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  1. NDFess

    Here we go again...

    Very cool! Congrats!
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    Low Budget 55.6 pound bass!!!

    That is awesome! Great job!
  3. NDFess

    358LB YFT Speared!

    That is amazing!
  4. NDFess

    balboa island report

    Nice pickins!
  5. NDFess

    Typhoon Optics Presents - Beat this Caption Contest Ending May 11th, 2011

    Jackpot winner gets a free TEA BAG!
  6. NDFess

    Nerves of steel...........

    Wow! He didn't even care! I would have turned around and punched that guy...........or cried like a little girl!
  7. NDFess

    Russian Rednecks testing airbags.

    That was fucking hilarious! Thanks for that
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    Ice, Ice Bass

    Sweet Pics G!
  9. NDFess

    LBC Slip cost?

    It's $ 257.00 for a 25' slip in long beach, and more in Newport. Then you have to add for bottom cleaning services, zincs, etc....
  10. NDFess

    The project has begun

    Have fun. Can't wait to see pictures of your progress
  11. NDFess

    My Photography from around western Australia....

    Your pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing
  12. NDFess

    Fist underwater video

    Very cool video! I can't believe there is that many fish in the ocean. You think I'd be able to catch a few! lol
  13. NDFess

    Swimming With Swordfish Video

    That's crazy! Was that the same fish 45 min. later? I don't have speakers on my computer
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    ANY BD'rs...any trade....bids needed !

    I'll bid your drywall. Can you send plan files?
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    Skiing in "the OC"- yes, we did it!

    That's really cool
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    nice day on the water 2/20/11

    More fun than sitting at home!
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    My Two New Sons!!!!

    That's great! Congrats!
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    Here's one for the BD'ers

    How'd you come across this? You weren't searching for one were you? hahaha
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    Bountiful Earth 02132011

    Those are some awesome pics! Thanks for that
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    The secret is out....

    Great job!
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    Kamikaze Sandbass!

    Awesome pics! Nice haul
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    captured moments in time

    Apparently having a hot chick with you helps!
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    Normal day at the Bass Pro Shop

    That is hilarious!
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  25. NDFess


  26. NDFess

    Perfect kid

    Now that's funny!
  27. NDFess

    Good Times & Texas Hogs

    Sweet pics, looks like a great time. Thanks
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    Pulled The Trigger :)

    Congrats on that beautiful sled!
  29. NDFess

    Maximus moves to Puerto Vallarta. A Capt's perspective.

    Holy fuck! I hate you guys, all of you! What an awesome trip. Thanks for the pics!
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    Speared by A Marlin

    Very cool video. Thanks Kieth!
  31. NDFess

    Why did god make women?

  32. NDFess

    Tony Parker (Spurs) gets caught banging Brent Barry's wife....

    I just googled Erin Barry and this came up WTF!!!!
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    Issues with the board, security tokens, posts not showing etc.

    That's how we make our fish look bigger! Thanks for what you do. I appreciate it
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    Our Daughters 1st fishing trip, Lake Irvine 11/17

    That second picture is Classic! Good job getting the family out on the water!
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    Hooking & Hoop

    Great report, thanks!
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    That's Not A Shark! This Is A Shark

    Nah, too many white folk in this pic. :rofl:
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    Just Like Jack.

    That is just a thing of beauty! Making memories that will stick with you forever!
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    Vid 600# fish Breaks Rod & Beats Up Angler

    "I think I'm almost done".......... I think he almost blew his load!
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    Another solid day at the Vine 11-15-10

    Good job Behdad! Sorry to hear about your back problems. Go get a rub and tug!
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    11.14.10 Yellowtails on the Freelance!

    Great report! Thanks for sharing
  41. NDFess

    What age did you start fishing?

    I'm sure I'd do the same if I were part of that program! Damn hooks, those things are sharp! They did let me keep the rapala, though it never swam right after that!
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    Anacapa Yellows!!!

    good job!
  43. NDFess

    Pat @ Pro Line Garage Doors

    I'll second the thanks to Pat! He came out an installed a new door at my mom's house yesterday. Super fast and 15% cheaper than the other quote I got. Thanks again Pat!
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    Right, Wrong

    Looks like fun!
  45. NDFess

    Sick Roam Video Clip

    Pretty cool....... if this was you, your hair would be flowing behind that helmet like an 80's rock video!
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    Newbie Take Two

    First off, can we get pictures of you with said boat? Preferably in a bikini, so we can assess the damage.
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    Spectra Gets Some Yellows, Seabass, Halibut, and Lobsters!

    Awesome pics! You almost make me want to sell my boat and just ride on yours every week!
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    It's all kangaroo nutsack, and ostrich toe nails! But they sure are fucking good! :_diarrhea_::_diarrhea_::_diarrhea_:
  49. NDFess

    Avalon with kids and bugs:

    This post just made my day! Great stuff!
  50. NDFess

    Great Day on the Reel Viking

    Sweet trip and pics. Thanks
  51. NDFess


    My dad loved those! I have never mustered up the courage to try one. Never will!
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    OMG LMFAO U Gotta See This

    Funny shit!
  53. NDFess

    need a laugh??

    Good shit right there!
  54. NDFess

    Fake Veterans

    What ever happened to that fucking idiot that showed up to his class reunion wearing 14 medals? I think he was from Palm Springs. I never served, and I have the greatest respect for those who did! Some people have no respect. God Bless you all!
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    Cool Stunts and Stuff

    3:59-4:02 That's all I noticed!
  56. NDFess

    3 for 3 at the little one on the 1st

    Awesome report and pics!
  57. NDFess

    This would hurt the next day!

    Wow! I'm sore from watching that!
  58. NDFess

    Is it me

    I was just picking one when I opened this! Glad you agree!
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    How quick can you draw a 6-shooter?

  60. NDFess

    Man Quiz 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

    Claro que si!
  61. NDFess

    Marcus should approve..

    This joke never gets old!
  62. NDFess

    Posting and seeing pictures Issue

    The site is also putting posts out of sequence. IE my post on the "Fat asses on a boat" caption contest should've been on the third page....... It showed on the first page. Along with the time of post being different. Just thought you should know.....
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    DVL 10/25

    That's a HOG! Congrats on your PB!
  64. NDFess

    A Little D-16 Luck!!

    Nice buck! Welcome!
  65. NDFess

    Chad Gierlich poached deer in Yosemite sent to jail

    Should've been worse for them. What a bunch of morons. Teaching your kid that shit too........ReGodDamnDiculous!
  66. NDFess

    Russia's hungry bears dig up graves for food

    We should send Balloon Boy's dad to go try his new invention out on them....
  67. NDFess

    Happy Birthday FKG!

  68. NDFess

    Insane hockey fight!

    Long ass video, but totally worth the watch! The last thing those guys were thinking about was hockey!
  69. NDFess


    We finally got enough rods to fill these holders, and troll 4 more.
  70. NDFess

    Just Wrong......

    Still grunting on the shitter!
  71. NDFess

    Good Ol' Boys 2010 (Fall in the Eastern Sierra)

    Awesome report. Thanks for sharing!
  72. NDFess

    Hope I never catch any of these

    That goose fish looks vaguely familiar!
  73. NDFess

    Sport Chalet Fishing Clearance

    Thanks for the heads up
  74. NDFess

    FKG parent / teacher conference.......2009

    Thanks for bumping this Mike! Classic!
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    Dead Thresher

    Very cool. Congrats
  76. NDFess

    FKG's Halloween Costume...... He's Sushi.

    That's a great costume!
  77. NDFess

    Momma held out one long enough

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes!
  78. NDFess

    Freshwater mikey likes it

    That is just too cool. What a great memory that day will make!
  79. NDFess

    SM - Local Overnight Trip W/ Red Drum...Good

    Awesome trip and pics. Thanks!
  80. NDFess

    Strange Catalina "Trifecta"

    Great report. I always look forward to reading them, because you're always on the water!
  81. NDFess

    What age did you start fishing?

    Same here. Habegger's in Bishop. I got a treble hook of a rapala stuck in the back of my dome fishing solo. Was too stupid to cut the line, so I walked back to camp with it still attached to the rod!
  82. NDFess

    Slayed the big boys!

    Awesome report. Thanks!
  83. NDFess

    2010 Elk hunt weather sucked!! But had a blast, here are few pics

    Those are some huge sheds you found! Were you near Kremmling?
  84. NDFess

    Why we miss Rodney Dangerfield...

    Good ol Rodney!
  85. NDFess


    funny shit right there!
  86. NDFess

    operation desert fun pics

    Sweet pics!
  87. NDFess

    Team Aleta - PV Report 10/15 - 10/17 - Mega Fish Porn

    Those pictures just made my day! Thanks for sharing!
  88. NDFess

    Boise to McCall, Id

    Nice fish! Did you ever play bass for the Red Hot Chili Peppers?
  89. NDFess

    I got a phone call from the "good" sister, asking for advice......

    I can't believe she called you while he was in the room with her! Damn straight! Fukk him!
  90. NDFess

    What's your caption for this picture?

    The Rams, The Fucking Rams! Get me a gun!
  91. NDFess

    alpin bass

    This video is badass! thanks bro!
  92. NDFess

    Overcast with occasional drizzle, and sharky as hell.

    Awesome report, and congrats on Mr. T!
  93. NDFess

    store lobster

    Store them in your belly, and then release back into ocean the following morning. If you're regular...................
  94. NDFess

    Big Bay 10-13-10

    Nice Haul! It would have been nice if you could have informed your fellow BD'ers about a free boat!
  95. NDFess

    Offshore 10/13 offshore

    At least you got out there!
  96. NDFess

    Oside Flattie Report 10/9

    Awesome job guys!
  97. NDFess

    Looking for a break barrel pellet gun

    Just make sure you put the trap right in front of the water heater!
  98. NDFess

    Offshore Legend 10/9/10 1.5

    Great report. Thanks
  99. NDFess


  100. NDFess

    Fishing Honeymoon

    I love that she's drinking a yellow belly! Congrats!
  101. NDFess

    Crazy boat driver

    What a douche!
  102. NDFess

    Trout on the Walker!!

    What a pig!
  103. NDFess

    Little Known Fact...

  104. NDFess


    I can't lose this Dick! Everytime I look in my rearview he's right there!
  105. NDFess

    "Flawed" -Very good book...What are some others?

    Quest for the Lost City The Enchanted Vagabond Both books are by Dana and Ginger Lamb They are true stories about a crazy couple from Santa Ana who build a kayak and go in search of a Mayan city of gold. They do the trip again on foot in the other book. It takes place in the 1930's, if I...
  106. NDFess

    A Little Arizona Storm...

    Oh shit, sorry to hear about your dog. Sad news
  107. NDFess

    I thought I had hooked Dickey Mo

    I bet that was fun to pull on, or have pulling on you!
  108. NDFess

    Pot Filled firewood!

  109. NDFess

    Nice Cat Swordy

    Am I reading this correctly? 30-40 lb. YFT in front of Avalon as well? By the way sweet Swordy!
  110. NDFess

    Below Cat and off Laguna/Newport beach report for 9-27

    You could troll a hot dog and catch something! Great job as always. Pics are cool!
  111. NDFess

    PV Report 9/20-22

    Cool Pics!!!
  112. NDFess


    Football fare for the weekend! Good job!
  113. NDFess

    East Coast "Combat" Style Surf Fishing....

    That was alot easier than scaring off our west coast fur bags!
  114. NDFess

    Alright She's Finally Here

    Congrats! God, those hospital blankets totally remind me of my child being born.
  115. NDFess

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : CEEZ session v.1

    Sweet video! Thanks for that
  116. NDFess

    Offshore Great times on the Condor 9/16

    Awesome trip! Great job!
  117. NDFess

    Limits! ( Local Bass Assassination )

    Good job Murderer! Beats working
  118. NDFess

    SD bay 9/15 WFO cudas!

    Sure beats sitting at a desk reading reports! Good job.
  119. NDFess

    Offshore Opah, YFT, BFT and YT 9-12-10

    Sweet fish! Great job!
  120. NDFess

    my boy going for the midfield

    Very cool indeed!
  121. NDFess

    Epic Win!

  122. NDFess


    Sorry, couldn't find the edit button Eastman Lake in Central California 8/1/09 Weekend in memory of my father's birthday
  123. NDFess


    My nephew's first fish!
  124. NDFess

    samurai sickness

    This video is amazing!
  125. NDFess

    Sunday, Skuny Sunday... (at Cat)

    What a great kid! Glad it ended up being a fun time!
  126. NDFess


    That's bad on it's own. But, right in front of the baby Jesus! C'mon old man!
  127. NDFess

    So. OC Paddy Hoppin'

    Thanks for looking. Better than sitting at home!
  128. NDFess

    6 pack captains- make cha cha chicken

    I was thinking the same thing!
  129. NDFess

    1st Yellow on my own boat!

    Beautiful fish!
  130. NDFess

    wood boat builder

    I wouldn't ever want to launch one of those things! I'd rather frame it and mount it on the wall!
  131. NDFess

    close call and lj report 7-12

    Glad things turned out okay! I once saw a 10,000# forklift i was towing, in the lane next to me. Thank God for safety chains!
  132. NDFess

    Halfday halibut

    Sweet! Good job!
  133. NDFess

    Just got my first boat

    Good luck. Looks like a fun project!
  134. NDFess

    Sweat Teresa on them again..

    Great job.........Again!
  135. NDFess

    7/10 Bassin and cuda at LB breakwall

    Way to put the little guys on some fish! Looks like a great morning on the water!
  136. NDFess

    Rpt Sat 07-10-10 Limits of Cuda and Bass, One Hoss WSB

    What a great day on the water, and no wind to boot! Good haul there boys!
  137. NDFess

    June WSB video

    Awesome video! Great job!
  138. NDFess

    How to start a fight

  139. NDFess

    dana point (late report 7/2)

    Looks like you guys had a blast! By the way, you've got a booger hanging out of your nose!
  140. NDFess

    Much Love for the Chunky Spots

  141. NDFess

    Torrey Pines

    Looks like fun! Good job!
  142. NDFess

    First trip in 3 years!!!

    Good luck man!
  143. NDFess

    I have never been so mad at BD!!!!

    My work blocks all game websites on the internet........ I never even tryed the arcade on here, and it works! So much for working anymore this week.
  144. NDFess

    What's This ?

    Pink Sock!
  145. NDFess

    Finally, I got my first....

    Great job! I'm still waiting!
  146. NDFess

    Which setup should I buy next, 30# or 40#?

    X2 Talk to Tony He'll hook you up!
  147. NDFess

    Offshore 7/7/10 Indian 1.5 Day Report

    Still a good day on the water! Good job!
  148. NDFess

    PV 7/6/10

    Thanks for the report! Good job on saving that BSB!
  149. NDFess

    Weave from hell rod complete

    Awesome job, and for a great reason!
  150. NDFess

    Coronados 7/6/2010 on the San Diego Jackpot yellow

    You Dickhead! are you really going to eat all 5 of those cuda? Just kidding man. Good job, and congrats on the JP Yeller.
  151. NDFess

    177 pound OPAH

    I need to hear the stoy behind this one! Awesome fish!
  152. NDFess

    Norway 2010 - Great Fishing on Senja

    That looks beautiful! Thanks for the report!
  153. NDFess

    went out for the killer batray bite....

    How much fuel did you burn? Nice fish.........AGAIN!
  154. NDFess

    07.03.10 Solo BBFC Catalina Calico Fishing on the Coroloma

    What a beast! Cool pics, and a great report
  155. NDFess

    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    Great job on the release!
  156. NDFess


    Awesome pictures! Thanks for that
  157. NDFess

    Seabass and yellows 7/3

    Awesome! That's a good workout right there!
  158. NDFess

    WFO Bassin' in the SMB 7/3 w-pics

    Nice slugs! Happy 4th!
  159. NDFess

    Screw fishing, boats,...

    Congrats, he's a good looking boy! They get boring after a while so don't sell all your gear. haha
  160. NDFess

    No Butts, WFO Bassin Solo 7/1

    Sweet pics. What a morning! Hope the Dr. appt. went well.
  161. NDFess

    Anyone Like Trade???

    That ride is Sick! Haha
  162. NDFess

    pretty cool!!!!

    Very cool. I almost felt as though I was there. Thanks
  163. NDFess


    How do you stumble upon a video like this? What exactly were you searching for?
  164. NDFess

    First WSB for the kid!

  165. NDFess

    Another socal beast!

    Holy shit! Nice feesh!
  166. NDFess

    DVL...been waiting for this day forever...

    Too cool! I can't wait to take my boy out too. He's only one though. Gonna be a while.
  167. NDFess

    Rattlesnake at Trestles tonight

    Glad to hear you guys are safe and sound. Even though the snake avoidance classes seem helpful, i just think it's kind of cruel to put a dog through. From what I've heard of them.
  168. NDFess

    Rockfish/Bass 6/25 Rpt w-pics

    Awesome pics! Quite a haul you there. Good job
  169. NDFess

    New BD member (9 month lurker, 1st report with pics)

    Wow! What a beautiful little girl you have there! Congrats!
  170. NDFess

    favor turns nightmare

    Way to turn a piece of shit into a work of art!
  171. NDFess

    So, I ain't no Mark Wisch but...

    That is way more rewarding than a good night's sleep! Way to kick some ass out there!
  172. NDFess

    C Bass Sun. 6.27

    Awesome fish! That water looks bitchen too!
  173. NDFess

    Dream season ends with a bang!!! Local slug 6-27

    I think you could throw out some velveeta on a treble and still manage a Monster WSB! You are a beast!
  174. NDFess

    The RTA finds Ghosts and Big Yellowtail With Video & Pics

    I thought this was bloodydecks, not bloody socks! Nice Fish!
  175. NDFess

    Goatzilla from 3-day Peace freedive trip

    That thing is huge! Great score!
  176. NDFess

    1/2 day at La Jolla

    Very cool story! Props to your son too!
  177. NDFess

    Daily Double...

    Bad Ass! Nice job guys
  178. NDFess

    First time post to BD

    Awesome pics. Welcome aboard!
  179. NDFess

    Check out this kid

  180. NDFess

    Bridgeport Ca. - Stringers full of BIG trout with Big Steve, Cody, & FKG!!!

    Awesome pics, glad you guys had a great time!
  181. NDFess

    Little Johnny's Sister

  182. NDFess

    Brandon and Capt. Rod on the "Lady Luck"

    Awesome pics! Good job out there!
  183. NDFess

    Not many see me cry

    Very cool! God Bless them ALL!!
  184. NDFess

    Mistakes....that are not bad.

    That pic is bad ass G!
  185. NDFess

    nice home grown yellow

    Bet that was like a roller coaster! Good job!
  186. NDFess

    simply amazing 3/4 on the pacific voyager 6/20/2010

    What a great day! Good job Dad!
  187. NDFess

    Reel clamp- How tight is too tight???

    HAHAHAHA! If this was true, it would be fucking hilarious to watch!
  188. NDFess

    Tiger Rods really are invincible.

    Holy shit! Glad to hear you are okay!
  189. NDFess

    Blue Fin at the Islands

    Re-God-Damn-Diculous! Great job!
  190. NDFess


    Happy Father's day!
  191. NDFess

    Between the LB and the PV 6-19-10

    Sorry for the late report, I had a busy weekend after getting back. We left LB harbor at around ffice:smarttags" /><?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:time>8a.m. Saturday morning. After getting some good squid and choves from San Pedro Bait, we headed west. I...
  192. NDFess

    Mud Marlin Live in Madeira?

    Holy Shit! Full story please!
  193. NDFess

    PT. Loma 6/17/10

    Way to go! Looks like the kid was having a great time!
  194. NDFess

    Angler Almost Loses Fingers to Small Shark

  195. NDFess

    I hate fucking Iraq!!!

    God Bless your son, and all of the others boys over there!
  196. NDFess

    fish on

    Good job girlie! Keep it up!
  197. NDFess

    Finally broke the skunk.....

    Too cool!
  198. NDFess

    First WSB for a new partner

    Great job Chris! Poor little guy. What a trooper though!
  199. NDFess

    6/15/10 Whistler

    Looks like a great day! Good job with the kids!
  200. NDFess

    "Fishing" for Seabass, "Catching" Calico Bazz

    Still beats working! Nice bass!
  201. NDFess

    Offshore Bluefin FOAMERS on the Islander 6-12 VIDEO!

    That high five was GAY! Cool videos!
  202. NDFess

    6/14 shake down and coupe of fish

    Glad you made it home safe!
  203. NDFess

    MDR 6/13/10 Seeing Red

    Way to slay! Good job treating your dad and his buddies to some good eats!
  204. NDFess

    Finally She's here.

  205. NDFess

    Barracuda Irons

    Or mint
  206. NDFess

    1st yellow of season

    Good job! Whatever works, right?
  207. NDFess

    Jungle Juice

    Now I have an excuse. Honey, They put african fruit in my appetizer at the bar. Thanks
  208. NDFess

    NCAA hands USC 2-year bowl ban, Scholarship loss

    X 2,000,000 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  209. NDFess

    Clarion Island 5/31-6/7

    That is one badass post! Thanks for sharing!
  210. NDFess

    E Harmony....I hate you

    Hahahaa! I just spit coffee all over my fucking screen. Thanks!
  211. NDFess

    6/8 Coronados, first yellow gets away.

    That picture is awesome! Welcome aboard!
  212. NDFess

    6/8 Coronados, first yellow gets away.

    That sucks! Way to have a good attitude about it though. You'll get em again!
  213. NDFess

    Local Shoe Report 5/31

    Great post! Good to see the Shoe alive and producing!
  214. NDFess

    yt 5-29-10

  215. NDFess

    This guy is so cool.

    Meatloaf mom! Make me some fucking meatloaf!
  216. NDFess

    testing a you tube link

    It works! Cool video. I bet she was feeling that sunburn the next day!
  217. NDFess

    Bad encounters?

    The Best movie Ever!
  218. NDFess

    Took my wifes, cousins, husband fishing..... what does that make us?

    You should have forced him to drink a nice warm glass of shut the Fuck Up!
  219. NDFess

    Lock your stuff up ALL the time

    Debi, I didn't know you used such foul language! Haha. Did you ever track down the bastard that stole your stuff?
  220. NDFess

    A Windy Week up 395

    Awesome report! I'll be throwing the flies in Colorado in 8 days. Your report and pics made this week so much longer! I can't wait!
  221. NDFess

    Quick trip on the new skiff

    Not bad for a first outing! Now, you better live up to it every trip out! Thanks for the report.
  222. NDFess

    Saltwater Shrimp, lings and Hali

    Awesome pictures! great job!
  223. NDFess

    Inspirational Video

    That was hilarious!
  224. NDFess

    Don't drive like a dickhead or this might happen

    Made me feel sick!
  225. NDFess

    Perfect pilothouse imo

    My back hurts, and I got a bloody lip from that 2nd pic! Sweet boat!
  226. NDFess


  227. NDFess

    There has to be a BD sticker on there!

    Probably somebody famous. Theose blacked out windows are a dead give away. Maybe Oscar the Grouch?
  228. NDFess

    Consolation Prize

    Congrats man!
  229. NDFess

    My first squid...what a fight

    That's not a squid!
  230. NDFess

    These were in the front yard yesterday morning

    Some will be flying over my work ( San Dimas) in 10 minutes. They do everyday. Loud little bastards.
  231. NDFess

    DP Sea Bass 5/16

    Awesome fish! Great job!
  232. NDFess

    TigerMusky + improved lurestand

    I agree! I would never be able to huck that thing. It's just too purty!
  233. NDFess

    what's the minimum requirement for going offshore?

    A VOLLEYBALL! Preferably a WILSON. Just in case
  234. NDFess

    Caught on Surveillance System

    That is cool!
  235. NDFess

    No Yellows Butttttt 5-6-10

    Thanks, I was just screwing with ya. Good job!
  236. NDFess

    1/2 day trip, Monday 5/10 aboard "The Long Run"

    Way to kill um before the wind!
  237. NDFess

    No Yellows Butttttt 5-6-10

    All this response, and still not a hint of info? C'mon, we're all friends here, and we promise not to over-run your spot. Give it up already!
  238. NDFess

    Local Rockies with a Side of Linger 5/8

    I want your camera. It makes all of the fish look HUGE!! Good job, Once Again!
  239. NDFess

    Slayed 'um

    Awesome pics! Good job out there!
  240. NDFess

    Breaking news...

    Bet they had a tough time cleaning up the slug trails!
  241. NDFess

    any sightings of whales

    I've seen more than a few Whales in Corona lately!
  242. NDFess

    BD pervs lurking??

    For Christ's Sake! Put some pants on!
  243. NDFess

    Long Beach / Wall - cold water tactics?

    I took a guy (from Colorado) to the wall on Friday. He also got bent, and then broken off in the rocks. We only ended up with 1 mac. It's tough there when the wind is up.
  244. NDFess

    This rod worth anything?

    Make sure you have a sinking line on it. Don't think you can catch much in the bay if it has a floating line on it.
  245. NDFess

    Bienvenidos a BloodyDecks...

    No puedo esperar, hasta alquien pone un reporte en espanol, y todos los gueros tratan a traducirlo. Jajaja
  246. NDFess

    Don't ever leave your account logged on......

    That was like a good book. I had to read 6 pages of it. Just couldn't put it down. What a complete moron! In case I forget to logout, I LOVE MY WIFE! haha
  247. NDFess

    HOW DO YOU DECIDE WHO TO MARRY? (written by kids)

    1) You got to find somebody who likes the same stuff. Like, if you like sports, she should like it that you like sports, and she should keep >the chips and dip coming. - Alan, age 10 And the beer Alan! What a dipshit kid.
  248. NDFess

    Offshore Steve's first Yellow Tail 4/25

    Awesome fish! Was that a PBR in the cup holder? Even sweeter!
  249. NDFess

    Bite was on 4/25/2010 rock pile

    Sweet! Good job on the solo!
  250. NDFess

    Long Beach/Wall Cold water = slow

    Awesome report! Looks like you all had a great time!
  251. NDFess

    2 car thieves off the street

    Good job! Always good to have someone like you in a neighborhood!
  252. NDFess

    Cat 4.23/24 first legal Butt

    Good job out there!
  253. NDFess

    Is Fish Dope Worth the $?

    Totally worth it.
  254. NDFess

    10 foot tiger shark CPR from the beach

    pretty cool! Some big ass sharks down there!
  255. NDFess


    We can just scare them all the way up the Colorado River!
  256. NDFess

    Fishing Book, Bad Omen?

    Wow crazy find! I have no idea of the value. But, definitely hang on to that one!
  257. NDFess

    Hell of a bark.......

    Hahaha! Those poor neighbors probably think the dudes trying to put it in the old lady's exit hole all night!
  258. NDFess

    take a kid fishing

    Very cool! Way to pay it forward!
  259. NDFess

    An Open Letter to Jessie James

  260. NDFess

    An Open Letter to Jessie James

  261. NDFess

    Caught a good one

    Great story! Well done!
  262. NDFess

    Day in the bay with Mom and Daughter

    Good job! Take advantage of every minute!
  263. NDFess

    I know many of us hate seals......

    That seal should have bit the branches off that Tree Hugger!
  264. NDFess

    Competing with Killer Whales for big Bluefin

    Crazy! Debi, you find some pretty cool videos!
  265. NDFess


    My Yak is already tatted out!
  266. NDFess


    How much are you Really looking to get? hmmmmm......
  267. NDFess


    How much are you looking to get?
  268. NDFess

    Flying Tuna...? I think not.

  269. NDFess

    New LA Blue Fin Tuna Record

    Awesome story! I'm sore just from reading about the battle.
  270. NDFess

    Scaley plug

    Wow! Sweeeeet!
  271. NDFess

    No report but weather for the week

    Looks like everyone should STAY HOME this weekend!
  272. NDFess

    Taking advantage of the teeth we have left

    Hahahaha I work for a drywall company. I've been showing this to everyone in the office! I wouldn't put it past half of my metal framers.
  273. NDFess

    Where are the Halibut ??

    I think ol' Mikey boy might be Packing Cotton!
  274. NDFess

    Where can I get my hands on some beaver

    Instead of wrapping it, wouldn't it be easier to just stuff your rod in the beaver?
  275. NDFess

    How long for a hair cut?

  276. NDFess

    A Rod Built For One Fish

  277. NDFess

    Bait tank

    38 gallons. awesome tank.
  278. NDFess


    I don't sleep!
  279. NDFess

    Roll the Bones's Sick Avatar

    Honestly one of the worst videos I have ever seen! Awesome work! Now, I must puke!
  280. NDFess

    earth shaker

    Those parrots fly over my work every morning. Louder than shit, they are. Damn them!
  281. NDFess

    New OC rods

    I just picked a couple up as well! They are SWEET! Tony is a really nice guy too. I'll be eventually replacing all of my older rods with his line. Great prices too.
  282. NDFess


    Felt it pretty good here. Scared my wife to death and woke my little one up
  283. NDFess

    This is Hot

    Hahahahaha! that is fucking disgusting!
  284. NDFess

    Table Saw for dummies

    Wow! That made me nervous just watching. I Can't imagine putting my finger in there for a test.
  285. NDFess

    Ghost chili peppers...worlds hottest

    The Poop Report website is hilarious!
  286. NDFess

    With my boat.

    Good luck!
  287. NDFess

    8" Big Lake Bait Video

    Dude! Someone drove a car in to your pool!
  288. NDFess

    Jigging big bluefins

    You guys are animals!
  289. NDFess

    what the hell are people thinking?

    Freaky, but somewhat intriguing!
  290. NDFess

    Monster Tog!

    Pretty ugly! But I guess once you close your eyes, they are fine to eat!
  291. NDFess

    Ultimate Fail

    If you're wearing sunglasses inside, you are either blind or an asshole. What I think at least.
  292. NDFess

    fredhall show/ bloodydecks

    The hats are awesome! Most hats i buy don't fit right, but you guys have the perfect hats for my fucked up head. The t-shirts are cool too. Thanks
  293. NDFess

    Back from FH Show

    I convinced my wife we didn't need the stroller for exactly that reason. But I'm still sore from carring him around in a front pack.
  294. NDFess

    Go to rod

  295. NDFess

    The one piece of furniture I own

    That is just plain beautiful!
  296. NDFess

    #3 reason to visit the BD booth.

    Damn it! I went yesterday and enjoyed checking out #1 and #2. But now I'm going back this weekend for sure.
  297. NDFess

    14 mile bank 3/1/10

    Glad to see your boat is running well!
  298. NDFess


    You make it look too easy!
  299. NDFess

    Loading a gun out of water

  300. NDFess

    Saluki = Welcher. plenty of time to pay up

    I bought the KFC secret recipe on Ebay so fuck Y'all, All Y'all. Nom nom nom nom nom!
  301. NDFess

    flat seas!!

    Is there a fish in that pic? I just saw the cute warden!
  302. NDFess

    Not a good day for this fish

    Wow! Pretty crazy! Better that fish than an ankle!
  303. NDFess

    My nephew fresh back from Iraq

    Great job! We need more guys like him out there!
  304. NDFess

    Local hoopin 2-22

    Awesome! You kick ass!
  305. NDFess

    R A D I O S I L E N C E : SNOOK HUNTER v.1

    Sweet vid. Thanks!
  306. NDFess

    Good February trip

    Great report. Thanks!
  307. NDFess

    Colorado Eye Candy

    I just got back from a week in Colorado. Wanted to share a couple of pics with you guys. Gonna be some good meat come hunting season. I don't hunt, but I'm sure this will get some of you drooling. Have a great day! There were game tracks everywhere. The animals definitely know...
  308. NDFess

    They are watching you...

    Wow, can they really be this stupid? Karma is a killer!
  309. NDFess

    Movie time with the wife...

    Freak show!
  310. NDFess

    My Girl's First Giant Squid

    That's a nice squirter you got there!
  311. NDFess

    Sneek Peek Big Brother Squid

    I think I just blew my load! That is sweet
  312. NDFess

    The diffrence between sexes

  313. NDFess

    got soaked

    Hey, at least you didn't park it on the breakwall on the way back in!
  314. NDFess

    Saltwater Area 9 Thursady report

    Sweet pics. The water looks awesome!
  315. NDFess

    Profile Picture Editing

  316. NDFess

    For those with no plans Sunday!!!

    I just googled your house. On the street view it looks like a hawk is flying over. I know, lame but I'm bored at work already.
  317. NDFess

    the official "I'm a papa" thread

  318. NDFess

    Need a Tree guy

    I have some expired flares from my boat.......4 of them. Let's do this!
  319. NDFess

    Time in a bottle

    Great story.
  320. NDFess

    Huge Yellow On Yak Yesterday...

    Sweet Jesus! Great work!
  321. NDFess

    F-16 Strike video from Iraq.

    Crazy shit right there!
  322. NDFess

    1973 25' Livesay Boat

    NAAAAGGGLLLESSS! What's up Purkiss! Why are you selling your boat? That is a sweet ride! Your kids are going to be pissed! So is Romo!
  323. NDFess

    is this person for real?

    Those poor socks! Why do people have to be such animals?
  324. NDFess

    Deer Roping Anyone?

    That is too funny! Next time keep a taser on your belt and you can just cook it up on the scene!
  325. NDFess

    [email protected]:newbie ?

    Definitely sounds as though you're indeed married with that response. Have fun over there. Be safe!
  326. NDFess

    27' Skagit Orca

    That boat is sweet!
  327. NDFess

    DP local hard bottom

    Did you scare the big ones up to Long Beach? Gonna hit em tomoorow.
  328. NDFess

    Just When You Think You Have Seen It All

    Awesome story!
  329. NDFess

    [email protected]:newbie ?

    I call b.s. How are we really going to know if he's married unless we get some pics of the wife?
  330. NDFess

    best pliers

    If you guys want my old ones, in the last 2 months I've left 1 pair at Izor's, another at the Palos Verdes kelp, and on my most recent excursion the east end of the Long Beach breakwall. Free for the takin'. I'm going back to Home Depot after work.
  331. NDFess

    Brand New Invicta watches

    Will you throw in a 40# bag of pretzels?
  332. NDFess

    Worlds worst jobs

    My buddy's mom got a broken arm trying to jack off a horse at her ranch. Not a fun job!
  333. NDFess

    For my Filipino Friends Theese won mayd mee peepee myselph! </P>
  334. NDFess

    I'm back!

    Welcome home!
  335. NDFess

    FOR ALL US OLD GUYS, and you young guys think you got style. check this out

    Those boats are very cool! The imagination people had amazes me!
  336. NDFess

    Long Beach Breakwall 1/24/10

    Sorry had to fix the pix
  337. NDFess

    Long Beach Breakwall 1/24/10

    I ran down Sunday morning to my boat to check for any damage from the storms. Everything looked fine, so decided to fish a bit. Water was like glass all the way out to the breakwall. Ran around the outside and started throwing the soft baits at the wall. Red fleck with solid red underbelly...
  338. NDFess

    Garmin chartplotter G2 vision card - are they worth it??

    Sorry to bring up an old post. I recently purchased the Socal card off ebay, and i can't figure the thing out. The fish finder shows between 60-70 feet at all times and the contour is on a loop. I have the Garmin 440. Is there a need to configure the system or what?
  339. NDFess

    Another REPOST...........

    Thanks for making my morning! That is fucking hilarious!
  340. NDFess

    UK Female Bobsled Training.........

    That was like two packaged hams popping outta there!
  341. NDFess


    I'm trying to convince my wife of the severity of these storms. I NEED to go down to Shoreline and check on my boat. (and pick up my reels I left down there last time)
  342. NDFess

    Waterspouts and Damaging Winds Today

    I have this kite I've been dying to take out. Maybe today should be the day.
  343. NDFess

    lobster killing fields

    Pssssh. That water looks like glass! Good job guys, way to stick it out!
  344. NDFess


    south east corner through all the trees. Kastmaster or bait. Hit a few bass on the rubbers there as well. Watch out for all the kids at the picnics to be firing rocks in the water right by where your fishing. That's why I always end up tucked in the trees.
  345. NDFess

    Lake Wohlford

    Damn cute kid! Good times.
  346. NDFess

    Lane Kiffin new USC head coach!

    Hey y'all, all y'all, he betta be bringing the old lady with him. Wouldn't mind running into her around town!
  347. NDFess

    Bay of LA Video

    Great job! My favorite part was at 1:16.
  348. NDFess

    Ling Jigs/Weights.

    Man, those are badass. You sir, are an artist.
  349. NDFess

    Photo Editing PhotoPhix

    Can you PM me some pricing? I want to print this for my friend's birthday. His first attempt at gaff. Missed the head by a mile!
  350. NDFess

    Six Short Stories For Men, By Men

    # 6 Is hilarious. Thank you, for making the people that I work with think I am crazy. They could hear me laughing down the hall!
  351. NDFess

    Photo Editing PhotoPhix

    Can you do this one for me please?
  352. NDFess


    You should check out! Hilarious stuff. Some guy placing and/or responding to classified ads
  353. NDFess


    I feel stoopider fur redding dis
  354. NDFess

    Christmas by Charlie Browns Linus.....

    I am very offended by your forcing of religious views on others!! Just kidding! Happy Birthday sweet little 8 lb. 2 oz. baby Jesus!
  355. NDFess

    sat night hooping malibu area

    Bloodydecks, making my work day entertaining everyday!!!
  356. NDFess

    Native Sun 3/4 Day Trip 12/21

    Great report! Very entertaining, thank you. Props to the little man. Looks like he had a great day!
  357. NDFess

    What do you coat your downrigger balls with?

    Why ruin a phonebook people? Just fill your girlfriend's mouth with the Plasti-Dip!
  358. NDFess

    12/19 & 12/20 SB & Beyond

    Way to make me jealous while I'm at work! Great job out there.
  359. NDFess

    Christmas Tradition: Grandpa & Louise

    HAHAHA Priceless!
  360. NDFess

    Need a hair cut???

    I think it's a pizza place now
  361. NDFess

    Friday The 13th, January 2005

    That is a cool story. Thanks
  362. NDFess

    She is a KEEPER

  363. NDFess

    Took Kellygirl Hoopin'

    Looks like you had a blast. Good job on the keepers. Nice bikini Kelly!
  364. NDFess

    New hours of operation

    "5 am friday thru 5 pm sunday." I'm assuming open all day
  365. NDFess

    perko rod holders SOLD

    Do you still have these?
  366. NDFess

    Point loma lobster in the STORM

    Um.... yeah, you might want to delete that last pic.
  367. NDFess

    Took out some kids fishing in Long Beach Big rockfish

    hey, i know some kids who want to fish too. Where is that spot again? hahaha
  368. NDFess

    moose bow hunt..lucky SOB up close!!

    That could have turned ugly real fast!
  369. NDFess

    When will they learn?

    What the helll was she doing out of the kitchen in the first place?
  370. NDFess

    Danish add

    Thanks for that. Much better than browsing all the ebay posts in the morning!
  371. NDFess

    Danish add

    Can you send it to me as well, please? Now, I'm curious. [email protected]
  372. NDFess


    Nice coin purse!!
  373. NDFess

    Don't do this..............

    Hahahaha that is just classic!
  374. NDFess

    Pearl Harbor......

    God Bless America!
  375. NDFess

    SCI 12-3

    Jeez guys, just wanted to see a picture of the thing
  376. NDFess

    Rough Night 12/5

    Just means that ONE will taste even better!
  377. NDFess

    SCI 12-3

    A 200 lber. And the camera was at home right?
  378. NDFess

    Rpt-Sun. 11-22 Long Beach Bass'n!

    Dandy! Fished the same area yesterday! bunch of mack, bonito, and a goat.
  379. NDFess

    Late December Tips?

    The Cabo Cantina in Newport is always a great place to troll!
  380. NDFess

    Offshore Fishing with the inlaws

    More lap flounder please!
  381. NDFess

    La Jolla with JAWS

    You got any pics of the fillets?
  382. NDFess

    Offshore Porpoise release...

    Very good Karma coming your way!
  383. NDFess

    Bugatti For Sale...CHEAP!!!

    Hahahahaha moron.
  384. NDFess

    5 Nets, 5 Seals

  385. NDFess

    Haul Deer? Why, it's easy!

    Hey your kick stand is down!!
  386. NDFess

    lost my best buddy

    Sorry to hear this. Just keep praying man! I lost my dad almost two years ago in a car accident. Only time will rid the fog!!
  387. NDFess

    They found a cure!!!

  388. NDFess

    Fishing with Dad: A Veterans' Day Tribute

    Very cool! Always keep those good memories with you.
  389. NDFess

    PETA friendly pics...

    Sweet Trout!
  390. NDFess

    SD Bay Bonefish

    29' Butt!! Freakin' amazing!!
  391. NDFess

    Cat Bonito 11/7

    Great job!! Way to entertain the family!!
  392. NDFess

    Catalina Lobster slaughter, bugzillas and a grump!

    Great job!! Looks like the little guy is very happy chasin' tail!
  393. NDFess

    Ton's of shorts and a Halloween Spider!... (Tailwalker)

    Huge Crab. I thought you could only find those at strip clubs in Mexico!
  394. NDFess

    157lb bluefin from a kayak!

    Once in a lifetime!!! He's going to be sore for weeks!!
  395. NDFess

    Flattie Report 11/5 and a mystery ship....

    Those will feed you a night or two!!!
  396. NDFess

    Only in San Diego... Halloween fight

    I wanted the "ref" to get more involved instead of just a walk by blowing!!
  397. NDFess

    Offshore Pig Yellow

    Sweet!! Good job!
  398. NDFess

    A first for the kid

    Good job lil' fellar!
  399. NDFess

    Offshore Prowler 1.5 10/23-10/25

    Awesome for both you and your boy! Good job! I'm sure he's already asking when you can take him out again!
  400. NDFess

    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowtail near 43

    Santa Maria? That's God's country! Where my family is from. Oak barbeques and coors light baby!
  401. NDFess

    Playing with fireworks

    Too funny! Sorry bout dat! The shit they do in Canadia!
  402. NDFess

    Kids & the Swine Flu - What's your opinion?

    I say it's like buying a new car. Don't ever get the first year model. Wait until they have all the bugs worked out. I am a parent, just my opinion.
  403. NDFess

    Snagged a seal or two

    Did you guys read all the comments below the story? That shit is hilarious!!!!
  404. NDFess

    USC v Notre Dame

    ND 31 Usc 24 I married into an SC family, so every year I hope for a big W for the Irish! Let's see if Charlie can wipe the snot off his face and pull this team together!
  405. NDFess

    This man and his son can...Inspiring true story

    I have watched this video countless times. What a great story. It makes me want to be a better dad. Great post. Thanks Have you seen how many events they've actually completed together?
  406. NDFess

    More Bacon Please

    Bacon Lube and Egg Whites!
  407. NDFess

    where did you start fly fishing?

    A little town called Kremmling, CO. Where the mosquitos can pick you up and carry you away. Deet just pisses them off, but the fishing is great! Hey Lenny, How tough is it to get into Hot Creek? Deep Creek? Can you take 4-strokes into there? My boss has a place on the Lake and I've been...
  408. NDFess

    Offshore SEAS UP

    I really hope it's calm this weekend! The fish have to be there, but can we get to them?
  409. NDFess

    Fuck!!!!! Second time this year!!!!!!

    Really sorry to hear about your loss!
  410. NDFess


    Torn tank tops are H.O.T. too!
  411. NDFess

    Rough Water Hooping

    Sweet! But, you've got to barbeque on oak! Santa maria style!
  412. NDFess

    Offshore Rock Cod Trip Gone Wrong SCI Report 10.2.09

    Man sounds like a rough day. Glad you survived. Great Job! Way to slay 'em.
  413. NDFess

    Newport Beach with the kids

    Exactly my thoughts. I'm still looking for SC diapers for my 4 month old to wear! :Emoticon_Potty_Time
  414. NDFess

    this is my quick intro - let the blood flow !

    Wow! Definitely That Guy! Can't even imagine how a day on the water with him would turn out. I'd just be sure to bring a couple bars of soap and some tube socks! haha
  415. NDFess

    Ungreatful piece of shit

    Sorry about that. Isn't it funny what you get in return, sometimes, for your kindness.
  416. NDFess

    Seaworthy Inspection Long Beach

    So, I inherited a boat from my grandfather, and I am trying to get insurance. My insurance company (whom I also use for my cars, house, etc.) is requiring a seaworthy inspection of the boat. I'm wondering if anybody knows how much +/- it will cost to pull this beast out of the water. They need...
  417. NDFess

    Find the bait! 9/23/09

    Nice fish man.
  418. NDFess

    Barn Kelp

    Looks good to me!
  419. NDFess

    Offshore 13sept09 425, hidden bank

    Is that a flying fish behind you in the first pic?
  420. NDFess

    200 pound marlin

  421. NDFess

    Offshore 9/11/09 425 one to forget :)

    At least you caught a few!
  422. NDFess

    Offshore 9/11/09 60+ miles offshore for a nice halibut

    As long as you caught dinner right?
  423. NDFess

    Prayers needed!!!

    Daily Prayers continue!
  424. NDFess


  425. NDFess

    Golden Gate Tuna 9/5

    Nothing like great fishing, and elbow room! Can't beat it.
  426. NDFess

    Dana 9-5-09

    I love seeing the little ones loving the fight!!!
  427. NDFess


    Velveeta on a treble!! Or a piece of fried chicken!! Whatever floats your boat. haha
  428. NDFess

    Offshore My 09 New Lo-Ann 1day Charter

    Kick Ass!! I can't wait for my son to grow up so I can share the same experiences!
  429. NDFess

    Offshore 425 YFT 8/20

    Still sounds better than working!
  430. NDFess

    Offshore Hard day fishing turns into a fish of a lifetime 8/14/09

    I keep coming back to stare at these pictures with great envy. It's like you killed the Nemo on "roids". I love it!!
  431. NDFess

    Offshore Happy 66th Birthday to me.

    What a great Birthday !!!
  432. NDFess

    Offshore 80lb BFT 2 day 8/16-18

    Sweet Baby Buttafuoco!!!!! Nice pics! Thanks