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  1. ecole51

    Offshore New Lo An Report Aug 4-6

    Yup. Was happy to take a quick pic and release. Thanks again for the invite Rob, great trip.
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    Newport Harbor 6/25

    Forgot to mention.....bait barge had absolute CANDY anchovies
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    Newport Harbor 6/25

    First post in a time has decreased dramatically since kid #2 came along. These things happen.... The good news is, kid #1 is starting to be old enough to take surf fishing, and yesterday I took her out on her first "fishing boat" LOL. Rented a skiff out of Davey's Locker and...
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    Offshore New Lo-An Report Aug. 12-14th. 2 Day

    Sad I couldn't make it this year. Last year's trip was one of the funnest times I've had on the water. Hopefully I get to rejoin the crew in 2017!!!
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    Offshore Great start cut short!!!

    Ugh. What a gut punch. I can't imagine. Best wishes to you and their entire family.
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    Offshore BOAT FIRE !!

    Well done under extreme conditions.
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    Black Cod fishing close to Catalina ?

    The "K" and the "D" are very close on the keyboard.
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    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    You've got a good story to tell for the rest of your days.
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    Maya's first time Lobster Fishing | Hoop Netting out of Dana Point

    As the father of a 2 year old, I'm looking forward to times like this. Well done.
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    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 9-22/9-23 the storm before the calm

    got a little dusty in my office....keep on keepin' on man
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    bullshit!!!! the only thing spilled in the pilothouse was dorado blood!!!!
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    Thanks man......I'm still tired....even after only fishing a half day Saturday cuz, you know....limits and whatnot.
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    Offshore late report Sunday 9/15 limits of yellows 9 - 182

    8 year old's report made it all worth it. Great job dad.
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    Marina Del Rey Critterfest 3/2 w-pics

    always look forward to your posts, thanks
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    SEASONS *RAIN OUR SHINE* 1/26/2013

    me is excited for new Seasons news/changes
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    Retard in the harbor

    I got a good chuckle outta this one...
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    cattle vs private for tuna

    I've enjoyed myself on both options over the few years I have been offshore fishing (6 years now). It's a little extra money, but I do prefer having the boat (basically) to ourselves. I've used Seasons Sportfishing a half dozen times the last couple years and they are excellent. They are a 4...
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    Offshore Marlin 200+ close to the 267

    that's just fucking rad right there
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    Offshore Seasons Sportfising *GRAND SLAM* Report

    Might have to regroup the troops for an October run.
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    Yellow Tail off Point Loma

    Good on you for posting that. Not everyone would.
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    Offshore 2 Days On The Dominator

    Are you an engineer or accountant? The level of detail in the report was somethin' else. Thanks for sharing.
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    Offshore Sunday Aug 19 - Daytime Deep Drop fishing for Swords with Team Booby Trap.

    Not sure if I could handle that mentally. It'll make your first one on the boat that much sweeter. Good luck.
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    Offshore SEASONS * ALBIES * BFT * DODO * YT * REPORT 8/13/2012

    I'm certainly not entitled to one, but I'd love to hear an explanation on this from the mods. Ad revenue is created by page views, which is driven by content. Content such as articles, and fishing reports. NOTHING on this site drives page views and comments like a post chock full o pics. I'm...
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    Offshore Offshore 4 Aug

    Fishing has a lot of variables, many of which are out of our control. But one CONSTANT is a fun time and max effort from Jamie and Duane. Glad you guys had a good time, and hey, you brought fish home in what sounds like some less than ideal conditions.
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    hunter v.s. gather

    cool story, brah
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  27. ecole51


    Well done on the mako. When you release makos (or any other shark for that matter) do you handle the release? Long pliers? Cut the line? Just curious if I ever get in that situation, I'm not some shark lover PETA freak.
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    oppertunity knocking

    Billy, you're so full of shit your eyes are brown. j/k....well done dude. We need to get together sometime soon.
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    Offshore What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    Me (maybe 12 at the time), my brother (10), and my pops took a guided horseback fishing trip out of Gunnison, CO to a lake WAY up there somewhere (can't remember the name) and proceeded to catch a stringer full of brook trout and cook them by the fire that afternoon. Just a day I can't forget...
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    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    Wow. As a prospective boat owner in the next few years, thank you to all for sharing these stories.
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    2012.06.10 Fishing with John

    Looks to me like these guys had a kick ass day on the water and shared their experience (kinda, you know, what BD is for). Maybe multiple small makos shouldn't be harvested, BUT, the real bad guys are the ones who are taking undersized fish daily and not posting. It's happening every day, and...
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    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    Fantastic. Just fantastic. Yesterday was my first as a father, and I can't wait to have some of these moments with my daughter.
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    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie!

    fun read...we've all been there with losing fish, and the accompanying frustration...or is that just me?
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    Offshore 1987 & 1988 SIX DAY ON THE SEARCHER VID

    some pretty bitchin' mullets fishing didn't look half bad either....
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    A Great Day on the Bay! post, start to finish
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    YES!!! Nice work dude. See you at Fred Hall.
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    57 LB Halibut and more

    WOW that is all
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    Red White and Poo

    I would say you DID have an awesome day, not felt like it.
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    Need Psychiatric Help

    awesome thank you
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    Offshore SEASONS *ONE STOP SHOPPING* REPORT 8/27 - 8/28

    Jamie and Duane, thanks again. Not much else I can say except....I'll bring the Jay-Z CD's next year. "up in the streets....they call it....MURRRR---DER!!!!!"
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    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    I completely agree with you. The fact that this was a GW is secondary to the fact that these guys are harvesting juvenile sharks with no regard, no license, and no respect to the resource. Whether they are mako, thresher or GW who cares?
  42. ecole51

    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    This just really sucks. 99+% of casual sportfishermen like us spend hundreds and thousands of dollars a year to do this stuff the right way...not to mention pay CA and federal income tax to pay for public parks, piers, etc...and these losers get to benefit (illegally) from it. Fuck, I don't...
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    Bounce Ball Go-Pro Halibut video

    Thank you for giving me some true fish porn at work.
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    Oh No I think someone thought this was a Mako! Its a Great White to me HB PIER

    I actually don't care if it's a mako or a GW (and yes, I know the legality issues between taking the two), there is just a whole lotta dumb in that set of pictures regardless of the species. The ONLY shred of hope i can cling to for this guy, is that there was some question about the ID on the...
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    Offshore SEASONS *BFT & YT* REPORT

    gittin' it a few for me please see you this weekend
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    Yellow Tail in the Chum Line at Nados

    f'ing rad vid surprised they didn't hit your baited squid, they were going after those chunks pretty hard
  47. ecole51

    Offshore YT Report Monday, 8/15

    Way to go. I was out with the boys a couple days too early it seems. But I'll be back at it with Seasons in a couple weeks.
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    Makos/Thershers/BSB/Halibut - Oh my

    Hell yeah, sounds good to me.
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    Green Dragon Pt. Loma Kelp

    sweet ling, sweet rig
  50. ecole51

    yakin the bay after work 7-11 and 7-12

    that's a lotta bananas on that boat
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    Great Day with a Mixed Bag off Montauk!

    x2 Forgive my ignorance; do those things eat? I'm assuming so since you kept it.
  52. ecole51

    Passports required at the Nados?

    This is an idiotic comment on several levels.
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    Hunting (for once)

    taco time is the best time
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    hell yeah brutha see you in SD
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    LOL...not as much as the bullshitting marketers are trying to get for them
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    Sup is I. Eric. Only brought an 18 pack this time. See you out there.
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    Pending World Record

    some people get it, some don't your clients had a day to remember way to go
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    Thanks again Jamie...I still can't wipe this stupid smile off my face.
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    Nice meeting you least we'll always have Hollywood Dave's girlfriend :)
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    Offshore Voyager Sat 6/26

    My buddy nailed one on a purple chrome with a slow retrieve down around 50 feet or so. Another guy got one casting a blue white surface iron behind the boat when a jig strike hit...and another guy got one on a heavy swimbait....pretty random if you ask me.
  61. ecole51

    Offshore Voyager Sat 6/26

    It was okay. It got cold/windy later in the day. Believe it or not it rained on us briefly during one of the jig stops. Light drizzle didn't last long. We saw the sun twice for a total of about 30 minutes. Maybe 6ft. swell, slightly higher at times.
  62. ecole51

    Offshore Voyager Sat 6/26

    Fished with 9 others on the Voyager Saturday for 22 or so albacore. Fish went approx 18-24 pounds About a dozen or so were on jig feather was the hot one. Half of the rest were on bait, and the other half were on jigs. I got one on the troll and lost a bait fish at the...
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    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    That is some high quality fish porn.
  64. ecole51

    Offshore 170# Bluefin Constitution 1.5 day!!!

  65. ecole51

    Offshore Pictures from FRI 14 AUG - Conditions were perfect...

    i definitely see the snake skull with fangs, can't get the puking skull though...need to reload with some medicinal grade maybe
  66. ecole51

    Offshore 8/14 - 14-Mile Bank, 277, Avalon Bank

    thanks for the report...plenty of action it sounds like
  67. ecole51

    Maiden Voyage

    Bayliner or not, it's better than my boat, which happens to not exist by the way. If you don't mind me asking, what did that rig set you back? PM me if you don't wanna post it.
  68. ecole51

    Catalina Yellows 6/9/08