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  1. bmachale

    Three Roller Trollers 40-100 lb Various

    Three roller trollers. Various types. One is custom. 60.00 for all three Text 760-458-1468
  2. bmachale

    Two Sabiki Rod and Reels 50.00

    Two 7' Sabiki Rods with Reels 50.00 Text 760-458-1468
  3. bmachale

    Vintage Fenwick PB60C Boat Rod Mint 75.00

    Vintage Fenwick PD80C Like New. Beautiful rod. 75.00 OBO Text 760-458-1468
  4. bmachale

    Custom Marlin Caster 8' 125.00

    Custom Marlin Caster. Nice rod. Strong but with touch. 125.00 Text 760-458-1468
  5. bmachale

    Cal Star Graphiter 765xl 20-50 Custom 100.00

    May be a little short by an inch. 100.00 760-458-1468
  6. bmachale

    Three Graphite 7' rods 20-30 lb Custom 200.00

    Three &' Graphite rods. One is Seeker Black Steel 970-7 20-30. The other two are similar in size but were blanks made custom to match the Seeker. One rod has a couple of chrome guides where the gold got damage 200.00 for all three. text 760-458-1468 Light Strong and Attractive rods
  7. bmachale

    Two Shimano BTR 7' 12-25 Sinning rods 70.00

    Two Shimano Bait Runner Spinnning Rods 7' 12-25lb Like new 70.00 for two Text 760-458-1468 If you want more photos ask
  8. bmachale

    Two Penn Carnage Rods 100.00

    Two Penn Carnage Rods Look practically new 7' 20-50lb mono 30-65 braid Troll Boat Cast 100.00 for both text 760-458-1468
  9. bmachale

    Seeker 820 May be 2" Short

    Great rod Casts great. Strong. 100.00 text 7604581468
  10. bmachale

    Shimano Curado 200 DPV nice shape

    125.00 Text 7604581468
  11. bmachale

    Two Okuma 20 Solterra

    Okuma Solterra 20. One does not have a clamp. 190.00
  12. bmachale

    Two Okuma 30 Solterra

    Two Okuma Solterra 30 225.00
  13. bmachale

    2 Okuma Solterra 20

    Two Okuma Solterra lever drag reels. Great for trolling or boat rods. 200.00. 7604581468 text
  14. bmachale

    Shimano TLD50 2speed. Nice

    175.00 Text 7604581468
  15. bmachale

    Avet MXL MC no clamp

    Avet MXL MC. No screws but it has the clamp. 165.00 Text 7604581468
  16. bmachale

    Avet LX MC 2 speed Silver

    Avet LX MC 2 speed. Some nicks from use. Great operation. 300.00 Text 7604581468
  17. bmachale

    Avet MXL MC blue excellent condition

    See the pics. Great operation condition. A few nicks 175.00. Text 7604581468
  18. bmachale

    Avet HX5/2 MC Raptor. Blem

    Avet HX 5/2 MC Raptor 2 speed. Considered a blem because the purple is not consistent. 300.00 Text 7604581468
  19. bmachale

    Okuma Cedros 15 lever drag and Okuma rod

    Heavy Okuma jigging rod and Cedros 15 lever drag. 250.00 Text 7604581468
  20. bmachale

    Curado 200 DHSV and Okuma Citrix 701 rod

    Rod is like new. Reel is in excellent condition. 125.00 Text 7604581468
  21. bmachale

    Okuma Serrano200w and Citrix C-C701mh

    Okuma Serrano 200w and Citrix 701mh. Fantastic condition. Great inshore combo. 135.00
  22. bmachale

    Curado 300 reel and rod

    For sale a curado 300E reel and a Volatile VOL80-7 rod. A super combination for almost anything in our local waters. 250.00 for both. Text 7604581468.
  23. bmachale

    Inshore rod and reel curado 200e7

    Shimano Curado 200E7 and Shimano VTC 66MH rod. Great basic setup. Both rod and reel are in great shape. Text to 7604581468
  24. bmachale

    10 (Ten) 6 inch bullet resin head lures

    10 (Ten) 6 inch Resin head lures. Various color. Flash wings. Includes 7 lure mesh case. 60.00 Text Bob 760-458-1468
  25. bmachale

    5 Hi-5 Marlin Dorado Tuna lures. 2 Pakula. 1 Magic Lure

    I have 5 (Five) Hi-5 Lures from Cabo San Lucas. @ Pakula soft head 12" in purple/black and Petrolero. And one 7" pearl bullet head in B-52 skirts. Includes the 6 lure case Text Bob at 760-458-1468 100.00
  26. bmachale

    Zukers Tuna Clone Sevenstrand 10 lures 65.00

    I have for sale 11 tuna lures. Zukers. Tuna Clone. Sevenstrand. Includes the 7 lure mesh case. 65.00 Bob Text 760-458-1468
  27. bmachale

    6" Resin Head Lures #1 Tuna, Dorado Yellowtail

    These lures work just like Zukers Lures, only you can replace the skirts. Resin heads will last forever. I have caught albacore (yes, a long time ago) yellowfin yellow tail dorado and even a marlin on 6 inch resin head lures. 10 lures plus the case. 75.00 Bob Text 760-458-1468
  28. bmachale

    4 (Four) Archer Bars 12" Bar 7 6" squids 90.00

    I have for sale 4 (Four) original Archer Bars 12" Bar 7 squids per Bar 2/3/2 configuration. Green Black. Includes Two Carry Cases. &60-458-1468 Text Bob This is for four bars. Two cases. Pictures are of only two bars, one case.. They are all the same. 90.00
  29. bmachale

    4 Super Bars 5' total length 3" hoochie

    4 10" Super Bars (two pictured) 10 total hootchies. 3 lines. Terminal line has a snap swivel 760-458-1468 text 60.00 for all four.
  30. bmachale

    2 Super Bars 5' total length 4" hoochie

    2 Super Bars 4 lines. 14 hoochies. 15" bar. Total length is 5'. Terminal Has a clip for chase bait. 760-458 1468 45.00 for both. Includes mesh case.
  31. bmachale

    7-12" marlin tuna dorado lures #3

    various sized lures various weights Marlin Tuna Dorado A couple are rigged. Includes bag. 760-458-1468 120.00
  32. bmachale

    12" 14" Marlin lures #2

    12"-14" Marlin or Dorado Lures. Everthing you need for SoCal or Mexico. Various colors and makers. Most are rigged. Includes the mesh case. 760-458-1468 text 245.00
  33. bmachale

    12" 14" Marlin lures #1

    "12-14" Marlin Lures. Most are rigged. With the mesh case. Various makers. This is an instant collection of all you need for marlin/dorado in So Cal and/or Mexican Waters. 220.00
  34. bmachale

    Tuna Marlina Dorado Lures #2

    Asst Tuna Marlin Dorado Lures Various makers. Some rigged. 75.00
  35. bmachale

    9" tuna/marlin/dorado lures #1

    Asst Tuna, Marlin Dorado, lures. Various makers some rigged. $75.00
  36. bmachale

    2004 Seaswirl 2101 WA 26,900.00 See the add on Craigslist 1295 hours on a 150 HP Yamaha Four Stroke.
  37. bmachale

    Wanted: Parts for Sahara 4000FD

    I am looking for a rotor with bail assembly. If yu have a Sahara 4000FD and the insides are shot but rotor and bail work well, then I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for those parts. [email protected],com Thankyou
  38. bmachale

    WTB Vinatge Fenwick Rod Tubes and/or Socks

    Hello All, I am looking to buy older style Fenwick Rod Tubes. Aluminum, Plastic tube, or triangle style. If interested please PM me with style, length, and how much you want for it/them. If you have a damaged or warped tube, that is fine, too. I would pay for the end caps. Any original socks are...
  39. bmachale

    WTB Vintage Fenwick Rod Tubes and/or Socks

    Hello All, I am looking to buy older style Fenwick Rod Tubes. Aluminum, Plastic tube, or triangle style. If interested please PM me with style, length, and how much you want for it/them. If you have a damaged or warped tube, that is fine, too. I would pay for the end caps. Any original socks are...
  40. bmachale

    WTB Fenwick Rod Tubes or Original Socks

    Hello All, I am looking to buy older style Fenwick Rod Tubes. Aluminum, Plastic tube, or triangle style. If interested please PM me with style, length, and how much you want for it/them. If you have a damaged or warped tube, that is fine, too. I would pay for the end caps. Any original socks...
  41. bmachale

    TruLine Dynamo L-90 Two piece spinning rod

    I have a TruLine dynamo L-90 two piece spinning rod. Has the old no twist/wrap guides. Brown color. Can anyone please tell me about this blank and whether it is worth anything? And what to line rating is? Thank you, bob
  42. bmachale

    Browning silaflex Magnum 114971 8' 2 piece spinning rod

    As stated above. Tight original windings. Excellent guides. Solid real seat. Cork grips very clean. 50.00 Ono. Up or down.
  43. bmachale

    Vintage browning silaflex car alloy diamond spinning rod

    As stated. An 8' 6" spinning rod. Very good condition. As a vintage rod or as a long spinning/surf rod. 50.00 or best offer.
  44. bmachale

    Avet LX Question

    What size reel is the Avet LX considered. Like a size 16 reel? Thanks Bob
  45. bmachale

    Wanted: Rod wrapper

    If any of your guys in the Rod wrapping group know of a used power or good hand wrapper i would be interested If a hand wrapper I would need a dryer too Thanks, Bob
  46. bmachale

    Making Mackerel Out of Mission Bay

    We are planning on launching from Mission bay this week. Would someone please tell me where is the most reliable place to make mackerel a night near the harbor entrance? Thanks to all. Tight lines.
  47. bmachale

    Oceanside Offshore and lost transome saver

    Fished out of Oceanside for Blue fin on Friday June 24. Fished from 15 miles off the power plant to the 312 and 209. And inside of both high points. No sign of blue fin anywhere. No radio reports of fish caught or sighted. Water was nice. 5-10 kt wind out of the south south west. Temps were...
  48. bmachale

    Avet SX MC Silver For Sale 150.00

    I have an AVET SX MC for sale. Silver. Right hand. Braid under mono. One tiny nick on left side. Does not have standard reel clamp. comes with a J R jones Cork Puppy clamp. Handle is black as is the lever drag handle. matches up nicely with the Cork puppy which is also black. text 760 458...
  49. bmachale

    Avet SX 5.3:1 Purple/Black for sale 140.00

    Avet SX for Sale. Multi Colored Purple and Black. Power Handle. not bought as a blem was made by owner this way. Only scratches are on top near clicker button. No box or paperwork. functions correctly in every way. Braid under mono. Vista, California North San Diego County Thank you, Bob
  50. bmachale

    MXL 5.8:1 for Sale 120.00

    I have an AVET MXL 5.8:1 right handed reel for sale. Includes clamp. No box or paperwork. 120.00 The clicker does not work. The clicker button does move but the clicker does not engage. either it needs a new spring or new clicker piece inside. Everything besides the clicker is very very...
  51. bmachale

    Cow Cod and Black Cod in Mexico

    If you are fishing in Mexican waters and have a DFG declaration form for returning with rockfish during the closure; can you also possess cow and/or black cod. Thank you one and all. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. bmachale

    WTB/WTT for Okuma 15 LD

    Looking for Okuma Cedros 15 Lever Drag. Not the S series.
  53. bmachale

    Not catching on July 6 302 425 9 mile bank

    Stop the boat at daylight 4 miles short of the 302. Dropped in the trollers. Saw a group of dophins trolled them for a while for nothing. 7 miles short of 302 water was 69. Dropped to 68 or less at high spot. Nothing going on at 302 so went south towards 371. Water temp dropped rapidly...
  54. bmachale

    Mexican license Near Mira Mesa

    Could someone please tell me the nearest place to buy a Mexican fishing license in the vicinity of Mira Mesa. Thank you
  55. bmachale

    Cedar City Utah Area

    Any body have some advice for fishing for trout in this area? I prefer to fish streams or rivers. The size of the fish is not important. Most all would be C&R. Thanks
  56. bmachale

    Dana PT Mackerel

    Any new intel on where to catch mackerel in the early morning around Dana PT? Tried red buoy and green buoy for no luck. Thank you
  57. bmachale

    Mackerel off Oceanside?

    Are there still big schools of mackerel off of the Oceanside pier area or more towards the Barn Kelp? Thank you for your help
  58. bmachale

    Okuma Service

    Just want to give credit to the service department at Okuma Fishing USA on Ontario. Had a problem with the free spool on a komodo 273. Had it delivered by a friend to the warehouse. They quickly gave me a new spool and mailed it off. No charge for anything. I also had a Okuma Citrix 701 MH...
  59. bmachale

    For Sale or Trade Okuma Citrix 273VLX Leaf Hand

    I have a used Okuma Citrix 273VLX Left Hand bait cast reel. I bought it as a right hand reel been was sent a lefty. Works great. And I can use it even if it is a lefty. Not a great big deal. Just figured I'd check and see if someone wants it. If you want to trade my left hand reel for your...
  60. bmachale

    Halco Max 130

    Is there a tackle shop in NORTH San Diego County carry these lures? Thank you
  61. bmachale

    Wanted Live Bullhead Catfish

    Are bullhead covered under the fish and game regulations? If it is illegal to have live bullhead in an aquarium or pond disregard this as it would be wrong to solicit such a thing. If not, I would like to get 4 or 5 bullhead catfish. Live. over 6 inches. North San Diego County. Send me a PM if...
  62. bmachale

    Sequestration Job Loss Air Traffic Control Towers

    Hello Everyone, If you are sitting out there with nothing to do but check out what is going on with Bloodydecks, I would like to ask your assistance with an issue facing me and many other of our friends. The FAA is in favor of closing the Federal Contract Tower Program and ending my employment...
  63. bmachale

    San Quintin Low Down

    I have a friend who has a friend who is related to the Mayor of San Quintin. That means I have a place to stay there and we are going to plan a trip for a group of friends. Will be taking my own boat and gear. Have not been there since 1974. Looking for someone who has the knowledge and...
  64. bmachale

    Get rid of sea lions at Coronados

    What "device" is legal to "deter" sea lions from handing around at the stern? Or what does the mexican navy allow us to use to drive sea lions to someone else's boat :rofl:
  65. bmachale

    Not Los Coronados Report

    Was heading out from the bait receiver in San Diego Bay at 0500 on the way to the Coronados. Got just past the Sub Base and knew it was not going to be our day. Southeast wind already had a close spaced 4-5 wind waves right in our face. Tried to continue on inspite of water coming over th bow...
  66. bmachale

    Fishing Reports

    Long time member. Love you guys. Love the site. I have to say that I think it is so sad that there are so few real reports on here any more. I know, I know. Fish dope. I had Fish Dope, and will have it again, but it is still sad that there are so few reports on here anymore. It is what it was...
  67. bmachale

    Mexican Visa For Fishing Coronados

    Where do I get the required Visa for fishing in Mexican waters, and do they sell mexican fishing licenses too? Thanks a lot
  68. bmachale

    Live squid at the secret spot

    Can you buy live squid from the light/squid boats off the domes?
  69. bmachale

    Bullhead catfish

    Anyone in north county have or have a "line" :rofl:on getting some bullhead catfish for a pond? Around 4 of them, maybe 8-12" would be nice. I don't think bullhead are considered gamefish and are illegal to possess for a pond, but if they are, then I did not write this post. Thanks, Bob
  70. bmachale

    Local White Sea Bass

    Beautiful day on the water south of Oceanside. Sun came out early. Water temp was 65.5 in the morning, up to 66.3 around 3 PM. Water was as blue and clear as it gets inshore. Maybe 25-30' visibility. Caught this tank while drifting for halibut. Curado 200DPV and an old 7' H&H Classic 96...
  71. bmachale

    Thresher Shark

    Will someone please tell me how to rig for slow trolling mackerel for threshers. I will be using a downrigger and circle hooks. Do you use wire or heavy mono? Any and all input is appreciated.
  72. bmachale

    Oceanside Harbor Closed?

    I read that the Iron Man competition is going on at Oceanside Harbor this weekend. Last year they closed the entire harbor to boats. Is it closed again this year? If so, seems like good info for anchored for two weeks before it happens.
  73. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    These are 9". His name is Gary Yamamoto. He is in Kailua, HI. Magic Lure Ente:Emoticon_Potty_Timerprises. He is good friends with Garrett (Tsutomo) Michael (Happy Ending Lures), and Allan (Gaji). I am extremely grateful for the day we met and for all he has done for me since then.
  74. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    This set is 7",and some heads I have not skirted yet. Enjoy.
  75. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    I have a good friend in Hawaii who makes lure heads. He does extremely good work. But more important, at least to me, is that besides being a good friend, his generosity is boundless. This has allowed me to accure a collection of lures that is really quite large. I wanted to share them with...
  76. bmachale

    Repairing slightly rusted guides

    Best prevention is to make sure you wash them well after each trip. You can carefully brush them with nylon or wire brush to remove the rust, then use a rust preventor. Pledge. WD-40. Silicone. Anything like that. If they are so bad that the ring is indnger of coming loose or the guide...
  77. bmachale

    Lobster Saturday Night

    Decided to try it again this year. Launched out of Oceanside and headed south to an undisclosed area near Carlsbad. I don't know why I say undisclosed, because you can have it. Water was slightly brown, 65.5. Pretty good swell and current. Worked 8 nets 19-25 ft in between a rock ridge and...
  78. bmachale

    Catfishing in San Diego

    Because the offshore fishing has sucked so badly, we are looking for new ways to fish in San Diego. My wife and I used to enjoy fishing for catfish off the piers in Lake Corpus Christi so many years ago. Is ther any place good to fish for cats at night from the shore or pier in the area...
  79. bmachale

    Offshore 182 and 43 7/28/11

    Fished 182 and the 43 today. Water 67.3 and slightly green, but clear at the 182. Birds around. Not feeding or diving. No foamers. Saw one pod of large porpoise at high speed north bound. @ small kelp paddies, dry. Headed towards the 43. Water cleamned up a little, more of a clear blue, but not...
  80. bmachale

    Rock Pile 7/15/11

    Headed down to the Rock Pile yesterday 7/15/11. Arrived at 645. 3 sports boats. 3 private boats. Sport boats were hooking up. Anchored in 82' of water. Good current westbound. Got our first and only fish around 730. Had one more bite 15 minutes after landing that one. Then it shut down Stayed...
  81. bmachale

    No, We Don't Need limit Changes

    Just saw this on another website. The Daily Double 1/2 day boat had 30 anglers catch 359 sand bass. It made me think of the post the other day about reducing the limit to 5 and having a slot limit. I KNOW, this does not mean they kept 359 sand bass, espeically since that is 59 more bass...
  82. bmachale

    Swim bait storage

    Is there any special way to keep swimbaits safe from deterioration or damage while in storage? Do they react with any other plastic. Any input and knowledge appreciated
  83. bmachale

    First White Sea Bass 6/10/11

    Fished the back side with a whole lot of other boats. Tried a lot of different spots. Things seemed slow over all. Very little to absolutely no current all day from the vees to salta verde. Everything went straight to the bottom. Finally joined them at the west end of the three vees...
  84. bmachale

    Thanks to Heavy Drag

    A special thank you to Tom Dulan "Heavy Drag" for his help with my Seeker Rod and replacing my broken giudes. He did excellent work, was quick, and the price was fantastic. Had a chance to see some of his work rod building. Very nice stuff. Great to work with you. We will do more business in the...
  85. bmachale

    Thanks for the Help Heavy Drag

    A special thank you to Tom Dulan "Heavy Drag" for his help with my Seeker Rod and replacing my broken giudes. He did excellent work, was quick, and the price was fantastic. Had a chance to see some of his work rod building. Very nice stuff. Great to work with you. We will do more business in...
  86. bmachale

    Eye Repair

    Hi guys, I bought a seeker black steele rod pretty cheap because of some corrosion on the guides. As I was polishing them two of the eyes broke out of the frame. I would like to find someone who can weld them back into the frame. They are metal guides. Looks like chrome with a gold...
  87. bmachale

    Trinidad 30 DC or Avet JX MC

    The Trinidad 16 and 30 DC are on sale at Melton for 399.99. Would you take advantage of this price and buy the trinidad over an avet mx or jx mc? Thanks, Bob
  88. bmachale

    NLIO Saturday Night 11/13

    Hit two spots down the coast from Oside looking for bugs. First spot was a new area for us. Worked it 2 hours for 2 shorts. Figured not a good new spot and headed further south to the old reliable spot. Worked for another 2 hours for 5 shorts. I thought that the tide change was going to be...
  89. bmachale

    O'side Hooping and the DFG

    We were out last night at O'side. We won't dwell on my failures too much, let's just say I was not exactly in compliance with all the rules, paperwork and my ability to measure. Hooped about 12 miles south of O'side. First run was great. Bugs in every hoop. Most were small. Lots of small...
  90. bmachale

    Looking for In the Gray

    I am looking for the book "In the Gray". Anybody have one for sale or lend at a resonable price.
  91. bmachale

    Coronados 8/20/10 Friday

    Water temp 61-64. Just slightly green. Fished from Pukey Pt to the northern tip of South Island. No yellowtail. No barracuda. Not sure about rock fish, did not join the party boats that spent most of their time fishing for them. Gave up slow trolling sardines and tried throwing swim baits for...
  92. bmachale

    Rick Ferguson Where is he?

    Anybody know where Rick "Da Goose" Ferguson of bounce balling fame is hiding?
  93. bmachale

    Offshore 9/1 Hidden Bank and up to 425

    Grey light 10 miles south of the 425 saw a paddy and then some dophins. Trolled the dolphins first, double in the area but not on the mammals, but both dropped off. Water 69.5. Trolled down to the Hiden Bank for nothing. Hit one more great paddy on the way, nothing. Water warmed up to 70.5...
  94. bmachale

    Offshore 8/24 425 to 101 and up the ridge

    Arrived at the 425 at gray light. Easy ride out. Water was blue 67.5 to 67. Did not see a paddy until 1130. Got a 15 pound hen 5 east of the high spot. Blind strike. Continued in a circle back towards the 425. Water kept getting colder. Decided to try and find warmer water towards the 101. Got...
  95. bmachale

    Offshore 8/10/09 209 to the 267

    Targeted marlin. Tried to catch bait out of oceanside but could not find any mackerel. Water 12 miles outside of Oside was 72.5. Saw one dorado about 15 pounds jumping on the way out. 209 was 70.5 degrees blue water. Quite a few good sized paddies. Lots of bait on paddies and swimming in open...
  96. bmachale

    Outer Banks Fishing Oregon Inlet

    Fished the REBAIT with Capt Jr Baum and First Mate Lee. Caught 12 Yellow Fin Tuna 40-60 lbs and 8 Mahi up to 35 lbs. Great boat. Great crew. Left the dock at 0530. Headed out for the Gulf Stream. Fishing by 0645. Started with a triple. It was pretty consistent with 2s and threes after that. The...
  97. bmachale

    Puerto Vallarta Info

    I just found out that a good friend is heading down to PV on Thursday. I told him I would try to find out what was happening down there for fishing. Would someone please give me a report on how fishing is right now, and a recommendation on a boat with short notice. Figure big tuna and marlin...
  98. bmachale

    Raymarine A60/65 Digital Sounder Module

    Does anybody have the Raymarine Digital Depth sounder mounted in their Striper Walk Around? Where did you mount it? Thanks,
  99. bmachale

    Hooping Laguna Beach

    Are there any areas in the vicinity of Laguna Beach that are off limits to lobster hooping? Thanks, Bob
  100. bmachale

    Older Model Furuno Fish Finders

    I am looking at getting a backup to my Lowrance Depth Sounder (not real happy with it). Can you guys please give me some feedback on the older model Furunos FCV667, FCV582 and FCV600L. Thanks, Bob
  101. bmachale

    Marine Batteries

    I have a 2101 Striper WA. The batteries are kind of hard to maintain because of their location. Maybe I am just not very dedicated to maintaining them. Either way, I let at least one of them go dry and will not charge. What do you guys/gals think about the gel batteries performance factoring...
  102. bmachale

    Making mackerel at Dana PT

    Anybody have suggestions on making mackerel out of Dana PT Thanks in advance.
  103. bmachale

    Marlin/yellowtail pictures 8/13

    I wanted to get these pictures of Matt and his marlin up on a separate post. He worked his off Wednesday on this marlin and the big yellowtail. He did all the work on the marlin until I leadered him boatside. Both fish were caught south of the 226 on Wednesday. Marlin released, yellowtail not.
  104. bmachale

    Offshore Friday 8/15/08

    Fished the 371 south west and east. Water temp between 71.8 and 72 all day. The day started out 3 miles south with a paddy that produced 1 25 lb yellow fin and about 8 doritos. All bait. Kept 3. Headed southwest and got a 25 lb albacore on a cedar plug. Long long dry spell. Could not find...
  105. bmachale

    La Jolla 7/26

    Fished with an armada off La Jolla this morning. Water pretty clean, temp 70.1 to 71. Sun never really showed before 1230 when we left. Wind came up around 1130. Pretty good barracuda bite just west of the point at the cove. Some good sized fish mixed with smaller. Plenty of company out...
  106. bmachale

    Looking 4 Weather/Sea State Update 7/18

    Since NOAA has not been doing very well on the forecasts, I am looking for feedback on what the sea and winds were like on Thursday and Friday. Taking the neighbors and my wife out of Oceanside on Saturday and I am trying to figure out how far off shore I can go without getting them all beat...
  107. bmachale

    Cabo Hotel Res Avaiable 8/2-8/9

    I was supposed to go to CSL 8/2 to 8/9. I can't go. I have hotel reservations at the Fiesta Americana that I will make available for 359.00. That is for a studio (sleeps four/2 private). Check in 8/2 4:00 PM and check out 1000AM 8/9. Right on the Beach at Cabo del Sol. Golf Course, 2 pools, a...
  108. bmachale

    Offshore Hidden Bank and south 7/16

    Water was terrible today. Wind and swell, wind waves. Arrived at the HB at gray light. Trollers in headed south. 1/2 later spotted jumpers about 5 miles south east of the high spot. Chased without a hit. Water 67.2 Hit a temp break 66.8 and continued south. Got a single 10 south east on a...
  109. bmachale

    Need a HO 7/16 238/295

    Looking for one Ho go on a trip Wednesday 7/16. 2101 WA Striper. We will leave SI around 0200 on the 16th. We will go southeast to the 295/238 area, or hopefully a little short of that if the fish move up. We will troll six lines. You may bring your favorite bait/casting/jigging rod, please...
  110. bmachale

    Offshore 182 Really Sucked

    It was a desert. Hats off to those of you who decided not to go today. left SI at 330. Had a really rough ride out to the 182. 15 to 17 mph most of the way. Water was warm on the inside 67.8 to 68.2. Blue water. no birds or bait balls. Trolled and trolled for nothing. Water got down to...
  111. bmachale

    Offshore Friday 6/27

    Will depart S. I. about 0415 heading to the 302, 425, 371 loop. Anybody else going to be out there. Bob
  112. bmachale

    Inshore low profile baitcaster

    I am thinking of getting a low profile bait caster for 20lb (20 lb spectra with a top shot of mono less than 20lb) for fishing the kelp beds for calicos or sand bass/halibut. The reeel should be sized for the "normal" kjelp size fish and maximizing fight. Castbility and control (low backlash)...
  113. bmachale


    Fished 3 miles NW of the harbor, Box Canyon , Barn kelp, and Se of the the Barn kelp. Drifted for sand bass and halibut, trolled for barracuda and bonito, fished the kelp for what ever. One calico for the day. One guy had a bat ray and then a small thresher near the barn kelp, heard about one...
  114. bmachale

    Catalina Saturday

    Wish i could say we did as well as Ali, jenny, and Marc, but I can't. Left Dana Pt. at 0400 into a sw wind and a west sweel. Made the ride across very unpleasant. Things improved about 4 miles from the island. Got the last of the bait from the Carnage and headed to the backside. with...
  115. bmachale

    Coronados or Catalina-Opinion

    Going fishing on Saturday. I am torn between the Coronados UIslands and Catalina. Not looking to catch anything in particular, just looking for the best chance at a steady pick at something. No fair saying one place just because you are going to the other, and be nice.
  116. bmachale

    Question on Fishing the Rock Pile

    I fished the Rock Pile for the first time today. Never did find any "piles" of rock. Did find areas where it was shallower (85-95 feet) than the surrounding water (120'), but the bottom was more or less flat. Other boats were in the same "area". My question is, are there prominent areas of...
  117. bmachale

    Coronados Islands 5/30

    Trolled the Middle Grounds and the front side of South Island for nothing. Water temp 61.5. Moved down to South Kelp for a couple of good sized barracuda on Bird Shit Tady 45's. Not much else going on there in the morning. Went South to the Rock Pile. Four other boats in the area. Caught...
  118. bmachale

    good source for marlin tuna lures

    I was checking out ebay for big game lures. Came across a whole set of good looking lures at a pretty good price. Check it out. Sellers name is 7685gary.
  119. bmachale

    Fishing Rockfish in Mexico-paperwork

    What paperwork (besides a fishing license) is required to bring in rockfish/lingcod from Mexican waters during the closure in California.
  120. bmachale

    SD Bay 12-28-07

    Fished SD Bay from 10 am to 3 pm with wife and son. First time using Spin Bomb and TJW. Fished the Jetty, Bouy 10 -8, Cable Crossing on both sides. Fished 25 to 55'. Guess I have a lot more to learn about using his lures. The only thing I caught was an octopus.:hali_parkutuli: Weather was...