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  1. mark4812

    Circle Hooks for Cows

    Been out of the game for 2 years. Whats the latest and greatest circle hooks for Clarion and Hurricane ??
  2. mark4812

    Kona Charters

    Going to be in Kona March 19 -26 th. Would like to go fishing for a day . Would like to just catch fish , don't need to catch the pelagics. I do long range out of San Diego for big tuna. Want to have a nice enjoyable day on the water and just wet a line. Any suggestions ? Thanks Mark
  3. mark4812

    Sitka late August

    So have an opportunity to go fish Alaska last week in August. What can I expect as far as weather and fishing ? Any help appreciated. First time to Alaska !
  4. mark4812

    Sinker shapes

    Fishing the Hurricane Bank with the sinker rigs. Do you think the torpedo shape is critical or is a different shape acceptable ? I have access to a shorter more squatty 16 oz weight. Just wondering ???? Have a picture but could not paste it to this post. Thanks
  5. mark4812

    Old vs New

    Getting an LX 2 speed from Bass Pro in Manteca. They don't have the color I want so they are getting one from another store. My concern is the movement of these reels at Bass Pro. Should I be concerned of getting an older model of the LX 2 or not a concern? Were there problems with the...
  6. mark4812

    HX Raptor

    Just had a 770xh wrapped ! What Avet for 60 or 80 lb test. Thinking of an HX Raptor ? Is that right ? Looking for the YF of 80 to 140 lb. Got reels larger for the real big fish. Just tired of holding the 50 size reels all day.
  7. mark4812

    Avet 30 Question.

    Just got a new 30 , problem is the drag knob seems awfully tight , To increase or decrease drag. I have a 50 and it is a whole lot smoother. Has anyone had this problem. It will move but just doesn't seem right. I am putting in free spool !
  8. mark4812

    Mach2 17

    Heard rumors manufacturers are discontinueing this model ? If so how about the ammo ?
  9. mark4812

    Royal Star November 23 rd ?

    Anybody on this board going to be on this trip ?? Can't wait, timing looks perfect !! 7 days and counting !!!
  10. mark4812

    Ixtapa Area

    Want to take my son (21 years ) to Mexico. Thinking Ixtapa areas for some fishing and some R and R. Any suggestions for hotels guides etc. or another place in Mexico. Don't want to go to Cabo. Thanks
  11. mark4812

    What Happened to the Allcoast Board ?

    Can't get on what happened ?????
  12. mark4812

    Savage MKII-FVXP Mach 2

    Any opinions on this rifle. Has the heavy barrel. Need a gun to plink ground squirrels and jackrabbits. Mach2 for the safety issue.