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  1. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Corner-43-pyramid cove 8/5-8/8 weather advice

    hey fellow BD'ers have a trip planned with a couple good friends to chase the elusive tuna. A bit bummed out about the wind patterns prevailing. What are your thoughts on a 26' sea ray sundancer cabin cruiser and safety with expected conditions. Considering maybe calling this one off if its...
  2. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Clemente/Cat 7/25-7/28

    Finally got out this year to fish the salt with two close friends. Headed all the way down to Clemente in Hope's of tuna, found 5 Seiners working the area just NE of pyramid head water was 72.5. Spotter plane working overhead for them and tuna coming up in the baskets. No go for us couldnt...
  3. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    Hello fellow BD angler's, I'm truly grateful for all the knowledge shared on these forums! I'm a bit of a saltwater rookie been out to Catalina several times now and done ok bonita's barracuda rockfish whitefish etc. Even farmed a couple yellowfin at the Farnsworth one year . I'm hoping to head...
  4. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Clemente buddy boat 5/27-5/30

    Thinking bout heading into mexico for the day either sat or sun around 302 371 to have a look around and than heading up to puramid cove and fish yellows for a day or two. Anyone interested in buddy boat trip pass info back and forth about fishing on 72... ill be in a 26ft sea ray cabin cruiser...
  5. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Buddy boat san clemente 10/7

    Anyone up for a ride to San Clemente desperation Reef Friday night October 7th leaving from The Long Beach area I'm looking for a buddy boat perhaps for comfort of safety in numbers hoping for tuna and yellowtail!