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    Tuna Tubes

    breese submitted a new listing: Tuna Tubes - Tuna Tubes Learn more about this listing...
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    Mexico Tuna Tubes

    Like new double tubes with inserts and all quick/mount hardware. Plus new Shurflo 2000 gph tube pump included in the price. Los Barriles
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    Thanks for the ideas and information. I've broken down the reel completely cleaned re greased...

    Thanks for the ideas and information. I've broken down the reel completely cleaned re greased the drag with Cal's now I have to get a marlin to hit that rod to see if it helped. Will post up with the results. Thanks
  4. breese

    Makira 20 drag problem

    Yes it is a sudden seizing of the spool, once the pressure is off it pulls 9 lbs. again. I kind of thought that something like which you suggested might be the problem. I'll break it down and see what it looks like on the inside. Otherwise they have all performed flawlessly on many marlin and...
  5. breese

    Makira 20 drag problem

    Have 5 Makaira 20's. One will lock down in the middle of a run out from a marlin bite and break the line. When I check the drag setting it still shows 9 lbs. Running Momoi Diamond 60 so should not be the problem. Don't know what to look for any ideas?
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    Is East Cape Dead Again?

    See Mark Rayor's Team Jen Wren current post for a realistic picture of current conditions.
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    East Cape Fish report?

    Not good now, who knows by then
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    East Cape help needed Questions

    No restaurants in Buena Vista, tough to say on the tuna. This year only a few days with any and then mostly footballs with a few larger items mixed in. Overall don't think you can say area is better overall for tuna than the San Jose/Cabo area.No problem on outside charters and the pangas will...
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    El Cardonal Tournament- East Cape

    Anyone hear the official results for the tournament Saturday?
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    Rancho Leonero 4/18-4/20/2015

    Figure on around $1000.00 US for a 4 person side by side, and around $500. for a 4 wheel atv.
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    Cabo Udate

    Just posted by Just posted on their Facebook page, Hotel Palmas reports that it seems the recent rain has again cut off the East Cape off from the south, and they still don't have many services back. Van Wormer Resorts 12 mins · Not much has changed over the weekend in Los Barriles. The town...
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    Came up dead and when Phil brought it to the Cabo Riviera dock it was identified as a blue...200-225 lbs. by Luis, nice fish, congrats on solo...
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    Cabo Riviera ?

    Norma is no longer there. Nothing new from last year, diesel is gone.
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    Mexican Fishing license

    different site, try this one just went on it works
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    Mexican Fishing license

    Just go to link provided in the topic at the top of the forum under mx fishing licenses and follow the instruction and just print them out at home and as many copies as you need.
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    ONLINE Mexican Fishing Licenses 2014

    Used the site today to buy two annual licsenses. If you use Google Chrome as your browser it will translate the forms and then just enter cc information and after approval the site gives you a link to a page with your license that you then print out as many copies as you need. Really quite...
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    Great tackle shop in Cabo La Ribera

    Worth the drive over from Los Barriles as he pretty much has everything you might need and really fair prices, from fishing stuff to rod building supplies and repairs.
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    Best way to Baja: Ferry or TJ

    I brought my 26ft. Shamrock down through Nogales to the ferry. Really easy crossing through the commercial entrance never had to wait, just pick up permits and on your way, good parking for boat and trailer, then 4 lane road the whole way, easy on and off the ferry. No contest as to the lower...
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    Newell Original 334f clicker

    Looking to buy a clicker button and snap ring for an original Newell p-334f series reel. Anyone have one? thanks
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    New East Cape Marina Now Open.

    Bill this is part of Cabo Riviera development and a very exclusive gated community designed for the home owners to dock their boats close to their homes, so I don't think that they will be welcoming outside launch boats
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    no fish in east cape

    Didn't come from the East Cape, they ran 75 miles down to the Gordo Banks for the fish... All legal in the tournament, but a lot closer to San Jose.
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    Looking for reports from East Cape

    Same as previous post, really tough right now. Tuna footballs up to 40 mile run. Dorado almost non existent and a few stripes and sailfish around. A couple of the first blues of the season have been caught but as always just happen to be in the right spot when they decide to eat. Roosters still...
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    8 Days to East Cape...Hello Anyone Down There??!!

    Big wind today and tomorrow. No sardinas yet. Marlin around some will bite, most not, a few dorado and no tuna. Fished today and really got knocked around in the wind. Full moon coming up so we'll see what happens..
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    18 ft. Precision Outriggers

    Found a pair thanks
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    fishing charter in Los Barilles

    Mark has a first class operation here. He's good with kids and his boats are the top of the line.. He has a post down a few as vseasport Talk About Impact to review good luck
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    18 ft. Precision Outriggers

    18ft. Precision Hawaiian heavy duty outriggers. Anybody have a pair for sale?
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    It happens again.. stolen boats East Cape

    This just appeared in the Baja Pony Express, be careful with any outboard in the East Cape that is not pulled out every day... Can't remember but last year they stole 7 or more off the moorings. Hotels now pull all their pangas evey night. Only the gringos gamble with leaving their boat in...
  28. breese

    Rancho Buena Vista is coming back.

    Hey Tony! the best of luck! Mike and Sara will be over, we'll be down May June and July so see you then... Barry and Tyler Reese <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="if(typeof(jsCall)=='function'){jsCall();}else{setTimeout('jsCall()',500);}" id="jsProxy"...
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    YFT at Eastcape

    Solomon's is no more, rumor has it they and Palmas management couldn't get it on, so Chris pull out and went back to Cabo... <input id="gwProxy" type="hidden"><!--Session data--><input onclick="jsCall();" id="jsProxy" type="hidden">
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    Need a repair job

    I've got the one that needs the repair in Chicago with me, can ship anywhere it needs to go...
  31. breese

    Need a repair job

    I lived in Ca. 20 years ago and did a lot of long range and Baja fishing. I built all my own rods. Business called and I moved to Chicago and while keeping all my equipment I gave up my rod building equipment. My fishing rods have been in Los Barriles Baja for the last 20 being used every...
  32. breese

    Los Barriles Blues

    good going we got one yesterday also but north at 8 miles just south of the Island, about 230- 250
  33. breese

    East Cape Fishing

    Long run for football tuna a few dorado around, tough on bill fish haven't heard of a blue caught recently occasional strrip and sail, all in all pretty slow, maybe?? a couple of decent fish a day per boat.... but the moon is full so may change by your visit..... also there is nobody here Buena...
  34. breese

    Secure Trailer Boat and Tow Vehicle Storage

    Contact Richard Hensinger at Hotel Los Barriles in the East Cape, He had an enclosed bodega last week, 31'x19'. I keep my 26 Shamrock there and its a very well run and secure place. Tel 011-52-624-141-0024 or [email protected], tell him barry sent you, good luck
  35. breese

    any reports from the east cape ?

    It's been a little tough. The tuna for the most part are small footballs, the marlin bite is pretty sporatic, seeing a few but not many on the chew. Dorado have slowed down alot, but the ones you get are grande. Spa and Rancho boats didn't find the tuna yesterday had only 4 marlin and a couple...
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    Delta charges for flights to La Paz

    BAJA BOUND? Delta sticking it to anglers! LA PAZ, BCS-Fishermen heading to Baja with rod tubes and ice chests in tow are finding a big surprise when they get to the airport if they're flying Delta airlines, which recently initiated trips to La Paz. They're being charged $300 round trip for long...
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    Brought my 26ft. Shamrock across on the ferry. No real problems at all. Just get there early and they'll help you get it on among all the 18 wheelers you'll be traveling with. The cost is pretty high but it sure beats going all the way around. Make sure you spend the extra money for a cabin...
  38. breese

    Getting really serious

    Just report in the Union Tribune By Sandra Dibble UNION-TRIBUNE STAFF WRITER 11:58 a.m. January 15, 2008 <!-- BODYTEXT --> TIJUANA – Another high-ranking municipal police official has been shot and killed, along with his wife and two daughters, police officials said Tuesday. <!--...
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    Baja hwy 1 Diesel or Gas?

    If its new and runs on the low sulfur diesel, be careful as its not going to be available in baja sur at this time and the mexican diesel will tear it up. Check with the manufacturer to be sure.....
  40. breese

    Any One Fish East Cape Latley?

    Yesterday, SE winds about 30 knts. pushing more cold water in. Quite frankly I've fished the entire month of june and its the worst I've seen and my captain who fished for Rancho Buena Vista for 25 years can't remember it being so tough. Very few marlin ,caught, dorado almost non-existent, and...
  41. breese

    Palmas de Cortez

    Make sure to bring down some fish. This is one of the worst Junes to date I've had down here. Green cold water, a few scatter fish. Been here since June second, lots of wind, even local capatains calling it a Loco June so far. Water clearing and warming up, hopefully will bring on the fish.
  42. breese

    The Barriles Hookup

    Palmas has spa services, Buena Vista doesn't. Palmas you can walk to everything in town. Buena Vista about 3 miles south. Boats about the same at each, summer is the busiest charter time, you might be able to hook up with somebody at the bar or ask the boat starter, usually somebody looking...
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    Tropical Storm Paul

    Yeah, and there's a zillion dollars worth of sportfishing battle wagons sitting in Cabo now just finished the Los Cabos tournament and waiting for the Black and Blue to start this week. I'm sure there's a little sweating going on now...
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    Report from the East Cape

    It looks like it is going to be sometime before the East Cape is back in business, based on the preliminary reports on the Baja Pony Express From Pony Express Would the first person to travel to or from the airport successfully, please..........let the BPE know so people can start...
  45. breese

    Nogales to Los Mochis

    Just checked the other day and they are running regularly again. Cost is $680. for truck and 31 ft. trailer on the ferry. Shamrock 26 coming from Biloxi Mississippi to the East Cape, saves almost 1200 miles and the drive down from San Deigo. Hope to post some pics. from the summer of fishing...
  46. breese

    Nogales to Los Mochis

    Thanks guys that's what I thought... appreciate the info
  47. breese

    Nogales to Los Mochis

    Know that there are two border crossing in Noglaes. Towing down to Los Mochis, and the ferry across to La Paz, any recomendation on the best point to cross at would be appreciated.