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  1. wildcat

    Pats get Hainesworth

    Fuck me...They could finally motivate that lazy rich idiot...
  2. wildcat

    Vet for my dog in north county san diego

    Anybody know a good vet??? Dog has come up lame on his left leg and need to get him in quickly... Thanks
  3. wildcat

    Reels for a rediculous price

    Accurate 270 - Good condition 8/10 $200 2 TLD30 2 Speeds just serviced - 8/10 $200 for both Trini 14 - Brand spankin new - 9/10 $175 Trini 20 - Couple of rashes 7/10 $150 2 Daiwa Sealine XHV 50s - 7/10 $50 each Daiwa XHV 40 - Bit of rash but totally solid 6/10 $40 Send Pm's...
  4. wildcat


    2011 should be fun..He is in the groove..Got that look at Sherwood..
  5. wildcat

    Bye bye Adrian

    How the fuck does this org let this guy go??? What a joke of a team... Fuck the prospect shit...this guy is local, sellls tix...Same old shit from this group of owners...
  6. wildcat

    The Walking Dead on AMC

    Friend turned me on to this show...Anybody else diggin this zombie shit???? Great show...
  7. wildcat

    Sports these days

    Just sayin' What the hell is up with Al Michaels hair and he is so overrated The story of the SF Giants is great for sports I hate to say it but the Raiders are pretty damn good and good for Tom Cable cause the owner is wacked Love to see the Golden State Warriors at 4-2..Although it...
  8. wildcat

    World Series

    Gotta love these Igantes!!! I kow it hurts to be a Padres fan right now but these guys are a good bunch of misfits!!! Really like the Rangers too eventhough I am primarily a Pads.Giants fan...Where are you Giants fan???
  9. wildcat


    They better take game #2....Gotta love the west coasters leavin with a split and lets play some ball on Tuesday afternoon...Matt Cain is due to throw a good one!!!
  10. wildcat

    Spell Check

    Does that 976 tu*a site ever use spell check...I thought I was a bad typer but good lord...And people pay for that??? Sorry but had to say something after years of that..
  11. wildcat

    Case of Yamalube 2 stroke oil (4 gallns)

    80 bucks takes it..I am in Sd abd can meet but not ship.... send PM
  12. wildcat

    Great place on Palomar Mt..

    Just spent the weekend with my girl up at this place and what a smokin deal...Finally got my bros to cover for a couple of days as my primary job right now is taking care of my Mom who has Alzheimers...So she found this on craigslist and I contacted him and it went smooth as silk...Mountains...
  13. wildcat

    drew brees

    what a class guy..on sc, talked about his son and the ring he now has and the pressure of owning a title...wonder if sd fans will ever know about all that??? never should have let him go, as we know, never chase radio #2 on the this guy
  14. wildcat

    2000 Parker Center Console W/ Yamaha 200

    Fully loaded Deep V Parker that is ideal for offshore runs for tuna, inshore run and gun for Yellowtail and drift the kelps for calicos.. Here is a list of what it has; PYT T top with 11 rocket launchers 55 Gallon Offshore bait tank with cover Hydraulic steering with Raymearine autopilot...
  15. wildcat

    Drew Brees or Phil Mickelson

    Which is a better story and why??? Drew with his son winning his first ring or Phil winning his third green jacket and getting donuts at crispy creme with his daughter... Personally, Drews shot with his son gets the nod...Although both are great stories and show how sports can sometimes be a...
  16. wildcat

    Jeff Beck

    If you know this name then you know it is about sick guitar playing that can only be described on the level of hendrix, with some blues at the level of clapton, and rock at the level of page...Got your attention??? it ain't often but he is starting a mini california tour tomorrow in SF and works...
  17. wildcat

    Golden State Warriors

    I know there are some of you on here that are fans and this is such a great team to watch but have had the injury bug like no other this year...Lost Azabuhke for the year, Brandon Wright, etc etc etc...A total of 331 games lost to injury which is far more than any other team..But this kid...
  18. wildcat

    College hoop

    So Kansas and Kentucky both get beat and Purdue loses a big play guy for the rest of the season..Syracuse looked pretty unbeatable last night against Nova who have stunk it up in the last 7 games...I still think that Kansas is gonna take it all cause they are so deep, have a great coach with a...
  19. wildcat

    Hey Laker fan

    Hate to tell ya cause I am a big fan of theirs but the Nuggets have their number and it wouldn't surprise me if the Nuggets came out of the West as champions this year going against the Cavs in the NBA Finals.. I know I know, it is still the regular season and all that but something tells me...
  20. wildcat

    Cavs vs Nuggets

    One of the best games so far this year...Went to OT and Melo hit the game winner with 1.9 left right in the face of the chosen one..These Nuggets are really good and with Mr Big shot leading them they very well could take the whole thing...I love the Lakers for the most part but the Nuggs have...
  21. wildcat


    Kobe is all beat up (no not by Saluki) so Phil made him sit and they are much better with him on the bench..Better passing, focus and all that..Seems to me that when he is in the lineup they would prefer to sit back and watch him do his thing (duh) which happens alot when you have a super star...
  22. wildcat

    National Geographic / Great White

    Saw this over at their site and it seemed pretty cool...Heard they were using 29/0 mustad hooks for this trip..Now that is a serious hook...I saw it on TV as did some of you I am sure but I don't believe all of this was on the tube...Check it out Expedition Week | Expedition Great White |...
  23. wildcat

    The Saluki dog show

    So I am watching this dog show last night with my mom (she loves those things) and this dog comes on and its name is Saluki...I start bustin a gut and who would know it but the beauty comes in 2nd place...They show the dog and it was following another male dog around sniffin its ass...Guess the...
  24. wildcat

    LT and VJ..Charger interviews

    Both guys were interviewed by Darren Smith who does the 12-3 slot over at 1090...Really interesting stuff was said so check out VJ especially as he makes up a new word "comedical" about his getting busted before the game..These guys are just too much sometimes...How tough it is to be 20...
  25. wildcat

    The King vs Flash

    Right now on NBA channel (331) these two are going at it and are playin the old "can you top this" game...Each guy scored the last 12 for his team and they are lovin it!!!! I know alot of you guys think hoops is for pussies but believe me this is top shelf hoop madness at its finest...Its at...
  26. wildcat

    Bear Den Cam

    Den Cam - ESPN pretty cool shit
  27. wildcat


    Too bad that AJ will cut this guy after the lack of productivity cause it is a shame..No doubt he should stay with this team till retirement but his ego will tell him he still has plenty in the tank but the economics don't make sense...You can say c ya to Merriman as well cause he just isn't the...
  28. wildcat

    More Tiger dope

    So on Romes show they were talking about the alleged discussions between Tigers attrnys and that chick in New York and that they are going to pay her something like $5m..The theory is that if she indeed was setting up these rendevous with all these hotties and getting paid for it then...
  29. wildcat

    MVP in the NFL for 2009/2010

    The guys on sportcenter said that at the very least that Rivers should be in the discussion..I would also think that Favre would be in that discussion as well..Who else deserves to be there other than Cutler??? Brees has to be in the top 3 as well...Gimme your take!!!!
  30. wildcat

    KFMB Ch 8 San Diego

    These guys are a freakin joke!!! You have UK vs NC as one the best games of the year and instaed they show cartoons!!!! R U fucken kidding me????? Cartoons...There is a great demographic...Not the first time either for these idiots...Called over there and of course the response is "no one here...
  31. wildcat

    Chargers vs Browns thread

    This is tough but I say the bolts just get by on this one...Say something like 59 - 3...LT throws a TD in this game...
  32. wildcat

    Tiger comes clean

    I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect. I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family...
  33. wildcat


    hey dude how are your dodgers doin???? I heard it was tied 2-2....Uhhh, sorry I guess I was wrong..Its 3-1 thank to jroll burning your bitch tonight...He should only pitch at home...You guys are done!!!!!
  34. wildcat

    Brees vs Rivers

    Hate to tell ya but Drew has him woooooped right now...I always liked the guy but many thought he was done after that shoulder thing...AJ was wrong again...I can see Drew getting a ring way before Rivers does...Just sayin...Plus New Orleans has a D and the Chargers...not so much...
  35. wildcat

    Offshore 10/7 WFO best bite of the year

    Got called in on two sick kelps SW of SD about 35-45 miles and it was easily the best bite of the year...One of those trips that all other trips are compared to...Thanks to Bryan and Kelly for the call ins..Weather was epic, bait was amazing and like I said one of the best bites of all...
  36. wildcat

    Pac 10 football

    Just saw stanford beat up on UCLA to go 3-0 in the conference...Got this kid #7 running back that is a stud..Jim Harbaugh has done a helluva a job in a short amount of time to make them at least fun to watch and have a chance at a bowl game...Not saying they are going to beat USC or anything...
  37. wildcat

    Cromartie and his twitter bs

    Found this article and I can't believe a player would actually take a picture of his notes from watching film and then post it to his twitter account...Are you fucking kidding me...WTF are these guiys thinking these days...I can't imagine this went over well with his teammates... Oops...
  38. wildcat

    Chargers vs Miami Thread

    After seeing how good Miami was at controlling the clock the Chargers could be in for some trouble this weekend...Not to mention that Joey Porter is near the same level as Ray lewis...Hopefully we have the lead with two minutes to go cause that 2 minute offense by Miami last night was a joke and...
  39. wildcat


    Bad news is he is done for the year...Good news...They have a franchise QB that will take them to the big dance come January...Ummmm...well one out of two ain't bad...
  40. wildcat

    Offshore 8/31 All it takes is one...

    Found a bush at 31 51 117 41...Full speed as we limit out pretty quickly on YFT and YT..Nothing exotic and certainly not an extravaganza just a simple early in the week blood bath...Fog not much of an issue, came home at 25 knts..Here is a tip...Try taking a bait guy from EB fishing some...
  41. wildcat

    Rivers gets how may million???

    92m for this guy...Is he worth it??? Only if he gets a ring.. Amazing to see a SD team spend some $$...That don't happen much in these parts..
  42. wildcat

    Launch ramp

    So i am in the parking lot at SI putting everything away before the ride home to Santee and a guy drives by with his boat on the trailer and his buddy standing in the boat..I notice that the prop is turning faster than normal and it turns out that he still had his 4 stroke running..Not sure how...
  43. wildcat

    West Coast Marine Services

    Hadn't had any work done on the sled since I had the rebuild done a while back so it was time to have Gonzalo do some work on the HPDI..As always the service was top shelf, as he had me in within a day or so and the work was completed a little early along with very reasonable prices...For you Sd...
  44. wildcat

    Offshore YFT/BFT @ the 226

    Ran out to the zone with Bobby and Corne and worked the terns and porps for a decent pick on the tunnies..Cedar was pretty good but bait was better..Hook and hang kept em under the boat for a bitchen bloody stop..Fish are pretty small compared to last year but beats workin..You all know the...
  45. wildcat

    Odom and the Lake show

    Thank god he resigned cause I would be pissed if we lost Ariza and Odom...4 yeard deal with a shit load of duckets...This should be an easy repeat...Actually I am already calling 3 in a row...
  46. wildcat


    So its Manny bobblehead night at chavez and he comes up in the 6th and wacks a pinch hit gran slam to break the lead wide open...First pitch and the place goes nuts..Scully said it was the loudest he has heard dodger stadium in 20 years..And to top it all off if you can believe this guy...No...
  47. wildcat

    Offshore 7/22 BFT / Albie NW of the Kidney

    My buddy got food poisoning last night so the morning session was cancelled but decided to make an afternoon run to see if this afternoon bite thing is for real...Its for fucken real...Got out to the zone about 4:00PM and the fish were up under the birds and feeding like mad dogs..The Sea Rok...
  48. wildcat

    Offshore 7/20 Jacks o plenty w SurfDoc

    Planned on meeting Stan at the dock around 4:00am but alarm issues and when I opened my eyes the clock said "5:26 am"...FUCK!!! Needless to say I had a few missed calls on my cell but hi tailed as quickly as possible and we were launching around 7:00 with plenty of time to fish..Got sick ass...
  49. wildcat

    Where oh where is

    that sex crazed freak Saluki??? Shouldn't he be home about now from his trip up north...Gawd I miss that guy!!! Uh No!!!
  50. wildcat

    U.S. Open

    Anybody else jacked up for this weeks tourney at Bethpage Black??? Course looks like a monster and last I heard somebody named Tiger got his shit together with the driver...Whatever the case I love this tournaments in New York cause the fans will really let ya know what they are thinking..
  51. wildcat

    Offshore BFT

    Final report; 45 bluefin, 22 yellowtail. Bluefin ranged from 20 to 35 pounds and the yellows were good size most are 16 to 22 pounds. We couldn't ask for better weather, eight to ten knots from the NW with the occasional rain squall rolling through. There are other boats in the area, as the...
  52. wildcat

    WFO at Catalina

    It went ballistic today on WSB and junkfish and we have the straight skinny as to where the fish were caught..Now is the time and the time is now (Zeppelin)..Check out FD for the latest dope..
  53. wildcat

    Ryan leaf is at it again

    Leaf fails to surrender, is wanted man in Texas - NFL-
  54. wildcat

    Offshore Bunch o' Boners 425

    Hit the pile with Eye Problem at first light for nothing and headed to the ridge outside to nail some reds...Got a couple of 'em and headed to the 425...One went over 5lb..Saw some fish jump about 4 miles short of the bank and put in the trollers...Less than 30 seconds and...
  55. wildcat

    NBA Playoffs

    I know you guys are thinkng about who is gonna make a run this year so we need some strong takes...Out West, the Lakers look good especially with Bynum coming back off that MCL tear...If they play consistant defense they are going back to the show...Out East, the Cavs look really solid..They are...
  56. wildcat

    Offshore YT dope

    Heard a rumor that there are some yellows on kelps at the 302..Temps look good and chlorophyll shows a little off color water but them jacks don't give a hoot about that all that much..Anybody else hear of biting jacks off of the bush???
  57. wildcat

    Need help

    Old garage door opener took a dump so went and got the kit but can't seem to get it to work...Anybody want to make some extra cash to finish this up...
  58. wildcat

    Bud Selig

    makes 18 mill a year per ESPN...Are you fucken kidding me...This guy is the biggest joke in all of sports and he makes those kinda duckets...Baseball amazes me right now...Love how all this good stuff comes up at just the wrong time for them...Goodell takes a pay cut as he is laying off staff at...
  59. wildcat

    Nice hoo for Branman

    Damn nice hoo....They are getting some at the bank..You know the spot, where SeaDawg fishes..
  60. wildcat


    He played in that game with broken ribs...Fucken stud...He is without a doubt in the elite category...And how about that great game that Cutler played yesterday...Now that is some pretty ugly QB'ing... Trolling for Hot Rod, trolling for Hot Rod......
  61. wildcat

    Rivalry Week

    So here we go...Duke vs the tar heels at Cameron...Duke should win at home but you never know..Anyone want to bet against Duke??
  62. wildcat

    Kobe vs LeBron

    First quarter and the Lakers have the lead...This one is gonna be really good..Kobe dislocates his finger in the first two minutes, pops it back in, a little tape and good to go..He and LeBron are really going at it..So who is better??? Kobe is right now, but once Lebron gets his rings he will...
  63. wildcat

    The Official College Hooop Smack Down Thread

    Not really but feel free to throw down on your team...The Wildcats of Kentucky are on fire @ 14-4 and 3-0 in the SEC...Not a bad start..Wake Forest #1??? Yep and they deserve it...This kid out of Oklahoma , Blake Griffin, is a feakin monster on the inside..AJ Abrams will be a difference maker...
  64. wildcat

    You are the Bolts GM...Now what

    You make the moves as you prep for 2009...Gimme your top 5...
  65. wildcat

    Traffic school

    Anybody got a good one that they used recently??? I thought I saw a thread on it a couple of months ago but couldn't find it...
  66. wildcat

    Seaforth Squid WFO

    16 guys had something like 80 of those nasty ass things...Something to pull on for those that give a shit..
  67. wildcat

    Is it just me

    or is it a beautiful thing to watch Dallas get bitch slapped??? And WTF with Romo overriding his head coach on that 4th down..I doubt that would happen on a team coached by Parcells..No playoffs, no more Wade eventhough the owner gave him a vote of confidence this week.. My god 41-3 now...Can...
  68. wildcat

    White Sea Bass to 50 lbs

    Don't forget to check FD tonight on the latest on the sick bite on the slug croakers...
  69. wildcat

    Currentlyin the Sports forum

    Jesus guys, don't any of you work for godssake??? Stone, Curtis, Saluki, Billy boy//
  70. wildcat

    Bolts vs Raiders in 3D

    NFL to broadcast first game in 3-D on Thursday- Can you believe this??? Kinda weird and cheap but you gotta do something to spice up a fierce AFC west showdown of two teams that are done...
  71. wildcat

    They're still here

    If you are willing to run 100 miles south there are still a bunch of albie, yellowtail, skipjack and maybe even some yellowfin still bitin'!!! All the dope is over at...
  72. wildcat

    Any Golden State Warrior

    freaks out there...Old school fan of the Rick Barry / Nate Thurmond / Jeff Mullin era..Love the new blend of Morrow (undrafted rookie from Georgia Tech) who unloaded on the Clipps with 37 today, Azabueke from UK, Captain Jack, Biedrins is a freaking stud, Watson, you know the rest..Less threes...
  73. wildcat


    All this stuff coming up in the last 24 hours or so about Trevor and alderson and all that crap..This team is such a joke..As other teams postion for next year to make a championship run or something close to it, the Pads are selling the store..When we thought the Peavy contract was such a good...
  74. wildcat

    They are still here

    My buddy fished yesterday and got albacore and yellowtail..Another skipper down that way had 5 bluefin to 25 pounds..Still time to get out there and get some tuna right around the 390..
  75. wildcat

    Steeler defense

    That was a pure beat down, bitch slap if I have ever seen one..I forgot what good defense looks like..Don't see it much round these parts..
  76. wildcat

    Chargers vs Chiefs

    Hate to tell you guys this but KC is much better than the record indicates..This is not going to be a rollover game like many of you are already thinking..They should still win the game but it won't be a rollover..Remember, anything goes this year, hell look at Miami with 4 wins..Who would...
  77. wildcat

    For all you college hoops fans

    UNC is AP's first unanimous preseason No. 1 - Wire Services - Basketball - Carolina looks good with three mcdonalds all americans and they are all incoming freshman to go along with all the returning studs..The Big East looks loaded with 3 in the top 5 as does the Big 12, as...
  78. wildcat

    Squid has arrived up north

    Just got word that the squid has come in at Captain Hooks up in the Channel Islands zone..One of the boats is tanked up tonight for an overnight islands run lookin for the right kind..He has a 1.5 day trip going to the Cortez tomorrow night looking for those big yellows that have gone as high as...
  79. wildcat


    Sorry to say cause this team used to be pretty good but they just plain don't have "it"...Stupid ass penalties, no energy or attitude, just plain old shitty football...No way they win this game (hope I am wrong) and come home at 3-5..One win better than the 49ers...Jesus Christ how shitty is...
  80. wildcat

    Offshore Radio dope from Jason

    He is out on the water today and slayin the fish with easy limits of yellow and albie...They are down near the 213, flat calm and smiles all around...Just wanted to let you all know in case you are running tomorrow that the fishing is WFO and if Jason can catch, anybody can catch!!!!!
  81. wildcat


    Week 8 SUN, OCT 26 TIME (ET) TV RESOURCES LOCATION Tampa Bay at Dallas 1:00 PM FOX Tickets | Travel Texas Stadium Washington at Detroit 1:00 PM FOX Tickets | Travel Ford Field Buffalo at Miami 1:00 PM CBS Tickets | Travel Dolphin Stadium St. Louis at New England 1:00 PM FOX Tickets...
  82. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Ambusher

    Hope you have a good one out there on the pond today..Heard you turned 35??!!
  83. wildcat

    Fresh Sunday the 12th Dope

    Hearing some guys getting into the YFT pretty good with about 3 on board at mid day somewhere around the 9 mile bank..Don't have the exact numbers yet but it sounds like these fish are chewing again on the porpoise on the Zuchinni Broom Tail..Add in the Josie Lynn report with YFT outside the...
  84. wildcat


    Just heard it was blowin 90 knots on the Thetis bank this morning..That'll make for an interesting drift..
  85. wildcat

    Happy Birthday Whippet Good

    Hope you have a great day John..
  86. wildcat

    West Coast Marine Service

    We all know how important a reliable mechanic is and I know alot of you guys already use him but wanted to let everybody know that Gonzalo has a new place where he has set up shop with Virginia as well..They are at WCMS on Pomona in Costa Mesa and this is THE guy to use for outboard service..I...
  87. wildcat

    Reel repair

    I have been using a cool cat to work on my reels (accurates, daiwa, shimano, etc) and he is local in SD and gets em back pretty quickly and the guy does top notch work..Definately use this guy cause he is the bomb... SDTone is his BD name Tony PM him for the dope..
  88. wildcat

    Porpoise etiquette

    I gotta admit that there have been more and more situations lately where boats of all makes and models are running in on these porpoise schools that already have boats on them doing something like 20 knots, run right to the front of the pack and either troll or drop baits in and destroy the...
  89. wildcat

    Numbers and reports

    Just want to get some feedback on some things I hear on the radio...Guys call out reports and say they are at the 371 but don't give out numbers for the exact location on the 371..They say just come to the bank...Well shit, how many square milesis a bank like the 371 much less the 302..Pretty...
  90. wildcat

    Its time for some college football talk..

    Its right around the corner and even though it starts out with some stupid ass games there are some good ones like Ohio State vs. USC on 9/13...Too bad they schedule like pussies before conference play but that is how it goes...So throw down some picks for the season, who is overrated...
  91. wildcat

    Offshore 8/17 Went fishing caught some more

    Slept in...Launched at 6:00am...Amazing bait in SD...Wanted to investigate the Hidden but the weather and angle said no way...Went west towards the 230 but never got there..Saw the mammals and they wanted to die...Zuchinni brooom and the rapala were the ticket...We worked it with one other boat...
  92. wildcat

    Offshore 8/12 Went fishing caught some

    29 and 43..One paddy with a blue bag on it...Long long drift...If the bait were better the boat would have sunk...No trolling, all bait...Called in some BD'ers but the first guy to it ran it at 20 knots up to about the last 10 feet...Gee, wonder if he shut it down or not...
  93. wildcat

    Offshore What next

    The Holiday coming in from an overnight trip. 32 anglers decked 6 albacore, 4 bluefin all over 50 pounds, 8 dorado, 5 yellowtail, and 1 wahoo. Wahoo is one day range....Good lord break out the piano string!!!
  94. wildcat

    Two US Open Trophy Club Tix for Sat

    $100 a pop, value is way over that...Call or email asap.. 619 807 6182
  95. wildcat

    6/1 LJ

    After seeing those rediculous counts though it just had to be wfo out there today..Uhh, shoulda, woulda, coulda...Still scratched up some kiblets here and there..Decent rat on the quick retrieve live bait trick.. 65 degrees, clean green, a shitload of bait in the water..Iron, live bait all...
  96. wildcat

    Tuna boat rams Greenpeace

    Turkish fishermen ram Greenpeace ship - World environment - These guys really don't like it when you get in the way of their BFT..At least someone is doing something about that problem over there..Not taking sides cause it affects alot of people and families that have done this for...
  97. wildcat

    Fines for floppers

    ESPN - Fines will be imposed for clear cases of flopping - NBA Its about time...So who are the greatest/worst floppers of all time?? How about Vlade Divac...Remember him, king of the bad flop
  98. wildcat

    5/20 YT at the nads

    Hooked up with fishnfool and Capt Curtis for a day of chasing jacks at the islands...Got to the middle grounds first thing and kinda dead so we slid down to the ribbon kelp and lots of life and YT blowin bait out of the water, birds everywhere etc...Curtis gets picked up and lands a nice one at...
  99. wildcat

    5/16 WFO boners

    32 over 17...Bait, iron, troll...didn't matter...They wanted to die and they are everywhere...Bitchen on bass gear and got my friends 60 year old mom (cougar) into the mix as well..Only burned about 10 gallons and could caught hundreds....From there out to the aiin't jacks or tuna or...
  100. wildcat

    Whos is this guy???

  101. wildcat


    Check out the stuff that Phils band is doing right now at the warfield...go to link and check out setlists; sick sick stuff asit doesn't get any better than this The phan site... Where you always get your PHIL!
  102. wildcat

    Freakin Sprint

    So here's the deal...I decide to get my Mom a phone and share the minutes with her about 4 years ago..She comes down with Alzheimers and never really uses the thing..No biggie, I take it back from here and it sits and doesn't cost me anyting..Now Sprint comes out with a new promo that would save...
  103. wildcat


    Just talked to Willard and he said now is the time..Plenty of trout in the east lake and the water will be there for no more than 3 more weeks..He said he has seen fish dimpling over there but no one has checked it out as of yet..I am planning on getting up there this weekend to give it a look...
  104. wildcat

    Bass eating trout video

    YouTube - Bass eating Trout
  105. wildcat

    Offshore Exploratory run 4/11

    Since the weatherman said it would be nice today decided to try and find some kelps or anything biting offshore..Hit the 302 and looked around for some kelps for nada but did see some pretty decent bird action but nothing bit the troll..Headed out towards the 230 and it got a little bumpy out...
  106. wildcat


    some friends of mine hit up Lake Hodges today and did pretty well on the bass and crappie..The bass were bitting frog patterns and went up to 3 to 4 pounds and the crappie were hitting clousser minnows and these fish are 2-3 pounds (slugs for sure)..So if you get a chance, hit up Hodges cause it...
  107. wildcat

    YT at the nads

    Heard that they saw some YT at the islands, a few followers on the iron and even put some on the deck..Water must have cleaned up but this is a good sign..Kelps should be holding pretty soon too..The buoy in the canyon showed 61.5 today in the afternoon..Chlorophyl looks pretty good so maybe...
  108. wildcat

    USD in the tourney

    They beat the Zags to earn a berth in the tourney...Their gonna go alot further than the Salukis, that's for sure!!!
  109. wildcat

    Bay of LA

    Any reports from here lately??? Mots?? Waatoosee??
  110. wildcat

    Dixon 3/4

    A decent pick on the bed fish and lost a decent girl that went close to 7...Time to bring the bigger gear..All on white jig and choc/blue vein..
  111. wildcat

    The Jayhawks

    Damn these guys look good..Could get a #1 seed if they win the Big12 tourney..
  112. wildcat

    Grateful Deadheads

    February 25 - March 2, 2008 | Grateful Dead Some great shit to hear from 1989...Check out the history of the tapers section as well, great stuff from the sixties up to Jerrys death...
  113. wildcat

    Hot bite

    Not too many people talking about that hot bite right now that doesn't really exist cause no ones talking about it...Uuuhhhh...Can I get a fish report from the 371????
  114. wildcat

    #1 vs #2

    Saturday night...Memphis vs Tennessee...What's it gonna be??? Love to see the Vols beatdown on those wimps from Memphis...Eye Doctor...You have a take on this one???
  115. wildcat

    Duke vs North Carolina

    Wednesday night @6:00pm on ESPN...So who's gonna take it??? Its at NC so I would say the nod goes to the homecourt but...Tobacco road should be fun this year with both teams in the top 5...Of course neither team could be the punks from Southern Illinois...:ashamed:
  116. wildcat

    Security system

    Anybody got a hook up on a home securty system???
  117. wildcat

    Robbed last night

    Tweakers strike again...And get this...while I was sleeping...Window was jimmied, took some cash but left plenty of marks so we'll see where it goes...Waiting for 50 right now to swing by..Fucken tweakers..
  118. wildcat

    Saluki's on the duece tonight

    Can this team score 40 points by the end of the game?? My guess is they barely get to 40...Maybe...Barely..Thats all..
  119. wildcat

    U2 3D

    Saw it today and it was way over the top...Super big low end sound system that really kicks and the 3D is really something to see..Now if you hate Bono like Ali, don't bother cause it is all U2, but if you are a fan, it is a must see... Saw it in Mira Mesa at the Edwards by the 15 freeway...
  120. wildcat

    Buick Open

    Just got back from the Buick and it was a perfect weather day..Hung with Tiger for about 4 holes (mosh pit like atmosphere) and then watched other guys play like Phil, Fred, Furyk, etc...You know, typically day on the course with a bunch of fag golfers (thats for you Salty Dawg)!!! Tigers gonna...
  121. wildcat

    Possible repost but worth a listen

    YouTube - Hitler: Bloodthirsty Dictator, Die-hard Cowboys Fan Enjoy Cowboy fans..
  122. wildcat

    LJ 1/20/08

    Once it cleared out we got a couple on the candy...Kinda small, maybe 15 pds..The video shot by Misuse should be kinda cool, probably tomorrow...
  123. wildcat

    College BB: Wash St (4) vs UCLA (5)

    Anybody care about this game on Saturday at Pauley...Should be a smokin game!!!
  124. wildcat

    spanish Fly

    Anybody see last weeks episode where they are catching 70 pound YFT in the Bahamas...Pretty cool hearing that ripping first burner on a big YFT with the clicker on...
  125. wildcat


    Anybody interested???
  126. wildcat

    BCS B/S

    How does this crap all go down...Kansas has the pussiest of schedules and they go to a bowl and Mizzou doesn't...USC versus Ill...Who freakin cares??? It would have been so cool to see USC gace Georgia...Hawaii/Georgia may be a good game...Kansas/Va Tech??? Who freakin cares...Sorry Hanna..And...
  127. wildcat

    Bolts today

    Sad to say, but they just aren't very good right now...Got lucky last week to squeek it out, but this week was just not pretty..All that talent and all those losses...Should be lotsa talk on the sports radio shows this week..
  128. wildcat

    Hot tub/Spa guy

    anybody know a good reliable tech that can look at my spa for some general maintenance???
  129. wildcat

    Red Sox

    I know I know...Its only the second inning but these guys have serious momentum and look hotter that a oil filled skillet...Now beckett goes to the pen...What a great move, like the Indians didn't see him walk out there..I hope that the Soz face the Rockies(and please stay hot Rockies) cause...
  130. wildcat

    Alzheimers news

    About 1.5 years ago, my Mom was disgnosed with early stage Alzheimers but in the last few months it has progressed to a point where she is forgetful more than normal, has had several falls and broken bones, etc...On October 27th, me and my brothers will be participating in the annual walk that...
  131. wildcat

    Quick roadie to 'Rado

    Needed to get back to the right kind so me and my bro did a road trip to Leadville..Turns out my great great grandfather was the sheriff/marshall there in the 1890's so we wanted to go see some roots..Plus play some golf and nail some trout..Talked to some folks and they said the salmon fishing...
  132. wildcat

    Offshore 9/6 Mized bag

    Hit the pile at daybreak and picked away at about 6 YT and some big bonies...Bite slowed so we headed SW and saw a blue marlin near the 101...Came up about 150 yards away and could tell by the jaw it was definately a blue...I believe Kevin predicted back in the early season when the squid were...
  133. wildcat

    8/15 Nads and launch ramp follies

    Picked at some good Yt at pukey, some rocked me, some sealions, some missed on the hookset..All pretty shallow but lots of action..The best part was a guy who comes on 72 miday and is screaming at a guy in a green trophy who ran through his trollers...He was *(&^%$#@ pissed and ready to go to...
  134. wildcat

    Offshore Slim pickens

    Found a monster bush first thing for a slug 30 pound Yt and a couple big boys lost to the kelp gods...Got called by TK and ran for the numbers...Came up on a spot of YFT but they sunk out, and did the troll thing for about 100 hours, it seemed...About 10:00 the light switch turned off and they...
  135. wildcat

    Offshore 8/6 Birthday Bush

    Found a kelp at 08 24 that had 6-8 birds on it and we put 10 nice YT and a couple dodo's on board and back in time for Oprah...Wind picked up a bit and looks like it might blow for a few days...
  136. wildcat

    Offshore 8/1 Fishing sucks

    don't go, hustler is wrong, nothing out there, weather sucks, and I hate multiple species days...:rofl:
  137. wildcat

    Offshore 7/28 YT, YFT and a couple Albies

    Launched with Eye problem and a good friend from work (Greg) around 3am, after seeing dos locos in the lot..Headed to the good bite from yesterday and it wasn't right...Many sporties spinning and no love...So we got outta there and headed south...Found some mammals at 9/52 and got knocked down...
  138. wildcat

    Offshore 6/1 No report

    Broke down 5 miles from the point this morning with a blown engine...Going in Thursday to see Robbie and hopefully get back at it soon...Sorry no pics to ward off the BS claims...Better to deal with it now than in August...
  139. wildcat

    Offshore 5/24 YT and mystery fish

    Hit the 371 at daybreak and found a bush at 10/43..Loaded with tail...Caught a few, dumped a few but had mex limits by 7:30...Went outside as far as the fly and saw some mystery fish that were up and boiling around and couldn't get em to go...Not saying they are the right kind but 99% sure they...
  140. wildcat


    Leaving early for the run to the best temp break on the most recent terrafin...
  141. wildcat

    SKR surprise

    Went out on the Bottom Line (30 ft sick Skipjack) with John, Pat as Captain, Matt and Roman and went searching for the 3 B's and a shot at a YT...The pile was slow but the iron bite at SKR was richter...Somewhere in all that was a pretty sick bite on WSB to fourty pounds (35+ on an old scale)...
  142. wildcat

    Golden State Warriors

    Anybody from No Cal or just Warrior fan out there got a take on this last series..Have been a fan forever (b/r in San mateo) and these last 13 years have been dreadful...These guys are the sheet and play with all heart...C'mon No Cal, throw some around, you've earned it!!!
  143. wildcat


    Got to the island at 6:30 and work China area till some birds starting doing the right around 9:30am..Runned, gunned, droppered, surface, yoyo and everyting in between for one 25 pound fork..Had some puddlers on the way home and we both got ripped on the bird shit color and both wiffed like...
  144. wildcat

    Trailer question

    Anybody ever use the Fentress Marine, "Trailer Glyde Sliks" that help getting the boat off of the bunks??? A friend wants to try them out and I am looking for a little feedback... Thanks
  145. wildcat

    Googles new biz

    How TiSP Works I love technology
  146. wildcat

    Maui in two weeks

    Leaving for maui on the 16th - the 21st and looking to get out and kill some fish...Any good charters out of Lahaina??? Anybody to stay away from?? What is the normal cost/tip and what the heck is bitin these days???
  147. wildcat

    Insane college hoops

    OT for Texas against A&M...By far one of the best games in awhile...The next few weeks is going to be insane...C'mon don't some of you ball!!!??
  148. wildcat

    Bye bye Marty

    Dismissed....So we lose off coordinator, def coordinator and now a head coach...Super Bowl here we come!!!!!!!!
  149. wildcat

    Offshore Like Jay said

    22 over 01....Slayed the micro jacks for hours...Minimal swell and no wind...Perfect day with fresh hamichi...I think we also got some at 26 over 39...
  150. wildcat

    Offshore 11/11 111,111,111,111,111,111 YT

    Not quite that WFO but damn good fishing on YT near 22 and 26....All kelps holding, some bigger models, good weather, sick bait...How good??? Bait pump died and we still caught em....For three guys we hooked about 40+ and released a ton and kept some to barter to SalukiClaus for a ho ho ho...
  151. wildcat

    Good read on Eastern pacific Tuna issues

  152. wildcat

    Offshore 10/12/06 - YFT's

    Got out late and me and the bait guy Henry fished the nine for some YFT and some skip...worked the mammals, got multiple stops and one was a triple on the right kind...Byeye was out flirting with me on 72 and he just needs to stop that behavior...Other boats got the right kind in the same...
  153. wildcat

    Offshore 10-9-06

    371..9 YT, big dodo, and skippies...heard of a few YFT, but not many...perfect weather...The scale said 26, but I think it was off but still a fatty...
  154. wildcat

    Offshore 9/11 Ouch

    Headed out to the 230 with the plan running to the 390 after that...Nothin... Mucho seiners south, so we ran back to some radio fish at 35 and 42 for 8 boats running over fish after fish...Got one of the right kind, broke off...Got another, this time , wind, swell and total...
  155. wildcat

    Offshore 9/6 YFT

    First off, thanks to the two boats that called out the info...Way cool...Second, i wanted to post a report so I could get my ugly ass friend on the front page...Third, you are all naggin me for dope so here is your fix... After hearing about the bite yesterday I was gonna cancel, but some late...
  156. wildcat

    9/2 Flats, Offshore and MIddle

    Hit the flats for all you could ever possibly not want on bonito jrs so after that we headed to the islands...Not much happening except seals so we headed for the break outside the middle...Found a kelp literally 1/4 outside the bottom of morth island and my buddy says lets slow troll...Since it...
  157. wildcat

    Offshore 8/17 YFT, Dodo, YT, Makos and seiners

    Headed out with the plan being the 371 looking for kelp and mammals...Found kelp, caught a bunch of dodo and YT and all was good...Went through a long dry spell till we got a double on porpoise at the 371...15 pounders...Worked them for awhile and saw loats of YFT but nothing would go again...Go...
  158. wildcat

    Thieves on the internet

  159. wildcat

    Offshore 8/4 Dodolicious

    After Micah helped me get into the 21 century with a heat shrink on my new bait pump we decided to go for a quick run...Launched at 9:00 heading south...Heard Jerry on the Boilermaker on a wfo paddy at the 101 so we headed that way...It was good til the stripersquad showed up and started to dive...
  160. wildcat

    Offshore 7/26 Dodo, blah blah blah

    Like what everyone else said....Find a kelp, go full speed..What we also found was puddling dodo that loved the iron outside of North Island...Also found feeding whales at the nine where guys were doing some filming ( I mean the full mouth open like you see on animal planet)...As we were...
  161. wildcat

    Offshore 7/24 Dodo madness

    Headed to Salty numbers but found cooler water so we headed down towards the tres o duece...Found a scriggle at 30 and 41 and put some YT on board...Went further down and found a bigger scrig and had good steady action on dodo's and YT...These were way off the kelp under birds, bustin micro...
  162. wildcat

    Offshore 7/21 9 mile +

    Headed out late towards the deep water between the 9 and 302 and the wind and chop was definately up from mid week...Trolled and trolled for no kelps, some porpoise, etc...Kinda scrtachy but some fish were being caught out there...We ran in early with nothing in the box...Just not happenin for...
  163. wildcat

    Awesome A/C guy

    If you need any A/C work done this is the guy... J and J Heat and Air 619 606 8677 My a/c goes out on Saturday and I am roasting like a bitch and I call a friend who recommends this guy John...He answers the phone (big plus) and makes arrangments to come by the next day and check out the...
  164. wildcat

    Offshore 7/12- Tails and more tales

    Me and Eye Problem left SI last night heading to the new Hot zone for albie and other tuna below the 295..Ride down was good till the fiftl mile mark and then it started..Not bad down hill but coming home...More on that later...Starting trolling in the gry down at 15 and 32, with a few other...
  165. wildcat

    Offshore 7/4 YT, Marlin and other junk

    Hit the 302 for a look for those porpoise and fouind some but very lethargic...So we heard of some dodo at the 425 and headed down 19 and 28 spotted a marlin so I got up next to it and baited it and sure as shit it turned on it and after I jumped onto the front of my boat for a look I...
  166. wildcat

    Offshore 6/23 BFt and albies

    Got to 52 and 39 at about 6:15 and starting trolling, looking for marks etc...The fish started coming up well under the birds and we slowly put together a good morning on the BFT and albies...Fish were 25-35 on the bft and a little less for the mackeral with wings...After getting called in on a...
  167. wildcat

    Offshore 6/19 Take a chance

    me and the surfdoc hit IB for the sand bass bite but it was slow so we headed to the islands for some YT...Found some puddlers but they didn't want to play..After looking over south island Stan says we are running offshore to the 425...Start working out and he is working the current breaks like...
  168. wildcat

    Offshore 6/7 Scratchin tail

    Wanted to run for the buttfly but weather was not great and I was still recovering from Michigan...So I went solo and got outside the 302 to about the 117 45 line and decided to stay close and kill. Found some kelps, took a handoff and poached some too for a good day...The wind was blowin from...
  169. wildcat

    Offshore 5/31 302 WFO on the jacks

    Bottom line...Find a kelp, throw a bait, kill a jack...Repeat 50 times...
  170. wildcat

    Offshore BFT and YT

    07 and 41...8 YT and 1 BFT..Good night now...
  171. wildcat

    Proposal to ban....

    "Calling BS without pics"....How about something a bit more current since that has been used to death for close to 5 years now???
  172. wildcat

    Offshore Tails at the fly

    Very quick...trolled a long time through and around the fly for a bonito stop on 2-5 pounders...Found a kelp on the way in that had these lame jacks on em...
  173. wildcat

    Another biggen

    Heard that there was another big bass caught over 20 pounds...Does anyone really care??? And why is it that all the bass crap is super secret??? I still can't figure that one out
  174. wildcat

    Offshore 2/25 390

    Ran to the 390 to poke around and found good blue water from 58.2 to 58.9, a few good marks and barren kelps..Trolled the high spot and near the 421, and then picked up after about 3 hours and hopped around to burn up some old fuel...Not quite yet but soon...Maybe that water below the Inner...
  175. wildcat

    2/25 Run

    Heading offshore for somethin....Looks pretty flat...Will report back anything and everything...
  176. wildcat

    Lake Morena 2/12/2006

    It is on...The woolys were working as were the dries for the last 45 minutes of the day... Now is the time...
  177. wildcat


  178. wildcat

    Crystal River, Upstate MI 10/6-9

    Decided to make a run and visit an old friend in Traverse City so I grabbed a plane on Thursday and headed out...Got there at 1:30 am on Friday and woke up to 35 degree weather and can't find my nuts..It was 80+ for the last few weeks so it just fits this whole freakin weather year..Go to the...
  179. wildcat

    9/2 Local Banks

    25/41 - Kelp for 8 bites, and 5 YT in the box 30/48 - Full speed YT foamer (2 on the 90j/Mint Tady) 38/48 - Farmed 2 YT at Martunis kelp Back to 30/48 the long way around.... 30/48 Found the same kelp for a farmed dodo and a 20 lbr into the cold chill Damn good to be doing the local kelp...
  180. wildcat

    Offshore 7/23 Albie report

    Launched at 2:30 with Jeremy and the plan was to hit the 213 early and hit the Hidden for the afternoon death wish...At 52 and 46, Jeremy spots fomin bft and we slide in but only a short bite..They pop up again but no love but we did get the albies to go and in short order we put 10 in the...
  181. wildcat

    Offshore 7/2 295 Friggin Toad for a newbie

    Quickie...Went with Eye Problem and my bro from OC to kill some lft...Had some issues so we fished the 295 for a few 7:0 or so at 31 over 28 the cedar plug goes off and I put my bro on it...Keep him busy and out of the way as we try to get some bait fish...It takes him forever to get...
  182. wildcat

    How close by the weekend??

    First it was 100, then 87, now at 65....390 or the hidden by the holiday??
  183. wildcat

    6/13 Cuyamaca..Fat Bows on the fly

    Hit it Sat and tonight and both nights got limits + in the last hour of the day..Strippin an olive woolybugger in knee high water in the East Lake is all it takes and they are hittin it hard...Mix of palm sized crappie to make it interesting..Tonight was tops with no wind or clouds, and a fattie...
  184. wildcat

    5/4 Is there any good water around??

    Launched with Eye Problem at SI and the plan was to head down the coast looking for bird school YT...His new ride is sick!!!! Get bait and clear the point and it is clear that mother nature is not having a good day...Fulkl Tilt is ahead of us in his snorkling gear head for Pukey, and we decide...
  185. wildcat

    5/30 Cuda Madness in the Flats

    Absolutely WFO on the cuda from 7:00 till we last track...Big big logs eating the snot out of the surface iron till our arms fell off...Heard that there might be YT in the mix, but not for us today..Didn't really matter cause the volume of cuda was unbelievable...literally 360 degress around the...
  186. wildcat

    Stan's birthday

    Whoever is out fishing tomorrow needs to give Surfdoc a rash of shit on the radio!!! He'll be fishing with me on the WC and let's make it ugly!!! The season is now open!!! Jim
  187. wildcat

    La Jolla YT 3/16

    Just got a call from my buddy Bobby who fished LJ this morning..Caught a few greenies and while slow trolling at NW gets ripped and eventually lands a 21 pounder..Not bad for mid week in March..No pic's but fresh tail on the grill for Bobby...Didn't hear of any wsb today.. Jim
  188. wildcat

    Raiders down the KU hawks

    Sorry Kurt but that was an instant classic...Just shows how awesome the tourney will be this year..Anybody that doesn't like college bb is simply whacked!!!
  189. wildcat

    BFT in Febuary

    Where did they catch that 26 pounder today???
  190. wildcat

    Nads 1/30

    Hit the Nads with FT for some YT action..He shows up 1/2 late but humble so I only give him mild shit for that..Pick up some bait and head to Pukey..Kinda shitty on the way out so it was more like going out on the Full Soak!!! Get there and birds are around but nothing really concentrated so we...
  191. wildcat

    Offshore 100+ mile albie report

    Just got a call from a guy who talked a sat phone guy fishing out to the south of the SE Dumper who has put together a good day so far with 22 albies (25-35 pounds), with all the YT a man can muster..Both jig and bait fish on these stops..Other boats are getting them too, with a good stop for 7...
  192. wildcat

    Offshore Junkin' at the 1067

    We decided to hit the Knuckle for a shot at Tuna and maybe a YT or two..What we found was wfo fishing on the "junk" fish 6-14 pounders and they were plentiful..Multiple kelps (30 and 52 for High and Dry and 34 and 49 for us), multiple hookups and total madness with fish flying...
  193. wildcat

    Mesquite/Salsipuedes run on 11/24

    Me and Hattrick made a run on his sled down to the Finger for short biters in 325 feet and then into the coast for alot of everything..Bonito, johnny bass, calicos, lings, and a couple of mystery fish..64.5 clean blue water, fished in 90-115 feet in a t-shirt, got em on bait and iron..Very very...
  194. wildcat

    Offshore Local Banks YT scratch 11/11

    Decided to check out that warm water outside the islands ( kinda near where Guzzler got em last week)..Headed towards the 302 and the weather was ok but building as I got closer to the bank. Water temp ranged from 63.8 - 65.2 and a nice clean blue to it..Went southeast and then a beeline for the...
  195. wildcat

    Offshore Not a bonita

    Went out with JD on the Martuni, one of the nicest sleds I have ridden on in some time..Perfect 23ft Parker WA, tricked out (exceot for the electronics box) and ready to kill..Launch at 4:20 and off to go south for chewers..Kelp at 5/13 and start loading on the YT and a mystery fish gets...
  196. wildcat

    Free Dead Tix for LA tonight..

    Call me 619 807 6182
  197. wildcat

    Lean posts

    Anybody got a hookup on a good lean post...May go custom if the price is right... Jim
  198. wildcat

    Offshore 5/3 Wfo Yt @371

    The plan was to go to the Nados and fish calicos and maybe scratch up a YT or WSB..Met Dan Stockley of the Hattrick and left the ramp late at 9:30, got killer cracker dines at 10:00 ish and was at Pukey at around 10:45 ish...Looked good and fishy but we decided that we wanted to make the run...
  199. wildcat

    Lj 4/9

    Eye Problem and I hit LJ this am bright and early looking for a little action on the bones and possible YT...Found alot of bones and they were pretty fun on the light stuff..We were working NW and in about 110 ft of water a nice spot of bones pops up and I throw the iron and nail a nice 20...
  200. wildcat

    Da Rocks

    Anybody see the reports on the Shogun?? 52 pound YT and 100 pound YFT.."Best YT fishing ever"!!! Anybody hear from Jason or Kep at Loreto???
  201. wildcat


    I sent 4 reels up to them and they did some work on em and I get a bill in the mail for $100...Called and said waddup and they said things have changed....Have to start charging now and can't afford the service like it used to be...Anyone else have this problem...I don't know about you guys but...
  202. wildcat

    Morena report 1/10/04

    Headed out for a quick afternoon of iron fishin at Morena..Kicked out two trout and something unknown..While throwin a TB I hook into something that just takes off on a steady but really strong run...No control on this fish whatsoever!!! It heads to deep water and the hook pulls..The lure had a...
  203. wildcat

    Soultion to the seal problem

    I came accross this article the other day and quickly realized that our solution to the So. Cal. seal problem is to hire Troop # 34 of the Girl Scouts out of Fairbanks, Alaska to come down and trap, skin and make articles as a fundraiser for the org. As such, perhaps we should donate to the...
  204. wildcat

    Offshore Grande 3 day with Hustler

    Got a chance to go fish on the Grande on a 3 day, so I called Hustler and we were ready to go do some slayin..Capt indicates the plan is to go west out towards the Cortez and look for albies and BFT and that the weather looks like it will hold at least till Saturday. Headed out on Wednesday...
  205. wildcat

    Offshore 9/12 390 YFT /YT Kelp Killin'

    Found a nice kelp at 05,50 at about 7:00 and did the Chinese fire drill for a good hour or so till we called some folks in on the bite...Good sized from 12-30 pounds and they were everywhere...Limits with many released..Find the right kind, chunkin' worked well for us, and hold on...Weather was...
  206. wildcat

    BET in the counts

    #2 BET was caught today by the one day fleet...Could get interesting...
  207. wildcat

    Offshore 7/25 EyeProblem flops into the tank!!! (FROM LAST SUMMER!!!!)

    Left last night at 11:00 with WG, Eyeproblem and his uncle dave (more on Dave later) , Aleta and myself heading south to the 92 mile mark for tuna...Got there in sweet conditions and 2 perfect scoops of dines were in the tank..Put the trollers out at 07 and 21 ish...Started pickin and the marks...
  208. wildcat

    5/10 YT limits outside the Pile

    Quick and short...Left the pile and went outside about 2 miles and saw the Legend...As we approached they were getting into fish...We eventually lost three there...We then saw a nice bird school a couple hundred yards away and we both we running and gunnin...Pulled in and he threw a ton of bait...
  209. wildcat

    4/27 WSB by Lenocean...HUGE

    check it out...
  210. wildcat

    4/25 LaJolla YT,WSB and Threshers

    There are definately some good signes of life at LaJolla. Got there is nice weather and water at 61.2 at the Cove with a few barries on the iron..No birds yet...Within about 10 minutes spot a few birds outside in about 120 feet and make the move...YT up on the surface chasing bait, birds dippin...
  211. wildcat

    4/24 Sat phone report from offshore

    Just got a call from Hattrick who heard on the sat phone from the Odessy who was at 92 miles on a 203 degree heading...Trolling this morning and gets an albie jig strike (12 pounder) and a yellow too...Kelp close by so they drift the kelp and hook something big so they are on that right now but...
  212. wildcat

    Islands/Pile 4/18/03

    Bottom line..Miserable conditions, tip lipped fish but some interesting signs of life..Went through the middle grounds and southe kelp for nothing first thing in the morning and headed to the pile..Water 59.4, clean green and many lings to be had..Hooked one and started to get a crank or two and...
  213. wildcat

    Royal Star at the Rocks

    Since we are all a tad bored waiting for the fish to arrive, check out the recent trip of the Royal down at the rocks...70 pound yellowfin a nuisance...My god that is sick!!!! Jim
  214. wildcat

    Yellows going off at the Islands

    The 'Hini has a bunch on board so far with some on bait...Good grade fish in the 18 pound class...Yowzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa!!!
  215. wildcat

    Islander and YT

    Reports of the Islander hooking 100 YT in WFO action!!!! I think I might have a heartattack just thinking and dreaming of that sort of sick bite...Can not wait for a good jag of fish to get here!!!!