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  1. yak_ninja

    Seeker TAC79 and TAC80 - Alps titanium

    It’s slightly heavier as it’s a dense burl cork and not a natural cork. It’s the only kind of cork that can really withstand the ocean abuse.
  2. yak_ninja

    Shimano Terez 80MH 40-80 lbs

    Looking to sell a factory Shimano Terez model TZC-80MH BLK. It’s in great condition and was only boated a couple times. Asking $200 obo picked up in Temecula. Please message me with any questions or interest.
  3. yak_ninja

    Soldy sold sold.

  4. yak_ninja

    Seeker blanks (LB included)

    Going to thin the heard a little here. These are for sale only, I am not looking for trades at this time. Pick up would be in Temecula (or ship on buyers dime). Let me know if you have any questions. Long Beach Blanks: SSCJB70F: 20-30 lbs 7' = $175 SSCJBF70H: 40-60 lbs 7' = $200 530: 15-40...
  5. yak_ninja

    Rod Wrapping Machine (Custom PowerWrap)

    They are great machines. I am hoping this one will find a home with someone that will create some beautiful work.
  6. yak_ninja

    Rod Wrapping Machine (Custom PowerWrap)

    Hello all, I am selling my Custom Powerwrap machine (110v) with some accessories. The machine works great and I am only selling it because it is an extra one that is not getting much use. It will come with its 8' gold bed, the table it was mounted on, as well as the brackets I used to mount...
  7. yak_ninja

    Cork Rings (Burl and Natural) - build your own grips!

    Hey All, I build rods and apparently that means I have to hoard cork rings. That being said, I find myself having a huge amount of burl and natural rings on hand that I would like to lean out a little. All my cork comes directly from Cork4Us in Portugal and is the only cork I have found to be...
  8. yak_ninja

    First Look: Penn International 50 VISX

    Got to play with one of these in a 20 @ Kens Customs, very nice. The free spool on these are ridiculous and it has drag for days. Very impressive rig.
  9. yak_ninja

    Brand new Shimano Torium 16HG and Daiwa Saltist 30H

    Hey guys, I have two brand new reels for sale. Both reels have never been spooled or seen a boat. I am only selling because they are extra and I want to put the funds towards a decent trip this year. Torium SOLD The Saltist doesn't have the original box and comes as seen in the pics. I paid...
  10. yak_ninja

    RODS and Reels (Seeker, Shimano, Daiwa)

    Put them to use guys. They should all be covered with blood!!!!
  11. yak_ninja

    RODS and Reels (Seeker, Shimano, Daiwa)

    hey guys, I think I have responded to every one. No one has committed to anything yet so everything is still available. Supposed to meet with wahhshoang for the TEREZ. I will update as items sell. thanks.
  12. yak_ninja

    RODS and Reels (Seeker, Shimano, Daiwa)

    Hey all, clearing out some extra gear and I am pricing everything to move. All gear is in great condition (like new condition) and works without issue. Check out everything below and let me know if you have any questions. RODS SOLD. SOLD SOLD Lastly are two Shikari blanks. I believe the...
  13. yak_ninja

    Tranx 500HG and tyrnos 30

    Sold!! Please remove.
  14. yak_ninja

    Guide Wrap Question

    I have found it easiest to run up then back down. If you have problems with the thread slipping off the guide foot you may need to prep the guide feet a little more.
  15. yak_ninja

    48hrs and the Epoxy is still tacky???

    I also do not use my mixer. I use foil (same as the pie pan mentioned above). As everyone above mentioned it is all about the mixture. Just throw on another coat (mixed with correct ratios) and you will be fine. Also, if it has been two days and the coat is still soft then it is not going to...
  16. yak_ninja

    What Boat

    I havent picked a design yet. let me know if you go out in Sept. I may try to tag along if its an overnighter or something.
  17. yak_ninja

    What Boat

    Hey Jake. I picked up your rod for myself (yours was to nice to resist). I am doing a 2 day on the legend next friday so I am going to try and wrap mine in time. You should get sick and ditch work. Thanks for the link Mike. But I am looking for the old Legend logo.
  18. yak_ninja

    What Boat

    Thats what I thought it was. Does anyone out there have a link to the logo or a shirt or something?
  19. yak_ninja

    What Boat

    Someone asked me what fishing boat had a logo of a dog with a fish in its mouth (i think it was a pittbull and yellowtail). I couldnt remember and now its buggin me. anybody out there remember?
  20. yak_ninja


    I lurk on these forums but felt obligated to post on this one. Rod came out sweet. I have to say even with all that fancy stuff you got going on my favorite part is the double color olive branch inlay. That's the money right there.