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  1. Ryan Valterria

    Found Thx BD

    Lookin for a Talica 50ii and an OSP 2x4 or similar Rod! Let me know what you guys want to get rid of.. Thanks!
  2. Ryan Valterria

    Avet EXW 50/2 950 yds of 130lb Power Pro

    Ready to Cow Tip Loaded with 950 Yards of 130#. Power Pro Comes with reel clamp $500 Located in Riverside
  3. Ryan Valterria

    Like new Talica 50

    Is the 50 still available?
  4. Ryan Valterria

    Shim Talica 50

    Is this still available?
  5. Ryan Valterria

    Calstar Grafighter 800m Factory Wrapped

    Calstar 800m Grafighter Very clean New X-Wrap & Turk’s Head over Cork Grip $275 OBO located in Riverside *rod only - reel not included*
  6. Ryan Valterria

    Shimano Teramar TMC-X76M Cork Grip

    Shimano Teramar TMC-X76M Line Rating 10-20lb Length 7’6” $100 Located in Riverside
  7. Ryan Valterria

    Super Seeker SS 6463XXXXH-6 1/4’ AR/WO 80-150 lb Full Aftco Rollers and Aluminum Reel Seat

    Super Seeker SS 6463XXXXH-6 1/4’ AR/WO 80-150 lb Full Aftco Rollers and Aluminum Reel Seat $425 Located In Riverside
  8. Ryan Valterria

    Seeker Trolling Rod Full Aftco Rollers

    Seeker Trolling Rod Model: BSC 663XXH-6 1/4’ Length: 6’3” Line Rating: 50 - 130lb Full Aftco Roller Rod Aluminum Reel Seat $200 obo Located in Riverside
  9. Ryan Valterria

    Shimano Speedmaster 16 or 20 ii

    Lookin for a new shimano speed master 16 or 20 hopefully filled with 80lb braid let me know what ya got thanks!
  10. Ryan Valterria

    Penn fathom nld2

    $225 located in Riverside Loaded with 80lb Power Pro
  11. Ryan Valterria

    Used Penn Fathom 40 2 speed reel anyone?

    Full of 80lb power pro $225 located in riverside
  12. Ryan Valterria

    Lookin for a kite rod

    Wow that’s not a bad deal! What’s the tip look like? Will it allow for a size 7 swivel to pass through?
  13. Ryan Valterria

    Lookin for a kite rod

    Anyone lookin to get rid of a kite rod this weekend? Thanks!
  14. Ryan Valterria

    My 2019 builds

    That’s awesome! Yeah I was able to contact them via Instagram and they just said to send a self addressed & stamped envelope to the warehouse & they’d send back whatever color decal I want👍
  15. Ryan Valterria

    My 2019 builds

    Damn lol I was there today too. I picked up a blank as well but the line was long & one of the employees had me pay away from the table to help move the line along. I’ll shoot them an email or try to stop by next time l’m in the area. Thank you.
  16. Ryan Valterria

    My 2019 builds

    This may be a dumb question, where do you buy the "seeker" decals?
  17. Ryan Valterria

    Calstar Grafighter 800M

    I’m selling my Calstar Grafighter 800M. Full disclosure: I’m the second owner I bought it from an older gentleman who took it on one boat ride. The cork tape was dried out so I threw some fresh x-wrap on it and a turks head. Asking $300 OBO local pick up. Cash Zelle Venmo (Riverside Ca)
  18. Ryan Valterria

    FOUND thanks BD

    Updated title: Found the GG 270-8H now just lookin for the GG 6480 :eyepoppin
  19. Ryan Valterria

    Seeker salty crew ss6470 7’ rod

    Is this rod still available?
  20. Ryan Valterria

    50lb rod 7-8ft
  21. Ryan Valterria

    Calstar and Seeker

    If anyone drops out of the GG 270 8H I’ll pick it up
  22. Ryan Valterria

    Salt water fishing Combos

    Which model grafighter is that avet on?
  23. Ryan Valterria

    FOUND thanks BD

    Thats a nice rod I really dig the deckhand one but I want something a little heavier
  24. Ryan Valterria

    FOUND thanks BD

    Added Trade Options... Anyone wanna sell or trade their calstar or seeker? o_O
  25. Ryan Valterria

    Rods and reels fresh and salt plus surface iron

    If its still available, I have the same question as the guy above. Is the Calstar 270-8h a GG rod?
  26. Ryan Valterria

    WTS Calstar GG 270-8H

    Old post I know but is it still available?
  27. Ryan Valterria

    8’ Terez

    For sale. Paid $270 asking $̶1̶9̶0̶ $175 Cosmetic 7-10 (some rust on guides under epoxy and boat rash) Mechanical 10-10 Located in Riverside California. Venmo, Zelle or Cash. Local Pick up. (951)660-4007
  28. Ryan Valterria

    FOUND thanks BD

    Looking to buy a Calstar GG 6480 (with factory wrap) Might be open to a BTG 6480 custom job but id prefer factory. Thanks for reading! (951)660-4007
  29. Ryan Valterria

    Used Diawa hyper speed 40, and 9’ calstar 30-60lb rod

    Do you still have the rod? Will you take $125?
  30. Ryan Valterria

    Calstar 9' Jig Stick

    What’s your best price?
  31. Ryan Valterria


    Best you can do on the 9’ teramar?
  32. Ryan Valterria

    Phenix Black Diamond 9ft Deck Hand (Psw 909)

    What’s the best you can do on the price?