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  1. Fred Archer

    victory @ sea

    Blesum, Wonderful stuff! And the whale music topped it off. You are a credit to your game, my man. Mahalo mucho (HawMexican!)
  2. Fred Archer

    Amazing Albacore Day! (Video)

    Man! If THAT don't get ya goin' (and rockin'), nothing will! Great stuff, Brian. And thank you. And check out that cockpit and would be very hard pressed indeed to see such a professional group, no matter who it is or where you fish. I know pros, have fished around and with...
  3. Fred Archer

    Cut line...

    We used to get way too many swivel bite-offs on our Ono trips down in Cabo. Plus, we ran into them on many of our "regular" trips. And, another toothy critter, sierra mackeral (see below), also whacked too many swivels. So, we came up with a solution that worked great for us and bite offs...
  4. Fred Archer


    Steve, Whoa there, that's a beauty! Congratulations!
  5. Fred Archer

    Why Tuna hang with porpoise

    I'm with JohnD, Grander, Ali, and Mikeytalkswithdolphins...the dolphins are far more intelligent and possess far superior bait sensing and locating abilities than the tunas, so the tunas follow them for that reason. I've looked in at a helluva lot of tuna stomach contents, but have never...
  6. Fred Archer

    Marlin Lures 2 vs. 1

    Patron, Sorry it took me a while to post this...been a bit under the weather lately. I'm not going to get into an argument about circle hooks in lures, except to say that I have been using them with great success for roughly two decades now, mostly on my charterboat in Cabo, but elsewhere...
  7. Fred Archer

    Shark Fishing - Bait and Switch

    Cappy, Yes, there are some who do that, including one charter group whose name escapes me right now, and our own Captain Tim on his "Intimadator". I myself did a lot of that kind of fly fishing in the past. Like all bait & switch fishing, regardless of the tackle used, it was a helluva lot...
  8. Fred Archer

    Trolling speed?

    As always, this is an interesting subject and to me it's even more interesting because of the caliber of the ones doing the posting here - lots of experienced offshore trollers. A couple of additional points. First, Tsutomu, proximity to the boat when high speed trolling in the fifteen to...
  9. Fred Archer

    Trolling speed?

    Russ, Ideal trolling speed is an age-old question, one that is probably influenced more by individual experience than anything else. I, for one, don't believe that there is any such thing in most cases, depending of course, on what kind of lures you are trolling. As you noted, the truth is...
  10. Fred Archer

    Overnight Trip/ Tuna-swords (Video)

    Brian, Wonderful job on the video. And you guys were doing it right for the just have to get on them and it'll happen! Thanks. I really enjoyed watching.
  11. Fred Archer

    Penn Torque BD Member Exclusive Drawing

    Thanks Rob. I was delighted to make it to the show and spend some time with the crew, and especially to meet you and some of the others, including Gerk and his neat family. I'm sorry that I'm not in very good health and truth-be-told, the docs told me not to do that sort of stuff, but I sure...
  12. Fred Archer


    DeepSeaBoy, Sorry if my post offended you, but there are a lot of Bloody Deckers, including a lot of you Hawaiian guys, who can't get to the show and so don't get to take advantage of the show specials that ourselves and others offer there. This post and offer are intended to make the folks...
  13. Fred Archer


  14. Fred Archer

    Penn Torque BD Member Exclusive Drawing

    Don't forget this one...Some Bloody Decker is going to win a mighty nice reel by Sunday!
  15. Fred Archer

    Sex and the Single Spinner for long range

    Jamie, Well said, very well written, terrific content and insight. Congrats and thanks! Da spinners have arrived here at last!
  16. Fred Archer

    Archer Online Show Specials!

    This is for our fellow BD'rs who can't make it to the show. Thank you for your support!
  17. Fred Archer

    Circle Hooked Yellowtail in Loreto - 3/5/10

    Roger, Bill. Circle hooks are IT! They hook 'em right and hold 'em best.
  18. Fred Archer

    Shark Fishing - Bait and Switch

    Good on ya, Todd. And yes, teased sharks are among the most tenacious bait & switch fish of them all. And there are a lot of them, including some bodacious salmon sharks and most likely makos up in your neck of the woods. Once folks start catching any of them, there will be no turning back...
  19. Fred Archer

    Penn Torque BD Member Exclusive Drawing

    Thanks, guys. I wasn't sure what kind of reaction this post would get, but it was pretty frustrating when you try hard to go the extra mile for members of this site that we think so much of and don't hear a word backm, so I just had to say what I was really thinking. It can be easy to just...
  20. Fred Archer

    Penn Torque BD Member Exclusive Drawing

    I gotta admit, offering up the chance to win a valuable, $450 reel exclusively to Bloody Deckers who buy a mere $50 worth of gear at the show and not getting so much as a simple "thank you" from anyone is more than a little disappointing. We do our best to support this site and its members...
  21. Fred Archer


    Wow! Lake Sherwood. Talk about a trip down memory lane! I used to fish that lake 35-40 or more years ago, back when serious bass fishing was in its early stages. It was pay-to-fish at the time, but more importantly, it was the "local headquarters lake" for the very earliest "bassmasters"...
  22. Fred Archer


    Grander, Roger that. Ya just have to be careful with that type...he might just hit you with his purse, ya know? Weel thavageth, thumma them meanies! Scorch, Yah, you Navy guys were sometimes good for some real bar dancin'. Lots came in to Cabo and sometimes it was something like...
  23. Fred Archer

    Auction Block Video

    Dausualinc, Thanks for putting that vid up. I watched 'em all and enjoyed the heck out of it. That's a really good operation. One thing. Back when I was commercial rod and reeling giant bluefins and bigeyes and other fish and selling directly to the Japanese buyers, they vastly...
  24. Fred Archer

    Marlin Lures 2 vs. 1

    "No proof so far"??? Chris was raised in La Paz and worked as a deckhand and later a top captain on Fishermens Fleet, including running their big battlewagon that ran many mult-day trips up to Mag Bay. As he noted here, he actually tried and then switched to circles several years ago and his...
  25. Fred Archer

    Another haole guy & gal? No way!

    Yah, "The Good Old Days" for sure! I'm glad I made that trip for a lot of reasons, not the least of which was to get my head out of cockpits and finally be forced to go see all of those beautiful islands and lovely places in that wonderful venue that you all are so lucky to live in. I'd have...
  26. Fred Archer


    No, no, not THAT kine! I'm talkin' ahi fights at "The Ahi Bar & Grill". All that's left is conkin' 'em on the noggin'. Got ice?
  27. Fred Archer

    New G-Spot

    John, Ahhh, a lovely lass, she is! Looks like she's built like the proverbial brick :shithappens: house, too. Treat that lady right and good luck with her!
  28. Fred Archer

    Another haole guy & gal? No way!

    Check out this guy in the cowboy hat and his lady getting onboard the "Love Boat" for a cruise of the islands. Doesn't look like a fisherman, does he? But wait a minute. What's with that Shimano T-shirt he's wearing? Oh boy, maybe this is another one of those haole guys who drives charter...
  29. Fred Archer

    Maui Charters/Captains Help please?

    Not knocking Maui, it's a beautiful island, but I second Grander on Anxious and Neal. It's a good boat and Neal is a very experienced, top angler. He learned his trade from his dad, Norm Isaacs, the famous television show guy. If you can locate Mike Hennessy and Maggie Joe, he too is right up...
  30. Fred Archer

    when 4 lbs makes you the first loser...

    Mike, Grander, et al...Only two marlin caught in the tournament and you guys got one of them? Gents, that's a great job, no matter how you want to slice it! Nice goin'!!!!!
  31. Fred Archer

    The NEW Shark Trollers Bible

    Pauly, If they would prefer print books, that one and the swordfish books will be available at the Hall shows.
  32. Fred Archer

    Big Moldcraft Marlin

    Hey Pauly, how are ya? Ha,ha...yah, the Moldcraft WR is one great marlin and everything else lure. And the "skipjack" color (black, purple, silver) is probably the #1 of 'em all in popularity around the world. It also makes for a GREAT chasebait in back of a MarlinBar, chasing a small pod...
  33. Fred Archer

    Big Moldcraft Marlin

    Found this picture of a big lady caught on a Moldcraft Senior Wide Range by an old buddy. Old picture, but a BIG fish...can't remember how big, but big! Thought some of you might like seeing her.
  34. Fred Archer

    Blood on Deck on President

    Okay Russ, I apologize if I have been confusing anyone. Let's see if I can make this clear. You asked me about cirlce hooks for high speed trolling for ono. I answered that the exceptions to what I have learned about hooks in trolling lures was both for high speed trolling for ono and daytime...
  35. Fred Archer

    Blood on Deck on President

    Russ, I'm sorry that I didn't make it as clear as I guess I should have. It's an excellent question that I answered too abruptly in my post before this last one. No, I didn't use the circles in my high speed ono fishing, which I loved and caught a lot of ono and other fish doing, primarily...
  36. Fred Archer

    Blood on Deck on President

    ZZZZ (I love that!), Yes, "food for thought". This hook thing is so traditional and entrenched in peoples' minds that, as I wrote, I know that it is a sensitive subject for most folks, so I usually try to tip toe around it, rather than give it the extensive coverage that I'd like to...
  37. Fred Archer

    Blood on Deck on President

    It’s good to see a discussion going on here on circle hooks in lures. I’ve made it very clear how strongly I believe that they are just like the use of circle hooks in bait – that once lure fishermen change over to them and rig and use them right - they, like me, will never go back to the...
  38. Fred Archer

    Good day 2-16-10 with Video

    I'm with Jagerman on that one fish. A Pacific bonito for sure. Good fighters, nasty teeth, great eating ("grinds", I guess you folks call it.) Here are a couple of them...
  39. Fred Archer


    Kaimikia, It has been a long time since I was in charge of Shimano's Fishing Tackle Division, plus I had nothing to do with the Tiagra's, so naturally I respect and appreciate your knowledge of them as far as greasing those screws is concerned. Good stuff. Thank you.
  40. Fred Archer

    Blood on Deck on President

    Rather than post it again, here is my response and congrats to Ahi Lawaai on his fish from my board, with some further commentary concerning Circle hooks in lures... Super congrats, Cappy Courtland! Yes, an ahi at this time of year is a very unusual catch. Speaks well of the lure (and thank...
  41. Fred Archer

    JT Doing the Hula!

    Super congrats, Cappy Courtland! Yes, an ahi at this time of year is a very unusual catch. Speaks well of the lure (and thank you for that), but it also speaks highly for the captain who found the fish in the first place...ya can't catch 'em if you ain't around 'em, no matter what kine bait or...
  42. Fred Archer

    Molokai flyfishing

    Good stuff, Cappy C! Big, old bones and what look like some "custom painted" ones too:eyepoppin! World class bonefishing and great picts, too. Thanks.
  43. Fred Archer


    I can't speak for today, but I imagine it's still the same. Back when I ran Shimano's Fishing Tackle Division and was heavily involved in the product development and production sides, right from Day One with the original Triton metal reels, the reels were designed and built to fish with...
  44. Fred Archer

    Venice Makos Tuna Going Off !!!

    Scott, Some great fishing there! Big tunas, a 'hoo or two and big makos? It don't get much better than that! Just be real careful around those makos!
  45. Fred Archer

    Do you trim your lure skirts?

    :gayfight: Thithies?! (Thame as pussies, right?) Why, you little thafage, you! Twim one wittle thkirt juthust one wittle time and golly gee, you're a thithy! Been called a lot of things in my day, but that there is the first time it's been a fanny bandit! LOL!!! :1041677399:
  46. Fred Archer

    Do you trim your lure skirts?

    WBob, There's no such thing as a "silly question" when it comes to fishing, skirting, trimming, etc. questions included. To me, "silly questions" are the ones not asked. When it comes to what Roddy was commenting on, he knows that I personally much prefer traditional style marlin lures...
  47. Fred Archer

    Holiday Sale!

    Jim Pat, Right on! The Del Mar Show, being so much smaller and less crowded than Long Beach, is the ideal place to come and spend some time seeing and learning all about the bars from guys who have used them extensively and really know what they're talking about. Guys like charter Capt. Tim...
  48. Fred Archer

    Fishing Report from La Paz Baja California Sur 2/feb/ 2010

    Pargon and Jorge, Good stuff! Like Verne said, looks like some good fishing down there for this time of year. And if you guys are offering fresh ballyhoo like those in the castnet...hoo baby! They cost an arm and a leg up here, but boy do they catch fish down there! Keep up the good...
  49. Fred Archer

    Crazy fishing? NOT!

    Grander, I suppose I'd have to call this a "half a dozen to one and 6+ to another" thing. What I mean by that (+) thing is that both the Moldcraft and the Toad are fender teasers, each made just about exactly the same way, but the Moldcraft fender costs anywhere from $47-75 and the Toad can...
  50. Fred Archer

    Offshore Humbolt Squid

    Alan, Good report and picts. And yay, somebody who cooks them right. Some do, but some don't and those are the ones who say they're tough and no good. These are the very same Humboldts that there is a huge commercial panga fleet down in The Baja that catches the ones you get in...
  51. Fred Archer

    Maggie Joe Video Report

    Oh no, Ahi, don'tcha be fergettin' dem ono's too! After all, either you or that rascal Molokai Pake caught the first Hawaiian SuperBar ono...not sure which. Pretty close to a tie, though. Yup, day be escapin' dat bag they been in...'hoo dang, I mean, hot dang, gonna be some serious fish...
  52. Fred Archer

    Wahoo and Dorado Video Report

    LOL! Ha, Deano, right you are...but it depends on what piece of land yer leavin' from and goin' home to and tellin' folks on the beach whatcha caught! SuperBars are easy...they're SuperBars everywhere :urno1: Whatever ya call 'em, day do eet dem bars! 'Hoo too...Oh no, I mean ono. LOL...
  53. Fred Archer

    Crazy fishing? NOT!

    Teaser and bait & switch fishing (one of the most misunderstood kinds of fishing by many) are not only excellent ways to catch lots of fish, they are a lot of fun to boot. Here's some thoughts on them. Long post, so as usual, if you don't like reading long ones, it ain't for you. Most of...
  54. Fred Archer

    Banks Run

    Wow! Great day and nice feesh!
  55. Fred Archer

    Diamond valley fishing video

    Good video, Indy. As you know, those who laugh at big, musky-sized lures, or consider them "for muskies only" are very wrong. I specialized on big largemouths for a lot of years and caught a lot of them...virtually all on huge lures. I could have cared less about lots of bites and limits...
  56. Fred Archer

    Favorite fish/photos of 2009 Season?

    Iglooman (Chris Jones) and a nice local tuna.
  57. Fred Archer

    1st Place - Mako Fever Tournament

    Keta, We also heard from an east coast charter captain who started trolling for sharks a year ago win a major shark tournament back there last year with a trolled, 570# thresher. Trolling or chumming, the books teach the very best and safest ways...and tournaments prove it, eh Capt Tim...
  58. Fred Archer

    Issue cooking crabs

    Crash, Absolutely terrific, informational and well illustrated of the best I've seen in a long time. Great to see. Thank you. Morfius....Stone crabs? Shhhhh! Best of 'em all, IMHO. And here you can take the whole crab, while in Florida, where they are considered the cream...
  59. Fred Archer

    BIG, old amberjack...kan/kampachi?

    This is a big Pacific Amberjack, a fish that the Mexicans call "Pez Fuerte", "strong fish". And they ain't lying! They're what I call "real groundpounders" Ouch! :imdumb:
  60. Fred Archer

    Offshore Marlin on hand line

    Antares, Nice going on the hand lined marlin. It's really surprising how little pressure a hand lined fish actually puts out when the rod and reel are taken out of the equation, isn't it? To this day, many giant bluefin tuna are caught on handlines up in New England with the only "drag" a...
  61. Fred Archer

    Offshore Humbolt Squid On The Nine

    Long ago I was taught not to kill what I wasn't going to eat. Humboldt squid are very good eating. They are the ones found in markets and restaurants everywhere. And killing and tossing them overboard is more likely to feed other Humboldts than anything else. Seems counterproductive if the...
  62. Fred Archer

    Purchasing Superbars

    Dave, We were out of the office yesterday and all of this morning. Either Chris or myself will get back to you this evening to help you out. We will also post the info on this thread for anyone that may have the same questions. Hopefully some of our guys will also reply with the spreads they...
  63. Fred Archer

    Offshore OFF DANA POINT

    Big Steve is right, makos are basically always here. And they are where the bait is, be it macks, bonito, or barracuda. If those aren't around they spend a lot of time deep, feeding on rock cod. Please release the little ones.
  64. Fred Archer

    went to school for new years

    Great story, well told and a very nice big tuna. We never had a name for it, but we got to where cleared lines left in the 'riggers were always cranked way up out of the water. The short lure leaders that we used made that possible. We got bit more times than I liked on those "dipping"...
  65. Fred Archer

    1/2/2010 SD Bay - Great way to start the year!

    Nice work! Nice fish! Hope the Bell's goes away completely. Yeah, jig fishing flatties...lotsa fun and catches 'em.
  66. Fred Archer


    We've posted plenty of pictures of big fish caught on little bars. Here's one of the kind of little guy that hits them too. There's no guarantee that little guys only will pounce on a small bait, so it's a good idea to be ready for one that's after the same sashimi as you are, or you are...
  67. Fred Archer

    my first thresher and on the yak!

    Thank you for the kind words, LR. Kinda looks like more and more folks are starting to limit their thresher kills and that's a good thing for the future.
  68. Fred Archer

    fishin on the freelance with Capt. Dave

    No doubt about it, Cap'n Dave is top notch, all the way, whether he's running a sportboat or guiding.
  69. Fred Archer

    Swimbaits and heads

    I just want to second the thanks to Cappy G for coming here and offering excellent advice to the membership. Because of his friendly, humble and helpful ways, some might not realize this man isn't just a legitimate industry member, he is actually a giant in it, and not just on the lure making...
  70. Fred Archer

    los Cabos

    Some good advice here, but if you're only going to go once, I suggest that you not start sliding to the cheap side. The bottom line remains that you get what you pay for and that includes quality tackle, crew, comfort and fishing effort, etc. So, if it's a once-in-a-lifetime, dream trip, don't...
  71. Fred Archer

    Lots of fish

    Bill, I shoulda known that you had "the stuff", what with that Northy background of yours and you being a mighty well rounded fisherman (not kissin' butt, just saying the way it is.) Having caught some marlin off the d'riggers already, the rest of the equation should not come as a surprise...
  72. Fred Archer

    what are these used for.

    You attach the running line to the loop in the middle and your bait or lure leader to the snap swivel. That thing is real good for running Rapalas and Rebels and such along the bottom for halibut. Of course, bass hit 'em too. It's kinda funky looking, but it works great.
  73. Fred Archer

    sailfish vs yellowtail

    Kid, Both are good fish, but different. Which one is best depends on what you like...sailfish are faster and do a lot of jumping, so they are pretty exciting to those who like fish that jump. They aren't very good eating, although some like them smoked. Yellowtail don't jump, but are...
  74. Fred Archer

    Ballyhoo, opelu, malolo imitations

    Ah, Iheihe. Got it. Thanks, Ekewaka!
  75. Fred Archer

    what are these used for.

    Some sharp eyes and good knowledge here. Some call it a "walking sinker" and yes, it is used for trolling and drifting for walleye and bass fishing baits on the bottom in the midwest and back east. It is remarkably snagless and will let you fish nasty, rocky bottom or near or alongside of it...
  76. Fred Archer

    Ballyhoo, opelu, malolo imitations

    I apologize in advance for not knowing the Hawaiian name for ballyhoo, but I'm pretty sure that you have them there and that some either buy or catch them for bait. Worldwide, ballyhoo and other, similarly shaped slender baitfish are very popular for trolling, with ballyhoo unquestionably being...
  77. Fred Archer

    tackle show

    Pescy Paul, We'll be at Long Beach with three booths. We will also be at Del Mar with either one or two. Long Beach is a much bigger show, as has been pointed out here. But there's a ton of non-fishing related stuff and the crowds can get huge, based on a lot of non-fishermen who go...
  78. Fred Archer

    my first thresher and on the yak!

    Nice work and kudos on the release. Those pups are the future. The little guys are real firecrackers, with lots of running and jumping and all that when you catch 'em on light gear. Again, congrats on the fish and the release.
  79. Fred Archer

    Lots of fish

    Pargon, Amen, brother! 'Nuff said. Bill, Glad to hear you're a Northy who knows about how deadly downriggers can be. Don't worry to much about snafu's on bites. The pelagics a rocketships compared to salmon and halibut and freshwater species. They whack the lure and are a hundred...
  80. Fred Archer

    Mag Bay Report - December 28 - Late Season Wahoo Limit

    Right on,'ve got your stuff together when it comes to those chawdoggies and danged few people do. A tip of my crusty old hoo'in hat to ya! One thing. We used to just slay daytime wahoo on downriggers and planers. I like the downriggers best (you don't have to go fast for deep...
  81. Fred Archer

    New season of Spanish Fly airs this morning

    I have known Jose since he was a very young man. In fact, I hired him as my very first field tester during the early days of Shimano. I've spent a lot of time with him in Key West, out here, in Cabo, and other venues around the world. He has a slight lisp that unfortunately some interpret...
  82. Fred Archer

    Holiday Sale!

    Cod Daddy, I'm not much of a color fan in the first place (black, or black and whatever and pink and white - or white and whatever - are fine with me), but we weren't sure what color would be best for the Lightnin' chasebaits. So, we sent them out to our Field Staff in both silver and gold...
  83. Fred Archer

    Mag Bay Report - December 28 - Late Season Wahoo Limit

    Bill, Thanks for the report and great pics. Full you-know-what just about here. Hope you get after them again before it goes away.
  84. Fred Archer

    Lots of fish

    Bill, Whether it's butterfly jigs, deep bait, or whatever, deep fishing, other than with sinkers that can wind up who knows where due to drift and current conditions, is often pure dynamite down there. We fished downriggers A LOT there (some planers too, but we preferred the downriggers) for...
  85. Fred Archer

    Spreader Bar Recommendations

    Classy reply, John. Thank you for that. I tried hard not to offend. Glad to hear that you are going to give them some more chances. I'm familiar with the sea conditions where you fish and I know that they can be pretty challenging (gulp!). We didn't get a lot of that down south, but we...
  86. Fred Archer


    Kurt, Been there, done that. Worse yet is one that jumps aboard and freaks out. Very, very dangerous and I'm constantly alarmed at the machismo, cavalier attitude that some have regarding them. They are a fish to be respected, not screwed around with because of the terrible price that they...
  87. Fred Archer

    Spreader Bar Recommendations

    Alohabird, Sorry to hear about all of your problems with spreaderbars. A bit perplexed, too, since myself and the many others who have fished SuperBars extensively, including some who have posted here, simply do not have tangle problems and ones involving ono hitting the teasers instead of...
  88. Fred Archer


    I just found this picture of a 200 plus mako that jumped aboard a buddy's boat years back and took over the cockpit for almost an hour before he could be conked and put out of action. My buddy, who shall remain unnamed for what should be obvious reasons, got too close to the fish too soon and...
  89. Fred Archer

    "Dream Weaver" Sport Fishing Cabo San Lucas

    Greg, I second your remarks about Ramon and Fernando. I have known both since both they and I were a lot younger. They have impeccable credentials and are a perfect example of what a top charterboat crew should be and how they should act. Their tackle, rigging and techniques are true...
  90. Fred Archer

    HH Marlin

    Nice going, Doc! That's a real good looking fish! Thanks for the look at her.
  91. Fred Archer

    Proper leadering techinque

    MrMahi, We don't have leader twist problems with our wind-ons. We run a ball bearing snap swivel at the lower end of the wind-on, or at the top of the lure leader and that eliminates it. Our lure leaders are only long enough so that the lure or spreaderbar hooks hook into reel harness lugs...
  92. Fred Archer

    Cabo on Fire--12 Released Marlin

    Ah, yes, Minny and Bob are a big part of what is the best of Cabo. All first class, all the way, all the time! Whatever you do, if you go to Cabo, be sure to stop by Minerva's and look for the friendly, warm, smiling lady and that big hubby of hers. Then check out one of the best, most...
  93. Fred Archer

    Who Needs Golden Gate Bank???

    Sorry to see this tempest in a teapot. I know most of the players and have for many years. Short and sweet, they are the cream when it comes to marlin (and most other kinds of) fishing and they are telling the absolute truth and accomplishing stunning things due to their extreme skill and love...
  94. Fred Archer

    Offshore Some Squids "LADY LUCK"

    Nice going on the "big'nuglies"! Sierra looks like he or she is saying, "Yow! Dad! Big azzed spider?" Labs rule! Some good eatin' there and those tentacles make for some super halibut in, SUPER! Thanks for the report and picts, especially of Sierra.
  95. Fred Archer

    Who Needs Golden Gate Bank???

    Aiii-yi-yi-yi-yi! Nice work Dreamweaver, Da Boss, Jaime and Ramon! Man, you guys are something very, very special! Always have been, always will be. Leave some for those other folks, okay? Buenas Suerte, Amigos!
  96. Fred Archer

    Kaneohe - 12/16/09

    Nice going, Russell!
  97. Fred Archer


    John, Way danged wonderful story. You and your wife are way danged wonderful people. Ocho is a way danged wonderful, cute-as-all-getout puppy. Fingers crossed that something happens so he can stay with his family. Best of luck to you all.
  98. Fred Archer

    Offshore Full Moon - Better Tuna fishing Before or after???

    I too would opt for the first trip. If you fish the first day you'll get the day and a half or so before the full. In my experience, and I have been keeping detailed logs of every trip I've made since I was thirteen years old, most all fishing usually hits a stone wall right on the full and...
  99. Fred Archer

    Proper leadering techinque

    The wrap described here is generally considered the best, safest way by the pros that I know. I also agree with it. About the only way you can screw up is not to pay attention to the slack you've pulled. Most do what we did - put it in the water and never on the deck or in the boat. We...
  100. Fred Archer

    Late Start!

    Hah, Russ, waytago! It ain't always the early bird that catches the worm! We humans go by clock schedules. Dem fishes go by the tides (and of course, where the bait is). No matter when you go out, the fish bite if they're on and don't if they aren't. As I think you know, I am a huge...
  101. Fred Archer

    Almost...In the Dark

    I too have a hard time understanding those who knock their fellow fishermen and/or where they fish. Makes no sense to me. And besides, my momma taught me, "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything." It turned out to be real good advice. And what Smudge wrote about...
  102. Fred Archer

    Offshore Perfect albacore weather

    Hey Mike Spence...are you the one from our old days at Shimano? If so, how ya doin'? If not, 'scuse me. Never met many Mike Spences and that one from the old days was a good guy.
  103. Fred Archer

    East Cape and Cabo fishing

    Man, what a quality collection of captain, crew, and world class billfish anglers. My nephew David Brackmann and his bros are among the best of the best when it comes to just about any kind of fishing. The Extraction crew? Like David and Steve, friends for a great deal of years and among the...
  104. Fred Archer

    Almost...In the Dark

    Ain't knocking my Hawaiian bros, no way! Night fishin'? Oh yea! Here's a nice ono caught on a black bar by none other than our own Cappy Chris Jones. Put 'em out...they will come!
  105. Fred Archer

    Fishing Kauai in December for bonefish (o'io)

    T-Doc and other bonefish hounds. Years ago I caught a lot of them, mostly in the Kona area. That included some really big ones. Caught most of them on bait because I didn't have my bonefish gear with me, but right after I found out that they were there I included a light, 7 foot spinning rod...
  106. Fred Archer

    Cow on a Spinner on Q105

    Aaron, First and biggest congrats for being the kind of fisherman who is willing to try things that have been proven to work great elsewhere, like spinning gear and lures on tuna of all sizes. It takes some gumption to go against that good, old fashioned "traditional wisdom" that is...
  107. Fred Archer

    Mag Bay Wahoo

    The facts are that the biggest wahoos on the planet, at least for many years now, have come from Baja waters. Here are the last two IGFA world records. That first one stood for at least fifteen years. The 183 pounder is the current world record. It was caught just off of Cabo two years (or...
  108. Fred Archer

    Offshore updated Albie SST report..Hmmmm...?

    Cappy Rich, Good luck out there! EZLIMITS hit the nail right on the head when it comes to people hopin' and prayin' for current water temps in the spring and early summer, and then ignoring them when they are here at this time of the year. there anybody in there?"
  109. Fred Archer

    Offshore shark drifting

    Joel, Of course I dunno for sure, but that still sounds like an Elvis fight. Surface bites or near-surface bites aren't unusual at all when it comes to night swording, so just because it wasn't a deep bite doesn't preclude a sword. Wishful thinking, maybe, but swords and night fishing go...
  110. Fred Archer

    Offshore shark drifting

    Joel, Interesting report. Kudos on releasing the "little mad dogs". That big one could have been a mako, but sure sounded more like a typical swordfish fight early on. The long, strong, steady run and then coming up and jumping is very typical of them. My guess is Elvis. We'll never...
  111. Fred Archer

    2010 OTC Dates Set

    Since the very first time that we heard about OTC from Bud, me and my guys have had unlimited respect and admiration for all of you who participate in it. And I mean the greatest respect that we have for any tournament series anywhere. No need to go into all of the wonderful things that you...
  112. Fred Archer


    Yes, there are many ways to catch lots of halibut. You'll find more of them than you could ever imagine or learn about here or on any other website anywhere in the book "Halibut Fisherman's Bible", written by a large number of halibut fishing experts, including charter captains, rod and reel...
  113. Fred Archer

    Cabo San Lucas 11/14

    A not-so-hot day with Mike surely is the exception - not the rule. He does a great job. You were fishing during a poor tide time and this probably had a lot to do with the fishing. One of the keys to the Gordos is getting there before the San Jose panga fleet and Cabo charters. Unless it's...
  114. Fred Archer

    best trolling reel?

    MADTUNA, I like that "the one with the screaming drag" thing. Gotta say I favor that one too! As some here know and I suppose many don't, I had a heavy hand in the design, development, right down to actually naming the Shimano big game reels, with the exception of the Tiagras - which kept...
  115. Fred Archer

    Marlin Sighting 11/15/09

    Years ago, so many that I can't remember what year it was, I fished on the day after Thanksgiving with my pal Jerry Hansen on his "Alliance" out of SD (at the time). I wish that I could remember if it was an El Nino year or not, but I can't. I think it was, though, based on what happened that...
  116. Fred Archer

    Stimulator in Cabo

    Good on ya, Jay! If anybody's gonna find 'em, it's you! Keep up the good work, Skippin' Along. Got some new bars that I think you'll like. Holler at me. Bait & Switch...oohh yeah! Kills the fish and is a blast and a half!
  117. Fred Archer

    Marlin Sighting 11/15/09

    El Nino...the fishing is a looonnnggg way from over! Count on the first 2010 albies getting caught on New Year's Day. It has happened before.
  118. Fred Archer

    A Down Side to Bars?

    Roger all, Bill. One of the best things about bars is the bites are all surface ones. Although I've seen them get bombed literally many thousands of times, I still love watching it happen. And so did our customers. Once they saw it for the first time they spent the rest of the day with their...
  119. Fred Archer


    Corny and a few others have had questions and comments on bar teaser and chasebait colors, in Corny's case, the lack of black and purple models being especially troubling. Understandable, as many believe that black and purple is among THE colors for tuna. And that's true, but only to a point -...
  120. Fred Archer

    A Down Side to Bars?

    Ah, Fat, you have discovered the scourge of hollow squids, whether they're on spreaderbars or anything else - the beautiful, delicious, dreaded sierras! You have also discovered that the sierras go totally insane over them...the good side of a not-so-good situation. But I have never, ever seen...
  121. Fred Archer

    Which chase bait size

    Drew, For local and even Baja fishing, I'd go with both the 6" and 9". Those, plus the 4 1/4" sizes that come with the bars should cover most bases.
  122. Fred Archer

    Baitfish of the world?

    I have to agree with Pesky Paul. If I had to choose one natural bait for overall pelagic fishing, it would be ballyhoo. And that includes both up here and absolutely down in The Baja. Most would never believe how many marlin sharpies are trolling them up here, but most are dead serious...
  123. Fred Archer

    Fat Island Jack

    Molokaipake, I just have to say it...Cappy, you are one well-rounded, experienced fisherman! Pelagics, reef species, bonefish, the whole shootin' match, you cover and catch 'em all. And you are a teacher who is willing to pass on the lessons from the many years you have spent on the water...
  124. Fred Archer


    The following should require no editorializing...
  125. Fred Archer

    Offshore very early El Nino report

    Great stuff, Rich! Way to pay attention to the scientific facts when it comes to the most powerful thing that can affect our fishing. As an old timer, I have been through these events before and the most important thing that I learned was, toss out the old thinking and habits and realize that...
  126. Fred Archer

    Chasebait connection?

    Apologies to Cappy Courtland Pang. He was the one, not Cappy Clay, who had that big mako grab a hooked dorado and straighten the hook on him, not Cappy Clay. Both are insightful, top anglers and I sometimes get their accomplishments confused. Sorry, Courtland, and thanks for the picture...
  127. Fred Archer

    Chasebait connection?

    Aaron, Looking over something new, studying the rigging, and asking questions about it is all good. We have been making SuperBars for almost twenty years now and other bars for about two decades before that. To say that they've been thought out and thoroughly tested is a major...
  128. Fred Archer

    Classroom Video Series - Part I

    Wow! Great stuff, guys! Professional, insightful, based on a great deal of experience by two guys (in the cases of both Capts Tim and Chris) and hopefully vivid evidence why I so delighted to have Chris as a partner and Tim as a Pro Staffer. Both came to us as customers first and associates...
  129. Fred Archer

    Long Range Swordfish?

    Cute. And a positive contribution to a serious and well intentioned discussion. Here's one along the same lines... Polly want a cracker? :nutkick:
  130. Fred Archer

    Long Range Swordfish?

    G-spot, I'm not speaking for Spike, but suspect that what he is alluding to is that it is, or was, highly illegal to harpoon swordfish in Mexican waters. That's a good part of the reason why there were no plank boats down there for many years, in spite of a thriving population of fish. Old...
  131. Fred Archer

    Offshore Shroomjacks! Tailwalker Report Thur 11-5

    Nice going, Rich, and way to stay after them. You are hardcore, dude, and I predict that you are going to rack up some big catches, especially on bluefin and bigeye, as this moon wanes and in coming weeks. Interested in having some video shot for our sites, Internet posts, shows (we'll be at...
  132. Fred Archer

    Offshore fishing on the penatrater

    Terry...good job and thanks for posting. And extra kudos for crediting the captain and crew. Those charter guys work long and hard to please their customers. And it's just going to get better as this full moon wanes. Kick that Fat Lady in the ass...she's moaning, not singing and won't be...
  133. Fred Archer

    Pleasure Boating

    Ha, Woody...more than a bit longer in the tooth (what ones are left), you might say. Bottom line is there's no cure for butt ugly bear, so it is what it is! Those were great days, though. You have to imagine the reactions of our customers, who we had coming in in shifts with us down in...
  134. Fred Archer

    Long Range Swordfish?

    Here's a shot of one caught on a swordy rig put out by the Daily Double during a night shark fishing trip. It was fought by all of the anglers and divided up between them. I don't believe that was the only one on that boat and if I recall correctly, there were some others caught and of course...
  135. Fred Archer

    Multiple Rods when Tuna Fishing

    Eric, Grew up in north Jersey. Fished up and down the coast and followed the giant bluefin uphill. Commercial rod and reeled them and bigeye for the sushi market, plus everything else that was worth money back then. That money and also the income from my fish business, "Fred's Fresh Fish"...
  136. Fred Archer

    Multiple Rods when Tuna Fishing

    Far be it from me to argue with a man like Tred Barta's technique on multiples. After all, we used to walk the very same dock together back when we were both youngsters and commercial rod and reel fishing for bigeyes. We were competitors back then and so didn't like each other very much (he...
  137. Fred Archer

    Multiple Rods when Tuna Fishing

    One rod per person when tuna fishing? Man, I'd hate to have a rule like that applied. I am a huge believer that tuna are school fish, as are the baits they chase, so I have always made catching multiples a top priority and we managed to get very good at it. I believe that every time that you...
  138. Fred Archer

    Need to hear an Oregon report

    Thanks for the pictures of God's country, guys. Back in the day I did more than my fair share of fishing up there, mostly for summer steel on several Oregon rivers. Favorite was Santiam (spell?) fly fishing. Also up in BC on the short, upper river that runs into River's Inlet (forgot the...
  139. Fred Archer

    Offshore November BFT, YFT, Albies 11-02-09

    Big roger on the chunks, Frank. As you know, they do a lot of great things. First and foremost, the fish friggin' love them. Second, there's no need to buy bait (how much $ will THAT save you over the course of a year?! Add it up!). You can make your own. Macks make for great chunks and...
  140. Fred Archer

    Offshore November BFT, YFT, Albies 11-02-09

    Robert and Bro Frank...waytago! It's gonna be a great Fall/early Winter bite, just like it always is when there's a Nino. And The Fat Lady? Hell, she just got here and she ain't even thinkin' of leaving yet!
  141. Fred Archer

    Tuna, Tails, Dorado still around!

    All good stuff, Jason. An old fart like me has seen a lot of El Ninos, strong, weak, and otherwise pass under the bow and I for one believe that there are going to be plenty of fish available for months more. That is what historically has happened. And just as historically, many fishermen...
  142. Fred Archer

    Stars and Stripes Charity Tourney in Cabo?

    The classiest, funnest, best tournament I have ever fished. There are no money prizes. All proceeds, including side pools, go equally to kids in need both in The Baja and up here. They have raised over a million dollars for charity more than once. It's a super event to take the gals to, as...
  143. Fred Archer

    Offshore November BFT on 11/1/09

    Nice going, Jim, especially on a full moon that convinces some that the season's over. As the thing wanes, the fishing is going to pick up, you watch.
  144. Fred Archer

    Offshore Pig Yellow

    Beaut fish! Nice going!
  145. Fred Archer

    Karen Lynn Report 10/25 !

    Great going, Collin! Thanks for the report and for filling the slot with just two pitches! And it was good to see how healthy my old friends the bluefin look. Roger on the family trips...good stuff.
  146. Fred Archer

    Offshore Swordfish

    Geez, Brett, sorry to hear that. Take good care of momma. The swords can wait.
  147. Fred Archer

    Offshore Swordfish

    Geez, Brett, sorry to hear that. Take good care of momma. The swords can wait.
  148. Fred Archer


    Welcome aboard BD, Jason. As one new to the site you probably aren't aware that the Chit Chat board is generally regarded as the one for asking questions. No big deal. You will probably get a better reception there, too. While we are on the subject, there are still plenty of makos around...
  149. Fred Archer

    Seeker or American Tackle trolling blanks?

    Seeker is a good outfit that makes quality sticks and blanks and has an excellent reputation for service. I ran many of their rods on my charterboat down in Cabo and had zero issues with them. Randy from Seeker used to come down and fish with us and we had a seven ono and a bunch of mahi's and...
  150. Fred Archer

    Heeia Kea 10/25

    Little bait being the most abundant of them all, little bars can and do have a devastating effect on tunas of all kinds and mahis and surprisingly, ono's too, expecially when they are on hatches of reef and other species. Of course, little tunas rarely eat even medium sized baits, so tiny stuff...
  151. Fred Archer

    Three day bluefin jigging/popping with Korean TV fishing crew

    Great report and picts...thanks!! We used to cast poppers at tunas (striped bass models), mostly yellowfin, some bluefin, no giants, but some decent fish about forty years ago off the Jersey coast. The fish used to fry our Penn spinner drags pretty quickly and the rods weren't anything like...
  152. Fred Archer

    I'll Take The Treat Over Trick Anytime

    Hey, thanks for the report and picts. Haven't seen a taug in a lot of years. Strong boogers and you got some nice ones. And a black seabass? Small maybe, but yum! Is that one fish a cunner (bergall)? And finally, for eatin' I'll take that blowfish anytime! Mighty fine eating fish. Good...
  153. Fred Archer


    Good input from some guys in the know. Basically, threshers are here year-round, although they are in different places as far as the sizes are concerned and some folks aren't comfortable unless there's a big fleet catching them. Believe me, you don't need to be with a bunch of other fishermen...
  154. Fred Archer

    Why Google is FOFS

    Thanks for the head's up, WB. Scared the hell out of me and of course we are checking into it. Sadly, we do have a competitor or two who might try to mess with and damage the site. That is serious business and involves Federal law and if proven, carries very serious consequences. The...
  155. Fred Archer

    I'm having the time of my life!

    'HooDaddy, I have always admired your fishing knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport, be it on a long range boat or whatever. But I want you to know that admiration and respect has gone up a bunch from seeing you follow your heart, no matter where it takes you. It is a hard road that you...
  156. Fred Archer

    Who's fishing the Los Cabos Tuna Tourney?

    That is a great tournament. Simple, no bullshit rules but they are absolutely adamant about enforcing the ones that they have, and the result is none of the controversies and cheating, or accusations of same, like there have been in too many marlin tournaments. They usually get good support...
  157. Fred Archer

    Heeia Kea 10/25

    Trooper, Good luck, the bars won't let you down, just as you don't let your country down. I thank you for that. God Speed. Jonesy, Pictures are there now. Thank you. Good stuff. That's a Classic Little Meatball Bar in the pict. It's a fish killer all over the world! Rigged with...
  158. Fred Archer

    "Holo-Holo fishing"

    Wow! Good going, Russell! Sometimes the fish gods smile, sometimes they don't. This day they was smilin' big time! Great report!
  159. Fred Archer

    Heeia Kea 10/25

    Thanks for the comments, advice, experiences, etc., guys. Superbars and RuckusRaisers are so new to many fishermen, it really helps when the first actual users (pioneers, in fact) pass on their experiences to others who may be curious about things like this. As you can see, they really do kick...
  160. Fred Archer

    Heeia Kea 10/25

    Chasst, Our Little Meatball or FryBar Meatball bars are the ticket for up in the PNW. The more the merrier because just like it is with the live stuff, the more "chum" you have in the pattern, the more likely that the fish will see and come up for them. Black and purple teasers are the most...
  161. Fred Archer

    Recommendation for a long range boat?

    Keta, I don't have the faintest idea what I used to recommend, but I hope that it wasn't a regular MeatBall and instead was a DaisyBar. I should point out here that more and more long rangers have been fishing and having success with the bars this year and the Daisy has proven to be more...
  162. Fred Archer

    Sailfish tactic

    Well, Tommy, I guess that you are one helluva lot better and more experienced tuna fisherman than I and a lot of others I know are. Always possible and I always maintain and open and inquisitive mind for new (not old) things. As Spookaloo says, "In other species fished, changing up tackle can...
  163. Fred Archer

    Recommendation for a long range boat?

    Aaron, I would opt for our DaisyBars because they are narrow and less imposing than a wider bar as far as the crews are concerned. They are rigged with three hundred pound main leaders, so they are ready for anything. My choice would be a pair (they aren't very expensive and if you lose...
  164. Fred Archer

    Who's fishing the Los Cabos Tuna Tourney?

    Uh, oh! Tournament is scheduled just after the full moon. Better than on the full itself, but still a picky time with the best tides being early and late. I can't be there, but a lot of our bars will be. I sure hope folks have theirs. They were developed right there in Cabo on a...
  165. Fred Archer

    Baja Pirates, La Paz, 10/21-26/09

    You are right, Todd, those are black skipjack, called "barrilette negro" down south. They fight like hell, make excellent chunks for yellowfin, etc., are popular live baits for blue and black marlin and big tunas and are actually primo sashimi - primo! They also have Pacific bonito, called...
  166. Fred Archer

    Heeia Kea 10/25

    Thank you for the kind words, Jonesy. Much appreciated. (Funny, we have a bunch of guys offering to deliver SuperBars free for us, but only to Hawaii? Hmm, I wunner whut dat be all 'bout?) Cheehuli...Jonesy is right. We handle all sales of our products ourselves. Among other things, that...
  167. Fred Archer

    Sailfish tactic

    As for dredges not being worth it for albies, I suppose that depends on how serious you are about catching them. The facts are that albacore, like the other tunas and many other fish species, spend an average of 85% of their time deep, especially in the daytime, right along with the bait...
  168. Fred Archer

    Mingo gets bloody with some Mexican mahi

    Ha, ha! I know of Rafael...and let's just say that I wouldn't want to mess with him! And yes, I wouldn't be surprised to see Dog show up some day looking for him. Great report, Mingo. Glad you had a good time down in the old stomping grounds. Not bad catching dorado right outside the surf...
  169. Fred Archer

    Heeia Kea 10/25

    Ahi Lawai, More happy than proud. Waytago on a tough day! Good to see you running them in rough stuff and really getting a look at that "no tangle angle", too. Best wishes for calmer stuff next time, though. Sounds like they might be on bigger baits? Otherwise those Little Meatball...
  170. Fred Archer

    Offshore Swordfish

    Brett, Big congrats on that first trip sword. As you may or, being kind of new here, may not know, that was a pretty clear case of going about swordfishing the right way and at the right time in the first place - both things woefully missing from many west coast fishermens' arsenals...
  171. Fred Archer


    I am answering how I connect my backing and main line, and how I connect the topshot to the lure leader with this excerpt from Wahoo Troller’s Bible. I am doing so because there are some hints in it that have proven helpful to others. I hope it helps here. FROM WAHOO TROLLER’S BIBLE An...
  172. Fred Archer


    Below you will find an email I just received from Richard Gardner, a fishing tackle manufacturer who lives in Great Britain. He and his partner are hard core, true pros. I first met them at Cheeseburger/Cheeseburger down in Cabo while I was talking with another fleet owner who wanted to buy...
  173. Fred Archer


    Bill, Sorry it took me a while to and Internet problems. I'm delighted that you got a chance to meet Chris and David. They were both really looking forward to meeting you and so were happy to use delivering your bars as an excuse! They weren't disappointed, either. Both...
  174. Fred Archer

    Bisbee's Standings... Extraction leads for now.

    HOLY COW! Fingers crossed for Extraction, Ramon and the team! Aiiiyiiiyiii!!!! Suerte, amigos! Muchas suerte! (Sorry, but I have known the crew since they were youngun's and they are absolutely great fishermen and the finest kind of people. Da boss man knows how to pick 'em and must...
  175. Fred Archer


    Scorch, Roger and thank you on the name thing. Old age strikes again!
  176. Fred Archer


    I have been using and writing about Trilene Big Game "Color Selector" fluorescent line for many, many years now and have subjected it to brutal, 300 trip-a-year days on my charterboat down in the tropical sun and temperatures down in Cabo. I dearly love the way that it acts like a "color...
  177. Fred Archer

    El Nino Report 10/8 Moderate to Strong!

    Rich, Thanks for the good news. I'll take the NOAA predictions over most conjecture any day. Those who keep fishing pelagics, especially charter captains with smaller groups of wise anglers and of course, private boaters, into the winter are going to have some outstanding days. Always...
  178. Fred Archer

    Trolling for swordfish

    Thanks, Rory. Not everyone does, which is, I guess, why I am pretty much kept in this here cave of mine. And I like it that way. And a good thing is, the board comes with an "eraser", so I can limit some of the things that I don't like, like crudity and The Turdhurlers. Disagreement is fine...
  179. Fred Archer


    Hiya, Steve, hiya, hiya, hiya! Long time, no talk. Welcome aboard to you and that fine fleet to Bloodydecks. Lottsa dorado, eh? Excellent blue marlin candy. Here's what some of the guys fishing the B&B and the other tournaments will be trolling. They are new, but have already been...
  180. Fred Archer

    Trolling for swordfish

    Cut, As far as I know, no, unless a couple were caught by the marlin guys during the daytime. The swordfish situation is exactly like the thresher fishing used to be out here - nonexistent - if you weren't doing it right and once upon a time, and not too long ago at that, no one was...
  181. Fred Archer

    Panga trolling a new, better way

    Actually, some sportboats have allowed them and they've caught wahoo (wahoo love WahooBars off any kind of boat), yellowfin and albies. I remember the cedar plug when "nobody in his right mind" would troll those ugly wooden things. Then, it happened. It will be the same with the bars, which I...
  182. Fred Archer

    Panga trolling a new, better way

    Here's a video showing how more and more panga fishermen are starting to troll and catch a lot more fish. The guys are turning tight, fast circles to show how easy and tangle-free SuperBars and RuckusRaisers are, shot from "The Wallycopter". There's a total of 44 teasers and lures in that...
  183. Fred Archer

    is the season over

    Typically of other minor El Nino events, I doubt that the season is anywhere near over. As always, many will quit fishing, but those who hang in there are likely to experience the best fishing of the season and for a lot longer than most could imagine. Heck, the guys up north are still...
  184. Fred Archer

    Z-Wing or Old salty planer

    Antares, I would opt for the Old Salty. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and maybe best of all, they "flip over on their backs" and come to the surface on their own when you pull on and release them. Z wings don't do that, so they always have to be retrieved under a lot of weight and...
  185. Fred Archer

    I feel a little better now...

    Cappy Clay, That is one really neat little flats boat that should be a blast to fish from for da bones, either with fly or spin gear. Buying a flats boat is one thing, modifying a skiff and designing one is pretty special in my eyes, at least. You are going to find that that platform is...
  186. Fred Archer

    Offshore Rock Cod Trip Gone Wrong SCI Report 10.2.09

    Grump, What a day! Great report and picts. Thanks.
  187. Fred Archer

    The machine that lies to you!

    Good to see a few guys zeroed in on and aware of the vagaries of water temps and deep fishing. Neither is all that common with many fishermen and they miss out on a lot - not a little - but a lot of great fishing because of that. C-Goat, that was a great point on the cloud thing. It's...
  188. Fred Archer

    tuna still biting in Cabo

    Nice going, Mike!
  189. Fred Archer

    10-14 days

    Troop, A by God, honest-to-goodness Bronze Star??!! I KNOW the kinds of things they give those out for And I know that they don't come easy And I know that the ones who are awarded them are very special An old soldier salutes you, fine young man. Now listen up... No more...
  190. Fred Archer

    Pompano dolphin (mahi?)

    I noted a thread on pompano dolphin a few days back. First, I'd like to thank the first person to mention this fish and its name. A week or two ago I saw a picture on the Cal Offshore Board of several mahis caught by someone and danged if one of them wasn't a pompano version! I couldn't...
  191. Fred Archer

    The machine that lies to you!

    If you let it, that is... I'm talking the water temperature gauges that cheer us up or bum us out, depending on what direction they are going in. El Nino's, such as the mild one that we are currently experiencing, seem to heighten the average fisherman's awareness of water temps and what...
  192. Fred Archer

    Awesome Giant Tuna Chunking Video

    Yeah, those guys were pretty subdued, but then again, they were professional pinhookers and most have a tendancy to stay pretty calm around things that would send most of the rest of us around the bend. And you have to remember that this was not an unusual sight for hard core chunkers to see...
  193. Fred Archer

    Offshore Sat 9-26-09 mahi and yellowfin limts for 2

    Bill, Wow! Great trip, report and pictures! That first shot of the hen dorado was especially good...but you got some horses, too. Hmm, I'm sitting here wondering if that night fish wasn't a swordy? Thanks for the report and congrats.
  194. Fred Archer


    G-Man, Beaut stuff, but that is to be expected from you, Sensei. But the song stuff...Ahoka?!
  195. Fred Archer

    Awesome Giant Tuna Chunking Video

    I wasn't there, so I don't know how big those tunas were. But I have spent a lot of time around them for many years and I can say for sure that some of those fish were brutes, probably over five hundred pounds. I remember that Carolina fishery. There were some truly monstrous giants down...
  196. Fred Archer

    has anyone dragged a lure at night?

    I have done a lot of night trolling over the years, which I have a lot of under my belt. It started about 45 years ago when I was a "pinhooker" (what used to be what a rod and reel commercial guy was called back in the northeast) when we were after bigeye, a notorious early and late in the day...
  197. Fred Archer

    Awesome Giant Tuna Chunking Video

    Great stuff, Chris! As you know, nobody has to convince me of how utterly devastating chunks are for both chumming and catching tuna...and that's all tuna, from bonito to the giant bluefins like the ones in the video. I have seen the very same thing many times back east, except of course, I...
  198. Fred Archer

    Saltwater Westport Tuna a Bust

    Sounds like the old, "Don't match the hatch, you don't make the catch" more than anything else that I see here. All tunas spend a great deal of time feeding on very small bait, with biologists reporting that 85% or so of albacores' diets consisting small "whale food" - a mix of fin bait...
  199. Fred Archer

    Holy Flying Mako....

    Rory, Thank you for posting the picture of that "flying chainsaw". Please, those new to shark fishing, or even some who are not, fight the makos right or you just might wind up with one in your cockpit or your lap. They are dangerous as hell! Read either New Shark Chummers or...
  200. Fred Archer

    New fishing boat in Puerto Vallarta

    Ali, Awesome work on that transom art! You guys did a great, top notch job! And buenas suerte to Capitan Manny...he'll put her feet in the fire for sure! Felicitaciones, Manny. Que barco bonito!
  201. Fred Archer

    What a 13 year-old Archer bar can still do.

    Thanks all. Bob, glad to see some folks are still beating 'em up with bars out of my old home port. And, always give the rear of the ponies a few tries to. Not many do that, but it can be a real gold mine. The fish can be as much as a couple of hundred yards back. And if they'll let you...
  202. Fred Archer

    can I buy bare archer bars?

    Jephs, Actually, there are 101 reasons. But you have been a member here for a long time and I've enjoyed reading your posts. And I understand that tinkerer thing. Heck, that's how I started out a long time ago. We will make an exception in your case. Please contact Chris at...
  203. Fred Archer


    Corny, Dreamweaver charters has a 48 Ocean, a 53 Post, and a sweet, 32 Blackfin. And they ain't just pretty faces - they catch lots of fish. Here are some from a couple of days ago...CHECK OUT THAT HUMONGOUS DORADO!
  204. Fred Archer

    what to do with porpoise?

    Behdad, Nice try and it's good to see that a few people were constructive and appreciative. The jokesters? They're having fun and that's okay too. Here are some different approaches from someone who spent decades hunting dolphin schools and catching lots of tuna out of them for as many...
  205. Fred Archer

    Why You Need 200# Test in Even the Little Spreader Bars...

    John, Thank you for the picture and report. A local marlin is a big deal, especially when you didn't know you were fishing for one! And not only is that a local marlin, it looks like a beeegg one! Kudos for the release. It's funny how some folks look at the heavy main leaders that we...
  206. Fred Archer

    Offshore Dana Point Marlin (video) and a run to the 43 9.17.09

    Grump & Troy, Yup, my money says that that fishing will steadily bounce back as we bounce away from Devil Moon. This season reminds me very much of some past ones when the fishing remained great for a long, long time. Long after most had given up and stopped fishing, in fact. I can...
  207. Fred Archer

    Offshore 9/18/09

    Danny, You'll get arguments to the contrary and sometimes someone gets on some moon fish that want to bite, but based strictly on my experience and that of some other former or present charterboat captains and hard core anglers who I know, most fishing gets very tough on the days of and...
  208. Fred Archer

    Cedar Plugs???

    The first rule of thumb is to use a high quality ball bearing snap swivel. Regular swivels can be useless if you have a cedar that spins. Regular snap swivels do not swivel under pressure. The second rule of thumb is to "tune" your cedar plugs before you fish with them. The hook does act...
  209. Fred Archer

    Offshore 9/18/09

    Gil, You don't need an excuse, but the facts are that today was the first day of that damned new moon. If there was going to be a bite, it was most likely around the middle of the day. I've been fishing and keeping accurate logs for many decades and at least as far as I'm concerned, the...
  210. Fred Archer

    Offshore Dana Point Marlin (video) and a run to the 43 9.17.09

    Grump, Nice job and thank you for the vid. And good on ya on the release. Good karma, that. No to worry on the no fish thing. It's the new moon and for me at least, that has meant tough fishing for many, many years now. You did great!
  211. Fred Archer

    Offshore Mixed bag at the 302

    Yessir, chunks git 'er done! Fish are a lot like any other animal...they'll take the easy meal instead of the one they have to run after anytime. Plus, fish don't have hands and chunks can't swim. So, when one does, you're bit!
  212. Fred Archer


    Our friends Tom Lansing, Capt. Ramon and Fernando are still doing a job on the fish down in Cabo. We will be shooting video with them shortly. Man, what a great crew and ride. Rides, actually, because they also have a bitchin' 32 Blackfin too. Extraction in action, plus some recent results...
  213. Fred Archer

    Oregon Dodo

    Not only a dorado, but a nice bull. Waytago! Best in Big Game website & online store, index
  214. Fred Archer

    How many fish in a school of YFT?

    An interesting subject. The first and foremost bottom line is that the nature of tunas of all kinds is that they are first and foremost, schooling species. So, every trolling shot that you get, whether it's along a current break, high spot, or alongside a paddy, is an opportunity to catch fish...
  215. Fred Archer

    Cabo 9/15

    Richard, I'm not sure when we'll be shooting. We have a good video guy and editor on staff in La Paz - not far away - and David Jones, owner of Fishermens Fleet and an IGFA rep is there too, so we are pretty much blessed to be able to set up our video sessions based on fishing, the weather...
  216. Fred Archer

    Cabo 9/15

    Nice job, as usual, mi amigos! No doubt about it, now (and in my opinion, never) is a good time to pinch pennies when fishing in Cabo. There are just too many big azzed fish to fool around, hook something like a big tuna or marlin on inappropriate gear, spend hours on it and either lose it...
  217. Fred Archer

    Hawaii Uni

    I absolutely love uni! Tried it the first time in Japan many years ago. Back in Caly I got to know some urchin divers (a big business here at the time, but hard and dangerous as hell). I learned from them that they shipped their urchins, whole boatloads of them, to San Diego, where a certain...
  218. Fred Archer

    A new kind of lure rockin'

    Thought that some of you might get a kick out of this...I KNOW Molokaipaki will, eh Cappy?! Sizes from 3" to 12". The ones on this Ruckus Raiser are 9". The bar gets smaller as the squids do. Notice that in the 8 knot shots the bar is being run flat. The teasers are running and...
  219. Fred Archer


    New...and our hottest new bar ever. And like our Spiders, it doubles as a great dredge! No other bar or dredge in the world does this. Trolls like a feather, but strong as a bull, so it's great for small or big boats. And it comes with 3", 4 1/4", 6" (all great for local and Baja tunas and...
  220. Fred Archer


    Why, thank you, guys. I'm not much of a fan of my own birthdays, especially when there get to be too many of them! Special thanks for the Black Labby shot, troop. Keep that head down, eyes open, and shoot straight! Keta...dang, if I'd thought about that lamb I'd have fessed up...
  221. Fred Archer

    Fred...when will Roddy's stuff be up on your site?

    Squid, We will be selling the vast majority of Roddy's products, including those incredible Pipers and his other Pro Range lures. The site is all set up and ready to rock, but we have yet to complete the skirt color issue. Roddy has a ton of great colors and SKU's (code numbers per color)...
  222. Fred Archer

    Molokai Ono

    Nice one, Cappy C. Very nice gesture, too. You are a good man. Best in Big Game website & online store, index
  223. Fred Archer


    There are spreaderbars, and there are dredges. Up until now, they have been two separate lures. More and more West Coasters are using and catching lot of fish on our bars. But dredges? Not many know about them, except that they are very popular in other areas and that the typical one is big...
  224. Fred Archer

    Familiar Faces - Familiar................??

    Zane, "Bomboy makes great stuff that catches fish and he is a good guy." I gave him props, which I don't hesitate to ever give to the respectable, real lure makers and masters. The copyrats and wannabes...they are another story. Please bear in mind that Tom, Ramon and Fernando are good...
  225. Fred Archer

    Saltwater Tuna!!!!!!!

    Roger, Corny... Likewise. :shakin: Delta, You got it, my man! As it once was with cedar plugs and spreaderbars, chunks and chunking have been almost non-existent on the left coast. And like those other things, it appears that they are starting to come on strong lately. I always get...
  226. Fred Archer

    Saltwater Tuna!!!!!!!

    Corny, "Chunking is the devil"??? Hmm, considering that I am the only author to ever write an entire book on the subject (see below), it can't be me you're talking about! And of course the trolling/then chunking trick is illustrated and fully discussed in several of my current books...
  227. Fred Archer

    To Bird or not to Bird, that is the question...

    From a couple of my books... Best in Big Game website & online store, index
  228. Fred Archer

    Offshore There getting closer! YFT

    Nice job on the close fish, Hal. And kudos for coming up with is, at least to me, a new trick. I love that kind of open-minded thinking in a fisherman. And Ashley remains a sweet, fish-catching machine. (And yes, Bob would have been there...he and The Evil Twin are for-sure tough guys!)...
  229. Fred Archer

    Best MirrOLure 111MR Color for BAJA???

    Back when we fished plugs, we used Mirrolures quite a bit down in The Baja. We re-rigged them all and here's how. (As you will see, we addressed the "hooks coming out" issue, although spinning fish was very common on the bigger species we targeted with them. Regardless, the Super Glue is...
  230. Fred Archer

    Familiar Faces - Familiar................??

    Tom, Thanks for the comeback. Man, those were some hawgalacious tooners the guys caught...real pigs! I just realized when I read your reply that I didn't say howdy to Fernando. As you know, big game fishing is all about teamwork and they are two of the best in the business, no matter...
  231. Fred Archer

    Saltwater Tuna!!!!!!!

    When they are zeroed in on red crabs, little squid, shrimp, octopi and other little whale food, pink & white bars trolled fairly slowly, like five knots or so (that little stuff can't swim fast) raise lots of fish. Small chunks work on these fish when you get them up, but mixing in some small...
  232. Fred Archer

    Best jigs/trolling lures for YFT??

    Our basic rule of thumb on trolling speed is "the smaller the bait, the slower we go and the bigger the bait, the faster we troll it." Very small baits, like little bars or singles if you troll them, are almost always best trolled at only 4-5 knots because they imitate whale food, like red...
  233. Fred Archer

    Familiar Faces - Familiar................??

    Tom, Glad the pinche chubasco spared Cabo. Very nice atun y por favor, para mi amigo Capitan Ramon, "Muy bueno con la gancha, amigo...en la corizon. Aiiii-yi-yiiee, muerto!" Good karma on the released blue and congrats to the pretty lady..."Devil with the blue dress, blue dress, blue...
  234. Fred Archer

    Offshore Late report 9/4 and a ?

    I've seen quite a few parasites in tuna, but not that one. Most are sad to be safe to eat after being cooked or frozen, but I've always discarded them. Someone with more expertise than I will probably have a solid answer. The most common one in Baja tuna was this thing that looked like an...
  235. Fred Archer

    To Bird or not to Bird, that is the question...

    Fat, I'm with you on those Moldcraft Soft Birds. And we don't sell them, so there is no sales incentive for saying that. But they are cheap, tough as hell, easy to rig, and flutter like the dickens, looking exactly like a little flyer or other bait trying to escape a predator that's hot on its...
  236. Fred Archer

    My first lure

    Very nice work for a first lure...or even a second, third, or more. I love white lure heads, but have to admit that I do like eyes on mine. I believe that they are the main target of marlin and other gamefish much of the time, so I like big ones. I'm sure that you can find some stick-on eyes...
  237. Fred Archer

    BIG local yellowfin!

    Bill, Ha-ha! Actually, they caught eight while video taping stuff not far offshore two days ago. No bait, no hard tuna hunting, either. And that's a real nice yellowfin for up here - and I mean REAL NICE! Don't know what it weighed, but it was a Caly Cow for sure. My all time favorite...
  238. Fred Archer

    Saltwater Tuna!!!!!!!

    Raise 'em on the troll, chunk 'em with the small chunks that albies often like even better than live. Make your own chunk baits...virtually anything works, as long as you chunk 'em up small. You save money and hassle that way and catch the hell out of the fish, too. And yes, you can freeze...
  239. Fred Archer


    It's a pretty common scenario the world over. Tuna of all kinds and sizes focused in on and eating shrimp, red crabs, little squid, octopi, you name it, it's whale food and tuna just love the stuff...and it can be outright murder trying to get them to eat regular size lures, and even single...
  240. Fred Archer

    Best jigs/trolling lures for YFT??

    Phat, My favorites remain SuperBars, especially the Little Meatball bars. Yesterday doesn't seem to have been all that hot for tunas, except for those that were out for the early tide, when there was a good bite. Meantime, BD'rs Scorch and Iglooman went out late and missed the early bite...
  241. Fred Archer

    BIG local yellowfin!

    BD'rs Scorch and Iglooman did some fishing and video taping yesterday and caught some very nice local tunas not far offshore... Best in Big Game website & online store, index
  242. Fred Archer


    TRULY INCREDIBLE NEW LURE! This is pretty long, so if you're one of those Long Post Haters, please don't bother with it. It takes more than a short description and a picture to describe what to me, at least, is one of the most innovative new lure designs and skirting systems that I have...
  243. Fred Archer

    East Cape next week

    John, Shame on you for procrastinating! Of course we want to help, but we're busier than one armed paper hangers right now, so this is not a good time for us to drop everthing else we're doing to come to your rescue...but we will try. In the final analysis, what I want to do won't take up...
  244. Fred Archer


    The following applies to big boats too.
  245. Fred Archer

    Saturday 22nd While everyone was getting beat up The Boardroom was having fun

    I didn't see it, but if anyone called Todd Mansur "a rookie", they have no idea what or who they are talking about. Todd is one of the best who ever walked a dock in these parts. He's one helluva captain.
  246. Fred Archer

    Panga inshore spread

    Here is a shot of a mixed spread of six SuperBars and RuckusRaisers being run off a cat in Hawaii. As you can see, the SuperBars look pretty subtle when compared to those "panicking, fleeing bait" Ruckus's. (Boat does not have outriggers.) Pretty self-explanatory, I hope. Then a pict of a...
  247. Fred Archer

    Spreader Bar trolling length?

    Lots of good discussion, input and questions here. That's exactly what I want and like to see on this board. On the Toads...there is no doubt that I am a huge believer in them. And it doesn't matter to me whether the bite is on or not, I always have one out there. I'm not so sure that two...
  248. Fred Archer

    Ono jigs?

    All you have to do is read this thread and you'll hear it over and over again - "ono bite the plugs pretty good, but the hookup ratios pretty much suck". That is true, fished the way that most fish them, but it doesn't have to be like that at all. Do it with the Dacron Hammers that Igloo Man...
  249. Fred Archer


    Trooper, Yah, dem ono's are masters of the drive-by, silencers and all! That was a Hays Stainless 8/0 and how it didn't stick that fish is a wonder. Slick devils, them onos! Chris and I were talking about them yesterday and he told me about a day up in Magdalena Bay, where the ono...
  250. Fred Archer

    Spreader Bar trolling length?

    Some pretty good advice from Lamna and there's no doubt about it, this guy knows bars and fishing. He's a marine biologist who fishes and a burgeoning writer, too, who has written some great stuff in our books (especially in the halibut book) and for Pacific Coast Sportfishing mag. (Truth is...
  251. Fred Archer


    Ono's hit a lure or bait without so much as a click off the reel, a rigger release popping or anything and not get hooked? BD'r Clay Cling nailed an ono that hit a huge, 15" FatBoy Bar Squid the other day. Then, yesterday, his birthday, he lost a 5+ marlin that hit the same lure when an ono...
  252. Fred Archer

    Dorado & BIG albacore!

    Albacore ain't just here. There are a lot of them on the east coast and they get big there. Here are some picts just in from Captain Ted White of (ready for this?) New Jersey with a double of dorado and albacore and a big alby, one of a double. All of the fish were caught on purple FatBoy...
  253. Fred Archer

    Panga inshore spread

    Dave, A couple of points... First, I would run a Toad teaser. I ALWAYS run a Toad, no matter what I'm fishing for or where. Second, the Poor Boy only consists of two lures. That isn't much different than running single lures, which don't even come close to raising fish like the bars...
  254. Fred Archer

    LI Tuna Wed 8/12

    Bud, Way to hang in there and make a good day out of a bad one!
  255. Fred Archer


    Jason, First, thanks for the report and pictures. Monterey Guy, Thanks to you too. Man, what a day! Not a bad one for your first time with bars, either. And a perfect example of what the bars can do versus the standard stuff. And a guy who brings the lures that saved the day on...
  256. Fred Archer

    Fred Archer daisy bars?

    Pat, Thank you. We'll do our best for you. Jimmy, A good way to match the hatch with spreaderbars begins with the realizing and understanding the fact that younger, smaller bait is by far the most abundant and constant food in the ocean. It, along with the various forms of "whale...
  257. Fred Archer

    Tigerlily Full moon Fu**********

    Good Lord, Bogster! I guess you'd call that "A double full moon". In either case, it's the shits! :rofl: Your bars will be ready this week. Please don't hang them on that rope in the picture!
  258. Fred Archer

    hawaii multi day boat

    Trooper, Actually, I think it was tried once, years ago. If memory serves me correctly, which it may well not, I seem to recall that the Red Rooster did some Hawaii time years ago. Of course, they came back, so I'm guessing that it didn't work out as well as hoped for. Hunker down...eyes...
  259. Fred Archer

    Got fish and a little upset

    Hopefully the original poster might do things differently the next time if he's confronted with the same situation. No matter how you want to slice it, from the sportboat's perspective, he was being challenged and defied. There is no need to create that sort of situation and of course, the...
  260. Fred Archer

    Offshore "Ready to Assemble" Finds The Tuna Close to Home

    Good riddance to that damned moon! I've never been able to figure out if it has an effect on sea conditions other than the strong tides, but in my experience, at least, it sure knocks the crap out of my fishing. Great job on the fish. Only two aboard, but they were obviously cool...
  261. Fred Archer

    Fred Archer daisy bars?

    Pat, We prefer not to, but we frequently personally deliver our products to those in the San Diego area and even north of there. Chris Jones, one of the owners of the company lives in San Diego and one of our manufacturing facilities is there too. Naturally, it is much easier and far less...
  262. Fred Archer

    Fishing at El Banco August 7, 2009

    Thomas...luna gordo - no bueno para pescar. It'll get better as you get off that damned moon. I see that Hays Handle. I love those things on the big stuff. You and the guys like 'em? Suerte!
  263. Fred Archer

    Jigging Bluefin Tuna NJ Style

    Aha! Gman and little Gson (Anthony). Sorry I didn't recognize who you were under this different name and for sure in my own backyard. Funny, while I was reading your reports I kept thinking to myself, "This guy is one serious, successful dude that knows what he's talking about, just like...
  264. Fred Archer


    Fish report just in from BD'r Jason Frederickson... Hey Fred Love your product. The black and purple meat bars have been money this season. The dorado color not so much, but I feel they add to the bait school behind my boat and bring the fish to the mexiflag feather and cedar plug...
  265. Fred Archer

    GT's Giant Trevalley, ULUA whatever you want to call them....

    All good advice, Tony. Actually, it was the Aussies who showed me that "back off on the drag and let them get out of the coral heads" thing. It works well. They still do get cut off on the big groupers and coral trout and such that hit the plugs, but dive for the coral instantly. You have to...
  266. Fred Archer

    What's your favorite way to catch YellowfinTuna

    For me, I love watching a whole school of tunas explode on the bars. Surface bites, whether come on the skipping iron or a half dozen or more trolled bars, are all adreline pumpers of the finest kind. And as long as your anglers are watching the spread, they ALL get to get off seeing it happen...
  267. Fred Archer

    Reel for Swordfish

    I've written an entire book on fishing for and catching daytime swords from A to Z, but boiling some of it down as far as this discussion is concerned, here are a few points... 1. I like big reels for big fish. I preferred that my anglers went to the chair when fighting swordfish on my...
  268. Fred Archer

    Offshore solo to 43 for full box of yellowtail and a hitchhiking mako

    The excerpt from the novel Grim Ripper about a bloody mako bite is now up on my board. It was too long for this thread (in spite of being abbreviated). And besides, some folks like to read, and some don't. So, it's there if you'd like to check it out.
  269. Fred Archer

    Opinions, Gentlemen...

    Literally decades of daily fishing logs proved to me long ago that I, at least, usually experience terrible fishing on either of the moons. I'm talking right on them here. My results were the same as those of the longline studies - fishing was usually great on the days before the moons...
  270. Fred Archer

    GT's Giant Trevalley, ULUA whatever you want to call them....

    It won't help much from the cost standpoint, but I caught some in Hawaii and many, including some gorillas, in Australia up in the Great Barrier Reef area and above there. These were strictly surface lure fish and to say that the attacks on the plugs were a sight to behold is a vast...
  271. Fred Archer


    Chapter Six Last Year on the Whelping Grounds She returned to the whelping grounds from the south during a full moon in early May. (This is a greatly abridged chapter from Grim Ripper. I have shortened it for those who don’t like to read. The ... that you will see represent sections...
  272. Fred Archer

    Jigging Bluefin Tuna NJ Style

    The spinning reels have been a long time coming here. I am happy to see them finally getting the credit that they have long deserved. "Coffee grinders"...say what?
  273. Fred Archer

    Big eyes

    Was on the phone today with my buddy Jerry (father of those Ninja Turtles and yes, we were talking about a movie) from Connecticut. He mentioned the bigeye bite and said he'd heard from his neighbor, who was on his way back in with NINE, big bigeye. I think he said Veetch Canyon??? I was...
  274. Fred Archer

    make bait(sardines)

    I suggest that you take a look at John King's "Island Bait" excerpt from the book Secrets of the West Coast Private Boat Pros that is posted on my board. John is a helluva fisherman, charter captain, and writer and he did a great job in the book.
  275. Fred Archer

    Little Italy Live Bait

    White Cloud and Bud, I'm not interested in any controversy on the net. Don't know what went down up there, but sorry to even hear about it. I am just sorry to see what seem to me to be among the best tournaments ever having whatever troubles there were. One thing for you guys who buy...
  276. Fred Archer

    Tuna tactics that work for me

    Bernie knows and is a good guy for giving it up here for all to share - not all tournament guys are like that, which is understood. The ones who do are special, indeed. One thing. If you don't have live bait and you want to chum up and catch some bait fish, small chunks are absolutely...
  277. Fred Archer


    I'm with everyone else, Scott...good going! And glad that you came back okay and exercised caution. It's the ones who don't respect the situation and aren't careful who come to woe sooner or later. The bottle trick. Been around for a long time in other venues. The bright orange Tide...
  278. Fred Archer

    Offshore solo to 43 for full box of yellowtail and a hitchhiking mako

    Thanks for the stories, guys. I consider them more of a public warning and definately not jokes. Just the mere thought of a mako onboard gives me a case of the shiverin'willyshits. One of my rules is to "never put a mako with the head on it in the boat", for a lot of good reasons. If you...
  279. Fred Archer

    Offshore solo to 43 for full box of yellowtail and a hitchhiking mako

    Years ago, back when I had my shop and shark fishing was in its infancy out here, we had three or four doctors who became interested in shark fishing and got set up to do it. They hooked up a 200# class mako on their first trip...and started making mistakes right away. First, the fish was one...
  280. Fred Archer

    Offshore solo to 43 for full box of yellowtail and a hitchhiking mako

    I know better than to comment on the size of the shark and/taking it. However, I will say that a mako aboard is a nightmarish situation at best and a potentially fatal one at worst. That fish's behavior was typical of mako sharks in that once they chomp on something they don't let go of it...
  281. Fred Archer

    Offshore Boner heaven

    Great trip and big kudos for hooking a young'un on fishing. Good thing those critters don't get as big as yellowfin - we'd never land one! Boneheads are a long way from "cat food". If you take care of them properly they are great eating, both cooked and raw. And they make the finest kind...
  282. Fred Archer


    See my post on the Chit Chat Board on what these new DaisyBars did in their first few hours on the water during the Ilwaco Tuna Tournament up north. I don't know if anyone else is impressed, but we sure are! Catching twelve out of fourteen fish caught, fishing against the mighty MeatBall Bar...
  283. Fred Archer

    any one using spreader bars locally

    Blacky, Here are some shots just in from the Ilwaco tournament held up north Saturday, courtesy of Team "Running Down the Dream", consisting of Bloody Deckers Quixotic, Hardwood Jerry, Reel Naughty, and Mo. They fished a new kind of DaisyBar (the pink and white one with the black and gold...
  284. Fred Archer

    Chunking for seasonal visitors

    All, I hear ya, Bencher and so far all good comments. I too have been chunking for many, many years for just about anything that swims and have had excellent, consistent results doing so here, in Mexico, and back east, where it is a near tuna fishing religion. In fact, I wrote a book about...
  285. Fred Archer

    Offshore Marlin on 20lb test w/ pics 8/1/09 279 area

    Chris, Congrats on that first marlin and props for releasing it and the little mako. Pretty shots and a heckuva an accomplishment on twenty with no leaders.
  286. Fred Archer

    Offshore 7/31/2009 Dana Pt-Offshore Almost

    Holy cow, Matt, sorry to hear that! Man, that could be life threatening if you got into the wrong situation out there and ran out of fuel. The lowest form of scum do that kind of thing. Sorry.
  287. Fred Archer

    any one using spreader bars locally

    Mike, No prob running your favorite jig or whatever (Phat, I dunno 'bout dat Rapala thingy, ya rascal!) behind your bars. A very important point is, if you mix up your spread with bars and single lures the lures function exactly like the chasebait on the bars. This means that the bars...
  288. Fred Archer

    Offshore 7/31 wfly BFT/alb/marlin

    Excellent report and a great day out there. That marlin was a nice fish. Kudos for the's good karma!
  289. Fred Archer

    My Mako !!

    Congrats on your first mako and kudos on the release.
  290. Fred Archer

    Offshore 10 miles out of dp harbor

    Jeff, Whoops, sorry about letting the cat out of the bag! But, hey, that combat fishing on the banks is for the birds and there is one helluva lot of other water up and down the beach that holds fish, but not crowds. Burphie, You've been there and done that too. Good on ya.
  291. Fred Archer

    any one using spreader bars locally

    Mike, Sorry about the "fart thing". I have plenty of them myself, except mine don't have anything to do with bars - they are usually brain farts. Of course, then there is among the best advice to old guys, especially ones on lots of heart meds..."Never trust a fart". So true! "Hmmm...
  292. Fred Archer

    hook type for offshore tuna

    I kind of suspected that the hook suggested by the shop guy was a circle when I first read this thread. I have been fishing them on bait and lures for about twenty years now. They really, truly work for all of the reasons mentioned here. When it comes to rigging them on lures for any fish or...
  293. Fred Archer

    Offshore 10 miles out of dp harbor

    Historically (that means back in the many days that I spent fishing up here) there was always an "inshore run" of dorado when a good, warm water core ran up the inside. And I'm not talking the short banks (267-279) as "inside". Often times that water and the fish didn't even extend out that...
  294. Fred Archer

    Spinners VS Conventional

    Some good info here as spinning reel reality finally strikes and starts to sink home with many West Coasters. I had a heavy hand in all aspects of BaitRunner reels, including naming them and doing the cosmetics. The idea came up in the back of a taxi while my chief reel engineer, the...
  295. Fred Archer


    FROM THE BOOK “SECRETS OF THE WEST COAST PRIVATE BOAT PROS CHAPTER THIRTEEN SECRETS OF ISLAND FISHING “ISLAND KING” No way was I going to write anything about fishing the islands! I simply don’t know enough about fishing them to write anything about them, but it’s a...
  296. Fred Archer

    Spinners VS Conventional

    Jamie and Jason, You two are spot-on as far as the effectiveness of quality spinning tackle is concerned...and Jase, several very good tips from you on using them ("Oh, my gosh, you can't do that on coffee grinders!!!") on sportboats, long or short range. On the day that I caught my first...
  297. Fred Archer


    Woody, The best way is to tightly swage a small sleeve on the wire leader, as shown. That blue and white one had been fished a lot and had caught several wahoos, a few tunas - both big and small -, some toros (jack crevalle) and a few other species. The teaser never moved through all of...
  298. Fred Archer

    Lucky Bird Teaser

    JP, Very nice looking bird. If you are open to suggestions from an "Old Birdman", it looks to me like there might have been two variations in the video. One seemed to "flap its wings" more than the the other, with the first one shown being the best looking "flapper". Now, it might have...
  299. Fred Archer

    Spreader Bar trolling length?

    John, Scorch, and others who know, That's right, it's all about matching the hatch, with size being much more imporant than color. It is so frustrating reading daily fish report after daily fish report of guys "running hundreds of miles" and "seeing fish, bait, boilers and birds" but "not...
  300. Fred Archer

    The Secrets of Making Bait

    Squuid, Making bait is a lot more detailed than it might seem, especially if you are like me and many others and simply do not buy bait. It sounds so simple, but it really isn't for many, including some who know a bit about it, but in fact rely mostly on expensive, purchased bait. Please...
  301. Fred Archer

    Back in Black

    Clarke, Nice going on a black with springs in him! No doubt about it, when the water gets hot down there, so does the fishing. There's great tuna fishing, of course, but the rabid billfish hounds would crap in their panties if they knew about the blacks and blues down there. Sorry, but I...
  302. Fred Archer


    The following is an excerpt from the book Secrets of the West Coast Private Boat Pros, written by me and a dozen top west coast private boat anglers, charter captains and rod and reel commercial fishermen from up and down the west coast. The co-authors and contributors include many Bloody...
  303. Fred Archer

    Spreader Bar trolling length?

    Good stuff, John, and you too, Scorch. Everything in fishing is a variable, including how far back you place your spread, with the best judges of that being the fish. There are general rules of thumb, though, that tell us good spread positions to start out with - close being one of the most...
  304. Fred Archer

    FL lures vs HI lures

    Here are some more looks at this very good, all-around lure that catches 'em all. And like that Timex watch, it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'...which is good for the pocketbook, too. And please remember, we don't sell 'em. I'm just trying to pass on one of the good things from "dat...
  305. Fred Archer

    FL lures vs HI lures

    I'll tell ya something, fellas, I don't care where you fish, those Billy Baits are absolute kickass wahoo and basically anything else lures. They are among the top baits discussed in my wahoo book (245 pages, almost three hundred color photos, it's stuffed with wahoo trolling tactics from all...
  306. Fred Archer


    EXCERPT FROM THE WAHOO TROLLER’S BIBLE THE “POOR BOY” WAHOO TROLLING LURE For many years down in Cabo the pangeros (panga captains) and a secretive group of old gringo skiff drivers have used the following lure when specifically targeting wahoo and also when they are running from place...
  307. Fred Archer

    Spreader Bar trolling length?

    Guys, Thanks for all of the nice remarks and input. You guys who have used our bars (remember, all bars are not the same - far from it, in fact) seem to have things nailed down pretty pat. Funny how it's always the sharp ones in a given area who are the first with new, hot lures and...
  308. Fred Archer

    Some live/dead bait questions

    Chunking is a dynamite, very inexpensive way to chum albies and any other kind of tuna. Always has been/always will be. As long as you keep chunking steadily you can keep a school of tuna up and feeding until you are done with them. No livewells, no buying bait, no bait rolling on you (we...
  309. Fred Archer

    Newport OTC Results

    As a sponsor and supporter of these great tournaments and a big fan of "The Northies" (that gets me into a lot of trouble, by-the-way), I am glad to see the warfare over and peace reigning. As I see it, you folks have some terrific, well-run, fun tournaments going that support a worthy cause...
  310. Fred Archer

    daisy chains

    Filletnrelease, It appears Whalebreath has forget to mention our website, which has a plethora of information about multiple lures, including the reasons why spreaderbars in general and some of ours in particular have supplanted daisy chains in many areas. There are numerous articles about...
  311. Fred Archer


    Chopper Pilot, To find out all about all of our products, please go to our website at index While you are there, please pick out a book that you would like to read. Then contact our Chris Jones (addy on the site) and we will send you whatever book you would like to have with our compliments...
  312. Fred Archer

    Happy Birthday IglooMan

    Yeah, happy B'day, Chris. And yeah, take like ten or fifteen minutes (that second one is stretching it, kiddo) to celebrate, then get back to work! Don't listen to that Scorch guy...he's crazy, ya know? :rofl:
  313. Fred Archer


    Okay, here is the follow-up to the other "whatta ya think?" post. This one starts with bridling up a mahi, or what we call skipjack and what you folks call ???, or small tuna. I am from a place (The Baja), where bait fishing is a very big deal and that includes the bigger baits. Small...
  314. Fred Archer

    whatta ya think????

    Seems to me that there are two subjects on this thread. First, rigging mahi for bait. That one got abandoned pretty quickly and it turned into a lure/hook stopper discussion. I'm interested in both, so I'm going to make two posts here. First, those who know me or who read my books know...
  315. Fred Archer

    Stimulator MultiDay East Cape

    Caught my first white seabass on that boat many years ago. She's a beautiful big boat, excellent owner/captain Jay who I have known for many years, really knows his way around down there. I recommend the heck out of him. Way to hook a kid on fishing, scallywaggler!
  316. Fred Archer


    The following is an article that will appear on the website next week. It is very timely, so I am posting it here in spite of the fact that I do not know how to post text with photos in it, like in a book. Some photos appear at the end. I apologize for having to do it this way, but I simply...
  317. Fred Archer


    DANG, John, that's great stuff! And yes, it shows exactly how tuna and other gamefish actually feed and also that one straggler, all on its own, like a single lure, is a rare thing when it comes to feeding tunas. In fact, probably the most common "single" is a dead one, like that shown at the...
  318. Fred Archer


    Pargon, Sweet work on a nice 'hoo! Too bad the other one went bye-bye, but you and I both know what happened on that one, you naughty boy! It's really too bad that so many (well, not all that many out here on this coast) consider SuperBars tuna lures only...Hell, in my opinion, they are...
  319. Fred Archer

    Why don't we hear about Big Eye Tuna?

    Wow! Great thread on what is the most mysterious tuna of them all for west coast fishermen and most fishermen anywhere. Actually, there are a helluva lot more bigeye caught (and not caught - I'm talking the big ones that destroy tuna and marlin gear) here than most would ever believe...
  320. Fred Archer

    Why Marlin Have Bills...

    Guys, Thanks for the responses... MarMike...Sounds like a sharp kid! And yes, it sure does make them look cool. Now, catch him one! That would be really cool! Professor...Hah, hah, hah...yah, those boat bills are far more serious matters than marlin bills, fer sure! Garrett...You...
  321. Fred Archer

    Full steam seabass 7-8

    Gernse, Waytago, as per usual.
  322. Fred Archer

    Offshore Could it be a BLACK MARLIN?

    If the guys on Pelikia say they saw a black marlin, they saw a black marlin, period! These guys are all-pro and know exactly what they're looking at out there. And they obviously got some very close looks at this fish. They and Steve Lassley are the two top swordfish boats out here every year...
  323. Fred Archer

    Blue Marlin World Cup

    The record says a lot about the place, but as far as I'm concerned, it says a helluva lot more about that Captain Jaimo fellow. Lots of folks fish there, but one guy keeps coming up with winners. Dayem, James, ya done it agin! Ho, hum. So what else is new? Waytago!
  324. Fred Archer

    Little Italy Long Fins

    Ah, The Northies strike again! Good going, guys! Lots of familiar names on that list of executioners. "Everybody had to quit because we ran out of ice." Absolutely classic! Jeezum crow, you guys have no mercy on the poor fishies! Good to hear that you guys are among 'em and on 'em...
  325. Fred Archer


    Kasho, Thank you and sic 'em! Keta & Michael, What we are seeing quite a bit of is guys who fish together most of the time pooling their money and buying a set for whatever boat they are fishing on that day. It's like any other lure...if you start from scratch, you build up your...
  326. Fred Archer


    Hopefully, this isn't too tough. After all, it is simple, clear logic. There are four little lures on four rods in the first spread. There are sixty-four of the same size and color lures on the same four rods in that second spread. Decide for yourself which is the most likely to raise...
  327. Fred Archer


    Sadly, the original founder and owner of Old Salty died not too long ago and naturally, that has left things in a state of disarray. Last I heard, things weren't certain about the future operation of the business. Like many fine tackle companies, it is small and takes a dedicated individual...
  328. Fred Archer

    WARNING - Do Not Come To Cabo

    Tom, No tip? Hmmm, sounds like snowbirds to's that time of year. They seem very proud of that "no tip" thing. Disgraceful! WOW! That is a GREAT shot of the boat backing down and that marlin jumping. An absolutely exceptional action photo. Damned nice job, Chris. Dem big...
  329. Fred Archer


    Ed, A lot of folks really like how the Spiders run up top. To us, they look like a really hysterical bunch of panicked bait running for its life and sometimes that's what it takes to turn non-feeders on, especially with a bigger chasebait after the teasers. At the very least, it makes them...
  330. Fred Archer

    News Flash--World Record Largemouth Contender

    Wow, G-Man, THE world record bass from Japan? How ironic! I can remember when it was big news over there that Fred Arbogast and Lee and Joan Wulff and probably some others I have forgotten (it was a long time ago) had some Florida fry sent over and stocked. And as you know, I fished Biwaco...
  331. Fred Archer

    Cabo Pangas

    I second Mike on Victor. I knew him for years. He is one helluva a good fisherman and a lot of fun to boot. Fish with him if you can. And tell him I said "Hi".
  332. Fred Archer


    Ed, My belated thanks too on the sand eel photos. One of the unique and very cool things about Spiders is their versatility. Yes, they make terrific deep trolled lures that put whole schools of bait with a vulnerable straggler trying to catch up. Here they can be fished several...
  333. Fred Archer

    Stripe Marlin set up?

    Roger on all, especially the circle hooks. One word of caution, though. Please don't pop fish off (used to be called a "Palm Beach release") if they are hooked deep, which is more likely to happen with a J-hook than a circle. The reason is hopefully obvious; a sharp yank on a sharp hook in...
  334. Fred Archer

    kona marlin

    Wow! Studdly blue one! Congrats to all. Jeezum, and two released on a half day? Goodgoshamighty!
  335. Fred Archer

    New Member

    Joe, Proud to welcome you to the board, Chopper Jockey. Fish hard. Enjoy that family. Fly fast. Shoot straight. Be careful. And thank you and God bless, Troop!
  336. Fred Archer

    Daytime Swordfish

    Deep dropping, the right leader, gill dart, kill buoy....this guy knows what he's doing! Nice job, man! No little gear in Cal...our swords average BIG and it makes no sense whatsoever to mess around here with Girl Scout tackle.
  337. Fred Archer

    Icey Blue???

    Our version. We call it "Flash". (Yes, I skirt my own personal lures upside down. I know, I know, "crazy as a March hare"...or just maybe, a salty, old fox! To each his own.)
  338. Fred Archer


    Tommy, Great stuff and great news...thanks for the head's up. Tunas on whales are usually eating whale food and whale food is little stuff, regardless of the size of the tooners. Good luck to all who run for these fish! Teenage bluefins...right on! Time to roll out the cannons.
  339. Fred Archer


    :daman:Thank you for your order, Corny. We are going to throw in a few chasebaits rigged with circle hooks with our compliments for you to try. Honestly, I think that once you give them a shot, you'll be like us and never go back to J's. Just be sure to remove the barbs and knock the points...
  340. Fred Archer

    Who to fish with in Cabo

    Wes, August is the real blue marlin and big tuna time in that area. Whoever you choose, be sure that they have the proper big fish gear and I strongly recommend that you select a boat with a real fighting chair so you can stand up if you like, but can go to the chair if you hook up a...
  341. Fred Archer

    Halibut fishing has been good!

    I have known Captain David Hansen since he was quite a young lad and I used to fish with him on occasion on the Dana Point boats that he ran. He is one of the best damned fishermen I have ever met and as others here who know him say, he's one heckuva good guy to boot. And I'll tell you what...
  342. Fred Archer

    Hammered anouther toad

    Nice going, Gernso! And a beaut one at that! You da man!
  343. Fred Archer

    RAMPAGE SPORTFISHING -DAY 2- SAN JOSE (warning!!dead marlin)

    Good observations on the C-hooks, Drew. For those who might be interested in more info, please see the article from Big Game Journal I posted on my board. The C's are still unfamiliar to many anglers and even many outdoor writers and the article might help folks get the full potential out of...
  344. Fred Archer


    WOW! What a great first post, Danny! Albacore are being caught right now in NorCal and off of Oregon and not a few. I wonder when they swam by us? And heck, they didn't have to be way offshore when they did that, either. At least as far as sporties were concerned, nobody was fishing for...
  345. Fred Archer


    From an article published by a major sportfishing magazine. Sorry, no picts here. They will appear on our website when this article is posted in a few days. This is long, but hopefully, this is the kind of detailed info some of you come here for. CIRCLE HOOKS IN SO-CALLED “MARLIN...
  346. Fred Archer


    YAY! We have finally entered the twenty-first century and our website now has an honest-to-goodness store with PayPal and the whole shootin' match! And some new, hot products are being introduced, with more coming shortly. Please visit and let us know what you think - we are always open to...
  347. Fred Archer

    Small baits, big(er) appeal.

    Hey, G...tell me where and they'll be there! Run four little bars and put sixty-four little, bitty baits in nice, easy-for-the-tooners-to-see little schools with stragglers behind them and raise whole schools of albies and yellowfin. We use a very similar head to the some of the ones shown...
  348. Fred Archer

    Super RuckusRaiser

    You're welcome, Bill. The proof of the lure fishing puddin' is in the fishin'. The proof of something far different is in the posting.
  349. Fred Archer


    Here is an original Petrolero lure made by Allure Lures from Mexico. The story behind the Petrolero, as told to me by numerous Mexican friends who were around when it was first developed, was that the skirt arrangement, which was actually upside down, with the white/grey lighter color on the...
  350. Fred Archer

    Southern California Swordfish! Possible?

    I too have dealt with a lot of green and brown ( favorite kind at the end game) swordfish. Some daytime fish and a lot of night ones. Everyone to his own, of course, but there is no way in hell that I would fly gaff or even gill dart (illegal here) one EVER! No swordfish, or any other...
  351. Fred Archer

    Super RuckusRaiser

    Lamna, If you liked that tuna-in-the-water shot, here's another pretty good one that just came in from Cabo...
  352. Fred Archer

    Dana Point Thresher Tournament

    Kudos to Hal for running it in Chris' absence and double kudos for returning everybody's money and eating the expenses. Most tournament operators would either keep the money or "roll it over" to the next year. Waytago, Hal!
  353. Fred Archer

    Rpt:Rosa kicks out a couple 40's

    As usual, nice critters, Gerns. Thanks for the look-see. Pict from the same place, another time...courtesy of Skip Goldsworthy, who with his son and BD'r Matt helped out with our Halibut Troller's Bible book. The flatty was 55#...makes the WSB's look dinky, doesn't she? Gollydamnshit, you...
  354. Fred Archer

    Albies, which bars?

    Scott, We and the Labs thank you for your generous donation to our Lab Rescue program. Some things transcend fishing and as far as we are concerned, every one of those sweet souls that we save from the death needle is a joyous thing. You have helped do that. You are a good man, sir.
  355. Fred Archer

    Post Your Transom Art

    Here's my favorite...
  356. Fred Archer

    Updated Web Site

    One of the holdups on the store...a whole new family of exclusive, hollow squids that we are way excited about. Here is just one for you guys who know what all eats dem Humboldts...(and there are a lot of other new squids coming.)
  357. Fred Archer

    The Dog Days

    YIKES! Grande pinche peros rojas! Quidado! Don't let 'em bite ya! Save me some pescado, por favor amigo. Dayem! Too bad they don't fight, eh? "Married to Nancy Pelosi"? Ouch!
  358. Fred Archer

    Anyone seen a fender/toad teaser used on a LR boat?

    "Exercise bike"?? Ho, ho, ho! I've heard of walking on water, but not riding a bike on it. And hey, if you dragged a Toad behind a bike you'd have to beware of raising dogs, not fish with it. "Down boy! Down! Oh no, pit bull! Pedal faster, pedal faster! LOL I repeat that I'm no expert...
  359. Fred Archer

    Anyone seen a fender/toad teaser used on a LR boat?

    I'm pretty sure that I have been making and (constantly) using Toad teasers far longer than anybody - at least, I know of no one that has done that. Yes, I love the damned things. There is a simple reason for that - they work! And please bear in mind that I not only don't sell them, and not...
  360. Fred Archer

    kauai custom fishing lures

    I knew a guy down in Cabo who made beautiful ceramic lures. I wish I could remember his name, but can't. He and his wife (her name was Cat and she was a real pisser) also had a charterboat and he kept telling me about all of the fish his captain was catching on the lures and that his...
  361. Fred Archer

    Runnig short or running long....

    Rory, Thank you for the kind words and for reading so many of my books. I'm glad that they have helped you. You are obviously a talented (but humble) angler and yet you have that thing that every sharp angler that I have ever known has - a keen desire to learn new and different things and...
  362. Fred Archer

    Offshore BlueFin

    No one fishing for them = none caught = no fish reports = "there are none around." A self-fulfilling prophecy. Bluefin are endothermic and can and do operate in much colder water than the tropical species. Bigeye too. And bluefin can often be found in quite shallow water and they don't...
  363. Fred Archer

    Cabo Fishing

    Tom, Good to see you cleaning house with the bars and thank you for saying so. My favorite place to fish down there was always "where the fish were", and that came from the early days of the very first Baja Terrafin charts back when Jeff was just starting out down there and very few people...
  364. Fred Archer


    Rick, How you doin'? Hah, you're one who I'm sure runs them dawgies right! Still, it's good to see that you want to learn everything that you can about them. Hope you enjoy the book. I've been under the weather for a while, but I understand that the response to the free books thing...
  365. Fred Archer

    "Shibi"? Oh, okay, dat!

    Scott, It breaks my heart to write this, but I am no longer physically able to fish due to a debilitating, incurable and fatal disease that has torn me away from the oceans that I have loved with a huge passion and have roamed since I was thirteen years old. I actually died up in the tower...
  366. Fred Archer


    This has already been posted on my board and on the Oregon Board. Albacore are notorious small bait eaters. A marine biologist who has been studying the stomach contents of West Coast albies told a BD'r up north that 85% of those contents consisted of very small prey in the three inch or...
  367. Fred Archer


    I already announced this on my board. I hope that those of you who are interested in this act fast...we can't afford to do it for very long. Albacore are notorious small bait eaters. A marine biologist who has been studying the stomach contents of West Coast albies told a BD'r up north that...
  368. Fred Archer

    Albies, which bars?

    Ryan, Albacore are notorious small bait eaters. A marine biologist who has been studying the stomach contents of West Coast albies told a BD'r up north that 85% of those contents consisted of very small prey in the three inch or smaller range. That prey was basically "whale food" of small...
  369. Fred Archer

    "Shibi"? Oh, okay, dat!

    When the tunas are on tiny baits, and those of you who have been around the block a time or two know that first, they do that a lot and the second, that they can be awful hard to catch on "regulation" lures when they are locked onto the little stuff. We have a lot of success when that is the...
  370. Fred Archer


    Here are some more of the same. And remember, the yellowfin and dorado love the small stuff too.
  371. Fred Archer

    What do you just have to have for trolling tuna?

    Dave, Welcome to the world of albyitis! Please see my board for some albacore tips that have worked for a lot of folks and won a lot of tournaments. Cedar plugs and small jets are very good albacore lures, but I like this better...
  372. Fred Archer


    These work!
  373. Fred Archer

    "Shibi"? Oh, okay, dat!

    YAY! Finally! Now I know what a "shibi" is, thanks to Todd McMahon. Dang thing sure looks like a yellerfin tooner to me, or what we call "atun amarillo", or just "Atun" down Baja way, but who am I to argue wit da Hawaii boys? What I DO know is, dey loves dem squidly thingers.
  374. Fred Archer

    Huge Local WSB

    JEEZUM! CroakZilla! Big congrats to the angler!
  375. Fred Archer

    Southern California Swordfish! Possible?

    Ah, I see that Paul, Jason, and El Capo know about these critters. Cap, you might have watched the same video, or the other one called "Ain't no Hidin' Place Out Here" that even has a special song written for it??? Both are simply awesome! The truth is that I have always been really...
  376. Fred Archer

    Southern California Swordfish! Possible?

    Just yesterday I showed our Chris Jones (Igloo Man) a DVD produced by some very well known and extremely successful local plank boat captains whose names I am not going to mention because this particular video, which is long and very well produced, was meant for their inner circle and a few...
  377. Fred Archer

    Kona Blues!

    I met Bomboy in Cabo. Not only does he make some really nice lures and not only is he one helluva fisherman, he is a really nice man, too. I was very impressed in all ways by him.
  378. Fred Archer

    large threasher off laguna

    Darrin, Nice going on a big fish and way to go on releasing her. Good on ya!
  379. Fred Archer

    Kona Blues!

    Bobby, Waytago, bro! And speaking of bros, did you leave the Evil Twin at home? I'm really happy for you, pal. And welcome to The Blue Marlin Fan Club! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Remembering Leprechaun and them early thresher catchers, I be, laddy!
  380. Fred Archer

    Favorite T Troll Spread

    ? Fisherman, I use various spreads in various situations to enhance the chances of mouth hooking thresher sharks. Here is a bit more from Shark Troller's Bible about one of the ways to mouth hook virtually all of your thresher sharks. But before that, let me emphasize that those makos...
  381. Fred Archer

    I think they've finally arrived

    Dennis, Nice going! And that girl of yours is a real fish catcher. Another one caught the sand draggin' way. Very nice! Keep up the good work. Hope the JB went down smooth. I'm gonna break training and tip a Yukon Jack to the two of you!
  382. Fred Archer

    Halibut Report: Epic Bite in the Long Beach Area

    Quan, Nice work! There's nothing better than being in the right place with the right stuff on the tide change. Good stuff and thanks for the report and happy fishermen picts.
  383. Fred Archer


    This is from The New Shark Troller's Bible. More later... ANOTHER SECRET THAT ISN’T ABOUT TROLLING Except that you had better stop trolling and do it when the circumstances are right! When you get around a major concentration of bait that the threshers are working (yes, they do school...
  384. Fred Archer

    Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars

    Not sure what you Island guys call what we call sierra mackerel (picture of one below), but we had lots of them in Cabo and caught big fish to well over 12# frequently on MeatBall bars (bars with sixteen little, 4" teasers) in much deeper water than the rest of the crews that I knew. A Toad...
  385. Fred Archer


    Mike, Ah, this is much better. The true point here is that we are both after the very same thing - more released threshers and less killed ones, especially multiple kills or ones made day after day by some people. I know for a fact that many of the commercial guys who I have known (and...
  386. Fred Archer


    Rog, Jeff. Sorry that it wasn't a better drawing, but I don't have much time for that sort of thing and am a drawer, not a real artist, so that sort of work does take an old codger like me a lot of time. Actually, I do enjoy doing it, and I like trying to help other fishermen out. One thing...
  387. Fred Archer


  388. Fred Archer

    show me your lures!!!

    Pretty looking stuff, Drew. I picked up on those foil wings from Ron Arkana and they were dynamite on the Mexican ono's ("Mexono's?" "Cabhoo's?" "Hulahoo's?") Other fish hit them too, but for me, the big thing was catching more ono on trolling lures. As far as I know, they are a Hawaii...
  389. Fred Archer


    ?, Opinions and debate are more than welcome here. Thank you for stating your in a polite and constructive manner. And you have some good and strong opinions that we actually share and ones that I have been trying to teach fishermen about for almost twenty years in five books on shark...
  390. Fred Archer


    MOUTH HOOKING, CATCHING & RELEASING THRESHER SHARKS FROM THE NEWSHARK TROLLER’S BIBLE, NEW SHARK CHUMMER’S BIBLE AND SECRETS OF THE WEST COAST PRIVATE BOAT PROS BOOKS Here are some techniques for catching and releasing thresher sharks from the only two books ever written about them...
  391. Fred Archer


    MOUTH HOOKING, CATCHING & RELEASING THRESHER SHARKS FROM THE NEWSHARK TROLLER’S BIBLE, NEW SHARK CHUMMER’S BIBLE AND SECRETS OF THE WEST COAST PRIVATE BOAT PROS BOOKS Here are some techniques for catching and releasing thresher sharks from the only two books ever written about them...
  392. Fred Archer

    my time on the island

    Dayem, Trooper, I wish that you had been able to fish more. But I have walked in your shoes (in more ways than one) and fully understand the needs of a woman who you love and who has sacrificed more than most could ever imagine as far as the man she loves being not only away, but in harm's way...
  393. Fred Archer

    Silver Salmon off Dana Point

    Jase, As predicted a couple of weeks ago. If things go like they used to during past "salmon years", there will be lots more of them and maybe some kings off both Dana (you know where) and up in Newport Canyon. PB'rs just have to fish the tides, the right spots, and the right stuff to catch...
  394. Fred Archer

    Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars

    Pargon, Thanks for the timely video. That's wahoo (sorry, ono) speed in the calm water sequence and bars at those kinds of speeds, raising that kind of hell, are pure, ChopDawgy candy! Another good point shown here is that we not only value and build products for small boat guys, we...
  395. Fred Archer

    Skirt color combos

    We're different than many other lure manufacturers. Among other things, we don't make ours in a lot of color combinations. What follows here are the ones that we use and use combinations thereof. One color, a double blue/pink, is missing. That is followed by something some will really...
  396. Fred Archer

    We'll miss you Vince

    So young. And a good guy, too. So sad. I am so sorry. Yes, be careful out there, especially if you're fishing by yourself. RIP, Vince
  397. Fred Archer

    Offshore The fortunate one!

    Congrats on the T-Bird. Good report and pictures too, but to me the best part of your report was your tribute to a good and loyal friend. Good stuff. Good men, both of you.
  398. Fred Archer

    Spool'd in Kauai!!!

    Lots of conjecture and opinions here and that's all well and good, but I am of the opinion that one should have a good deal of experience dealing with BIG blue marlin before he opines negatively about the skipper and how he went about his work. It seems unfair to me to criticize a man when you...
  399. Fred Archer

    Giant squid as bait?

    Here is some information from The New Shark Chummer's Bible that includes quite a bit about what great baits Humboldt strips are. If you don't like reading, please don't bother with it. If you do and would like to learn about the big squids and mako and thresher (only) shark fishing, I hope...
  400. Fred Archer

    The book, "Best Marlin Lure?"

    Here is a short excerpt from my marlin book. If you don't like reading, or you aren't interested in finding out about new twists to the marlin trolling game, please don't read what follows. If you are curious about something that you aren't doing now, whether you intend to try it or not, read...
  401. Fred Archer

    Penguin Banks 4-20

    Jonesy, Good report! Looks like you're becoming what we call "a BarHead", like a lot of others. Please send your mail address to Chris at [email protected] We want to send you one of our new "JT (Josh Temple) Special Spiders" with our compliments to see what you think of them. I think...
  402. Fred Archer

    Hog Calico from the rocks

    Kenny, What can one say? That's just a HUGE calico bass! Congrats and especially on the release. Fogarty? Are you part of my old pal Stretch and his bros' family? If so, we go way, way back to the good, old "Dana Point Fishing Mafia" days. What a great bunch of people. They came down...
  403. Fred Archer

    1 sword +

    Congrats, guys! Two is a great way to start getting Purple Fever. Welcome to the disease!
  404. Fred Archer

    Why trailing hooks are a gamble!

    As most of you know, I am the author of over a dozen books on big game fishing, including the only one ever written (at least that I am aware of) exclusively on wahoo fishing - The Wahoo Troller's Bible. As several here have noted, this hook thing is an important topic and it's one that I am...
  405. Fred Archer

    Channel Island/Marina Del Rey Rpt. 4/18-4/19 w-pics

    Vince, WOW! Great, days! Thanks for the neat report and the picts. Go get more!
  406. Fred Archer

    fileting in Cabo

    The guys who are saying that the "no onboard filleting" thing has been the law for many years now are right. Getting fish processed in the harbor can be expensive and like some said, some of the fish can "walk" on you. And if you watch the work being done, hygiene might become an issue for...
  407. Fred Archer

    Great day on the water, picked up a few butts

    Phupei, Nice going on the halibuts! Six fish, two keepers, you had a busy day, my friend...thanks for the report.
  408. Fred Archer

    Dana Kicks Out Another!!

    Mike, One more on the list of those who say, "Waytago, monster flatty! And kudos for passing on how you caught it and what on. One more for the sand draggers. A grand fish!
  409. Fred Archer

    Sand Eel

    Cold Waters, Keta is right. I don't check the PM's as often as I should and emails do work better. I have gotten yours. Let me try to answer your questions and some others here, rather than trying to get back to each one of you. First, as far as all-Sluggo spreaderbars are concerned, we...
  410. Fred Archer

    San Jose del Cabo Fish Report April 20

    Eric, I gotta say it. After literally years of reading your reports, I want to compliment you on telling it like it is...when the fishing is lousy, you say so and even offer reasons for it (moon, etc.)...and when it is good you do likewise. Good on ya and keep it up!!
  411. Fred Archer

    Stayed on the ledge...

    Pat, Sorry you lost that first one. I found that the first bite when coming on structure that had ono on it was the biggest one of the bunch. And it stayed that way, no matter how many passes we made on the hot spot or how many others we caught there. One of my crew was convinced, and...
  412. Fred Archer

    Catalina Halibut Hayday

    Al & crew...WOW! Great day! Very well done, indeed.
  413. Fred Archer

    New 7" Calico Clone SwimBait

    Wow! Great looking stuff, Billy!
  414. Fred Archer

    Southern California Swordfish! Possible?

    I have stayed out of this thread for a long time because I'm probably going to piss some people off, although I'll try not to and don't mean to. There is a huge difference between catching daytime swordfish and catching swordfish, especially a lot of them. And the following applies to...
  415. Fred Archer

    check this guy out

    Mpootchi, That guy makes some awesome looking stuff! Looks like big largemouth candy to me. John, Thoose are dem forny, norny, northy pikee.
  416. Fred Archer

    A Broady at last

    Nice going, Steve. Only now you've gone and done it...Stage Two of Purple Fever is upon you. It's worse than Stage One... Mercy!
  417. Fred Archer

    SD Bay Fishing on a Beautiful Easter Day

    John, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, we cure the squid strips in a Kosher or Rock salt brine for an hour or two, which toughens them up even more, plus we add a good shot of baking soda, which helps preserve the color and kills bacteria, then we dry, vac seal, and freeze...
  418. Fred Archer

    No whittling, no storming of miniature golf courses-

    G-Man, Ah Biwaco! Is that bridge I see in the picts the one at the end of the lake by the famous monastery on the mountaintop? It was the only bridge that I saw when we used to fish the lake. We didn't launch out of a marina per se, but as I recall, there was one on the other end of the...
  419. Fred Archer

    SD Bay Fishing on a Beautiful Easter Day

    John, Randy Cane caught that fish. I'm pretty sure that's part of a large lure skirt used to slide over a bait. Here's a shot of the fish right after it was darted. You can see another bit of the skirt and the bait where it has slid up the leader. The second picture is how we fish squid...
  420. Fred Archer


    Thanks for jumping in while I was busy, BarHeads. Gil, Email me (em is on website) and I'll send you "da book". It will be on me. Lottsa, lottsa detail, pattern illustrations, rigging and running details, the whole tamale. Do the bar thing right and I promise, you'll become a BarHead...
  421. Fred Archer

    SD Bay Fishing on a Beautiful Easter Day

    Really good, detailed report, Howie. Thank you. It goes to show that there's more than one way to "skin a halibut", something for everyone to think about. If you carefully read the posts made here you will see that there are some real halibut sharpies drifting Carolina rigs, trolling plugs...
  422. Fred Archer


    Lot's of very good stuff here. It's and important issue. Thanks for starting this thread, Andrew. When it comes to marlin and sharks, the ARC DE-HOOKER that Guy Harvey, among others, is behind is a great tool. Sharks are sharks, of course, and safety is paramount. The stick is great for...
  423. Fred Archer

    A D D I C T I O N

    Well done. And eloquently spoken. Thank You
  424. Fred Archer

    April 4th Panama " Counting what counts "

    Truly awesome stuff! Thank You.
  425. Fred Archer


    I have a lot of respect for both fish. Caught in their elements with appropriate gear, both usually offer up their own kind of great fights, good memories and good eats. That's MO. Both are great fish in their own right.
  426. Fred Archer

    Big Eye Tuna Bite in Kona

    Jeff, Great stuff! There are those who will say that you won't find bigeye in tropical venues, but of course as you know, there sure are some in Hawaii. The first time I fished Kona, more years ago than I like to admit, I was surprised when the boat put the lures out right after we...
  427. Fred Archer

    Props to Sweet Kimi - nice marlin picture

    I second Jaeger's welcome to Bloody Decks. Nice blue and pretty collection of fish. The shortbill? YUM, one of my favorites. Catch 'em up!
  428. Fred Archer


    Oh no! I am so very sorry. Which one? Oh, man, AJ, my heart is bleeding for the two of you and the girl that is left. I have the Christmas picture of them hanging on my wall. They bring us such joy and goodness, but they don't stay with us long enough, except in our hearts. Written...
  429. Fred Archer


    The first two pictures are from nearly two weeks ago this year on Lake Lopez. John Minec and Chris Jones were the anglers. The second two shots were taken a year ago. I didn't think it was necessary to point that out, since they had virtually the same experience with the smallmouths on the...
  430. Fred Archer

    Wall 4/9

    Ed, Dayem! That's a real old fashioned wall calico! A very nice fish. Nice going. Did you get a weight? I get a kick out of these wall stories. I always flash back to the very early days on the wall when I was a member of the original Southern California Bassmasters. This was back in...
  431. Fred Archer

    one week!!!

    Right on, Troop, right on!
  432. Fred Archer

    Puerto Vallarta Big Game Fishing April 3-5

    Wow, Jase, looks to me like it was a great trip with tons of action and lots of nice tunas! And that Gallo? Jesus, I have seen many, many of them and I can certainly confirm that that one is a true monster. Special kudos for releasing him. In Cabo, at least, the only ones that I know of...
  433. Fred Archer

    Epic spring Steelheading!

    What awesome stuff! I used to love to fish for summer fish with flies. Looks like some of those beautiful fish might have scarfed down a fly or two. Regardless, great shots of great looking fish and a mighty nice river. Kudos on the releases, too. And that hawk on the rod shot? Flat out...
  434. Fred Archer

    show me your lures!!!

    Mingo, Thank you for the response. I have been fishing with circle hooks in all of my lures for well over fifteen years now. And they work...great! And believe me, I wouldn't have used them on a busy, high dig charterboat in an intensely competitive venue like Cabo if I wasn't convinced...
  435. Fred Archer

    Cabo fishing report

    Make no mistake about it, I respect Mike as a fisherman and a person and I do not hesitate to recommend him to folks going to Cabo, but I completely agree with El Capo..., don't put the fish on the gunnel or in the boat for the obligatory "ego shot"! Way too much damage is done to those fish...
  436. Fred Archer

    Sliver Salmon Caught at Catalina Island

    Dave is one very talented local and island captain - one of the best, IMO. I'm sure that salmon gave him a message about off the bell buoy at Dana Pt. and Newport Canyon. If what has happened in the past happens again this year, I promise you, he'll be stacking some salmon up and it won't be...
  437. Fred Archer

    show me your lures!!!

    Mingo, Don't worry about asking questions, there are many here who are willing to try to help. And don't knock being a fly fishermen. They learn a lot of good things that many salt water guys miss, like reading the water and fishing where the fish are, instead of all over the place...
  438. Fred Archer


    Scott, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Yes, we're in the process of installing Pay Pal on the website. I'm not sure how long it will take, but it won't be long now. Yup, we're gradually climbing into the twenty-first century, thanks to Chris and David Jones. And we have a lot...
  439. Fred Archer

    Flashers for Hali

    Goletagood, Thank you for the kind words. I see that the "Rapala trick" is not only known by a few posters, but that it is being used by some to rack up some good halibut catches. Read the fish reports thoroughly and you will see that there are a wide variety of halibut fishing techniques...
  440. Fred Archer

    Circle Hooks For Inshore/Island Use ?

    Thanks, Pargon. There's probably no faster way to shut a thread down than to start talking circle hooks in lures. Not too long ago it was the same with circles in bait. Oh, well, we crazy folk keep trying, no matter. Now, go get some of them pargos, gorilla roosters and cabrillos on da...
  441. Fred Archer

    live bait

    Mike, Bonefish? Blue marlin? Nah! (Shhhh!) Your Hawaiian ones include some real bruisers. I used to catch them on the beach to the left of the pier in front of the King Kahawhatever the hell it was hotel and that big azzed tree where all the pot peddlers used to be around - especially...
  442. Fred Archer

    Cat report for 4-6/7

    Thanks for the report and nice going on that yellow. Bummer on the straightened jig hook. That's why I pour my own, so I can use a bad azzed hook (a very strong, flippin' jig model). We don't sell them, but my friends use them almost exclusively. Here's a look. These pictures are all from...
  443. Fred Archer

    live bait

    Mike, The options on ballyhoos (and they sure aren't a "secret" of mine - they are the most popular natural bait for trolling on the planet, but they sure were a secret for a long time down in Cabo), are to one, buy them from a mainland source like Bait Masters of South Florida. They have to...
  444. Fred Archer

    show me your lures!!!

    Hey Jonesy, Wha kine chasebait you usin' on that bar in the picture with the mahi? Can't tell for sure, but doesn't look like the hollow squid chasebait we rig them with? 'Course, that's fine with us and some really like the idea of running a favorite lure that they like a lot in that...
  445. Fred Archer

    live bait

    Hey Trooper, what's the Hawaiian name for ballyhoo? And do you have a version over there? Keep your damned head down and your eyes open, ya hear?
  446. Fred Archer


    I just watched this video again. I can't help it, it's so amazing, even to me, how hard the SuperBars are to tangle - as in, damned near impossible. Of course, I'm prejudiced, but if you have ever tried to troll some of the other kinds of bars out there, you know how amazing the Supers are...
  447. Fred Archer

    WSB Trip Yields Striped Bass??

    Wow! Waytago! Not only a striper, but a big one to boot. Big time school fish...where there's one, there's more. Hope more get caught.
  448. Fred Archer

    which school do you come from?

    To me, there are two answers to two questions here. One applies to those who are going to fish sportboats and the other to those who are going to fish their own boat or aboard another person's private vessel. To me, the answer to both is to gain as much knowledge about the sport, the...
  449. Fred Archer

    Long Beach Flat Fish

    Randy, The reference to "bigger" had to do with the discussion that was going on in the chapter in the book at the time. That chapter includes actual sizes and model numbers for several different lures, along with rigging and running instructions and illustrations. But this is an internet...
  450. Fred Archer

    Long Beach Flat Fish

    Kevin, Thanks for the report and nice job on some good hali's. Good to see the Rapala trick doing it's thing. It ain't all about the ball! No buying bait, either. Nice going and good luck on getting some more - looks like you don't need it, though! Not sure how you do it and you might...
  451. Fred Archer

    grunion run

    Grunion are halibut candy. When there are this many of those tasty morsels around, guess what's in the surf just behind them and underneath them while the are schooling up for beach runs and when they have finished one? Grunion spawning runs (smelt too) are prime time for shallow water halibut...
  452. Fred Archer

    live bait

    Mike, Just for info sake, the bait sellers in Cabo charge $3 per bait and sometimes more during either moon, when even making bait is tough, plus they often limit the number that can be bought at those times. This is for Pacific mackerel and caballitos, which are basically goggle eyes. The...
  453. Fred Archer


    SuperBars and RuckusRaisers doing their thing... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  454. Fred Archer


    “Saltwater lures = freshwater bass?” Here are just some of many nice bass caught in one day on Spiders and SuperBars last weekend by Igloo Man, his buddy Dave and a beaut Lab named Missy. Most were caught on Spiders because the fish are still deep and in pre spawn mode, but that nice...
  455. Fred Archer


    Scrappy, Thank you. A vid of them catching tunas, mahi's, roosters and marlin coming up shortly. Many more being shot. Yes, I've tried the 22" fenders, but they took too much weight and pulled too hard for us. I'll tell you, though, that 16" one is nice and fat and looks and pulls just...
  456. Fred Archer


    For those who have never seen them do their thing... Fish getting caught on them later... <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  457. Fred Archer

    archer bars(mixed spread colors?)

    Monster, I am a huge believer in "monochromatic spreads" that mimic what really happens in nature and a scene that gamefish hunt for and are attracted to every single day of their lives. Bait schools pretty much universally consist of the same size and color members and there are rarely any...
  458. Fred Archer

    Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars

    Grander, Thank you for the nice words. Anyone who knows me well knows that I have the utmost respect for all fishermen - from beginners to pros and most assuredly the masters of the game from Hawaii and have for literally decades. I guess that was the biggest bone of contention in my mind...
  459. Fred Archer

    SD bay sat 3/28

    Good on ya, New Grampy! Mary too! That rigging by Old Salt sounds very good indeed. Kind of a modified Carolina rig. The floater rig below kind of does the same thing. When the fish comes up and hits and goes back down there's plenty of slack and then the sliding sinker does it's thing -...
  460. Fred Archer

    Does not get any better than this!!!!!

    Big, What a princess! And a great daddy, too. Thanks!
  461. Fred Archer

    42 year old fatman lands 38# halibut

    Nice going, Mark. That big one is truly a horse and a half! I have a yakker neighbor whose buddy caught a 54 or 56" (I forget which) WSB that he said weighed nearly sixty pounds. Fought the fish for a long time, it went belly up, he put it in the yak and it came back to life and he had to...
  462. Fred Archer

    Brian Woolley of the SUM FUN

    Sorry to say that I don't know Brian, but I used to jump on Sum Fun pretty often back when Jose ran her. I loved that danged boat and it was a great break from hardcore big game fishing. There used to be a lot of really neat, friendly regulars on her too. I'm happy to see that she is still...
  463. Fred Archer

    Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars

    I was hoping to say what I had to say and then forget it, but a couple of responses have me back again. First, Zigzag. All spreaderbars are not the same. I created SuperBars because I was so disappointed in the performance, heavy weight, tangling, and all of the other negatives associated...
  464. Fred Archer

    Prayers Needed

    Jesse, Prayers said today, tomorrow and every day until she is back, hale and hearty.
  465. Fred Archer

    Circle Hooks For Inshore/Island Use ?

    I am a huge fan of circle hooks and have been for almost twenty years now. Most their advantages have been discussed here. I would only add that I have also used them on spreaderbars and marlin lures for those same twenty years. Yup, lures. And yup, they work. I think it's just like it was...
  466. Fred Archer

    Surface Boil pics

    I'm not going to post it here because some might take it as spam, but we have some awesome boils and bird schools going nuts up top on the "tuna and roosters" video on my board. If you look at it, take a good look at the second school with the whales feeding. Mixed in are tuna, dorado, and...
  467. Fred Archer


    Jeff, Oops! Chris put this together (helluva job for his first time, I think) and didn't recognize that as your fish. He just grabbed a bigger tuna pict and stuck it in there. Hell, I didn't even recognize it as the guy on the cover of my marlin book's famous mug. Sorry about that. Now...
  468. Fred Archer

    Daisy Chains and Spreader Bars

    I stayed out of this one for a long time. The reason being that I am finally joining in is that I really don’t like my product called a “pos” by anyone, least of all someone who rigged up his own bars and clearly rigged them wrong. The truth is that a spreaderbar is like any other lure...
  469. Fred Archer

    Offshore successful solo run, butt and bugs 3-1/2-09

    Mike, Excellent report. Great jobs on the hali and the bugs. And you are so right about the majesty of the ocean. Your pictures were very special in that regard. Thank you very much for them. Glad to see you mentioned hooking up your kill switch before heading out. I have seen the...
  470. Fred Archer


    In Mag Bay aboard Fishermens Fleet's live-aboard yacht with Chris Jones (Igloo Man) in charge. Lots of BD'rs on this vid. GONE SHOOTIN' Won't post for me...Chris?
  471. Fred Archer


    And I hope that it stays that way. I have no comment, except to say that I'm sorry that this broke out and for any hand that I had in that. As Corny said, this site and this board is about fishing and I agree and want it to stay that way. If any more garbage appears here, it will be deleted...
  472. Fred Archer


    Here are some on-the-water shots of our SuperBars, Spiders and Ruckus Raisers in action. And yep, that big, ugly old bear is me...hide the women, kids and small pets so they don't get scared! So much for me never being on a boat with Spiders, I guess. Know what I mean? SHOOT TO KILL...
  473. Fred Archer

    Fred Hall Del Mar

    92071...Way to support the show and local fishermen, Doug. Shows are expensive propositions and a lot of hard work. Good to see that you and the landing are keeping the banner flying. Great hearing that you had a winner at Long Beach and hope you have a good one at Del Mar! If I make it...
  474. Fred Archer

    BD does AK 2008

    Ali, Jase and the troops. Excellent stuff! HEAVY weather! Captain Andy sure has the right boat for up there and you guys toughed it out. Some of the greatest fishermen of them all get seasick, but what makes them special is that they don't let it stop them from fishing in the rough stuff...
  475. Fred Archer


    Heal, Norris. You are missed and many people are rooting and praying for you, including me.
  476. Fred Archer

    Boat items stolen

    Dave, Sorry to hear about the rip-off, but it's good that you had the right insurance in place.
  477. Fred Archer


    Dave, I remember Jensen-Byrd from my days running Shimano. Bob Maschmedt was my rep there.
  478. Fred Archer

    How to Make Chum?

    Here's a trick from the new book, The New Shark Chummer's Bible. Clean and very efficient and you'll never forget to chum when the fishing gets hot. You can use home made chum like some of the good ideas here, or you can buy blocks of frozen chum from a commercial fish house (very...
  479. Fred Archer

    Favorite deep (butterfly etc.)albacor jig?

    I'm with Pedro Pete...the diamond jigs, make by Bridgeport and others are big time tuna jigs back east, where tuna jigging has been a top technique for catching tuna and a lot of other species for a long time now. His ride, the Gambler is a top and very famous sportboat back there that does...
  480. Fred Archer


    From the new book, Halibut Fisherman's Bible...a tiny taste. From the one of the chapters written by Bloody Decks' own "Vulpinus", Matt Goldsworthy, whose writings have been appearing in Pacific Coast Sportfisherman Magazine. This guy is one helluva good fisherman and writer! Sorry, but...
  481. Fred Archer

    Down Rigging Hali - Spreader Bars

    Trolling, drifting and even anchoring in current with Spiders run off of downriggers are all great ways for catching both California and Pacific halibut along with a broad range of "by-catch" that includes salmon (for sure...just ask Crackerjack and other Alaskan guides) and halibut (ask those...
  482. Fred Archer

    Sand Eel

    Ed, Here is what I'd try... Spiders can be fished both deep and up top. They are deadly down deep and up top, running as a spreaderbar.
  483. Fred Archer

    can anyone help a newb?

    Halilob, A young student, just starting out halibut fishing? Please email Chris at [email protected] We will send you a complimentary copy of The Halibut Trollers Bible e-book. Heck, it will even read itself out loud to you and page through the book as it does! Meantime, keep hitting...
  484. Fred Archer

    Family day in Catalina. 30lb sheepshead? Lobster!

    Johnathon, Good point on Travis holding the fish close to his body for a realistic size reference. I am constantly amazed by how many people hold fish out at arm's length or near arm's length toward the camera to make them look bigger for photos. The most amazing are the ones who are...
  485. Fred Archer

    Charter Fishing in Baja/Stimulator Sportfishing

    I have known Jay since his earliest days running that beautiful boat of his up in Dana Point. And I watched as he won the Won Tuna and (I believe) the Bisbee in one year, something that I don't think that anyone has ever done before or since. He is being very humble here, which is exactly how...
  486. Fred Archer

    Clamming has gone to the dogs

    What a great story! I love all dogs, but have a huge love for the Labbies. Never heard of one that dug clams, though, but I wouldn't put it past them. They truly are remarkable beings (I don't call them "animals") that are filled with love and that regard their owners as gods that they can't...
  487. Fred Archer

    Family day in Catalina. 30lb sheepshead? Lobster!

    Golldang, Travis, that is MobySheepshead there! Or maybe Arnold SchwartznSheep. Both were beautiful, healthy fish and big time kudos for releasing them to pass on their super genes. Then you pile the bugs on top and a purty little galfriend, what more could you ask for? WOW! I see you...
  488. Fred Archer

    TaguriBullet Jigs

    Nicely done, as usual, G-San. Used to make something along the same lines...heavy, reg lead J-feather head with leader run through regular way, hollow squids of various sizes (same as whatever they're eating) with a cork surf float stuffed in it. Added a stopper a couple of feet in front so...
  489. Fred Archer

    Warning if you're going to the FHS

    Tony, Spot on! That's a good place, usually not a zoo like at the show and of course, better prices. I too recommend it, but I'd go off the regular lunch or dinner hours because it's popular with the locals.
  490. Fred Archer

    Looking for a T Shark Expert

    If you look hard at the responses here, it's clear to see that as it is with many styles of fishing, there are a lot of different alternatives available. Some are better than others, some are better or worse, depending on time of year and the bait that the fish are concentrating on, or where...
  491. Fred Archer


    Thank you Jason. Yes, all of the art in my books is done by me. Never had any art lessons, just a powerful love of the animals and the game and a likewise powerful desire to draw them. I am not an artist, I am a mere untrained drawer who works at it until he gets drawings that he likes...
  492. Fred Archer


    Vahan, Go back to the main board and scroll down to my board. Picts there and more details coming. Whisker....must have been something to see, eh? That thing was a real chunk and must have looked awesome in the flesh! The Gate is a great place to hook up a big tuna, because it is so...
  493. Fred Archer


    Here are the pictures. 380 pounds! Story to follow.
  494. Fred Archer


    And it's selling like hotcakes! A whole new approach to chumming for makos and threshers that combines the two best ways of catching sharks, chumming and trolling. The technique taught in this book eliminates blue sharks, dogfish and other undesirables, lets you fish little tackle for little...
  495. Fred Archer


    Just got the report and pictures of a 380# yellowfin from my pal, the famous Minerva ("Minny") Saenz of Cabo San Lucas. Caught on live bait on Golden Gate on Minerva III with captain David on the wheel over the weekend. Man, what a toad! Felicitaciones Capitan David! Grande pinche atun...
  496. Fred Archer

    Sd Bay pullin hard, drinkin harder

    Teddy, Looks like a good trip, but I got a bigger kick out of that Labby in your avatar. How unusual, one eating (LOL)! Good thing you aren't spoiling him, too (ha-ha!) My male, Black Bart, stole a whole jar of peanut butter, got the cap off and ate the whole damned thing night before...
  497. Fred Archer

    APB!!!! HELP TOMMY!!!! READ ME!!!!

    This is real tragedy for Tommy. Maybe moreso than some realize. That show is the high point for many companies like his and in this economic climate, stocking up and making merchandise and other goods and building a booth, etc., is a huge monetary gamble in the first place, forget about losing...
  498. Fred Archer

    SNOOKS ON THIS /02 /2009

    Carlos, Great catch of los robalos! Funny, they happen to be one of the most sought after fish in the world, with Florida guys running all over the place for them, including some far off and very expensive venues, yet there don't seem to be many West Coasters who go for them. They are great...
  499. Fred Archer

    Broad Bill shot NZ.

    Wow! Somebody better tell the longliners that! Boy-oh-boy, are they going to be disappointed! There are many of us who have been fishing for and catching swordfish on circle hooks for decades. That's all I have to say.
  500. Fred Archer

    Skunk on the LB Hali

    Nick, Yes, you can. Both Rapalas and broken back Rebels are used by some folks who do a number on halibut trolling them and don't talk about it. Check out my board, "get out of the slow lane" for the rig used. Good Luck!
  501. Fred Archer

    Booty Poppers?

    G-Man, Awesome, innovative stuff! Few are capable of coming up with ideas and construction like this. You truly are a genius, my friend! And that wire work (and everything else, really) is just amazing. Waytago! Thanks for the thorough look-see. Ali better have his jock tied on...
  502. Fred Archer

    Sand Eel

    Ed, Oh yes, sand eels. They used to be THE bait for just about anything that swam when I was back east. I understood that their population went way down...sounds like they are back? That's great! We have a couple of squids that I think do a great job of immitating them and I love then...
  503. Fred Archer


    Here is Bloody Decker and Marine biologist (who has studied halibut professionally) and former commercial rod and reel halibut fisherman Matt Goldsworthy's (Vulpinus) chapter from "Secrets of the West Coast Private Boat Pro's". It is actually only one of two chapters on the technique, the...
  504. Fred Archer

    Nice mixed bag falls for jigging downeast style

    Tcateando, A-yup, that theaya teasa thing works! I don't need to see the rig to know what you are talking about. It's another one of the "trans-coastal" techniques that works like crazy in both places. In the Nor'east, it's cod, pollack, hake, congers and maybe even halibut. Out here it's...
  505. Fred Archer

    Fred Hall Sneak Peak....

    Bitchin', Ali!
  506. Fred Archer

    It's that TIME! I need pics for the Fred Hall Booth

    Ali, Got tons, including some big show poster and banner types if you're interested. PM or EM me if you're interested. fred
  507. Fred Archer


    Threshers, makos, salmon and porbeagel sharks ONLY! No blue sharks, dogfish, skates, bluefish, or anything else that you don't want to catch. That's it.
  508. Fred Archer

    Fred Archer's Bars..are Fred's..period.

    Fishin' Magician is a good man. I have known him for many years and respect him as an honest competitor. He has worked hard and long to establish and maintain his business and I have a great deal of respect for that too. He had a very difficult personal issue years ago that hurt him badly. I...
  509. Fred Archer

    OAC Annual Open Halibut Tourney April 4th, 2009

    Lots of luck with the halibut tournament. I have to add my props to what a great club this one is. I used to go down and give seminars in the early days of shark fishing and it was always a ball, a class meeting, and a bunch of really great guys. This was in the earliest days of thresher...
  510. Fred Archer

    Finally bloodied the deck

    Nice going, Erik. Pretty fish. Hey Corney...this might not be exact, but it's close. Great color when the fish are on anchovies or herring. It's from the halibut book.
  511. Fred Archer

    Mackerel Gets sharked

    Krikey, Mate! Thanks for the video. Those sure like B whalers to me. About fifteen years ago I fished Bathurst Island with Mal Florence and some other Aussies. This was the first research trip to find a location for Barra Base. I couldn't believe it when we were up little mangrove creeks...
  512. Fred Archer

    More halibut speed word from a pro

    Here is a little bit of what our newest contributor to The Halibut Fisherman's Bible, Ruben Valdez, has to say about trolling speeds. Ruben is a legitimate and licensed rod and reel commercial halibut fisherman and has been for many years now. We are very pleased to add him and his wisdom to...
  513. Fred Archer

    Meet "Ruca"

    Hey, G-Man...Here is one of the best, least known California and Pacific halibut baits around, a Humbolt squid tentacle. Look familiar? If that Ruka wants to float with little or no salt in it, man, I'll bet it would slay the 'butts, even without the float. However, those who used them...
  514. Fred Archer

    Picture did not attach

    Nice wahoolotes!
  515. Fred Archer

    Maui no ka oi

    Nice mahi's! And downstairs is often a great way to catch them. Many, many times we caught bunches of them down in Cabo after weeks of nobody seeing them on the surface. We caught them on downriggers and planers under areas where the striped marlin were finning and sleeping and refusing...
  516. Fred Archer

    Fishing First Aid Kit

    This is a serious matter that I always write about in my books. Whether you put your own together or you buy a serious kit from a medical supply house, it is something that you should do before your next trip if you don't have one, no matter what. Roger on the Super Glue. That stuff is...
  517. Fred Archer

    It's Time To Start......

    PHEW! Didn't realize he was fishing. Glad you're back and okay, Shepherd... . . . . . I think - LOL!
  518. Fred Archer

    Terrafin Now Covers Hawaii

    Terrafin does a great job and those charts will absolutely put you on the right breaks that more than likely have fish on them, versus guessing and hoping and hunting. Way worth the price in fuel savings alone, and time saving and the fish you catch that you wouldn't make his service worth its...
  519. Fred Archer


    Nail on the head, Pedro. That the Gambler out of Point Pleasant? If so, we used to be neighbors! Very famous and top boat, that one. Very close to the way that we do it, but we have added some pretty different twists to it. Power chumming first and foremost. We go where the bait and the...
  520. Fred Archer

    It's Time To Start......

    Arne, I am with you. He's really got me worried. Damnit, Keta, POST SOMETHING! And that's an order!
  521. Fred Archer

    local bugn 2-8-09

    Ah, geez, Dad-Man, did you have to go and post that picture of that incredible chow? It's makin' me nuts! Now that I can't do that sort of catching anymore, it's torture. Oh well, I do have some frozen shrimp and some albacore and some jalipeno & cheese venison sausage in the freezer. No...
  522. Fred Archer


    Is this how you chum for sharks???
  523. Fred Archer

    Meet "Ruca"

    G-Man, That thing looks great! I remember Biwaco when the bass fishermen of the time used to only fish with tiny plastics and caught bunches of little bass, but few big ones. As soon as I found out that the aiyu farmers wanted the bass to be poisoned and removed from the lake I knew that...
  524. Fred Archer

    How to steak out a Mako or Thresher shark

    Yah, Corny, they're both great eating and one big thresher will go a long, long way toward filling the freezer for a year. I read on one of the boards up there that the biologists caught ten threshers for every sword they got during some longline research. I think there's a lot more of them...
  525. Fred Archer

    local bugn 2-8-09

    Behdad, You ain't that old yet if you go out in that kind of stuff. But Janis Joplin was right..."Get it while you can"! Creak, creak, stumble, faht, run, poopy, fall, oh no! What wuz my name agin? Yeah, get it while you can...whatever it is!
  526. Fred Archer

    local bugn 2-8-09

    Nice going, Behdad! Hard to imagine fishing or hooping in what I saw here last night. Good on ya for toughing it out, but be careful when you're by your lonesome. Hah, those traps are gettin' heavier because you're gettin' older, Dad-Man! Been there, done that.
  527. Fred Archer

    Offshore Apollo 1.5's

    Nice going, young fellow. Welcome to Bloody Decks. And this is a good, positive first post, too. A good way to start. Don't worry about the pictures and posting procedures - they will come with a little time and trying and I'm sure that you'll get some help from some of the members and...
  528. Fred Archer

    La harbor 12-30 & 31-08

    Pictures of kids fishing snooker people into buying more fishing books? Wow! I’ve been writing books for almost twenty years now and I didn’t realize that! Why, I’ll have to run right out and get allll of the pictures of kids fishing that I can and put ‘em all over my books if it...
  529. Fred Archer


    Has anyone noticed that a lot of BIG halibut have been getting caught by drifters lately? That's a simple statement of fact, not an attempt to start an argument with anyone who prefers a different way of fishing. In fact, in a way, this goes a different direction than the post I made here about...
  530. Fred Archer


    Kerncat, Yup, the Rapalas are very good halibut killers, especially when they're on anchovies, grunion and smelt - all of which are big time halibut chow. And when that stuff is spawning in the surf, including the halibut - stand back! It really tears them up! The guys who do it a lot don't...
  531. Fred Archer

    La harbor 12-30 & 31-08

    Kendrick, He's writing away as we speak. Funny what you say about the kids...he has posted lots of pictures of them holding some nice halibut? Maybe they're okay on calm days? I dunno, but I sure like to see kids and dads fishing together. We are really looking forward to his input...
  532. Fred Archer

    Long Beach Monsters

    Travis, Lordy, a real Lobstrosity! And a fair weather fisherman, you ain't! Nice going. Especially loved that Labby...a real beauty, that one. 15-25% of the price of my books goes to Lab Rescue and will after I'm gone. Lobstrosities and a beaut, special dog. Right on! Thanks for...
  533. Fred Archer

    La harbor 12-30 & 31-08

    Kenny, Ruben and I have gone over this. And I'm pleased to say that he is going to be putting some pointers together for an updated version of The Halibut Fisherman's Bible that will be out shortly. He'll will be joining the other experts from up and down the coast who have contributed...
  534. Fred Archer

    Hawaiian Marauders?

    Thanks Trooper. It really works, so be sure to rig up a couple of Hammers that you can loop-to-loop of in no time when you swing in on that Ono Highway and loop right off when you slide outside. Meantime, get yourself back to that good sand and be careful, you hear! Grander. Roger on the...
  535. Fred Archer

    Hawaiian Marauders?

    Jim, We have some retired Marauders in Wahoo Trollers Bibles that look just like that! I specialized in and ran a lot of wahoo-specific charters down in Cabo and I believe that we were the only ones to do that for many years and perhaps even to this day. I have loved catching wahoo for...
  536. Fred Archer

    2/4 Halibut/Sculpin Bite

    Sounds like a great trip! Good going on the halibut and you're right, those sculpies are some real horses. Between them and that butt, looks like there's gonna be a few very nice dinners too. I love seeing dads and their sons or daughters fishing together, regardless of how old any of them...
  537. Fred Archer

    Cool Bird and a Couple of Spotfins

    Wow! Beautiful animals! Thanks!
  538. Fred Archer

    La harbor 12-30 & 31-08

    Wow! As described, that sure looks like a good deal to me. And there's no doubt that it has a history of slaying the halibut, too. If Ruben throws in a lesson on how he does it, it's an even better deal! Good luck to both buyer and seller. The picture below is from the Halibut Book...
  539. Fred Archer


    A simple statement of fact, not an attempt to start and argument with anyone who prefers a different way of fishing. In fact, in a way, this goes a different direction than the post I made here about getting in "the fast lane". Except, of course, that a lot of very nice 'buts are getting...
  540. Fred Archer

    The other side of Cabo

    Ivra, Thanks for the report and picts. Good to see that you had a good indoctrination to the Cabo salt. Those bonitos were the barilette blancos, or true Pacific bonitos. They are great eating, so I hope you chowed on them. Good going, man!
  541. Fred Archer


    Saluki, Good to hear. It's kind of surprising how few people fish Rapalas and Rebels this way. They are great surface lures, but they are also very good deep fishing that all species go after. Helmet, Too many variables involved to honestly answer your question concerning weight...
  542. Fred Archer


    I just posted this in the Tutorial Board, but not a lot of fishermen go there, so I'm posting it here (where not to many go, either!) for those who won't see it over there. It's from The Halibut Troller's Bible, which costs a lot less than a single halibut rig and that offers up a small fortune...
  543. Fred Archer

    Flashers for Hali

    Gerry, Thanks for the input. I know that halibut fishing is very popular up in your area, maybe even moreso of late because of the salmon situation. As you move further and further north from SoCal halibut fishing becomes more and more popular, first for the California's and then for the...
  544. Fred Archer


    G-Man, Genke? Okini...right? "Osaka boy talk". Dang! Everytime I see "Osaka" I get the shivering willies. Spent good amounts of time there back in the day. My girlfriend, a gorgeous woman with incredibly bad taste in men (obviously) owned a singing bar in Sakai City and she used to...
  545. Fred Archer


    G-Man, Genke? Okini...right? "Osaka boy talk". Dang! Everytime I see "Osaka" I get the shivering willies. Spent good amounts of time there back in the day. My girlfriend, a gorgeous woman with incredibly bad taste in men (obviously) owned a singing bar in Sakai City and she used to...
  546. Fred Archer


    Check these hawgs out from way back when I was running Shimano. We were in a shark tournament that day (those are my "Shimano Saltwater Angling Team" - "SWAT" shirts) and we marked a pile of bottom meat while we were drifting and chumming. Two drops, two triples, the first one was the three...
  547. Fred Archer

    Back in the day........

    Daayyemmm! That is one monster AJ! Glad I didn't have to mess with that gorilla! Those pups are yellowtail on steroids! And that one looks like Arnold Shwartzenjack! Here's a shot from the same time period. Less fight, better eatin'. The old days were pretty good ones! Oh, and...
  548. Fred Archer

    Capt. Jake Jordan's report

    Hey Legend, Please pass my "howdy" along to Jake. He's an old buddy from a long time ago who I lost touch with too long ago. That has to be some kind of operation down there with greats like Jake and Ron. Truly great anglers! Wow!
  549. Fred Archer

    La Paz advice

    Fishermen's Fleet. Leading edge, all the way. Great tackle, including Accurates and new Internationals. Exceptional crews. American owner who lives there year round with his family. The first fleet in The Baja to adopt SuperBars and they have and use plenty of them and their reports speak...
  550. Fred Archer


    Roger, Jesse. Peace is good. Catch 'em up!
  551. Fred Archer

    Fred Archer Advice.

    Thank YOU, Scott. The information that I post here is meant for anybody who is interested and meant to help them catch more fish. Sure, I mention my books and lures (and things like Toad Teasers and rigging tricks and much more) where appropriate, but that is more because they are part and...
  552. Fred Archer

    Fred Archer Advice.

    Okay Bruce, this will have to be short and sweet because I am stacked up with all kinds of stuff right now. Plus, it is basically impossible for me to do all of the one-on-ones that I am asked about, which was the main reason that I started writing books in the first place. Plus, it is...
  553. Fred Archer


    Jesse, My apologies if I misinterpreted your post. I try to keep the cave a friendly, peaceful place for the exchange of ideas and even disagreements because I really don't like that Internet fighting stuff and I guess I get overly sensitive sometimes. Once again, my sincere apologies for...
  554. Fred Archer

    Big Time Stripers with Renegade Mike

    Yo, Mike...mondo sierras. Nice pargo too. Good going! Too many people miss out on the awesome inshore fishing down there.
  555. Fred Archer

    Times are tough... NON-fishing related

    Good luck to all of you who are facing this nightmare. I worry about all of us, but we old farts for the most part have saved enough and have SS, etc. to live simple, but meaningful and happy lives. Having a couple of good-hearted, loving Labs sure helps me, and I'm not kidding about that...
  556. Fred Archer

    Butt a strange fish

    Man, what an awesome critter! Thank you so much for posting it and the others for id'ing it. Wow! Very cool!
  557. Fred Archer

    Fred Archer Advice.

    Bruce, Thank you for your patience and sorry I haven't gotten back to you yet - busy dealing with the SPAM posse that I'm not very impressed with, but that I won't allow on my turf without letting them know that this isn't the sort of forum to go around busting my, or anyone else's chops in...
  558. Fred Archer


    Keta, It gets pretty bad when you, a member, ask a question and somebody who has probably never even seen, let alone caught a big sierra or maybe even a wahoo has to start yelling that SPAM bullshit. Most know that there is a big difference between solid, free friggin' information that could...
  559. Fred Archer

    cabo in july

    Mid-to-late July is kind of a transitional period for Cabo, but it can be a good time for serious anglers after blue marlin, the later in the month, the better. Yes, it will be hot as hell during the daytimes, but the majority of Cabo is air conditioned. I don't know about big winds. Cabo was...
  560. Fred Archer

    Anchor up for 'butt?

    The fish below came on a whole humpy bridled to a monster black marlin hook to try to keep the hundred pound "dinks" off of it. From south of Juneau, I'm told it was a big fish for that area and it was a lodge record at the time. Fish kicked my ass on a BeastMaster 50/80 two speed. Broke my...
  561. Fred Archer

    What kind of fish can I expect in Cabo in Early Feb?

    Good stuff from Cappy Mike. Traditionally, there are still plenty of stripers around in February, he will know where they are and will find them for you. But marlin aren't the only game around at that time of year. That yellowtail bite that Mike mentioned can really be great at that time of...
  562. Fred Archer

    Anchor up for 'butt?

    Here's a big pot. There's a point with current where it's awful hard to keep a pot down, but as long as you don't overload it with chum, this one does a good job because it's got a really heavy bottom, plus you can actually toss some big sinkers in. It's best to use as small a diameter line to...
  563. Fred Archer

    T'was the day after Christmas

    Dylan, Thanks for the additional shots of that great stream. I used to be a real summer steelhead maniac with flies and that water looks like it would be flat terrific for the flies in summer. Looks like the kind of water where some of the summers wind up jumping up on gravel banks and then...
  564. Fred Archer

    It was a bad day to be a Sea Kitten up here in Oregon..

    Bud, Whoa, you were right...great trip! Great photos from God's Country. Nice going, Cappy. Thanks...made my day.
  565. Fred Archer

    LB 1/16/09

    Craig, What a beauty! You're obviously a lucky man. Oh, and nice halibut, too... Beaut Yellow. Yes, best friends. Thanks for the look-see.
  566. Fred Archer

    I Love Cabo in the Winter!

    Smitch, No question, they are top guys, plus the equipment and boats are A#1. The crews make a huge difference when you fish in Mex, Central, or South America, don't they? A great day with a great crew is much like a day with good friends, not hired hands who don't seem to like or care...
  567. Fred Archer

    T'was the day after Christmas

    Beautiful fish! Man, what a pretty river, too! Thanks
  568. Fred Archer

    Sole, SBB 1/8 w/pix

    ChrisFish, Look again. Sole.
  569. Fred Archer

    Sole, SBB 1/8 w/pix

    Jack, Thank you for the comback. I love eating them too. There are some of them up in Newport too, but the same potential sewage situation applies as far as many fishermen are concerned. There are also some of the flounders with the very small mouths up there. Those are the ones where the...
  570. Fred Archer

    Flashers for Hali

    Mark, Thank you for the positive input. Yes, there are a lot of different ways to fish for and catch halibut and it sounds like you're one of those well-rounded guys who knows many of them. Good on ya. Paragon. I wasn't addressing that guy, but hmmm. I guess you have a point. I have...
  571. Fred Archer

    $300 dollar Charter.

    Amen, Dale. Amen, bro. Some things are more valuable than money. Good luck!
  572. Fred Archer

    ano nuevo de cabo san lucas..pic heavy

    I love dem sierra's! Love catching 'em, love eatin' 'em ceviche-style (The Mexicans repeatedly told me that they were "the" fish that ceviche was created with), love eatin' 'em sashimi-style, love eatin' 'em frito (fried). Great, savage, flesh slicin', beautiful fish. We used to target the...
  573. Fred Archer

    Halibut Hunt

    The dreaded (by me, at least) full moon. In over fifty years of fishing for all kinds of different fish and keeping detailed logs, I for one have had terrible luck on everything but wahoo on both full and new moons. I don't know if I'm the only one who has experienced this, but I personally...
  574. Fred Archer

    Flashers for Hali

    ??Fisherman, It’s good to see that you respect those who prefer a different way to fish halibut, but that you recognize that there is a lot more than one way to do that and do it well. Also, this site has fans up and down the West Coast and on the east coast as well, and we are talking...
  575. Fred Archer

    Broad Bill shot NZ.

    Steve, Excellent reports and as a big time swordfish fan, it's good to see the Kiwi's after 'em again. I say again because fifteen or twenty years ago good numbers were caught off of Bay of Isles by at least one boat that went very wide to a bank the name of which I have forgotten. A good...
  576. Fred Archer

    How to steak out a Mako or Thresher shark

    Agreed on the cutting. Hope the drawings help.
  577. Fred Archer

    PV Report 12/16-1/03

    Jefe, Awesome avatar! Who is the artist?
  578. Fred Archer

    Sole, SBB 1/8 w/pix

    Nice day on the water, including getting that shot of the sole. For some reason, sole are basically a non-targeted species here. That’s a shame because the facts are, they are wonderful eating and are quite possibly the most popular of all of the finfish for the big commercial draggers...
  579. Fred Archer


    Wow! What a bunch of nasty looking animals! And those squid were pretty gnarly too! LOL! Hope that they eat good for ya. I've eaten them many times and never had a bad batch...delicious! Same exact critters as the "Diablos Rojo" from Santa Rosalita, where much of the calamari for the...
  580. Fred Archer

    Supercows off Cabo

    Otoro, Sad, but well said. I agree. The tuna are doomed, all for the almighty yen and a fancy, not a necessary food. It is nigh onto criminal in my mind. It reminds me of the even worse of the unimaginably cruel and wasteful practice of finning sharks for a mere soup. Cold Tuna...Not...
  581. Fred Archer

    Supercows off Cabo

    Frijolitos, Thank you so much for the details on that big PV 'hoo. I have had that pict for a long time and never knew the details, but I wrote many times that it looked like a huge model. I don't care if it was 202 or 212#, it just has to be the biggest wahoo ever caught, or certainly that...
  582. Fred Archer

    ano nuevo de cabo san lucas..pic heavy

    Glad you had a great trip. And so you know, that was a grande sierra!
  583. Fred Archer

    Supercows off Cabo

    Wow! A dead marlin with a crowd standing behind it. How impressive, at least for those who think that dead marlin are cool. I don't. I can't show you any that I have caught, except for some live ones in the water. And I have been fishing for and catching them since I was thirteen years old...
  584. Fred Archer

    Cabo January18th to Febuary 9th

    All good stuff from Matt. Add Gardenia's Tacoria to you list of don't mess food places. On the road to the back of the Marina at the MacDonalds turn off. A couple blocks down on the right. Big place, you can't miss it. Lunch and afternoon only, or it used to be. Best taco place in Cabo as...
  585. Fred Archer


    Wow! Those sure are some monster dorados! Thanks for the report!
  586. Fred Archer


    Threshers are present in SoCal waters on a year-round basis. They move around some, but the pup fishery remains inshore virtually all of the time. I don't ever give out details on that because I'm afraid of some people taking advantage of those fish and killing too many of them. They are a...
  587. Fred Archer

    Supercows off Cabo

    Jason & Wound up, I can't change the facts when it comes to where the last two all-tackle world record wahoos came from. The comment was merely a statement of fact. There are other waters with some mighty big 'hoo in them, but the records are the records and where they were caught is where...
  588. Fred Archer

    Offshore Adecade on the "Fresh One"

    Matt, A grand lady and very happy looking crew. Here's to many more good days with her and your friends and thanks for the look-see at her.
  589. Fred Archer

    NO Excuse Shark Reel?

    Stanley and Brice, Exactly. From my first shark book over fifteen years ago to the latest, I have talked and promoted the "Makos and Threshers Only" technique and knocking "Three Blind Mice Fishing". However, a lot of people troll for threshers and I can tell you for a fact that it's a...
  590. Fred Archer

    NO Excuse Shark Reel?

    Sharks come in all sizes and many species. The best reel for a given fish is the one that you have lured into your trolling pattern or chum slick, have sized up and picked the right rod and reel for...period!
  591. Fred Archer

    Supercows off Cabo

    The last two all tackle, world record wahoo, one 153# and one 183", came from the waters of The Baja. Our best fish was 138#. Over.
  592. Fred Archer

    Why Mooching reels?

    Yeah, Keta, right on, bro! Fight that good fight, guys who are doing that...and remember, you are lucky if you get to fight it in the first place. I should have been dead as a young lad in a jungle long ago in another land, but I fought then and I still do. Kick death in the nuts and laugh...
  593. Fred Archer

    It's Time To Start......

    Throw the damned "conventional wisdom" out the window, for crying out loud! That includes the ultra-dangerous fighting of fish stand up style in smaller boats. The long range guys have rails that in truth, save a lot of lives, but that many don't speak of when they show off their big fish...
  594. Fred Archer

    It's Time To Start......

    Sorry, Got tired last night and really didn't finish the Hammer thing. And I have been trying hard not to make long posts anywhere anymore because I can now do so on my website (videos coming too) and besides, those posts take a lot of work and generally aren't appreciated by some who can't...
  595. Fred Archer

    Supercows off Cabo

    (Mumbling to myself)...I personally think that both venues have good big tuna potential, but there is a big difference between the crews, gear and primary target fish and even the expertise and expectations of the average angler who goes to each venue. In Cabo the average customer is tourist...
  596. Fred Archer

    It's Time To Start......

    Terrific! Some guys who still remember and actually still use Dacron and who can back up its terrific longevity. I expected that from fly fishermen, but not others. A very pleasant surprise. Very good advice on the Cortland closeout site. Didn't know they had that and I think they...
  597. Fred Archer

    Why Mooching reels?

    Bitchin' beemer! Sickness, Wow! Fellow sufferers. Got a bad one too, also incurable and no fun at all. Every time I ask him how much time I have left, my doc says I should have been dead three years ago and that if I last a little longer he's gonna take credit for it, write an article...
  598. Fred Archer

    It's Time To Start......

    It's ironic how this Spectra/Braid thing has become the (grossly expensive) be-all and end-all of getting a lot of low or non-stretch line on reels. The line that started it all, Dacron, has been completely dismissed by virtually everyone and it sure as hell shouldn't have been! Maybe I'll...
  599. Fred Archer

    Super Bar Bigeyes

    Welcome to The Cave, Canyongear. I was going to note that the post about those fish and what they were caught on was made by Makoexpress and that he would hopefully answer it. I see that he did. He happens to be a quiet, straight shooting, very good fisherman and guy. I'm glad that he...
  600. Fred Archer

    Why Mooching reels?

    It's sure clear that there are different strokes for different folks when it comes to the moochers versus conventionals. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as the old lady said when she kissed the cow. One place where I beg to disagree is this spooling of conventional reels thing...
  601. Fred Archer

    New Year's in Cabo with Dream Weaver

    Mario, Well, naturally I liked your betcha! Glad you got to see the bars do their thing. Aren't they a blast to watch and see the tunas explode on them? Every bite is a surface bite. Fun! Congrats on getting a bunch of tunas. Marlin have been common as dirt down there for...
  602. Fred Archer

    Why Mooching reels?

    Well, since this thread got "modified" a bit, here's one of my two P cars. The other is a 911SC Targa. The 930 is a real, German one...not a kit car. These babies are a secret obsession of this old fish head.
  603. Fred Archer

    Anchor up for 'butt?

    You guys are right...there is more than one way to skin a halibut. That's why we cover every technique we've ever heard of in the halibut book. One thing, though. There are different traditional regional approaches to catching fish of all kinds, but the fish themselves remain constant, even...
  604. Fred Archer

    Why Mooching reels?

    This is a really neat thread for me. Reminds me of the time I went up to Rivers Inlet (fished several steelhead rivers on the way up) to fish what were then the new mooching reels our Canadian guys (Tom Brooke) had developed for that market. It was the first time that I had ever used them and...
  605. Fred Archer

    New Years Eve somehwere North of Santa Mionica Bay

    Jim, Thanks for the great report. I enjoyed the heck out of it. Good to see someone who understands structure hunt a new area and get the reward. And the picts of that little linger were just great! Looked like he had a real attitude, in spite of his size. Bogster. Good to hear you're...
  606. Fred Archer

    Need Cabo san Lucas advice

    I second what has been written about Renegade Mike's operation. If you really want to get into a wide open marlin bite (with too many dorado and some tunas), shell out the bucks and run up to the Finger Bank. A buddy of mine is fishing there right now. He and his brothers C&R'd forty one...
  607. Fred Archer

    Anchor up for 'butt?

    To me, this is a very interesting thread. While researching our new Halibut Book and in discussions with co-author Matt Goldsworthy, who is a marine biologist who has studied both California and Pacific halibut extensively, including duty aboard a Bering sea dragger and factory ship, and has...
  608. Fred Archer

    Anyone ever fish with this lure???

    I pretty much agree with El Capo on those big tunas...that they are most likely adult bigeye, that is. They tolerate cold water like champs because, like bluefin, they are endothermic. The adults spend most of their time in thousands of feet of water and rise up with the deep scattering layer...
  609. Fred Archer


    As usual, great job, Ramiro.
  610. Fred Archer

    La harbor 12-30 & 31-08

    Wow! Nice work, nice fish! And that asada...oh, Lord, reminds me of my home down Mexico way! Pass them cebollitos!
  611. Fred Archer

    Offshore Epic lingosaurus bite on the "Legend" again off Colnett & above.

    Harry, Mucho yums! Looks like it was a great trip with everyone having a ball. And great chow on board and going home too. Excellent! And I second the great picts. Nice job!
  612. Fred Archer

    Offshore New Years Day Albacore Trip

    Good luck, Bob! Was thinking about you and 7S while writing a new book. Remember this one? It's in there. What a killer lure! (Note the wahoo patch job on the side.) Good luck out there. If there are bluefin, there should be albies. Of course, I imagine that you might just settle for...
  613. Fred Archer

    Advice for Cabo charters???

    I pretty much second Paragon's opinion regarding the wide diversity of amenities in want wild (or maybe only one night of it), there's the famous Squid Row, Cabo Wabo, Sammy Hagar's place (which has an awesome, gourmet quality restaurant upstairs. Sammy, who is a hardcore fisherman...
  614. Fred Archer

    La Paz, Mag Bay

    Hey Verne! Uh, did you say "videos"? Hmmm.
  615. Fred Archer

    $400 dollar Panga

    Both of you guys...those sure are pretty boats!
  616. Fred Archer


    If you do, visit the website and read the chapter from the upcoming Baja Book on the very different tackle, techniques and places where true monster sierra are caught, right along with terrific "by-catch" of big numbers of wahoo, dorado, school tuna, grouper, pargo, aj's, yellowtail and others...
  617. Fred Archer

    $300 dollar Charter.

    You charter guys, whether you're running a panga, a cruiser, or a fleet of either or both, I've been there and done that and have walked in your shoes and my sympathies are with you. The facts are, if you are a gringo, you damned well better go by the rules or sooner or later (and sooner, if...
  618. Fred Archer

    Moldcraft copies??

    Absolutely not Moldcraft lures. Frank Johnson, Moldcraft owner and the man who came up with the patented process and complex equipment for producing one of the most innovative and effect lure lineups ever is a very good friend of mine and has been since the very earliest days. His son, Frank...
  619. Fred Archer

    Sevenstrand Sonic Eal

    I have no use for them personally. And yes, I ran them a ton when I got my first ones. I saw no difference between them and any other good marlin lure. I don't make marlin lures anymore and haven't for a long time, so I have zero vested interest here. And at a couple of hundred bucks a pop...
  620. Fred Archer


    Keta, Thanks. It is true that I am a computer monkey and don't know my way around them. Never said different. Thanks again.
  621. Fred Archer


    Amen, Bro's! Now all we have to do is convince those folks who don't fish with them yet. And yes, get solid, in-depth knowledge of whatever big game thing you are into or getting into. The consequences of not doing so can be horrendous. Read Ripper!
  622. Fred Archer

    Need Cabo san Lucas advice

    Yep, Luis is the man and Minerva's is the place. WEBSITE Fred Archer's Fishing World
  623. Fred Archer


    You're right, Ali. Get that circle in them and they are yours, at least as far as the hook not pulling is concerned. I believe that Keta is splitting hairs a bit (Keta? Not Keta!) and maybe even confusing hook performance to angler rigging and/or performance. Mistakes at the end game, stupid...
  624. Fred Archer

    Making cedar plugs??

    Just for information's sake, Sea Striker, the ones who created the original cedar plugs, makes theirs from salt cedar only. This kind is found in the Piedmont part of the Carolinas. They have told me that the salt cedar is much denser than any other kind of cedar, lasts forever in saltwater...
  625. Fred Archer


    Thanks all, As far as the new UpRigger-types are concerned, you can be assured that we will come up with something innovative and superior and they will be brutally tested before we introduce them. We will come up with another name for them, in spite of the fact that I am the one who came up...
  626. Fred Archer

    Anyone ever fish with this lure???

    This is not to be argumentive, but rather to help. I have probably trolled squid imitations more than most on spreaderbars, Spiders and by themselves off of long riggers for blue and black marlin. I have also tried every kind of molded squid, including the subject ones. I vastly prefer the...
  627. Fred Archer

    Tagging fish in PV

    David Brackmann, his brothers and their dad have been tagging billfish both up here and in Cabo for many years. I'm pretty sure that David and the guys use Billfish Foundation tags, and they have recently been involved in the use of archival tags. David is an officer with TBF. His brother...
  628. Fred Archer

    Cabo San Lucas Report

    No question about it, Mike is a top gunner of the first order. Not many like him down there, or anywhere else, for that matter. Full moon...wahoo time! 20-50 lines.
  629. Fred Archer

    Swordfish porn

    Bud, Roger on FF. Good people across-the-board and a top operation. I'm honored. You and 1 Big please PM me with your email addresses and I will reply with the hook info. Not many WC guys will actually try this stuff, but it sounds like you guys will. Do it right, including daytime...
  630. Fred Archer


    A couple of great shots of a big circle hook doing it's thing (no more fish lost to head shakes with those things!) and gill gaff doing its thing. Thanks to Randy Kane for sending these to me. This is a big Pacific halibut, the kind caught in Nor Cal on up to Alaska and even down here in SoCal...
  631. Fred Archer

    Mr.T and the Livingston

    Great stuff! They truly are great fish and those jump shots surely do confirm that. That is a fishery that, as you can see, has a lot of pups in it, along with some good sized fish. It as been kept quiet for a very long time and that has been a good thing IMO because some might go on a real...
  632. Fred Archer

    Last Weeks Mag Bay Report

    Vern, I'd have loved to have been there, but my fishing nowadays has to come through folks like you. Thanks for the heads up and sharing your experience. The tunas and everything else goes flat-out berserko on the bars. I never experienced that "ducking them" thing, but that's because, as...
  633. Fred Archer

    Marine Fuel Bladders

    Keta, you brought a chuckle to this old curmudgeon. Back when I was a kid and me and some other crazy bastards were first starting to run a hundred off to the northeastern canyons we had a substantial fuel problem. So get this, we solved it by using inflatable plastic swimming pools! They...