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  1. NathanNichols14

    Del Mar fishing tips?

    i notice the better water clarity in Del Mar/Torrey pines area. Last week in LJ we barely scraped up a few calicos and nothing else. Any reports of decent bass fishing off of Del Mar area?
  2. NathanNichols14

    Imperial Beach sand flats fishing?

    I'm looking for some tips on sand bass/white sea bass/ halibut fishing. Anything and everything! TIA
  3. NathanNichols14

    Tips for homeguard yellowtail (fall/winter)

    Im looking to pick peoples brains about their methods of yoyo and dropper looping for homeguard yellows or anything else that will eat a yoyo or dropper looped bait. Stuff like metering, water conditions, certain locations or structures, things like that. Thanks in advance:jig:
  4. NathanNichols14

    9 Mile bank and patty fish 10-8

    So yesterdays plan was to just mess around with the local bonito off of point loma. We got a few on the troll and then a couple more with flylined sardines. We saw a ton of boats headed out toward the 9, so we decided to head out that way. We stopped on a HUGE patty that somehow was only holding...
  5. NathanNichols14

    8-27 La Jolla

    Well, started the day off yesterday at 0600 and ran straight out to the 9 in search of some paddys. Last week when we went out, there was a good size paddy every 1/2 mile, so we went out yesterday with confidence. We started at the far north 9 mile bank and zig zagged back and forth trolling all...
  6. NathanNichols14

    La Jolla reports?

    HAs anyone had any luck in LJ lately? Thinking about cruising over there tomorrow morning for any kind of yellow or calico bite.
  7. NathanNichols14

    La Jolla spring yellowtail

    Whatsup guys. Anybody having any luck lately in LJ for some early spring yellowtail? I think a buddy and I will be headed out past the shores on Tuesday. Thinking about yoyo....