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  1. Short Bite

    Offshore Brought a knife to a gun fight... and won

    Well dam , that's pretty awesome.
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    7/9 New Seaforth AM Bonies and Mako

    Bones do better on the grill.
  3. Short Bite

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Perfect size for little kids. I'm not gonna keep 'em but if those get some kids hooked on fishing I'm all for it.
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    Offshore Sometimes you just know...

    No one around is gold... Maybe I don't have to work on Thanksgiving and go fish.
  5. Short Bite

    Offshore Mission Bay out of bait.

    Last word I got was "line at the sd bait barge" so I'm assuming they got bait.
  6. Short Bite

    Offshore Mission Bay out of bait.

    No bait at the mission Bay bait barge.
  7. Short Bite

    Offshore Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    I would like to hear more on this. That site has gotten weird since I first saw it.
  8. Short Bite

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    Ain't gonna matter , big ole comet coming late September.
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    Offshore Very local fish report

    No, I ask if they're a warden when they say no I say I don't do surveys . Simple and polite , all information is used against fishermen.
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    Looking for some flatheads??

    Are you looking for eaters , or big boys that pull some drag . You plan on a fish fry?
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    La Jolla 9-6-14

    The amount of sea lions that are hanging out on the clifs this year is way beyond anything I've ever seen. The smell is horrible ! They need some serious population control.
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    Offshore Fishing the Pens

    Very true ,but its still seasonal . Every thing helps.
  13. Short Bite

    Surf Fishing on the Coast of Texas!!!!

    Sounds like you guys have some epic surf fishing out there.
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    Offshore CHIEF 1-1/2 Day report

    If every deck hand posted complaints about problem customers there would be a new sub forum... a voucher and no galley tab , where do I sign up.
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    Need your help in finding this color fish trap!

    Anglers arsenal in la mesa will pour you some , I think the minimum is 25 baits but don't quote me on that.
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    Offshore Rail traffic, googins, and open party trips

    Last open party I did was a H squid trip on a weekend, I was invited and it was paid for . I knew what I was getting into so I didn't complain, but that was the last time. People are becoming more self absorbed and less intelligent as the years go by. I'd rather do one charter or private boat...
  17. Short Bite

    lightning hit a guy on catalina golf course

    Crazy , snorkeled the caves today due to lack of swell. Looked like the shores got hit. Loud as [email protected]$k. Was kinda wishing the cave tour yaks would get taken out. They're getting bad,so are the seals stepped in shit twice on my way out. Saw some big calicos though very cool.
  18. Short Bite

    Offshore big patty

    If you have a closed deck and can't see if your taking on water yea got a have one . Open aluminum boat... bucket or hand pump should work fine.
  19. Short Bite

    Offshore big patty

    That can change very quickly. The boat that was sinking at the point last Sunday ran out of gas . Had one wave come over the back ,short out the bilge pump and they started sinking. Bad things happen fast.
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    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    That game warden is a dick.
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    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Bashing a country's government is not racist. Quit being so easily offended.
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    Bluegill hybrid? What is it.

    Red ear, a.k.a. shell cracker.
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    Does anyone know how the open Bay Bass tournament went today?

    9th overall in a kayak is quite an accomplishment . Did any body float tube it?
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    Harbors with Jack Mackerel?

    Tie up to the kelp and chum wet dog food, then drop your Lindy rigs. Shouldn't take long.
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    Fish ID

    Really good calico bait. The ones with the big mouths(queen fish) are even better.
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    Does anyone know how the open Bay Bass tournament went today?

    It went good , only around 80 boats this year . It made for a little more fishing room, and no chuckle heads trolled umbrella rigs over my lines this year. Bite was tough current was ripping and the wind blew. The winning weight was around 13lbs. Good time as usual.
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    Offshore 3/4 day out of Point Loma- TOUGH fishing Fri sept 27

    Crossin my fingers headed out tonight. Gonna run as far as it takes.
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    Pt. Loma 8-11-12

    That's a real nice haul , awesome day of fishing with the family.
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    Thanks for the report, tubing the bay is a blast .
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    080212 MB Shortfins

    That's an awesome morning of fishin' the surf.
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    Ghost shrimp, if ya can find 'em or buy 'em little pieces of candy that catches every thing swims.
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    Lake Ramoma 7-29-12

    Very nice , you should try that place at night ... oh wait shhhhhhhhhh... some one needs to put some tilapia in there it did wonders for el salto.
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    PB Leo in the Surf

    Very nice ya gota get down to la jolla when they're in the shallows off the private beach. You can swim down and pet 'em it's pretty cool.
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    Saltwater Tuna Cherry Busted with Yellowtail..

    Wow ! Yellow tail in WA nice.
  35. Short Bite


    There just mad at us cause Eric Holder sold the cartel all those guns, and it cut into the profits that they were getting from there gun sales to the cartels.
  36. Short Bite

    Yellowtail on a Snagged Line

    I was thinking the same thing about the JP but the captians decision is final . And since the crew got the $ it's all good. Better you got that fish then it getting tangeled in kelp and a ferral sea lion eating it. And if some private boater lost it cause he was to close to a sportie then all...
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    Thresher Fun

    Very cool ...
  38. Short Bite

    Barracuda Jackpot on Enterprise 7/26/12

    Congrats , did you take care of the crew with some of that JP money ?