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  1. babachu

    Rod Wrapping bench

    Had to go out of town - couldn’t follow up with those of you that responded- this bench is still available and it’s free and I need it gone- hit me up and we’ll make arrangements- in Seal Beach
  2. babachu

    Rod Wrapping bench

    babachu submitted a new listing: Rod Wrapping bench - Rod Wrapping bench Learn more about this listing...
  3. babachu

    Rod Wrapping bench

    Custom built rod wrapping bench approximately 10' long- built to attach directly to the wall- was built to fit wall to wall so the ends are not finished-oak with several drawers- you come get it and its yours-located in Seal Beach -mess me at 626-203-3302
  4. babachu

    Offshore Saturday July 2nd. (4) Medium sized Bluefin Tuna.

    We were out as well and thought it was interesting that the fish were moving south- tried everything from the slow troll to bait to poppers and flat falls- thanks for the insight
  5. babachu

    Kencor GPOS 900MC Spiral Graphite

    looking for one of these=blank or complete rod in good condition
  6. babachu

    New Custom Rods

    Cris, I used the 3/32" butt cord (colored grips) and the black tarred seine tuna cord on the black grips
  7. babachu

    My Old Boss 197 Needs Service? Where?

    ...also, if there are any updates to your reels Accurate will usually install them as well
  8. babachu

    Pinion Gear for Shimano TLD 25

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there are two possible pinion gears for this reel. I checked the schematic and only one was listed, tld0168, but when I tried to change it out, the new gear I received had an ID that was larger than the shaft it rides on, and the gear OD was larger as well. Any...
  9. babachu

    Yellowtail Fish Wars LA (Video)

    i'd be shopping for torpedos on the black market after a day like that!
  10. babachu

    KP Jig Rig / Bucket

    Thanks for the info
  11. babachu

    KP Jig Rig / Bucket

    Anyone have one of these lying around that you're not using- would be interested in purchasing one if one is available.
  12. babachu

    I upgraded to a new boat!

    Makes me want to enlist lol
  13. babachu


    Headed out this morning with Duane on the Parker-he hooked us up with some primo dines-three stops later around 9:30 we were done-considering three of the four on board were first timers, we did really good and only farmed 3 fish, one to the prop- I've fished with Jamie and Duane before, and...
  14. babachu

    Offshore Corner. 8/23

    Check out shows all the spots you see mentioned
  15. babachu

    Free Furniture

    Full size sofa, queen size futon with thick mattress and wood frame, lateral file cabinets (2), small oak shelving unit, small end tables-in Chino-need gone by next Friday-you pick up and I will help you load. If you're interested let me know and I'll send pics 626-203-3302 or [email protected]
  16. babachu

    Anyone missing a couple reels?

    saw this on CL and thought I'd post just in case anyone had a couple of these lifted recently-apologies to the seller if I'm wrong, but you never know when SN has been removed
  17. babachu

    Need Suidder antireverse dog spring
  18. babachu

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    if our "president" had any culiones, he'd make a phone call...
  19. babachu

    New Life for a Couple of Old Conolons

    Two rods that were sitting in my dad's garage, then my bro's garage for many many years, to the best of my knowledge are Garcia Conolon blanks from way back-9'+, they were trashed-still had reels on them with the hooks and sinkers from the last time my dad went fishing lol- he wasn't the kind of...
  20. babachu

    Wooden gripe finishes

    remembered the name of the oil- Tru Oil
  21. babachu

    Looking for Pro Gear parts

    Try Ken's in Oceanside: Ken's Custom Reel Google+ page · Be the first to review 1351 N Harbor Dr, Oceanside, CA 92054 (760) 967-7335
  22. babachu

    Wooden gripe finishes

    Bob, I have had good results just using the rod finish-color preserver helps keep the wood tones bright and a couple coats of Diamond II or whatever finish you're used to using will work well- some guys use a gunstock finish (name escapes me right now) and apply it with a rag and rub in several...
  23. babachu

    To the Asshole driver...

    my girlfriend's nephew (23) was killed by a guy that came all the way from the diamond lane to catch an offramp, knocked the unsuspecting kid off the freeway, car flipped and he died...
  24. babachu

    Daiwa SL20SH

    Was servicing my sl20sh last night while simultaneously watching the Kings game (yah I know) and the little wire bearing retainer that hold the spool shaft bearing in the right side plate went flying to I have no idea=after a 1/2 hour crawl on the floor with a flashlight I just put the reel back...
  25. babachu

    GutStix RailRod Prototype

    beautiful...thats a lot of detail work right there
  26. babachu

    First time boat builder.

    Nice job- I'm envious-been wanting to build a panga for years
  27. babachu

    Source: Large H Ring Surf Guides

    saltysurfman, the main reason I'm after a larger guide is that one of the rods will be for an Alvey, the point at which the line leaves the reel is approximately 7 1/2" out, 3 3/4" to the center when pivoted for casting, and the line is flying off a very large diameter spool-I'm concerned with...
  28. babachu

    A rod for the reel master

    really cool-love it
  29. babachu

    Guide wrap advice

    I make a set of index size cards for every guide I use that has markings on it for the guide feet, length of the underwrap if there is one, center line, and inside ends of the first overwrap. Works good for me.
  30. babachu

    Old Truline back from the abyss

    I wouldn't want to give it back either-beautiful rod
  31. babachu

    Source: Large H Ring Surf Guides

    Having trouble locating large h ring surf guides- building two rods, one for a big ass spinning reel and the other for an Alvey- need to locate a guide that is made up to 70 = anyone know of a source-I've checked all of the usual suppliers and nothing
  32. babachu

    Offshore Shogun 2.5 day blood bath

    great trip, you'll remember it forever and seek to duplicate it the rest of your life-nice
  33. babachu

    Jigmaster sideplate a

  34. babachu

    Jigmaster sideplate a

    The reason I am considering the swap is to gain the bearing on the left side-where would the imcompatability be? With the spool shaft? Thanks
  35. babachu

    Jigmaster sideplate a

    Wondering if a 505/506 left side sideplate will wirk on a 500?
  36. babachu

    A few recent

  37. babachu

    help with ID

    thanks for your help;, gonna have to go by feel on these as far as specs go cuz I can't find anything on them-they were my uncles, then my dad's, and they've been sitting in my brother's garage for 20+ years collecting dust-will post pics of them when re=done- have a couple other beat up rods...
  38. babachu

    Love This Stuff...

    doing a little surfing trying to find some spec's for a couple of old blanks I came across this old video of the Conolon factory and wanted to share it
  39. babachu

    help with ID

    I think these are from the 60's or 70's, just don't know what manufacturer-can anyone help me ID these? they are 10', one is pretty stiff fairly fast action and the other is moderate and lighter like a 220. Brownish color dull finish, no markings on the butt end whatsoever-thanks in advance
  40. babachu

    3/4 Day Charter for Mixed Group

    I've been talked into putting together a charter for a mixed group of family, friends, acquaintances, some fish, some newbs- The Helena at Dana Point is in the price range for this group-wondering if anyone has experience with this boat/crew?? Last one of these I was persuaded to arrange was to...
  41. babachu

    Penn 506HS w/Accurate frame & 501

    hit me up if you still have them available
  42. babachu

    Finish Carpentry ???

    the moulding coming down the slope has to be cut on a compound angle - assume the bottom bed of the saw is the ceiling and the back/fence of the saw is the wall- set the miter angle at 45 and the compound angle is set for the angle where the ceiling angle hits the vertical or plumb wall- the...
  43. babachu

    Accurate 197 2 Speed

    they have service tutorials on the Accurate site
  44. babachu

    pocket door track & hardware replacement???

    double track with 4 roller carriers is the way to go (Cox) - it will be difficult to replace the track as half of it is in the pocket and most people can't fit their hand way back in there. You will probably have to cut a hole in the drywall to access those screws-there are 1x4's running...
  45. babachu

    Lake Skinner - Know Before You Go

    EVERY lake contains drinking water...more bs
  46. babachu

    Twisted G-Urushi

    has a cool psychadelic look to it
  47. babachu

    Surf Rod Build

    nice=what blank did you use?
  48. babachu

    Sea Biscuit ran aground at Anacapa

    fished a boat of of Hueneme, left a 4am, headed down the coast, everyone asleep except me and a buddy up on the bow to watch the sun come up, deckhand asleep, turn around to see the skipper asleep at the wheel bobbing back and forth in his chair, took a gaff and tapped on the window and finally...
  49. babachu

    Chestnut Tiger Feather

    nice work-really like the combination of colors and materials in the grips
  50. babachu

    Redondo Bones From The Rocks
  51. babachu

    1998 Ford E350 1 Ton Van

    1998 Ford E350 1 ton extended van, class three hitch, back end built out for work/play with slide-out tool drawer, power windows-locks-mirrors-driver's seat, dual AC (rear AC disabled), 292k original miles, rebuild rear axle about 20k ago (new gears and bearings), well maintained as I've owned...
  52. babachu

    Storm Drain Fishing

    they must taste greatbarfbarf
  53. babachu

    P Newell For Sale and Calstar

    What version are the 220 229?
  54. babachu

    We can't fish but they can frack?!?

    unreel....isn't that process the one that caused the uncontrollable spewage in the gulf a few years back?
  55. babachu

    looking for a pro gear

    you can get a new one from the manufacturer... - - - Updated - - - you can get a new one from the manufacturer...
  56. babachu

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Pens (picture heavy)

    Great time with your boy! When I was his age my dad would take us out of Ventura often, and the captain, Andy Volaski was cool, took care of us, let us go in the wheelhouse etc... Great memories
  57. babachu

    Caught In The Act

    The Wife Came Home Early From Work And Found Her Husband In Bedroom Making Love To A Very Attractive Young Woman. She Cried: “You Are A Disrespectful Pig! How Dare You Do This To Me — A Faithful Wife, The Mother Of Your Children! I’m Leaving You. I Want A Divorce Right Away!” Husband...
  58. babachu

    What an Idiot=News Anchor Pranked

    This news anchor was hung out to dry (actually the entire news station since they put up a graphic)lol TV Station Gets Pranked Over SF Crash Pilots Names - YouTube
  59. babachu

    Urushi on an old s**t pile.....

    Really nice! Great work as always
  60. babachu

    Turks Head knot

    pm sent
  61. babachu

    First trial of JT diamond and spiral wrap

    nice job-looks great
  62. babachu

    7/8 wt St Croix-Finally finished one...

    Been working on this one for awhile-9' 7/8 wt, custom wood grips, purple fade to black wraps, subtle feather inlay on ramp (thanks Terry Henson for the parrot feathers), hard to see detail in pics, included a pick of a cut-off of the rough grips-alternating wedges of black walnut and purpleheart.
  63. babachu

    18' Center Console Build

    awesome-love the blog too and all of the detail-I've been toying with this idea for years, and it's great to see someone doing it-how will you flip that sucker when the hull is done? It's gonna weigh quite a bit.
  64. babachu

    Amato pangas- Ensenada

    Anyone had experience with this company or these pangas? The company states that they are hand laid fiberglass over wood construction with flotation. Any feedback is appreciated
  65. babachu

    yes, you need to grease your drag washers!

    drag washers, screws, mating surfaces, reel foot....I grease everything...learned everything from your tutorials...thanks
  66. babachu

    Some shore fisherman.............sheeeeesh

    took a walk on BChica and there was a baby thresher done the same way...don't understand
  67. babachu


    ain't the boat that's's the captain-way to get em
  68. babachu

    New and used reels for sale

    What model/size are the revos?
  69. babachu

    More California retardedness

    it's about the $50=anyone can find someone without any restrictions to buy the ammo for them-not really gonna accomplish anything but give the gov more personal info and $50 a head...
  70. babachu

    Go Kings Go

    great team effort last night and Quickie bailed them out time and again-SJ had many good opp's to score but couldn't get it past Quick-I think the one they did score he actually deflected in-
  71. babachu


    some guys use CA, some guys like epoxy, if it's true tuna cord (black w/tar) you don't necessarily need anything-other cords I like exterior polyurethane with uv inhibitors to seal it-just what I use, others will have other methods that they like too
  72. babachu


    nice Duane-did you guys hook any smallies?
  73. babachu

    Bolsa Chica Yellowtail from jetty

    saw one caught on a swim bait at the end of the wedge jetty a couple of years ago-not surprised
  74. babachu

    HOT ROD Lami

    bright is good! nice build Bill
  75. babachu

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    Yah, well he's not the only Steve I gotta deal with - I'm being sued by Steve Bozzell because I made a derogatory remark about how 'small' his little 5 wt was compared to my 7/8 - he's claiming defamation of character and loss of manhood
  76. babachu

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    As you well know, she's the one who taught how to properly hold a rod....uh huh "uh huh uh huh"
  77. babachu

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    it's a deal- we'll make a perfect team, as I am skilled at unintentionally hooking myself in the head and intentionally hooking the dim bulbs that insist on standing in direct line with my back cast
  78. babachu

    Six Pack Charter to Catalina or...

    can't miss with Seasons Sportfishing-Jamie and Duane will put you on the fish and Duane especially likes fishing the calicos
  79. babachu

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    Not building too many rods lately-too busy at my real job-surprised I remembered how to do it
  80. babachu

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    thanks Nacho-I heard thru the grapevine that you're getting into the surf/fly thing as well=maybe we can hook up one day and go
  81. babachu

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    been awhile, but I finally found time to finish a 7/8 wt rod for the surf-extended fighting butt and fore grip in case I hook a leo-cheapie blank, black guides and wraps and a little color and groove work in the eva
  82. babachu

    Changes on the Horizon

    From Sierra Drifters: "Speaking of “diploids”…2012 was the last year California will see trout that can reproduce planted in the Eastern Sierra and other waters of the state. There will be some rainbow brood fish planted in a few limited areas that have not been nuked, but they are not...
  83. babachu

    How NOT to pull a boat out of water

    shoulda got a Tundra....after all it pulled the space shuttle....
  84. babachu

    Where can I buy live mussels in OC

    I think Norms has them
  85. babachu

    It's Rant-thirty!!!!!!

    My hitch receiver has many scratches on it from the Honda, Toyota and other rice rocket tailgaters that think I'm gonna go faster the closer they get- little tap on the breaks and oh no!! Idiots
  86. babachu

    Trout Rod

    cool build-wrappin those babies on the skinny end is fun with big hands!
  87. babachu

    Missoula Fly Fishing

  88. babachu


    Love the colors- can't go wrong with Alps components
  89. babachu

    For all you jackasses out there who take advantage...

    I'm sick of getting back to a jobsite only to find that the product was opened, parts removed, carefully taped back up and then put back on the shelf-this includes tools-and pneumatic nail packages that have a significant amount of the product removed and filled in with cardboard-I blame the...
  90. babachu

    Info on a Surf Rod

    found this on ebay:
  91. babachu

    White Trash Trimar Throop

    love the color combo and patterns-cool BMD
  92. babachu

    Grip o'le

  93. babachu

    5/24 awesome quickie trip

    nice outing with your own flies-nothing better
  94. babachu

    This was a fun build

    Lots of cool details on that one! Nice Bill
  95. babachu

    Jah bless da Lion of Zion.

    cool -like how you always test things out-who cares what other's think-love it cuz it's different
  96. babachu

    Mudhole Calendar Photo Contest idea......... Saluki style.

    don't forget to wink before you snap the pic
  97. babachu

    More purple

    love the poiple-and the matching marbling
  98. babachu

    UV Cured Coatings

    will post the results once I try it
  99. babachu

    UV Cured Coatings

    as I get into fly tying, mainly saltwater flies, I've come across a product that used to build up heads and bodies of salt water flies. There are two main products, Clear Cure Goo and Bug Bond. Both are clear, non-yellowing formulas, in both thin and thick versions- they both cure in approx 5...
  100. babachu

    This one goes to 11

    Nice build!! I knew a guy who built a rod like that....but he exploded...all that was left was a little green globule
  101. babachu

    My new rod building digs

    Nice!! I'm jealous- it needs some ceiling fans just to keep you honest lol
  102. babachu

    ID this Sea Creature?

    looks like a cross between and man of war, octopus and a hefty bag...
  103. babachu

    Clean finish room addition

    sweet-crank that room up to 90 and the finish will set fast!
  104. babachu

    G-Urushi with a "Twist"

    sweet-great combination of effects
  105. babachu

    Anybody interested?

    Sounds like fun
  106. babachu

    Surf Rod Guides

    Acidrod has tall Fuji surf guides up to 40 maybe bigger
  107. babachu

    World Rod #2

    Can't wait to see you guys work your magic
  108. babachu

    How to Build A Hook Keeper | Fishing Tips | Offshore Academy

    here's a link to a site that sells them-thanks for the idea:
  109. babachu

    kayak fishing Huntington Harbor?

    go west on Edinger, turn left into the park area before you get to the launch and lots of guys launch there-little bit of a paddle over to the inlet but not bad
  110. babachu

    Halibut in the Foam Zone

  111. babachu


    Really cool, colorful and different, or as my daughter would say, off the hook
  112. babachu

    Only a Farm Kid...

  113. babachu

    First Spotfin on the Fly

    great day! thanks for the report
  114. babachu

    Where can I order decals?
  115. babachu

    GF 100 Mag

    love it
  116. babachu

    Ramped Up Spinner

    G, sorry if it looks similar to the ones you made, but I checked with Bud Dickman before I chose the final colors.
  117. babachu

    United composites & Phenix builds

    Beautiful work as always
  118. babachu

    Ramped Up Spinner

    started with a Batson RX7 2 wt fly blank, awesome carbon fiber grips by craftsman Mike Ahern, aluminum fly seat, met green and black thread over epoxy ramp to the seat, Batson guides-will be my go-to mini jig rod this summer-fun build
  119. babachu

    Change of venue

    Congrats Kan- I wish you much happiness- there's catfish there too!
  120. babachu

    Inshore Spinner headed for VA

  121. babachu

    X-Flocked Shrink Tubing

    always glue
  122. babachu

    Looking for some direction...

    doing is learning-
  123. babachu

    Calstar GF700M

    Beautiful work
  124. babachu

    Jus' playin'

    Nice- is that a giant rice crispy treat under the chocolate bunny??
  125. babachu

    Inshore Spinner headed for VA

    Batson IP843 RX7 blank, split grip cork/composite mix, madeira fade wraps, Batson guides-fun I gotta get it there in one piece!
  126. babachu

    Old Style

    Classy rods like those never go put of style
  127. babachu

    Thanks Acid Rod!

    I like Hanky the best-if you listen real close he'll give you the low down on all the secret fly fishing spots!!
  128. babachu

    The Reef Wrecker

    Use Saltydawgs trick of rubbing some of the waste waterside paper on the decal area before applying the decal and your working time is greatly extended- also use Marks technique of using coffe filters to dry- no lint like paper towels
  129. babachu

    Tree hugging BS now effecting rod builders

    Keep it up Cali- pretty soon the only ones left in business will be insurance salesmen and lawyers...and, oh yah, the "public servants"
  130. babachu

    Building an ultra light

    you have to consider the reel you're going to use as well=mount the reel seat and the reel and use a straight edge to determine where the line will intersect the blank-as far as size goes, really depends on the diameter of the spool for me
  131. babachu

    Glow in the dark G-Urushi

    Pretty lichen effect there G
  132. babachu

    Golden Dragon Feather inlay

    Nice! really like how you combines so many different effects
  133. babachu

    Help with UL saw these the other day on...
  134. babachu

    Super Seeker

    really nice-a lotta work right there
  135. babachu

    7'6" 3wt

    7' 3 wt. with a double elipse wood grip, feather inlay, single foot tall guides, should be a fun one in the sierras this summer
  136. babachu

    power rod wrapper question

    Do yourself a favor and get the aluminum chuck too
  137. babachu

    JT has got him a website

    Really nice site JT- great that you got to work with your dad all those years
  138. babachu

    AR751T By United Composites

    Amazing detail
  139. babachu

    More Photo's from the show...

    thanks for bringing a glimpse of the show to those of us that couldn't get there
  140. babachu

    Twenty Xtra Heavy Largemouth Bass Rod

    Big baits=big fish...nice G
  141. babachu

    Finally, proof of UFO's

    Don't also invented the sardine!
  142. babachu

    26 Rods

    Calstar 665XH
  143. babachu

    26 Rods

    Still have several rods left-
  144. babachu

    Mesoamerican Sun Goddess

    Nice the kayak
  145. babachu

    26 Rods

    list of what's left: Calstar-2-custom 196-8's, 1-custom-660H, 1-custom- 665xxh, 1-custom 670-8', 1-custom-220 8 1/2' (white blank), Sabre- 1-custom-196-7, Kencor-1-custom-9' spiral graphite, 1-factory-GPOS800XHS, Fenwick-1-6'6" Seahawk 25-60lb, Daiwa 7' 12-25 (rewrapped), Penn-factory-2-8' (1 is...
  146. babachu

    26 Rods

    sorry, no zebras, the two I have are the spiral graphite ocean graf series
  147. babachu

    26 Rods

    Selling my personal collection of rods-getting into fly fishing-3 freshwater bass rods, 23 saltwater rods, many customs, many never used, all in good condition, from 6' heavy tuna rods to 9' jig rod, Calstar, Kencor, Penn, Sabre-will make a smokin deal if you buy several-David 626-203-3302-live...
  148. babachu

    Really dig that abalogna technique
  149. babachu

    Two for Nacho

    Really nice job Erika-really like the fades
  150. babachu

    Shop upgrade

    Nice- now you can build 30 rods a week!!
  151. babachu

    9' 4 wt Batson

    Yah, gotta work on my photog skils a bit- maybe the G man can help me
  152. babachu

    9' 4 wt Batson

    just finished up a bday present for my bro for his trips to Montana-4wt 9' batson RX6 blank, custome laminated wood grip (maple, walnut, purpleheart),madeira purple and silver, black snakes-feels really nice
  153. babachu

    Fly rod blank suppleir?

    Rainshadow IF903-
  154. babachu

    Youth Pastor Dean Wheeler's

    Sweet little trout slayer G
  155. babachu

    Have any of you builders used

    you're supposed to glue em??????:rofl:
  156. babachu

    It's on

  157. babachu

    grip turning jig

    Who do you think made the Dooley's G ???
  158. babachu

    grip turning jig

    Too cheap to buy a real lathe, I concocted a jig / sled to turn jigs on my table mounted router-works pretty good until it's time to put some contour to the grip. Angling the sled worked pretty good but once I got the general shape I wanted I can chuck up the mandrel in my drill and spin it in...
  159. babachu

    Beginer wrapper?

    there's always the cardboard box/phone book tensioner method-worked for me for a long time haha
  160. babachu


    " on one had you have math....and on the other hand, you have, um, not math..."
  161. babachu

    A new "Oh Shit" moment

    What...... No blood!!!!!!
  162. babachu

    One of those days

    Reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield..."I woke up this morning, put my shirt on and button fell off, grabbed my briefcase and the handle fell off....I'm afraid to go to the bathroom!"
  163. babachu

    Offshore INDIAN 2 DAY JULY 2-3 REPORT

    thanks always for your great reports-can't wait to fish your boat
  164. babachu

    PENN deck pro boots SZ. 7 for 30$ OBO

    WORN ONCE! These boots are in perfect condition, they belong to my daughter and she's asked me to get rid of them since she has no use for them. SIZE 7, Originally purchased for 50$, so I'm selling for 30$ OBO. Deck Pro 12" boots are designed for hard core anglers. These all-season...
  165. babachu

    For those with an Alps printer and a desire to make some $$

    Decalconnecrion did two sheets of metallic stickers (easier for me than waterside ) fir about $75 in two days- great quality
  166. babachu


    Anybody try "taptalk", the app that poos up when you access ND on your IPhone?
  167. babachu

    Marbling, weave and JTOBs

    sweet Bill-I can always tell it's one of your rods!! really nice
  168. babachu

    Batson 6'6" UL spinner

    Just finished this graduation present-6'6" Rainshadow u/l blank, Fuji guides, madeira blue with metallic gold (Notre Dame colors were requested), split cork grip with some gold alum bling, should be able to stick some nice trout with this stick.
  169. babachu

    Camo'd-up St.Croix

    Really nice combination of details Jim- another masterpiece!
  170. babachu

    Calstar 700H

    good thing we're not working in the same shop...we'd mame each other!! nice job in this one-looks great
  171. babachu

    A little of everything

    nice...I thought acid rods were gay??
  172. babachu


    All Madeira
  173. babachu


    thanks John-there's one hell of a lot of Diamond II on this sucker!
  174. babachu


    Just finished a 770XH for a friend, 3 color Madeira tiger butt wrap and under all guides, triple black over wraps with subtle OB, HBSG's, complete with Rail Dawg grip (thanks Bill)-this stick will be slayin the cows on an Intrepid 8 day in July-fun build-good luck with it Gary!
  175. babachu

    oppps Iron acciden!!!

    I almost took a doorknob in the teeth setting a drag once- now I don't feel so bad
  176. babachu

    Got the blues, finally finished!!

    Nice Nick- always love exploring all if the detail you put in your rods- really cool how you detail each and every part
  177. babachu

    B-29 Crash Film found 65 years later

    I'm speechless-a great reminder of the sacrifices many made for us
  178. babachu

    Phenix 700M

  179. babachu

    Tony the Tiger's 850M Spinner

    cool ideas-looks really nice Dawg
  180. babachu

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    ....and backlash the reel and put it back in the rack without saying anything or fixing it!! asshats
  181. babachu

    Big Pimp Cane

    really nice-sometimes less is more, it this case it's really true-beautiful work
  182. babachu

    Calstar 800XL

    really nice wrap and color combo-great looking rod, and I too like that 800xl-great blank
  183. babachu

    Custom boat launch vehicle...

    ....what, no snap ties??
  184. babachu

    Custom boat launch vehicle...

    Must be a bitch trolling in that thing:rofl::rofl:
  185. babachu

    Purple and Green....ala Cap'n Richie style!

    Nice Jim- really like that green
  186. babachu

    Where's Capt G?

    His pen is in a goat- just what I heard
  187. babachu

    5 For the tackle store

    Great work as always- love the spirals, fades and tigers- beautiful
  188. babachu

    Maroon Californian Rewrap

    nice job-love the colors and the sick marbling
  189. babachu

    Bay corbina go wide 5-6 pic heavy

    thanks for the report-what a great day
  190. babachu

    Shimano WaxWing Rod Makeover.....

    A lot of work but the results are great
  191. babachu

    Dragon scales and moonbeams

    nice...or "far out" -like the two tone reel seat too
  192. babachu

    Random Cross Wrap

    It probably has more to do with the user than the camera-
  193. babachu

    Redskins wrap

    Nice Nick- great work
  194. babachu

    Thread ?

    anyone mention Bullard yet???
  195. babachu

    Random Cross Wrap

    Playing around with the Madeira again, got an old glass rod from a customer that was pretty beat up, but it makes a good practice blank-used a purple underwrap and 2 colors of gold/orange for the bands-3 threads of the lighter color in the middle and three threads of the darker on each...
  196. babachu


    nice! love the ob's without the blue in them-really clean
  197. babachu

    OMG....what a blast from my past!

    It's a blast from the past... I think the word we're looking for here is bitchen!!
  198. babachu

    Flourencent Camoflage Tiger Experiment...

    looks great JT-like all the different colors-variety!
  199. babachu

    10' jig stick- optical chevron

    Another sweet stick- gotta love the 10'ers!
  200. babachu

    I Hesitated To Post (Photos)

    Nice work- this is a forum for sharing work and ideas- I've never seen anyone's work criticized in a bad way- any criticism is aimed at improving the craft we all love, so keep posting
  201. babachu

    One can of OBs

    Cool Doc- really like the red white and blue one
  202. babachu

    Liquid Silver

    another nice job Jim-is there a switchblade hidden in the butt??
  203. babachu

    2x4 Rail Dawg

    Really nice Bill-lovin that pinstriping you do-really a nice detail
  204. babachu

    A Few More For The Girls

    looks great Erica-great work!
  205. babachu

    The Humblest Thank You.

    Glad you're home Doc- Gods blessings to you buddy
  206. babachu

    Best size "Longer Length" Rod for Lure Launching?

    For throwing plastics with a baitcaster, I typically use a 7'6" - 8' graphite or composite rod (keep it light)-for light iron the same setup works well-for heavy or surface iron I like 9' or 10' rods (also composite-light as possible) for calicos or barracuda or other fish on the smaller end-if...
  207. babachu

    Newport 4/25

    nice day
  208. babachu


    great news-thanks for updating us Rocky-now he'll be able to really rest and recoop (impossible to sleep in the hospital when someone's poking and proding you ever hour)-give him my best
  209. babachu

    Need Computer Security Advice !

    Eset Nod32 is the best, also Adaware by Lavasoft will take care of the spyware threat- Nod32 is about $39/year and Adaware is free
  210. babachu


    8 ball in the corner pocket! Nice Jim
  211. babachu


    Prayers your direction Doc
  212. babachu

    Bee Removal

    get a co2 fire extinguisher and a long piece of pvc pipe-you can freeze the little buggers in place...or just wait until the queen decides to move on and they'll all follow her-usually takes a day or so
  213. babachu

    Seeker Inshore

    looks great-love the fishies
  214. babachu

    SS 3x5 Rail Dawg Rod

    like the bright color combo and the great detail
  215. babachu

    Oregon Duckstick

    nice Bill-really looks great
  216. babachu

    abalone live bait rod

    Really nice- love the abalone and the finish is perfect
  217. babachu

    8' 3/4 wt Fly Blank Turned Spinner

    A friend of mine has had this blank lurking around for some time now-not sure of the make but it has a rootbeer color to it-he wanted it turned into a rod he can fish salmon eggs / worms on for trout- eva grips, grooved and filled with thread/epoxy, such a small diameter blank I never know how...
  218. babachu

    Clean Pro Gears

    reasonable offers will be considered
  219. babachu

    waterslide decals-micro set

    Great tip and works like a charm
  220. babachu

    Clean Pro Gears

    both reels are 5:1 ratio
  221. babachu

    Clean Pro Gears

    Both reels are 5:1
  222. babachu

    Clean Pro Gears

    Still avail
  223. babachu

    Clean Pro Gears

    ProGear cs551, not a mark on it, new 20lb Izor mono--ProGear cs625, only minor wear marks on top of the frame, excellent condition with new Izor 40lb mono- LOCAL PICKUP IN HB OR SAN DIMAS CASH ONLY- $ 150 ea or $280 if you buy both-- have several rods too if your looking for something to match...
  224. babachu

    Rat Rod finished

    turned out really cool Bill-but the only thing he'll catch on it is lizardfish and ronkys lol
  225. babachu

    Anyone Have One of These????

    found some at Janns=thanks for the help
  226. babachu

    Anyone Have One of These????

    looking for an eva butt cap to fit the 3/4" eva tennoned grip-anyone have one??? suppliers are back ordered from the manuf
  227. babachu


    nice work Bill-old school is always cool
  228. babachu

    Here's one to never do again &^%$&**(

    good thing you had glasses on or you may have little melted spots on your eyeballs!
  229. babachu


    really sweet-love how those metallics pop in the light
  230. babachu

    Please Pray...

    Thank you to all who prayed. My SIL had a double mastectomy yesterday and several lymph nodes were removed- a saran revealed that there is a spot in her spine as well that can't be surgically removed. The doctor was confident she got clear margins around the cancerous tissue and feels that...
  231. babachu

    Got Wood?

    That gave me flashbacks!! Had a cart wheeling extension ladder nail my truck's windshield doing 65 -didnt break it but went up and over me and the the scared Sh$&less driver that was tailgating me- had me shaking for 1/2 hour
  232. babachu

    Stars and stripes wrap

    Really like it- I think the combination works really well
  233. babachu

    Hilarious website....

    Those are great-
  234. babachu

    Aqua Dragon

  235. babachu

    Odd Craig's List Boat Listings

    definitely the split window vette
  236. babachu

    Guide recommendation for Rainshadow trout rod

    I've built several of the sp721 rods and my favorite guides are the fuji byag concept guides- you can get standard height frames or the short guides-
  237. babachu


    attaboy Jamie-he never stops working till he gets his clients fish!!
  238. babachu

    stick lite

    pretty cool! Frankensteinish!!
  239. babachu

    I need ideas from the "crazy" people

    Re-wrap the butt wrap over an epoxy ramp flush with the front of the seat- most of the newer bass sticks I see don't have a front grip??
  240. babachu


    Wondering... Any of you f/w bass guys tried the waxwing for LMB?
  241. babachu

    Everything but Shamrocks.....

    really nice Jim-another masterpiece!
  242. babachu

    New Build for my fishin buddie

    Looks great Doc
  243. babachu

    Old Calcutta Re-Wrap

    Like the style and the nostalgia
  244. babachu

    Pops passed away earlier this morning

    prayin for you and your family-not a day goes by when I don't miss my old man-my BD name is in honor of him - "babachu" is what he used to call me when I was little, in Italian it means nucklehead or bonehead, but he used it in a fun way-blessings to you and your family
  245. babachu

    Please Pray...

    thanks everyone
  246. babachu

    Please Pray...

    For those of you so inclined, my sister in law was just diagnosed with breast cancer that has metastasized to her spine- she's a great lady and has two small children, and her husband is a great guy but hasn't had work in 6 mos so this really makes things tough for them to say the least- thank you
  247. babachu

    Triple "X" is how I rate...

    ((At this point I would like to give a shout out to Pastor William Rennick, of Bellflower, CA--two days before the day after tomorrow is his 56th. birthday...RIP.)) ... you having a party?
  248. babachu

    SEEKER 1X3

    can't believe people actually fish the rods you make-works of art they are
  249. babachu

    Fishing trips

    ruh rohh
  250. babachu

    how to get into 3rd grade

  251. babachu

    New Ideas

    right there with ya-the best of the best are right here
  252. babachu

    Irish Flag Back Scratcher

    Nice- in the words of Peter Griffin "buttscratcha"
  253. babachu

    How Many Coats Of Finish ?

    Thanks BassMan- that cures my problem
  254. babachu

    sneak peak

    Nice lookin stick there Nick
  255. babachu

    Soup Copycat...."Pumpkin Soup"

    Pretty trippy
  256. babachu

    How Many Coats Of Finish ?

    The biggest challenge for me has been getting all the air bubbles- I use mostly Madeira and we all know heat bad- I've had to use three coats to get it to my liking, and I always apply finish from the tip first so by the time I get ti the butt wrap it's a little thicker and easier for me to get...
  257. babachu

    men are generous

    sad but true
  258. babachu

    Latest Few GCLA Rods

    Love em Erica
  259. babachu

    Rainshadow ISWB945

    Looks really clean- nice work
  260. babachu

    Kenny's Patriotic Pair

    really nice
  261. babachu

    Scales and swirls

    Lock Bill and Jim in a room for awhile and there's no telling how far this craft of ours will go-really nice
  262. babachu

    Ultralight on the Dryer

    Love these little Batson blanks-sp721-2, cork/burnt cork grips, fuji seat and guides, 4 colors of Madeira on butt wrap fade, two color guide wraps with other two colors as trim-D II finish-should be a fun trout tamer
  263. babachu

    Some of the Newest Pictures out of Japan

    I'm speechless:( unbelievable
  264. babachu

    Bullard Metallic Red....

    bloody awesome
  265. babachu

    I Got Mine...

    I like em on ice cream:eyepoppin:eyepoppin
  266. babachu

    Deb, everything okay?????

  267. babachu

    "Soup's On!"

  268. babachu

    How is this Possible?

    I remember a report where a six hundred pound woman went to the doctor complaining of a pain in her side-upon examination the doctor pull the TV flicker from under a fat fold that had embedded itself in her flesh, to which she replied "so that's where that went"
  269. babachu

    How is this Possible?

    Tic tac in a whale's mouth
  270. babachu

    Flex Coat CP with solids in it

    I always just pour a little in a plastic mixing cup instead of working out of the bottle-seems to eliminate the little crusties forming around the lip of the bottle
  271. babachu

    Ford F150 Sparkplug Issue

    That's a well known problem with that engine-I'd start with the BAR (bureau of automotive repairs) and let them guide you in the right direction
  272. babachu

    Don't Pick on the Chubby Kid...

    a number of years ago, my daughter was threatened at middle school (another girl said she was going to stab my daughter). I set a meeting with the principal, vice principal and the on-site police officer. None of the three would face me and bailed on the meeting. I decided to handle it myself...
  273. babachu

    Married 60 years

    On the morning of their 60th wedding anniversary, the old couple sits at the breakfast table. The wife says, "you know there honey, my breasts are still as hot for you now as they were 60 years ago". The husband, "that's because one of them is in your oatmeal and the other's in your coffee!!"
  274. babachu

    Now this is some lathe work

    I need this dude to do some serious sharpening for me!! He's better with his big toe that most people are with their hands!!
  275. babachu

    Sherm and Carl...............

    Come on .... Flush you bastard!!
  276. babachu

    When Life is Getting You Down...

    gotta love a laughing baby
  277. babachu

    Drunk Redneck on a scissor lift

  278. babachu

    LIT-UP (Version Two)

    Really nice Bill- love the detail
  279. babachu

    Calico Killer

    just bitchin, every last detail
  280. babachu

    Don't Pick on the Chubby Kid...

    the punk got punked!
  281. babachu

    G, is okay!

    Thanks Silvia
  282. babachu


    You can't go wrong with Acidrod-good hard working people that know their stuff!
  283. babachu

    Rare Fishing Artifacts Discovered
  284. babachu

    Evil E got a good one this afternoon.

    I guess football season isn't over-nice fish
  285. babachu

    Accurate 665 H

    go to their website- there's tutorials on servicing your reel or just take it out there-Aly is great and will hook you up
  286. babachu

    Seeker 670 with Dragonscale experiment

    just plain cool-you guys are always pushing the possibilities farther and farther-gotta love rodbuilding-anything's possible with a creative mind!
  287. babachu

    Graphite USA URS 70ML

    Nice! Love that color combo
  288. babachu

    new member

    really nice work-I'd say you're in the right place-love all the new ideas
  289. babachu

    Some New Stuff

    as you would say G...."kewl"
  290. babachu

    Tangereen Dream

    Yah, my photography skills suck- gotta get my daughters Nikon and try again
  291. babachu

    Tiny Tuna's 800M in the works

    Like the colors, the fades and butt wrap-1st class as always
  292. babachu

    Tangereen Dream

    I was thinkin more like Orange Julius Erving???
  293. babachu

    tuna stick..

    really clean-built for some real pullin!
  294. babachu

    Tangereen Dream

    The Acid Man hooked me up with a sweet Batson blank, 7' 15-25, eva split grips, Alps 316 guides, Madeira thread and lots of Diamond II. Wanted a really subtle tiger-underwraps are three colors faded in the middle with the lightest color of the underwrap as the overwrap with an EE sacrificial. It...
  295. babachu

    6480 Vomit Rod

    Nice job Erica-now you can be proud of the colors and won't have to fish at the bow haha
  296. babachu

    Ghost Dragons

    really nice
  297. babachu

    Greased vs Dry Drag

    always grease.
  298. babachu

    Dawg on it......

    nice! like the double ob
  299. babachu

    Yep another plumbing question

    that's a riot!! some of those people will be on the Darwin's Awards page soon!
  300. babachu


    I should clarify-I'm asking as a custom rod builder selling to the end retail end , and sometimes a re-seller.
  301. babachu


    I'm understanding that the FET tax is figured as follows: sold to a non-reselling customer- 10% of 60% of the total sale price; if sold to a reseller like a tackle shop, 10% of 100% of the total sale price. Any input is appreciated
  302. babachu

    3893 of EXPERTS

    :finger::appl:ok you got me
  303. babachu

    Varigated Fun

    nice Ralph, I'm with Doc, kind of the tye dye effect!
  304. babachu

    Sun Screen

    Charkbait in HB has some real good stuff that works! Check out their website for info.
  305. babachu

    Ridin' the wave...

    turned out good-you're just like every rod builder-never good enough for your own eyes
  306. babachu

    Pacbay rod wrapper RW-XL w/upgraded chuck.

    Is the card included?? - Just joking, great deal, wish I had the cash
  307. babachu

    5.5' Bamboo boat rod

  308. babachu

    Bench Grinder & Guide Feet Prep

    I prefer a small hand file-I have a groove notched in the edge of my bench to stick one side of the guide foot in and file slowly till I get the profile I want-then I use a round wood dowel w/sandpaper and run the guide bottom over it to remove any burrs that I may have created-takes awhile but...
  309. babachu

    Arrested for 3rd Poaching Violation in 3 Weeks

    we can only hope he gets "poached" while he's in jail
  310. babachu

    The Bird

    Awesome Doc
  311. babachu

    Seaweed Soup

    just an awesome combination of detail-love it
  312. babachu

    Penis enlarger

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: you the same guy that bought the Tiger Woods book??
  313. babachu

    $351 useless dollars... youre welcome.

    I'd laugh if it didn't remind me of the check I have to write every month-very creative though, gave me some ideas haha
  314. babachu

    Danger removed / Epic day Catalina

    you could have just prevented the next "Valdez" accident with all the tankers cruising around
  315. babachu

    #4 for High Point..The redo

    Really nice-I'd of never thought those colors would look nice together if I was holding the spools of thread but that's beautiful
  316. babachu

    New Green Bass still in the works

    looking for one of your Calico biting the swimbait decals for a rod I'm building-can be 1/2"-3/4" tall by ?? wide (width/length doesn't matter that much) Please let me know how much. Thanks, David
  317. babachu

    New Green Bass still in the works

    that's killer man, like all of your work!
  318. babachu

    Cool fly seat / real combo

    You're right! I knew it looked familiar- wonder if the reel travels around like that when you're casting haha
  319. babachu

    Cool fly seat / real combo

    Saw this on FB in the Rodbuilding group-thought it was pretty cool for you fly rod junkies-rod was displayed by Colin Dunn
  320. babachu

    spottie questions

    the fish will be in different spots and relate mostly to the tidal current-I've found that if the current is ripping that they'll be up tight to the docks/pilings near the bottom but if it's not or it's slack tide they'll roam around and could be anywhere-just my .02
  321. babachu

    2 Custom Rods CHEAP!!

    sorry, no more right now
  322. babachu

    tuna cord

    I've even had good luck using industrial, two sided tape under cord to stick it down, if your end grip doesn't get too big around using it, then spray with 2 coats of exterior poly with uv protection
  323. babachu

    Lami Cod Slayer

    Like it!
  324. babachu

    Calstar GF690J rebuild

    Really nice JT- your not kidding there's a lot of branch work in that rod!
  325. babachu

    18 foot, Supah Ultra Light 7X tippet Fliz Rod

    I'd have that long dinger stuck in so many trees just gettin to the damn water I'd throw it
  326. babachu

    2 Custom Rods CHEAP!!

    Thanks Gary, hope you hang a lot of fish on it!
  327. babachu

    guns vs women

    And, when you cock em, guns always fire
  328. babachu

    The "Wave" Wrap

    cool-once again BD is the platform for new stuff
  329. babachu

    Fred Hall Show Bound..........

  330. babachu

    2 Custom Rods CHEAP!!

    blue rod still available
  331. babachu

    2 Custom Rods CHEAP!!

    Two new custom Kencor spiral graphite rods, 8', 15-40, Alps 316 stainless guides, one has tuna cord with turks head (burgundy), other has x-wrap over spaced cork with turks head (blue) - $100 each - this is less than the parts cost per rod-business sucks and I need cash -in Huntington...
  332. babachu

    Micro scales

    really nice JT-love looking at the close-up pics and seeing every little detail and twist in your work-very inspiring
  333. babachu

    6463XXXH rebuild

    shweet-lotta work right there
  334. babachu

    NPH calm before the storm 2/15

    gotta love the spotties
  335. babachu

    black thread with inlays

    use a cp like Cason solvent based that doesn't have any white pigments in it on the whole wrap
  336. babachu

    A Bullard Bonanza of Blue......

    Once again you outdid yourself
  337. babachu

    Anyone missing a 7X?(new ink)

    oh sh#*t-I looked in my box and my mint jig was missing-sorry
  338. babachu

    Root Beer stages

    that's just bitchen-is the butt wrap a dragon tiger? Really nice
  339. babachu


    A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink, and while he's drinking, the monkey jumps all over the place, eating everything behind the bar. Then the monkey jumps on to the pool table and swallows a billiard ball. The bartender screams at the guy, "Your monkey just ate...
  340. babachu

    Meet the new gun ship

    Opening day duck season:
  341. babachu

    Who makes a butt joint blank?

    Somewhere I remember reading an article or post by a fly rod builder on how to make your own ferrule joint - maybe on that " other" rod building site?
  342. babachu

    What type of eye wear do you guys use

    All I can say is they're boss bitchen G
  343. babachu

    770XXH Rail Dawg

    Nice Bill- mind if I ask which blue met you used?
  344. babachu

    Hey Mark

    I think I saw a "twist" selection on Sulvia's site at Bullards
  345. babachu

    Doc Ski's Father Passes Away

    Sorry about your dad Doc-sorry I didn't get a chance to know him-lost my dad a couple of years ago so I know how hard it must be for you-what a blessing and comfort it must have been for him to have you look after him in his last days
  346. babachu

    Just my little way to say thank you to BD for our right to say it like it is......

    Here's another one for ya
  347. babachu

    White Waterslide sheets

    thanks Richard
  348. babachu

    White Waterslide sheets

    anyone know where I can get some white waterslide decal material?? acidrod has clear but I have a logo I need to print with a white background, and there aint any white thread in my wraps-thanks
  349. babachu

    Catching smelt in Newport Beach

    cat food works good too
  350. babachu

    Why we shoot animals in the wild

    :rofl:my god what a story teller-I feel your pain, I saw a lady in Yosemite try to feed pizza to a dear and got two hooves right in the kisser-almost killed her-
  351. babachu

    Calcutta and ProGear

    cs625 still available
  352. babachu

    New Custom Rods

    1 new custom Calstar bt220, 8 1/2', rare white blank, blue, red and silver wraps, Alps 316 stainless guides, two color cord grips with turks head - $150 (picture of butt wrap shows dust, it's not all marked up) 1 new custom Kencor spiral graphite, 8' 15-40, burgundy / black wraps, Alps 316...
  353. babachu

    ProGear cs551 Like New

    Pro Gear cs551, excellent condition visually and mechanically-hardly used, new 20lb Izor mono- $150.00-local pickup in Huntington Beach 626-203-3302
  354. babachu

    Metallic Purple.......

    Cool JT
  355. babachu

    Calcutta and ProGear

    clean progear-great for jigstick
  356. babachu

    Calcutta and ProGear

    Calcutta 700s in excellent shape, new carbontex drags, no line- SOLD ProGear cs625, new 40lb. Izor, excellent shape as well- $150.00 -- in Huntington Beach-local pickup-- 626-203-3302 (work in San Dimas)
  357. babachu

    Channel surfing

  358. babachu

    A Cryptic Message that made my day

    I'm usin foil from now on!!
  359. babachu

    Old School A$$ whopin...

    may have saved that kid's life too
  360. babachu

    Abalone with Tre-lek-ees on the side please!

    sweet looking stick=nice job
  361. babachu

    I don't know nuthin' about art, ....

    Intimidated is the right word, when you consider we get to view and witness the best in the world, but not one builder I've encountered or asked questions of has been anything less than open and giving of their process. From Doctor Skibowski to Dawg, G and JT, innovation and pushing the...
  362. babachu

    Quit Smoking

    its hard, they say the brain likes nicotene a lot and that it's even more addictive than herion-good choice, just takes a commitment and constant choices to say no-easy for me to say as I haven't been able to do it yet, but I'm trying
  363. babachu

    Hook Keeper Question

    if you look at Capt G's posts, he has used an aluminum winding check from, I think, Batson or Fuji on the back end of the fore grip-the winding check has drilled accent holes that can be drilled all the way through for the hook and the point will bury into the fore grip without damaging it
  364. babachu

    An affordable but good blank.

    anything by Batson-built a swimbait rod on a rclb80xl blank and I love it-available at
  365. babachu

    Oooooollld Fenwick re-build w/ copper dragonscale

    that's really wild JT-very nice and unique rod!
  366. babachu

    Score one for the "Rail Dawg"

    that is one big ass kicker there-Bill's the man
  367. babachu


    killer looking rod JT
  368. babachu

    Nothing to do with Rodbuilding

    Praying for you and your dad Doc- you are a good and honorable son, a testament to what a great man your father must be- hang in there buddy
  369. babachu

    Would Carl hit it?

    Dear Lord!! I can't answer your question since I had to shut it off 5 seconds in!
  370. babachu

    Problem - what would you have done?

    I probably would have lit it on fire-don't have the level of creativity at my advanced age
  371. babachu

    Articles... and then some

    I need to see pics of that!
  372. babachu


    Last I knew he still did- after the hacking incident I got an email from him
  373. babachu


    I bought some blanks about a year ago and liked them- now it's impossible to get ahold of him by email, co website or phone- their site even got hacked awhile back and sent emails out about a "new" catalogue
  374. babachu

    Old School SD Padre colors.....again

    Great colors and craftsmanship Jim
  375. babachu

    First feather inlay.....

    That's really nice Bill-I got a friend in the midwest that's sending me a box of pheasant, duck and goose feathers-can't wait to try an inlay-may have to pic your brain on the "don'ts" when applying feathers
  376. babachu

    Happy New Year from Bullard International

    Right back at ya Silvia
  377. babachu

    Custom Rods for Guitar

    Have several new / custom rods-looking to trade for electric guitar with small amp-let me know what you've got and what you're looking for
  378. babachu

    Christmas gift from my son

    That's a cool gift Bill- got my kid a bb gun- my kid got me a shirt with a bullseye on it!
  379. babachu

    Quick question!!

    I always glue it on right after the handle/seat goes on- with a jig in the seat it give me a straight line for the rest of the guides plus insures that the tip won't move during the static test
  380. babachu

    Daughters Xmas present.

    Really nice Nick
  381. babachu

    Which do your prefer, "Moose-knuckle" or

    You gotta be glad the kid wasn't lookin for buck nuckle
  382. babachu

    Finished Gunmetal Dragonskin

    Just awesome!
  383. babachu

    Dragon-Scale Wrap.....step by step

    Thanks JT (and many other builders by the way) for sharing your ideas, tricks, methods and even step by step instructions for things that take hours upon hours to develop. This forum and it's expert builders are an endless source of ideas, techniques and eye candy that rodbuilders of any skill...
  384. babachu

    White on white.

    Nice Nick- really nice detailing on that rod- very unique
  385. babachu

    rod wrapping table and motor

    when I started I used a large cardboard box with "v"s cut in each side and ran the thread through a telephone book for a tensioner- use your hand to turn it 180 degrees when you see it start to sag while you watch tv or something and, if it's warm in your place you'll probably only have to turn...
  386. babachu

    Carl Jimmy

    another freakin masterpiece JT
  387. babachu

    A few Sooper Seekers

    Between you, Dawg and G... I'm just going to give up and sell all my stuff- you guys are awesome
  388. babachu

    Fun build

    Killer weave Doc- nice
  389. babachu

    From deckhands to Dorado on the pursuit!

    never understood why people don't turn around when casting-its not like your going to miss hitting the water-saw a guy get his nose torn and the hook ripped it up-bummer for the deckhand
  390. babachu

    Sculpin Rod

    Cool video-were those all Stripers swimming around you?
  391. babachu

    Retro Calstar 530

    Nice Bobby- dig it man
  392. babachu

    What's you fishing sob-story?

    My wife at the time took me fishing for my birthday- the yellows were jumping on the hooks, except for mine- tried everything to no avail- the guy next to me was fishing with a rattle trap with dead anchovies pinned on and he even caught 5! I ended the day with one 6" mackerel! I hate birthdays
  393. babachu

    Western Outdoors News

  394. babachu

    (Green is Good)

    nice G=you've given me yet another idea
  395. babachu

    Gear motors.

    whatever motor you end up getting make sure it is rated for continuous duty
  396. babachu

    Abstract Flames

    Really nice Bill-looks great
  397. babachu

    Phenix Black Diamond

    Really nice Richie-like the color combo a lot
  398. babachu


    just call acidrod and be done with it-good stuff at a fair price
  399. babachu

    Seeker 6480 re-build

  400. babachu

    Astronomy Domine

    just awesome and so original
  401. babachu

    Doing a basket weave cord handle

    That's great-tried doing one of those awhile back but gave up-time to try again, you've inspired me
  402. babachu

    Calstar 7460 bent butt

    Nice Bill-perfect thread work as always
  403. babachu

    While We're Giving Thanks

    Thanks to all who have freely shared their ideas, processes, techniques and contructive criticism on this board-we are better rod builders because of it
  404. babachu

    13.5' rasta Ulua Rod

    really cool and unique rod
  405. babachu

    go go CODZILLA!!!

    Simply amazing as usual
  406. babachu

    2/3 wt fly rod

    I agree- I'm gonna spook a fish long before my rod does!
  407. babachu

    Rainshadow 822.5 Calico wrap

    Nice Bill - the skinny rods are fun aren't they-the fly rod I just finished had single foot guides and the blank was around 1/16" at the tip- makes Madeira thread look big
  408. babachu

    2/3 wt fly rod

    No one has actually criticized my color choices yet, and if they do, oh well. I do what I like and am happy most of the time with it. By the way, anyone notice the static test I'm doing on my floor lamp?? And yes G, I was a pilot, worked in a bakery, pick bread up over here and I'd "pilot" over...
  409. babachu

    2/3 wt fly rod

    I dont care- my rods will always have lots of color in them- this sucker really lights up in the sun-
  410. babachu

    2/3 wt fly rod

    Just finished my first fly rod build (thanks Mark for the help) for creek fishing-6'6" tigers eye blank, pac bac alum seat, single foot guides, cork and madeira (sorry pics suck) fun build can't wait to fish it
  411. babachu

    My Homeboy is a Joto

    nice G-like the purple CKW- is that coated? looks real level across
  412. babachu

    They said there were no stripers in

    That's a nice fish there, and that there, yaaa
  413. babachu

    Getting down at the 'Vine

    Red / gold Thomas bouyant works good too
  414. babachu

    Saluki's Christmas rod

    LMFAO! Now Sabre isn't the only one to offer a "stroker"
  415. babachu

    Fly rod seats

    Do you prefer up or downlock seats and why? I've been told up locks are better for balance and keeping the reel out of the dirt when you set it down
  416. babachu


    What's with all these effin pop ups all of a sudden on BD??
  417. babachu

    CKW vs.

    That's a hawg
  418. babachu

    I got a job!!!!

    "the reel thingy" haha
  419. babachu

    epoxy mixing technique.

    I really like the auto mixer- apply right from the cup after a little hand mixing to get what may have stuck to the edges of the cup
  420. babachu

    Super Seeker 63XXX

    That thing is clean
  421. babachu

    Accurate 270

    Sale pending
  422. babachu

    Seeker Hercules

    Really nice color combo
  423. babachu

    Accurate 270

    Single speed 4.6:1
  424. babachu

    Accurate 270

    Accurate boss magnum 270-NO cast control-no rash-80 lb power pro with Izor 30 mono topshot-pick up Huntington Beach - 626-203-3302 $250.00
  425. babachu

    Black Hole in action

    That's what I call putting the wood to it
  426. babachu

    Mega Mag

    Always love your work and the colors you select-great job
  427. babachu

    Fore-Grip marbling for a shore jigger

    Nice G-haven't go the chance to play with the pigments yet but you and JT have inspired me to give it a go
  428. babachu

    D-8 tiger wrap

    Nice- like the color combo- bet that really pops in the sunlight
  429. babachu

    "Black Hole" Cow Killer

    that's awesome-love the colors and the pinstriping really adds that special touch- I think you've coined the phrase now-it really should be known as the "trelikes branch" .
  430. babachu

    Colaboration rod

    really nice-great minds think alike
  431. babachu

    "Porn Wraps"

    Sweet G.
  432. babachu

    14' overhead snapper rod.

    Nice work Nick
  433. babachu

    Dodger weave

    Damn you're really crankin em out!
  434. babachu

    "What makes a good rodbuilder?"

    All of the above-I would only add two things-a builder that gets the job done when he/she says they will- nothing worse than waiting 6 weeks for a rod that was promised in 2 (parts backorder notwithstanding)
  435. babachu

    Dorado skin wrap

  436. babachu

    Fly Rods

    Is that some new variation of the Kung-Fu grip G?
  437. babachu

    Fly Rods

  438. babachu

    Fly Rods

    I've built saltwater rods and freshwater rods, but never a flyrod. Are there any special considerations specific to fly rods that are different than constructing conventional rods?
  439. babachu

    Wahoo weave rod complete

    Really nice
  440. babachu

    New Wahoo weave

    You are a patient man- nice work
  441. babachu


    Really nice-did you use three threads on top and remove two? Looks great
  442. babachu

    Blue Lami Tog Slayer

    hypnotizing! beautiful work
  443. babachu

    Ladies RFS Rod

    beautiful work-awesome detail right down to the tip
  444. babachu

    A set of Charger rods

    Really nice Bill-that is the whitest white wrap I've ever seen
  445. babachu

    Over my head. Again.

    Nice G- it's amazing how different the mono size needs to be from rod to rod and pattern to pattern
  446. babachu

    Truline D7

    Nice work and finish
  447. babachu

    Another surprise Gift.

    He is a cool guy-literally would not let me leave his booth without first pulling on one of his whopper stoppers- great gift to a worthy recipient
  448. babachu

    Blast From the Past

    Remember these? Was going through some of my dads old fishing stuff (he passed several years ago) and came across this old Fenwick 8 1/2' fly rod. Cleaned it up a bit and put a couple coats on the wraps. What a find for me to have something I remember him using when I was a kid; can't wait to...
  449. babachu

    Vintage Chocolate Sabre refurbish

    Really nice Jim-always love searching through all of the little details in your wraps and the marbling is killer
  450. babachu

    Uh... This ain't right

    Sorry to Be the one to tell you but you got the wrong set of cheeks
  451. babachu

    Bearing stuck solid!

    After hours of Futzing with it, soaking it I took it up to Charkbait and Jeff had to somehow break the bearing out. It really wasn't rusten in all, as there wasn't any sign of corrosion between the bearing and the cup?? Go figure... Just a tight mofo!
  452. babachu

    Bearing stuck solid!

    Bought a used Newell- while doing the service discovered the handle side bearing corroded and stuck solid in the bearing cup- been soaking it in penetrating oil for hours but she won't budge- anybody got any ideas on how to get this sucker out short of buying a new bearing cup?
  453. babachu

    Baby Ulua & Wahoo Jr Composite

    Wow- just awesome as usual
  454. babachu

    Batson TEAM >>Thank you

    The guys in your booth were great-had fun pulling on several
  455. babachu

    Glasses for rodwrapping.

    I have to use the "Doc Ski" headset or I can't see what the he'll I'm doing
  456. babachu

    What the Hell

    Ditto on all comments- I also keep an air can on my bench to blow any dust off the wraps before finishing- it's amazing how much dust can collect from the first wrap till yo u finish the last
  457. babachu

    Newells with red emblems

    Saw some older Newell reels with red emblems- anyone remember what series / numbers these reels were known as?
  458. babachu

    My First Acidrod Order

    Great hardworking folks- good choice
  459. babachu

    The "Laroove" is

    Nice G- looks like a salmanoide to me
  460. babachu

    BT 220

    Thanks Jim - good meeting you at the show, just sorry I couldn't hang to see you do some marbling
  461. babachu

    BT 220

    Wanted to do a classic looking rod on one of my favorite blanks, the 8 1/2' 220, and I like the tan blanks alot. Used alternating snakeskin/black cord for the wrap and turks and tried to match up the thread with the snakeskin cord colors. All madeira thread except for some gold met inlays, Fuji...
  462. babachu

    Triple Lindy

    Cutting edge man
  463. babachu

    Spidercrack Headroll

    Sweet G! Cool having a "test facility" right outside the shop
  464. babachu

    Rod Show 2010

    Great show- every major player in rod blanks and components is there- as well as some of the best builders in the world- get out there and check it out
  465. babachu

    West Coast Custom Rod & Tackle Show

    Great show Mark and Mike- really enjoyed all the vendors and putting faces to names-seminars were great too - I appreciate all your hard work!
  466. babachu

    MXL Comments (single speed)

    And they're made in America by Americans
  467. babachu

    I'm now a knothead

    What did that work out to be 6 x 18?
  468. babachu

    A different rail....

    Is it possible taking the place of a transition guide for an acid wrap similar to the plastic spiraled piece he used on one of the previous rods???
  469. babachu

    How to make reel cast better?

    The tld frames warp- check to see if the spool is rubbing
  470. babachu

    Wahoo Jigger & Seeker Inshore

    Really awesome work and color combos!
  471. babachu

    FL75 Super Seeker w/ bronze pigments...

    Really cool Jim-really like how the colors blend with the blank
  472. babachu

    FSorTRADE-Calcutta 700s

    Have a really nice Calcutta 700s with rod clamp (only one small scratch) in great working condition-NON levelwind open top- really looking to trade for a newer Avet SX or MXJ in same condition-prefer silver or gold-will post pics later-pm or call 626-203-3302-in Huntington Beach
  473. babachu

    Graphite USA "Wahoo"

    really nice Bill-did you have to paint the blank under the white/pearl to get it to stand out and cover good?? Thanks
  474. babachu

    Metallic Spiders

  475. babachu

    Lake Mohave (Katherines Landing)

    Stripers and cats- get a bunch of chovies and you'll have fun-don't leave anything valuable in your car at Katherines or you'll get ripped off
  476. babachu

    Flex coat not coating!!

    Last time I had a problem it was an airborne contaminant- unbeknownced yo me, my daughter was spraying Febreze all over the house including my rodbuilding area
  477. babachu

    Tribute Star #4

    Nice- great color combo
  478. babachu

    P series Newell

    How do I know if I've got an original P series reel or one of the newer production models? Thx
  479. babachu

    Calcutta 700s

    Anyone done a rebuild/service on one of these? I've done the 400s but not a 700
  480. babachu

    Free Fly Casting and Tying Lessons Oct 2&3 Pasadena

    I may finally learn how ti cast a fly!!
  481. babachu

    My first cord weave handle

    Really nice! How many hours you got in it?
  482. babachu

    Talk about Hi-Tech Bass gear

    Bass rod for the Terminator- nice work Bill
  483. babachu

    Offshore Dominator YFT Slay

    Way to hang in there Erica-hey where's the Dominator fishing out of now? I know they were down fo awhile
  484. babachu

    Offshore SEASONS YFT * BFT REPORT 9/10 - 9/12

    Attaboy Jamie- you always find a way to get fish on the boat!
  485. babachu

    Chuck Byrons Memorial with finish on its way.

    Looks great Doc-love the color mix
  486. babachu

    J and T tackle swap meet question

    Was wondering the same thing
  487. babachu

    CP test pics.

    I'm stuck on the Cason's solvent based- how does the Chromaseal work on the darker colors?
  488. babachu

    Shimano Calcutta 700S

    I'd like it-I will send pmt tonight when I get off work- please forward your email address associated with paypal- thanks, David
  489. babachu

    Pacific Bay "stay true" (ncp) black....buyer beware!

    Never understood why black needs to be ncp anyway??? Epoxy just turns it black
  490. babachu

    Ray's BBQ

    Sure you didn't mix in some lysergic asid with those pigments??
  491. babachu

    Blank manuf

    On Science channel now (845)
  492. babachu

    Tiburon Blanks

    What are the specs-I'm not familiar with this manufacturer-thanks
  493. babachu

    Candy Corn BTG 670

    Nice Bobby- really like the colors
  494. babachu

    Rod Art Thoughts

    Well said...especially the part about those who share their hard earned skill and ideas with amateurs like me
  495. babachu

    Red Accurate Powerball Handle For my Penn 113H

    I've got a cool red ProGear handle I'll sell you
  496. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    870 SOLD
  497. babachu

    waders for float tube

    LL Bean has flyweight stockingfoot waders for $59
  498. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Still avail
  499. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Saturday Bump
  500. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Penn int 30SW and Acc 197 SOLD
  501. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Me too Jamie
  502. babachu

    Here we go.

    I know a guy that knows a guy that can "take care"'off this for you
  503. babachu

    fishing trip for wrapping my rod?

    If you can get to Bobby's class at Glenns Tackle you can do it yourself with their help
  504. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Calcutta sold-thanks cracher63
  505. babachu

    One for the ladies

    beautiful work
  506. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Still have it- give me a call
  507. babachu

    Jigging Master 300 gram

    Beautiful work- really like the colors and design
  508. babachu

    Another "Reefer Rod" fades, weave and crosswraps

    Great work- only problem is the stoners will be hypnotized by that weave
  509. babachu

    Rods & Reels

  510. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    A lot of good stuff
  511. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Reels: Penn International 30SW 2 speed, new 80lb Izor mono, -------------SOLD ProGear cs625 5:1, new Izor 40lb. mono -------------------------------$180.00 Shimano Calcutta 200B, brand new with Izor 50lb spectra ----------SOLD Accurate 197c, Izor 50 lb spectra with room for topshot...
  512. babachu

    finish opoxy didnt go off

    Ive had that happen and it could be a number of different things, most often not measuring correct amounts of each part, or just a really cool temp can do it too. Carefully mix a new batch and recoat it during the warmest part of the day, and I always mix at least 3cc of each part-reduces the...
  513. babachu

    Had Some Time Over the Weekend and Some Flo Orange thread???

    Had some time over the weekend and decided to rebuild an old troller that I've had in the rack for awhile. Was trying to figure out to do with this flourescent orange Madeira I have and just started in on it. Turned out pretty good (was really bright until I put the overwraps on to tone it down...
  514. babachu

    Anyone fish June Lake Recently? I am going Sunday

    Pumpkinseed mini jigs by the reeds on 2pm always gets it done for me
  515. babachu

    Truline Triplets

    Nice work Bill
  516. babachu

    looking for a fishing kayak

    My buddy has 2 Ocean Kayaks that he's selling cheap- I think they are scupper pros- I'll forward your post to him
  517. babachu


    How long is the track?
  518. babachu

    Church Mouse

    Sweet Jim-always love how perfect your bands are
  519. babachu

    More tigers

    Cool Doc- seems like orange is the color of the day- I'm doing one now with flo orange and purple
  520. babachu

    Charlie Brown RCLB80L

    Looks great and classic
  521. babachu

    How retarded can anybody be?

    that's the tops! the only one I saw that was close to that was at Silverwood lake, a guy with a bass boat, backing it down, asked his inexperienced buddy to "unhook the boat", at which point his buddy disconnected the trailer from the truck. When he tried to motor out and get on plane he notices...
  522. babachu

    Dennis Rodman Cross Wraps

    I was expecting some sort of new tattoo wrap with multiple piercings????
  523. babachu

    Shimano Terez-ible

    That wasn't inside Sportfishing you were watching, it was a 1/2 hour Shimano commercial (guess they learned it fron Ronnie Kovach)
  524. babachu

    St Johns Cross

    Beautiful - really like the color and the gradient fade
  525. babachu

    A pinwheel and a wave

    Awesome work
  526. babachu

    Lil Red Fish

    Nice job
  527. babachu

    "Dirty Girl 3"

    Nice Bill-thatsxwhat happens when you have mad skills like that
  528. babachu

    Two New Rods

    Beautiful work
  529. babachu

    Circle Jerks rod

    Another nice job Erica
  530. babachu

    Phenix trout rod / camo tiger

    Really cool Jim
  531. babachu

    G-Loomis S782

    Really nice Jim-a lot of work just in the grips
  532. babachu

    Wanted to buy: Kencor (Panga) Boat Sticks

    There's a guy named Byron (bd name Lops) that has quite a few he got from Kencor when they went under-pm him and I bet he has what you're looking for
  533. babachu

    Ultimate calico rod... List your favorite two

    Built a rainshadow 80l with a revo toro 50 and 50 lb spectra-love it
  534. babachu

    Are there any 9 foot bass rod blanks out there?

    Hey Bobby do you still have those Amtak viper blanks in your shop?
  535. babachu


    Check the "fusing reels" forum
  536. babachu

    Seeker 809 4 axis chevron

  537. babachu

    Shimano Waxwings are Here!

    Had em on inside Sportfishing and they were killin the calicos
  538. babachu

    In progress

    Now I gotta build one of those
  539. babachu

    Calstar GF7465H Spiral Roller

    Clean wraps and color combo- like a 50-50 bar
  540. babachu

    Writing on rods.

    Mark, just send everyone across the street- I know they're goats but in a pinch they may do
  541. babachu

    Rod Show Give aways.

    I thought for sure there would be a Samurai sword from G??? When I first read the post I could have sworn it said Toys for Tits- it's been awhile
  542. babachu

    SS 2X4 & BTG690-J

    Really clean thread work and finish!
  543. babachu

    Blank Consistency

    I know Capt G had a post recently about the Fuji k guides- may want to check it out- I think he was testing a heavy version of it
  544. babachu

    Rod Show Give aways.

    Sounds great Doc- can't wait
  545. babachu

    DIY rocket launchers on a float tube

    Nice idea- how are the ends of the grey pipe secured tongue float tube
  546. babachu

    Blank Consistency

    Thanks G- Western Estates denied me as I failed the extensive screening process ( I think someone squealed about me and Bobbie) thinking I may have to consult Steve Bozell about a lawsuit. As for the rods, I use a similar system but being in construction we call it a story pole. I even have sets...
  547. babachu

    Blank Consistency

    Just wondering, after static testing and placing guides, is it necessary to do each subsequent rod of the same type? Is the consistency of blanks good enough from calstar, seeker, batson, united composites to assume the action will be the same from blank to blank? Interested in your thoughts
  548. babachu

    Another "Stoner Rod"

    Nice Bill- another unique Saltydawg piece- capt G, always knew you were born to be a cage fighter
  549. babachu

    United Composites 80 Monster

    really nice Bill-like the color combo too
  550. babachu

    Seeker JB70L (work in progress)

    beautiful fade work!
  551. babachu

    Bullard Urethane testing coming to an end

    sounds great Sylvia-can't wait to see the thread colors and urethane-I'm sure Mark and Colleen will have it as soon as it hits the market
  552. babachu

    Dirty Dozen

    That DII is the shizzle
  553. babachu

    Tiburon Blanks

    Try the rodbuilding forum
  554. babachu

    Not Just a rod builder

    Bill, that guy that gets on Capt G's nerves suggested the solvent based stuff and it works pretty good over Madeira along with your thread trick in the finish- dries fast and clear- so far so good
  555. babachu

    Butt cord

    Some people use cork tape to build up the grip, or even double wrap the core in opposite directions- some people lightly scuff the blank and use crazy glue, others use epoxy a d even hd weatherproof 2 face tape. I start the cord by glueing the end to the blank then wrapping over it 4 or 5 times...
  556. babachu

    Complete 10' spin stick.

    Beautiful Nick- love the green n purple combo
  557. babachu

    Rod Wrapping Music, Revisited.

    I yield respectfully to Randy- might not be able to see my set next to his
  558. babachu

    Rod Wrapping Music, Revisited.

    I'll be your drummer
  559. babachu

    Calstar 700XLH

  560. babachu

    Rod Wrapping Music, Revisited.

    Crosby, Stills,Nash and Young or even better their newest incarnation CPR- I was once in a band "The Happy Funk Band" but our career was cut short by a tragic misspelling
  561. babachu

    G, Bobbie Dooley is something, you're right about that. But there are some surprising things about the past that may shock you- consider the name "Bobbie" and you get what I mean
  562. babachu


    Just bought a Revo Toro 50 and was wondering how you guys have lined yours up-was thinking about 30 lb spectra but my e 50'might be be better for abrasion resistance and kelp cutting- the reel in going on a swimbait rod and will primarily be used for chucking plastics and slugs
  563. babachu

    Green Flames

    Nice job Nick-really like it
  564. babachu

    Nice G-always experimenting and succeeding-Bobbie Dooley would be proud
  565. babachu

    Epoxy opinions

    Diamond II is great- TM, Aftcote,FC all have their place too.
  566. babachu

    I'm calling this the "Gingercatz Special"

    Thanks Doc-always looking to try something new and you guys and your creative angles always keep it fresh.
  567. babachu

    I'm calling this the "Gingercatz Special"

    G and Doc-by open tiger, do you mean that you are allowing the blank to show through the base wrap by using a sacraficial on it?? Thanks
  568. babachu

    Special Forces / Anti Terror Squad

    She's a bute Clark
  569. babachu

    GUSA 74XF Pro Kelp Cutter

    Nice Bill- what blank did you use?
  570. babachu

    10ft jig stick 540 calstar

    It's a 20-50 rating great for 45s
  571. babachu

    WANTED: Pac Bay Rod Wrapper (used)

    Check out there's a bunch of machines for sale
  572. babachu

    Sunset n Bolsa Chica

    Hit the incoming tide today-tried drop shot, swimmies and cr grubs for nada - couldn't find the crabs- there was a guy out fishing mussel on the long rod getting a fish every cast, so they're there ( or were there)
  573. babachu

    Bill Boyce sample....

    Nice Jim-beautiful and love the interesting color combo, great match, oh and G, dude, you're scarin me man
  574. babachu

    Gudebrod Black A or Madeira Black

    Just use nylon thread-eliminates any probs you might have with Madeira's silicone content-this is assuming you're not already using other Madeira threads in the wrap-if you are, might as well use Madeira if that's what you have-Madeira always needs cp- I've had good luck with Casons cp and use...
  575. babachu

    CF Alps trigger rod complete

    Really clean- great craftsmanship
  576. babachu

    The Saltypup 1st rod in progress

    The kid's gonna pass us all up in no time
  577. babachu

    Rod building, next generation

    He's sure got a great teacher-he'll remember the time wrapping and fishing with you forever
  578. babachu

    You got your pool cue wraps, your

    Do us all a favor and hacksaw that sombitch in half so it will never utter that annoying sound again!
  579. babachu

    8' Jig Stick for my mxj

    I have 2 new wraps that would work for you- both 8' Kencor spiral graphite- 1 is 15-40 (maroon / black wraps with seine cord grips and Turks head) and one is 15-30 (blue metallic/black wraps with x-shrink over spaces cork and Turks head) $200 either one. You can see pics on the rodbuilding...
  580. babachu

    My first fade....

    Nice work Erica
  581. babachu

    10' 2pc beach/rock spin stick 8-10kg

    Nice looking stick Nick
  582. babachu

    calstar 540 10ft custom wrap

    What color is the blank, what guides, wrap colors, grips?
  583. babachu

    Alps trigger and carbon fiber

    Have you ever experimented with the cf cloth for guide wraps? I'm assuming that the grips are done with woven tubes
  584. babachu

    Project Healing Waters Grip Assemblies

    Really likin that cAebon fibre
  585. babachu

    a few i have been working on

    Beautiful work
  586. babachu

    Just in at - Flexible Shell Veneers

    Looks great Mark- yet another thing I need to learn
  587. babachu

    The coolest new product at the 2010 ICAST?

    Is that Bud Dickman?
  588. babachu

    leasons learned

    I've started using a small led maglight on my wraps-exposes gap and I can fix em before a coat of finish exposes them
  589. babachu

    Sunset 7/16

    Fished incoming tide till the beachgoers forced me out- fished drop shot and swimmies for halis-never got a tap- had a 16" corb swim up to my feet with a wave so that was cool-other than that no love
  590. babachu

    The coolest new product at the 2010 ICAST?

    He missed it - should have just made a dock for the iPhone and then designed an app- haha
  591. babachu

    Calstar 900XL

    Very nice job- customer should be very happy with that
  592. babachu

    Jig Rod Blank

    Check out acidrod
  593. babachu


    Looks nice to me
  594. babachu

    Chris (Medunn16) new rod

    Killer job - colors look cool on that blank
  595. babachu

    Belated 4th of July

    Awesome as usual- love all the small details
  596. babachu

    Bad year for local Albies?

    Anybody look at the Osborne bank yet?
  597. babachu


    No contest- go RP
  598. babachu

    Here's a wierd one.....

    That's alot of trimar-wow
  599. babachu

    Sparkly Spinner

    Sparkley and bulbous-don't hear those words together very often
  600. babachu

    How to start a fight

    I needed those laughs bad-thanks
  601. babachu

    Rig up my thread carriage...

    Dave, where did you find the nylon bolts / nuts? Thanks
  602. babachu


    Sweet-where are you finding the ink?
  603. babachu

    Rig up my thread carriage...

    I built one that works pretty good-search my posts and you'll find pics- if I were doing it again I would use loftier materials as I had to add a horizontal wheel that supports it against the aluminum track-doc and and Raymond also built carriages to so search their posts as well
  604. babachu

    Tuna Killer

    That'll get the job done-nice
  605. babachu

    Fire tiger

    Nice work
  606. babachu

    Couple More Ultralights

    I guess at the very least I should notify the Citizen's Auxiliary Patrol
  607. babachu

    Couple More Ultralights

    Regarding the thread colors- the purple is Madeira 1633, and the red (purple makes it look pinkish) is Madeira 1878
  608. babachu

    The weave from hell

    really turned out bitchen-after all of the hassle that will be on the kids rod for the rest of his life and everyone that sees it will marvel at the great detail
  609. babachu

    Couple More Ultralights

    Thanks G- photographing rods frustrates me to no end- maybe I should ask Ted Bell too
  610. babachu

    Couple More Ultralights

    When I get home from work I'll post the numbers-they're both Madeira threads
  611. babachu

    need help identifying a blank

    Cut open the grip at the end of the rod where the I'd sticker should be
  612. babachu

    Lamiglas & United Composite

    Those are awesome-nice finish
  613. babachu

    Derfsondeck proposes!!!!

    Contests! Nice job Fred
  614. babachu

    Happy 4th

    Thanks Sylvia- Happy 4th
  615. babachu

    Happy 4th

    Nice rods guys-great sentiment-God Bless America
  616. babachu

    Cast control / merged reels

    Cast control / magged reels- is the "control" aspect effective at low spool speeds or it specifically designed to control spool speeds at higher revolutions?
  617. babachu

    Rod For Throwin Plastics

    It's regular heat shrink tube from an electrical supply store that comes smooth with some sort of adhesive on the inside - has a couple of coats of finish on it too
  618. babachu

    Rod For Throwin Plastics

    Thanks Bill-gotta love technology
  619. babachu

    Rod For Throwin Plastics

    Based on a RCLB80L, built this one for throwing the rubber-Alps 316 guides, metallic Aqua and Purple and black wraps and a little gold mettalic trim, Diamond ll finish, subtle tiger butt wrap, poly cord grips with Fuji trigger seat-gotta find a Curado 300 to stick on it and go
  620. babachu

    Latest GCLA wrap

    Nice work Erica
  621. babachu

    Couple More Ultralights

    Bought a couple TigerEye graphite blanks awhile back and finally had time to complete them-6' 2 piece 3 wt fly rod blanks turned spinners- Forecast guides, madeira thread, Diamond II finish-thought I'd do a split-grip on them but I really wish I'd done a straight grip now that they're done-one...
  622. babachu

    Pro Gear CS 625

    The manufacturer has them on eBay for 225 - socalfishimgtackle is the eBay name
  623. babachu

    Offshore Good four or six pack will get you on the fish!
  624. babachu

    New Guide Concept System

    Buy him a reel to go with it
  625. babachu

    Rainshadow livebait/jig blanks

    I built a 80xl and love it-great value and very light
  626. babachu

    GF700XH Spinning Rod

    What guides did you use?
  627. babachu

    GF700XH Spinning Rod

    Excellent work as usual Jim
  628. babachu

    "Not More Tigers!!!!"

    I learn so many things from this board-thanks Doc and Jim
  629. babachu

    Some photo practice shots of my stiks!!

    Really nice-love the underwrap on the rollers especially
  630. babachu


  631. babachu

    7470H Rail Rod

    Beautiful as usual Jim
  632. babachu

    Pro Gear cs501

  633. babachu

    Pro Gear cs501

    Sale pending to JC
  634. babachu

    Pro Gear cs501

    Price reduced
  635. babachu


    Nice work as usual Bill
  636. babachu

    Doc's Secret Method

    Nice G-but I think the first person to try that was Dick Dannger
  637. babachu

    Pro Gear cs501

    In all fairness to Eli, the pics weren't posted till after he asked
  638. babachu

    Custom 8' Kencor

    Custom 8' Kencor spiral graphite 15-30 rod-spaced cork under x-shrink grips, turks head, metallic blue and black wraps, Alps 316 guides-BRAND NEW / NEVER USED - great lightweight baitstick. - $175.00 626-203-3302 - live in HB work in San Dimas-pickup only
  639. babachu

    More tiger tricks

    Looks like the experiment was a success
  640. babachu

    Pro Gear cs501

    ProGear cs501 in perfect condition-$150.00 -50 lb Power pro (new) Live in HB and work in San Dimas - looking for a local sale / don't want to ship call 626-203-3302
  641. babachu

    raw blank finishing question??

    I've done a couple with Lumiseal and applied it with a brush spinning the blank quickly and it lays down real nice
  642. babachu

    Modified Spaced Star

    Really nice- I bet that really lights up in the sunlight
  643. babachu

    Two New Rods

    Beautiful work
  644. babachu

    Inshore Rod Buy or Trade

    I have a Fenwick Inshore Series rod, 7'-6" with eva grips and trigger seat.
  645. babachu

    8' Kencor and Sabre 196-7

    Came across another Kencor blank and a tan Sabre 196-7. Kencor has spaced cork under x-shrink with a turk's head and Alps guides, blue PacBay metallic and black. Sabre has hypalon grips, alum real seat, Fuji guides and three colors of Madeira-tried to give a old school look to this one.
  646. babachu

    Rainforest flyrod progress

    Nice Bill-I'm getting ready to put together a fly rod for surf fishing-got to go and pick Mark's brain on the details-what did you use for the handle finish?
  647. babachu

    Here's one for Doc

    Sweet! And what a deserving recipient
  648. babachu

    Flexcoat CP skuz

    The white marks are not on the blank but on the underwrap
  649. babachu


    Really nice-like the crosswraps over the tiger
  650. babachu

    Flexcoat CP skuz

    Any of you encountered this problem?? I've started using Casons CP, but had a some flexcoat cp left over that I wanted to use up and thought it would be ok since I was working with lighter color threads. After wrapping the base wrap and one coat of finish, continued to wrap the guide wraps...
  651. babachu

    Clover leaf weave Varmac D4-8

    Really nice Bill-I don't think it's overdone-you have a unique style / trademark to your work
  652. babachu

    Weave of the greatest fisherman ever

    He was the best fisherman ever, with the best lures-sacrifice and redemption
  653. babachu

    Mystery Truline restoration

    Any special tricks to wrapping those "non-round" blanks? Looks really nice even though like you I don't think I'd pick those colors.
  654. babachu

    Old Seeker Blue

    Really nice Jim
  655. babachu

    Another raffle rod for the Aloha Spirit trip..

    I'm learning "something different" is what rod building is all about- nice job
  656. babachu

    Raffle rod for my 8 day trip

    Beautiful Bill-really like the paua
  657. babachu

    "Guppy Killer" LOL

    Beautiful work Jim
  658. babachu

    ST croix Musky & seeker Gaff

    Just plain bitchin
  659. babachu

    Ghost shrimp pump

    Here's plans for making your own
  660. babachu

    UC CA70ML

    beautiful work as usual
  661. babachu

    Camo Toe

    What's next? Someone will want one done Buck Nuckle style
  662. babachu

    Need some input

    I'm contemplating building one right now-if you can vizualize a cabinet that hangs on the wall and protrudes out about 8" or so with dryers arranged from top to bottom, a flip-up door to access with plexi for visibility and weatherstriped, more for temp control than dust intrusion, light bulbs...
  663. babachu


    Great color combo and tribute
  664. babachu

    Favorite thread

    Love it-similar to A which is my favorite_. takes some experimenting with cp and finish to find what works for you
  665. babachu

    665XH w/3 color tiger

    Sent you a pm Doc
  666. babachu

    665XH w/3 color tiger

    I'll post the colors for you when I get home- the tiger is under the guides too but due to the type of guides not much shows- thanks Doc
  667. babachu

    4wt 4pc Forecast RX6 F904-4

    Nice rod-all the detail work and fitting really payed off
  668. babachu

    Would it be gay?

    Burt's Bees
  669. babachu

    "Urban" Camoflage......

    That one has such a killer pattern!
  670. babachu

    Micro set & Micro Sol probs

    I don't use the solutions- Saltydawg shared a trick awhile back-take a blank piece of the decal paper and soak it along with your decal-peal off the blank decal and rub the backing over the area and the apply the decal- gives you more Working time and sticks it good
  671. babachu

    Camoflage Tiger

    Looks good-I like how the different colors fade in n out
  672. babachu

    665XH w/3 color tiger

    thanks Jim-I'm really having fun experimenting with color combos and how they will turn out-usually not how I think they will but I'm learning
  673. babachu

    Monsters I caught on film today.

    never got a cool pet like that when I was a kid-just Mr. Potatoe head
  674. babachu

    665XH w/3 color tiger

    Bought a 665XH from a fellow BDr-love the honey colored blanks-decided on a 3 color tiger-under is all Madeira, purple, red and greyish/silver, over is C black, first guide wrap C black, second guide wrap A black with met purple inlay-Alps seat and gimbal, Fuji silicone nitride guides, seine...
  675. babachu

    And a light went on

    Nice work Bill-its a great feeling when that light goes on-I'm still looking for the switch!
  676. babachu

    Along came a few spiders........

    Really beautiful work