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    Black Torque 25n star drag

    Why doesn’t Penn keep making these reels?
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    Need a reel recommendation for a 12' Ugly Stik

    Wow, 80lb mono line on that reel is not gonna give you much length to work with. I hope it’s 80lb braided line. What are you targeting?
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    Where are you located?
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    Offshore 226 YFT limits and kelp paddy YT 8-22-19

    bummer about the broken rod tip. But at least you got the fish in. Thanks for the timely report.
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    Where to make bait if you launch from MB? you just chum with wet cat food?
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    Where to make bait if you launch from MB?

    Looking to make some Macs this weekend when I launch from Mission Bay. (I heard the Dines are small at the receiver) Anyone know where near by that has a consistent Mac bite? Thanks in advance!
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    Calstar 100J Mag Avet JX MC cast

    I guess you should have omitted the fact that the rod was a gift from your wife. :appl:
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    1993 Boston Whaler Outrage 19II

    This boat need to be in San Diego to kill some Tuna! GLWS
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    Offshore Outer Limits Huge Bluefin Epic Drone Footage

    That was great footage. The guy on the rod did a great job fighting that fish.
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    Diawa Saltist LW40A $100 Price Drop

    I have a Saltist LW40A that has been recently serviced and had new Carbontex drags installed. Reel has 100lb PP backing with 100yds of 40lb Mono. Asking $100 OBO with shipping on your dime. PM me for more pics or questions [/URL][/IMG]
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    WTB Penn 525Mag Reel

    Looking for good condition Penn 525 Mag reel. PM me only
  12. Penn Squall 15 Price

    Penn Squall 15 Price

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    WTT-Okuma metaloid 5 two speed

    Wow, is this reel free?
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    Amazon has them for $225 with free shipping Link: Charkbait has them for $219 with free braid and mono topshot.
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    Wow, your asking price is more then a new one?
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    Teramar /Calcutta combo- more combos

    I have the exact same set up and have killed a lot of fish on this setup. GLWS
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    Bnib Torium 30hg $180

    What's the line capacity on this reel?
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    Huge Rod Sale!!! Phenix, Calstar, Seeker & Shimano!!!

    Nice meeting you today..Jeff If you ever need a deckhand on your boat hit me up!
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    Coronado Island Report (4/16) on the San Diego

    Yeah, we drifted pretty close to the rocks and the Captain (Ryan) said we need to get out of there before we hit the rocks.
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    Seeker and Daiwa Rods for Sale!

    Is the Emcast a Casting or Spinning rod?
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    Coronado Island Report (4/16) on the San Diego

    I had the week off from work so my buddy Mike and I made plans to jump on a 3/4 day trip to catch some YT. The numbers were down after the weather patterns changed last week so the number of YT being caught where low. After looking at the fish count numbers from the 3/4 fleet in SD, Mike and I...
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    WTB Shimano Baitrunner 12000

    Looking for a Shimano Baitrunner 12000 in good condition. Thanks.
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    New Penn Squall 40LD

    I have a new unopened Penn Squall 40LD reel for sale. Price $110 pick up in San Diego or mailed if you pay for postage. (Paypal or cash)
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    Trolling Knot Question

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll post a post trip report.
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    Trolling Knot Question

    I have a newbie question for you. I plan on trolling a 6" Cider Plug on an up coming 1.5 day trip and wanted to know if there is any special type of knot you use for tying on a rigged lure.
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    Offshore Point Loma 3/4 Day 9/12 Rats, Rats, and More Rats!

    How does one complain about catching small YT all day? I guess the captain is suppost to tell the smaller fish not to hit your mega bait jig. If you were catching small fish all day did you try changing your setup to target deeper fish? How about a lighter setup to make the fight more fun?
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    Tuesday 3/4 day trip out of davey's locker

    Congrats on the YT, next time stay in SD and be on the the fish sooner.
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    PM me if you'll take $50.