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    Thanks Gary, I found one that I had forgot that I had. Was just curious to the history to it, as i've heard it mentioned before briefly. Thanks
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    How about a "3 Jays" 300? can't take a picture right now but it looks like a full size candybar 112. Also Jitterbugs? Thanks in advance fellas
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    Found the schooling OPAHS

    If you guys think he's serious then....
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    Lots of Old, Vintage Surface Iron, Some Rare, Awesome Swimmers

    Set 1, is pending sale. The rest are all still available. If you're interested, get on these quick. They wont last very long.
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    Lots of Old, Vintage Surface Iron, Some Rare, Awesome Swimmers

    Please click "view attachment" to see the photos. Sorry for that.
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    Lots of Old, Vintage Surface Iron, Some Rare, Awesome Swimmers

    Need to thin out my surface jig collection a little bit. All of the jigs you see below are surface jigs unless stated otherwise. Whether you're a collector looking to add to your collection or a fisherman that needs some more tried and tested surface jigs that swim and will get that yellowtail...
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    Old Vintage Surface Iron, Some Rare, Awesome Swimmers

    Need to thin out my surface jig collection a little bit. All of the jigs you see below are surface jigs unless stated otherwise. Whether you're a collector looking to add to your collection or a fisherman that needs some more tried and tested surface jigs that swim and will get that yellowtail...
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    Summer Foul-Weather gear?

    Grundens petrus are a light weight extremely maneuverable option for summertime slickers in So Cal. Have some green larges that are new for $75.
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    Shimano Clarus csc tr83mb

    Have a 8'3" shimano clarus csc tr83mb. Very nice light weight bass rod. Rod was only used a handful of times (4-5) and always washed off and cleaned after use. Asking $100 in San Diego, would prefer face to face transactions but am willing to ship on your dime. Will post more pictures shortly...
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    Daiwa Lexa 100 and 300 hsp for sale **Lightly Used**

    I have a Daiwa Lexa 100 and 300 for sale today. Both of these reels have seen very little time in the water. Especially the 300, which might have been used only 3 times. Would like to sell both of these reels today, I will offer shipping for these reels, but I would prefer face to face sales if...
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    Lots of swimbaits! Hudds, Savage 3D + more

    Up new low price $150 for the whole lot.
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    Lots of swimbaits! Hudds, Savage 3D + more

    Open to all offers including single bait offers.
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    Lots of swimbaits! Hudds, Savage 3D + more

    Have a variety of 13 different swimbaits including: Savage 3D line through, an assortment of Hudds of all sizes and a handful of various hard jointed swimbaits as well. All the hudds have been pre rigged with the hidden treble hooks. I will sell the entire lot of baits for $150 local pickup or...
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    wtb setup swim bait fishing

    Have a seeker blue lightning inshore series II 858 (s glass) and a lexa 300 filled with 65lb power pro spectra. If you're willing to pay the shipping I'll sell the setup for $300 and you pay for shipping. PM me if interested. Thanks
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    Swimbait combo

    I've got a Lexa 3oo and a 7'11 Shimano Clarus combo, let me know if you are interested.
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    Surface fishing yellows

    IMO the 229 you are using is more so a calico bass reel used for small anchovies or at best a 15-25lb sardine reel. Why not use the 332 or 338?
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    3:16 Lure Co. "Fat Boy" imitation trout lure

    Thanks guys, this thing sold pending payment to the gentlemen that was first in line, if for any reason it falls through I will contact the next in line if they are still interested. I will have a handful of prerigged hudds for sale later today so stay tuned if interested.
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    3:16 Lure Co. "Fat Boy" imitation trout lure

    I have a never used full size 3:16 fat boy imitation trout lure, used to target big bass. This lure retailed new for $120. Get it today for $75! Lure appears to be 10 inches and has a very small lip which is visible in the photos. Also comes stock with 2 very heavy duty treble hooks. READY TO FISH!
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    Do not deal with "gtw7983"

    Wow, when I posted this thread before work , I never expected to get this volume of replies. I would like to thank you all especially Mikey for allowing this to stay open because by allowing to do so it gave me a louder and stronger voice. He has now agreed to pay the remainder of what he owed...
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    Do not deal with "gtw7983"

    Sold a never fished G loomis gl2 swimbait rod which retails for $240 for the low price of $100 since he seemed very deserving. I shipped the rod via his pre paid Fedex shipping label. He received the rod today, claiming that "The rod had absolutely been used hundreds of times, the bottom cork...
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    Offshore How to clean a BFT

    Skin? Put a finger or two under the indent In the skin and the skin will literally peel off like the skin on a fruit.
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    Offshore How to clean a BFT

    Collars must be attached to the belly per new tuna cutting regulations...
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    $110 Calstar Factory Wrap 665H Used Once! $110

    I don't travel to that area too much. I could check shipping prices if you're interested?
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    New Grundens Slickers $80!!

    Price reduced $60, $67 shipped.
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    New Grundens Slickers $80!!

    Having trouble with my phones camera, but here is a good photo for referencing. The actual condition is absolutely flawless never even worn in the house. For what it's worth
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    NEW Gloomis Swimbait Rod GL2 956c $200

    Haha thanks buddy, hate to see this thing collect dust. It's a really nice rod in awesome condition.
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    $110 Calstar Factory Wrap 665H Used Once! $110

    Like new, only used once black and teal factory wrap Calstar Bwc 665H, rod is rated 30-80lb with fuji conventional guides. This is a very versatile rod, absolutely perfect rod for fly lining mackerel or other baits with 40 to 80lb flouro topshots to some of these big 30-100lb bluefin that are...
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    NEW Gloomis Swimbait Rod GL2 956c $200

    No one needs a brand new bass stick? $160 firm
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    New Grundens Slickers $80!!

    I'll flash a couple in a moment, and upload them.
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    NEW Gloomis Swimbait Rod GL2 956c $200

    You can chuck 3-10oz baits with ease from this rod. They did a phenomenal job making a real 7'11 big bass Swimbait rod while keeping the rod very light and perfectly balanced. You could put a Lexa 300 or 400 on here and cast all day long without your arm getting tired.
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    New Grundens Slickers $80!!

    Selling a pair of the green Large Grundens Petrus 116 slickers. They are identical in looks to the herkules model, but made lighter so you don't have to bake when it's hot out, it also has increased mobility, no limited leg and arm movements that you get with other slickers! There is absolutely...
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    WTB Grundens Herkules

    If you are interested in A new model of large green Grundens Petrus model which is identical in looks to the herkules but it is not as heavy and hot so you won't bake in it. Perfect for summertime fishing down here. Yours for $80
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    NEW Gloomis Swimbait Rod GL2 956c $200

    Price lowered, $200 if picked up Monday the 6th.
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    Offshore News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    You misread my post, if you read it again, you'll see that I'm saying that they ARE around. However, they tend to be very skittish most of the time..
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    Offshore News- Big Bluefins on the offshore banks

    On our 3/4 trip we had a very similar situation last year. If I told you how big these fish were you probably wouldn't believe me. Those big ones have seen many, many boats and nets in their day and are usually very skittish, not letting you slide up on them.
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    NEW Gloomis Swimbait Rod GL2 956c $200

    Price is negotiable as long as offers are reasonable.
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    NEW Gloomis Swimbait Rod GL2 956c $200

    Have a new, never used Gloomis G2 956c swb. It is a 7'11 mh rated 25-40lb absolutely perfect rod for throwing big baits to big bass. Rod is extremely light as well. Absolutely beautiful rod. Unfortunately I don't have the time to dedicate for swim bait fishing but if you do then this is the rod...
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    Lots of Vintage Surface Jigs Candybar, Schnabel, Salas, Tady, RARE

    Already sold thank you for your interest.
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    Tons of VINTAGE Surface Jigs!

    Open to all reasonable offers!
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    Lots of Vintage Surface Jigs Candybar, Schnabel, Salas, Tady, RARE

    UP Will work with all reasonable offers.
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    WTB gyros

    Have a pair of Fujinon Stabiscopes that are the 12x40. The cosmetic side is a 7/10 due to the fact that i tried using a cleaner not on the lense, but on the body which didn't react well with the rubber coating. The mechanics are a solid 10/10 just spent over $1000 getting the motor replaced and...
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    Vintage Jig ID Need Help

    No idea, my phone camera is busted so its very hard to see. But there is a painted chevron that is wearing off but still recognizable.
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    Vintage Jig ID Need Help

    This one has got me beat. Usually I can make out company names no problem. Not this one looks like it starts with a C has 2 MM's and ends with an EL.
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    Vintage Jig ID Need Help

    Was going through my jigs and found this, I think I always assumed it was a Schnabel until I really looked at it. On the front it is hard to see in the picture but it looks like A red "chevron" was painted there but started to wear unfortunately. On the back there is the same type of font and...
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    Lots of Vintage Surface Jigs Candybar, Schnabel, Salas, Tady, RARE

    **Pics in 2nd post** Need to thin out my surface jig collection a little bit. All of the jigs you see below are surface jigs unless stated otherwise. Whether you're a collector looking to add to your collection or a fisherman that needs some more tried and tested surface jigs that swim and will...
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    Was going through my jigs and found this, I think I always assumed it was a Schnabel until I really lookied at it.l On the front it is hard to see in the picture but it looks like A red "chevron" was painted there but started to wear unfortunately. On the back there is the same type of font and...
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    Tons of VINTAGE Surface Jigs!

    Need to thin out my surface jig collection a little bit. All of the jigs you see below are surface jigs unless stated otherwise. Whether you're a collector looking to add to your collection or a fisherman that needs some more tried and tested surface jigs that swim and will get that yellowtail...
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    Harnell Jig Sticks For Sale

    Sent you a message regarding the Ulua. If it's not already spoken for I'll take it. Thanks
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    Fraser Optics Bylite Gyro Binoculars

    Are these better than Fuji Stabiscopes? Not the "Techno Stabis" but the actual Stabiscopes? Only reply if you've used both please. Thanks
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    price drop super seeker green ulua 230 obo with video

    Trade for a Purple Newell 2 series? New in box.
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    Men vs yellowtail vs seal

    Treat the gaff like a pool cue and only grab it once you have color. That way you can clear rods and help out the angler without looking like Ms. Bopeep Nice YT
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    Anyone have any House of jig Explorers? One i'm referring too is the size of a candybar 250?
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    Strongest Loop Knot For Mossback Yellows On Bottom?...

    Wtf is a mossback? You mean yellowtail? Spiderhitch... Surgeons loop. All work.
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    Need a Licensed Captain to Train Me

    Shit, just one of those things you have to learn. Walk it off the dock and back in.
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    Offshore Chief Collonett December 6th

    You don't know what you're talking about unfortunately, educate yourself before just making a statement you can't backup. Those offshore fish you're talking about are very migratory, swimming north from Mexico with the pockets of warm water that is pushed North. The majority of the time these...
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    Let see you best yellowtail

    Is that Shorty?
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    Best fish cutting knife for the money ?

    8 inch Forschner "breaking" knife with a wood handle for filleting and a 6 inch stiff Forschner "boning" knife for outlining and cutting tuna. A lot of it is personal preference. The afore mentioned is just what I, and the rest of the guys on our boat like.
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    SALAS jigs with boat names

    I have an amigo surface iron worth anything?
  59. so*CALpaddyhop

    SALAS jigs with boat names

    H fishermans landing candybar 112 single hook.
  60. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking For! Tady BA Jigs!!

    Got a few... How much are you trying to spend per?
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    Offshore Marlin Fishing 11/8

    Dope job Alex. Thought that was you out there but didn't have time to glass you, busy running around on deck. FWIW we had good cod fishing that morning.
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    WTF is this?

    I've been running avg for a virus detector, anyone have any experience with them? Nothing but good things so far.
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    YT and seals

    They are 100% out of hand up and down the coast, eating everything with the only exception being sculpin. Not even your rock cod are safe anymore. Pulled on a 30lb yellow that 3 sealions were literally tag teaming, one would dive down for a few minutes with it in its mouth until it had to...
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    Offshore "That Guy"

    I hope for everyone's sake you never eat out or fish on any sportfishing boat. You're probably the guy that has the deckhand spool all of the line on your empty reels and requires constant assistance, then says "Don't worry I'll take care of you guys at the end." But instead offerers a...
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    Shimano Trinidad 16Na or 16a

    Get the 20 for iron. You won't be disappointed.
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    WTB Seeker Ulua blanks & finished rods

    Hey Johnny read your PM's thanks.
  67. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB Seeker Ulua blanks & finished rods

    Still looking, anyone have blue CEX uluas? Or green uluas in SD, message me!
  68. so*CALpaddyhop

    Why didn't the Dominator fish this year???

    I was under the impression that the outcome of the two boats was common knowledge. For some strange reason a lot of you guys act like it's some sort of conspiracy? Do you think one of the boats just magically had a hole in it one morning or what?
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    WTB Seeker Ulua blanks & finished rods

    Thanks for the post Butterfly, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately a little too far, thank you for the post though.
  70. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB Seeker Ulua blanks & finished rods

    Looking for Seeker or Super Seeker Ulua blanks or finished rods. Looking for one that's 10', and one that's 9"3. Must be located in San Diego. Thanks
  71. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seekers Ulua's for sale

    Sent you a pm, I'll take the green and blue.
  72. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seeker White Tiger Blanks

    Any Uluas, or other 10 footers?
  73. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Chubasco II 3/4 day 9/03/2014

    Don't ever compare Tiny's fat ass to Leonidas from 300...
  74. so*CALpaddyhop

    6-Pack Charters?

    Call Gary on the Alexes, or Brian on the El Gato. Out of seaforth sportfishing mission bay. Very professional captains with very bitchen clean boats. Will not be disappointed.
  75. so*CALpaddyhop

    Sunday Yellows Short of the 209 (Binocular Recommendations)

    She'll out the cash on the stabiscope. I can spot one tern bird working at 4 miles. This has resulted in numerous 100+ fish stops. You will never know what you're missing. But I will when I watch you drive right by it ;)
  76. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Sea Trek 3\4 day 9\9

    I hear ya, if you notice the fish aren't being kept wet frequently ask a deckhand nicely and I bet they'll take care of it. On the Sea Watch we understand that you guys pay a lot of money to come out fishing with us and that taking home a quality product is very important to you, and us.
  77. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Sea Trek 3\4 day 9\9

    Just because a boat doesn't have an RSW, doesn't mean the fish is automatically going to come out terrible. It all depends on your crewmembers. The 3/4 day boat that I am a part of, like 99% of all other 3/4 day boats does not have an rsw, but that doesn't mean there aren't ways to still...
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    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    Fish cleaning is service that you are paying for please dont confuse it as a tip.
  79. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Dolphin skunk 8-27

    Doesn't matter what side of the boat the kelp paddy is on. Believe it or not but a lot of the time the tuna school/fish isn't set up right underneath it. They have tails and will use them to find the 50 baits that just appeared out of no where. Sorry about your trip.
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    Yep that would be the idea of it.
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    Wondering if anyone does custom brain spikes or custom leather sheaths. Not afraid to part with some money for a nice product.
  82. so*CALpaddyhop


    Wondering if anyone does custom brain spikes or custom leather sheaths. Not afraid to part with some money for a nice product.
  83. so*CALpaddyhop

    Tuna Brain spike

    Looking for a few brain spikes, if there's anyone here who makes them. Thanks
  84. so*CALpaddyhop

    How to slide into a shared school properly

    Oh I agree, unfortunately it will never work that way. There will always be the, "oh well my eyes are bad and I can't find kelps, so it's just easier for me to find boats that are already stopped on kelps and just fish theirs." People.
  85. so*CALpaddyhop

    How to slide into a shared school properly

    Unfortunately with how many people have been sliding 30 FEET off our stern It makes 50 yards seem like a mile lol
  86. so*CALpaddyhop

    How to slide into a shared school properly

    Thought I would throw this out there for everyone's benefit, skiff and sportboat's alike. If you insist on sliding into a tuna school that is already being fished by another boat, do it with courtesy. Instead of mobbing through the other boats chum line doing 20 knots and setting up 15 yards...
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    Avet sx black single speed

    I'll give ya 125 shipped
  88. so*CALpaddyhop

    Surface Iron

    If you don't mind throwing jigs with a lever drag, the single speed jx is a nice reel.
  89. so*CALpaddyhop

    LB breakwall 7/4

    Good call dropping the pick ASAP. That's definitely the first move.
  90. so*CALpaddyhop

    Wtb Phenix 1009b or seeker ULUA

    Replied. San Diego only please guys!
  91. so*CALpaddyhop

    Wtb Phenix 1009b or seeker ULUA

    As the title says I'm interested in either a Phenix 1009b 25-60lb rating or a Seeker or Super Seeker Ulua either 9'3 or uncut 10'. Local to San Diego only please, thank you. Let me see what you've got thanks.
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    ***SOLD*** 20 Foot Mako (1974) 175 Mercury (1990) $7,900.

    Man that's the perfect little local boat for out here!
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    Best Casting Conventional Reel???

    You should really be able to evenly guide line on the reel without staring at your reel..
  94. so*CALpaddyhop

    Best Casting Conventional Reel???

    Please don't be one of the guys throwing 45's or 7x's on your bass reel..
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    WTB Gyro binoculars

    Thanks for the link, I do own a pair of canons and unfortunately the canon "push button image stabilizers" are not as good as the comparable fujinon, Fraiser, and others. If anyone has any for sale please message me!
  96. so*CALpaddyhop

    F/S 7400yds of 15lb test izorline

    I have 7400 yards of 15lb green, "Xxx super co-polymer" in other words 15 lb mono. Looking for $50. You can reach me on my cell phone 619 403 7891 and ask for Kris. Thank you.
  97. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB Gyro binoculars

    Looking for Fujinon Stabiscopes, but will remain open to others. Thanks.
  98. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB: Tady 45's

    How many are you looking for? I have quite a bit. Some very very old, as in the first couple stamps that were made
  99. so*CALpaddyhop

    JX 6/3 MC - Spectra Advice for Slingin Iron

    I've tried just about all the popular methods for "throwing iron" and straight spectra with a 3' flouro top shot was a headache. It can definitely be done, but not without many, many backlashes. These are not just your normal 40lb mono easy to pick out backlashes either. These are the make up a...
  100. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for a 1/4 day boat to take 30-50 people

    Over on the 'Seawatch' out of Seaforth Sportfishing, we can do what ever type of custom charter you would like for under 45 fishermen. Boat is well equipped with an experienced captain, crew, and all the electronics required to make your trip successful. You can call the landing at (619)224-3383...
  101. so*CALpaddyhop

    getting dikes normal again.

    Fill up a ziplock with enough wd40 to fully soak the head of the tool for about 24 hour. Then take it out and try to force it open and close. Repeat the process till it works.
  102. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB trout swimbaits

    How about a never used 3:16 Lure co "Fat Boy". If your after big double digit bass, then this thing is no joke.
  103. so*CALpaddyhop

    what boat for a private charter

    Like Brian said, the Voyager and Pride are both good vessels and well captained. Although the Voyager will be able to cover more ground than the single screw Pride which can make a difference when the fishing grounds are a little bit farther like they are now. good luck.
  104. so*CALpaddyhop

    Caught fish, wish I could have kept the big ones...

    Sounds like instead of having the nuts to say this all to the Capt. while it was all going down, you didn't do anything, sat back and took it while letting frustration and anger build up inside then taking it out over an Internet forum instead of resolving it as it was happening. Or instead by...
  105. so*CALpaddyhop

    Good affordable filet knife?

    8" forschner "breaking knife" and a 6 inch stiff forschner for tuna is all you'll ever need in our waters.
  106. so*CALpaddyhop

    Longrange Jackpot Drama

    Looks like your chosen path is that of a cocksucker.
  107. so*CALpaddyhop

    coronado islands rockcod

    Careful, only 10 fish per person on Mexico. Nice haul though.
  108. so*CALpaddyhop


    You guys feed the trolls too much.
  109. so*CALpaddyhop


    Mission belle threw 60 Yellas on the deck today at the islands. It's about being in the right place in the right time. Pay attention to what the currents doing, wind, bait, birds and all that good stuff. A lot of this fishing this time of the year is sonar related, so also learn to read your...
  110. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell C332 & rare blackie 300c

    Price reduced $90 each, picked up. Clairemont San Diego area. Or at Seaforth sport fishing.
  111. so*CALpaddyhop

    Saltist bg 35h for sale

    Price is $120 reel is loaded is 65lb spectra!
  112. so*CALpaddyhop

    Vintage surface iron!

    Bump! Have lots of old tadys, all sizes of surface irons. Lots of vintage jigs that swim true, all over 10 years old some as old as 20+.
  113. so*CALpaddyhop

    SX or MXL Raptor

    I've got an mxl raptor with the raptor skin color. Only used once bnib condition.
  114. so*CALpaddyhop

    Vintage surface iron!

    Sorry for the lack of response, was very busy the past two days. No explorers. And I will PM you on the killers
  115. so*CALpaddyhop

    Vintage surface iron!

    As far as the 112s go, I'd say probably about 20 of them for sale, and the majority are $12-15.
  116. so*CALpaddyhop

    Vintage surface iron!

    If you can't make out what types of jigs these are ill post the names and prices when I get back from running errands. This isn't even the type of the ice berg as far as the jigs go. Will get the rest up today.
  117. so*CALpaddyhop

    Vintage surface iron!

    Thinning out my collection here, have about 50 or so I'm going to take pictures of and list on here. Most of the jigs consist of the old OG real swimming Candybar lures in all sizes, some Schnabels, a bunch of old tady, salas, killer jigs and much more. Price is going to be $12-20, can work...
  118. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell C332 & rare blackie 300c

    If you want it, it's yours
  119. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell C332 & rare blackie 300c

    Price reduced $115 picked up for c332 and $130 for 300c! Remember these Newell's are not being made anymore so once they're gone and people need parts for their reels to work, you better believe the price of these reels will go up.
  120. so*CALpaddyhop

    Estimating Fish Processing Costs?

    Depends on the boat, most boats fillet fish on trips up to 2.5 days. Call the landing and check. $5 a fish beats $.80 per lb. Especially if you get a good crew who takes pride in their work. Plus that's 80% of how we make our living.
  121. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell C332 & rare blackie 300c

    Have 2 old school newell reels for sale, one C332.5 in awesome mechanical and cosmetic shape and one rare original "blackie" 300c I've never seen one of these that is in as good cosmetic and mechanical condition as this. I've been told that this was probably one of the first line of 300c's that...
  122. so*CALpaddyhop

    Saltist bg 35h for sale

    Reel also comes with box
  123. so*CALpaddyhop

    Saltist bg 35h for sale

    Have a Saltist bg 35H loaded with 65lb spectra. Reel is in 10/10 mechanical condition and 9/10 cosmetic condition with only 2 minor scratches on the left side plate of the reel. Asking price $140 local pickup only please. Clairemont area/Bay park area, or Seaforth Sportfishing. Having trouble...
  124. so*CALpaddyhop

    Braid with top shot or strait mono for live bait albies...

    There's really not much of a real need to fish spectra locally offshore to be honest IMO. But if you must, 65lb braid to 5 feet of either 20-40lb flouro depending on if the fish are line shy or not/the grade of fish around. Shit if they're not line shy grab your trolling rod with the 80lb and...
  125. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet pro EXW 4/02

    Thank you for the reply, goodluck.
  126. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet pro EXW 4/02

    Trying to find someone local first if possible guys.
  127. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet pro EXW 4/02

    Here's another picture
  128. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet pro EXW 4/02

    Thanks guys really awesome reel. Never even Hooked a fish on it! I have it rigged for a trolling setup but you could definitely fish 50-80lb on it. Will throw In a 6465xh with straight roller guides, custom wrapped for an extra $100 if you want the reel!
  129. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet pro EXW 4/02

    Have a blue avet "pro EXW 4/02" loaded with 130lb spectra. Reel was just serviced and is in 9.5/10 mechanical condition and 8/10 cosmetic. With just a few minor scuffs/scratches. Need reel gone asap will sell for $250 today. Please pm me your email me for pictures. I live in clairemont, local...
  130. so*CALpaddyhop

    Versatile BaitCasting Reel

    Daiwa lexa. It's a curado killer.
  131. so*CALpaddyhop

    Dorado fishing

    Sometimes they get as close as 15 miles from the jettys under kelps or bird schools. Shit I remeber working a 1/2 day trip 2 years ago, and glassing a kelp with dorado under it only 5 miles off the NW corner of LJ. Every year is different my friend. But I would say anywhere from 20+ miles.
  132. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell C332

    Will take trades for big largemouth bass trout swimbaits
  133. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell C332

    Have a Newell C332 that is in 9.5/10 cosmetic condition, and 9.5/10 mechanical condition. Looking for $120 or trade for a crank bait rod or maybe another bass rod, but that's about it. Pretty sure everyone knows what a Newell looks like but will send pictures to those interested upon request...
  134. so*CALpaddyhop

    two of super seeker CBJF100 unfinish rod

    Bump for a good jig tossin blank.
  135. so*CALpaddyhop


    Looking for an ULUA 93H blank. In the San Diego region, comment and then shoot me a private message if you have one you are willing to part with.
  136. so*CALpaddyhop

    Salas 6x Jr - 2 different weights?

    6x jr lights and heavies.
  137. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet EXW 30/2

    Have a blue Avet EXW 30/2 (wide model) loaded with 130lb white power pro spectra (Avet says it holds 690yds of 130lb). Reel is cosmetically a 9.5/10 and mechanically 10/10 reel was very lightly used and was just serviced and lubricated. Reel will also come with original box and reel clamp. Will...
  138. so*CALpaddyhop

    Fishing 30lb test offshore....

    What happens when crew members get yelled at by their captain for too many pulled hooks or broken lines by passengers? They loosen their passengers drag. 90% of the time a deckhand does something on deck, it's because it was something they were told by the captain to do. If its something you...
  139. so*CALpaddyhop

    $80 for charge on a 2 day trip!!!

    Good on you, no reason to make the deckhands suffer because the ownership dropped the ball. If the crew works hard and something shady happens from the management point of view, it should be addressed as soon as possible (probably before leaving the boat face to face) with the operator and/or owner.
  140. so*CALpaddyhop

    H&M - Who's heard of the Invicta?

    Learn how to bounce 6lb yellowtail. The gaff hook is probably bigger than the fish.
  141. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB 800h or 850h

    Looking for a calstar 800 or 850h no real seats. Cork or xwrap only. San Diego local please. Post or PM me.
  142. so*CALpaddyhop

    YELLOWFIN! Late report.

    Quack quack
  143. so*CALpaddyhop

    Radioactive BFT off CA Coast - Sashimi Time!!

    Wish it was just liberal articles reporting on it. Unfortunately it's a fact that there are hundreds of tons of gallons that have for the last year and to this day are still getting let into the Pacific Ocean. According to the top nuclear scientists northern Japan is and will permanently be...
  144. so*CALpaddyhop


    What's the strike and max drag specs? Thanks.
  145. so*CALpaddyhop

    100 miles off Madeira Beach, Florida:

    Does it get hectic fighting a fish around the boat with all the buckets on deck and rods that are in the way? Looks like if you were going up or down the rail, a lot of things would have to be moved?
  146. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bay and Inshore Rods and Reels

    If you'll sell the lexa 100 for $100 ill Paypal ya for it right now.
  147. so*CALpaddyhop

    Coronado Island Tips

    Would not do this in Mexico if I were you. Bring lots of frozen squid and strip it out for sculpin on some nice hard bottom spots or ridges you find. In the afternoon look for yellowtail under birds or setup drifts on sonar schools. Fishing has been pretty balls locally lately especially if...
  148. so*CALpaddyhop

    Is my Low IQ a Prerequisite for Being on BD?

    What's up with these dog-shit stupid posts all the time?
  149. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore 9 MILE,181,182,30 MILE BANK 160 MILES= PL Kelp Salvation

    Sure they weren't dolphin jumping out of the water? Hmm
  150. so*CALpaddyhop

    FS Mostly Seeker new blanks, clearing extras

    $100 for the ulua blank? And what's the rating on it? Thanks
  151. so*CALpaddyhop

    1.5 Day: Aztec, Prowler, or Dominator?

    All of these captains are going to try ad target tuna fish first and foremost, because that's what sells out boats. If they choose to drive past the pens, it's because they feel they have a better chance of catching tuna elsewhere. Some of the best tuna bites are going to be off of jig strikes...
  152. so*CALpaddyhop

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    All you guys saying that you won't step on a boat with burlap, and ohh so and so has a kill box are too funny. What happens on your 2 day trip in a stupid wide open bite and there are 15 fish coming over then rail at once? Do you think those fish magically go into the RSW immediately? No, they...
  153. so*CALpaddyhop

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    Every crew pays for the burlap out of their pocket. You are reimbursing them or the bags.
  154. so*CALpaddyhop

    Active Squid Beds at Catalina?

    Might have better luck asking someone to have their girl for a night...
  155. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Aztec 7/26/13 1-day Late Report

    Glad you had a good time, it was fun trip. -Todd
  156. so*CALpaddyhop

    Jackpot Shenanigans

    What a stupid statement. There are plenty of sport-boat captains and crew members that support their family's. Without us, whose chumline are you going to poach/follow around all day long to figure out where the fish are because 90% of you aren't capable of finding them on your own.
  157. so*CALpaddyhop

    SD 6 Pack boat recommendation

    Gary on the "Alexes" out of Seaforth is hands down one of the best charter boats around. Very experienced great captain. Give him a call!
  158. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB Avet HX Raptor

    Looking for an avet hx raptor. Thanks -Todd
  159. so*CALpaddyhop

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    How do you know that the crew of the boat was aware of the raffle?
  160. so*CALpaddyhop

    SMB New Del Mar 1/2 Day Report 6/25/13

    Vermillion rockfish, lucky for you not a greenspot.
  161. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB 100j MAG or 9'3 ULUA

    Replied to pms. Someone hop on that acid rod, if I had time to strip and wrap it I would.
  162. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seaforth Jackpot Passes? 1967

    Do you mean a salas 1x100? If so I have one ill part with along with a "holiday special" surface jig.
  163. so*CALpaddyhop

    more EPIC MAKO FISHING super moon sunday

    What was your bait and rod/reel setup. Thanks
  164. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB 100j MAG or 9'3 ULUA

    Great price guero, just not looking for the acid wrap, thanks though. Still looking for either a 100j mag or 9"3h ulua!
  165. so*CALpaddyhop

    Torrey Pines cluster F Bed Thread

    An open forum is the absolute last place to post seabass dope. That is why every spot gets burned out within a week or two. Now the place is going to look like the fricken border with 50 boats on it. Oh well, wonder how long it takes before you or someone else mentions the other beds.
  166. so*CALpaddyhop

    Calico Bass Tagging (Pics)

    Between Monday, and today's charter we tagged about 700 calico bass in two days. I would estimate about 25 of which were tagged.
  167. so*CALpaddyhop

    Yellowtail on squid.

    Kelp paddies? Or the actual kelp line at the islands? Like the ribbon, 5 minute etc?
  168. so*CALpaddyhop

    Calico Bass Tagging (Pics)

    The fishing was done in the la Jolla cove closure, made possible by the proper scientific permits that were obtained by those in charge of the study.
  169. so*CALpaddyhop

    Miraders & Speedsters

    Ill buy the 6" marauder right now.
  170. so*CALpaddyhop

    If you can only 2 set-up's on a 2 day trip??..

    You could grab an 800mh and a used torium 30 for that range. Or a cjb80h.
  171. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore the Cortez, Good or Bad?

    One of the best boats/skipper in the fleet. Anyone who says otherwise is misinformed.
  172. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell 300C

    Sent ya a pm, can PayPal ya tonight.
  173. so*CALpaddyhop

    Cattle Boat Quotes

    My filet bill was $8 here's a $10 do you have any change?
  174. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB 100j MAG or 9'3 ULUA

    Looking for either a 100j MAG or 9'3H ULUA for a heavy 7x rod. Please post or pm me with a picture or description and line rating. Thanks!
  175. so*CALpaddyhop

    Recommend me a a good reel for flylining anchovies

    Ive got an avet mxl 2 speed in excellent mechanical condition that was just serviced. Perfect from calico bass to yellows. Will let go for a very good price. Let me know via pm if you're interested.
  176. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell 344-5

    Got a $100 for it Brandon let me know
  177. so*CALpaddyhop

    Picking a surface iron that swims???

    For 45's first thing I look at are the hips of the jig. 2 things I look for in the hips, are either very wide even hips or wide offset hips, both are going to affect the retrieve speed thats going to make the jig "swim". I personally like when the two holes of the jig are drilled unevenly...
  178. so*CALpaddyhop

    Craziest thing I've ever seen in HH today...

    Saw a few while looking for kelps off shore last year, 20-50 miles.
  179. so*CALpaddyhop

    New jigstick reel.

    338 graphite newell. Or a shimano torium 20, if money's not an issue go for the Trinidad. Get the longer screws just incase.
  180. so*CALpaddyhop

    Wtb 10ft harnell

    Looking for 10ft harnells. Thanks
  181. so*CALpaddyhop

    Surface poppers

    How much for the black 5"popper?
  182. so*CALpaddyhop

    Daiwa Sealine 20sha

    How would you rate the reel cosmetically and mechanically, on a ten scale? Thanks
  183. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB: Newells

    I have a black g 338 f with the red knob, red lettering, red stripe handle. Thin was just serviced and is in absolute flawless mechanical/cosmetic condition. Pm me for pictures and let me know what it's worth to you.
  184. so*CALpaddyhop

    New batch of poppers.

    How much? Pm me
  185. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seabass destruction on the Aloha Spirit!

    Nice seabass. One thing to keep in mind when fishing live squid for larger fish like seabass, yellows or halibut is that it's very important to use a larger hook. Like a 4/0 or 5/0. Give you a far better hookup:landing ratio.
  186. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seeker Ulua blank

    Replied, thanks. Still looking
  187. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seeker Ulua blank

    Looking to buy a Seeker Ulua blank either cut down to 9"3 or full size. Live in San Diego (Claremont area) thanks -Todd
  188. so*CALpaddyhop

    90j MAG blank or seeker ULUA blank

    Like the title says, looking for either a 90j Mag or ulua blank in San Diego. Thank you.
  189. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell 300c or narrowed 3 or 4 series

    Looking for a Newell 300c or any narrowed 300 or 400 series. Thanks
  190. so*CALpaddyhop

    Phenix Recon Bass Rods

    Ill give ya 120 for the 804 if ya still have it
  191. so*CALpaddyhop

    Uluas 9'3 or 10ft

    San Diego only please. Have cash ready.
  192. so*CALpaddyhop


    If you can knock $30 off it, ill take it
  193. so*CALpaddyhop

    10/5 stolen or lost nets (mission bay)

    No boat wants to intentionally run over anyone's lobster gear. Like stated before, it makes a mess of the shafts and props, and then one of us has to go dive down an fix the problem, I can promise you all of that.
  194. so*CALpaddyhop

    Yellowtail on a Snagged Line

    Hey James, glad you had a good time aboard the Seawatch. Congrats on the yella!
  195. so*CALpaddyhop

    Large Grunden Slicker Bottoms

    No holes or tears please. Go ahead and shoot me a pm if you have a Large for sale. Thanks
  196. so*CALpaddyhop

    Biggest fish on a Penn Jigmaster 500/501

    Yft up to 60lbs on the jigmaster
  197. so*CALpaddyhop

    dropper loops made easy

    Like the dropper loop isn't easy enough??? Whats next, the albright board?
  198. so*CALpaddyhop

    Torium 20

    Looking for a used, but not trashed Shimano Torium 20 for $125. Have cash in hand, would be looking to pick it up in San Diego.
  199. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newell C338.5

    I'll take it asap!
  200. so*CALpaddyhop

    an ULUA

    9'3 or full 10'. Any old wrap will do, trying to spend under $175. Thanks guys.
  201. so*CALpaddyhop

    Run over by a boat by Salt Creek

    I never implied there was a reason to drive 20 knots through the kelp beds, I simply asked if they had a flag up. There are a lot of stupid boaters out there, so it is never a bad idea to take the extra precaution. Thanks
  202. so*CALpaddyhop

    Run over by a boat by Salt Creek

    Did you guys have a dive flag up?
  203. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seeker 270 Custom Wrap 30 Bucks!

    any cracks in the rod, or around any of the eyes?
  204. so*CALpaddyhop

    100j and Graftech

    Still have the 100j?
  205. so*CALpaddyhop

    Barrett 6-2

    Howser is awesome, I remember mornings there that were unreal on the POP'R. As the sun's rising those fish get really active over there. I've had a lot of luck Texas rigging 6' Berkley blue flec curly tailed worms. Can't go wrong dropshotting either.
  206. so*CALpaddyhop

    XTRATUFF'S SIZE 12 $30!

    Hey, bought a pair of size 12, non insulated xtratuff's for $75, just to find my trusty old pair with insoles just one fishing trip later. I don't need 2 pairs of boots, so I'm offering the practically new pair, which was only worn once for only $30. Boots have been cleaned spotless, Also comes...
  207. so*CALpaddyhop

    PL some calico, 5/23-good day

    Is there still a lot of bait over there?
  208. so*CALpaddyhop

    Formal handgun training

    What he said... Gunsite
  209. so*CALpaddyhop

    Cromartie in the news again

    Watched an "Outside The Lines" on Espn about Antonio one time, and his english teacher at FSU was on the interview and said he read under 20 words per minute... and was forced to pass him..
  210. so*CALpaddyhop

    who found Japanese stuff this weekend?

    You guys are touching that shit, and bringing it into your home..??
  211. so*CALpaddyhop

    Penn Presents - Caption Contest - Win a Fathom Reel and Carnage Rod - Ends May 21st

    "Captain...we're gonna need a bigger boat!"
  212. so*CALpaddyhop

    reebs bolt throwers

    Don't listen to the fags... Nice hali's and wtg on the legal.
  213. so*CALpaddyhop

    Not yo mammas Iron

    How much for the just the killer jigs? I'll most likely take em if you still have them...
  214. so*CALpaddyhop

    Mono help.

    Nothing wrong with p line
  215. so*CALpaddyhop

    Relentless Sportfishing putting new Shimano Tranx to the test

    Why wouldn't anyone just use an Avet SX if they wanted a low profile reel...? Which by the way is far more low profile and better looking than the tranx...
  216. so*CALpaddyhop

    bad dad

    Call it an "Oceanography field trip"
  217. so*CALpaddyhop

    Rpt-Sun-04-29-12 La Jolla Tail Chasing.

    Check out North Island instead of lj.......
  218. so*CALpaddyhop

    Spearfishing butts?

    Do they just cut the metal rod on both sides, and pull it out?
  219. so*CALpaddyhop

    2 Day Trip

    20-30 bait stick with flouro ,40lb jigstick ,and 60lb trolling rod should cover it.
  220. so*CALpaddyhop

    Daiwa Saltist 40H Almost New!

    Bump, this reel was only used once! Get a practically brand new reel that retails for $190+tax for $140
  221. so*CALpaddyhop

    Need help with gear selection...

    Man i've got a Daiwa saltist 40h in the classifieds that was only used once for $140 if you want a steal.
  222. so*CALpaddyhop

    LOOKING TO BUILD A 308 OR 7.62 WEAPON look at their 7.62 ar's you will be hardpressed to find a better manufactured gun....
  223. so*CALpaddyhop

    Shimano Teramar 80h 8ft. NEW

    Shimano Teramar 80H Only used once, asking price $120 Sorry for the poor quality cell phone pictures, but let me know if you guys need pictures of anything else up here. Pm me or text me on my cell phone 619 634 3033 and ask for Todd. Thanks guys!
  224. so*CALpaddyhop

    Daiwa Saltist 40H Almost New!

    5 month old (black exterior, gold spool) Daiwa Saltist 40H. This reel has only seen the water once. I'm asking $140 for this basically brand new reel. Can meet anywhere in San Diego. You can go ahead and PM me, or text me on my cell phone 619 634 3033 and ask for Todd. Thank you Reel Spec's...
  225. so*CALpaddyhop

    Teach your kids to fight back

    Teach your boys and girls Gracie Jiu Jitsu, you'll thank me later.
  226. so*CALpaddyhop

    Ulua's and a Teramar 80h! Need Gone ASAP!!

    I have (2) Uluas for sale, One of them the Rare Green 10' Super Seeker (on the far left of the picture). Has a beautiful lime green wrap on it. Asking SOLD SOLD SOLD And the other Ulua (on the far right of the picture) is a Seeker Ulua 93h Rated 30-60, wrapped by YO's with a Black, Red and...
  227. so*CALpaddyhop

    Daiwa Saltist 40H Only Used Once!!

    5 month old (black exterior, gold spool) Daiwa Saltist 40H. This reel has only seen the water once. I'm asking $145 for this basically brand new reel. Idealy would like to meet up today if possible. Anywhere in the Clairemont, UTC, or surrounding areas. You can go ahead and text or call me on my...
  228. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet Sx Gold $100 Pick it up today!

    Already Sold! Sorry Lokey I didn't even look at the thread's til today. The person that bought ther reel pm'd me.
  229. so*CALpaddyhop

    Smelt for Bait

    Perfect calico bait and halibut bait. For the bass, I would suggest that you collar hook them so they swim better.
  230. so*CALpaddyhop

    Uluas, NIB Saltist 40h, Avet Sx, Newell + More

    Daiwa Saltist, Avet Sx, Teramar and Uluas are all still available. Can ship any item at your expense. Feel free to message me for cell phone pics of the gear.
  231. so*CALpaddyhop

    HUGE Rod & Reel Sale

    D8 Sold! Still have all of the Uluas' + a brand new Daiwa Saltist 40h + 8 ft terramar. Price lowered on Uluas!
  232. so*CALpaddyhop

    Uluas, NIB Saltist 40h, Avet Sx, Newell + More

    Will have pics of the Sx up by tomorrow morning. Thanks
  233. so*CALpaddyhop

    Uluas, NIB Saltist 40h, Avet Sx, Newell + More

    Thanks Alex, both of those are the ones I picked up from you a few years ago. All awesome rods and reels!
  234. so*CALpaddyhop

    Uluas, NIB Saltist 40h, Avet Sx, Newell + More

    I'm having really hard financial times and need this gone asap, so I'm selling all of this gear that is in really great condition, for a very low price: Reels: Daiwa Saltist 40h Star drag, Practically brand new, only used once. Purchased about 3 months ago. It's black with the gold spool...
  235. so*CALpaddyhop

    HUGE Rod & Reel Sale

    Still have all rods, Avet sx and newell! Will be adding a brand new Diawa Saltist with pictures tonight.
  236. so*CALpaddyhop

    HUGE Rod & Reel Sale

    MXJ, and Torium are sold. Everything else still up for grabs. $120 for the sx? and $100 for the newell? Come on guys jump on it, I have bills to pay! lol
  237. so*CALpaddyhop

    HUGE Rod & Reel Sale

    Just added a torium 20.
  238. so*CALpaddyhop

    HUGE Rod & Reel Sale

    ALL PRICES LOWERED Rods First: I have (2) Ulua's One of them the Rare Green 10' Super Seekers I believe. Has a beautiful lime green wrap on it. Asking $175 (or best offer) And the other Ulua is a Seeker Ulua 93h Rated 30-60, wrapped by YO's with a Black, Red and White wrap. This is my favorite...
  239. so*CALpaddyhop

    AIMPOINT H1 Red Dot Sight Brand New In Box never used

    How's it going guys. I have a brand spanking new aimpoint H1 red dot sight, that's still brand new in the box. I'm selling it for $420 obo. Ended up selling my rifle before I even got a chance to put it on. Oh well, my loss is your gain I suppose. Pm me if your interested. Don't hesitate to make...
  240. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bluefin Vs. Yellowfin

    If bonito got to 45 lbs, they would rip your balls off.
  241. so*CALpaddyhop

    Good Oceanside Cop

    SDPD would have beaten his ass sensless with a baton.
  242. so*CALpaddyhop

    would barracuda be good bait for catfish?

    Never tried cuda, but have seen bonito work so I feel that cuda would too.
  243. so*CALpaddyhop

    best twilight boat out of san diego

    Hands down the New Seaforth. Best group of half day captains in san diego.
  244. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for 690j

    Thanks for the offer, but im lookin for the complete rod. Thankyou for the response.
  245. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for 690j

    Bump. Cash in hand.
  246. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for 690j

    Bump. Someones gotta have a 690j they want to part with.
  247. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for 690j

    Hey guys looking for a 690j 9 footer. Shoot me a pm thanks.
  248. so*CALpaddyhop

    7 Jig Sticks for sale

    Pmd, and sent ya a text on the teramar.
  249. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTB 8 1/2 to 9 ft jigstick rated for 30lb

    Looking for a 8 1/2 to 9 ft jigstick ideal for a 30lb bait rig. Thanks.
  250. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poway tomrrow morning?

    Thanks, figured they would be the ones that you would have to work for. Just wanna know if its worth it.
  251. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poway tomrrow morning?

    I don't really care about getting a little wet but I really wanna give it a try do you think its worth it to give the bass a try at poway tomorrow morning? Or am I stupid? Hows everyone else done with the bass situation at lake poway. What baits etc. Thanks
  252. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for a 12 ga. for dove

    Thanks for the good advice Carl. Was definitely going to get a 12 just needed a little help with the brand. 870 seems to fit my wallet range nicely.
  253. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for a 12 ga. for dove

    Think I narrowed it down to an 870, gonna look at the gun show at Del Mar on the 13th. Thanks
  254. so*CALpaddyhop

    Share some images of your pets

    Gotchya, mines a little younger but you've got yourself a beautiful pit. Good luck with him although I'm sure you wont need it they're awesome dogs.
  255. so*CALpaddyhop

    Share some images of your pets

    Duane, your pit looks just like mine. The couple I bought him from in el cajon had a litter of 6 and I dont think they sold them all. How old is he I swear he could be ziggys brother. Looks like they have identical markings white on nose with white chest and white on the paws.
  256. so*CALpaddyhop

    Help Jon Apothaker Save the Giant Black Sea Bass!

    If you don't know the regs you shouldn't be fishing imo.
  257. so*CALpaddyhop

    Looking for a 12 ga. for dove

    Turning 18 in a couple of days and have a little bit of coin to spend. Looking for a good used shotgun for some bird hunts next season. Any suggestions or information would also be appreciated. Thanks
  258. so*CALpaddyhop

    Share some images of your pets

    My boy ziggy at 9 weeks. Hes 8 months now. Sweetest and nicest pit ever.
  259. so*CALpaddyhop

    Iron Manufacturer Favorite

    Old candybars. You know the og stuff.
  260. so*CALpaddyhop

    Brett Farve RETIRES

    He's got another year in him. He had his best statistical season this year.
  261. so*CALpaddyhop

    Best hits of 09/10 NFL season your choice

    What about the game when Miami put in they're 3rd string qb and after the 2nd option play he got knocked out cold.
  262. so*CALpaddyhop

    An ULUA with girly colors

    Do you actually like those guides?
  263. so*CALpaddyhop

    Anybody know where to get a puppy?

    You should go rescue a pitbull puppy, God knows there's enough of them and they're in my opinion the ultimate dog, great listeners, smart, obedient and nice. Mines great with kids as well.
  264. so*CALpaddyhop

    BIG, old amberjack...kan/kampachi?

    Fished in East cape had a buddy hook one that was about a 50lber, fought well.
  265. so*CALpaddyhop

    I'm not too happy about this...

    A raccoon would be a bad ass pet.
  266. so*CALpaddyhop

    Biggest wimp to ever wear a Charger uniform

    He can sure talk some shit though. His skinny black ass needs to learn how to wrap up.
  267. so*CALpaddyhop

    Trolling for Yellow Tail? Lure???

    Depends where you are in Mexico, Mirrolures work well some places so do rapalas I like blue mack colors or sardine. and for the Mirrolures pink.
  268. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poway Trout Season, anyone been out there?

    I've only gone from the boat, but from what I've been seeing the people on the shore do just as well. Towards the back of the lake in the little finger coves seems like the best spot for shore fishing as I've seen a lot of people get limits which is only 4 this year pretty quickly and to answer...
  269. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poway Trout Season, anyone been out there?

    If you're down I was gonna go on thursday or friday. They're dumping 3,000 lbs of those things in there on wednesday but im thinking they'l be shell shocked for a day or so.
  270. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poway Trout Season, anyone been out there?

    Just wondering how people have been doing pursuing the trout at poway. They have been stocking the lake pretty heavily with some large fish. Wondering if anyone wants to share tips or their luck. I've been out there a few days this season and finally think I have it dialed in, seems that most of...
  271. so*CALpaddyhop

    3/1/09 Sea Watch 3/4 Day

    Next time drink your drinks straight not gay. Congrats on the boccacio.
  272. so*CALpaddyhop

    Replacing Trebles on Jigs

    Don't use split rings the jig wont swim as well.
  273. so*CALpaddyhop

    $15.00 For the Fred hall show? Damn! What do you guys think?

    I've been going to the show in del mar since I was six and it gets worse progressively each year last year will be the last year I go. And the pizza tastes like plastic.
  274. so*CALpaddyhop

    One for Capt. G

    Diggen that green.
  275. so*CALpaddyhop

    Can you say dumb $hit

    At least he said "Fuck east county."
  276. so*CALpaddyhop

    Monster Tuna landed at Hooked on Panama Fishing Resort

    Whats up with this passing the rod bullshit the fish doesn't get to pass the lure out of its mouth.
  277. so*CALpaddyhop

    What is your favorite rockfish bait?

    The pacific anchovie
  278. so*CALpaddyhop

    On his FIRST day on the JOB!! Damn

    Mexico's been fucked for a while... some gangster ass shit.
  279. so*CALpaddyhop

    Cromartie played this season with a fracture in his hip

    These guys aren't little bitches they are oiled machines.
  280. so*CALpaddyhop

    Squirtfest on the New Seaforth 1/02/09

    No no no RJ's gay don't be giving him any of your money.
  281. so*CALpaddyhop

    The Suicide Swimbaiter Says:

    you need to get your inches up.
  282. so*CALpaddyhop

    GM bailout.....what do you think

    Let them fail, United airlines failed filed chapter 11 and re organized a company. The motor companies say they will "build cars more friendly to middle america" the fact of the matter is they should have been doing that a long time ago and its time for companies to learn their lessons.
  283. so*CALpaddyhop

    Watch out for kayaks!!!!!!!

    If you're afraid of boats getting close to you, then you might want to leave the ocean.
  284. so*CALpaddyhop

    8-30-08 pics

    nice color on that yellow
  285. so*CALpaddyhop

    Iron fishing setup

    calstar 90j and a newell 338 after you get used to it buy an ulua.
  286. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Dolphin AM Half Day Yellow Fin

    RJ knows how to use a fishing rod??
  287. so*CALpaddyhop

    7/25/08 New Seaforth Twlight

    If you're having problems with your uni breaking, try a SD knot or a double if you feel like it.
  288. so*CALpaddyhop


  289. so*CALpaddyhop

    Affordable Jig Stick?

    Get a 90j and learn how to use it.
  290. so*CALpaddyhop

    M.D.R. SWBA tourny.Pics to follow.

    Fuck the hater, nice fish congrats.
  291. so*CALpaddyhop

    Scary Elevator Ride

    Shits weak
  292. so*CALpaddyhop


    Nice fish capt.
  293. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bishop Creek Quikee.....

    Awesome pics.
  294. so*CALpaddyhop

    Trolling Lures for Bonita

    throw a1's at them
  295. so*CALpaddyhop

    there are a few jerks out there

    Shit like that is fucken terrible man, scum. I think that the only thing worse than a liar is a thief.
  296. so*CALpaddyhop

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Usually works best when used with a dull pocket knife might I add
  297. so*CALpaddyhop


    ditto. NSF crew fucks up the dolphin crew anyday
  298. so*CALpaddyhop


    Is that even a question? new seaforth.
  299. so*CALpaddyhop

    5 days and counting down, whos your pick

    I've got $100 on Faber hes a freak
  300. so*CALpaddyhop

    Be a dick on a sport boat

    Get tooled by a 5lb bonito all around the boat several times
  301. so*CALpaddyhop

    5/21 am 1/2 day Premier

    I believe the DO stands for the drop off
  302. so*CALpaddyhop

    I did NOT expect that.

    He got fucking knocked.
  303. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bachelor Math 101

    Thanks man now i know what I'll do with my 50 million
  304. so*CALpaddyhop

    Do you bleed your rockfish??

    Every fish I keep gets some gills ripped out. As long as the heart is pumping, blood will be drained giving you a nicer fillet.
  305. so*CALpaddyhop

    LJ Kelp...Calicos, Cudda, & more

    Sounds like a good time.
  306. so*CALpaddyhop

    May 9,10,11 Padres pkg. CHEAP!

  307. so*CALpaddyhop


    If they're targeting calico bass tomorrow I would fly line a collar hooked chovie or if they are targeting rockfish, a 6oz torpedo with a chovie on the droper loop.
  308. so*CALpaddyhop


    What landing are you going out of, that will help us know what area you will be fishing.
  309. so*CALpaddyhop

    Seal at children's pool

    Harbor seals have never fucked with your bait or fish when fishing tight in the kelp? hmm I know they have with mine.
  310. so*CALpaddyhop

    what would have done

    I think you should have talked to the deckhand first about it, why not give him a fair shot before talking to his management.
  311. so*CALpaddyhop

    Goleta Otter Invasion

    Good read! I agree
  312. so*CALpaddyhop

    Why No Sport Boat WSB??

    I don't think a captain would want to chase ghosts with 30 passengers when they can load up on bonies, rockfish and bass and make far more $
  313. so*CALpaddyhop

    New family addition

    Cute dog, makes me miss mine.
  314. so*CALpaddyhop

    504# Thresher

    Definitely a monster bro!
  315. so*CALpaddyhop

    what reel to get for fishing yellows on the surface iron??

    fish a 533 with straight 50
  316. so*CALpaddyhop

    4/28 sharkie

    Cool pic, nice t
  317. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bishop Creek Ice Fishing 4/26 w/Pics

    Thats tight, makes me want to do it.
  318. so*CALpaddyhop

    Hey boat sales man...

    Friend has one, a really nice boat.
  319. so*CALpaddyhop


    They know how to do shit on that boat (san diego).
  320. so*CALpaddyhop


    I'll be there (mom's got it too)
  321. so*CALpaddyhop

    La Jolla

    YouTube - Chumline
  322. so*CALpaddyhop

    Shark fishing

    Fuck, thats horrible.
  323. so*CALpaddyhop

    La Jolla

    Lol. There's a youtube video of a kayaker in lj getting mad at a sport boat for crossing his "chum line"
  324. so*CALpaddyhop

    La Jolla

    If you're going with your aunt, I'd pick up some anchovies and go to pl tight in the kelp and fish the bass.
  325. so*CALpaddyhop

    reel for surface iorn

    torium 20, or trini 20 if u can afford it or a 338
  326. so*CALpaddyhop

    WTF was it?

  327. so*CALpaddyhop

    Favorite Music to fish to

    Nice, they're awesome.
  328. so*CALpaddyhop

    Favorite Music to fish to

    They're coming to town soon.
  329. so*CALpaddyhop

    Favorite Music to fish to

    Marley, The used, Social Distortion, AFI, and tons of others. Cant go wrong with any of those for me at least.
  330. so*CALpaddyhop

    I'm going 3/4 tomorrow.....

    I've got the same intentions, its been too long. See ya there.
  331. so*CALpaddyhop

    Anyone have any rogue wave stories?

    Damn Burt thats crazy.
  332. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bass eating trout video

  333. so*CALpaddyhop

    Do you like to fish ?

    Probably have to be 18.. but sent one anyway.
  334. so*CALpaddyhop

    AAA for your dmv registration needs

    Foreal its my expectation of hell.
  335. so*CALpaddyhop

    Favorite color surface iron for yellows

    Old school mint killer jig.
  336. so*CALpaddyhop

    Friday 4/11

    Nice report and f thats your sister we should start hanging out.
  337. so*CALpaddyhop

    I got a bad feeling about this...

    That is terrible.
  338. so*CALpaddyhop

    Sliding Reel Seat for Deckhand Rod?

    If you tape the cork grip and then put your clamp on it, that should keep the rod in a nicer condition if thats all you are worried about.
  339. so*CALpaddyhop

    Calling in to the bite

    Yeah its different down here, when the fish are biting during the summer the morons are in full effect. One of the areas "la jolla" becomes an absolute joke.
  340. so*CALpaddyhop

    Fresh/Salt Baitcasters??

    For that kind of stuff I just use an abu, pretty good drag and it casts well.
  341. so*CALpaddyhop

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    Curb stomping is what I think its called.
  342. so*CALpaddyhop

    and this is why I have a gun in my car

    Would've ran his ass over and not have thought twice nor felt bad about it.
  343. so*CALpaddyhop

    first practice rodeo

    Damn thats cool. Always wanted to give that a good try.
  344. so*CALpaddyhop

    Mission Bay live squid?

    Sliding 3/4 or Dropper loop on the bottom
  345. so*CALpaddyhop

    Some funny things you see while fishin in Aust!

    Haha the beer bottles leading up are classic. Pretty gross though.
  346. so*CALpaddyhop

    acoosed of spotlighting deer

    Way to kill something Robbert.
  347. so*CALpaddyhop

    What is smallest jig you can throw with a 90J?

    To throw things like a1's I usually like a 10 footer but you can do it with the 90j
  348. so*CALpaddyhop

    Islands 2/27/2008

    Nice, see any bait on top?
  349. so*CALpaddyhop

    Damn, broke my elbow

    Sorry to hear about it, atleast it sounded like you were having a good time. Hope the elbow gets better soon.
  350. so*CALpaddyhop

    Young BDer's be careful.......

    Already read it, but damn is it a reality check.
  351. so*CALpaddyhop

    Wrapping Pliers with Cord

    Damn Corb, those look dope.
  352. so*CALpaddyhop

    dolphin squid trips

    hahaha. Seriously though Colin why do you like lingcod so much?
  353. so*CALpaddyhop

    What is the best mono??

    New line is the best. I replace my mono on my jigstick every other time it sees the water. Why lose fish because your line is old and shitty.
  354. so*CALpaddyhop

    best 12-15lb outfit for a long soak

    What he said.
  355. so*CALpaddyhop

    dolphin squid trips

    If you're not catching fish maybe its not Brian's problem...
  356. so*CALpaddyhop

    Need Help with choosing a new reel.

    Your torium really casts like shit? I use a torium 20 for surface jigs and have never had a problem. Which model is it and how old is it?
  357. so*CALpaddyhop

    SuperSeeker Ulua "Reversing Chevron"

    Damn. That things beautiful.
  358. so*CALpaddyhop

    What the Hell was this?

    made me laugh.
  359. so*CALpaddyhop

    N.Y. Swordfish Video

    Damn man, thats the life.
  360. so*CALpaddyhop

    lj on saturday 2-9-08 be there!!!!!!!!!!

    That's good advice. He's the one that taught me how to throw a jig.
  361. so*CALpaddyhop

    lj on saturday 2-9-08 be there!!!!!!!!!!

    This guy knows what hes talking about, I would listen up.
  362. so*CALpaddyhop

    For Sale....Trout with tail

    Just have the dive gear ready
  363. so*CALpaddyhop

    best trout rigs for poway lake??

    Yeah I've broken off some monster ones in the last few weeks on 2lb so I stepped it up.
  364. so*CALpaddyhop

    best trout rigs for poway lake??

    A few of my personal favorites are straight 4 lb test, slow trolling a small rapala, rooster tail, powerbait, or an inflated night crawler.
  365. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poway...01 30 08...another 8 pounder

    Good job on the trout. Another method that that has worked well for me is the inflated night crawler that slow trolled.
  366. so*CALpaddyhop

    Surface Irons

    Get a torium 20, or a newell, use the avet for yoyo or bait.
  367. so*CALpaddyhop

    Nice Red Snapper on the Iron

    Way to rep it.
  368. so*CALpaddyhop

    LJ slow on squid but paid off....BSB 140+

    In CA they are protected by law, but if you go into mexican water you can stick one, but some don't due to ethics, I know i'd kill 1.
  369. so*CALpaddyhop

    Flashlight vs Gun

    Too bad he didnt shoot all of them.
  370. so*CALpaddyhop

    squid trips

    And why would you think its a load of shit?
  371. so*CALpaddyhop

    What are some of your favorite boat meals...

    Can't go wrong with some kfc, sandwiches are bomb too
  372. so*CALpaddyhop

    Best 40lb Jig reel.

    torium 20 for the surface jig on 40, or my second choice a 338 . For yo yo, I like the baja special its a heavy but life cant be perfect.
  373. so*CALpaddyhop

    looking for a great spinning reel

    I'm definately not saying that I know more than you on the subject, I was just stating my opinion that I think it is ridiculous to spend $700 on a spining reel. Don't want you to think I took a cheap shot at you or anything but I do think it is ignorant of you to assume that I don't know...
  374. so*CALpaddyhop

    looking for a great spinning reel

    yeah whatever you say big guy
  375. so*CALpaddyhop

    looking for a great spinning reel

    Paying $700 for a coffe grinder? That is ridiculous
  376. so*CALpaddyhop

    looking for a great spinning reel

    qft, The tribe has spoken
  377. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bacaraac and Bad Omens

    Wow other than the flu and airline problems, that sounds like as close to heaven as you can get.
  378. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bolts versus the MIGHTY PATS

    The pats can suck my mighty cock. Rivers needs to bring his A game
  379. so*CALpaddyhop

    Ford owns your pictures

    Proof the world is going down the shitter.
  380. so*CALpaddyhop

    Tossing iron for yellows

    Ulua/torium 20 with a candy bar, a1, or baby 5x
  381. so*CALpaddyhop

    Landed A job fishing the world back in 6 months

    Wow, you are 1 lucky guy, congrats
  382. so*CALpaddyhop

    How to crop your picture for internet dating

    haha if you dont look down id be all in favor for a mouth fuck
  383. so*CALpaddyhop

    Rpt Weds 1-09-08 Unbelieveable Five Star Bass'n

    They are bass they chew all year long....
  384. so*CALpaddyhop

    reel for fishing the yo yo iron

    The baja special is a nice fairly in expensive reel
  385. so*CALpaddyhop


    Try the canyon and use spectra on your largest reel to try to get one up, and if your lucky and the squid are there the school should follow
  386. so*CALpaddyhop

    jig stick

    matt knows what hes talking about.
  387. so*CALpaddyhop

    Please read

    Then don't open it around your kid, or at work. Problem solved
  388. so*CALpaddyhop

    Whats red, white, and black, and weighs 22 lbs?

    I hope you used your buddies filet knife
  389. so*CALpaddyhop

    Yellowtail Setup

    Don't get a torium 20, get a torium 16.
  390. so*CALpaddyhop

    Arsonist SHOT?

    Not necesarily his family's fault the kid is a fuck, so why punish them?
  391. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore 10/12 Local YFT, YT, Skipjack, Dorado and Albacore??:)

    Nice fish, I heard the smaller football yft's taste a lot better because they havn't accumulated any mercury yet any truth to this?
  392. so*CALpaddyhop

    AFC West, who is going to finish in last place?

    As much as I hate the raiders and would love to say they will finish last, I think the Chiefs will.
  393. so*CALpaddyhop

    Your Jig setups

    10 foot super seeker ulua with a torium 20
  394. so*CALpaddyhop

    Need your opinion & advise

    I'm 16 and wouldn't have wanted to see that 10 years ago. 2 pennies
  395. so*CALpaddyhop

    cheated by a bloodydecker!!!!

    Fucking over a hero isn't right. Good luck with every thing mike.
  396. so*CALpaddyhop

    fuk'n Staabukz

    Fuck starbucks
  397. so*CALpaddyhop

    Cards vs. Bolts.....

    Just nailed the FG
  398. so*CALpaddyhop

    La Jolla Kelp

    16lb yellow but either way.
  399. so*CALpaddyhop

    1/2 day fishing New Seaforth 8/19

    Is that why their count humbles yours 9 times out of 10?
  400. so*CALpaddyhop

    Which reels for ULUA

    I like a torium 20 with 40lb
  401. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore 24'cc, 5 guys west fly

    spyder hitch, palomar, sandiego pick one and use it.
  402. so*CALpaddyhop

    Local La Jolla Yellows 8/21

    Nice fish, they were everywhere that morning.
  403. so*CALpaddyhop

    1/2 day fishing New Seaforth 8/19

    Decided to go out in the afternoon for some hopefully yellowtail action aboard the New Seaforth. We go to the bait reciever and captain RJ is pissed so I know something is up. All of the sardine was pretty much balls, 3/4 the way dead and bloody. Not the boats fault. We ended up going to LJ like...
  404. so*CALpaddyhop

    Daveys Locker 3/4 Caliber August 17, 2007

    derek will fuck your shit up
  405. so*CALpaddyhop

    Coronado 3Bs and Tails 8-16

    I dont see where you think he is being a tough guy. He's letting everyone know what happend and it was nice of the captain of the sporty to step in and appologize, I know a lot of people wouldn't do that.
  406. so*CALpaddyhop

    Daveys Locker 3/4 Caliber August 17, 2007

    Nice job on the bass and getting the poocket bonito
  407. so*CALpaddyhop

    Newport Landing 1/2 day PM Nautilus August 14, 2007

    Did you have to buy a ticket for your spot at a rail? Or were the men at the office nice to you this time.
  408. so*CALpaddyhop

    3/4 day recommendations???

    Go on the San Diego with booger, hes a good captain and that boat has a real good crew.
  409. so*CALpaddyhop

    New Seaforth morning 1/2 day fishing 5/12

    Yeah im going all day tomorrow, you just going in the afternoon?
  410. so*CALpaddyhop

    New Seaforth morning 1/2 day fishing 5/12

    hahah fuck you matt. I take it you are back from vacation. No he was sitting on his ass in the wheel house looking out the window.
  411. so*CALpaddyhop

    New Seaforth morning 1/2 day fishing 5/12

    haha i spelled your name wrong in the report. U better give him a cake before you leave. Are you working tomorrow?
  412. so*CALpaddyhop

    New Seaforth morning 1/2 day fishing 5/12

    Decided to go out on the new seaforth to try my luck with some bonies, cuda and hopefully a yellow or 2. I decided to just bring my ulua and keep it strictly to jig fishing. We head out and go straight into la jolla where there are some nice spots of cudas, bonies and a few yellows splashing...
  413. so*CALpaddyhop

    1/2 Dolphin Trip Recap

    Did you guys put the sardines in the fish count?
  414. so*CALpaddyhop

    Barry does it!

    Fuck him and anyone else who thinks he deserves the record.
  415. so*CALpaddyhop

    bad for local fishing (bait boat)

    Wow look at all the boats they have to fill in MB every day with bait last time I counted I think 5 over night boats plus the half days and the private boaters. They need a lot of bait to keep a company running and whats the deal to the fisherman if they are loading up on some bait outside of...
  416. so*CALpaddyhop

    Costa Del Mar - Bad Service!!!!

    Go with kaenon.
  417. so*CALpaddyhop

    A Tribute to PETA (albacore related)

    That was brutal watching the guy getting his ass kicked by that albie.
  418. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Phenomenal Fishing 7-31-07

    Nice yellows, but what lb test took you over an hour to get a yellow?
  419. so*CALpaddyhop

    Ransacked & ripped off

    I think stealing is one of the lowest forms. I hope they find those pricks.
  420. so*CALpaddyhop

    ?? Burning DVDs to Ipod

    I know if you have limewire, you can just click and drag it into your i tunes and it saves on your i pod, free and easy.
  421. so*CALpaddyhop

    pm half day "city of Long Beach"7/27 WOW!!!!

    haha fucking killing me derek.
  422. so*CALpaddyhop


    Nope I'm pretty sure the media didn't destroy the syringes.
  423. so*CALpaddyhop


    I'm sure if you troll for them and put in the time they will.
  424. so*CALpaddyhop


    The overnight boats are starting to do a little worse, maybe the fish are on the move.
  425. so*CALpaddyhop

    suggested 15lb reel and rod for local lineshine yellers

    Wrong section but get a daiwa sealine 20 great live bait reel.
  426. so*CALpaddyhop

    Line type for Albacore?

    20 or 25 cant go wrong, and if your really fancy, you can do a topshot of 20lb fluorocarbon.
  427. so*CALpaddyhop

    need a smaller blank

    This guy knows what hes talking about.
  428. so*CALpaddyhop

    The City of Long Beach 1/2 day PM July 23 WITH PICS!!!

    Tie a surface iron on that daiwa of yours and fish the bow.
  429. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bonds - A True Champion

    That's a good one. *Barry Bonds
  430. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore 302/371/230...didn't get ANY!!!

    Damn, at least you've been putting the time on the water. Sounded like you were doing it right.
  431. so*CALpaddyhop

    Rod suggestions for SX

    Thats a great matchup.
  432. so*CALpaddyhop


    Actually I think he means throwing bait, throw 1's and 2's at a time, but correct me if I'm wrong.
  433. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore 7/20/07 Endeavor

    Was Diron the captain?
  434. so*CALpaddyhop

    20 Jul. Catalina/14 Mile Bank

    Nice on hooking the mako, why not try to bait the swordy?
  435. so*CALpaddyhop

    Staying at Catalina

    On Sunday, I'm taking off for Avalon for 3 days. I've stayed at Avalon before, and from what I remember, they didn't have an open party sport boat, because of that, I am looking to go with a guide and go look for yellows, or seabass or something along those lines. If you know anyone, or have...
  436. so*CALpaddyhop

    Found returning from it yours?

    hahah best laugh for a while.
  437. so*CALpaddyhop

    Idiot with gun...

    Too bad the dumbfuck didn't get his hand blown off
  438. so*CALpaddyhop

    We're all stupid (Helgren's again)

    I was on the new seaforth last night, look at their counts. If you want to drive down to S.D for twilight that is what I would recommend if I remember, the boat had 6 yellows a bunch of barracuda and good bass.
  439. so*CALpaddyhop

    Trinidad 16 or 16N

    Torium 20 fish it with 40 for jigs.
  440. so*CALpaddyhop

    What pound line

    40# or 50#
  441. so*CALpaddyhop

    throwing iron for calico

    A1 or tady 45 use something that has strange colors if possible. yellow is good. Throw next to a stock of kelp.
  442. so*CALpaddyhop

    bass at golf course

    Thats why you don't ask. You just do it.
  443. so*CALpaddyhop

    And the OTHER Shoe drops ( iphone news)

    Thats why I havn't touched an ipod in 2 years
  444. so*CALpaddyhop

    night walk at golf courses

    Let em know whats up vito. haha
  445. so*CALpaddyhop


    I heard clumps of pubic hair usually does the trick
  446. so*CALpaddyhop

    Hugo Boss Calico 7/7/07

    nice fish, on the surface plug none the less.
  447. so*CALpaddyhop


    palomar on hooks and sandiego on jigs
  448. so*CALpaddyhop

    no salute

    haha, just got diet coke on myself.
  449. so*CALpaddyhop

    Double knockout bar fight

    That head butt was classic
  450. so*CALpaddyhop

    Opinions on a jig stick...

    90j for 9 footers
  451. so*CALpaddyhop


    wafi- wind assisted fucking idiot
  452. so*CALpaddyhop

    93.1 lb WSB

    Wow that thing looks unreal
  453. so*CALpaddyhop

    Advice on a Half-Day Boat

    Go on the new seaforth out of Seaforth landing. The crew is good and they will put you and your son on the fish.
  454. so*CALpaddyhop

    Sonic Boom........

    Yeah it woke me up, I thought it was an earth quake
  455. so*CALpaddyhop

    Who's You Daddy

    I've tried them all and think that redbull or monster is the best
  456. so*CALpaddyhop

    32 Yellowtail on the Gail Force!?!?

    WHAT?? WHAT?? WHAT?? a 3/4 day boat catching 32 yellows!?!?!?!?! alert the press!!!!
  457. so*CALpaddyhop

    Best way to islands?

    I would suggest taking a cattle boat, If you are completely unaware of the coronado islands. You could look at some of the things the cattle boat does and also look at some of the spots you will be fishing.This would help you get familiarized with the location. Just my humble opinion. It can...
  458. so*CALpaddyhop

    salas 6x/6xjr

    If you want to throw surface iron throw a 45, or 7x
  459. so*CALpaddyhop

    6 Pack Charter Reccomendations

    El Gato Dos out of the Seaforth Marina has a nice boat and the captain seems like a cool dude. I would definitely go with them, they will put you on the fish.
  460. so*CALpaddyhop

    6-5-07 Baited a Swordfish today & 6 YT

    I always love seeing them. Hard to hook though.
  461. so*CALpaddyhop

    Cuda Time!!!

    10 foot rod and blue and white tady 45 that swims
  462. so*CALpaddyhop

    F-ing Cancer took my dad

    Sucks man, same thing happened to my dad 3 years ago, best of luck.
  463. so*CALpaddyhop

    Which Arm PIT GuY are you?

    bingo. you look like a slapdick if you do it any other way.
  464. so*CALpaddyhop


    Thats a badass pic of you holding its tail.
  465. so*CALpaddyhop

    to the Groom...Don't do!!!

    I smell irreconcilable differences.
  466. so*CALpaddyhop

    Which Jessica?

  467. so*CALpaddyhop

    ????cleaning boats with a pressure washer

    It should make things easier.
  468. so*CALpaddyhop

    looking for crew for jig boat$$$$$

    Sounds like a damn good experience.
  469. so*CALpaddyhop

    8 stitches in my face and.............

    Damn. Ok you've scared me into wearing sun screen.
  470. so*CALpaddyhop

    Labor needed!

    What part of S.D do you live in? A friend and I might be interested.
  471. so*CALpaddyhop

    Which Arm PIT GuY are you?

    I'm a righty and i put the butt under my left armpit and fight the fish the whole way like that
  472. so*CALpaddyhop

    Happy Birthday Jamie Shaw!

    happy b day jamie.
  473. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bassin at the Island 5/25

    Fat bass.
  474. so*CALpaddyhop

    Wide open cuder bite on the New Seaforth

    Not a surprise that the New Seaforth put you on the fish.
  475. so*CALpaddyhop

    One less Raider Fan

    1 down how many more to go?
  476. so*CALpaddyhop

    3/22 Nados, Got Spooled in under 90 Seconds

    no way a yellow could spool you in 90 seconds
  477. so*CALpaddyhop

    6 pack charters in San Diego?

    El Gato Dos. Has a real nice boat, the owner is on here somewhere.
  478. so*CALpaddyhop

    Fishing Hurts, Be Kind To Fish

    Yeah ill try to remember that when the gaff sinks into the my yellowtails head.
  479. so*CALpaddyhop

    live bait setup

    I have an sx and a black steel I would be willing to shell out. Pm me
  480. so*CALpaddyhop

    torium 20 with 9 foot jig stick?

    If you want to get rid of the 90j hit me up, and to answer your other question , yeah you can stick a torium 20 on another rod.
  481. so*CALpaddyhop

    torium 20 with 9 foot jig stick?

    Someone with enough money to buy one. I have the sx high speed. I don't see why in hell you would want it in 2 sped, all I can see it being used for is throwing plastics, and live baiting to bass and yellows, so no 2 speed really needed. Mine is gold and I am selling it if you are interested.
  482. so*CALpaddyhop

    Sloppy and Wet

    Nice gaff shot
  483. so*CALpaddyhop


    When I'm fishing iron 40lb and if I decide to use bait, then 25lb.
  484. so*CALpaddyhop

    are two speed reels really necessay???

    Exactly what hucklongfin said.
  485. so*CALpaddyhop

    If you ever want to fish the Baja again...

    Sent on 2 separate emails.
  486. so*CALpaddyhop

    I need to get a rod wrapped

    Hey guys, I need to get a rod wrapped, with nothing extravagant, only some basic colors really. If any of you guys are up for the task pm me and we can go over more details and then prices. Thanks a ton.
  487. so*CALpaddyhop

    Sun Glass's for fishing

    I Just bought mine and it was all I could ever ask for.
  488. so*CALpaddyhop

    anyone need a boat ho?? may 17th!!?

    Go on the 3/4 day out of Seaforth Sportfishing the crew on the San Diego is awesome.
  489. so*CALpaddyhop

    Re- Painting jigs.

    I probably should have said that the jig has all of its paint on it, I just want to paint it a different color for bass.
  490. so*CALpaddyhop

    Re- Painting jigs.

    Vito, it's a real slow swimming jig, so I'm going to paint it yellow for calicos.
  491. so*CALpaddyhop

    YELLOW TAIL fishing tips.

    Get a jig stick and a newell 332 or 338 and practice throwing iron.
  492. so*CALpaddyhop

    Re- Painting jigs.

    Figured it out thanks.
  493. so*CALpaddyhop

    seeker vs. calstar

    seeker black steel all the way.
  494. so*CALpaddyhop

    WFO Baracuda

    We got our fair share today also.
  495. so*CALpaddyhop

    T-Shark Questions

    Ive heard a lot of people talking about the pink and white colors with a pinned mack.
  496. so*CALpaddyhop

    $100-125 rod that matches an mxj?

    I have a seeker s glass series rod on it 8 footer. I just popped its cherry on a yellow last weekend with the surface plug. It held up great.
  497. so*CALpaddyhop

    Where should I go?

    QFT good skipper.
  498. so*CALpaddyhop

    Yo-Yo Iron question

    Tie em straight to the iron.
  499. so*CALpaddyhop

    Qualifier 105 - Calico Bass Skiff Trip 2007

    Wow that sounds insane.
  500. so*CALpaddyhop

    I just left my rod out and caught some little kid trying to steal it!!!

    Wow if I saw some kid trying to steal my shit I wouldn't have stopped with 3 punches to the jaw.
  501. so*CALpaddyhop


    If you're going to be fishing surface iron, get a good 8 or 9 foot stick, I use a newell 332 with 40lb test for surface iron. For jigs you can go get some Tady 45's or Candybar jigs or Salas 7x's. For live baiting I would say 25lb test If you can find a nice looking mack in the handwell go for it.
  502. so*CALpaddyhop

    YT Slayer Fest 04-30-07 With Pics.

    Nice fish, I'll be out there sunday.
  503. so*CALpaddyhop

    Del Mar 30lb Yellow

    Good job. Cant wait to see pics.
  504. so*CALpaddyhop

    Rock pile off the chart!FULL SACKS!!!!!

    Size on the yellows? Nice job.
  505. so*CALpaddyhop

    Extremely slow day in LJ

    Saturday there was a good number of cudas all just short in lj. This was in the afternoon. I suggest the megabait or an a1 light
  506. so*CALpaddyhop


    332 or 338 and throw 40 on that mother fucker.
  507. so*CALpaddyhop

    "Helicopter Parents"?

    I tell my mom im gonna go out fishing and ill be back at 5 she doesn't care as long as I come home.
  508. so*CALpaddyhop

    Need help landing a girl.....Shut up i don't date much I fish

    Well for starters do you even know her name? After you get her name just whip it out and if she likes you she will know what to do and if she doesn't she will probably run away screaming. Good Luck.
  509. so*CALpaddyhop

    Now THIS is MY KIND of Fishing....

    Hahah hilarious.
  510. so*CALpaddyhop

    Free roosterfish tattoo!

    If I wasn't a minor, I'd be all over that. Good luck.
  511. so*CALpaddyhop

    White chicks and gang signs

    ehh I would have fucked half of them anyway.
  512. so*CALpaddyhop

    Never tie spectra directly to a rapala

    I saw this thing getting filleted at a resteraunt next to seaforth and I nearly shit myself. Nice catch
  513. so*CALpaddyhop

    LaJolla report-4-19

    Anyone here going out there tomorrow?
  514. so*CALpaddyhop

    Lajolla Blows Up!! today!

    Yella fever. Looks like im skipping school friday.
  515. so*CALpaddyhop

    Don't forget tonight

    :gaygroup: Thanks I'll be watcing
  516. so*CALpaddyhop

    Lajolla Blows Up!! today!

    very nice ill be out there sunday
  517. so*CALpaddyhop

    Police payback

    Good for the cops, If hes going to do something like he did, they have every right to fuck him up.
  518. so*CALpaddyhop

    Mr. T picked up 4/13/07

    Nice T weight on him?
  519. so*CALpaddyhop

    Taking a different tack...

    Thanks seems comforting. I own an Avet and haven't yet had to call them or send my reel to them for anything and hopefully wont have to for a while (knocks on wood)
  520. so*CALpaddyhop

    O'Reilly Versus Geraldo

    I love it. I much rather listen to Bill than Geraldo, hes all full of shit.
  521. so*CALpaddyhop

    Leader Poll?

    Pline works pretty good
  522. so*CALpaddyhop

    lj black on mon apr 2nd

    Thing probably went belly up when he put it back in.
  523. so*CALpaddyhop

    Big Cali...w/pix

    monster cali. nice going
  524. so*CALpaddyhop


    I've gotton bass and 1 nice carp on robo worms there
  525. so*CALpaddyhop

    Stick to match Avet SX

    If ur gonna bust out the momma jokes use a good one. I came in here trying to contribute some information to the guy and your just bieng a dumbass. Sad that im 15 and I am more mature than you are. Later fuckwad
  526. so*CALpaddyhop

    Fishing the 9 Sat 3/31 - anyone else?

    Im going to nados on Saturday, going to see if any yellows wanna poke their heads out.
  527. so*CALpaddyhop

    Stick to match Avet SX

    If you cant catch a 50lb yft on a mxj spectra backed 2 speed, than you have problems, and yes I have been to mexico plenty a times.
  528. so*CALpaddyhop

    Penn Baja special

    700m I believe. It definately isn't my surface iron setup,for throwing iron i use an mxj and a 8 foot black steel. I use the baja for bottom fishing and yoyo.
  529. so*CALpaddyhop

    Stick to match Avet SX

    Line capacity? Do you really think you would get spooled chasing yellows and dodos and some tuna on a panga with an mxj?
  530. so*CALpaddyhop

    Santa Rosalillita Rpt. w-pics

    wow those were some freaking hogs of calicos.
  531. so*CALpaddyhop


  532. so*CALpaddyhop

    Penn Baja special

    You can definately do it, but I think it will take some more getting used to than other reels. I own one and it is an awesome reel, but I use mine more for yoyo.
  533. so*CALpaddyhop

    Porn sites!

    yup. pm me for the best ones lol
  534. so*CALpaddyhop

    Stick to match Avet SX

    jx 2 speed is overkill for what hes doing i think. IMO you could get the mxj and that would be PERFECT, you can throw 20-40 lb topshot on that no problem. You can get it in a 2 speed also if you want.
  535. so*CALpaddyhop

    Day 1 Del Mar FH show

    I was at the show today with 2 of my friends, the guys behind the desk were awesome. Gave me a great deal on a tshirt and a hat and gave us tons of stickers.
  536. so*CALpaddyhop

    Need to sell Trinidad 16N a.s.a.p.

    yeah I've seen brand new go for 220 on ebay.
  537. so*CALpaddyhop

    coon's at night 3/15/07

    As far as i'm concerned, hes full of shit until I see a pic.
  538. so*CALpaddyhop

    SoCal Rockfish Trip 03/19 w/pics

    Like always awesome DETAILED report.
  539. so*CALpaddyhop

    Offshore Fishing on the Darkside 3/17 & 3/18

    Great fish! That is a monster goat. Thanks for the report.
  540. so*CALpaddyhop

    A first 03/19/07

    Beautiful sculpin.
  541. so*CALpaddyhop

    Fred Hall Del Mar

    Sounds good, I'll throw a couple of dollers in.
  542. so*CALpaddyhop

    Amazing BSB footage from La Jolla

    Wow that was awesome. Looks like the things might be making a come back. How long have they been illegal for?
  543. so*CALpaddyhop

    We lost a friend last night

    Only the good die young. Prayers sent.
  544. so*CALpaddyhop

    Thanks Avet

    I'll give you 50 for it.
  545. so*CALpaddyhop

    coon's at night 3/15/07

    What a surprise Sneeke flakes on photos.
  546. so*CALpaddyhop

    Monster WSB out of LJ!

    hahaha yeah charlie has been known to ride the short bus to school.
  547. so*CALpaddyhop

    Monster WSB out of LJ!

    if anyone could resize it I would appreciate it.
  548. so*CALpaddyhop

    Monster WSB out of LJ!

    My friend is a fucking retard when it comes to the use of computers, so I am posting his story for him. I also appologize in advance for the size of the photos, my resizer isn't working. Left for La Jolla at 10:15 went to some spots and no fish so me and my dad went to north kelp. lots of...
  549. so*CALpaddyhop

    What line should I splool my sx

    id say 30 or 40lb spectra with either a short topshot of 20 pline for bait or if you are going to use it for iron, I would say like a 100 yard topshot of 25 or 30 lb p line
  550. so*CALpaddyhop

    limited load YELLOW fishing at SCI tonight

    Fuck.. one reason I hate school I wanna hit up the islands so bad..
  551. so*CALpaddyhop

    Daytime WFO Squid 3-12

    That'l keep the freezer full.
  552. so*CALpaddyhop

    hand feeding butts

    Wow, that would be like watching porn and trying not to jackoff.
  553. so*CALpaddyhop


    Beautiful job.
  554. so*CALpaddyhop

    Has anyone ever fished at the island...

    I've heard that there are some huge sheepshead there, and if im not mistaken, there is also a navy base on the island?
  555. so*CALpaddyhop

    A Prayer Request

    Good luck with everything, hes in my prayers.
  556. so*CALpaddyhop

    Lotto prank

    Hahaha that was awesome.
  557. so*CALpaddyhop

    Proper Introduction

    Here are some of the pics u wanted hah: That is my Tuesday's girl.
  558. so*CALpaddyhop

    3 WSB over 50#'s and 5 over 35#'s (3/4)w/pics

    Quality fish right there, good job.
  559. so*CALpaddyhop

    Knot tying

    Awesome thanks.
  560. so*CALpaddyhop

    Bloody Wahoo

    The deck looks nice and bloody.
  561. so*CALpaddyhop

    Halibut Fishing 3/6,7,8

    I love reading your threads because every time you prevail with a beautiful fish. Thanks for the report.
  562. so*CALpaddyhop

    Says it all...

    Well after winning that I'm sure he has no need for a fleshlight and can pick up on younger chicks who would dishout.
  563. so*CALpaddyhop

    Need some bass basics for this weekend

    Berkely 6 inch blue fleck worms carolina rigged I believe is the rig's name (not too sure), it has a bullet weight on the head of worm or you could dropshot it.
  564. so*CALpaddyhop

    Lake jennings Report - Wierd - Perv alert! -

    Only thing I've pulled out of that lake is a coke can and a 2lb bluegill.
  565. so*CALpaddyhop

    Lake jennings Report - Wierd - Perv alert! -

    The only bone I have to pick with Jennings is that the people that work the boat docks are grade a fucks. One out of every 3 boats I get in there runs out of gass when I am in the middle of the fucking lake, and then when you paddle for half an hour and get back to douchse at the boat dock he...
  566. so*CALpaddyhop

    Some of my best captures

    Those are some big fish to be pulling up the cliff. Great read please keep posting more.
  567. so*CALpaddyhop

    How to bust off 40# without blowing out your reel!

    put the reel im freespool so there is slack and whip it up and down for a good 10 seconds and it should come right out.
  568. so*CALpaddyhop

    New BD Swordfish Tee

    Thats sick. I'll for sure pick one up.
  569. so*CALpaddyhop

    East Cape in April

    I've stayed at rancho bueno vista. If its the way it was before, then it has an awesome pool with a swimup bar and the works. The fishing was awesome, we got into wide open stupid yellowfin bites.
  570. so*CALpaddyhop

    This guy is my hero

    I love tourettes guy, I have one of the shirts
  571. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poll in honor of Photog (getting chicks)

    No dude that was last months girl, Ill upload this months in a little while.
  572. so*CALpaddyhop

    Poll in honor of Photog (getting chicks)

    Smooth talking works for me. I can talk my way into a girls pants.
  573. so*CALpaddyhop

    what do you do with old swimbaits/irons/fishing licenses?

    I'll take any old irons u dont want.
  574. so*CALpaddyhop

    Catalina with Pics

    Nice yellows, sure got me jealous.
  575. so*CALpaddyhop

    Deer roping.................bad idea

    Pictures of the battle wounds?
  576. so*CALpaddyhop

    Positive thoughts please

    Hope shes ok dude, I'll put her in my prayers.
  577. so*CALpaddyhop

    Catalina saturday Yellows

    nice yellows and bass
  578. so*CALpaddyhop

    LX 6/3 rod clamp

    My mxj came with an aluminum.
  579. so*CALpaddyhop

    Fired up, a rant coming on

    I'm 15 now, I remember the first time I went out fishing, I want to say I was 6, and he took me out to Lake Otay. I remember when we pulled up there and I would stand next to him and you could look down in 4 feet of water and see the bluegill right under you, he would hook one and hand it to me...
  580. so*CALpaddyhop

    Fianlly a decent priced jig

    Wow those do look really animated. I'll stick with my megabaits.
  581. so*CALpaddyhop

    Barra de Navidad Fishing?

    Beautiful marlin
  582. so*CALpaddyhop

    Any news on squid lately?

    I'm going out saturday for the 4th time on the new seaforth. I've had great luck on that boat.
  583. so*CALpaddyhop

    Baby Marlin and Sailfish.

    A while ago I found a pic of a baby sail it looks like a chovie but it has a sail and a bill pretty awesome.
  584. so*CALpaddyhop

    ana nicole dead

    Well i wonder who will get her titties.
  585. so*CALpaddyhop

    great night dive video of squid off La Jolla

    My kill bag hah i wish.
  586. so*CALpaddyhop

    What are some other music download sites?

    Google morpheus, its a good file sharer, stealing music is my hobby.
  587. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet MXJ 6/4 over kill?

    Thanks keta, I cant wait to use it.
  588. so*CALpaddyhop

    Avet MXJ 6/4 over kill?

    Yeah I just got mine today came in the mail from charkbait, I got the superseeker 8ft sglass series, nice birthday present. I am a retard when it comes to 2 speeds, how do you switch it into the 6:1 and into the low speed?
  589. so*CALpaddyhop

    A Tail of two Threshers!

    Awesome report, I would have been scared shitless seeing that animal come up from the depths if i was in a yak.
  590. so*CALpaddyhop

    crushed finger

    Fuck man that looks killer hope it gets btter.
  591. so*CALpaddyhop

    late report for Sat. middle grounds YT

    Congrats on the yellow nice report
  592. so*CALpaddyhop

    RR3 January 2007 trip report

    Nice report, thanks.
  593. so*CALpaddyhop

    10 day crew trip (short)

    Great yellows.
  594. so*CALpaddyhop

    Penn Baja and Penn Torque 300 what is each best suited to.....whats better ??

    I personally own a penn baja special and it's a great jigging reel. It is perfect for jigging around and throwing a 7x. Mine is 50lb spectra backed with 40lb mono. I personally have a 700m on mine. You can also troll around with this reel. Hope this maybe helped a little.
  595. so*CALpaddyhop


    yup sucked
  596. so*CALpaddyhop

    Isla San Marcos Fishing Report 02-03-07

    Nice yellows, thanks for the report.
  597. so*CALpaddyhop

    Halibut PB 2/3/07

    Nice hali, thanks for the report.
  598. so*CALpaddyhop

    Oside Report 2/3

    Maybe next time.