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  1. Baja Bum

    Offshore WFO on Tuna out of Dana Point 9/23

    Those ladies look fantastic! Well done
  2. Baja Bum

    Site not working properly

    agreed, I cannot click on the forums icon dropdown, "new posts" icon to see what is going on. Bummer
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    Keep your eyes on the spread.

    Nvrmind, didn't work, sorry
  4. Baja Bum

    Keep your eyes on the spread.

    Is this what ya'll are seeing??? Tag it...
  5. Baja Bum

    2014 Tacoma Prerunner Access Cab - 59k miles

    Hey James, still for sale?? Thanks- Doug
  6. Baja Bum

    Hawaiian Tiki table/stool

    PM sent, LMK- Doug
  7. Baja Bum

    Catalina Vacation

    VRBO Hamilton Cove, nice places, some come with a golf cart for transportation. Just my .02 Good luck Doug
  8. Baja Bum


    What a monster, congrats on a successful release
  9. Baja Bum

    Ensenada 3/4 day?

    Thanks Joe and Jon. Looks like the CocoLoco is being repaired so Sergios might be the only option. Thanks- Doug
  10. Baja Bum

    Ensenada 3/4 day?

    BD Brothers- I am heading south with the family 11/18-11/25 for the thanksgiving holiday. We are staying in Puerto del Mar (K55) and I was wondering if a 3/4 day out of Ensenada might be worthwhile? I would be taking my 2 boys (20 & 23 yo) out in the hope of enjoying being on the water and...
  11. Baja Bum

    Long cardboard rod tube

    Might these work? Have to join two together...
  12. Baja Bum

    MAYTAG Gas Dryer

    Dryer is sold, thanks Marc
  13. Baja Bum

    Looking for best family vacation/fishing resort? Easy, travel via John Wayne airport, they will handle transfers to and from airport to hotel. A lot of fishing options, inshore (panga) offshore (cruiser) nice rooms, pools, bars restaurants etc. Eastcape smoke house can vacuum seal and prep fish for your...
  14. Baja Bum

    MAYTAG Gas Dryer

    bump, anyone??
  15. Baja Bum

    MAYTAG Gas Dryer

    Bump it up, need this thing gone. PM, text or call with questions, Thanks- Doug
  16. Baja Bum

    MAYTAG Gas Dryer

    For sale: Like new dryer. Bought in June of 2015. Paid $699. You pay $340 cash. Pick up in Mission Viejo. Will deliver locally (15 mile radius or less for $40). Call or text 714.743.7931 with questions or for pictures. Model: Centennial/MGDC415EW0 Color: White Thanks- Doug
  17. Baja Bum

    Offshore CONDOR Cortez blood, sweat, tears fun time 10/22

    Great write up Ron, it was nice to meet and chat with you throughout the day. Doug
  18. Baja Bum

    Offshore 7-21 DP Grey Light Bite...Off Sailboat

    Good job Eric, congrats. Hope I can join you again soon. Tight lines- Doug
  19. Baja Bum

    Traveling with the Dog to Baja

    Thanks for sharing guys. I have an appt. tomorrow with the vet to get this health check (dog's is healthy and up to date on shots) and they will provide me with these documents. We have a health plan for the pup so no additional fees will be incurred. Appreciate the help- D
  20. Baja Bum

    Traveling with the Dog to Baja

    When you bring your dog along do you get the International Certificate of Good Health certification from your vet and the Proof of vaccination as well?? I ask because I have heard conflicting stories that this information is a MUST and then others stating they haven't and have never had an...
  21. Baja Bum

    Need a band

    Chuck- Sent ya a pm on the band. Let me know if you got it.... Doug
  22. Baja Bum

    Need a band

    don't know you, but I heard a great band the other night. Five foot rabbit, look em up on FB
  23. Baja Bum

    late video report: August 2013 in Bahia de los Angeles

    Great video. What was the song title of the music used? Thanks- D
  24. Baja Bum

    I need advice...

    A closed mouth gathers no foot.
  25. Baja Bum

    100 quart marine coolers $45 each

    Hey I will take one. In mission viejo. Can I stop by Monday afternoon? LMK- Doug
  26. Baja Bum

    Let's See Your Kids Fishing Pics!

    My oldest son's first Marlin in 2011
  27. Baja Bum

    East Cape today. Thursday 7/12

    Thanks Bodega. Good work, and we'll see ya there tomorrow. Hope we can slay them too... D
  28. Baja Bum

    Offshore BAD DOG'S BLUE MARLIN + 6 YFT w/pics

    Here's a pic of my Blue caught this past July at the cape- Yea now! D
  29. Baja Bum

    Mr. Nick Nolte

    My man needs to mix in a soda and layoff the booze. Christ he looks like he's 70. That liver of his has got be about toast huh??
  30. Baja Bum

    New to the Site

    Roger that. Nice sig BTW-let me do some searching, and meet the requirement of a little T & A Now I feel better!!!! Doug
  31. Baja Bum

    New to the Site

    And to think, I was GONNA use a shot of her for my Avatar bendin' ova- No fuckin way-not for you asscaptains to drool over:jo: Doug What other requests might you have?? Dock totals here for the cape> Questions comments? D
  32. Baja Bum

    New to the Site

    Just wanted to say hello. Member of Baja Bums, who fish annually at the East Cape with Playa del Sol (10 years running). Made my first trip last year to LA Bay as well. Man is that a fucking long drive!! Also enjoy fishing off Catalina when I can. No boat, but blessed with friends that do...