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  1. fishdad1956

    Intrepid 15 day... $4,000..... Jan. 12-27... Price slashed $3,000 firm

    Do you mind if I ask why are you not going on the trip ?
  2. fishdad1956

    Restoring Penn International 12H

    Cal Sheets
  3. fishdad1956

    Braid to braid splice or no?

    Use the Bob Sands knot , can be found on You Tube.
  4. fishdad1956

    16 VISX Rod

    Hey , what pound top shot are you going to use ? 80 or 100 ? If you are going 80 I would use a 775 xh Or for 100 and up I would use the 775 xxxh
  5. fishdad1956

    Looking ahead to next year, 7/8 day suggestions?

    Checkout the Shogun, Rice Bowl Charters for 2019
  6. fishdad1956

    Where can I get slammer lll spare spools ?

    No one carry spare spools , you have to go on line or call Penn . Or your local tackle store can order it for you .
  7. fishdad1956

    Spool for Penn 12t

    Did You try Cal Sheets
  8. fishdad1956

    Glow sliding sinkers

    Bob Sands in Van Nuys
  9. fishdad1956

    Floro to Hollow Core

    Bob Sands knot , you can checkout you tube .
  10. fishdad1956

    Rod for 40nlds 2 speed

    Great reel , you can use it for yo-yo or surface iron , dropper loop even flylining live bait 50 or 60 pound top shot. I like the 7400h calstar for 50-60 yo-yo and dropper loop or the 800xh for surface iron or flylining. At the Lupe this year that has been the go-to reel to 60 pound flyline for...
  11. fishdad1956

    Guadalupe YT

    I had 3 charters this year too the Lupe You Mak.16 will work great as long as you have 100 pound long mono topshot.
  12. fishdad1956

    where to buy uni butter/goop

    Hey , check out Bob Sands Tackle shop in van nuys
  13. fishdad1956

    Guadalupe Rod for a 14 year old

    I have run 3 rice bowl charters too the Lupe on the Shogun this year . 60 pound top shot and 80 braid is the hot set up as far as rod and reel the Fathom 40 and a calstar either a 700xh or a 7400 is a great 60 pound set-up for your son. Good luck and tight lines too you ! Al Myers charter...
  14. fishdad1956

    Fathom 40nld 2speed

    Just came back from a Rice Bowl Charter 8 day at the Lupe. The boat rod and reel on the Shogun was a Calstar 7400 and the Penn 40 fathom loaded with 80 pound izor braid and 60 top shot , pulling on 60 to 100 plus pound yellowfin , the real had no trouble. Charter Master for Rice Bowl Al
  15. fishdad1956

    100# Live Bait Set Up for Guadalupe

    First off , their are still some closure at the Lupe that you can not stop or drop a line in , second you can fish the Lupe but it depends on how many day trip you are on ,my last trip was a 8 day, my next Rice Bowl Charter is in Nov. a 6 day so you have 4 days too fish. Yellowtail day time...
  16. fishdad1956

    100# Live Bait Set Up for Guadalupe

    Hey Just got back from a rice bowl 8 day at the Lupe. Fished the Lupe 6 days and wow ! Flylined 60 the hole trip and on the dropper nothing less than #100, yo-yo 60 and hold on ! Except too pay the taxman but we have all we wanted . Just make sure you have a 80 and 100 pound set up ready Good luck
  17. fishdad1956

    WTB 10oz Sinkers

    Bob Sands Tackle shop in Van Nuys
  18. fishdad1956

    The Lupe is open to the R.P. and the Shogun

    Just got the new from the R.P. and Shogun office. The Lupe is on !!!
  19. fishdad1956

    Drag Setting

    12 -14 pounds . I like 12 , let the drags do the work , unless you are young and dumb.
  20. fishdad1956

    Tuna Poppers?

    The last 3 years the Halco have been working well.
  21. fishdad1956

    Can I add a reel seat?

    Hey Your not far from Bob Sands Tackle shop in van nuys Bring your two rods over and let Sal(the owner) quote you a price All my jig sticks have reel seats. Tell Sal hey from Al at ricebowl charters
  22. fishdad1956

    3 day may trips question

    The boat has troll gear or you can bring your own. The halco was the hot ticket last season but don't forget the old cedar plug.Make sure your trolling gear is at least 60 pounds. There is still a lot of red crab in the water so if you have anything Red bring it . Our 3 (Rice Bowl Charter) day...
  23. fishdad1956

    9 foot jig stick

    Calstar 90 mag.
  24. fishdad1956

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Looks like a great weekend !!! I'll be at the landing around 12:30 having lunch at Mitch' s if anyone like too join me. Al Don't mean to hijack this post but , Kevin and Steve when are going to join us again ?
  25. fishdad1956

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Hey Kevin , Did you break down on the way too s.d. on that trip ? I was on that trip and we fished side by side and I had my youngest son Ryan on that trip . Now that he is a college kid it hard for him too get away. So are you on any Rice Bowl trip this season ? By the way guy's I am the...
  26. fishdad1956

    Shogun, 02/04 " Rice Bowl " 2.75, Who's go'n?

    Great group of guy's Should be a great trip with nice weather.
  27. fishdad1956

    Rice bowl charters, how are they run?

    Hi Rex If you like more info on the rice bowl trips you can e-mail me at [email protected] I have 8 charters on the Shogun for 2016 from 3days to14 days and be great to have you and your son , by the way fishboy93 is my youngest son Ryan. Tight Line Too You. Al
  28. fishdad1956

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    Hi , my 2 cents I take her on the Islander you will have your own stateroom. Great boat , crew and food. It might cost you a few cent' s more but she will have a great time and you will be her hero .
  29. fishdad1956

    Fishing on the islander

    I have been fishing with John and the crew for about 12 years , from 1 to 10 day trips . It a great boat and 5 stars all the way from the deck to the galley. Checkout our website Rice Bowl Book it and have a great time. If you like you can email me at , [email protected]
  30. fishdad1956

    Yet another simple top shot Q

    Hi , I use Ziploc bags and I label the outside of them, 80 -100-120-130-200 and so , this way you can see what pound test without opening and digging thru them . Also the bags lay flat or stack flat and take a lot less room then spools.
  31. fishdad1956

    WTB Penn Bluewater Carnage or any other 8' light jig/bait stick

    Jeff , not sure where you live , I know Bob Sands Tackle shop in van nuys has a rack of them Tight lines too you !
  32. fishdad1956

    Calstar and seeker stock

    If you are in the S.F.V. stop by Bob Sands in Van Nuys , great tackle shop , been around 50 years and a bunch of good guy's
  33. fishdad1956

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    My 2 cent Calstar 700 or 800 ml is great for short top shots , you need that softer tip. The 700 or 800 m is great if you use long top shots or straight mono .
  34. fishdad1956

    What's your go to 30lb rod??

    Calstar 800 ml
  35. fishdad1956

    Application/Use for stock Penn 12T

    Cal builds a supper 12,that you can fish 60 to 100 . I was on a Bob Sands charter a couple of years ago with Cal and his super 12 , saw Cal pull in a 170+ yft on that reel . Had to have one , so I fish 60-80 on mine.
  36. fishdad1956


    You can't go wrong with the America Angler . The best crew, captain's and boat in the fleet.
  37. fishdad1956

    Knots for big game

    Go on you tube and look up the Bob Sands knot.
  38. fishdad1956

    Anyone know what happened on the American Angler?

    I was on the Calstar trip , the third day out we lost a gearbox and had too return to San Diego for safety of the passengers and crew. I want to thank the crew Brad, Andy, Justin and David and Captain Ray.Don't let me forget Mark and Doc in the galley , they kept us fed and happy on the slow...
  39. fishdad1956

    Flat Fall Reel?

    Your Baja is perfect with 40 pound test or topshot.
  40. fishdad1956

    Reel Servicing

    Take a ride too Bob Sand's in Van Nuys or ship them off too Wes at Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside. I fish long range with both shop's and have a 12 day trip with Wes the day after X-Mas on the American Angler . I trust both shop's too on all my reel's
  41. fishdad1956

    Where to get a reel 2spd'd and freespool?

    Go see Cal. Cal Sheets has worked on all my 2-speeds , from my 12's too my 50's. You can call and ship to him or you can drop them off at Fisherman landing tackle or Ken' s custom real in Oceanside .I Have a supper 12 the cal built and you can fish 40 to 100 on the reel.
  42. fishdad1956

    Where to Order X Wrap

    If you are near Van Nuys , you can pick some up at Bob Sands Tackle shop , I did all jig sticks , feels great. I believe it's a dollar a foot.
  43. fishdad1956

    AA 2.5 day 6/22-6/25 Anybody else going on this trip?

    Great boat and crew ! Also Lori in the office is the greatest for customers service. My youngest son and myself are on the calstar 12 Have a great time.
  44. fishdad1956

    Spot 2-3 day charter July & August

    Check out the Islander website , have a Rice Bowl 3 day charter with a few open spots, Also a limited load.
  45. fishdad1956

    Rockfish dropper loop rod...???

    Calstar - 765-xl - 30-40 pound rod
  46. fishdad1956

    Need a charter for calicos???

    Bob Sands Tackle shop in van nuys charters the Island Tak out of Oxnard , load is 10 plus charter master , you can call the shop and sing up for a open trip , the boat is own by Steve Kelly and he is king of the islands .
  47. fishdad1956

    Wahoo at night???

    New Years Eve 2012 on the Excel at the buffer zone on bait , they where fishing for nightjack , picture is hanging at Bob Sands Tackle shop in van nuys , 30 pounder by a 12 year old kid
  48. fishdad1956

    Shogun, or American Angler 5 day?

    Fished both boats with my son, my 17 old son and I did a 12 day , day after x-mas on the a.a. the boat and crew feels like home also my son decked a 246 yft , jackpot. The best stateroom on the G for you and your son.on the shotgun stateroom 7,but either boat
  49. fishdad1956

    Seguar @ Fred Hall

    Buy two get one free , the boy's at Bob Sands Tackle will help you out.
  50. fishdad1956

    Thinking of getting on a 10 day trip off the Intrepid in oct/ nov

    That's all they can do is roll the dice since they are not in the code group !
  51. fishdad1956

    x-wrap over cork handles?

    The way to go is wrap with tuna cord and then shrink wrap , the Bob Sands shop in van nuys builds all my rods
  52. fishdad1956

    American Angler 12/26-1/7 later report

    Nice job Ryan , not bad for a 17 year old kid. Your dad !
  53. fishdad1956

    What Calstar rail rod? 770XXXH or 770XXH? Please Help

    My son and I fished the new Calstar 775 xxh for 100 pound a 775xxxh for 130 My son landed a 246 with the 775 xxxh great rail rod , checkout the American Angler jackpot fish That's my boy with the 775xxxh
  54. fishdad1956

    Wtb: penn baja special

    They have 2 used in almost new shape , if I did not already have 2 I'd pick them up.
  55. fishdad1956

    Braid to Mono top shot HELP!!

    Look up the Bob Sands knot or the R.P. knot
  56. fishdad1956

    neede info on a good two day outa san diego

    Checkout the Islander out of Fishermans Landing , great boat and crew, all staterooms and great food.
  57. fishdad1956

    Need Yo-Yo tips for the Bluefin

    I watched fishboy 93 hook-up on the megabit on the Islander 3 1/2 day , he killed them That's my boy !
  58. fishdad1956

    Spectra backing