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  1. Larson Painting

    Any BD large get togethers planned for late Jan or Feb?

    Would like to get in on this for sure as well as a Tahuya quad party. Maybe a presale to friends that you have fished with?
  2. Larson Painting

    Pesky deer

    That's a big coon
  3. Larson Painting

    Pesky deer

    Awesome footage looks like most of bucks are back. The 2point on my property showed back up with the help of apples
  4. Larson Painting


    It was fun as hell rallying your truck to harder ground looking forward to filling my tag this weekend got to love the problems that happen that make u better
  5. Larson Painting

    WTC smack talking thread

    Pictures or pitchers of beer?
  6. Larson Painting

    need some help!

    I will help out would be nice if others would too
  7. Larson Painting

    Anyone one heard from Jailer1

    I've tried to get ahold of him a few times and said he's not fishing this year and concentrating time and money on hunting
  8. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Still sucks

    Oh Fuck Yeah
  9. Larson Painting

    MA 12 Crab

    Working Saturday to be able to get Monday off to catch such crab that doesn't exist
  10. Larson Painting

    Anyone looking for a new to them sled in a few months?

    Nice boat for the lucky guy who gets this!
  11. Larson Painting

    New to me boat

    Nice job Hunter! cant wait to get her bloody.
  12. Larson Painting

    2015 Annual Tahuya quad party date

    In, can bring firewood
  13. Larson Painting

    Pops 1st WA Bull!

    Nice bull Paul!
  14. Larson Painting

    My Halloween bull with pic!

    Nice! cant wait for some of that chicken fried elk steak at the next quad get together.
  15. Larson Painting

    my Halloween bull

    Must be a trick, not seeing the treat
  16. Larson Painting

    Favorite Fishing Tune?

    The boat seems to get limited out quickly to AC/DC, Metalica, or rage against the machine.
  17. Larson Painting

    South Sound Roofer Specializing in Tile Roofs?

    Give Randy Phelps of Tile Roof Specialties a call at 253 228-1287, been a local expert for over 25 years.
  18. Larson Painting

    WTB Good used Weed Eater

    I have an echo that is 15 years old and still works great! $30 bucks and its yours. Original spark plug!
  19. Larson Painting

    Thank you USCG and Cape Dissapointment

    Wow that is one of the most "sportiest bars" in the world at max conditions, glad you and crew are alright.
  20. Larson Painting

    Thank you Lingcod Todd and crew...from Pacific Addiction and crew!

    Wow Mark, that's great everything worked out, Todd G definitely showed the brotherhood shines when able.
  21. Larson Painting

    Canning tuna

    I like to smoke mine for about 30 minutes with no brine, just wood chips, then add a drop of olive oil, and jalapeno slices. no complaints ever.
  22. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Puget Sound... RECENT & DECENT!!

    Nice looking fish for sure, cant beat the local bite.
  23. Larson Painting

    Boat is fixed

    Glad it is up and running again and made it on the trailer on the main, was kind of a bitch to do so, we should go crabbing next sunday to get it dialed in, and to redo auto pilot calibration.
  24. Larson Painting

    Off shore boat 2500 obo

    The starcraft would be another zero, plus. That ride is SWEET!
  25. Larson Painting

    Bobber fishing for know we did it!!!

    Bobber and worm works on almost anything! Nice video!
  26. Larson Painting

    Off shore boat 2500 obo

    Old boats also make great gardens, drill drain holes, get great soil, not sure if it is positioned to do so.
  27. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Bobber and worm

    Pretty much the standard, unless you can afford herring, or the most popular lures.:cheers:
  28. Larson Painting

    Rip Robin William's

    I like his old school stand up, like this one, New York ghetto eco... hello....... shut the fuck up! and many others, funny guy! RIP
  29. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Bobber and worm

    Nice fish! sorry to hear about the other issues, sounds like duramax is a great crew.
  30. Larson Painting

    Razor clam guns - $10

    Holy shit... smoking deal hit me up if not sold
  31. Larson Painting

    What would you do?

    What did you do?:D Doesn't look fully clipped, more like a bite or some kind of wound.
  32. Larson Painting

    Learned something on my cummins might save you

    Glad to hear you made it home safely, it's a lot to worry about carrying a load versus just driving home in your truck bare. Sounds like an easy fix.
  33. Larson Painting


    Great dog! great photos! Sorry to hear for sure!
  34. Larson Painting

    1965 chevelle

    Maybe you should try trading the Camaro AND the boat you inherited, puts a little more on the plate on your end Josh.
  35. Larson Painting

    Moose hunt out of state....any suggestions

    There are a lot of moose in Washington, don't know if they are huntable or if a special permit is needed, but last time I was in Usk, the most northeast point in WA I saw more moose than deer or elk.
  36. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Hey Rick that jeep looks sweet, pretty tempting.
  37. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Bump. $4500, final price reduction.
  38. Larson Painting

    Personal challenge to all Captains

    I will have no problem wearing the pfd, fishing on your boat is AWESOME!
  39. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Rig is a 1999 ford f-250 supercab lariat 4x4 one owner with only 160k miles. frame mounted spring loaded tiedowns, superhitch, air bags, built in air compressor, 7 prong plug in bed. Loaded pickup in great shape, 8k obo , package deal with camper 12k
  40. Larson Painting

    Interesting purchase I saw at Wal Mart the other day...

    priceless! on a side note I found your lock chain in my halibut bag, will have to make sure you get it back soon.
  41. Larson Painting

    Totally Awesome Crews at WP/LP.

    I knew I should have stayed all weekend, Friday was just a warm up for you guys.
  42. Larson Painting

    Learn from what happened to me!

    Glad it all worked out and a bonus to get back out and limit. Shit happens fast in the big blue weather good or bad.
  43. Larson Painting

    Tried a new fish marinade

    Tried this tonight, and off the charts, sprinkled montreal and dill after marinade, and was awesome. My son asked when are we gonna have this again. This was with a freshly caught king, and no tarter sauce required. THANKS!
  44. Larson Painting

    Installing a 45 Gallon Bait Tank

    Nice job Zach & Paul, did you lose my number or what? Great job on the install! give me a call sometime. I saw the boat at qfc the other day and it is looking sexy with the repower!
  45. Larson Painting

    Allright Assholes

    Crabbing is only 8 day away! have to take some pics of the middle claw up and post, Ha ha
  46. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Yes and yes, If the custom spacer bracket it too tall for your liking, it can be removed, and all the chains and everything I got for this is included, I have frame mounted tie-downs, so if you don't, you might need the type that fit into the bed rails available at any rv store.
  47. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Bump $4750 I need to sell the camper first cause the truck will be for sale next, package deal at 12k and that's a steal.
  48. Larson Painting

    Westport friday thru sunday

    Had a blast on Friday with the jailer crew, and tex mojos crew. Couldn't believe the rootbeer colored water out there! Never seen anything like it.
  49. Larson Painting

    BD sticker Black Z71 from Oregon in Elma

    Wasn't me my z71 is charcoal grey
  50. Larson Painting

    Tried a new fish marinade

    Will definitely try it. as it looks like some fresh salmon might be coming this way tomorrow.
  51. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Yes Brian, still available and except for tomorrow (wed) I'm open to show send me a pm and I'll give you my address and phone number, and yes we are in Allyn and my place is very easy to find.
  52. Larson Painting

    Bottom Paint Disaster

    I know I'm a little late on this thread and with childish humor, but Dick P is flat out hilarious. I don't care who you are that's funny!
  53. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Bump 5k obo need it gone so I can park the new trailer in its spot.
  54. Larson Painting

    Swami? U Must believe to acheive.

    My cat gets about 2-3 a week, along with snakes, rabbits, mice and birds. Ain't nothing safe!
  55. Larson Painting

    Tuna Video VOLUME 2...just in time

    Nice job! Cant wait to get out there!
  56. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Its meant to fit a long bed with only a foot sticking out the back. It has the 3 inch spacer plate needed for newer trucks so the front doesn't touch the top of your truck. Just detailed inside and out.
  57. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Oops, it is actually lighter, at 2416 dry, I guess that's why they call them alpenlites.
  58. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    It weighs 2610 dry and tows like a dream with my superduty v-10, your duramax would be even better!
  59. Larson Painting

    Dirt Bags strike in Kent

    That sucks! I love my colt 1911/22 and would not be very happy if it was all of a sudden GONE. sorry to hear this, Kent used to be the shit, I grew up there, but it is definitely and will never be like I remember.
  60. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    Bump, also has A/C. $5250.00 OBO
  61. Larson Painting

    1999 Alpenlite Camper

    I have a nice camper for sale, it has electric jacks, hard sided, ext. and int. shower, bathroom with sink, double sink in kitchen, 9 ft. model dx edition, table makes bed, has bunk for kids under 100#, seldom used in great shape, only selling because we bought a travel trailer to accomidate the...
  62. Larson Painting

    BD Sighting

    I got the hang loose sign from who I believe is Matt aka bugeater on hwy 16 heading east this morning. Right on brotha good to see you again!
  63. Larson Painting

    Saltwater TUNA at Ilwaco!

    I cant wait to start carking these big eyed long fin beauties. Getting z itches to catch many fishes.
  64. Larson Painting

    New Diesel Truck

    Love my 99 f-250 supercab 4x4 lariat until a deer took the front end out. Everything is replaced and driving the way it was. Going to be putting up for sale and in the same boat probably going to go pre-owned because I cant afford new. btw if your interested in my truck it was babied its whole...
  65. Larson Painting

    shrimp pots

    Rodney, I will take them off your hands, bring them to the wtc if I cant pick them up sooner, consider sold, unless you already have a buyer.
  66. Larson Painting

    Yamaha 225 OX66

    Nice! glad to see you upgraded. I'm going to feel much safer fishing off your boat...!!!!
  67. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Westport Opening Day!!!!!

    Nice catch! I need to stop workin so hard and get out there and catch a few!
  68. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Most excellent Day

    I've never froze shrimp we do it forest gump style, shrimp this shrimp that until gone. Nice catch!
  69. Larson Painting

    fishing partner showing up late

    Nice! Congrats Rodney.
  70. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Quadfecta out of westport

    Shit, forgot the other 2, salmon artichoke dip with clam chowder. Quad meal right there.
  71. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Quadfecta out of westport

    Nice catch! You have the ingredients for crab stuffed halibut. mmm
  72. Larson Painting

    Silver Slayers crew and their sheep

    Just giving the proper salute, not into inflate a dates, but good for a laugh for sure.
  73. Larson Painting

    What is it?

    That was one ugly, soft and slimy fish, fun to catch though it fought like a lingcod.
  74. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    Thanks for all of the advise, that's why I posted it in the beginning to get a opinion from the brotherhood. Wileys in port orchard gets the job of rebuilding my tow machine, hope everything works out.
  75. Larson Painting

    Good luck to the fleet!

    Well said Mark, hopefully its fishable offshore both weekends.
  76. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    Got the call today about the outcome of the truck, they are not totaling it and it will be repaired, to the sum of 3900$. Should have it back by the end of next week.
  77. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    radiator is pushed 9 inches back, fan is gone and frame is bent.
  78. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    That be the V-10 or used to be..
  79. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    Tracker, Have to say your dodge looks better than the ford even at higher speed, the limit was 50 and I was going at least that, pics to come soon..
  80. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    Tracker, Have to say your dodge looks better than the ford even at higher speed, the limit was 50 and I was going at least that, pics to come soon..
  81. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    HunterB and Silverslayer have pics, maybe they could post up, was supposed to go on a booze cruz today, but my day was f' up sorry.
  82. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Sunday Westport great time.

    Your mystery fish wouldn't of had 50lbs red mono would it? we had a freebe last week, but tied it to the cleat and it broke off. Oh well we still limited- 1 ling
  83. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    Might be lookin into dodge or chevy, although I bought this rig new and it treated me well for 15 years until it got venisized.
  84. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    I had no chance to swerve or brake and it hit hard, dragged 100 + yards then went under. 150 lbs buck in velvet to guess, collision said they have never seen this much damage from a deer to a 3/4 ton truck. progressive has hinted 3 times its probably totaled.
  85. Larson Painting

    Saltwater lucky we were not fishing on mothers day.....

    Only one time a year when you can say nice butt, but nice butts for sure.
  86. Larson Painting

    Guess I'm getting a new truck for my b-day

    Cause I hit a deer at 50+ mph just getting off the Vashon ferry, totaled my 3/4 ton superduty. Sucks!
  87. Larson Painting

    Saltwater MA 13 Limits and Alien Creature

    Nice job! Good looking shepard too!
  88. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Area 13 shrimp

    I have seen pots on the west side of fox island but have no idea if they produced. My backyard is area 13 and would like to know as well.
  89. Larson Painting

    DEFIANCE BOATS - *Allied Boat Project Update*

    Damn, that p20 would sure look nice behind my white and gold superduty, nice lookin boats for sure!
  90. Larson Painting

    Halibut Numbers

    Westport doesn't have any butts, and the weather always sucks, got lucky today though and got a black cod, anybody want it?
  91. Larson Painting

    Butt tuesday!

    captains make the best ho's! Hope you guys kick ass.
  92. Larson Painting

    Remember this lovely lady?

    Hope she's still around after this years wtc party...
  93. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Neah bay bottomfish trip 2014

    Nice job Jamie, that float is badass! thanks again for the pipe jigs
  94. Larson Painting

    Gonna put this out there. Pipe jigs

    I will take all your heavy pipes off your hands if still available. we will be camped at the cape along with a bunch of bd members pm me larsonpainting if available or josh silverslayer
  95. Larson Painting

    Show us Your Favorite Halibut Rig Setup

    Don't forget the teaser
  96. Larson Painting

    Any house painters?

    Hi Eric, sent you a pm back, I grew up in Kent and work that way all the time, and can hook you up with a great job.
  97. Larson Painting

    1st and hopefully last time this happens to me!

    It takes about 10 minutes for a 24ft north river os to even shows any signs... I bet jailer checks the plug everytime now.
  98. Larson Painting

    Which Booze?

    17-20 year old chevas was my old mans favorite sipper. My taste is much different, but the chevas would impress.
  99. Larson Painting

    Crosby BM Derby

    Very nice, way to go kitsap boys, 12# is a respectful win, congrats!
  100. Larson Painting


    There is a taxidermist that made the Mason County Journal, has pictures of a bobcat he's doing, looks like good work. His name is Dave Miskinis and he's out of Shelton. Shelton hunters edge taxidermy is the name of his business. 40 years experience.
  101. Larson Painting

    2014 Tahuya quad party /fish fry roll call

    I think she would look best on the bow of miss Eliza for the wtc.
  102. Larson Painting

    How many Occult members on here ?

    Shellback, International time zone crossing, and order of the locks. 1988
  103. Larson Painting

    Westport Black Sea Bass fishing from Jetty

    No, its a coho from Ketchican, I need to have a tuna pic. huh
  104. Larson Painting

    Westport Black Sea Bass fishing from Jetty

    I have had success fishing the jetty a few times, caught limits of sea bass and just legal lings. I walked halfway down and fished my way back, caught fish on both sides. plan on losing a lot of lead.
  105. Larson Painting

    2014 Tahuya quad party /fish fry roll call

    I will be there Friday, can meet you there anytime, have the day off.
  106. Larson Painting

    2014 Tahuya quad party /fish fry roll call

    Went by there the other day and noticed all the bd stickers still on the street signs, and a LOT of standing water in the trails, should be fun.
  107. Larson Painting

    Fishing gaff's

    Sweet report.
  108. Larson Painting

    F*n fuel theives!

    X2 on the tires, loosen the valve stem on all 4
  109. Larson Painting


    With over 700.000 strong (more like 1 million) it was epic.
  110. Larson Painting


    Should be an epic event! GO HAWKS!
  111. Larson Painting

    Go SeaHawks

    Hawks rule! What a game, should be similar next year with all the young talent.
  112. Larson Painting

    Solvkroken 35oz jig vendors?

    Norwegian jigs are $33.00 each and pipe jigs are $15.00 each (minus swivel and hook) they both work great, just got 5 of each for the new season, don't buy the Norwegian jigs from sportco, they suck.
  113. Larson Painting

    Halibut dates confirmed yet???

    I called up the cape and talked to Sarah (the new Gordi & Cheri) to get a spot for the 7th thru the 17th, and was told by the makahs that it is the 14th thru the 24th instead. I don't know what has happened but it sounds like it got pushed a week , I hope so cause that is what I now have reserved.
  114. Larson Painting

    Sauteed Steelhead w/ Tomato Butter & Crispy Polenta

    I am not a big fan of fresh water fish to eat, I am a salt. But this looks pretty damn good! Nice job.
  115. Larson Painting

    Cape Resort at Neah Bay Messes up our Halibut reservation

    I called today and got a spot for a truck and camper for the 14th thru the 24th as it has been pushed back a week. There is only 1 spot left unless you don't need hookups or power.
  116. Larson Painting

    pressure canning tuna

    Definitely smoke tuna before canning, no brine is necessary, just a wood smoke for about a half an hour to 45 minutes, 2 jalepeno slices on top and bottom, a pinch of salt, and a teaspoon of olive oil. Best tuna I have ever had, and the jars I give away want more.
  117. Larson Painting

    favorite hot sauce for fish tacos

    Silver slayer has the best recipe for fish tacos, you will just have to participate in the tahuya bd party to possibly find out.
  118. Larson Painting

    What better than smoked salmon?

    What is better than smoked salmon, smoked tuna. it takes half the time and tastes twice as good.
  119. Larson Painting

    LaPush Moorage for Butt season?

    There are plenty of halibut and lings in Westport, its a 100 ft. deeper so electric reels may be of help. This area meets its quota the same time other fisheries do, although the inshore fishery is hit and miss.
  120. Larson Painting

    Resolution of BAMF dispute

    Glad to see this is finally resolved! Hope you and the wife had an awesome x-mas, and scout too!
  121. Larson Painting

    Duck and goose decoys

    Flambeau mallards and Canadian geese. But they are already taken pending pickup.
  122. Larson Painting

    Duck and goose decoys

    I have 12 duck decoys and 6 goose decoys, the ducks are floaters with a 8oz. lead weight and string, the geese are floaters as well. best offer takes all.
  123. Larson Painting

    Yeah, I'm working on it......... You fags be patient.

    Watch out for patty if they do meet, might not go as planned.
  124. Larson Painting

    Happy Veterans Day

    I celebrated today by working. A shout out to all other veterans... I hope you all didn't have a deadline and have to work. Now its time for a bud light!
  125. Larson Painting

    FINALLY! A deer!

    Nice one! congrats
  126. Larson Painting

    Bull down opening morning!

    Nice job Mark! Congrats.
  127. Larson Painting

    Not your average shoot

    Lookin like another big batch of duckeroni comin, and a mount as well!
  128. Larson Painting

    Damm Patty did it again!

    27 bee stings to the face and body, who would know that bitch was hiding a hornets nest. Fuck this year has been hard on the face!
  129. Larson Painting

    Observatory Bull down

    Nice Bull, that pump station looks messed up!
  130. Larson Painting

    My daughters first deer !!

    Nice Buck!
  131. Larson Painting

    Why call it quits for the year?

    I work the tides in winter crabbin, this weekend sucks, but next looks good the 17th thru the 20th for sure. I don't care how cold it gets or the rain, I dress appropriately and if its its too windy I stay away.
  132. Larson Painting

    Why call it quits for the year?

    Winter crabbing is so far great, 5 crabs with only a hour and a half soak, but the razor clamming was even better, 45 clams, 45 minutes 2 days in a row
  133. Larson Painting

    Is this what's called a bait stop?

    Wow that was awesome! I got to do a southern trip... bucket list for sure.
  134. Larson Painting

    Canning smoked tuna

    I smoked 24 loins at 30-45 minutes with hickory and canned them with jalepeno slices, a drop of olive oil, and a pinch of salt... best damn shit I have even tasted. 11 psi at 100 minutes.
  135. Larson Painting

    Gun or Pistol for Butts?

    I have brought a 44 magnum colt anaconda 6 inch barrel on a few different boats, but never once fired a shot, your best bet is a harpoon, or a second harpoon with a buoy.
  136. Larson Painting


    Salmon eggs mixed with red jello and borax, real eggs poached with ham English muffins and hollandaise sauce, Rock on Vance!
  137. Larson Painting

    dead thread

    Shorter heavier rods for trolling 5'6-7 and for baitsticks 7.5- 8.5 longer if you have outboards, shorter if you don't.
  138. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Cabazon in our crab pot!!!!

    We had a 3foot dogfish shark in our crab pot 3 weeks ago. Area 10
  139. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Sekiu Salmon 8/26-8/29

    Nice job Zach, Paul and crew! We were out there a month ago and it was not hot but managed to get kings, coho and pinks. Nice job on your catch!
  140. Larson Painting

    Stolen tote, buckets, ice shovel, brushes, gray loin bins

    Fuckn thieves suck, I hope whoever gets caught! Totes are the way to go for sure, and expensive.... too replace.
  141. Larson Painting

    Saltwater BD Pipe Jig Believer

    Nice lookin fish, ever try a Norwegian jig? have had split results on them vs. a pipe jig.
  142. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Puke and Rally! Westport 8/10-8/11

    How do you puke on lake pacifica, damn that looks flatter than my first girlfriend, at least there was a rally. nice fish.
  143. Larson Painting

    bait stop

    Awesome! Cant wait to get back out there. watched this with my 8 year old son and now he wants to go.
  144. Larson Painting

    Whats the latest you have had someone back out on you?

    That sucks, the only time I'm not fishing or crabbing is when i'm working, but with enough notice always for the crew to figure another seat.
  145. Larson Painting

    bait stop crashers!

    Don't crash a bait stop. Don't crash a bait stop. Don't crash a bait stop..... Get the point? Some fing morons will never figure it out.
  146. Larson Painting

    Next Sat lookin' good for WP tuna?

    That's one mean bitch don't mess with her, better yet keep your numbers to those who work for it.
  147. Larson Painting

    Opinions on Halibut Rod and Reel

    Avoid lamiglas 5'6 50-100 rods, I've watched 2 snap 2 years in a row
  148. Larson Painting

    Look what patti did

    Its getting better rapidly, Monday sucked for sure not being able to see until the evening, most of that is just 2 big scratches and a black eye now.
  149. Larson Painting

    Spare tires, life jackets, fenders

    Hit up silver slaver on the wheels and tires, he just had an incident and might put them to good use.
  150. Larson Painting

    Defiance Marine

    Defiance is top notch for sure! I love having a great resource so close to home.
  151. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Westport Tuna 8-2-2013

    14 on the first trip out has got to be off the charts! Congrats and welcome to the dark side! Stellar fist trip for sure!
  152. Larson Painting

    Pacific addiction crew got some moves

    I cant quite remember how I got back either, but someone hit me with a shovel along the way, woke up this morning and my left eye was swelled shut. Sucks!
  153. Larson Painting

    team market price new crew member spotted

    She's hiding a shovel somewhere, she took a good swing and messed me up pretty good.
  154. Larson Painting

    Where is Patty?

    She kept sayin no...... guess I shoulda listened!
  155. Larson Painting

    Saltwater 24ft boat.... Ran a clinic.....

    Last years record was a blast, congrats on setting the bar even higher!
  156. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Like riding a bike

    Wished I could be out there but needed to paint another house before the wtc. Nice job!
  157. Larson Painting

    Saltwater CQ scratchy

    Was a lot of fun catching and releasing all the kings, and finally getting a hatchery, plus a few silvers and pinks. Sorry to hear about the ride home, that just sucks. overall was a great weekend, thanks again for the family fun!
  158. Larson Painting

    2005 Mercury 3.3

    I have a near mint tiller motor for sale, its a short shaft forward and neutral only, fuel tank built in model. I took this in on a partial trade on a paint job about 3 years ago and its sat in my shop since. Sorry no pics yet but I will try to upload soon. $300
  159. Larson Painting

    Best Crab Bait to Use??

    I used freezer burnt tuna loins and freezer burnt chicken breasts marinated with poskis and got 10 dungies in 2 hours on the opener.
  160. Larson Painting

    Question for North River Seahawk Offshore Owners

    Maybe lincodd todd or jailer 1 will chime in, I know that todd runs twin 150's on a 26ft. and not sure about the kicker, jailer runs a 250 main with a t-8 kicker on a 24ft. and don't think he has any issues of yours but not sure.
  161. Larson Painting

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Welcome Zack, Paul and family! Still looking forward to fish off that osprey someday, I got a teaser doing a shakedown cruise on mason lake when you guys first got it.
  162. Larson Painting

    Great white seal killer

    Thanks Buttchaser, snuffy's a goner.
  163. Larson Painting

    Great white seal killer

    Just saw the funniest commercial on the discovery channel of them lowering a seal and a great white jumps up and grabs it. Maybe somebody with computer skills can post the link. Awesome!
  164. Larson Painting

    BD'er sighting

    Speaking of sightings I got the proper salute from glad wrap today on I-5 just shy of fife. Right on brother.
  165. Larson Painting

    A good day in Westport

    Didn't actually fish for sturgeon, ended up doing a different trip, and caught a couple of halibut in area 1 instead. Thanks for the invite and congrats on the catch.
  166. Larson Painting

    A good day in Westport

    Nice job Jailer 1 and Fishn lures! Cant wait to catch this years first salmon.
  167. Larson Painting

    new respect for my crew

    Way to go Mark, Josh has a fighting belt that would complete the wordrobe if needed.
  168. Larson Painting

    Poll- Foulest Smelling Fish Carcasses in the Garbage

    X's 2 on the left over crab bait (even though its not on the poll) I had 50 million maggots covering my old boat after not removing the bait 4 days later. The stench was horrible and removing all the maggots sucked.
  169. Larson Painting

    How to: "Raise the Roof;" fitting a 12-ft tall boat through an 8-ft door

    Construction looks great, nice custom job! now it needs a paint job....
  170. Larson Painting

    Saltwater hali

    Good times for sure, great video!
  171. Larson Painting

    roofer needed

    I got a compressor and coil nailer to lend and 3/4 of a box of 1 1/4 coil nails to donate if you end up doing this yourself
  172. Larson Painting

    sick of this shit

    That sucks man, sorry to hear this happen again.
  173. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Neah Opener

    The ape man has been sighted.... it has ho, ho, ho writen on its back like a tramp stamped sea lion.
  174. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Area 3-4 Halibutseason over

    Like swede said, not much of a surprise. We saw 15 ft. boats at the corner on the opener, and the weather was dueable for most of the usual fleet both weekends.
  175. Larson Painting

    Smell that....

    Yes, I am gettin the itches to catch many fishes, all the rods and gear are ready, just a few more things to do on the checklist. cant wait...
  176. Larson Painting

    crosby blackmouth derby

    Great job Josh! way to represent the local Kitsap/Mason group. :hali_olutta:
  177. Larson Painting

    fuckin lazy thieves

    Reading this makes me want to puke, god I hate f'ing thieves. That absolutely blows donkeys balls.
  178. Larson Painting

    Concealed Carry of Choice

    Colt .44 anaconda 6" barrel armpit holster
  179. Larson Painting

    hey goatram

    Thaaaaaats (goat like) funny.:rofl:
  180. Larson Painting

    Tahuya quad party head count roster

    I'm in, truck with camper and a trailer of firewood, no quad yet.
  181. Larson Painting

    BAMF boat saga update!

    Right on Mark!
  182. Larson Painting

    Tahuya quad party roll call

    Right on Matt and Bill! :hali_olutta:
  183. Larson Painting

    Polaris Junk

  184. Larson Painting

    Tayhua quad party

    I can bring as much firewood needed, just stumbled upon 9 cords of madrona and alder that is 3 years dry.
  185. Larson Painting

    Tahuya quad party roll call

    i'm in, looks like i'll need to replace the old griz 660.
  186. Larson Painting

    what will 2013 bring

    Lets not forget all the tsnami debris, glass balls and floats.
  187. Larson Painting

    Table full of AR's at gunshow this weekend

    The prices for an ar have doubled/tripled due to demand, if you can even get one. Bullets and magazines have too.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  188. Larson Painting

    BAMF saga continues

    I plan on going to the show this year, I usually go with my father, but his parkinsons will not allow. I have some questions for the (Be Advised Many F-ups).
  189. Larson Painting

    Need a bait stick wrapped

    X3 Josh (silver slayer)
  190. Larson Painting

    School of Flatties

    Thats one tough camera, chewed on by a hundred hali's and still works.
  191. Larson Painting

    Tuna cyclone

    Check out the tuna cyclone out on the msn home page, short but cool.
  192. Larson Painting

    The Stryker is going away.......

    Good luck on the sale! Is the next one aluminum or glass....
  193. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Trip of a lifetime

    Fished Ketchican 10 straight years with my father and came back with extra luggage @ $50.00 per box year after year but havent been since 2010. You guys rock! especially on a sea kayak. Brings back great memories.
  194. Larson Painting

    Mule Deer (HOG)

    Bet he was popular with the ladies, at least for a couple weeks a year for years.
  195. Larson Painting

    Southend/Peninsula Party!

    Wasnt able to make it until 6:30 but glad I did, Good times! Nice to meet everybody that was still there. I was still laughing sunday about the full moons.
  196. Larson Painting

    Southend/Peninsula Party! Pics.

    Wasnt able to make it until 6:30, but still had a blast, was nice to meet everybody.
  197. Larson Painting

    # 439

    Nicely done guys!
  198. Larson Painting

    Meth Heads Stole My Kicker In Snohomish

    Sorry to hear about your stolen kicker, hopefully they will get caught and have to face Jailer1 or chrome collector, they love people who steal from us fishermen.
  199. Larson Painting

    New Addition to the Fam!!!!

    Right on Todd, the best is yet to come. I was a first time father at 35, and my son caught his first limit on trout at 3
  200. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Sunday day Fun Day

    Wish I could be on board,but I am up to my eyeballs in work and working 7 days a week. Nice job last weekend!
  201. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Family Day Aboard Pacific Addiction

    Great job mark, way to show matt and family a great time on a great boat. Look forward to the 15th. Too bad matts wife didn't catch the 43.11 monster.
  202. Larson Painting

    Rod Repair South Seattle?

    Just take them in to defiance and have them done professionally, isnt that who you represent anyway?
  203. Larson Painting


    Hey Kevin, (jailer) We'll have to talk about this more on the dance floor. Look forward to tomorrow for sure.
  204. Larson Painting

    Saltwater WP Tuna 8/29

    Great job, nice report, way to get the family involved!
  205. Larson Painting

    Who's going Saturday 9-1

    Right on Kevin way to kill em on stale bait!
  206. Larson Painting

    Saltwater WOW! thats a biggin

    Good job Matt, you still looked a little gassed when I saw you friday night. What a pig!
  207. Larson Painting

    new mercruiser 5.7 engine

    I had problems with everything troy and his delinquent staff did to my boat, ended up having to sign a waiver last time I picked it up saying he was not responcible for anything. I still have the waiver. Hands down the most unprofessional shop in north america.
  208. Larson Painting


    Well done mako mike, tt, and crew! that is freakin awesome. Headed down tonight to fish with slapper's crew, hopefully we'll get that lucky!
  209. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Team Gunslinger/Raymarine (Defiance) Report

    Good job Bo & crew, way to see the local boys kick some ass.
  210. Larson Painting

    Saltwater WTC Report

    Nice pics, post and boat.. well done guys!
  211. Larson Painting

    Saltwater TUNA VIDEO...Chromecollector style

    Great video Riley, had a blast fishing with you guys! I too am now officially addicted to tuna fishing!
  212. Larson Painting

    buddy boat

    Thanks again goatram, never leave a bd man down.. your awesome!
  213. Larson Painting

    Special thanks to so cal

    Had a blast hangin with all the bdeckers! now its time to recover.
  214. Larson Painting


    Hey Riley when you gonna post the new video? My song request is.. if you want blood... you got it! AC/DC
  215. Larson Painting


    Nicely done! Had a blast this weekend with everybody.
  216. Larson Painting

    top line fishing gear from phishphous - sold

    Hey Tony, Thanks for all the kick ass stuff and great deals! Sorry I forgot to give you the halibut, I got to lakebay bidding a job and looked in the backseat and saw the cooler, SHIT.. I will hook you up next time we cross paths!
  217. Larson Painting

    team efishnsea rocks!

    Thanks Todd and crew, you guys are awesome!!!! Cant thank you enough for not letting us drift to tokyo, we owe you big time and will make up to you at the wtc!!! Thanks again! Duan
  218. Larson Painting

    how to spend some $

    2000 horses , saw this in 2010 and it still looks badass! wonder what w.o.t. speed is?
  219. Larson Painting

    Stolen Motor

    Well hopefully this tweeker will get violently offended when caught, I cant stand thieves, sorry for your loss Todd.
  220. Larson Painting

    Saltwater How was your crabbing today?

    I fished area 11 in a spot that has been good at times, had my wife, 7 year old son, neighbor and his 14 year old son and launched at 1:00 pm and had 9 dungies and a big rock by 5'30 in a 14 ft lund using 8 pots, what a handfull, but brought home dinner.
  221. Larson Painting

    Saltwater Westport with a side of awesome

    Nicely done Kevin! Cool video. Great job Riley and Jade!
  222. Larson Painting

    Saltwater season recap

    Was a stellar season with top notch crew, Matt, Bill and Hunter, you guys are awesome and absolute fish killers. Star was definately a lucky charm and held her own like a champ. So was Rory, Dan and Colten. Thanks Josh for filling up our freezer you are an awesome captain!!!! Duan
  223. Larson Painting

    Great Customer Service: John Beath

    I should of bought one of those, instead a replaced my broken lamiglas with another lami and on the opener it snapped up top under the second eyelet while hooking up with a halibut. It was ony a 30 pounder and the rod snapped, still got the fish, the broken part of the rod was on its face. I...
  224. Larson Painting

    open seat

    I can take a joke as well as anybody, I have to admit that shit was funny. You gotta start somewhere when your no longer the captain. I'll be in Westport/Grayland this weekend razor clamming if any body wants to meet up for a cold one.
  225. Larson Painting

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Hello Everybody, My name is Duan, and I just sold my 23ft. trophy hardtop, outboard and am back to being a ho. I have mad skills in the Hali/Ling,sea bass and salmon dept. but am still a tuna virgin, and would like to pop my cherry this year. I have fished with many of the members on this site...
  226. Larson Painting

    Annual Defiance Marine Spring kickoff THANK YOU!!!

    X3 Defiance rocks, the selection is stellar!
  227. Larson Painting

    open seat

    Josh, hate for this to be my first post, but just sold my 23ft. trophy and would like to get on board with serious fisherman, I have fished off and on with the Jailer 1 and others, just not big on posting, I have 4 halibut rods and reels + ALL the gear needed to fish hali's, lings, and sea bass...