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  1. Tree

    WTB 300 win mag

    Looking for a 300 Win Mag in good condition with a scope. Anyone have one they want to sell?
  2. Tree

    Quail success

  3. Tree

    Quail success

    Great day on the opener me and a friend scored double limits by 8am.
  4. Tree

    Powder coating

    Anyone need any powder coating done? It's a little slow in the shop this month. We can get you a 2-3 day turn around and the BD discount. Bike or motorcycle Frames, handle bars, swing arm, rims, fences, vents, security doors, patio furniture, boat rails, about anything metal you want to protect...
  5. Tree

    D38 race jan 25th

    My racing club, OTB (over the belt) is putting on the 1st race of the new racing season on January 25th at Plaster City west. Anyone that would like to race check out the district 38 website here AMA DISTRICT 38 OFF ROAD DIVISION I'll be down there on the Friday before helping set-up the course...
  6. Tree

    Fantasy freakin football

    I started a free fantasy football league over at cbs here's the link You'll have to sign up then do a search for no nancy boy league It's an automated draft on sept...
  7. Tree

    1.5 day on the condor

    Looking to head out from fishermans on the Condor at 9pm on fri 6/13 for a 1.5 day returning 6am. not enough bodies yet to set sail. There are 3 or 4 guys in our group. I believe they said they need at least 12 to go. It's $225 and should be a partial load. Anyone else interested in some...
  8. Tree

    got a POS boat today yea!

    I just picked up a POS 14' aluminum boat off Craigs list. obviously not mint condition but came with a 5.5hp Ted Willams sears motor that seems to run good and a trailer. I figure it will be good fo the local lakes, bays, and duck hunting. It is under powered but I'll keep an eye out for a 10-20...
  9. Tree

    LJ to islands and back 4/14

    Myself and Tunaslam went out with antnmargon on his boat today to take advantage of the only decent day we've had this week. First we head out to La Jolla from MB. Not much love, I catch one short bass then we decide to head to the islands cause wind and waves weren't to bad. Get to the islands...
  10. Tree

    Turkey hunting anyone?

    Anybody planning on turkey hunting this season? During the last week of archery deer season I sat and watched 38 turkey pass by. So, I'm thinking I might take my bow up during the season and see if I can call any in. Probably go with a buddy though as one can distract them with the calling...