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    Offshore Feel the burn! Blue Fin Tuna!

    Very nice. What weight line were they biting?
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    Offshore Late report: Voyager 2-day 8/13-8/15

    I’ve been on it a few times. It does mostly charters, which tells you it’s a good boat. Very fishy. At 55x15 it’s smaller than some of the other charters. The 15‘ beam makes it a bit tippy. They usually fish with a load of 12 or 13. It’s been a while, but my memory is that the galley isn’t...
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    Do they still use the spotter plane?

    The BFT bite was pretty good last week, so most of the short range fleet and a bunch of private boaters stayed local to get a piece of the action. As might be expected, that much pressure did a number on the BFT bite this weekend. But with a few YFT showing up in the fish reports, it started me...
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    Canning Tuna

    I helped a buddy do a video on canning tuna. Hope this helps.
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    Trip report-independence 7 day. July 17-24

    Was there a particular color that was working for the wahoo bombs?
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    Ridge report

    RP is down at the Rocks and posted some pretty pictures of Wahoo and YT.
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    Ridge report

    The Independence just got back and the RP will be in the zone tomorrow. Looks like they are picking away at Wahoo, YT and YFT. I doubt your trip will stay local unless the RP gets down there and finds things are dead.
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    If you need fish that bad.....just ask.

    Wow. Usually it’s shady characters at the dock. I always talk to my buddies about watching each other’s pile. But watching out for fellow anglers is pretty disgusting. Definitely let the skipper or the office know. That sort of thing should get them banned from the boat.
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    Wondering about Flying Fish

    I believe this is the fish in question, caught back in November of 2011. It was 270# as I recall and he landed it in about 15 minutes. I hooked a 100# model at the same time and was pretty pleased with myself until I looked over and saw this beast. Good times.
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    Proper tipping

    I took my son and paid for two a number of times. So I doubled the tip. Paying for two means tipping for two. By the time you include tackle and processing it certainly adds up. But fishing with the boy was worth every penny. By way of example, when you go to the restaurant and pick up the tab...
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    Proper tipping

    Many threads over the years on this topic. Just like at the restaurant, 15-20% unless there is a reason otherwise. And if there is, tell the skipper why. He needs to know where the boat fell down.
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    They also have several buckets stored near the port side tackle. I usually grab one of those to sit out near the trollers. Just be sure and stow it when a troller goes off.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Here is the link on mask requirements. Masks required for indoor business/shopping settings. Masks required outdoors unless you can maintain 6 feet except among household...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Two trips posted on Fisherman’s Landing. Both sold out. Maybe they are preseason or something.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Shogun has an ultra limited load of 14. Tomahawk has a limited load of 25. Dolphin says 30, but I don’t know how many they usually take on a half day.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    From Fisherman’s Landing website Almost there! 6/7/2020 Great news anglers! We will be running trips starting on Monday, June 7th! We have officially been given the go ahead from the neccesary authorities and will be running anything from half day trips to multi day trips. Trips are filling...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Posted on Fisherman’s Landing earlier today: Getting closer to running. 5/28/20 We are getting closer to running trips. We are very hopeful we will be running by June. The Sportfishing Fleet was put into Stage 3 and we are in the middle of Stage 2. We at Fisherman's Landing and its fleet are...
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    Which Long Range Boat and why?

    They are all good. Seriously. IMO it mostly comes down to cost versus load versus size. Lighter load means fewer lines in the water and fewer tangles. Bigger boats carry a bigger load and have more rail, but even still, more lines equals more tangles. Of course, a lighter load usually costs...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan Maybe this link will work.
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    My aren’t we cranky today. Web MD cites JAMA, and here is a link to the source article. The authors are pretty clear that more research needs to be done, but they are looking for new ideas that might work better and...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    How about a little more grist for the mill. Face shields instead of masks! It’s no joke: I can see where it would be good at stopping or redirecting the large droplets when you cough or sneeze. Not...
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    All corona news is not Bad

    Sadly, it’s not just Hollywood that is impacted. Seagerstrom is sending out notices of canceled shows and shows rescheduled to next calendar year. Broadway shows are canceled through September and more likely for the rest of the year. After all, how soon are people going to be willing to sit...
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    Long Range Reopening Plan

    Lou Try looking at excess deaths. CDC tracks it on a weekly basis, although their data tends to run several weeks in arrears. This link shows their chart: Speaking in round numbers, there are 57,000 to 58,000 deaths per week in the...
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    Shut Down of 2020 Fishing Season?

    Just an FYI, I did some clicking around the CDC website to find the prevalence of underlying health conditions. No big surprise, the incidence goes up as we get older. So... Hypertension - 54% for ages 65 to 74 Heart Disease - 24% for ages 65 to 74 Diabetes - 27% for ages 65+ There is...
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    Go checkout

    I just called the Landing. They are still waiting for final approval from the city and Health Department. Should know for sure by tomorrow. May need to reconfigure some of the Limited Load trips (such as the Pacific Queen) to Ultra Limited Load (such as the Shogun). He said they would post more...
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    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    Yes that’s part of it. The other advantage is that I can get 300 yards of line on a small reel. The lighter spool is easy on the bait and in a pick bite the tuna is less likely to feel the weight of the spool.
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    Can Your Main Line Be Too Thin?

    I load my Fathom 15 with 30# spectra and pair it with 30# fluoro as needed. It was definitely needed with the small bait we had last year. The reel will deliver up to 20# of drag and I pair it with a fairly heavy rod, 700 MH 25-60#. Just be sure to wind the spectra on tight, so it doesn’t...
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    Long Trips

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    Vagabond trip#31........wanna carpool?

    If you are going out of Fisherman’s Landing, go into the tackle store and talk to the guys at the landing counter. Tell them what boat you are on and when you will be back. They will print out a slip to put on your dash. I’m sure the other landings have a similar process. Call your landing if...
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    Vagabond trip#31........wanna carpool?

    Long Term parking is across Harbor Drive next to the Best Western Hotel.
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    Vagabond trip#31........wanna carpool?

    The long term lot is free. Just drop your stuff and park your car two blocks away. No need for Uber. Just get a slip to put on your dash and you are good to go.
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    Searcher Guadalupe Report

    Yes, they did try chunking for a while. I think it only yielded one bite so they went back to bait.
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    Searcher Guadalupe Report

    Just got back from a 7-day trip to the island on the Searcher. It was a light load with 20 anglers plus the Seeker sponsor. We spent the 7 days at the island and caught 216 tuna and nine YT. The bait was quite small, mostly 4-5 inches, with a few bigger ones in the mix. Since the chum was...
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    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Just to be clear, the GWS was coming out of the water after a fisherman. Not a gaffed tuna be lifted, or bait being lifted, etc.? If true, that’s pretty darned scary.
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    Guadalupe Island weather link

    Damn! After I bookmarked that site and everything. I guess that explains why the Ensenada weather forecast is so different from the island forecast.
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    Long range 6 day trip to guad, next week.. setup rec

    Is that bent hook a size 1 owner fly liner?
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    2 Tropical Systems may affect Baja..

    The crossing from Ensenada could be bumpy. But by Sunday it looks good. PZZ945-192215- San Clemente Island, CA to Guadalupe Island from 60 NM offshore west to 120W- 236 AM PDT Thu Sep 19 2019 .TODAY...N to NW winds 10 to 20 kt. Seas 5 to 7 ft. .TONIGHT...NW winds 10 to 20 kt. Seas 5 to 9 ft...
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    Red Rooster trip report.. Guadalupe Island and off shore

    Soda Pop Thanks for the tackle tips. Since hook sizes can vary by manufacturer, which brand were you using for sizes 1 and 1/0?
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    Which LR boat for 3 day trip?

    The entire LR fleet does a good job, but each boat is slightly different. Pay attention to the variations in boat size, passenger load, and cost. Vagabond is the smallest at 80 feet, but usually goes with a load of 22. PS and the Star are 90 feet but usually have a load of 24. Etc., etc. Quite...
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    I prefer a 20 foot fluoro top shot with a rail rod having a soft tip. I’ve only been to the Lupe once, but we fished the lee of the island. No need for the stretch and shock absorption of a longer top shot.
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    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    Now that is a good safety feature. First time I’ve heard of it. I know the night watch do short shifts, usually two hours or less. But it can get boring in the middle of the night and something to make sure they don’t nod off is a good idea.
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    6 day red rooster september 20-26

    Yup. Start at 80# and only drop down to lighter line if you have to (or as recommended by the crew).
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    secondary/emergency exits on LR boats

    As I recall the Indy has escape hatches both fore and aft to get from below up into the galley. Plus the galley has two exits. One in back out to the main deck, plus another door out to the side rail.
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    Sad news, boat fire.

    The long range boats I have been on have an emergency hatch that leads from the sleeping quarters up into the galley. But if the galley is already on fire, you are still trapped. Very, very sad.
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    Wahoonista Question

    For my style of fishing, I would use the heavier rod. I fish heavy drag and straight grind them to the boat. Never let them run and never give them any slack.
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    My 7 day lineup

    I think you generally have the bases covered. Just be ready to re-purpose a rig or two as the situation changes. For example, you might want to be ready to change a 40# rig to 30# if it turns into a pick bite. Also, think about adapting a rig to a yo-yo outfit for YT or wahoo. What boat are you...
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    Mercury Levels

    My mercury tested slightly elevated so I talked to the doc about chelation therapy. He said the therapy was hard on your liver and so only used under certain circumstances. Specially, it’s best used when there is a recent acute exposure, like an industrial accident. It works best when the...
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    Bad News

    Bummer. Every time I went to Longfin I made a point to see him and swap yarns. I haven’t seen him there for six or eight months, maybe more. I asked about him but staff didn’t know what was up. Or maybe they were protecting his privacy. He will definitely be missed. RIP.
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    January Trip

    That’s an unusual length of trip for that time of year. Most winter trips are 14 days and more. I checked their trip reports from last January and didn’t see one for a 9-day trip. So this might be their first one. A trip that length could go to the Rocks or maybe Mag Bay. Sometimes there are...
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    offshore weather

    This one is pretty good. It projects out about eight days. National weather service only projects about five days.
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    Ocean Odyssey 1.5 Day Trip Tackle Suggestions...

    Your 6’ and 6’6” rods will probably work just fine. It’s true we tend to favor longer rods out west, but that mostly comes into play when using the rail to fight a plus sized tuna. You probably don’t need to get a bunch of new tackle for just one trip. Unless you’re going to be targeting...
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    SETTING DRAG AGAIN - Someone who's tried everything and came to a conclusion

    I too set my drag before getting on the boat. But if you are on a multi day trip, you should recheck your drag at least once a day. Changes in temp and moisture cause your drag to vary. Lugging a 25 or 30 pound weight onto the boat would be a giant PITB. So instead, once you get your drag...
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    Help need for the other side of the pond

    From the UC website, I see that those are both 4 foot Challenger Extreme Big Game blanks. Most people on this site are using rail rods of 7 to 7.5 feet long. So I don’t know how much response you will get. You might also consider posting your question on the rod building forum. A lot of...
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    Tac Glue Questions

    I do something similar. I glue about 3/4” and then serve over the glue plus another 1/4”, and then add another coat over the serve plus 6”. The first layer of glue is only 3/4” so that the serve will extend beyond the glued area. If I try to complete the serve over a glued area, the under wrap...
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    Tac Glue Questions

    Q: For those that serve do you put tac glue on the entire serve plus more above the serve. Or do you just glue the beginning and ending knots of the serve. ANS: I glue the serve plus 6 inches onto the braid. Q: Once the bottle is open whats the best way to store it and how long does it last...
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    Processing question

    The crew on the long range boats won’t be filleting your fish, so be prepared to do it yourself or hire a processor. If you figure your average fish weighs 20 pounds, it is very possible to come home from a long range trip with 400-600# of fish. Way more than I want to fillet, and also more...
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    024 050VIS Handle interchange

    What is involved in changing out the handle and crank arm for the 16 VISX to the 50 size?
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    Drag Settings For Deep Water Flat Fallin’

    When I’m fishing a jig for big fish, I position the drag lever to get me about 15-20# of drag. I then push up the drag as the situation develops. All you really need at the start is enough drag to set the hook. I start light because I don’t want the fish dragging me around while I might be...
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    Current bait Situation

    I read the Searcher Captain’s Blog yesterday and it said anglers were doing well with 3/0 hooks and 40# line. Sounds like they started the trip with nice sized bait.
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    What is the length of the crank arm for the 16 vs the 20? Is it relatively easy to install? I heard the 50 would also fit the 16. Do you know the length of the 50 and when it might be available?
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    Wahoo 6 day range

    It varies a lot due to the current or lack thereof. But my experience is that if you clear the harbor around 11 or 12, you get to the Ridge around early afternoon. If you head to the Rocks instead you arrive around mid morning. Also, some boats are a little faster than others. An extra half...
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    Wahoo 6 day range

    Judging from the shadows, those pics were taken early afternoon. Having left the harbor Sunday, that would place them near the top of the Ridge. Looks like Intrepid fished the Ridge on Sunday and Monday, and then switched to the Rocks on Tuesday. Got some wahoo both places, with possibly...
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    Are Mexican fishing lic the same as the Mexican permits

    Sorry. That Mexican license is only good for trips of less than three days. Trips of three days and over require a permit, which the boat will pull before they leave the dock.
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    Diamond Braid Gen 3

    I too have spliced solid into 16 carrier hollow on many, many occasions. It works great to connect two pieces of solid, and also to splice a loop onto solid. I try to ensure that the solid and hollow have similar breaking strength so they will have similar stretch. I also use four nail knots...
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    Excel made big bait at home.

    That’s a first for me. But I was glad to see the post. A nice reminder to make sure you have some mackerel sabikis in your tackle kit. I always bring some, but now I’ll triple check my stock. I’ve made bait many times, but this would be the first in the harbor.
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    topless 30

    Way easier to service than a Porsche.
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    Thoughts on the Searcher

    I have been on the Searcher many times. It is plenty fishy. There is an overhang, so take your long rods up to the bow and stow them at an angle.
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    Bringing the candy to PV

    Just an FYI. A few years ago I took squid to PV and declared it and Customs dumped it in the trash while giving me a lecture in Spanish (and some English) about how it wasn’t allowed. Of course if you don’t want to declare it, that’s up to you. The next year I built in extra time on the taxi...
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    Toro Tamer Spectra

    I’ve used the 80# TT 16-strand extensively and caught plenty of fish from 80-180#. It works just fine.
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    Does Braid Color Matter with Short Fluoro Leaders?

    I’m thinking of doing a little experimenting. What is your preferred brand of yellow braid?
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    Fluoro breaking strength tests

    Charkbait ran some tests of 50#:
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    Best 1.5 - 3 Day "Starter" Trip?

    X2 I don’t recall seeing any Long Range boats offering deals at FH in recent years. But I book my trips well before FH so I wasn’t really looking for boat deals and might have missed them. Better to find your trip and get some money down. (Hint: longer trips are better!)
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    Best 1.5 - 3 Day "Starter" Trip?

    The Searcher runs out of Fisherman’s Landing. In July-August-September they have some trips of the length you are asking about. They have several 3-man rooms downstairs, if you all want to share a room. Quite a few of the long range boats have 3-man rooms. But they tend to run longer trips...
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    SHOGUN trip coming/ Wind forecast, when do LR trips get canceled

    A 6-day trip is likely to go to Guadalupe Island. Depending on the wind direction, there’s a good chance they can fish in the lee. Almost certain they could anchor in the lee for a good night’s rest. Travel to and from the island could be pretty sloppy though. If the island is ruled out...
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    Anyone just off the Searcher 10/28?

    After you catch a few fish and hose the blood into the water the sharks tend to show up. Sometimes it is necessary to pull anchor and move to get away from the sharks. As for keeping a shark-bit fish, I’m sure most would agree it’s a shame to waste these beautiful fish. If only the tail is...
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    16VISX vr MAK16SEa

    John I thought Dyneema and Western Filament were chemically the same. So the idea that one is better for ABS and the other is better for capacity makes no sense to me. What am I missing here? David
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    Rail Rod Protection/ 3M 130-310 shrink wrap tubing

    I cut mine after it is installed over the fore grip. Just spin the rod on the rod lathe and touch the tube with a razor. With a steady hand you get a nice straight cut. Just be aware that the rubber pulls back from cut line about 1/8” or so.
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    Rail Rod Protection/ 3M 130-310 shrink wrap tubing

    I buy cold shrink at McMaster-Carr.
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    Five Star Fish Processing

    Sounds like they owe you a refund for at least two boxes worth of fish that you paid to have processed but did not receive. A 100% refund would not be unreasonable. As to replacing your fish, that may be impossible. If it went home with some other fisherman by mistake then it’s probably gone...
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    Searcher 7-day Oct 21 - anyone going? Tips for a newbie?

    Welcome aboard Nick! My brother and I will be on that trip too. I have done numerous 7-day trips with Art, although usually in September. Looks like the RP is doing well at the Lupe and the Star is finishing a nice trip down on the Ridge, so either is possible. I haven't heard much about the...
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    X2 Make sure to store your fish in a freezer that is NOT frost free. A frost free freezer periodically increases the temp of the freezer compartment to prevent any ice build up. This is not good for beautiful fish fillets.
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    Blue hollow spectra/braid

    I have seen some very good fishermen color their line. I have seen other equally good fishermen not color their line. I can't tell who caught more fish. But I figure a sardine's belly is white, so I'll stick with white spectra. Let us know how blue line works out for you. P.S. It's fun to...
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    Best phone app for texting from out to sea

    Were you using the Walkie Talky feature, text, or ?
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    Wanna buy my son a ticket

    If I am reading my calendar correctly, 9/13 and 9/14 are weekdays, so that may not meet his vacation requirements. Regarding the fish processing, check ahead of time to make sure the processor is open. Five Star doesn't meet the short range boats at the dock and you have to make special...
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    Solid to Hollow Spectra size

    Of course it's all a matter of personal preference. My reading turned up that to get a Bimini approaching 100% of line strength you need to make something like 50-100 turns in tying the knot. For me, the spliced hollow over solid loop is stronger and lower profile. Yes, it takes more time...
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    Anyone hear any good reports from the long range fleet this week?

    Excel posted a wrap up report for their 8-day. 50 wahoo at the Rocks, plus some school sized tuna. First sign of tuna at the Rocks in a long time. YT and grouper on the beach, etc.
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    Jerry Brown solid spectra in San Diego

    I was at Longfin in Orange the other day and they don't carry JB either, so I got Izor instead. You might have to get JB on the web.
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    Solid to Hollow Spectra size

    I put my nail knots on the hollow, just above the point where the solid is inserted. I put tac glue on the nail knots and for six additional inches on the hollow. I butt my nail knots tight together because I read somewhere that adjacent nail knots have more holding power than separated nail...
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    Solid to Hollow Spectra size

    I generally try to pair solid and hollow that have a similar breaking strength. So a 80 or 100# hollow should work just fine. I also prefer to put on 3 or 4 nail knots and tac glue. Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but it helps me fish with confidence in the connection.
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    Wanna buy my son a ticket

    August and September are high season for the pelagics, so finding space on a good boat will be your first challenge. If you stick to one of the 12 long range boats you really can't go wrong. In clicking around, I saw that the Vagabond has a couple of open spots, and the Searcher had one spot...
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    3.5 Day Report (July 13-16) on the Success

    In my experience 5 Star usually calls to make shipping arrangements after about a week. If at all possible, they (and you) will want your fish to go on a direct flight at a time when you can pick them up at the airport. They pack the frozen fillets in a 50 pound box with styrofoam lining...
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    Looking at a 30lb test rod

    I am not fond of Seeker rods since they are heavier than other rods available these days. My jig casting rod is a Calstar 800m and I like it just fine. However, lately I have been building UC rods which are lighter still. Since these builds have been rail rods for cows I'm afraid their...
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    Loop to loop

    I too make my own and do so for 20# and up. It's actually more time consuming to build wind on leaders than to tie a Bob Sands or whatever. But building the light line wind on helps keep my technique sharp so that I have confidence in my heavy line wind on when I go cow fishing.
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    Measuring the Length of a Trip

    The two trips are 70 hours and 68 hours, respectively. I would call them both 3-day trips. In my experience, most trips 3 days and longer leave in the late morning and get back early morning. There are exceptions, of course.
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    First Look: Penn International 50 VISX

    This quote comes from the other thread. Most of the reels will have a thrust bearing and pull drag system which accounts in part for the improved free spool.
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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 3.5 day june 30-july 3

    Down at the Hurricane Bank it's not uncommon to have a night time hookup turn into a Kamakaze Fish. A big fish comes straight to the boat perhaps because it follows the light or perhaps because it is disoriented in the dark. The deck hands know to watch for it and are pretty good about quickly...
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    PV and moon phases

    A dark moon is better for making bait, especially for squid.
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    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    Laying the rod on the rail is a technique that can be done with most any tuna rod, assuming the fore grip is long enough to reach the rail. Using a rod that is designed for rail fishing is ideal, but not essential.
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    Tool for line winding?

    Sato Line Winder works pretty well. It has gotten more pricey since I bought it 5 or 6 years ago. But it has held up well.
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    San Diego jam not.

    I assume you are referring to one of the guys who runs the knot tying competition at the Fred Hall show. I'd go with what he says. From time to time I do get on a knot breaking jag in my garage, but I haven't tested your particular question.
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    A Couple of Questions:

    Russ Sorry for the delayed response. I haven't checked this forum for a while. As an FYI, if you had "quoted" my response when posting your question (as I did yours above), the system would have generated an automated notice to me. Now to your questions. I would load a 600 sized reel with...
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    Oven-Canned Tuna

    I majored in Food Science and was concerned that the method proposed above is not compliant with what I learned in school or in the home canning classes I have taken in recent years. So I consulted my local University of California Cooperative Extension program to gather their insights. Here...
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    Discussion thread for PENN 50VISX

    So the max drag for the 16VISX is 45# and for the 12VISX it is 40#. Do you also have numbers for max strike drag? Thanks.
  104. M

    Discussion thread for PENN 50VISX

    I'm interested in the new weight for the 12 and 16 VISX. Also, will both reels have the trolling clip receptacles on top so they can be used to troll? Thanks for your patience in providing all this information.
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    UC Viper Specs

    Jeff Of course this sort of thing is largely a matter of personal preference. However, I'm curious if your comment applies to both the 70 and 76 Viper, or just the 70?
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    UC Viper Specs

    Thanks all for the clarification.
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    UC Viper Specs

    Last year I decided to build a 76 Viper. It was listed on Charkbait as a 130# rod (100-150#), and seemed like a good candidate as a cow rod. While I didn't catch any cows this year, I was none the less pleased with the rod and have decided to build another one for next season. But here is the...
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    A Couple of Questions:

    You can use the 12 or the 50 for chunking. There is no stealth involved. Just get a chunk line going and count on the fish to follow the chunk line while getting into a "stupid" bite mode. Bait fishing is usually a stealth or finesse approach. Generally use the lightest line you can get away...
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    mexican waters closures ??

    How far south does the closure extend? There are some places to fish for YT 20 or 30 miles south of the islands. Turtle Bay is the name that comes to mind.
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    rp report today

    They celebrate Easter morning with 5 cows and 2 supers. Wow!
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    Offshore Looking for some action

    No section for boat reviews. Just do a search in this section for the boat in question. You're likely to get several years worth of fish reports and comments.
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    Offshore Looking for some action

    X2 The quality of the SD fleet is generally pretty good. While everyone has their favorites and also their least favorite, a truly bad boat would soon go out of business. Watch the fish counts and figure out which boats are doing well at catching the species you want. Then do a search on...
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    Offshore 4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    I don't recognize the name. Just checked the roster and he wasn't listed.
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    Offshore 4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    Sorry for the slang. I was referring to the Independence.
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    Offshore 4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    Sorry. It was a youngish fellow and I'm terrible with names.
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    Offshore 4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    Sorry. Having a little trouble getting this post up. I'll add the narrative in the next few minutes. Okay, here goes. Short report: Fished on the Pacific Voyager yesterday on a 1.5 day charter. The boat caught limits of BFT (20-30#) and limits of rat yellows (3-7#). We fished in Mexican...
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    "That Guy" roll call

    According to their website, the San Diego Harbor Police are governed under a special district that also includes the airport. Although, I'm sure have they mutual aid agreements with the Sheriff, local city police, local fire departments, etc...
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    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    If you plan to pick up your fish and drive to LA, make sure the processor is going to be open when you need them. My recollection is that they usually open at 11:00. You may need to make arrangements to have someone open the place early so you can get your fish and hit the road to catch your...
  119. M

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Nice citation Bill. As I read the chart, YFT over 170 cm or 5'7" (approx 150#) are 90%+ likely to be male.
  120. M

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Excellent questions raised. Here are my comments: Amount of fish - no need to stop fishing after you have caught your fill. You can catch and release; catch and give to a fellow angler; or, best of all, hook and hand to another angler who is down on his luck. This last option provides ample...
  121. M

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Regarding payment for the tip, tackle, and assorted beverages: settling up after the trip is usually done with cash or a personal check. A personal check drawn on a German bank is likely to be a problem. I have not heard of settling up with a credit card, so talk to Lori before the trip to see...
  122. M

    Double duty: trolling and dropper?

    That reel is fine for trolling and dropper loop with minimal re rigging. My preferred rod in those applications is something shorter, say a Calstar 760H. The reel will also work for cow sized fish if you go long range or to PV. Although for that I prefer a 7 foot rod.
  123. M

    3-6 day trips

    3-4 day trips are unlikely to go farther than about 180 miles or so. So that would include San Martin, San Clemente, or wherever the fish are on a local temp break etc. A 5-6 day trip is likely to go up to 280 miles or so, which could include Guadeloupe (if permitted), or Cedros (if open)...
  124. M

    Spring cow trips

    The differences aren't huge, but there is some difference. The weather will likely be warmer, since summer is closer. Days are a little longer. The winter storm swell out of the north is likely to be more moderate. The wahoo fishing can be better, but that varies a lot from year to year...
  125. M

    Cal Sheets Custom Penn 50VSX Supercow Reel

    A few months ago I talked to the Penn rep at the Longfin event. He said the revamped line of International reels was due out next fall. When I asked what would be new or different, he said "lighter and stronger". Maybe Tunanorth will chime in with an update.
  126. M

    Fury 500 and 600: AR bearing strength?

    True enough. All AR bearings will fail after salt water intrusion. As best I can tell, the Accurate seals hold up pretty well against the salt water. However, if they should fail, then the reel needs to go to the Corona facility to replace the AR bearings. If it's out of warranty then there...
  127. M

    Fury 500 and 600: AR bearing strength?

    The website lists the max drag as 24#. I don't have any of the Fury line so I can't offer any comments on them. However, I do have half a dozen of the Bx2 and DPx2 reels and have had occasion to push the drag up to 20# with no problems. I do my own maintenance and breaking them down and...
  128. M

    My Introduction and a Question, re: June LR Fishing

    Look at prior year reports to get an idea of what you might find. Last year it looks like the Excel did well on YT but couldn't scratch up much for tuna. The reason the June trips cost less is because there is so much variability in what is around from year to year. But that is always the...
  129. M

    Extra Cash??

    The long range boats I have been on allow you to bring your own beer, wine, whisky, etc. If it's your first time on a new boat, best to confirm with the boat ahead of time.
  130. M

    Extra Cash??

    The boats I go on accept a check as readily as cash, and I use a credit card for fish processing. So I don't bring much extra cash. But if you insist on paying in cash, then figure 15-20% for the tip, another 5% for tackle, and $3 times however much beer you drink. The permit fees are...
  131. M

    LOOP TO LOOP with SOID 100LB Spectra

    The idea of using a Bimini of 10-12 turns was debunked as a testing error. But it was fun while it lasted.
  132. M

    Long range trip questions 10 or 12 day Indy or Excel

    A 10-day in early December will likely head to the lower banks and target big tuna or wahoo, if they are there to be found. Both can be hit or miss. A 12-day in December will likely head to the Bank or the Buffer Zone and target big tuna and wahoo (if the wahoo are around). If you want a...
  133. M

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    When donating fish to the galley for sushi I have always been told it can't be prepared until after it spends a night in the freezer.
  134. M

    free spool

    Selling the Penns is certainly one option. If you want to keep your Penns, then call Cal or Eric at Cal's 2 Speed and see what they suggest. They can grind down the spool and frame and make other changes to improve the free spool and drag curve. It's not cheap, but very effective. Do your...
  135. M

    Long Range August 2017- 7-day Trip general questions?

    Some people love spinning reels for tuna, but I don't recall seeing them used for wahoo. I think there would be some disadvantage since the wahoo are difficult to hook. They tend to hold the jig in their mouth and then drop it when they get close to the boat. For that reason I generally try...
  136. M

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    Please be careful about jumping right to the Invictus. It is reportedly a beast of a rod. Please read a few reviews or find one to pull on.
  137. M

    1st 16dayer on the Indy. Rod selection

    While I have not fished a 1x3, I have fished the 770xh. I would consider both to be finesse rods and on the light side of 100#. The viper 76 is a solid 130# rod and a good choice for 16 days. If possible, I recommend you get a second viper (borrow or buy), maybe from a friend or wherever. Or...
  138. M

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    The cow population is resident year round. So it's really a matter of avoiding hurricane season. I would consider Halloween through Fred Hall to be peak season in PV. However, in past years some of the boats have come north around April to prepare for the summer season in SD.
  139. M

    Cow fishing Season timing

    The cow season pretty much runs from November to May. I've seen the bite get hot in pretty much any of those months. After all, the cows have to eat year round. As far as I can tell, no one targets HB and the buffer zone during the summer because it's hurricane season. It's just safer to...
  140. M

    Fishing the Ridge

    A type of trolling jig that makes a clicking or rattling sound as it goes through the water. Popular on the East Coast I am told.
  141. M

    Overnight trip advice

    This time of year the folks on this Board are focused on points pretty far south. So you may not get much useful information. Maybe check in with the California offshore board for information closer to home. Also take a look at Allcoast for their summary of fishing reports for all the SoCal...
  142. M

    SOA trip 10/19 - 10/28

    Yup. My first time on the SOA. See you Wednesday!
  143. M

    Trolling reel

    If it was me, I'd probably get a Mak 20 or 16 SEa. Either could do double duty for the dropper loop or if you happen to run into some big ones down by Mag Bay.
  144. M

    Spectra color--white too visible?

    I was on the AA a few years back and saw some very good anglers coloring their line so I tried it too. No way to tell if it really makes a difference, but if it improves your mojo then it's all good. I eventually stopped coloring my line because the spectra floats and so a tuna approaching...
  145. M

    I am beyond pissed!!!!!

    My first few rods I wasn't very good at getting my thread tensioned correctly and ended up with some loose wraps. When I put on CP the threads got even looser, but tightened back up as the CP dried. Could that be what is happening to you?
  146. M

    United Composites CX76 Viper

    Very nice. Is the rear grip also 18"?
  147. M

    Replacing top shot with braid

    Yup, a hollow to hollow splice is easy to do and has nearly 100% of the original line strength. You never even feel it going through the guides. A solid to solid splice can also be done, but it's quite a bit more work. It requires a six foot length of hollow to connect the solid lines plus...
  148. M

    CalStar 800m?

    I have two of them but don't end up using them. For local fishing for school sized fish, I almost always use the 800 ML (15-30) with 25# mono. It allows me the flexibility to switch leader to 20, 25, or 30#, depending on the situation. If I think bigger fish are around, I bring out the 700 MH...
  149. M

    Wind-on's for 80-100lb

    It's possible that people are using a 3-5' topshot to get the knot outside guides. The trade off would be the loss of stretch and shock absorption that is possible with a longer leader.
  150. M

    Accurate 30T ATD or Penn International 30VSX?

    I agree with Jeff's statement above. To answer the rest of your question, I had Cal sleeve the spool, put in the low gear, and modify the drag curve for my VSX and ATD 30 reels. He also redid the spool and frame for the VSX. I found these changes to be more than just minor "tweaks". They...
  151. M

    Accurate 30T ATD or Penn International 30VSX?

    I think that would be a fair conclusion. Kind of like the difference between fighting a cow on a 30 versus a 50. Both will get the job done, but the 50 makes it easier on you and harder on the fish.
  152. M

    Accurate 30T ATD or Penn International 30VSX?

    To my mind, the Mak Sea 16 and ATD 12 LR both fill the same niche, i.e., 80# or finesse 100#.
  153. M

    Accurate 30T ATD or Penn International 30VSX?

    I have both and sent both to Cal for his modifications. They are both excellent cow reels and you are correct that the ATD needs to be serviced more often, but IMO is a little better as a "finesse" reel. So that is your trade-off. With that said, if you are planning to fish the Lupe but not...
  154. M

    Bananas on long range boats>

    Bananas have never been a problem for me. I just bring along my lucky rabbit's foot to cancel out the banana's bad juju. I find this balances the karmic load in the universe so that good fishing can proceed unhindered.
  155. M


    I cover my for grip with 3M cold shrink. Expensive, but it gets the job done.
  156. M

    Which Seeker Blanks are for me?

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of Seeker rods. If you are set on that brand, then to each their own. If you are open to other brands, then post on the Rod Builders forum and see what they suggest. UC is trending well these days...
  157. M

    CalStar 800L (Braid)

    I find it to be an excellent 25# rod and change leader to 20# or 30# as the situation demands. Have landed tuna up to 40# and it did just fine. It is perfect for school sized tuna of 20-30#, although for tuna over 40 I would prefer a heavier rod. I run a 30 foot mono top shot over braid and...
  158. M

    Mustad Demon Circles for Lupe. 3x or 4x?

    4x for the big tuna. The crew tell me to fish J hooks for the wahoo, so I do.
  159. M

    long fin sale

    Just to be clear, the sale is on Saturday, September 17th. If they run out of stock on something like a reel or such, you can pay for it on the sale day and pick it up when it comes in. This annual sale has proven to be very popular and the lines at the check out can get long.
  160. M

    ATD 12T Drag at Strike

    Call them up and talk to Cal or his son Eric. I have found them to be very helpful in walking me through the modifications that will best suit my needs. Mostly I just say give me the works. Speed shift, new handle, longer crank arm, etc. We all spend a bundle on long range, and I just figure...
  161. M

    Flex Coat Drips on Guide Frames

    It would help if you post a picture so we can see what you are talking about.
  162. M

    Okuma Makaira Problem. Help?

    If the reel is pretty new, it shouldn't be a bearing. Back off the drag preset and if there is a cast control knob back that off too. Put it in free spool, spin the spool and turn it on the left side and then on the right side. If there is no difference in how it spins, left bearing vs right...
  163. M

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    Trading fish for venison, brew, tackle, or cash, it's all the same in the eyes of the DFW. Now friends exchanging gifts at Christmas or on some other special occasion, well that's another matter entirely. But probably best not post about it.
  164. M

    How full with spectra?

    Particularly on the smaller reels (16VSX and 30VSX), I spool mine pretty close to the top with just enough room for a short top shot. I try to get as much spectra on there as I can to minimize the chances of going to the backup rig. So far so good.
  165. M

    Why not use straight braid to fluoro?

    I've seen a few posts saying the wind has been up lately. If the boat is rocking and rolling, a nice long mono top shot can help prevent hook pulls. But personally, I nearly always use braid and a short fluoro top shot with good success. A parabolic rod and a smooth drag helps a lot.
  166. M

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    On one trip I saw the crew tape a blade to a gaff so they could reach down and cut the line. Have also seen them hand line smaller fish so they could remove the hook.
  167. M

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    A little searching on the web informs me that the processors have raised their prices since I was out fishing last spring. 5 Star is now 0.85/pound and Fisherman's is 0.95/pound. It's been 0.75/pound at 5 Star for maybe 7 or 8 years that I know of so it's about time. I think Fisherman's...
  168. M

    ATD Super 12

    Using 80# JB to make a 100# fluoro top shot works just fine.
  169. M

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    In my experience the long range boats post their counts sporadically if at all. In fact, on the longer trips (14+ days), they mostly don't want the school sized fish on the boat. Go big or go home is the motto. But those are big-fish trips and so that obviously wouldn't apply to your 3.5 day...
  170. M

    Mulri-day noob question #2

    Five Star can also help you donate fish to a local charity, at no cost to you. They will also give you a receipt, although the write-off is a subject of much discussion and controversy. Many threads on that subject. You asked if the crew can sell the fish and they cannot. It is illegal to...
  171. M

    ATD Super 12

    I'd make the top 50 yards JB 80#. It's heavier than the JB 100 and easier to splice. I use the 12 as my stealth outfit and IMO 130# is overkill in this application.
  172. M

    Rigs for a 10 Day

    I would also bring a 25# bait outfit. If the school stays on the boat for a long drift, the bite can get sketchy towards the end. It seems like the 10-day range is where you have to bring the most rigs because there is so much to cover in terms of potential species size and diversity.
  173. M

    Rigs for a 10 Day

    What boat are you on? Only three boats have the permits to fish at Guadalupe. With that said, I would bring at least one 100# outfit to fly line sardines. A 10 day trip allows enough time to get down to the lower banks. So while cows are unlikely, it's not impossible. So better to bring a...
  174. M

    ATD 12T Drag at Strike

    The blue print will get you a custom drag curve. Specifically, you can ask Cal for 1-2# of drag as the reel comes out of free spool, progressing to 30# of drag at strike. Out of the box, with the reel set for 30# at strike, it will come out of free spool at something like 7 or 8# of drag. The...
  175. M

    newbie looking to book first long range trip

    Go 7 or 8 days if you possibly can. That will get you down to the Rocks or the Ridge. Beyond that, look at cost versus load. A higher cost generally yields a lighter load. Also consider the pros and cons of bigger boats versus smaller boats. Bigger boats tend to be more stable but usually go...
  176. M

    UC Backorder

    Charkbait called yesterday and said my two blanks were in. Good to see that progress is being made on the backorders.
  177. M

    UC Backorder

    At the end of May, Charkbait was having a Memorial Day sale so I ordered a pair of UC Viper 76 blanks. As time passed I called Charkbait several times to get an estimated delivery date. I was told that they are working with UC on resolving backorders, but there is no estimated delivery date at...
  178. M

    Question for the Gear Heads

    Yup, yoyo and wahoo.
  179. M

    Going on a 5 day

    I assume you are thinking about how much lead to bring for your dropper loop. It might be as deep as 200-300 feet. Depending on current, it might take as much as 16 oz to hold the bottom. If you have it, bring along a couple of weights each at 4, 8, 12, and 16 oz. However, lead is expensive...
  180. M

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    The LR boats I have been on (AA, RP, and Inde) weigh the fish before it is gut and gilled. It is frequently bleeding out while being weighed so several pounds of blood are on the deck instead of on the scale. After the cow photos, it goes in the RSW probably 30-40 pounds lighter.
  181. M

    If it does not go 200 lbs its not a cow.

    Based on the pictures supplied, it looks like the charter captain was not being truthful with his clients about how much their fish weighed. As a general rule, I find it difficult to condone lying to a client. If a salesman/contractor/whoever tells me one lie, I wonder what else might he be...
  182. M

    Going on a 5 day

    Mostly likely will be fishing south, including Cedros or Benitos. If you have it, bring along a heavy rod that can do triple duty for trolling, dropper loop at the island, and big BFT in American waters. Plan on fly lining for YFT and YT on paddies. Bring along some iron to yo yo for YT on...
  183. M


    For the most part, trips of 3+ days require a passport, and shorter trips do not. But if the boat says bring it, then bring it. Go with what the boat says, since they will be the one checking you in and letting you on the boat. If you have a Mexican license bring that too (and CA license too...
  184. M

    Accurate Dauntless DX2-600N

    The biggest I have caught on that sized reel is 70#. If there are fish over 100 around I switch to an ATD 12, Penn VSX 16, or larger. A drag of 30# should be adequate for fish up to 150# or so. But if your drag is maxed out, I'm not sure it would continue to be smooth. Hope this helps.
  185. M

    ATD Super 12

    I have a super 12 that Cal blueprinted and sleeved. IMO totally worth it. The sleeve improved the free spool and the blue print gives me a custom drag curve. I use the 12 as my mid-day finesse cow reel. Also have a Penn 16 VSX (also modified by Cal) for the same purpose.
  186. M

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    You don't say the sizes of your other reels. If possible, be sure to have some small reels in your line up. A small 2-speed would be ideal, ex. Makaira 10, Bx2 400, etc. I also like to take a small single speed like the Penn Fathom 15, in case the fish are picky and I want to drop down to...
  187. M

    Micro Spectra

    Maxcuatro! Yup. Did a Google and got a bunch of hits. Thanks.
  188. M

    Micro Spectra

    A year or so ago I recall seeing mention of a new formulation of spectra that was thinner (20-30%?) than regular spectra. I want to get an update on how this stuff performs in the real world but can't find any mention of it. A search of these forums and a wider Google search yields zippo...
  189. M

    Decided to plan a 10 day'r in October... 2017 or 2018

    All the boats are good. Each boat has its own personality, which is further shaped by the anglers on a particular trip. My advice: pick the lightest load on the biggest boat you can afford. A bigger boat is more stable, but a lighter load means fewer lines in the water and fewer tangles. So...
  190. M

    Heavy Rod Question

    The rod is loaded so much that it no longer provides any lift. The rocking of the boat helps to lift the fish, and levering the rod against the rail will help to lift the fish. But the rod is so over-loaded that it no longer has the ability to start to straighten out and therefore lift the...
  191. M

    Heavy Rod Question

    Bill I have all my reels set up for 28# at strike with a straight pull. I find 28# is fine for 150# class fish, and the 770 XXH rod is perfect for fish in that size range. For fish up closer to cow size, I push past strike into the low 30's and that is when the XXH bottoms out. My 6463 4XH...
  192. M

    Heavy Rod Question

    Richie I see UC coming up a lot lately, so I should probably give it a look. I have experience with Calstar and Seeker, but not UC. I found the following descriptions of their rail rod blanks: CX Viper (UC's answer to the 2x4, 3x5) 7'0" FAST 80-130 CX...
  193. M

    Heavy Rod Question

    I posted this in the Rod Building section, but maybe folks on this forum will have helpful thoughts as well. I recently got back from a long range trip and landed several nice fish from 185# to 204#. It was daytime fishing, so I was using my "light" 100# rig: Calstar 770 XXH paired with a Penn...
  194. M

    Heavy Rod Question

    I recently got back from a long range trip and landed several nice fish from 185# to 204#. It was daytime fishing, so I was using my "light" 100# rig: Calstar 770 XXH paired with a Penn 16 VSX. While the reel did just fine (thanks, Cal!), the rod bottomed out on fish this size. I have heavier...
  195. M

    Changes in Grafighters over the years?

    A picture would probably help. Also consider posting in the Rod Builders forum.
  196. M

    Rods and Reels - attach before or on the boat

    Particularly on the longer trips (7+ days) I attach them on the ride down. If you run into some weather on the way down or back, you really don't want your reels to take all that spray coming over the rail.
  197. M

    Success PV trip 2/11 - 2/15

    Here is the BMF that Pete alluded to. Taped out at 284# and took my son (Peter) over an hour to land. Hooked at dusk on day two. As Pete said, the hour or two before dawn was the best bite. Most fish were hooked on the jig, but a dead stick squid also got a few bites. Also a couple on...
  198. M

    Need a C clip

    When I needed a replacement I ordered it from Accurate. I don't know if they still support that reel, but they should at least be able to help point you in the right direction.
  199. M

    San diego 5 day long range

    Personally, I like August and September for a 5-day trip. A good chance the YFT will be in the area, and a decent shot at YT and Dorado on the paddies. Also, the boat will likely head to Cedros or nearby in search of YT. Do you have any particular goals for the trip? That might help refine...
  200. M

    Bluefin Jim

    Excellent news. I checked the RR website and didn't see it. Can you post a link to the picture and weight? Thanks.
  201. M

    Cow tuna reel ATD 50 or 80?

    If you are going to eventually get several cow reels then consider both a 50 sized reel and a 30 sized reel. The 30 for sardines with a little lighter line just as Steve configured. The 50 for bigger baits, squid, chunk, and other applications where heavier line is more appropriate.
  202. M

    Accurate bearings

    All the bearings I have seen from Accurate are sealed and don't have a removable shield. With that said, I have removed the shields from all my Accurate bearings and didn't ruin a single one. Check out Alan Tani's web site. He has tutorials on how to remove the shields, clean and speed...
  203. M

    ATD drag ramp

    I think Steve is right about this. My understanding is that backing down the drag cam enough to give you 1-2# when you come out of free spool will result in a strike drag setting that is less than the 25# you want. I also took my ATDs to Cal and he ground the drag cam to my requested...
  204. M

    Tackle Recommendations

    Jamie has put up a very thoughtful post and it calls to mind an issue which I think doesn't get enough consideration. Let me illustrate with a personal anecdote. Last spring I was on the RP for what turned out to be a pretty challenging trip. Towards the end, quite a few people only had a...
  205. M

    Reels with braid on the plane

    I know the issue of taking reels with braid in your carry on luggage out of PV was discussed last summer in this post: As of last summer, the word was that reels with line needed to be packed in...
  206. M

    Help with 60-80-100?

    While the Mak 15 or 16 will both work for 80# line based on drag specifications, I would choose the 16 for that application. My reason would be the lower gearing of the low gear. When you are cranking up a big tuna, the lower gear can make a big difference. For the same reason I would...
  207. M

    Accurate BX2-50 applications?

    The BX2 series is not designed to be used for cows. Accurate recommends the ATD series for that. The BX2-50 could certainly be used for trolling or the kite where you might expect to hook fish from school size up to the mid 100s (ex: Guadalupe).
  208. M

    Seaguar premier Q's

    X2 If fishing for cows, then your go to line weight for Premier is 150 since it is about the same diameter as 130 in other brands. Drop to Premier 130 for that mid day stealth mode when you are living on the edge. If you choose to drop down to Premier 100, well, don't say you weren't warned...
  209. M

    Serve on hollow topshop slips

    It's a good point that a 7 foot insertion is overkill. If you do a serve with the line under weight, the splice can be much shorter. I generally do about a 2 - 2.5 foot splice.
  210. M

    Serve on hollow topshop slips

    As I mentioned above, it's a matter of weighting the line while the serve is being applied. I got a heavy duty hook from the hardware store and screwed it into a stud in the garage. After I create the loop and insert the mono into the spectra, I hang the loop over the hook in the wall. I then...
  211. M

    Serve on hollow topshop slips

    I'm pretty sure this is the source of your problem. Your spectra should be a little smaller. Somewhere around 0.4 mm would be better. Your comment about stretching the mono with gloves makes me think you are not truly pre tensioning your mono. To pretension the line, it needs to be under a...
  212. M

    Serve on hollow topshop slips

    You are right to be concerned with line creep at 30#, since your drag may get that high by the time you get to the bottom of your spool on a big fish. A few questions could help diagnose your problem. 1. What is the diameter of the mono versus the spectra? I find a ratio of about 2:1 works...
  213. M

    Solid to Hollow spectra

    Yes, yes, yes! It's all about friction! But there is also an unstated assumption. Stretch!!! Spectra has very little stretch. So by inserting 65 into 60, or 80 into 100, there is very little difference in the stretch of the spectra. So a couple of nail knots is sufficient to hold the serve...
  214. M

    Makaira Cal's Blueprint & Easyshift

    Interesting. I did a Google search but didn't find it. Do you have a link to post?
  215. M

    Makaira Cal's Blueprint & Easyshift

    I had Cal work on my 50Sea. He doesn't do a blueprint, since the reel doesn't need it. He grinds the drag cam to make the drag curve a straight line increase rather than soft at the start and aggressive at the end. That's how I like my reels and Cal did exactly what he said he would do. He...
  216. M

    Conditions for Yo-Zuri pink fluoro

    Based on your measurements, they are both really 100# fluoro. To match them with JB braid, I would use 80# hollow.
  217. M

    FMM and and credit card fraud

    Since they cleaned out your bank account and your debit card most likely has direct access to that account it was probably the debit card. If your credit card is like mine, there is no direct access from the card to the bank account.
  218. M

    Another Top Shot Question

    Personally, I see it as a trade off. Fish aren't very smart, so they don't mentally "connect" the spectra 15 feet away to the bait. All they see is a frisky bait swimming around, that is fresher and livelier for not having to pull a bunch of mono off a big spool. So, IMO, the extra bites from...
  219. M

    Cabo, Cancun, Christmas

    Chances are you will get a better response on the Mexico board. There is one for Baja and another for the mainland. Some of the charter skippers check the boards from time to time and can tell you about their services, what's biting, etc.
  220. M

    Accurate reel for 7' 40-100?

    X2 I have the BX2 600N and it has plenty of line capacity and drag for 50/60# line. Plus it can do double duty as a jigging reel.
  221. M

    Canning White Sea bass/halibut

    I've canned tuna, YT and Dorado, but that's it. The tuna turned out great, and the YT and Dodo was okay but nothing special. How did the canned wahoo turn out?
  222. M


    Similar to you, I am leaving on a 7-day in a week and plan to use my Penn VSX 30/2 to troll for wahoo and also as a 100# rig if we get into jumbo BFT. It's loaded with 100# solid braid and I will put on a 20' top shot of 100# fluoro. That way I am good to go for both wahoo and jumbo tuna...
  223. M

    3 guys need help

    Shannon I see the Spirit of Adventure has several charters coming up with some space on them. Call their office or call the charter masters directly. It's prudent on your part to go on a trip before you bring the posse out next...
  224. M

    Quality tuna - which boats / landings

    Any of the long range fleet are good bets for targeting quality. I see the Angler has some short trips coming up over the next week or two. Not sure if they have space, but you can bet they won't be fishing for rats.
  225. M

    what rods?

    I use my 40N to jig fish for YT and tuna, paired with a Calstar 700H. Also good for wahoo, but with a shorter stiffer rod like the 765ML or 765M.
  226. M

    Talica 10ii or Trinidad 16???

    That TZC is rated 40-80, so I assume you plan to fish with 40 or 50# line. I further assume this would be a bait rod. For bait at that weight I prefer a 2-speed, since I'm not going to fish anchovies with an MH rod and line. If you plan to toss iron, then the star drag is probably a better...
  227. M

    Rod to match an accurate bx2 600

    I use mine for the dropper loop, so I pair it with a fairly beefy rod: Calstar 760H or 765M.
  228. M

    Is this normal? a tuna processing question

    Nope. Commercial processors use a chamber vacuum seal machine, so the moisture isn't pulled up and out of the bag. The commercial machines start at around $700 and go up from there. Here is a Vac master machine for the home market...
  229. M

    Mexican Permits

    I assume you are asking about a fishing license. Best bet is a local tackle store (such as Long Fin in Orange) or Conapesca, I don't think the online option will work for you, since it takes a couple of weeks to get your...
  230. M

    Processing Your Catch/Tuna

    I use 5-star when I fish long range and process my own when I fish short range. Mostly that's because it's worth the drive from OC to SD if there are lots of fish to pick up, and not worth the drive to pick up a few fish. That said, 5-star will gladly process orders both large and small. When...
  231. M

    Offshore Saturday August 29, 2015 Yellowfin

    X2 I had too many abraision failures with Seaguar Premier, so I switched to Seaguar Blue Label or Blackwater. Problem solved.
  232. M

    loop to loop braid connection

    Just an FYI for you. Loop to loop works fine to connect hollow to solid. Another alternative is to do a solid to hollow in-line splice. That involves inserting the solid spectra into the hollow spectra and adding a few nail knots plus super glue (ex: tacglue) at the join. Either connection...
  233. M

    Nov. 8 day

    In a normal year that would be a run to the Rocks or the Ridge, and then back to Cedros for YT. The bait should be just fine, once the summer pressure is off.
  234. M

    loop to loop braid connection

    According to Paulus Just Fishing, the answer is 70-80% of the actual breaking strength of the lighter line. His posted results were: "Solid braid to solid braid, 6 strand 0.453mm diam, test 78.39lb. Loop to loop test results. 1 time through 55.05lb, 70%. 2 time through 59.31lb, 75%. 3 time...
  235. M

    October 5 day

    On a 5-day there is enough time to make a run to an island. If that happens you will want to be ready to fish a dropper loop and/or yo yo for YT.
  236. M

    Line Capacity vs Increase of Drag

    No problem whatsoever. I routinely pair 50# fluoro with 50# spectra, 100# fluoro with 100# spectra, etc. and have never had a problem. So 60# fluoro and 65# spectra is exactly what I would do. Many folks bump up the spectra because it's so thin that they can. But IMO, that just defeats the...
  237. M

    Hollow to mono connections

    Using an overhand knot as the serve is fast and easy. However, the knot will definitely bump as it goes through the guides. If you want to avoid the bumping, do the serve with a nail knot, a bow string serving tool, or a crimp. Some people are also field testing 6" of Tac Glue, with or...
  238. M

    Mak 10 Sea on a Super Seeker

    I had that problem with a Pac Bay channel lock reel seat. The reel seat was too wide to accommodate the reel clamp screws for any of my small 40# reels (BX2-400 and Mak 10). Pissed me off, since I had intended to use the rod for 40#. Now when I build a rod, I put the intended reel on the reel...
  239. M

    which spectra??

    When it comes to buying line, you have to pay attention to line diameter rather than the listed line strength. This rule applies to spectra, fluoro, and mono. Some brands are helpful in providing the diameter and others not so much. JB 100 hollow is .433 mm whereas TT 100 hollow is .48 mm...
  240. M

    picking braid, 3 day SD trip coming up

    Yes and yes. Because it is thinner, it has less drag and allows your bait to pull line more easily. Because it has less stretch, you can stay in better contact with your bait. However, you still have to stay in contact with your bait. If you just pull off line willy nilly, you will lose...
  241. M

    MAK16SEa for cows?

    Besides line capacity, the other issue you should consider is ease of turning the handle. I'll bet that John had that ATD 12 modified to include the lower gear and longer crank from an ATD 30. That makes a big, big difference in getting the cow to the boat. I can't tell from the specs, but...
  242. M

    Fury 400xn clamp question

    I see your point. I'm not aware of a specific tool. Are you comfortable take off the right side of the reel? The reel probably came with a small allen wrench that fits the four screws holding the right side in place. Remove those and the side pops off easily. Should be pretty straight...
  243. M

    My Own Rod & Reel

    I have both this rod and this reel and agree they are excellent for bait. However this reel may not be your best choice for your 5-day. IMO this reel can't do duty as a yo yo reel. In high gear it takes up 33.5" per crank and I prefer to yo yo with a reel that will take up more like 40" per...
  244. M

    My Own Rod & Reel

    For $1,000 you can come pretty close to getting two rigs, especially if you can find a good deal or maybe pick up some good used gear. With a 25# rig and a 40# rig you can cover most of your fishing needs. Borrow a boat rig to troll and for the dropper loop. Here is my recommendation: 25#...
  245. M

    Yet another simple top shot Q

    Like the others, I use a sandwich sized ziplock bag for the short (20') top shots. Pierce it with a pin so the air will come out and lay flat. Label it with weight, length, and date. Since I always make too many and carry some over from last season, I try to use the old ones first. For the...
  246. M

    Making your own Top Shots

    ...still wondering what spectra to swivel knot everyone is using for the kite rig? Repsponse: Pull a loop in the end of the spectra and do a loop connection through the eye of the swivel. the end of the day what leader combo is most used for live bait? From what I listed above... I...
  247. M

    Making your own Top Shots

    Several comments for you: 1. Mike B. got it right. Use your loop needle to open up the weave of the spectra and just thread the fluoro straight in. Save some money and don't bother to buy the larger needles. Use an emery board and then a polishing stone to round the tip of the fluoro into a...
  248. M

    Okuma Cedros or Penn Fathom?

    Probably both the Cedros and Fathom are on par with the old Trinis. But I still love my 10 year old Trini 40N. Caught a lot of nice fish on it. A classic IMO.
  249. M

    Ideal 30lb Rig for New Angler

    Since it is six day, you are likely to spend a little time at an island. Are you covered for other rigs like yo yo and dropper loop? I like the penn fathoms, and the best choice would probably be determined by how you are covered for your other rigs. If you want a reel for 25-30#, go with the...
  250. M

    SCI Tackle Question

    I prefer J hooks for YT, since they have a hard mouth and no teeth. If you have it, bring a 50# yo yo rig and be ready to drop down a salas 6x or 6x Jr. Especially when everyone else is fishing a dropper loop it pays to be different and give the YT another choice to look at.
  251. M

    seabass question

    There are boats that have made their reputation targeting WSB, but I would not count Pacific Star among them. That's listed as a 976 trip. Has the charter master told you they are targeting WSB? If yes, then perhaps they are going to an island to fish for WSB at night and will switch over to...
  252. M

    Making Wind On Leaders

    Lots of different ways to do it. You just have to figure out which one works for you. For me, I have screwed a big hook into a stud on one side of the garage. Once the fluoro is inserted in the hollow, I add a drop of Tac Glue to keep the line from slipping. Then I hang the loop over the...
  253. M

    Making Wind On Leaders

    X2 I wouldn't use that tutorial either, at least not for the big fish we target on longe range trips. It might be adequate if it was paired with Tac Glue. But it obviously wasn't since he didn't glue his fingers together when he spread the super glue over the serve. Look for some other...
  254. M

    Annual Mexican permit

    Hmm...Are you trying to avoid the Excursion Permit? I have been told that the Mexican License can't replace it. Did you hear otherwise?
  255. M

    2015 Mexican BFT Closure

    Sorry if this is old news, but I did a search and didn't see this letter posted anywhere:!10957&ithint=file,pdf&app=WordPdf&authkey=!AIp26-uZlyhAVvk I found the original link on the site. The letter is all in...
  256. M

    Tax glue top shots, Part XVXXI

    Toro Tamer has been discussed in a number of threads, including its size. In this thread Mark responds and said that he oversized TT to make sure it wouldn't fail on a big fish. Personally, I have switched over to...
  257. M

    Weather forecast HB/Clarion 4/22-5/8 2015?

    This wind model will forecast for a big chunk of ocean. It's not specific to Clarion or the Bank, but does model for the next week. Just remember that Clarion is due south of San Diego and about 400 miles WSW of Cabo.
  258. M

    First Time on the Royal Polaris

    I've been on several long range trips, but in a couple of weeks I'll be taking my first trip on the RP. I talked to the office staff about the loading process and found the link below with some 2011 pictures of the deck layout...
  259. M

    Dauntless 500 VS 600N for yo-yo

    My preferred 50# rod for both bait and yo yo is the Calstar 700H. Love that rod!
  260. M

    Dauntless vs boss extreme

    The dogs are nice, but are not needed for a 40# rig (IMO). Just make sure you get the warranty upgrade to improve the seal on the crank to prevent water intrusion. The upgraded seal is free when you send the reel in for a routine service (although the routine service is not free). I also paid...
  261. M

    Dauntless 500 VS 600N for yo-yo

    I have done it with both and prefer to yoyo with the 600N. The lower gearing makes it a little easier to crank, and the extra 3" makes for a faster retrieve. The 500 will work just fine as a yoyo reel, but its real purpose in life is to be a 50# live bait reel. Although, if you are looking...
  262. M

    Rod sling

    I see you live in the OC. I bought one at Long Fin in Orange a few weeks ago. Haven't tried it yet, but hopefully it will make it easier to lug around those 50 sized reels.
  263. M

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    IMO it works both ways. If there is a pattern of failure I would be interested in hearing about it. The only way to see a pattern is if people post about it. Pretty amazing that the dog system would fail, as it should be pretty bullet proof. Please follow up with a post on what Accurate has...
  264. M

    Boss 600 free spool.

    Responded to the wrong thread.
  265. M

    Marine forcast

    I like It's free and their modeling seems to be fairly accurate. They project out for a week, and of course the accuracy suffers the further out you project. But still not bad, especially considering the price.
  266. M

    Guadalupe Permits

    Many thanks to Joe, aka fish guadalupe, for searching through old Spanish-language articles and taking the time to join BD last Tuesday and use his first post to share his findings with us. There are obviously many questions, such as: will the boats have to check in/out through Ensenada, will...
  267. M

    Mexico Closes Bluefin All of 2015?

    Interesting. When the BFT fishery was closed last July, I don't recall that the duration was specified. Maybe some people assumed it reopened on January 1st, and the Mexican government is letting us know it won't reopened until they say so. When does the Mexican seiner fleet normally start...
  268. M

    Braid to braid knot

    As suggested above, the easiest is a bimini in each end and a loop to loop connection. If you are using hollow braid then a hollow to hollow splice is strong and very easy. If you are connecting two sections of solid braid, another possibility is connecting them with a short piece of hollow...
  269. M

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    Seeing this thread pop back up reminded me that I was going to report back on the loss of free spool I encountered when the reels came back from being serviced. Sure enough, when I broke down the reels there was grease in the spool bearings. So I flushed out the grease and sprayed in some Tsi...
  270. M

    *** Talica Handle Upgrades ***

    Cal's 2-speed Reels does handle upgrades on quite a few reels. He is in Duarte in the San Gabriel Valley. You might give them a try.
  271. M

    brade questions

    If you have been using only mono plus probably a Fluoro leader, you can and should consider going to a much, much smaller reel than you are used to. For example, my usual set up for school sized tuna is a fathom 15 star drag reel with 300 yards of 30# Izor spectra with 50-100' topshot of 20 or...
  272. M

    Dawg Upgrade to BX Series --> ?

    They can replace the AR bearings with stainless steel and sleeve the spool.
  273. M

    How Many Wind On Leaders

    Ken sells wind on leaders in his shop. Last time I was on one of his charters, he and several other seasoned anglers set up a production line at a table in the galley and built leaders that people had ordered from him. Not sure if they placed their orders during the trip or before, but you...
  274. M

    BX400 N

    Take off the right side plate. The spool will stay connected to it. This will give you access to the inside of the left side of the reel. Then see if tightening the clicker screw improves the situation. Accurate has posted tutorials on their website on how to service their reels. They tend...
  275. M

    1 opening on the Apollo

    Duplicate post deleted.
  276. M

    1 opening on the Apollo

    How big are the bait? The local bait is usually cabbies, which are a mackerel about 7-8" long. Sometimes you jig up squid, so bring a squid jig and larger bait hooks. Logistics questions: On a trip like this, how many pounds of fillets do you anticipe bringing back? 50# is pretty standard...
  277. M

    BX500n drag lever locked up?

    That is my understanding as well. In fact, in my ignorance, I did just that with my very first lever drag reel. And what do you know, the drag lever froze in position. Now I know better. Some people have to learn the hard way (i.e., me).
  278. M

    Inches per turn

    Hmmm...haven't heard of such a thing and a Google search yielded nothing of interest. Maybe you can post a link to this new fangled product?
  279. M

    BX500n drag lever locked up?

    Was he just moving the drag lever up and down? Was he turning the drag knob without first putting the drag lever in free spool? More detail, please.
  280. M

    B2-30's Upgrade Question

    It involves replacing the side plate with one that has a set of dawgs. When I asked about it last month, I think the cost was around $125 or so. Not sure that Accurate is still doing the upgrade, so ask about that when you call for a price check. If I may offer some unsolicited advice, IMO...
  281. M

    Buying Mexican Permits

    I went this route. You specify on the form that your main destination is PV. You have to go to the post office and get a money order and include a return envelope. It took about 10 days to get the license back.
  282. M

    Dauntless 400, 500 and 600N recommendatios please

    IMO, that's a very long rod for 60# line. I know that many say you need a big long cast to fish for wahoo, but I do not follow that practice. I fish a short rod (765M 40-100#) to keep maximum pressure on the wahoo with minimum hardship on me. Much of the time I point the rod toward the fish...
  283. M

    Hollow splice diameter difference

    As you surmise, this extreme example is unlikely to work well because the braid is too large to grip the mono. In playing around at my work bench, I have found that the mono needs to be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the the braid. Based on my experience, a mono:braid ratio of about 2:1...
  284. M

    Thumb Off The Spool!!!

    X2 On the initial run, the only time to thumb it is if you are about to get spooled and you want to risk breaking off the fish to save your line. In addition, as line is pulled off the reel, the drag goes up anyway since the spool diameter gets smaller. Just let him run and tire himself out...
  285. M

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    Just an FYI. I sent six BX2 reels (already sleeved) and two DX2 reels in for servicing and SS ARB upgrade. I just got them back and the free spool has gone from 30-60 seconds to 5-7 seconds. I haven't had time to open them up and see what's what, but my guess is that they greased the spool...
  286. M

    Newbie Boat Question

    I go on the Searcher fall 7-day most every year with several friends. It's an older boat but well maintained and always clean. Art is an excellent fisherman and if there are fish to be found he will put you on them. The rooms are laid out in the old style, meaning more smaller bunks for when...
  287. M

    Makaira corossion

    I recommend you call an Okuma service center and see if they will cover it under the 5-year warranty. I'm guessing they will.
  288. M

    Braid Line For Mossback Yellowtail Down Deep?

    As stated above, the Dropper Loop is a fairly weak knot and the Surgeon's Loop is better but still not great. I haven't tried the Spider Hitch but I know it is highly regarded. Personally, the only time I fish the Surgeon's Loop is at night at Cedros and then I use 80 or 100# mono. During day...
  289. M

    Getting a grip

    Hey Steve, thanks for posting. This is good information to keep in front of folks. In the past I have seen Paulus post that 12 strand grips better than 16 strand. Although, in my experience, 16 strand Hollow Ace works just fine. One thing I would add is that the ratio of the diameter between...
  290. M

    Cal's Blueprint on Makaira Reels

    I have had Cal modify all of my big game reels: ATD, Penn, and now my Mak 50 Sea. The main thing he does to the Mak reels is change the drag curve. The factory Mak drag curve is what I would call "exponential". The drag engages very slowly and then comes on fast as the drag lever gets close to...
  291. M

    Report from PV: 3 days on the Success, 11/25/14

    Thanks for posting the pics Jesse. Sorry I had to drop off and glad that Peter could take my place to get a new personal best. Let's do it again next year.
  292. M

    Has anyone fished the Success in PV?

    Both times I have been on the Maximus (February and December of 2013), the fillets were packed in gallon zip lock bags.
  293. M

    Yellowfin Belly Preparation

    Yup, BBQ them, covered with your favorite BBQ sauce.
  294. M

    Connecting hollow to solid spectra

    Similar to what Danny said, except I prefer three nail knots side by side. And don't forget the Tac glue.
  295. M

    Discolorerd Threads

    Thanks for the many suggestions. I'll try a thinned coat for the first layer and allow more drying time for that first coat. I have always been more focused on drying the last coat, and I see now that drying the first coat is just as important.
  296. M

    Discolorerd Threads

    Please explain about the thread tension. Thanks.
  297. M

    Discolorerd Threads

    Here are three pictures of some splotchy colors near the tunnels: It happened on most of the guides, but not all of them. Always near the tunnels. I'm using Prowrap nylon thread, three coats of Flex Coat color preserver, and one coat of Thread Master Lite. I applied the three coast of...
  298. M


    I use the Fathom 15 for 20-30#. 300 yards of 30# spectra backing with a 25# mono top shot. Tie on 20-30# fluoro leader as conditions warrant and you are good to go.
  299. M

    Question for the Wahoo experienced?

    With no scale for reference it's difficult to be sure, but those lures look pretty small to me. If the hooks are small, they may bend out. The trick to wahoo jig fishing is to reel up like crazy, set your drags at 25#, and use heavy flouro with a short top shot over spectra. The point is to...
  300. M

    7 day maximus in march

    You can take up to four reels, and I don't recall if there is a limit on the number of rods. If you bring more than four reels they assume the extra are to be sold and they will tax them accordingly. I recommend you bring your own rods/reels. Yes, the gear on the boat is serviced regularly...
  301. M

    665n 2 speed

    Fishing in an area where there might be 150# tuna is asking too much for this reel. I wouldn't take it any further south than the Rocks, where the tuna would "only" get to 100# or so.
  302. M

    Calstar 700H or 800H

    As a general rule, heavier line gets paired with a shorter rod so the fish has a smaller lever arm to use against you. The exception is when you use the rail and you can easily use all of your body weight against the fish. With that said, I use a 7' rod for 40# bait. 8' just gives the fish...
  303. M

    Please Comment on Plan to Ban Lead Fishing Gear in California

    Here is what I posted on their comments section: Section 4.5 on Fishing and Angling Equipment states "anglers may lose hundreds of tons of fishing and angling equipment into the environment". This statement is unsubstantiated and probably grossly exaggerated. Section 4.5 further states "Lead...
  304. M

    Spectra rigging preferences

    I subscribe to the theory that sardines have a white belly to blend in against a white sky to hide from attack below. So I use white spectra to blend in against a white back light. Any other color will stand out against a white sky light. However, at dawn or dusk, black spectra should work...
  305. M

    Spectra rigging preferences

    I have tested this connection many times and found that with only one nail knot it is prone to line creep (slippage). Two nail knots seems to hold and prevent line creep. Since I am extra cautious, I usually put on three nail knots, and for heavy line (100#+), I put on four nail knots. Over...
  306. M

    how much braid

    Usually involves two (or more) weights of spectra on the reel. For example, maybe you spool on 700 yards of 100# hollow, followed by 50 yards of 130# hollow. That way you have heavier line for the up and down.
  307. M

    Novice with spectra

    Good points. I haven't heard of any 40# fish caught in one day range, but it's possible some of the nicer BFT could show up. Also depends on what reels he is taking. If he can get 250 yards of spectra backing with 100 yards of top shot he should be able to handle fish up to 30# on a 20# line...
  308. M

    Novice with spectra

    Yes. For the size of fish being caught, 20# line is all you need. At that size, the advantages of braid are pretty minimal. Since you are new to the game, I recommend you go with straight mono or a 100 yard top shot of mono. If you were going to be using 40# and up I would provide a different...
  309. M

    Braid on its way out?

    It says .010 diameter but doesn't specify the unit of measure. The other units mentioned were metric, i.e. Kg and meters. Could they possibly mean a diameter of .010 mm?
  310. M

    Accurate BX2-500 vs Talica 12 II

    I generally think of the narrow as more of a jigging reel. I have several of the 400s and love them for 40#. I prefer the Accurates over the Shimano 2-speed reels because I find them easy to work on and I prefer to do my own maintenance.
  311. M

    HELP!!!! DPX2-600N

    Looks like you are driving in from Vegas, probably today. Maybe call Accurate and see if you can drive by and get same day service this afternoon.
  312. M


    Here is a link that has more information: If I am reading this correctly, a three year study is being proposed, rather than actual regulations at this time. Looks like there is a public workshop coming up soon to provide for input on the...
  313. M

    What's the cost of these 5-6 day tuna trips?

    The prices are listed on the web sites of the boats. A few of the boats have New Years 5-day trips. Shogun has one that is heavily discounted, due to the time of year.
  314. M

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    I feel your pain. I sent all my ATDs to Cal and love what he did for the free spool and drag curve. My BX2s I sleeved myself. If you are the sort who works on your own reels (as I do) sleeving the spool isn't much of a stretch. Just a fun Saturday project.
  315. M

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    Okay, although they are actually pretty easy to service yourself. Sounds like your question was more directed to Accurate. Perhaps Ben will respond, or you could call their service department. I know that the newer reels have a sleeved spool. Don't know if they will retrofit the older reels...
  316. M

    Question about breaking strength of spectra to floro/mono

    I've also tested the Tony Pena knot and consistently found that it is the spectra that breaks. If you had a line testing machine (like Paulus) you would find that most spectra and most mono over test by a wide margin. It varies from brand to brand, but that 65# spectra probably has an actual...
  317. M

    Accurate Service - Increasing freespool

    Check out Alan Tani's website. He has tutorials on sleeving the spool, opening up the bearings, and lubricants. Sixty seconds of free spool can be achieved with a little care and feeding.
  318. M

    Need Help

    There is a tutorial on the accurate site on disassembling and servicing your two speed gear mechanism. Maybe you need to break it down and reassemble in the approved manner to get it to work again. Either that or send it in for a routine service.
  319. M

    Need Help

    Maybe post a picture? Having a hard time visualizing.
  320. M

    Shipping fish from the processor

    I don't believe the airlines will allow it to be shipped with dry ice. Blue ice only. Check with 5-star.
  321. M

    What is your favorite 50lb mono?

    I read an article a while back that said burning the line was a result of how you tightened your knot. People tend to finish the knot with a good hard jerk. That burns the line as it is pulled through the knot, causing it to weaken right outside the knot. So the line breaks just above the knot...
  322. M

    Penn Fathom

    I bought one of the Fathom 15 star drags and liked it so much I eventually got two more. Excellent free spool, smooth drag, and at 28" per crank it is easy to crank up some nice ones. Great 20-30#reel. My only caution to you is that the screws on the reel clamp are a little close together. If...
  323. M

    Red coloured fishing line

    From your question, I assume you are evaluating pink fluoro versus clear flouro. Color absorption came up a few weeks ago in this thread: Included was a chart showing red as fully absorbed by 7-8 meters or so...
  324. M

    Overnight VS. 1.5 Day Trip ---Difference?

    When the fish are 70+ miles away, getting the extra fishing time on a 1.5 makes a big difference. When the fish are close in, the advantage is not so great.
  325. M

    which seaguar fluoro

    When I talked to the Seaguar rep visiting my local tackle store, he said both Premier and Blue have an inner core and an outer layer. The outer layer for Premier is softer and holds the knot better. The outer layer for Blue is harder and more abraison resistant. The diameters also differ for...
  326. M

    Where to buy drag upgrades

    Not sure what you mean by slipping. However, if the crank is slipping, it could be a problem with your anti-reverse bearings.
  327. M

    Which fish processor would you choose?

    They are all well regarded. I prefer Five Star.
  328. M

    which seaguar fluoro

    I like blue label. It's more abraison resistant than Premier. But Premier is softer and has better knot strength. Pick your trade off.
  329. M

    ? Thoughts and opinions

    Yup, bring along at least one cow rod, just in case.
  330. M

    Smaller Accurates

    The 400 size is my go to reel for 40# line. It will hold 400 yards of 50# braid plus a short top shot. That's all you need. I also put a 50# topshot on it as circumstances dictate.
  331. M

    Tips for a Newbie

    Specifically related to fishing with lures, most boats want you to fish them from the bow. The reason is that if you fish lures while amongst the bait fishermen, you are likely to snag their line and bring them up during your retrieve. This will cause tangles and generally piss them off. The...
  332. M

    Tips for a Newbie

    X2 One of the things that makes So Cal a premier fishing destination is access to live bait. If a long soak is needed to get the tuna to bite, you will be SOL with the popper. Master live bait first and then take up the poppers. That way you can adjust to the situation on the water. P.S. I...
  333. M

    Shipping fish home.

    Thanks for the info. I leaned something today. Did a little clicking around and found that planes can have two luggage compartments, both pressurized, but may be heated to different degrees. Here is one sample piece of information on a Boeing plane: Conditioned air is directed from the...
  334. M

    Shipping fish home.

    As I recall, the handling charge is $30 for the 60# box with styrofoam lining and the time to take it to the airport for shipping. The shipping charge was a pass through cost of about $90 on SW Airlines to Seattle. Or maybe it was 30 + 60 for a total of $90. Sorry, my memory is not what it...
  335. M

    Shipping fish home.

    I have used 5-star many times to ship fish to relatives in Seattle. No fuss, no muse. You want to ship on a non stop direct flight. Call Sarah and talk about the details. They do it all the time.
  336. M

    9 rigs for a 5 day too many?

    I'd drop the 15# bait stick. Seems to me the bass rod and dropper loop go or stay as a pair. If you go to Cedros you could use them both. If you stay offshore, you won't use either one.
  337. M

    Boss 600 free spool.

    Sounds like it needs to be serviced. Probably just need to clean and re-grease the drag washers, add lubricant here and there, etc. Accurate has a tutorial on their website, if you are mechanically inclined. Otherwise send it in to Accurate. I think the service is $25 or $30 and should be...
  338. M

    Topshot Question

    Steve, not sure if I follow your post. Are you referring to the gel version of Tacglue? Did you find it to be an improvement? Thanks Basil. Thoughtful critique is always appreciated.
  339. M

    Topshot Question

    I'm sure you're right. However, I do serves and L2L on anything 20# and up just to practice my technique and look for any problems. Also probably right. But since this is part art and part science, I tend towards overkill. Also, the ones I have bought from Basil have a long serve, so I just...
  340. M

    Topshot Question

    Stretching the line is a good idea. I do that on cow trips, but haven't really thought about it for lighter line.
  341. M

    Topshot Question

    The other day I was fishing anchovies and really noticed that my serve has a curl in it that slows it down as it goes through the guides. I do a pretty standard weighted pressure serve of about 3" in length using a bow string server and 18# spectra thread. I finish the serve with a coat of...
  342. M

    Offshore Bluefin Fishery... Get em now!!

    Here is a link to McCrea's blog:
  343. M

    JB vs Threadlock 60# Breaking Strength?

    Paulus Just Fishing is the usual go to site for breaking strength, but I see that he hasn't tested Threadlock 60#. Best you can do is compare diameter. BHP says that JB is 0.381 mm and Threadlock is 0.405 mm. Based on diameter, Threadlock should have a similar or perhaps greater breaking...
  344. M

    Shiamano Talica 20 II Question

    Definitely good for 80 or 100# dropper loop or troll. As John suggested, good for 80# on the sub cows. Problem is, cows and sub cows tend to swim together. As long as you know the risks, have fun and go for it. But bring along a bigger gun too.
  345. M

    Shiamano Talica 20 II Question

    Gary I'm afraid that John has asked the questions that perhaps you should have asked before you bought the reel. The Tac 20 is maybe a small cow reel, or a reel for the troll or dropper loop. But if you were looking for a small reel to fish for 20-100# tuna, it is IMHO too big. A small reel...
  346. M

    Question about the Current conditions,Itineraries and BFT on LR boats

    They might shelter over night in the lee of the island, but I would expect them to be out fishing by gray light.
  347. M

    Dauntless DX2 400 or 500

    Regarding the rod, I am a Calstar man. I find the 700MH (rated 30-60#) to be a perfect 40# rod. I am sure that Phoenix makes a good rod, but I can't offer any advice since I have no experience with them.
  348. M

    Dauntless DX2 400 or 500

    I have both the 400 and the 500 reels. The 400 is my go to 40# reel. 450 yards is plenty of line unless you plan on hooking one of those bluefin over 100#. But if you see those fish, you want 50 or 60 pound line, in which case you can switch to a 500 or 600 reel. Honestly, I hardly ever use...
  349. M


    Stewart I just checked and did receive your PM. I have used Power Pro a few times and it's not my favorite. I don't like the green color and don't care for the waxy coating. On the other hand, I have used Hollow Ace for spliced connections with good success. I agree with your concern above...
  350. M


    Can't help you with the rod question, but I can offer a couple of suggestions. First, consider posting your question on the rod builders forum. Even if you don't plan to get a custom rod here locally, they are generally very knowledgable and helpful. Second, if you are interested in a lighter...
  351. M

    Mid-Week fishing???

    It depends on the boat. Some will go with just a few anglers so they can post some numbers to remind people that the fish are still out there. Those trips are usually posted as WILL RUN or something like that. However, around 60% filled is the break even point for the boat. Less than that...
  352. M

    Red Rooster spent all morning making bait at Cedros

    Four ounces will usually get the job done. But on my last trip to Cedros the current was ripping and the bait was holding deep. That time I used 12 ounces to get it down.
  353. M

    boat limits

    The boats I have been on keep track of the daily fish count, by species. That allows them to stay on top of the boat limit. On a very few occasions I have seen someone go over their personal limit, and it was counted as part of the crew limit. No impact on the other anglers.
  354. M

    Spectra Adhesive

    Pretty clearly, on a single straight pull, it does just fine. However, Basil found it pulled out completely after cycling through five pulls.
  355. M

    Opinions Please

    I started taking my son on longer trips when he was about 12. The first year he got a little homesick, but he got over it quickly and we both had a great time. It really depends on the maturity of your son. If he loves to fish, likes the adventure of the boat, and won't miss Mom or his friends...
  356. M

    Angler West talking about the bait situation

    2-3" Chovies. Yikes!
  357. M

    Seaguar Threadlock testing

    Your conventional wisdom may be out of date. For example, many have said that 60# JB hollow breaks at 90#. JB 80 hollow also breaks at more like 120# or so. Check out Just Paulus Fishing for lots more results.
  358. M

    Gear Check. First Trip. 2.5 Days. Need Advice. Thank you!

    I went on El Capitan four or five years ago and found it to be a fishy boat. I caught four YFT and several YT. I don't recall the food one way or another. However, I do recall that the boat has a bow first drift. So everyone tends to end up in the corner at the stern (even more than usual)...
  359. M

    Floro leader ?

    I prefer Seaguar Blue or Blackwater because they are more abraison resistant. Seaguar Premier has a softer outer coating which has better knot strength, so your trade off is better abraison resistance versus better knot strength. Premier is also a little thinner, so to be apples to apples, you...
  360. M

    When to buy an annual Mexican Fishing Permit???

    Interestingly, when I fished a 3.5 day trip out of Puerto Vallarta, the skipper told me I only need a Mexican Fishing License. No excursion permit is required if you are fishing on a boat/trip that originates from a Mexican port.
  361. M

    Spectra Adhesive

    Back in post 34, Wahoodad said he tried it on a solid to hollow connection. I assume it worked, since he didn't say otherwise.
  362. M

    El Nino What's the deal....

    Here is a post presenting a different perspective on the firing. In sum, IPS is a political advocacy group and not a research institution. The guy they fired is not a climate scientist, but rather an expert on Africa. He was fired from an unpaid affiliation because his views were no longer...
  363. M

    Spectra Adhesive

    Has anybody tried using it to spice an end loop onto solid spectra? Maybe this could be used to replace the nail knots for the solid to hollow spectra connection.
  364. M

    Spectra Adhesive

    I checked BHP, and Basil is now selling it too. Same price as listed on the Tacglue site. If you are going to buy just one bottle, you might consider sending your business to Basil.
  365. M

    Spectra Adhesive

    Basil How will this change the construction of your topshots? Will you still do a pressure serve, etc.?
  366. M

    Troll/rail rod recommendations

    The 765 is a good compromise length for what you want to do. Not too long for trolling, and not too short to put on the rail. I might go for H instead of XH. The H is more of an 80# rod, while the XH is more of a 100# rod. Your call.
  367. M


    As you say, it must surely be an issue of technique. Getting some pointers from the deck hands is a good idea. Also consider having her use the rail. Even if she doesn't have much upper body strength, tucking the rod under her arm and then laying the rod on the rail will provide plenty of...
  368. M

    Rod suggestions for a talica 12

    I have several Calstar 700 MH rods and pair them with my small 2-speed reels for 40# bait. I use my 700H rods for 50# bait and also for heavy irons. I load the reels with 50# braid because I like getting a little extra line on the reel. I know some people put 65# spectra on their 40# reel and...
  369. M

    American Angler June 17th 5 day, what do you think we will be fishing?

    Using the boat gear is probably a good idea. Since you haven't fished the longer trips in a few years you probably don't want to spend a bundle on new gear. However, if you do want to drop some coin on gear (because you have an inner Tackle Ho) there is a lot of great gear out there that has...
  370. M

    Hollow End Loop to Swivel

    A Bimini Twist will certainly do the trick. However, in hollow I generally pull a loop using a reverse latch needle (or some use a thin piece of wire). Shimano has posted some nice tutorials on You Tube demonstrating how to pull loops, splice lines and build top shots using Hollow Ace. Do a...
  371. M

    help with 2-3 day charters

    John got it right on. Go five days if you possibly can. I would also recommend that you consider going with one of the long range boats. I've been on quite few boats and there really is a difference between the long range boats and the rest of the fleet. You will also find they take better...
  372. M

    help with 2-3 day charters

    Late summer to early fall is a great time of year to fish for pelagics. Since you are only going out for one trip this year, go as as long as you can. Three days is better than two, four days is better than three, etc. Personally, I am not fond of the two day trips because a lot of the second...
  373. M

    Help me on my first long range trip

    I like the time frame from mid August through about the first week of October, with special attention to mid September. All the long range boats are good. So just pick one that matches your schedule and fits your budget. Go for the lightest load you can afford to pay for. Fewer lines in the...
  374. M

    Pink Fluoro

    Personally, I use Seaguar Blue as my approximate benchmark. Below is information from the Melton website. I round these values to 0.9 mm for 90#, 1.0 mm for 100#, and 1.2 mm for 130#. Obviously, this is little more than personal preference, but when comparing diameters across brands, those...
  375. M

    decisions decisions

    I would definitely choose September over late July/early August. Warmer water will give you a better shot at YFT and the BFT could still be around too. YT will be at the islands either timeframe and the dorado will be two months bigger.
  376. M

    Solid to Hollow... Tested? Worked?

    The solid holds very well in hollow. Much better than fluoro or mono. As I said earlier, I have used four adjacent nail knots for two years on fish from 15-160# with zero failures. Sounds like others have used a number of different techniques, also with no reported failures. Pick the one you...
  377. M

    Solid to Hollow... Tested? Worked?

    I have played around with the solid to hollow connection quite a bit in my garage and field tested with tuna to 160# and will share my findings. The first thing to be aware of is line creep. This gets discussed most often with mono/fluoro into hollow braid, but can also occur with solid braid...
  378. M

    More stupid questions: 600 yards of spectra good?

    Yup, same for me. I usually use 3-4 nail knots for my serve. Caught fish to 160# without incident.
  379. M

    mid july full moon 5 day, what to expect?

    You are geared up and maybe over geared. I have been trying to simplify lately. A couple of 25# rigs that I can line up or line down as needed. A 30# surface iron rig. A 40# rig if the larger ones are around. A 50# yo yo rig and an 80# troll/dropper loop rig and I am good to go. I know it...
  380. M

    2-speed push button for accurate reels

    Thanks for making the call. For me, I send all my cow reels to Cal so he can work his magic, voided warranty or not. I'm going to send my new Mak 50 Sea to him to change the drag curve, so I might as well get the new shift knob while I'm there.
  381. M

    2-speed push button for accurate reels

    Pretty much. The button sticks out enough that you can slap it with your palm mid-crank while keeping your hand on the reel handle. Not essential, but certainly easier than using your thumb to push in the button.
  382. M

    10 days in Oct or Nov?

    If it's November, I prefer 12 days. That gives you enough time to go to the Clarion buffer zone in search of cows.
  383. M

    Top gun 80 5 day

    Excellent decision. If for no other reason, you would notice the difference in the quality of your fish. Top Gun has spray brine rather than RSW.
  384. M

    Top gun 80 5 day

    I did a three day on the Top Gun a year and a half ago in mid October. The crew and accommodations were fine and the boat catches fish. Unfortunately the bait rolled at the end of day two, so we spent day three fishing with lures and such. People made the best of the situation and still caught...
  385. M

    Need advise on spectra for Mak SEA 20

    A tackle shop would do this for you, especially if you buy the spectra from them and have them spool it for you. Most likely would tie a Bimini in each end and connect them loop to loop. Or you can do it yourself. Or you can connect the two solid lines with an eight foot piece of hollow by...
  386. M

    Tuna Donation

    Unfortunately, I don't think your logic holds up. Based on what the link says, donated food cannot be sold. So the charity can't sell your donated fish. However, legally bought food can be resold (assuming proper licensing, inspection, or whatever) by an individual or business, and so the...
  387. M

    Reel decisions?

    I assume you are planning to use it with a 40-50# top shot. I haven't used that reel, but based on the specs I would go with the 12ii two speed over the 16ii. It's a bit smaller and a bit lighter and you can still get 350-400 yards of 65# spectra on it with a short top shot. Or even drop down...
  388. M

    What type of Reel to pair with Calstar GF 770 H

    Looks like the rod builder mislabeled it. I agree its sweet spot is 60-80#. As mentioned, it would be good for those 100+# bluefin. The VSX16, ATD 12, Mak 16 would all be good choices for those sub cow tuna.
  389. M

    Hook size?

    Buying them on the boat is certainly a good option and great fall back choice. However, the boat isn't a tackle store and they may not carry your preferred brand. So if you are loyal to a particular brand and style of hook, get it at the tackle store in the sizes mentioned above before you get...
  390. M

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    I must be missing something. If you don't do loop to loop or an in line splice, how do you connect your top shot? A knot?
  391. M

    Are hollow/hollow splices and loops 100%

    X2 This is exactly the reason I do my loop to loop connections with only one pass through. Many people seem to put the loops through three times to get up to 100% strength. But with once through you get 80% connection strength (still stronger than the terminal connection) and the loops easily...
  392. M

    Estimating Fish Processing Costs?

    I doubt that the Vagabond crew will process your fish (call and ask). The crew in the short range fleet will fillet your fish. However, in my experience, the long range crew has said that it is illegal to fillet your fish in Mexican waters. So the long range crew won't fillet it. At least...
  393. M

    Solid or Hollow???

    Yup. Although I frequently splice 5 or 10 feet of hollow onto the end of the solid so I can pull a new loop as needed.
  394. M

    Solid or Hollow???

    When I replace the top 100 yards I go down to last year's splice and cut it off. I do have a few solid to hollow splices down deep on one reel or another, but I don't consider them to be ugly. Like a piece of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I have tested my solid to hollow...
  395. M

    Global Warming

    I'll bet they would appreciate that picture in Australia right about now.
  396. M

    Trolling Rods.

    They all work just fine. It's a matter of personal preference. I built a roller rod and ended up rewrapping it with turbo guides to cut down on weight and maintenance. To each their own.
  397. M

    Question about the Charter Biz

    Armando in the galley is a licensed Mexican captain.
  398. M

    Seacher sportfishing boat

    The RSW works just fine. The fish are bled and put below right away. Although in a hot bite I have seen the kill box fill faster than the fish can be put down;)
  399. M

    Seacher sportfishing boat

    For me, it's 25# and 40# for live bait, and 50# for jigging. If the big BFT are around, you might want to have a 50# bait rig too.
  400. M

    PV Charter Advice 12/30 or 12/31

    Maximus can take up to ten on multi day trips.
  401. M

    Reel advice

    I am a fan of the penn fathom. Good drag and free spool. Nice light spool so your bait can easily pull off line. Nice to have so many choices for good and moderately priced reels.
  402. M

    Seacher sportfishing boat

    I fish on the Searcher every year. Very fishy. Charles is an excellent chef so the food is always good and plenty of it. The boat is a little older than some, but it rides just fine and the fish will charge the boat without hesitation. The crew is top shelf and knows the value of customer...
  403. M

    Timing of 2-3 day trips for 2014

    A few thoughts for you: 1. If you are just going on one trip, then late August through early October is your most reliable time of year to go. But it is also true that the BFT and Albacore will show up early, late, or not at all, and every year is different. 2. Do consider going on one of the...
  404. M

    fishing the maximus?

    Yup, the regs say four is the limit. I believe the assumption is that bringing more means you plan to sell them and you are charged an import duty accordingly. I'm not trying to find logic here, it just is what it is.
  405. M

    Long Range Drag Settings

    Regarding your third question, I build my own top shots and go loop to loop for anything 40 pounds and up. Basil will sell you wind on top shots for 50 and 60 pounds if you want to go that route. Otherwise just stick with the uni to uni.
  406. M

    WTS Accurate BX2 400

    Sent you a PM with a few questions.
  407. M

    October 5-Day Recommendations

    I made some comments on the Searcher review thread so I won't bother to repeat them here. The long range fleet is fishing 7+ days in October, so you may not find an open party 5-day trip. Maybe call the Apollo, since I think they sometimes do 5-day trips to Guadelupe at that time of year. I...
  408. M

    Searcher info and reviews?

    I have done two 11-day trips with Sam, but never fished with Brian. I have also done half a dozen 3-7 day trips on the Searcher. Both boats are fishy and the crews work hard for you. The food is excellent on both. The AA is a little newer so the rooms are set up for 2-3 anglers. The...
  409. M

    Offshore Eclipse 2.5 day 8-19 to 8-21 giving it's all for the cause

    What size were the YT down the beach? Firecrackers or some of the nicer models?
  410. M

    Got weak today and bought a Penn Torque 25N 2speed. Lets vote on correct Graphiter.

    According to Calstar, the 700MH is rated 25-60. It is my go to rod for 40# and it fishes 30# just fine. If you plan to fish it mostly 30 and occasionally 40 then the M would probably be fine. But if it is more like half and half then I would definitely go with the MH.
  411. M


    Sorry, don't know a coupon code for you. However, an alternative is to buy a Captain's Card for $25 and that will get you a 10% discount for a year.
  412. M

    Med or Med Hvy Rod?

    Exactly what I do. The MH is perfect for 40# and handles 50# just fine. The 700H is perfect for 50# but is a touch heavy for 40#, IMHO.
  413. M

    Offshore A little late, but better than never - FirstString Sportfishing - I was the IT GIRL.

    Hope this doesn't turn into a Five Star versus Fisherman's thread. They both will do your fish while you wait. All you have to do is call ahead and make arrangements.
  414. M

    Bluefin Counts Getting Smaller

    They are still marking sonar schools, so they are probably still around. But they are getting a lot of pressure, so that is pushing them down and making them act like, fin. You will probably get your shot at them. Hard to say if they will be in a biting sort of mood. Good luck...
  415. M

    20# outfit

    I usually fish 30-40 on the paddies. A YT of any size will take your 20# outfit into the paddy and break you off.
  416. M

    Ranger 85 Input for 3.5 Day

    I fished it a few times and had a good experience. These days I prefer to fish on boats that go with a lighter load.
  417. M

    I'm looking for Limited Load Trips

    Most of the boats say they are limited load, which they are as compared to decades ago. However, there is limited load and then there is limited load. Sounds like you want to jump on someone's LL charter. You might try posting on the Offshore or Inshore Trip Planning boards. Or you might try...
  418. M

    cash on hand?

    Bring cash for the parking lot and the JP. A check will cover the tip and incidentals on the boat.
  419. M

    Non Albacore Year?

    It would be cheaper to scout with a plane. Anybody know if the fleet is hiring the scout plane again this year, or did it cost too much for not enough results?
  420. M

    How far down are the YT and Bluefin right now?

    I was on the Voyager yesterday. Todd found a school of biters at about 125 miles south of Mission Bay. We were drifting off some kelp when the school came to the boat. Stayed on us for three hours in a classic plunker bite. JP was 42# and the average was 30-32#. Great fun.
  421. M

    December Puerto Vallarta Charter

    Thanks to those who made helpful posts about fishing on the Maximus. A father/son team is going to jump on my charter, so I am full up. Wish us luck in December!
  422. M

    December Puerto Vallarta Charter

    Rick Got your PM and sent you an email with my contact information. Good talking to you this morning, and glad to have you on the charter. That fills the last two spots. See you in December. David
  423. M

    December Puerto Vallarta Charter

    I just posted this on the Mexico Mainland board and thought that the long range crowd might be interested too. I have chartered the Maximus for a December trip to go cow hunting. Right now we have six dedicated and experienced fishermen and need two more to fill the charter. The great thing...
  424. M

    December Puerto Vallarta Charter

    I have chartered the Maximus for a December trip to go cow hunting. Right now we have six dedicated and experienced fishermen and need two more to fill the charter. The great thing about fishing in PV is that there are giant tuna within overnight distance from the dock. If you want a serious...
  425. M


    For 40 and up I use straight fluoro with a served knotless connection.
  426. M

    Which Boat to Charter SD Late July early Aug 2.5day

    Honestly, most boats (and the better boats) are chartered 6-9 months in advance. Better start by figuring out which boats are available in your time slot. Late July to early August is peak season, so your choices might be pretty limited. Also, quite a few charter boats are sized to take 20...
  427. M

    I want to catch some Albacore!

    Historically it's the 4th of July. If someone would remind the albacore about this I would really appreciate it.
  428. M

    Help on final blank decisions :)

    Everyone is talking about tuna sticks and forgetting the wahoo stick! You say you want to pair it with a spinner. Are you thinking of building a popping rod? If yes, you should get a real popping rod and not a Seeker or Calstar or whatever. A tuna stick and a popping rod have very different...
  429. M

    Anyone Use This Top Shot Manuf? Opinions?

    I'm curious about the nature of the failures. Fluoro pulling out of the hollow, or something else?
  430. M

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    On 360 Tuna, Paulus commented that he was backed up and would get to testing Toro Tamer "soon". Stay tuned, I guess.
  431. M

    Splicing question. Topshots

    I'm curious about your testing procedure. Did you do a single hard pull? Or did you do multiple pulls to simulate changing pressure and drag during a long fight? I ask because a single nail knot doesn't seem like it would be enough to prevent the line creep that would occur with multiple...
  432. M

    Puerto Vallarta Bound!

    What size tuna were you finding at 60 miles out?
  433. M

    Time of year for big yft on the Maximus

    Darren Looks like your post has been pushed down, so I'll answer as best I can. Be advised that my first PV adventure on the Maximus is still a few weeks away. My information is gathered from reading fish reports and various posts, just as you are doing now. With that caveat, the best cow...
  434. M

    Hello questions from a newbie

    Time of year will make a difference. If you go on a 10 day in September through late October it will be a variety trip. Many different species, mostly school sized although larger models can be found at the Rocks. If you go late October through November, chances are they will target larger...
  435. M

    Old school upgrades

    Going on a sponsored trip is a good idea. Be sure and call ahead so you know what and how many rigs they will have for you. If you do decide to use some of those reels, be sure and upgrade the drags. Carbontex drag washers usually cost under $20 and will seriously smooth out the performance...
  436. M

    Streamline Leader serve

    By all means, tell us what you find out. My guess is that you will find he is inserting 12" of fluoro and leaving himself 2-3 feet of hollow spectra on the tag end to tie a PR knot to create the serve. Most people insert the fluoro into the end of the hollow. But it is easy to create a tag...
  437. M

    Streamline Leader serve

    Since there is no top wrapping thread, I assume he is using something similar to the PR knot. (Traditionally used to connect solid spectra to mono with a weighted bobbin). But that is just a guess, since I haven't actually looked at his serve.
  438. M

    Streamline Leader serve

    Pametfisher has posted extensively on 360 Tuna in years past, and he is the real deal. Posts by Pametfisher and Dennis B are must read for anyone who wants to understand the art and science of building topshots. Pametfisher has many of the best posts linked on his website for easy reference...
  439. M

    Nail Knots

    This is very close to what I do. The extra step I add is before I make the serve, I size the loop such that the outer wall is about two inches longer than the inner wall. I do this because in testing the holding power of my serves, I have found that a serve done over a double wall does not...
  440. M

    Premade wind on leaders

    For fluorocarbon, 15-25' seems to be pretty standard. Basil makes them in 25', 50', or 75' lengths, unless you special order something different.
  441. M

    Premade wind on leaders

    According to Charkbait, the Sato crimps were originally designed to use with the mono to spectra connection. However, I haven't seen it used in that way. All I see is the serve or the nail-nub knot. (Or the standard Bimini to Albright, etc. for lighter lines.)
  442. M

    Fly Back??

    Last year the Rooster left the Buffer Zone Friday evening to make the Sunday drop. Then back to SD by Wednesday. If you ride the whole way, the ride is pretty darned long. You are also giving up fishing time so the boat can swing in to Cabo and drop off passengers. You might as well take...
  443. M

    splicing question

    The important question is not line strength, but rather line diameter. I have found that a mono/fluoro to spectra ratio of about 2:1 holds well. Ratios below about 1.5:1 tend to slip. That is what I have found when I test my connections to failure. Not every manufacturer publishes their...
  444. M

    Offshore Cortez Bank trip

    What boat/trip are you on? Private charter? Open party? That's probably a question for the charter master or skipper. BTW I'm on a 2.5 day around that time (Top Gun) so I'm curious if you are on the same boat and if so how you know it will be a Cortez Bank trip?
  445. M

    ten day 11-23 thur 12-3

    Could be either, or both. Just bring along some extra layers so you can be ready for anything.
  446. M

    I need some help

    Personally, I don't care for the waxy coating on PP solid. Makes the line stick to itself. Hollow Ace is fine for building topshots.
  447. M

    code boats

    I was on the Searcher a few weeks ago and we had to leave a biting school to head for the barn. None of the code group was nearby, so Art called in the nearest boat (Pegasus) to hand off the school. He was being a good citizen and helping out a fellow sport boat captain. But it was also...
  448. M

    fish cleaning after trip...

    I had some bellies left from last season, so I took them to 5-Star to be smoked. Turned out great. It must have the skin on to be smoked. If there is no skin it can be jerked.
  449. M

    Booking My First Long-Range Trip

    On my 11-day last November on the AA Sam didn't even discuss fishing with a harness. The chalk talk covered only how to fish the rail, and I didn't see a single person use a harness. I'm sure you could if you wanted to. Just saying the subject never came up.
  450. M

    Solid to Solid Connection

    Joe I would use 80# JB Hollow to connect two pieces of 65# solid. Use a reverse loop needle to pull the solid three feet into the hollow. Tie 2 or 3 10-turn nail knots over the hollow where the solid goes in. (Similar to how you would serve the connection where the fluoro goes into the...
  451. M

    Solid to Solid Connection

    It takes more time, but I connect two solid lines with a 6' piece of hollow and a couple of nail knots at each end of the hollow. You get a 100% connection and it is smooth through the guides. Great for changing out the top 50 or 100 yards of spectra on your reels.
  452. M

    Advice on fall 8-10 day trip. Looking at the Excel

    A 10-day in the early fall time period will be much like your 5-7 day trips, only a few days longer. The cows aren't around then so a 100# fish at the Rocks is the biggest you are likely to see. The wahoo are fun to catch and the biggest difference is you will probably want to wire up some...
  453. M

    Dumb newbie question...Spinning

    Agree it is probably too short. Most iron rods are around 9 feet. Popping rods tend to be around 8 feet. Retail is $60, so I'm guessing it is pretty cheap bought used. Can't go too far wrong I suppose. Might ask on a different forum. Not so much use for cheap stuff on this forum. It...
  454. M

    San Diego overnight Charter HELP!

    I haven't been on the Dolphin II, so I can't help you there. I just checked the Point Loma schedule. If you are open to going on the 30th, El Capitan has 15 spots open. The max load is 18, so you and your buddies would make up most of the load. I went on it a few years ago and it was fine...
  455. M

    late Nov to early Dec 15 day trip: what to expect?

    That be true! Bring along a couple of good books you have been meaning to read, or maybe some good Scotch and a deck of cards. Depending on your card sense, maybe a pocketful of cash to enrich your fellow passengers. Plenty of time to relax and tell tall tales about the one that got away.
  456. M

    September Six Day

    A six day trip won't necessarily go to the Rocks, and the Lupe seems to be out of the question right now. I don't think the long boats have been going to Cedros either. If you don't hit any of those places you won't get as much use out of your heavy gear as you might suppose. I went on a six...
  457. M

    San Diego overnight Charter HELP!

    Your chances of finding an open charter boat on the Friday before Labor Day are somewhere between slim and none. Certainly all of the best boats will be reserved. Call the Landing and see if ANY boats are available. Once you have some names come on back and ask for comments or...
  458. M

    Joe Miller or RP Knot

    I would splice a loop onto the 100# solid and connect a fluoro top shot loop to loop.
  459. M

    Vertical Jigging

    That time of year you might also get into wahoo, so keep that in mind too. I'm not familiar with the Tib, so I can't comment on it. The 600 will work, but it would not be my first choice since it will be a little more effort to crank than a narrow version. But since you have it go ahead and...
  460. M

    Vertical Jigging

    In early Oct I assume you are not targeting cows. The 765 ML is fine for 50 or 60# line. It would be a bit stiffer in the tip than the SS, so the 765 is the one I would use.
  461. M

    Fishing options from 8 day to 10 day

    That time of year they are likely to be fishing the same general area. The 10 day just gives you two extra days to fish. By all means, go 10 if you can. Wahoo are a crap shoot that time of year. Maybe they will be there, maybe not. Pretty early for the cows. But you could take along a...
  462. M

    Booking My First Long-Range Trip

    October is likely to be a variety trip where you will fish 40/50 pound line and a Makaira 10 will be appropriate. Early November could be variety or cow fishing, so you should be ready for either. After about the first week of November it will probably be cow fishing where that Makaira 30...
  463. M

    Is there....Line question

    Sardines have white belly. Coincidence? Or are they trying to blend in against a bright background to avoid predators from below? Hmmm.
  464. M


    Yup, as said above, use the boat's troll gear. After a hook up most people throw out a jig. You can throw out a wired bait hook, but chances are the jigs will snag you and bring you up. So consider bringing along two or three Raiders or Catchy Tackle jigs. Wire them up just like you would...
  465. M

    16 VSX clicking

    I would use the 30 for small bait like sardines. Then use the 50 for big baits like salamis. Also talk to the crew about what is around the boat and ask for their recommendation.
  466. M


    I assume you are talking about surf fishing. This forum is mostly frequented by people fishing from a boat, so you may not get much of a response. Try posting on a surf fishing board. BD probably has one, and I've heard that All Coast has a good one. Best of luck to you and welcome to BD.
  467. M

    Spectra to Blackwater FC

    Yup, put 60 fluoro into 100 hollow, not 130 hollow. I also would not put 130 hollow on top of 100 hollow unless you want to use heavy fluoro like 130#. As you noticed, the 130 hollow is more buoyant and will also increase the drag on your bait. If you want to keep the 130 on there, respool...
  468. M

    Dawg upgrade

    I never saw any mention of a time limit. For whatever reason, Accurate decided to take the retrofit off the market. Might be time to give Matt a call and see if some consumer lobbying will get it back, at least for a limited time period. I would add that when I talked to Matt last spring he...
  469. M

    Dawg upgrade

    As near as I can tell, it was available for roughly the month of June. My buddy had the dawg put in two reels, and had the warranty upgrade to the seal on several more. That was in June. Now the warranty upgrade is still available, but apparently the dawg upgrade is not. Not sure why the...
  470. M

    checking in to ensinada

    Hey Stephen, I'll look for you in line. My trips with Art have all been excellent. I'm sure this one will be too. David
  471. M

    checking in to ensinada

    I have a trip on the Searcher coming up this Saturday, so I talked to Celia to see if I should be worried about anything. Art went to a meeting this weekend to get an update (from SAC, I think). According to Art, as summarized by Celia: 1. Checking in at Ensenada is not an issue for the...
  472. M

    Guadalupe no go

    I'm on a six day next week and just got the same news. Uncertain access rules, extra fees, and a trip to Ensenada Harbor to check in makes it too much of a risk until they can get the procedure straightened out. Bummer. Still waiting to check the Lupe off my bucket list.
  473. M

    Passport requirements

    Passport is recommended but not required. You only really need it if the boat has to make port in Mexico for some reason. Chances of that are pretty small, so it's up to you.
  474. M

    Best options buying bulk tackle

    X2 Spend $100 and get free shipping. If you are going to stock up, buy a Captain's Card and get 10% off regular price for the next year. You can save money and support a local tackle shop at the same time.
  475. M

    Offshore Voyager Report - 7/18/12

    Monday evening our charter master got a call from Jody. BFT were biting at 150 miles and he asked if we wanted to make the long run to get there. That's extra long for a 1.5 day, but we were certainly willing to leave early to make it happen. Got to the dock at 4:30, planning to leave by...
  476. M

    Offshore 2 Day charter on the Apollo 7/12 - 7/14

    Thanks for the report. I'd like to hear more about the BFT. What size were they, what worked, etc.
  477. M

    first 10 day in mid oct.

    X2 Your 40# rigs will get the most use, especially if you fish the Rocks. I take along an 80# rig instead of 100#, so don't buy a new outfit just to get up to 100#. The same one will do double duty for the troll and night time dropper loop.
  478. M


    I haven't fished the soft steel, but I was told that it is a little softer than some lines. That would mean less memory, but also less abraison resistance. Fishing with a fluoro leader will certainly help with abraison protection. Personally, I like a little harder line and fish Izor...
  479. M

    Cleaning Out Freezer

    I clean out my freezer after a year. Smoke it or jerk it, and then vacuum seal it and its ready for another year in the freezer.
  480. M


    And remember that they will also take it on the drop. So if it doesn't feel right, put it in gear and give it a few cranks to see if anybody is home. Also a word of warning in case they do hit on the drop. If they hit it going away, you can get a backlash. So put your thumb lightly on the...
  481. M

    Step Splice

    Since 80 is bigger than 100 (for JB hollow), it is only one step up from 80 to 130. So it should not be a problem. To mitigate the size difference, just feather the ends and trim at an angle to ease the transition. It will make the line stronger at your connection point.
  482. M

    Belt vs harness & plate

    Only place I would use a harness is if I was on a smaller boat with lower rails. Otherwise I would use a belt and or put the rod under my arm and onto the rail.
  483. M

    Are you there my long winged chicken of the sea?

    I have canned BFT and albacore and both turned out very well. I also canned YT and was disappointed with the result. Rather bland. It wasn't bad; it just wasn't good.
  484. M


    Late October would possibly include some exploration of the lower banks to see if the cows are around. Early October is more likely to look around the Rocks, the Ridge, or maybe in to the beach. But every year is different, so you get what you get. It's all good.
  485. M

    Are you there my long winged chicken of the sea?

    If they catch them, they will likely mention it. But the long fin have been pretty much MIA for the past two years.
  486. M

    Fred Hall Show & the debut of The Dawg

    Her name is Perri. Nice lady. She was very helpful in taking care of my warranty upgrade to improve the AR seals.
  487. M

    Any Special Wahoo Tricks?

    -Point your rod tip at the jig and wind like crazy through the strike. -Use an eight foot top shot of 50# fluoro over spectra. Use Seaguar blue label rather than Premier. You want to minimize line stretch. -Set your drag heavy. -Peel the foil off the jig so the fish has less purchase.
  488. M


    X2 I now fish irons with fluoro too, just in case I want to cut off the iron and tie on a hook. Allows my iron rig to double as a bait rig.
  489. M

    Knot - solid braid to solid braid

    Drew You will find that the solid to hollow splice works amazingly well. I have tested it to failure numerous times and the main line always breaks before the splice fails. Now I routinely replace the top 50-100 yards of braid at the end of the season instead of respooling the whole reel...
  490. M

    3.5 day on the Top Gun 80 6/20-6/24

    Your gear looks fine. Going early season is always a bit dicey. If the albacore are in you could do well. If not, it could be more rat yellows and ling cod.
  491. M

    Long or short top shots

    How long was the long top shot? Sometimes a longer topshot gets the bait down deeper where the fish are holding (and away from the boobie birds). So it becomes a trade off between how much heavy line the bait can pull versus getting the bait deep enough to get picked up.
  492. M

    Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's)

    My fishing club brings an AED along on every trip and makes sure someone on the charter is trained to use it. With that said, we should also recognize that an added requirement will increase the cost to the boat owner and either cut their profit margin or increase the cost to the paying...
  493. M

    TZS78XH or TZS78H?

    Both are popping rods with K guides, so that much is good. I haven't used either one, so can't be a lot of help. What weight of lure are you planning on throwing? The specs don't provide recommended lure weights, so that could get tricky. Based on not much information, I'd say go with the H...
  494. M


    Not a problem. Whenever your reel has been setting for a while, you should stretch out your top shot to get rid of the curl. Your bait will thank you.
  495. M

    American Angler Review?

    I did an 11-day on the AA and loved it. Awesome boat and crew. The only wild card I would mention is the weather. Your chances of hitting some weather go up a bit in the late winter and early spring. If you should run into that bit of bad luck, then bigger is better.
  496. M

    Getting Ansy should I swap my trip

    IMO the giveaways are over rated. The true tackle ho can already fill a dock cart and still have crap left over in the garage. The chances that you will win that rod or reel to fill out that last hole in your lineup are slim. On the 8-day you are sure to win the best prize of all: more time...
  497. M

    Jerry Brown coming with 40 pound hollow

    I use the hollow ace 40# to build my ultra light top shots (20 and 30#) and it works very well. I don't use it for backing because of the cost and the waxy coating.
  498. M

    5-day trip to Guadalupe Island

    No need to go through Ensenada anymore. The landing will provide the FMM permit which will cost around 35 or 40 bucks. It takes 24 hours or so to get to Guadelupe, and you will probably do some fishing on the way back, so 3.5 days of fishing is about right.
  499. M

    5-day trip to Guadalupe Island

    I have fished on the Searcher many times and Art will put you on fish if there are any to be found. His market niche is those trips seven days and shorter and he has more experience than most in finding fish in that range. The only problem with the 11/3 trip is that no spots have filled so it...
  500. M

    Newbie again...

    I'm curious what you are planning to do and why. Even though you can do as you propose, the answers you receive could more helpful with a little more background information.
  501. M

    Lower Gear Ratio Fathom?

    I notice that the Fathom crank arm has two positions. Repositioning to the second hole would give you a longer lever arm and therefore more cranking power. True that you would have to move your hand around a bigger circle to turn the crank, but it might be worth the trade off. Has anyone...
  502. M

    Intrepid Adventure

    So am I the only who is leery of kayak fishing with crocodiles? I mean who is fishing for who here?
  503. M

    Trips leaving the day after Xmas - Tuna only?

    The Hoo are likely to be in the area. Best bet is to check the fish reports for those trips over the last few years. Although past returns are not a guarantee of future performance...
  504. M

    Splicing in new braid to top off a spool?!

    For joining solid to solid I connect them with a piece of hollow and serve each end of the hollow with a couple of nail knots and coat with JB glue. I do that for 30 solid up through 100 solid. Takes some time, but for me it is worth it to get a 100% connection.
  505. M

    Summer 4-5 day yellowtail trips

    Absolutely not. The longer boats spend more time at Cedros and Guadelupe, and that is where you want to be. The lunkers live at the islands, and if you want a primo photo op, that is where you want to go. Don't worry about the lack of mention about YT. A 5-day trip will target both YFT and...
  506. M

    Summer 4-5 day yellowtail trips

    Welcome Kyle. I'm sure you will get lots of helpful comments. I would recommend five days over four days, since you are almost certain to hit Guadelupe or Cedros or both. I would also recommend August over July, since the paddys are more likely to be holding YT. Finally, I would recommend...
  507. M

    Dawg Refit Cost and Need

    Before Christmas there was a post saying that Accurate had developed an improved seal to better protect the AR bearings against saltwater intrusion. Installation is included as part of the standard fee when you send your reels in to Accurate for maintenance. Or they will mail them to you and...
  508. M

    Accuarte ATD 12 Spectra Question

    I configured my ATD 12 with 600 yards of 60# JB hollow topped with 150 yards of 100# JB solid. I tested the breaking strength of the 60# hollow at 85#, and the 100# solid tested at more iron than I cared to lift (i.e. 100+). Most aren't willing to go that light for the backing, but I'm willing...
  509. M

    ATD 12 ??

    Last winter I bought one from Baja Fish Gear configured with the 30 gear and crank arm. No charge for the upgrade when you are purchasing one new from Accurate/BFG. Just tell them what you want when you place your order.
  510. M

    AA 1/18/-2/2 Trip

    I read this to mean he was cut by a running line or some such.
  511. M


    X2 I put gimbals on mine and now am going to epoxy the butt caps in place. Just getting too darn tired of looking around for lost butt caps.
  512. M

    Long Range 14 day on the AA question

    I was on Ken's 11-day in November. He made a bunch of topshots for people on the ride down. Not sure what the price was, so give him a call. Yes to 16", and I have been pleased with both the Am Tac and Pac Bay turbo guides. Haven't tried the HBSG guides. Check on the rod builders forum for...
  513. M

    Cow trip question

    It has become more accepted in the last few years. I'd say go for it.
  514. M

    Long Range 14 day on the AA question

    I also fish 100# on my ATD 12 paired with a 770 XXH. You can have the crew make up half a dozen topshots on the way down, and then just be ready to swap out L2L as needed. If fishing is good, they can make up some more at night or when things slow down a bit. Another good choice is to...
  515. M

    Spirit of Adventure

    Hmmm...I've been on the BMS. Skipper is a good guy, but it is really not up to long range standards. More comparable to the short range fleet.
  516. M

    JB 80 hollow versus JB 100 hollow

    Not really missing anything. People have used JB with good success, so they recommend it. GC works for you, so you recommend it. They are both good. Generally speaking, the thicker the line, the higher the breaking point. When I look at the results on Paulus's site, that relationship...
  517. M

    JB 80 hollow versus JB 100 hollow

    Check out He has the equipment and a bunch of people have sent in line samples for testing. He has the results posted on his web site.
  518. M

    16 day ride down/ride back or 13 day fly back?

    The answer depends on a lot of variables. Is the boat fishing the Lower Banks, Clarion, or the HB? Does the skipper break off fishing the HB early and reposition near Cabo, and thereby maybe catch fewer cows? So it just depends. So basically, you should focus on whether you would rather...
  519. M

    Rod recommendations for first timer

    Yup, now I found it on the Calstar site. Rated 20-40, and Calstar says its best applications are 25-30#. It should fit your need for a 20-25# bait stick quite nicely, just in case they are being picky and won't bite the heavier stuff.
  520. M

    Rod recommendations for first timer

    IMO the 800M is a perfect 30# rod. A little light for 40, and a little long too (IMO). But it is rated up to 40, so it will work for that application. FYI my 40# rod of choice is the 700MH. The 770H will work for 50#, but my rod of choice is the 700H. It should be a few bucks cheaper, and...
  521. M

    American Angler 12 Day 1/6-18 Report

    Personally, I would not have confidence in that uni uni connection. I would take a six foot piece of 130 hollow and splice those two solid lines together with a couple of nail knots on each end. To each their own.
  522. M

    American Angler 12 Day 1/6-18 Report

    Thanks Steve. I have done similar testing and got the same results. It strikes me as amazing that a couple of nail knots will hold that solid to hollow splice, and yet it really does.
  523. M

    American Angler 12 Day 1/6-18 Report

    Looking forward to the rest of the report. I'd also like to hear more about the solid to hollow splice that may have failed. I used it a lot this past season with good success. If there are potential problems, it would be good to know. Thanks.
  524. M

    How many yards

    I prefer 400+, but you can get away with 350 in most situations. A long soak at the Lupe would be your only real concern if you go with 350.
  525. M

    7-Day 2012 Fall Trip Gear Recommendations

    I have had good success with JB and Izor. Hate the waxie coating on PP.
  526. M

    7-8 day fall trips

    The wahoo are usually around at that time of year, both at the Rocks and the Ridge. But it varies from year to year and, as pointed out, they are sensitive to boat pressure. If you are the first boat to encounter a newly arrived wolf pack, then it can be wide open. But after a while they get...
  527. M

    7-Day 2012 Fall Trip Gear Recommendations

    Good to go as described. Personally, I would make two changes. I would fish 50# for the jig. Stealth is not an issue and those big YT love to rock you. I would also use that PG 542 on a 40# rig. That is where you get the most use, and those low gears will be sweet to crank in those big fish...
  528. M

    two speeds

    You can do whatever you like. But if you hook a big YT or Grouper, you will wish you had a 2-speed.
  529. M

    two speeds

    If you can swing it, I would recommend three 2-speed rigs. A 40# plus a back-up 40# rig. By changing top shots, they can also be switched out to 50# rigs. The third 2-speed would be an 80# rig for the dropper loop. For the 10-day it depends on the time of year. If you are going in Nov or...
  530. M

    7-Day 2012 Fall Trip Gear Recommendations

    As a final comment, make sure you have at least two 40# bait rigs. You will get the most use out of these at the Rocks. If you end up at the Ridge, you will get a lot of use out of your 30# bait rig. So be ready to line down some of your other rigs if you are heading there.
  531. M

    Late Shogun 13 day report

    How did it work out with three boats on the HB? Was there room for three boats to anchor and all share in the good fishing?
  532. M

    looking for a 4 or 5 day boat in april out san diego any recommendations

    If your schedule is flexible, take a look at the 8 day trips in May and June. A good value for the money, and you will have a good shot at YT and tuna.
  533. M

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    Thought I would contribute a couple of pics from the American Angler 11/11/11 trip. Here is the crew with a 268# cow caught by Jordy. Here is the group shot at the landing with everyone's big fish from the trip. A bunch of boats came back for Thanksgiving, so I'm sure there are plenty...
  534. M

    American Angler 11-Day Report

    Maybe on the AA site. If I see them, I'll copy them over here.
  535. M

    American Angler 11-Day Report

    This morning we got back from the Ken's Custom Reel 11-day on the American Angler. Quick Report: Fished the buffer zone for 153 tuna and 22 wahoo. Travel time was about 3.5 days each way, with about 3.5 days in the zone. JP was 212#. There were three cows caught by the passengers (plus one...
  536. M

    Gear setup for 5-6 day trips to Guadalupe

    While it is true you won't use the 20 at the Lupe, on the trip back you may spend some time offshore fishing for school size tuna. Offshore you may get some use out of your 20 rig.
  537. M

    knot again!

    Abrasion resistance in the hook eye. But you do need to check and make sure the lines do not cross in the eye.
  538. M

    Swapping Loop to Loop Connections

    An Aussie named Paulus did some testing and posted his results on 360 Tuna recently. One pass through yielded a connection that was 80 percent of the line Actual Breaking Strength. Two or more passes through yielded a connection that was 100 percent of ABS. Since the typical terminal...
  539. M

    Let's Talk Hookup radio show

    Did anybody listen yesterday? I'm just wondering if you heard any exciting new developments (like when the BX2 AR dogs will be ready for market). Thanks.
  540. M

    Is 100# Seaguar Premier too light for Cows?

    I have seen a few posts saying that you should consider the actual line diameter when selecting fluorocarbon for Cows. So I measured what I was working with using digital calipers and found the following: 80# Seaguar Red: Labeled-.836 mm, Actual-.81 mm 130# Yozuri Pink: Labeled-1.22 mm...
  541. M

    1st Super Cow,already!

    And that would be...?
  542. M

    Limiting out

    Maybe. The crew is also allowed to keep fish. So it might go to the galley, it might go to the crew, but more likely it will just go against the crew's limit and the angler will be able to keep it. Depends on the boat.
  543. M

    Nub connection?

    I've played around with several combinations. My most extensive tests were on 40 seaguar into 60 JB hollow, with JB glue. I've also tested 100 and 130 seaguar into 80 JB hollow, again with JB glue. All combinations showed line creep when weighted with 50 percent of the rated line strength...
  544. M

    Nub connection?

    My experience has not been quite the same. It will definitely work with fluoro, but not quite as well. I have found that mono holds a knot better than fluoro, be it in a serve, a nail/nub, or a terminal connection to your hook. But the nail/nub will definitely work. Just be sure to get that...
  545. M

    Hurricane Hillary

    I'm leaving Saturday on the Searcher for a 7-day. Any thoughts what kind of weather impact the hurricane will have? How about the fishing impact? I'm hoping some warm water will push north and bring the wahoo onto the Ridge.
  546. M

    Wire Leader Help

    How about the titanium wire? You can tie a regular knot in it, and it's thinner than steel wire (expensive, however). Anybody tried it? Do the knots hold?
  547. M

    October weather

    I went to the Rocks last year about that time. Pleasant during the days, and wore a sweat shirt in the evenings. Two years ago at that time it was hot and humid. The nights got down to 80, maybe. The skipper kept reminding us to stay hydrated. Sorry, I'm afraid you will have to be ready for...
  548. M

    Nice read...

    I checked the Royal Star website and didn't see the article. Can you provide a link?
  549. M

    Tieing 50# Spectra to 50# Spectra

    I connect solid spectra to solid spectra with a 6' piece of hollow and nail knots at each end. Takes more time than what the others have suggested. But the connection slides through the guides like butter and I have complete confidence when I use it. One more alternative for you to consider.
  550. M

    Bright and Morning Star

    I went on the BMS a couple of years ago. Skipper was friendly and very customer service oriented. Only down side was that the boat is rather tippy. Never been on the Prowler.
  551. M

    80 # JB Hollow

    The 80 hollow is great to work with. The 100 is also fine. Unfortunately, the JB 60 hollow is a pain in the you know what. Very difficult. To build top shots with the lighter lines, I use PP Hollow Ace 40 and 60. They are 16 thread weaves, just like the JB 80. Makes a big difference...
  552. M

    Offshore Fishing Processing

    Five star does same day processing. Just call ahead and make arrangements.
  553. M

    80 lb Hollow to 80 Lb Floro

    Mike Heavier line plays an important role in abrasion resistance. This is most important for the top shot, but also helps with the backing (for example, if the tuna swims under the boat and into the barnacles). Since you already own the reels, I recommend you load them with the heaviest...
  554. M

    80 lb Hollow to 80 Lb Floro

    65 casts just fine, so no worry there. I said 50 because I like having all the line I can get. 400 yards minimum, and 500 yards is even better. If you get into a massive tangle, you can lose a bunch of line. Do that a few times and suddenly your spool is half gone and the reel is out of...
  555. M

    Best 50lb Set Up For Wahoo& Tuna/ Casting

    I love my TN 40 for the jig!
  556. M

    Best 50lb Set Up For Wahoo& Tuna/ Casting

    According to the specs, the makaira 10 spools 33.5" per crank in high gear. I have measured my 600N at 40" per crank. I would use the mak 10 for bait, but IMHO there are better choices for the jig.
  557. M

    80 lb Hollow to 80 Lb Floro

    In solid, I think your choices are 50 or 65. Personally, I would load it with 50 solid and match it with 40 to 50 fluoro. Save the 60 fluoro for the Talica 16.
  558. M

    80 lb Hollow to 80 Lb Floro

    80 is fine for the dropper loop, kite or troll. For fly lining, 60 is all you need or want. Personally, I would load that reel with JB 60 hollow and a 50 or 60 fluoro top shot. Change out to 80 as needed.
  559. M

    Best 50lb Set Up For Wahoo& Tuna/ Casting

    Bx2 600N plus a GFGR 700H
  560. M

    80 lb Hollow to 80 Lb Floro

    As others have noted, yes you can. But my question is, why would you want to fish 80 fluoro on the Talica 16? The troll? The kite? I don't have a Talica 16, so I don't know if these are good uses for this reel. Also, you may want to be careful with your line capacity. Shimano says that...
  561. M


    Steve I also mix my hollow with solid, but use a different connection. I splice the solid into the hollow and seal it with a couple of nail knots. Not as fast as the uni/uni, but a stronger connection. I'm a little paranoid about my connections, so I fish with more confidence when using...
  562. M


    I have used both Power Pro solid and Hollow Ace. I don't care for either one because of the waxy coating. My preferred brands are Izorline and Jerry Brown. Both have minimal coating, soft feel, and spools off the reel nicely. Regarding solid vs. hollow, each has its advantages under the...
  563. M

    40-50# Alijos Rocks (first timer) rod choices

    The "4" means it is designed as a rail rod. If I recall correctly, it means it has a slightly stiffer action in the butt and mid-section. Personally, I'm a Calstar man, so I'll comment on those. My preference is for a slightly longer rod, either the 700 MH (40#) or 700 H (50#). My favorite...
  564. M

    Reel Size and Capeability

    You can get the Carbontex drag washers on line at Smooth Drag, or at any well equipped tackle store. I do all of my own routine reel maintenance, so I changed out the washers myself. If you have a buddy who is comfortable breaking down a reel, he would be able to help you. Otherwise, check at...
  565. M

    Spectra Advantages

    Figure out how much backing you want on the reel and go from there. Since you referenced a 5-day trip in your other post, this reel will likely be your 40-50# reel to use on the long soak at the Lupe. 50# spectra is what I would spool for that application.
  566. M

    Reel Size and Capeability

    Torium 20 and Torium 30. Would they do the job as a 30# and 40# set ups. They both have the same drag specs. Ans: I have used the Tor 20 with good success to yo yo for YT. 65# spectra and a short topshot of 40 or 50# mono. Be sure and change out the dartanium drag washers for some Carbontex...
  567. M

    Short, light topshots.

    On the boat, I have seen the deck hands frequently connect backing to topshot with a Bimini twist to a reverse Albright. I also like the Bimini to Bristol connection. The Bob Sands is also popular, but not my personal favorite. By in line splice, I assume you mean pre-made wind on leaders...
  568. M

    Which boat out of San Diego

    I went on the Top Gun 80 a few years ago. Nice staterooms with a small sink and a reading light for each bunk. A load of 25 was pretty reasonable for a boat that size. A good skipper and crew, fishy boat. One more choice for you to consider.
  569. M

    Miller knot illustrations

    I recently did my own head to head tests using 60# seaguar blue comparing all of those except the double SD Jam (I prefer a smaller profile knot). From strongest to weakest I found the order to be: Spangler Jansik Reverse Trilene & Miller basically equal I also threw the 3-turn Spangler and...
  570. M

    Catch and Release on Long Range Boats?

    If I am doing well, I usually give my extra fish to other anglers in need. Yes, they would rather catch their own fish, but a down on his luck angler appreciates it when you share. And a spare fish for the chef usually comes back as sushi, dinner, etc.
  571. M

    ? on topshots

    Please explain.
  572. M

    Tackle on a 14-day?

    I recall that one boat stopped off at the Rocks on the way home to top off the RSW tanks. That would be a place to use your 40# bait outfit.
  573. M

    Out of theses 3 H&M boats

    I've been on both the TG 80 and the B&MS. Both have good crew. The TG 80 is newer and nicer. The B&MS tends to be a little tippy, so if you are prone to getting sea sick, that would be a consideration.
  574. M

    Which LR Boat is faster??

    Who knows indeed. Hull speed is determined by some formula (which I don't know) that involves hull length and width. In general, longer is better. (Where have you heard that before?) Hull shape is also important, which is why many large ships have a bulbous phallic structure at the bow just...
  575. M

    Lupe trips

    Deleted by author.
  576. M

    New BX2 AccuPort oiling port

    Very nice modification. Any recommendations for the lubricant? Reel X or Corrosion X perhaps? I know I need to use a lighter lubricant, rather than a grease. Is it possible to lubricate too often? Is a few drops of lubricant after each fishing trip too much? Thanks.
  577. M

    Building Your Own Topshot

    Yep, all the serves in this post were reinforced with JB glue, purchased from BHP tackle. The glue helps, but the serve does the heavy lifting.
  578. M

    ? on topshots

    I'd say that 15-20' is the compromise choice for some (me included). 3-4' definitely helps your bait, but you sure can feel those tail kicks. A much longer top shot (100' to 100 yards) gives you lots of stretch in the mono to absorb the shocks, but is hard on your bait. So 15-20' is short...
  579. M

    Building Your Own Topshot

    I thought it might be helpful to present a small demonstration of line creep using 40# fluoro. I prepared an unusual top shot. On one end, I loaded the line with 20# of weight before applying the serve with a nail/nub knot. On the other end, I prepared a nail/nub knot the usual way with no...
  580. M

    1st 8 Day

    Looks like you are pretty well set. On an 8-day, the Rocks is a very likely destination. You are right to be thinking about catching wahoo. Look into a trolling lure and wahoo jigs. Raiders, Bombs, Catchy Tackle Sea Strike, and more. Do a search and you will find plenty of posts on people's...
  581. M

    Building Your Own Topshot

    Will your beer get warm? Hard to say. Depends on how long it normally takes you to build a top shot (or drink a beer). It takes an extra 3 or 4 minutes to run the line through the pulley and tie on the weight. So you do the math. However, in my case, it doesn't take long to polish off a...
  582. M

    Building Your Own Topshot

    I have read many posts on building your own topshots. One of the common concerns cited is line creep. That's where the uneven tug and pull during the fight causes your line to slowly creep out of your finger trap connection. (It's due to the differential stretch rate between braid and...
  583. M

    Choosing a good boat?

    I've been salmon fishing a few times and it involved a much smaller boat trolling with a downrigger. Yes, that is very different from LR fishing for tuna. Since you are an experienced fisherman, it won't take you too long to master the tuna techniques. A little coaching from the crew will go a...
  584. M

    Choosing a good boat?

    You said you are "very new" to LR fishing. How new is very new? Do you have the basics down, or are you looking for a little extra help from the crew to help you figure out what's what? I haven't fished on the BG 90, but if they are more of a discount/high volume operation, they might not...
  585. M

    Need Help Deciding On Boat

    Light load, light load, light load. Yes the bigger boats have more room on the stern, but there are also more lines in the water to get tangled with. I have been to the Rocks twice on the Searcher. It took 44-48 hours, depending on weather and current. When you consider the load (22), the...
  586. M

    July 6 day gear

    Make sure you are both able to fish 20#. Even if its just a couple of 30# rigs that can line down to 20#. If you get into some finicky bluefin, you will be glad you have them.
  587. M

    7460H Calstar

    The 7460H is designed to be a rail rod, albeit shorter than is the current trend. It's rated 50-130, so that should work, although you might consider the XH too. If you prefer a shorter rod, I'd say go for it. If you would like to go longer, then consider the 770XXH. I built myself a 770XXH...
  588. M

    Too light??

    I use the 700MH for 40# and it works great. It can even step up to 50# if the occasion demands. I haven't tried the 700M. If you already own it, then it will probably work. But if you are looking to purchase a 40# rod, I would recommend the 700MH.
  589. M

    Strike Drag for Cow Fishing

    Thanks for the quick replies. In answer to Swarthy, I am accumulating the equipment as finances allow and expect to have three good outfits by November. I have also been using the rail for the fish at the Rocks. While it is a good warm up, I'm sure the challenge on the big boys will be an order...
  590. M

    Strike Drag for Cow Fishing

    Let me start by saying that I am a cow catching wannabe. I'll have my first shot on an 11-day next November. With that in mind, I am paying close attention to equipment and technique. This morning I had a conversation with an experienced cow fisherman who gave me his perspective on setting...
  591. M

    Line retrieval rates for ATD reels

    Actually, I called Accurate a few months ago to try and get this same information. They have it posted on their web for the BX2 reels, but not the ATDs. Unfortunately, they said they had not measured the line uptake for the ATDs. I guess it had never come up. Personally, the reason I was...
  592. M

    First timer here...

    A 5-6 day trip will go to the 'Lupe if it's open and there is any kind of bite. Now a 7-8 day trip opens up the possibility of the going to the Rocks/Ridge. Just sayin'...
  593. M

    BX2-500 Frame Bearing

    Finally found some time to work on the reels. Twisting the retaining clip out worked great. Thanks for the tips.
  594. M

    help setup for dropper loop/tuna

    If it was me, I'd borrow the boat's gear next summer and purchase my own at Fred Hall next year when I had a little more squeeze. Why buy old school when you can use the boat's gear for free? To each their own.
  595. M


    x2. I would also add a second 40# rig, say a 700MH. The 700H can easily line up to 50# for jigging YT. The 700M can line down to 20-25# if they are that picky and school-sized. For the troll or the kite, borrow the boat's gear. I like to build my own topshots, but then I am a bit of fanatic...
  596. M

    BX2-500 Frame Bearing

    Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  597. M

    BX2-500 Frame Bearing

    I have several BX2 reels, and I am teaching myself to do the maintenance. I have gone through the materials on the Accurate website and it tells me how to clean the reel, lubricate the spool bearings and grease the drag washers. However, it doesn't cover the other bearings. I want to check the...
  598. M

    Setting up a spinner for albies and yft

    If you don't get a satisfactory answer here, try posting over at 360 tuna. The east coast guys use spinners on the BFT.
  599. M

    Gimbal Retrofit

    I'll try putting on a small piece of hypalon. Thanks.
  600. M

    Gimbal Retrofit

    I have a 2x4 I built a year ago with a 12" rear grip and a butt cap. I didn't put on a gimbal because I planned to put it under my arm and lay it on the rail. Now in retrospect, I would like a little more length on the butt end to give me a little longer lever arm on my side of the rail. So I...
  601. M

    BX2-400 vs. BX2-500

    The real differences are in line capacity and line retrieval (inches/crank). The 500 takes up more line per crank. If you want to bring it up faster, choose the 500. If you want to bring it up slower (like maybe there is something heavy on the other end) choose the 400. As an aside, for...
  602. M

    attaching hollow spectra to solid spectra

    Here is a link to some pictures.
  603. M

    Trolling rig /Rail-rod?

    I have to agree with the suggestion to use the boat's troll rod. You can use that BX2-600 as your dropper loop rig and it can also double as a wahoo jigging rig. The 30# rig is good for school sized tuna. The hole in your lineup is 40# rigs for tuna at the rocks. For that, I would recommend a...
  604. M

    Having trouble with nail knot connection

    Steve I'm interested in Gary's seminar. PM on its way. David
  605. M

    Knot Wars

    Ter I only tested the breaking strength in 15# mono, basically because it is light enough to break easily. All the knots broke right around 18#, so there was no clear winner from that test. With heavier line (60# fluoro) I just tested them head to head. So I don't know the actual breaking...
  606. M

    Fighting a tuna

    I don't recall reading that anywhere. Can you post any links? I think getting spooled is more a matter of the fish, your drag setting, your line capacity, your technique, etc.
  607. M

    Knot Wars

    Scuba - I didn't record where the knot broke. But generally it was at or near the knot, rather than somewhere up the line. I was careful to lubricate the knot and synch it slowly in an effort to avoid burning the line. Bill W - Please describe your double uni. Do you mean twice around the...
  608. M

    what braid size for 60 lb topshot.

    Depends on how important line capacity is to you. If it isn't that important, go with 80# hollow or solid, according to your preference. If line capacity is important, then go with 60# hollow or 65# solid, again according to your preference. But then you have to be a little more careful to...
  609. M


    I have tried all three: wiffle, rubber and blue bar. The wiffles feel too small in my hand, so I don't care for them. My buddy loves them, so its a matter of personal preference. I like the rubber handles for reels that I intend to use for jigging. You can get a nice stroke going with a...
  610. M

    5 Star with Royal Star Fish

    I've fished the Searcher. They have RSW, and Five Star will there to meet you on the dock.
  611. M

    Knot Wars

    So I went out to the garage to try out the Eye Crosser knot, which is basically a uni that goes twice around the hook eye instead of once. In the 15# mono, the eye crosser consistently broke at 18#, just like the other three knots I tried. Head to head, I used 50# fluoro again with five...
  612. M

    Knot Wars

    Cool video. Now I have another knot to test. I clicked around and looked at more of their videos. Their favorite knot is the palomar, followed closely by the trilene. I have always heard that the palomar is not a good heavy line knot. Anyone have any experiece to offer regarding that?
  613. M

    Knot Wars

    There have been a couple of new knots posted lately, and I have been meaning to test them to see which one I wanted to use. The contenders were my tried and true Reverse Trilene and the new (to me) knots of Spangler and Jansik. The Spangler was posted recently in the BD tutorial section. I saw...
  614. M

    First 5 dayer???

    The 5-day trip is more likely to deliver school-size tuna and YT, unless you are going to Guadalupe Island. So if larger tuna is your goal, check with the boat and make sure they intend to target the Lupe. Your better shot at larger tuna is to go 7+ days where they are likely to head to the...
  615. M

    Cleaning anti-reverse bearings

    I called Accurate and talked to Aly today. Not a tech I know, but she still sees plenty of reels come across her desk. She said to flush AR bearings well with Reel-X, work it around with the bearing shaft and flush again. Then grease lightly with Cal's grease. The grease will mix with the...
  616. M

    Spectra Color

    So long as you are running a top shot of 5 or 10 feet or more, I don't think the color of the spectra matters much to the fish. However, be aware that spectra is naturally white. If it is colored, that means some colored wax (or similar) has been added to your spectra. If you like the feel and...
  617. M

    Cleaning anti-reverse bearings

    I have a Bx2-400 and the crank action is just a little bit stiff/sluggish. My best guess is that I need to clean and re-lubricate the anti-reverse bearings. The online tutorial at Accurate includes a slide that says: "Clean and lubricate the whole sideplate paying special attention to...
  618. M

    wire or no wire

    I use a relatively short fluoro leader, 15-20 feet. Usually 60#. I don't think going with heavier leader gets you much protection. If the wahoo bites your line, you are losing your lure, be it 60# line, 80# line, and probably even 200# line. However, shorter leaders and heavier line will cut...
  619. M

    Rust Protection

    I have been waxing my spools with carnauba car wax to provide some rust protection. I did a search and saw you can also spray your reels with Boeshield T-9, including spool, body, handle, etc. In looking online at Boeshield, I see it has carrier solvents that would dissolve grease. If I spray...
  620. M

    Trying to make a decision for end of this year

    Shogun is worst case 10% (1 knot) slower. That's 4-5 hours slower to get to the Rocks, a likely stopping point. Another 2-3 hours slower to get to the lower banks. An extra day and $300 cheaper...hmmm.
  621. M

    wire or no wire

    My practice is to use bombs with wire if the wahoo will bite it. If they are getting pressure, switch to raiders with wire. If they won't take that, then switch to raiders with fluoro.
  622. M


    I find that the B2-30 and 50 seem to be reels without a niche. Not really suited for cows, and the B2-600 will handle the sub-cows. I bought a B2-30 and have ended up using it for trolling and on the kite at the Rocks. A less expensive reel would have been sufficient to meet those needs. But...
  623. M


    You may need to post this question on the Accurate Reel forum. Sorry, just looked over there and saw that you already did.
  624. M

    Jump on or not

    Your best shot at 100+ is a trip at the later end of the range you are looking at. Probably November - December, preferably 10 days or longer. That will give you the range to get down to the lower banks. Trips of 7-8 days are more likely to go to the Rocks, where 100# is the high end of what...
  625. M

    Jump on or not

    I have fished on that Searcher 7-day trip for the last two years and already signed up for next year. This year we went to the Rocks, and the year before it was the Ridge. Art is a good skipper and will put you on fish. He's on the quiet side, but will definitely talk to you, answer your...
  626. M

    Splicing Hollow to Fluoro

    Solid to hollow splice will patch together two pieces of solid spectra.
  627. M

    5 day tackle help

    If the Lupe is available next year, 40# will be your go to rig. If the Lupe is not open, then it is more likely to be some combination of Cedros and offshore tuna fishing. If you are offshore fishing for school sized albies or YFT, you are likely to get some serious use out of a 25-30# outfit.
  628. M

    Splicing Hollow to Fluoro

    Vu I tried the Beiter winder and had a hard time getting it to work for me. Now I just use the bobbin tool that you can get at a fly tying store. Or just tie a nail knot and skip the bobbin tool.
  629. M

    5 day tackle help

    Check the Shimano web site for reel specs. The TLD will get you around 32" per crank, which is not really enough for the yoyo. Maybe think about the torium 20 or 30. That will get you 46" per crank. Since you are on a tight budget, I'd say wait on the surface iron rig. It is seldom used and...
  630. M

    7/8 Day in June

    Can't really go wrong with any of the long range fleet. Pick the load you want, pick the price you want, pick the time you want, and make your reservation. As Joe said, 8 days gets you one more day of fishing in the zone. More money gets you more time and more fishing.
  631. M


    From looking at their schedule, I see the first 8-day leaves on May 29th and the last 8-day gets back on October 6th. Any of them should give you a decent shot at tuna or YT. The late summer and early fall ones should also give you a decent shot at Wahoo and Dorado. Just have to figure out...
  632. M

    Need to understand "pulling the hook" theory

    Stiffblade The 40# rig is standard for the Rocks, which you won't be going to on a 3-5 day. If you go to the Lupe, then you will probably be using 40#. However, more likely you will be offshore, Cedros, San Benito, and/or San Martin. In any of those places you will want to have your 25-30#...
  633. M

    Need to understand "pulling the hook" theory

    Personally, I do a soft set or slow set because I am trying to hook the tuna in the corner of the mouth. I use the same setting technique for J hooks and circle hooks. Either way, I am aiming for the corner of the mouth. The reason is to cut down on line abrasion from the mouth/teeth. I...
  634. M

    Various knot questions

    Vu Your question about a "wind on" tells me there is some basic knowledge you have not yet acquired. No surprise about that. I'm confident there is much you would be able to teach me about LR shooting. Each sport has its own specialized knowledge and vocabulary. There are a few links that will...
  635. M

    Various knot questions

    Regarding different line weights, IMO, it becomes more difficult to tie a really sano bimini in heavier line. When you get up towards 80 or 100# and up, a lot of people switch over to hollow spectra. Not everyone of course, but quite a few. With hollow spectra it is (relatively) easy to pull...
  636. M

    gf770xh What type of ringged guides?

    As to the difference between Pac Bay and AmTac, I believe the ring material is different. If I recall correctly, Pac Bay uses Zirconia, and AmTac uses Nanolite. Nanolite has a higher heat conduction coefficient. It is possible there are other differnces that I don't know about.
  637. M

    Various knot questions

    Speaking for myself: Spectra to spool on a reel: I generally use a San Diego Jam Spectra to spectra: I would splice them together using JB 60# hollow. Most people probably would tie a bimini in each line and connect them L2L. (I have two 300 yard spools of 50lb Power Pro, wanted to top the...
  638. M

    Accurate BX2-500- 600 40- 60 pound which rod for 8 day trips?

    The Rocks will be mostly 40 and 50# line, so the BX2 500 or 600N will do a very nice job. I would pair them with the 700MH for 40# and 700H for 50#. They are both a good length for the rail, and that is how I fished them last October. If you want to go up to 60#, the 700H will fish it just...
  639. M

    40# bait setup

    For my last trip to the Rocks it was a BX2-400 loaded with 40# spectra, a really sano bimini, L2L to 20' 40# fluoro windon leader, paired with a 700MH rod. Worked like a champ. But then I really like to push the envelope; your mileage may vary.
  640. M

    Cost of permits

    On my last 7-day we were issued a 3-day excursion permit and I believe the cost was $89. Or maybe it was $81. Whatever. Even though it was a 3-day permit, it was good for the entire trip, but your take was limited to three 1-day limits. (Explaining the take limit is a thread in itself.)
  641. M

    Satellite TV

    I know that a couple of the boats have satellite TV. I'm wondering how far south they can go and still pull in a signal on a 10-day. As you are riding south over Thanksgiving weekend, can you still watch the big games on Friday, Saturday, Sunday to help pass the time?
  642. M

    any issues with spectra/mono binimi?

    Based on your statement that you want to pair 100# mono with 65# spectra, I would tie a bimini in the spectra and connect the mono using the bristol, improved bristol, or worm knot. Either that or build a wind on top shot of 100# mono and go loop to loop. I would recommend against using the Tony...
  643. M

    ATD Inches/Crank

    On the Accurate website it shows the inches/crank for the BX2 series, but not for the ATD's. Anyone know this information? I'm specifically interested in the ATD 12, 30 and 50. Thanks.
  644. M

    Any one tried power pro hollow ace?

    Splicing and the "no knot" connections are frequently used by the long range crowd (7+ days) because they are dealing with plus sized tuna and you want connections that are close to 100% and go through your guides with minimal wear. Izorline and JB are both good. Choose either one. JB hollow...
  645. M

    Any one tried power pro hollow ace?

    Here is a link to Angler's Center. Your prices are close but still a bit off, at least compared to these. Buying larger quantities is of course usually cheaper. Power Pro Ace Hollow Spectra Fishing Line Check out the Blackwater site for tutorials on splicing. Blackwater International -...
  646. M

    Any one tried power pro hollow ace?

    I bought some 40# hollow ace to play around with. Steve K is right. The 16 weave and the coating make it easier to work with and splice. So it is good to build top shots, etc. However, I would not spool it up on any of my reels. For the reel spool, I prefer the limp body of JB.
  647. M

    Removing the Bearing Shield

    Thanks. I'll give Boca a call tomorrow.
  648. M

    Removing the Bearing Shield

    I have been poking around Alan Tani's web site looking for tips on reel maintenance. Very informative. A number of posts on that site recommend removing the bearing shield on the spool bearings to make sure its all clean and oiled with a light oil for maximum free spool. I'm trying to remove...
  649. M

    12-Turn Bimini Twist

    John, you hit the nail on the head. The reason I started down this road of knot testing is because I wanted to put 40# braid on my Bx2-400 and fish it with a 50# wind-on leader at the Rocks. I want my bait to be fresh and friskie when he gets out to the kill zone. I figure the less braid he...
  650. M


    The rail is becoming more common. Some do, some don't. If you are comfortable in the harness, stay with it, or try something new. Up to you. If two people on the rail have to pass, somebody picks up their rod, and somebody goes under, same as always. If you can't get your rod off the rail...
  651. M

    12-Turn Bimini Twist

    <FONT size=3><FONT face=Calibri>Thanks for all the great replies. Two in particular caught my eye. The first was when Joe said that his 40 turn bimini works great and he is going to stick with it. Excellent point – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For the application Joe described using...
  652. M

    12-Turn Bimini Twist

    <FONT size=3><FONT face=Calibri>I’ve recently come upon a new understanding regarding the bimini twist, so I thought I would share it with others. A while back I saw an article that talked about knot strength. Here is a link to the original article. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns =...
  653. M

    8-day gear

    Most of your fishing will be on 30, 40, and 50# rigs. Those small 2-speeds should do nicely. Your 80# dropper loop outfit can do double duty for trolling. If they fly the kite, that 80# outfit can do triple duty there. Good chance you will troll for Wahoo. Probably fish for Yellow Fin Tuna on...
  654. M

    Pull on the Ultimate Rail Rods at Tackle Day

    I just read the above article in the WON insert. The article talks about the 770 series having a soft tip to use with a short topshot. But from the article I can't tell if the same soft tip construction is used in building the 765 series. The article specifically mentions the 765XXH and 765XXXH...
  655. M

    40# Hollow Ace

    Thanks for posting those links to Pametfisher. Interesting stuff. Anyone know where there is a link that shows how to use a wire to pull a loop? Blackwater and BHP show how to do it with a reverse latch needle, which is what I do now. But I am also interested in knowing how to do it with a...
  656. M

    40# Hollow Ace

    I've worked with the heavier hollow and do fine, although it does require patience. That's why I'm willing to consider trying out 40# hollow. Aaron, your suggestion about threading solid braid into hollow is interesting. Not something I had considered. Since the solid braid is fairly limp...
  657. M

    40# Hollow Ace

    I'm thinking about loading up my B2-400 reels with 40# Hollow Ace. My intention is to pull a loop so I can have a stronger loop-to-loop connection when using a wind on leader. My concern is that the braid is so small that it will be nearly impossible to thread a needle and pull the loop. Has...
  658. M

    Typical 7 day vs. 8 day?

    Hey Stan I just got back from a 7-day on the Searcher. We left Saturday morning and arrived at the Rocks Monday morning. We fished the Rocks Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday for insane Yellow Fin Tuna fishing. We headed north Wed. at dark and arrived at San Benitos on Thursday shortly after lunch...
  659. M

    Bx2 Drag Issues

    Just got back from a 7-day at the Rocks on the Searcher. Oustanding fishing and caught several new PB Yellow Fin Tuna to 72#. I have six of the Bx2 reels in various sizes, used them exclusively on this trip, and I love that smooth drag. But to my surprise, I had drag problems with two of the...
  660. M

    Do I need to fuel the economy?

    I went on a 7-day last year around the 1st of October. Was hoping for the Rocks, but we went to the Ridge instead. We caught plenty of school-sized tuna and Wahoo to 36#. Since the tuna were school-sized, I used 20-30# during the bright daylight hours and used 40# early and late. Based on that...
  661. M

    Reverse Trilene Knot

    On another current thread the discussion veered into knots. Not wanting to jack that thread, I will ask my question here. I have been tying a trilene knot because I like having the line doubled. I don't use the double San Diego Jam because I find it too bulky. In the other thread I saw...
  662. M

    San Martin on the Searcher

    This morning I got back from a 3-day trip on the Searcher. On Sunday we had the most amazing day of YT fishing I have ever seen. We anchored up on a high point about 8 miles from the island. (Sorry, can't remember the name of the high point - my brain is a sieve.) After about 20 minutes the...
  663. M

    long range fish limits

    When I went on a 7-day last year (Searcher), Art said the limit was 10 fish per day for a 3-day limit of 30 fish. No more than 5 fish per day of any one species (i.e. 15 max), with 2 dorado counting as a one-day species limit (i.e. 6 dorado max). Even though we fished on 5 of the 7 days, three...