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    Mahi Mahi recipes

    Grilled Dorado, with fresh mango salsa.
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    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. :cheers:

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated. :cheers:
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    Did you mean 250+ ??? Specs on Daiwa site shows 240 of 50lb J-Braid. My 400-HD has a bit over...

    Did you mean 250+ ??? Specs on Daiwa site shows 240 of 50lb J-Braid. My 400-HD has a bit over 250 of 50lb Pro Spec.
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    Daiwa Anybody seen or fished these yet

    @F.I.S.H.Y What line and how many yards did you put on your TW Lexa 400? I was able to see one yesterday at Dana Landing Market and put it side by side with a 400-HD (I have a 400-HD) and the TW is much smaller and no doubt lighter too. They only had a Lefty, so it stayed in the case when I left.
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    Cbad lagoon ?

    I see people fishing all around that lagoon, when I go paddle boarding in there.. The section closest to the Coast Highway, seems to always have the most anglers on any given day. Talk to the guys at Pacific Coast Bait & Tackle and they will get you set up with what you need. Probably can't go...
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    Thanks for the review. This will be my next new reel.

    Thanks for the review. This will be my next new reel.
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    Pic added.

    Pic added.
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    Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional

    Exodus submitted a new listing: Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional - Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional Learn more about this listing...
  9. Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional

    Southern California Daiwa Proteus 810HF Conventional

    Only used a few times and is in excellent condition. I work M-F in San Diego and can meet down there, or in Carlsbad. $150.00
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    Jigs and leader size for finicky foaming bluefin?

    This past Friday 7/16, we were fishing the foamers that were everywhere. Threw a sardine out on 30#, with a size 1 circle hook and landed a 65#. Also got a 40# in the same area on a popper, with 80# leader. Joined the fleet outside of LJ and got another 55# on the same popper set-up. These fish...
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    A New Pair of Knot Pullers I Made

    I use that to hold the hook/jig, so I can tighten the knot easier, on the hook, lure, swivel etc., when using heavier line. Not necessary on the lighter line.
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    A New Pair of Knot Pullers I Made

    I made a pair of these about a year ago and use them all the time. My good friend asked if I could make him a pair. "Solito" is the name of his boat and it fit nicely (Laser Engraved) in the small space available. Not too fancy, but gets the job done. 4.25" X .75" Wood Dowel Heat Shrink...
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    How do you carry your slow pitch jigs?

    Could any of you who have the Shimano Butterfly Jig bag provide the closed up dimensions? I'm looking for a compact way to store my jigs. I'm liking the roll that benwah22 posted early on in this thread too. Pretty much zero options at any of the shops in San Diego.
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    Deckhand models vs Standard reel seat

    I had a (factory wrap, with reel seat) UC Monster 8' and Lexa 400 combo. 12lb Yellowtail put enough load on that rod to have the line come in contact with the fore grip. No high sticking either. Wasn't that big of a deal, just thought I'd mention it from my personal first-hand experience. DH rod...
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    Reaper Slow Pitch Jigs

    I ordered a couple of your new jigs this morning. Looking forward to giving them a try!
  16. 2020 Daiwa Proteus PTB80XHF 8'0" 30-60lb

    2020 Daiwa Proteus PTB80XHF 8'0" 30-60lb

    This rod has seen very light use and is in very nice/excellent condition. I live in Carlsbad and work in San Diego. $150 OBO Start conversation, if interested, thanks! Jason
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    Top Choice fish market - North County - fish processing

    I read the previous post and am glad to hear you had a good experience there. That place is right on my way home and may save me some work in the future.
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    Turner's: Walked in to pull on rods, walked out with a new reel.

    Thanks for the heads up! They have a rod I was on the fence about and the 15% off makes it hard to resist.
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    SPJ in California with Temple Reef Innovate and Accurate BV 300 SPJ

    Great job on the video and liked how you showed the action of the rod, while jigging. 2 thumbs up!
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    Home Cooking

    I cook quite a bit, inside and outside, and making wood-fired pizza on my Weber Kettle is one of my favorite cooks to do.
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    SPJ for Yellows and Tuna...

    I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but plan to use my 1st Gen Diawa Saltiga 20, with the Temple Reef Innovate 80MH. The reel has plenty of drag for what I plan to use it for. This is my one and only (for now) SPJ set-up. There isn't a giant selection of this gear, locally, and this rod was...
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    SPJ for Yellows and Tuna...

    I asked a similar question and finally ended up with a Temple Reef Innovate 80MH. I absolutely intend to use it for Yellowtail and Tuna, given the right opportunity. Charkbait has them for $350 with free shipping. I will be using 30lb braid to 50lb flouro. Jason
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    Gardening for food and Security

    Damn, very impressive!
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    Bloodydecks has a beer- Yellowtail tuna

    I plan on stopping by the Dana Landing Market, on my way home today, and will get a 6-pack. Will report back! :beerbang:
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Fully loaded, with 30# J-Braid (about 360yds), the reel weighs 16.8oz, has a gear ratio of 5.4:1 and is capable of around 22 pounds of drag. I don’t know if it’s an appropriate reel for SPJ, but don’t want to buy more gear, just yet. It’s my favorite reel and have had it for close to 20 years.
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    Charkbait had this Temple Reef Innovate 80MH in stock, so I bought this one today. Fresh 30# J-Braid on my Saltiga SA20 and I'm ready to go. Stoked!
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    Temple Reef Innovate 80MH

    True, but doesn’t hurt to ask. One sold here not too long ago.
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    Temple Reef Innovate 80MH

    I'm considering buying this rod, new, but thought I should ask here first. Let me know if you have one for sale. I'm in San Diego and Carlsbad. Jason
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    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    I have a good idea of what makes a SPJ rod unique, but not having any first hand experience, with this specialized gear, has me hesitant to invest too much $$$ into it. The price point of the BH Charter Special, along with all of the positive reviews Black Hole has (I have a BH Challenger Bank...
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    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    Thanks for posting all of the videos. Other than the line and lure ratings, what makes the 6'8" and 7'3" so different? Is the 7'3" just too stiff to make true "slow pitch" jigs work as intended?
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    I have Flat Fall jigs, up to 300g, that I’ve been using with good success. I plan to stop by the Dana Landing Market, on my way home today, and check out the Nomad jigs. I believe that have a pretty good selection of those particular jigs. Jason
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    Gen 2 Saltiga 35 Handle replacement

    I just put the knob from my LEXA-HD 400 on my Saltiga 35HA. Perfect Fit.
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    SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal

    @Heartoak Thanks for starting this thread, here on BD, and to all who have contributed. I have been using Poppers, Surface Iron, YoYo Jigs, Colt Snipers and Flat Falls, for the usual stuff we target, here in San Diego. I almost always try some sort of artificial, before pinning on a Sardine, or...
  34. Exodus

    Gen 2 Saltiga 35 Handle replacement

    I also experience what you are describing. I have temporarily swapped the handle knob of my Gen2 Saltiga 35HA, with my Gen1 Saltiga 30T. Perfect fit. I bet there are several knobs that will work.
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    what should i use?

    @mundanejester go to Pacific Coast Bait & Tackle. They are in Oceanside, on 101, just North of the lagoon. They can get you dialed in.
  36. Exodus

    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    Thanks @maxpowers for the reply. I ended up purchasing the rod, yesterday, and just got the tracking number. This rod will be much lighter, than what I'm currently using, and will hopefully do a somewhat decent job for SPJ.
  37. Exodus

    Fish mount, Dorado

    How heavy is that and how do you have it secured to the wall? Tempting...
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    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    I fish from a private boat. Will edit original post.
  39. Exodus

    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    Thanks for the replies. @Almud Did the 73MH work the 100gr jig correctly? Knowing nothing about how these rods should work, makes it a challenge to pick one out for sure. I'm about halfway through the "SPJ and other Japanese style jigging techniques in SoCal" thread. Good read... I'm...
  40. Exodus

    Black Hole Charter Special Rods

    Im considering the purchase of a SPJ rod, to use in Southern California, fishing on a private boat. I would mostly be using it for Rockfish, but may give it a go on schoolie Yellowtail and Tuna as well. I don’t want to invest too much money into a rod for this, at least for now. I can get the...
  41. Exodus

    Which Rod for Diawa Lexa Pro 400 for surface fishing

    When I first bought my Lexa 400HD, I paired it with a UC Monster 800 factory wrap, with the reel seat. 12-15 pound Yellowtail were causing the line to touch the fore grip, when the fish was pulling drag. I didn't lose any fish, just something to be aware of, with that particular combo.
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    Accurate Tern 500XN NEW

    What’s the gear ratio on this reel? Tempting.
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    Penn Torque TRQ25NLD2 Silver

    Only used a couple of times and is in excellent condition. Loaded to the top, with 65# Berkley ProSpec. I have the box and everything else that was include. Will consider person to person trade for a Silver TRQ15XNLD2, in similar condition. Not interested in any other trades, thanks! Lowball...
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    arrival of Heru lures

    I have a Red 60g Skipjack on the way!
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    FYI squid...

    Good one @skrilla !
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    Like new saltiga 20ld 2 speed

    Is this the 2020 model?
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  48. Exodus


    Nice! I've been on the hunt for a GF800XLH. Did you pick that up at a shop, or private seller?
  49. Exodus

    Want to catch a swordy?

    Stoked I signed up and watched. Thanks for putting this together!
  50. Exodus

    Knot puller?

    I made these a couple years ago, specifically to finish off my FG knots. Wood dowel and heat shrink tubing
  51. Exodus

    New Saltiga 2 speed

    Looking for some first hand knowledge on how well these can cast a live bait. In particular, the 20 size is what I'm most interested in. In the shop, free-spool seems amazing.
  52. Exodus

    Yellowfin Tuna In December?

    Did anyone here get any YFT in December, within 1-day range, out of San Diego, last year? We had limits of YFT, on November 17th, last year. Didn’t get out after that. Just curious. Jason
  53. Exodus

    Poke Nachos

    Super tasty and very easy to put together, I highly recommend!
  54. Exodus

    Poke Nachos

    My daughter kept insisting I try and make some poke nachos, just like the ones from The Yard House. This past Wednesday 11/04, we had very good fishing, for yellowfin tuna and dorado. Rainy day here in Carlsbad, so decided to try something different with the tuna. I deep fried the wonton...
  55. Exodus

    Offshore 10/18 WFO Footballs near the 371

    I'd say 10lb +/- We had a couple in the low teens. Like I said, not very big, but loads of fun with the right gear. We did not catch any tuna that were 5lbs.
  56. Exodus

    Offshore 10/18 WFO Footballs near the 371

    White knuckle drive down the 5, from Carlsbad, at 4:30 this morning. Fog was so thick, I had to slow way down, like 20mph at times. Cleared the Mission Bay channel about 6:30, with absolutely no fog, with 1.5 scoops of awesome sardines. Headed south and stopped on a couple empty paddies, just...
  57. Exodus

    Old Favorites

    I actually still have one of these, along with my bubble & feather rig...just in case...:D
  58. Exodus

    Looking for a Calstar Grafighter 800XLH or 800L Blank

    I'm looking for either of these blanks for a custom rod. Not looking for a factory wrapped rod. If you have one for sale, or know where I can get one, in San Diego, or OC, let me know, thanks! Jason
  59. Exodus

    Black hole challenger spinning

    Black Hole Challenger Bank S-801H This ad is still up...
  60. Exodus

    Offshore 9/22 425

    WTG, glad you ended up getting a few...thanks for posting your report!
  61. Exodus

    Offshore nado info

    We stopped at the Islands, yesterday, on our way back from our trip further south. Slow trolled sardine got us a nice 18-20 pound YT. This was about 6pm. Also caught a nice barracuda and some jumbo bones, in the same area. Finished off with some reds at the middle grounds, fishing into the dark...
  62. Exodus

    Offshore 9/17 - USA or Mexican YFT?

    Same kelp, my buddy hooked into a larger fish that we didn’t get to see. May have been a bigger yellow, or one of the tuna we saw. Wasn’t jumbo, just bigger than the tiny yellowtail that we also caught on that kelp. The dorado I hooked, was at least 3 times bigger than the micros we caught a...
  63. Exodus

    Offshore 9/17 - USA or Mexican YFT?

    We were down in that area (371ish) yesterday. Found a very nice kelp, that had a LOT of tuna on the meter. They (YFT) came up very briefly and only boiled on the live chum and wouldn't touch our sardines. We were using #4 J hooks and 15# flouro. I had a brief hook up on a nice 10lb+ dorado, on...
  64. Exodus

    OG Saltiga 15

    :eyepoppin Wow, awesome score for whoever got that!
  65. Exodus


    Super clean Monster ready to fish...
  66. Exodus


    RCE 800XF-C has been sold, thanks! @samso005 Jason
  67. Exodus


    I've only used this rod once and it is in excellent condition. I'm not interested in trading this rod and don't want to ship it either. I work M-F in San Diego (Rosecranse/5) and live in Carlsbad. Willing to meet anywhere along the 5 M-F, or at the Dana Landing launch ramp. RCE 800XF-C SOLD RCE...
  68. Exodus

    Saltiga 20, 30T, and 40

    My 20 and 30T are used on every trip I take, inshore and offshore. Whoever gets these will be very stoked! GLWS
  69. Exodus

    Offshore United composite RCE Monster or Wahoo in an 8 foot model for throwing jigs

    I'm searching for a new rod to put my Lexa 400 on. When I bought the reel, I also bought a Monster 800 factory wrap. I caught a few 12-15 pound Coronado Yellows on this rig. Casts very well for sure (Tady 45)!!! Only problem is, that when under load, with the fish straight up and down, the line...
  70. Exodus

    Coronados 8/21

    Very nice pic, your son looks stoked!
  71. Exodus

    Poppers for Dorado?

    Yo-Zuri Popper The Dorado in my avatar was caught on one of these, almost 20-years ago. Get the larger size. I've caught lots of YFT and quite a few dodos with this lure. Not too expensive and available at several local retailers.
  72. Exodus

    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    Only Sealions we saw today, were at the bait barge and this punk looking for a free meal at the slip. No dogs on us at the islands.
  73. Exodus

    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    We each took our 5 fish limit. These fish were about 15#, maybe a bit bigger.
  74. Exodus

    YT limits for 3 at the Middle Grounds 8/16

    Headed out of Mission Bay about 8am, after loading up a full scoop of excellent sardines, with a few mini macs mixed in. The short interval wind chop made the ride down a bit interesting, but easily doable. Stopped on a giant bait ball of small chovies and had some fun with the little bonito...
  75. Exodus

    Sand crabs, where did they go?

    This past Wednesday, I fished between Moonlight and Stonesteps, and saw plenty of sand crabs. I used the bloodworms I bought and landed 2 spotfin (1 jumbo) 2 small corbina and a small leopard shark.
  76. Exodus

    Okuma Komodo SS 463P

    Okuma Komodo SS KDS-463P Loaded with 65# J-Braid Good condition $160 PM if interested
  77. Exodus

    Tackle Ho's, what have you picked up lately?

    I replaced a much heavier popping set-up, with this much lighter one. It' a Black Hole Challenger Bank S-801MH, paired with a 2016 Daiwa Catalina 4500H spinning reel. This thing is great for throwing the smaller poppers I like to use.
  78. Exodus

    Slow Pitch Podcast Interview

    Excellent info, thanks for sharing.
  79. Exodus

    Offshore 7/10 corner, 302, 226

    Thanks for having me along yesterday, Dan! So stoked to get that fish on the popper!
  80. Exodus

    Offshore 6/4 371 YFT and YT

    Fished on my friend Damon’s 26 Shamrock today. Nice sardines from Mission Bay. Started west of the 302. Jumping YFT in this area, good size ones too. Ended up in the 371 area for most of the day. Kelps were holding YT and we landed 1 YFT near a kelp in this zone. YFT were pretty scattered and...
  81. Exodus

    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    We were actually targeting Yellowtail, not knowing these jumbo BFT were going to be interested in the Sardines we were fishing. Most every boat, in that area, was flying the kite/balloon rig. I hooked up first, using 30# and got busted off after about 10 minutes. After getting smoked by that...
  82. Exodus

    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    126# on the scale this morning at the Dana Landing Fuel Dock.
  83. Exodus

    Offshore 5/29 BFT near the Upper Hidden

    We were fishing near the upper hidden bank today. Several boats doing the kite thing. We only fished sardines. Threw chum on meter marks and went 1 for 3 on the jumbo BFT. They bit 50# no problem. All 3 hook ups came near kelps we stopped on. Picked up a nice YT too. Water conditions were nice...
  84. Exodus

    Penn Fathom 40NLD2 - Blueprinted by Cal’s

    This reel is in excellent condition. 500yds of 80# Berkley ProSpec, loaded by Ken’s. Blueprinted by Cal’s. I have the original box and the receipt from Cal’s. $290
  85. Exodus

    Torque for 50#

    I will be getting either a TRQ25NLD2, or a TRQ30LD2. I will be putting this reel on a UC Predator 76. This rig will be used for fishing live bait most of the time. I want to fish mostly 50# top shots, 60# if necessary. I fish on a PB out of San Diego. I’m favoring the 25N, but have the extra...
  86. Exodus

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    Captain said about half way to Hawaii from here!
  87. Exodus

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    Seaport Village, in San Diego Bay. I was down there a couple hours ago. Just walk up to the boat in the pic. The piece I got, came from the fish he is cutting.
  88. Exodus

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    2.4lbs of Bigeye Tuna
  89. Exodus

    San Diego Commercial Fleet - Selling Fish

    Has anyone checked this out yet? I wouldn't mind picking up a couple pounds, before heading home today.
  90. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    This rod is still available. Price has been updated. Like new condition. $125 OBO
  91. Exodus

    Best BD Videos.... for All who need a fishing fix.....

    November 17, 2019 was an epic day for us, fishing the YFT, just a few miles south of the Coronado Islands. Easy limits for the three of us. Heavy chum kept the action going... notice the small bait ball near the boat. :D Unbelievable fishing, for that time of year, at least for me!
  92. Exodus

    Looking for blank phenix and black hole

    Black Hole has 10% off and free shipping, till the end of March. Buy 2 and get 15% off.
  93. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    Will update with pics of the SW8000 after work today.
  94. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    Got it. Saragosa SW8000 is still for sale.
  95. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    I updated the ad. The Black Hole rod has sold. The SW8000 is pending pick-up tomorrow.
  96. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    Willing to ship the reels bump.
  97. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    The Shimano Saragosa shares several design features of the much more expensive Stella. This is quality gear in great condition.
  98. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus 70MFS *PRICE DROP*

    This Daiwa Proteus 70MFS is in excellent condition. $125 --> OBO <-- Both of the Shimano Saragosa reels have been sold, thanks Brett! I live in Carlsbad and work M-F in San Diego I'm not looking to trade this item, thanks.
  99. Exodus

    Black hole challenger bank 731h spinning

    Hit up Jamie at Bob Sands, as they sell Black Hole rods. That's where I bought mine.
  100. Exodus

    Penn fathom 30 2 speed used 180$ can’t ship

    Any more pics of this reel? Condition? I'm in Point Loma and would like to check it out. Sent you a PM.
  101. Exodus

    Shimano Teremar TMS XXH spinning

    Edit... I see you are in Torrance.
  102. Exodus

    Beginner SUP

    How you intend to use the board, will determine the type of board to look for. I live very close to the Agua Hedionda Lagoon, in Carlsbad. I chose a "touring" style board to paddle in there. I have an Amundson Hawaii 12'6" and bought it used, in like new condition, for $650. That was a $1400...
  103. Exodus

    Toddler Fighting Chair

    That's so cool and your son looks very happy sitting there!
  104. Exodus

    South Korea - Shore jigging for Yellowtail in Busan city

    Nice video, thanks for sharing.
  105. Exodus

    Daiwa Saltiga 30T

    I am the original owner of this Daiwa Saltiga 30T. It has approximately 260yds of 65lb Berkley Pro Spec, solid white braid, topped with approximately 65yds of 40lb P-Line original. This reel is extremely easy to work on and has been routinely serviced be me. Upgraded Carbontex drag washers too...
  106. Exodus

    Silver Mak 20

    Approximately how many yards of the JB Hollow?
  107. Exodus

    Help me out! Go like my picture on Alpine Beers Fishing Teams Instagram page.

    Just checked it out, now you have another. Good luck Anthony!
  108. Exodus

    Offshore Any reports for Sunday 10/13?

    We resorted to slow trolling, when we were not getting bit, with the tuna showing on the surface. We got bit pretty quick (slow trolling), if the tuna were busting the surface. Not so much when they went down. We were using 20#. 7 fish for 2 of us yesterday and 6 were taken slow trolling. Hope...
  109. Exodus

    Offshore Any reports for Sunday 10/13?

    We scored a few fish today, a bit NE of the 371. Slow trolling got most of the fish.
  110. Exodus

    Offshore 9/29 NEW LO-AN 1.5 day

    Thanks for taking the time to post your trip report. You have great attitude and you will get them next time! :cheers:
  111. Exodus

    Offshore SCI 9/25

    Nice job, congrats!
  112. Exodus

    Spooling Reels near landings, any recommendations?

    Not sure what route your taking to get to San Diego, but if you're passing through Oceanside, Ken's and Pacific Coast Bait & Tackle are easy to get to and provide what you're looking for.
  113. Exodus

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    I just wanted to clarify which brisket I was referring to, that I get at Costco. I get the Prime “full packer”, which is the point and flat, still connected as one piece. You can also get the “flat” as a separate cut, which is usually Choice grade at Costco.
  114. Exodus

    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Costco Prime is my choice too.
  115. Exodus

    What size hooks for YFT?

    We were using #2 and #4 circles yesterday and getting bit pretty good. 15# and 20# test flouro. There are some decent bluefin mixed with the yellowfin, so keep that in mind. We hooked 5 (bluefin) and landed 1. The bluefin was 42lbs on the scale at Mario's.
  116. Exodus

    Offshore Dodo day

    Good stuff, glad you found some biters!
  117. Exodus

    Bluefin Jerky Recipe

    @Swampchicken Thanks to your post, I finally decided it was time to try this. I used my 26" Weber Kettle and a few sticks of apple wood for smoke. Delicious, and easy too!
  118. Exodus

    Spearfishing Bluefin Tuna Offshore video...

    Nice, that's gotta be a major adrenaline rush! Thanks for posting that up.
  119. Exodus

    Bluefin Jerky Recipe

    Looks easy enough, I'm on it, thanks for the inspiration!
  120. Exodus

    Kayak folks - whats it worth?

    I had a thru-hull bait pump on my kayak, as well as a thru-hull transducer. I did the install myself, so I knew what/where to keep an eye on things. Zero issues with leaks, or beach launching/landing. Awesome set-up.
  121. Exodus


    Did these tuna bite for you guys?
  122. Exodus

    Dana Landing Launch Ramp

    You shouldn't have a problem finding parking in that lot, this coming Saturday.
  123. Exodus

    Offshore Tomahawk 7/17 Overnight Report

    Thanks for the detailed report, Steven!
  124. Exodus

    New member of 100-pound club with International 12VISX

    I was in there, what must have been only a few days before his trip. Pretty sure I heard him talking about this trip with his coworker. Stoked for him...WTG Dawson!!!
  125. Exodus

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    Good stuff guys, I'm digging all of your input on this topic!
  126. Exodus

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    I always did about 4'-6' You fish this rig like you would a popper, for the most part.
  127. Exodus

    "Bubble and Feather" for Bonito

    I had lots of fun catching Bonito in King Harbor in the early, to late 80's. The "Bubble and Feather" was what my friends and I used almost exclusively. I want to catch one again, using the same method. These Rockfish rigs are almost identical to the feathers I used in the past. The rigging...
  128. Exodus

    Offshore Liberty Bluefin Tuna 5/29

    WTG...that's outstanding!!!!
  129. Exodus

    Fishing Tahiti

    I took a small spinning outfit with me to Morea years ago. I fished off the dock at the resort we were staying at. I only used a bubble and feather rig, just like I used for Bonito in King Harbor as a kid. I actually caught a fish very similar to a Bonito. This was way before the internt, so I...
  130. Exodus

    Prayers For Tunaslam Cory

    Nothing but positive thoughts for you Cory!
  131. Exodus

    Offshore Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Great day of fishing, Cory...congrats!!
  132. Exodus

    In between set up

    Don't forget to factor in the cost of braid for the reel.
  133. Exodus

    Season 4 Episode 1 "Isla Magdalena Part 1" FULL

    Quality work, I really enjoy watching these!
  134. Exodus

    Calstar Grafighter 700 XLH

    Price adjustment on the Calstar. I sold the Okuma this afternoon.
  135. Exodus

    Calstar Grafighter 700 XLH

    :Singin_In Bump for a rainy Saturday morning.
  136. Exodus

    Free Yellowtail! And a slab of Cow Bluefin!

    If the offer still stands tomorrow, I’d take a bit of the BFT. Left SD before I saw this!
  137. Exodus

    Calstar Grafighter 700 XLH

    This rod is in excellent, like new condition. Calstar Grafighter GFGR 700 XLH 7’0” 15-25lb. SOLD
  138. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

    Lowered price a bit.
  139. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

  140. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

    Still available. :cool:
  141. Exodus

    Accurate BX2-500 - Boss Extreme

    I found the original handle for this reel, if it makes a difference . :cool:
  142. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

    Super Bowl Bump
  143. Exodus

    Accurate BX2-500 - Boss Extreme

    Dropped the price a bit.
  144. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

  145. Exodus

    Accurate BX2-500 - Boss Extreme

    This reel is in excellent condition and ready to fish. It's loaded with fresh 65# Power Pro Braid (approx 400yds). Hasn't been fished, since it's last service at Accurate. SOLD I live in Carlsbad and work in San Diego M-F.
  146. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

    Still available...:cheers:
  147. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

  148. Exodus

    Phenix HAX 720 X2H

    This rod was only used one time and is in excellent condition. No fish hooked, or landed on this rod. Phenix Axis HAX-720-X2H (40-100) SOLD I live in Carlsbad and work in San Diego M-F
  149. Exodus

    Shimano What Size Saragosa?

    I believe the Saragosa 8000/10000 have the same body, just different spool sizes. I called Shimano to confirm this and they said a 10000 spool will fit the 8000 body. I was ready to buy the 10000 spool (I have the 8000), but they were back ordered. If I remember correctly, I was quoted $79.00...
  150. Exodus

    Black Hole CB 801MH or 801H?

    I also have a Black Hole CB 801H, with a Saragosa 8000SW. This set-up is pretty well balanced for my liking. I currently have 60# Threadlock on the spool. I ended up with this set-up, after the same research you are doing. The Halco Roosta 160 casts just fine and can imagine the Heru will cast...
  151. Exodus

    Most Durable Low Profile Reel for Shallow Water Rockfishing?

    I haven't used the other reels mentioned, so can't compare. But, I do have a Komodo 463 I picked up last year and have been using it mostly for rock fish. It really excels in this application and I'd highly recommend it.
  152. Exodus

    Offshore It's getting better...YFT report 10/11 and 10/14

    Good job you guys! That's some awesome fishing close to home!
  153. Exodus

    Komodo rock fishing

    I use my 8' PCH Heavy, with a Komodo 400 size for rockfish. I mostly fish jigs with this set-up. Works for me.
  154. Exodus

    Offshore Aztec & Mustang, 2 Brothers, 8-14 & 8-16

    Very nice account of your time on the water, sounds fun! Congrats on all of the catching!
  155. Exodus

    San Diego Shops that carry bulk Pro spec?

    Ken's Custom Reel in Oceanside has Pro Spec.
  156. Exodus

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    I did these a couple years ago and they were very tasty. Only difference is that I used teriyaki sauce here.
  157. Exodus

    Offshore 7/12 north 9, SW, 182, 43

    Thanks for taking time to post your report Vic. Much appreciated! Glad you guys got a couple!
  158. Exodus

    Offshore New Lo-An 1.5 day 7-9-18

    Enjoyed your detailed report and pics, thanks for sharing. Congrats on the jumbo BFT!!!
  159. Exodus

    Offshore Coronado Islands on the San Diego 6/19

    Thanks for the detailed report, sounds like a good day to me!
  160. Exodus

    Offshore PQ Limits BFT 60-90#

    Hey Roger the_tunaman, thanks for the detailed, first hand report...Just awesome!!!
  161. Exodus

    Operation Ghost Kill 6/2-3/18

    You had a plan, stuck to it, and we're rewarded for your effort! Congrats on the catch and thanks for the detailed report!
  162. Exodus

    Went to La Jolla, caought some fish.. 06-03-2018

    I made this bowl of ceviche with the assorted rockfish and trim from the ling. These are a couple chunks of ling, coated in Panko crumbs. I made some mango salsa to go on top. Grilled over lump charcoal on my weber kettle.
  163. Exodus

    Went to La Jolla, caought some fish.. 06-03-2018

    Gary, thanks for the invite to fish on your boat, much appreciated! Surprise catch on the flat fall jig, super stoked!
  164. Exodus

    Offshore The hits keep coming, San Clemente 5-18-2018

    Good job on that WSB, congrats!
  165. Exodus

    Offshore Tuesday 05/15 on the Pac Queen

    Thanks for taking to time to post up a report of your trip Mike, much appreciated!
  166. Exodus

    Coronados on the Mission Belle

    Thanks for the report Josh! :cheers:
  167. Exodus

    Fished Redondo King Harbor Bonito No Launch Ramp (video)

    Corey, your video brings me back to where it all started for me in 1980, thanks for posting! 4# test on trout gear at the "bend". I'm stoked to see the bonito still doing their thing there. Jason
  168. Exodus

    Offshore New Lo-An bigger grade on day and a half

    Thanks for the report, very encouraging news!
  169. Exodus

    Direct fit power handle for Komodo 463P (Gomexus)

    Looks great, nice upgrade!
  170. Exodus

    Boat-Friendly (and Safe) Hotels near Mission Bay?

    The Dana on Mission Bay is my favorite. I used to slip my boat in their marina. Before that, I'd get a room there and use one of their guest slips for the night. A little spendy for a night and to fish La Jolla, but always had a great experience there. The dock master, Ted, is an awesome guy and...
  171. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono *NEW*

    I work in San Diego, Monday through Friday.
  172. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono *NEW*

    Sunday afternoon price reduction! SOLD
  173. Exodus

    PCH Custom - Any Fred Hall Deals?

    I plan on getting a PCH for my Komodo. I'm going to the Long Beach show with friends and will hopefully pick one up there.
  174. Exodus

    Popping Rod for an Okuma Komodo

    Shimano Saragosa 8000 on a Black Hole Challenger Bank. I believe the rod is a 801H. Can’t verify at the moment. Pretty sure that’s the model though.
  175. Exodus

    Popping Rod for an Okuma Komodo

    I am getting the Okuma PCH 8'H for my Komodo and will give the poppers a go with this set-up. I already have a solid spinning set-up for throwing poppers, so the Komodo/PCH will just be another option.
  176. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono *NEW*

    I live in Carlsbad and work in San Diego.
  177. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono *NEW*

    Awe crap! Sent from phone... Fixed it, thanks!
  178. Exodus

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono *NEW*

    Daiwa Proteus PRTB76HF 7’6” 20-50 lb Mono Brand new and in perfect condition. SOLD
  179. Exodus

    Shimano Saragosa 6000 ***NIB***

    Nice meeting you, Carlos. Reel is as advertised and I'm stoked, thanks! Jason
  180. Exodus

    WTB Traeger or green egg

    Not sure if it was mentioned already, but get some of the KJ lump while it's there. Quality lump at a great price.
  181. Exodus

    Why no "West Coast" popping rods?

    Great question Nate, I'm curious to hear what others have to say on this as well. I believe that the 2-pieces make it possible to ship them, as well as getting them on an airplane. I just went through the process of trying to get one off the rack, locally (Phenix/Proteus), but ended up with a...
  182. Exodus

    Shogun Penn Reels 6 Day 12/8-12/14

    Looks like you guys had a great trip and ate very well! Thanks for the great write up!
  183. Exodus

    My visit to Bob Sands Tackle (Van Nuys)

    Me too! Although I didn't actually make the drive from San Diego, I had a positive buying experience, with the help I got from Jamie.
  184. Exodus

    Tuna Poppers?

    I have the roosta too...:D Thanks to the suggestions I got here, I ended up with a Black Hole Challenger Bank Popping Rod. The fish in my avatar was caught well over a decade ago on a YoZuri Hydro Tiger. I still have that lure too. I already have the Heru Skipjack and want to get it rigged...
  185. Exodus

    Tuna Poppers?

    I Have A 90g Skipjack, So I picked up the ST-66 3/0 and some #9 Hyper Wire Split Rings. Good to go? The hooks seem kinda big to me, but haven't put them on yet.
  186. Exodus

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Thanks for the quick reply, Dave. I'll keep looking...
  187. Exodus

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    Do you happen to have a part # for this Accurate handle?
  188. Exodus

    Tackle Day???

    This Saturday, from 9-3.
  189. Exodus

    Looking for feedback on Proteus and Black Diamond Rods

    Thanks for all of the input guys. After a bit more research, I'm pretty certain I'll end up with a Black Hole popping rod. The main use for this setup is going to be throwing poppers/surface jigs, so I want it to really excel at that first and foremost.
  190. Exodus

    Phenix PSWS-760H Or???

    Thanks for the feedback Mark! Im finding a lot of positive info on the Black Hole rods. I looked on their website, but couldn't find that particular model.
  191. Exodus

    Phenix PSWS-760H Or???

    Thanks for the reply David, much appreciated. I'm also considering the Diawa Proteus line of rods. If necessary, I can increase my budget a bit. Like I said, I'm open to suggestions as well.
  192. Exodus

    Looking for feedback on Proteus and Black Diamond Rods

    I have a Shimano Saragosa SW8000, that I need a new spinning rod to pair up with. This rig will be used locally, to target tuna and dorado on the kelps. Throwing poppers for the most part. 30lb-50lb leader is what I have in mind. These two rods are in my budget and appear to be very similar to...
  193. Exodus

    Phenix PSWS-760H Or???

    I have a Shimano Saragosa SW8000 that I need a new rod for. Would you guys think the Phenix PSWS-760H is a good match for this reel? I'll use this set-up on a PB, mostly throwing poppers for dorado and tuna. My budget is $300ish. Fishermans Landing Tackle Days is coming up soon, so I'll probably...
  194. Exodus

    Offshore 10/14 - 475 area YF Limits

    Great job on the limits! I'm pretty sure I saw you guys on the road yesterday and actually commented to my daughter about your nice boat!
  195. Exodus

    Leucadia 12/29

    The birds were crashing on this baitball for over an hour this morning.
  196. Exodus

    OK Scupper Pro TW $400

    I figured this might be a good time to bring this back up. Jason
  197. Exodus

    Buying a Kayak

    Here ya go. This will get you going and is a very capable fishing kayak. Jason
  198. Exodus

    DeWALT 12" Compound Miter Saw

    Sorry guys, I did sell the saw and forgot to edit the ad. I will fix it now. Jason
  199. Exodus

    Icom Handheld VHF

  200. Exodus

    Hoop Net Floats (4)

    Alright Aaron, see you in the morning.
  201. Exodus

    Hoop Net Floats (4)

  202. Exodus

    DeWALT 12" Compound Miter Saw

  203. Exodus

    mission bay fireworks

    My wife called Paradise Point yesterday and asked that exact same question. Their answer was NO fireworks this year. Big bummer, as that is/was our favorite place to watch them. Jason
  204. Exodus

    5 for 9 on the YT at the RP 05/27

    Just a quick report for those thinking of going tomorrow... I fished today with my good friend Damon, on his 26' Shamrock, at the Rock Pile. Arrived around 8:15am, anchored up in 85' of water and had our first fish on the boat by 9:30. Between 9:30 and 12:30 we had 9 YT pick up our sardines...
  205. Exodus

    Thule X-Porter Truck Racks

  206. Exodus

    Calstar GFGR

  207. Exodus

    Dan Hernandez Donation List of things needed

    Jesse, I shipped the registration cards on Friday. Jason
  208. Exodus

    Garmin GPSmap 440s

  209. Exodus

    Ocean Kayak T15

    modified original post...
  210. Exodus

    Ocean Kayak T15

  211. Exodus


    This guy is right off of the 5 and Leucadia Blvd. I'm not sure how his prices compare, but he is in North County. Lyman's Firewood - Your Source for Quality Fire Wood in San Diego County Jason
  212. Exodus

    A sit on top fishing kayak!

    The Tarpon that you have for sale is one that I would check out, if I was looking to buy a used paddle kayak. I was just giving the OP another option to buying a used yak off of CL in Santa Barbara.
  213. Exodus

    A sit on top fishing kayak!

    Peter, check out this thread on the kayak forum here. Some good deals to be had for sure. Jason
  214. Exodus

    Kayak fisherman lost in Mission Bay this morning?!?

    This same guy just posted on BWE that it is his kayak that they found on or near the jetty in MB today. At least that is the way I understood it.
  215. Exodus

    Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim

    Out of the two you are asking about, I prefer the CDM's. The MJ's that I had, had some sort of coating on the back-side of the lens that wore off after a short time and was noticeable while wearing them. I have really sensitive, messed up eyes, and need the best optics I can find, otherwise...
  216. Exodus

    Looking for Business Card Printing

    If these guys don't have the time(Fred Hall), I can handle this stuff. Jason
  217. Exodus

    What Happened to the TLD 10?

    I read somewhere that the Charter Specials are essentially the same reels at the TLD5 and TLD10, except with a level-wind. I imagine that the level-wind could be remove fairly easily. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?
  218. Exodus

    Calstar GFGR

    Thanks for the offer, but at this point, I would prefer cash. I'm not in any hurry to sell it.
  219. Exodus

    Calstar GFGR

    Damn, posts drop quick in this forum.
  220. Exodus

    Calstar GFGR

    Calstar GFGR • 700-XLH in very nice condition. $140.00 If you have a GFGR • 700-L in similar condition, I would be willing to do an even trade. I will not ship the rod. PM me if you are interested. Jason
  221. Exodus


    This is the one that I have. Last time I was in there, I was told they no longer sell them.
  222. Exodus


    I have an offset smoker and use it quite often. I use the lump charcoal from BBQ's Galore and hardwood chunks (not chips), soaked in water. I can get 6-8 hours of consistent heat (220 degrees) from one load of coal in the chamber. I cut the split hardwood logs down (approx. 3"x3"x4") to fit in...
  223. Exodus

    Saltist 20 & 30t

    Doesn't need to be new or in mint condition, some boat rash is ok. I'm looking for a local transaction. PM me if you are looking to sell either model, or have both. Jason
  224. Exodus

    Trinidads, Calstar, Supper Seeker Hercules

    The Calstar looks brand new, thanks Dustin.
  225. Exodus

    Trinidads, Calstar, Supper Seeker Hercules

    I have a 700xlh I'll trade you for the 700ml. :D
  226. Exodus

    Calstar Graphiters: 700M, 700ML, 800XL

    I'm interested in the 700ml, PM sent. Jason
  227. Exodus

    Calcutta 300te

  228. Exodus

    Hooping Gear

    I'm reducing the price for everything to $100 to get this stuff out of my garage. Jason
  229. Exodus

    Cusswords and Smartphones?

    I think it will also remember words that you type frequently.
  230. Exodus

    Hooping Gear

    These four hoop nets are fully rigged and ready to use. Includes everything you see in the photo. $120.00 for all four sets. If you plan to use these on a kayak, I also have this cradle that I made to fit my Trident 15. It is not glued together, so it could be modified to fit other...
  231. Exodus

    Kaenon Sunglasses *NIB*

    Brand new, never worn, Kaenon sunglasses. Model: Jetty Color: Seaweed Lens: Gray Polarized (G12) These retail for $200 I'm in Carlsbad $150.00 FIRM Jason
  232. Exodus

    need kayak purchase advice - help

    Are your kids big enough to paddle on their own? If so, how about just getting two smaller kayaks? I believe the mini-x is less than 40 pounds. Jason
  233. Exodus

    shark fishing from shore

    On Sunday, we were catching large Leopard Sharks on live Mackerel, right in front of the power plant. The sharks were just past the surf line in about 10'-15' of water. All of them were good size and put up a great fight. Jason
  234. Exodus

    Purchasing electronics online

    I purchased a Garmin 440S from West Marine and the thru-hull 'ducer for it. They matched the lowest price I found on-line, including the free shipping. I had to pay tax though. I paid $402.12 for the 440S, not including tax... Jason
  235. Exodus

    Electrical help GPS/FISHFINDER

    Wire it straight to the battery with an in-line fuse. The one I have on my kayak is wired like that and it works perfectly. You can also hook that up to a VHF radio (NMEA device) with DSC, if you want. Jason
  236. Exodus

    how about a pre-wired kayak harness?

    Jeph, I would be interested to see what you come up with. I don't know if you saw my post on BWE or not, it might give you some ideas. I wanted to add this pic to the post, but I can no longer edit it. Rigging a Trident 15 (Electronics) - Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge...
  237. Exodus

    Scupper Pro Hatch?

    Damn, I wasn't aware that the dealer had to do all of that! I'm sure the guys at OEX can track down the hatch you need. If all else fails, try calling Ocean Kayak... Phone: (360) 366-4003 or 800-8-KAYAKS. I have called them before and got great customer service. Jason
  238. Exodus

    Scupper Pro Hatch?

    That's weird, every Scupper Pro/SPTW that I've owned, or seen, has not had anything that needed to be cut. The only place I ever cut, not including wiring or rod holders, was to install a 6" round hatch right in front of the seat. Any pics? Jason
  239. Exodus

    Electrician near Carlsbad?

    Thanks guys. I should have mentioned that I don't need the actual work done until April 1st. I'm just planning ahead and trying to figuring out how much this move is going to cost.
  240. Exodus

    Electrician near Carlsbad?

    I'll most likely be moving my shop, in the next month or so, and will need the correct power for my printing equipment. Anyone local? Jason
  241. Exodus

    2/3 O-side pics

    Here is a good deal on some racks, if your looking. Thule rack for sale - Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge Glad you guys had fun. :)
  242. Exodus

    East County Printer

    Just curious, what type of cards do you need? Basic or custom stuff? Jason
  243. Exodus

    overnight provisions

    Hey Nick, This place sounds like where you might want to stay. If your moterhome-trailer combo are too long, you will get a ticket at Dana Landing. Jason
  244. Exodus

    Anyone got a hook-up on limo's?

    Good luck Zach! Palomar Limousine & Sedan Service 760-720-9400 Jason
  245. Exodus

    Aluminum Bait tanks

    Regarding aluminum tanks... have a look. Jason
  246. Exodus

    handle upgrade for tld 20?

    Contact Alan, he has what you are looking for...
  247. Exodus

    Offshore 8/31/07: 101, 425, & 371

    Way to stick it out Zach, your dad looks stoked. I saw more sharks today than kelps. :imdumb:
  248. Exodus

    Underway for Friday August the 31tst

    We'll be out as well.
  249. Exodus

    Place to stay with kids in SD/Mission Bay

    Check out The Dana on Mission Bay as well. It's right on the water and next to the Dana Landing launch ramp. I've caught plenty of Spotties just throwin' plastics from my dock. Early morning / late afternoon seem most productive.
  250. Exodus

    Offshore Annual Shamrock Tournament... Fish Fest IV 8/11

    Steve (Mistress) ended up taking the seasick passenger on board to save him 8+ hours of misery. The guy was very thankful. BTW, Steve towed his boat all the way from San Jose to attend this event.
  251. Exodus

    Offshore Annual Shamrock Tournament... Fish Fest IV 8/11

    I had a great time, once again, at this years Fish Fest! Tournament day started a little later for us than some of the others who left very early Saturday morning. My good friend Mark (Locobro) and I cleared the channel right about 6am and plotted a course for the 390. About 16 miles or so...
  252. Exodus

    WFO Barracuda @ LJ 7/27

    I agree with you on this, and thought about making some spanish, but we were having too much fun with the crazy Cuda bite. I kept wishin I had my kids with me on this one. I thought about keeping a couple for the smoker, but decided to just C&R them.
  253. Exodus

    WFO Barracuda @ LJ 7/27

    C&R'd 50+ LOG Cudas today at LJ with my bud Damon. Lots of fun on the iron. No YT to be had, at least for us. The fish were all over the place. Jason
  254. Exodus

    S.C.I. OPEN PARTY TRIP 7/23/07

    That was truely entertaining :D , WTG on the Yellows.
  255. Exodus

    Need to borrow kids life jackets.

    I have a couple you can borrow. I'm in Carlsbad.
  256. Exodus

    Help needed for bilge pump replacement...referrals please

    C'mon Mark, roll up the sleeves and do it yourself! Just imagine the great sense on accomplishment that will follow. :food-smiley-014:
  257. Exodus

    Logo guys

    Thanks for that Jesse and Jason. My job comes into play after the design work is done. Jason
  258. Exodus

    Recovering bolsters

    Thanks for the heads-up on the materials. Since they don't really "need" to be replaced, I might consider doing that.
  259. Exodus

    Recovering bolsters

    I like this part.
  260. Exodus

    Captains Meeting

    Nice! I have my boat slipped right there.
  261. Exodus

    Recovering bolsters

    I'm thinking about getting my bolsters recovered and I need a recommendation for someone in North County that does this stuff. Anyone have a referral for me? Jason
  262. Exodus

    looking for vinyl windows?

    Try Newman Replacement Windows, they are in Carlsbad. I have been doing work for them for years. 760-438-8080 Jason
  263. Exodus


    Jake at Shore Line Industries is another option in No. County. He builds T-Tops and such. Wouldn't hurt to give him a call. 760-420-2622
  264. Exodus

    Cleaning Aluminum T-Top

    Did you try Woody Wax or Alumaguard?
  265. Exodus

    Welding Stainless

    Jake came back to my shop this morning with his welding equipment, and fixed the problem. He was very professional and did what he said he would do for the price he quoted me ($75). While we were chit chattin after he was done, he told me that he builds custom towers and t-tops at his shop in...
  266. Exodus

    Welding Stainless

    :rofl: OK, I don't want to be losing sleep over this. You guys convinced me to not cheap out on this one. Fortunately, I don't have an outdrive to worry about, but I certainly don't want the thing to collapse from the pounding. I'm glad I posted this, because I just might have left it the...
  267. Exodus

    Welding Stainless

    Thanks for you input Ed, I do appreciate it. The guy doing the work explained something very similar to what you are describing, at least the way I understood it.
  268. Exodus

    Welding Stainless

    Thanks for the PM's and replies with offers and advice guys! :High_Five Yes, that is for sure where the movement is coming from. There is no wear or cracking on the tubing, it's been like that from day 1. I don't think this swim platform was ever intended to support a 30gal bait tank...
  269. Exodus

    Welding Stainless

    I'm looking for a way to beef up my swim platform. I can rock the platform up and down ~1/8". It has been like this since I bought the boat new. It didn't really bother me until I installed a 30gal. bait tank on there a couple of years ago. I would like to fix this while my boat is still on the...
  270. Exodus

    Boat Slip Question

    Marina Village is nice and the folks in the office are even nicer, I really enjoyed it while I was there. You might want to consider getting on the list at the Dana Inn Marina as well, if you want to be on Mission Bay. I am paying less than I was at Marina Village by ~$70 for a 25' slip, and get...
  271. Exodus

    need New Manifolds/Heads Risers on gmc 350 volvo

    I'm getting ready to get new manifolds and risers for my Mercruiser and was referred to these guys . If you happen to find stuff for less, let me know, because I need to get this done soon. The parts I'm looking to get are aftermarket, not OEM. Jason
  272. Exodus

    Fish Finder furuno 676

    This might help you get started in the right direction. Jason
  273. Exodus

    Brakes stuck on Pacific Trailer

    I had the same problem that you are describing with your trailer brakes after a few years. I was told by the shop that worked on my trailer brakes, when you back your rig into your parking spot, chock the wheels and pull forward to release the pressure on the brakes. I'm not saying that is what...
  274. Exodus

    Defience vs. Striper

    Regarding Defiance.......... Palmer Marine ownes Defiance and Shamrock. He took over the Shamrock line a few years ago from KCS. I believe that the Defiance line is built in Washington and the Shamrocks are built in Florida. Completely different boats. Can't vouch for the Defiance, but I do...
  275. Exodus

    Boat storage while working on trailer?

    Try Marina Village in Mission Bay. 1-619-224-3125 Jason
  276. Exodus

    Need input quick: Wellcraft Coastal 252 Pilothouse

    I'm pretty sure I saw one at Sundance Marine in Mission Bay, they sell the Shamrock as well. Jason
  277. Exodus

    Offshore 10/2 YFT

    The thing was jumping like crazy, while it was hauling ass at the same time. When it was first hooked, I could see the line come out of the water when it jumped.
  278. Exodus

    Offshore 10/2 YFT

    Fishing the porpoise is fun! :) I actually hooked a porpoise on a zuccini broom tail, that was smoking my TLD30II, until I locked down the drag to break it off. I still can't believe that happened :eyepoppin .
  279. Exodus

    Offshore 10/2 YFT

    Started out from Mission Bay with a very light 1/2 scoop of bait, with my friend Damon. We found a kelp, a few miles west of the 226, that we ended up fishing for about 3 hours. Slow trolling Sardines, we hooked several Dorado, releasing 6 that were pretty small, and keeping 4, with the biggest...
  280. Exodus

    Offshore 9/22

    Well, not much to report today, other than, well, NOTHING! Made it out to the 182, headed South from there, and then East back to the slip. Ten hours in some messed up seas. We actually found a couple of nice kelps in that mess, that were DRY. Warmest water was 69.4 and clear. No porpoise, no...
  281. Exodus

    Offshore 9/15 Dodo

    I didn't want to leave fish, to find fish..... lots of life on that paddy. My buddy had a tough time getting that Dodo in gaffing range so, I went for the shot while I had it. Can't get em all the time. We were stoked to come home with fish for the table. I always have a net on board, I'll keep...
  282. Exodus

    Offshore 9/15 Dodo

    My good friend Mike caught his first Dorado today! We fished one Paddy today in clear blue 70 degree water, about 7 miles inside of the 182. We slow trolled Sardines, while chunking, to get bit. Mike lost a good one, right at the boat, when I farmed it for him with a bad gaff shot. The only...
  283. Exodus

    Offshore Nada Scouting Report 9/1

    I was out there today in the same area as well, with the same results. Man, how frustrating it was to find all of those killer paddies, in beautiful clean water, WITH NO FISH! The highlight of the day was seeing a Mako get completely airborn right in front of the boat.
  284. Exodus

    Offshore Shamrock Fish fest San Diego 8-19

    Glad you guys had a good time down here Zach, and made it back home safe and sound. Even though the fishing wasn't so great, just hangin out with everyone and having a few cold ones was a lot of fun. I hope you make it back down next years event.
  285. Exodus

    Friday 7/28

    Cool, hope to see you guys OTW tomorrow. I'm outta here! I'm going to try and plug my tank with mini macks this afternoon.
  286. Exodus

    Friday 7/28

    I'll be heading in that general direction from Mission Bay. Staying in US waters.
  287. Exodus

    Canning service

    Thanks Marcus! I can't wait to try it out!
  288. Exodus

    Canning service

    Nice! Looking forward to trying it out.
  289. Exodus

    Canning service

    I have about 10#-15# of Albie that I caught on 6/24, vaccum sealed that day, that I wouldn't mind trying something different with. I could drop it by tonight if you like..... lemme know ASAP cause I'm getting ready to take the kids out for some grub.
  290. Exodus

    Mako madness! Daily Double 7-15

    Holy shit! Bloody freaking decks for sure. Looks like you guys had a good time.
  291. Exodus

    La Jolla 7/14 AM

    The Sardines were your standard 5"-6" models......didn't have a single one roll all day. I didn't really look for macks, since I had the deans. I think some of the 'yakers were getting Macks by the reserve bouys. I also didn't see a whole heck of a lot of surface activity at all, no puddling...
  292. Exodus

    La Jolla 7/14 AM

    I took my good friend and customer Tom out for some fishing at La Jolla this morning. We arrived at around 7:30 or so after getting a 1/2 scoop of pretty good deans. We stopped pretty far South of the point to get rigged up and decided to just drift this area since there wasn't too much sign of...
  293. Exodus

    La Jolla on 7/14

    Heading out tomorrow for a nice relaxing day at La Jolla. Probably fishing solo and catching my own bait in the bay tonight. 16/72 Jason
  294. Exodus

    stepping stones, tiles, bricks?

    I just talked to them, and they do this kind of thing all of the time. You will just need to decide on what type of stone/brick you want and go from there. Champagne Recognition 5235-D Avenida Encinas Carlsbad, Ca 92008 760-931-5766 e-mail: [email protected] Ask for Lori
  295. Exodus

    stepping stones, tiles, bricks?

    I have a neighbor here at the shop that I've seen engraving (sandblasting) stuff on rocks. They mainly do trophies and stuff like that, but I have seen them engrave on all sorts of wierd stuff. The shop is in Carlsbad between Cannon and Palomar Airport Road and can get the number if you want...
  296. Exodus

    More LJ Lings 7/2

    Took my boat to LJ yesterday with my friend Damon on board. We were fishing the bottom for wide open Lingcod, with all but the 12lber released, including several that were probably legals. The funny thing is that we both hooked that fish, not snagged, but hooked in the mouth! It got pretty...
  297. Exodus

    Son's first legal Halibut - of the Dome's

    WTG Mike! It looks like your crew is really getting it together. The look on Evans face says it all. Jason
  298. Exodus

    New Transducer Report

    I just wanted to give you guys a report on the performance of my new 'ducer. I replaced my old thru-hull with fairing block with this tilted element 'ducer......... I was having problems with turbulence on the old one when I was at...
  299. Exodus

    Dana Point 5-9

    Some good eats you got there Danny. Congrats! I need to get me some of that.
  300. Exodus

    Dear Uncle Byeye, From Raider (the pug)

    I don't have a dog but, I have a couple of kids that know how to break shit and don't listen.
  301. Exodus

    I need a new radio

    I have a S/H radio on my boat that transmits and receives very well, it was ~$150 or so ( I can't remember what model). The antenna was a Shakespear "Galaxy" series, until I broke it. I now have a Digital brand antenna that transmits and receives just as well as the Galaxy did. You can get the...
  302. Exodus

    Mobile Mercruiser Mechanic?

    OK, I just got off of the phone with Vessel Assist and they will tow my boat to the launch ramp and the best part is they aren't going to charge me anything! They would normally charge 50% of the bill for something like this. I'm stoked! Way to go Vessel Assist! :appl:
  303. Exodus

    Mobile Mercruiser Mechanic?

    I have VA. I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask. I would think that since the boat is sitting safely in the slip, that they wouldn't be inclined to help. If you don't ask, you don't get so, I'll give them a call right now. I discovered another problem while looking around in the bilge........
  304. Exodus

    Mobile Mercruiser Mechanic?

    Thanks man. In the meantime, I'm going to try to get the boat on the trailer, somehow.
  305. Exodus

    Mobile Mercruiser Mechanic?

    I tried to go fishing yesterday and ended up getting towed in from the channel in Mission Bay instead. I think it's the fuel pump. Anyway, I need to get this fixed and my boat is in a slip. So, I need a mobile mechanic or find a way to get my boat on the trailer to get it in the shop. Any...
  306. Exodus

    Yesterday afternoon........

    I should have ran down there to see if there was a pot of gold. LOL
  307. Exodus

    Yesterday afternoon........

    I finally launched it on Sunday and It's still floating! I actually just got back to my shop after going down to check on the boat. No leaks from the 'ducer as far as I can tell. Thanks again for the help!
  308. Exodus

    Yesterday afternoon........

    I was in my garage working on my kids bikes, when my wife comes running in telling me to come outside and check out this killer rainbow. I grabbed my camera and went out back to see this........ Jason
  309. Exodus

    Bloodydecks Raffle Winners

    I just don't have any more room in my garage, or on my boat, for more gear. So, I decided to donate it to a good cause. Make it happen guys! Jason
  310. Exodus

    Bloodydecks Raffle Winners

    Cool! Thanks Guys! Jason
  311. Exodus

    Custom covers???

    I had a custom cover made by a local-to-me place and it cost $1,300. The quality and fit was outstanding. After four years of normal use, a couple of the zippers failed (teeth busting off) so I took it back to them for repairs, thinking it would be covered under warranty. They gave me a warranty...
  312. Exodus

    Lite me up..! Which LED Nav lights..?

    This place has what you want and they will price match......the service is great as well. LED Lighting Here is another source. Interior Led Jason
  313. Exodus

    TD Installed

    Are you worried about it corroding from water in the bilge? Would you care to elaborate on your concern with that washer? I think someone on THT used starboard or teak as a spacer to elevate the position of that washer. Do you think that is necessary? I'm not too worried about it but, wouldn't...
  314. Exodus

    Transducer install help

    I got held up by the rain this past weekend......ended up going to Palomar with the kids instead. I'll try again this weekend.
  315. Exodus

    Upgraded. 3/10/06 2am

    Same problem here @ 8:40am.
  316. Exodus

    Transducer install help

    Thanks for all of the info guys. My first project will be getting the old one off. That sounds like it will be my biggest challenge :eyepoppin .
  317. Exodus

    Transducer install help

    Thanks for the advice Tim! That actually make perfect sense to me and sounds fairly simple as well. Now I just need to pick up the right size hole saw and get the old 'ducer out of there. Hopefully that thing will come off without too much difficulty. Jason
  318. Exodus

    Transducer install help

    I just bought a new thru-hull 'ducer to replace the existing one. The new one needs a larger diameter hole than the old one. What is the best way to make the hole larger without screwing it up? I have never installed any thru-hulls on my boat and I want to make sure I do it right. Anyone have...
  319. Exodus

    FYI NavNet Owners

    Just a heads-up for NavNet owners. I removed the thing from my boat before I took it in for the annual service and figured I would call Furuno to see if there were any software up-grades available for this unit. The tech put me on hold for a couple of minutes and informed me that my machine had...
  320. Exodus

    Shimano Calcutta TE 400 Question

    Exactly why I put the stock one back on. I don't use mine for bait fishing, just plastics.
  321. Exodus

    Shimano Calcutta TE 400 Question

    A Trinidad 12/14 handle fits.
  322. Exodus

    WHich VHF antenna??

    I replaced the Shakespear "Galaxy" that I snapped in two :nopity: with an 8" Digital antenna (529-VW) and it works excellent. The Galaxy also worked well, until I broke it. Check it out here........ Jason
  323. Exodus

    Rod for Saltiga 20

    I fish mine with 20# on a Calstar 700L. Sweet set-up! :rockin: Jason
  324. Exodus

    Mercruiser Service

    That is who I used last year and they seemed to have their shit together, I'll continue to give them my business. Your comment above, rings true man. I have been to a couple of other places that I felt were gouging me a bit. Once I become skeptical of a business, I never return. Thanks Zach...
  325. Exodus

    Mercruiser Service

    It's time to get the annual service done for my Mercruiser inboard and I'm looking for some first-hand advice from you guys to help me decide where I should get this done. I'm in North County. Thanks! Jason
  326. Exodus

    Clean your boats bottom

    Only the outside needs to be cleaned. I think that the guy who just did mine said he used a pressure washer or something like that. I don't think that it can be scrubbed since it is not a firm surface like fiberglass. The next time you are doing a boat next to a liner, check it out and let me...
  327. Exodus

    Clean your boats bottom

    Do you clean hull liners as well?
  328. Exodus

    Mexico Boating Caviots..

    I am currently insured with Boat US and covered down to Punta Banda. Jason
  329. Exodus

    Hey Exodus! Happy Birthday!

    You guys crack me up! Thanks! Jason
  330. Exodus

    La Jolla 11/25

    I decided to take my boat out on Friday since the conditions have been so nice lately. I was fishing with my friend Damon and my father-in-law Phil. The plan was to target the rockfish at La Jolla. Once we arrived, we started metering around looking for structure holding some fish and finally...
  331. Exodus

    So, What is it?

    1) Yellow wrapped in kelp. or 2) Sealion after the Yellow wrapped in kelp.
  332. Exodus

    PV Report 11/13-11/14

    I'm sure getting to pull on a cow would have made your trip a bit sweeter but, at least you were able to get away from the grind of work and enjoy some time off. I'd settle for that wahoo right about now :Bawling_e . Jason
  333. Exodus

    Need a gaff hook

    These guys have them in a couple of different sizes. At least they did last time I was in there. Pacific Coast Bait & Tackle 2110 S. Pacific Coast Hwy. Oceanside 760-439-3474 Jason
  334. Exodus

    Team "Un Reel" 301lb Tuna video

    That's one kick-ass adventure you guys had! :rockin: I want to see the video, but I can't seem to on my Mac. When I click on the link, all I get is a blank page........any ideas? Jason
  335. Exodus


    I bought all of my electronics from these guys sales tax and great customer service. I saved an extra $300.00 on my NavNet when they had some boat show special in January or February, this was back in 2002. The shipping cost was a lot less than the sales tax would have been. I've...
  336. Exodus

    Petrol pain

    How about $3.50 a gallon for gas at Dana Landing :eek2: . Thats what I paid on Sunday. Jason
  337. Exodus

    Clearing customs

    Is this the form that Customs requires to be filled out when you arrive? I'd like to have this filled out before getting to the dock. If this is not the correct one, does anyone have a link for the right one...
  338. Exodus

    Offshore Rpt. Sat. 7-30 Slow Albies & Angry Seas.

    Nice chattin with you guys at the dock on Saturday. At least you got a few. Thanks for sharing some of your catch with me. Fresh Albie on the grill tonight! :cheers: Jason
  339. Exodus

    Custom Cabinets?

    Thanks for replying to my post guys. I'll give you a call next week to set something up. I need to bust my ass at work today so I can have long 5-day weekend on the water :beerbang: . Jason
  340. Exodus

    Custom Cabinets?

    I need to have some custom cabinets made for my living room. The last guy that I was going to use was just too flaky and could never give me a firm price, even though I was very specific with what I wanted. I'd like to give the job to a BD member, but a referral will do as well. I live in...
  341. Exodus

    Rancho Leonero

    The end of August and it was a few years ago. There were plenty of fish caught when we were there, just not WFO. Jason
  342. Exodus

    Rancho Leonero

    I've only been to the East Cape once and that's where I stayed. The service was great and the fact that meals were included in the price made it easy on the wallet. My wife and kids had a good time as well. The fishing overall wasn't great when I was there, but still caught some fish and would...
  343. Exodus

    Finish Carpentry

    I need to have some custom cabinets made and possibly some crown as well. I just bailed on a guy that was going to do this stuff for me. He was a nice enough guy and seemed to know his shit, but couldn't provide drawings or a FIRM quote..........See Ya! Do you guys do work in Carlsbad? My...
  344. Exodus

    Kelp 6/7

    Great job on the Calicos Dan! I just secured my slip in Marina Village yesterday, moving into my house today and getting on the water SOON! I'm looking forward to meeting you down there. :beerbang: Jason
  345. Exodus

    CT250 handle mod feels good

    I bought a TN14 handle to put on my 400TE for the same reasons that you guys mentioned. When I turn the drag adjustment it slightly rubs the TN14 handle. Any of you guys have the same problem? It looks like in a couple of the pics you guys posted that the star spokes are bent slightly. Is that...
  346. Exodus

    Some Tail and WSB limits 5/13/05

    Nice fish guys! Jason
  347. Exodus

    How do I get better range

    If you don't have a fuel-flow meter (Flo-Scan/Navman) already, I'd suggest getting one............It will help you find the "sweet" spot. It's amazing what a difference 100-200rpm, up or down, can make. Jason
  348. Exodus

    Surveyor Referral ???

    I have a good friend that is considering a 1/3 partnership in a 29' Phoenix, with twin diesels, that is located in Mission Bay. He is going to have the boat surveyed before he buys into the partnership. Could any of you guys recommend a qualified, reputable surveyor that I can pass along to...
  349. Exodus

    Need Pictures of Your Best Dorado!

    This is the first Dorado landed on my boat last year at the 182. These next two were caught at the 390............we caught six that day! (the last pic was Photoshopped for printing purposes :) ) Jason
  350. Exodus

    I need a slip for my boat

    Now that I have the slip thing taken care of, I need to figure out what to do with my trailer :confused: . Jason
  351. Exodus

    WTB-Overhead Electronic's Box...NOW!!

    I got mine from Tom @ Saltwater Specialties (949-548-3474) in Costa Mesa when he built my half-tower. It's made from fiberglass and I'm happy with it. I'm pretty sure he has more than one size available. Jason
  352. Exodus

    I need a slip for my boat

    I'm in!!! Marina Village.........first week of June. I'm STOKED!!! Thanks for all the help. :beerbang: Jason
  353. Exodus

    Slip for this summer

    I've been looking into the same thing as of yesterday. The phone rings off the hook at Marina Cortez, so I don't know what their rates are yet. Campland on the Bay doesn't have any slips or dry on the 1st. So far, Marina Village on Mission Bay said they could probably have...
  354. Exodus

    I need a slip for my boat

    I'm looking into all of your suggestions, thanks. Where is Southwest? It isn't on the list I got from the Log. Any of you guys use an Armored Hull? I'm thinking of using one of those instead of bottom paint. Jason
  355. Exodus

    I need a slip for my boat

    I need to find a slip to keep my 219 WAC Shamrock in. I currently have my boat on a trailer in a secure lot where I live, but I'm moving into a new home that won't have anything available for 6-12 months...........or longer! I already have a list of all the marinas in S.D. Bay as well as...