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  1. RMP

    Waianae hot spot

    Nothing like taking the pressure off early. Right on
  2. RMP

    Sunday evening fishing shows

    Yup wicked tuna on natgeo pretty mean.
  3. RMP

    5-30-2011 Good times good fish w/Video

    good going nick and crew. mean how the fish know when you're most vulnerable. whether its taking a nap or taking a :shithappens:. Right on bra
  4. RMP

    5-14-2011 Found the Duck pile with Video

    nice goin lil toot crew. i think i going have to add a couple of those heads to my arsenal
  5. RMP

    Waianae May 1

    Went out sunday planned for an early start. Hit the water about 5:15 went straight out. Hit the 1000 just before sun up and drop lines. Shortly after we come across our first porpoise pile, played around for a while with nothin and left. On the way out to the pinnacle we come across a few bird...
  6. RMP

    Waianae 8/26/10

    thanks pupule for the short commentary. i crew on the KIMISOME and we did land the marlin. sorry no pics. P.S. thanks for giving us some room right on
  7. RMP

    Smoker... Last Call.

    call me 225 4396
  8. RMP

    Smoker... Last Call.

    i interested u live oahu
  9. RMP

    Shimano 80W or 130?

    if u got the money go with the 130s