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  1. charlyhustle

    1999 Wellcraft 230 Fisherman

    The time has come for me to sell my Wellcraft CC. 3 girls under 3 playing sports and a new job have just killed my ability to get the boat on the water anywhere near what I'd like to be. Here are the details - 1999 Wellcraft 230 Fisherman CC - 2006 Yamaha 225 4 stroke (warranty rebuild by...
  2. charlyhustle

    Phenix Axis HAX 780 XH

    Mint HAX 780 XH. I took it with me for 1 long range trip and it never touched the water. Line Weight 30-80lbs I’m in NorCal and will ship. Asking $ 175 OBO.
  3. charlyhustle

    General CHIRP question

    Quick question, I have a Garmin 7608xsv with a GT51-TM and while this question isn't specific to this setup I thought I'd ask. Will you mark fish/bait in the water column if your transducer isn't reaching bottom? Meaning if I'm unable to reach bottom due to excessive depth can I still mark...
  4. charlyhustle

    Phenix Black Diamond PSW-700M (brand new)

    I'm looking to trade my brand new PSW-700m for a PSW-760m. I currently have the 760m and accidentally bought the 700m. The rod still has the tags hanging off of it and went from the store to my garage where it sits now. Store doesn't offer returns or exchanges without the receipt [emoji849]...
  5. charlyhustle

    LTB complete rigging for 2006 Yamaha 225

    Looking for complete rigging for a new to me 2006 225 Yamaha that's replacing my 225 Ficht. Anyone?
  6. charlyhustle

    Weather Forecasts?

    Heading on a 4 day this Friday out of San Diego and wondering what weather forecast sites do you use? I've tried NOAA as that's what we use in NorCal but thought I'd see what the SoCal guys use. Not that the the reports matter since we're going any way you cut it but I'm bored on a Sunday so I...
  7. charlyhustle

    Lexa 400 or Tranx?

    Preference on Lexa 400 vs Tranx? Headed on a 4 day trip and thinking of picking one of these up for a 30-40lb setup. Easy to cast, blah blah blah... I'll also use at home in Norcal for various other species but that's secondary. Tranx is twice the price so LMK what you think.
  8. charlyhustle

    Release (Truth) Reels SG(s)

    Selling 2 of my 4 Release Reels SG's. Basically brand new condition. No scratches or dings and mechanics are flawless. Looking to add a couple star drags to my arsenal so these need to go. Asking $210/ea shipped to your door via FedEx
  9. charlyhustle

    Gluv It?

    I've got a Wellcraft fisherman 230 center console that has a cuddy cabin that leaks water when it rains. I've caulked the base of the console and any other place I can see where water could enter but no luck. The question is this, has anyone tried using Gluv it epoxy sealer on their rig? I'm...
  10. charlyhustle

    Garmin 7608xsv Chart

    Are there any better charts out there that I can upgrade to with more detailed view? The chart that came installed is borderline worthless on the river I fish and I can't use Navionics on the Garmin. Thoughts or recommendations?
  11. charlyhustle

    Help me spend some money

    I just purchased a new to me Wellcraft 230 Fisherman and I'd like to update the electronics. I'm in saltwater 90% of the time (sturgeon, shark, lingcod, halibut, salmon, tuna) and I think I'd like the latest and greatest. I've used Lowrance in the past (HDS-9) but I'm not married to Lowrance and...
  12. charlyhustle

    LTS Avet reels and Accurate reel

    SX - sold (2) Avet MXJs - sold Accurate - sold Thanks everyone!
  13. charlyhustle

    Sturgeon Guides?

    I'm looking to see if anyone has any recommendations on a guide service that can put us on oversize sturgeon at the beginning of July. We've got 4 in our group and we'll be headed up to fish on July 11 and July 12. I know there are all sorts of guides but I'm looking for actual recommendations...
  14. charlyhustle

    San Diego charter

    Hopefully this is where this belongs. I apologize if it isn't. My old man and his best friend are headed to San Diego for a week and they're looking to take a day trip for whatever is out there. I have no clue what's open or available so I told them I'd hit the forum and check. Any...
  15. charlyhustle

    2010 Hewescraft Searunner

    So ladies and gentlemen, apparently I have the seasickness gene on Big Blue and so does my old man that we can't seem to shake. Something I wish we would have known before buying an ocean boat... So here we go, selling my 2010 Hewescraft Sea Runner. All of the details including pics, videos...