin are going off here rt now. Still wanna hit tomorrows!! Check this out for your chkn!! Was gonna buy you some the other day.
  282. Caseydmaze

    Lotsa fish at the Islands today 6/12

    Nice Fish! Shoot me if i ever pose like that. Come on man!!
  283. Caseydmaze

    SoCal Dorado.

    73 degrees... Finicky... Light line, small hook... Will eat the chunk... Swim in big circles off the paddy. Good luck!
  284. Caseydmaze

    Catalina West End Report Friday 6-8

    Exactly what i was looking for! Thanks!!
  285. Caseydmaze

    Catalina West End Report Friday 6-8

    Nick, just curious about metering techniques...r u just slow trilling around or drifting watching for marks or bait schools on the ‘finder? Just wondering what is your cue to chum ‘em up? Thanks!! Great report !!
  286. Caseydmaze

    LOUIE-LUI II Gets Wet at the Coronado's

    I looked....Dam You got me! Stupid game.
  287. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Rough Weekend Offshore

    Pics never do justice.
  288. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Rough Weekend Offshore

    You could feel the pressure change and humidity yesterday when the clouds rolled in.
  289. Caseydmaze

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Is there an echo...?
  290. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Just for the intel of it!!!

    Pretty sure I bullshitted with you two as you were towing her home here in Temecula. Thanks for the intel here, very detailed and cool to share for anyone heading out!!! You guys looked wiped out.
  291. Caseydmaze

    Looking for the long tails....

    One thing you can try with that Furuno unit is take it off, turn it upside down, give it a good shake...then install a Simrad unit and never look back. Congrats on the hip!
  292. Caseydmaze

    Murder in Bay of LA

    Ya there’s crime in America too. The difference for me is 911. In Mex, you cannot defend yourself properly because you cannot take proper weapons for self defense with you. So when Shit Gets Real your options are limited, pay the corrupt thieves or get murdered. And when you need help who do...
  293. Caseydmaze

    June 1 2018. Coronado Islands Report

    OK, so you drive down to “The Border” (Im guessing some office in San Ysidro?? Purchase a Mexican Visa for $30...and thats it??? What about the whole FMM, Mex Fishing License, Passport, Filing Fishing log with crew names???? I seriously want to so this, help!!
  294. Caseydmaze

    June 1 2018. Coronado Islands Report

    You guys all make fishing Coronado islands sound fun. Everytime I consider trying to set up a trip I look at all that Mexico paperwork and email nonsense and I just say f it. Do u guys really file all that crap ahead of time before each trip and wait for approval??
  295. Caseydmaze

    20' Skipjack Flybridge Outboard

    Thats funny. Its in Newport Beach.
  296. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla 5/28 One YT

    Nada. I bailed and headed off shore towards the 209.
  297. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla 5/28 One YT

    AhahahaHaaaaaa.....Wake up furr bag your about to get run over by an incoming Panga!! Laughed my arse off seeing that....I mean maybe I just imagined seeing it.
  298. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla 5/28 One YT

    Naaa. Just trolling a rapala around then out to the 32 off your bow etween those two Lobster Bouys for a bit.
  299. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Sea Trial

    Thanks Brother!!
  300. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Sea Trial

    Ahhh yeah man somebody remembers, thanks for the’s a few for ya’.....try and temember how shitty the Dory looked when i first brought it home. I might be a little gassed after that build, luckily this beast is much forther along. Thanks again!!
  301. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla 5/28 One YT

    This boat look familiar??
  302. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Sea Trial

    Ya I had an 18’ flat bottom dory with a yamaha 50hp 4 stroke on a bracket. Sold it last year. Buddy and I hit the 43 last year. W a 25 gallon tank it had a range of 120! Those Yammy’s are Gas sippers! This boat is alot heavier and moves alot more water outta the way, so im stoled with this...
  303. Caseydmaze

    Score 5/29: Halibut 2 – Sharks 0

    That is so awesome!!! Correct me if Im wrong but that was 32.58,102. 117.33.001....right?? Remember correct me if im wrong!
  304. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla 5/28 One YT

    Me too...minus the puddling. Did you also head out to the 32 with one other guy to try the bottom??
  305. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Sea Trial

    60 Gallon tank 80 miles covered Little over half left ...3.3 ish mpg.
  306. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla reports?

    Nice! I tried an old school Orange/Yellow Rapala there today for NoTing! Looked pretty dead today.
  307. Caseydmaze

    Catalina report 5/28. Clean water and the wife

    By the time u have baby #2 you will have between 5 and 7 car seats. 2 for her car 2 for yours Between 1 and 3 for the grandparent(s) who come each week. Don’t even get me started on jog strollers, tow behind bike trailers, wagons, scooters. Just try and hide in the bathroom...till they start...
  308. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Sea Trial

    VP 205 v-6. Im still trying to figure the mileage...its pretty good.
  309. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Sea Trial

    Been working on this thing, needed to burn up some old fuel, wind forecast was down, figured what the heck. 6 am Launched Oside Ran down the coast to Lake La Jolla Trolled around for an hour or two...63 deg, off color, dead. Pointed it off shore a bit and ran to the 312...62 deg, water better...
  310. Caseydmaze

    Tuesday weather window???

    looking at NOAA and SailFlow...tuesday wind looks like its dropping off (for one day). Worth a trip to search off shore a bit??
  311. Caseydmaze

    Mission bay having fun

    Throwing plastic both on and off the dropper loop I might be ignorant here....i know what a dropper loop is, and I know how to throw plastics....How do you throw plastics ON the dropper loop? Thanks.
  312. Caseydmaze

    Dead at the Ruby E 5/19

    Momday, 150 up outta Long Beach dead too.
  313. Caseydmaze

    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    Banana bread, sunflower seeds and Jolt.
  314. Caseydmaze

    20' Skipjack Flybridge Outboard

    I just drove past yesterday, always worth a glance going by! Hey i didnte realize you were right down the street from the other fuy who rebuilt that sea foam green 20’ open! Its like a skippy street! Beautiful boat.
  315. Caseydmaze

    19’ Bayrunner w 4 stroke $6500

    looks like a helluva adeal here for someone. Go get it ! Not mine, jist givin you hunters a heads up this morning!
  316. Caseydmaze

    Turned over ?

    When the wimd blows hard enough it chrns up the angry ocean and brings up all the shitty brown and dirty green cold water from below. Than it takes a few days ir weeks to mellow back out and settle down till we get the nice blue clean water we like again. I’ll tell you what, go buy a 10...
  317. Caseydmaze

    Nice grade yellows at Channel Islands

    F that noise. I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say “Im Out!” That White Shark sigting while in the water would wreck me. You guys are ballsy!!
  318. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    100% accurate info right here. They’ll take their dog and pony show on the road and do it again somewhere.
  319. Caseydmaze

    Using iPad for a plotter

    I tried this, couldnt see the screen very well, too bright out there. Maybe really shaded like previous suggestion.
  320. Caseydmaze

    NOT MINE! Skipjack 24 open Free

    Shit thatd been a great project. Cut the transom, reinforce, outboard...away you go!!!
  321. Caseydmaze

    Dakine Kill Bag Reviews

    Ya but what I wanted to know is if I lined my leaky Reliable bag with a Dakine Bag and then a Hefty Cinch Sack and did the 5200 trick on the seams, stuffed the gutted 80 degree fish with ice, then lined it with a shower curtain from Home Depot, would that help me catch fish?
  322. Caseydmaze

    What's the deal with

    I am now selling beach cruisers with fish painted on them. They are the best. I grew up riding beach cruisers and i know everything about them. Sure you can go buy a beach cruiser from a bike store and spend years trying to learn to ride me...but why would you do that? If u...
  323. Caseydmaze

    More Chit -added pumps

    Any more of those Dos XX’s ??
  324. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    V6 shakedown cruise. Topped out at 31 mph (i dont do knots). Still got some work to do but heres a few pics...i cant get videos to load. I know theae pics r lame, whatever, maybe somebody wants to see what an 18’ Stringari CC looks like.
  325. Caseydmaze

    20' Seacraft

    Its in his ad. 10k
  326. Caseydmaze


    Thats the forst thing i thought too! List of recent sledge hammer buyers, compare to list of recent customers and list of local competition. Your answer has to lie there. This is far from random. And since they recently bought the tools it was a crime of rage and recent anger....not some old...
  327. Caseydmaze

    Will Bait Teceiver guys split a scoop between 2 boats?

    Ive learned that bait lives better, longer when i dont overfill my tank...oygen, scales, stress...tou name it.(duhh). But paying for a 1/2 scoop only to tell the dude...”ok thats all i need” seems like a waste if money. Alot of The bait receivers wont sell you a 1/4 scoop (minimum 1/2) so im...
  328. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    I grew up on my dads 14’ valco, later he bought a skipjack 20’, then a diesel 26’ striper. Ive owned a 16’ bayrunner, 18’ klamath, 21’ Starcraft Mariner and lastly an old school flat bottomed 18’ dory. They all had different feels and likes/dislikes. After reading the message boards for a few...
  329. Caseydmaze

    Camping at Catalina

    Drone fish from the it. Guys catching tuna using drones to drop bait right on ‘em. Maybe same idea with a kite although isually not much wind on front side. RC boat, tow the bait out... Maybe a “slide rig” like the Hawaiians use, they cast a sinker way the hell out there in a...
  330. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 5-4-18 Fishing with Colby

    Dad told me stories years ago about catching some of the biggest dorado beneath those mylar balloons...i always peak below before i pluck em out.
  331. Caseydmaze

    Lowrance total scan transducer question

    Looks close to your motor, dunno if going over one more row of bottom (chines,skegs,whatever the we call these things) might help...just to get away from the prop wash & turbulence. Also, might jist be the picture...but it looks like its angles to the right (level with the angle of the bottom...
  332. Caseydmaze

    Simrad Go7 on sale for 2 days

    Just a heads up, not affiliated with em at all but WM has Simrad Go7’s with totalscan transducers on sale for 150 off Fri Sat. I have the same unit and dig it!
  333. Caseydmaze

    Sculpin help

    And just fyi...thise hearty little f’ers live when youve iced em and get home and start to prep for filet time....make triple sure they are D-E-D dead!
  334. Caseydmaze

    Lowrance total scan transducer question

    I ha e the Simrad TotalScan (i think its the same basic unit). Ive never had much luck above 10 knots. Unless its a big bait ball of macks i have to slow down to get much of a signal. I lile the previous tesponse about trying it on a ‘manual’ setup vs auto where its constantly trying to locate...
  335. Caseydmaze

    Sportking - (4/28) Catalina

    never caught “pooper on dines”...might have to try sometime
  336. Caseydmaze


    Your alternator is missing a belt
  337. Caseydmaze


    Thats exactly what i was thinking.
  338. Caseydmaze


    I just went to cl, boats, typed “stringari” and voila... That was almost as tough as rebuilding an old boat.
  339. Caseydmaze

    Looking For any Side Scanning Fish Finder

    Side scanning with a 1,000 bucks or less is good for lakes, inshore and slow stuff. It is not very helpful for off shore, cruising past paddies or anything at speed. The guys using side scanning on Charter boats are using very good xpensive stuff to find thise fish schools. Just some helpful...
  340. Caseydmaze

    king starboard manf

    Another place in Anaheim off La Palma sells every size, thickness color plastic you can imagine. Cant recall the name but do a search and itll pop up. HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene)...same as a cutting board. Never compared cost to “starboard” but i would imagine everyone is paying more...
  341. Caseydmaze

    Sonar fish

    Bounce balling for butts?
  342. Caseydmaze

    22'/23' foot backyard build V Hull Dory

    I may have puttered around in the garage with a dory a year ir so ago as well. All of the electrical lines, steering cable and transducer wire ran from under the console down along the starboard side as well. Mine had a deeper rail along the a lip that hung down. Everything...
  343. Caseydmaze

    (Fishing is not a crime) Keep local fishing open in Temecula!!!

    I live here. It used to be nice around the lake. I taught my kids to fish it as well. Even seen a couple cars get pulled out. Then the “protected” mud hens took over. Now its a mud shore. They tried reseeding and re-sodding multiple times...never worked. The city took a lot of heat last year...
  344. Caseydmaze

    Wanted: '05-'06 Tundra Double Cab

    My ‘06 Tundra V8 tows my Stringari just fine.
  345. Caseydmaze

    VHF Wanted

    Looking for a solid vhf, not a super old faded yellow one. If u have anything with decent power/range that u want to unload for under 100 bucks send me a PM. Thanks
  346. Caseydmaze

    24' Hawaiian Mosquito rebuild

    Unbelievable. Such a cool ride!
  347. Caseydmaze

    WTB Skipjack 20' Open

    Thanks, I bought a Stringari instead.
  348. Caseydmaze

    19 cc skiff

    Powered my 18’ Flat bottom Dory with a 50hp 4 stroke. It had 25 gallon fuel tank (120mile range) and 23gal built in (wood glass) bait tank. It topped out at 27mph, planed around 14. If u want more info its all here... Good Luck.
  349. Caseydmaze

    9/24 LJ Shark

    Definitely not a Mako. Yiu can tell by the big black eyes, narrow pointed snout and razor like teeth sticking up out and in. Possibly a whale, basking, lemon, nurse, sand, dog tooth, salmon, tiger, megamouth or white....but def not Mako.
  350. Caseydmaze

    9/24 LJ Shark

    And this shark. Can anyone tell me what kind of shark this is?
  351. Caseydmaze

    FREE Coosa scraps

    Looks like a familiar project. Only tip i can think of....make sure u mount your windscreen low enough to clear the lip of the garage with the jack cranked all the way down....oh and dont forget to put your antennae down before you push it i to the garage....duh moment! Console looks bitchen!!
  352. Caseydmaze

    San Clemente Island

    My last anchor, chain and 50' of rope is still on the the bottom off Carlsbad. 30 minutes of fiddle fukin ended with with a certain red colored Swiss made product!!
  353. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Blowing Chunks @ the 371

    Very informative report, helps my weekend plan....
  354. Caseydmaze

    Specialized Rock Hopper mountain bike

    Where are you located?
  355. Caseydmaze

    Marlin pus?

  356. Caseydmaze

    1968 Bertram 20 HT with an outboard bracket.

    Ahh yes The "Old Newport Blvd." Used Car and Boat lot.
  357. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Cat, 277, 14, Avalon Bank - 9/4

    It looks like he's giving the camera the "Middle Thumb!"
  358. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    We're getting there.
  359. Caseydmaze

    blackman cc ,,

    Gotcha. 2" of good solid transom should be strong enough. Definitely not an expert here so dont take my word solely, but I wouldnt just do nuts bolts and fender washers. I went to local metal shop and made backing plates out of 1/4" aluminum scrap and used them on the inside of the hull...
  360. Caseydmaze

    blackman cc ,,

    Brackets are cheaper shipped out of Florida....just fyi. There are a number of different brands and styles. When I hung one on my last boat I used an "A&G Marine" and was very stoked on quality and fit.
  361. Caseydmaze

    blackman cc ,,

    Blackman transom should be 1 1/2-2" thick right?
  362. Caseydmaze

    blackman cc ,,

    All depends on the transom condition (rot?). Youre either talking about 1 of 2 things here. 1. Notching the existing transom and building a splash well for water...or 2. Hanging a bracket(either swimstepped or straight box, and hanging the outboard off that. Both have been done. Most guys...
  363. Caseydmaze

    Making Makerel

    So true.
  364. Caseydmaze

    Making Makerel

    As your leaving Newport Harbor, just off the N Jetty they are always in a ball right over a rock 50 yds from the end of the rocks. At Dana head straight out to the barber striped pole. Alternate answer: "Its a big ocean and guys have worked years to find their spots! Dont just...
  365. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    Heres a few just before i cleaned it...bow pulpit is rad!! Tried to post a short video of it, file too large.
  366. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    Thats exactly what I thought when I saw it. Bought it from a guy in Vista. Boat needs a lot of attention. Im checking off the boxes as I work from bow to stern. 1988 Freshwater cooled VP AQ205a V-6 tied to a VP SP-A outdrive. So far ive gutted all the bunks, pressure washed everything...
  367. Caseydmaze

    Stringari Repower

    Your Stringari is bitchen! I just bought an '88 very similar to yours. I am crawling all around it learning the routing of wires, drains and holds. If I have any wuestions hopefully I can hit you up? Again, great job on the rebuild, its very inspiring!!
  368. Caseydmaze

    1969 Skipjack 20ft open

    Beautiful work man!!! Keep it up! Ao very worth it in the end. How'd the water test go????
  369. Caseydmaze

    pilot house for my Blackman 20

    That looks great!!!
  370. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    Permission to enter the Stringari Owners Club? Just bought my first String.....absolute TANK!!! Super Stoked!!!! Threw on some new rubber for the drive home. Cannot wait to clean this beast, run through and check all the systems then finally start enjoying this war wagon!!! Game On.
  371. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    Sorry, sold last week, Ill update!
  372. Caseydmaze

    Diesel PilotHouse Deal of the Century???
  373. Caseydmaze

    WTB Skipjack 20' Open

    Trying to find an older one thats ready to be repowered or rebuilt with a bracket and outboard. Whaddaya got??
  374. Caseydmaze

    Rockfish Limit with a little Butt thrown in 08/12

    I call BS without exact coordinates!!
  375. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Sunday, the 13..

    Where is our [email protected] tuna?!! :))). wont find Dorado or Yellowtail on aisle 4 in a can....enjoy them while theyre here!!
  376. Caseydmaze

    Got one to go

    "ZachyPoo?" Nice Fish!!!
  377. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Excellent dorado fishing in U.S. Waters

    Hell ya!! On the bass rods none the less!
  378. Caseydmaze

    3/4 Day Family Trip

    Youre a good Dad!!
  379. Caseydmaze

    8/8 Surface Iron Action, No Bait

    Great Job!! You should rename your boat RayRunner!!
  380. Caseydmaze

    Assault Glow Jigs for the Blue Fin

    "Be Sure To Drink Your Ovaltine........Ovaltine??"
  381. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 8/6 out of MB

    Chunks, baits or jigs work for you?? Thanks. Great looking Lizard!!
  382. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Lasoo a Dorado O'side

    Down south just off the coast about 23 miles out, beside the striped pole that never moves.
  383. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    Thanks for the nod!!
  384. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    Few guys wanted to see the motor and more layout....Here ya go... Bait tank is 23 gallons.
  385. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    No fishfinder included. Sorry. The included electronics are as follows: New Uniden VHF New Shakespeare antennare New Ritchie lighted compass (yes the light works) New analog fuel gauge New Nightime running lights New Perko switch All new Marine grade wiring New 704 Yamaha Binnacle control and...
  386. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    Thanks for the intel. Paddy diving solo 14 off shore...i dont need to say it.
  387. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    Ya know it was a hell of a learning experience and I was set to use it for many years. I love the way it runs and fishes...but, I realized with a family of four that ALL want to go...I need something a bit bigger that we can go on overnighters at the island. Skipjack 20 opens are high on my...
  388. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console "SOLD"

    Well, I didn't think I was gonna be doing this but here goes: 1980 JonDory Dory Completely rebuilt from the ground up over a 3 year period. 18' Center Console Full Tombstone transom 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke Outboard bracket Built in bait tank Rear built in fish box 25 gallon below deck Moeller Poly...
  389. Caseydmaze

    Part Deaux: WTB 17-23+' CC
  390. Caseydmaze

    Offshore We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    As the idiot stuck at the helm of that boat being told "Go faster Go slower" I concur. We crash and burned that thing a few times. A common phrase I mustve heard 100 times was "Oh Fuck were losing the kite, speed up!!" It went high, it went low. We went too fast, we went too slow. We got...
  391. Caseydmaze

    Out and Up-July 19th

    We stopped on 3-4 paddies 5 miles off LJ point late yesterday. All were holding Dorado. Water temp was 74. Write up in Off Shore section. Agree...theyre here!!!
  392. Caseydmaze

    21ft crystaliner center console Yamahaf250

    ...and Harbor Patrol Boats. Heavy, well built!
  393. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    New West Coast show called "Bitchen Tuna" watch it.
  394. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Looking for bft but found yft on 07/18

    Saw u guys leaving the harbor as well. U hit the gas in that yacht and I thought we were gonna need a bail bucket soon!! Bigger waves inside the harbor than outside when u went by. Nice job finding that yellowfin!
  395. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 7/18, 182, Corner, Dorado....

    Pretty right. I'll let Rhino throw in his 2 cents. Ive actually been pretty surprised that it rides as smooth as it does. Its a heavy build for the size, so it does real well with a bit of quartering into the chop. At the end of the day its still an 18'er so trying to go nose into the the...
  396. Caseydmaze

    Offshore "THE CORNER" bait market

    Saw u guys heading out just after getting bait. Boat looks nice!!
  397. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 7/18, 182, Corner, Dorado....

    Getting about 5...For a 25 mile tank I did 120 between two trips. I think thats the first time ive left He barn without a full tank....of course we go damned near to the 43 and back. We figured safe to call it an even 100 for 25 gallons so theres plenty to spare. Technically we never ran out...
  398. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 7/18, 182, Corner, Dorado....

    Yeah or I could've just filled the fuel tank before we left… Duhh. 92 miles on about 18-20 gallons. Those extra 5 sure wouldve been nice!
  399. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 7/18, 182, Corner, Dorado....

    Met my buddy at the launch ramp and we loaded up the 18 foot Dory with all the heaviest of gear. Weather window looked good, so we figured why not take a shot and see if we couldn't get ourselves a cow. Left Mission Bay 6am Headed toward 182. Stopped on a few patties, bait schools...
  400. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    Pretty sure I mightve seen him today just a couple miles due N of the 267/279 right above a wreck site on all the charts. Only saw his dorsal, was cruising the surface. I doubled back and watched for awhile as I closed in, then about 25 meters out he just sank slowly. No tail kick or splash...
  401. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Dana Pt. to 209, 277, 279 (267) Thurs/22nd

    Especially in a 1980 flatbottomed Dory!! "Party On Garth!!"
  402. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Dana Pt. to 209, 277, 279 (267) Thurs/22nd

    Overcast and Wet. Got Sardines, Left at 0600 Couple nice paddys 8 mi. out, empty Lotsa paddys around 15 out, Nobody home. DNA looking jellyfish everywhere. Saw a pilot whale at 20 out. Water Purple Blue near 209. Few boats out trolling around, not very crowded yet. Few more paddys toward...
  403. Caseydmaze

    262 # bluefin

    Hope those carbs are cleaned for this seeason!! That mustve been the thrill of your summer.
  404. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    Fastforward 10 years and thatll be the norm with all these juveniles "renting" space just off the beach. Mamma Bear is just out there checking out the local schools.
  405. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Worked hard and made a day if it.

    26' Blackman named "Early Riser" in Spanish.....Connect the dots to the fish.
  406. Caseydmaze


    OK so I read thru the list on the link provided by Cy (much appreciated!). Appears as though the following is needed: 1. Passport 2. Mex fishing license ($11/day/person or $40/year) 3. Nautical Vessell FMM I email all my boat, personal and passenger info along with trip plans to a...
  407. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla........6/13

    Dad used to throw those in the old smoker cause they were so oily. Used to come out pretty good. But dinner???
  408. Caseydmaze


    Can somebody just shoot a quick list of what exactly is required by the Mexican Navy to fish the Nado's? Have Always stayed in good ol' U.S. waters but the itch is getting stronger. Thanks!
  409. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Liberty Late report.

    You should have let ' m continue....i was cracking up!
  410. Caseydmaze

    LJ in the PM

    Good luck. Looking forward to your pm report!
  411. Caseydmaze

    Zodiac with 4hp engine

    Why dont you move this to "Boats for sale" instead of "accessories?"
  412. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 6/8/17 - Popper fish

    Were you up by Palos Verdes?
  413. Caseydmaze

    182 - 6/8/17

    1.Chum up and the calicos at any inshore kelp area. 2. Start throwing the swimbaits, waxwings and live chovies. 3. Hoot and holler and laugh for an hour + !! 4. When you get bored, pull out the trout rods with 6lb test and keep trying to land 'em. 5. Go home, have a beer and smile!!
  414. Caseydmaze

    Hobie Kayak

    Yessssir. Just fyi BWE is mostly so cal kayakers and even more ditectly Id say mostly guess that target La Jolla. There are guys from OC and North County (SD) and even a fee out of stateers and Baja dudes. There are always good deals that come up in their classifieds. Good group for info as...
  415. Caseydmaze

    Hobie Kayak

    Try Craigslist and Big Waters Edge (classifieds).
  416. Caseydmaze

    6 gallon fuel tanks

    Thats a hell of a deal for someone with a little aluminum skiff.
  417. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Late Report SD Offshore 6/5/17

    Frame the middle one, thats rad!!
  418. Caseydmaze

    3500 BD Deal... continued

    Your build turned out awesome!! Im really looking forward to this summer!!
  419. Caseydmaze

    79 Marlin cuddy (Dorset) restoration/build

    Nice job!! Nobody truly understands all the work until they dive-in themselves!!! She looks great!!
  420. Caseydmaze

    San Clemente 6/4/17

    SCI = 60 mi / 1.5 hours to get there.....?? Im stumped too.
  421. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Great start with some jumbo bluefin!

    That was really cool to explain your tactics and what you are chasing and setups. Thanks!
  422. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    Dying over this! Fanfuckingtastic!!!
  423. Caseydmaze

    Cobia CC

    Thats a great deal!! Looks wide, any idea the beam width?
  424. Caseydmaze

    La Jolla Coasties

    Was there as well. Confirmed. Nothing chewing. Ponies got active after 1pm once the sun broke through.
  425. Caseydmaze

    LA Jolla Today...

    Youve got the hit hand right now. Hali's in the Harbor and Yellows in La Jolla!
  426. Caseydmaze

    Repower shake down la Jolla

    Thats pretty sweet. I just used all my brainpower and crunched your #' should be maxing out close to 300 miles per tank!!! So Lets see if you left Shelter Island, went up to Nacho's in San Pedro then out and around Catalina and Clemente, maybe dip down and around the Coronado'
  427. Caseydmaze

    Repower shake down la Jolla

    I believe the #'s. Its all about how much water your pushing. I burned 8 gallons of fuel going from Oceanside all the way to La Jolla and back. I guesstimated 60 miles. Yamaha 50hp 4-stroke on a flat bottom 18' Dory. I looked hard at that 60 horse e-tec, sounds like u made a great choice!!!!
  428. Caseydmaze

    Carlsbad Kelp 4/7

    This week?
  429. Caseydmaze

    Carlsbad Kelp 4/7

    B Pipe?? Recent??
  430. Caseydmaze

    Carlsbad Kelp 4/7

    The water was the ugliest color ive ever seen. We did see some big macks chasing the skirted swimbaits right up on top as well.
  431. Caseydmaze

    Carlsbad Kelp 4/7

    11- 2 pm Got windy around noon Quick drifts through the kelp Threw artificials with my 9 &11 year old sons. Fun watching them improve If your kids hate fishing, i suggest scaling back and just letting them wack the calicos! Bass were on the chew. Weedless 5" worked well White Wax Wing was...
  432. Caseydmaze

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    Which Harbor is that last pic? Backside??
  433. Caseydmaze

    Shark Fishing Trailer FS

    Real fishy! Guaranteed to help you catch you the big one!!
  434. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 4-5-17 Report

    Muchas gracias! Just a matter of time till they open the doors for local business!
  435. Caseydmaze

    Quick 9 report 3/26

    Frontside? Backside? Leftside? Rightside? Wrongside??
  436. Caseydmaze

    Monday, February 26, 2017: Secrets Come Out in 70 ft of Water.

    Well I just spent all day Tuesday and all day Wednesday tied up to the green buoy trying in vain to catch those guaranteed yellowtail...all for nothing. I want my gas and bait money back! Cant believe I pay for this BDOUTDOORS account. What a waste of money!!
  437. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks bud!!
  438. Caseydmaze

    20ft 140hp Mercruiser C.C. Starcraft "El Niño Special" - $7900 (OBO)

    Decks were marine grade ply. Motor was 1984 Evinrude 3cyl 70hp. Ran like a top!
  439. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    It took me 7 months. Im not joking.
  440. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Well, it finally happened. I gave her an official 'salt bath' earlier in the week. The heavy glass hull sits nicely in the water and creates a stable ride. I was surprised that the "pounding" from the flat bottom hull wasnt really that bad. She comes up onto plane quickly, then just sups...
  441. Caseydmaze

    20ft 140hp Mercruiser C.C. Starcraft "El Niño Special" - $7900 (OBO)

    I had the outboard version of this same boat. Very smooth ride for an aluminum, not what youd usually expect. Boat has very high freeboard and was extremely stable. Great for kids if your a family dude like me. Good luck with the sale!!! Free bump
  442. Caseydmaze

    Dana Point Personal Best Halibut Report - 1-29-2017

    What did it weigh before you pulled down on that rope a little?? JK Nice fish, Im jealous!!
  443. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Cool. Winter Yellows at La Jolla are calling!
  444. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Ya for sure! Is yours done?
  445. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Same Boat
  446. Caseydmaze

    18' Oregon Dory project

    I jist finished building it up. Just posted these pics as a follow-up to those who remember it and this post from over a year ago.
  447. Caseydmaze

    Another Big DP Halibut 1/9/17

    OK, admittedly a little dumb here, so I apologize ahead of time....are you using bait with this, or just straight jigging it or bouncing it off the bottom.
  448. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Aahhh, got it, cool!
  449. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks, but this is an ocean boat first and everything ive tried and read says higher the better out at sea. Ill stick with my giant whip. Besides, if I ever tow it through the dunes at Glamis it doubles as a flag holder.
  450. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Yeah, what do they charge?...Elsinore is horrible! I may have to do some outboard height tests...i may have mounted it too low...DOAAAH!!!
  451. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thats a hell of an idea!! Then i can hit skinner or dvl. Looks like theres some fun farm trout down in inland SD lakes too! All good stuff.
  452. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Rain stopped, but something got wet today. Just had to see it float. Checked for leaks and all equipment. There's a handful of needed tweaks, but the motor sounded so sweet, I just had to spin a few laps in the Elsinore Pea Soup Bath (disgusting water). Managed a few pics before phone died...
  453. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Super Easy...check out this link...
  454. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    You know youre already coming along, thats a given!!
  455. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Gettin' close to the End.
  456. Caseydmaze

    WTB skiff or Panga

    Mike, if you're still looking, this just popped up in. CL. I love the old Seaways and Woodwards. Heavy glass over ply construction and timeless simple designs. I'm restoring a similar dory right now. Best of luck. Casey
  457. Caseydmaze

    Fiberglass Center Console New!

    Yep, still sitting here waiting for a home.
  458. Caseydmaze

    Sway Back Cooler Seat

    $150- Great condition
  459. Caseydmaze

    Trailer Winch and Post

    Winch, strap, clip, post. Winch works good. The post is welded. So it cannot be adjusted up or down. It needs a rubber bow cradle thing. $20-
  460. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thank you sir.
  461. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Robin, there's quite a few of us in Temecula area with 18' boats all doing the same thing. We should hit up the local inshore scene once all our skiffs are complete. As far as the radio, I just cut the hole to fit tight, then wedged it in there snug. I could've created backing plate on the...
  462. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Finally getting to all the rigging....seems like forever to get to today! Pics along the way, enjoy!
  463. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Had a few questions about epoxy so ill share what i e learned this year in hopes of helping out the next guys... In a nutshell: Resin + Hardener + Time = Cured Epoxy Just follow the proper ratio on the side of the can and itll set up properly. The hardener will determine hiw much time you have...
  464. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks! FF will be mounted on top. Ill probably just create a couple dividers for drinks, tackle, transom plugs and other junk.
  465. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Finish sanded the console, epoxy coated it, then began building a little organization tray for the top. Also picked up some lexan plexiglass to build a windshield. Eventually it'll all get painted bright white to match the hull. Good times!!
  466. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    The little Prefab Center console just flew in the face of this whole build. I couldnt stand it and trying to fit everything on it was driving me mad! So.... 2 sheets of 3/4 in marine ply- $80. Resin Epoxy -$25 Hours spent measuring, cutting, glue/screwing, routing, sanding - numerous. Peace of...
  467. Caseydmaze

    Fiberglass Center Console New!

    Yep its still available.
  468. Caseydmaze

    13" Steering wheel

    Here and there, but no plans of any sort anytime soon. Im up in Temecula.
  469. Caseydmaze

    13" Steering wheel

  470. Caseydmaze

    Fiberglass Center Console New!

    Brand new fiberglass center console, beautiful smooth finish! Rough Water Products 31height X 21wide X 23length Includes large water tight hatch from West Marine, installed. Too small for my needs. Paid close to $500 for these two. Sell for $300obo Check it out below...
  471. Caseydmaze

    20' steering cable NEW!

    Brand new, never used. 20' SeaStar Solutions (Teleflex) Quick Connect style Came with No Feed Back helm...too long. Paid $112 Sell $50 My loss, your gain.
  472. Caseydmaze

    Now this guy knows how to sell a boat!

    Ohhh theres quite few of those out there....look up "Best of Craigslist." The recent dirtbike one is hilarious!!
  473. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Man sorry for the delay...prop has no markings in it other than brand, so No help there. As far as the whale tail, yes it bolts through. 4 holes drilled through plate.
  474. Caseydmaze

    bat ray fishing

    There you go!!!
  475. Caseydmaze

    bat ray fishing

    You dont have a hair on yer ass if u don't do it in a blow up raft.
  476. Caseydmaze

    17 g. Fuel tank

    I dunno, whatevers fair...hows 25 bucks sound? Dimensions for the 12 (its actually 13 gallon): 14"H x 20 1/4"L x 14 1/2"W.
  477. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/12 a 16'er...with all those red flags to start the u earned those fish, Happy Birthday is right!!!
  478. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Gotta know your limitations....

    I dont know if its right or not but my ditch bag has safety essentials and is tied to a coastguard seat cushion which always sets out loosely on the fordeck. I figure if the boat gets flipped by a swell, breaching whale, or a floating war-mine at least i know everything i need is floating...
  479. Caseydmaze

    Offshore 9/9 182 And Back In a 17' Skiff

    Hey that brings up a good short interval big swell like your navy ship wake, whaddayou all with small sized boats find best? 1/4-ing or paralleling? Seems like I'm always trying to find the best approach angle but end up wondering..."hmmm maybe the other way would've been...
  480. Caseydmaze

    20' Newport Fishing Dory w/2009 90HP ETEC, Reduced

    Build thread on 'decks...
  481. Caseydmaze

    20' Newport Fishing Dory w/2009 90HP ETEC, Reduced

    Just sign in, click the "edit" button, type away.
  482. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    You are ALWAYS welcome!! If the GPS craps out and the fog rolls in there's only one person I'd want with me on that boat!! Thanks for all the advice and help along the way!!
  483. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks Sal!!
  484. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks man, much appreciated!! That's the same info i've heard from others. I would have liked to go the EFI route, but then I realized, "Hey wait a minute, if I buy a carbed motor that 'HAS TO BE RUN' to stay clean, she can't say NO when I want to go fishing!" It's science and who can argue...
  485. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Whats up Hoyt Man?!!! Ya ill get you there, you shoot 'em. Maybe ill let you convince me its a great idea. Thanks for checkin' her out!
  486. Caseydmaze

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    And that is why you fish Baja!!! Tacos anyone?? Nice Reds Mike!
  487. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

  488. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks man! I'm trying hard to drag my feet until these annoying Yellowfina and Bluefin clear out! Im really into lizard fish. JK! No, seriously though, no date I'm just trying to take any spare moment at home to knock a thing or two out. Last night I added another hatch for the foredeck...
  489. Caseydmaze

    My 72 skipjack restoration almost done..

    Stunning! Your boat looks like one of those Florida Tournament rich-ass angler boats where they fish in Tommy Bahamas button down shirts....only yours is a 24 open skippy and so so much cooler!!! Beautiful attention to detail, seruously you should charter it.
  490. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Fit the Center Console (little belt sanding here and there to make it level, added a BIG water proof hatch to the front for easy access (nothing is worse than trying to work in a cramped space while rolling around in the middle of the ocean), 2 new Marine batteries, installed the thru-hulls...
  491. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Picked up this '01 Carbed F50. Clean motor. This outta scoot this old Dory along pretty well and get some rad fuel mileage. Splashdown jist got a whole lot closer!! Thanks for following.
  492. Caseydmaze

    Walkaround Half Cab Build

    Beautiful build! Way to see it through to the end.
  493. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

  494. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Alright my curiosity is peaked...lets hear the details. Weight Cost Mpg Premix or injected Year
  495. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Awesome! Thats the kind of info I can dig!! Thanks alot!!! I think I saw your Invader on here...that was you right?
  496. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    That's a great idea Tanner. Other than the wheel there isnt anything. I probably need a windshield as well. If anyone has any contacts or places to get this stuff either local or inexpensive thatd really be helpful!!
  497. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Console arrived...
  498. Caseydmaze

    3500 BD Deal... continued

    Nice work! I picked up a CC from Rough water as well. Your invader will be beyond custom once its finished!!
  499. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Heres the upper backing plate:
  500. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Ya for sure. I called A & J so Im confident this is good info here. I used 1/4" thick aluminum. I have a metal supply place here in Temecula called Tusker Metals. They have all sorts of stock and usually have surplus of cut pieces as well. As it turns out the day I dropped by they had just...
  501. Caseydmaze

    I/O to Outboard Conversions Photos

    These conversions are rad! The skipjack 20's look clean. I just hung my first OB bracket last night. Heres a couple pics. Cheers!
  502. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Well they say drilling a hole in a perfectly fine boat is I drilled 10! Yes it was outboard bracket day. I measured 11 times just to be sort of sure, then marked out my holes and plunged the bit repeatedly into the transom. I grabbed some 1/4 aluminum from the local fab...
  503. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    I stand corrected. Saw the little cab and the calf high rails and figured it was an AG ranch boat.
  504. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    He's got a Panga not an Anderson Greenough. Fred, my dad and I fished at Rancho Leonero last year. 24' Super Panga with a Yamaha 4 stroke 115. 230 seems like overkill. They pull such a shallow draft that youre not dispalacing much water...which is where the great fuel mileage comes in. Id...
  505. Caseydmaze

    Ensenada Panga

    Oh so it scoots along just
  506. Caseydmaze

    Silly Halibut

    Nice meal Russell !!
  507. Caseydmaze

    Ensenada Panga

    How fast does that 48 commercial push you and a buddy in the panga??
  508. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Oh man that Panga is sick!! You should start a build thread if u havent already. Post up some inside pics. Are you gonna do the whole T-Top CC thing? I figure all the good and bad crap ive done as well as others posting really helps the next guy eliminate stupid mistakes. Ive learned so much...
  509. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Wow, thanks for all the props!
  510. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    "Good Enough" wasn't. The inside of the hull was too wavy from all the fiberglass work and it looked like sheet. Re-sanded and faired and sanded and faired and sanded one last time. Wasnt really digging the light gray/blue tint paint, went to something a little darker and flat. It looks waaay...
  511. Caseydmaze


    Just wondering, Has anyone tried chunking and drifting in the zone like the last two summers??
  512. Caseydmaze

    WTB: Seaswirl Striper 2301 CC, 250hp 2005 or newer

    Dad is selling his 2005 26 WA Seaswirl Striper with Diesel. Let me know if interested.
  513. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Update: Been busy. Pace slowed. Threw on a coat of paint. Sure would be nice to go chase those nearshore tunas right now.
  514. Caseydmaze

    YT on Patty off of OSIDE. Need some advice

    Rule: "Right of way." Reality: "Right of weight." -fellow kayak fisherman
  515. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Call for bluefin tuna carcasses AND late report from the 371

    Overfishing has nothing to do with the amount of big tunas in local waters. Downtown San Diego had a cannery row at one point. Now guys are stoked to go south of the border in hopes of catching one fish. This guy's actually doing lab based research to gain info so the decline can slow and...
  516. Caseydmaze

    Dusky 17 my new sled

    Hey Henry, Im stoked for you on the new boat!! Youve been looking for awhile, we even talked trades a little last year. Hope it fishes as well as your Sancha!!
  517. Caseydmaze

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    and with this latest info.... "OK guys the judges have ruled, we're going to a third round."
  518. Caseydmaze

    Stringari photo collection

    Didn't Bob Stringari work for Don Blackman....or something like that??
  519. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    So when I got it flipped I was thinking "Cool now I can chill and take a break for a bit...." That lasted about an hour. I can't stop!!! My 30 minutes of fairing ended up being 2 1/2 hours of fairing and sanding followed by a white primer coat. I don't know whats going on in my brain right now...
  520. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks for the props!! Its gettin' there...
  521. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    A good paint job always depends on the prep. Fairing and sanding the bait tank and bow area.
  522. Caseydmaze

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    Im sorry I was totally confused, my bad!! I did a little side research and everything makes perfect sense now...
  523. Caseydmaze

    Tahiti Offshore SurfSkiff 177

    It's kinda funny how it's all about "Who's Bitchener and Who started it, and Who Copied Who!" Neener neener.....grade school arguing here. Who cares!!! If you like it and can afford it, go buy it! If it catches fish and gets you stoked to be away from work or the rat race, then it's a great...
  524. Caseydmaze

    1962 Plastron Aqualift

    That's awesome man! Great trade! Glastron are cool ass old boats, well made. Looks like the kid digs it too!!!
  525. Caseydmaze

    Anyone know of a boat or car wash place to go after fishing in San Diego or Mission bay?

    That's a great question. What do all you guys do to flush your motors down there without freshwater station?
  526. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Threw some carpet on the bunks, added a winch post, bolted on a new winch. Trailer...check. Time to gather the troops!! Called in some local bros to come help out and man did they come through! What took me alone 2 days, these 7 guys came over and knocked out in 30 minutes! Everyone had...
  527. Caseydmaze

    17 g. Fuel tank

    Moeller 17g. Below deck poly tank. 18 1/2" W x 36 3/4" L X 7" H. Brand new never used. $50
  528. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Justin, I plan on using it on the Dory. Just talked to the folks out in FL who made it regarding exact mounting recommendations and measurements. If anything changes you'll be at the top of the list. Thanks, Casey
  529. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Ya for sure Anthony, it made my day!! Looking for a 50hp 4 stroke...if u know of any good ones, give me a shout! Cheers bro!!
  530. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thanks Buddy!! Ive got one or two buried in "The Pile" in the garage. Ive got the Fluke style, whaddayou recommend?
  531. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Ya for sure! Thanks!!
  532. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Bought a 20' piece of 3" C-Channel 1/4" thick at the local metal fab supplier. Had them cut it into three pre-measured lengths for cross members. Cost 57 bucks. Asked my neighbor who builds hot rods to help with a little welding project...he obliged. He loathes any wood project so other than...
  533. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Thats too funny! I had a D-11 Dozer back up to the boat, I secured a strap to it and the boat and away he went!!! Booom, off the trailer!! The ground was shaking when he was 100' away and approaching! The ground attandant warned me..."Hes in a really bad mood today!" I was fumbling arounde...
  534. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Took my 8 year old's advice and bought a better trailer!! Donated the old one to the local recycler, picked one up on CL for 2 bills. Only came with a worn out 78 fiberglass boat. No one wanted it so i had to get a "junk receipt" from the DMV to dispose of it responsibly at the...
  535. Caseydmaze

    17' Crestline Boat

    never mind...its in its new home
  536. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Trailer needs some love...Bunks, frame straightening, replace the winch, fix the post, drop in some new bearings, wire it up....start where you stand and just get going!!!! Maybe a new thread under "Check Out My Trailer!"
  537. Caseydmaze

    Ya were waaaay past that point! Thanks anyway!

    Ya were waaaay past that point! Thanks anyway!
  538. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    I'll let others chime in here who actually have the experience. I am expecting this boat to be ridiculously sea worthy yet demand a mellow throttle hand. No plowing head first into the swells. I'll be quartering and surfing the trough wherever its needed. I think the idea here is to slow...
  539. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Rolled on a coat of primer, man this this is looking sharp already...STOKED!!
  540. Caseydmaze

    3500 BD Deal... continued

    Boats looking great! Keep at it!!
  541. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Been working on this thing at night, making some progress. Stripped all the old bottom paint which revealed a handful of old wood screws and few cracks worth repairing. Broke out the dremel tool and ground out the surrounding gelcoat down to the glass. Glass/Epoxied the holes then sanded em...
  542. Caseydmaze

    New Custom pilot house

    Eric, you are dedicated and deserving!! That Arima is very original and cool!!
  543. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Section by section...
  544. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Flipped! Next time Ill just do the beers and buddies thing! Forget all that ratcheting and cribbing! Glad shes ass over tea kettle, now I can strip her, patch some holes and re-paint her so she glides right!! Enjoy
  545. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Ya Mike that was Aaron's work on the bow there. Ive been fairing down the rails using Systam Three Quick Fair. Easy to use and easier to sand!! Sets up in 3-4 hours which is cool. I jacked it up and climbed under it to try and prep the bottom were right it needs to be flipped...
  546. Caseydmaze

    18' Dory

    Quite a long history, now Im bringing it home. This boat was left for dead, then partially resurrected. "Number Nine" is the ninth of 18 boats built in San Pedro called "John Woody's". As the previous owner Mike described it, its more of a classic '69 VW than modern day off the shelf piece of...
  547. Caseydmaze

    Halibut Whistler Area 4-12

    Cool!! If u dont mind sharing your exactly do you salt/brownsugar your chovies. And secondly, are u just dropper looping or three waying 'em down there all dead and salted up??! Thanks
  548. Caseydmaze

    Rpt.-04-07-16 A Two Day adventure in Salsapuedes.

    I can be sitting at a desk, reading one of the reports from Cory and its like Im there. The line at the border crossing, stories of street tacos and sketchy roads, sliding in on an open paddy, Lal's rubber boat.....the guy just captures what we all want to be experiencing....when we can't!!
  549. Caseydmaze

    2001 Yamaha F115 complete outboard for sale.

    Why would u dump that thing for a zook?
  550. Caseydmaze

    Rpt.-04-07-16 A Two Day adventure in Salsapuedes.

    Cory, you should just write a weekly column. Your write ups are awesome!!
  551. Caseydmaze

    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    When 2/3's of the reports from the last week have been about YT and "The Fleet" at La Jolla, Id venture to guess they left out of MB and went outside 8 miles and found a paddy...three days in a row.....with the fleet.....and got a WSB on the paddy too. :frehya2:
  552. Caseydmaze

    Well Spring Break was fun ...

    Bryan.................. SUCK IT!!!
  553. Caseydmaze

    otter off La Jolla

    That wasn't an otter.
  554. Caseydmaze

    San Clemente Yellowtail on Oceanside 95 3/26/2016

    Pam, great read, thanks! What's that jig you were using, looks realistic?
  555. Caseydmaze

    otter off La Jolla

    That wasnt an otter.
  556. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console

    Thanks guys for the compliments!! I'd say conservatively I am getting 3 mpg. Its pretty light, gets up on plane easy. With a 14 g. Front and 12 g. Rear tank, youre good for all day hunting!
  557. Caseydmaze

    1999 Kencraft Challenger 215 CC ($PRICE DROP $15K)

    Such a cool boat!! Good L with the S!!
  558. Caseydmaze

    18' Center Console

    SOLD 1996 Klamath 18' Off Shore Center Console 20 in. Transom 1996 Suzuki DT-55 2-stroke Super clean runs great!! 1996 Pacific Trailer (galvanized) New Raymarine Dragonfly 6 FF/GPS/Sonar w/ SoCal Chip New VHF New Shakespear antennae 28 gal. Aquaworld Bait tank New tires New steering cable New...
  559. Caseydmaze

    Bimini Top

    Mike, is it tall enough to stand under? I have a CC and am interested. Thanks
  560. Caseydmaze

    wtb 17-18 ft cc

    Im pretty sure you meant ' not " Otherwise, WOW!!
  561. Caseydmaze


  562. Caseydmaze

    Sorry for the multiple mssg.....BD only allows 420 characters

    Sorry for the multiple mssg.....BD only allows 420 characters
  563. Caseydmaze

    I've got an 18' Klamath aluminum center console and it loosens fillings when it hits. Be...

    I've got an 18' Klamath aluminum center console and it loosens fillings when it hits. Be interesting to compare a dory slap vs. an aluminum V's "Bang." If I do buy it I'll come by and bug u every day, I promise!! How's the Tahiti skiff coming along?
  564. Caseydmaze

    Mike, Your old 18' Dory is back up for sale. I've been texting with Aaron about it. Did u...

    Mike, Your old 18' Dory is back up for sale. I've been texting with Aaron about it. Did u still have the outboard bracket or any other goodies I might be interested in? Thanks. I'm still totally curious how rough the ride will be.
  565. Caseydmaze

    Josh, how's that skippy running. Seems like I remember u saying the new motor went kaput last...

    Josh, how's that skippy running. Seems like I remember u saying the new motor went kaput last year???? One day I'll have a cool ass skip like yours!! Casey
  566. Caseydmaze

    Cabo Cuddycon 226

    Gone by Monday......
  567. Caseydmaze

    Killed the BUGS

    That one near the back of the pile, three down and four over to the left looks like a "clicker"....youre SO lucky Mom wasnt here to see that or you wouldve been so busted!!!
  568. Caseydmaze

    ...sorry for the multiple posts...BD rules, I only get 420 characters.

    ...sorry for the multiple posts...BD rules, I only get 420 characters.
  569. Caseydmaze

    Just trying to get a real good idea of use, condition and hours on this boat. Any info is...

    Just trying to get a real good idea of use, condition and hours on this boat. Any info is appreciated, even if u just tell me to pound sand!! Looking for my first Skippy, Thanks, Casey
  570. Caseydmaze

    Was the motor used/rebuilt when u bought it? Any idea on hours or mods when u installed it and...

    Was the motor used/rebuilt when u bought it? Any idea on hours or mods when u installed it and then when u sold it? Other than the wiring confusion initially, any other problems with the motor? 280- original or rebuilt ?? Was the fuel tank ever replaced? Stringers in good condition?
  571. Caseydmaze

    Eric, Your old '79 Skippy 20'er is for sale on CL. The guy selling it says he bought it from...

    Eric, Your old '79 Skippy 20'er is for sale on CL. The guy selling it says he bought it from your friends, who bought it from you. I have come to the conclusion that the motor is still the AQ 271 which you bought and installed back in 06-07ish. Owner doesn't seem to know much about it or the...
  572. Caseydmaze

    18' Klamoth w/ brand new Etec

    For comparison sake... Ive got a 96 Suzuki DT 55 (2 stroke) Im getting about 2.8 mpg. With the high bow, dory strled sides, 20" transom and rear splashwell id say the 9 would be pretty easy (weather ALWAYS permitting). These are light boats, ao theres a trade off...easy planing at lower speeds...
  573. Caseydmaze

    18' Klamoth w/ brand new Etec

    Same boat, just gave it the winter rehab... Added a 14 gal. fuel tank forward if console, scotty rod holders, Raymarine FF, bait tank/seat, console storage, replumbed, new sterring and control cables....runs bitchen, rides better with additional fuel weight up front. Easy maintenance, these are...
  574. Caseydmaze

    I was reading through some old posts about Stringari 18's and saw you had bought a 20' Blackman...

    I was reading through some old posts about Stringari 18's and saw you had bought a 20' Blackman and were able to fit in your garage. I would like to do the same with a Stringari. I have a three car garage (two deep on one side). My door opening measures 83" highs wondering just how tall that...
  575. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Late report, Sunday Dec 13, Oceanside to 209

    There's no T in couch....just saying.
  576. Caseydmaze

    WTB Gaff approximately 8 ft

    Just epoxy a bicycle ceiling hook to an old broom handle.
  577. Caseydmaze

    On the water (slip) halibut report

    Thats classic! U should throw a Marauder out during the tidal swing....Yellowfin speared in Dana Point off the dock, Hali's off the slip, why not try for a Hoo!!!
  578. Caseydmaze

    Thanksgiving Bay!

    Its all about attitude. Sometimes just pinning on a strip of squid and dropping it to the bottom in a kelp bed is the most fun all day!! Usually beats the hell out of trolling all day....usually.
  579. Caseydmaze

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    You should rename your boat "Murder Scene"
  580. Caseydmaze

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    Halibass are much better and here year round.
  581. Caseydmaze

    11.23 Thanksgiving yellowtailturkey at the 150

    Caught three rockfish last week, all puked up "The crabs." Nice catch on the frozen bait shack candy!!
  582. Caseydmaze

    oside yellow

    Heck ya Matt!! That is bitchen. I just buzzed by the pipe trying to make bait last Friday. So nice to see thise tails poppin up all along the coast. Awesome pic!!!
  583. Caseydmaze

    Lings and Lobster 11-14-15

    30 at night? Man, id say be careful but i think itd fall on deaf ears.
  584. Caseydmaze

    Tempo topside 14.5 gallon fuel tank SOLD

    Ehhh disregard. Im an idiot. I just measured and the tank is 1-2" too wide.
  585. Caseydmaze

    Tempo topside 14.5 gallon fuel tank SOLD

    Is this the type thatll drop into a bench seat on an aluminum skiff...once the foam has been removed?
  586. Caseydmaze

    Tempo topside 14.5 gallon fuel tank SOLD

    Is this the type thatll drop into a bench seat on an aluminum skiff...once the foam has been removed?
  587. Caseydmaze

    Saluting the warship and catchin on Vetrans Day:

    Thats a great picture of your kids with the Halibut!
  588. Caseydmaze

    Id be interested in that bait tank/seat.

    Id be interested in that bait tank/seat.
  589. Caseydmaze

    No longer searching...

    18' Klamath OSCC. Busy changing out cables and giving it a thorough cleaning and prepping before I go drop it in the drink. Should do just what I want when its all done. Best fits in my garage with 1/2" to spare! No more storage fees. Im going to build some sort of drawers for all...
  590. Caseydmaze

    No longer searching...

    That boats nice looking, proba ly would be rad. Again, I bought a boat earlier today, so thanks anyway.
  591. Caseydmaze

    No longer searching...

    Thanks for all the offers. I bought an 18' Klamath from a fellow BD'er. Hoping to pull alot of bugs and fish over the rails! Thanks Justin!
  592. Caseydmaze

    No longer searching...

    2 car garage....the long way.
  593. Caseydmaze

    just saw a free boat listing in CL

    It's been on there for over a month.
  594. Caseydmaze

    No longer searching...

    Im looking for an 18ish ' boat to fish so-cal inshore, 10-15 miles off shore and make crossings to Catalina to hoop for Bugs when conditions are right. It has to have a high freeboard and a nice transom...not a whaler style surfboard with rails to keep the water out. I'm not opposed to wood...
  595. Caseydmaze

    Carlsbad kelp bed

    Ya, quit trying to reign on this guys good time. He can't be bothered with rules and reg.'s. You guys are idiots worrying about size and catch limits. There will ALWAYS be plenty of big fish for everyone, so just take whatever YOU think is right. All that nonsense research about reproduction...
  596. Caseydmaze

    Offshore Solo wahoo mission a success! 10/23

    That's awesome! I wish I could do what you did. I solo fish a lot of the time too. I'm always sketched about leaving it in gear when I'm away from the helm for anything. I Just picture the stern of my boat driving away at like 4 knots while I'm trying to kick myself in the ass underwater...
  597. Caseydmaze

    18' Oregon Dory project a nose hair. Rats!!