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  1. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional

    Exodus submitted a new listing: Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional - Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional Learn more about this listing...
  2. Exodus

    A New Pair of Knot Pullers I Made

    I made a pair of these about a year ago and use them all the time. My good friend asked if I could make him a pair. "Solito" is the name of his boat and it fit nicely (Laser Engraved) in the small space available. Not too fancy, but gets the job done. 4.25" X .75" Wood Dowel Heat Shrink...
  3. Exodus

    Temple Reef Innovate 80MH

    I'm considering buying this rod, new, but thought I should ask here first. Let me know if you have one for sale. I'm in San Diego and Carlsbad. Jason
  4. Exodus

    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    Im considering the purchase of a SPJ rod, to use in Southern California, fishing on a private boat. I would mostly be using it for Rockfish, but may give it a go on schoolie Yellowtail and Tuna as well. I don’t want to invest too much money into a rod for this, at least for now. I can get the...
  5. Exodus

    Penn Torque TRQ25NLD2 Silver

    Only used a couple of times and is in excellent condition. Loaded to the top, with 65# Berkley ProSpec. I have the box and everything else that was include. Will consider person to person trade for a Silver TRQ15XNLD2, in similar condition. Not interested in any other trades, thanks! Lowball...
  6. Exodus

    Yellowfin Tuna In December?

    Did anyone here get any YFT in December, within 1-day range, out of San Diego, last year? We had limits of YFT, on November 17th, last year. Didn’t get out after that. Just curious. Jason
  7. Exodus

    Poke Nachos

    My daughter kept insisting I try and make some poke nachos, just like the ones from The Yard House. This past Wednesday 11/04, we had very good fishing, for yellowfin tuna and dorado. Rainy day here in Carlsbad, so decided to try something different with the tuna. I deep fried the wonton...
  8. Exodus

    Offshore 10/18 WFO Footballs near the 371

    White knuckle drive down the 5, from Carlsbad, at 4:30 this morning. Fog was so thick, I had to slow way down, like 20mph at times. Cleared the Mission Bay channel about 6:30, with absolutely no fog, with 1.5 scoops of awesome sardines. Headed south and stopped on a couple empty paddies, just...
  9. Exodus

    Looking for a Calstar Grafighter 800XLH or 800L Blank

    I'm looking for either of these blanks for a custom rod. Not looking for a factory wrapped rod. If you have one for sale, or know where I can get one, in San Diego, or OC, let me know, thanks! Jason
  10. Exodus


    I've only used this rod once and it is in excellent condition. I'm not interested in trading this rod and don't want to ship it either. I work M-F in San Diego (Rosecranse/5) and live in Carlsbad. Willing to meet anywhere along the 5 M-F, or at the Dana Landing launch ramp. RCE 800XF-C SOLD RCE...
  11. Exodus

    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    Headed out of Mission Bay about 8am, after loading up a full scoop of excellent sardines, with a few mini macs mixed in. The short interval wind chop made the ride down a bit interesting, but easily doable. Stopped on a giant bait ball of small chovies and had some fun with the little bonito...
  12. Exodus

    Okuma Komodo SS 463P

    Okuma Komodo SS KDS-463P Loaded with 65# J-Braid Good condition $160 PM if interested
  13. Exodus

    Offshore 6/4 371 YFT and YT

    Fished on my friend Damon’s 26 Shamrock today. Nice sardines from Mission Bay. Started west of the 302. Jumping YFT in this area, good size ones too. Ended up in the 371 area for most of the day. Kelps were holding YT and we landed 1 YFT near a kelp in this zone. YFT were pretty scattered and...
  14. Exodus

    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    We were fishing near the upper hidden bank today. Several boats doing the kite thing. We only fished sardines. Threw chum on meter marks and went 1 for 3 on the jumbo BFT. They bit 50# no problem. All 3 hook ups came near kelps we stopped on. Picked up a nice YT too. Water conditions were nice...
  15. Exodus

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 - Blueprinted by Cal’s

    This reel is in excellent condition. 500yds of 80# Berkley ProSpec, loaded by Ken’s. Blueprinted by Cal’s. I have the original box and the receipt from Cal’s. $290
  16. Exodus

    Torque for 50#

    I will be getting either a TRQ25NLD2, or a TRQ30LD2. I will be putting this reel on a UC Predator 76. This rig will be used for fishing live bait most of the time. I want to fish mostly 50# top shots, 60# if necessary. I fish on a PB out of San Diego. I’m favoring the 25N, but have the extra...
  17. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    This Daiwa Proteus 70MFS is in excellent condition. $125 --> OBO <-- Both of the Shimano Saragosa reels have been sold, thanks Brett! I live in Carlsbad and work M-F in San Diego I'm not looking to trade this item, thanks.
  18. Exodus

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    I am the original owner of this Daiwa Saltiga 30T. It has approximately 260yds of 65lb Berkley Pro Spec, solid white braid, topped with approximately 65yds of 40lb P-Line original. This reel is extremely easy to work on and has been routinely serviced be me. Upgraded Carbontex drag washers too...
  19. Exodus

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    I had lots of fun catching Bonito in King Harbor in the early, to late 80's. The "Bubble and Feather" was what my friends and I used almost exclusively. I want to catch one again, using the same method. These Rockfish rigs are almost identical to the feathers I used in the past. The rigging...
  20. Exodus

    Calstar Grafighter 700 XLH

    This rod is in excellent, like new condition. Calstar Grafighter GFGR 700 XLH 7’0” 15-25lb. SOLD
  21. Exodus

    Accurate BX2-500 - Boss Extreme

    This reel is in excellent condition and ready to fish. It's loaded with fresh 65# Power Pro Braid (approx 400yds). Hasn't been fished, since it's last service at Accurate. SOLD I live in Carlsbad and work in San Diego M-F.
  22. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

    This rod was only used one time and is in excellent condition. No fish hooked, or landed on this rod. Phenix Axis HAX-720-X2H (40-100) SOLD I live in Carlsbad and work in San Diego M-F
  23. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono *NEW*

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono Brand new and in perfect condition. SOLD
  24. Exodus

    Looking for feedback on Proteus and Black Diamond Rods

    I have a Shimano Saragosa SW8000, that I need a new spinning rod to pair up with. This rig will be used locally, to target tuna and dorado on the kelps. Throwing poppers for the most part. 30lb-50lb leader is what I have in mind. These two rods are in my budget and appear to be very similar to...
  25. Exodus

    Phenix PSWS-760H Or???

    I have a Shimano Saragosa SW8000 that I need a new rod for. Would you guys think the Phenix PSWS-760H is a good match for this reel? I'll use this set-up on a PB, mostly throwing poppers for dorado and tuna. My budget is $300ish. Fishermans Landing Tackle Days is coming up soon, so I'll probably...
  26. Exodus

    Leucadia 12/29

    The birds were crashing on this baitball for over an hour this morning.
  27. Exodus

    Icom Handheld VHF

  28. Exodus

    Hoop Net Floats (4)

  29. Exodus

    DeWALT 12" Compound Miter Saw

  30. Exodus

    5 for 9 on the YT at the RP 05/27

    Just a quick report for those thinking of going tomorrow... I fished today with my good friend Damon, on his 26' Shamrock, at the Rock Pile. Arrived around 8:15am, anchored up in 85' of water and had our first fish on the boat by 9:30. Between 9:30 and 12:30 we had 9 YT pick up our sardines...
  31. Exodus

    Thule X-Porter Truck Racks

  32. Exodus

    Calstar GFGR

  33. Exodus

    Garmin GPSmap 440s

  34. Exodus

    Ocean Kayak T15

  35. Exodus

    Calstar GFGR

    Calstar GFGR • 700-XLH in very nice condition. $140.00 If you have a GFGR • 700-L in similar condition, I would be willing to do an even trade. I will not ship the rod. PM me if you are interested. Jason
  36. Exodus

    Saltist 20 & 30t

    Doesn't need to be new or in mint condition, some boat rash is ok. I'm looking for a local transaction. PM me if you are looking to sell either model, or have both. Jason
  37. Exodus

    Calcutta 300te

  38. Exodus

    Hooping Gear

    These four hoop nets are fully rigged and ready to use. Includes everything you see in the photo. $120.00 for all four sets. If you plan to use these on a kayak, I also have this cradle that I made to fit my Trident 15. It is not glued together, so it could be modified to fit other...
  39. Exodus

    Kaenon Sunglasses *NIB*

    Brand new, never worn, Kaenon sunglasses. Model: Jetty Color: Seaweed Lens: Gray Polarized (G12) These retail for $200 I'm in Carlsbad $150.00 FIRM Jason
  40. Exodus

    Electrician near Carlsbad?

    I'll most likely be moving my shop, in the next month or so, and will need the correct power for my printing equipment. Anyone local? Jason
  41. Exodus

    Offshore Annual Shamrock Tournament... Fish Fest IV 8/11

    I had a great time, once again, at this years Fish Fest! Tournament day started a little later for us than some of the others who left very early Saturday morning. My good friend Mark (Locobro) and I cleared the channel right about 6am and plotted a course for the 390. About 16 miles or so...
  42. Exodus

    WFO Barracuda @ LJ 7/27

    C&R'd 50+ LOG Cudas today at LJ with my bud Damon. Lots of fun on the iron. No YT to be had, at least for us. The fish were all over the place. Jason
  43. Exodus

    Recovering bolsters

    I'm thinking about getting my bolsters recovered and I need a recommendation for someone in North County that does this stuff. Anyone have a referral for me? Jason
  44. Exodus

    Welding Stainless

    I'm looking for a way to beef up my swim platform. I can rock the platform up and down ~1/8". It has been like this since I bought the boat new. It didn't really bother me until I installed a 30gal. bait tank on there a couple of years ago. I would like to fix this while my boat is still on the...
  45. Exodus

    Offshore 10/2 YFT

    Started out from Mission Bay with a very light 1/2 scoop of bait, with my friend Damon. We found a kelp, a few miles west of the 226, that we ended up fishing for about 3 hours. Slow trolling Sardines, we hooked several Dorado, releasing 6 that were pretty small, and keeping 4, with the biggest...
  46. Exodus

    Offshore 9/22

    Well, not much to report today, other than, well, NOTHING! Made it out to the 182, headed South from there, and then East back to the slip. Ten hours in some messed up seas. We actually found a couple of nice kelps in that mess, that were DRY. Warmest water was 69.4 and clear. No porpoise, no...
  47. Exodus

    Offshore 9/15 Dodo

    My good friend Mike caught his first Dorado today! We fished one Paddy today in clear blue 70 degree water, about 7 miles inside of the 182. We slow trolled Sardines, while chunking, to get bit. Mike lost a good one, right at the boat, when I farmed it for him with a bad gaff shot. The only...
  48. Exodus

    La Jolla 7/14 AM

    I took my good friend and customer Tom out for some fishing at La Jolla this morning. We arrived at around 7:30 or so after getting a 1/2 scoop of pretty good deans. We stopped pretty far South of the point to get rigged up and decided to just drift this area since there wasn't too much sign of...
  49. Exodus

    La Jolla on 7/14

    Heading out tomorrow for a nice relaxing day at La Jolla. Probably fishing solo and catching my own bait in the bay tonight. 16/72 Jason
  50. Exodus

    More LJ Lings 7/2

    Took my boat to LJ yesterday with my friend Damon on board. We were fishing the bottom for wide open Lingcod, with all but the 12lber released, including several that were probably legals. The funny thing is that we both hooked that fish, not snagged, but hooked in the mouth! It got pretty...
  51. Exodus

    New Transducer Report

    I just wanted to give you guys a report on the performance of my new 'ducer. I replaced my old thru-hull with fairing block with this tilted element 'ducer......... I was having problems with turbulence on the old one when I was at...
  52. Exodus

    Mobile Mercruiser Mechanic?

    I tried to go fishing yesterday and ended up getting towed in from the channel in Mission Bay instead. I think it's the fuel pump. Anyway, I need to get this fixed and my boat is in a slip. So, I need a mobile mechanic or find a way to get my boat on the trailer to get it in the shop. Any...
  53. Exodus

    Yesterday afternoon........

    I was in my garage working on my kids bikes, when my wife comes running in telling me to come outside and check out this killer rainbow. I grabbed my camera and went out back to see this........ Jason
  54. Exodus

    Transducer install help

    I just bought a new thru-hull 'ducer to replace the existing one. The new one needs a larger diameter hole than the old one. What is the best way to make the hole larger without screwing it up? I have never installed any thru-hulls on my boat and I want to make sure I do it right. Anyone have...
  55. Exodus

    FYI NavNet Owners

    Just a heads-up for NavNet owners. I removed the thing from my boat before I took it in for the annual service and figured I would call Furuno to see if there were any software up-grades available for this unit. The tech put me on hold for a couple of minutes and informed me that my machine had...
  56. Exodus

    Mercruiser Service

    It's time to get the annual service done for my Mercruiser inboard and I'm looking for some first-hand advice from you guys to help me decide where I should get this done. I'm in North County. Thanks! Jason
  57. Exodus

    La Jolla 11/25

    I decided to take my boat out on Friday since the conditions have been so nice lately. I was fishing with my friend Damon and my father-in-law Phil. The plan was to target the rockfish at La Jolla. Once we arrived, we started metering around looking for structure holding some fish and finally...
  58. Exodus

    Custom Cabinets?

    I need to have some custom cabinets made for my living room. The last guy that I was going to use was just too flaky and could never give me a firm price, even though I was very specific with what I wanted. I'd like to give the job to a BD member, but a referral will do as well. I live in...
  59. Exodus

    Surveyor Referral ???

    I have a good friend that is considering a 1/3 partnership in a 29' Phoenix, with twin diesels, that is located in Mission Bay. He is going to have the boat surveyed before he buys into the partnership. Could any of you guys recommend a qualified, reputable surveyor that I can pass along to...
  60. Exodus

    I need a slip for my boat

    I need to find a slip to keep my 219 WAC Shamrock in. I currently have my boat on a trailer in a secure lot where I live, but I'm moving into a new home that won't have anything available for 6-12 months...........or longer! I already have a list of all the marinas in S.D. Bay as well as...