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  1. Johnny Hirn

    Bass fishing gear lot

    tons of bass fishing tackle. Majority never used. I haven’t exactly done the math but I think that 225 should be a decent price. Shoot me a message.
  2. Johnny Hirn


    I have an amazing condition Roberts dream catcher for sale. It is a 5'8 x 18 15/16 x 2 3/8 28.72L. I love this board but unfortunately I just have way too many. This board is great in honestly all Californian surf that I have encountered. From crappy mushy waves to firing point breaks it has...
  3. Johnny Hirn

    Favorite Surf Perch Recipes

    Hello everyone. I have been hearing two very different things about eating surf perch... 1. They are very fishy and are no good to eat 2. They are very good eating if you prepare them right Okay so does anyone know any really good recipes for surfperch? I’m not looking to go start eating all...
  4. Johnny Hirn


    Hi everyone. This week i will be sailing out to Channel Islands and plan to fish as much as i can between surf sessions. Is it worth trolling a line while going out there? If so what lures and for what fish. We will most likely end up at Santa Cruz. Are seabass and/or yellowtail worth a shot...
  5. Johnny Hirn

    Catalina 7/2

    Left on the thunderbird Saturday night to go fish Catalina and San clemente. Left the bait barge with some big dines and chovies around 9:30. Woke up to the backside of catalina. After buying some squid from one of the boats out there we started fishing around 3:30am. About 10 minutes in i feel...
  6. Johnny Hirn

    If you had to choose...

    Hi everyone. It seems this summer with my schedule that i will only be able to fit in one charter trip. As of now i am stuck between going on a boat to catalina or to Channel Islands as they both fit my price range. I am looking at ideally overnight trips. I know that there are yellowtail being...
  7. Johnny Hirn

    Rod Help

    Hi Bd. I am looking for an 8 foot inshore spinning rod that i can fish 15-20 for bass and halibut. I will be throwing mainly around 5/8oz lures. What would be a good inexpensive rod for this purpose. I will also be using it in the surf so cheaper is preferred. Tight lines, Johnny
  8. Johnny Hirn

    Any spots out of kings harbor?

    Hi everyone. I'm considering taking the yak out of kings harbor to try and fish around for a while. Primarily looking for bass and rockfish. I'm not asking for anyone's specific spots, because that is not cool, but is it worth going out? I'm hoping to find rock piles and maybe even a kelp...
  9. Johnny Hirn

    Where to buy heavy krocodile spoons?

    Hi BD Does anyone know where I can find original krocodile spoons from 3-7 ounces? I can't seem to find them this big anywhere but I have heard that they exist. Thanks as always Johnny
  10. Johnny Hirn

    Where to buy Calcutta Pole?

    Hi everyone. I am looking to make my own gaff and have decided to use Calcutta as the material. Does anyone know where i can buy Calcutta around the ventura county or Sherman oaks area? Thanks for the help Tight lines, Johnny
  11. Johnny Hirn

    County Line/ Harrison's Reef

    Hey everyone. My sister was out at the beach today and took a picture for me from leo carrillo. The picture was of the north beach (Heavens beach) and showed around 30 ish boats out at Harrison's reef. Does anyone know what's up? I figure that it's just squid as i haven't heard of anything...
  12. Johnny Hirn


    Pretty shocking news. Hopefully she can recover.
  13. Johnny Hirn

    What is your favorite loop knot?

    Hi Bd. I thought that i would just pick some brains today and see what everyone thinks is the best loop knot. By loop knot i mean like a dropper loop, surgeons loop, or spider hitch. I have seen all of these knots being used and all of them being tied slightly different ways (dropper loop with a...
  14. Johnny Hirn

    Shortening a Sabiki pole.

    Has anyone shortened those hollow sabiki polls? How did you do it? I kayak fish a ton and the 8 foot sabiki pole i have is just too long.
  15. Johnny Hirn

    WTB Calstar 270 h

  16. Johnny Hirn

    Malibu X-Caliber kayak

    Hi Bd. I have a Malibu X-Caliber kayak for sale in awesome condition. I always take care and clean all of my gear. This kayak was always stored in my garage out of the sun. there is nothing wrong with this kayak (it actually seems brand new),but i am just not using it. All of the seals work...
  17. Johnny Hirn

    How would you set these up.

    Hi everybody. I was hoping to collect some knowledge from you guys. I am trying to get setup for this season and was wondering what you guys think I'm missing and how i should setup my current gear. My current gear is (nothing impressive as I'm only 16): -RODS - Calstar 196-7 -Makaira ML (12-20)...
  18. Johnny Hirn

    WTB Torium and calstar 270

    Like the title says. I am on a budget so the older torium is preferred. Hopeing to keep it under 160ish. Tell me what you have.
  19. Johnny Hirn

    Roddy Rewrap Question

    Hi everyone. I have one of my grandpas old roddy Buddha head special rods and it isn't in the best condition. The eyes are pretty corroded and the reel seat is a pain to work. Is it possible that i could get it rewrapped and possibly get a new handle/reel seat. I love the blank and it has...
  20. Johnny Hirn

    Different Jigs.

    Hi everyone. I'm about a season into fishing jigs (mainly tady 45, salas 7x light, caivo, JRI 3) and was wondering when you guys decide to choose what jig. Are there any scenarios in which you guys prefer one brand over the over? How about size and different models? I see in the stores that...
  21. Johnny Hirn

    DIY Jig Box

    Hi Bd'ers. I am looking for some inspiration for making my own jig box. I figured i would create this thread for people to post pictures of past projects or post new ideas etc. Any insight welcomed. I'm just curious to see how everyone carries around their collection of jigs. Tight Lines, Johnny
  22. Johnny Hirn

    WTB old beat up tady 45

    Hey BD. I am looking for anyone who can throw me their old beat up hookless, ripped up, etc tady 45's. I want a few just to practice casting at my local field but don't want to mess up my real jigs. If anyone has an old one that is missing a hook or just never use let me know. Tight lines, Johnny
  23. Johnny Hirn

    Spearfishing Channel Islands harbor or ventura harbor?

    Hi BD. I was wondering if you are aloud to spearfish on the inside of the jetties at either Channel Islands harbor or ventura harbor. I have caught halibut here before and was curious if id be allowed to spearfish on the inside of the jetties. I am pretty sure that you can on the outside. Any...
  24. Johnny Hirn

    WTT Sealine 30

    I have two Diawa Sealines, a 30 sha and the 30shv. I am looking to trade for a 40 sha of the same conditions. The 30 sha i have is in perfect condition as i have only used it once or twice and the older 30 looks older but has barely any boat rash and still works great. Shoot me an offer. I am...
  25. Johnny Hirn

    Sealine for yoyo

    i was thinking of making another setup for yoyo for my friends to use when they fishing with me. Do you guys think that a sealine 30sha would have the drag and line capacity to bring up anything from those big Channel Islands homeguards to those catalina yellowtail? Tight lines, Johnny
  26. Johnny Hirn

    Question about posting deleted post.

    Hi BD. I misread the rules and thought that i could post a bump a day when it was really every 24 hours resulting in my post being deleted. Am i allowed to repost this or are there limitations i should be aware of. I already read the rules and didnt see anything in there about reposting. Tight...
  27. Johnny Hirn

    Anybody know what was happening this morning?

    I was at a job interview today right on PCH by county line and i couldn't help but notice a few boats off of county doing some fishing. It looked like a cattle boat plus maybe 2 private boats when i went into the interview and when i left about 3 more had shown up. They were all fishing about a...
  28. Johnny Hirn

    Fish Vacumn sealer

    This Christmas I am looking to buy my dad a Vacumn sealer to help preserve our fish longer in the freezer. I was wondering if anyone had experience with these and what would be a good one to buy. Tight lines, Johnny
  29. Johnny Hirn

    Trip Advice

    This Friday I will be going to Channel Islands aboard the Sea biscuit on an overnight trip. On the fish counts I have seen just lings and rock fish. My question is if anyone has any advice or tips for getting big lings. So far I am thinking of rigging up a live mackerel trap rigged with a treble...
  30. Johnny Hirn

    Teramar 80m vs 80mh vs 80H

    Hi everyone. I was wondering which of these three rods would be the best for a chovie rig for fishing yellowtail. It would be paired with a Sealine and 20-30 pound test. Thanks Tight lines, -Johnny
  31. Johnny Hirn

    Good anchovy stick

    Hi everyone. I have an extra Daiwa Sealine laying around and wanted to make a chovie rig. I would be going for yellows mainly but really anything that is biting. I would be using this rig as a 30 and under setup. I was wondering what would be a good rod for throwing those small, pinheads- finger...
  32. Johnny Hirn

    Roddy Buddha head rewrap price.

    Hi everyone. I have an old roddy Buddha head spinning rod that my grandfather passed down to my mom and then to me. It's not in the greatest shape and I was wondering what the general price would be to have it rewrapped. Tight lines, Johnny
  33. Johnny Hirn

    Daiwa Sealine upgrade

    Hi everyone. I am looking at an upgraded frame for my Daiwa Sealine due to a cracked frame and was wondering if anyone had recommendations. I have found this one ( ) and was wondering if anyone has used it before. My only concern is if the metal...
  34. Johnny Hirn

    Leader advice.

    Hi everyone. I have a 8 foot jig stick that I am using with 65 pp to 40 flouro. My question is how long I should make the leader. Should I have my knot just outside of the eyelets or is it okay inside? Also which knot would be the best for these line sizes. Thanks.
  35. Johnny Hirn


    Awesome day out on the water. Headed down to PV from Santa Monica on our friends boat to target some calicos and see whatever else was biting. Got out there around 10:30am. The heat was almost unbearable. Almost zero wind and clear blue skies at around 100 degrees! Water temp was 72 degrees. We...
  36. Johnny Hirn

    Palos Verdes

    Hi everyone. Tomorrow I am heading out to Palos Verdes fishing on a friends boat and I was wondering if anyone has any tips. Basically what's working, what's biting, what colors, etc. Thanks Tight lines (I will be posting a report after the trip)
  37. Johnny Hirn

    Best boats to Catalina around long beach area.

    Hi everyone. I am looking for a good charter boat that is running out to Catalina. I have looked over countless boats and can't decide on one because of some reviews. I normally fish up in Channel Islands so I don't know any of the boats down going to Catalina. Any advice helps. Ideally I would...
  38. Johnny Hirn


    Hi guys. i am a student on a budget and i am looking for a rod under 8'6 for the kayak and skiff/charter boats. i would prefer e-glass based off what i have heard for casting but i am open to suggestions. Thanks.
  39. Johnny Hirn

    DELETE please

    looking to buy a pinhead d8 25-50.
  40. Johnny Hirn

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a surface iron rod that I would mainly use on the kayak but also on the boat as well. I am looking for a rod under the 230$ range. I would most likely be pairing it with my daiwa sealine 30 sha and eventually a pen fathom 25n down the line. Any help is appreciated...
  41. Johnny Hirn

    Daiwa sealine for yellowtails?

    hi guys I have an extra daiwa sealine 30 sha and I was wondering if I could use it as a surface iron reel. It has upgraded drag and it has the free floating spool. Would it be capable of handling a yellow? Thanks
  42. Johnny Hirn

    Surface iron gear

    Hi guys I am looking for any advice on what rod/reel would be good for throwing surface irons. I AM on a budget so please take that into account. I would also like it as short as reasonably possible because I will be using it on the kayak too. Lastly, could I use a daiwa sealine 30 sha with...
  43. Johnny Hirn

    Tips for kayak fishing Malibu area

    Hi guys I am taking a trip out to Leo Carrillo for a few days in the beginning of June and was wondering if anybody has some tips for best locations to kayak fish, what gear/tackle, and any other tips. I would prefer to try for WSB and yellowtail. I have heard some things about county line but I...